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Bug 266236 part 3: Mechanical rename of nsIRenderingContext and nsThebesRenderingContext to nsRenderingContext. Mechanical substitution of nsRefPtr<nsRenderingContext> for nsCOMPtr<nsRenderingContext>.

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/* the caret is the text cursor used, e.g., when editing */

#ifndef nsCaret_h__
#define nsCaret_h__

#include "nsCoord.h"
#include "nsISelectionListener.h"
#include "nsITimer.h"
#include "nsWeakPtr.h"
#include "nsFrameSelection.h"

class nsRenderingContext;
class nsDisplayListBuilder;

class nsCaret : public nsISelectionListener

    virtual       ~nsCaret();

    enum EViewCoordinates {



    nsresult    Init(nsIPresShell *inPresShell);
    void    Terminate();

    nsISelection*    GetCaretDOMSelection();
    nsresult    SetCaretDOMSelection(nsISelection *inDOMSel);

    /** GetCaretVisible will get the visibility of the caret
     *  This function is virtual so that it can be used by nsCaretAccessible
     *  without linking
     *  @param inMakeVisible PR_TRUE it is shown, PR_FALSE it is hidden
     *  @return false if and only if inMakeVisible is null, otherwise true 
    virtual nsresult    GetCaretVisible(PRBool *outMakeVisible);

    /** SetCaretVisible will set the visibility of the caret
     *  @param inMakeVisible PR_TRUE to show the caret, PR_FALSE to hide it
    void    SetCaretVisible(PRBool intMakeVisible);

    /** SetCaretReadOnly set the appearance of the caret
     *  @param inMakeReadonly PR_TRUE to show the caret in a 'read only' state,
     *	    PR_FALSE to show the caret in normal, editing state
    void    SetCaretReadOnly(PRBool inMakeReadonly);

    /** GetCaretReadOnly get the appearance of the caret
     *	@return PR_TRUE if the caret is in 'read only' state, otherwise,
     *	    returns PR_FALSE
    PRBool GetCaretReadOnly()
      return mReadOnly;

     * Gets the position and size of the caret that would be drawn for
     * the focus node/offset of aSelection (assuming it would be drawn,
     * i.e., disregarding blink status). The geometry is stored in aRect,
     * and we return the frame aRect is relative to.
     * @param aRect must be non-null
     * @param aBidiIndicatorSize if non-null, set to the bidi indicator size.
    virtual nsIFrame* GetGeometry(nsISelection* aSelection,
                                  nsRect* aRect,
                                  nscoord* aBidiIndicatorSize = nsnull);

    /** EraseCaret
     *  this will erase the caret if its drawn and reset drawn status
    void    EraseCaret();

    void    SetVisibilityDuringSelection(PRBool aVisibility);

    /** DrawAtPosition
     *  Draw the caret explicitly, at the specified node and offset.
     *  To avoid drawing glitches, you should call EraseCaret()
     *  after each call to DrawAtPosition().
     *  Note: This call breaks the caret's ability to blink at all.
    nsresult    DrawAtPosition(nsIDOMNode* aNode, PRInt32 aOffset);

    /** GetCaretFrame
     *  Get the current frame that the caret should be drawn in. If the caret is
     *  not currently visible (i.e., it is between blinks), then this will
     *  return null.
     *  @param aOffset is result of the caret offset in the content.
    nsIFrame*     GetCaretFrame(PRInt32 *aOffset = nsnull);

    /** GetCaretRect
     *  Get the current caret rect. Only call this when GetCaretFrame returns
     *  non-null.
    nsRect        GetCaretRect()
      nsRect r;
      r.UnionRect(mCaretRect, GetHookRect());
      return r;

    /** InvalidateOutsideCaret
     *  Invalidate the area that the caret currently occupies if the caret is
     *  outside of its frame's overflow area. This is used when the content that
     *  the caret is currently drawn is is being deleted or reflowed.
    void      InvalidateOutsideCaret();

    /** UpdateCaretPosition
     *  Update the caret's current frame and rect, but don't draw yet. This is
     *  useful for flickerless moving of the caret (e.g., when the frame the
     *  caret is in reflows and is moved).
    void      UpdateCaretPosition();

    /** PaintCaret
     *  Actually paint the caret onto the given rendering context.
    void      PaintCaret(nsDisplayListBuilder *aBuilder,
                         nsRenderingContext *aCtx,
                         nsIFrame *aForFrame,
                         const nsPoint &aOffset);
     * Sets whether the caret should only be visible in nodes that are not
     * user-modify: read-only, or whether it should be visible in all nodes.
     * @param aIgnoreUserModify PR_TRUE to have the cursor visible in all nodes,
     *                          PR_FALSE to have it visible in all nodes except
     *                          those with user-modify: read-only

    void SetIgnoreUserModify(PRBool aIgnoreUserModify);

    //nsISelectionListener interface

    static void   CaretBlinkCallback(nsITimer *aTimer, void *aClosure);

    nsresult      GetCaretFrameForNodeOffset(nsIContent* aContentNode,
                                             PRInt32 aOffset,
                                             nsFrameSelection::HINT aFrameHint,
                                             PRUint8 aBidiLevel,
                                             nsIFrame** aReturnFrame,
                                             PRInt32* aReturnOffset);

    NS_IMETHOD CheckCaretDrawingState();


    void          KillTimer();
    nsresult      PrimeTimer();

    void          StartBlinking();
    void          StopBlinking();
    PRBool        DrawAtPositionWithHint(nsIDOMNode* aNode,
                                         PRInt32 aOffset,
                                         nsFrameSelection::HINT aFrameHint,
                                         PRUint8 aBidiLevel,
                                         PRBool aInvalidate);

    struct Metrics {
      nscoord mBidiIndicatorSize; // width and height of bidi indicator
      nscoord mCaretWidth;        // full caret width including bidi indicator
    Metrics ComputeMetrics(nsIFrame* aFrame, PRInt32 aOffset, nscoord aCaretHeight);
    nsresult GetGeometryForFrame(nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                 PRInt32   aFrameOffset,
                                 nsRect*   aRect,
                                 nscoord*  aBidiIndicatorSize);

    // Returns true if the caret should be drawn. When |mDrawn| is true,
    // this returns true, so that we erase the drawn caret. If |aIgnoreDrawnState|
    // is true, we don't take into account whether the caret is currently
    // drawn or not. This can be used to determine if the caret is drawn when
    // it shouldn't be.
    PRBool        MustDrawCaret(PRBool aIgnoreDrawnState);

    void          DrawCaret(PRBool aInvalidate);
    void          DrawCaretAfterBriefDelay();
    PRBool        UpdateCaretRects(nsIFrame* aFrame, PRInt32 aFrameOffset);
    static void   InvalidateRects(const nsRect &aRect, const nsRect &aHook,
                                  nsIFrame *aFrame);
    nsRect        GetHookRect()
#ifdef IBMBIDI
      return mHookRect;
      return nsRect();
    void          ToggleDrawnStatus() { mDrawn = !mDrawn; }

    already_AddRefed<nsFrameSelection> GetFrameSelection();

    // Returns true if we should not draw the caret because of XUL menu popups.
    // The caret should be hidden if:
    // 1. An open popup contains the caret, but a menu popup exists before the
    //    caret-owning popup in the popup list (i.e. a menu is in front of the
    //    popup with the caret). If the menu itself contains the caret we don't
    //    hide it.
    // 2. A menu popup is open, but there is no caret present in any popup.
    // 3. The caret selection is empty.
    PRBool IsMenuPopupHidingCaret();


    nsWeakPtr             mPresShell;
    nsWeakPtr             mDomSelectionWeak;

    nsCOMPtr<nsITimer>    mBlinkTimer;

    // XXX these fields should go away and the values be acquired as needed,
    // probably by ComputeMetrics.
    PRUint32              mBlinkRate;         // time for one cyle (on then off), in milliseconds
    nscoord               mCaretWidthCSSPx;   // caret width in CSS pixels
    float                 mCaretAspectRatio;  // caret width/height aspect ratio
    PRPackedBool          mVisible;           // is the caret blinking

    PRPackedBool          mDrawn;             // Denotes when the caret is physically drawn on the screen.
    PRPackedBool          mPendingDraw;       // True when the last on-state draw was suppressed.

    PRPackedBool          mReadOnly;          // it the caret in readonly state (draws differently)      
    PRPackedBool          mShowDuringSelection; // show when text is selected

    PRPackedBool          mIgnoreUserModify;

#ifdef IBMBIDI
    PRPackedBool          mKeyboardRTL;       // is the keyboard language right-to-left
    PRPackedBool          mBidiUI;            // is bidi UI turned on
    nsRect                mHookRect;          // directional hook on the caret
    PRUint8               mLastBidiLevel;     // saved bidi level of the last draw request, to use when we erase
    nsRect                mCaretRect;         // the last caret rect, in the coodinates of the last frame.

    nsCOMPtr<nsIContent>  mLastContent;       // store the content the caret was last requested to be drawn
                                              // in (by DrawAtPosition()/DrawCaret()),
                                              // note that this can be different than where it was
                                              // actually drawn (anon <BR> in text control)
    PRInt32               mLastContentOffset; // the offset for the last request

    nsFrameSelection::HINT mLastHint;        // the hint associated with the last request, see also
                                              // mLastBidiLevel below


NS_NewCaret(nsCaret** aInstancePtrResult);

// handy stack-based class for temporarily disabling the caret

class StCaretHider
               StCaretHider(nsCaret* aSelCon)
               : mWasVisible(PR_FALSE), mCaret(aSelCon)
                 if (mCaret)
                   if (mWasVisible)

                 if (mCaret && mWasVisible)
                 // nsCOMPtr releases mPresShell


    PRBool                  mWasVisible;
    nsCOMPtr<nsCaret>  mCaret;

#endif //nsCaret_h__