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Bug 626994. Fix the depth counting. r=ehsan a=joe (landing on the beta11 release branch) Previously we missed a decrement at the end of the recursion. This caused us to accumulate over time, causing us to misreport.

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#include "nsRegisterGRE.h"

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

RegisterXULRunner(PRBool aRegisterGlobally, nsIFile* aLocation,
                  const GREProperty *aProperties, PRUint32 aPropertiesLen,
                  const char *aGREMilestone)
  fprintf(stderr, "Registration not implemented on this platform!\n");
  return 1;

UnregisterXULRunner(PRBool aUnregisterGlobally, nsIFile* aLocation,
                    const char *aGREMilestone)
  fprintf(stderr, "Registration not implemented on this platform!\n");