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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsrootidl.idl"

interface nsIMemory;
interface nsIInputStream;
interface nsIOutputStream;

 * The nsIStorageStream interface maintains an internal data buffer that can be
 * filled using a single output stream.  One or more independent input streams
 * can be created to read the data from the buffer non-destructively.

[scriptable, uuid(604ad9d0-753e-11d3-90ca-34278643278f)]
interface nsIStorageStream : nsISupports
     * Initialize the stream, setting up the amount of space that will be
     * allocated for the stream's backing-store.
     * @param segmentSize
     *        Size of each segment. Must be a power of two.
     * @param maxSize
     *        Maximum total size of this stream. length will always be less
     *        than or equal to this value. Passing PR_UINT32_MAX is safe.
     * @param segmentAllocator
     *        Which allocator to use for the segments. May be null, in which
     *        case a default allocator will be used.
    void init(in PRUint32 segmentSize, in PRUint32 maxSize, in nsIMemory segmentAllocator);

     * Get a reference to the one and only output stream for this instance.
     * The zero-based startPosition argument is used is used to set the initial
     * write cursor position.  The startPosition cannot be set larger than the
     * current buffer length.  Calling this method has the side-effect of
     * truncating the internal buffer to startPosition bytes.
    nsIOutputStream getOutputStream(in PRInt32 startPosition);

     * Create a new input stream to read data (written by the singleton output
     * stream) from the internal buffer.  Multiple, independent input streams
     * can be created.
    nsIInputStream newInputStream(in PRInt32 startPosition);

     * The length attribute indicates the total number of bytes stored in the
     * nsIStorageStream internal buffer, regardless of any consumption by input
     * streams.  Assigning to the length field can be used to truncate the
     * buffer data, but can not be used when either the instance's output
     * stream is in use.
     * @See #writeInProgress */
    attribute PRUint32 length;

     * True, when output stream has not yet been Close'ed
    readonly attribute boolean writeInProgress;

// Factory method
NS_COM nsresult
NS_NewStorageStream(PRUint32 segmentSize, PRUint32 maxSize, nsIStorageStream **result);