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Fri Jan 25 05:11:32 2013 +0000
63f6c3b4930aFabrice Desré — Bug 833659 - REINSTALL_FORBIDDEN error isn't triggering when installing a packaged app with a mini-manifest off of X origin when a hosted app was already installed from X origin r=ferjm a=sicking
8ab7e45fc123Fabrice Desré — Bug 833587 - Updating a packaged app to a new version that is too large to fit in the phone fails, but the original packaged app is lost (no longer launches) r=ferjm a=tef+
96ee8f2afd10Fabrice Desré — Bug 832408 - Notifications stick around after a failed 3rd party app update r=ferjm a=sicking
c812891df52fFabrice Desré — Bug 831644 - Uninstalling an app while it's currently being downloading leaves Gaia's homescreen and download progress in a corrupted, out of sync state with the webapps registry r=julienw a=jst