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# As used here, arguments in $MOZ_BUILD_PROJECTS are suitable as arguments
# to gcc's -arch parameter.
mk_add_options MOZ_BUILD_PROJECTS="ppc i386"

mk_add_options MOZ_UNIFY_BDATE=1

mk_add_options MOZ_POSTFLIGHT_ALL+=build/macosx/universal/

ac_add_app_options ppc  --target=powerpc-apple-darwin$DARWIN_VERSION
ac_add_app_options i386 --target=i386-apple-darwin$DARWIN_VERSION

# ppc builds run on older systems.  The minimum SDK for x86 is 10.4u.
ac_add_app_options ppc  --with-macos-sdk=/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.3.9.sdk
ac_add_app_options i386 --with-macos-sdk=/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk

# $MOZ_BUILD_APP is only defined when sourced by configure.  That's not a
# problem, because the variables it affects only need to be set for
# configure.
if test -n "$MOZ_BUILD_APP" ; then

  # When compiling C++, Apple gcc 4.0 produces output that requires a minimum
  # of 10.3.9.  Use 4.0 for the x86 build, which has a higher minimum than
  # that.  Use 3.3 for ppc, which must run on older systems.  This will
  # completely override the compiler selected with the gcc_select command.
  if test "$TARGET_CPU" = "ppc" ; then

  # It's not strictly necessary to specify -arch during native builds, but it
  # makes the merged about:buildconfig easier to follow, and it reduces
  # conditionalized differences between builds.

  # $HOST_CXX is presently unused.  $HOST_CC will only be used during a cross
  # compile.  Always use the 4.0 compiler, since it will always be present and
  # will always work.

  # These must be set for cross builds, and don't hurt straight builds.
  STRIP="strip -x -S"

  NATIVE_CPU=`uname -p`
  if test "$NATIVE_CPU" = "powerpc" ; then

  # Let configure know that we mean business.
  if test "$NATIVE_CPU" != "$TARGET_CPU" ; then

  # Each per-CPU build should be entirely oblivious to the fact that a
  # universal binary will be produced.  The exception is, which
  # needs to know to look for universal bits when building the .dmg.