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#include "nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible.h"

#include "Role.h"
#include "States.h"

using namespace mozilla::a11y;

// nsHTMLWin32ObjectOwnerAccessible

  nsHTMLWin32ObjectOwnerAccessible(nsIContent *aContent,
                                   nsIWeakReference *aShell, void *aHwnd) :
  nsAccessibleWrap(aContent, aShell), mHwnd(aHwnd)
  // Our only child is a nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible object.
  mNativeAccessible = new nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible(mHwnd);

// nsHTMLWin32ObjectOwnerAccessible: nsAccessNode implementation

  mNativeAccessible = nsnull;

// nsHTMLWin32ObjectOwnerAccessible: nsAccessible implementation

  return roles::EMBEDDED_OBJECT;

  // XXX: No HWND means this is windowless plugin which is not accessible in
  // the meantime.
  return mHwnd ? nsAccessibleWrap::NativeState() : states::UNAVAILABLE;

// nsHTMLWin32ObjectOwnerAccessible: nsAccessible protected implementation

  if (mNativeAccessible)

// nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible

nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible::nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible(void* aHwnd):
nsLeafAccessible(nsnull, nsnull)
  mHwnd = aHwnd;
  if (mHwnd) {
    // The plugin is not windowless. In this situation we use 
    // use its inner child owned by the plugin so that we don't get
    // in an infinite loop, where the WM_GETOBJECT's get forwarded
    // back to us and create another nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible
    HWND childWnd = ::GetWindow((HWND)aHwnd, GW_CHILD);
    if (childWnd) {
      mHwnd = childWnd;

NS_IMPL_ISUPPORTS_INHERITED1(nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible, nsAccessible, nsIAccessibleWin32Object)

NS_IMETHODIMP nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible::GetHwnd(void **aHwnd) 
  *aHwnd = mHwnd;
  return NS_OK;