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Bug 681026 - always get data from glxtest process and waitpid() for it - r=joe This patch makes GetShouldAccelerate directly call GetData, just before the place where we call GetFeatureStatus, which we know is reached. Initially I considered instead calling GetData from GfxInfo::Init() but that turned out to be a bad idea: Init() is called by the factory constructor, which is called significantly earlier in the startup process. We want to call GetData as late as possible, just when we need it, to maximize chances that the glxtest process be already finished by the time we waitpid() it, so that we don't end up wasting time waiting for it.

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#ifndef __GfxInfoX11_h__
#define __GfxInfoX11_h__

#include "GfxInfoBase.h"

namespace mozilla {
namespace widget {

class GfxInfo : public GfxInfoBase

  // We only declare the subset of nsIGfxInfo that we actually implement. The
  // rest is brought forward from GfxInfoBase.
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetD2DEnabled(PRBool *aD2DEnabled);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetDWriteEnabled(PRBool *aDWriteEnabled);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAzureEnabled(PRBool *aAzureEnabled);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetDWriteVersion(nsAString & aDwriteVersion);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetCleartypeParameters(nsAString & aCleartypeParams);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDescription(nsAString & aAdapterDescription);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriver(nsAString & aAdapterDriver);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterVendorID(PRUint32 *aAdapterVendorID);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDeviceID(PRUint32 *aAdapterDeviceID);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterRAM(nsAString & aAdapterRAM);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriverVersion(nsAString & aAdapterDriverVersion);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriverDate(nsAString & aAdapterDriverDate);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDescription2(nsAString & aAdapterDescription);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriver2(nsAString & aAdapterDriver);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterVendorID2(PRUint32 *aAdapterVendorID);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDeviceID2(PRUint32 *aAdapterDeviceID);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterRAM2(nsAString & aAdapterRAM);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriverVersion2(nsAString & aAdapterDriverVersion);
  NS_SCRIPTABLE NS_IMETHOD GetAdapterDriverDate2(nsAString & aAdapterDriverDate);
  using GfxInfoBase::GetFeatureStatus;
  using GfxInfoBase::GetFeatureSuggestedDriverVersion;
  using GfxInfoBase::GetWebGLParameter;

  virtual nsresult Init();
  virtual void GetData();


  virtual nsresult GetFeatureStatusImpl(PRInt32 aFeature, PRInt32 *aStatus, nsAString & aSuggestedDriverVersion, GfxDriverInfo* aDriverInfo = nsnull);

  nsCString mVendor;
  nsCString mRenderer;
  nsCString mVersion;
  nsCString mAdapterDescription;
  bool mIsMesa, mIsNVIDIA, mIsFGLRX;
  bool mHasTextureFromPixmap;
  int mMajorVersion, mMinorVersion, mRevisionVersion;

  void AddCrashReportAnnotations();

} // namespace widget
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* __GfxInfoX11_h__ */