Bug 1296842: document `triggered_by` property; r=jmaher
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Bug 1296842: document `triggered_by` property; r=jmaher MozReview-Commit-ID: 8sAsWbCpUft
--- a/taskcluster/docs/parameters.rst
+++ b/taskcluster/docs/parameters.rst
@@ -17,16 +17,20 @@ file if necessary, rather than starting 
 complete set of parameters.
 The properties of the parameters object are described here, divided rougly by
 Push Information
+   The event that precipitated this decision task; one of ``"nightly"`` or
+   ``"push"``.
    The repository from which to do an initial clone, utilizing any available
    The repository containing the changeset to be built.  This may differ from
    ``base_repository`` in cases where ``base_repository`` is likely to be cached
    and only a few additional commits are needed from ``head_repository``.