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#! gmake
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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

CXX = c++
CXXFLAGS = $(OPTIMIZER) -Wall -Wp,-MD,.deps-$<

MKSHLIB = $(CXX) -shared

# Stuff to build the leaky executable
	bfd.cpp    \
	coff.cpp   \
	dict.cpp   \
	elf.cpp	   \
	leaky.cpp  \
	strset.cpp \
LEAKY_LIBS = -lbfd -liberty

# Stuff to build the library used to wrap malloc
LIBMALLOC_CPPSRCS = libmalloc.cpp

# Stuff to build test programs

TARGETS = leaky $(LIBMALLOC) TestLeaky TestPreload $(LIBPRELOAD) ShowLibs


default all: $(TARGETS)

	rm -f core malloc-log malloc-map *.o .deps*

clobber: clean
	rm -f $(TARGETS)

	$(CXXF) -c $<


	rm -f $@

TestLeaky: TestLeaky.cpp
	$(CXXF) -o $@ TestLeaky.cpp

TestPreload: TestPreload.cpp
	$(CXXF) -o $@ TestPreload.cpp

$(LIBPRELOAD): LibPreload.o
	$(MKSHLIB) -o $@ LibPreload.o

ShowLibs: ShowLibs.cpp
	$(CXXF) -o $@ ShowLibs.cpp

-include .deps-*