bug 1343393 - fix flake8 linting. r=bustage
authorAki Sasaki <asasaki@mozilla.com>
Wed, 01 Mar 2017 09:20:14 -0800
changeset 374365 ec8ac10801d6c054a3e74f89fd1857c0bdac638b
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push dateMon, 06 Mar 2017 23:02:23 +0000
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bug 1343393 - fix flake8 linting. r=bustage
--- a/taskcluster/taskgraph/target_tasks.py
+++ b/taskcluster/taskgraph/target_tasks.py
@@ -224,19 +224,21 @@ def target_tasks_mozilla_release(full_ta
 def target_tasks_candidates_fennec(full_task_graph, parameters):
     """Select the set of tasks required for a candidates build of fennec. The
     nightly build process involves a pipeline of builds, signing,
     and, eventually, uploading the tasks to balrog."""
     filtered_for_project = target_tasks_nightly(full_task_graph, parameters)
     def filter(task):
         if task.kind not in ['balrog']:
             return task.attributes.get('nightly', False)
     return [l for l in filtered_for_project if filter(full_task_graph[l])]
 def target_tasks_pine(full_task_graph, parameters):
     """Bug 1339179 - no mobile automation needed on pine"""
     def filter(task):
         platform = task.attributes.get('build_platform')