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#ifndef nsPlaintextEditor_h__
#define nsPlaintextEditor_h__

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

#include "nsIPlaintextEditor.h"
#include "nsIEditorMailSupport.h"

#include "nsEditor.h"
#include "nsIDOMElement.h"
#include "nsIDOMEventListener.h"

#include "nsEditRules.h"
class nsITransferable;
class nsIDocumentEncoder;

 * The text editor implementation.
 * Use to edit text document represented as a DOM tree. 
class nsPlaintextEditor : public nsEditor,
                          public nsIPlaintextEditor,
                          public nsIEditorMailSupport


// Interfaces for addref and release and queryinterface
// NOTE macro used is for classes that inherit from 
// another class. Only the base class should use NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS

  /* below used by TypedText() */
  enum {
    eTypedText,  /* user typed text */
    eTypedBR,    /* user typed shift-enter to get a br */
    eTypedBreak  /* user typed enter */

  virtual  ~nsPlaintextEditor();

  /* ------------ nsIPlaintextEditor methods -------------- */

  /* ------------ nsIEditorMailSupport overrides -------------- */

  /* ------------ nsIEditorIMESupport overrides -------------- */
  NS_IMETHOD SetCompositionString(const nsAString & aCompositionString, nsIPrivateTextRangeList * aTextRange, nsTextEventReply * aReply);
  NS_IMETHOD GetReconversionString(nsReconversionEventReply* aReply);

  /* ------------ Overrides of nsEditor interface methods -------------- */
  NS_IMETHOD BeginComposition(nsTextEventReply* aReply);
  NS_IMETHOD SetAttributeOrEquivalent(nsIDOMElement * aElement,
                                      const nsAString & aAttribute,
                                      const nsAString & aValue,
                                      PRBool aSuppressTransaction);
  NS_IMETHOD RemoveAttributeOrEquivalent(nsIDOMElement * aElement,
                                         const nsAString & aAttribute,
                                         PRBool aSuppressTransaction);

  /** prepare the editor for use */
  NS_IMETHOD Init(nsIDOMDocument *aDoc, nsIPresShell *aPresShell,  nsIContent *aRoot, nsISelectionController *aSelCon, PRUint32 aFlags);
  NS_IMETHOD GetDocumentIsEmpty(PRBool *aDocumentIsEmpty);
  NS_IMETHOD GetIsDocumentEditable(PRBool *aIsDocumentEditable);

  NS_IMETHOD DeleteSelection(EDirection aAction);

  NS_IMETHOD SetDocumentCharacterSet(const nsACString & characterSet);

  NS_IMETHOD GetFlags(PRUint32 *aFlags);
  NS_IMETHOD SetFlags(PRUint32 aFlags);

  NS_IMETHOD Undo(PRUint32 aCount);
  NS_IMETHOD Redo(PRUint32 aCount);

  NS_IMETHOD CanCut(PRBool *aCanCut);
  NS_IMETHOD Copy();
  NS_IMETHOD CanCopy(PRBool *aCanCopy);
  NS_IMETHOD Paste(PRInt32 aSelectionType);
  NS_IMETHOD CanPaste(PRInt32 aSelectionType, PRBool *aCanPaste);

  NS_IMETHOD CanDrag(nsIDOMEvent *aDragEvent, PRBool *aCanDrag);
  NS_IMETHOD DoDrag(nsIDOMEvent *aDragEvent);
  NS_IMETHOD InsertFromDrop(nsIDOMEvent* aDropEvent);

  NS_IMETHOD OutputToString(const nsAString& aFormatType,
                            PRUint32 aFlags,
                            nsAString& aOutputString);
  NS_IMETHOD OutputToStream(nsIOutputStream* aOutputStream,
                            const nsAString& aFormatType,
                            const nsACString& aCharsetOverride,
                            PRUint32 aFlags);

  /** All editor operations which alter the doc should be prefaced
   *  with a call to StartOperation, naming the action and direction */
  NS_IMETHOD StartOperation(PRInt32 opID, nsIEditor::EDirection aDirection);

  /** All editor operations which alter the doc should be followed
   *  with a call to EndOperation */
  NS_IMETHOD EndOperation();

  /** make the given selection span the entire document */
  NS_IMETHOD SelectEntireDocument(nsISelection *aSelection);

  /* ------------ Utility Routines, not part of public API -------------- */
  NS_IMETHOD TypedText(const nsAString& aString, PRInt32 aAction);

  /** Returns the absolute position of the end points of aSelection
   * in the document as a text stream.
   * Invariant: aStartOffset <= aEndOffset.
  nsresult GetTextSelectionOffsets(nsISelection *aSelection,
                                   PRUint32 &aStartOffset, 
                                   PRUint32 &aEndOffset);

  nsresult InsertTextAt(const nsAString &aStringToInsert,
                        nsIDOMNode *aDestinationNode,
                        PRInt32 aDestOffset,
                        PRBool aDoDeleteSelection);


  NS_IMETHOD  InitRules();
  void        BeginEditorInit();
  nsresult    EndEditorInit();

  // Create the event listeners for the editor to install.
  virtual nsresult CreateEventListeners();

  /** returns the layout object (nsIFrame in the real world) for aNode
    * @param aNode          the content to get a frame for
    * @param aLayoutObject  the "primary frame" for aNode, if one exists.  May be null
    * @return NS_OK whether a frame is found or not
    *         an error if some serious error occurs
  NS_IMETHOD GetLayoutObject(nsIDOMNode *aInNode, nsISupports **aOutLayoutObject);
  // Helpers for output routines
  NS_IMETHOD GetAndInitDocEncoder(const nsAString& aFormatType,
                                  PRUint32 aFlags,
                                  const nsACString& aCharset,
                                  nsIDocumentEncoder** encoder);

  // key event helpers
  NS_IMETHOD CreateBR(nsIDOMNode *aNode, PRInt32 aOffset, 
                      nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> *outBRNode, EDirection aSelect = eNone);
  NS_IMETHOD CreateBRImpl(nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> *aInOutParent, 
                         PRInt32 *aInOutOffset, 
                         nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> *outBRNode, 
                         EDirection aSelect);
  NS_IMETHOD InsertBR(nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> *outBRNode);

  // factored methods for handling insertion of data from transferables (drag&drop or clipboard)
  NS_IMETHOD PrepareTransferable(nsITransferable **transferable);
  NS_IMETHOD InsertTextFromTransferable(nsITransferable *transferable,
                                        nsIDOMNode *aDestinationNode,
                                        PRInt32 aDestOffset,
                                        PRBool aDoDeleteSelection);
  virtual nsresult SetupDocEncoder(nsIDocumentEncoder **aDocEncoder);
  virtual nsresult PutDragDataInTransferable(nsITransferable **aTransferable);

  /** shared outputstring; returns whether selection is collapsed and resulting string */
  nsresult SharedOutputString(PRUint32 aFlags, PRBool* aIsCollapsed, nsAString& aResult);

  /* small utility routine to test the eEditorReadonly bit */
  PRBool IsModifiable();

  //XXX Kludge: Used to suppress spurious drag/drop events (bug 50703)
  PRBool   mIgnoreSpuriousDragEvent;
  NS_IMETHOD IgnoreSpuriousDragEvent(PRBool aIgnoreSpuriousDragEvent) {mIgnoreSpuriousDragEvent = aIgnoreSpuriousDragEvent; return NS_OK;}

// Data members

  nsCOMPtr<nsIEditRules>        mRules;
  PRBool  mWrapToWindow;
  PRInt32 mWrapColumn;
  PRInt32 mMaxTextLength;
  PRInt32 mInitTriggerCounter;
  PRInt32 mNewlineHandling;
  PRInt32 mCaretStyle;

// friends
friend class nsHTMLEditRules;
friend class nsTextEditRules;
friend class nsAutoEditInitRulesTrigger;


#endif //nsPlaintextEditor_h__