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Bug 443874 - "Need a hook for thread creation and destruction in thread pool". Forgot to bump the uuid of nsIThreadPool.

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#include "nsIEventTarget.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(ef194cab-3f86-4b61-b132-e5e96a79e5d1)]
interface nsIThreadPoolListener : nsISupports
   * Called when a new thread is created by the thread pool. The notification
   * happens on the newly-created thread.
  void onThreadCreated();

   * Called when a thread is about to be destroyed by the thread pool. The
   * notification happens on the thread that is about to be destroyed.
  void onThreadShuttingDown();

 * An interface to a thread pool.  A thread pool creates a limited number of
 * anonymous (unnamed) worker threads.  An event dispatched to the thread pool
 * will be run on the next available worker thread.
[scriptable, uuid(61cc5ac4-3f58-49f4-9d1c-8eaa73373de1)]
interface nsIThreadPool : nsIEventTarget
   * Shutdown the thread pool.  This method may not be executed from any thread
   * in the thread pool.  Instead, it is meant to be executed from another
   * thread (usually the thread that created this thread pool).  When this
   * function returns, the thread pool and all of its threads will be shutdown,
   * and it will no longer be possible to dispatch tasks to the thread pool.
  void shutdown();

   * Get/set the maximum number of threads allowed at one time in this pool.
  attribute unsigned long threadLimit;

   * Get/set the maximum number of idle threads kept alive.
  attribute unsigned long idleThreadLimit;

   * Get/set the amount of time in milliseconds before an idle thread is
   * destroyed.
  attribute unsigned long idleThreadTimeout;

   * An optional listener that will be notified when a thread is created or
   * destroyed in the course of the thread pool's operation.
   * A listener will only receive notifications about threads created after the
   * listener is set so it is recommended that the consumer set the listener
   * before dispatching the first event. A listener that receives an
   * onThreadCreated() notification is guaranteed to always receive the
   * corresponding onThreadShuttingDown() notification.
   * The thread pool takes ownership of the listener and releases it when the
   * shutdown() method is called. Threads created after the listener is set will
   * also take ownership of the listener so that the listener will be kept alive
   * long enough to receive the guaranteed onThreadShuttingDown() notification.
  attribute nsIThreadPoolListener listener;