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Wed Nov 09 02:03:18 2011 +0000
63587fc7bb931a7aca7296015739fa3bc3832c81Christian Legnitto — Bug 700000 - Version bump
54bfd8bf682e295ffd7f22fa921ca343957b6c1cIgor Bazarny — Bug 691547. Don't record a navigationStart for a docshell when one of its descendants navigates. r=bzbarsky AURORA_BASE_20111108
53f4c8abf558a720f578a239736b4c6ce27d60d3Ali Juma — Bug 697990 - Clean up GLES-specific workarounds for GL_UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH. r=jrmuizel
41f853454fc502544fc1108c30264cc9cd05b9f7Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1f0be211721f812b870b4d17a51f9c291197e0dbMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 597789 - Remove --disable-rdf; r=ted
f25597d036ec0e8e7353532fcef816c08a88fcecTimothy Zhu — Bug 662173 - DataTransfer.getData should lowercase its argument; r=enndeakin
59cf0c12f97554155f60a2ddbc9cb73514c13313Honza Bambas — Bug 700402 - ABORT: syntimer not null, creting SYN retry timer after connection manager shutdown, r=mcmanus
611c44e8e3cdcd6304f5ef4cdb03800c231fa0dbOctoploid — Bug 698264 - build fails because of undefined C++11 user-defined literals r=benjamin
26130bafc0eeefa948534d0e2c8a0d34681decd3Jacek Caban — Bug 699170 - Tons of JS_* redefined warnings on mingw r=ted
f44967f832f21e87d12487a8bcd7ac39c2c8e706Jacek Caban — Bug 670095 - gfxWindowsPlatform.cpp fails to compile on mingw r=cjones
d4479192bda58bb73a9632728fd7f1a458677815Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
a62abefaab90fe1348e82b2ee71c2e8b1c93acabPhil Ringnalda — No bug, no r=, no a=, Try to defuse test_history_expiration daylight saving time timebomb by going back an extra day
234289676c7ef31849e434a3845c65449ce699dbbjarne — Bug 699780 - Redundant call to Seek() in nsStorageStream::GetOutputStream(); r=bsmedberg
095a745d1e72b7bf3869c3162b1593aea91ff9e8Ed Morley — Backout changeset 27b8e5fb9699 (bug 700116) for reftest failures; a=philor
c6d7a275acaa30f84a442431fbbf4ad102f8f297Ralph Giles — Bug 697821 - Disable libtheora assembly on XCode 4.2. r=khuey
bcf9c9ec97a04c122d9156483f8f8300e1bf8364Randell Jesup — Bug 693586: Add circular buffer support to jprof r=dbaron
5c0861ec147f45cb4bee620c2381a2c26dcf227dNick Hurley — bug 699409 - telemetry for memory used by records in the disk cache map. r=jduell
27b8e5fb9699fb0145486ebfbfbcacf0c510431eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 700116. Fix the ordering if IsAlternate calls and sheet state determination so that the hashtable munging IsAlternate can do doesn't mess up our sheet states. r=sicking
95efc21bf5af830e5df9fe3ac571d305907c3221Matt Woodrow — Bug 698590 - Make ConfigureLayer use DevPixels instead of AppPixels. r=roc
6e3b8000bdfd398aa459c0c1ddd73a889f08d939Ed Morley — Backout 31d345404c98 (bug 671634) due to missing privacy review and necko peer review; a=dao
c170948e646eb24f0ed60cc91c4ae61ec3520af8Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
ebb4fe2d4c83dbbc018464b66c76a7a0d65b5513Chris Jones — Bug 679966, part 1: Add vibrator support for android. r=blassey,cjones
b23b73290e38e36ff5da26992ea6ff745ea7c697Justin Lebar — Bug 699395 - Modify zone_good_size to call je_malloc_usable_size_in_advance. r=njn
34e3a0cb25a4e8337d4cdaabe7a8cf72e177e7f5Chris Double — Bug 691096 - Add test - r=cpearce
8eb1a29b4aa00b1125081e1b883a3257809648fdChris Double — Bug 691096 - Provide hard limit to number of media elements that can be decoded in parallel - r=cpearce
a15e40c515ebc844c09baaa14825741262a15453Tobias Markus — Bug 603332 - Add extra prefs to about:support whitelist to simplify lookup for common support issues;
be3714af78693189db5a20aef3715fb5ddfd6a88Jeff Walden — Bug 699691 - Remove an unused argument from ino2name in pathsub.{c,h}. r=ted
6b2d55b83aa954172450ab4bab67499832a3b504Jeff Walden — Remove js::tl::ArraySize and js::tl::ArrayEnd. They're unused, and mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd supersede them regardless. No bug, r=lumpy
7ee6348181394bcabe262a9aacb34c6ac5411fb7Jeff Walden — Bug 700498 - Change StringBuffer::append to take a JSLinearString*, not a JSAtom*. r=cdleary
69f7d8cc0c00f785984183df7b4ee4b30db09bd3Taras Glek — Bug 668392 - Include enabled addons + persona in telemetry r=Mossop
27ecabf7e55e9a9b5d9a0900e275fb50ef14e9d3Taras Glek — Bug 668392: backout commit without bug#
412bc4e114ec283fd789d0a23aaeb5a168f8dd3dDoug Sherk — Bug 665578: prevented ANGLE built-in function emulation on OS X 10.7 and newer r=bjacob
f7355dc166cd1a38219fd5f4d31e258dc71ea14fChris Pearce — Bug 700151 - Enable DOM full-screen API by default in desktop Firefox. r=roc
b9893df2c24fc399871c434b2c5f0cb867d29c43Robert O'Callahan — Bug 696307. Floats in a different block to their placeholders should only be painted once. r=mats
40d852cfa7ea44ac6df923f42a2cc2706bff408eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 696307. Don't overwrite the aChild parameter of BuildDisplayListForChild. r=mats
afca83588ca2863143e4e7a922c04d06c4dfcc08Chris Pearce — Bug 699885 part 3 - Update full-screen mochitests wait for focus. r=roc
de9859b56d6e530e7b2973a9fe77701b3f45566bChris Pearce — Bug 699885 part 2 - Exit DOM full-screen if we've changed tab or app by the time the request is granted. r=dao
bea7ecf9084e7a2285684725cfba3c5f4cc35dbaChris Pearce — Bug 699885 part 1 - Ensure we dispatch 'deactivate' event to chrome window when we lose focus while changing to full-screen mode. r=roc
366d80e918160373ca4f72a0006bcbff0619bdc7Chris Leary — Bug 634654 - Add RegExpPrivate cache. (r=Waldo)
82f9cf1140908116feccfeb980f006636c7b3fa8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 531590 - Increase the default validity of the self-signed certificate that we use for our tests to 10 years by default; r=mayhemer
f7c143137c26417f457afeb6ba34b356742d763cMarco Bonardo — Bug 700314 - Remove nsNavHistory nsICharsetResolver implementation.
993c4f411a8af930714773d25c269c41668b2778Marco Bonardo — Bug 700417 - Further reduce cache_size in Places.
8b6b59955d335cfb9a4a6a56c19da682d437a90fTaras Glek — Bug 699942: Telemetry Yes->Yes, I want to help r=geekboy
9df272a366e235ec2f96795d449f71c176237963Taras Glek — Bug 699942: backout incomplete string patch r=gavin
083240f744476ca320c6e94f08799cb9d82721c0Taras Glek — Bug 699942: backout incomplete string patch r=gavin
31d345404c98365dc35c740f559b0177859998b5Wes Johnston — Bug 671634 - Update Fennec useragent to more closely match stock browser. r=dougt
22aa8996735b4275d4b22ad40406aab7b13356cbEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
45c63bb1d7dfaa53acf004bf84ed9f9e6a4ceb20Taras Glek — Bug 699942: Telemetry Yes->Yes, I want to help r=geekboy
f70682372656d2b09bc704196acbb0a4538712ceBenoit Jacob — Bug 665578 - Backed out changeset 82a297b0d0d3 for compile error
82a297b0d0d377f93ad09b84e2b425799c696bd1Doug Sherk — Bug 665578: prevented ANGLE built-in function emulation on OS X 10.7 and newer r=bjacob
10814cd743e3b077fe30836cfeb02d703216a989Daniel Holbert — Bug 693940: Restrict SVG-as-an-image to load URIs with URI_INHERITS_SECURITY_CONTEXT. r=bz
72592670532d7d4cad4c77ec26caae39b0f26a21Matt Brubeck — Back out cd695cdb3b4f (bug 679759) because of test failures
375aaf23cc2fe652e79d5b3a5a363d2963e79006Brian R. Bondy — Bug 481815 - Strings for localization relating to maintenance service. r=rs
cd695cdb3b4fb6b09a66ee9b23fd74a425f3ff6bWilliam Lachance — Bug 679759 - MINIDUMP_STACKWALK_CGI support, let harness download symbols as needed, r=ted
08819514d15922672f1019889202447350362c76Marco Castelluccio — Bug 605808 - Make "layers.prefer-opengl" work when D3D10 is available; r=joedrew
647f1092d35df9d862d1c0870509278b6c73d7e2Felix Fung — Bug 700389 - Simplify sortByTotalScore. r=zpao
ad6b14835247b91719eb8d294d552dff562abd28Dave Mandelin — Bug 679986: Deoptimize unnecessary regexps. (r=cdleary)
edac7428b38c08e9eb92449245ef2309c3d8d506Yury — Bug 674619 - cmyk image with adobe marker not converted properly. r=joe
48e2a2222b06e21d804b33828c39fe5cb140b609Luke Wagner — Bug 696813 - Hoist function out of Decompile JSOP_POPV case for later reuse (r=jorendorff)
371fd6f5daa45766c2a41011de5afc21d1e706afLuke Wagner — Bug 696813 - Hoist two functions out of Decompile JSOP_ENTERBLOCK case for later reuse (r=jorendorff)
a6c390aa3bf22f9cee17ac9bf187e053250e1aa9Luke Wagner — Bug 696813 - Simplify Decompile (r=waldo)
95533390d3bec5196f8b0927448152644244f7f2Luke Wagner — Bug 696813 - Remove dead Decompile parameter (r=waldo)
cc437cae4d6645dfe630488dd18470894bab8bceLuke Wagner — Bug 696813 - Simplify several bytecode generator Emit* functions (r=jorendorff)
b5ff5f4b598fc47f99dc6abb544c21aa531ab12bLuke Wagner — Bug 696813 - Simplify Parser::forStatement (r=jorendorff)
af57ba95a4786b3c91e90d720224200674346389Henri Sivonen — Bug 700260 - Honor the view_source.tab_size pref in a way that actually works. r=smaug.
9c1cdf04b7289374a33a88bffaaaa8b4697e0c59Henri Sivonen — Bug 700042 - Support turning off View Source syntax highlighting. r=smaug.
fb14bafdd2525383cd599e05d8169ff81d67f66bTim Abraldes — Bug 668436 - Send service pack major and minor version info in AUS ping. r=rstrong
3b9e99665ee7a8244f384d651d83850234b1ef36Gavin Sharp — Bug 691951: make startup notifications persist until the users close them (disable auto-dismissal), r=zpao
bb1945550b0ff0bc19f3761152aca897938bc768Terrence Cole — Bug 692547 - Split up array_extra; r=Waldo
3424159bce7a26c3fa2f875d3658971a070200d9Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 698738 - Use the observer method for idle-daily and formhistory-expire-now in nsFormHistory.js. r=mak.
504d3127b9a6b2fa6c4e3490213e167a33fffab4Jonas Sicking — Bug 692659: Fix sort order for PREV cursors on indexes. r=bent
81dedcc49ac027b7a5b118c4e73f7785712421a7Timothy Zhu — Bug 616774 followup: Remove nullchecks after new that are no longer needed. r=sicking
048ee4bf28f215ffd7cf6b180622193e971ca682Timothy Zhu — Bug 616774: Make XPath expressions like "--expr" coerce into a number. r=sicking
c131defb532cefac282654ca5cb51d1850d0c2d4Jonas Sicking — Bug 692674: Set the errorCode to "ABORT_ERR" for all pending requests when a transaction is aborted, even ones that failed for other reasons. r=bent
e73f34291541f2bbd3b6d04a0f337ee6997e22d3Jonas Sicking — Bug 694135: Don't throw if there are unknown properties in the options objects to createObjectStore/createIndex. r=bent
966c69671224f795dc099097c6d5402b70a81187Ben Turner — Bug 696914 - 'IndexedDB: IDBObjectStore.delete and IDBCursor.delete should return undefined'. r=sicking.
410deae0fe1367a86474af0d380956b2daa6e410Terrence Cole — Bug 700357 - Run GC_SHRINK more frequently; r=billm
29a1638f2e623aace87bbfacb79b2f369082f44aBen Turner — Bug 658178 - 'Make XHR2 response/responseType work in Web Workers'. r=jst+sicking+mrbkap.
d67299b21838af096baf7b5c2bb574d46d1c7169Kyle Huey — Bug 625071: Implement deleteDatabase. r=bent
6d4788dab957effd02a1aa4746f0528c0794cb40Kyle Huey — Bug 699468: Part 6 - Make some DatabaseInfo stuff private. r=bent
4a0214e37148fb87add7d64806d5fb7d06b27aeaKyle Huey — Bug 699468: Part 5 - Clone the canonical DatabaseInfo when a Database is closed. r=bent
b978e3a3f46714ef58dbc92239cecce4404e55d1Kyle Huey — Bug 699468: Part 4 - Always go through the DatabaseInfo to get the ObjectStoreInfo. r=bent
0b28e3f6054419fc8550ff21c11d2e419e188728Kyle Huey — Bug 699468: Part 3 - Always go through the Database to get the DatabaseInfo. r=bent
be1907a18f5b9e9570000e9ba5c4a2d414b5635eKyle Huey — Bug 699468: Part 2 - Give DatabaseInfo an AddRef/Release instead of twiddling a refcount manually. r=bent
0d63a5e24889edcffb66ce6c83f3c2d557a9ebcdKyle Huey — Bug 699468: Part 1 - Move ObjectStoreInfoHash onto DatabaseInfo. r=bent
b7baa7788c391417a1a4b47ea43a189d7696018aBen Turner — Bug 692628 - 'IndexedDB: Support IDBCursor.advance'. r=sicking.
f4041047f76f0e244922f5af182589921722de76Ben Turner — Bug 692632 - 'IndexedDB: support empty objectstore/index names'. r=sicking.
ed355562ff562ee5f3cc45e9954621bc29ad539dEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound (that actually ran Android tests) to mozilla-central
31d13586087fb014f7afb2e81b98dd0db8d6fedeLuke Wagner — Bug 650411 - assert in debug/release builds that JSRuntime is only used in a single-threaded manner (r=jorendorff,sr=dmandelin)
6bb6b83af833e7b52cd01dd57722f7f25183c5d0Ed Morley — Bug 700166 - Hg rm dom/interfaces/threads/ since it's no longer built; r=bent
1aab8b1485ddc0dce8db0986da40f80620226fbaPeter Van der Beken — Bug 699799 - Don't AddRef/Release every uncollectable document before cycle collection. r=jst.
848eaac421d98eeceae3f90482bafa7ec7ce2d46Peter Van der Beken — Bug 699796 - Note objects holding JSScript as roots in the CC. r=igor.
24ed13e5dcaf12c4b5c5610c396ef191c1459615Peter Van der Beken — Bug 695867 - Crash [@ LookupPropertyById] with getPropertyDescriptor returning a NodeList. r=bz.
8041a57029dcea3acadc3b40785038f3b0a3ba91Peter Van der Beken — Bug 699807 - Don't create runnables for setting the title on unlinked documents. r=smaug.
e8e8396802f2729ceb8d392e1dfb4715c0a76f6cPeter Van der Beken — Bug 684938 - Proxy nsXPCWrappedJS::Release to the main thread. r=mrbkap.
ac847cc35842b42c1c5b562f66d3ce7e9dc39066Peter Van der Beken — Bug 699810 - nsJSTimeoutHandler DEBUG_CC code should null-check result of calling JS_GetObjectFunction. r=jst.
7ab4f0ac68dd35e9492e7640795eeb6cf535b9caPeter Van der Beken — Bug 697643 - Crash [@ JS_IsExceptionPending] modifying a live NodeList. r=bz.
cf865862fa73fa03ef772081e7b3ae7131904051Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 696817 - Cycle-collect nsDOMWindowUtils. r=jst.
00b0ddf1ab96cf472ebad0c80ea2d8e7ada2198eSimon Montagu — Test the containing frame for continuations, not the child. Bug 698706, r=roc
749fa4c40b381950cf857adf96992af2f25f3aeaSimon Montagu — Tests for bug 698706
8b6d54721fa1ad19d0ce9266f0c67ab1284dad45Marco Bonardo — Bug 658303 - mozIStorageConnection::Clone() should copy over pragmas.
77622fd9c783ca3941a945da2c040acf01a3227cRob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
d0da05c504a70fe18d5f7805de83740485393753Mihai Sucan — Bug 700387 - Remove the Style Inspector breadcrumbs; r=dcamp
7c054e3df2746eb49d86cb8ecaa23738044a6291Rob Campbell — Bug 689946 - Docked HTML panel in the highlighter should remember its height; r=msucan
a6adeac760bbc8104a1588306c8ac8ac7543ebbcRob Campbell — Bug 583041 - Style Editor integration; backout; a=orange
e27e657381268b97d7f34b8d08cf49b0d9f8fb25Jared Wein — Bug 674744 - Implement conditional forward button for pinstripe. r=dao ui-r=shorlander
f57c833bb23eca2e87202710dbef68915be504b0Rob Campbell — Bug 700044 - Duplicate rule views after tab switching. r=msucan
c465f6d67aa9f230f514cb249224108dfbe4db1bDave Camp — Bug 696181 - Properties disabled in the css rule view should not be lost. r=robcee
316418701ba0f6864957a91d4bca45fe897fbe65Dave Camp — Bug 700194 - Speed up style inspector creation and refresh. r=msucan
110ccc3eb353e62d42843389ceb766f3cda4d4d5Dave Camp — Bug 691978 - CssLogic doesn't discern between inherited and not-inherited properties. r=msucan
900478e42d35a254c7fa4752872672b0612deaeeDão Gottwald — Bug 699002 - Use a xul:checkbox for "Only user styles" option. r=rcampbell
713b37515573ef528aaeb0e69370cff0f5319665Dão Gottwald — Bug 700272 - Remove non-functional resizer from the style inspector. r=rcampbell
fc249ee8d92178cc85f45f8eae6be0f35570de66Cedric Vivier — Bug 583041 - Style Editor integration; sourceeditor fix; r=rcampbell,msucan
fd725b4b78b34d984b9b011667b9d20b65c05087Cedric Vivier — Bug 583041 - Style Editor integration; testfix; r=rcampbell
43eb4cd0c2750191e1d01791794d541df53c0cd6Cedric Vivier — Bug 583041 - Style Editor integration, part 2/2 - tests; r=rcampbell
2df2fe2bcc5d3f7a4b55420c04481712c12388adCedric Vivier — Bug 583041 - Style Editor integration, part 1/2; r=rcampbell,dao,l10n
8200dc82b5edba7ff37f424df9895759d244e7bcJim Mathies — Bug 577867 - Adds profile based win taskbar registration option. r=tellrob
42e8b5f1357cb3d3d637933f406b4429417f9834Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
9ba11f3d00f89545d78d8060187a00fa53f18316Dão Gottwald — Bug 700243 - Rename csshtmltree.xul's 'header' class. r=msucan
81523479576525e98ba63d1cfbb17c8ec87f4671Dave Camp — Bug 699978 - Tools should notify the highlighter when they've modified a node. r=robcee
232756b8af4dabd1b5bd28449653fafc978ef2bfDão Gottwald — Bug 699832 - Style Inspector needs a way to display treetwisties that will work on all operating systems. r=dcamp
100b93342d7cd287763871f4c8a810d8cfe4d600Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 689759 - Style Inspector needs a no-results placeholder. r=msucan
ec6b4d73b9066bc58526fbe7e045e06e75d36ee1Mihai Sucan — Bug 699308 - Highlighter closes during iframe requests. r=robcee
74b8d49b12afcb70b98b5eb85e10b68bd28249d8Mihai Sucan — Bug 698762 - Remove unmatched rules from style inspector. r=robcee
86d559a09cb062f4f58d9e1c92aa2b8910cbd485Kyle Huey — Bug 700203: Followup because python is insane.
d60507500886c8c5b3fd5b42070a5887db2b7a79Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
60adc85c97be3f5ff69e7cbd5040b838da045733Henri Sivonen — Bug 699753 - Remove duplicate copy of errNcrControlChar from r=smaug.
2221aa8b75c0c451675ea2320e282620dc67c3b5Henri Sivonen — Bug 699752 - Remove stray preposition from parser error reporting. r=smaug.
52b3760fbdae9bf3e81f0b7f60d92ed2c6d5c731Henri Sivonen — Bug 699750 - Fix accidental use of int instead of PRInt32. r=smaug.
4aff6c59deb85244577044db3d0fc4a22deb86d9L. David Baron — Fix tests that were inadvertently not being run on Windows. (Bug 699641)
81583c38f47e601470a971bf47c56c160e0aeeebBoris Zbarsky — Merge backout of bug 641341.
5b3aeb566a978899d4ca3d296c4e2ab23807bccbBoris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 0cd9ed297f73 (bug 641341) to fix bug 696175. r=roc
432d201b7606ee586d7edb493046ed06dd5a1e3fKyle Huey — Update to pymake tip to pick up bug 700203.
52c70934f6f2f95f96a1415b449076dba7438e32Richard Newman — Bug 699868 - set serverURL in test_syncscheduler.js. a=test-only,trivial (just like Bug 700071).
9a95c40a398d43dd84afb0658154d5553c5cd770Tom Schuster — Bug 698584 - Fix crash in RegExp.test in case of OOM. r=mrbkap
a0ec48842f56cb4ba155909791b349dcb5c5c9a7Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu — Bug 699673 - nsTextToSubURI::UnEscapeNonAsciiURI shouldn't do fallback unescaping if the fallback charset is not an ASCII superset, or the URI gets messed up in the UI. r=smontagu
39e1227991a11579923cc4c6805c1a2c53c9821bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
104c466724acd2cb7e9d3b648d140f355510bb15Bobby Holley — Bug 677788 - Remove use of length_is xpt value from gecko. r=mrbkap
6c1a7d01303f1497a439ae399828ef09074484deBobby Holley — Bug 677788 - Remove array/string 'capacity' argument from XPCConvert. r=mrbkap
ab0a659233a0c9fc77f1feb8c9de758b5b3c652eBobby Holley — Bug 691781 - Generate IDL lexer and parser as part of the build system. r=khuey
cf0e3297e58ce02234c4dc614ba33164709eddedBobby Holley — Bug 691781 - Make sure the lexer gets generated with regen, too. r=khuey
b240ea529d1fdeb6a12bf1063bdcdeecdfaee050Bobby Holley — Bug 691781 - Add a check to avoid unpacking an empty array. r=khuey
161c6106d78779a5004d42a02aeece8d5174479eBenoit Jacob — Bug 700124 - Attempting to use JNI in child process [@ mozilla::AndroidBridge::EnsureJNIThread] - r=jdm
d01685629ad2c999aa567d74d58339f277667d1eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 698217 Simplify new static Preference methods r=roc
85d4d7320def642d38e701a92d19b8b8b8ef622aEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
1ff33773f17e0d96a04692f2a848a06b4f6f957aRichard Newman — Bug 700071 - test_errorhandler.js ends up talking directly to Mozilla sync servers rather than local test harness. r=philikon
a9a85150f31c80881aa910daef34dd00f8a98c0eJoel Maher — Bug 693524 - Intermittent mobile/chrome/tests/browser_awesomescreen.js. r=mfinkle
cf8b201e898067c4d38aed7867866f016ec1c6f4Benoit Jacob — Bug 668004 - dont return ERROR_FAILURE in GetFeatureStatusImpl - r=dsherk
6b3cde4cec7fd8e5f967e6b83527e6b81d69a2a6Ben Turner — Bug 687216 - 'XHR in worker to bogus URI leads to Assertion failure'. r=sicking.
8fa7e7a6851e0543fe702e9fe6d7a5a1e8f2cd5cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
14fe8c2fe5338a92aa75c64d4823dfa379452f3bFelix Fung — Bug 698986 - Only Crashed Plugins Should Suggest Reloading. r=dolske
b820af78bed1cb7bff7f8a8772fba76acfeb280bJosh Aas — Bug 656006: Fix crash in nsPluginStreamListenerPeer::OnStartRequest. r=bz
6e800d88af77fa774ea9067a7fed99e9550ce103Atul Aggarwal — Bug 408630 - Updating nsTreeBodyFrame.cpp file from int to PRInt32/PRUint32 to avoid overflow; r=roc
604530cabdf68a8f30c9229d789d7981ed349ea2Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 461304 - Test; r=gavin
5fdf8f720c7cdcc4150227b8e09e916a33be547bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 461304 - Part 2: Use UTF-8 flag in the browser; r=gavin
2c4733dd653e08bcac7b972dee547da69e73b1caMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 461304 - Part 1: Add UTF-8 flag to nsDocShell::LoadURI; r=bz
fdcef240a8a7f8ad7534cd4fd2b5cd453280055eMarco Bonardo — Bug 619623 - Revert a check in test_IHistory, since, even if less frequent, a timeout is not better than a failure.
0355183e7170d91a0267bce5a9cecc1f867757d7Khaled Hosny — bug 680692 - cherry-pick fix for GPOS contextual chaining positioning, needed by some Arabic fonts (from upstream harfbuzz-ng commit cc1a8a938b4c13e76b58825a9e1951c4134e634a). r=jfkthame
b878590bf618429adedc0a33455667dda524ff46Dave Miller — Bug 693891 - Make "Add to Home Screen" use the Bookmark title instead of the page title, to allow you to name the shortcut whatever you want. r=mfinkle
aff1bd412058cb6926a8feae1e8c0fc76b4c04a3Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 682677 - Eliminated direct access to mInfo->pixel_depth, which is not allowed in libpng15. We access pixel_depth via png_get_IHDR() instead; r=joedrew
8248dbffd64534fb6c65ad3d757b795119e783c6Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 698630 - Remove --disable-smil build option; r=dholbert
3690cdb0bcb63c3ebb47941c6f0d402613f05962Marco Castelluccio — Bug 539997 - Remove nsTryToClose.js from Firefox; r=mfinkle
ec2498505d2372f8a6bf1a1e68422197365fb20aRob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
0c3401c00152653c51694f5fbe51ea0245077bb7Rob Campbell — Bug 696107 - HTML attribute editor in highlighter conflicts with new keyboard controls. r=dcamp
8ce6a152cfb18ede851272b9356dcbe2871db1f0Dão Gottwald — Bug 700036 - Put the style inspector into a xul document. r=dcamp
90b03b0aa9ee1b3d40cfb9e2609fd21ab27adb78Rob Campbell — Backout part 2 - Bug 689759 rev b73aa0bd2b4e, Bug 698762 rev 2967e93cdb44, a=bustage
b5d68f1763ed56f83230750e7574390dd4140476Rob Campbell — Backout part 1 - Bug 698762 rev 1b6acffa7a94, Bug 698762 rev f0e736dbc7bc, a=bustage
1b6acffa7a9447d34b8979c95c1efefb98fc85cbRob Campbell — Bug 698762 - Remove unmatched rules from style inspector; fix merge bustage; a=bustage
f0e736dbc7bc9d86755db4ad8bce858bd741cca2Rob Campbell — Bug 698762 - Remove unmatched rules from style inspector; backout; a=dcamp
b6d9a07df7f635feeb255a91548020aa09c9548fRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
b73aa0bd2b4ef6e9addddcd98a5b88f842b34bdeMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 689759 - Style Inspector needs a no-results placeholder; r=msucan
2967e93cdb4408e843a770def7805e5d145bbc35Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 698762 - Remove unmatched rules from style inspector; r=msucan
96f6c274c8f508e9aff9d786067b37e1d5ef0182Mihai Sucan — Bug 692543 - Make the Style Inspector UI faster; r=dcamp
1b5cfca36f7bbd4c45914182bf85321d30f5a325Rob Campbell — Bug 699636 - Highlighter sidebar resizes to follow the highlighter box; r=gavin
a6508712707aa560c32ad79532552f853577911dDave Camp — Bug 699968 - Update the rule view's dtd link. r=robcee
3246d984607166392829d1abee89a51150bb715cDave Camp — Bug 696180 - Add support for inherited properties to the rule view. r=robcee
56e7358abdb3c4f8bb82b064bf749081b181f802Dave Camp — Bug 699592 - Add inIDOMUtils::isInheritedProperty to find out if a CSS property is inherited by default. r=bz
7e28b68cf25d0741579acad918d4592088ed3b52Olli Pettay — Bug 699925 - support event.stopImmediatePropagation in workers, r=bent
ae228e329b421e35e2b5b8e70586af6fa8c1fb29Ben Turner — Bug 698860 - 'Workers: Cycle collector calls DOM worker from wrong thread'. r=sicking.
e697147121b3258da64e1cea557bc43ded0987ceEd Morley — Backout 4997c6f8b24d (bug 616542) for causing locally run mochitest-browser-chrome test runs to fail
b78ada5e3d701458bd1d53bdec12dbc925d6dd41Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
49b98a76f55b8c3a1b85f397a3f4238c40f9e160Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 672748 - Style inspector UI refresh; r=dcamp,msucan,rcampbell,dao
e0d2a128719432e1cdcf4288ea93d5b0cf8fd20cMihai Sucan — Bug 699130 - Paste is disabled after using it once in Scratchpad; r=rcampbell
89a9efb83e7b10951868bcbdad5541d7326a56fdRob Campbell — Bug 699130 - Backed out changeset 67d9339ff0df, bad commit message.
67d9339ff0df0d571dcb02dfeb3440e0b87809ecMihai Sucan — Bug 699130 - Paste is disabled after using it once in Scratchpad
482f32dcd1ebba222423c0a703509fb47cfc12d4Rob Campbell — Bug 699475 - Integrate RuleView into Highlighter Sidebar; r=dcamp
3dae8be98e389a94aa8d242d328fb270c155b81dPanos Astithas — Bug 658368 - Expand console object with time and timeEnd methods that add a simple timer implementation; r=msucan,sdwilsh sr=gavin
40c02cd92d99a4fbaf9a881bed9c2ddac26c216cDave Camp — Bug 698921 - Rule view override calculation misses disabled properties; r=rcampbell
8a0ec6782f96e2b1d89102c3d89543b406091f02Mihai Sucan — Bug 699541 - Pasted HTML shows twice in Orion; r=rcampbell
1a4de3faac0597de429a8f161a8b1a405d5efa75Matt Brubeck — Back out 24129599cb51 (bug 691951) because of Windows 7 test_resizer failure
7d8117fd5e8e3fe01c21220893fb4e5ec95197ffGavin Sharp — back out ffdc872d5450 (
940adaea65a16c5d833d35a584756255e67337dcTerrence Cole — Bug 670596 - Mark ununused arenas as decommitted; r=?,njn
ec39a58d7f3953c0a0691e56bd7a3fb279f0a082Steve Fink — Bug 625639 - fix XPCConvert error handling (r=mrbkap)
f123865619995132c502d7e30dd6c6ce7532e0d8Steve Fink — Bug 693907 - Once Upon a JSAPI (move JS_CallOnce from jslock.cpp to jsapi.cpp) (r=waldo)
13ca148b94d9f64e1510f1d91a5baedf2488a4a0Marco Bonardo — Bug 619623 - Try to fix some intermittent failures in test_IHistory.cpp.
1c9cae22054b7f37094e2d700cea55a2658398acFabrice Desré — Bug 694795 - Black rectangle in top left corner after opening a link from another app [r=mbrubeck]
91c7824254cb0724e76ac77c9a2a5894f2130c43Marco Bonardo — Bug 691512 - CreateStatement misuse in AddonRepository.jsm.
43982bdb73dd27ba4a374e780845de9bc56a2d9fTom Schuster — no bug - Add 0 add the end of a char array rs=waldo
d1e0a5c30b54d194b4112156ca32aa80f48e5ae5Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 697989 - don't use domstorage-flush-timer test_bug624047.html. r=mak77.
ffdc872d545090ffac49cda1d2db34724dafbc21Taras Glek — Bug 699942: Telemetry Yes->Yes, I want to help r=geekboy
a61d75d70c1329e9c92dce1bfe14435416f351cdMatt Brubeck — Back out bug 429592 because of Linux opt jsreftest failure
24129599cb519262eb30da6143083029c195fb32Gavin Sharp — Bug 691951: make startup notifications persist until the users close them (disable auto-dismissal), r=zpao
782bf4b456e41865d57c7d20977a0f76a143c2a6ABE Hiroki — Bug 675593 - Fix nspr4!1.pgc path mistake on NSPR PGO build (m-c part); r=ted
4997c6f8b24d2254283aef94a5b5b1ce5274c634Rail Aliiev — Bug 616542 - Shorten file path length of mochitest; r=ted
6fd950c6f0b9f85ef239665050f97477c50f4453Jens Hatlak — Bug 698524 - fix test_startup.js xpcshell test for SeaMonkey by excluding all non-test add-ons. r=Mossop
966d6b57146d5e4f5107128d314bdbbf39c09402Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
4e13cd176312973921eec38012b211bd516e01b3Marco Bonardo — Bug 397424 follow-up - Remove extraneaous semicolon to fix Maemo bustage.
0f1de3b4f9a55ad532793d68dfb73e6701645920Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 676621 - Toaster alert needs better Honeycomb styling
6c7b3971eca36645126fa283f24f62a06e6b271dBenjamin Smedberg — Add MOZ_CRASHREPORTER ifdefs to the patch for bug 429592. r=captain bustage
e6012a713f5383435be479560b8b02feb3c11b78Benjamin Smedberg — Disable the hang detector for bug 429592 while running the startup cache tests because they intentionally hang the browser to trigger the startup timeout. feedback=mwu on IRC
e297dc3d0401621daf50c00778b86ba5af39a43fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 429592 - Add a monitor thread for process hangs and crash by default if a chrome process doesn't end up back in the event loop for more than 30 seconds. By default this affects non-debug builds only. r=cjones/bent
c5d46e4ec1f05e2be0570dd4cbd47ce3cc66dd00Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 429592 part A - allow AnnotateCrashReport to be called from off the main thread in the chrome process, r=ted
d2e5100a53b36762e5171e5b0cda7fd6f4017f76Dão Gottwald — Bug 616016 - Visually identify status bar add-on items in the add-on bar while customizing. r=shorlander
ed6dfa32837e311eb1b1b4104f8447d4bee3d411Chris Pearce — Bug 695935 - Make document.mozRequestFullScreen() asynchronous. r=bz
2432457fa32b1ff51c91a6825c1a5c237dd643f2Kai Engert — Bug 698753, Distrust two Malaysian Sub-CAs. r=rrelyea
57d2ada7f864b7b80a2d2fa72b5155c6a7d7144cFelix Fung — Bug 397424 - Downloads cause high CPU usage. r=gavin
6c97eaa540dfe9163033a93339adb4edfea6ab5fMats Palmgren — Bug 693212 - crash test. r=test-only
b1838630630c0339921129b233534588968d9d80Andreas Gal — Bug 693212 - Fix "Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()" by adding a missing ReportPendingException() call. r=bzbarsky
3cc7e91d60905c8fb4b48275291e7a01c6188540Mats Palmgren — Bug 671484 - Change 'ABORT: root should not have auto-height containing block' into an assertion for now to avoid aborting fuzz testing. r=roc
29fba9ffffdcbd97f6ac9d54656a4be903e3cc2cMats Palmgren — Bug 699383 - Remove unused 'aboveTextDecorations'. r=roc
dc3fa66976e6b2503c78be62fd2e99f5b75528a4Ben Turner — Bug 699857 - 'Workers: Allow data urls'. r=sicking.
6d1311691beae9c196c08bef47842dc710464a7fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 698495 followup: deal with uint32 being inconsistently defined by JS and NSPR in ways that break the Win64 build. r=waldo pending
6f2f82b39de40b37cd318d3926e8d9bd02de422aTom Schuster — Backout 8b394bdb306f because of test failures
1592d3bec85b58f8197272bc39383e131f39fe94Taras Glek — Bug 697860: Telemetry prompt should be tri-state r=gavin
edade842d1a81c41f69763c4e856350d9be75ec0Tom Schuster — Bug 430927 - Don't decompile to \0 as it was incorrectly interpreted as octal. r=waldo
8b394bdb306f9249e7ca65530a7eaee5f0c73d7bTom Schuster — Bug 698584 - Fix crash in RegExp.test in case of OOM. r=mrbkap
936643625d71f4deba75728a0f2c4f4b0bc42e8aBen Turner — Bug 699633 - "Inline workers broken". r=sicking, test by Jussi Kalliokoski <>.
d6b5c76be4d014a16ae7326275df8fca5c72025fDaniel Holbert — Bug 699143: Force a synchronous SMIL sample when we register the first animation element in a document. r=birtles
bdd8a7d0d45a29d0ea39db6295de8839cd3614baBoris Zbarsky — Bug 699705. When forwarding property gets to the proto for arrays, send along the right receiver even if the property lives on a non-native object. r=waldo
cd0012b4b44acf5222495cef27f9e91d8060ef45Boris Zbarsky — Bug 699237. Add a getElementIfPresent on typed arrays. r=waldo
37f7444b17da26d1ef1231f884546bef77ad6c07Boris Zbarsky — Bug 698495 part 5. Implement getElementIfPresent on nodelist proxies. r=peterv
72b103262305d753cfd57bd3572e4d1d30864bedBoris Zbarsky — Bug 698495 part 4. Implement a JS_GetElementIfPresent API. r=waldo
1cfc9bc667f87a6fce92dd913fb6e8ee3b7ef167Boris Zbarsky — Bug 698495 part 3. Expose IndexToId to API consumers. r=waldo
65bd02af3fdc57ab372323824ead616c652f0d50Boris Zbarsky — Bug 698495 part 2. Add an optional getElementIfPresent ObjectOps hook. r=waldo
89565d208d947d931e1dc419f502b0d67024ab8fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 698495 part 1. Create a getElementIfPresent method on JSObject with a generic implementation and use it from JSArray code. r=waldo
73baf8c58b951ea192717a58ef1ed7f49efb0de3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 698551. When forwarding gets to the prototype in nodelists, make sure to use the right |this|. r=waldo,peterv
ae9e5bf847fc727fc0358bdf6619922b464f2136Olli Pettay — Bug 698929 - Implement event.stopImmediatePropagation, r=jst
5ebd59b5a94ab8eb91ebdbf70a4e3e90878f6f00Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
8a385ef6f6508ec21338746fe1bfc75e1f832daeJustin Lebar — Bug 699101 - Warn when NO_MAC_JEMALLOC is set on i386 machines, because it doesn't work there. r=khuey
0297168cbf922f9c68c9fbea2ff6cc7a3b0194daRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696478 - Use weak references. r=mak.
e701eb5d266953e362f614ff4008d4dbc4c3b946Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
dd25b9224c768f86fa8bd7d988466f146b42d9d6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 695421 - Some reftests with invalid width and height in the ICO header. r=joe
6a4f90ea47ae91407446003b3a1458ef33945665Brian R. Bondy — Bug 695421 - Fixed crash for ICO files that have a large (and wrong) width specified. r=joe
5bbc4fb5b277ea0212f4c210f2a7238dbbe70904Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696376 - If stacks_enabled is false, only walk the stack on OS X 32 bits. r=
98712a13f4ac96a6892c724fe60dce3a5aa43d3fHenri Sivonen — Bug 699749 - Avoid the term "astral" in error messages. r=l10n.
6beb79fc1c1a195a7ed5d6d3f2ea16ff2949d55eHenri Sivonen — Bug 699745 - Use UTF-8 instead of escapes in r=l10n.
936c243bf7fc679c974e17c1c5056ab8645d8edfHenri Sivonen — Bug 698935 addendum - Rename the errStrayStartTag string key because the value changed. r=l10n.
c535d936df7fa0c66d853c3fe884c8f124ae924eEd Morley — Backout 1f551298a760 (bug 697312) and b31507c8ca17 (bug 697246) for 25-30% Ts regression on multiple platforms
57e50dd40a558f47d3030c7162fa75db3e288014Ed Morley — Backout 1f551298a760 (bug 697312) and b31507c8ca17 (bug 697246) for 25-30% Ts regression on multiple platforms
2ee987590740caf5f974613aca5b397d869a5b57Ginn Chen — Bug 693240 Use *((PRUint32*)ap) instead of *((bool*)ap) for big endian machines r=glandium
89649127982e99657d92ac449421388e79149e9fMakoto Kato — Bug 254298 - nsPlainTextSerializer.cpp should not use AssignWithConversion. r=smaug
ab09b7c7a7a874a4d17bc066b13b037782af61c4Makoto Kato — Bug 672324 - Fix test for bug 650509 (Other apps can read Firefox profile files). r=mak77
e7e0950aec83d0a0394842aed4e741d2b3eb9f1eChris Pearce — Bug 685402 part 2 - Exit DOM full-screen on select/open/close tab and window deactivate. r=dao
a2d01d8c57d3dff7e49a5a0c95533202c9b2901fChris Pearce — Bug 685402 part 1 - Exit DOM full-screen on document hide (navigation). r=bz
22b16b552828fdaf7f8f5097caaa8b1eda98f98aDaniel Holbert — Bug 699325: Make calcMode="paced" smil animation fall back to calcMode="discrete" when its values have 0 distance between them. r=birtles
b0f02951ac46e2550691dc350991764d166406b4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 695498. Backout 7aa60d6408b3.
e6893e6c883f03e25337e2e7c4ce5d6fca85ad53Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
4f57f89653df398296a81c326c93876e1dda5c6eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 688685 test. r=waldo
5883190e98aa2036288c72d050e5281b4a373817Boris Zbarsky — Bug 698974. Fix assertion to not assert things that are just false. r=sicking
ce40bde00ef8841dab3bf1aa558aa524117ab6e9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 699661. Call the class getElement hook from JSObject::getElement as needed. r=waldo
adcfab34c8aeb324b3ed135ea290d3d144c63da2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684638 part 5. When we have an event posted to spell-check the whole document, suppress other spell-check events. r=ehsan
132b27a4fb0276e54641fe350c14053381f94563Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684638 part 4. Switch from nsIDOMNode to nsINode in mozInlineSpellWordUtil. r=ehsan
f0c2904b8edfdb3691d4b47766623645eedcda08Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684638 part 3. Speed up mozInlineSpellWordUtil::MakeRange. r=ehsan
91d660a94cc241bf49dcfc4616fd02d1718f9c47Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684638 part 2. Make it simpler to set up a range. r=smaug
5a23e1ebfbb115f5fbd41ea9853f815b63fbd990Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684638 part 1. Speed up IsBreakElement. r=ehsan
7fdae8a1acdbe6f2ad84ad470ff8855c62ca0801Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 691785. r=khuey
bc4375104b6f89c1d0d3712a137783f3877f275aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 678977 - Teach sqlite to use jemalloc directly when applicable. code=nnethercote,khuey. r=khuey,sdwilsh,jlebar.
9c6af9e04aa8d350f1f16e5f333df641e1d28d4aMakoto Kato — Bug 632630 - Should add debug flag of assembler obj when MOZ_DEBUG_SYMBOLS. r=khuey
b75b24b8b633f6539eace2e2c7c563925741b178Makoto Kato — Bug 699009 - Remove MOZ_USE_NATIVE_UCONV. r=smontagu
3e9dcc5e18cd8e90bbb6ac24388ed39c8dff2b7cBen Turner — Bug 687220 - 'XHR POST in worker with null body and upload load event listener leads to Assertion failure'. r=mrbkap.
40bce6a7c85fbed5b28eccf8e1da1341506360b2Doug Sherk — Bug 699626: fix TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL > TEST-KNOWN-FAIL in WebGL reftests r=burning
1f551298a76049a52ea1127cdea15d53fc0d4e40Dave Townsend — Bug 697312: Don't write out extensions.ini if there are no extensions. r=Unfocused
b31507c8ca17ba5300135527404a9baf4fc287a4Dave Townsend — Bug 697246: Defer creating the extensions database until it is actually necessary. r=Unfocused
8a07735ec31e6d915380a008c0e6280f30fffb37Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 699420 - Update OTS to r74; r=jfkthame
2964292c2dc7d55342f016f132f5573d21a7731fBenoit Jacob — Bug 699516 - Rename WEBKIT_lose_context to WEBGL_EXT_lose_context - r=dsherk
f27c6964cc98d82a7fdd3baafbdeaa8a2c237cadEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ae94f0235649d854c8dedf243adbb06cb52f2b1cMounir Lamouri — Bug 699459 - Add a pref to disable Battery API. r=sicking
04505e53439eb3c9ee1ef2d54f967ab9eb55e7dfMatt Brubeck — Back out a242f11d7c58 and f73841ef020a because of test failures
e05e46646dc3b013c25e5692a35ccbce97d2bd6aBrian Hackett — Watch for global mismatches on regexp literals when compiling regexp ops, bug 695896. r=cdleary
311497d5b2d1cc9cc1a762efb61c16f8af405fcbBen Turner — Bug 694145 - 'IndexedDB: various methods should accept both keys and KeyRanges'. r=sicking.
a242f11d7c58f72c91894847c99bc41819a0fd92Tom Schuster — Bug 430927 - Don't decompile to \0 as it was incorrectly interpreted as octal. r=waldo
f73841ef020aeb6662e3d2aaf98e116c16bfb62cTom Schuster — Bug 698584 - Fix crash in RegExp.test in case of OOM. r=mrbkap
797d8083efcac52490a8182017eea6ea52e528e7Neil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 5, remove line number reading and writing as it isn't necessary, dxr does that for us, r=bz
b46ffd95bfd836109a7d9b8b504be14b2206271fNeil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 4, serialize/deserialize xbl to startup cache, r=bz
c38c653aed70eb1580d3981ef1c379fed6e2eeefNeil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 3, add GetValue method to nsISupportsKey, r=bsmedberg
44d61a68eae09394a289358361d846420de823c8Neil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 2, add method to serialize/deserialize js function, r=mwu
e0274a0c094e153c7e4a52c96d5ebd1d6dea8018Neil Deakin — Bug 94199, part 1, move handling of base binding to nsXBLPrototypeBinding, r=bz
ca673b65d7eb5c90a2d51a6b59c6c7dcb8f7b708Neil Deakin — Bug 503879, remove nsIToolkit, additinal windows only changes which simplify message handling, patch by robarnold, r=jmathies
52b9e8718829e49d544185d47a75aa2cffc21c17Jim Mathies — Bug 577867 - Update installer to use new city hash taskbar registration ids. r=rstrong
85f633edac875f410b204d12ed13bbf85df5b881Jim Mathies — Bug 577867 - Add profile override option to taskbar grouping id. r=robarnold
97082ded20b88b3a983b882a0258f17b2d22b0d5Jim Mathies — Bug 577867 - Add widget support for new cityhash based taskbar registration ids. r=neil
dcd87b30b18bf76ee6a450c64247ed3c6366b009Jim Mathies — Bug 577867 - Add CityHash NSIS extension to build. r=rstrong
edbec2d92d14c263cc0a9d7fc0c5c219ce5d4d4fJim Mathies — Bug 577867 - Add CityHash NSIS extension Visual Studio project to other-licenses repo. r=rstrong, r=gerv
c261f787df62a3dfab2d633fcf3dcd61ded8e423Benoit Jacob — Bug 699522 - WebGL lose_context extension was not listed by webgl.getSupportedExtensions() - r=dsherk
765f5b79fedfa8b7cd239ac170e071b62986ae9bTed Mielczarek — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_BETA4 tag. Fixes bug 681558, bug 675593, bug 674277, bug 481815
a56d922453c736da7b5a27b10857a18dec741f33Jeff Gilbert — Bug 571507 - Add checks for texture creation failure to ContainerLayerD3D* - r=bas.schouten
57d804eae9a0edc732ed45bc95c69b92f8ef6a45Justin Lebar — Bug 694896 - Fix jemalloc hangs and crashes on Mac 10.7, enable jemalloc on Mac 10.7, and make mmap'ing pages in jemalloc faster on Linux and Mac. r=khuey
3491b2f021bf73abb8e9ed8afba6bd60b47f42e3Paul O’Shannessy — Merge mozilla-central & fx-team
87ce80260f222ea7e7c831b55e677d8ebfe08ad5Rob Campbell — Bug 699475 - Backed out changeset b878369ab3c8, testfailures and a
b878369ab3c8fca4a7bf1dd327e7b6f5b55a93cbRob Campbell — Bug 699475 - Integrate RuleView into Highlighter Sidebar; r=dcamp
bc6854d8fe7d518399e8a603ccd4debe98809da5Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 690992 - App tabs break deleting cookies on close [r=dietrich]
ae7e205b7dc40bf06ab581cb92ce97e2e45dc590Jared Wein — Bug 699240 - Ctrl+F4 should not close app tabs on Windows. r=gavin
f603632321e4e876a48ce0232d2869ae9ff85fceRob Campbell — merge backout
0447ea74c6261c744c408339dbfdfb9c78276ec2Heather Arther — Bug 679467 - scratchpad doesn't display the value false; r=rcampbell
2970de97ef2ef52401396e8bb8952907dae77576Rob Campbell — Bug 679467 - scratchpad doesn't display the value false; r=rcampbell
5f76a64650406657644d86540b4560aafa2f5b9dJoe Walker — Bug 697039 - GCLI should officially drop support for older browsers; r=dcamp
c7be2d5fc2c4d96509f5d82f079a128ae58b92bdJoe Walker — Bug 693955 - GCLI source code should be formatted perfectly; r=dcamp
d3275ca75d2821285d0cad23c83ae6a8bf8c6b31Joe Walker — Bug 694932 - GCLI should make the same JS security checks as JSTerm; r=dcamp
79cb1f3bf7bb0c1a8b712271b5fcd171325e399cRob Campbell — Bug 695440 - Create sidebar for Highlighter tools; f=zpao; r=dcamp,dao
f8d66a792ddc291c66104f3c5280b53c17319432Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
546c39b13be70b38c9f21c5a4a9964ce0575317bEd Morley — Backout changeset 242bbbe83dda (bug 694896) for build failures on OS X; a=khuey
242bbbe83dda7cc593132e1d8d19cd7d5acd268aJustin Lebar — Bug 694896 - Fix jemalloc hangs and crashes on Mac 10.7, enable jemalloc on Mac 10.7, and make mmap'ing pages in jemalloc faster on Linux and Mac. r=khuey
d7ccee4bd7f784c4df5f7a238012d8c48da23c8dJustin Lebar — Back out bug 694896, rev 62ba86c7; wrong patch was checked in.
b3699e59cfd3b23e88004a81eba99c6b8fda6045Nick Hurley — Bug 645848 - Enable disk cache in fennec. r=dougt
f8bbd27f41ce74c8183b26b27e42a58058383efaBrian Hackett — Try converting known doubles to integers in GETELEM/SETELEM paths, bug 678687. r=dvander
776dc60cee13872d318d2aaf34b4cb2e78114432Ben Turner — Bug 692629 - 'IndexedDB: Support IDBObjectStore/IDBIndex.count'. r=sicking.
ad1f423c7755a2da364024f9b4665bf54e43f66cBen Turner — Bug 692669 - 'IndexedDB: remove nsIVariant from IDB* interfaces'. r=sicking.
ce1330a5c9cb4a3d590dc81b378e5236279aa76fDoug Sherk — Bug 693703: added additional logging information for mochitests, incl. image reference differences r=bjacob
7da669483434e13e0cf1c8557cd7de6d8803287bDoug Sherk — Bug 682496 - fixed program-test.html test failures - r=bjacob
35ecb3d6a36b7581382fad8ce91a652bcf52e8deDoug Sherk — Bug 697211: fixed stride not being returned correctly from getVertexAttrib r=jgilbert
5119eb1f191b79d15555d03aa546ae5b756189a7Doug Sherk — Bug 695912: allow forcing MSAA on r=jgilbert
b7a96e8bec7e489f407233ea71af2390bbf790e8Doug Sherk — Bug 695912: implemented antialiasing blocklisting r=jgilbert
1f1d6394148c1c8b839dac78bdd429f48354af18Doug Sherk — Bug 668004 - generalized GPU blocklist to all platforms - r=bjacob
ef9b57cf2a7c444d4f49d075d52edf5a65639cdbBenoit Jacob — Bug 699025 - Don't try to use more multisampling samples than is supported by the GL - r=jgilbert
257a4dbd5b1e81468cc209f99ff12737fee2bae4Henri Sivonen — Bug 699347 - Avoid crashing when viewing source of XML files that have an XML declaration without the encoding pseudo-attribute. r=smaug.
72357a8f0d8979f4d47814e362f586308a5ffccbMounir Lamouri — Bug 696041 - Battery API backend for linux with upower. r=karlt,cjones sr=roc
044bfd4399347c9357c98278c41858c98042789bMounir Lamouri — Bug 696038 - (3/3) Battery API Android backend. r=cjones
5ffe95aa3f6834e7e1dedf985e4ba4a74f2464c3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 696038 - (2/3) Boilerplate code to communicate between hal and Android Java code. r=cjones
8a71befc6ee9d77ba687047be98dc48b8383dafeMounir Lamouri — Bug 696038 - (1/3) Add an Android implementation for hal. r=cjones
64f25813b37274b634eae62665df938533f54b41Mounir Lamouri — Bug 678694 - (7/7) Interaction between DOM and hal. r=sicking
6450bedb1f3c42aa00999b1dcce5a3c04050b959Mounir Lamouri — Bug 678694 - (6/7) hal code for the Battery API. r=cjones
718e0171d5d2cd0f76bba9f72bac754d1327ae0eMounir Lamouri — Bug 678694 - (5/7) Add a non-XPCOM observer system. sr=cjones
5d24f6d3df66b2cfb8618f403aaeb72f35c8550fMounir Lamouri — Bug 678694 - (4/7) Dummy BatteryManager DOM code. r=sicking
09da9af7e93485547a0587a470f70168f9a56e7cMounir Lamouri — Bug 678694 - (3/7) Plug mozBattery into navigator object. r=sicking
4ce6025603c70cafb87dd88a9020e011e0d8e861Mounir Lamouri — Bug 678694 - (2/7) BatteryManager interface. r=sicking
bd76c743731c9ffd5981abae07f0da3d014390c4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 678694 - (1/7) Makefile boilerplate. r=sicking
65ee7981a0e753085f4a6900ce3c0111a5c213a9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 698932 - Use rv in Navigator::JavaEnabled. r=Ms2ger
51636ba3e69fac85527622ec5e246939e068e3dcMounir Lamouri — Bug 695287 - Move Navigator declaration and definition outside of nsGlobalWindow.{h,cpp}. r=Ms2ger
6cbeabc07c5928f6f459f40315febbebafc46859Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
819d58c7adfea851f8c52b50f4592141b34b010bMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
3025c93444a637de1409aec1f132a12e9318dda1Simon Montagu — Zero the saved frame when creating a new line iterator for a new column. Bug 695861, r=roc
c8b43b9b0398071a7fd7c19b762c51c71c925caaMarco Bonardo — Backout 12744c5b688d, edefcb820429 to investigate Android C1 permaorange.
ab06f7315bd77f45ea924acd86b66fb9e55d9687Chris Pearce — Bug 691947 - Relax DOM full-screen API security constraints for requests coming from chrome. r=roc
70be30dd20825d7353c7abc5e44631ece5538ffaGeoff Lankow — Bug 672817 - Site-by-site last downloaded-to directory is not remembered when using unknown content-type dialog;
182821718b519a184c29d8c4de34d6ab4fb8fa04Brian Smith — Bug 675221: Remove XPCOM proxy header #includes from PSM, r=kaie
75c2fd3d64c11705204d3c37a8184f7e6db9d3e0Brian Smith — Bug 675221: Notify observers of PSM's background threads on the main thread, r=kaie
ec560107b01d4340ebc8ad69fb841d3d9b8f7f4aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 675702: Call nsICertVerificationListener on the main thread, rev. 1, r=bsmith, r=mayhemer
7d4f0ef1ef33f5e04fda29c015349fc2b754374cBrian Smith — Bug 675221: Remove XPCOM Proxies from PSM UI prompts, r=kaie
e81f544236eaecab1b8079d8bcb782b5c54b81baBrian Smith — Bug 675221: Remove XPCOM Proxies from nsNSSSocketInfo::GetPreviousCert, r=mayhemer
81d39146a9219865cea5df4d1781085d7d74eae1Brian Smith — Bug 698983: Fix extended validation indicator, r=mayhemer
07f01c6bfaa9afe431487b5ff789f27fc3a4471bBrian Smith — Bug 669061: Upgrade Mozilla to NSS 3.13.1, r=wtc
8df7a753bea0ab8c337f4f3dbb7cad9254203bc1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 696284 - Add a comment explaining why we allocate BytecodeEmitter on the heap. r=jorendorff. DONTBUILD
fdb29823b1d46c47647b351b61019c7752ed6f76Michael Kraft — Bug 325418. When a repeating timer at interval X is reinitialized for interval Y, the next firing after that is incorrectly after time X+Y. r=bzbarsky
2ab1c36d6e27539ac8cd04c92b3bfcbc0492c371Boris Zbarsky — Bug 620122. Make sure, when unlinking, to remove the kids from our child list before unbinding them. r=smaug
e2adadca0ee14f136dac267e1bf37bb44af8f59aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 697250. When an interval is very late, just go ahead and schedule it for firing ASAP and update its target time to 'now' (the latter to prevent misbehavior when the interval is very late due to the computer being suspended, say) instead of trying to schedule it for a while from now. r=jst
edefcb8204293c1d12dc59e82d1a0a0a82d1a4b4Chris Double — Bug 691096 - Add test - r=cpearce
12744c5b688ddc3087a5f056a1e09c82d70ddb02Chris Double — Bug 691096 - Provide hard limit to number of media elements that can be decoded in parallel - r=cpearce
72042cd154b915c2aa3d3ae042cfcfd7a3e9902aEd Morley — Backout eb32aca6d54d, b5c0bfd03fcf and 5675bf2c7930 (bug 692669 and bug 692669) for failing to build on all platforms
5675bf2c79309802372d33ff6f4d190c93147f18Ben Turner — Bug 692669 - 'IndexedDB: remove nsIVariant from IDB* interfaces'. Fix up linux build issue.
b5c0bfd03fcfc74e43fb9fa76fdc35e5ebdfe43aBen Turner — Bug 692629 - 'IndexedDB: Support IDBObjectStore/IDBIndex.count'. r=sicking.
eb32aca6d54da877fed264274d69b4354ff03044Ben Turner — Bug 692669 - 'IndexedDB: remove nsIVariant from IDB* interfaces'. r=sicking.
5e75c166fd2c56138577a9f19ca6e07dd8bd8443Matthew Gregan — Bug 697647 - VideoFrame's visible region should use the pre-transform size rather than the raw video buffer size. r=roc
bc3fe56d732db18c539cdc98e77c79a4cf0a65e0John Koleszar — Bug 696390 - Fix libvpx splitmv clamping, r=cpearce
151497ce74af21b2f353556114c647b6a1bd0774Patrick McManus — bug 599295 r=jduell
285d90ff1d038d2c06f815615c3e3a802cc6f6c3Alexander Surkov — Bug 414302 - Incorrect selection events in HTML, XUL and ARIA, r=tbsaunde, f=marcoz
96a33324e54d9c5b0a60c2a0c1defe54f56645b1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 674647 - Use build/macosx/mozconfig.leopard. r=armenzg.
5de05fbcdc6788460124d3c8e1b549cafe6e5680Eitan Isaacson — bug 375564 - remove mac 10.4 ifdefs from a11y r=davidb
a204fcf29e6059d068d0bc16da336ad4fe4c526aMatt Woodrow — Bug 688368 - Make SourceSurfaceSkia data surfaces copy-on-write. r=joe
6c91cf9c721baa6e8c7c9bbd0d698d18c24b0869Matt Woodrow — Bug 698318 - Share ArcToBezier code. r=jrmuizel
58e6c346c72ab29a450bfddd7e85c1a11a96c071Matt Woodrow — Bug 688367 - Add Skia backend to Azure. r=jrmuizel
cf97283ed45fdc984c619583620c34fce906bfc7Matt Woodrow — Bug 688342 - Make nsCanvasRenderingContext2D support Azure backends other than Direct2D. r=Bas
50f566a3b44999ff53dea0c78779d249251ef33bJason Orendorff — Bug 694306 - Keywords should not be permitted in destructuring shorthand. r=Waldo.
b455a7838d6d4cb4c5e6214b7ccd491a6c7a28e2Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 696672. Use a larger font size in bidi/613149-2* tests. r=smontagu
ab1bb3e98ff918d9a13719d591bdbee515ead7d0Chris Pearce — Bug 696918 - Restrict key input in DOM full-screen mode to explicit whitelist. r=smaug
ae79993b6eb9ef433a823c1a20cca4188de27730Jonathan Watt — Backout 12b227a42623, bug 653928 (changes to SVG arc path segment animation).
c9a39f3b26e1a5b030e1517d0c11bf7f505df769Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 676599. Add .gitignore. r=ted
961921808d93431291c20010a020d06a3149ce7bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 698266. Go back to using views when clearing mouse capture in views instead of trying to use frames. r=roc
e672c96a4fe4755006d822e126ac06c2535fab75Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 677294 - need a way to create new JS scopes and run scripts against them (same compartment)
3af633ba04ab8bcee4277e796a927e9ceefc2865Honza Bambas — Bug 684893 - part2: Happy-Eyeballs + let backup socket transport retry with both IPv4+6 on IPv6-only connection attempt failure, r=mcmanus
790fff5fd07a4886ceb4cf87c65ab4b4f981b0b8Honza Bambas — Bug 684893 - part1: Start backup TCP SYN timer on primary TCP connection start, r=mcmanus
a47adda7f98a14c9d00ea03ded62951bb8cd4820Honza Bambas — Bug 525468 - nsIPrincipal.origin based on asciiHost, r=bz
62ba86c7c50c7384339cfc2bc2a5b6b20aec8150Justin Lebar — Bug 694896 - Fix jemalloc hang and crash on Mac 10.7, and enable jemalloc on 10.7. r=khuey
cedae68ef0e2c1fa57c0126293da33088299d4c6Benoit Jacob — Bug 698856 - Mark one WebGL test page as expected to pass on Windows - no review, m1 orange fix
866c4e97291810cdefb75f6a7f81983866c51539Benoit Jacob — Bug 698856 - Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15981 - no review
4393eac8ea2d9e43d6afc35251157ec967da0948John Ford — bug 695274 - unconditionally define dumpScreen in r=ted
0c55634fffb6970a89e6f0b308bb60bdbe2044bdMatt Brubeck — Back out be8056caccb4 (Bug 698856) because of test failures
05ec576d7b3b3745b2db7ff372e24f5645c2e3d8Benoit Girard — Bug 694039 - Follow up fix, remove printf r=jmuizelaar
98892c213475a5c07dfa4ee79226be8772050028Benoit Girard — Bug 696437 - Add OpenGL Gfx AppNotes for mobile. r=bjacob
1cab0ad00ce7ddb46b5843850f91516499f22120Ali Juma — Bug 698868 - Add "Product" to Adapter Description for Android. r=bgirard
debd724ba3c889fef41c69211862fee8cb2e6bd2Ali Juma — Bug 696768 - Abort when framebuffer completeness check fails. r=jrmuizel
df8fb0f7eb07a95e5480a5aaf8c2d5c204b0fccaRicardo Palomares — Bug 698935 - Make errStrayStartTag say "start" instead of "end". r=hsivonen.
f5a08fbda9ac3cd755bf54f9ee2d372190781e48Ricardo Palomares — Bug 698866 - Typo in errNonSpaceInTable message. r=hsivonen.
80af665378fd12062aa1438a584ff332f8beadddKyle Huey — Bug 698440: Implement IndexedDB optional version syntax. r=bent
572e4723a49653e5095e9319478c727404de5fa4Kyle Huey — Bug 697247: Part 2 - Rework IDB synchronization mechanisms. r=bent
a64b3abb31c4053aa4e79b3b6cf973f802f13fa7Kyle Huey — Bug 697247: Part 1 - Use atoms instead of hashes for database IDs. r=bent
631b19db4eb5a58084fc3153a46a968fcbf80dd6Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to m-i.
be8056caccb4db8b1ff89dba474847d2a65b9184Benoit Jacob — Bug 698856 - Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15981 - no review
2be7246491d5e96c5d3014877ec342a3ade8dd8eRob Campbell — backout of rev 73e8ca9230d6, wrong bug number. a=#developers
e81e47f8e5bb0c427739284b969239da48312b64Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
73e8ca9230d61d740d19b2148db2158852a0cfcbJared Wein — Bug 669240 - Ctrl+F4 should not close app tabs on Windows. r=gavin
64940da7a4155ae42a9be9d4ede34f83acdfe086Paul ADENOT — Bug 556563 - Disable/remove "View video" when you're already viewing the video. r=dolske
78280a96ab4e0fab09834cfe8150151145f723b7Heather Arthur — Bug 644409 - Make scratchpads save their state across restarts. r=robcee, r=zpao
0d039fef4b8e65c275dc9b4abbf856ad223fb584Heather Arthur — Backed out changeset 3b63add3a404
3b63add3a404020f6f5fb051465d3e71a5b4c785Heather Arthur — Bug 644409 - Make scratchpads save their state across restarts
b8dd6f6f420756ee87938701b682bd6b85739923Justin Lebar — Merge backout
fe4461c7654101502a633734a1a30f698f77cb7bJustin Lebar — Back out bug 666446 due to Talos regression.
9b291cc0cd86047392136dcd02ed6fe471986e02Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
5bf5e9a87d4f508dc712630a0ad796d5920a1db1Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 699216 - progress bar is showing up if user goes to manual setup after progress bar loads. r=philikon CLOSED TREE
8f0a56cff28375f97cb60337d3a9b4f68042b977Jonathan Griffin — Bug 697824 - check if firefoxRunner.url exists, a=testonly, DONTBUILD, CLOSED TREE
7abdcb077c9e3a8a04e2d6da6a3e905007a3c858Jonathan Griffin — Bug 697824 - include link to build in TPS emails, a=testonly, DONTBUILD, CLOSED TREE
1f53ea65f270e5a4ec87b0008433b7a77fef833aJonathan Griffin — Bug 697819 - fix source file links in TPS emails, a=testonly, DONTBUILD, CLOSED TREE
d23278e1fe195f83285444b1cc821dc2a55e70b4Jonathan Griffin — Bug 698792 - don't have TPS logout of Sync, a=testonly, DONTBUILD, CLOSED TREE
9215e529ae7a1ab7ab1cb6e0eb86c7bad2a2c0e7Chenxia Liu — Bug 697750 - Follow-up: replace about:home sync "links" (actually buttons) with links.
22b52ebe83e608e397558770aa30c31d50509df6Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 698801 - Follow-up: change indeterminate progress bar message on mobile to more clearly indicate that setup is not finished. r=philikon
6071624954faac75e09cf94fa48afc99eac59a36Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 684798 - Part 6: Avoid sync scheduling loops when a score-triggered sync is overdue and login reproducibly fails. r=rnewman
99cf1c0b87712dbe0020597b16eb211022672261Jonathan Griffin — Bug 698648 - use getDate() in logging, instead of getDay(), a=testonly, DONTBUILD, CLOSED TREE
45a40c3ae5a99dd817b0ba73f1cb1d47c3b7c18fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
d6945db42cbf943910f1785d63b137357470a4ffChenxia Liu — Bug 697217: follow-up to 675821, create new localization strings for sync links on about:home
1ddb0f2baa6086670ba460c7775dee1941b4b22bRichard Newman — Bug 690170 - Part 2: clean up Resource and friends now we've found the culprit. r=philikon
89ade7d15e049c7d5c5e397244acd36650cef1d5Richard Newman — Bug 690170 - Part 1: Fix channel management to avoid nsIHTTPChannel.responseStatus => NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE in Sync HTTP requests. r=philikon
b651e181bbadd9050779046b6984fe80541037c4Jonathan Griffin — Bug 698050 - update version of mozprofile used by TPS, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
369146ce350c57853e8b78620de873f64b40edf8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 684798 - Part 5: follow-up for wipeRemote error handling. r=rnewman
373e670ec4b7bfdc5db12bb912ded9abfed32ae4Richard Newman — Bug 692714 - Part 2: port tests to SyncServer for non-Aurora landing. r=philikon
949055398e114f27fc3b7a0d9d40db896c8b5551Richard Newman — Bug 692714 - Part 1: handle node reassignment on all storage requests. r=philikon
9807ab756d1d821a7f5bdb7de5858474c4e23869Richard Newman — Bug 692714 - Part 0: cleanup and logging. r=philikon (reland)
d81e478453ba3a4726d19ada86a0b53a78b45c94Richard Newman — Bug 684798 - Part 4: Schedule syncs on temporary/recoverable login errors. r=rnewman (reland)
56c7e424d06cb81f9bdfcb7d0db1e2d5df6a66f0Richard Newman — Bug 684798 - Part 3: Catch server errors when wiping/disabling engines. r=rnewman (reland)
2e89134119434d63844a5e4a8f149331a4081688Richard Newman — Bug 684798 - Part 2: Sanitize wipeServer and catch all server maintenance errors. r=rnewman (reland)
85ae672d8a0c6bffc74e473e9b75eeffc2315487Richard Newman — Bug 684798 - Part 1: Catch server errors for crypto/keys. r=rnewman (reland)
0cf43b0c9ce79ce2cfe87a0dcc781fe213d4236cRichard Newman — Bug 697883 - Improve test_service_changePassword. r=philikon
9068c8ba4a14ce2763b64737178803f1e2b7b7c2Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
b1dcdd1186769f6fdeadaa5eb383330a2ed94f88Chenxia Liu — Bug 675821 - Part 3: tests for sync links behavior in aboutHome. r=philikon
e6a733288d721d94005af2bbdb6f3400e6137c81Chenxia Liu — Bug 675821 - Part 2: update sync links in aboutHome UI on sync setup or unlink. r=philikon
15eaaaaa8dce3c5f0c367a87eac4e60d7eb220fcChenxia Liu — Bug 675821 - Part 1: add Sync Setup and Pair links to aboutHome.
12bd782101fb179da4c16f4bdd19d59e63ffcb2cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
15abbaa368503f9d3133b3b24998b6e72434f2b4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 624028 - Part 3: Add "Pair a Device" to Sync prefs. r=mfinkle
1f46f62ddfe291d2a0d02306d225ffbf93d0ed5cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 624028 - Part 2: Add "Pair a Device" link to the home page. r=mfinkle
f76db08d998a7331c8db736952e59524c707fed7Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 624028 - Part 1: Implement "Pair a Device" dialog. r=rnewman
30efc2d895b75b2fd12e8744cc115680be7692e5Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 696823 - follow-up: adjust progress bar max to account for client engine sync notification. r=philikon
bfa27e1c3baeafa46597fe0da0c209c7945de204Richard Newman — Bug 653335 - Sync setup wizard triggers Change Master Password dialog. r=philikon
72827a90dbf692726bf9065f320e968a960b48c0Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 675824 - End mobile setup wizard with first sync download status/progress bar. r=philikon
921e1db5cf11f7877a9f85bb91aa99fce618e2bcNeil Rashbrook — Bug 698217 DeCOMtaminate nsIPrefServiceInternal r=roc
06292dba305205f823d4043be55f35988806fc1dKyle Huey — Merge m-i to m-c.
53ba7abbf1daf97cf43da3bf41c757a2b157c6f2Geoff Lankow — Bug 668154 - Use the same mock file picker for all mochitests and xpcshell tests; r=jmaher
b316ac07d768b9bb89a1eb5a7dd648b2cf68b80dJiten Thakkar — Bug 683517 - Make nsExpirationTracker expire all tracked objects when memory-pressure notification is observed. r=roc
1630a68499bc158946f7211be9cb7fda8e257b9eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 684800 - Measure slop in TI-related JS memory reporters. r=bhackett.
93625e3af8bca0b25c58959e33fd3f6dac3889faBenoit Jacob — Bug 697333 - Update ANGLE to r809 - no review
26d38dea2c7c68c5316397b002ae014da9e06bb0Matt Woodrow — Bug 698212 - Let UploadSurfaceToTexture create the texture for CairoImageOGL. r=BenWa
d2bd5990a2fba9174fa8673bff17c600ddb5b995Chris Pearce — Bug 697636 - Don't grant full-screen requests in hidden documents. r=bz
5a6ea5db053eb41af0ca869ab35489ee4b04b766Chris Pearce — Bug 688648 - Dispatch mozfullscreenerror event when requests for full-screen are denied. r=smaug
47484a9830eba0d37d83c2f1643aa54f22291d23Jesse Ruderman — Fix typo in assertion text (no bug, DONTBUILD)
f2d5542ec565096ac5eab7c180a1f98a0b5b5d01Jesse Ruderman — Remove trailing whitespace (no bug, DONTBUILD)
971d806aa96e4d27fbd8612114fa9558e2d770e5Justin Lebar — Bug 687710 - Restoring a session with parent-child cycles shouldn't cause a hang. r=mfinkle,zpao
3471b8810aad8361bfea1acf9365cb72d291a7b5Ms2ger — No bug - Fix OSX -Werror builds by initializing Chars::cx in the constructor; rs=Waldo over IRC
7cb178191144b0bd94260105fffc7efb3030465eBrian Hackett — Back out b979f9d59e89 (bug 678687) for intermittent test_jQuery timeout.
6f455fb4ad716f0a4a0f828d51ba1910f891c28bJohn Ford — bug 695274 - UNIXISH, IS_MAC and IS_WIN32 are class variables not globals r=khuey
86b1bbf9421638f4ded347692cfa1d065fddc6d5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 690903 - Lazily initializes nsFormHistory's SQLite DB. f=mfinkle r=dolske
b2c58afeead0db264b38028a379ff66caaf0f5c5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 698534 - Fix build bustage when smil is disabled. r=dholbert
8d6bdc1a656fe52a021ca5cb23498123a65bc337Dão Gottwald — Bug 682536 - Showing/hiding the conditional forward button shouldn't resize the search bar. r=shorlander
4b8a7c417f05216dd56d57ef0cb8d2172b6397a6Ed Morley — Bug 698586 - Don't build browser/components/dirprovider/tests/ when using --disable-tests; r=ted
f3fd7c4a994424facf63a55c0d45d500cbccc345Brian Hackett — Remove ARGCNT, ARGSUB opcodes, bug 698015. r=dvander
b979f9d59e89f0bc8398bf0712c9e59190076954Brian Hackett — Try converting known doubles to integers in GETELEM/SETELEM paths, bug 678687. r=dvander
804eb7a2a0c73a98d0bedad407bb8c5710c18001Henri Sivonen — Test for bug 659763 - Make"text/plain") work with the new parser. r=bzbarsky.
f09b3ca767078081cbb7f83546b4f1c973f42abfHenri Sivonen — Bug 659763 - Make"text/plain") work with the new parser. r=Olli.Pettay.
9a0ef50b48d3a7b17fdcb2f0a34c7203d071027bHenri Sivonen — Bug 479959 - Reimplement text/plain loading using the HTML5 parser. r=Olli.Pettay.
71aa042699d2c5eb94c5ab5e76f298a665aa4edaScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 10/10 - Add mochitests to imagelib for testing animated gif image cases [r=dholbert,joe].
5596034f204bd030e75d114692433fde484439deScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 9/10 - Implement methods in RasterImage in order to faciliate refresh driver-based animations. [r=dholbert,joe]
8cfeffcdec35cc5962c3e9b3968363456aa95ee9Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 8/10 - Change xul tree implementation to utilize refresh driver based animations for performance improvements with animated images. [r=roc]
cb8c432c0092d1bf97f0add4d025c4d19ca34a20Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 7/10 - Change nsImageLoader to utilize new refresh driver animations to overcome performance issues with animated background images. [r=roc]
83fd4bdf6469686bb6dfac1932c9a2aba3870368Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 6/10 - Change nsBulletFrame to utilize refresh driver-based animations for performance improvements. [r=roc]
2aee4462ab3c7eba2d0ba350e9eeb055a38338cbScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 5/10 - Change nsImageBoxFrame to register corresponding image with nsRefreshDriver to facilitate refresh driver-based animations. [r=roc]
7a6c014fb5a6cf601cba037891000b6dbefc4444Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 4/10 - Implement refresh driver based animations in nsImageLoadingContent to improve efficiency of animated GIF images. [r=roc][sr=mats]
79d75d91bf41459061899bfb235e73c601446878Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 3/10 - Create hook functions in nsLayoutUtils to coalesce some of the new code for frame-like objects and avoid code duplication. [r=roc]
acb7f26bd0e4869f7b8beef8505010cc6abe2558Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 2/10 - Change nsRefreshDriver to accept imgIRequest objects to facilitate refresh driver-based animations. [r=roc]
84d20e63f8bdd17fbc639f204577bc6d84499148Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 1/10 - Add method to imgIContainer for notification of refresh driver events. [r=dholbert,joe][sr=bz]
185e913a7061366831528d6160466385cb552c1cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
23daeec7cfa23ea73a606b123ac108b02df077ceDave Camp — Bug 693887 - Implement a rule-centric view for the style inspector. r=robcee, r=dao
0c3d5e7ce23cab04d34fe68eb98d5d62f096ce14Paul ADENOT — Bug 675899 - HTML5 video player should show controls when video ends (if controls attribute is present). r=dolske
127fc739a43fb1e07c800e7c216e7efdcc3ada5dRob Campbell — merge
9f51745bdd6df902ccff9ba21f567245b7c56a9fRob Campbell — Bug 683873 - [highlighter] move the close button to the toolbar, test-fix; a=orange
75692b1af68f8cfb2f08bc7d53d666eac5976099Paul ADENOT — Bug 513758 - Pressing Pos1/End key while video is in ended state sets status to play. r=dolske
f5bc569a7c016d0dbae01ca1a53e827ebe72d2a6Cedric Vivier — Bug 698703 - Source Editor should display text with the user's preferred monospace font size; r=msucan
5b1c3d9c342bc048a1fb57a28cddcfcaee4ea865Paul Rouget — Bug 683873 - [highlighter] move the close button to the toolbar; r=dao
392fa68084a829e377dcb9fffd868078acbc324dDoug Turner — Bug 668194 - Geolocation times out and/or does not properly use wifi access points information (awful accuracy) r=mfinkle.
978002c0b0ad34190bfef375d6fb70be834a085dJosh Aas — Bug 562442: Plugin crash fix (parent process). r=jmathies
cd9add22f090445f1d73e999aaa4c0050b8e4e16Kyle Huey — Merge m-i to m-c.
d9cc2539a85dfbdd9b27b94731e77b0cba6e23aeHenri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 14 - Address review comments. r=Olli.Pettay.
c890f75cf0f31876d285a60775a6d936b72e9814Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 13 - Avoid regressing bug 673094 - RTL characters at the end of attribute values in View Source. r=ehsan.
3b5d327b7f23b53cac5347df25699de9baad1144Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 12 - Reftests for View Source reimplementation. rs=Olli.Pettay.
378c95c9774afb9e54b1cbac65963a51182e6aa2Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 11 - Deduplicate the tokenizer loop in .cpp. r=Olli.Pettay.
775c075bd75287373a0eb4c62baa126de202deefHenri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 10 - Support parametrized error messages in new View Source. r=Olli.Pettay.
f715a1cf1e23dccfef21c039784a33a20cb21024Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 9 - Support tooltips in the View Source window.
06eab34f121ab03d9753b41cab34617422ad6d5eHenri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 8 - Start a new <pre> occasionally in View Source refixing bug 86355. r=bzbarsky.
2266dd224ea03564189c12ecf5ae4b61d33ba119Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 7 - Add an id for each line in new View Source. r=Olli.Pettay.
e224c18554c3c6474c9f011b9ef0ef056cd85146Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 6 - Use the internal encoding declaration in the XML View Source case. r=Olli.Pettay.
e06b72c42fc82ab88b579d107f99d0aa5dc7a587Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 5 - Add entry point for new View Source for XML; Make new View Source easy to disable. r=Olli.Pettay.
ee743a986ea130eae786f3d64933fdb343150cb1Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 4 - Support XML syntax highlighting in the parser core. r=Olli.Pettay.
8a18316c38652ab13fbb4168463c816e2642b293Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 3 - Highlight tree builder-level errors in View Source. r=Olli.Pettay.
b8fc820633d844f789acd60e5fb3de424963a236Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 2 - Highligh tokenizer-level errors in View Source. r=Olli.Pettay.
175a0afe3c436b9ac6fe84bab87b5ac8a808b732Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 1 - Implement HTML syntax highlighting using the new parser. r=Olli.Pettay.
a6c58f76edb503841563570d6114f422a5f2f0b3Henri Sivonen — Bug 482921 part 0.5 - Restore support for using tree op queue to set document charset. r=bzbarsky.
746e7c151de2ebc8e6ee635d75f244ea873c1c1eJacob Bramley — Bug 643213: Fix signed integer arithmetic used to construct ARM load instructions. [r=mrosenberg]
a2e305e684e6039eb074f1d32d746970b81992eaMakoto Kato — Bug 698331 - get rid of *WithConversion (intl part). r=smontagu
ad6054dd6e087f2f537afee1c78374999a167b48Chris Pearce — Bug 691583 - Ensure Unix EOL in full-screen API tests. r=whitespace
e269b5ec522ab66f582525017579e2ad1ae78a9aChris Pearce — Bug 691583 - Dispatch showfullscreenwarning chrome event when restricted key pressed in DOM full-screen mode. r=smaug
ddad75e027ab1e450db0af4aa83fa3a9bfabb122Chris Pearce — Bug 694204 - Prevent default action on ESC key press to exit full-screen mode, prevents <video> loads being cancelled on full-screen exit. r=smaug
b72b2c0f996f88d37996e6f53fc24c895fafca25Chris Pearce — Bug 685779 - Add -moz-full-screen-ancestor pseudo class. r=bz
470ed3885e3c65bf6a35ddc7e4f89e16cd6462ebMakoto Kato — Bug 697336 - Clean up nsDataObj::SetText on Windows. r=jimm
f3babd4e975f7cecf9e80a2e160d878ee8037ce7Justin Lebar — Bug 698656 - mParent pointer should be on nsSHEntry, not nsSHEntryShared. r=bz
faa9a3226feab24dceb0df1a755a1a39683dc21aPhil Ringnalda — Back out 65ffdabf1b6b (bug 698656) for orange, and lots of it
b068485e4cc26cf7ad908e312bd1f47c50595098Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696205 part 2. Add a querySelector fast-path for selectors whose rightmost sequence of simple selectors contains an id. r=sicking
829a99f28b5c872f5c73d9a2a02a8289de4bddc4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696205 part 1. Refactor querySelector and querySelectorAll so that there is only one codepath to modify. r=sicking
74e1804b91de46028772433821eeafddc458f159Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696201. Switch nsContentList to using an nsTArray as the element store. r=sicking
65ffdabf1b6b1f7d58cdae08b2f1f1ecbb392fd0Justin Lebar — Bug 698656 - mParent pointer should be on nsSHEntry, not nsSHEntryShared. r=bz
b4e12c6014e3cc340c362fdf49a4b10fd72e6b25Phil Ringnalda — Back out 773e9705c61b (bug 697211) for orange
773e9705c61bb9fed919e051d3cb99a41ecd100dDoug Sherk — Bug 697211 - fixed stride not being returned correctly from getVertexAttrib. r=jgilbert
4f67677970f214cdcf3770d7096f054d4490404bDoug Sherk — Bug 697757 - WebGL context fix for alpha being improperly set on OSX. r=jgilbert
9a1f23ae9c36f26d511cc43a1699eec97cf83543Jeff Gilbert — Bug 697753 - Fix WebGL conf. errors in framebuffer-object-attachment - r=bjacob
c4f4dc3d3b204a91ce86a66cf13f61648348f596Jeff Gilbert — Bug 698088 - Rebind previous state after initializing fake-black textures - r=bjacob
022e7d3042cb249edd30777d233878aefd4a2237Jeff Gilbert — Bug 697560 - Generate WebGL errors in readPixels according to spec - r=bjacob
2cd25d4a839b2ebff011abbada4dddff3f71672bJeff Gilbert — Bug 697168 - Removes WebGL overloads for untyped ArrayBuffers where disallowed - r=bjacob
a3b0534b657c3a4c5a2753960b0109bc7e92fdb9John Ford — bug 695274 - unit test timeouts on Mac should print a screenshot r=ted
b1818463edc1c1acf461eaf76641d84c1cf29a9dNicolas Pierron — Add gc::Mark and gc::IsMarked functions. (Bug 687843, r=billm)
e59e852dd0f853a51b2849268d6a13250f05cfcaMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
48ec56f65cd28fb7a4e424cad69f49593f2d575bBenoit Jacob — Bug 677543 - Not clearing WebGL framebuffer in teapot demo - r=jgilbert
b6a3f81fc029e69589ab09f07788b9eb6b40c6d2Ed Morley — Bug 698526 - Fix toolkit/ line 1064: add_makefile: command not found; rs=ted
2dcf884ff0f8c4b40a1f79f417e12e8c22dde92aBenoit Girard — Bug 698137 - Set texture unit before binding FPS texture. r=ajuma
c4e4af6b7ae42c8a59516935f18a47875211f2dfJustin Lebar — Bug 694335 - Enable jemalloc on MacOS 10.5. r=khuey
0a6e289031711fc14cdc30fe07cb6b4cbce7a224Paul Biggar — Bug 666049 - Remove JSFloat64, float64 and float32 r=luke
eb2c7a5485ecb291d5c13f86c046f5a780b63bb4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 698153 - NSIS ApplicationID project build problem fix with resource1.h. r=jimm
43135d676c6838a338d5676a65048e8fd0938ebbISHIKAWA Chiaki — Bug 697102 - Correct the comment for unregisterErrorStringBundle(); r=bsmedberg DONTBUILD
5625d3664e05b542225c74788f3077aaf65f399cTom Schuster — Bug 663090 - Inline String.fromCharCode r=bhackett
6e219763ddd0f9519f7b2a99c52694507f89b043Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
41c52a9e1337163736f5e297478ee773567b7484Blair McBride — Bug 693897 - Allow addons to opt-in to strict compatibility checking. r=dtownsend
6b7874f5b777f0d61c955cac2c4f5bb1c8974205Blair McBride — Bug 693899 - Support detecting binary components, and enable strict compatibility checking when found. r=dtownsend
1fb831781a15926b4d4969621f18f0937170b28eBlair McBride — Bug 693901 - Add preference to globally (re)enable strict compatibility checks. r=dtownsend
b78d449f0c8b8e77a78a3b7ce8fb859ad7d253c8Mihai Sucan — Bug 697407 - Another Orion upstream update; r=rcampbell
f79946f0bb2a2cc3f33ba537e4edb2335de936a5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 638031 Allow string streams to share their string buffer r=bsmedberg f=bz
67d1049b0bf9d6e67370d8767695df5569e0d67aKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
d13cb5295a3797940596105770e044df725fa7d1Kyle Huey — Update pymake snapshot to r300.
8c555a3826e7ed38604c5aacb74e6630e2416c05Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
5a26ca9a23f9a8b50241cf52470ec3c97b8fc675Ted Mielczarek — bug 697709 - shuffle around some blocks in configure so we can choose the right STLport flavor for ARMv6 Android builds. r=glandium
f36d88f55881ac4d81eb511b338e9ee2bf082e86Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from inbound to mozilla-central
1dbe9cf0a485ea045b983ca71c524e39d30ccd1bHenri Sivonen — Bug 696651 part 3 - Refine part 2. r=Olli.Pettay.
623b4278134fbd83b32c5356c7d89155bc018446Henri Sivonen — Test for bug 696651 part 2 - Establish document.write() insertion position before re-entrant calls can occur. r=Olli.Pettay.
887e93b8c10568280dc845612a2f3b16aab15d57Henri Sivonen — Bug 696651 part 2 - Establish document.write() insertion position before re-entrant calls can occur. r=Olli.Pettay.
f94874873be9eb60e203abb7c4fc9f8808b73a9fJoel Maher — Bug 698387 - disable orange browser-chrome tests since we are not fixing them [hotfix]. r=Ms2ger
20274bc427b0816873c90ac574b319355e9d4591Joel Maher — Last Comment Bug 698387 - disable orange browser-chrome tests since we are not fixing them. r=mfinkle
e48babb549ce1eb40141eb3884851ad7aa1bedc7Matt Woodrow — Bug 688366 - Fix Skia marking radial gradients with the same radius as invalid. r=jrmuizel
7e59a560d23798f1b02fc40ea228494394df369cMatt Woodrow — Bug 688365 - Enable Skia 'New AA' mode. r=jrmuizel
7dd08f6dcf0839ce046487ff87fc25b737c1a4feMatt Woodrow — Bug 695832 - Test for perspective origin not being affected by transform origin. r=roc
ea80b4183ccfd01dc0081c76411604b8019847bfMatt Woodrow — Bug 695832 - Perpsective origin offset should be relative to the transform origin. r=roc
d9b279e5adbe220c552a62a98991bf98398e9f88Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 697933 - Allow HashTables to have a capacity as small as four. r=luke.
88cd8e9287c8aa75e05bb9d7719258773510d5a4Alex Vincent — Bug 698249 - Unnecessary nsresult rv declaration in nsFileChannel::OpenContentStream. r=bz
e481b6ffc60b5106a8c016ea03513df66c7ef156Adrian Johnson — Bug 691061 - Don't use EXTEND_PAD on printing surfaces. r=jmuizelaar
42be7e75a8fead197062053a18320b7e5bccabe4Nick Hurley — Bug 687081 - Time how long it takes to find (or not) things in the cache. r=jduell
8c0a324fc4edf51f8619aa6baaa4a81b372e9236Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 697666 - Don't build the jstracer by default. r=dmandelin
4271b14e0c0b9c2908598df59104cb9ed41e9d28Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset d40e649ff250
d40e649ff250ce18fd46b30624ffb0bcfad7a168Kyle Huey — Bug 692067: Make WebSockets go through content policies. r=smaug
5c971924966ea18c470a87db02ddfca7df19da93Olli Pettay — Bug 667490 - EventSource should use the same nsIContentPolicy type as XHR, r=dveditz
cf1a56ba4a68554c15c40fa75803cc8fe2de984eTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
91c2f92fcca1d5809dd8ab025c9eca6da65cd4ebTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
56c72e3c1f031aadadecc7313fe3c053c61c3ac8Raymond Lee — Bug 697390 - Using switch-to-tab before Panorama moves new tabs around r=tim
0c11e1cff059f11b1a43b7ae55e8699fb5fd4e20Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
06e8e34e0abe908a81cd6e9a84b8c376a304e1b3Panu Horsmalahti — Bug 694434 - Added decodeURI function call to decode percent encoding on the filename URI to display non-ASCII characters correctly. r=dolske
04b4ea333800056f02c1c47595ee3508f0b91604Brian Smith — Bug 675702 - Remove XPCOM Proxies: Do PSM client certificate processing on the main thread, r=kaie
b38db925f43758ae6d7e1f2137296da638ad7780Brian Smith — Bug 686248: Add isExtendedValidation to nsISSLStatus so it can be used by mobile, r=meyhemer
204bd66034e21ea2129a56deca63203c071f6491Neil Rashbrook — Bug 696788 Build usiung jemalloc and SDK compiler crashes shortly after startup r=khuey
d93d320aee649849965f4e3a969c5e3848926fa3Olli Pettay — Bug 698061 - document.importNode's deep attribute should be optional, r=sicking
100b46734dd24a5b82eb48982e9fb9bf7716c5a6Olli Pettay — Bug 698232 - s/IsInside/GetArea to simplify the code, r=mats
945f64763a706a8c02e9cb84ef6483f06548d367Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
1b4d0987b18d30a8fc63c24d8d9a6d994467ffc9Brian Hackett — Sync FrameState entries based on tracker, bug 698100. r=dvander
1814bb5292a4bf058e99a9bc067989dd2c28764cBrian Hackett — Propagate OOM triggered by inlineCallHelper, bug 695290. r=dvander
aa953731b2c63ccbd3483d1bb5d524cfca64bbd6Brian Hackett — Remove defined variables analysis, bug 697861. r=dvander
eaaab958a659eb52d68ce20dcadf8eb047b6afbcBenoit Jacob — Bug 697845 - only call glFinish in RenderLayer, not in UpdateSurface - r=mattwoodrow
0ec53cbc126a9b99d6d5751b6c011e02563891a7Matt Brubeck — Bug 697975 - Don't show the first-run animation in tablet mode [r=mfinkle]
f5a12d693b5b4a0170c2dcd8f97fd66d23d7a9e4Henri Sivonen — Back out changeset fc4ddddf142d and changeset d1766aec3d7e due to jsreftest orange.
fc4ddddf142d3fdb73241ebc14636fca5aa6e76cHenri Sivonen — Test for bug 696651 part 2 - Establish document.write() insertion position before re-entrant calls can occur. r=Olli.Pettay.
d1766aec3d7e50e6b00bf80069a6da6d3c567211Henri Sivonen — Bug 696651 part 2 - Establish document.write() insertion position before re-entrant calls can occur. r=Olli.Pettay.
9f67b8cc3a8f53ac4ff8bbe518a9efa85828b118Henri Sivonen — Test for bug 696651 part 1 - Deal more gracefully with the parser getting terminated during document.write() and with document.close() getting called while document.write() is on the call stack. r=Olli.Pettay.
0847ed11f271232b3f332a98f1cd867aa554add4Henri Sivonen — Bug 696651 part 1 - Deal more gracefully with the parser getting terminated during document.write() and with document.close() getting called while document.write() is on the call stack. r=Olli.Pettay.
5321cee08f41df7434159354cced2c135f44e02cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 663378 - Define runTest() before the iframe that calls it onload in test_acid3_test46.html, and waitForExplicitFinish, r=dbaron
78ffa0184082691b34e3d8b1ba0fa64352794393Henri Sivonen — Bug 697833 - Stop honoring html5.parser.enable. r=Olli.Pettay.
f606afe21762e80b3bb0d34c56be09c2313d96e3Daniel Holbert — Bug 641731 tests: reftests for :visited status in image documents. r=dbaron
2052ffffcb6bf245889a92814e06e9408992d1ccDaniel Holbert — Bug 641731: Ignore :visited status in SVG image documents. r=dbaron
c91cdd0896c7ee594f865629ae959176113ab4a1Robert Longson — Bug 697978 - make display:none svg images load. r=dholbert,bzbarsky
ff353339df3ef50f651bbe8490f00339254dec3eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 667576. Handle visited colors correctly in MathML. r=dbaron
6094246d2abc281330a973a98784543c1363c103Boris Zbarsky — Bug 608756. Cache display structs in the ruletree even for floated and positioned elements. r=dbaron
df4b49fffc78e660b42d78cab43ff866a0307c84Ms2ger — Bug 688547 - Use Element* for nsIDocument::{SetSubDocumentFor,FindContentForSubDocument}; r=peterv
82469275d2fe348f5fdd7d11be33682ca9d88b0bMs2ger — Bug 697210 - Part c: Remove nsIDocument::CreateElem's aDocumentDefaultType argument; r=bz
c8234c84bf9def11bfd40396381f5ce20f464b2cMs2ger — Bug 697210 - Part b: Remove unnecessary IsHTML() check in nsDocument::CreateElement; r=bz
8698204c6707dcfc13ee2a825c1390e222527debMs2ger — Bug 697210 - Part a: Make nsIDocument::GetDefaultNamespaceID non-virtual and have it return mDefaultElementType; r=bz
e2ac48ba056967d8817a6d45277e10b48b6748d6Ms2ger — Bug 690120 - Make nsEditor::GetAttributeValue not use attribute nodes; r=ehsan
4dccf3dbce41a27d6a7c1a59371eb28d2f191a32Ms2ger — Bug 696668 - Give nsIScriptContext::CallEventHandler a JSObject scope parameter; r=mrbkap
53e927489186905a1f0f013b411e18046cb1b8e7Ms2ger — Bug 696666 - Give nsIScriptContext::BindCompiledEventHandler a JSObject scope parameter; r=jst
b57cf716bdb2e6af60a7328bb62688f9fc43e94aMs2ger — Bug 696663 - Make nsIJSEventListener::mScopeObject a JSObject; r=smaug
6b05ed1c92ae56a786c4f4d4e658cd37d9abdbc3Ms2ger — Bug 696665 - Give nsJSContext::JSObjectFromInterface a JSObject scope parameter; r=volkmar
e04528faf981ca165cd32cf4d7b8dde7f140aab6Ms2ger — Bug 696661 - Make nsIJSEventListener::mHandler a JSObject; r=jst
0573e102ae3d3a70b4ad9a9912c69f29f71c66f4Ms2ger — Bug 694867 - Part f: Pass a JSScript to nsIScriptContext::ExecuteScript; r=volkmar
00b15d7cf608fd8772e37950262a35323e25a1d7Ms2ger — Bug 694867 - Part e: Pass JSScript to nsXULDocument::ExecuteScript; r=volkmar
3b30dade99c9991f17d56d5f1bc57fa2281bd92fMs2ger — Bug 694867 - Part d: Store a JSScript in nsXULPrototypeCache; r=volkmar
15904b0261b3bf228e489d4d2394c738e2dd982aMs2ger — Bug 694867 - Part c: Return a JSScript from nsXULPrototypeCache::GetScript; r=volkmar
70746df956632334d1cd1573cbaa03408deb599cMs2ger — Bug 694867 - Part b: Pass a JSScript to nsXULPrototypeScript::Set; r=volkmar
9f14aa19f2e9986453e87c5b2eea836dd3e806eeMs2ger — Bug 694867 - Part a: Pass a JSScript to nsIScriptContext::Serialize and store a JSScript in nsXULPrototypeScript::ScriptObjectHolder::mObject; r=volkmar
f78e5900fa6ea7da75b26fa4701dc6d0f1a754d8Ms2ger — Bug 694838 - Make nsIScriptContext::EvaluateString's second parameter a JSObject; r=volkmar
0c6a76f452efb8a842700530088270ed9c1ef4d2Ms2ger — Bug 694781 - Make nsIScriptContext::ExecuteScript's second parameter a JSObject; r=volkmar
3fb87667785ffbe59b925280fed0538eb8fea699Ms2ger — Bug 694769 - Remove nsIScriptContext::GetScriptGlobal in favour of GetGlobalJSObject; r=smaug
c51ba44fd6cdc5bd1fc3bda816b959b1cbf3a8caMs2ger — Bug 694763 - Remove nsIScriptContext::DidSetDocument; r=jst
dc6b2201eecbbc15830f5099af0f2fc8f73934d6Ms2ger — Bug 694759 - Make nsIScriptContext::GetNativeGlobal return JSObject; r=jst
239503f172f868377901e513e9b8744f9f386aa8Ms2ger — Bug 684821 - Remove nsIDOMNSHTMLElement; r=peterv
abdbf0646a2185ba53db5b7fa619a29e8adfbd07Phil Ringnalda — Back out 3ad7f12bde01 (bug 664179) and 3ab7b95bfcb5 (bug 673296) for Linux debug M1 orange
c33a85b6c9d467156d6a287606f9a3c5a78ddf0dOlli Pettay — Bug 694503 - image map doesn't get updated when map element is removed as part of container subtree, r=bz
1a52298b67189267b170f133e47677cc340f7132Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 646993 - Cap the bookmark title length to TITLE_LENGTH_MAX r=mak
3ad7f12bde016b454617cde1a9fc207e60bd3ca2Wellington Fernando de Macedo — Bug 664179: Allow EventSource to access cross-origin event streams using CORS. r=smaug,sicking
3ab7b95bfcb5f013c6567242ed256938d6d33e35Wellington Fernando de Macedo — Bug 673296: Fix EventSource origin handling. r=sicking,smaug
82c201d753319d597d433e341c848da05e6d79f7Jonas Sicking — Bug 687400: Kill Node.isSameNode. r=smaug
f66f037408503395a0b8f33846bfbce9e3265483Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
97a7011b26702576c2e5ee16066f32ceb174e417Benoit Girard — Bug 680082 - Add GetMaxTextureImageSize to correct size support for TiledTextureImage. r=matt.woodrow
93e293c8758056784d259e651f7128d8d796cc24Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696281 - disable trace malloc stacks on OS X too. r=dbaron.
a92ec8fb2ab8f31c5c418325c88eea5eeb1afa4dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 697992 - Use DebugOnly/NS_WARN_IF_FALSE in dom/src/storage/nsDOMStorage.cpp. r=mak.
76a6531600d74699389ae95ba8e1db8ce9014a19Marco Bonardo — Bug 658305 - Use journal_size_limit on places.sqlite.
21f2d6c4c976332daac4fb1ec3ca52c1b33811b3Jonathan Watt — Bug 695303 - Add a mozilla::clamped function to replace NS_CLAMP (so side affects of args are evaluated no more than once) and NS_MIN(max, NS_MAX(val, min)) (to make code clearer). r=bsmedberg.
57df319fe7f9df3b5aba3a46a51f5cd4e456497dBrad Lassey — bug 633239 - event loop responsiveness for Android r=dougt
f395b5acb6118fa2cbfd1fae6ff3f76c80760b7fWolfgang Germund — Bug 697061: better string handling in nsJAR.cpp. r=tglek
0371519c061e745a27665ce8e6396b0376c2a088Boris Zbarsky — Bug 697917. Avoid atomizing the token for nsDOMTokenList containment tests. r=smaug
4d44e0defe3877d5d77d99ca0d94f9cde3b34cbbRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 688913 - Finalize statements in extensions/cookie and toolkit/components/contentprefs. r=mak.
78e97de08278a99d5aa57373d847cb2892e26d63Benoit Girard — Bug 683229 - Add user space profiling using Simple Profiler System (SPS). r=cjones r=jmuizelaar
e0802a531ceda76416d6c535078ee3d3ff0f6dbeNeil Deakin — Bug 697629, add back NS_COUNT_CTOR that was unintentionally removed by bug 503879
b4137b3ad5af0b2837244052a505b098a38cc1c8Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 696163. Remove default livemark. r=mak77, ui-r=limi
dfbe9a0fbf9733d51a6e9f968e3380d3919028d8Paul O’Shannessy — Backout 78c921e2b56b (bug 640136) for causing bug 698162
1c7e1db3645bd58beeb3be5e9091d1e6d1c8c923Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
41043c87dde460119c11009b785eaa2e9141a430Thinker Li — Bug 697756 - Define MOZ_RAW on Android, for video capture support; r=khuey f=mwu
b7f789c2b7c7c04fa347ebeb3b8fbf221d03216bTerry Long — Bug 623872 - Cmd + L is not focusing location bar in popup windows; r=dao
e331396fa1b03dc75c78cb17331e05c10a25afaaMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 697689 - Fix XHR brokenness, the optimization violated a nsIStreamLisetner contract; r=jonas
0cb7f5ce5cefeefa2175ffa628bc21b245ee4e45Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 692185 - Flush PrintWriter prior to extracting printed string; r=blassey
a0b6d0a04e4a200b24299857e7f3b76985c234e6julian reschke — Bug 696849 - Add test cases observing cross-domain XHR in chrome code; r=bz
ba1eba5862809d41c394ff0c122b82309d9395c7Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 696627 - Re-enable incremental linking for debug builds using VC10/11 r=khuey
96278b6d8c92f4609472003b4f1099170387ec9cAdrian Johnson — Bug 454532. Substitute "Courier" with "Courier New". r=jdagget
64e10f2dfc60cda2763f62605bca60b833950e7dChris Pearce — Bug 684625 - Display a warning when full-screen entered, or on restricted keypress. r=dao
fcf252e6ce4a49d6fbecdd6dec47dc574a43010cMark Banner — Bug 693949 - Drop nsCStringArray. r=bsmedberg
b79b68029f1de7fd719afdc8b93342957c6d414cMatt Woodrow — Bug 687189 - Implement SkPaint::getPosTextPath. r=jrmuizel
2b40846bc3c85746fcb92ffabc09478b467054deMatt Woodrow — Bug 687188 - Skia radial gradients should use the 0/1 color stop values for clamping. r=jrmuziel
7a6b1c88a6cefce12de5ea30e3ebe3144f21fe37Matt Woodrow — Bug 689069 - Disable frame pointer for Skia arm optimized functions. r=jrmuizel
d2fce6b656e14333a5798e51aed4c89cd975f3b7Matt Woodrow — Bug 688333 - Update about:license to include Skia's license. r=gerv
ebed635187a21fd23b64af387b314ac7ba2c6620Matt Woodrow — Bug 688333 - Build changes to compile skia. r=khuey
99297e426f81730dda7dbdbf298081c0c79016fdMatt Woodrow — Bug 688333 - Initial import of Skia source code
656a231abf2335fd3aa479509ae3a3653fcc66b3Matt Woodrow — Bug 688333 - Add script for importing Skia into our source tree. r=jrmuizel
127d6851a3224342d8dd23f770f4fb48c6909cb7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 697931 - Remove KidHashes when possible. r=luke.
16af80a4e21cd331c2993939921219759a856766Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 693417 for causing oranges in some panorama tests.
a9c6bf5f17df67df887a4f04b7605749d1afa12cOleg Romashin — Bug 692479 - Implement screenshoot based fast startup on Maemo Harmattan. r=dougt
09780321b2359b257654002cc1372e8ad0df4fddKyle Huey — Bug 693417: Add a SpecialPowers API for nested event loops. r=jmaher
e43a54b52b06dfde332b5cb189f3edcbc93526d3Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
cd6ed310652159cba4dd42c446bbd0b3e1dc8edaKyle Huey — Pull an updated pymake snapshot.
480ca9260f4b294f22563c9b9729f41589b3b157Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
31e8fbc4d5f0646d3234ae60c5125804749dbfc6Ted Mielczarek — bug 685927 - make stl-wrappers more lenient when compiling ObjC with GCC. r=cjones
6ec5b28142d10d83046bdce764fbc1fe3598d4beNicholas Nethercote — Bug 697016 - Add js-total-* memory reports. r=bhackett.
343cb6ea05bd2248744b58f3e8338478a6b8ea29Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 697016 - Refine per-compartment JS reporters. r=bhackett.
0e49c37ede762f862dc77c321d5956d56b47de30Jason Orendorff — Remove unused flag TCF_NEED_MUTABLE_SCRIPT as suggested by Waldo in review. Bug 696953 comment 8. rs=Waldo over IRC.
91b0cb2f217e11bb24125afe94b7525e6cdaba95Jason Orendorff — Divorce analyzeFunctions() and friends from class js::Parser. Bug 696953, part 4 of 4. r=Waldo.
0469a44abae79e22fd33f91849ea8bb24d8fff52Jason Orendorff — Remove class BytecodeCompiler. Bug 696953, part 3 of 4. r=Waldo.
e52de86f9511aad597378a13bcb3f1de2bbdb7ffJason Orendorff — Move GlobalScope from BytecodeCompiler to BytecodeEmitter. Bug 696953, part 2 of 4. r=Waldo.
00442d1ed25071e72e9a38275298195f36df8fbdJason Orendorff — Split Parser::analyzeFunctions and friends off into their own file. Bug 696953, part 1 of 4. r=Waldo.
bb4a290222a30a72d544322a5fec1f9ef41cd9bbFelix Fung — Bug 697856 - Removed Unused Function Definitions in nsFaviconService.h; r=mak
84c35b19cd156311ad95f71ad870e008e4913e42Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
c12ca0b2f2caf947a01c9be797aec3ab53fec941Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 697646 - Don't create tiny property tables. r=bhackett.
6181f480fcea2b50cdbe7f916cce5f552e79da4dDaniel Holbert — Bug 696188 followup: Add assertions and functional test for transitioning away from a transform-list. r=bz
b317557f9b78a3b74765dfb1927a9efcac758193Daniel Holbert — Bug 697475: deCOMtaminate nsSVGPatternFrame::GetPatternFirstChild. r=longsonr
9fa6410c1a3ac36d8767611080ada503415c22a3Jason Orendorff — Bug 696220 - js1_8_5/extensions/reflect-parse.js is failing. r=luke.
74a92a761da11c5dd226d797b33574b922e49d39Jim Blandy — Bug 695985: Provide CFI for the code address GDB checks when a return address points at JaegerThrowpoline's or JaegerInterpoline's entry point. r=sfink
0e56baae8d1d9687233b38ffee0c837e9d6600d7Josh Aas — Bug 649079: Plugin crash fix (parent process). r=bz
c5863a0662de64d6327039584e6a130f20bf117cBobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Test arrays of iid_is params. r=khuey
cb81dcf21c85e8881d5227a1945556de3aa1b263Bobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Improve array and interface comparisons. r=khuey
5aa96243e15d1e90e886992e1fea8d48fad77e8cBobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Test iid_is(). r=khuey
b4e6d15b836edad270b9263fda48838fe0decf85Bobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Test interface arrays. r=khuey
20c5952de8d691a794bd1aff66e20f20291e3b6fBobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Introduce a few test interfaces. r=khuey
5839ab91c873c2df8c32d4cb8e28c3547a998c62Bobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Test sized strings. r=khuey
d6bdd9875c40631ad1ff80af35ff5b84a8786eb8Bobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Test arrays of strings. r=khuey
c1ec0a4d60486ff84968424349c867b136279afcBobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Test arrays of arithmetic types. r=khuey
a1781299f27d74f50e62469fd955c3da8e95f434Bobby Holley — Bug 693341 - Use comparators for everything in test_params.js. r=khuey
a2d4d5fd846af4a2546fb47a5eae93fd67b41bf9Bobby Holley — Bug 695138 - Fix inout memory leak in XPConnect tests. r=khuey
e31bbb9dbc924e9812a23cba5375e52969aed083Chris Jones — Bug 669949, part 2: Implement jsreftest browser.js JSContext-munging on top of Components.utils helpers. r=bc
694aacb1a14fbbefbd63d9e3ecb97df5a61c78c4Chris Jones — Bug 669949, part 1: Add Components.utils interfaces for playing with callee JSContext params. r=mrbkap sr=jst
9507d7ca0f58d630aa149283f15ed6177aa87256Brian Hackett — Watch for imacros in ContextStack::currentScript, bug 697255. r=luke
782f5b3213707195cb8343e5985ede2b39051e34Jonathan Kew — bug 692743 - package hyphenation dictionaries in omnijar. r=glandium,mwu
8aeb207c9a2ff6f1ae220e73bd69c53dfe03e6edJason Orendorff — Rename PopStatementCG and NewScriptFromCG. Bug 696876, part 3 of 3. r=dvander.
2518a604fb45a480dec031e4d725637be0416233Jason Orendorff — Convert CG_ macros to BytecodeEmitter methods. Bug 696876, part 2 of 3. r=dvander.
c479d9c16a807481e61afae05427fe3832541ae6Jason Orendorff — Rename js::CodeGenerator to js::BytecodeEmitter. Bug 696876, part 1 of 3. r=dvander.
f7a30d961569b5b6d3132f2783b963d6e084471cJason Orendorff — Bug 684489 - Fix a strict direct eval bug affecting Google Maps. r=Waldo.
6049e8ad9755d3b4335a4624e99648ee644c7089Ed Morley — Backout changeset 3b5b10d76887 (bug 678687) for V8/Dromaeo regressions on multiple platforms; a=mak
cdd529811cb9b7e0eff38abac51761897de44d62Justin Lebar — Bug 164580 - Back out fix. It's not much (if at all) faster and may cause problems on some architectures. r=glandium
dffaf14f66d32081476f757ab89ba4d5f60c8862Benoit Girard — Bug 680082 - [backout] Add GetMaxTextureImageSize to correct size support for TiledTextureImage.
dc3a32957e8582203f67b4b307e419e29575d16dBenoit Girard — Bug 680082 - Add GetMaxTextureImageSize to correct size support for TiledTextureImage. r=matt.woodrow
ce3aa6f254b7b028d2a57ea30bc29563a28c243aBenoit Girard — Bug 694039 - Load plugin quirks during interpose. r=jmuizelaar
c0fe9c38bd1b722614e06d16ffe642fe70937994Benoit Girard — Bug 694039 - Add Offline Renderer support to nsCARenderer. r=jmuizelaar
a75f440117c99cd476a2486c81f2bb786ab8eb28Mike Hommey — Bug 696393 - Reimplement NS_InvokeByIndex in C on S390 Linux. rs=bsmedberg
157d5a801b91176d13135a096b102977bdc4d848Mike Hommey — Bug 695989 - Properly pick changes to jemalloc/mozutils on Linux incremental builds. r=ted
1f6683b43abd1e86b04a17cf9f734c6c11170c4bMike Hommey — Bug 692918 - Ignore .pyo files in config|js/src/config synchro. r=ted
7f97dc2af18e7b1e11cce01ba734990a5e9132d8Mike Hommey — Bug 686464 - Leave it to Android to unpack the content process executable. r=ted
e2aac74cb870fbd29b7bda445fef5bdf50fd2bc7Oleg Romashin — Bug 696013 - Nightly crashes @ mozilla::layers::BasicShadowCanvasLayer::DestroyFrontBuffer. r=cjones
10e47df463b9ad0d7355b60d9e8055cfd8cda4b2Jacek Caban — Bug 662358 - Implement mingw variant of nsXPTCStubBase::StubXX directly in assembly r=benjamin
1f8780bd07ae01c3b74b5952139e0dc24944b2d9Felix Fung — Bug 697670 - Remove FaviconLoadListener References.
e83437549628f84f5495c2642a7af2d5b2187ce7Marco Bonardo — Bug 696900 - Avoid any shutdown work in Places when possible.
1d659cf02d6b2db07a8ddfc7d82d122a28970873Marco Bonardo — Bug 692120 - The star button doesn't need to observe bookmarks changes till bookmarks service is alive.
1ed8be9fed394427989006195532d11c524f5d0dMarco Bonardo — Bug 696159 - Remove some deprecated Places code.
28288ae6d58c244d980145fde8c34d9b9564f7c9Marco Bonardo — Bug 695554 - Split a Database class out of the History service. (expected fake Ts_shutdown regressions!)
32ab009026d7605ed5a019faa49f12e0f51659b4Ginn Chen — Bug 696599 Use PRBool for nspr_use_zone_allocator r=benjamin,karlt
ff296aef84fe30ae01c6e61775e2599f5d0c2801Robert Longson — Bug 697057 - Patterns are blurred when the element is scaled. r=dholbert
322354df233d71bc169578caf24b11a40d0ff8a3Mihai Sucan — Bug 672006 - [highlighter] Selecting a Node should update the Highlighter's main toolbar with a breadcrumb display; missing gnomestripe/ changes; a=robcee
d20833d13f1409ab2281e931a2c05cf70754ff14Rob Campbell — merge backout
2541a2e898df2647f563eefc5644c5066f337571Joe Walker — Bug 687851 - Create a locales directory in the devtools module, move all devtools l10n strings to it; r=rcampbell,mfinkle,l10n
449e7eb936cd4cef835482530ce86a03c90b4536Paul Rouget — Bug 672006 - [highlighter] Selecting a Node should update the Highlighter's main toolbar with a breadcrumb display; r=rcampbell,ehsan,dao
5d250b1cf4653bbfa6ba450edb558eb57cba2982Joe Walker — Bug 687851 - Create a locales directory in the devtools module, move all devtools l10n strings to it; r=rcampbell,mfinkle,l10n
fc67f7acac80cd6e22978fd5292a79109dadaf70Paul Rouget — Bug 679753 - Remove Scratchpad's status bar, the Environment menu and the Tools menu; r=ehsan,rcampbell,dao
0072f76a7b8b87879db33a8202c858c9b02dd765Cedric Vivier — Bug 679753 - Remove Scratchpad's status bar, the Environment menu and the Tools menu; r=rcampbell
314b8e9bff345e6b8ac85b67c11e0e07f15408e8Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
573567f90ed0ab62074e526d7964302f0a9fa315Mihai Sucan — Bug 692400 - Style inspector appears to ignore inline styles; r=dcamp
2248a6de7c078e1cc7a983701f2afd20d9502872Dave Camp — Bug 696167 - test_contextmenu.html doesn't respect highlighter preference. r=gavin
ca0e85e9fe899c8bea6470056b6b0538f2a83a38Paul Rouget — Bug 691712 - Add some pretty resizers to the Highlighter toolbar when the HTML tree panel is open. r=robcee, r=dao, ui-r=shorlander
332d8f5f588622f83d4152d9928d43cbc2b53064Joe Walker — Bug 683506 - GCLI needs an 'inspect' command; r=msucan,l10n
bfb669703e33953aaad2b3a2ed427a1585e20ce5Joe Walker — Bug 693265 - Carefully review the exposed GCLI API; r=msucan
7ba9a146e1e8ac18b4711393db1dd5040f623486Panos Astithas — Bug 696288 - Regression: Processing.js Performance Tests don't work; r=ddahl,smaug
5d7c2550a61e9e4c031dde19624fff8235e73db0Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 694378 - session restore fails when selectedWindow > number of windows [r=dietrich]
78c921e2b56bf559a9efa5cf3ce4c6579da2dedfPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 640136 - onchange & input events are not fired for all form elements on restore [r=dietrich]
402ffedeff9923a1248e2ac2659ad5609f7db26fAlastair Robertson — Bug 665702 - expose session information in getBrowserState [r=zpao]
40e4b0f6174de65705ddc5a1ac92a703da6399dcPaolo Amadini — Bug 686065 - Don't clear nsSessionStartup::sessionType after the session startup phase finished [r=zpao]
2a901edc04a942a2bee08680f3a5cc9697ad2029Rob Campbell — Bug 697109 - browser_styleinspector_webconsole.js sometimes fails with instance stylePanels[1] is hidden; r=msucan
5be6d907fa3b609cf8f2561e40e89c34b35cc3dbRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
e60d3779a3b83c67a748244fd925a0269a13d612Felix Fung — Bug 688925 - Plugin-Crash: Unique Notification Bar Help Link to Differentiate Source. r=dolske
fc2cf14697f84ca2d3fe3683dc3178ed18f71337Felix Fung — Bug 688083 - Plugin Crash: Sync Submit Report Checkbox With Pref Between Instances. r=dolske
5df0d42376702f49f6912d8a019f626a2241eee7Felix Fung — Bug 665196 - Change in-content plugin crash UI to submit a crash report and reload the page in one step. r=dolske
ccfa9105af73b618efac26eeb36ded5c2861989bMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
38225e65bf70325be0e9777eed6af49bd33fd131Leon Sha — Bug 697014 - Javascript test case testTypedArrays.js failed on sparc with typed array and TI. Part II. r=bhackett1024.
9daf62d650103be9d07e5766894db1daf4146d30Andrew Paprocki — Bug 696957 - Add Sparc, POWER/PPC, IA64 big-endian detection to jscpucfg.h. r=ted.mielczarek.
f944c4c67b788be01387bc52ab3442848215ddbaDave Herman — Bug 696109 - precedence bug in ASTSerializer::statement, r=jorendorff
2e375d0cf797268e8f707c10543322d9e6b63b08Chris Pearce — Bug 684618 - Deny requests for full-screen in documents containing windowed plugins. Exit full-screen when windowed plugin added document. r=roc
3b5b10d76887416b66d13330f91a8736b3049424Brian Hackett — Try to coerce doubles to integers on tripped type barriers, bug 678687. r=dvander
5b8e29b39c7f9c43864ee200ce44cedd3388f8b8Ed Morley — Backout changeset d5cc34a9351d (bug 696109) for jsreftest orange
90c31d55b8b5a59a2764dc7ebcfb51f64af027b0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 655263. Remove views from decks. r=roc
36c457f93e0f1e063f1035622ee93aab1e7c4974Timothy Nikkel — Bug 658005. Part 4. Remove nsIFrame::AreAncestorViewsVisible now that it is unused. r=roc
6eda7e1b72258c6fdffb1850b8aa3ae13cb0aa65Timothy Nikkel — Bug 658005. Part 3. Make accessibility use the new frame visibility API and remove code is obsoletes. r=roc,surkov
bd1754632d8caa8ec12c32b2b52c2d5712648517Timothy Nikkel — Bug 658005. Part 2. Add a frame visibility API that takes into account everything we need, and use it. r=roc
25e0254f4bda4064cbdaabdcc6bb15b8ee309b68Timothy Nikkel — Bug 658005. Part 1. Allowing query frame to work on deck frames. r=roc
d5cc34a9351dab658c385c83894651672f5b4cfeDave Herman — Bug 696109 - precedence bug in ASTSerializer::statement, r=jorendorff
39fa89ebe5e211a35cd5a33c10a8e3edeb673633Robert O'Callahan — Followup for bug 678859. Fix test to use larger areas to ensure active layers are used.
2833dc64d964b8acc5c3cccfce688537c1fc88ccRasmus Jensen — Bug 680858 - Setting the namespace of an existing attribute may cause it to duplicate another existing attribute (E4X spec bug). Remove the already-existing attribute before mutating the attribute's namespace to not introduce duplicate attributes. r=jwalden
b05e068c224677653006fc525eb2c817b4d6a0b3Marco Bonardo — Backout d9da4de6579c (Bug 682496) for M1 leaks.
70e60379729bac83771ab600d55e8a1928251023Robert O'Callahan — Bug 678859. Don't create layers for content less than 16x16 pixels. r=tn
4c2d39588760c800d35ea6199a2f734dea6ff6a7Doug Sherk — Bug 656824: Implemented ARB_robustness to detect driver resets in WebGL, only on GLX for now - r=bjacob
d9da4de6579ce684ebcccc199ec624cacd3eb379Doug Sherk — Bug 682496: fixed program-test.html test failures
a8b91106ca5a6018c888445e5229c03612df16a1Benoit Jacob — Bug 697450 - Several WebGL texel unpack/pack functions are not inlined spontaneously, at least by GCC - r=jgilbert
49ae6e1468dd623845e626457a67b3fbeebd32f9Jeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Post-patch cleanup for WebGL antialiasing - r=bjacob
e5bd32b653b80795bb54820c1f5050592a04a163Marty Rosenberg — When using DoubleConditionBitSpecial, actually strip out the bits before emitting an instruction (bug 691073, r=dvander)
ea1435bd96d1958f6f4e73c336f226af3353b740Boris Zbarsky — Bug 697244. Quickstub nsIDOMWindow.self. r=peterv
28afade47ac29654c17c71541018975e6dd48833Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696233. Switch the nth-index cache to having a single hashtable per selector type (from end vs from start and of-type vs not-of-type). Gives somewhat better cache locality on some workloads and makes entry addition much cheaper because we no longer need to initialize all the new memory when the hashtable store is resized; we just initialize the parts of it we need as we need them. r=smaug
dc94c4eb9e4046c3aa6247082c6cee93fa06ba1eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 662489. Reorganize the code flow for determining nth-index values. r=smaug
beb93d0d59afae262c035afa349e22b6bdf899f6Stephan Herhut — Bug 697515 - WeakMap.set should return undefined, not itself. r=jorendorff.
4bb7c983d589d426ad4d31d6161280cad26051bdDão Gottwald — Bug 690227 - Back out bug 455694 (tab drag/detach animations). a=dolske a=legneato
7fd51fabe5d56535d7ee7756f9e35f79fc3b85ebFrank Yan — Bug 697410 - Hide snippets container when it's empty. r=mak
16a8d2ab5240d70ddcd920cfa9c446e6f7b666a5Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
254bfb46c1008f327a33c7c8dec1775d54ad9c20Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 689008: Part 3 - Tests; r=jonas
e050ed22381c186dbfb6a84c8a2914c8a1cd946cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 689008: Part 2 - Fix the cache issue; r=michal
5db5141fb595c6b0607fc9d391d65d86c0811639Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 689008: Part 1 - Skip reading already cached or local resource for blob response; r=jonas
bdbdde9ab432abde409bf1be9322bff54b4e925cAndrew Paprocki — Bug 691001 part 2. AppendAttributeValue escapes values without creating transient StringBuffer and JSFlatString. r=brendan
2fef1412e0e8ec4ef8b60f0c4194907ac17bc58fAndrew Paprocki — Bug 691001 part 1. Hoist property check out of tight loop / prevent unnecessary Namespace object creation. r=brendan
8f1b74f0b569841beb197ea4c38a2b3772ea455bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 697351. Implement has() on the nodelist proxy handler so that we don't have to do the property descriptor song and dance for it. r=peterv
7edf9d07812cad08d1b8e3acd30704339f09f029Marco Bonardo — Backout 08a63bc26c75 (Bug 622232) due to Dromaeo (DOM) regression.
6780aa86cf871ce4568d78d5f27c795e0a95ad2aJan de Mooij — Bug 697076 - Fix some Clang warnings. r=luke
8fb12d907202848a06d5bd312e0914a4d13b660dJan de Mooij — Bug 696803 - Remove unused PushMarkStack function. r=billm
ebd6501de8832c3fc3762f23cbad042d1bddc50fRobert Longson — Bug 696579 - Round out mask, filter and pattern surfaces. r=roc
9367d1dae799e7a91ec24f199b75d6951897021cAlexander Surkov — Bug 695623 - xul:browser is subject of focus event when tabbing from chrome to content process, r=davidb, olli.pettay
fef6e3628e258cc5847576cff8489e7713c5eb0ePhil Ringnalda — Back out cc6b39f2b512 and f2b1103e5177 (bug 695832) for reftest failures
a2cb1c0671d5004423e564c1b43dbc854a707858Robert O'Callahan — Bug 696248. Flush pending onscroll events before painting. r=mats
d7f3bfc7cd46924ea858469d11162846d9901776Matt Woodrow — Bug 695275 - Add test for ThebesLayer -> ImageLayer conversion. r=roc
715363a6428becc3fec330f47dd7149333384017Matt Woodrow — Bug 695275 - Fix crashtest failures with BasicShadowableImageLayer. r=roc
8b89d7037306c52884e4d9b7b068dac16dc01a44Matt Woodrow — Bug 695275 - Fix conversion of ThebesLayers to ImageLayers. r=roc
68d6ef3d84a3bf31b836695810d0585c85db1bf6Matt Woodrow — Bug 695275 - Add CheckAndClearPaintedState to test painting. r=roc
cc6b39f2b51218531a5670af867d401475f3aa32Matt Woodrow — Bug 695832 - Test for perspective origin not being affected by transform origin. r=roc
f2b1103e5177292a3f6712124905accbc935a8b5Matt Woodrow — Bug 695832 - Perpsective origin offset should be relative to the transform origin. r=roc
8d21cf5b59d0dc3cc2d6ee83a88395f108323ccaMatt Woodrow — Bug 697048 - Add multiple output formats for DumpAsDataURL. r=roc
d80584b3d2d471ad0506dc3eac1656a4211cf90bMatt Woodrow — Bug 696517 - Make sure our temporary surface allocation succeeded. r=roc
0c06915f44650adbe99591c34e433eb538bfb6f7Matt Woodrow — Bug 691976 - NULL check the JSContext before using JS_updateMallocCounter. r=Bas
98013fe19dcb4b6f89e0c92fc7f5c42dbcf5c111Robert O'Callahan — Backing out fix for bug 678859 due to unexpected passes --- we need to make sure canvases are always treated as active
8a1f0927d98af71a85b30743fa5d2328da430d9cRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 9bbb30ec51f5
31de0fd80b15568de44c7748a6ff4f1d01f8f2a6Leon Sha — Bug 697014 - Javascript test case testTypedArrays.js failed on sparc with typed array and TI. r=bhackett1024.
2cfcb3a27d4437d191ee219ecf60dc5bddd3ac23Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset be42bc18185a (bug 612128) because of bug 688423
3e8312683e7b99b637a7fef24c8a98b08e488552Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 269ee0275709 (bug 688438) because of bug 688423
40f6b86f9edfc05938551372d0d582068d6c95e6Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset a4d5ca366ef1 (bug 612128 followup) because of bug 688423
6e3203f7d220462956b2cfd9a50670c59aa6262aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 694913 Assume that user clicked on right most of a character if clicked character in composition string is zero-width r=roc+emk
9bbb30ec51f5ab0e155c092ef8e1d03893331881Robert O'Callahan — Bug 678859. Don't create layers for content less than 16x16 pixels. r=tn
926699a40a9b17767447d481291037fe91330da3Kris Maglione — Bug 684347: nsZipWriter::addEntryChannel(queue=true) creates corrupt zip file. r=mossop
e1ae143cc842fa272f41d9ec7fc5a49c4ae2c784Kyle Huey — Bug 697177: Disable test that's triggering some known bugs.
e2f76393d2d014e65c83ff7b7535fc9f717be43cOlli Pettay — Bug 291653, make window level listeners work consistently with other listeners, r=jst
cc66accc81813cd35c5da8f7d50b559c4185ecc2Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
08a63bc26c755fa740ab19c9d12b4b603a1e1508Steve Workman — Bug 622232: Cancel DNS prefetches for HTML Anchor Elems after a tab is closed; r=mcmanus sr=bz
aacc24a428856b1b0e8723703fcf70ecf612ac0eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 695962. imglib: Remove a bunch of null checks after new. r=bholley
7aa60d6408b303b68ea58cea1266cc556fc6de9dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 695498. Cleanup WriteToDecoder a little. r=bholley
cb7af497e97a927ec84fb136609831430c3da23bTed Mielczarek — bug 695685 - Make JS module/component dump go to stdout and flush. r=mrbkap
c5b65b773205904e0fe664ff640410930dfc7e5dNeil Deakin — Back out 3f7638d38b32 as it caused some mac reftest failures
3cf9011b5494ce225e061e0b390f8a33a44b1051Gavin Sharp — Bug 696179: properly cache null results for "alias" from the engineMetadataService so that we avoid hitting SQLite multiple times when entering text in the location bar, r=rflint
8c77d5a44c7cc0955e0ccba74cf63574c7a5164bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 658001. Need to clear mouse capture if the capturing frame is inside a hidden deck panel. r=roc
8dc09fe4d1b99fdbddb059432c737e348d09589dDavid Rajchenbach Teller — Bug 693667 - Track time from requesting an async query to completion via telemetry r=taras
aa3e0cb8b25158d4adafc0a1b03e8456838eac74Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696188. Fix leak when adding different transform lists for animation. r=dholbert
058b227d9a0755d276a087df3a0a1332036d24a4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 696195. Add single-argument SafeElementAt specializations for nsTArrays of smart pointers. r=jlebar
a42104b71190264631ff7a637dbed7fdb25ed2dfPatrick McManus — bug 692260 - pr_poll limit autodiscovery for windows r=jduell
d6f93b72d8040f762b57b3175891f0993e15ee3dMujtaba Arshad — Bug 694804 - Make attempting to serialize an unserializable object in WyciwycChannelParent a real error. r=michal.novotny
7b10766b283c1ba94c92f02c2462b9ec4b6afb8aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 696889 followup - Remove the two patches which are no longer needed from the tree; rs=bjacob
6a19a51a1898d2ca8867ec13358863727639f839Neil Deakin — Bug 696021, followup to bug 694226 which fixes scrollbar atoms
3f7638d38b32b2e5fa221c7816e16f612a9e67b7Neil Deakin — Bug 696746, round width rather than adding one to prevent an extra reflow, r=roc
3131f4933dd48026d607276cfb72e9148481d149Neil Deakin — Bug 503879, remove nsIToolkit, make nsToolkit a singleton, remove it from some widget platforms, and don't pass it around when creating widgets, original patch by robarnold, r=roc
dd18ab29d0e834dd771ed085581b2213a48cea1bBenoit Jacob — Bug 696889 - Upgrade ANGLE to r802 - no review
df2b31a1e4c43040d153d945573ca56df6342d12Landry Breuil — Bug 687320 - On OpenBSD, doesn't exist - r=bjacob
d34eceef145ee13d70ff86611da568fd36ef8a06Benoit Jacob — Bug 696844 - Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15892 - no review
b8260e3e811ea29d0d290c6ae0f56f84fd8af55aEd Morley — Bug 696820 - Fix typo'd MOZ_CRASHREPORTER ifdefs; r=ted
df77779b340e8ba6c93decc7260e8494231d48f4Jonathan Kew — bug 672456 - ensure proper font is selected into the DC for GDI text layout. r=jdaggett
08cb321ba6bf3fde3f5287a995dcd70e72184b15Nick Thomas — Bug 682805, add tag UPDATE_PACKAGING_R15 (on R14), a=legneato DONTBUILD
f2fa4ae74ee1857ac3971a4d85aaf1620d27ec65Olli Pettay — Bug 696020, target key events to html:body, r=bz+enn
9ad06a6f7fb43b3d6c1ae637a8280a3f896b0adfPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
6d9c04fdcffc926bb1b7a901a0e285694d397b96Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 675822 - First sync desktop status page with upload progress bar. r=philikon CLOSED TREE
ac9f6e042ddb831f2e54730260dd31c405a10b47Jonathan Griffin — Bug 696870 - Enable profile folder extensions by default in TPS, a=testonly, DONTBUILD, CLOSED TREE
66cfcedcc8530f5344479e18e77de51e6e46d0d4Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
cf2b4e7d9103542174a10c34c236b9bb66ff595fAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 675822 - Part 4: Sync desktop status page with upload progress bar. r=philikon
0e279914d5bddcb6725f5520168537c8367ef3d7Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 675822 - Part 3: Sync desktop status page with upload progress bar. r=philikon
a6b3ef3e0dbba3d21242cfe756f964436626655fAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 675822 - Part 2: Sync desktop status page with upload progress bar. r=philikon
d6aefca9e62dcc947be6bafb50006152d0b2eff6Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 675822 - Part 1: Sync desktop status page with upload progress bar. r=philikon
0e9e8433d5f033b259d6555de1c372190f6e970bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 693461 - Make inContentUI.css work for XHTML pages. r=dao
ddaf5686c70c07d81f7ed8cebac509efa22e2b50Ehsan Akhgari — Backout bug 677797 while preserving the fix from bug 694432 to see whether it helps with the crashes seen in bug 694432
0b03882d8edfcea1475f3b1f9c3b5fa7a167217dKyle Huey — Bug 692991: Refactor some VERSION_CHANGE transaction locking stuff and disallow transaction creation before databases are completely open. r=bent
a414fc0d982b85ce0f6b6feb1c406315b321663bPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 679590 - Intermittent failure in browser_607016.js | sanity check that tab doesn't have extData. r=dietrich
12b227a42623e4b1a399775023b177d3943ff0ebRobert Longson — Bug 653928 - Animation of path d attribute with elliptical arcs discrete instead of continuous when flags change. r=dholbert
3e11e1feba3facad33230ab3a63fa59c96c60578Ginn Chen — Bug 689916 Fix yarr crashes on SPARC r=dmandelin
b87afa49527d08b46de74a07332945777993f88fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 696739. Treat inline fieldsets as pseudo-stacking-contexts. r=bz
049a08dfadc2cd9be9817bffae36f27f0f2fbaa7Brian Hackett — Always discard methodjit code on GC, remove JM+TM integration, bug 685358. r=dvander
03c236ba6ae0408b00c51a8899ac46989329bac6Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
9e519d2d8dab31e8a1df40d1f3a26ceb9d5b83e6Jeff Walden — Bug 696941 - Privatize Token::u::dval. r=cdleary
621ef0bc88095f5d41d45392caab160e54b85dc5Jeff Walden — Bug 696941 - Make Token::u::reflags private and hidden behind accessors. r=cdleary
c20d0c530997197cd7acb8f6d1f1b4c49a8ad8e7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 696690 - Maemo bustage fix for a394d649cf90. r=red.
933582bd3a8d19773f1fd8b52fe3c9aacc82a176Terrence Cole — Bug 690204 - Migrate jsarray.cpp to CallArgs; r=waldo
a394d649cf905b37c8465704db965f653c2ac0c3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 696690 - Memory reporter for the startup cache. r=tglek.
82c53e5e8fcb4007375152b4900cd36ee3f8594aGeoff Lankow — Bug 693714 - Bootstrapped addons have uninstall & install called on Firefox update; r=dtownsend
c81d0114767361b94e7f28c00bef444d0a75a9b5Jesse Ruderman — Bug 675553 followup: remove tautologous assertions. r=ehsan
f24bb32f3103af157c347660acabdc4be8c01a20Taras Glek — Include enabled addons + persona in telemetry r=Mossop
10b1706610031fd0bae830bd0b2fef9170653f17Matt Brubeck — Bug 691541 - Hack to ensure sidebars are hidden properly during startup [r=mfinkle]
38ec795c60651a31424231b74bfa8df7a25e89ccTaras Glek — Bug 690585 - Report startup interruptions r=glandium
aedc89b90ba58e6396ed89fc05d4fdff1da6f5dbEd Morley — Backout changeset 0144dca654e9 (bug 622232) for M1 permaorange
73e262cd7ee8280f9e1392dfebd7b85d5ee61b88Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 694865 - VC11 cannot compile the IE profile migration code because pstore.h no longer ships with the SDK; r=bbondy
0eed72fc0007db7383719af9bfdb1023a2e85a4fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 694811 - Linking with VC11 fails with an undefined reference error to _IID_IAsyncOperation; r=bbondy
34bf415c96bbc55059400aef440edc92e52285a3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 694802 - VC11 cannot compile nsWindow.cpp because it #includes <pbt.h>; r=bbondy
d6f9285f623e48e540ea777dbd0d01be0deb8a0fIgor Bukanov — bug 684529 - remove script object. r=jorendorff
ce4005246dc96ec22d8210b027467695a2be46d4Bernd — bug 695430 - stop trying to insert previously emptied framelists r=bzbarsky
0144dca654e9cdbc38730d0b44888675c9cbe99cSteve Workman — Bug 622232: Cancel DNS prefetches for HTML Anchor Elems after a tab is closed; r=mcmanus sr=bz
7c5f9e6c34c2f5a1cd6d1296ad358e2c835f6a15Daniel Holbert — Back out 52b481205766 (Bug 429592) for Linux64 opt orange
35cfc34bdc44efa5d76bff56a293e6d5e7b8504cDaniel Holbert — Back out 564e841f1f57 (Bug 429592) for Linux64 opt orange
ead5abe2b5b9626827e6d3a79924cac823c0cab3Justin Lebar — Bug 693404 - Part 2: On Mac, purge MADV_FREE'd pages before reading RSS. r=khuey
2da8044c4ad1f7e353a934e7f446cfda9c1ac121Justin Lebar — Bug 693404 - Part 1: On MacOS, add public jemalloc function to purge MADV_FREE'd pages, making our RSS reflect reality. r=khuey
562dc433887a2720b204b479b21c8f3f157ea29aJustin Lebar — Back out bug 693404 (2f7668cd67bc, 3db099ca452a) due to red.
2f7668cd67bcfb16f108352530c28783e010308eJustin Lebar — Bug 693404 - Part 2: On Mac, purge MADV_FREE'd pages before reading RSS. r=khuey
3db099ca452a6d1d063b4c824cc5fc6a4607be77Justin Lebar — Bug 693404 - Part 1: On MacOS, add public jemalloc function to purge MADV_FREE'd pages, making our RSS reflect reality. r=khuey
564e841f1f57234109ff6e071367bf0dd398bb1dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 429592 - Add a monitor thread for process hangs and crash by default if a chrome process doesn't end up back in the event loop for more than 30 seconds. By default this affects non-debug builds only. r=cjones/bent
52b481205766e583307c5de01d96079133487735Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 429592 part A - allow AnnotateCrashReport to be called from off the main thread in the chrome process, r?ted
e6f9db38f49292a6f7554a6befd9177faea6c01eBrad Lassey — [mq]: Backout changeset 78e519331f40 because of build bustage on android
a955bd83e9dfd8de73b846d58feba6f3397c8365Marco Castelluccio — Bug 642957 - Remove obsolete x|0 and x << 0 optimization. r=jandem
1595eb996964849255d4a18b1756bb6cfd661c54Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 694499 for pa-risc. r=ted
78e519331f400178965ac51e875bd805736d0043Brad Lassey — bug 633239 - event loop responsiveness for Android r=dougt
58563c49a53197379a83eb81233d11b655cfd082Jason Orendorff — Report an error when trying to watch an E4X property with a qualified name, rather than set a watchpoint that will not hit reliably. Bug 691746, r=jimb.
9cc812d5d96a7778bae9c130357eb006c67bca66Jason Orendorff — Bug 695907 - Use qualified C++ definitions in js/src/frontend instead of wrapping whole .cpp files in namespace js {...}. r=luke.
7e48b16bb2d49c132e3bf008691a2451428f7392Ted Mielczarek — bug 694499 - get rid of jscpucfg binary. r=jimb
767693e248aa388febeb987291aece0ab7269c6eEd Morley — Backout 26ac81280f33 (bug 692911) for Moth orange on all platforms & M2 orange on win opt
26ac81280f33998ce7492691ecabc0e872d007a2Kyle Huey — Bug 692911: Refactor some VERSION_CHANGE transaction locking stuff and disallow transaction creation before databases are completely open. r=bent
58eb2ebcc7d2dcea0a8b2c01908513e204cfdd4dKyle Huey — Bug 696603: Handle null being passed to BlobBuilder.append. r=sicking
07dc138667561d34e26c6d722a4015aed63466bdBrendan Eich — Make test for bug 695577 shell-only pending investigation.
0cff4fe76772bcdde4a67f7a32f13a62008df3d3Brendan Eich — Ban E4X in ES5 strict mode (bug 695577, r=luke).
182a55b58e0171f0e14e5e750204f6e26299db23Benoit Jacob — Bug 665578 - Use ANGLE's built-in-function-emulation feature on Mac - r=jrmuizel
a1b89b4913ca9d9e647eebc4858f695c74b2e2a8Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
969648d5182542a4c7472a7e94a5d252f856a0b1Oleg Romashin — Bug 693938 - Force mark PuppetWidget root scroll layer as opaque. r=roc
85be1cf6dd9e111473a5525bd23415ed3b783ed8Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 695833: Update NSS to NSS_3_13_1_BETA2. Includes fixes for
5cfb2cfe8bebc3325e2e8796bd0fe09e35c7b1f2Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 685400 - add "to" syntax and "magic corner" feature to CSS linear gradient. r=dbaron
1b935b8b50342a96b4e1f04610169fab4c9e2d7cGeoff Lankow — Bug 581065 - Allow searching for incompatible add-ons if compatibility checks are disabled. r=dtownsend
9819261d79301c0344e3cf3c298cefab8d3d6440Nathan Froyd — Bug 681535 - XUL reflow telemetry; r=dbaron
66f51670652f567af2674a1adc12c3caad576722Dave Townsend — Bug 693743: Some 3rd party add-ons are getting installed into the profile and are not disabled on start-up. r=Unfocused
356cd0d8f5a10010bf1aaea4f6430701e61af2c9Brian Hackett — Don't inline scripts which native and getter IC stubs have been generated for, bug 683804. r=dvander
7080e47505e6bdbd110f78ec65ef86a0aee3f3d7Tom Schuster — Small style fixes no bu r=lumpy
5622da118913de97bc565304abb91fcb882be75cBrian Hackett — Get more precise known type tag for type sets containing any object, bug 685472. r=dvander
1fa31fa8508280b5299234e9c2981925f9aeca84Benoit Jacob — Bug 696009 and bug 695947 - frequent linux-pgo intermittent oranges since Bug 615976 (WebGL AA) landed - no review, fix bustage
66ab3bbae4c5980afc688ecc691bd32e11d78433Phil Ringnalda — Back out 9fa7d2c8ec2d and a0784cecf9bd (bug 696009 and bug 695947) to investigate the unlikely but apparent way they broke a Linux debug browser-chrome test by touching a mochitest-1 test
72bb20c484a2e0e6c796aed85544d7c6c5b9abe6Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
372c8e0fedccfdadfec86265f78459f0dd09b571Jared Wein — Bug 692640 - Video statistics text overlaps itself on small dimension videos. r=dolske
99398f1203a3407a7083243d79b306cb7d9b29f8Rob Campbell — merge
007f57853973dccc38059870f9cd1b67e0753412Rob Campbell — Bug 685893 - style inspector properties and methods to be moved out of the panel, a=orange
3ea40dce60e88f55233b9bfe3e8546a65e209cb9Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 679590 - debug orange in browser_607016.js
406dedadfb047f3b01e1c6ef5ef82e44104d4fbfRaymond Lee — Bug 696012 - e10s support for Panorama Tests r=tim
c2fa5b808a6454f0f80d7bdf3e7df7f685ba2d49Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
359389696002fdbc3fd608a7e308a19acd208d35Paul Rouget — Bug 683906 - Make the Highlighter Toolbar look like shorlander's design; r=dao
a0abf1681c3d671d13afdeded3f5b6981ff39548Rob Campbell — Bug 685893 - style inspector properties and methods to be moved out of the panel; r=msucan
a67521de22d58740095ba8babfa2c7ac6f821c3fMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 685900 - csshtmltree.refreshPanel should use a setTimeout loop to improve performance (cancel-able); r=msucan
f9644e6e81d5cb0c316379ff86a20d76e5683ae1Paul Rouget — Bug 690068 - highlighter and infobar should not be visible if node is not highlightable; r=rcampbell
d0624ec08430c938a35a36019775f847fd276970Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
832ee3b6ca1fa2f23d2197969a59b13c75f298ccTim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
4d5244c0a0def3475d55a137a7c86ed07c1f4e4cJavi Rueda — Bug 495511 - Remove All Cookies button is enabled when no cookies are present. r=jwein
7b05a3d1f56e054d21716fabaebd6076756020b0Frank Yan — Bug 695482 - Open 'Search Google for <selection>' in the foreground. r=gavin ui-r=limi
9fa7d2c8ec2d458c2bc9395e5a89973d3db52d1aBenoit Jacob — Bug 696009 - Fix trivial mistake in a0784cecf9bd which would have caused us to use this fix on all platforms whereas it is only needed on linux - r=bustage
a0784cecf9bdbf8cb6dd14d948da8a877124d86aBenoit Jacob — Bug 696009 and bug 695947 - frequent linux-pgo intermittent oranges since Bug 615976 (WebGL AA) landed - no review, fix bustage
7ba4cea5382dda70acbc94ac91013958d8dfaad7Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
d252e090c6cfd751b2744ecc03da056ca738f2a4Marco Bonardo — Backout cb50e96dbee0 (Bug 677079) for Win PGO mochitests failures.
01d0d7a3e4f7017d77f5500f88fe2884e8c1f502Marco Bonardo — Backout 73512caf4647 (bug 692260) for Ts regression.
baea99de141d00907525deb08a40f23c4f95b0beJesse Ruderman — Bug 696266 - Add some values to layout/style/test/property_database.js. r=dbaron
248ffe091880c0e45547ec17d368095446f96c6fPhil Ringnalda — Back out c36c8203eefe (bug 696281) for causing 10.5 trace-malloc leak tests to hang, like the apparently-not-out-of-date comment said it would
cb50e96dbee0f90e7f48e50e7f169ec30ba82598Bill McCloskey — Bug 677079 - Remove jscntxt.h from INSTALLED_HEADERS (r=Waldo)
41f8fb72be221799fbd3ef3aa044eb57dd70cde2Jim Blandy — Bug 696261: Correct references to 'tempPool' in comments; it's now 'tempLifoAlloc'. r=cdleary
107c941e27dced818c50b5e213a99f3cde5396ebJeff Walden — Pick up a few straggler uses of {NS,JS}_ARRAY_LENGTH, probably added since the switch but before the deprecation announcement, and convert them to mozilla::ArrayLength. Also convert the two users of PR_ARRAY_SIZE, yet another length-computing macro, to mozilla::ArrayLength. No bug, r=sparky
c09b6f933f7676c167625958a4dd3da195317a5dDaniel Holbert — Bug 693801: Remove redundant initialization for nsHTMLReflowState::mFlags.mIsTopOfPage. r=dbaron
924091e5589e83a94dac374cff04ee266e5fa412Dan Williams — Bug 639959 - Support NetworkManager 0.9.0; r=bz
29edecdbbea7ad905b2787bca9540c11affd5a52Daniel Holbert — back out 15e15fead382 (Bug 693743) for timeouts in Linux crashtest, jsreftest, and reftest suites
73512caf4647f79b7c0d019ca11e390bac61b424Patrick McManus — bug 692260 - pr_poll limit autodiscovery for windows r=jduell
36d12bbf310a006adb8529850317e3c0cb9b1ea8Oleg Romashin — Bug 694706 - Get rid of checkerboard for remote viewport. r=cjones
15e15fead382a9fbfaa9b12ea049b24089b3555fDave Townsend — Bug 693743: Some 3rd party add-ons are getting installed into the profile and are not disabled on start-up. r=Unfocused
2d6f586ee5b002c9ada0c1782c678f6aae4b557dLuke Wagner — Bug 696108 - hoist EmitFor, EmitForIn, EmitNormalFor out of EmitTree (r=jorendorff)
838ec216947e40d88b442f9bd0a922b6388b7592Mitchell Field — Bug 593768 - Remove --enable-cpp-exceptions configure option; r=ted
b4a2c466a8cf160e1a691bbb14af8492674787e9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 694213. Make various display items return bounds in the correct coordinate space. r=roc
b22e5232952c8bac4d05864b9ae00012a524e19aDão Gottwald — Bug 696381 - Library search field should be opaque regardless of aero glass. r=mak
051b3d8ed54547bacc6036a1386754c4e385fb61Justin Lebar — Bug 683777 - In an attempt to fix a crash in nsDocShell::InternalLoad, re-land bug 646641 with an extra null-check. r=smaug
c36c8203eefeb47cb8446cc2345066354477ff90Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 696281 - Disable trace malloc stacks on OS X too. r=dbaron.
475896b92d6c189a53fbf680995b32dac8cc9513Kyle Huey — Bug 696362: OpenDatabaseHelper can release objects on the wrong thread. r=bent
e79245e249c486bf7ebb3748846b4e2872a56b16Richard Newman — Merge s-c and m-c.
01942de9ff57fa60755eb1271afa7252ecb247b1Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c on a CLOSED TREE
96c48e41ce91f96ff3e69e6abba997e64010f624Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge backout on this CLOSED TREE
353f5413395827fef072b15e6f30da40bfdeed27Philipp von Weitershausen — Back out bug 684798 parts 1 thru 3.
b957b1741f6823aef6f8980cc3a7e1802c676d4dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Back out bug 692714 and bug 684798 part 4.
a90cea9fee2113cf4ac0a849268a115fc287a07cRichard Newman — Bug 692714 - Part 2: port tests to SyncServer for non-Aurora landing. r=philikon
a8acc35de8a5a98beb830a497cd29986718a5a09Richard Newman — Bug 692714 - Part 1: handle node reassignment on all storage requests. r=philikon
9982ff744731b4f8cd924af3a950345814342cc9Richard Newman — Bug 692714 - Part 0: cleanup and logging. r=philikon
439b5c6088c1f77881b675e5de4452a5c1b6fa31Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 684798 - Part 4: Schedule syncs on temporary/recoverable login errors. r=rnewman CLOSED TREE
a0a374e2976c55d3e43ddf45585b07f43b465436Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
47950c8ae523664dc1d170fff85c99fec14bcaa6Richard Newman — Bug 694728 - Sync: Log Status transitions. r=philikon
d9281069d6b824361e8a772e5d18edb9b21faf29Richard Newman — Bug 694744 - Typo in JS Sync server. r=philikon
8c1ad90b6804312e7866cb733cf12368af4628a4Richard Newman — Bug 694657 - Part 1: Sync: test JS server 404 for GET on missing WBO. r=philikon
9c072e3fa13857e553ddc24e9cb5ecb30ab97aecRichard Newman — Bug 694657 - Part 0: rename 's' to 'server'. r=philikon
cc0be790f8c658ef937981689ec71f066fec3f35Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 692249 - Persist nextSync and numClients, use nextSync for sync after startup. r=rnewman
9a34387605eae0ada07567343b9ce45c7a4bba1aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 694149 - Tweak sync intervals to reduce server load. r=rnewman,atoll
2c9b36620889ee79db0547b7c4f6ab576ad66138Richard Newman — Bug 693864 - Implement /storage DELETE handling in test JS Sync server. r=philikon
f06dfa65c0beca988e13f26644be2aa498446511Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 684798 - Part 3: Catch server errors when wiping/disabling engines. r=rnewman
c7a5c385d01aa5fd4f38f4f74ecb9acb643bcbbcPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 684798 - Part 2: Sanitize wipeServer and catch all server maintenance errors. r=rnewman
f15a17ef38dd73dd123a9279b9e0533124ee2c72Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 684798 - Part 1: Catch server errors for crypto/keys. r=rnewman
75eaad17724f031b2fd2dc61ec999222a02363efOleg Romashin — Bug 695406 - Reset IPC double buffers if the ContentType has changed. r=cjones
1e9e171fc33da7afae98ea5be29082e52876ea35Marco Bonardo — Backout 564144b09c4b, 049ba0a8823f, 608feeb4539c, d2e6a61338cc (Bug 695275) to investigate Android Crashtests permaorange.
97437826246d06390217c4d4328b6ea72af332adMarco Bonardo — Backout 73dc291f8974 (Bug 695406) to investigate Android Crashtests permaorange
aedcc358e4a98bb3cec1e32f0cfb6bb6dff6fca0Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
fb302f2dd9c29f48891c9493054f1978780fb4f8Jonathan Kew — bug 695639 - use the proper iterator to convert offsets into the textrun in GetFontFacesForText. r=roc
da826567f7951c1241dc0699f6ba80738984fca1Jonathan Kew — bug 695639 - test for GetFontFacesForText with textrun wrapped onto multiple lines. r=roc
d031d09fe889fb38e75a3f1ba996049cad4f37a9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 695756 - add missing files to 986f31890872. r=red.
986f31890872449ffbaa9043cb00f25f18236ab3Terrence Cole — Bug 695756 - Implement js::BooleanObject. r=nnethercote.
17ef2ebb8ef98c90d3df71025cd896c000fd17bfJeff Muizelaar — Bug 694039. Work around OpenGL quirks in the plugin process. r=bgirard
ca6cd3b13ea3e24955ed7c119f34d60f04123029Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 695422. js: Return NULL instead of false. r=luke
81fdcdc7368d618d238fd9f107ada176a050e0baJeff Muizelaar — Bug 690456. Initialize sz in a clearer way. r=joedrew
2606bc44cb7cceeafe055da65136e1f9a4d49052Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 695171. Make our operator new throw std::bad_alloc. r=cjones
344e0e0cabe451fd8d99f0b5729d8cd3b7121fa9Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 695324. Fix precedence problem found with clang warning. r=mounir
7eefb2f21c4c60a14c2e89a33024a199ce6eeab5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 691754. Change the decoder constructor to use a c++ reference instead of a pointer. r=joe
edcd501674466d546fb08e96068212830e10e375Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
095174dc1a95fc394057ae8764f8f4c5e899f9c1Timothy Nikkel — Backout 18f70ede04b0 (bug 694213).
af7752f0ae31852b5b2550fbfc567b23fb112d86Robert O'Callahan — Bug 681867. Part 2: remove nsDisplayForcePaintOnScroll. r=mats
c27c06a3a50a646227fadabf0c02568ef554bd3dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 681867. text-overflow only needs to affect the scrolling behavior of the block container with text-overflow. r=mats
564144b09c4b39a7b72183459cfe18742a321ebaMatt Woodrow — Bug 695275 - Follow-up to fix review comments that I missed.
73dc291f89748f97c974f70aec7680a05dcba584Oleg Romashin — Bug 695406 - Reset IPC double buffers if the ContentType has changed. r=cjones
049ba0a8823f57a2b983a679821adb8d68288b33Matt Woodrow — Bug 695275 - Add test for ThebesLayer -> ImageLayer conversion. r=roc
608feeb4539c0f247010c57f1d4117d801f9120eMatt Woodrow — Bug 695275 - Fix conversion of ThebesLayers to ImageLayers. r=roc
d2e6a61338cc99e595e88f579bed6e9462e61706Matt Woodrow — Bug 695275 - Add nsIDOMWindowUtils::CheckAndClearPaintedState to test painting. r=roc
107c99294be752ed674a6327fc49c0e96dffaa68Terrence Cole — Bug 696211 - Align ChunkInfo by inserting padding in Chunk; r=billm
6f0c66b2ce76d715f744b11137ad6f0e81e1f72aNicholas Nethercote — Back out 56ec5e954858 (from bug 685783) due to a Dromaeo regression.
7e3755411d0966649fc1a9d62d4226bdf78313ebJustin Lebar — No bug - Fix vim modelines in hal. rs=biesi DONTBUILD
990dff1b8831a7b3c95dc4b97f25a6d287ea8774Marco Bonardo — Bug 696158 - Adapt expiration aggressivity to the distance from the history limit.
48967fae1b5c33a2e72b6f7775c271eb1a4db2d0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 695538 another test followup. Make sure that the test actually _could_ pass.
e1fa0271b5720ad6a0f4fe0f5c712e3d175a4e66Boris Zbarsky — Bug 695538 followup. Fix typo in reference and format the test to look more like the reference.
319d9347630716d8fec1c2532b4d7ca25113e6d5Benoit Girard — Bug 688844 - Stop using PBuffers for plugins on OS X. r=jrmuizel
a4d5ca366ef1a80cc165f28196e0818bc20ac335Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 followup - Adjust the assertion count because bug bug 695364 should be fixed now
18f70ede04b0e5be0dbcc309b4a044e2834129c5Timothy Nikkel — Bug 694213. Make various display items return bounds in the correct coordinate space. r=roc
2739199a5bbdf69e87a466d8b47f78fb796831cbDave Townsend — Bug 694595: Some settings for add-ons aren't being migrated when we change database schemas. r=Unfocused
064189e08af2f25ff05157efce6fb61633070341Dave Townsend — Bug 693698: 3rd Party add-ons from the application folder are not disabled on upgrade. r=Unfocused
7324c75b47caba4cd479db1b25e1fe3310e187caEhsan Akhgari — Bug 694880 - The editable state is not updated correctly when designMode is turned off; r=bz,peterv
269ee0275709eb007bc3cc8f82fe649efe07791aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 688438 - Fix the IME code to handle text controls correctly when checking for IME status; r=bzbarsky
be42bc18185a53721ac7070b144455b61745fb3fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612128 - Prevent the editor from modifying nodes which are not under an editing host; r=roc,bzbarsky
9a6b48af2f9f38bfcd45c39a4df84d3c91100123Andrew McCreight — Bug 680482, part 2 - change debug string for grey globals to help analysis scripts. r=mrbkap
5314e3475f86e6f3691579bfbde4a935972e85cbAndrew McCreight — Bug 680482, part 1 - add new js::DumpHeapComplete to dump the entire heap. r=billm
bae188e97e34726aea6b4755eef343d691b57f9fBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 694953 - Check the node type of an <svg:mpath> link before derefencing the link, not just the node name, r=dholbert
ffbfb6a8d250b6621f667665fa857778b22f153dJustin Lebar — Bug 695691 - Fix fscanf warning about %lu attached to size_t in nsMemoryReporterManager.cpp. r=njn
5404bcfc627f37673bea5cde978608d12e6094ffGavin Sharp — Bug 695322: fix browser_privatebrowsing_searchbar.js to clean up after itself and succeed when run individually, r=ehsan
eb1d7530ea96696526ef9fef62b755039b6038cbGavin Sharp — Bug 692130: move tabview code and tests to browser/components/tabview, r=ttaubert
160410d0608c14849382c5438d915a2cac6f9cbeGavin Sharp — Bug 695320: fix TabView::init to support window state changes that both hide/remove the toolbar, r=ttaubert
103807cd0432222b0e0828d4239b9252135bbbb3Josh Aas — Bug 695965: Fix use of uninitialized memory in nsUrlClassifierDBService::CheckClean. r=bent
f0a6064f5fc11e70424e12b84965d1596e5df0b3Josh Aas — Bug 695968: Fix use of uninitialized memory in nsLookAndFeel::NativeGetColor. r=roc
159a1ce7cabc8a2ead7a1ee33312059251268705Marco Zehe — Bug 694266 - Change about window to be an accessible dialog and put all relevant static info into its acc description. r=gavin
da852a7882b5240265b4ab27c2ad084c99669616Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 693258 (Fixes for test failures when turning off new list DOM bindings). r=bz/Waldo.
f7ed9d64a8d7f1fe382830e201c21d06c0585347Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 669096 (Injecting function from chrome extends the lifetime of navigated-away inner window). r=mrbkap.
1e67f08f9a08e2db89e47aae80e94477668ef820Arpad Borsos — Bug 695121 - Auto scroll does not work on;
a99d60858d8645243986ca70fd9a452224645d55Wellington Fernando de Macedo — Bug 664894. Eliminate nsWebSocketEstablishedConnection and fold code into nsWebSocket. r=jduell
95a89a2a8e7a2305b94fc6e0ec73a48fa8997c16Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu — Bug695538 - Make sure that trailing spaces don't get dropped by nsCSSFrameConstructor::CreateNeededTablePseudos in certain cases. r=bz
991504bc6f4ff110e1cef6b495a227de98339f5cRalph Giles — Bug 695102 - fix a comment typo. r=cpearce
5d9b31e3297022010d6d10d87e6ceb4014398cd4Geoff Lankow — Bug 675371 - load/unload chrome.manifest files for bootstrapped addons automatically; r=dtownsend
0cec1d2a0705c2e4cd5a4b6a1fddea7c1b6b0329Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 694722 - Remove support code for obsolete platforms from js/src/ r=ted
eb8d12d360dba9c32a7a5493e67ab6d137113a3ejhorak — Bug 694261 - link xpcshell against jemalloc on ia64. r=bz
a4d50bd8053464450ba5326eafa50cf9b4f7c1eeJavi Rueda — Bug 448717 - Firefox improperly names html file type "Firefox Document". r=rstrong
2afc252b4d39edd6c9f5dda96e4fd74483f29b6cJeff Gilbert — Bug 696093 - Fix ResizeOffscreenFBO not properly retrying when AA fails - r=bjacob
6cd262091470ec77b938c81e88c51927c99b1f40Kyle Huey — Bug 687361: Implement the new IndexedDB setVersion API. r=bent
656c921623a87228b252a4ef5e680dad6fd17d0eOlli Pettay — Bug 695758 - Don't limit E10s event/focus handling to xul:browser, but allow also xul:iframe, r=felipe
67673422f7d2eb344b763465c738d83cc5e8480cZack Weinberg — Bug 659963: consistently use infallible malloc in the CSS parser. r=dbaron
6d0fded8a2b3c01b6d8cec4c86facbf1c01cbf41Zack Weinberg — Bug 543151 part 2: Remove the special (but inconsistent with the error console) handling of hard tabs; small tidiness tweaks. r=dbaron
f83e3947a7cc283daa3c5b9fe43e188c4d5d4cfbZack Weinberg — Bug 543151 part 1: Remove stream-processing code from nsCSSScanner.cpp. r=dbaron
f6df1f113f794d0288ea6340305a3cceecea2829Michael Wu — Bug 695304 - Fix bookmark importing from IE, r=mak
2d649d1cc360cd4308c903a3adaf90ac70cf87b2Jason Orendorff — Comment out busted assertions. See bug 695922. r=red.
68dc332516426779a00b6d47f183646b83b0eba3Jason Orendorff — Follow-up for bug 695752. Fix "error: extra ';'" and "warning: empty macro arguments are undefined in ISO C90 and ISO C++98" (this broke maemo). r=red.
56ec5e954858b976485d9f4de4a070708470c364Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 685783 - Take advantage of slop bytes in js::Vector. r=luke.
477f20a61cbaab6d9070a19fc1a7857c2e5b2f8bJason Orendorff — Bug 695752 - Part 3 - class ParseNodeAllocator. r=luke.
7e5a4585d4658122de696a13601fd54eb9b92a72Jason Orendorff — Bug 695752 - Part 2 - Add Parser::new_ methods for creatinng parse nodes. r=luke.
7a5a2d0857bdc39f54013d712747652d85e4a5feJason Orendorff — Bug 695752 - Part 1 - Give js::ParseNode a constructor. r=luke.
959ff7fea1e8130affc569b617dac85967db20dfMatthew Gregan — Bug 693095 - Fix audio stream position estimation for remoted streams. Also resurrect audio thread wait removed in bug 669556 when using remoted audio streams. r=cpearce
9fd182788cd777ae019d823d4f34e332700c7948Matthew Gregan — Bug 695240 - ogg_int64_t should be 64-bit everywhere. r=derf r=rillian
92900f4e19f1f4bf0414fcac2474755587cc6e14Matthew Gregan — Bug 693131 - Short sounds are inaudible on Android. r=dougt
1a4c18efd917941f1a678600ab6d8b299a37a062Mark Reid — Bug 694447 - Broken idle telemetry reporting. r=mak
a4bd037eb2524a37d1fd29fe01c9c0ff644a15b8Jason Orendorff — Bug 695549 - Rename almost everything in the JS front end. Part 4, rename js::Compiler to js::BytecodeCompiler and fix up old comments referring to jsparse.c etc. r=luke.
1c151e4cc979e256b90714750aeb9ddfc4c2c182Jason Orendorff — Bug 695549 - Rename almost everything in the JS front end. Part 3, rename tokenizer global functions and put them in the js namespace. r=luke.
39cbf5aa4c4c92d60070525e0690e3899d82a191Jason Orendorff — Bug 695549 - Rename almost everything in the JS front end. Part 2, rename emitter global functions and put them in the js::frontend namespace. r=luke.
318083d40e1c65d0dbd6213c85299cf2774c3f4aJason Orendorff — Bug 695549 - Rename almost everything in the JS front end. Part 1, rename types and put them in the js namespace. r=luke.
609372752255d36aa3d6205fc04f2acc8c4f091eWan-Teh Chang — Bug 695833: Update NSS to NSS_3_13_1_BETA1, which includes fixes for
e13c356c0a4573cecb0725242cfe7a50c1b5c9a9Jeff Walden — Bug 656059 - Initialize a bunch of variables which some versions of gcc (but not 4.6.1) think might be used uninitialized. Technically none need to be, but this code isn't hot, so no reason not to just initialize and move on. r=warnings
d5e6ea418eea2d650a2f1fdbe4cff4e368888cd0Jeff Walden — Bug 656059 - Ask for specific original prototypes in much of jstracer.cpp, not through a generic JSProtoKey-keyed interface. r=jorendorff
bdd89e099e60a020e3b6a8be3bef42374bf7a8e6Jeff Walden — Bug 655907 - Start adding GlobalObject-specific methods to get Object.prototype, Function.prototype, and a few others, and use them where it's easy to do so. r=jorendorff
5b13e63313a8b76b47db2b1066d1c5597f384441Jeff Walden — Bug 694210 - Fix regressions from bug 668024 landing: first a forgotten check for denseness exceeding 2**32 - 1, second for a performance regression from an optimization condition that doesn't hold often enough and bit kraken-stanford-crypto-sha256-iterative. r=bhackett
f864bf022b6923924e2951f575a51cbd4dea8de2Jeff Walden — Bug 692333 - Split setProperty into property and generic forms, and use them throughout the engine. r=bhackett
8ee42c873213ae394f454f38f17fbda056ff6c60Jeff Walden — Bug 692039 - Split defineProperty into property and generic forms, and use them throughout the engine. r=bhackett
9291abf9fd17b92023e62e33631b13b9732dd0ecJeff Walden — Bug 691993 - Split deleteProperty into property and generic forms, and use them throughout the engine. r=bhackett
5a848c512af7c8a28ba18d458e467c8bf1f9869cJeff Walden — Bug 691992 - Split getAttributes and setAttributes into property and generic forms, and use them throughout the engine. r=bhackett
bf09dbe3fcd74c455ce5b6196b1ee752089410d5Jeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Fix ResizeOffscreenFBO to attempt resize without AA if resize with AA failed - r=bjacob
69dfebdcfdd3f2660873b01ddd355ea16bd90e78Jeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Fixes for support for multisampled Linux/GLX GLContexts - r=bjacob
16849a9b474588215bc98f9b50f3900becb5123aJeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Fixes layer compositing with AA on Mac - r=bjacob
4cada6574ad4cd8fb29bc3aa14285bfeaa339851Jeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Fixes for support for multisampled Mac/CGL GLContexts - r=bjacob
b9efa34601afec335b9b2caa2286118f6c3135b2Jeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Adds support for multisampled GLContexts, esp. EGL, WGL paths - r=bjacob
4d12cfb7ef319ffe19aa176e5121b51099fd8b34Jeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Adds glRenderBufferStorageMultisample, extension detection for framebuffer_multisample - r=bjacob
695f7fad2f538b56318d43f57e64113188e0dcbfJeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Adds support for samples in ContextFormat, pref 'webgl.max-samples' - r=bjacob
941b7fe14983e6103b10de9794c7ccb98f44addaJeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Adds support for separate Draw/Read buffers in GLContext, with lazy blitting - r=bjacob
17c58be07034706f09e2715442879882d285baf0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 615976 - Fix WebGL to default to trying to have anti-aliasing - r=bjacob
716915ed489cdfecbb2e5455718b29504bedcbe4Jeff Gilbert — Bug 681791 - Fixes GLContext::ResizeOffscreen leaving a mess on failure - r=bjacob
f5f1228fc7abe7da15dc8b16e525a2a78dd99516Jeff Gilbert — Bug 686083 - Adds method to disable GL implementations - r=bjacob
b3d39e8a44b8360740ff0f3d8dc65a4a40af5d18Benoit Jacob — Back out Jeff's patches because they lack a Bug number and/or a r= field. Sorry, should have checked that. Re-landing.
54dde714ef41d7b8659792a13e9cde14530fc09dJosh Matthews — Bug 691424 - Ensure that plugin processes that can't create a crash reporter actor abort the plugin creation process. r=bsmedberg
f1b0380e2fb6dd35cf9065fca6050b7f8a555359Timothy Nikkel — Bug 695245. Misc view related code cleanup. Mostly dead code removal. r=roc
99ff28c241885160bff91e147a3c3d218165abccJeff Gilbert — Fix ResizeOffscreenFBO to attempt resize without AA if resize with AA failed
c4d1bdcb0c3fd17d39d7c348cf52e17356639a26Jeff Gilbert — Fixes for support for multisampled Linux/GLX GLContexts
6cef5f8378a4b720d5cd301b5d7250b3dc13bf09Jeff Gilbert — Fixes layer compositing with AA on Mac
e393f548f8cbf2a9c0c21886a2294774230382a1Jeff Gilbert — Fixes for support for multisampled Mac/CGL GLContexts
01ec87781de74a8fe199ada2b90ac34a760ceee8Jeff Gilbert — Adds support for multisampled GLContexts, esp. EGL, WGL paths
18244ca9345757ce10854cd92623d9b86bea8bb4Jeff Gilbert — Adds glRenderBufferStorageMultisample, extension detection for framebuffer_multisample
4b49db2604963948bfc49f4bea2a95912b734b97Jeff Gilbert — Adds support for samples in ContextFormat, pref 'webgl.max-samples'
f1ec346a9e49289259cbed85dda4e98e9ddf05f8Jeff Gilbert — Adds support for separate Draw/Read buffers in GLContext, with lazy blitting
721032cd3c84eefd6058c19a4b3b39200a98e3a0Jeff Gilbert — Fix WebGL to default to trying to have anti-aliasing
8583488f52414908d896d8281542ec704477d6d3Jeff Gilbert — Bug 681791 - Fixes GLContext::ResizeOffscreen leaving a mess on failure
30454fc8f442f6b3e82957dc5264e9cfbad078ddJeff Gilbert — Fix for 686083: Adds method to disable GL implementations
dfa418ec22f14645505a0cb5ccad1443755b94d4Robert Longson — Bug 693183 - move image processing to the frame class. r=jwatt
cb5d09b48f03f2d08d19eecf01b2595d8ad97707Brian Hackett — Remove JIT prefs from, bug 693815. r=dmandelin
e4f083b20defdcde63dbf6c54f7c2cb929ba5157Brian Hackett — Fix bogus assert, bug 685472. r=dvander
630de2647c0b472a63e80313ab662c1a28a220e7Steven Michaud — Bug 687610 - QuickTime can't play media from the network cache when running OOP. r=bsmedberg
33160751ee86ea422f157900f537ccc9167e89fcJames Willcox — Bug 692198 - Make Flash on Android draw to bitmap intead of SurfaceView directly
96928459cadbe47b8148f21d143da7e87e046bc9James Willcox — Bug 692200 - Make 'plugins.force.wmode' pref override any other wmode
1cd13969b61e317d5956b197b69e632b2f9624a3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 694801 - VC11 fails to compile angle because pool_allocator<T> doesn't have operator =; r=bjacob
43afe74d5ac0ac98ab8f3535a1652069d941e071Robert Longson — Backout Bug 693183
e87a24fb8e41c0eb7906c6585aabeae27cb91f23Robert Longson — Bug 693183 - Simplify class animation processing. r=jwatt
8a237243d5ca53c4bf6c1558c01b58f3b916d56fDavid Bolter — Bug 680085 - Don't traverse dirty text frames when computing rendered text. r=roc
604f0f9eabdaa34054221b50edc190fec9a90050Michal Novotny — Bug 681546 - Avoid large cache evictions as disk fills by smoothing "smart" max cache size.
e1c79e98e4ee7a02762d04ca13a71f05864a77a6Joel Maher — Bug 695513 - Remote reftests should fail more cleanly if an invalid test manifest is passed in. r=mw22
1eb208e16555476fc696567afdfc2c4fcbdeb978Michal Novotny — Bug 681407 - crash nsLocalFile::CopyMove
3b2891425788f5b623aed276af53debe759e4beeMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
34bfd522f6306dd890998253d55740c47d3f6ccbWilliam Lachance — Bug 695513 - Remote reftests should fail cleanly if invalid test manifest specified. r=jmaher
08e265c528efcd8af4fbbffc2c8261b71b018628Joel Maher — Bug 694976 - convert the rest of eventutils.js functions to use SpecialPowers. r=ted
2c4eccfeceede5fc31ae4701a098a9f6a04c8082Joel Maher — Bug 674321 - port docshell_helpers.js to SpecialPowers. r=ted
c4aca24c69c82bd49b77b10d24a44f0a8a29256cJoel Maher — Bug 675245 - cleanup pluginutils and SimpleTest.executeSoon() to utilize specialpowers. r=ted
311fdb9b38b7b23acc8a00b20abd0b2e3d6430ddMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6d6fdd47ee1bf134c1c0d38c3170a4d4979421a1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 691690 - Part 2: Use UTF-8 flag on copy. r=gavin
c9ec8dc0fd615b9c91f3863d60ddd6fa11dc474bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 691690 - Part 1: Add UTF-8 flag to createFixupURI. r=bz
1b656851fd53fbbab39dbe01cf3b05b6997c54c7Simon Montagu — Resynchronize the Shift_JIS converter after unrecognized sequences. Bug 690225, r=emk
8a34e6bed3615e5a5498f4b81ee9d43ff2c05081Justin Lebar — Bug 683777 - Back out bug 646641 on suspicion of causing crashes. rs=smaug
8bdb43713c4d418a133649358d45f3642a83dc67Boris Zbarsky — Merge backout of changeset 0d2caaf1d0a8 (bug 432391)
1199700a7f90024d958bf7bfa0b55447a51e4dbbBoris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 0d2caaf1d0a8 (bug 432391) because the validator seems to trigger onload firing at some bogus time
5033def96eb60b9e15856e6695fd8861867c7105Ouss. BADR — Bug 685218 - Expose layout-guess attribute on HTML tables having @datatable='0' attribute, r=surkov
7498aeb7541264b800134ada7edcb55f845e0958Dão Gottwald — Bug 694450 - #winstripe-urlbar-back-button-mask is not vertically centered. r=shorlander
bf1e3a5323f936da0f660e15d7afccaf12647496Brian Hackett — Fix --disable-tracejit build.
cb1c23bd837b85403cd1fd331ab33a22203f1f6bBill McCloskey — Bug 695213 - Add total time to MOZ_GCTIMER output.
a9b89c1d0606980f28577caff21f3d771b8443c1Bill McCloskey — Bug 695493 - Fix JM opcode spew.
7ec3daabbf470cab25a2e210001fba1f58546db4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 688789 - Stop touching the frame tree to determine whether a node is editable or not; r=roc
56726a8fedea22a78e3f024cdd72fd7d588928a3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 320799. Fix client* and scroll* for comboboxes to not consider the dropdown's scrollable area. r=roc
7fc2fc28c0ec3a9f3d8fc86357da210f9b594c60Boris Zbarsky — Bug 684806. Make sure that zero-size files wrapped in buffered streams are correctly reopened by a seek after EOF. r=honza, sr=bsmedberg
0d2caaf1d0a87d6f5db2073f31034c8740abda9dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 432391 part 2. Hook up imgRequestProxy clones to the imgCacheValidator for the imgRequest as needed. r=joe
81665fc485ddda69e8d198eed5b3648cbcbfdb83Boris Zbarsky — Bug 432391 part 1. Fix CancelAndForgetObserver to work correctly even if Cancel has been called. r=joe
a86a80a91234351550798859aca18a49c1f6acb3Jason Orendorff — Bug 695450 - Rename js/src/frontend/CodeGenerator.h to BytecodeGenerator.h to avoid conflict with IonMonkey. r=dvander.
2fce0afe2141a4181a8e264ebcade8aaff0027e6Oleg Romashin — Bug 693930 - Release layer tree for inactive tabs. r=roc
d2dd7339bedbea31f998aec0075ffb78ab3874a8Oleg Romashin — Bug 693930 - Fennec keeps viewport ThebesLayers alive for background tabs. r=roc
26a69ff93c13d5d7189bf938dc37a11a50065f5fDavid Bolter — Backout 783daf190579 (Bug 680085). Could be causing talos deviation.
c537139643a9867be4ff19793e405397dfe24ae6Brian Hackett — Add Array.concat stub for concatenating known dense arrays, bug 692960. r=dvander
882404096d6549b5853f9c5d7a1283917662829aBrian Hackett — Speed up Array.shift, and Array.{pop,shift} on empty arrays, bug 692847. r=dvander
6d4a31aa08ef3a01f46f85543bf5295f6d9d06ddMatt Brubeck — Bug 694268 - Modifier keys should default to false for touch events [r=wesj]
a572356b7927a8a98c0b5b6932b221e0d0cf9667Wes Johnston — Bug 694047 - Turn off the locale picker (revert to a simple menulist) [r=mfinkle]
6fe1b8214bfaf227841b18164d53eac17f9ed300Brian Hackett — Always initialize 'this' value of constructor frames when going through InvokeConstructorKernel, bug 688974. r=luke
3fe4c90c9e1f10ae0503a600e5a3c8d608a805c8Daniel Holbert — Bug 695108: Fix reftest filter-extref-differentOrigin-01.svg to fail reliably when served over HTTP, and flag it as fails-on-Android for that reason. r=bz
c23352a1b8cd616e8ea2b300a5c85b2a04ec73f0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 695252. When switching cards in a deck we don't need to purge all thebes layer contents. r=roc
d1fe96d971019cbd29b968bff5d6462a245697b9L. David Baron — Make NOISY_VERTICAL_ALIGN compile again. Not part of the build. No review.
387f388bca1f158a869a8220d46eba08ccaefffeJonathan Kew — bug 694986 - trailing bracket misplaced in LTR language names when language-picker UI is displayed RTL. r=mfinkle
c886f3cef1a95ff160d0c413e5a2dd4f840b7918Martin Stransky — Bug 627672 - XPCOM component ( is not registered although it should be, r=honzab
6b83e2e33b5a3a15564ec577bd1e727732a3095aTed Mielczarek — bug 690203 - ensure that we unstick the event tracing thread when shutting down. r=bsmedberg
9252c9e484fc7004d1b82e04e007a1853400ec93Gavin Sharp — Bug 674161: middle mouse paste should prevent inheriting the current page's principal, r=dao
5321159aac61a50b4b7274aec884da3923876834Clint Talbert — Bug 694644 Turn off locale picker when running reftest on mobile r=jmaher
bfff1c1f8ed929b3ecd69d8a70e6adf34150f016Simon Montagu — Backout cset 308f180eb3f4
388df914497ea4b3056df44e82e7a3f4e918b5bcSimon Montagu — Implement unicode-bidi: -moz-plaintext in layout. Bug 662288, r=roc
5d100f15d41fcdf96b650fb7e90c2ec39079ae18Simon Montagu — Remove unnecessary method argument. Bug 613149, r=roc
09e62ad4229fb8ce573dc0f6ccb6304fe1de70daSimon Montagu — Implement unicode-bidi: -moz-isolate in layout. Bug 613149, r=roc
69581e46f21cbd5ede16f43b363a6cea5fd705d1Simon Montagu — Support for unicode-bidi: -moz-isolate and -moz-plaintext in style system. Bug 613149, r=dbaron
6f03f6a821c0bb102e7fa9b9fa52df3570d14210Simon Montagu — Support for HTML5 bdi element in content. Bug 613149, r=peterv
d7295730c0ef1adb8be8d236e16c09ad978fe0a7Robert Longson — Bug 693145 - Simplify class animation processing. r=dholbert
308f180eb3f45cf94c7e3ca42c66377fceba89c7Simon Montagu — Resynchronize the Shift_JIS converter after unrecognized sequences. Bug 690225, r=emk
9fa62f76f1cf9d4d810763c0b58e691af0b4d0bfNeil Rashbrook — Bug 694963 Port bug 451250 to Fennec r=mbrubeck
779adaa83feb8c1385c7016d458b089f0e9d750cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 695325 netError.dtd should use &brandShortName; (followup to bug 451250) r=gavin
1363c893427c99fdaca08669b613055d95898bb8Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; test-only
7f6ff9f22d6f3e4c20174f6757e073f68023ff28Oleg Romashin — Bug 695231 - Disable animated orientation change in Meegotouch window/scene manager. r=jeremias
7ed661aa832d8e0ffd0789f00de602956de3bb21Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
aa254d59e1660aa6832147522ad4e3b46185dae6Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 685902 - Improve csshtmltree speeds by adding a has[Un]matchedSelectors() method. r=msucan
b8892f05ea4e25f2c77ea26fbfa88bbdceeea49bJoe Walker — Bug 694313 - GCLI css file is registered in winstripe but not in other themes; r=rcampbell
1b6268b0031856d950b1c627add4cf2971efb452Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
b284e10652d3420481a9880cf48b20c27e57f2aeRaymond Lee — Bug 682996 - Remove Panorama group name from titlebar r=tim
9e6aa5ee6425233b428323bb9c9fef2c1c625982Olli Pettay — Bug 682420 - Rename nsINode::GetOwnerDoc to nsINode::OwnerDoc, part 2, r=jst
41a01f78db7a85912c92fadd49298601a84ddc41Olli Pettay — Bug 682420 - Rename nsINode::GetOwnerDoc to nsINode::OwnerDoc, part 1, r=jst
99f4d8ebbc2df6298bc5cc7b576a87c4d9ba7985Alexander Surkov — Bug 694943 - crash nsHyperTextAccessible::FrameSelection, r=marcoz
64fb1f1154f6e874af8f7b9760b023753b9db2f6Timothy Nikkel — Backout 8db8c9ce92c5 (bug 694213).
9f3ba2600be44eec064b6d54dd3a15d749b3fb96Bobby Holley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
feeee0906588fe23b1a182076aa14e95dade8813Dave Herman — Bug 695238 - Reflect.parse should throw when an object literal is missing a property RHS. r=jorendorff
0485355df13d945508f3ec39989370660ba81219Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 695243 - Cast the 32-bit integers to 16-bit ones explicitly in order to fix clang builds; r=benwa
6688e7c9cd8f1c1bafb86ecfe4795d9144c637aeBenoit Girard — Bug 691354 - [fix] Undo accidental change to svg/conditions-01.svg; r=bustage
9e14543feb118e317535af6b85da405bfe7223b0Justin Lebar — Back out rev 571224f5f4e5 (bug 683777) due to Android b-c orange.
09c76e77d57ccd8dbea396fb61d38c6d1fb2a6cfOleg Romashin — Bug 693422 - Unify QApplication creation. r=tatiana
b1561460dffb8f9c1e4062eb613e0d267c06679eOleg Romashin — Bug 693422 - Make possible for Qt FF create main QGraphicsView outside of XPCOM (ala faststart static UI feature). r=tatiana
8db8c9ce92c55fe96d4870dad9d67807ca62e202Timothy Nikkel — Bug 694213. Make various display items return bounds in the correct coordinate space. r=roc
f16063e1825e4510a8c83e72db4563a5a31f517aBrian Smith — merged m-i
777a8404a63e69ce713de6d8193612a93eb00f30Brian Smith — Bug 686150: Do not verify client certificates when they are being used for SSL client auth, r=honzab.moz
bd376ef5c7a84a0c0553691b518c5449c414ec9aBenoit Girard — Bug 688844 - [backout] Stop using PBuffers for plugins on OS X. r=jrmuizel
781ed55e16dcbc67d8c11239025f37b7c5e0f863Blake Kaplan — Bug 665279 - Resolve interface constants properly through Xray wrappers. r=peterv
9e3f7294169d04145925359777138a6e16dd2023Jason Orendorff — Fix breakage from rev 31b5cad155fb (bug 695097). r=red.
a456c129a2c31d9d8fca1d5714c3ceac9917be98Benoit Girard — Bug 691354 - Enable test fix by changes. r=jmuizelaar
d0639183a957b4c46843d0172565fa617ee8a9f4Benoit Girard — Bug 688844 - Stop using PBuffers for plugins on OS X. r=jrmuizel
e165eb86afb1f38309532bb3c39b39929d8cc142Benoit Girard — Bug 694994 - Improve GetAdapterDescription string to remove ambiguity. r=ajuma
31b5cad155fb6d5e16fde4aa15c25eff2eee6134Jason Orendorff — Bug 695097 - Split up frontend/Parser.{h,cpp}. r=luke.
28fcc7211b70a3216452dab62eb8be464db3e0d8Jason Orendorff — Bug 695094 - Move js{scan,parse,emit}.{h,cpp} into js/src/frontend/. r=luke.
b450f04e61349674c3c1a7cd1c23ef8e418b91d2Jeff Walden — Bug 693100 - Fix "warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]" with gcc 4.6.1 in SpiderMonkey. r=dvander
cb73d6774bb038c3e6771e57efd7af021b0a6790Nathan Froyd — Bug 695025 - don't use false when we really mean NULL; r=luke
7056c3146a243c698f31ca2b1c4cde871deabc04Jeff Walden — Bug 694909 - Fix the --enable-gio build to work with ArrayLength changes. r=trivial
3783a31eda47d2eb312a2f99981e900cede14635Brian Hackett — Don't disable ICs on error paths, bug 694200. r=dvander
59bf7d250aa09c06f2e2b622cebcff9b0d3f82f7Brian Hackett — Bail out from compilation if an OOM was triggered during type inference, bug 693961. r=dvander
b152ca6912136fc709d508480b5eb192a191f9cdChris Leary — Bug 694752: Test JSOP_REGEXP inline path on recompilation. (test only)
6c9a00ca9d5c76098ea0c99c4471c4bbf65b4cc4L. David Baron — Update to rules in current css3-mediaqueries spec for handling malformed media queries: all of the handling is now at the query level rather than the query list level. (Bug 689319) r=bzbarsky
7ed6db7aab4fc70a6dedf3708af5b9fc4d588ee3L. David Baron — Make page style menu code reuse existing media query code rather than writing its own. (Bug 689319) r=dao
104f9c9469be347e25dddfb3f48e3701274aa37fJoel Maher — Bug 694741 - Move Android mochitest test-paths into the source tree. r=ctalbert
fcb466cf5e01b6d67cf365816289c0877e4bb301Zack Weinberg — Bug 660687: Add configure switches that can override's choice of an app basename and disable all system extension directories. r=ted
4d0393ebafaca83b6bc6326df7fa1848745a5bfdDão Gottwald — Bug 692537 - Location bar and search bar shouldn't be transparent with aero glass & tabs on top. r=shorlander
a7b4442baf9d616e3e466579ba4aca4f6351b1e5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 694432 - Make the LdrLoadDll hook compatible with Windows 8 by not assuming that a valid path would always be passed; r=bsmedberg
2b1f937914ff61cd330ce5a580a64a25040d6970Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 692821 - Reftests for bug 437722 fail on Android; r=mbrubeck
571224f5f4e54162ca101088915add083e50dd6eJustin Lebar — Bug 683777 - Back out bug 646641 on suspicion of causing crashes. rs=smaug
56c27cde06432afda4e5c58669f51e5d84fe089eTom Schuster — Bug 694360 - Don't allow keywords with unicode escapes. r=jorendorff
0a5e72d1b479b9f015a407e33e9001e5ad0aa786Bobby Holley — Bug 128502 - Move imagelib to mozilla/image on a CLOSED TREE. r=joe,brendan
e29520632bf325d678814fbdd2e03a092072239aBobby Holley — Bug 584894 - Move libpng to media/libpng. r=khuey
17405b1eb60024e0f532ad83412fb14335a370c2Bobby Holley — Bug 584894 - Move libjpeg to media/libjpeg. r=khuey
3c684b4b8f6805dcd81f345f0c219406503a0fc0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 364914 - Part 2: Disable some of the spellcheck reftests on Android because spellchecking is disabled there
ec7577dec4fceef0ac2717416d9c48289402d935Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 690892 - Replace PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE with true/false on mozilla-central; rs=dbaron
9c18a9587721cdfd8877a1af9445f31a988f5dbcEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound to prepare for landing of bug 690892
a6c0f080eaabb40c957b432328f7313b16acf76fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 694797 - Cairo fails to build with VC11 because it tries to #define inline, which is a keyword in C++; r=jrmuizel
3c5e89543399d9e6e8421f87f519643acc17f193Benoit Girard — Bug 692759 - Fix Non-InvalidatingCoreAnimation refresh timer for async layers plugins. r=smichaud
783daf190579265296e7e87d428dfb48858fd24bDavid Bolter — Bug 680085 - Don't traverse dirty text frames when computing rendered text. r=roc
1906abbc9caf7a224cfb6db062626d269e3a40daQuentin Headen — Bug 364914 - Do not spell check the contents of a textarea until it's focused for the first time; r=ehsan
63ad1495f24f068f17f63d26b8b00023e265767eAlexander Surkov — Bug 692819 - Assertion 'Shutdown the shutdown accessible' when collapse XUL tree, r=tbsaunde
1318d1bbc15a6945c19f37003f25b0df60fff9e4Todd Whiteman — Bug 692523: Add imports of os/sys modules to r=khuey
d2241309d83c65ea40dfc593cf3ba560b3cf8436Mook — bug 692826 - dom/plugins/base overwriting dom.xpt from dom/base (r=bsmedberg)
cd9fe4275983d4ec93c41d32887506c797d0fc9fBenoit Girard — Bug 691354 - Restore CanvasLayerOGL::RenderLayer apply filter. r=bustage
71276cce0cc3e0904cf99ac8367db652d83b0e7dBenoit Jacob — Bug 694730 - Upgrade WebGL conformance test suite to r15815 - no review
532c01d1ca0e6558f60238a0dc630ec55ce80388Chris Double — Bug 686957 - Add test - r=kinetik
6bbcc8bb5833af4ca1c853369a4bf01e99cc5572Chris Double — Bug 686957 - Display final frame of video when seeking to end - r=kinetik
728784a13fb493a87e2641772176f99d3d71860aChris Double — Bug 686942 - Add test - r=kinetik
5061db810f1f886eb8f0aec42a322d820daea9a9Benoit Girard — Bug 691354 - Use NEAREST filter when OGL layers have no 3d transform/scaling. r=jmuizelaar
cf5da681d57738a59d19ca9d864fd6e36144dda1Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
0a6b707742dd2437daaaee5137501d28ff9884c6Alexander Surkov — Bug 546068 - Position is not being updated when atk_text_set_caret_offset is used, r=marcoz, enndeakin
6ef8c395b2df1f584c9fe77c26a2856118c6d5fcJeff Walden — Bug 694709 - Remove $DXSDK_DIR/include from LOCAL_INCLUDES two places in ANGLE code. It's redundant with a sibling $MOZ_DIRECTX_SDK_PATH/include, at best, and at worst if the two conflict (as happens if the more-recently-installed DirectX SDK is not the most recent SDK), building breaks in the middle of ANGLE. r=bjacob
88b9a330ff8c6bdbea2adf379abeaa8cb2c08183Jeff Walden — Bug 693469 - Use mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd in preference to JS_ARRAY_LENGTH whenever possible. r=cjones
b9b9d9f379dbef46572c5fab7ea0682988a34374Jeff Walden — Bug 693469 - Implement mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd, and replace uses of NS_ARRAY_LENGTH whenever possible. (Exceptions: assigning to static initializers, use in static assertions, as template parameters, etc. These will go away when the relevant compilers have C++11 constexpr support.) r=cjones
38f53f45bbf4a20c12e49f550f1ddb7f0e6ec974Jeff Walden — Bug 679509 - Make sure convert hooks in plugin code always return a primitive value. r=mrbkap, r=luke, r=jst
0e88066a70787e1480f33c450cf626c6865a31cbMatt Brubeck — Bug 694311 - Return Sync UI to the disconnected state if login fails [r=mfinkle,philikon]
2081d8fab27dfe881df0d4d5f06881da91429867Fredrik Larsson — Bug 418633 - Test decoding GIFs using imgTools::DecodeImageData; r=joe
77a0851eda764c5525ec726ae6e36dc1b479ae9eOleg Romashin — Bug 694140 - With GL layers, panning/zooming causes corruption and wrong colours on Fennec. r=ajuma
fa04ab6995e555ae3f8cf170811c5f022bace71bJulian Reschke — Bug 685192 - In RFC2231/5987 encoding, a missing charset field should be treated as error; r=bz
b0d1d740821db3080b4497a1c5aa1fcdd560c229Felix Fung — Bug 693848 - Fix Batching in about:permissions; r=margaret.leibovic
19b62df50cfff885f898342ae5be5872fddc3a0aEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
f861fcef59dacf17cda0d168a1852f91c3659f50Dão Gottwald — Bug 681480 - Conditional forward button shouldn't perform animation when switching tabs. r=shorlander
801b68a91a1cb1688e3064bde1e2c1809542a896Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
7feb84367f15f60c3a53810ff965ebee26727ca8Frank Yan — Bug 690648 - Clarify popup-only move/resize window preference label.
c625f509f7b580a182bcb3b0fd6f4552b433bb73Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
e1390ead5c1b5bbaf0625246890794191b7e4526Raymond Lee — Bug 694018 - Remove legacy info-item css r=tim
3b58a9df4c8cf6d95af64d2a64b4f10c339b0d2cEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
788f62b4e539892a53c53d252763f35530d19ee0Ed Morley — Bug 575283 - Remove redundant/invalid options from the now in-tree mozconfigs; r=catlee,ted
9a6b5bf1a10d4ebcb4a2150f16ecaee40f3d056eEd Morley — Backout changeset 5bdc787cf16f (bug 432391) for xpcshell crashes; a=bz
fa9aa291f91a8c5c7546678ae8d0ce1cb2030358Matt Woodrow — Bug 693521 - Improve preserve-3d sorting behaviour by using line intersection points. r=roc
16bd56ed52ee57b180520f9db21c888aa2238dddMatt Woodrow — Bug 691864 - Add more preserve-3d tests to check that parent size and offset is correctly applied. r=roc
4ecd9735b5231e117961e679222ae44eaa4ef8c3Matt Woodrow — Bug 691864 - Recompute preserve-3d children overflow areas after all needed sizes are available. r=roc
5bdc787cf16fbf1d85bccdfac9a2c89d169748aeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 432391. Hook up imgRequestProxy clones to the imgCacheValidator for the imgRequest as needed. r=joe
0e7853a654e877b862e177c1c5a8b16e8fb303c5Jeff Walden — Fix Windows warnings-as-errors build by using |struct Token|, not |class Token|. r=windows-sm-red, obvious fix so DONTBUILD
ed46085a7a680f4baf69fff39fb3c23135470e50Bobby Holley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
ec435f2a60824639eea6ed213a4dd31c9fad5bf1Justin Lebar — Bug 693976 - Don't parse /proc/self/maps once for every entry in /proc/self/smaps. r=khuey
4aa4a5905d1aff085f00cc43da0f2e58606fed5eYati Sagade — Bug 550969 - Fix white_point_from_temp to handle out of range input. r=jmuizelaar
68a211dccf2c43d972c970f112e71245d31a6f01Jeff Walden — Bug 692983 - Refactor Token and JSParseNode storage to distinguish atoms which are PropertyNames from atoms which might or might not be. r=cdleary
09242b2aa9898862465b7487b292195d3ee068e8Jeff Walden — Bug 692978 - Split lookupProperty into property and generic forms, and use them throughout the engine. r=bhackett
dc36ba010aa67ea6b65e852f6421a20f4e0dd335Jeff Walden — Bug 694454 - Make Function.caller skip over eval frames rather than cause stack-walking code to snarl into a loop on them. r=luke, r=bhackett
15d3df58e1e4e07efb9713699e956d15e9a50f40Robert Longson — Bug 528444 - Empty xlink:href treated like absent xlink:href on SVG script. r=dholbert
5f9ff53ccaab4d4d364262e52aac35e2933fda9cIan Melven — Bug 674255 - Add nsIObserverService to special powers, r=ted
84adc3f8b05059328de38688d35ceeb1bb5a91e1Daniel Holbert — Bug 694165: crashtest for this bug. r=hsivonen
0c1cc83120a1a3fc76d0747397e9bdc4ef8b0a94Daniel Holbert — Bug 694165: After receiving final data for SVG-as-an-image, when we synchronously finish parsing, cancel any continue events that the parser posts. r=hsivonen
697558811978eead725195c08d999b4878aed20cNeil Deakin — Bug 694227 nsIBaseWindow::blurSuppression is unusued, r-bsmedbeg,sr=bz
118383f8e8ffcf0224889a54bf4218c813c6f2fbNeil Deakin — Bug 694226, merge nsWidgetAtoms and nsGkAtoms, r=roc
6c80044c2ac3a41fad57a97a3748e962d4206126Neil Deakin — Bug 694225, nsWebShellWindow::GetNamedDOMDoc can be removed and simplified, r-bsmedberg
8301027574e29ca003f52c952af353dcaeab84baNeil Deakin — Bug 694224, remove appshell argument from various widget creation methods, r=roc
8cdd233cad72567b0dac32f7659f89b632e634b1Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound:
2da44633e0bb77ae521146fb8f8c4eda8225a20cChris Leary — Bug 694527: Force RegExpPrivate creation for clone source. (r=bhackett)
c6770095945e7b88ac7b498759b05edc7887a24dBen Turner — Bug 690418 - 'ChromeWorker global inaccessible out of DOM scope'. r=sicking. Followup to fix tests.
1eca7dca8152d8eb14b3f972bdc23e12234dbce8Brian Hackett — Don't overflow pending array on OOM, bug 691873. r=jimb
9b2fc61093742189f352133653d6e3297bdee504Jim Blandy — Bug 693692: Add DWARF Call Frame Information annotations to JaegerInterpoline for x86 and x86_64. r=sfink
9a7ca7ecaa1e860c8cd41cb304b69c4d48dd2f04Mounir Lamouri — Bug 651956 - ESC key should not fire an input event on text fields. r=bz,dolske
0cf085118da2adc86a5b91490a428742fdc22fc1Ben Turner — Bug 690418 - 'ChromeWorker global inaccessible out of DOM scope'. r=sicking.
e4edd20737fba9b6f6e98efaf2ae27aeae7f9baeNathan Froyd — Bug 682869 - update places to use Telemetry::AccumulateTimeDelta. r=tglek,khuey,jduell
d6b9a54956c0e17b2b850c9a5392b5094ad050e3Nathan Froyd — Bug 682869 - introduce Telemetry::AccumulateTimeDelta. r=tglek
e39e7e990e3a5495c5afba45c14bdcb8f02ec7f1Ben Turner — Bug 688330 - 'Make special-powers install method a little less special'. r=ted.
870bd2683c5e7e432e379e0e89ff8e10615830b6Ben Turner — Bug 688300 - 'mochitest --install-extension is totally broken'. r=ted.
e82ecd01882523247a428164bf2d1de8ee4095b6Terrence Cole — Bug 693847 - Squelch unused name warnings in Nitro in release builds. r=luke
16d785492262ab9b95bd5a7b2d956d66acc05398Julian Reschke — Bug 676059 - Make redirect prompting depend on HTTP-safeness of method, not presence of request body. r=bz
124239b3d717fb5f944ec839b1785ff8265ff832Hanspeter Niederstrasser — Bug 691133 - xpcom: fails to build darwin/x11. r=smichaud
4166640d1b5c6319e26826c9db2a9d3cd0e6fa03Ed Morley — Backout changeset c49fd40bbd2b (bug 528444) for causing M1 orange; a=philor
c49fd40bbd2bb03f19b3f881881531c197cd12f9Robert Longson — Bug 528444 - Empty xlink:href treated like absent xlink:href on SVG script. r=dholbert
a86f6d986b002105b7d78cd69a4ac133d4d280bfMike Hommey — Bug 694533 - LDRH/STRH/LDRSB/STRSB are supported on ARMv5-. r=jbramley
046e6eadb285e6b83ae8c5db439da422cbd55875Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 694009 (crash mozilla::dom::binding::instanceIsProxy) - clear cache when wrapper is finalized. r=mrbkap.
dcbe33e9497171aeee56133f8445e862b0940478Henri Sivonen — Bug 694537 - Propagate OOM nsresult from ParseHtml5Fragment to the caller of nsContentUtils::ParseFragmentHTML. r=Olli.Pettay.
de59e7adc9f651abaccadabea8d95177e630774aRobert Longson — Bug 694298 - Changing text to empty does not repaint. r=dholbert
c7aa590bd507686740180e09c9e416dd408ba46aJoel Maher — Bug 693577 - port mockprovider.js to specialpowers. r=ted
0ffe9e4d56e6af306e6c622ab420f3153c837f9cJoel Maher — Bug 693959 - convert quit.js to specialpowers. r=ted
8e0f443496ac0c1f965470a8250b708f21de4815Joel Maher — Bug 666643 - convert snapshotWindow to SpecialPowers. r=ted
7c8f6b1f00b8a81c84b1516f79cf60da8b717e2dJoel Maher — Bug 573735 - support waitForClipboard events in e10s. r=jdm,ted
a83528577ff5bf20c92915e8b127ec58c578bccaJoel Maher — Bug 674323 - convert most eventutils.js functions to use SpecialPowers. r=ted, a=test-only
d51f0976b61ed35b875ba651ac2c4564575c23fbJoel Maher — Bug 694241 - devicemanagerADB has error in getDirectory causing remotereftest failures. r=wlach
77f71b03dfe64de28b0c4ee3e2a6f7a7c5db35faJoel Maher — Bug 693425 - test file layout/forms/test/bug536567_subframe.html isn't used. r=ehsan
1491a374c1a6c8df3fc56b26f31ae1f77cef9992Jacek Caban — Bug 661663 - Have to #define XP_WIN when building app with embedded SpiderMonkey JS engine r=benjamin
daef044609cedf37263d0adb662019bb06c2e84fHenri Sivonen — Bug 687744 and bug 573078 - Make buffer allocations in the HTML parser fallible; deal with allocation failures; reuse the buffers of strings passed to the parser. r=Olli.Pettay.
60db1e1dd4f52a53a900bc0947c8e2730fed44b1ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host mv-moz2-linux-ix-slave10
a287056e121e4fac8da8ecef0e29dfd3d899d1dbYazen Ghannam — Bug 677085 - Merge "nsIDOMNSHTMLFrameElement" into "nsIDOMHTMLFrameElement"; r=bz
e915987a1cda4783754042d28727a86879c72702Ms2ger — Bug 540433 - Remove nsIDocumentViewer; r=smaug
711e0ac0ce97d78557e28d0bd221d75f58aee02bMs2ger — Bug 693162 - Remove Document.xmlVersion; r=sicking
292803c8c4068a139dbe3e96f4fad1bc318dc506Ms2ger — Bug 687422 - Remove Text.isElementContentWhitespace; r=sicking
7ecbbd56888fe8154c5f8c717be181c96d7e73d9Ms2ger — Bug 693154 - Remove Document.xmlStandalone; r=sicking
780f42f3c9c03360b5fb29b6f2eb19eed5eb76dcMs2ger — Bug 693160 - Cleanup nsWindowRoot::GetControllerForCommand a bit; r=bz
3bc751906409cfdad1d45f82a8c12dfbc520ff59Ms2ger — Bug 675287 - Make Document.documentURI readonly; r=sicking
95122d300d4ec036952d111ccff9d50eabbbbfb6Ms2ger — Bug 328908 - Remove null-check for nsHTMLSelectElement::mOptions now 'new' is infallible; r=volkmar+sicking
6d5fd5a30c71fc8eee03ce543f70957020ef0814Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Re-case dependency on dom_quickstubs.h to fix build-time race condition / bustage. r=lumpy
45ac18984273819e558040a1c313fba1565adffcOlli Pettay — Bug 694033 - Add Telemetry probes for windows which have had mutation event listeners, r=taras
921f44191dcb9e59d941441ec713b49d3d5d43f7Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Manual fixup of overzealous brace hoisting. r=mrbkap
fd0a23a7f093dbf9b9c0dbf30df5fa2257492e0fBobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Manual fixup of multi-line c++ cast alignment. r=mrbkap
25a5c9891392c72ac42f2771176d3f0d803ae890Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Hoist 'else' clauses to the line of the previous close-curly-brace. r=mrbkap
2efe763ee2ca511dd5461de4d5e9a013bc48e0f6Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Move the open-brace for if, else, for, while, and switch to the same line as the keyword or condition. r=mrbkap
0a2a7c748da6a979a262067d5ae4684db82b7c52Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Add space between keyword and paren for: if, for, while, and switch. r=mrbkap
0b91a5164a64bdfe59ba94c8aa183d2d38ecee67Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Fix alignment of arguments and tests relative to parens. r=mrbkap
ac22bf1a3e238428d70ede09ca6fd31f179884ecBobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Move all multi-line continuation backslashes to column 79 (where possible). r=mrbkap
014c9cf5088f1af09d9d3969771c9ef857b3dd78Bobby Holley — Bug 688012 - Remove trailing whitespace within XPConnect. r=mrbkap
51541b56d20d588edc5a6111d670ca5af3db39d5Bobby Holley — Bug 691411 - Move js/src/xpconnect to js/xpconnect and rename source files while we're at it. r=khuey, sr=mrbkap
80d7e83b765985cae8aeff60b47b311d0422bbe1Bobby Holley — Bug 691411 - Remove various dead directories in XPConnect. r=khuey
349f3d4b2d877b99502b6aff9e826fe5250de028Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
fa65bb9a09092e9cffa8cf352ddd4eaf8d3bef00Henri Sivonen — Bug 619043 - Check for parser termination after flushing speculative loads. r=bzbarsky.
2244089600ffab5d1db0ea72ed68ca06c92a9a0cHenri Sivonen — Bug 677050 - Return NS_ERROR_DOM_INVALID_STATE_ERR if fragment parsing is invoked re-entrantly. r=bzbarsky.
d50bd6d5b097d2790c9125c3a060ae2773f98e53Chris Leary — Bug 673188 style followup.
61dd23c012eef276495b8956cc8747e3ae4b7abdChris Leary — Bug 673188: Compile regexps lazily. (r=mrbkap)
4b87afed1d1c92f2740d6b5965b2c47a69c1b3a1Julian Reschke — Bug 692574 - RFC2231/5987 decoding should not tolerate missing single quotes. r=bz
6715771c1d9a32da64293eebccd6fcf9a07eaae0Jeremy Huddleston — Bug 691138 - ipc: fails to build darwin/x11. r=smichaud
56c7568767f18154d266287d6ba03264602a3133Jonathan Kew — bug 671297 - add memory reporting for textRuns. r=roc,jlebar
aa2e380c86fb21743b7e627687357fc06761a84bLeon Sha — Bug 694256 - Build error: JS_FloorLog2 is missing. r=luke.
fef552fcd2fcab54b2598f76118e7f5869ae117bBenoit Jacob — Bug 638328 - fix bug in assertion, bad usage of queryinterface - r=roc
68799855e85331cf0d0112fe1b3aa8f11f6f7d9eRob Campbell — backout ba23b2987f38, Bug 679753 - Scratchpad could probably do without the status bar; a=l10n
ca73f057dab701a1e5531744e3349351113ad0bdEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
d2a037d0354d354b2d683518ce5c6c297d1b7af8Alexander Surkov — Bug 692608 - 'ASSERTION: Flush during accessible tree update' adding iframe, r=tbsaunde
4d615b5d42d80c0bc978cec95a20be0efdea83a4Makoto Kato — Bug 693283 - cannot detect endian of Android x86 on libsydney. r=kinetik
411c5d481dc15a1dfefa4b3ab01bca95d7a74922Makoto Kato — Bug 692689 - XRE_SendTestShellCommand returns NS_ERROR_FAILURE. r=bsmedberg
c7542ce9069aa584190e6795e549d76dcf0a07bcTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 693057 - Add libvpx's encoder support (disabled), r=cpearce,khuey
f5eded31718ae2fd1edd6955f3ec533c4951e853Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 693057 - Add libvpx's error concealment support (disabled), r=cpearce,khuey
64603f6ddda1641bfd0e925d89f30d6c7c49134fTimothy B. Terriberry — Bug 693057 - Upgrade libvpx decoder to v0.9.7-p1, r=cpearce,khuey
5f16d668ce5a18668d35b2ba495dfeb9d618c374Steve Fink — Bug 689101 - make the jsval_layout field in JS::Value public in MSC compiles for binary compatibility across C and C++ (r=luke)
5b68174fe6f6611733b0ec66aa091c00e1dec10bBen Turner — Bug 692605 - Disable console listener tests until it can be fixed, rs=sicking.
fa458dc8b04bdbcc5d915ecdd519cec3255cd0a4Jeff Hammel — Bug 676078 Remove unused mozmill code from mozilla-central r=ctalbert
64a65ae6f6441d6daa18b461405de3a698692d8bMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
756d9bfae05d98c7ca27f003bea2b7fec0303b17Ben Turner — Bug 683280 - 'Workers: creating workers from 'localhost' or an IP address fails'. r=sicking.
2d9076dbcd1510fd732978ad61d666f8899db238Steffen Wilberg — Bug 600505: Reorganize app update preference ui to not favor disabling app update. ui-review=faaborg, r=rstrong
2f53f26d9e1b90687890a3b5010854536a444f84Matt Brubeck — Back out dcc28a7cfa31, 13342c7d1fc3, f005ff7b0e2a (bug 692198, bug 692196, bug 692200) because of test failures
40f077f9c4a2529d9fccb9f35e7fdc7fa101482dJeff Walden — Back out bug 679509 -- need to try another approach. r=backout
dcc28a7cfa318ff0dde12e0c0bd7cd5cd9e8341aJames Willcox — Bug 692198 - Make Flash on Android draw to bitmap intead of SurfaceView directly r=blassey
13342c7d1fc390ad45e64217c1511b9e4f114b9aJames Willcox — bug 692196 - Make 'navigator.plugins' have correct content on Android r=blassey
f005ff7b0e2a1cca63bc0ca6cd45e3b19db74d5eJames Willcox — Bug 692200 - Make 'plugins.force.wmode' pref override any other wmode r=jst
e6f675d14be30e47d450044a47592c4f61fa87fdBrian R. Bondy — Bug 693110 - crash fix for nsWindowsShellService::GetShouldCheckDefaultBrowser. r=jimm
8fca2f2f79a392022e409746c1ad4fa08f55b315Andrew McCreight — Bug 688277, part 2 - Expose way to get weak map keys to JS for testing. r=mrbkap
f5f4ab23e499b509bbe17fd68315035470724ac0Andrew McCreight — Bug 688277, part 1 - add JS friend API to get keys of a weak map. r=jorendorff
81d3eb93437d93b4cea9039bf3cebf65c3ad81a1Matt Brubeck — Bug 660887 - Double tap on an empty space on the tab bar should open a new tab [r=mfinkle]
9cda258f822f73c8942f8b712a6dbf25f15efff5Jacek Caban — Bug 694046 - Invalid MOZ_CAN_RUN_PROGRAMS declaration in r=khuey
0bf983d260c6c3b3215138619fc52e727a8954d0Jacek Caban — Bug 694008 - xptcinvoke_gcc_x86_unix.cpp fails to compile on mingw r=benjamin
a272ee15bf8ef6f96d76c5882c5c641be34b6793Jacek Caban — Bug 686110 - TestDllInterceptor.cpp fails to compile on mingw r=glandium
8a56d92203de9a7835c1750e06bac5c39e014d39Luke Wagner — Bug 689362 - Remove empty jsstaticcheck.h (r=billm)
709466eb7e87b439e8a82e29db9232f706148c51Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
46ce491cec600e0008e54aebf2cfb96edd539addAli Juma — Bug 689626 - EGL surfaceChanged event shouldn't draw a frame of the previous size on Honeycomb. r=jrmuizel
9e79ba04823e2e1b93a659e3ea6a655338b8316aPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 693894 (NodeList crash [@ js::GetObjectShape]). r=jst.
10089dd4bd854974a03a7f45aed9b902b2255a4fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 693563 (Generating dombindings_gen.cpp multiple times results in a different file) - sort properties in generated code. r=jst.
fd296c912d2408c364682230bf0a9fad920a83c3Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 693364 (Leak in CompartmentPrivate::RegisterDOMExpandoObject). r=Ms2ger.
a375341a2a0756464a466e60425324fe6e9484c6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 692919 - Need to check to make sure that the list returned from GetChildLists doesn't have duplicates; r=mats
ca162fd3c35241d591498aae03445a8d3126d5a5Benoit Jacob — Bug 638328 - use builtinclass and remove do_QueryInterface - r=peterv
7170a4b7a58d039d799e88deb596fcb4b44c18b2Christoph Diehl — Bug 686732 - Implement minimal-capabilities WebGL mode - r=bjacob
b79549daab38f0087f9de9509e7b8ba309d5cbceBenoit Jacob — Bug 395585 - OOM problems in nsPNGEncoder.cpp - r=bbondy
ed8aa9cecb82bd9a9e68bd601fabbb480cd73e86Benoit Jacob — Bug 638328 - remove (most of) WebGL quickstubbing blacklist - r=peterv
ac13dbf11d2417002384bcb292d787d10e4ab148Benoit Jacob — Bug 638328 - Use DOMCI_CASTABLE_INTERFACE on nsIDOMWebGLRenderingContext and nsIWebGLUniformLocation - r=peterv
9545b88eed827dacf620f5ce4e90a8ab23f4c221John Hopkins — Bug 685442 - Mac nightly builders keep failing (typically upload_symbols step). r=ted
64ea9d6d7093593d3743d6106f509d107ce38041Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 694397 Fix typo from patch to bug 451250 r=Neil f=Pike
8cd539c42102a61eabf292fb48df7baf2dc97ff4Christian Legnitto — Bug 689679 - Add What's New page to the Firefox Update Experience (backs out bug 685727), DONTBUILD
6d3a63f03f885f1af8eabfdeb8a62bd8eeab35a5Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
ba23b2987f3823231abdfc88636f0f511cc8ea92Clochix and Cedric Vivier — Bug 679753 - Scratchpad could probably do without the status bar; r=rcampbell
a67b2587a4cc13de5e9d948ce18318905955d975Mihai Sucan — Bug 692807 - Update the code from Orion upstream; r=rcampbell
22cd76539a47e31f0ce51e49da55394832f862a2Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
635b5bbe68b4901288cea3203088a1bfcfe9d22bJoe Walker — Bug 694137 - DOMTemplate tests should not use setTimeout; r=rcampbell
cf6f3b701980b95a50cab9bd2546e2e270e55483Joe Walker — Bug 692031 - DOMTemplate async loops do not drop the loop element; r=rcampbell
4322ee96f796b28a6b1853a652e322bccf731768Joe Walker — Bug 691012 - DOMTemplate needs chrome tests; r=rcampbell
5727a8f457c113f22d5327ed5205b1df46f21b23Joe Walker — Bug 692424 - GCLI and DOMTemplate could use a Promise implementation, r=msucan
967846102da6869143a432c387069d6cbfb1d5f7Joe Walker — Bug 690822 - GCLI web tests should be capable of being run in the browser; r=rcampbell
c41530066c721d8ead5b86eee1b9523442d26a47Joe Walker — Bug 656666 - Update HudService.jsm to allow GCLI integration; r=msucan,dao,l10n
9247eee791fd21d853887547a0898c6c2c3f1909Joe Walker — Bug 656668 - Create Export from GCLI project to JSM; r=rcampbell, msucan, fitzgen, mratcliffe
d358b165eee42fa8c48400f431011d04ccb5e751Blair McBride — Bug 690699 - Addon Manager severely broken if autoUpdateDefault preference is missing. r=dtownsend
2f0ace471a172d8da6047eeb097f5d12ab2c7b65Raymond Lee — Bug 640065 - 'Tabs from other windows' text disappears with background window r=tim
60869f41fe5a21bb2dfbb5103cabf7ff6c233116Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 693508. Add nsSystemInfo to Services.jsm. r=dolske
d6d3a1f90e2e237158d4ad25883a95b95422c1d8Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
e647b9874e25f367eddd01921f02d14a6dc24e31Marco Bonardo — Backout 212d9fcab778, 67c738a47561, a5cdc792975d, 6538d5d3c8d4 since suspects for OSX64 m-oth permaorange
22f7fdf1512ba88f3af3c2b3f9da7f0a4107bf69Johnny Stenback — Fixing bug 618643. r=hsivonen
26fff9d8208322c95f6061a33e25efcf534ef24fJustin Lebar — Back out rev 4c0e6b3f7791 (bug 689362) due to suspected mac x64 opt moth orange.
9670f22f912d36880e217ec7e7035b9abbd1975fJustin Lebar — Back out bug 683777 (backout of bug 646641) due to moth orange.
06c1b51c710f9a4b1a3c86e7bd10d486a245463bMatt Woodrow — Bug 692968 - Check the return value of CreateTexture2D in ContainerLayerD3D10. r=Bas
6fa6594375486a76da7b7e4a25d163b00e6bbf05Matt Woodrow — Bug 692968 - Make nsDisplayTableItem::GetBounds return the untransformed overflow area. r=tn
ccd092244e4c41c9612ed957c0a30e64e85ee38bLuke Wagner — Bug 693895 - Remove call to js_ReconstructStackDepth in StackIter (r=dmandelin)
66f1de1d9cbaab1183aae2e28d6eeb493f171dd9Justin Lebar — Bug 683777 - Back out bug 646641 on suspicion of causing crashes. rs=smaug
535331914716c95b8409cee01e65e076e9daad05Justin Lebar — Bug 682437 - Add memory reporter for History::mObservers. r=bz
366efc04fd3cd96f86f48fe8b713b812f232ab35Josh Matthews — Bug 675520 - Ensure iterator prototype has a native iterator. r=jwalden
fe8302fd1c83b10f57252c76e69e0314c1425f96Chris Leary — Bug 693928: Fix random orange from LifoAlloc debug memset. (r=luke)
ccf5c0a8c37b6c920ca68eb686fc571d95d21bcbMarco Bonardo — Backout 9572dd78af53 (Bug 693895) for make check failures
332bc69d0f2d3b4a6127929a843c64dca7e0ef8bPatrick McManus — bug 687367 - disable DNS parallelism for android due to libc breakage r=bz
92db762bf8d6f141558ad53687ac9c5fe3537d26Jonathan Kew — bug 693610 - reftest - ensure chinese and latin glyph runs are not overprinted. r=bas
bda77d81acbb1dbf801fa127bc69e966d4c57da9Jonathan Kew — bug 692744 - reftest - text-shadow should not produce a shadow for space glyphs. r=jrmuizel
328469ba44df7158e26bc0f30dcdf073ba20fdd2Jonathan Kew — bug 692744 - don't create a 1x1 image surface when it should really be empty. r=jrmuizel
658653c5836dca99078ed16cbdcef15b69725e9eBrad Lassey — bug 687265 - Front-end support for flash on Android Fennec r=mbrubeck,blassey,dolske,jst
9572dd78af53a242f844b22edfc6ed6f8689b773Luke Wagner — Bug 693895 - Remove call to js_ReconstructStackDepth in StackIter (r=dmandelin)
4c0e6b3f779189318b891372d253832a250f5711Luke Wagner — Bug 689362 - Remove empty jsstaticcheck.h (r=billm)
6538d5d3c8d49f4e8c719faf01b9cbcc80e8118eSteve Fink — Bug 689101 - Test for firebug incompatibility due to jsval ABI mismatch (r=test)
a5cdc792975dee373d379c9b4e1f71f0cdee329fSteve Fink — Bug 692722 - implement xpcshell -d for running in debug mode (r=mrbkap)
67c738a475615a47b72c7b8cf7a2f7031bff61a4Steve Fink — Bug 692987 - Add -d flag to xpcshell to run with JSD enabled (r=ted)
212d9fcab778bd5bf4fa89e6cc2a988047973ab7Steve Fink — Bug 689101 - make the jsval_layout field in JS::Value public in MSC compiles for binary compatibility across C and C++ (r=luke)
5f46b09980389bf25a1e6a759c3b0e7f2743d722Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 477358 - Kill NS_USE_NATIVE r=khuey
ceb6b4df17d5398bc702e0787a0f3982563e4434Julian Reschke — Bug 686429: test cases for MIME headers need refactoring; r=bz
9408e8c33a1ccc5348a140e8c81ea4c63e0492bfJeff Walden — Back out everything since 5435ee09cf7b. Tinderbox compilers hate me. r=epic-fail
4fb9f6e41c9f3659260dd7468af737ddb10513f5Jeff Walden — Really fix the redness from bug 693469. r=red
829074f75a550219f3bc529701125e1191cb304eJeff Walden — Followup fix to ArrayLength stuff for bug 693469 -- ISO C++98 forbids templates declaring on local types. Boo-urns! r=red
02fceeee2e53dc341543cc36b2f355bfb9f28794Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 477358 - Kill NS_USE_NATIVE r=khuey
aa36a11f79bf91470567deca995a20e7b10cb834Julian Reschke — Bug 686429: test cases for MIME headers need refactoring; r=bz
7f8c675f913098b69fb54449804ba1c370f810abJeff Walden — Bug 692983 - Refactor Token and JSParseNode storage to distinguish atoms which are PropertyNames from atoms which might or might not be. r=cdleary
27c5ac49d8f03988a2a4ca2ef07e0f7a3bc58349Jeff Walden — Bug 692978 - Split lookupProperty into property and generic forms, and use them throughout the engine. r=bhackett
983533a03d0d27f9209db260ffb4f062e04acbd3Jeff Walden — Bug 639469 - Use mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd in preference to JS_ARRAY_LENGTH whenever possible. r=cjones
da6e9073b431f61b38a87522c074af7a24a7a17fJeff Walden — Bug 639469 - Implement mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd, and replace uses of NS_ARRAY_LENGTH whenever possible. r=cjones
5435ee09cf7b8fe95d939d9dcb232ed7db892a54L. David Baron — Make the Darwin TimeStamp implementation assert when used before it is initialized. (Bug 693821) r=bzbarsky
78085156d5da755e159c055f01d46c959652169eEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset bc4f8b8d18b3 (bug 674770) because of the failing test on Windows
78b48c64903c32ef921ac8665e4c4583d1c1597dLucas Rocha — Bug 688802 - Tweak browser prompts to match planned design (r=wesj)
62aaeeef2ba13ea3f579a87f80c4544d7b1d7e0bLucas Rocha — Bug 688802 - Tweak context popups to match planned design (r=wesj)
a858c168dcc9acf965de4f58841f8062d8c92e73Lucas Rocha — Bug 688802 - Tweak app menu to match planned design (r=wesj)
343233066e648da4a12a717d09b07697128651bcLucas Rocha — Bug 688802 - Tweak awesome panels to match planned design (r=wesj)
d45de3d261516152349ad2c590435499279dde50Mats Palmgren — Bug 684266 - Suppress ellipsing when scrolling further isn't possible in that direction. r=roc
b4b895684f7e35b1b2473fe38dbeab13651b1606Mats Palmgren — Bug 684266 - Do ellipsing on the end-edge only when a single value was specified for text-overflow. r=bzbarsky r=roc
3d5eee785f85fee1045d290dc3b1c3a8b21031a7Mats Palmgren — Bug 688996 - "ASSERTION: Wrong root". r=smaug
f8b238f2a9f0b021e4d713b5c551f6539979e97bLucas Rocha — Bug 691338 - Reuse same position when re-anchoring popup on resize event (r=wesj)
bc4f8b8d18b327ae3357655e397bedd179f143e4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 674770 - contenteditable breaks middle-click to open links when middlemouse.paste=true; r=roc
dfd8ef9e5049c9a8d44313d0116e08903de6f9a8Brian Hackett — Faster handling when calling native methods on regexp literals, bug 692657. r=cdleary
9c903b53932e62f748179306bfeb6e6a0fe680d2Lucas Rocha — Bug 688574 - Fix indentation in in sync's services.js (r=philikon)
bbf1f86fc5c100e36ff711414a66d3ea69c0f7f0Lucas Rocha — Bug 688574 - Use Weave constant for locked master password (r=mfinkle)
17d34b5fd9290efb3620573b438e41881454210eLucas Rocha — Bug 688574 - Check sync username prefs key instead of using sync's API (r=mfinkle)
3eb62b784a659a14414e0e03e22cc93c19c866dcLucas Rocha — Bug 688574 - Don't use Weave.Service.isLoggedIn flag (r=philikon)
82fd332d288a03f6a48b8e91a5d66a8784e482f9Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 693301 (Remove ConstructProxyObject) - switch outer window creation to nsWrapperCache::WrapObject. r=mrbkap.
f9fea4e143c6af1055987e8a022bb052b333935dJoe Drew — Bug 693813 - Don't evaluate our blacklisting logic if we're being called for a downloaded blacklist entry. r=bjacob
bc75b51a3b600ac737b6dc76efd09049dd7a4f9dDaniel Holbert — Bug 686013 reftests, using fragments from external resources encoded as data URIs. r=bz
fbe49f0b30937bfee8be4775df8ed95512507503Daniel Holbert — Bug 686013: Allow loading of external resources that are encoded as data URIs. r=bz
197cf8c60edc5baa06638fbfbb9e1646330dee0dAlexander Surkov — Bug 688126 - nsIAccessibleText::setSelectionBounds doesn't fire text selection changed events in some cases, r=marcoz, sr=smaug
b5152a05d6160af47f1947eb232ab34fe3674071Jonathan Kew — bug 693610 - accumulate advanceSum so that we don't overlap successive glyph runs when drawing text to azure canvas. r=bas
de0be83bf880433e7afe29abf2a0beed73d8009cGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 622992 - Remove pre/postfork hack in function that is now safe. r=cjones
fed6a1e02b7d87141a83d18988979192333abf38Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 622992 - Update Chrome IPC to not allocate memory after forking. r=cjones
b2f573afd17e26e82e39a37da293b25ca5a8e9a6Mark Finkle — Bug 689692 - Remove 'Recommended Add-ons' section on about:home part 2 [r=lucasr]
1ce312b50d30122751de7a169adfab188ecc876eMark Finkle — Bug 689692 - Remove 'Recommended Add-ons' section on about:home part 1 [r=lucasr]
85a61d68b152ddec8fdd89374ae430d71eb92babOlli Pettay — Bug 693875, DOMParser + svg, r=jst
46a6d0fd13d591805cd4b857450985fbd3895198Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; test-only
fee22c85ed19173fae01ee3a6371d695ef355edbPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
72ceb8048b70d9644200e80a568bac6b6afa537cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
a54bc1cfd54f9cb0ef31cbd45dffa4ee822521d1Richard Newman — Bug 693505 - Sync error muffling causes undesirable lack of logging on error. r=philikon
0ab95b85d06e7d4c8b50314656861edebd7157ddPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 693413 - Service.startOver resets Status.sync too late, prefs pane flickers. r=rnewman
6270ac0e7f96d848060090efc2ba3a310606e370Richard Newman — Bug 685945 - fixxor after skipping a qref. a=bustage
ffc15889906ea886d7a034ee7cbbf8af6cd4119dRichard Newman — Bug 685945 - Sync: log a warning if JSON parsing of bodies fails. r=philikon
1354c018705372ac81c1f9a014a672c32331bec7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 451250 When navigating session history, use an error page instead of the
4da70aca03cd21253591d7130bbfb5988c418310Jim Mathies — Bug 693890 - Build fix for disable-accessibility link errors post the landing of bug 677883. r=davidb
866b2b1793cdfc66561bddb20d9ad572f28ec6caMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
69369e7dad6c645cc4b3f10f317f32bb188207a0Steve Fink — Bug 693886 - non-threadsafe link error with JS_CallOnce (r=jwalden)
9ee34cc1d1865c47d86947deaf4ebcde0ec4ebaaSteve Fink — Bug 693712 - Followup to fix further SM-specific build breakage (r=billm)
15aadd79c4809a61280aca4a2ef4373e03fe2930Matt Woodrow — Bug 693520 - Fix backface visibility calculations, and share can-hit checks. r=derf
854ad493859ae752da8cfec6f400d5b448f76660Matt Woodrow — Bug 693519 - Don't call GetHitDepthAtPoint if we didn't hit anything. r=roc
dfc8bbc6127450f132082fb58a4266eca65838e9Phil Ringnalda — Bug 682754 - date_parseISOString should tolerate a missing colon in the timezone, arr=Waldo
90bbf471c432de322085d6e351f1aeb359cd4674Brian Hackett — Don't load high bits when getting typed array lengths, bug 693144. r=dvander
dda97b0f3e05d190f6f96baa5f0629154cbe0488Brian Hackett — Disable jstracer by default, bug 693815. r=dmandelin
6b0b58d5da86752feab282ec47124eb37eba6ee7Benoit Girard — Bug 626694 - Forgot an instance of mIsRGBFormat. r=bustage
38789564d25bb68c5b1c96b1e9986f6d036e39b4Benoit Girard — Bug 626694 - Remove unused TextureImage::IsRGB(). r=mattwoodrow
7385faae90c61d8c587d71ae6bed426395752e13Jeff Walden — Fix an order-of-initialization warning just recently added, to move the warnings-as-errors build closer to green again. r=trivial
1986bfb7f0b629344edb68a5fd2a6f061ccc4b56Jeff Walden — Followup fixes to misplaced test for bug 648471, seems I made them in the patch in a tree I didn't push. :-\ r=orange
01c60492772c91ae6ecc9a0021a235c721b6ec62Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 693323 - Explcitly instantiate the ListBase class with the template arguments that we use it with, since apparently clang doesn't see the need to instantiate it automatically; r=peterv
8c59e49aea634c5ce12d28b6077efc4dc1fe6abfJeff Walden — Bug 679509 - Test that plugin conversion hooks properly convert to a primitive value. r=mrbkap
97f2fc98682467b89f8b7c0bc518a81645319794Jeff Walden — Bug 679509 - Make sure convert hooks in plugin code always return a non-primitive value. r=luke
f2a3c41ee77fa58c4740b6917fe4d5967e4b64d9Jeff Walden — Add a misplaced test for bug 648471, found in an old .hg/patches directory while pruning my Mozilla tree count. r=itsatest
ff1d493bf11316977b54ee912b26ad4841d70e92Boris Zbarsky — Bug 693219. Don't use TimeDuration methods from static constructors. r=roc
c7b4452ef1d2d7ba6fa2673cbfc7621e4b9d7c4fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 690056. Implement a vendor-prefixed version of the visibility API. r=sicking
073b4ef6933f72797df80332490ae2d37b09eb92Boris Zbarsky — Bug 682088. Allow arbitrary CSS colors as values of the various color preferences. r=dbaron
39c5a324b3746f1a6a0006f1824506c672e5f53bMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2b37cfbb5906f78bb681762c2f2fffc6f8c94fa0Ed Morley — Bug 693191 - Unblacklist D3D9 layers on NVIDIA 6200 device ID 0221; r=bjacob
1692379c76374951de0cd6ec44ffd4e59b1708acEhsan Akhgari — Bug 689397 - Work around the broken-ness of gcc4.2 on Mac which causes the protection implemented in bug 666414 not take effect; r=bsmedberg
e04740676c11033634e8eec5e7f01011dcc0e9e0Wes Johnston — Bug 692536 - Prevent sending mousemove events if preventDefault is called on touchevents. r=mbrubeck
c515dbded0c2d1eaeb5fb08d41f75041ac971faaSteve Fink — Bug 693712 - fix --enable-dtrace build by including appropriate headers in jsprobes.h (r=billm)
159202c121328bf5f3faeff2d43e54a7d3e62b64Steve Fink — Bug 645887 - General support for mjit code registration (r=bhackett)
218e0d94de727cbd78886c56181b3c705ecafb3fSteve Fink — Bug 645887 - Build changes for JIT code registration API (r=dmandelin)
8fae5a109fe23c94621dca623741aa94525f711cSteve Fink — Bug 692606 - Shared libraries that change depending on configure options should depend on (r=glandium)
74c8bc479d72f4b74248926fbabe87a585021297Steve Fink — Bug 686230 - Add JS_CallOnce to the JSAPI for module initialization (r=luke)
6d2816c9cd412074f909193fba9b39fc78b0b6a7Steve Fink — Bug 645111 - Insert .cfi directives into inline assembly to provide debug info (r=jimb)
e0ae39a3298ea6aed6b22dece381f8a41404a98bEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
f04220527e2af33254458988b6e83bc1ec399c66Fabrice Desré — Bug 690635 - Issues with camera input on DroidX [r=wjohnston]
0e4cee9a1e7560366d45eaf8439b57682c22bdfbBill McCloskey — Bug 677411 - Fix some red in SM builds
ae2293392154ea11e474414f9f73d7c9340396e4Chris Leary — Bug 690933: Guard on LifoAlloc overflow. (r=luke)
bf8b3a296e3f3e8c482b71fa0b57f139f66dd312Bill McCloskey — Bug 677411 - Add telemetry counters for JS GC (r=luke)
9dff0cfa7f236e400c4e33aa68a1e7a38b443b70Bill McCloskey — Bug 677411 - Replace JS GC statistics gathering (r=cdleary)
4bcdbe2fc33bbdd5e83afe7c62fd27b7dd6c06f9Marco Bonardo — Bug 692496 - Fix a coherence error in a Sync test.
4bf47794c49c837f718806e49eddc7b2ef253723Marco Bonardo — Bug 692496 - Avoid table scan in expiration by restricting on flattened data.
52103e8ae17e241e78d0231d8160b0478762412fRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 669953 - build debug builds with optimization. r=ted.
49ccbc7fd631943e9e9d815c7ac588bea1d5a583Jim Mathies — Bug 677883 - Bypass deferred message processing for accessible tab windows. Fixes occasional wm_getobject query failures, which must be responded to. r=davidb
e54779beb70656b56f17dbf1c6163e4c288dff03Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 677797 - Implement mandatory ASLR on Windows; r=bsmedberg
5676f1cc52c85c7bff0d9779c69eae52d9a86ae8Luke Wagner — Followup for b9c673621e1e: fixup missed ARM-only includes of jsvector/jshashtable
bb3764df1a709bc328538b8cf8587a81f4fe0bd3Alexander Surkov — Bug 506206 - ASSERTION: There should always be a DOM node for an event, one more patch, r=davidb
6bfe61a76eb0eb603867345e600d958644b38d7dAlexander Surkov — Bug 679271 - Intermittent a11y/accessible/events/test_tree.xul | Test timed out, sometimes with a leak, r=marcoz
949c2cf4c7724bbb6c54878147491710f4d9adc5Luke Wagner — Bug 690825 - Add a SecurityWrapper base between JS transparent wrappers and XPConnect security wrappers (r=mrbkap)
b9c673621e1eff02a96bc5ee2b96a4956893b19dLuke Wagner — Bug 689362 - Create js/public (with the intention that its contents will eventually be the only INSTALLED_HEADERS), move Vector and HashTable to js/public and some dependencies (r=billm,sr=dmandelin)
6c60fe2051fee5176d64e49995cd3ee901fc00f4Luke Wagner — Bug 693124 - Remove invalid assert in Proxy::objectClassIs (r=waldo)
565585ecbcec97527f06e64aa1ae84928b09c070Benoit Girard — Bug 671104 - Random Orange: iframe load race condition. r=ehsan
c6da52c82202863e195fa6d35ffb57632c04cb75Benoit Girard — Bug 691779 - Hide devicemanagerADB pull interfering with reftest output. r=jmaher
79a41c3264f287fd941c4ad10a704a424bfb4161Ed Morley — Bug 687358 - Remove nsWWJSUtils and use nsJSUtils instead; r=jst
1ca405a46f2125640861a73dd44a3e7139b12d55Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
9d697ecaf161ba4b6915d7e67bc9b3f445c5bfa5Panos Astithas — Bug 669658 - [highlighter] Improve the keybindings, r=rcampbell
dbfe5c55ee81bce86a358f9eba7bd169f6a56d07Paul Rouget — Bug 690713 - [highlighter] move DOM related methods from TreePanel.jsm to a new jsm, r=msucan,rcampbell
44411b4781c513c05df37365d13be7955810a88ePaul Rouget — Bug 689934 - Transition on infobar during webpage scrolling in highlighter, r=msucan
43611c1253109fae0e5f388346e8f18fd11ae9ecMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 691721 - Potential memory leak in DevTools test, r=msucan
98876af622afd1414086aba9f4496b9eb87b5c45Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team, last green r 9a72a10e8bb5
fb18dd9ee477571facd11004ae57198773f84494Tim Taubert — Bug 657472 - 'Tune' the time to wait before displaying the update been downloaded / restart notification and provide ability to override in the update xml; r=rstrong
7f00e15814846dcf4a44822f116ed92262a8ee82Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
294ed82810e14e372d3647aebb51e9989163f26aRob Campbell — Bug 689160 - Investigate and Fix leaked csshtmltree.xhtml windows in Highlighter+Style Inspector; r=msucan
6c66a420067c2b99d1e8a24fb885079ee2c780a6David Chan — Bug 692550 - console.log("%s", null); should log "null"; r=msucan
36e6eb27d0c26dd6e44bc7c344259611801c0cc5Gavin Sharp — Backed out changeset bdd575bda8ab, since it accidentally also landed on mozilla-inbound with minor changes
bdd575bda8ab224f16280afd3439aa6b9d8f6d92Gavin Sharp — Bug 692130: move tabview code and tests to browser/components/tabview; r=ttaubert
ed4026a18fdba2917a68c83873da91810fb92f4aKyle Huey — Merge b-s to m-c.
7641937ce7736698c46fd085759d93960f03a1a5Ted Mielczarek — bug 686371 - Use pixman C fallback on iOS. r=jmuizelaar
6e945f23126536783fce6ef618162f48b1491ea9Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
fe2e1060115834c55d9b5d34aa91d5c196ce6fe7Gregory Szorc — Bug 687225 - Detect MSVC 2011 compiler. r=ted
2e555f1dcdffae6ea47e7521fdc3d906dad99f95Kyle Huey — Bug 690961. r=mrbkap
9a72a10e8bb52e76f199dce2488d71492677c7dbOlli Pettay — Bug 680413 - Allow using child process message manager in chrome process, r=benjamin
568821b5cdcac68bf945f0f0be29c1bf1e0bc1b7Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
3dfc425966f4214d46f1db3f89e7f2c7a6fdb7ffMike Hommey — Bug 686283 - Properly handle EOF in TokenStream::getAtSourceMappingURL on platforms with unsigned chars. r=luke
a98178fd0f47d0af098c64a33f89330d147312fbMartijn Wargers — Test for Bug 689403 - Option inside optgroup of multi-select doesn't trigger form select helper popup after it has been opened before [r=mbrubeck]
df9d305be41206fc7c2549bdd105c1f04f39a9d9Ralph Giles — Bug 677581 - Update libogg to upstream svn r18096. r=kinetik
b773a00c239b3edb0ce38d34964b162e937ad7c8Matthew Gregan — Bug 669556 - Calculate OS X sydneyaudio buffer sizes by time, and shrink buffers to 1000ms. Remove buffer refill wait from nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine::AudioLoop as the buffer fullness estimation is inaccurate. r=cpearce
9975c3dd08a639340f2f335dc7bedb3059b8c7c6Bas Schouten — Bug 691137: Use proper coordinates when adding a device space quadratic curve. r=roc
f4fa6df431be373458eb0d57e37b011a4ab89414Alexander Surkov — Bug 691443 - crash [@ nsAccessibleWrap::GetHWNDFor], r=davidb
cd148629d7e7cf71a7eb03886c5835091906191fOleg Romashin — Bug 693282 - BasicShadowableThebesLayer leaking backBuffers. r=cjones
09ca3ba9ccb0dac4ee1ee5a184c8b511625306daBrad Lassey — Backed out changeset c3a50afc2243 due to large volume of crashes tracked in bug 687367
20ba6842a750c8b621fd41f8b8f477d981f3b00aMark Finkle — Bug 684826 - Last typed character from password field is not visible when password is filled in [r=blassey]
1defa404424da3836586c48f69193f6da40ffdd3Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
96b2321ec26cc6612a6e89488f6e2ad51bb627e2David Mandelin — Bug 687398: fix debug printing of method GC edge, r=cdleary
818edd78ffacaf37040b618094f630b575daf05cJim Blandy — Bug 693406: Set the activeAnalysis flag in the proper compartment when printing TypeCompartments from js_DestroyContext with INFERFLAGS=full. r=bhackett
6d2612f175306c4fa7d0c45f2619207e85568ef1Fabrice Desré — Bug 692961 - Capturing image on camera api crashes [@ mozalloc_abort | __swrite ] [r=blassey]
962683b9d15a5c83f352b2cfd414a9ba47253c2fJustin Lebar — Bug 693393 - Make poor man's Maybe<AutoCompartment> in JSAutoEnterCompartment (slightly) less fragile. r=luke
79e60c5bde683867ed7a9f12d0a64b5d4a4d8c10Robert Longson — Backout Bug 693183 - reftest failure
a9eacbb0e411fc2c837dcb114d72eadde45d4f9eLucas Rocha — Bug 690900 - Remove unwanted dotted line borders from tabs popup (r=wesj)
a5aa295c2b8620e785b9a4cef7ba7f79cc9912a8Justin Lebar — Bug 692963 - Report heap-committed-unallocated-fraction in about:memory. r=khuey
371619a1550941b6e2bbaabd4e9b3df5e95c5154Justin Lebar — Bug 681183 - Make jemalloc_stats.committed meaningful on *nix. r=khuey
826f2a681f3f283053be604b65b42041695d33bbRobert Longson — Bug 693183 - Move image element attribute processing to the frame class. r=jwatt
0042da9bc01821ba62c4f71b20c7a5671ef7fb34Bill McCloskey — Bug 692884 - Manage GC's black/gray color transitions from JS, not xpconnect (r=mccr8)
a5b88a4500aa64d2528bcef4c1609a2a86efe49dMatt Brubeck — Back out f7bf7ac18a79 (bug 684826), 3a910924c50c (bug 687367), and 524a6bb8744b (bug 693086) because of Android bustage on a CLOSED TREE
246f9b7442b3ceac18dd3a5117ae79c069405650Luke Wagner — Bug 692366 - Soften nativeCall assert to allow for generic non-generic methods (yeah, that's right) (r=waldo)
e7968e208ea83118ad70410244f5140cb832cc01Luke Wagner — Bug 692300 - date_valueOf should claim to be date_valueOf to NonGenericMethodGuard (r=waldo)
d749864ebd018016cf577bc85a281c120fa871d8Luke Wagner — Bug 632064 - remove use of GetScopeChain in e4x (r=igor)
151f190c27ab2c8906d8a86b5b41e00d9e5810c0Luke Wagner — Bug 632064 - remove JS_GetScopeChain (r=mrbkap)
58c9046d8485f1dac0b9b678185ad175d3a0f7feJan de Mooij — Bug 693311 - Fix strict equality correctness bug. r=billm
21df455d50831fd2007d2b4745f1ad2395b97df9Justin Lebar — Bug 683597 - Change jemalloc's accounting for huge allocations to round up to the next page boundary, not to the next MB. r=khuey
8692821e87e1f370c5bfd9df61023605fcd6a67bEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
8e85383d821eb5d38c9fea754384ac271e4180ecJustin Lebar — Bug 693101 - Unbreak about:memory's parsing of /proc/smaps entries which live in /dev/ashmem on Android. r=khuey
17eecce51c43cd1e9f44bb502312db9ec47aa9b1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 669953 - don't pass "--enable-optimize --enable-debug --disable-optimize" to sub configure. r=khuey.
8586a8f3929fd0ecd1f1f897a3367a836064adacRaymond Lee — Bug 654295 - Closing last tab of a group doesn't show Panorama r=tim
e0e9529bdc84a40a82d064505e7d5f4d8fa3ea20Raymond Lee — Bug 599048 - Search results lose focus and search is closed on switch back to window with search results (window tab matching) r=tim
121549dd2e34ab6698042ed07bac64cf5dc4a5c3Raymond Lee — Bug 682791 - Ensure that all functions have an internal name for Panorama r=tim
9bf1262cc262048421210d93308131aed67dd8a0Raymond Lee — Bug 671243 - Empty text-field area goes outside of minimized group when hovering with mouse r=tim
38c901ad89cc07c40821a07867c3322755eaed8dRaymond Lee — Bug 692716 - e10s support for UI in Panorama r=dao
ccea01542d0b174ddec140a061c7df70f9958055Justin Dolske — Bug 693099 - "Save Snapshot As" option on HTML5 videos creates PNG files with .JPG file extension. r=sparky
b0e79255fa97e9dc415cdd86d7e4c47609ea4fe8Brad Lassey — Backed out changeset 703df62e855b due to crashes reported in bug 693086
29c1738d7e27980efb9c0e0d0d5c4aecb478d985Matt Brubeck — Back out d3b8c0394c5e, 701372c96a92, f2c16b13cf65, 367ff8c94636 (bug 683290, bug 684919, bug 685516) for Android reftest failures
3a8a23bd77083b1ce3862ad1a39f81640f36d2ddMatt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
80be49be4394699b7a02fb34b95878c142fce3ebDão Gottwald — Bug 677027 - Implement conditional forward button for gnomestripe. r=shorlander
be7e806933a4b871264760f8cfcf690cbdfa62c2Taras Glek — Bug 689256 - Intermittent failure to set calculate timestamp for main; r=glandium
fc4e4fa98b14b4d0fa6f84ab72c52a8f040eac3dtimeless — Bug 620171 - [@ ImageContainerOGL::GetCurrentAsSurface] if GetFormat() can return anything other than PLANAR_YCBCR or CAIRO_SURFACE
68b7ba48300450a22f1c33bc02b21fd59ab89a3bjulian reschke — Bug 610054 - Clean up MIME header parsing (allow different behavior for HTTP and EMail); r=bz
6e5cf287ab1e4b5928cda73a0308562e7d28257earno renevier — Bug 684908 - Save viewSource uri with content cacheKey; r=neil
fd292a050695aaf3e8c55b6e8a23c06cf175fe3cDão Gottwald — Bug 682534 followup: fix typo
d7538041aa8f8eebe782f21eb795b4f0d67971e1Justin Lebar — Bug 692923 - Update heap-unallocated description to reflect the fact that heap-dirty doesn't have anything to do with fragmentation. r=khuey
80e5f0ab4785669c8dac66dd0003f82b1937633bMarco Bonardo — Backout efed4eae9cd2 for xpcshell-test failure
efed4eae9cd24938b9dc82683766c9dc0b480294Marco Bonardo — Bug 692496 - Avoid table scan in expiration by restricting on flattened data.
339749acfdbc23bfd3971abbe37e538baf4bdaf7Marco Bonardo — Bug 692493 - Add maintenance for visit_count and last_visit_date.
3176f14f0483f7af3dfd272e3bfc73c6432f1847Marco Bonardo — Bug 690354 - Idle expiration never runs for clean databases.
e1927273c6c936b68e0052c422d9be285d7b024aDão Gottwald — Bug 682534 - Implement conditional forward button for winstripe / large icons mode. r=dolske
4d61f3ed73b9a7d3f89ace46a9aaf1b0ef932962Vlad Tanase — Bug 640677 - Corrected double separator in help menu of "View Source" page; r=dolske
18004d1be2131b3b844b1ffa0a80429f72388196Oleg Romashin — Bug 693216 - Fennec should take %U url argument. r=dougt
95b880200a57e15a13dfab16ad78c126d6091dc9Ilkka Otsala — Bug 686289 - Harmattan custom MIME types need to be supported in Fennec. r=jbos,romaxa
6c6170a6e481de41c124f28f50c005647386d40eMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2a151eaf035b1d082316c8c5252b3c6f00f43278Robert Longson — Bug 691194 - Move filter element attribute processing to the frame class. r=dholbert
5eed5a82852c68eef20db520f08cdc4526829e1bRobert Longson — Bug 691298 - Remove aDoSetAttr arguments where callers always pass the same value. r=dholbert
51ef48b744536610777936bded3c26a8023ba133Brian R. Bondy — Bug 635691 - GetAttention() flashes the grandparent window although the parent window is in the forground. r=neil
788fb79040ed26f9c1c47b63b08c145277696519Mark Finkle — Bug 684826 - Last typed character from password field is not visible when password is filled in [r=blassey]
1db52ff3bfe9697ffbdc257803e2f0f95a15ecebBrad Lassey — Backed out changeset c3a50afc2243 due to large volume of crashes tracked in bug 687367
c80e4acec9f58dfa40dbc959e71da1ff008cbdb0Olli Pettay — Bug 691059, don't throw when setting interface.prototype.onmouseenter/leave, r=bz
98baa291a949a7046300d429ee764420f98dce14Olli Pettay — Bug 691059, don't throw when setting interface.prototype.onmouseenter/leave, r=bz
50f9a6fb25dbc1437d730ddf42966ecfd77b0c21Olli Pettay — Bug 691059, don't throw when setting interface.prototype.onmouseenter/leave, r=bz
4c02f4104c17503e7455c3a216a16db501627d40Olli Pettay — Bug 689128, re-enable EventListenerService tests, add a null check, handle compartments, r=bz
bcf12565b95b9df0ebd91c7d511225c2a28c88ceMatt Brubeck — Back out f7bf7ac18a79 (bug 684826), 3a910924c50c (bug 687367), and 524a6bb8744b (bug 693086) because of Android bustage on a CLOSED TREE
d3b8c0394c5e0d03256b2380ac75cbac30eed874Kyle Huey — Bug 683290: Make RasterImage::GetFrame actually honor the flags it is passed. r=bholley
701372c96a92be9e7870b3176aa2f4505b65f3a7Kyle Huey — Bug 683290: Allow images that are not in the document to be eligible for discarding. r=bz
f2c16b13cf656b3258d81bd44f714bc0a93a613eKyle Huey — Bug 684919: Add a template class for storing an nsCOMPtr and a flag together. r=jlebar sr=bsmedberg
367ff8c946362e7324027f7044b43cb7c564e6e6Kyle Huey — Bug 685516: Instead of decoding small images synchronously and large images asynchronously, always decode synchronously for some time, and post the remainder to the event loop if necessary. r=joe
2c1efd9254846557e0b74a5b4a9618758ffe93f6Brad Lassey — merge
524a6bb8744b9116f7d0f85393e7d86243c760a5Brad Lassey — Backed out changeset 703df62e855b due to crashes reported in bug 693086
f7bf7ac18a79ef3fc93f90d7da5fd1b1bee703a4Mark Finkle — Bug 684826 - Last typed character from password field is not visible when password is filled in [r=blassey]
b54ade2e489610747ce913ee52f7fdd99956e8c5Brad Lassey — merge
3a910924c50c5304dc7f70a5f4d6572cef3b2071Brad Lassey — Backed out changeset c3a50afc2243 due to large volume of crashes tracked in bug 687367
aee2bf4eb5f8156bd0421afdbf6f2b290c7339c4Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Turn on new DOM bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
6751379365e3655a9851cdaec05a1a1699103537Peter Van der Beken — Bustage fix: temporarily disable assertion, we deal with the failure.
432f3a96bc2be5cb9885102f913dd6907752efdePeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Add comments. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
09d029625fafcac003658e752fd52112d3dce48fPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Add new dom binding for nsHTMLOptionCollection. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
5d583adcbde6b0e2ceff399ad68b88dd62baebadPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Bring order of getters/setters in line with WebIDL. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
7b0e7af95fcbca28dbc2231c0f4a6fea51a9434ePeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Generate setters on new DOM bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
669ec5b8b282cdd44e2c871e9f4b5c23b1918ab9Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Generate new DOM bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
abd2ed17eaa15c2a21f4c7b5fc61e384771029e7Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Support setting of properties on new DOM bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
6909fd27d2b722e963413a0bdb1c116f3fbe4cc3Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Support prototypes other than Object for the new proxy-based DOM binding. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
7b6a905eaecc52597a06cef4cc36e5df169a4c27Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Prepare for more DOM list implementations. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
0679aba1d739466801045fa39a0e73be392f8e45Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Move some code around. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
a81ccdc0be58086bce5e3a7f3f2dbf80c7886839Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Renaming. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
8b2e402a54b7f15127e80da516630f4205c245e7Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Rename xpc::dom to mozilla::dom::binding. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
87df4f372ec0082f74076816665fbbcc7e971eb4Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Implement more of XrayProxy. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
adb562fa3328ae86bda87d66fadb0041b90aead5Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Share obj_toString implementation. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
dce1d5524739a1f8628535712392c5853910b3ebPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Optimize conversion to ints a bit. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
db88d26a4cdd7af5d5868c851d83f4b4b4dc0cbePeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Fix GetNativeOfWrapper/GetJSObjectOfWrapper/xpc_OkToHandOutWrapper/quickstubs to deal with the new DOM bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
53cb5c81ba843d7098d1aacf7b917e104d4cf4ccPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Support more properties than 'length'. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
ea78bc0b06ff8851e3e94d264709dcf9183a8d90Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Stop using nsDOMClassInfo's jsids in new DOM bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
9c65c03b412ae95f7cf526539d9048b03bb4a1ecPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Add a pref (dom.new_bindings) to enable/disable new bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
b88815f00df94c43d46870772ac73c11bf22fbddPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Fix instanceof nsIDOMFoo. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
f1d2301aec7cbe9e64eb99b8afe8045f33eb2fdbPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Don't include dombindings.cpp into dom_quickstubs.cpp. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
4742146da66fc9b5d119f8bd49150530a60e6ac2Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Refactor namedItem a bit. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
b336d3ca7d39f55c50553d271fa7c5aa2cc237f0Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Fix wrapping of parent. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
c6c73791e69e29fcfb92b0d327580d489531abb3Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Fix iteration. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
3630c0108909ea6dc358954bff6b04a75a6a9d72Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Set up prototypes and constructors. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
b8c260359f920900f2fcb4935b16386a4f0f6ac8Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Return named items in more places (get[Own]PropertyDescriptor/hasOwn). r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
799c6ff3f36ee5aa531f03c898cc13684f9f0f63Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Make new proxy-based DOM bindings use the correct scope. r=mrbkap. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
2db768787e7bff858cca2dbcd8ce48264a21dde8Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Make HTMLCollection['string'] work. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
1169117ea7f1b124aae3b2b66607aeed0af087e8Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Hook up remaining NodeList/HTMLCollection implementations to new proxy-based DOM bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
d64ee71954761887cceb784b141b529c49a315b4Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Support expandos on the new proxy-based DOM bindings. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
93037e2151f3f3c7cfbf4f6eba441dda26fdeb21Blake Kaplan — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Add holder to proxy Xray and make the new nodelist deal with string IDs. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
6bfceb8654987cde1f38c17aacaba503f5ec51f0Blake Kaplan — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - First stab at implementing an Xray wrapper that can wrap proxy DOM implementations. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
41fdf93335d86e29a4639a44e2f787545951bb9fPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Hook up new dom bindings to the CC. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
f2e77f10570e92065955151b68af5d9264809796Andreas Gal — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Cache prototypes and pick up function value from the proto slot instead of caching it locally. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
3745e14d4407d45c54b83824feb2e66b0e24b5c7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Implement namedItem on HTMLCollections. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
71625e542826a7525c05598ef93a9d656dd76baaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Templatize the proxy handler. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
dc150e59693ac23aa3d2712369297bc6fa71c8c9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Hook up the new code so we actually create the proxy wrappers. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
bf437c634fda523fe5f9eea88ed99a446fe5eefcAndreas Gal — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Don't relookup .item() every time. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
73afd09ad56a73910a7242ab2a00cda1eb2f0eb9Andreas Gal — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Basic support for .item(). r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
0a4641db636d946e3cd2e2e15c28b8bd0027932bAndreas Gal — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Make .length much faster by avoiding having to look it up every time. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
0b6fe35629aeb4215e8e06cdd49268936a56a431Andreas Gal — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Create a basic proxy-based nodelist implementation. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
3a151ac8a7486323b158e6c1181042a87222101cPeter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Add js::GetObjectShape/js::GetNumSlots/js::GetSlot/js::GetObjectGlobal friend APIs.
8dbb002f6dc6c1004d6b6aaead253f90c6398c6eAndreas Gal — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Give proxies two extra slots, not just one. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
e76de73e29bfbd8de6511a42ca947ef010f58655Peter Van der Beken — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Add js_GetCompartmentPrivate friend API. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
aca2001154a83ce60a34a43fedcbb8a5e4cc8c00Andreas Gal — Bug 648801 (new DOM list bindings) - Add a way to test whether a particular object is the function object for a particular JSNative. r=bz/jst/mrbkap.
bd16e71072282406b7c82ca2f9f5cc85699fd0b2Peter Van der Beken — Stop including nsDOMClassInfo.h all over the place.
39e41a138c0b0b4e5409c76984d334cf89d412e8Peter Van der Beken — Fix line-endings in nsDocument.cpp.
e9c620a5c85f5a521a7549e4025972e44afdd072Ms2ger — Bug 693155 - Add parens to clarify operator precedence in TransformFunctionsMatch (nsStyleAnimation.cpp); r=dbaron
48781669cee95b8a827ad5b23ff9367bca61ba94Ms2ger — Bug 687486 - Throw INVALID_STATE_ERR when dispatching uninitialized events; r=smaug
94f5ef98fc3cc509c859643afff19a83115f50dcKyle Huey — Re-delete dom/src/threads since it has risen from the dead.
36cadf88962494154918169bd103713968b675fcKyle Huey — Merge m-i to m-c.
c244aa48ba1bfeeaa42fa55243f60c7f7f83d518Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 461820 - prevent accessing searchbar history from content r=dolske
be0b8f246876271fea16a7f2d9f6c774d404e1caBenoit Girard — Bug 692548 - Properly print OGL Shader compile errors on Android. r=jmuizelaar
d323beedf560c47993c37054ac741acaf0cf2279Daniel Holbert — Bug 691959: Remove unused variable 'bool done' from nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp. r=dbaron
cf33518ba341619044089ee6ba28c295acccff76Margaret Leibovic — Bug 692970 - Fix intermittent 'browser_locationBarCommand.js | Urlbar is still focused after click'. r=gavin
8ecc8e76bf7b2d27abd8988a458089a6e5650708Sriram Ramasubramanian Bug 677118 - Long tapping on link which has div inside does not show link context menu [r=mbrubeck,mfinkle]
fbe700c7747cc4dc102795a576d9d0c66b6706d6Jonathan Kew — bug 577911 - don't ignore the return value from SetGlyphsFromRun. r=jdaggett
bd5f05cdf119157b17de435207cc7c0796c32f4fJonathan Kew — Bug 692752 - reftest for painting selected text with shadow. r=roc
b87e8e7e791628e098f00f13bb148c488a5bbcffJonathan Kew — Bug 692752 - paint text-shadow after selection highlight background. r=roc
be16a71b5ab44d272776a3a4588e443d32b16192Dão Gottwald — Bug 634347 - The add-ons manager should open in the foreground regardless of browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground. r=gavin
d4efc5ab5877fcd02ad5b99a73978178e39d5619Martin von Gagern — Bug 509664 - Add support for r=dao
52bde8206312c7e23077b3500937a7d211640363Len — Bug 687754 - Don't remove unread in preview mode. r=dao
2561f2a8512ca47e4900420184858a96e5058870Len — Bug 687754 - Only set unread when busy is removed. r=dao
094ec090a211376bcee6b1e54032f30c7f7d1811Dão Gottwald — Bug 685263 - don't parse leading "foo:" as a protocol when followed by a number. r=gavin
fd0f0a12be74bec3bb4770dc7cad0eadfe6cc08aMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
d85e3d033bf1d32cc99512674f2c6a81bd1454c3Robert Longson — Bug 550047 - Removing attributes from most elements does not cause a refresh. r=dholbert
6e166aaa5be60fd0dfbdb8098498407915d8e018Benoit Girard — Bug 526864 - Remove unused parameter aFrameToUse in RasterImage::DoComposite. r=bobbyholley
c664f85010b0df98e33d7c7abb02090472c03634Alexander Surkov — Bug 691734 - make sure scrolling start event is delivered after document focus, r=marcoz
ba387863cf06b38c86942a14871df064df6405ddBrian R. Bondy — Bug 607251 - Aero broken with Basic/Aero theme and minimize/un-minimize. r=jimm
b9bae20fb35c3ab1caa9d9d5bdbe42d65dd5c506Gavin Barraclough — Bug 683838: Fix return logic in backTrackParentheses, r=dmandelin
fa6d799dfba7241d55ab40e3fb2569cf9563cb2aBobby Holley — Bug 657260 - Handle NULL return from JS_NewExternalString in XPCStringConvert::ReadableToJSVal. r=mrbkap
8f10a82cf2de0a3302f5ea232d5dd09c0c9db836Bobby Holley — Bug 657260 - Check JS string length against maximum in more places. r=Waldo
702c4c6fc60d29e00dbde070369de276e72a320cBobby Holley — Bug 657260 - Move CheckStringLength to JSString. r=Waldo
e39362de752fd4ef5ff89ff2edfbd78d1d634ba6Chris Leary — Bug 692069 followup: Unburn no-methodjit.
ff2e14cc772fc09b47d13714c687651f7b00551fMartijn Wargers — Bug 691758 - [Tablet] Optgroup should not have checkbox in select popup helper, r=wjohnston
5f7dd649a52130960949f598709b80e2b1bdee16Ben Turner — Bug 683885 - 'Assertion failure: self, at dom/workers/EventTarget.cpp:170'. r=sicking.
6c37144a4c94ce8142a6402439c5445c856eb876Chris Leary — Bug 692069: Regexp engine agnostic abstraction. (r=luke)
f1f27d2354dad13aab16d0291ecee08fce3ba765Jim Blandy — Bug 692903: Identify scripts more helpfully in InferSpew output. r=bhackett
6576946586f4c7cdcf5627b75bc5b544f5994db1Jim Blandy — Bug 692911: Delete useless call to target->addType in js::types::TypeConstraintSubsetBarrier::newType. r=bhackett
e27c6941c34059b13b555c2cf3903ff74e0eb27bWesley Johnston — Backout 733ab06d6e09 for browser-chrome bustage
79cdd608f901d4a10b2f9d54efa7c560a09fa6aaJim Blandy — Bug 692243: Change the InferSpew for TypeObject::setFlags to print flags in hex. r=bhackett
3eeb0e021d80c8299ba0c20a527f078eb4021fb0Mark Finkle — Bug 692767 - about:home shows tabs from last time with wrong encoding, non-ASCII characters are broken [r=mbrubeck]
500185b5808c116c77c43a943bc349e7a4f7ad0bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 692782 - Bug 690670 broke clang builds; r=cjones
4a6cfa62d84542119c1ba72968b6c967b1057956Jeff Gilbert — Bug 692458 - Fix for GLContext currency error - r=bjacob
198dbe19cfaa8f5ba2ebed179cd554cdd68b0d85Marco Bonardo — Bug 692119 - Don't init the autocomplete database connection till the first search.
87a98d668e0c0af76a745bece734a140c65af981Marco Bonardo — Bug 691509 - Run ANALYZE at each schema change (and force a schema change).
b16c81fc5e94fa7ac444a4e105d54f51fe292f30Marco Bonardo — Bug 689142 - Places telemetry gets lost, due to being collected on idle-daily.
c9c7784ba5e65af08e7bb034b5f638ba8939e853Jim Blandy — (no bug): Fix Emacs/vi mode line at top of js/src/methodjit/StubCalls.cpp. r=only comments changed
4f241d9a1117443a99bfa5b4b43659b8f59f9c57Wes Johnston — Bug 692445 - Fix behavior of change language button on about:home. r=mfinkle
733ab06d6e09dee6dfca6076da3af3af5a788667Wes Johnston — Bug 692536 - Prevent sending mousemove events if preventDefault is called on touchevents. r=mbrubeck
2dd6269e06b050be83001de49c5b0e7be5508dd8Bobby Holley — Bug 690362 - Fix incorrect parenthetical grouping of nsXPTType::T_PWSTRING_SIZE_IS in xpcwrappednative.cpp. r=peterv
4e1565df0b2cfcdc49b9c532fc62b0ef57a51af9Bobby Holley — Bug 599791 - part 7 - Tests. r=jorendorff
de75046c6cb11034479bb9e36de7f15413c5b05fBobby Holley — Bug 599791 - part 6 - Return the sentinel when we fail in ClosureStub. r=jorendorff
42e41d74e1803193ebec268c4bb49a24db2ff921Bobby Holley — Bug 599791 - part 5 - Prepare the sentinel value and store it in ClosureInfo. r=jorendorff
235026a2505c9c182c0c311b1bd6f7e356379edcBobby Holley — Bug 599791 - part 4 - Do ClosureInfo cleanup with a destructor. r=jorendorff
cb404dac5599437daab6c54c52acac4f8c1d0a72Bobby Holley — Bug 599791 - part 3 - Pass errVal down into the closure constructor. r=jorendorff
28321579239e2b7fcfc449dd4e427e15fa73d8b0Bobby Holley — Bug 599791 - part 2 - restructure argument handling in PointerType::ConstructData. r=jorendorff
a0f0f75ed0ef8bda20654bfbf1dd7be8035acd9aBobby Holley — Bug 599791 - part 1 - Remove unnecessary conditional logic. r=jorendorff
f13920d334546a9ba120b3c5595746067f7b4741Bobby Holley — Bug 682504 - Tests. r=jorendorff
c5ed26ad5709710662e33d3885b9a7d7bab04a0aBobby Holley — Bug 682504 - Don't try to ImplicitConvert a void return value. r=jorendorff
def68a1067435fe3674cbd02d40b9fd81d871541Bobby Holley — Bug 682180 - Allocate executable trampoline buffers in darwin 10 and beyond. r=khuey
b4da2d439cbc18b23fa48a120611f5a3e3c56881Olli Pettay — Bug 681387: backout bug 654352 (caretPositionFromPoint), r=ehsan
d2864f3852493a16fd6132c033b1410d2db5e691Ms2ger — Bug 691156 - Handle putImageData(nonfinite) correctly; r=bz
3b303c61a49a5a3abefdb0168205f609f1a46fbbMs2ger — Bug 689046 - Ensure createPattern(zero-size canvas) throws; r=roc
350803d887f0a2d33dbfb002f0caa66ef90b7f30ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave22
6c780dcb4b992c9367be444e2ad05c9b07270c20Mark Finkle — Bug 689928 - White space in the left side of the tab bar [r=mbrubeck]
194720ba054f9ef2a3125fb5586aa985bfd9fe40Mark Finkle — Bug 692712 - Pre-filter recommended add-ons JSON instead of filtering at startup [r=wjohnston]
8f011395145eae05bdb84218266bfc22cc3a07b0Brian Smith — Bug 669061: Upgrade to NSS 3.13 RC0, r=wtc
35954e6f3167b3bc823126e3ec340b5a26e93274Matt Brubeck — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
6028686b01f06bcfab0997279a7ed53fe2fd4439Jonathan Kew — back out 32989cd5377b for total (non-DEBUG) bustage
d6ea8647d99017dbfd251cd53fecb7f881bd3415Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 437722 - Part 2: Mark the reftests as failing on Android
ab95694a2977af8860375376cb3d05d90ce0b291Matt Brubeck — Back out 979075e871e2 (bug 660887) because it breaks Tzoom
32989cd5377b6007d7a46ccb078db38f3282f262Jonathan Kew — bug 577911 - don't ignore the return value from SetGlyphsFromRun. r=jdaggett
776a816fe364bddafcb008afe0c7b89e13ded8baOleg Romashin — Bug 690656 - Don't Init XAtom and XEvents listener in non-main thread r=dougt
e64926f9e278aed6ddab9d9046d4d9c02a3ef9c3Oleg Romashin — Bug 690656 - Stop creating QWidget in DragService ctor r=dougt
d7b86824694ae9c512cd585a5fbe6df2d7f5c706Nathan Froyd — Bug 687166 - GCC 4.6 build warning: "layout/xul/base/src/nsSplitterFrame.cpp:997: warning: variable current set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]". r=smaug
69ae30e1bc3eb703c5af5c5ba026b796315b8821Nathan Froyd — Bug 687121 - GCC 4.6 build warning: "js/src/xpconnect/shell/xpcshell.cpp:549: warning: variable 'preBytes' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]". r=jorendorff
f9f8b4c3c12ae320ed7f82f201b9215f6452cbc8Martin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, mozcontainer patch, r=karlt
6171821962370aed9697db2600ab0b35063eff44Brian Hackett — Avoid reentrant constraint solving when breaking type barriers, bug 685186. r=dvander
7277c1bddd227eaba8dfe8eb843424948a1ca910Brian Hackett — Fix recompilation hazard in CALLELEMENT, bug 686107. r=dvander
463ad8fec3e5410adae430e2ec25aa9b637da684Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 692520 - Handle the case where the frame might going away while retrieving selection properties from a text control; r=bzbarsky
135f05446edce9dfab1983bf4d2ea023423007a1Ehsan Akhgari — Reftest for bug 437722; r=roc
4d312cb93a94bdbd45d89331674ee3cd5e5e3f81Chris Leary — Bug 691695: Refactor RegExp components as prep for lazifying. (r=luke)
97f2cd5ea1ee1a16087ea792c340fd1786d10182Geoff Lankow — Bug 692078 - Second attempt to open addons.sqlite doesn't work; r=dtownsend
ae27b467720cbab0b130073b7431181921b4e517Ed Morley — Backout changeset ef21d6f2187d to correct bug number
6bae7a490cb0746427dba87eb4b2c3255e95848aHenri Sivonen — Bug 692434 - Use = instead of == for assignment in XHR charset handling code. r=Olli.Pettay.
ef21d6f2187d8746aa4e90879ac1e51841d11d14Geoff Lankow — Bug 689375 - Second attempt to open addons.sqlite doesn't work; r=dtownsend
22f7450fdc4b63f1da6744eee3e5b2a1f9cbc9eeOleg Romashin — Bug 691763 - Fennec Layout is broken on initial startup after landing. r=mbrubeck
45249d949463260dd1ac5c129afd3d3ecb1455aaMs2ger — Bug 691184 - Add test_2d.text.align.(default|invalid).html & test_2d.text.baseline.(default|invalid).html from Philip Taylor's canvas tests; r=smaug
d5c6d21109da3496520eb07426aa8e59e806765dEd Morley — Bug 691184 - Don't throw on setting ctx.textAlign & ctx.textBaseline to bogus values, spec says to ignore; r=smaug
300cfa9a5d72e7d492903e7aae2e9095a1aa14aeEd Morley — (No bug) Remove CRLFs that have crept into test_canvas.html; rs=bz
d051a574980290d6f538159231ca92b0c586b9e0Scott Johnson — Backout cset 1da3cfb954b1 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
a80d383fb026ead5df617fec309775e10c4080b2Scott Johnson — Backout cset a48ccb52c137 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
c94c75d79b0a8da89e380d1f8f757d623cea74d0Scott Johnson — Backout cset a476b7988f63 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
7c4958bb425624db98d271677e9bb272e2402307Scott Johnson — Backout cset 9d3ac2d3da11 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
136951acb9066e8438113479d0e26f1fb8800a7bScott Johnson — Backout cset 4ec20f190f00 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
f4813a3c0ce0da4eb53643e62bb94f23f7ab77aeScott Johnson — Backout cset 6cd4f2d8c2f9 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
f590664039fc6fd37fc996141f4b359d951af390Scott Johnson — Backout cset 5b4dd36b1f78 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
8191fa520f85935817d7eaf73f246ab1133927d1Scott Johnson — Backout cset 49d997bcdc60 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
7f1bd9bef43fdb7c27e0d452e5eb9df40b9cc37dScott Johnson — Backout cset 7a32a21af687 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
8a61c1c8ddf402b11310c9818a4389d1085b7feaScott Johnson — Backout cset 94252c34312e from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
be54831e6e0d2cf15891c0415ee82317972c299bScott Johnson — Backout cset d6488a41e72e from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
370048394dd2aa3bfbf040c5583ba22f7f690c48Scott Johnson — Backout cset 2fc2cff5bc6e from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
c7192470011b590da739f7ecd1e04ca226048973Scott Johnson — Backout cset fbf08c5aa833 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
cfc8586375a4a2fa5e5f7b0a95cfee0179a43340Scott Johnson — Backout cset 11c3d02d1c0e from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
c8afe7189002df37c7c09dd6f97ba91fd9e829dbScott Johnson — Backout cset 9669c49bdf67 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
7c78f35fa440e180bb3649da659a9f65e51621f6Scott Johnson — Backout cset e02aa8977225 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
8c91fccbff79466d2051f210dbec00a7d86fea0bScott Johnson — Backout cset 2a62ca6580da from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
616b33122a7f1a4178f599b132e20fef8bd20765Scott Johnson — Backout cset ae1ba25d7d07 from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
abc08c0daf9f7a85f82f76951ccfcb15162000b4Scott Johnson — Backout cset 32676bb1968e from bug 666446 while we sort out regressions
206cef4ea41fb644ef647fa30aa21edd0a8be13eMike Hommey — Bug 687446 - Allow debug symbols to be found under gdb without extracted libraries. r=mwu
b5507a7924357ac3580c99f2bf8097468c17d54cMike Hommey — Bug 692381 - Remove one of the Android library extraction code paths. r=mwu
f1f69b249f454e1660879e11e10293b5ea70ce27Alexander Surkov — Bug 559766 - add accessibility support for @list on HTML input and for HTML datalist, r=marcoz
87f58aa55ce8dc35b6d7d42a26d5795b55c117b7Matt Brubeck — Bug 692357 (2/2): Factor sidebar grabbing logic out of dragger code [r=lucasr]
d8c2ce4e7ff2bb8368d1300a2ccfa47ced7067f3Matt Brubeck — Bug 692357 (1/2): ViewableAreaObserver should not depend on TabletSidebar [r=lucasr]
979075e871e20d800ec07c52b51b0abb189e18e6Matt Brubeck — Bug 660887 - Double tap on an empty space on the tab bar should open a new tab [r=mfinkle]
c8866ebfa3c9f9920dc6eb91c8472e1903a1c055Martijn Wargers — Bug 685197 - Multiple select options become unselected when tapping on multi-select [r=mbrubeck]
bd1411e362fbfbc0d1b732db503ae0389b2cce51Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
b2ac6a043d7884d6429163023e8ac4b9424ff1ccEd Morley — Backout changeset 2326508537f8 (bug 692130 initial landing) on a CLOSED TREE
ed12a4461eebf288ea49a5bc9d98907883b13a27Ed Morley — Backout changeset 8af101010da7 (bug 692130 bustage fix 1)
2db24d928e6c61636dabce2f4567c3273982e6eaEd Morley — Backout changeset d8abcac1d00a (bug 692130 bustage fix 2)
a589eefb2dadfd3fd2d922c2d7502d65e4f5ffdeEd Morley — Backout changeset 94f2fa9f97b8 (bug 692130 bustage fix 3)
a9c247a14c62cdd427ed55a843497a1c4baefb12Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 691824 - Part 2: Backout changeset 306153bf7a41 from bug 10209 which effectively wallpapered bug 691824
94f2fa9f97b85e33c354c7c442734b1242e1b4daMatt Brubeck — Bug 689884 followup - Fix error in browser/components/sidebar/ to fix bustage on a CLOSED TREE. r=burning
6e8e901c87fde4aea677ca09e78d5133d0919e59Matt Brubeck — Back out 52d001bbf7ff (Bug 690011) for failures in Android b-c (browser_find.js and others) on a CLOSED TREE
f195de86f363da8601e07b6039ac9a93d58a56f6Matt Woodrow — Bug 684759 - Followup - Add missing file to fix inbound bustage on a CLOSED TREE
0900c7080d8c987050e2ce923e9992b73372638eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 691824 - Return the principal child list for outer table frames only once; r=roc
08d0b387aab33f6e7196c5d523b1c4a96ad74ae5Ehsan Akhgari — Reftest for bug 454749; r=roc
831fcf93a1fea9b4169b0064c1d5cd99aaeed423Justin Lebar — Bug 689433 - Followup. Remove unused MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT macro. r=roc
570ff6efe5efe1ccbf33b3093a125d97944b3e54Paul Biggar — Bug 668024 - Make Array.prototype.splice better conform to ES5, with a clearer stepwise algorithm. Patch also includes modifications from jwalden. r=jwalden, r=bhackett
62c09b44976f91b6378e2ed3a485cdb397a2bbbaJeff Walden — Bug 690031 - Exclude __proto__ from showing up when enumerating properties of Object.prototype again. r=jorendorff
d8abcac1d00a0b3fae03a9e0666a16d78daf47ecGavin Sharp — Bug 689884 followup part 2: adjust accordingly, DONTBUILD
5209955b95c95de24fa43be40ca80fcae6170132Justin Lebar — Bug 688619 - Make FrameLayerBuilder::DisplayItemEntry use an nsAutoTArray. r=roc
8af101010da7bfffc91ffad8465950887ba58094Gavin Sharp — Bug 689884 followup: get rid of unneeded "src" directory (and fix inbound bustage)
2465969e8c76b532e9dadbaa497337e0a04e2eadMatt Woodrow — Bug 689416 - Stop using intermediate layers to render 3d transforms. r=roc
ac647c00259a7b72207083797dd317bbc70f2aefMatt Woodrow — Bug 684759 - Part 5 - Add tests for preserve-3d layer sorting. r=roc
12601b70d6eaf2f31451df87a656e7ea29f95fbeMatt Woodrow — Bug 684759 - Part 4 - Add layer sorting support to the LayerManagers. r=roc
c17d89a1c4aa80f55c27eab247bc81eec129fb54Matt Woodrow — Bug 684759 - Part 3b - Add event handling for sorted preserve-3d layers. r=roc
39d6e79b44ad645d6050d79877aca414b40dbeb8Matt Woodrow — Bug 684759 - Part 3a - Sort preserve-3d layers using their z depth at points where they intersect in 2d space. r=roc
3ef0db7dc18dd42295595630c7536a8c979fbc85Matt Woodrow — Bug 684759 - Part 2 - Add DirectedGraph and gfxQuad classes. r=roc
72de40b3ac74e1d324e073f7a372a0d21f5eb192Matt Woodrow — Bug 684759 - Part 1 - Flatten out nsDisplayWrapLists when we are preserving 3d. r=roc
b1566ade6c034eca6d2398468ddeaae4ed734389Felix Fung — Bug 665527: process about:permissions list entries in chunks to increase responsiveness when there are many entries, r=margaret
05a4fd114908e4625a40670aaa62d2d11b7e1013Felix Fung — Bug 684190 - "about:newaddon" should not close window, r=Mossop
2326508537f8e5f710bd472bead5f1290b3a0bdeGavin Sharp — Bug 692130: move tabview code and tests to browser/components/tabview, r=ttaubert
d161a15f9deca18f1a1d9b3241a76ef4de5921a1Gavin Sharp — Bug 610203: alt+enter in location bar shouldn't open invisible tabs in popup windows (open them in a full browser window instead), r=dao
4fce25f18e7a0764b08460f5dcbc7df990ce2005Margaret Leibovic — Bug 610203: Add tests for handleURLBarCommand, r=gavin
baa28d3f629692ba3d824f5d8ed68520895b3fcfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 692506. Make sure that SVG animated strings keep track of whether the base value is set correctly. r=longsonr
3b520aebb3fa06ca47bba3e23fa46e8623303882Alon Zakai — Bug 692305 - Make cycle collector dumps multiprocess-friendly. r=dougt
57c552ba56543b89f01cd7ac3a146c80369bb715Wes Johnston — Bug 690934 - Reset locale pref when locale is uninstalled. r=mfinkle
73aa318342973d4d427e4774e470fc49f2773b28Matt Brubeck — Bug 690022 - Android back (escape) key should close the locale picker [r=wesj]
6f4259bdadf5ddc8b09fcbdabc745e85ad2c89aeJesper Kristensen — Bug 591780 - Frontend support for restartless dictionaries. r=ehsan, r=Mossop
e390059dce9926b81c23c57283758dff590b49c9Robert Longson — Bug 692203 - Covered region must be empty if markerHeight or markerWidth=0. r=dholbert
6d74d14dc47cef8587a6a317a843359e38fa2034Brian Hackett — Don't bypass watchpoint handlers when optimizing property accesses on singletons, bug 690292.
e456bef5839b810ddbcac81500b920a99f8dd10dBrian Hackett — Fix code generation around safe points, bug 690376. r=dvander
cfda40f4a5c815bb8954002fdf59dbe89dc34dabBrian Hackett — Fix incorrect GET_JUMP_OFFSET, bug 690650. r=dvander
e53f415e6cc7897fd6ba49594337c4c88a542c8fWes Johnston — Bug 692183 - Fix client coordinates for touchevents. r=mbrubeck
13115601c9ece72a126037c94301363aeeb7b501Wes Johnston — Bug 686701 - Revise handling of preventDefault on touch events. r=mbrubeck
52d001bbf7ffb3a247a5d0f63a9159cc25a54593Vivien Nicolas — Bug 690011 - Do not initialize the urlbar binding until the UI get activated [r=mfinkle]
83df5d290530fc03c4f1bf2f9a39df3bb8964ff0Igor Bukanov — bug 687966 - eliminating held/unheld scripts in the debugger. r=jorendorff
5e51a2a6ef4f56a1bd63c9a89aa3986bcaefc7dfIgor Bukanov — bug 688641 - followup to address nits. r=wmccloskey
ef08991a3411a1974f26329d58442bda353d3137Jonathan Kew — bug 655337 - part 2 - don't unpack hyphenation patterns on android, look for them in omnijar. r=mfinkle,bsmedberg,smontagu
70433779ffa7ccfcc82571d9e0051edc7a40023bBill McCloskey — Bug 690974 - Add inline paths for strict equality on strings/objects (r=bhackett)
312306f72fa31fd373863c560e53de44271b3a5fFabrice Desré — Bug 676595 - Android orientation manager is never shut down [r=dougt]
59d91dcef5f4e064d3f5f86e818bd0f9d0178c2aMatt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e6b75c79c6180f865030c153d4fbe081e390ce44Jonathan Kew — backout changeset e1eac54b1ed3 (bug 655337 pt 2) for causing a leak.
26f668dc53fb3e57d278f151cc5c6dc625c1f31bEd Morley — Bug 689884 - Remove deleted Makefiles from *; r=khuey
d04362b1e2569a67b4188a4e0d7b3dff14c21621Ed Morley — Bug 689884 - Deleted the now unused Makefiles from the tree; r=khuey
ec4cb3b08fa1a11ed6c9de16ab0b21c2e660506eEd Morley — Bug 689884 - Skip Makefiles that are no-op or else only |DIRS = a_single_subdir|; r=khuey
c38b54d06778b2d7ffb104514ef61e47942622acJonathan Kew — bug 689736 followup - update reftest manifest to mark tests containing Hebrew text that now pass on Android.
bb4562eb08c82a4ab08879d52139c90921c6e919James Willcox — Bug 686405 - remove the debug button and just wait 5s for the debugger; r=dougt
f8a8498fa7eb25b258c82655172d153a9297b77fNathan Froyd — Bug 684038 - Report cpuid in telemetry. r=dougt
703df62e855b1ba92f4140d804e5f04e82021a2aOleg Romashin — Bug 690469 - ShadowThebesLayer Init/Swap API rework. r=cjones
ef14ce8520821fa77baf7a1de39628ea46d0ed82Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 564613. Add documentation to TimeStamp comparing it to C++11's time_point. r=cjones
e1eac54b1ed3849d8ca2bea4002f04936d8bb344Jonathan Kew — bug 655337 - part 2 - don't unpack hyphenation patterns on android, look for them in omnijar. r=mfinkle,bsmedberg,smontagu
bacc2c7eee29d9bcf4b01ebf481f461e85bf44cdJonathan Kew — bug 655337 - part 1 - use nsIURI rather than nsIFile to specify hyphenation resources. r=mfinkle,smontagu
5c044658352c04b10bc9a2a787aa13bb141cf46eBrian Hackett — Fix --enable-functiontimer build, bug 690943.
6255643f422f78159ec640d9d866ba50fe3aae38Joel Maher — Bug 670897 - port waitForFocus to SpecialPowers. r=ctalbert,enndeakin; a=test-only
68c5f6d6a37b3ebda249e853ee9b5ca323009fbeJoel Maher — Bug 621363 - SpecialPowers ipc setter code does not receive new value locally until next event loop run. r=jdm
54cb80b5d5a1ac8d336f3881554ac5d724f3ea4cJoel Maher — Bug 676274 - refactor specialpowers so we can use the api in mochitest-chrome without specialpowers. r=ted, a=test-only.
1b9ae8b14be7312e886e9b9770d3ec1efde14befWilliam Lachance — Bug 691815 - devicemanagerSUT should say what file it failed to pull when pull fails. r=jmaher
a1c15691c7ffd5e1f485bdbfbedc2172ebc69c05Joel Maher — Bug 691425 - allow for reftest/mochitest android crashes to be dumped in the logs just like desktop crashes. r=ctalbert
4749a3d2d66bae65f9bb629b2cd4a8be3c36b1f2Lucas Rocha — Bug 692071 - Add browser test for popup being dismissed on top of awesome panel (r=mfinkle)
2d17b3815e1c96052fd53b16d3bc168ae71ff1e6Lucas Rocha — Bug 692071 - Ensure awesome panel is closed before each awesome screen test (r=mfinkle)
e5cfda41f2e8025493fd1aa3a636104761063b9bLucas Rocha — Bug 692071 - Keep awesome panel open when context menu is dismissed (r=mfinkle)
62d490b0433f2838453a69e708bddd67928c79bdEd Morley — Backout f09c204296f8 (bug 627699) for bustage
f8fa25d9551c29368f3b174b3577785671f8bf35Igor Bukanov — bug 688641 - allocating GC chunks using helper thread. r=wmccloskey
a516cf2d48f6e46f4b61379e7f898c3f9193951bNick Hurley — bug 687085 - telemetry for hit/reval/miss by device type. r=mcmanus
f09c204296f82d5981f4b132fde038c723c1ad28Martin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, mozcontainer patch, r=karlt
c3a50afc2243098d819365833ada1bf37f07d478Michael Edwards — Bug 687367 - Make bionic domain name functions thread-safe on pre-3.0 Android, r=dougt
0900f062f796122137923a67cf38f8eedcf17192John Ford — Bug 692646, release mozconfigs should have MOZ_PGO to ensure that we turn PGO on for release builds, r=nthomas DONTBUILD
eb25f2b8c12672b915677d70303dd675a9ea20edBrian Smith — Bug 679140: Do all SSL error processing on the main thread, r=honzab.moz
871bfac06cf13645c2180498a94a310e694a5840Brian Smith — Bug 675221: Remove XPCOM Proxies: Implement Runnable that can be waited on synchronously, r=bsmedberg
b49f2f92f12aaf9a9dd6c6fb424f614b714b7a25Brian Smith — Bug 682329: Fix test for default SSL error UI, r=honzab.moz
b3dd9c7c3e6762554158586c025a932fd0e8eeafBrian Smith — Bug 682329: Remove workaround that mobile is using to suppress the cert error dialog box, r=mark.finkle
1e937319fe2b7cd32c4cdf4d83299b1ad455c860Brian Smith — Bug 682329: Remove default SSL error UI, r=honzab.moz
15bfad7834673d46a112c38d6c866e21ab13c452Jonathan Kew — bug 689736 followup - update reftest manifest to mark tests containing Hebrew text that now pass on Android.
737e0ebf68b25eb69df2ef884e4a26f72843b8dcMatt Brubeck — Back out ac1d5e94097a (bug 632072) because of kinetic panning issues
552e3737ab7cd3ceea7ff0bd6edbdc26fc9be74eEd Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
a256a4174461680b86dde326579763d8ed12dca7Jonathan Kew — bug 689736 - reftest for mirroring of parentheses within Hebrew text. r=smontagu
658986bab59d992bc07e4e302fafc06f6c85db4bJonathan Kew — bug 689736 - enable harfbuzz on android for hebrew (to fix glyph mirroring) and thai scripts. r=smontagu
73fbf78ad335fe1983b5c8b5ce62886dd666492eMakoto Kato — Bug 691217 - nsWindow::OnPaint() returns NS_ERROR_FAILURE even if return type is bool. r=jimm
348e1615398703badcb0dd1c819c91c9c75c934dMike Hommey — Bug 677897 - Use objcopy from the NDK in r=ted
ac1d5e94097a71f4e0f58f99c28b72a7e125b9f7Benjamin Stover — Bug 632072 - Do not create new functions for every kinetic pan [r=mfinkle]
07210340e62051febddef9bf37dc7a9097f95f4eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 692236 - "Webapps shortcut picker needs a new UI" [r=mark.finkle]
3e2821ec1672ccee51ef1d68cf42b706f9fa54c5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 692189 - "NullPointerException crash @ createScaledBitmap(" [r=mark.finkle r=fabrice]
18327b3aba424694b631a6584cf6dc7b4d4cd9f0Mark Finkle — Backout b4da81723e56, 616986a1819a, Bad checkin comment
616986a1819a34f486460a7d3e82b9ed8344a285Sriram Ramasubramanian — Sriram Ramasubramanian <>
b4da81723e56304a4ada0e049fcae3db7078ff34Sriram Ramasubramanian — Sriram Ramasubramanian <>
3f0e81847318a61775a2b23036b7c209588dbcf2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 691725. Actually initialize the mIsDragPopup member of nsWidgetInitData. r=enn
2db0dafb8f30b3718cfee7d76f7370bdd86486e4Alexander Surkov — Bug 679271 - enable logging for accessible/events/test_tree.xul, r=marcoz
00dcb64cb920ac27e3025ac228d72062b3e149caAlexander Surkov — Bug 634197 - assert if accessible tree update triggers reflow, r=bz, davidb
531c05649fc907422a88cb5378be64879082f5d9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 681755. Switch some of the style system's arrays in hashtables to be auto arrays. r=dbaron
2c4d7ffc15211725e21581e9b6f49d65afe9ac47Justin Lebar — Back out 81ca82f27831 (bug 681755) due to incorrect leak reporting.
19d6cb5f9593b555625a6bd5a0b3ffefee0fa9b9Justin Lebar — Back out changeset 153237ff0f46 (bug 688619) due to some late-breaking comments.
5bfd700622c7ca73d111c938661146335fbae0ebGeoff Brown — Bug 661900 - Correct memory cache implementation of LRU-SP. TP4M REGRESSION OK -- SEE BUG; r=michal
153237ff0f469f8b7c8428ebfeb7854cf1d5a5afJustin Lebar — Bug 688619 - Make FrameLayerBuilder::DisplayItemEntry use an nsAutoTArray. r=roc
2db919b9ecbc0a62f47b5d5bd8f50a1bf16c90b5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 691909 - Avoid an unnecessary memory allocation for GTK clipboard code; r=roc
2fdfce13350a4ea21ecee0e0f3b10614faa0b444Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 691913 - Add some needs-focus annotations; r=roc
a16971b9a582f8a5a4847b967861d0d69dac0595Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 692109 - The intended crash in nsIFrame::GetOffsetToCrossDoc won't actually crash with some compilers; r=tn
fd00836252befdcb2ea383df3e5fff302da97b14Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 692122 - nsToolkit::StartAllowingD3D9 leaks the nsToolkit object; r=roc
ac7e1fe9827b6badcb9e29418a1e0dfea44bb248Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 692105 - Useless null check in nsFrame::IsSelectable; r=roc
81ca82f2783153b5ef4f1342de3ecd6540dccbefBoris Zbarsky — Bug 681755. Switch some of the style system's arrays in hashtables to be auto arrays. r=dbaron
9adcf4cbfc71977576c6f9a8a3fc297757c6cf6bJustin Lebar — Bug 689433 - Align nsAutoTArray<E> to E's natural alignment. r=roc
74e93efada2147188c78b5f91065749c97c37410Ben Turner — Bug 691046 - 'worker.postMessage behaves like there is a hidden exception in Cloud9 Ace'. r=sicking.
ec7d5860226317b4ab8a6b90f64de556fe01aaedJeff Walden — Make ~WeakMapBase virtual to silence MSVC. It's a destructor, probably called in concert with a delete or free(), so perf shouldn't matter, right? r=mozbot
248708be515e60dcc745c2e979257c148e5549deJeff Walden — Make the guard-object macros, used to ensure a class can't accidentally be constructed only temporarily, JS_FRIEND_API-compatible, since they're being used in friend declarations now. rs=cdleary/luke, no bug
78e5fb1814903b507450b2a98c4e5a278ec6c4f8Jeff Walden — Fix int-bool comparison warning by making Boolish return Truthiness. rs=cdleary, no bug
96129c33790b5188f4e0c6dc0111ab3733bbca2cJeff Walden — Make struct/class usage in declarations/definitions consistent for a few type-inference classes. r=lumpy, no bug
8cf9eafbaf4bab699de49a72c921b7329af6b351Jeff Walden — Fix a warning to not use |this| in a member initialization list (the usual thisDuringConstruction() trick). r=sparky, no bug
d67391276eb8d819304845b7885c7c489ad17d95Jeff Walden — Remove JSRuntime::GCData::info from GCData's member initialization list to avoid C4351 on Windows. rs=billm over IRC, no bug
62ea504b378d32e3b10cb6358a5ae869285eb7e5Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
aa487dd537e3c68618ddae8908afb15e0ad9e91bRaymond Lee — Bug 688389 - Multiple tabs in Pop-up windows (created through Panorama) r=tim
8ed606bd0e5ed9bc0cf2f0b186fbd53e6d685601Jared Wein — Bug 689058 - Implement document.mozFullScreenEnabled (part 2: Updating UUIDs). r=roc
175ce1b03018e1a132dfc738603823f3cbdc8e2cFelix Fung — Bug 691703 - MOZILLA_STRICT_API isn't used anymore. r=ted
695e3b73e605617c5124e5ae93bf1b75c7c6f79aMargaret Leibovic — Bug 691524 - Remove support for == 2 and deprecate lastPageVisited. r=mak, sr=gavin
f107192c7d5936c81814f00967f580aaca99ed32Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7e1f77774d9eee2b3d1b6b6baaa0c4656bfa5b0dChris Jones — Bug 690670, parts 1 and 2: Add a hal/ directory in which we can add device-interaction code, and build goop thereto. r=khuey sr=roc
c82d199958ff63d1a546c01bd600f5fa929db803Chris Jones — Bug 690670, part 0.1: Teach IPDL about uint* types, since those are what we have to use in "public" interfaces. r=bent
42fef1d287a5f2c24b6d6dff7b87789ff16c23e2Chris Jones — Bug 690670, part 0: Add helpers for copy-constructing auto arrays from regular arrays. r=roc
4831f64bc4adec6ce07e90c775ce60e9d9c5a94eMatt Brubeck — Bug 692123 - browser-chrome test for bug 692123 [r=mfinkle]
0e2a6ed2d6c054299e94108922ab2438e59f200cMatt Brubeck — Bug 692123 - Back/Escape key does not work to dismiss context menu [r=mfinkle]
a0eade7fa486f10fa2522ff17859239723cac235Bill McCloskey — Bug 684947 - Fix red
5e872ae00cdccdd17daebd652ff67f55a69554f1Bill McCloskey — Bug 684947 - Fix bogus compartment assertion caused by generators (r=luke)
f7cf12c7ae3802b35840a655ddc0ac98c66f8db6Bill McCloskey — Bug 688939 - Fix bogus script ownership assertion (r=dmandelin)
79dc3f1ea63a278a01531a6fbdb274a2362ff714Mike Conley — Bug 488627 - Datepicker doesn't work with some short date formats. r=enn
b3eb8258da6e3d7ee67066fa5fcd9b4e2a625ea3Dão Gottwald — Bug 678326 - Notification bar overlaps window chrome during fade in/out. r=enn
3483e5d3c2de68a6c060acb970c2b7e3dbf56ea5Ed Morley — Merge MOZ_PGO mozconfig change to inbound
0c2d5c359b0c88fc5282162a1f0a17eca065843aJeff Walden — Bug 687642 - Start injecting the index/name/special split into JSOP_GETELEM. r=dvander
cdcfb799ff509e737c645daf2ece2e122de63ab7Ali Juma — Bug 690566 - Associate filters with texture images. r=jrmuizel
b74a2b87a8286b559ee48b4fccf5323273bec428Justin Lebar — Bug 691003 - jemalloc's minimum alignment must be word sized on *nix. r=khuey
e6e18c92ea805e7e2ef1672494a7f9c5489af7f9Jim Blandy — Bug 691934: Consolidate calls to TypeCompartment::resolvePending in TypeSet::add r=bhackett
9687f4b3cefb80214c82517986eab12f6348d9d4Jiten Thakkar — Bug 683245 - Make navigator.buildID and navigator.version work in content processes. r=bsmedberg
f7a6c01b22a1b7d591d1f0173dc952dbd7559fa9Bas Schouten — Bug 691571: Properly mark Azure DrawTarget changed on all drawing operations. r=jrmuizel
1aa4d9fa1bfb7e65f5e76d082725518e59d038f1Bas Schouten — Bug 691571 - Reftest: Add reftest. r=jrmuizel
f9b897c9547c5b5c9c6dd93d23528b79d86b56c4Randell Jesup — bug 691245: Fix jprof under Fedora 15 (needs -ldl) r=dbaron
8c82de08425d6fc7a9b235311d07ed4f6af0717eMakoto Kato — Bug 690668 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | c:\talos-slave\test\build\xpcshell\tests\toolkit\components\passwordmgr\test\unit\test_storage_legacy_2.js | test failed (with xpcshell return code: 0), see following log:. r=bsmedberg
4a69b3fdd602624c4d7d6aca74b7d4836d1e90dePhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central and mozilla-central
2cf7db7d5211c1f801dc88f756dabd4f8726e071Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
2fc5fa5a744d2ef5e89c5f2dd116bf2c60846c80Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 691663 - SyncScheduler should obey backoffInterval at all times. r=rnewman
7b01879fc0a3efb2e304753d7f8f43be11406507Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 691988 - OS X: Spurious 'back' events from idle observer cause too many instant syncs. r=rnewman
bdc6fe7b0673d312b6b6381ccd1d61322bb6d997Philipp von Weitershausen — Bump Sync client version after Gecko version bump.
98340212b4c2794b27f236df57ed9f36274bcd14Richard Newman — Bug 691643 - part 1: converting test_corrupt_keys.js. r=philikon
e14fad0740b97a8091a5dce9019444500827ce8cRichard Newman — Bug 691643 - part 0: add some utility accessors to SyncServer. r=philikon
0f872fecb5a85e13db9a4b86a159897b2f2d4691Myk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK being tested; test-only
32536d199fcf5998079665c0d3e7badcf6f1671dJohn Ford — Bug 658313 - Remove MOZ_PGO from mozconfigs as that is now in automation; r=ted ; DONTBUILD DONT BUILD CLOSED TREE
9424f920e6ac8d4d7ddc872ef2b0f24bc0bbe9d4Marco Bonardo — Backout d5954910540e to check if it's causing the increase in m-oth leaks
38a487da2def461a01e6e5691227a4c6b1fe5997Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
b6d4674960af5415e674a866708b280e62d90bc8Lucas Rocha — Bug 690870 - Bump magin_xtiny from 0.11mozmm to 0.15mozmm (r=mfinkle)
c7134426674a6feaf6eaae471aca74796a9fe8e4Mike Hommey — Fixup bug 654056. r=bustage,f=edmorley
d5954910540eee975f02801e79029f6853c707bfAlexander Surkov — Bug 679271 - enable logging for evnts/test_tree.xul mochitest
9cdfb406ad3f475d22d9805fb04c53696785d17cPaul Biggar — Bug 414946: Re-enable jemalloc on OSX 10.6 only. r=khuey
3ba2964cd000ef54ea0b3820f63c9e6879cb3659Mike Hommey — Bug 414946 - Don't link sqlite with mozutils on OSX. r=khuey
0151c893093e2f99c69dc566bf4157b79b6d1e9cMike Hommey — Bug 690682 - Disable dead symbol removal when failing to test for bug 670659. r=ted
b6ae580de9978a6ccf288c3ab26cdf84f383861fJan Horak — Bug 680917 - Use a pool size of 16kB on ia64 for bump pointer allocator. r=luke
ed7e00a14cb9ccfd75b294442dbeb3e98d59c3c0Mike Hommey — Bug 654056 - Build IPC support for mips, hppa, ia64, s390(x), powerpc64 and sparc. r=bsmedberg
628c7f04dbbc5a3682ad9d8f8e77b0865ce8e500Alexander Surkov — Bug 627718 - Map used for grouping is not accessible under certain circumstances, r=marcoz
109adc21b581e7fa81551bbbc342b3a60391ddfaSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 689330 - "update LauncherShortcuts to use the new web apps repository" [r=mark.finkle]
0cd9ed297f73e19341910c182b3031ef7272a0b8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 641341. Speed up CalculateHypotheticalBox for the case of a block containing a bunch of lines but absolutely no in-flows anywhere. r=roc
308f307cababea77ea12160fc981d9a7e9198ec0Masayuki Nakano — Bug 477291 Should not send keypress event before calling interpretKeyEvents r=smichaud
7c37f7b456cab2937ac22eabfb0f17138504f4daMasayuki Nakano — Bug 685073 part.2 Consume key event which causes nested key event r=smichaud
788aeed429a5d7a1b460f3736fa709777aa5011cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 685073 part.1 Manage nested key events for IME r=smichaud
64f1fe963b513260dec8da7e0792a514cda96831Justin Lebar — Bug 691192 - JSAutoEnterCompartment::enter shouldn't malloc(). r=luke
a00620f3c3de3bc48c07b8515fe3260159afd3ddBas Schouten — Bug 655836: Use Snapshot API for drawing one Azure canvas to another. r=roc
00676a1337d08bfe48d176550d56cf163577709dWes Johnston — Backout df94ebdc86fe and 0a11abbdc4d9
6029755897c316efd2a66c76062eb00bd315f432Luke Wagner — Bug 690825 - Fix nativeCall assert; HandleNonGenericMethodClassMismatch should not assume args.callee() is the native (r=waldo)
76f63c5d3b766c9a6fc092298682bf466b7e05fbLuke Wagner — Bug 690645 - Make AutoScriptUntrapper not massively break invariants; tidy up decompiler a bit (r=waldo)
5259affbebbc6ab88a1d24cfcf998ddfac9309f1Luke Wagner — Bug 690959 - Fix bug in String.prototype.replace on rope (r=cdleary)
99eb3dcc3f286f424dae63cc246d7e6d5d379b1dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 690888 - Fix styling of menulists in honeycomb theme. r=mfinkle
df94ebdc86fe95292e27da6832dc41c43cff6e8cWes Johnston — Bug 634792 - Perform delayed startup actions in smaller chunks. r=mfinkle
0a11abbdc4d9e65f8b88788f96ba65dbfe5808b2Wes Johnston — Bug 690934 - Reset locale pref when locale is uninstalled. r=mfinkle
a10113f2b2aaacd8f7d746e95d9c4cf726d5da32Justin Lebar — Backed out changeset 5e8ac8219e2d
5e8ac8219e2d9cef67bd0018fbd6d5dc2f0adb4eJustin Lebar — Bug 691192 - JSAutoEnterCompartment::enter shouldn't malloc(). r=luke
9766b64ca8bf9ae805f72c742fc33a419901b3bfJustin Lebar — Backing out 02bc0a560a43 (bug 691192) due to macos red.
7b1e5f4098513435f8f7569c67f665f47e90a71cJim Blandy — Bug 690950: Move curly braces outside preprocessor conditionals, so Emacs expression motion commands work. r=dvander
02bc0a560a434e29f74dc456ab31ab48223b766eJustin Lebar — Bug 691192 - JSAutoEnterCompartment::enter shouldn't malloc(). r=luke
2701aeb5ad8d46a5130c9d84c97ce6189a9220a2Matt Brubeck — Bug 691818 - Mark camera features as optional in AndroidManifest.xml [r=blassey]
fa8d4aed76761a2dcc75a419ecdccfd2f9d98c2cEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
b856eb9c2f9d2c1f573257b25f7f0f1805800b6dFabrice Desré — Bug 691560 - crash [@ mozilla::AndroidBridge::InitCamera] [r=blassey]
cab7a4a4f6695c355b6b771e17cceee5dfc6c31eFabrice Desré — Bug 691377 - crash [@ mozilla::net::CameraStreamImpl::transmitFrame] [r=blassey]
e05e1b35ebedc2fd665a251d3f6c4156e08dd45fRobert Longson — Bug 691646 - Pattern tile pixelated on patternTransform. r=dholbert
70e4de45a0d0f7b54e4dbc22c177e56a9c717a42Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central and mozilla-central
3af678a82e64f70e9bbef258db965df67c57ea3dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 691612 - Backoff handling is broken. r=rnewman
aa74e61441bd0f89745d675b6280789f9a868566Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
96babd7e260a0f2bafaedd3a30ef6316d001208eJonathan Griffin — Update maxVersion for TPS extensions, a=testonly, DONTBUILD
c44a046d72b412de7ab5427dff5c339a902b1aeePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 678586 - Trigger a delayed sync after pairing a new device. r=rnewman
974498957b837cdf26e7ff781f4624aaac317d8ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 675823 - Part 5: Update strings. r=rnewman
060619fad02c0d9a306c26e7982668357f9a46a8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 675823 - Part 4: Make the setup flow more concise. r=rnewman
927aa154f29aa3795949fdebd4fccdf206ac18f9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 675823 - Part 3: Adjust mobile easy setup flow to show waiting message. r=rnewman
e9d67d9dc0fd3341c59f95e64d5d57e1c548d67dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 675823 - Part 2: Implement the "J-PAKE first" flow on desktop. r=rnewman
8689feaa86f472db93131ec7123e5620d190eb47Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 675823 - Part 1: Implement SendCredentialsController. r=rnewman
6d2a4652e87e6292ce4926e0deebaaa0f0d2d9bcPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 689311 - "Pair a Device" and "Set up Sync" links in the Sync prefpane. r=rnewman
55984bb11732a3bebe995e7a77acab1af23bbee8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 690616 - Part 2: Implement (for now empty) onPairingStart methods in UI. r=rnewman
9a842709365b376c42a97c795148e8b1388f6ecaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 690616 - Part 1: Notify JPAKEClient controller when pairing is starting. r=rnewman
0db7f4a91ff3b9cc569b3f14fe49adc10855ae4cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 690532 - syncAddDevice.js should check for JPAKE_ERROR_USERABORT. r=rnewman
4a12146b0685f9600a5dfbbb607c9211103c1e3ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 689428 - Part 2: Update Firefox UI to the new JPAKEClient API. r=rnewman
7b987cdc324f15d93fad0fbc94931285d7aae598Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 689428 - Part 1: Implement KeyExchange v3 in JPAKEClient. r=rnewman
39e6453fbdef3d9f2b2a11c5b5cc7401ab7aebdaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 689428 - Part 0: Fix style in jpakeclient.js. r=rnewman
f18aecc29129dc9f482ebb9e561abd562822e66bRichard Newman — Bug 691085 - Enhancements to ServerWBO and ServerCollection. r=philikon
2e18b1609991d42971a4f8e9ddc59ff1aa7c080fRichard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
329e56f80534d3ad38de273859ff3c7ed1941e19Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 675820: "Set Up Sync" link at bottom of home tab: mobile. r=philikon, ui-r=faaborg
4dff2ece7d1f2634f53a87600f0d01c90b0f87d3Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
49de539c895ce49c2a31e86688ecfc25376e788aRichard Newman — Bug 673548 - Part 5: include X-Weave-Records header in ServerCollection GET responses. r=philikon
402a48392dbd2e10c1934f18dd3d04d497f32a38Richard Newman — Bug 673548 - Part 4: update test_clients_engine.js to use SyncServer. r=philikon
19f09a29d3f616d0a19b56f11f141327f1c657b0Richard Newman — Bug 673548 - Part 3: update Sync bookmark tests to use SyncServer. r=philikon
4c2d63309450bd6ae98d8641ac122265be64f0f3Richard Newman — Bug 673548 - Part 2: implement JS SyncServer. r=philikon
98ccacadc2de913c9d40d8761753a616599b9a87Richard Newman — Bug 673548 - Part 1: return deleted IDs from ServerCollection delete handler, use Log4Moz. r=philikon
97d04e6f59f260f20b8dccd46d314ad52b0c88d8Richard Newman — Bug 673548 - Part 0b: convert test_clients_engine to Unix line endings. r=philikon
5f872e73513f1056e7f2ebc9dc615c46bbf827a2Richard Newman — Bug 673548 - Part 0a: set Content-Type in ServerWBO responses; enhance ServerCollection. r=philikon
3304b551a1b5f7def8fa237c509b7db31c03fc91Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
d6756be38c9fcfa206c1a0e660fb0b2dea8ea14dBrian Hackett — Remove jsobj.h from installed headers, bug 690943. r=luke
8a26e77cffaed07138db3328bafc209a7ca37250Alexander Surkov — Bug 691002 - get rid of odd image map accessible tree creation, r=marcoz
6ec6521b81046c2b25177b8677ded29be833e418Ehsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 691087; r=roc
8dac1be4c4c1566320b4de994512aa502bd951e0Robert Longson — Backout Bug 691646 for causing reftest failures on Linux
9c7b5bdb4f04139e0913b22183ef13e0884cd327Robert Longson — Bug 691646 - Pattern tile pixelated on patternTransform. r=dholbert
51d989ece4c552c83c01090802d20434c5743ca7Chris AtLee — Bug 558180: Put mozconfigs into source tree. r=ted,nthomas
1ce1d59084e53fdb8ed9e89637dce43322d9ffc5Rob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
bce52912af9216aefb10df53a6856c2985071d31Raymond Lee — Bug 691320 - typo in GroupItems.newTab from panorama r=tim
e9152e5f070895c3ac7237dc338d3b14740d4f44Jared Wein — Back out changeset d9ff4a720e19 because I forgot to test on Android
d46033973d0d92b1e20b9ac046a9b5110da821c4Jared Wein — Bug 669260 - Add statistics overlay to video element. r=dolske
d9ff4a720e19a88a690e217e17ebc4b6ae8ce596Jared Wein — Bug 690208 - Test to instrument video controls when viewing a standalone video. r=dolske
00060b8e57f76bfdf56a936465f68fb37fff8f84Jared Wein — Backout revision 379147b5215f due to video controls not showing when viewing standalone videos (bug 689106). r=jonas
c62d1af377616b03991c8652ebcc97e273aa7f87Frank Yan — Bug 689124 - Tweak small-dimension video control CSS. r=dolske
da524e9568b6494a986753da2a24131a830c9eafJared Wein — Bug 689058 - Implement document.mozFullScreenEnabled r=cpearce sr=roc
362872311015e1d8c570f641cf44b6392039779bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 691579 - Get rid of broken multiple homepage code in startPage() r=gavin
0371c608f12646d6885bf6229bf8ea785a6bbcc7Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
cc34d8625f6b018dcb0e982f4e9053f5d9472d9fMatthew Wein — Bug 681550 - Add ability to save current frame of video. r=dolske
0725f6818daa00e26d609aa076b9ded2d3557a53Jared Wein — Backed out 971f1bf573fc8 due to test failures
c2288d6886d0fa63c41f1d10cf799bb8965442c1Jared Wein — Merged changes from f425a8109714
97f1bf573fc8c85dd821b0c92a0d308999d69149Matthew Wein — Bug 681550 - Add ability to save current frame of video. r=dolske
f425a8109714005827b6a365415c192c82225440Panos Astithas — Bug 672902 - Highlighter should be useable via keyboard.; r=rcampbell
4a06aceb7922954c5a946965e4d07eb6604df361Joe Walker — Bug 684958 - DOM Templater should include async functionality via promises; r=rcampbell
e249ca88cad727082474b6a239c66997e549f09fRob Campbell — Bug 690361 - Switching tabs re-enables the highlighter; r=dcamp
4307d6d3df01148a3a4f32c58fc6754fe9afcc4aRob Campbell — Bug 690361 - Switching tabs re-enables the highlighter; r=msucan
1d0257587092c56321595beec061f68105e38683Joe Walker — Bug 684721 - GCLI templater and devtools templater need to be in sync; f=mratcliffe, r=rcampbell
de760ccf81a7c0030e9b179406510a699f4c2f18Rob Campbell — merge last green changeset from m-c to fx-team
ce689bad5e346597eb4b6bd6e11daaadab756f30Tim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on m-c to fx-team
def30095d7bee1aa1ac573d799e2602194931e9dRaymond Lee — Bug 689878 - Refactor the code in search.js as there are couple of loose global methods r=tim
268ba6fecae056a4c5688d6adbae2297640c3538Luyun Xie — Bug 625955 - Correct group's columns value after tabs are removed; r=ttaubert
11cf2ae4b0a1b8e8892204ad3acbb390f2dab765Rob Campbell — Bug 668254 - Highlighter doesn't handle full page zoom, testfix; a=orange
8bcf17f1aaed699b153717f4007d373a1011fdf4Mihai Sucan — Bug 689968 - CssLogic is slow at skipping UA rules for the unmatched selectors view; r=rcampbell
f99307d15ab41740a7e5e3ac82e2e6f6cda836adRob Campbell — Bug 668254 - Highlighter doesn't handle full page zoom, part 3; r=dcamp
84f4b949e00671bc234fc4ca64573793962f08f4Dave Camp — Bug 668254 - Highlighter doesn't handle full page zoom, part 2; r=rcampbell
e38e2c197a9c4579f5eb2557e2603fb46fa8c9ffKyle Simpson — Bug 668254 - Highlighter doesn't handle full page zoom, part 1; r=dcamp,rcampbell,gavin
3c9e65a1a5bb4520362658b11a1eb4b1de3b4627Marco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
86b2eda5770082ffbe65bf660cfee7b42605d867Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 37c5482971b1 (bug 583976) because of Android R2 test failures
65556aa6533968e73682a6b82cf5884b9fe362eaBenoit Jacob — Bug 658826 - disable optimization in D3DCompiler to avoid freeze bugs - r=jrmuizel
26d62a2d24cb1c40ff88641c1564c404def6419aMark Finkle — Bug 691534 - Use asyncFetch when loading files in aboutHome.xhtml [r=mbrubeck]
0efaec07b65359faa2ba9982476f3324b0b89bf9Matt Woodrow — Bug 691431 - Remove invalid assertion and NULL check childFrame in WrapPreserve3DList. r=roc
30c3c5ab99e702e452f596a81abcab74b2364defBas Schouten — Bug 656589: Avoid using Direct2D surfaces which are non-functional. r=jimm
ecdec04463f769ec53dc46bd9669c15b2fe400f0Matt Brubeck — Back out ba2483679e59 (bug 658303) because of Linux Ts Paint regressions
38d2ef7f7e47e01837146637bd8d16e25985ce4bJesse Ruderman — Add crashtest from bug 597924
c6b76256ebb2a92188f39f5ea52a70302816e417Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 656875 - Use the transformed dirty rectngle when building display list items for stacking context; r=roc
149fc4a6efca858205c5d48629ef6b7ff97ad693Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 37c5482971b1 (bug 583976) because of Android R2 test failures
d0700bfeda6373ce6fa9383a4c77b27b532900f6Daniel Holbert — Merge m-i to m-c (to pick up a followup for bug 666446 that was merged earlier)
32676bb1968eb61939bc55116e113ac7be684a7cScott Johnson — Bug 666446, followup - Make frameCreated and frameDestroyed methods in nsIImageLoadingContent inaccessible to script. [r=dholbert]
37c5482971b1fdb1e6c02ae45e762143da01ce2aFelipe Gomes — Bug 583976. Part 4 - Enable reftests that require focus on reftest-ipc. r=cjones
5cf6c081e112b176e980ddeeb946d91aad786214Matt Brubeck — Bug 691054 - Back out bug 667980 (getNetworkLinkType) on Android because of scary permissions [r=dougt]
25b8388347afce9be72b1e4413f012567fa67e02Phil Ringnalda — Back out 68b6b149d652 (bug 683245) for xpcshell timeouts in test_content_annotation.js
00de1043242f8bea5438f6ae7545db1767b6a848Wes Johnston — Bug 690878 - Switch order of continue and cancel buttson in locale picker. r=mbrubeck
077a86b75bdb1156a0c8431ec553652efc4a7121Wes Johnston — Bug 688824 - Only show restart notification when locale changes. r=mfinkle
752009d34465fb99bd7fdf5342b21c67e220f820Wes Johnston — Bug 684241 - Add basic tests for locale picker. r=mfinkle
4a590adce18cb439c5817c454808462ee6a8c698Taras Glek — Bug 688223 - Re-prompt user for telemetry opt-in if privacy policy changes r=gavin
e6c9998fbf74c20f123da61e772d0efa7660a80aBrian Hackett — Fix warning, bug 689892.
db349edef0d61ace67490c13185e52b655a6ed44Brian Hackett — Fix bogus assert, bug 688968. r=dvander
347b57a14ce386ea8efa2416b64dd2fc75e0f111Marco Bonardo — Bug 686025 - nsNavHistory::AsyncExecuteLegacyQueries uses synchronous createStatement instead of createAsyncStatement.
c6405a1d4b2271705bf1f74a73cf4d1808afe108Justin Lebar — Back out bug 622315 (ffead16f25eb) due to numerous regressions. r=bz
28a549e9041047f280aaeff17139021c2711294aBrian Hackett — Check for operations on integers in loops, bug 689892. r=dvander
ae1ba25d7d07e1df9c75f9c4d2b72eff4bc7722cScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 18/18 - Test for initially non-displayed iframe containing an animated image. [r=joe]
2a62ca6580da9211a502498b79fc40ebad4e2c69Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 17/18 - Test for change of source to gif animation. [r=joe]
e02aa8977225226da78021e25b7a9e53b4c1f202Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 16/18 - Test for animated images within a XUL tree. [r=joe]
9669c49bdf67f6d3d1338d28441be9c1610a00c3Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 15/18 - Test for animations embedded within SVG filters. [r=joe]
11c3d02d1c0e0bb8b614bbc5120c873f16f4546aScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 14/18 - Test for animated background images. [r=joe]
fbf08c5aa833946b0c61bf7a48d0eae3905eb246Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 13/18 - Test for animated gif images embedded in list-style-images. [r=joe]
2fc2cff5bc6efdfc0da965af7c8cffd802747fcbScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 12/18 - Mochitest to test animation via refresh driver on SVG image elements. [r=joe]
d6488a41e72e324d98af601e9bc009305b504a04Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 11/18 - Basic gif animation functionality test. [r=joe]
94252c34312ea6f3008c02f0b2eae1bc7de84600Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 10/18 - Test framework for animated gif tests. [r=joe]
7a32a21af687c0d22e2f37b4e38c64c98a3152cbScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 9/18 - Implement methods in RasterImage in order to faciliate refresh driver-based animations. [r=dholbert,joe]
49d997bcdc608efa649731d93198624bfe62df0cScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 8/18 - Change xul tree implementation to utilize refresh driver based animations for performance improvements with animated images. [r=roc]
5b4dd36b1f78f45308d5002a20192f238e2f8cf0Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 7/18 - Change nsImageLoader to utilize new refresh driver animations to overcome performance issues with animated background images. [r=roc]
6cd4f2d8c2f9dbeae404c3248e22c2b7dbf88c7fScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 6/18 - Change nsBulletFrame to utilize refresh driver-based animations for performance improvements. [r=roc]
4ec20f190f00c75d58f604cc467350d423657ba5Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 5/18 - Change nsImageBoxFrame to register corresponding image with nsRefreshDriver to facilitate refresh driver-based animations. [r=roc]
9d3ac2d3da11c7f8f0159d59fb515abaa3d2b919Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 4/18 - Implement refresh driver based animations in nsImageLoadingContent to improve efficiency of animated GIF images. [r=roc][sr=mats]
a476b7988f63bb5b3dbb05167c8e82347957e30aScott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 3/18 - Create hook functions in nsLayoutUtils to coalesce some of the new code for frame-like objects and avoid code duplication. [r=roc]
a48ccb52c13797917f1a5f7193597cce645a57a8Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 2/18 - Change nsRefreshDriver to accept imgIRequest objects to facilitate refresh driver-based animations. [r=roc]
1da3cfb954b12ce0447b2cc49e7bef72fb127fe3Scott Johnson — Bug 666446, Part 1/18 - Add method to imgIContainer for notification of refresh driver events. [r=dholbert,joe][sr=bz]
68b6b149d65262cc0099eada5d5bc31228b777c9Jiten Thakkar — Bug 683245 - Allow retrieving navigator.buildID and navigator.version in content processes. r=bsmedberg
ba2483679e59f8669d527a3b1cbd02d2d8093181Marco Bonardo — Bug 658303 - mozIStorageConnection::Clone() should copy over pragmas.
c8fbb8a9b5a59074c1536269533b9cf86e4796faMatt Brubeck — Bug 691418 - Back/escape key goes back twice in local tabs [r=mfinkle]
2c0eb6a0e6e720cb3052cf37ddb3d3602c639b97Matt Brubeck — Bug 691175 - Escape/back key is broken in awesomescreen [r=mfinkle]
290504bc966998a9bec55e52b88f0995ef99712bMatt Brubeck — Bug 690816 - When Fennec starts, remember whether the tablet tabs sidebar was open or closed [r=lucasr]
f6ca223342090ec327966af13823bd47181006e7Matt Brubeck — Bug 690816 (1/2) - Refactor TabsPopup and tab sidebar show/hide methods [r=lucasr]
c9af88f9998b5b4d8b3bccaea30d4ae17303d11aJiten Thakkar — Bug 688465 - Ensure that pending geolocation callbacks are only removed if they are actually updated. r=jdm
69f7a86b4cb100e56de9dbe294c2a25b89a7860fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 685782. SetHistoryEntry should start syncing at the root of the docshell tree, not at its parent docshell. r=smaug
5a26e1aa86e56961bf1c83d688e7bda28a9a7b7bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 691215. Fix stupid logic error in the XML prettyprinter that can cause a null-dereference crash. r=sicking
f5aa42137fbc5e26ec07ec3dad85834e9a0f9d08Boris Zbarsky — Bug 690990. Don't assert that sheets are not modified when it would be just fine for them to be modified. r=peterv
092140ecc44cfe425fc644fdbed1d476fcaeffcfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 691226. Make about:memory do more escaping, since item descriptions can contain characters that are not allowed in XML attribute values. r=jlebar
d7dec44f259a79ab97a03124c52ac6ae0690c7f5Chris Leary — Bug 691143: Avoid negation of unsigned. (r=luke)
131fcce099afd14fb30eba9f8ec45b799c241087Justin Lebar — Bug 686345 - Don't subtract from our count of canvas's memory if we never added to the count. r=jmuizelaar
d21d678255d85e90bd3873b9b2a1d38817f95a9dJustin Lebar — Bug 690458 - Increase resolution of memory telemetry histograms. r=khuey
57c50b19791426e8594de1360c5b6d342a80a32dMarco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
265d39da5c3da955ad5a804b791651cc6b612dd5Alexander Surkov — Bug 664142 - DEFAULT state exposed incorrectly for HTML, r=tbsaunde
b963098e5361846337f0c44ced6a1f4564a3ab7fAlexander Surkov — Bug 691248 - XUL tree items shouldn't pick up relations from XUL tree, r=tbsaunde
11d110b351c536091fbd594599b23d5dedd5202eAlexander Surkov — Bug 370396 - a11y mochitest for tabbox focus events, r=marcoz
704f378016118503e36b1a8d058f92c1ef305f0dBenoit Jacob — Bug 522193 - WebGL calls are slow because of memory allocation churning - r=roc
be9874f75baefbc9c8fa8e3d9f8942cca574a363Alexander Surkov — Bug 684818 - shift+tab fails on editable document after context menu is closed: enable mochitest, r=marcoz
a896a9e237a08f8afecb5e80641618d7d4e8af8dMarco Bonardo — Merge last good changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
696394093f340f1dc3decf7df4515a95df00c65fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 690700 Remove MAKE_PR_BOOL macro r=karlt
450f539a3dab1f49dd01a5de501fce9a114f7b99Masayuki Nakano — Bug 690700 Remove PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE from widget/src/gtk2 r=karlt
f78254d32632b7f209037548a1be82257673909fMatt Woodrow — Bug 691106 - Merge sequential nsDisplayTransforms and give them unique frame keys. r=roc
91055546d0cb8e8abb5b8abaefd8ddc9de17ff0fMatt Woodrow — Bug 682919 - Add eCSSKeyword_UNKNOWN terminators to 3d transforms style tables. r=dbaron
02ae1f7047eb62df878006a9d8197c1d4e2f1b39Josh Matthews — Bug 686453 - Create invalid cairo surfaces instead of null pointers when possible. r=jrmuizel
6127f8fddb96e3a46b82a9a85c1bd16c8bdaf35cBen Turner — Bug 690962 - 'Remove useless assertion now that we use bool instead of PRBool'. r=dbaron.
eeeb4aa609f6431817d36b142d8be468cc940556Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 686691 - PrefixSet loading should use readahead. r=taras
fd5e3cb5724594cf7133969f26dc1d3c8830658dTaras Glek — Bug 686691 - Plumbing to expose OS-level readhead. r=bsmedberg
9fc9bf0a5ec08417e2eefe64dcc32244027fe509Marco Tulio Costa — Bug 593744 - nsWindow.cpp should assert if mLayerManager is null before Returning from nsWindow::GetLayerManager(). r=joedrew
4190b75388b92b35806410c8ce833d02e9d8a416Khoo Yit Phang — Bug 686255 - Renaming Endian.h to avoid shadowing /usr/include/endian.h on Linux. r=bbondy
ceb9e5cad736d8b666f56e5b1eedb587284a33e1Dão Gottwald — Bug 632252 - The find bar should be visually styled to match the add-ons bar. r=shorlander
0c481048e5224c9fbf31ddced3dba776e74b18b9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 690669 Remove PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE from widget/src/windows r=jimm
bbd483aa8883ea9547777d1391c9f7cb795d9515Phil Ringnalda — Bug 686143 - temporarily skip ecma/Date/ on Android to see what effect it has on frequency and location of timeouts, rs=bc
190e4e5b23c3614017f843babace8b24d89a9417Josh Matthews — Bug 623625 - Force window to the front on mac, and make sure the app window is active on all platforms for needs-focus reftests. r=ndeakin
c2931c64df06ab94118c244fce4fa285ff113c6cDão Gottwald — Bug 686469 - Tab-modal alert can overflow the browser window. r=dolske
e4ee17a3f362d713181536e4e40ad186b674c571Dão Gottwald — Bug 690414 - syncNotification.xml leaks 'Observers' and 'Notifications' into the global scope. r=gavin
6c540571b55123a571b0d5e2a9999de90aff9f86Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 690849 - Fix the height of dialog buttons in honeycomb theme [r=wesj,mfinkle] DONTBUILD
ae16e0b9c91b60e3be1388b0365c30ebea4e8ff9Matt Brubeck — Bug 690739 (2/2) - [TabletUI] Vertical swipes should scroll content, not the sidebar [r=mfinkle]
cc1ac56df6ae891c72d1497cc389d8bf763ff41bMatt Brubeck — Back out cec9b916defe (bug 690739) because of Tzoom regression
31bad59be74f68070ccf1ca166b048b771ae94e7Josh Aas — Bug 690834: Replace PR_TRUE and PR_FALSE with true and false in in plugin code outside of dom/plugins. r=roc
90575e23ea935ef05fd9a6c9f4e8c872d05e4c67Ms2ger — Bug 688544 - Make nsFrameLoader::mOwnerContent an Element*; r=smaug
c88392e8911efc552b5b09884e7543e1a1ebfabaMs2ger — Bug 688531 - Remove NameList; r=jst
fe0c4d42af35864b2c42c778a1fc35d392b9075eMs2ger — Bug 93077 - Support #top in standards mode; r=bz
64eeb93a6ed4f319fa6310d68d7a03d1a3352d57Ms2ger — Bug 616672 - Warn on access of LSProgressEvent.position, LSProgressEvent.totalSize; r=smaug
5a6ae91d47877150616540d0d8c821a8763b4816Ms2ger — Bug 688154 - Remove return value (and |new| success-checking) from NewRequestAndEntry (imgLoader.cpp); r=jrmuizel
8d53336eb07608dc8018920d9b6cc16f714d3773Ms2ger — Bug 687318 - Allow createProcessingInstruction in HTML; r=smaug
85ba79387dd5b695fadd82bd2ee1a85e37e14cd7Ms2ger — Bug 687426 - Remove Document.xmlEncoding; r=sicking
166a890a81dca08dd505b9e61b89e684ddaea10eMs2ger — Bug 680694 - Remove TableRowsCollection::Init; r=sicking
ddfc6734270d0196614ea7ba3b30b624da3921edMs2ger — Bug 691041 - Remove unused variables origTargetContent and targetContent from nsRootAccessible::ProcessDOMEvent; r=surkov
c7ee75aca277c772d9f210d8dfe50ddf441dd688Ms2ger — Bug 688468 - Fix up nsIFrameMessageManager::sendAsyncMessage/nsISyncMessageSender::sendSyncMessage IDL signature; r=bz
ee649cf44ae6419c69c98612e75c6c7022da61b8Ms2ger — No bug - Remove CRs from nsDocument.cpp
5f0f1b44e73d2e6caab5eb39ed99ea71f61634cdMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 683482 - Remove replaceWholeText() r=sicking
423728a5c37a28f980426b4d65e72a0b86dc2b11Atul Aggarwal — Bug 673820 - Rewriting StringToInteger function to match behavior of Rules for parsing Integers specified in spec. r=jonas f=mounir,Ms2ger,dbaron
164fd1bbd06f7e1e0f501469043d53f703e3039bPhil Ringnalda — Bug 683163 - Disable the too-mittently-failing bug389321-1.html on Windows
1798410cb04d28864d18622c5cf7cc04559a1353Doug Sherk — Bug 684853: implement OES_standard_derivatives
95b7fab4037ce5811ec52bd616674729955a1e8dMatt Brubeck — Bug 684558 - browser-chrome test for escape key handling [r=mfinkle]
357f8c513c65565a458fdf2d5794fe9959f12c5dMatt Brubeck — Bug 684558 - Key events are processed twice. [r=mfinkle]
f24d24c42c2b0562090191b5da405cd318ba8f05Oleg Romashin — Bug 683736 - Backspace key in form fields in desktop Linux Fennec goes back a page instead of deleting r=mbrubeck
f0991759b73210ad2b764d9ce441a9b89703abddOleg Romashin — Bug 682017 - Remove CustomKeySender and use content KeyEvents forwarding; r=mfinkle
49ae33f133dddcd47f734a0fdeaa53f747708768Oleg Romashin — Bug 689877 - Fennec does not scroll view into plugin editable field. r=mbrubeck,mfinkle
bf32d490e3bbb302cb250e47c29f982f84fc8f13Benoit Jacob — Bug 690735 - upgrade ANGLE to r774 - no review, just syncing with upstream
08b0c6d4e52049b0b88f384e2652ec1c81d0d196Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
24fc6ed197968141d5fe7cb1d3ca7453a0aec7f3Alexander Surkov — Bug 690222, follow up fix nsINode::GetChildAt usage
cc23e529907572939eda9bb5fc71dc86d15f8200Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
14870847fafa10b98d0d801dbbf302ae52e1c87eMasayuki Nakano — backout bug 685073 part.1 due to random crash
d2b7912b04ae5b2360a667a0857bffbcf9c3e014Masayuki Nakano — backout bug 685073 part.2 due to random crash
86a786598f354b5ef9bccc17a0993ef4442128cfMasayuki Nakano — backout bug 477291 due to random crash
af057311517ada223cef85bd016618b2dcdcaddcAlexander Surkov — Bug 690222 - data table elements used to determine layout-guess attribute shouldn't be picked from nested tables, r=davidb
d1b5c48c22c738454f82390a654ee85a0c36293fMatt Brubeck — Back out 5336c87067f7 (bug 690372) for test failures
a89bf0c36977498c9940458378e2cc4f0f5b6cf6Matt Brubeck — Bug 690973 - Opening a new tab in portrait does not open the awesomescreen [r=wesj]
5336c87067f70e6f98c09fe22798515e3a16c0f3Fabien Cazenave — Bug 690372 - Give an IID to dom::Element; r=ehsan
cec9b916defe18682118e220ad49b8fb10e19aa5Matt Brubeck — Bug 690739 (2/2) - [TabletUI] Vertical swipes should scroll content, not the sidebar [r=mfinkle]
54b59144ace116a4e35a4723e6fa13f4475f4048Matt Brubeck — Bug 690739 (1/2) - [TabletUI] Make the swipable sidebar margin smaller when the sidebar is closed [r=mfinkle]
c59e1d1d8615b5ebfcd29772171670bf55e4f8e1Matt Brubeck — Back out 6d1c0e678b61 (Bug 689319) because of test failures
746002692d9302bcee68c3365978fbf178fc1041Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 690857 - Windows 7 taskbar previews broken. Fix a bool/BOOL type mismatch. r=mwu
51f9e410d66f2e8375322502dcbd38a7694086feNeil Deakin — Bug 628626, arrow panels misplaced when the position is partially over the anchor in one direction, r=neil
af81546ce5a261947c4625e2d6bae6caf8bda028Blake Kaplan — Bug 684418 - Remove a couple uses of enablePrivilege in mochitest. r=jmaher
6d1c0e678b613589b601606da0552513d71b9d4cL. David Baron — Update to rules in current css3-mediaqueries spec for handling malformed media queries: all of the handling is now at the query level rather than the query list level. (Bug 689319) r=bzbarsky
dd0cc50e9fe6dbe6dcfe298f026b4c0235f55c3fMichal Novotny — Bug 682727 - Handle OOM in xpc_qsDOMString and xpc_qsAUTF8String
e87bbd84ba8748561ac76ea76cf916c5a4ed8fdbWilliam Lachance — Bug 689316 - DeviceManagerADB needs a getCurrentTime function. r=jmaher
e2d92f28915db3156a4152b95c40395c0ea8af22Malini Das — Bug 677626 - Add a profiling test suite for mochitest. r=jmaher
68b80bf42457ad6a47230e2c92339d5844940d0aJames Willcox — Bug 690705 - Don't put the restart helper activity in the recent list [r=blassey]
04377b9142c24fe1b8b7ef929135332eb88730f9Mark Finkle — Bug 645799 - Hide the crash reporter from the recently used apps window [r=blassey]
43c07840c4a55291bfe88902ccca2eeaa7118999Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 6: Hack around an MSVC PGO bug. r=ted
9b851182cd64c6176835e9b8b5b8a139aecff6f0Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 5: Test. r=ted
14e35982be4f766d96c0086406ac317d3410a007Josh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 4: Always run the IPC testshell callback, regardless of execution success or failure. r=bent
82079836b062e9451eca3334f37f2d75f63671baJosh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 3: Install child process exception handler before activating breakpad. r=bsmedberg
47da01006e3dd38cf4ef3361927760267df6e3ecJosh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 2: Hook up CrashReporter functions to IPC. r=ted
942a7f001562701f2472fcbe5bebc0408f2de33aJosh Matthews — Bug 581341 - Part 1: Make crash report annotation work OOP and subsume existing workarounds. r=cjones
3f3b6a106ed8766b0ca4e6836ede1f4e54e62bd1Benoit Girard — Bug 689560 - Add progress indication to Reftest. r=dbaron
e4ac6efbb0923d59f81ca84965c3567700dc5d47Ali Juma — Bug 690443 - Make GLContextEGL::CreateTextureImage pass on its aUseNearestFilter argument. r=bgirard
fd7827c6e05b962d3eb268f9cd34853c39af477bBrian R. Bondy — Bug 573321 - Dragging file to Firefox triggers assertion. r=neil
f25928e4847d4b543697bbf5cdb3cbfbd023f275Matt Brubeck — Back out cb715f8a1363 (bug 680246) because of Win opt build failures on a CLOSED TREE
325e330499b4d5dae317233d20907ecf49b2f60bJosh Aas — Bug 690797: Replace PR_TRUE and PR_FALSE with true and false in cocoa widgets. r=smichaud
74f57aac5661bbf63272d9173738554f178dde8fGavin Sharp — Bug 657462: don't select the first item in the download manager automatically, r=dolske
a2762135831ef473ddc590cceaa63c1fffeebab9Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
cb715f8a13635cee5de141aadc7c54c88a61ea9eJoey Armstrong — Bug 680246 - threadsafe mkdir makefile library rules. r=ted
d1bbc6ce76823507aa3190a19b33893c3a1dfdc6Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
97beb3824d4717e5382ae7770a4bfb38668b9590Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 687275 - mozconfig detection code: remove an unnecessary pipe -> string -> pipe redirection and use FOUND_MOZCONFIG instead of MOZCONFIG. r=ted
1463dc6308a8d026aa63d219a2a150f913768d8bMike Hommey — Bug 690856 - Ensure Instruction and Data cache coherency after extracting libraries from the DEBUG intent r=mwu
743ed92f93320c883523e82a290d8bee70d4893cEhsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
8ddd09649e1318e52b111d52a11725158661e2e5Jonathan Watt — Bug 614732 - Add an argument to nsSVGUtils::GetBBox() to allow callers to specify whether stroke or markers should be included in the bounds returned. r=roc.
d74000e4f76a2cfe0b7995ad5a7db2b1adc6dc0cJonathan Watt — Bug 690486 - Kill nsISVGValue, nsSVGValue, nsISVGValueObserver, nsISVGValueUtils and nsSVGStringProxyValue. r=longsonr.
831df43787ef647af37fa028fc7fa9a14dbe0578Robert Longson — Bug 689546 - Simplify attribute updates to svg elements. r=jwatt
8232007db7e5107a110f344b7587cf72568d1ab3Josh Matthews — Bug 688158 - Make navigator.geolocation return null if geolocation is disabled. r=jst
10298b25af4e24d60dced14284f6fe76a569c005Masayuki Nakano — Bug 477291 Should not send keypress event before calling interpretKeyEvents r=smichaud
e734bd300268e8c0e53efc5dcfcd11f9d3f26441Masayuki Nakano — Bug 685073 part.2 Consume key event which causes nested key event r=smichaud
9c0aad93edc441090a14d47bf657b175187035ddMasayuki Nakano — Bug 685073 part.1 Manage nested key events for IME r=smichaud
78dd488fa082702bdd3dc1bb508edfee8545ab5dMatt Brubeck — Merge from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound - DONTBUILD (no actual diffs from 7134aa74087d)
7134aa74087d50f855dfea90b14d2b7424a8bf3cAlexander Surkov — Bug 682790 - ignore implicit label association when it's associated explicitly, r=marcoz
079071eed1d16582ef9fea3ef13077107b501b64Matthew Gregan — Bug 690603 - Remove PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE from media code. r=doublec
1f897ad16ac6fd2684483c8df2dc5d9d9bb5b4f1Matt Brubeck — Re-backout 9928fb9a32b1 which was accidentally un-backed-out by the last merge
730a82c21c53b68542d5092122642f599ca90176Matt Woodrow — Bug 505115 - Part 21 - Enable 3D transforms by default. r=roc
a08928f32bcea8d90170ed1469403a2042bb8250Matt Woodrow — Bug 689501 - Use an offscreen surface for rendering 3d transformed content instead of PushGroup in BasicLayers. r=roc
06a07744429281984aa28386046cc8dc9578a6b4Matt Woodrow — Bug 689501 - Remove invalid assertion with 3d transforms. r=roc
9ef649a80d9305fe9bf10cfc23667198f8a6de02Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
637bac44ba15f45e3814b20fbf91ed7cd421fe04Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 32e9422afd8d (bug 687265) one more time since I accidentally merged it back to mozilla-inbound
3e43716ba2e87bd83ccfacc02adbfbfff897223fGavin Sharp — Backed out changeset c96e659e0f0a
7019803376f1fa3323dbf3af6e6bd5a14250c572Trevor Saunders — bug 682247 - telemetry for deprocated IAccessibleTable interface r=surkov
7d8bf0bce55c77b1fd45e13af178f10b4d790bc3Trevor Saunders — bug 679786 - telemetry reporting use of ISimpleDOM* interfaces r=surkov
c96e659e0f0a8fcf377ab714822be305458c3134Gavin Sharp — Bug 657462: don't select the first item in the download manager automatically, r=dolske
d6ce4d56e121d05d3d198d48a491564baa9fead8Ehsan Akhgari — Reftest for bug 564002; r=roc
077b7fd4a0998e0ce8278bced5778e2e110d63ceEhsan Akhgari — Crashtest for bug 512749; r=roc
98bb04b061d2dfc29e848390e55d8f23486a7334Ehsan Akhgari — Crashtest for bug 655462; r=roc
7558f15d82410a11cb9ecf4f6bcd0764854e66eeJosh Aas — Bug 690459: Remove usage of PR_TRUE and PR_FALSE from base plugin code. r=jst
b5b082d183d0a3913b93ff3d8dd7f759c56894d4Matt Brubeck — Re-backout 9928fb9a32b1 which was accidentally un-backed-out by the last merge
3f06d09e2e93c0dcac7d496d8ef33bf58c3e55e7Matt Brubeck — Merge from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3bb95f690d75fb95d5404c14e7327a4fa039de8cMatt Brubeck — Back out 2780356be1a1 (bug 675574) and 9928fb9a32b1 (bug 690220) on suspicion of causing browser-chrome shutdown hangs
ce204f8626bcf47e07f9efb47b476f3460bee786Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
fa844d57e842993c8d3fb94837bcdcc89d254cc8Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to m-i.
ba2d3e4cd88a56d679be1577ab907e15cdb6f2d1Jason Orendorff — Fix GCC warnings about using CHECK_EQUAL macro to compare a pointer to NULL. no_r=red.
071c48a989bb43092da6db95f2f4358ef6e16b97Jason Orendorff — Bug 688571 - JS_PropertyIterator is broken. r=Waldo.
77b3b28682690a9a0d35d719a4ff09715d2319aaNeil Deakin — Bug 659338, move resizer test to chrome, but leave content-specific test as a content test
df24b0cffd01c94f421de270b93fec010b6b4fb8Neil Deakin — Bug 683394, resizer in content check is reversed, r=neil
6cc4966475c2431c24e688580e6946e336552009Neil Deakin — Bug 680431, this test is calling finish() twice preventing the next test from running, f=smaug
8d2df2739eaf0779f1a95e63c14b2f6f04078369Neil Deakin — Bug 370396, focus tab if something in another tab ends up being focused when switching tabs, r=neil
547933c90c5f78fc30c76bb7397de9bc5ea50708Serge Gautherie — Bug 661403. (Av1) Remove a redundant and misplaced MOZ_INSTALLER=1 block. r=ted
719cb2ed1bf6a99c51e9ba00a4b48c2834fa3af6Chris Coulson — Bug 690432: Fix "format not a string literal and no format arguments" error in gfx logging code. r=bas
5d06ccaa88f055f4d03fbd248abc6699c6149212Wes Johnston — Bug 675252 - Tests for using buildid in getLocales pref. r=mfinkle
8810d1986de2aa81ed5db717dd1df33706faeb1aWes Johnston — Bug 689702 - Test updating locale pref. r=mfinkle
239a1408d5a01e84830b3913b7516a0559540ca5Wes Johnston — Bug 689702 - Update getLocales pref dynamically. r=mfinkle
b16c327f7878dbe83627132cea02d88b7cf90c29Chris Leary — Fix license block errors. (DONTBUILD)
dbb129f069b1afeefdfa85c113b4b7777c3a992eEhsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 32e9422afd8d (bug 687265) explicitly from mozilla-central
7e25caedd6201db0587b1ce92c75b3ec2dabc8cfEhsan Akhgari — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_BETA3. Fixes bug 684254, bug 331316, bug 684758, bug 681558
6ced8d07826c4b8da0e53f2c2346ac8127a4f7d8Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last green changeset of mozilla-inbound into mozilla-central
555c11e2c45984045298228e80c0fee400e068ebMark Finkle — Backout 39d5bb6c6d4d for reftest-2 failures on Android
9d8247091f4c27ffdade30ed81eee6dc6c3fb466Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 689066 - Fix c++11 incompatibility. r=luke.
9928fb9a32b1ccc6aa2b61cbb19525a638010d73Mounir Lamouri — Bug 690220 - Fix random orange in browser_bug638292.js. r=mbrubeck
8417548adf12704b5cb198504253efd429e4f860Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozila-inbound
4320fd88ed156bd949a4ab6fbe31778b30c227bfMark Finkle — Bug 690134 - Fennec shows non-interactive UI on firstrun instead of splash screen [r=mbrubeck]
611807062ab55a9dee7e202a8ff33b444e7614b4Reuben Morais — Bug 647390 - Remove the calloc+placement-new pattern (r=luke)
ea0d2b03cfcf7547d6c8acbc360e47595eb90a66Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 690060 - Make append "crashtest.list" to the test path when only a crashtest directory is specified; r=ted
ac24c47e2885476593985c88a503e4f075602582Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 690235 - Fix Mac builds with clang caused by bug 666414 not catching the stupidness of gcc4.2 (see bug 689397); r=ehsan
39d5bb6c6d4d3165dcb10bded80a2aa9da7cb98eMark Finkle — Bug 687265 - Front-end support for flash on Android Fennec [r=mbrubeck r=blassey]
d8ec90b0a18444be4890dbe127a1e0e7d70f9edeRobert Longson — Bug 630657 - masks should respect color-interpolation. r=jwatt
934fd93abd8678d0215ee8296995cb5b296288bfFelix Fung — Bug 674012 - Remove checks for HAVE_GCC3_ABI. r=glandium
13ab1afb123a4282fd419e5f7f1dd74ee6b9f4b8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 366347 - Default collate option sometimes off for printers that support it. r=bsmedberg
65e060c81a59c41912857e730059f2104c6f6068Teemu Mannermaa — Bug 689157 - Fix CC variables used in "cl -showIncludes" detection logic. r=khuey
c872ba5d7b05bd611ee5926e6b3f9e7432db913eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 688882 - Investigate stack buffer overflow in nsLocalFile::EnsureShortPath. r=bsmedberg
dec80ee84264081839bbf92870b66b696d9e3e76Makoto Kato — Bug 689288 - xpcshell\tests\js\src\xpconnect\tests\unit\test_attributes.js and test_params.js are perma-orange on Win64. r=bsmedberg
3430e302d5bd75155f7d0c3742ea6cbb785f26efJonathan Kew — bug 688779 followup - re-enable reftests for hyphenation (en-US only) on android.
1d6129ccfa2bc8f9d4e2777be28d3365eeb481e0Jonathan Kew — bug 688779 - restore en-US hyphenation to the Android product. r=dougt
af3668a8901595106cc3e3ff90cd202484d9babcEhsan Akhgari — Crashtest for bug 660451; r=roc
11345fd3f662f452ed0918874702e22a57ab2b09Ehsan Akhgari — Crashtest for bug 665853; r=bzbarsky
f59216ae655302dd3ff1ea7595232038ec0d94beEhsan Akhgari — Reftest for bug 63895; r=roc
0d3d4cc835ea724660b3a32dbabaced4f5b1899dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 659828 - Part 3: Adjust the break-after-caption reftests to work correctly again now that the table top margin gets collapsed with its parent top margin; r=roc
978da009e89be3bf80ebb2f9892bddcf2056b82eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 659828 - Part 2: Avoid calling nsIFrame::GetType needlessly in nsHTMLReflowState; r=roc
2d5d6e1c4418295f81df69e2a1fc843fe0839242Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 659828 - Part 1: Apply table margins to the outer table frame instead of the inner table frame (also fixes bug 87277); r=dbaron
49b3a14730def03f863ff5d628dd501f4d7542baEhsan Akhgari — Bug 656130 - Part 2: More crashtests; r=roc
731bbf32a6fdc2205648fc9122e8d50626ea2276Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 656130 - Part 1: Make sure that the absolute containing frame to be returned is actually marked as such in the frame tree; r=bzbarsky
00f422b2cf36505e1ee8768e09997237be8294c0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 10209 - Part 6: Implement the CSS "containing block" concept correctly as a binary relation, as opposed to a unary relation; r=bzbarsky
34f184d2a6f8d1932016ac7cfb379b5bc60cb45bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 10209 - Part 5: Allow table elements to act as absolute positioning containers; r=roc
d5ec6fead55bc937414a3f77dcdc97cf5ba7d2b5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 10209 - Part 4: Mark the reftest for bug 637597 as random, because the bug was never fixed originally; r=roc
306153bf7a415a42fd4e07aa6e9f941a6c971970Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 10209 - Part 3: Adjust the assertion count on the test case for bug 348729; r=roc
0cafa2cbe386b511a03c8c8da3aafda70ab1f5f3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 10209 - Part 2: Implement the absolute positioning support for all frames; r=roc
9989f9ef7b908b706316327b4acd40bc3b9aa9f7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 10209 - Part 1: Add an API for absolute container support for all frame types; r=roc
fc7e928eaeaef372018f9cd045d45eeeeda93c0dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 690060 - Make append "crashtest.list" to the test path when only a crashtest directory is specified; r=ted
f96e4ff817a788d80e10b7b8d83c5da9e7f9b41fRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 690235 - Fix Mac builds with clang caused by bug 666414 not catching the stupidness of gcc4.2 (see bug 689397); r=ehsan
32e9422afd8dac2ebc3eeea3e22270f2c4ba9551Mark Finkle — Bug 687265 - Front-end support for flash on Android Fennec [r=mbrubeck r=blassey]
f8e26a743569f43baaaca6c3a091ecf3029308b6Robert Longson — Bug 630657 - masks should respect color-interpolation. r=jwatt
47f550b4ef47614aa2be359e3dc862fb505f0ce3Felix Fung — Bug 674012 - Remove checks for HAVE_GCC3_ABI. r=glandium
d1fefdd17225691f9233dde790d29218ef5a27aeBrian R. Bondy — Bug 366347 - Default collate option sometimes off for printers that support it. r=bsmedberg
27207582b5df8ff962ac1cbe099f5c9c58fb6566Teemu Mannermaa — Bug 689157 - Fix CC variables used in "cl -showIncludes" detection logic. r=khuey
4ca939ac46fa0be2221a676acbfae3e3d18d37c6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 688882 - Investigate stack buffer overflow in nsLocalFile::EnsureShortPath. r=bsmedberg
72856ca8f55cd558c29a396732a956cee1b69cb8Makoto Kato — Bug 689288 - xpcshell\tests\js\src\xpconnect\tests\unit\test_attributes.js and test_params.js are perma-orange on Win64. r=bsmedberg
d19199a9d831144b7443479d020cf18b51a4213bJonathan Kew — bug 688779 followup - re-enable reftests for hyphenation (en-US only) on android.
062de7617f24c43135c952fc23ce673850525e04Jonathan Kew — bug 688779 - restore en-US hyphenation to the Android product. r=dougt
60e86b84775943c1a8b473f0138c5fc062d51427Kyle Huey — Merge backout.
0eb7a5b286bbee5fe42f30cb25b2446a51ba6020Kyle Huey — Back out the code changes from Bug 687332 until we figure out a compat story.
1aa8a58760580670006a871de77bd1db3c924053Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix OpenWebApps. r=fabrice
69e1b5167409a00a1b201963c5e7415e37b869fbKyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix test pilot. r=me
ff191893660f140379dcdf4ea035b38c11887360Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix up LocaleRepository.jsm. r=mbrubeck
6d59d323116d6f2541c341d7224f933af0cecc14Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix up CrashSubmit.jsm. r=ted
acffd2f7d6658534587beeae35fd25a33f40cdf4Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix up update tests.
1f8c38d6e4bf5519fc6e0a33452d8c813da64b63Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix up telemetry.
867d159c15084534ff7f54cfd12119b165068600Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix toolkit/. r=rs
4640b44402ac66676aeab8744dd938c56dee4d14Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix up geolocation. r=dougt
d2dbc7ab380e532f9c1b2a91a3a769f6166683b5Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Fix an opt-only linking error by including the header that has the body of the inline function in question.
78fb73454cac91455827a8073c9544148b0b7e53Kyle Huey — Bug 688417: Test for Bug 505915 expects setting xhr.onreadystatechange to unwrap the object passed in. r=mrbkap
60e2cfb98a5268e256bc2ebabfc6b7f9eede722fKyle Huey — Bug 688776: test_doublewrappedcompartments.xul relies on XHR event listener being a wrapped JSObject. r=mrbkap
79f7d54a4cc360ee5870caa6f70c7b4ca60c1b9fKyle Huey — Bug 688416: Test for Bug 502959 relies on XHR event listener being an nsIDOMEventListener. r=mrbkap
e3bf1ee4ea81b6af11bc97f4526935c9d5f8544fKyle Huey — Bug 575917: Grab some more permissions in crashinject.exe. r=ted
aa0657195eff0538714357502a8b0cf00c42d668Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Move inline event listeners on EventSource to the event listener manager. r=smaug
26f22c7666b3e15a8fb5ba54c96092d3b03c6b19Kyle Huey — Bug 687332: Move inline event listeners on XHR to the event listener manager. r=smaug
34b49c378a6baeb5e49fdf5f12a592e241e6280fKyle Huey — Bug 687332: Move inline event listeners on FileReader to the event listener manager. r=smaug
d0dac98118954288c12052e4cc0016273761fbfbKyle Huey — Bug 686941: Make nsIDocument::mCachedRootElement a weak pointer. r=smaug
6c18cde2d3b7461c338dd9ccdd6cb5f8941b42f3Kyle Huey — Bug 657994: Factor out common bits of FileReader. r=smaug
d0a370cc7c85524d008994930d87b188bd8e824cKyle Huey — Bug 685666: Eliminate test/mozmill/'s dependency on racy gmake-only target-specific-variable propagation behavior. r=ted f=jhammel
c561909d40af8a7f87ba08f650f68434f9c7432bBenoit Jacob — Bug 684882 - on Macs with Intel GPUs, limit cube map size to 512 - r=jrmuizel
f28dd0aa441c6d47b0e83f3a58f7ac886fc44bceBenoit Jacob — Bug 684882 - back out db67bdba5ca8
789a513246cb17b3f57576897ab1f9c4d63930bdBenoit Jacob — Bug 684882 - back out b4fd4fd0dc3f
a44d328b9f4451d18cd585bf99c26eae90afb46dMichael Wu — Bug 690297 - Fix handling of boolean prefs in gfx code after s/PRBool/bool/, r=jfkthame
e7854b4d29ba905ae3994f821b160c989bac4260Michael Wu — Bug 675553 - Switch from PRBool to bool on a CLOSED TREE , r=bsmedberg,khuey,bz,cjones
9672c3995eea2e7552d23359a5a7378e202d2f9eMichael Wu — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound on a CLOSED TREE
c5d8bfe7a0140754df699a25f804b7635d683aecMakoto Kato — Bug 681202 - Add Android x86 target. r=glandium
9ac44888529927b81a97e9d0c03d69b2fceba6d5Benoit Jacob — Bug 630728 - Intermittent test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html | Test expected to fail, but passed: conformance/texture-npot.html; r=ehsan
51cc78c7433df589924bcb0ee97520d752fce988Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Move android back to c++0x to see if we have some hidden dependency
da2b4e883854f3b489edd6c314b7b9b609869b1bAlexander Surkov — Bug 687393 - HTML select options gets relation from containing label, r=tbsaunde
f3108f5bd0752fa2b8610c4f01a4827c786a1786Matt Brubeck — Bug 681995 - Zoom to viewport width by default instead of document width [r=mfinkle]
0ae3e1279d98493b4b4b644e26360dabc7443e34Vivien Nicolas — Bug 689494 - Don't resize the UI when dragging the tablet sidebar rightward [r=mbrubeck]
7cc26b83a57c5d6386128830116438ecf522596fMatt Brubeck — Bug 689966 - Pref are initialized twice because of reference to nonexistent element [r=wesj]
6032f7c15af8ba7c56bcfc174a2d6424d9aa7dfcWolfgang Germund — Bug 296795: ZipReader doesn't handle non-ASCII characters r=taras
ec855ff26e8d8457293b5454a473848e39d2425cAdam Dane [:hobophobe] — bug 591249 - event dragleave not properly dispatched if drag-and-drop aborted with ESC within iframe. r=smaug
7079f708c2ac3dc1d7ed273ce2a66f844659fca4Jim Blandy — (no bug): Fix comment reference to RejoinInterpreter (now js_InternalInterpret). r=bhackett
0c9d0f4f1c82482389ce8278eaac66f0b239c5bfRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 689609 - Move the changes back in. Needs a clobber. r=re-revert.
2780356be1a19df79053b7e12e96ce2a2442e10dMounir Lamouri — Bug 675574 - Do not allow more than one call to when we allow popups. r=jst
d8797563b04d4ee210d777437220b2f54dc0703fRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Switch android back to c++11. There are more dependencies on it now. r=revert.
4fce3a720570c20b03d354f4c1a57fb0d2d75948Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 689609 - Don't enable c++11 on systems that don't really support it. r=ehsan,glandium.
ece3ae642585f0a0b7b9014880bf99ba50262293James Willcox — Bug 689948 - Fix regressions caused by bug 686992 [r=blassey]
8734063536a174c10425b44462e8a935700f653eMatt Brubeck — Bug 690017 - Use -moz-crisp-edges scaling for favicons in tablet portrait tab menu [r=wesj]
6da4c8939412c8978ae66cf909b2a27f3271158aAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 689832 - SyncSetup.js refers to outdated string change.password.pwSameAsSyncKey r=philikon
455bee36af33e57b0635d64bb4a6e69ee63e56f6Oleg Romashin — Bug 689045 - Canvas Shadow swap/Init API rework r=cjones
261bb33e9c53c477279633b488812feb20d72d7cOleg Romashin — Bug 687372 - ImageLayerOGL should not destroy surface given as argument. r=cjones
2a443d5f2944f2537c20304f45b0d614759a6e23Oleg Romashin — Bug 686742 - Move YUV conversion code into gfxUtil functions. r=derf
482cba26ee79172237cf82c0450e0e886b47d2aeWes Johnston — Bug 689562 - Fix highlight state for reload button. r=lucasr
ed87178d3ee2582609d91e173a5692bb587d3fbcSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 682412 - Theme settings on Honeycomb. r=mfinkle
b045aa0216fb37e1ba9a90114ac6615ccd20a180Boris Zbarsky — Bug 460323 testcase.
9cd3dc884d1c296656e5b07192e7c3143a5250c7Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 515907 - Support taskbar icon overlays in Windows 7. Original patch by Tim Miller <>. r=jimm, sr=roc
f3022823eb876895edb22eb8aaca29fa3787ad42Lucas Rocha — Bug 681944 - Immediately remove "empty" attribute from session-restored tabs (r=mfinkle)
b626aecfddf79d6d3333b19f625f3d6514d5b602Luke Wagner — Bug 683361 - Fix part 6: add and call Proxy::objectClassIs (r=waldo)
638433a972a31d82060b30cb45db3a3e69f11faeLucas Rocha — Bug 689349 - Don't suggest values for password text boxes (r=mfinkle)
fd799dc8611637c60143d5b1bf6a98d4c2bd071eLucas Rocha — Bug 689524 - Show title on tabs showing about:home (r=mbrubeck)
09d60465831c71dcf8dbc695d62c79b23b23f4e5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 689564. Only forward event attributes on body/frameset to the window if we also forward the corresponding on* property. r=smaug
cd9a1438836730e7819a82f9a0c7b2e3c49ba498Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 688238. imglib: Move Decoder::Init() arguments into the constructor. r=joedrew
88960733383e3b79ec604761e4067a17b4f79ea3Brian R. Bondy — Bug 596222 - Crash [@ mozilla::widget::WindowHook::Lookup] on shutdown with MaxTo enabled. r=robarnold
0da5a60d9893e6a844aac4d6a1466b287d63e3b1Brian R. Bondy — Bug 689277 - Memory leak on low resource situations for Windows software updates. r=rstrong
01f5a405be12b53edf7e31fba3d5ab5d7f35ba89Marco Bonardo — Bug 666580 - Use a transaction for indexedDB schema creation.
4d10127fd1068193bec6fa49cd5d082dfc8db40cChris Leary — Bug 684039: rewrite JS LIFO allocator, avoids thrashing. (r=luke)
d709c25c0e1fa916629f1366c51e6ae02f26c4cfChris Leary — Bug 684039: Don't use JSArenaPool in nsJSEnvironment. (r=mrbkap)
2a89973d765698c659f7472dd5ba89212804d567Mats Palmgren — Bug 688044 - ASSERTION: Why is the root in mDirtyRoots already? r=bzbarsky
76e376b318708024517761e34bf8dd3b4116f994Ed Morley — Bug 689036 - Collapse redundant Makefiles in extensions/pref/ & fix missing in; r=khuey
a4e8b6ead685c13116041145803c4b3195ef5abbEd Morley — Bug 689040 - Add missing makefiles to services/ & move tests inside ENABLE_TESTS conditional; r=khuey
ceb669575a050fa1c1a75dcc9ae213e0f48a2ad5Ed Morley — Bug 689043 - Add missing makefiles to xulrunner/; r=khuey
01db5a45f8d137ff56ff56602ec845f9b2d3fa54Ed Morley — Bug 689037 - Remove unused layout/tools/layout-debug/; r=khuey
cb4b93331e4f0052a35f305a959aaa23460c3a88Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
f030249274c140f6d112deba7fcecee8277e8a89Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge m-c to s-c
1e00033f27c65cc357a23a410b5532978eed0803Richard Newman — Bug 688279 - Clean up test_favicons.js. r=mak
9aa52764ee2197213562214e2ed9fb168db53bc9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 686365 - NS_ERROR_FAILURE in policies.js removeIdleObserver. r=rnewman
adb4b1d6a71257212900a2f633770580ff8a4292Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 688520 - Kick off a sync on "Add a Device". r=rnewman
95bf2ab25e7577c90ce0d33a6e256cba5620a77eRichard Newman — Bug 672878 - follow-up to un-nest an if. a=dumb
95bee1fc81173cbc194775b0f10778d109db813bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 686579 - Kick off a sync immediately after setting up Sync on Fennec. r=mfinkle
ff0814fd7bbcbd541bb67d261b411082f7cd17f2Richard Newman — Bug 672878 - temporary shim to log inconsistent state in ChannelListener.onStopRequest. r=philikon
80b55a615ac9a8e222f8c4e95270ba914234919bDave Townsend — Bug 680802: Installing a new add-on at the same time as installing a new version of the app which uses new properties from install.rdf will fail. r=robstrong
4d27c6c86de66bf02b3431bb040bd43d360c5aecRob Campbell — merge m-c to fx-team
713f76a29f10ca0b862f40a1a6c9d6cd843cf50dPaul Rouget — Bug 663833 - [highlighter] Add a floating toolbar next to the selected node; r=msucan,dao
01e768aac218867a81bc39db14bf736ee18e6a2eRob Campbell — Bug 689659 - devtools/ has two entries for inspector.html; r=gavin
95bbaf6cb2a6c9a4d3375da8381cb8db909ec4a0Luke Wagner — Bug 683361 - quell GCC over-warning from 90ff7402febc (r=me)
b4f351db9863b881323261ea5087c9f0f6fb4e60Luke Wagner — Bug 683361, part 5 - Handle transparent proxies correctly in [[Class]] == "X" queries (r=waldo)
90ff7402febc04ffdf63673e9f6d3d7c16d9c276Luke Wagner — Bug 683361, part 4 - Handle transparent proxies correctly in non-generic methods (r=waldo)
3d106932a45fbb3a7bfe3ea479f76157e5d79c05Luke Wagner — Bug 683361, part 3 - add ProxyHandler::nativeCall (r=mrbkap)
7061ce46859a1bf9c2d087f817f563f3edcfd291Luke Wagner — Bug 683361, part 2 - use CallArgs more (r=waldo)
dbe064b3a6595de93fa7ae6bf6212e1989443ecdLuke Wagner — Bug 683361, part 1 - Strip JS prefix from proxy names since they are already in namespace js (r=gal)
89b5ec4cacc1a57a210ccdbd85425ed12513bbfbMatthew Gregan — Bug 689432 - Disambiguate use of "samples" by introducing "frames" in a number of places. r=doublec
30c186f6b48a7365fa59c4b7f91b077d0f4ef91eAlexander Surkov — Bug 673958 - rework accessible focus handling, r=enndeaking, marcoz, tbsaunde, matspal, f=marcoz
3548d5c7cde58fbe9e60693b73892776dfe6ad67Brian Birtles — Bug 602504 - Make event-being-timeevent-3.svg pass quickly and fail slowly; r=dholbert
8664e35a8af8a6945b4cd5b6761d8b87827ccc39Jeff Walden — Rewrite a very awkwardly worded comment describing the flat closure optimization. rs=cdleary over IRL
7147f6403c2a83bacd8bbac58520ddbdbd14f488Aditya Bhatt — Bug 689301 - Compile error in nsTimerImpl.cpp with gcc 4.6.0 on Fedora core 15 x64; r=espindola
1a3850b04dc05b1f2a4315027ad73c3a528fe213Felix Fung — Bug 497664: Clear History's Disabled Preferences Should Not Be Checked. r=ehsan
bb8d9e770b83bf737811bc9fc702f8589b769975Daniel Holbert — Bug 669412 followup to followup: move now-unused-in-default-build-config variable inside #ifdef, to fix new unused variable build warning. rs=bent
4ecbff48c0f1623e300d1d164ad8d1b38b2949c8Chris Leary — Bug 687951: Shrink js_EmitTree frame. (r=Waldo)
0b1934705b4ea5a58611900879a06faddc72e658Daniel Holbert — Bug 669412 followup: remove variables preBytes & postBytes that are now unused after earlier patch on this bug. r=bent
1dc6d4f550ba702fed7228c523c866ad9c508098Daniel Holbert — Bug 689204: Remove unused variable 'readDisplay' from nsHTMLTableElement.cpp. r=bernd
78a47ef40099a331cc87e95680f2782c0459f704Brad Lassey — bug 688787 follow up to fix build bustage
45e745c780d7c68d8d450601b30340e9e95dd726Matt Brubeck — Bug 689599 - Ensure postData is non-null before accessing it in Browser.loadURI [r=mfinkle]
29897f5185bb650caae6cf429c154ab00532e036Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 689269 - Don't read memory from other compartments in gc. r=wmccloskey.
7a98f72a49795ece752951d32445b75cf754bcb3Brad Lassey — bug 688798 - disable client side rendering for maemo only r=cjones
9f7c74c42a79fb77c53fc25743b83ac9276e3d69Brad Lassey — bug 688618 - trailing while panning in fennec, be consistant on all platforms r=roc
8b4f96bf60526515843ef14b0ac0f2b5dd369e3bBrad Lassey — bug 688733 - nsWindow::mIMEComposing is used uninitialised r=dougt
114b45a94018cb64bfd684c8ab29b25aeef16636Brad Lassey — bug 688787 - don't use MOZ_GFX_OPTIMIZE_MOBILE for GetEchoPasswordImpl() r=dougt
df54cc03245780d449f0707f1e97250fe81c4399Timothy Nikkel — Bug 635645. Increase the amount of scrolling performed by using the arrow keys from 1 line to 2 lines. r=roc
d30c779054c917d10cd3b4d918dbbae61418e4a4Ralph Giles — Bug 683823 - Update libvorbis to upstream r18077. r=kinetik
c81e6b2dc155384b7a110e01cc54c3446e92ab3aLandry Breuil — Bug 651444 - inttypes.h is needed on OpenBSD to get uintptr_t; r=jmuizelaar
4b8631865777514ba8c02875120e643764055c41Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
5456273e5ab527fe15540f245024bb05b9e3463dChris Jones — Bug 689366: Don't ask our frame loader for its layer manager after Destroy(). r=bz
3794007f4f5affb1312dfc175714dd2f70c8f547Steven Michaud — Bug 674612 - Text to Speech on Lion not reading highlighted text. r=surkov f=marco
8671e54153ffc82a7020e5079372c95fda5d9011Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Revert 687e0bbfe996 while I try to find std::move is on the android SDK. r=revert.
9ba53832faf28544329de3bb0834cb8f25ef23afJeff Muizelaar — Bug 687868. Redo blacklisting to use device ids instead of renderer info.
687e0bbfe996aad72f13fde04ac7f8ea733c16ccRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 689066 - Fix c++11 incompatibility. r=luke.
d747526bd06644be1ec38fc21d8589b4121442e4Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 678330. Use IOKit to get precise GPU information in GfxInfo on Mac. r=bjacob
37843077ff3d446caad0c795c46d865902b1d18dPatrick McManus — bug 687243 - websockets message len 0xffff does not use minimal length encoding r=jduell
7f486771722691f933575b1dcf85fa72b6a07e42Boris Zbarsky — Version bump to 10.0a1 on CLOSED TREE
b9995d6b7a3a04a5b006ab8b83a8bb72b0856f4bBoris Zbarsky — Bump XPCOM version to 10 on CLOSED TREE.
6e41c8259311f24f140d9a035ec841bd4f71f160Boris Zbarsky — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20110927 for changeset c0983049bcaa to CLOSED TREE, DONTBUILD
396f4773c8bd2b34e4a5c12e12ceb4347ab5b03cChristian Legnitto — closing old head
c487239373f7783ffe79ff65ceeeabd11ffa3318Christian Legnitto — Added tag FIREFOX_AURORA_9 for changeset d62c56cbebfb
d62c56cbebfbeea4c0cb27e221f9c11625eee99eChristian Legnitto — Added tag BETA_BASE_20111108 for changeset 4c79fc728cc3 FIREFOX_AURORA_9