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Thu Feb 02 18:10:38 2017 +0000
cfb67ac16037824372bb5f90b9eb80800cd0a4bfKate McKinley — Bug 1335134 - Pref security.mixed_content.send_hsts_priming to false. r=mayhemer, a=ritu
08f7fa74c00dff87132d37bc998ac9532858fdd1Trevor Saunders — Bug 1322593 - Add test for multiple independent text changes under the same accessible. r=yzen, a=gchang
1c35b1fd511d7fc928f51cc9c19bd1bdbd758efcTrevor Saunders — Bug 1322593 - Test that unrelated text change events are not coalesced. r=yzen, a=gchang
eb3fc0d1eacef3105b18bfd8aceb5765f7ac6ef8Trevor Saunders — Bug 1322593 - Allow asynchronous checking of text change events. r=yzen, a=gchang
babb718be60a568a490fb1458c069a3feebdd504Trevor Saunders — Bug 1322593 - Don't coalesce non contiguous text changes under the same accessible. r=davidb, a=gchang
3664b17ad3c4c5d6b29133a1fe98fae73194b905Trevor Saunders — Bug 1322593 - Avoid merging text change events for unrelated accessibles. r=davidb, a=gchang