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Wed Mar 30 13:58:47 2016 +0000
876a1f819d83ef8035e579dd9247693c9526875bAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1254797 - Post: Ensure we ignore deleted sites in pinned query r=rnewman, a=ritu
d6ec426e0c96a9811881b1a0d5b43fc0707ea7a9Andrzej Hunt — Bug 1254797 - Intersperse blank sites between pinned sites if needed. r=rnewman, a=ritu
87e35794cf880fc8561ae2c076dbcf3064c4de1bAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1254797 - Pre: fix variable name being negation of value. r=rnewman, a=ritu
e8c5bba77ee526b19c21731905093f76cd0868dbJerryShih — Bug 1252414 - Handle lost_context for webgl ClearBuffer*. r=jgilbert, a=ritu
0d35bb93eda6e42aefe822fd8106496450f33168Sebastian Kaspari — Bug 1253684 - Introduce preference for forwarding OMA downloads to Android's download manager. r=margaret, a=lizzard