Bug 1337566 - Extend DECODER_DOCTOR_INFOBAR_STATS probe until 59 - r=francois
authorGerald Squelart <gsquelart@mozilla.com>
Thu, 23 Feb 2017 15:47:07 +1100
changeset 373558 cb58c51343bffc603847a3121146eef8eb2aeee5
parent 373557 f36b2a2d86d237952918f642f9994b4f88c06d71
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Bug 1337566 - Extend DECODER_DOCTOR_INFOBAR_STATS probe until 59 - r=francois Some upcoming work will modify DecoderDoctor, and introduce a new type of notification (i.e., a new histogram key), so it would be good to monitor their effects over the next few releases. MozReview-Commit-ID: GANAxBGEl8Z
--- a/toolkit/components/telemetry/Histograms.json
+++ b/toolkit/components/telemetry/Histograms.json
@@ -7020,18 +7020,18 @@
     "expires_in_version": "50",
     "kind": "enumerated",
     "n_values": 244,
     "description": "The H.264 profile number (profile_idc) as extracted from the codecs parameter passed to HTMLMediaElement.canPlayType."
     "alert_emails": ["gsquelart@mozilla.com"],
-    "bug_numbers": [1271483],
-    "expires_in_version": "53",
+    "bug_numbers": [1271483, 1337566],
+    "expires_in_version": "59",
     "kind": "enumerated",
     "keyed": true,
     "n_values": 8,
     "description": "Counts of various Decoder Doctor notification events. Used to track efficacy of Decoder Doctor at helping users fix problems with their audio/video codecs. Keys are localized string names that identify problem with audio/video codecs that Decoder Doctor attempts to solve; see string values in dom.properties for verbose description of problems being solved. 0=recorded every time the Decoder Doctor notification is shown, 1=recorded the first time in a profile when notification is shown, 2=recorded when 'Learn how' button clicked, 3=recorded when 'Learn how' button first clicked in a profile, 4=recorded when issue solved after infobar has been shown at least once in a profile."
     "expires_in_version": "55",
     "kind": "enumerated",