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Fri Dec 26 16:27:15 2014 +0000
d21cf86760b06279765f924cc908b3683af66b82Mike de Boer — Bug 1113723: play a sound when someone joins a room. r=MattN a=lsblakk
1fd71b58a91b6f0ea1cda5c678d2e064ccc2c1d8Paul Kerr [:pkerr] — Bug 1076650: retry registration on a 401 response. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk
73276b690a0e3738e3d93697f96e1dfb5396181aNicolas Perriault — Bug 1110155 - Fixed renamed Loop room not reflected into the panel. r=Standard8 a=lsblakk
4c1ef50cc7b275847135d6d0a9e217af702cf559Romain Gauthier — Bug 1109849 - Bypass the feedback form if no-one has entered the room yet. r=nperriault a=lsblakk
901b7325b2c860c9bf0dc23c446ee36a46ee661bNicolas Perriault — Bug 1110155 - Added minimal Loop room name validation. r=mikedeboer a=lsblakk