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Back out bug 286933 due to various regressions.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "mozIStorageValueArray.idl"

interface mozIStorageConnection;
interface mozIStorageDataSet;
interface nsISimpleEnumerator;

[ptr] native sqlite3stmtptr(struct sqlite3_stmt);

[scriptable, uuid(1f39bc95-090d-40a5-9dee-6d5a591e48bf)]
interface mozIStorageStatement : mozIStorageValueArray {
   * Initialize this query with the given SQL statement.
  void initialize(in mozIStorageConnection aDBConnection,
                  in AUTF8String aSQLStatement);

   * Create a clone of this statement, by initializing a new statement
   * with the same connection and same SQL statement as this one.  It
   * does not preserve statement state; that is, if a statement is
   * being executed when it is cloned, the new statement will not be
   * executing.
  mozIStorageStatement clone();

   * Number of parameters
  readonly attribute unsigned long parameterCount;

   * Name of nth parameter, if given
  AUTF8String getParameterName(in unsigned long aParamIndex);

   * All indexes of a named parameter, if it's specified more than once
  void getParameterIndexes
    (in AUTF8String aParameterName,
     out unsigned long aCount,
     [array,size_is(aCount),retval] out unsigned long aIndexes);

   * Number of columns returned
  readonly attribute unsigned long columnCount;

   * Name of nth column
  AUTF8String getColumnName(in unsigned long aColumnIndex);

   * Reset parameters/statement execution
  void reset();

   * Bind the given value to the parameter at aParamIndex.
  void bindUTF8StringParameter(in unsigned long aParamIndex,
                               in AUTF8String aValue);
  void bindStringParameter(in unsigned long aParamIndex, in AString aValue);
  void bindDoubleParameter(in unsigned long aParamIndex, in double aValue);
  void bindInt32Parameter(in unsigned long aParamIndex, in long aValue);
  void bindInt64Parameter(in unsigned long aParamIndex, in long long aValue);
  void bindNullParameter(in unsigned long aParamIndex);
  void bindBlobParameter(in unsigned long aParamIndex,
                         [array,const,size_is(aValueSize)] in octet aValue,
                         in unsigned long aValueSize);

   * Execute the query, ignoring any results.  This is accomplished by
   * calling step() once, and then calling reset().
   * Error and last insert info, etc. are available from
   * the mozStorageConnection.
  void execute();

   * Execute a query, using any currently-bound parameters.  Reset
   * must be called on the statement after the last call of
   * executeStep.
   * @returns a boolean indicating whether there are more rows or not;
   * row data may be accessed using mozIStorageValueArray methods on
   * the statement.
  boolean executeStep();

   * The current state.  Row getters are only valid while
   * the statement is in the "executing" state.

  readonly attribute long state;

  [noscript,notxpcom] sqlite3stmtptr getNativeStatementPointer();