Bug 1257127 - [B2G] Fix HOST_CC/CXX paths for local builds r=glandium
authorJuan Gomez <jgomez@mozilla.com>
Thu, 07 Apr 2016 10:45:45 +0200
changeset 316207 606b864c48c33a5dbbeffe1b2af79ea3f7063761
parent 316206 9b8c582fe335d5ed99ae5b79593f287b3c62edae
child 316208 74330da56b823ffb762d950af31249bb9c017682
push id9480
push userjlund@mozilla.com
push dateMon, 25 Apr 2016 17:12:58 +0000
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Bug 1257127 - [B2G] Fix HOST_CC/CXX paths for local builds r=glandium MozReview-Commit-ID: E3NrLVMyCTe
--- a/b2g/config/mozconfigs/common
+++ b/b2g/config/mozconfigs/common
@@ -4,19 +4,19 @@
 # This file is included at the top of all b2g mozconfigs
 . "$topsrcdir/build/mozconfig.common"
 # Normally, we'd set this unconditionally, but this file is also used
 # for local builds and there is no other mozconfig in this tree that
 # is included on device builds.
-if test -d $topsrcdir/../gcc/bin; then
-    HOST_CC="$topsrcdir/../gcc/bin/gcc"
-    HOST_CXX="$topsrcdir/../gcc/bin/g++"
+if test -d $topsrcdir/gcc/bin; then
+    HOST_CC="$topsrcdir/gcc/bin/gcc"
+    HOST_CXX="$topsrcdir/gcc/bin/g++"
     ac_add_options --enable-stdcxx-compat
 # Allow overriding this from the environment, and don't
 # try to set it if it doesn't exist. As per above, this file is also
 # used for local builds, and we may need to override this for builds in
 # other environments.
 if test -z "$SOCORRO_SYMBOL_UPLOAD_TOKEN_FILE" -a -f /builds/crash-stats-api.token; then
--- a/testing/taskcluster/scripts/builder/install-packages.sh
+++ b/testing/taskcluster/scripts/builder/install-packages.sh
@@ -6,10 +6,8 @@ test -n "$TOOLTOOL_CACHE"
 test -n "$TOOLTOOL_REPO"
 test -n "$TOOLTOOL_REV"
 tc-vcs checkout $gecko_dir/tooltool $TOOLTOOL_REPO $TOOLTOOL_REPO $TOOLTOOL_REV
 (cd $gecko_dir; python $gecko_dir/tooltool/tooltool.py --url https://api.pub.build.mozilla.org/tooltool/ -m $gecko_dir/$TOOLTOOL_MANIFEST fetch -c $TOOLTOOL_CACHE)
-# Another terrible hack..
-(ls $gecko_dir/gcc/bin/gcc && ln -s $gecko_dir/gcc/bin/gcc $gecko_dir/gcc/bin/cc)