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Bug 386002, Move tryToClose calls on shutdown - add nsCloseAllWindows.js to removed-files.in, r=benjamin

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include $(DEPTH)/config/autoconf.mk

  en-US \
  pl \
  fr \
  nb-NO \
  ru \

include $(topsrcdir)/config/config.mk

SUBMAKEFILES += locale/Makefile

include $(topsrcdir)/config/rules.mk

libs realchrome:: locale/Makefile
	@$(EXIT_ON_ERROR)                        \
	for locale in $(ALL_LOCALES); do         \
	  $(MAKE) -C locale AB_CD=$$locale;      \

	@$(EXIT_ON_ERROR)                    \
	for locale in $(ALL_LOCALES); do     \
	  $(MAKE) -C locale AB_CD=$$locale install; \