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Tue Jul 12 21:38:44 2011 +0000
e0a0e1800c6a164b9316f85f51ea7984ea0d3247Mike Hommey — Bug 661910: Iterate over all component manifests when commenting out binary components during omnijar packing. r=khuey a=asa
ffeea656548be04fb05f63938f959452d995fecdKyle Huey — Bug 665964: If the nsISHistoryListener vetoes navigation, reset mRequestedIndex to make it clear that the navigation has been cancelled. r=bz
7fae5c9da3cf0bfbb07f70e620bb3a13a2240581Kyle Huey — Reftest for Bug 670442
cc0754f90ad88df8a239be4b8d6f25a33d7f8978Benjamin Peterson — Bug 670442: Reset mZero flag on the CanvasRenderingContext when new dimensions are set. r=joe a=asa