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#ifndef ipcClientUnix_h__
#define ipcClientUnix_h__

#include "prio.h"
#include "ipcMessageQ.h"
#include "ipcStringList.h"
#include "ipcIDList.h"

#ifdef XP_WIN
#include <windows.h>

// ipcClient
// NOTE: this class is an implementation detail of the IPC daemon. IPC daemon
// modules (other than the built-in IPCM module) must not access methods on
// this class directly. use the API provided via ipcd.h instead.

class ipcClient
    void Init();
    void Finalize();

    PRUint32 ID() const { return mID; }

    void   AddName(const char *name);
    void   DelName(const char *name);
    PRBool HasName(const char *name) const { return mNames.Find(name) != NULL; }

    void   AddTarget(const nsID &target);
    void   DelTarget(const nsID &target);
    PRBool HasTarget(const nsID &target) const { return mTargets.Find(target) != NULL; }

    // list iterators
    const ipcStringNode *Names()   const { return mNames.First(); }
    const ipcIDNode     *Targets() const { return mTargets.First(); }

    // returns primary client name (the one specified in the "client hello" message)
    const char *PrimaryName() const { return mNames.First() ? mNames.First()->Value() : NULL; }

    void   SetExpectsSyncReply(PRBool val) { mExpectsSyncReply = val; }
    PRBool GetExpectsSyncReply() const     { return mExpectsSyncReply; }

#ifdef XP_WIN
    PRUint32 PID() const { return mPID; }
    void SetPID(PRUint32 pid) { mPID = pid; }

    HWND Hwnd() const { return mHwnd; }
    void SetHwnd(HWND hwnd) { mHwnd = hwnd; }

#if defined(XP_UNIX) || defined(XP_OS2)
    // called to process a client file descriptor.  the value of pollFlags
    // indicates the state of the socket.
    // returns:
    //   0             - to cancel client connection  
    //   PR_POLL_READ  - to poll for a readable socket
    //   PR_POLL_WRITE - to poll for a writable socket
    //   (both flags)  - to poll for either a readable or writable socket
    // the socket is non-blocking.
    int Process(PRFileDesc *sockFD, int pollFlags);

    // on success or failure, this function takes ownership of |msg| and will
    // delete it when appropriate.
    void EnqueueOutboundMsg(ipcMessage *msg) { mOutMsgQ.Append(msg); }

    static PRUint32 gLastID;

    PRUint32      mID;
    ipcStringList mNames;
    ipcIDList     mTargets;
    PRBool        mExpectsSyncReply;

#ifdef XP_WIN
    // on windows, we store the PID of the client process to help us determine
    // the client from which a message originated.  each message has the PID
    // encoded in it.
    PRUint32      mPID;
    // the hwnd of the client's message window.
    HWND          mHwnd;

#if defined(XP_UNIX) || defined(XP_OS2)
    ipcMessage    mInMsg;    // buffer for incoming message
    ipcMessageQ   mOutMsgQ;  // outgoing message queue

    // keep track of the amount of the first message sent
    PRUint32      mSendOffset;

    // utility function for writing out messages.
    int WriteMsgs(PRFileDesc *fd);

#endif // !ipcClientUnix_h__