Bug 1255450 - mach settings documentation fix, DONTBUILD, r=me
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Bug 1255450 - mach settings documentation fix, DONTBUILD, r=me MozReview-Commit-ID: AQ3w2oCPQeN
--- a/python/mach/docs/settings.rst
+++ b/python/mach/docs/settings.rst
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 .. _mach_settings:
 Mach can read settings in from a set of configuration files. These
-configuration files are either named ``mach.ini`` or ``.machrc`` and
+configuration files are either named ``machrc`` or ``.machrc`` and
 are specified by the bootstrap script. In mozilla-central, these files
 can live in ``~/.mozbuild`` and/or ``topsrcdir``.
 Settings can be specified anywhere, and used both by mach core or
 individual commands.
 Core Settings
@@ -26,17 +26,17 @@ These settings are implemented by mach c
     mochitest = mochitest -f browser
     browser-test = mochitest -f browser
 Defining Settings
 Settings need to be explicitly defined, along with their type,
-otherwise mach will throw when loading the configuration files.
+otherwise mach will throw when trying to access them.
 To define settings, use the :func:`~decorators.SettingsProvider`
 decorator in an existing mach command module. E.g:
 .. code-block:: python
     from mach.decorators import SettingsProvider