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#ifndef nsTransactionItem_h__
#define nsTransactionItem_h__

#include "nsITransaction.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsCycleCollectionParticipant.h"

class nsTransactionStack;
class nsTransactionManager;

class nsTransactionItem
  nsCOMPtr<nsITransaction> mTransaction;
  nsTransactionStack      *mUndoStack;
  nsTransactionStack      *mRedoStack;
  nsAutoRefCnt             mRefCnt;


  nsTransactionItem(nsITransaction *aTransaction);
  virtual ~nsTransactionItem();
  nsrefcnt AddRef();
  nsrefcnt Release();


  virtual nsresult AddChild(nsTransactionItem *aTransactionItem);
  virtual nsresult GetTransaction(nsITransaction **aTransaction);
  virtual nsresult GetIsBatch(bool *aIsBatch);
  virtual nsresult GetNumberOfChildren(PRInt32 *aNumChildren);
  virtual nsresult GetChild(PRInt32 aIndex, nsTransactionItem **aChild);

  virtual nsresult DoTransaction(void);
  virtual nsresult UndoTransaction(nsTransactionManager *aTxMgr);
  virtual nsresult RedoTransaction(nsTransactionManager *aTxMgr);


  virtual nsresult UndoChildren(nsTransactionManager *aTxMgr);
  virtual nsresult RedoChildren(nsTransactionManager *aTxMgr);

  virtual nsresult RecoverFromUndoError(nsTransactionManager *aTxMgr);
  virtual nsresult RecoverFromRedoError(nsTransactionManager *aTxMgr);

  virtual nsresult GetNumberOfUndoItems(PRInt32 *aNumItems);
  virtual nsresult GetNumberOfRedoItems(PRInt32 *aNumItems);

#endif // nsTransactionItem_h__