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#ifndef nsTextEditRules_h__
#define nsTextEditRules_h__

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

#include "nsPlaintextEditor.h"
#include "nsIDOMNode.h"

#include "nsEditRules.h"

/** Object that encapsulates HTML text-specific editing rules.
  * To be a good citizen, edit rules must live by these restrictions:
  * 1. All data manipulation is through the editor.  
  *    Content nodes in the document tree must <B>not</B> be manipulated directly.
  *    Content nodes in document fragments that are not part of the document itself
  *    may be manipulated at will.  Operations on document fragments must <B>not</B>
  *    go through the editor.
  * 2. Selection must not be explicitly set by the rule method.  
  *    Any manipulation of Selection must be done by the editor.
class nsTextEditRules : public nsIEditRules
  virtual     ~nsTextEditRules();

  // nsIEditRules methods
  NS_IMETHOD Init(nsPlaintextEditor *aEditor, PRUint32 aFlags);
  NS_IMETHOD BeforeEdit(PRInt32 action, nsIEditor::EDirection aDirection);
  NS_IMETHOD AfterEdit(PRInt32 action, nsIEditor::EDirection aDirection);
  NS_IMETHOD WillDoAction(nsISelection *aSelection, nsRulesInfo *aInfo, PRBool *aCancel, PRBool *aHandled);
  NS_IMETHOD DidDoAction(nsISelection *aSelection, nsRulesInfo *aInfo, nsresult aResult);
  NS_IMETHOD GetFlags(PRUint32 *aFlags);
  NS_IMETHOD SetFlags(PRUint32 aFlags);
  NS_IMETHOD DocumentIsEmpty(PRBool *aDocumentIsEmpty);

  // nsTextEditRules action id's
    kDefault             = 0,
    // any editor that has a txn mgr
    kUndo                = 1000,
    kRedo                = 1001,
    // text actions
    kInsertText          = 2000,
    kInsertTextIME       = 2001,
    kDeleteSelection     = 2002,
    kSetTextProperty     = 2003,
    kRemoveTextProperty  = 2004,
    kOutputText          = 2005,
    // html only action
    kInsertBreak         = 3000,
    kMakeList            = 3001,
    kIndent              = 3002,
    kOutdent             = 3003,
    kAlign               = 3004,
    kMakeBasicBlock      = 3005,
    kRemoveList          = 3006,
    kMakeDefListItem     = 3007,
    kInsertElement       = 3008,
    kLoadHTML            = 3013,
    kSetAbsolutePosition = 3015,
    kRemoveAbsolutePosition = 3016,
    kDecreaseZIndex      = 3017,
    kIncreaseZIndex      = 3018

  nsresult ResetIMETextPWBuf();


  // nsTextEditRules implementation methods
  nsresult WillInsertText(  PRInt32          aAction,
                            nsISelection *aSelection, 
                            PRBool          *aCancel,
                            PRBool          *aHandled,
                            const nsAString *inString,
                            nsAString       *outString,
                            PRInt32          aMaxLength);
  nsresult DidInsertText(nsISelection *aSelection, nsresult aResult);
  nsresult GetTopEnclosingPre(nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsIDOMNode** aOutPreNode);

  nsresult WillInsertBreak(nsISelection *aSelection, PRBool *aCancel, PRBool *aHandled);
  nsresult DidInsertBreak(nsISelection *aSelection, nsresult aResult);

  nsresult WillInsert(nsISelection *aSelection, PRBool *aCancel);
  nsresult DidInsert(nsISelection *aSelection, nsresult aResult);

  nsresult WillDeleteSelection(nsISelection *aSelection, 
                               nsIEditor::EDirection aCollapsedAction, 
                               PRBool *aCancel,
                               PRBool *aHandled);
  nsresult DidDeleteSelection(nsISelection *aSelection, 
                              nsIEditor::EDirection aCollapsedAction, 
                              nsresult aResult);

  nsresult WillSetTextProperty(nsISelection *aSelection, PRBool *aCancel, PRBool *aHandled);
  nsresult DidSetTextProperty(nsISelection *aSelection, nsresult aResult);

  nsresult WillRemoveTextProperty(nsISelection *aSelection, PRBool *aCancel, PRBool *aHandled);
  nsresult DidRemoveTextProperty(nsISelection *aSelection, nsresult aResult);

  nsresult WillUndo(nsISelection *aSelection, PRBool *aCancel, PRBool *aHandled);
  nsresult DidUndo(nsISelection *aSelection, nsresult aResult);

  nsresult WillRedo(nsISelection *aSelection, PRBool *aCancel, PRBool *aHandled);
  nsresult DidRedo(nsISelection *aSelection, nsresult aResult);

  /** called prior to nsIEditor::OutputToString
    * @param aSelection
    * @param aInFormat  the format requested for the output, a MIME type
    * @param aOutText   the string to use for output, if aCancel is set to true
    * @param aOutCancel if set to PR_TRUE, the caller should cancel the operation
    *                   and use aOutText as the result.
  nsresult WillOutputText(nsISelection *aSelection,
                          const nsAString  *aInFormat,
                          nsAString *aOutText, 
                          PRBool   *aOutCancel, 
                          PRBool *aHandled);

  nsresult DidOutputText(nsISelection *aSelection, nsresult aResult);

  // helper functions
  /** replaces newllines with breaks, if needed.  acts on doc portion in aRange */
  nsresult ReplaceNewlines(nsIDOMRange *aRange);
  /** creates a trailing break in the text doc if there is not one already */
  nsresult CreateTrailingBRIfNeeded();
 /** creates a bogus text node if the document has no editable content */
  nsresult CreateBogusNodeIfNeeded(nsISelection *aSelection);

  /** returns a truncated insertion string if insertion would place us
      over aMaxLength */
  nsresult TruncateInsertionIfNeeded(nsISelection             *aSelection, 
                                     const nsAString          *aInString,
                                     nsAString                *aOutString,
                                     PRInt32                   aMaxLength);
  /** Echo's the insertion text into the password buffer, and converts
      insertion text to '*'s */                                        
  nsresult EchoInsertionToPWBuff(PRInt32 aStart, PRInt32 aEnd, nsAString *aOutString);

  /** Remove IME composition text from password buffer */
  nsresult RemoveIMETextFromPWBuf(PRUint32 &aStart, nsAString *aIMEString);

  nsresult CreateMozBR(nsIDOMNode *inParent, PRInt32 inOffset, nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> *outBRNode);

  nsresult CheckBidiLevelForDeletion(nsISelection         *aSelection,
                                     nsIDOMNode           *aSelNode, 
                                     PRInt32               aSelOffset, 
                                     nsIEditor::EDirection aAction,
                                     PRBool               *aCancel);

  nsIDOMNode *GetBody();

  // data members
  nsPlaintextEditor   *mEditor;        // note that we do not refcount the editor
  nsString             mPasswordText;  // a buffer we use to store the real value of password editors
  nsString             mPasswordIMEText;  // a buffer we use to track the IME composition string
  PRUint32             mPasswordIMEIndex;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> mBogusNode;     // magic node acts as placeholder in empty doc
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> mBody;          // cached root node
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> mCachedSelectionNode;    // cached selected node
  PRInt32              mCachedSelectionOffset;  // cached selected offset
  PRUint32             mFlags;
  PRUint32             mActionNesting;
  PRPackedBool         mLockRulesSniffing;
  PRPackedBool         mDidExplicitlySetInterline;
  PRPackedBool         mDeleteBidiImmediately; // in bidirectional text, delete
                                               // characters not visually 
                                               // adjacent to the caret without
                                               // moving the caret first.
  PRInt32              mTheAction;     // the top level editor action
  // friends
  friend class nsAutoLockRulesSniffing;


class nsTextRulesInfo : public nsRulesInfo
  nsTextRulesInfo(int aAction) : 

  virtual ~nsTextRulesInfo() {}
  // kInsertText
  const nsAString *inString;
  nsAString *outString;
  const nsAString *outputFormat;
  PRInt32 maxLength;
  // kDeleteSelection
  nsIEditor::EDirection collapsedAction;
  // kMakeList
  PRBool bOrdered;
  PRBool entireList;
  const nsAString *bulletType;

  // kAlign
  const nsAString *alignType;
  // kMakeBasicBlock
  const nsAString *blockType;
  // kInsertElement
  const nsIDOMElement* insertElement;

 * stack based helper class for StartOperation()/EndOperation() sandwich.
 * this class sets a bool letting us know to ignore any rules sniffing
 * that tries to occur reentrantly. 
class nsAutoLockRulesSniffing
  nsAutoLockRulesSniffing(nsTextEditRules *rules) : mRules(rules) 
                 {if (mRules) mRules->mLockRulesSniffing = PR_TRUE;}
                 {if (mRules) mRules->mLockRulesSniffing = PR_FALSE;}
  nsTextEditRules *mRules;

 * stack based helper class for turning on/off the edit listener.
class nsAutoLockListener
  nsAutoLockListener(PRPackedBool *enabled) : mEnabled(enabled)
                 {if (mEnabled) { mOldState=*mEnabled; *mEnabled = PR_FALSE;}}
                 {if (mEnabled) *mEnabled = mOldState;}
  PRPackedBool *mEnabled;
  PRPackedBool mOldState;

nsresult NS_NewTextEditRules(nsIEditRules** aInstancePtrResult);

#endif //nsTextEditRules_h__