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Close old release branch MOBILE180_2012123109_RELBRANCH

--- jmorecfg.h	2012-01-27 00:46:32 -0500
+++ jmorecfg.h	2012-02-10 23:08:03 -0500
@@ -6,16 +6,17 @@
  * This file is part of the Independent JPEG Group's software.
  * For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
  * This file contains additional configuration options that customize the
  * JPEG software for special applications or support machine-dependent
  * optimizations.  Most users will not need to touch this file.
+#include "mozilla/StandardInteger.h"
  * Define BITS_IN_JSAMPLE as either
  *   8   for 8-bit sample values (the usual setting)
  *   12  for 12-bit sample values
  * Only 8 and 12 are legal data precisions for lossy JPEG according to the
  * JPEG standard, and the IJG code does not support anything else!
  * We do not support run-time selection of data precision, sorry.
@@ -127,45 +128,29 @@ typedef char JOCTET;
  * They must be at least as wide as specified; but making them too big
  * won't cost a huge amount of memory, so we don't provide special
  * extraction code like we did for JSAMPLE.  (In other words, these
  * typedefs live at a different point on the speed/space tradeoff curve.)
 /* UINT8 must hold at least the values 0..255. */
-typedef unsigned char UINT8;
-#else /* not HAVE_UNSIGNED_CHAR */
-#ifdef __CHAR_UNSIGNED__
-typedef char UINT8;
-#else /* not __CHAR_UNSIGNED__ */
-typedef short UINT8;
-#endif /* __CHAR_UNSIGNED__ */
-#endif /* HAVE_UNSIGNED_CHAR */
+typedef uint8_t UINT8;
 /* UINT16 must hold at least the values 0..65535. */
-typedef unsigned short UINT16;
-#else /* not HAVE_UNSIGNED_SHORT */
-typedef unsigned int UINT16;
+typedef uint16_t UINT16;
 /* INT16 must hold at least the values -32768..32767. */
-#ifndef XMD_H			/* X11/xmd.h correctly defines INT16 */
-typedef short INT16;
+typedef int16_t INT16;
 /* INT32 must hold at least signed 32-bit values. */
-#ifndef XMD_H			/* X11/xmd.h correctly defines INT32 */
-typedef long INT32;
+typedef int32_t INT32;
 /* Datatype used for image dimensions.  The JPEG standard only supports
  * images up to 64K*64K due to 16-bit fields in SOF markers.  Therefore
  * "unsigned int" is sufficient on all machines.  However, if you need to
  * handle larger images and you don't mind deviating from the spec, you
  * can change this datatype.