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#include "nsWindowMemoryReporter.h"
#include "nsGlobalWindow.h"


NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS1(nsWindowMemoryReporter, nsIMemoryMultiReporter)

/* static */
  // The memory reporter manager is going to own this object.
  NS_RegisterMemoryMultiReporter(new nsWindowMemoryReporter());

static bool
AppendWindowURI(nsGlobalWindow *aWindow, nsACString& aStr)
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDocument> doc = do_QueryInterface(aWindow->GetExtantDocument());
  nsCOMPtr<nsIURI> uri;

  if (doc) {
    uri = doc->GetDocumentURI();

  if (!uri) {
    nsIPrincipal *principal = aWindow->GetPrincipal();

    if (principal) {

  if (!uri) {
    return false;

  nsCString spec;

  // A hack: replace forward slashes with '\\' so they aren't
  // treated as path separators.  Users of the reporters
  // (such as about:memory) have to undo this change.
  spec.ReplaceChar('/', '\\');

  aStr += spec;

  return true;


static nsresult
CollectWindowReports(nsGlobalWindow *aWindow,
                     nsWindowSizes *aWindowTotalSizes,
                     nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback *aCb,
                     nsISupports *aClosure)
  // DOM window objects fall into one of three categories:
  // - "active" windows are currently either displayed in an active
  //   tab, or a child of such a window.
  // - "cached" windows are in the fastback cache.
  // - "other" windows are closed (or navigated away from w/o being
  //   cached) yet held alive by either a website or our code. The
  //   latter case may be a memory leak, but not necessarily.
  // For inner windows we show how much memory the window and its
  // document etc use, and we report those per URI, where the URI is
  // the document URI, if available, or the codebase of the principal
  // in the window. In the case where we're unable to find a URI we're
  // dealing with a chrome window with no document in it (or
  // somesuch), and for that we make the URI be the string "[system]".
  // For outer windows we simply group them all together and just show
  // the combined count and amount of memory used, which is generally
  // a constant amount per window (since all the actual data lives in
  // the inner window).
  // The path we give to the reporter callback for inner windows are
  // as follows:
  //   explicit/window-objects/<category>/top=<top-outer-id> (inner=<top-inner-id>)/inner-window(id=<id>, uri=<uri>)
  // Where:
  // - <category> is active, cached, or other, as described above.
  // - <top-outer-id> is the window id (nsPIDOMWindow::WindowID()) of
  //   the top outer window (i.e. tab, or top level chrome window).
  // - <top-inner-id> is the window id of the top window's inner
  //   window.
  // - <id> is the window id of the inner window in question.
  // - <uri> is the URI per above description.
  // Exposing the window ids is done to get logical grouping in
  // about:memory, and also for debuggability since one can get to the
  // nsGlobalWindow for a window id by calling the static method
  // nsGlobalWindow::GetInnerWindowWithId(id) (or
  // GetOuterWindowWithId(id) in a debugger.
  // For outer windows we simply use:
  //   explicit/window-objects/<category>/outer-windows
  // Which gives us simple counts of how many outer windows (and their
  // combined sizes) per category.

  nsCAutoString windowPath("explicit/window-objects/");

  nsIDocShell *docShell = aWindow->GetDocShell();

  nsGlobalWindow *top = aWindow->GetTop();
  nsWindowSizes windowSizes(DOMStyleMallocSizeOf);

  if (docShell && aWindow->IsFrozen()) {
    windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("cached/");
  } else if (docShell) {
    windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("active/");
  } else {
    windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("other/");

  if (aWindow->IsInnerWindow()) {
    windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("top=");

    if (top) {

      nsGlobalWindow *topInner = top->GetCurrentInnerWindowInternal();
      if (topInner) {
        windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(" (inner=");
        windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(")");
    } else {
      windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("none");

    windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("/inner-window(id=");
    windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(", uri=");

    if (!AppendWindowURI(aWindow, windowPath)) {
      windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("[system]");

    windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(")");
  } else {
    // Combine all outer windows per section (active/cached/other) as
    // they basically never contain anything of interest, and are
    // always pretty much the same size.

    windowPath += NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("outer-windows");

#define REPORT(_path1, _path2, _amount, _desc)                                \
  do {                                                                        \
    if (_amount > 0) {                                                        \
        nsCAutoString path(_path1);                                           \
        path += _path2;                                                       \
        nsresult rv;                                                          \
        rv = aCb->Callback(EmptyCString(), path, nsIMemoryReporter::KIND_HEAP,\
                      nsIMemoryReporter::UNITS_BYTES, _amount,                \
                      NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(_desc), aClosure);                   \
        NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv);                                            \
    }                                                                         \
  } while (0)

  REPORT(windowPath, "/dom", windowSizes.mDOM,
         "Memory used by a window and the DOM within it.");
  aWindowTotalSizes->mDOM += windowSizes.mDOM;

  REPORT(windowPath, "/style-sheets", windowSizes.mStyleSheets,
         "Memory used by style sheets within a window.");
  aWindowTotalSizes->mStyleSheets += windowSizes.mStyleSheets;

  REPORT(windowPath, "/layout/arenas", windowSizes.mLayoutArenas,
         "Memory used by layout PresShell, PresContext, and other related "
         "areas within a window.");
  aWindowTotalSizes->mLayoutArenas += windowSizes.mLayoutArenas;

  REPORT(windowPath, "/layout/style-sets", windowSizes.mLayoutStyleSets,
         "Memory used by style sets within a window.");
  aWindowTotalSizes->mLayoutStyleSets += windowSizes.mLayoutStyleSets;

  REPORT(windowPath, "/layout/text-runs", windowSizes.mLayoutTextRuns,
         "Memory used for text-runs (glyph layout) in the PresShell's frame "
         "tree, within a window.");
  aWindowTotalSizes->mLayoutTextRuns += windowSizes.mLayoutTextRuns;

#undef REPORT

  return NS_OK;

typedef nsTArray< nsRefPtr<nsGlobalWindow> > WindowArray;

GetWindows(const PRUint64& aId, nsGlobalWindow*& aWindow, void* aClosure)
  ((WindowArray *)aClosure)->AppendElement(aWindow);

  return PL_DHASH_NEXT;

nsWindowMemoryReporter::GetName(nsACString &aName)
  return NS_OK;

nsWindowMemoryReporter::CollectReports(nsIMemoryMultiReporterCallback* aCb,
                                       nsISupports* aClosure)
  nsGlobalWindow::WindowByIdTable* windowsById =
  NS_ENSURE_TRUE(windowsById, NS_OK);

  // Hold on to every window in memory so that window objects can't be
  // destroyed while we're calling the memory reporter callback.
  WindowArray windows;
  windowsById->Enumerate(GetWindows, &windows);

  // Collect window memory usage.
  nsRefPtr<nsGlobalWindow> *w = windows.Elements();
  nsRefPtr<nsGlobalWindow> *end = w + windows.Length();
  nsWindowSizes windowTotalSizes(NULL);
  for (; w != end; ++w) {
    nsresult rv = CollectWindowReports(*w, &windowTotalSizes, aCb, aClosure);
    NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv);

#define REPORT(_path, _amount, _desc)                                         \
  do {                                                                        \
    nsresult rv;                                                              \
    rv = aCb->Callback(EmptyCString(), NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(_path),             \
                       nsIMemoryReporter::KIND_OTHER,                         \
                       nsIMemoryReporter::UNITS_BYTES, _amount,               \
                       NS_LITERAL_CSTRING(_desc), aClosure);                  \
    NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv);                                                \
  } while (0)

  REPORT("window-objects-dom", windowTotalSizes.mDOM, 
         "Memory used for the DOM within windows. "
         "This is the sum of all windows' 'dom' numbers.");
  REPORT("window-objects-style-sheets", windowTotalSizes.mStyleSheets, 
         "Memory used for style sheets within windows. "
         "This is the sum of all windows' 'style-sheets' numbers.");
  REPORT("window-objects-layout-arenas", windowTotalSizes.mLayoutArenas, 
         "Memory used by layout PresShell, PresContext, and other related "
         "areas within windows. This is the sum of all windows' "
         "'layout/arenas' numbers.");
  REPORT("window-objects-layout-style-sets", windowTotalSizes.mLayoutStyleSets, 
         "Memory used for style sets within windows. "
         "This is the sum of all windows' 'layout/style-sets' numbers.");
  REPORT("window-objects-layout-text-runs", windowTotalSizes.mLayoutTextRuns, 
         "Memory used for text runs within windows. "
         "This is the sum of all windows' 'layout/text-runs' numbers.");

#undef REPORT
  return NS_OK;

nsWindowMemoryReporter::GetExplicitNonHeap(PRInt64* aAmount)
  // This reporter only measures heap memory.
  *aAmount = 0;
  return NS_OK;