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#include "nsWrapUtils.h"

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

// Line breaker stuff
#include "nsIServiceManager.h"
#include "nsILineBreaker.h"
#include "nsLWBrkCIID.h"

 * Rewrap the given section of string, putting the result in aOutString.
nsWrapUtils::Rewrap(const nsAString& aInString,
                         PRUint32 aWrapCol, PRUint32 aFirstLineOffset,
                         PRBool aRespectNewlines,
                         const nsAString &aLineStartStr,
                         nsAString& aOutString)
  PRInt32 i;

  nsresult rv;
  nsCOMPtr<nsILineBreaker> lineBreaker = do_GetService(NS_LBRK_CONTRACTID, &rv);


  // Now we either have a line breaker, or we don't.
  const nsPromiseFlatString &tString = PromiseFlatString(aInString);
  PRInt32 length = tString.Length();
  const PRUnichar* unicodeStr = tString.get();
  for (i = 0; i < length; )    // loop over lines
    nsAutoString remaining(unicodeStr + i, length - i);

    // If there's a first-line offset, that means we're not starting
    // at the beginning of the line, so don't add a cite string there:
    if (!aFirstLineOffset)

    PRInt32 eol = i + aWrapCol - aFirstLineOffset;
    if (eol > length)
      aOutString.Append(unicodeStr + i, length - i);
      aOutString.Append(PRUnichar('\n'));  // DOM line breaks, not NS_LINEBREAK
    if (i > 0) aFirstLineOffset = 0;
    // eol is the prospective end of line ...
    // look backwards from there for a place to break.
    PRInt32 breakPt;
    rv = NS_ERROR_BASE;
    if (lineBreaker)
      breakPt = lineBreaker->Prev(unicodeStr + i, length - i, eol - i);
        breakPt = lineBreaker->Next(unicodeStr + i, length - i, eol - i);
        else rv = NS_OK;
      else rv = NS_OK;
    // If we get out here and rv is set, something went wrong with line breaker.
    // Just break the line, hard.
    // If rv is okay, then breakPt is the place to break.
    if (NS_FAILED(rv))
#ifdef DEBUG_akkana
      printf("nsILineBreaker not working -- breaking hard\n");
      breakPt = eol+1;
    else breakPt += i;
    nsAutoString appending(unicodeStr + i, breakPt - i);
    aOutString.Append(unicodeStr + i, breakPt - i);
    aOutString.Append(PRUnichar('\n'));  // DOM line breaks, not NS_LINEBREAK

    i = breakPt;
  } // continue looping over lines

  return NS_OK;