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Mon Dec 12 10:17:05 2016 +0000
2f4972fb62ed4305a920b99c72e9e6a2239de0e1Michael Layzell — Bug 1322390 - Iterate over a copy of mOwnedDirectListeners when removing them, r=pehrsons a=gchang
6dc907d4ad6fe78389479f9299e396441535bc8bRobert Strong — Bug 1322331 - Add Windows 10 detection to the installer. r=mhowell a=gchang
d20a6ec3db1eb57ac68379c384a41256859b6601Patrick McManus — Bug 1321783 - Make updater be networking conservative r=dkeeler r=rstrong r=dragana a=jcristau
b39873f48504a01f46ca0f88bb045652d0403427Aaron Klotz — Bug 1321622: Make DocAccessibleParent::Unbind delegate to DocAccessibleParent::RemoveChildDoc; r=tbsaunde a=jcristau
11e76531aa74395dbb0f6f596909ad57eff416bcBob Owen — Bug 1319456: Hold DrawEventRecorders in the correct structure in PathRecording. r=bas a=gchang
f597f21b42f5fe20bb9b37758250188d59a5c65eGabriele Svelto — Bug 1317968 - Package the minidump-analyzer tool r=ted a=jcristau
4ac86351a69e89de624f67cbee029e1673999df3Jan de Mooij — Bug 1315856 - Fix dynamic slot base address passed to fillSlotsWithUndefined. r=jonco a=gchang
40ddf243c06d044c732b0d46435edbe2be43ce7bTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1314478 - Always find and mark the usernameField on insecure pages, r=MattN a=jcristau
9dbc06789272d861f2a80be9513de1fe3f7047bfDale Harvey — Bug 1311301 - Skip test on android, on a CLOSED TREE. r=philor a=jcristau
732bd3ae0bd38156c5286ae56e86ce7c693188baDale Harvey — Bug 1311301 - Ensure login managed inputs focus on load. r=mattn a=jcristau
3a761e5cc19c38782cfc0da0bba68954bd06cd27Jed Davis — Bug 1257361 - Simplify detecting threads that already have seccomp-bpf applied. r=tedd r=gcp a=gchang
9b6dada73f7d8955bc29673e54fc641137a89d3cJan Odvarko — Bug 1297361 - JSON Viewer: use listeners instead of exporting postChromeMessage; r=Gijs a=gchang
f320d5e8e90f3d51a3e2c4183061705eb34309d3Dale Harvey — Bug 376668 - Make login fields show autocomplete on focus. r=mattn a=jcristau