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Wed Aug 10 17:37:29 2016 +0000
f5a9d33557dd860e74994a3a650e743569883cbbRicky Chien — Bug 1291998 - Fix cancel button background color of permission dropdown on Windows. r=paolo a=ritu
deba9752fc422bd5c3c0d611c9d8963c6a727374Julian Descottes — Bug 1291306 - update highlighter CSS selector to avoid leaking styles to content;r=ntim a=lizzard
93f9fde505f4f3fb3eefce52453663238cda12faChris Pearce — Bug 1291537 - Assume GMPs are unsupported when running in 32bit mode on MacOS. r=spohl a=lizzard
fb956712e50f5e08af1a3106bed8b67badc04ddeMike Conley — Bug 1291078 - Re-arrange events fired on <option> elements for e10s to match non-e10s. r=Enn a=lizzard
cff9e0a1ca4220fd9f3dd9a67d53ed398c76f6bfMike Conley — Bug 1291078 - Have SelectContentHelper dispatch events on <option> instead of <select>. r=Enn a=lizzard
d67e58e5ad8c4b7714af49488a32428f4660c76dMike Conley — Bug 1291078 - Expose ChromeOnly openInParentProcess property on <select> elements. r=mrbkap,r=Enn a=lizzard
6307dc2381b59770db93bf502a4855bf436f385aHonza Bambas — Bug 1286735 - Add after-shutdown nullchecks to the appcache code, r=michal a=ritu