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Back out bug 286933 due to various regressions.

<?xml version="1.0"?>  

 This file is used as a persistent data store for helper application

 The root of the data is the <RDF:Seq about="urn:mimetypes:root"/>. This
 contains one <RDF:li/> entry per MIME type.  Each <RDF:li/> entry corresponds
 to the "urn:mimetype:major/minor" resource, where "major/minor" is the MIME
 type.  For example, for HTML we would have "urn:mimetype:text/html".
 Typically, this resource will be in the <RDF:Description/> node which has the
 corresponding "about" attribute.

 Each "urn:mimetype:major/minor" resource can have the following properties:

   NC:Value - the MIME type string
   NC:editable - a "true" or "false" depending on whether this entry is
   NC:description - a description of the type ("HTML Document" for text/html)
   NC:fileExtensions - there will be one of these properties per extension that
                       corresponds to this MIME type, each one having a single
                       extension as its value.
   NC:handlerProp - the way the type should be handled.  This corresponds to a
                    "urn:mimetype:handler:major/minor" resource.  Eg, the way
                    HTML is handled would be stored in the
                    "urn:mimetype:handler:text/html" resource

 Each "urn:mimetype:handler:major/minor" resource can have the following

   NC:useSystemDefault - "true" if we should handle per default OS setting,
                          "false" or not set otherwise
   NC:saveToDisk - "true" if the data should be saved to disk, "false" or not
                   set otherwise.
     (Note - if both of these are false, that means "open in helper app")
   NC:alwaysAsk - "true" if the user should always be prompted before handling
                  data of this type, false otherwise.
   NC:externalApplication - the helper application to use for this type.  This
                            corresponds to a

 Each "urn:mimetype:externalApplication:major/minor" resource can have the
 following properties:

   NC:path - the path to the application
   NC:prettyName - the "pretty name" of the application ("Acrobat Reader" for
                   /usr/bin/acroread, eg).
<RDF:RDF xmlns:RDF=""

  <RDF:Description about="urn:mimetypes"> 
      <RDF:Seq about="urn:mimetypes:root">