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Import NSS_3_12_RC4

Snapshots of cairo and glitz for mozilla usage.

We only include the relevant parts of each release (generally, src/*.[ch]),
as we have's that integrate into the Mozilla build system.  For
documentation and similar, please see the official tarballs at


  cairo (1.6.4 - 1.6.4)
  pixman (0.10.x - pixman-0.10.0-8-g0b207ae)
  glitz 0.5.2 (cvs - 2006-01-10)

***** NOTE FOR VISUAL C++ 6.0 *****

VC6 is not supported.  Please upgrade to VC8.

==== Patches ====

Some specific things:

cairo git commit ea6dbfd36f2182fda16cb82bca92007e0f7b8d77 - 
  [cairo-meta-surface] Save and restore the original clip.

cairo git commit d96fdd58abf8d6c8692dbb08ec54cdd80accba79 -
  win32: Fix broken printing of type1 fonts

cairo git commit 547e2f552cff264b943803d3a1ff03d05bde35c0
  Fix win32-printing show_glyphs analysis for Type 1 fonts

cairo git commit 158d24412bba99a4f57907d7fd22a86aae6e87af
  Make win32-printing surface work with bitmap fonts

cairo git commit d35d6eec24c1b7ab0a49149a51bf65ea8e223203
  Fix win32 bitmap font metrics when device scale != 1

max-font-size.patch: Clamp freetype font size to 1000 to avoid overflow issues

win32-logical-font-scale.patch: set CAIRO_WIN32_LOGICAL_FONT_SCALE to 1

nonfatal-assertions.patch: Make assertions non-fatal

buggy-repeat.patch: Unconditionally turn on buggy-repeat handling to bandaid bug 413583.

clip-clone.patch: _cairo_clip_init_deep_copy should pass 0,0 as the
source coordinates to clone from since it wants an exact copy of the
source's clipping surface

==== pixman patches ====

endian.patch: include cairo-platform.h for endian macros