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Attempt to fix windows bustage when building latest c-sdk with mozilla apps as a result of bug 359716 - temporarily change c-sdk tag to blank this time, HEAD doesn't seem to work.

This is sqlite 3.3.4

See http://www.sqlite.org/ for more info.

We have a mozilla-specific Makefile.in in src/ (normally no
Makefile.in there) that we use to build.

We only imported the bits that we actually need for the build --
basically, the contents of the src directory, plus autogenerated files
(see below).  Note that we don't use all the files in the src dir;
we just bring in *.c *.h (including a full sqlite3.h).

To move to a new version:

Update opcodes.c, opcodes.h, parse.c, parse.h, and sqlite3.h, all of which are
normally generated as part of the sqlite build.  Pull these out of the
sqlite3 windows source .zip, or autoconfiscate and build a tarball and
copy them out.  Yes, this sucks, but it's better than having to build
the parser and all that goop as part of our build.

If you do a configure, you may want to --disable-tcl because the tcl
part may not work on all systems.

You will also need to apply sqlite3-param-indexes.patch.

They you need to update sqlite3file.h, which pulls out random bits of the
internal files that we need to export. If any of these internal structures
change, they need to be changed in sqlite3file.h as well.

-- Vlad Vukicevic <vladimir@pobox.com> 02/2006

You also need to apply preload-cache.patch. This patch provides the preload
functionality used by mozIStorageConnection.preload to fill the cache with
pages from the disk.

-- Brett Wilson <brettw@gmail.com> 04/2006