bug 717522, fix xul l10n repacks, r=aki
authorAxel Hecht <l10n@mozilla.com>
Mon, 30 Jan 2012 15:14:10 +0100
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push dateWed, 01 Feb 2012 18:17:35 +0000
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bugs717522, 714553
bug 717522, fix xul l10n repacks, r=aki Ports the hack from bug 714553 to l10n repacks
--- a/embedding/android/Makefile.in
+++ b/embedding/android/Makefile.in
@@ -194,13 +194,13 @@ RES_DRAWABLE = $(addprefix res/drawable/
 $(RESOURCES): $(RES_DIRS) $(subst res/,$(srcdir)/resources/,$(RESOURCES))
 	@echo "creating $@"
 	$(NSINSTALL) $(subst res/,$(srcdir)/resources/,$@) $(dir $@)
 R.java: $(MOZ_APP_ICON) $(RES_LAYOUT) $(RES_DRAWABLE) $(RES_VALUES) res/drawable/icon.png res/drawable-hdpi/icon.png AndroidManifest.xml chrome
 	$(AAPT) package -f -M AndroidManifest.xml -I $(ANDROID_SDK)/android.jar -S res -J . --custom-package org.mozilla.gecko
-gecko.ap_: AndroidManifest.xml res/drawable/icon.png res/drawable-hdpi/icon.png $(RES_LAYOUT) $(RES_DRAWABLE) $(RES_VALUES) res/values/strings.xml FORCE
+gecko.ap_: AndroidManifest.xml res/drawable/icon.png res/drawable-hdpi/icon.png $(RES_LAYOUT) $(RES_DRAWABLE) $(RES_VALUES) chrome FORCE
 	$(AAPT) package -f -M AndroidManifest.xml -I $(ANDROID_SDK)/android.jar  -S res -F $@
 libs:: classes.dex
 	$(INSTALL) classes.dex $(FINAL_TARGET)