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Thu Jun 23 13:30:29 2016 +0000
d4e7738bd2aa5a523ca2551c467458c9f3eac45aJan de Mooij — Bug 1268626 - Use len instead of arr->length() in array_splice_impl. r=Waldo, a=sylvestre
df1161c9fc743c674d91607444a95254acd9d64bBob Owen — Bug 1277475 Part 3: Ensure marquee attribute event handlers don't run when sandboxed scripts flag is set on its owning Document. r=bz, a=sylvestre
528cd3ea51b90b0d0be0a99ac80e66aa54e8bab6Bob Owen — Bug 1277475 Part 2: Ignore marquee attribute event handlers when sandboxed scripts flag is set on its owning Document. r=bz, a=sylvestre
c40ae6d6fb9938bc774d7d07fcf393e87aeb05dcBob Owen — Bug 1277475 Part 1: Add a chrome and XBL accessor for the sandboxed scripts flag to Document WEBIDL. r=bz, a=sylvestre
050a2562452ab607ca00176f1cb8277e01f17a38Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1277685, r=jaws, a=sylvestre
e627ab32ecfb8947a634d53ed59567919c464417Valentin Gosu — Bug 1274886 - Don't send any more IPC messages after calling PHttpChannelParent::SendDeleteSelf() r=jduell, a=sylvestre
9f5af086dcbbb240aa3dff299230e0096330468eNicolas Silva — Bug 1280110 - Null check mGL when destroying CompositingRenderTargetOGL. r=jnicol, a=sylvestre
cc0a07b00e380d7cee9ef378c2c38f93c691a991Jonathan Kew — Bug 1279814 - Update mIsoRunLast index when handling PDI. r=xidorn, a=sylvestre
357a488bdca4688037120f8db30b859bf6c87efeJonathan Kew — Bug 1278818 - Convert window coordinates to desktop pixels before passing to ScreenForRect. r=emk, a=sylvestre