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Wed May 27 20:40:43 2015 +0000
e5bb6c8253ed3177c8c3307fe8cfb88316363e07Marina Samuel — Bug 1167243 - Intermittent browser_newtab_enhanced.js | Suggested for {'Web Education'|'Technology'} enthusiasts [r=adw, a=lizzard]
06ba020c6f0f7d654c1f3378596525f73415f8caEd Lee — Bug 1167805 - Not enough padding for page title causing pin icon to overlap [r=adw, a=lizzard]
8193c7e6c464edb414b37c0f0cc5453d4eb9d54cMaxim Zhilyaev — Bug 1145428 - Suggested Tiles pins (becomes a user history tile after end time) [r=adw, a=lizzard]