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#include "nsIInputStream.idl"

interface nsIOutputStream;
interface nsIEventTarget;

 * A nsIInputStreamTee is a wrapper for an input stream, that when read
 * reads the specified amount of data from its |source| and copies that
 * data to its |sink|.  |sink| must be a blocking output stream.
[scriptable, uuid(90a9d790-3bca-421e-a73b-98f68e13c917)]
interface nsIInputStreamTee : nsIInputStream
    attribute nsIInputStream source;
    attribute nsIOutputStream sink;
     * If |eventTarget| is set, copying to sink is done asynchronously using
     * the event-target (e.g. a thread). If |eventTarget| is not set, or if
     * storage-policy is STORE_ON_DISK_AS_FILE, copying to sink happens
     * synchronously while reading from the source.
    attribute nsIEventTarget eventTarget;

// factory methods
extern NS_COM nsresult
NS_NewInputStreamTee(nsIInputStream **tee, // read from this input stream
                     nsIInputStream *source,
                     nsIOutputStream *sink);
extern NS_COM nsresult
NS_NewInputStreamTeeAsync(nsIInputStream **tee, // read from this input stream
                     nsIInputStream *source,
                     nsIOutputStream *sink,
                     nsIEventTarget *eventTarget);