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Thu Oct 13 13:32:30 2011 +0000
fafffd7c801e721a67f9a017d1fe90a02a4138fbWes Johnston — Bug 692183 - Fix client coordinates for touchevents. r=mbrubeck a=asa
f41ea62c6d4c416e3d1718e5aaafb21e935717b5Mark Finkle — Bug 692712 - Pre-filter recommended add-ons JSON instead of filtering at startup [r=wjohnston a=asa]
b707c898e8674da28cf70a6040750d02ce9e6e42Mark Finkle — Bug 692767 - about:home shows tabs from last time with wrong encoding, non-ASCII characters are broken [r=mbrubeck a=asa]
8b117194484938507adeb91d8708713315674019Mark Finkle — Bug 691534 - Use asyncFetch when loading files in aboutHome.xhtml [r=mbrubeck a=asa]