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Tue May 24 18:03:59 2011 +0000
26d6981b3d6a00027dd3643e9624d67402e21c6bKarl Tomlinson — backout bug 569124 for bug 655451 a=dveditz
65aaadba00203a022fb8adb52abeb7632a13326dMichael Wu — Bug 648022: Backout bug 643927 and second part of bug 632253 to avoid crash, r=igor a=sayrer
6ca4980998f4e750819a7904d7732c6985036a85Ehsan Akhgari — Branding changes for Aurora
6d6c325bf0387122a0b4d62b56b1df5ac2c82d71Ehsan Akhgari — Version bump
9eae975b3d6fb7748fe5a3c0113d449b1c7cc0b2Doug Turner — Bug 641010 - crash [@][@ ][@ ][@ ]. The way we were creating new java strings was leaky in a few places, and non-null terminated in others. This could/does results in a bunch of random crashes that will not show up in crash reporter. Basically, if you want to always make sure that you have a local frame and never use our low level string apis that don't terminate when creating java strings. r=mwu a=sheriff AURORA_BASE_20110524
575362d9b92e8c065014efc51bf76d692288f817Justin Lebar — Bug 653741 - You should be able to scoll back to the current anchor by focusing the location bar and pressing <enter>. r=bz
8e06280639df490436e65c24025a5efc1bae773fKyle Huey — Backout Bug 655003. a=massive-talos-regression
56c1b58f9b29a9187b3845e65b738d060072406eKyle Huey — Backed out changeset 0bf1fe7f9be1
837f762860af438b66e8e783a2b58dd317bbce2eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 659207. Don't inline a constructor that consumers can't actually inline without statically linking to JS. r=luke a=sheriff
5d4aaa69206fe208b7f4d7590aa90bdc2fb8587fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 616136 - Give popup notification panels role="alert" and make their close buttons tabbable. r=gavin
f5c062e991969ae7c3314009951c27d0f8c4e502Daniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 2: Refest & xpcshell-test-addition for this bug. r=bz
c4d58bb8f5ad793fd6c647fd42ff7a8d692b5028Daniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 1: Teach nsDataHandler::ParseURI about #ref, and transfer 'isRefValid' flag in nsSimpleURI::Clone. r=bz
41371c9fe361b1de4111af9d1cfbafeb592a25f1Daniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 0: Fix existing tests that use "#" in data URIs to use %23 instead. rs=bz
478015023b8aad08073980ee1a8a6bd118d60601Benoit Jacob — Bug 657748 - Update ANGLE to r653 - a=joe
6ab5ad925bd8a11fbf876a1266d61d960bffcae7David Bolter — Bug 653601 - aria-selected ignored for ARIA tabs, patch=davidb, tbsaunde; tests=davidb, tbsaunde, marcoz; r=surkov, a=sheriff
17d9511255e904655c1a7d4231faf5b26ad424a9Trevor Saunders — Bug 648133 - Fire state change event for aria-busy, patch=davidb, tbsaunde; r=surkov, a=sheriff
c657729d35c3116a36f97938277c1cc1bf47b754Mounir Lamouri — Merge backout. a=backout
5efa04d241914c398b4881bf3c5a5b9e96a7db19Mounir Lamouri — Back out bug 632255 and bug 658683 due to oranges on Windows Mochitest-1.
38d9f007166b1f7ff99b2cf21c73cf37687200f3Mounir Lamouri — Merge backout. a=backout
63d8a33adabdd25235eb602040f7a7c076a7c4b6Mounir Lamouri — Back out bug 658949 because of perma orange on Windows Reftests.
26440e8180a2fcec60a0485b8d86cb0763d3d7f0Jim Mathies — Bug 651093 - Don't let the file picker on Windows add to the recent doc list when in privacy mode. Also expose a prop on the interface that gives devs control over 'add to recent docs' behavior. r=dougt, sr=gavin a=mak
ead02eda01476e46b6be36ea5c2b004f9aeebd8bMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 659229 - Remove MOZ_ENABLE_LIBXUL checks in GfxInfoX11.cpp r=ted,Callek a=mak
0acfb7c8331bfe4fd30501cbd3ec911de18c8c97Shawn Gong — Bug 632255 - Implemented readAsArrayBuffer() for FileReader. r=sicking,bent. Additional fixes by sicking, r=peterv. a=sheriff.
0f1c8a5a68764032122bd6a4d7ae0a170314c229Shawn Gong — Bug 658683: Make xhr.response not create a new ArrayBuffer every time it is accessed. r=sicking. Additional fixes by sicking, r=peterv
0bf1fe7f9be1810fa4904c17549999257c0d70bcMike Hommey — Bug 655003 - On Linux, use -Os on normal builds and -O3 when PGO is enabled. r=ted,a=sheriff
89f5c8191f3b5e4f76fafbbda47dfc323427898eDaniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 2: Refest & xpcshell-test-addition for this bug. r=bz a=sheriff
d632d15ccb115df2f30ea8e2c297daa5986e4594Daniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 1: Teach nsDataHandler::ParseURI about #ref, and transfer 'isRefValid' flag in nsSimpleURI::Clone. r=bz
7e8a5585577b72997f120274512a4ef706e1a7b6Daniel Holbert — Bug 658949 patch 0: Fix existing tests that use "#" in data URIs to use %23 instead. rs=bz
db38a9fdd27177d4fef8bfa50e0b19237bd0704cDaniel Holbert — Bug 646180: Reorder nsPresContext init list to fix build warning. r=roc
c460861442b6a8a4f493cf23fcea83dba0bf3feaDaniel Holbert — Bug 659187: Make member vars in nsMemoryReporterManager.h match ordering in constructor init list, to fix build warning. r=njn
bb5904c365a23d914534123f5fdb757d1779aeb1Daniel Holbert — Bug 659177: Update signature of nsAboutProtocolHandler::StartClone so that it continues overriding inherited method. r=bz a=sheriff
90465908ac893325ad04c1877160d983eabbff81Mihai Sucan — Bug 655776 - Web Developer > Get More Tools menu item. r=dao ui-r=limi
381e9216f883f36bf0785d1b72082599e57a7ac5Dão Gottwald — Bug 647886 - Pulling down Back/Forward menu requires an unnecessary delay. r=sdwilsh
84e2e54efcc73e7ae8370b1d66a23a4ea0143561Jason Duell — Bug 646373 - Fix AdBlock2 on fennec (nsITraceableChannel.setNewListener() is unimplemented under e10s.) r=honza, a=queue
6473722292ce1628346e4ad1451cc6b20e6d120eJason Duell — Remove broken GetLocal calls in test_traceable_channel.js, r=jduell, a=queue
6bf3ffd66eedbf1f9c415f79bed837b91a62f88aSteven Michaud — Bug 621117 - Support native cursor manipulation from OOP plugins on OS X. r=josh,bsmedberg a=sheriff
8bd0ef8351aabd37ec94f0ae3d3d5b101cde10efSteven Michaud — Merge backout of revision ae5b84b96fd7 (bug 570341) DONTBUILD. a=sheriff
1a5c8f6f95cd59e115f4699a8b8f1af12d098591Steven Michaud — Backed out changeset ae5b84b96fd7 (bug 570341) due to test failures DONTBUILD. a=sheriff
456c915b3caf8c791ede23c124b99b5b81dadda1Michael Ventnor — Fix build bustage, a=sheriff
518d679ef81f5440700300a7e61858ed00186138Michael Ventnor — Bug 566489 - Enable inline autocomplete again, but make it smarter for URLs r=sdwilsh sr=gavin a=sheriff
2f37642dc7419d887a27207cf90d8b4a9896705fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 647885 part 2. Keep better track of whether our computed background-size was specified with percentages. r=dbaron a=sheriff
6ccdd296b74b4bea3d20dd0a5f5048f235a0a3a7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 647885 part 1. Keep better track of whether our computed background-position was specified with percentages. r=dbaron
58083c2147e288ac76a627d46b5d5940c5e38310John Daggett — Bug 659182. Null-check bundle ID's before releasing.
5ea92972f52c2b62a4258dde78837b7439982be6Jason Duell — Add missing OnExamineResponse() call to e10s HTTP. r=biesi
ae5b84b96fd7d3eae106a2c27ab6f572f6fef9f0Igor Bazarny — bug 570341 - Initial implementation of web timing specification
72d69ed97230978f8167d1d3767320a99989b040Marco Bonardo — Bug 618913 - Implement in product notifications to set up Sync.
d90a954aaae5368f749a91d2ae0944725691375cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
8d63b3ef2593b914417d0b76c4b11b644e9acbd0Marco Bonardo — Bug 629620 followup - Add test to xpcshell.ini. a=bustage
36e0a6facb40386b345e8e2f58c47054cff5d6b6Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 659112 - Fix dir service provider in test harness. r=rnewman
5d709f5dd2e2f1b51b53e5a2555d04a1b60a66faRichard Newman — Bug 648364: follow-on for missing case in head_helpers.js. r=philikon
275b98888211df7f14b1977ec06a5f9e3152c110Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 616999 follow-up: update services/sync xpcshell manifest
a5e6d6b80a7795d035a10209f4c11d0b8425c5e6Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
2c2e81d7fc04f66aa1cf111fe65836d7efaddb95Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648364 - Remove dead code from the test harness. r=rnewman
44f75de46b878b2f10351defd4dc82f8877bec83Philipp von Weitershausen — Backout bug 618913 due to numerous Moth failures
0bae69db1d8217a119773c9359cdff7f74c62d95Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 618913 follow-up: fix test_notifications.html failure
78299a6f7e1d9cdd87169ee7b4264ea337b18845Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 629664 - Get rid of intermittent Windows failure (again!) by undoing part of bug 624436. r=rnewman
5a00a3c94e63e0de2f35a6037c3a84ad3afa3212Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
70b227f6aedc0702b6d57ecb84c4dc3df004a440Marco Bonardo — Bug 618913 - Implement in product notifications to set up Sync.
36c6d18bd313c1a82386290a50f584240c11b219Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 613277 - Add tests from JSModules repository
713b31e0cba9de4e0cfe330a4cb6711b6d455ba8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648364 - Remove dead code. r=rnewman
6d296a1726a55a32baeeb99ded7853d4d8a12dd0Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648364 - Replace custom helpers with FileUtils.jsm. r=rnewman
94124bd1a59608e50e4d332f7b8ab12446c10211Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648364 - Replace custom helpers with XPCOMUtils.jsm. r=rnewman
aa2c607672e1fde41b19cc253e6c393df2519479Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648364 - Replace custom helpers with PlacesUtils.jsm. r=rnewman
a839caa0357b90120ac1f49d4f1cc2ff12641159Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648364 - Replace custom helpers with Services.jsm. r=rnewman
d6d6e3119cc84d07bc271251e994f3afd8ac8170Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 654900 follow-up: ensure special folders are tracked properly. r=rnewman
9f216b242b6ac5f1475c49be2e0befb7fb2b71bbPhilipp von Weitershausen — Test to ensure bug 624436 really is fixed. r=me
40545d88f33f76ba8018b261668f4b467646bf8fMarco Bonardo — Bug 654900 - Don't spin the events loop in the Sync bookmarks tracker. r=philikon
518662e02af9a73b38d0e9022bc7f7a721c1b7f3Marco Bonardo — Merge places and mozilla-central. a=developers
7b7c80a035148eafc516068d762e48e781f5fb1eMarco Bonardo — Merge places and mozilla-central. a=developers
36bf5b4f5e0aee5e1da5586466429782f85700cfMarco Bonardo — Bug 658135 - Use sqlite3_stmt_readonly to check if multiple async statements need a transaction.
3c49458e56f35f041382a64d2d93ec36aed03476Marco Bonardo — Backout SQLite upgrade
26cd2c42e8fe5bdc18ff9cd7671a56acfc1dd224Marco Bonardo — Backout SQLite upgrade.
566d8cc6d9246f207346a038c80e82e24388681dMarco Bonardo — Bug 618315 - Upgrade to SQLite
e74ebdda9e7fa28735bf992e8af8532889d22bd3Marco Bonardo — Bug 618315 - Upgrade to SQLite
77083dd5938093b5af27eadce6e59a7427b6d6daMarco Bonardo — Bug 629620 - Copied bookmarks shouldn't inherit all annotations, since they are new entitities.
0aa78437f821483b4fea2055762af7f44b48d032Jonas Sicking — back out probably cause of orange. a=backout
e709174263f3aedae9ec081f0d1bf84d4e4399c3Shawn Gong — Bug 632255 - Implemented readAsArrayBuffer() for FileReader. r=sicking,bent a=LandingQueue
f041ff7205636d5318d4c4975662277f72e20cbaShawn Gong — Bug 658683: Make xhr.response not create a new ArrayBuffer every time it is accessed. r=sicking
80540db3a269f3e8eecdf7e6c57f728a5831d9f4William Chen — Bug 658746 - "Assertion failure: JSID_IS_STRING(id)" with dataset[0].
387b40e28056e42f8d370ca8a224aff61f443101Jim Mathies — merge backout. a=backout
c5995eec40f3314b4cb61ce65a5636ca2355cde5Jim Mathies — Backout of bug 570341 (cset:1a645ea075fc) due to test failure.
208d28e29a0a9189adc8eddac63e7bbc03afda42Mark Finkle — Bug 653134 - Create Fennec Gingerbread theme [r=mbrubeck a=pretty-fennec-fx6]
a825ad5e1b9c31be36287f56abc9e2c10194f706Michael Wu — Bug 656804 - build broken with --enable-raw r=blassey a=gavin
1106d349833d4de10519efa668ec469788ace565Michael Wu — Bug 600241 - Strip zips during optimization, r=taras
f7fc3beccae7c00ddf8500fede6c64259669284cMichal Novotny — Bug 651100 - Browser becomes unresponsive while watching embedded Youtube <video>. r=bjarne a=sheriff
1a645ea075fc9fba940b2c03baef039834ed7e07Igor Bazarny — bug 570341 - Initial implementation of web timing specification
85d824b348302ab2bfa153aef4586378a815bc56Dave Townsend — Backing out bug 647885 due to mochitest oranges. a=backout
705dc68a1cf96cc845134b610c437aa44b8d901bJono S Xia — Bug 658740: Test Pilot error logger throws exception. r=dtownsend a=gavin DONTBUILD
85a96ef690b47aac644381569491eb7c05ba8893Mounir Lamouri — Bug 644361 - Improve the progress bar rendering by using hexadecimal colors. r=bz,davidb
44cec0549267f07897e3ce5b2c6c6d31e448c925Boris Zbarsky — Bug 647885 part 2. Keep better track of whether our computed background-size was specified with percentages. r=dbaron
c0e37418fec2d040b6e6cdd56cd142e29eeaa584Boris Zbarsky — Bug 647885 part 1. Keep better track of whether our computed background-position was specified with percentages. r=dbaron
da49701fa1007c70168c2b834d02d3bafd2325c1Gervase Markham — Merge.
1de81dad52afad52087b1d66f76b06185d93af17Gervase Markham — Bug 658977 - Add and to PSL.
863a559276940e1c53fa5211d2f9f3300ca322caJothan Frakes — Bug 654953 - Remove ! rule from PSL.
ad3b98b684196422455b39f08f0a909b7320438eGervase Markham — Bug 658965 - Update PSL for .uk.
a6aa4dc6ce83772378858f74c879772ec32e8b86Dave Camp — Backing out aca490d48c95 (Bug 655776) to take care of some issues in the patch.
6647ba316a101fc26d323aa926e6bd705b83f246Kyle Huey — Bug 553125: Use the structured clone algorithm for window.postMessage. r=bent
8e0f45c90146f15f79b84173c19de328e745e104Kyle Huey — Bug 657964: FileReader should throw when abort() is called and readystate is not LOADING. r=sicking
8273f083b46187b3bac183e34dfd349358930b30Chris Leary — Remove accidental file addition. (r=khuey)
52add75e45f858af8ae1ce69f6dc55698db48c76Gervase Markham — Bug 642194 - Add .asia to IDN TLD whitelist.
4b08b4adbc4dc64816bac8425a66deeae1482b05Jothan Frakes — Bug 632161 - add Syrian ccTLD <.Souria> to IDN TLD whitelist.
606fca215fb86de829095f8abaa16babf09e5acaJothan Frakes — Bug 629053 - Add .lv to IDN TLD whitelist.
fbb3643ddf68049b7cccc84b9ffb0fc72d932980Gervase Markham — Bug 584989 - Add .<Lanka> and .<Ilangai> to IDN whitelist.
783480c46028d7b393afb4e338c191e8bba0f82eJono S Xia — Bug 658598: Test Pilot surveys should be able to run code on pageLoad like studies can. r=dtownsend DONTBUILD
aca490d48c951bdb5403c5a0beeccde1b587864bMihai Sucan — Bug 655776 - Web Developer > Get More Tools menu item; r=sdwilsh
a98b112f0ed297a27f0cb1718dc102114f3f1141Christian Biesinger — Bug 658822 - Fix implementation of DNS timing in nsITimedChannel; r=jduell
b97aef275b5e2342e56a36deff7ba9a5bbd2396dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 658982. Go back to not allowing changes to line-height on inputs (but continue to allowing it for <button>s, for site compat reasons). r=dbaron
5e204a657cac6a80679f8633b88e5b7d7995828bMs2ger — Bug 657210 - Address review comment
8e846d7f21eab5f93d9efb8612661a7a1ebd81e5Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 648911 - Remove support for non-libxul builds. r=ted,joedrew
02ecb8fb01c50a09bc1ea40568c6c7b50863f0e4Ms2ger — Bug 481863 - Remove nsIDOM3DocumentEvent; r=smaug
8bd4182413e0070dc7a1b749e89596bcb2fc257aMs2ger — Bug 655517 - Remove nsIDOMDocumentEvent; f=ehsan r=smaug
b90cbc558b36af910945ef6f0e338c5afd7858b2Matt Brubeck — Merge cedar and mozilla-central
d08c02a572bf0ec93848ea318e2b469feade5c40Matt Brubeck — Merge cedar and mozilla-central
6250f1d890d0f6cd09842253f7ddfe28d390f3f4Daniel Holbert — Back out 0a3b9d088e3d (Bug 658750) on suspicion of causing crashtest leaks
3a058aff13ae56475f7844545569e4639ba55c8eDaniel Holbert — Back out 693717fddd93 (Bug 658750) on suspicion of causing crashtest leaks
54134ae42f5debe0e501479ec166b27e2a02b8aeRobert O'Callahan — Mark test for bug 654950 as failing on Mac with GL because GL alpha blending doesn't perfectly match Quartz alpha blending.
693717fddd933973c948ac9e7e07374bf0e8afc1Craig Topper — Bug 658750 - Part 2: Make nsFrameSelection not inherit from nsISupports. r=roc
0a3b9d088e3da7a014a6c32b69f14f894bbd1eddCraig Topper — Bug 658750 - Part 1: Make nsFrameSelection methods non-virtual. r=roc
51242e6051ec2bfb63b33bdf802d84f53b13b5d3Daniel Holbert — Bug 657191 patch 2: mochitest. r=roc
95ff659eafdb9d9e065958d8b20ba4e8df604c04Daniel Holbert — Bug 657191 patch 1: Bail out if mError flag is set, in VectorImage::GetRootLayoutFrame and VectorImage::OnDataAvailable. r=roc
f147a447fff541ba85386407b9fafa8bec373786Robert O'Callahan — Bug 656749. Only optimize away zero-opacity elements when we're painting, not for any other kind of display list construction such as plugin geometry. r=tnikkel
ed0850a1bbb7a7f8a93f66f253a4a25b76eb28b6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 654950. Fix scissor rect calculations for descendants of container layers with intermediate surfaces. r=bas
3cb82b65c736a0b198136834864f4a0b29ebc536Robert O'Callahan — Bug 628901. Ensure a MozAfterPaint event is fired after 'load'. r=ehsan
96fae135f592ca48b220d4c401f01d9f0f0bd27fDaniel Holbert — Bug 658845: Null-check URI passed to nsReferencedElement::Reset. r=roc
dff0645d35fb0d1967a3dd9e2e7d062c971cf115Daniel Holbert — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
8176003df609c330103e66bba1151b26666bd052Daniel Holbert — Backed out changeset dfeab223be6d (Bug 657844) on suspicion of causing perma-orange in test_hover.html
dfeab223be6d9f291c7d422109afad7e6bd04f6aOleg Romashin — Bug 657844 - SynthesizeMouseMove calls should be disabled in fennec r=bzbarsky
b0ad98f70c910e7ba25b71c29c36415c76bc1b5aMatt Brubeck — Bug 651468 - Fix panning regression from bug 641426 [r=roc]
dd111452d161fc6cd6b88867287d59b3d7333d6aDaniel Holbert — Bug 658834: Remove unused variable 'sc' from nsTextFrameThebes.cpp r=jfkthame
76a9a3ca45235bb07fb223d6b2114c551060aee1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 658111 Enable Windows high resolution scrolling in default settings r=smaug
2b79cd3ba840ef7d3548a14f43f1e4103573657aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 658153 At using high resolution scrolling, the mouse wheel transaction doesn't work fine r=smaug
87ec2a46a38c52d811d7e22b677b9cd561b6539eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 657935 Should refer computed delta value at dispatching pixel scroll event r=smaug+jimm
8b60dc275a20c65b77f6bc08f1f79985a2e5ce24Masayuki Nakano — Bug 656826 part.4 xpwidgets should use new pref utilities r=roc
83eafb414d2b846134c75e49af5e465f31101401Masayuki Nakano — Bug 656826 part.3 Implement static utility methods for Preferences r=roc
0d754af939ec0c33130e8cc0d37baf903079558fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 656826 part.2 Rename nsPrefService.cpp and move nsPrefService.h to public r=roc+bsmedberg
3c987837655070cdf3073ebe9da6cc6ab3afc7e6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 656826 part.1 Rename nsPrefService to mozilla::Prefrences r=roc+bsmedberg
1027e54104dfb93e843cfe05686a522350bb556fHonza Bambas — Bug 658876 - nsHttpChannel.mAsyncOpenTime should be set after mLoadGroup->AddRequest, r=cbiesinger
0ad1aae1c55920569fd7f46c7d88c68d85ad9f74Rob Campbell — Bug 657136 followup: remove unused strings, r=gavin
661247ec9748f7f208fc3a484accb4e6ffe7d6d1Gavin Sharp — Bug 652542: "Ignore warning" link in the view-source window no longer works, r=neil
e213e8161a8960f9ee7c558a6fa65663287d122cGavin Sharp — Bug 645564: don't bother checking for override state when hostname is null, r=dolske
e5663e0e20b37c7a310950b66f30b52427ddbb2cGavin Sharp — Bug 658383: ensure that we avoid inheriting the owner principal when clicking the Go button, r=dao
b26980e3622a463d39e632c85b317aa93d9bb87aKai Engert — Bug 642148, finalize upgrade to NSS 3.12.10, missing piece is version numbers, no code changes, rs=me, DONTBUILD
d04cae0f5d22e6ce0569e0ba1ec5d8558af61615Jim Mathies — Bug 658785 - Don't doubly add the box frame offset when calculating exclude glass regions. r=roc
6346ef40d7ab3ff01f6179f3e53ed983d5226092Jim Mathies — Bug 656089 - Fix accessibility focus bug w/Windows magnifier. r=marco
362e3ce08eadf39b68f5f5d9f3d51b463fa54b62Olli Pettay — Bug 338583, implement EventSource
a3903f835a81f43b0c58fe8fbf1eb94f1ae3351ewfernandom2004 — Bug 338583, implement EventSource, r=smaug,Ms2ger
0f9347d4012161d63903d1f187c7d35828e90adeChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey.
2bbaa4d2f580d4d91369b2d2eab366ec248d2afbJeff Walden — Silence mega-spammy build warning on Windows. r=class-to-struct
2053eec43ed683e40268474c363b0ab1c00e8ef9Jeff Walden — Fix Windows bustage. r=hate-windows.h-macros
d1a9c34564993f88200c6385cf4744a94f0e0d21Jeff Walden — Fix --disable-tracejit bustage, make some headers #include some files they need, add a forward declaration to produce the same effect in another. r=¬t-redness
d52f353139fc61b454fd18ae243a87872457f707Jeff Walden — Bug 657665 - Add documentation comments to ArgumentsObject detailing its structure, and add ArgumentsObject::getElement{,s} to abstract attempting to speedily get the value of one or more elements. r=bhackett
57412df720cf576d0970271a25288abd018daef3Igor Bukanov — bug 658016 - followup to fix !JS_THREADSAFE builds.
0e2d15573f6c8c94f71f1c534a26983af6e26e1fIgor Bukanov — bug 658016 - properly synchronizing the free lists with arenas when dumping the heap. r=wmccloskey
dbe681ddbd5bd442f3685d078bcdcc1b01e9acfcIgor Bukanov — bug 658505 - removal of thread synchronization when setting a prototype. r=jorendorff
00ed83d09564e449a9fd55b89de841726de00d0eChris Leary — Bug 619561: GC telemetry hooks for TestPilot study. (r=billm)
7ae8b90c2bbfd838b6a100e432d24a550632efabChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey.
cfaf319decb8859eb273a3dcb3db3012949bf5f7Blake Kaplan — Fix merge mistake.
ac02d0b6aad121260f8acbd8f8d4ffe069d17152Bill McCloskey — Bug 658053 - Fix #ifdefs for disabling methodjit and tracejit (r=dmandelin)
72372ac8d881c4055c912c7753a6c0cac67bfcccBill McCloskey — Bug 658055 - Always use getter to access fun->script() (r=dmandelin)
10ba4918f08e0446bf21c30a0c4715c8d488375fBill McCloskey — Bug 653026 - Fix NoSuchMethod (r=Waldo)
4f0a8df4da364fd0a0be860e286843c2f5f75af4Blake Kaplan — Disable this test on Maemo for now.
d844c5cfbb43dc9df521ebb63f9641b7200d43cdBlake Kaplan — Attempting to fix bustage. r=bustage fix
3b1ffc6d282f2bedf00fd54e6613d36fd93034f6Blake Kaplan — Bug 643393 - Speed up nsJSContext::GetGlobalObject. r=peterv
80771239f43051eb37945b3c6121accdeca8b2c0Blake Kaplan — Fix bug 657267. r=bz
fc1369652e847a1b094479c852b127f5ef202b0eBill McCloskey — Bug 658137 - Add API for iterating over the entire GC heap. r=igor,nnethercote.
ca707cda5df0386877c8f0c40fb43325fd6955fbNicholas Nethercote — Bug 576175 - TM: rename js_Unbox{Double,Int32}. r=luke.
354f0ee56b8e22509df1f3bb9a5aa5341cd76f25David Mandelin — Bug 652054: tweak register allocation for 64-bit stores, r=njn
0621dbdec4c2dcb0002addcfd926cb537c9f84d8Igor Bukanov — bug 601234 - followup to restore tolerance of calling the allocator during the GC.
e67746e7febde6b4f0e404e81b4dc2dea371a0d5Igor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 869479a8d3c8 - patch for bug 656261 caused jsreftest failure on Windows in the browser.
869479a8d3c80b6c55ffa628cf058181b972f58eIgor Bukanov — bug 656261 - better GC arena layout. r=wmccloskey
e03a5e6e68daab002a4c021d70ae57a429a87efaJeff Walden — Bug 657713 - eval JSON parser hack misfires in strict mode, for objects with duplicate property names. r=njn
8af92dba248083b17c0c2c3621cbc2df789ac010Jeff Walden — Bug 657585 - Guard against runaway recursion converting |this| to string in all the String.prototype.* methods. r=luke
6408576c8e08977702ed406cd3583f30e0dcc613Jeff Walden — Bug 655921 - Check for Function being forbidden before creating the function private which would ordinarily be returned. Also create that function private with an explicitly specified parent, that being the Function function's global object. r=mrbkap
993f0935af4ca6629737f6f24f799a168fb54ee8Jeff Walden — Bug 656365 - Creating an arguments object shouldn't require a parent, only a callee. r=luke
ff8cadbdad81acce9c23cac8078be3e9983e4d9eJeff Walden — Use a checked pointer rather than a raw pointer in one place in the JSON parser. r=trivial
4833e6d0d43911e017f2f459dd85ee47e847d867Jeff Walden — Bug 657013 - Remove the old JSON parser. r=njn
c2315c604e7c3123c38ad7752a9f758382236864Jeff Walden — Bug 656059 - Add operator-> to mozilla::DebugOnly<T> so it can store pointers. r=cjones
515dbe5f7c222b4f0689d064ac5180feab1efe2dBill McCloskey — Remove call to dis() in tests
848855c35e27345bae5b9105d59ebc5c1eb529b2Bill McCloskey — Bug 634090 - Make jstests and jit-tests handle timeout better (r=dmandelin)
deccd0dc4a41baf80626c62eb7232a1326cdbe0eBill McCloskey — Bug 656555 - Handle JSOP_TRAP inside JSOP_LAMBDA (r=dmandelin)
0619ebfaed3d55d402c1fb091f0905251974f67cBill McCloskey — Bug 656381 - Handle JSOP_TRAP when looking up block chain (r=dmandelin)
5186a7fe721bbb53d8bd7c66bf5f74ea93af085cBill McCloskey — Bug 651563 - Comment new GC marking behavior (r=bhackett)
183f04be1d458bd5ed84260f4f2f554bc86c9207Bill McCloskey — Bug 640265 - Don't GC during OOM reporting (r=dmandelin)
1c4b22465a5d6e9c1eaa0291d60509e31b407333Bill McCloskey — Bug 657710 - Fix strict aliasing warning (r=luke)
8c697ffd18f8708e19448009791bbc3b3565a687Bob Clary — Bug 657608 - JavaScript tests - remove all Sisyphus and Antediluvian cruft, r=jorendorff
50a73415c4b6961a660d4c0741b4f9f9d5964da7Igor Bukanov — bug 657227 - followup to fix the regression test not to throw an exception.
90a5b6161f6d6c02e50c242aac542c859fb6238bIgor Bukanov — bug 657227 - IsCacheableProtoChain must check for a null proto. r=dvander
49b491d2bcc80a0292cc47058e55e49e6167dc27Blake Kaplan — Fix compilation warning on Linux.
8376b783d165a01f352de1db16ef57b4b160f6ecPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 655641 - Expose RegExp flags and source in JS API. r=gal
adceec18aea0e2c11d14a1f9f82337235b383d30Philipp von Weitershausen — Tests for Bug 650931 (JS_ObjectIsRegExp). r=gal
4b5ba020745e94e1098024008582faf69e01723fPaul O'Shannessy — Bug 650931 - No API to determine if a JSObject is a RegExp. r=gal
9ab69f56860f68f25d6d62996b43cf6e8cfad474Nicholas Nethercote — merge
b280aa47a757007420c7fd141d00a8ca14f3b442Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
eae7ad67ec58a46e3b20a63ea32e8ae9bacabf24Ed Morley — Bug 648862 - nanojit: Remove WINCE code. r=edwsmith,Jacob.Bramley.
c74d3b574b6a4a93ccfaf64f91eb3a4e7a34ff85Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 633653 - revamp about:memory (NJ-specific part). The original patch was landed on mozilla-central. But because NJ-to-TM merges clobber any NJ changes made in TM, I need to land the NJ-specific directly onto nanojit-central. r=edwsmith.
f168405f5b4049b1f57460354bfb1e5dec3ba541Rick Reitmaier — build broken on windows along with lirasm breakage
7328ad354d9a18712b5e17faecf8002c06fa3dccRick Reitmaier — Bug 602264 - Self-tests to validate the page permission settings employed by the JIT. (r+nnethercote,edwsmith)
ab32afc59a89d9e15af6a1580952d5186c888f31Rick Reitmaier — Bug 640318 - LIR control-flow graph gml output (r+nnethercote,wmaddox)
5f595799ab2801ec89b941cf73dcea6f2fa5316bDavid Mandelin — Fix MSVC warning.
28a1e03302e6b13f8cf9b235dc9c2aad083a0381Chris Leary — Bug 654301: Better interned string API, take 2. (r=Waldo)
8f29678aa3ace8c1f978f47599a2d3b39750d2fcPaul Biggar — Backout merge (bug 600522, e0288c977846)
365061f013dd8e43e94b046fe338fd7053875d13Paul Biggar — Backed out changeset e0288c977846 (bug 600522) due to windows oranges.
57ef10a3d925e3d8b7321f2720a467ee39d8c9d5Blake Kaplan — Bug 654370 - Initialize bp to false to avoid reading random memory. r=gal
ece0feb51587e8a6644d1d1a9240663f3e2befc2timeless — Bug 538143 [@ XPCJSStackFrame::CreateStack] should not use recursion. r=mrbkap
2453a6adb50085c86ed085fab3d96d5e76576e0fBlake Kaplan — Bug 656460 - Skip dummy frames when getting function.caller. r=luke
ab172b4ca00d973e842ed5d2cf4d174f55f7811cBlake Kaplan — Bug 650273 - Force a frame here. r=luke
e6c5fbc0b542b8ee11b1a1259d137b46f410a9ccJan de Mooij — Bug 652321 - Enable fast path for jsop_mod on 64-bit. r=dvander
e0288c977846001e84b7db001e623cdeff5cb645Dirkjan Ochtman — Bug 600522 - Force TZ to US/Pacific for jit tests [r=pbiggar]
2a76ee0cc5bc6baf9a53314912844e7314937952Paul Biggar — Bug 657384: Change new_ parameters to pass-by-copy, not pass-by-const-reference. (r=luke)
0cf1acdb20b18120b939dd421e2c2fd8ef91f313Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 657164 - disable the assertion because it's failing in xpcshell tests; bug 654820 will re-enable it. rs=philor.
c56c1dc32a542f515678dbd059c3696f2673d359Chris Leary — Back out bug 654301 to run again on try.
6d615d5101bbdb1b25d8766f80030e91a084a4fdChris Leary — Followup fix for broken changeset 7fe5fb2450f4.
cc65c061a9b50670444d36b2595e0c1ec8e8477bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 657164 - fix '=' vs '==' confusion in an assertion. r=bhackett.
7fe5fb2450f46b934386a6ce6f79127bd55788f3Chris Leary — Bug 654301: Better interned string API. (r=Waldo)
f687d013f0c69281de55553de829a34e556bb89aDavid Mandelin — Fix MSVC warning
b47fcf4c93df62ca58e82904a57e2f23f363ef6fChris Leary — Disable tests on TM per bug 652459 comment 30. (CLOSED TREE)
11d04991cdd03376276ce319769a03079de35825Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 649867 - Remove the heap-used/storage/lookaside-used memory reporter. r=sdwilsh.
eb1e4d0e8f5ce5c00bd5b9305378e7624d64edd4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 656545 - Make about:memory tool-tips more discoverable. r=sdwilsh.
a6b3a22fbca7fdbeae5a6bdc8833d6bcf46e9dc2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 657327 - about:memory: merge the "mapped" and "heap used" trees, and make the resulting tree flatter. r=sdwilsh,Jesse, sr=roc.
344bddedf5b3b6f60bd69c0bae47d97523181c9fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 656520 - Make sure the gc-heap memory reporter is in the right place. r=gwagner.
6c3b228838e5c67972fb350e5f877aff91bfb308Justin Dolske — Bug 545070 - plugin-problem UI shouldn't say "click here". r=gavin
5373d5d7e0f1f5512208b1b4285db817dca6d978Matt Woodrow — Backed out changeset f9a070327df8. r=orange
f9a070327df82649462232cfebcaf35203c20167Matt Woodrow — Bug 594876 - Turn on OpenGL layer by default for linux. r=joe
4b0b0441b94950f01099d250e0b561cadec76924Matt Woodrow — Bug 606855 - Re-enable checking of GLX extensions. r=bjacob
a884b23f7d160fd21ea3ee7ef357b441b1c9f341Karl Tomlinson — normal line height test b=657864
7ca8b0d24bd959b0f8f964ffbdd6a02e9c003520Karl Tomlinson — b=657041 initialize with NS_MATHML_STRETCH_ALL_CHILDREN_VERTICALLY for when InheritAutomaticData does not get called r=fred
f5dbf215f9eaece3045f429040d689724d76e13bDão Gottwald — Bug 658852 - When a page is loading, the status panel should appear immediately rather than being faded in (affects page load time). r=gavin
8834e11cf6bf42efef90bf58a812f65977830e8dMichael Wu — Bug 658093 - BuildFileList can potentially try to read a signature beyond the end of the zip file, r=taras
e736fc81288451e1c05685034155df7d2ee14588Joel Maher — Bug 616999 - switch to a manifest format for xpcshell instead of walking directories. r=jhammel, a=test-only
4e785d3b32eacd5159aafa727f7f031f503efe0aMike Hommey — Add missing file after backout aa83abd4fd01
aa83abd4fd01b14db75b39af2451ea70396a03e7Mike Hommey — Backout bug 552864, bug 632404 and bug 657297 because of leak test bustage
b6202b4a98f19b836c0adfa1f3b2b5e1137b6fa6Ludovic Hirlimann — Bug 328090 - remove -fpascal-strings from mac build options. r=ted
55fe9321aec14ec04a3d3b3755b94b30238bcfeaKenneth Barbalace — Bug 658729 - Override tab max-width set by extensions and themes using !important. r=dao
6a76f02f19e132219975d3c4d657feb23e206a88Ms2ger — Bug 657210 - Outparamdel nsEditor::GetPresShell; r=ehsan
5c7b86a4c7f7d9568c0358fa245b347aee09a7d8Markus Stange — Bug 658500 - Don't treat windows with window level kCGFloatingWindowLevel as transparent to mouse events. r=josh
876b007c53eebb8512caa7fac021f6bd9f456ec5Benjamin Peterson — Bug 658314 - UserToDevice uses the transform matrix. r=roc
65bae86de3be77ff855c97d1ac236f475e11268aDaniel.S — Bug 477462 - margin-collapsing test suite, wave 4: dynamic horizontal, block, table, caption sibling margins. r=dbaron
e65b514ef374590c7b3222e83cb4c6f0ef399dc2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 658405 - Use NS_ARRAY_LENGTH macro. r=karlt
107bbdaf84c072fd3a37b8ca1daac8100e52e301Simon Montagu — Cache in-flow content length. Bug 566066, r=roc
52f72d71dc59210b22c1f782a74dc19ae478baa6Randell Jesup — Bug 655084 - Remove nsWeakFrame's from editor scripts and the nsTextInputListener to improve perf on pages with lots of text widgets. r=ehsan
35f142a55f503ad28c9b3cbcca862c21a9da29edMike Hommey — Bug 657297 part 2 - Add telemetry samples for initial I/O counters. r=tglek
df31a6f3e47030a1953df4f6c925b21080297e1eMike Hommey — Bug 657297 part 1 - Expose a function to add telemetry samples in XRE. r=tglek,sr=bsmedberg
5488eda7538f7e8c337a84d4bfed616e2b239a09Mike Hommey — Bug 632404 - Preload dependent libraries at startup. r=tglek,r=bsmedberg
ad137668a5583ee4d09284b15e300f520c3e8ec5Mike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 2 - Load the XUL library with the standalone glue and get rid of the startup shell script. r=tglek,r=ted
148fab7bda95afe06a57b80c4104e7b1b8350281Mike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 1.5 - Move XRE_GetBinaryPath code in a dedicated class. r=tglek
360237ec30a597358ebeac442a5400f1f470355eMike Hommey — Bug 552864 part 1 - Move DLL blocklist in XRE, and inline NS_SetDllDirectory and environment sanitization, which now needs to be called manually. r=ehsan,r=bsmedberg
8baef6ade34ecf8b69589ab690b14d214ff91da9Mike Hommey — Bug 658273 - Move sqlite before nss in dependentlibs.list. r=bsmedberg
d4746fb15403b5ed661e862940b742c525de1aafMasayuki Nakano — Bug 657634 Don't use high resolution scrolling when scrolling speed is customized by prefs r=smaug
9c8537aa965a8e7cc1e7c0ff4519627e6eb72c42Patrick McManus — websockets - disable deflate-stream while an orange is sorted out r=biesi
1a2f85fcf598098d15645d6204994b9575a1377cPatrick McManus — bugzilla 640003 websockets ietf-07 r=smaug r=biesi sr=bz
edfde66134a66c36412aafea42df8537ed3316d8Patrick McManus — bug 640003 - websockets, fixup tests for new server r=smaug r=biesi
40b8f77317133ce5da7a4386729a00a037f25785Patrick McManus — bug 640003 websockets - update incorporated pywebsockets to support -07 r=biesi
76f08a32c04699e418a40c8babe98a467acdb6bcDaniel Holbert — Bug 308590 patch 7: Reftest for SVG data URI including hash-reference to internal pattern. r=bz
dbce2f14576e97ecb26ba580f37469e235983dbaDaniel Holbert — Bug 308590 patch 6: Fix nsDataHandler::NewURI to accept relative URI specifications like "#myRef". r=bz
655514007ebd6e233af5800cd5c100d39fd07fd6Daniel Holbert — Bug 308590 patch 5: Clean up QIs to nsIURL that are really checks for "Does this support GetRef/SetRef", now that nsIURI supports GetRef/SetRef too. r=bz
a006860c018dbce03376d95c83f4cc85c6fb2162Daniel Holbert — Bug 308590 patch 4: Add impl for .ref on nsSimpleURI. r=bz
835e9789e934e5b9c1cda65ab10547dd5bcc52a4Daniel Holbert — Bug 308590 patch 3.5: Add nsIURI::CloneIgnoringRef interface & impls. r=bz sr=biesi
add8d8d67ba80f21adcc4971be3a26dfbb86c16bDaniel Holbert — Bug 308590 patch 3: Add nsIURI::EqualsExceptRef interface & impls. r=bz sr=biesi
e9c7616c4f722cebd8d2985bb59d35bc419a1d9fDaniel Holbert — Bug 308590 patch 2: Move GetRef/SetRef from nsIURL to nsIURI. r=bz sr=biesi
ee42941252f6f83ba8e5bfe05341cf7edbd8a949Daniel Holbert — Bug 308590 patch 1: Revamp test_URIs.js, including some tests for .ref (which will be supported on URIs after the rest of this bug's patches). r=bz
f6fb5d419d796d015b9a697e354bccb92ab28891Daniel Holbert — Bug 654797: Remove no-longer-relevant comment about ("classic") MacOS in documentation for nsIURI::Clone. r=bz
53e257cdf4d304a464c534cda179efefcf4f4010Dave Camp — Merge m-c to devtools
ccc461a5e51e16aaf9eddd8dcbcded6e1be0bdaeRob Campbell — Bug 658344 - Create some useful introductory text for the Scratchpad; r=mihai.sucan,sdwilsh
ca4df27501e4c37cd28bd31b4c378763e5d17d35Rob Campbell — Bug 653108 - Scratchpad is tied to the tab it was first run in; r=mihai.sucan,sdwilsh
2a10e886f3d7a4f43511ba88179bd440cf65b078Rob Campbell — Bug 657131 - Create a new Execute menu for Scratchpad; r=mihai.sucan,sdwilsh
ac4c8689e717739894b00f188fe72fdf56c524f0Rob Campbell — Bug 657136 - Rename top-level Context menu to something less confusing in Scratchpad; r=mihai.sucan
b00797b2e0b9913adf87d2d45a7a88d7e10143a3Panos Astithas — Bug 644419 - Console should have user-settable log limits for each message category; f=rcampbell r=rcampbell,
694bda5443fc880d92ead81c4225342fc197d903Rob Campbell — Bug 653528 - Strip out Style and DOM panels and support code from
6b0c16915edd02d09f0e5f5d5040a797fb736d3fRob Campbell — Bug 653528 - Strip out Style and DOM panels and support code from Inspector;
28bb68eee2fd654a9d66a809366a0d2757763f9eMihai Sucan — Bug 585991 - Show a popup listing possible completions; r=rcampbell,dtownsend sr=neil
38c72ce2dae4b6909459f8e14080acb7e7dbbb31Mihai Sucan — Bug 585991 - Show a popup listing possible completions; r=rcampbell,dtownsend sr=neil
d86add1abd3411372d5d6d0856b3396ba66b5bc0Mihai Sucan — Bug 642615 - If I paste over an auto-suggestion in web console, the suggested text remains; f=rcampbell r=rcampbell,dtownsend
27bd5bdf1445ac3386936df75eaa9e1aba1d39b0Mihai Sucan — Bug 577721 - allow repositioning of the web console: above, below and out into a panel/window; r=rcampbell,sdwilsh
db503fb7fc640a1ae4663a41498582483505fbfaRob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
8e5852644b7096bcdaf2aafe2e2f6f8d2cfb62dbPanos Astithas — Bug 646025 - Add file location to console.log, info, debug, etc.; f=mihai.sucan
b370698fb55c133b989b743a65174a5062fbd197Daniel Holbert — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
7b0c4c9fe63711cb49ac9e7e0184d41e7d56ef49Margaret Leibovic — Bug 658555 - Make deleteFromSitesList select the "All Sites" entry rather than hiding stuff manually. r=gavin
7dcb9b3fa354e2e32a809f1803e7249e300d8f51timeless — Bug 619769 FrameState::init leaks cursor when reifier.init() fails. r=jorendorff
f68807492b2b348f5c7945104c26a2bdbeb4b8cdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 654399. Try to make sure we always hand out the same exact string buffer each time location.hash is gotten. r=roc
bd9646fd621c6450317a578d85d58ff5132884ffBoris Zbarsky — Bug 611922. When reparenting style contexts, use the visitedness of our new parent unless we're the style context for a link. In that situation, assume that our visitedness did not change. r=dbaron
a29229640bf808cc8b983b5802804efcd7864609Jonas Sicking — Add a test for bug 644069. r=bzbarsky
17b04197ed58fc0ff4c4db67491ad8c97a06d971Christian Biesinger — Bug 576006 - Implement timing interface for channels
6672e37207b89055a16a78671408f346bfebe2e2Kyle Huey — Bug 648997: Implement BlobBuilder spec as MozBlobBuilder. r=sicking.
c560ce1705348c3a66881e153c0decb94f5562d0Doug Turner — Bug 653201: Remove expose image / maemo specific npapi support. r=blassey r=josh
d3d024159f8b5a60f5a7e9375476904ee8e82ad3Josh Aas — Bug 657952: Minimize methods in nsIPluginHost. r=jst
9132f5e5edf37f20d69a2b3ca2a0f09b338f592dAlexander Surkov — Bug 658737 - Untrusted Connection page document doesn't clear busy state after loading, r=tbsaunde
c30f7926511b54f10526d5e6afd68bdca82b98a1Trevor Saunders — Bug 653584 - Crash in nsLinkableAccessible::NativeState(), r=surkov
5ebbe0f78c7424e74400d4ed2e393fce22d2d0d9Fernando Herrera — Bug 654999 - Wrong end ofset logic in nsHyperTextAccessible::GetTextHelper for text before getting, r=surkov
d02f592810cdd87526282563272b17e4a64e52b4Alexander Surkov — Bug 657296 - Crash [@ nsAccessibilityService::GetAccessible], r=ginn.chen
21c304c5f351b4e14bf4ef9c2a8058041e1c6742Jonas Sicking — Back out another suspect just in case. CLOSED TREE. a=orange
0569f7995cd07375664c68de46dc403c861f3765Kyle Huey — Back it all out on this CLOSED TREE. a=mfbt
bb06b96d24fa7f789cd0502b6c7ebd684b2fa2a4Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset b8404a1d3153
26220f30334780adcc5c424d3d3a809629269140Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset bf0b91206fb3
bf0b91206fb33dc95e4ececb45282cbbebd3d4aeJonas Sicking — Fix orange from botched merge
288da704b0bc9e720788ca060224e4fd09d0ec71Benoit Jacob — Bug 658359 - Register .frag and .vert extensions as text/plain to prevent crashing due to buggy plugins in WebGL mochitest - r=ehsan
d22050685463af9859e639197d55bcf1765c2808Benoit Jacob — Bug 657556 - crash in WebGL uniform setters when no program is bound - r=cdiehl
693555498d573ecc9c80d151fd196c1fee2d4ce2Benoit Jacob — Bug 656215 - null out failed canvas contexts - r=roc
e0395d46d14df661f533b81110d82f3f2c0407f5Benoit Jacob — Bug 656215 - check max size for textures and renderbuffers - r=joedrew
f5a4b8d232fa58b5d80f55760961ad5b3ff9dc59Benoit Jacob — Bug 636942 - remove _LENGTH constants - r=jrmuizel
349c33c682a01c3ffe7e3476663b5b6eb6f88a36Benoit Jacob — Bug 636942 - stencil separate param validation must now occur on draw calls - r=jrmuizel
e7768409bc6ad161ea3ff1547741a1dee2137cf9Benoit Jacob — Bug 636913 - fix buffer-preserve-test.html so it works in the mochitest - r=joedrew
f13953f3c671bfe22438f678aee13fd5a13bfed3Benoit Jacob — Bug 636913 - implement the WebGL backbuffer clear semantics - r=joedrew
4769b42aa4cd0dfe8f78e4f9c717f40579ac3497Benoit Jacob — Bug 636913 - implement ForceClearFramebufferWithDefaultValues from the existing renderbuffer init code - r=joedrew
72d503e4c89ef55140f0419aef88dbcaf802456bBenoit Jacob — Bug 636913 - state tracking needed for WebGL clear semantics - r=joedrew
d82cec64c7d0d7c1db0732422bb8a14eb9d82a07Benoit Jacob — Bug 636913 - fix context options - r=joedrew
0ecc706a8b1204c8e91ec1c2e246ea7b3afe4f29Benoit Jacob — Bug 630672 - fixes for WebGL OES_texture_float extension - r=joedrew
032e308c10a25bb5b07f42e229b7f5c156185e6bVladimir Vukicevic — Bug 630672 - implement WebGL OES_texture_float extension - r=bjacob
9ca849387799435d4bdabe13e6d0e8dc3d7b5fe2Benoit Jacob — Bug 657201 - we must really avoid glValidateProgram() on Mac - r=cdiehl
d8166eaa4eb9555cf31dc863162173b864beb5cbBenoit Jacob — Bug 657190 - the WebGL mochitest is downloading images from internet - r=philor
b8404a1d3153b6e14de538df47f1c4211eac4553Kyle Huey — Bug 648997: Implement BlobBuilder spec as mozBlobBuilder. r=sicking.
957f15b6e6bfee9e4bdf76bfda96d65dbaf6d50eShawn Gong — Bug 632255 - Implemented readAsArrayBuffer() for FileReader. r=bent,sicking
98d45ba64574498afcced6b7aae8b7816237c81bWilliam Chen — Bug 560112 - Implement HTML5 dataset attribute. r=sicking,mrbkap
2117e6f2615595200e82af70e35105cd3bb8f5adDave Townsend — Bustage fix for bug 595848, add the xpcshell test to the new manifest
202c87382b20aab6b3a1fb5a808f28b2f1d2e0f3Jonathan Watt — Bug 657862 - Relative SVG arc path segments are broken. r=longsonr.
1f0cac68a2cc335ed48fcff806b87ce28da03a4bJono S Xia — Bug 611695: Updating the extension fires the welcome page. r=dtownsend
08aa930c336767d81993921ac438b072e4cf9c63Giorgio Maone — Bug 644856: Make sure any child processes clear the jar cache when uninstalling extensions. r=dtownsend
058f05dd5d02fbfd24feb2126ce77f5910f1ef1cHernán Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 658275: browser_globalinformations.js should not require the network. r=dtownsend
7d17e8e3c617d9cd21c65533b1e2b931a28ef11eDave Townsend — Bug 595848: Dynamically generate the list of categories. r=Unfocused
c9999bd821ca0bab1d246008a8f0069a731e4499Brad Lassey — bug 624163 - IME input does not work in rich editors with e10s r=dougt
d12ac3cb86bd11311a26caf4910de930c8ac0b50Brad Lassey — bug 632874 - make it clear that first-run startup time isn't normal r=dougt
38aaa0624674381404ec00d1172052afff6bc4c0Taras Glek — bug 627591: backout preload in preparation for better one.
a5165f98aefba9c367f13037a67dde305ea2a4d0Taras Glek — bug 627591: backout preload in preparation for better one.
1b0de5824042c851ee475063ca4511cfe55645afGervase Markham — Merge.
df63245a7dc55833b53b123e12a1de90bfbc530eGervase Markham — Remove broken .pk IDN items in PSL. a=orange.
9259bf6c8a94a35e3d003e2300db8887298ff09fMatt Woodrow — Bug 656947 - NULL check the current canvas context when attempting to increment the malloc count. r=bz
4f5014edbd4249e730aad9c10c27801f86042a5eHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 618188 followup - Do not remove observer twice. r=zpao
1f693cd5a613e72caa14c407c210c7d8107bf432Alon Zakai — Bug 617115 - Do not send crash reports in Android without crash reporter. r=blassey
2bdc3b1303321560bd4d965cefe122e79eb37f54Alastair Robertson Bug 606681 - deleteTabValue should not throw an exception [r=zpao]
1fa4003497bb932fe97304676f01314305ed43e6Matt Brubeck — Bug 657501 - Unofficial branding for Fennec [r=blassey,mfinkle]
0cfa66a223aba192633a4a1600787c059ba0e77cMatt Brubeck — Bug 658259 - Incorrect function tested in browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser/browser_345898.js [r=zpao]
5994b43910f1dfa892e96b747fd770b9c2b6a64bGervase Markham — Merge.
a2affb2e653f6697c332baf1db155be4c7494eb8Gervase Markham — Bug 632595 - update PSL for .eg and .uk. r=pkasting.
a155a69db6d9fb39ae1af3822a812dba9608eaeaGervase Markham — Bug 638195 - update PSL for .br. r=pkasting.
807a9d44891a5c157105332245c11188d1f85a83Gervase Markham — Bug 638749 - update PSL for .do. r=pkasting.
e961f83ce28c176fde4d829bf7539208b79d5ad1Gervase Markham — Bug 658084 - add many new IDN TLDs to PSL. Patch by Jothan Frakes <>; r=gerv.
d27e43a8ee275a36d7623badcceb09c5725f84bfOleg Romashin — Bug 658390 - Add support for Maemo6 Harmattan desktop environment r=mfinkle
a54c85271bd43a4354aa612c1eb82ddcf7fadab5Joel Maher — Bug 658524 - annotate remaining jsreftest manifests for android. r=bear, a=test-only
84114a3f3c8bdf3ac7d6247997fe04a85df72e93Joel Maher — Bug 616999. Xpcshell manifest support; manifest files. r=ted, a=test-only
9e2f8321f4800c3ff03f26bda29930afba94975aJoel Maher — Bug 616999. Xpcshell manifest support; for missing tests. r=ted, a=test-only
40195c0187d3069b848b012065476ab8868e6d0cJoel Maher — Bug 616999. Xpcshell manifest support; harness changes. r=ted, a=test-only
a365ca6c2379320357bf8ffa54006a916d02ed7dJoel Maher — Bug 618977 - Specifying an invalid test-path no longer complains about no tests to run, instead just does nothing. r=gavin, a=test-only
f3b87db5dc4eed8c57d34e5b523c673f2644c607Vivien Nicolas — backout bug 647560 - Pages on Fennec desktop does not not draw anymore
93db303e4d0a398dcac8d01e43b1ee4b569514a1Mounir Lamouri — Merge backout
43986ef8f59415430d068e56012533c0041d62cdMounir Lamouri — Backout bug 632595, bug 638195, bug 638749 and bug 658084 due to oranges on xpcshell.
7a74ad0b746e2ded0684879a3883296074b3c2d8Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
7bffd92f482518a891a76ad4e3a05032960add8bDaniel Holbert — Bug 658494: Fix out-of-order init list in nsAccTreeWalker constructor. r=marcoz
75fc2600eea8c927b308f6085f60d3030c003370Tim Taubert — Bug 595601 - Option to not load tabs from inactive groups on initial browser startup (and until such time as the tab(s) become part of an active group); r=zpao
1d5ffdf05dab05ee9ad3edc92878b8bd45d4c378Daniel Holbert — Bug 657554: Remove call to undefined method "endTest" from test_bug519928.html. r=ehsan
c4393d83e34d1a2f54ee6233f025f68cde44f0fdDaniel Holbert — Bug 656829: Treat unexpected pass in xpcshell subtests as immediate-failure instead of immediate-pass. r=ted
fca12da605c487f12b8eda43d85ccf06b0d9cfbdMounir Lamouri — Bug 658282 (2/2) - Notify state change when a radio button checkness changes. r=bz
b63ff702f39dd2ac667013ea36c7cda884eeb6b1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 658282 (1/2) - Improve css-invalid/input/ test suite. r=bz
951de6cc1fdb4424cbff75cb30974c2fc5fdbea0Benjamin Peterson — Bug 649618: toDataURL on a zero canvas should return "data:," r=joe
feee7414083834b46ffb76f944f8c1b7dd5c85a4Ludovic Hirlimann — bug 658218 Remove the use of Internet config API in Safari migrator r=joshmoz
55062716b8c5b55f9b2214286e6b47ffa030ccf1Tim Taubert — Bug 636279 - _tabsRestoringCount goes negative if setBrowserState called at browser startup and last session had pinned tab(s); r=zpao
24438e77a538253b2a69d274c987a13e2d86020bTim Taubert — Bug 650573 - Panorama hangs when restoring a session; f=raymond, r=sdwilsh
abbf75ba7b598460275ef57124f3062d5eb0af78Ian Moody — Bug 657143 - Add Test and catch a few missed properties. r=bz
b59363737df0b02dbde4cf7daa902a60bb8f755aGervase Markham — Bug 658084 - add many new TLDs to PSL. patch by Jothan Frakes <>, r=gerv.
994051b44df7368b59bc9b4ec10a0356b19d7a73Gervase Markham — Bug 638749 - update PSL for .do. r=pkasting.
8d6ea93b9b4da2963c5cf7f96e6875db97d6e424Gervase Markham — Bug 638195 - update PSL for .br. r=pkasting.
5b7a081209bd46d49be337bdd1374f4a45dc3d27Gervase Markham — Bug 632595 - update public suffix list for changes in .eg and .uk. r=pkasting.
37a72147ff8a66ee0f8998e84b20092185659803Justin Lebar — Bug 655270 - push/replaceState should update the favicon. r=mak, sr=gavin
861e5b2e89546417ca7ad10eb5d5fd7625daff56Justin Lebar — Bug 658391 - Move nsStructuredCloneContainer's definition out of nsDocShellModule and into nsLayoutModule. r=khuey
e8d3246d2f2f64f123bc71a3b1a72e9fad834745Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636792 - Coalesce keyboard pan with zoom to element pan [r=mfinkle]
c43e76fa8647913eb32dee89df8a966606806c7cVivien Nicolas — Bug 657337 - Form input selection arrows are partially off screen after switching orientation [r=mfinkle]
313e897eb38d79d2441cb063378e9492d833c631Vivien Nicolas — Bug 636339 - Disabled arrows for form assistant on Android [r=mfinkle]
4eeafccee1f920f7b4df95141c71105558b0ba08Vivien Nicolas — Bug 641836 - [Regression] The search input should get the focus after loading about:config [r=mfinkle]
e945acd6e58f023a1a0612ae52d92889acc213a2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 634386 - [RTL] Arabic pages don't render correctly [r=stechz]
d9080dd8b3f2bd8df620f5f12d9df7f23045bb4aVivien Nicolas — Bug 657614 - No form helper zoom on tap of field input [r=mfinkle]
c36e2218c101f62bc97d7d999ea50a0179778bc9Vivien Nicolas — Bug 654136 - Bixi site causing browser content interactivity issues in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
f2cac6e5a44488327c36344ca02b9b45a4939807John Daggett — Bug 652754. Eliminate unnecessary font data enumerations at startup. r=jkew
0bbb1318a394c87abf9884a166f4409ac77c92f7Craig Topper — Bug 658143 - Part 3: Remove nsFrameSelection QI and createInstance support. r=roc
d4dc048d429f94e60937ff773faa26bcd022f807Craig Topper — Bug 658143 - Part 2: Don't use createInstance for nsFrameSelection. r=roc
af460fe4ec780823677add8cce3a8dfc0448d9ceCraig Topper — Bug 658143 - Part 1: Changes nsCOMPtr<nsFrameSelection> to nsRefPtr. r=roc
48588658ad9a0a28da92aa061a4025a97aba40dcDão Gottwald — Bug 631954 - Right-clicking on back button menu item opens additional back button menu. r=gavin
03a2ba248791573746bd37706df5e37420bf6995John Daggett — Backout 2e0e36b0feae due to odd Linux bustage
2e0e36b0feae39c793bf42f12dc694a79d82a61bJohn Daggett — Bug 652754. Eliminate unnecessary font data enumerations at startup. r=jkew
fc0c5b6e2df3bde01c3406edefd6c71e7b0634d4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 652486 Computed value of text-decoration should be empty when its style or color is not initial value r=dbaron
03dc9705a55187fd27cbb194ef46af9e5fdd8308Alexander Surkov — Bug 653607 - IAccessible::accChild fails on ARIA documents, r=davidb
8c4813583040aaecb817dd8e5cc2243a5ca87b64Taras Glek — Bug 657709: Cleanup histogram API r=mrbkap
9197b91fd9f4eb36f2df6f3a534115a9b69ffeedPatrick McManus — bugzilla 640213 Implement RFC 2616 "Upgrade" (Section 14.42) r=biesi sr=bz
75fc3e9b1a6ee4ce60e8b8164c9843bb6e6afe81Margaret Leibovic — tests for Bug 573176 - Implement Site-Specific Privacy Preferences, r=sdwilsh
1a9a234a6fc7295c5206666f0a22ca18e98a1ddaMargaret Leibovic — Bug 573176 - Implement Site-Specific Privacy Preferences, r=sdwilsh+gavin
aad0fbc6ae777080cb6d928056f601fdb85ec710Justin Lebar — Bug 655273 - SHEntries created by history.pushState should have their titles set. r=sicking
99436764a9261c60e758f28be50408b85a26b83aJustin Lebar — Bug 609401 - Stop spamming "Section [Build] not found" to the terminal. r=ted
f1d79c22fd712766d2e030f4677b546e1d286741Patrick McManus — Bug 654201 - avoid nsHttpConnection::IsAlive() running event loop for unused SSL connections r=honzab sr=biesi
f594c196fac77e757c370ec978057a79a72e4502Dave Townsend — Bug 648599: When an add-on changes from being softblocked to unblocked it should become enabled. r=robstrong
2a0f98717c90e9eca689e11d7df0297563270dbdDave Townsend — Bug 657154: browser_bug553455.js checks the wrong preference. r=gavin
462c726144bc1fb45b61e774f64ac5d61b4e047cRobert Strong — Bug 658094 - Partial updates for 5.0b1 on Mac fail. r=nrthomas UPDATE_PACKAGING_R14 UPDATE_PACKAGING_R15 UPDATE_PACKAGING_R16
13d78477bc73b1512a55b0d5f27e7c480dca53e0Mounir Lamouri — Merge backout
fa7703c19a6b6f450d82190795478d9d3e2207c9Mounir Lamouri — Backout bug 654926 because of perma orange on Win Opt xpcshell.
6f5cb026f6d8103ea23fcf1d12332dbe9e440677Wes Johnston — Bug 567121 - Clear autocomplete after history writer is done. r=mfinkle
d691bdf1ff43d668071043aa6d8c7370607242c7Olli Pettay — Bug 657997 - loadFrameScript should never use http and should use a script runner when needed, r=bz+mfinkle
4c2d31acc0203e40444603b1ea93e5885a2127caJeff Muizelaar — Bug 658249. Update pixman to 0f6a4d45886d64b244d57403609f0377b58cc7fb.
da3354021410b2dd04c371d5c4221f6db1528378Olli Pettay — Bug 656386 - nsUIEvent should generate nsDOMUIEvent, r=sicking
ed5162a1a8f2e92a4c2affc0214815a78fad2668Ben Hearsum — Create UPDATE_PACKAGING_R14 tag to satisfy release automation. DONTBUILD
3cd7b0b686ff07375d7fb7e257e18cd496f1cacfMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
7642608ac4a5a322a30a3d0149209e4f2eed3b32Florian Hänel — Bug 628566 - Implement basic tiling of ImageLayerOGL. r=joe
970f93ab763f77846ad84bdbe7356b84c05f0162Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 658082 - Fix the user data type of the callback of gtk's signals; r=karlt
41f93610ff0c73f06476ca1bf9c43efdbd70344eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 421865 - Handle zero dimensions correctly in canvas GetWidthHeight(). r=joe sr=roc
b63a7d9c17353ec0c8afeffaa8b7b4119465c36cBjarne — Tests for bug 654926. r=michal
33e975a5d15029518a1c722b31190d5f541a93caBjarne — Bug 654926 - Hang in nsDiskCacheStreamIO::CloseOutputStream while downloading WebM video from YouTube. r=michal
03ab6c7388da45737242e9e0334583e0cc2f970dWalter Meinl — Bug 657868 - Fix OS/2 build after nsIPluginInstance removal. r=joshmoz
099889dac1e996cc801a5d5d0f170f81c2620db1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 649133 followup. Remove the 'moz' prefix on response/responseType, since Chrome has already shipped these unprefixed. r=sicking
5f9f7a49e2e1876c21642b911adc22b1a63e21b4Benjamin Peterson — Bug 656183: remove duplicate call to SetCanvasElement. r=joe
49eaed73c95dc749f93472783397e4cecf836988Craig Topper — Bug 657548 - Part 2: Remove more unused CIDs. r=jst
e6c321d64c85d43d1022afdb14b3eb18e13579ebCraig Topper — Bug 657548 part 1. Remove some duplicate and unused CIDs from nsContentCID.h and nsLayoutCID.h. r=jst
d9d8cade34332662dfb5c6ec5fa0bc6062575f14Zack Weinberg — Bug 541496 part 6: remove no-longer-used stream-processing code from css::Loader and nsCSSParser. r=bzbarsky
303c10f7ae5c2830f191726aeeec66175e3cbb18Zack Weinberg — Bug 541496 part 5: use the string-taking API for sync sheet loads. r=bzbarsky
ca4404b5a114865ddb69884ca615329ef0150a00Zack Weinberg — Bug 541496 part 4: rewrite ns(I)UnicharStreamLoader to produce a string rather than a stream; use string-taking parser API for async style loads. r=bzbarsky
6380116c6eb7dcc903e8293d4cf48f9b7dd3d8a9Zack Weinberg — Bug 541496 part 3: use the new string-taking API in LoadInlineStyle. r=bzbarsky
d4fa788766a194e2e68e325a7fda9df6816bd618Zack Weinberg — Bug 541496 part 2: use the new string-taking API in nsHTMLParanoidFragmentSink. En passant prune some unnecessary inclusions of ns(I)UnicharInputStream.h. r=bzbarsky
daeafb8f2b6ed110b0e41c84dd3976df470b6e59Zack Weinberg — Bug 541496 part 1: add an overload of nsCSSParser::Parse() that takes a string rather than a stream; rename both methods ParseSheet(); change calling convention of the older overload for the templated implementation's sake. r=bzbarsky
36bca8bcdb191ebf35e1f5529beba509e5fd1493Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Remove unused MayHaveOverlappingOrTransparentLayers. r=tnikkel
5978755e9a6f8eecee894954010c18b623b38672Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Cache temporary backbuffer surfaces. r=karlt
3a0159680d707fe31309623aeef77ad0caaa7c96Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Create ApplyDoubleBuffering to recursively walk layer tree and implement double-buffering by setting mUseIntermediateSurface on ContainerLayers where necessary. r=tnikkel
9d8b223ff817aec2f5a83be54434daf2a9237abcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Add support for compositing BasicLayers with OPERATOR_SOURCE. r=tnikkel
b501f3777e269d984d8ea519db4cc3dd4512d942Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Clean up MarkLeafLayersHidden and make it set the hidden state on container layers. r=tnikkel
9e88c1353495d2112a62528d9bcdcd5b2423073cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 629866. Part 2: Make MarkLeafLayersHidden actually hide layers that aren't in the dirty region. Don't consider hidden layers when deciding whether double-buffering is needed. r=cjones
e707886bdf16ccdd8d3ffc5954a7b3be5c4c31b9Tim Taubert — Bug 643392 - A 'ghost tab' appears inside a Tab Group; f=raymond, r=dao+ehsan
2daba4fe422e698a9896198993e70b1f241d1649Tim Taubert — Bug 656778 - Enable session restore when Panorama usage is detected; r=zpao+dolske, ui-r=limi
c9413bd69b939023fab43480f52455d8b8c0bffbRaymond Lee — Bug 657331 - Fix the registerCleanupFunction() in browser_tabview_bug625195.js r=ian
9624976851c0367fa26323c4e17626825edf039aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 657364 - Put dom/tests/mochitest/dom-level2-html/files/document.html applet in a new file. r=ehsan
4fd08a1e0644afe1ec180b4730e3d81ff4423044Dão Gottwald — merge backout
ca90959324c7e8e706d530c4e4320ee9f71bc6e0Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 63284a27cb1b
7ef763ba534b75393923f83ff72f48db2048d3d0Chris Pearce — Bug 658177 - Fix potential deadlock in gVolumeScaleLock. r=roc
d22583a11f15ce63bbadd9c4a000cc003151562cHenri Sivonen — Bug 655682 - Perform discretionary flushes in the HTML parser even if the current node is foster-parenting. r=bzbarsky.
caba046161e5d8d127f86f7196d2dc50163f6527Tobias Markus — Bug 640530 - Add missing 'var'. r=Mossop
fde29e9e42ac0a3cc230463c885249d18e318674Dão Gottwald — Bug 563337 - "Error: preview is undefined" and "this.preview is undefined" when closing the last tab with browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab = false. r=gavin
63284a27cb1b57ea8bde163cb78fb42a21debedfDão Gottwald — Bug 644746 - Call updateVisibility when constructing the tabs container rather than when addProgressListener is called for the first time. r=gavin
b8a035ebdf0f6c6eb6a5c203cf0ec4346cc5c140Masayuki Nakano — Bug 657648 Don't use high resolution scrolling when acceleration is enabled r=smaug
6424f0d08d6ed7f24aa93320f6778645c5794d69Masayuki Nakano — Bug 657865 High resolution scrolling should be able to be disabled by pref r=smaug
659100d227581e967519f57b9a52014a167d2288Benjamin Stover — Bug 655852 Typing past the boundaries of the textbox will start clearing the beginning characters, instead of scrolling r=mbrubeck
9024deba23fe1f32e1d12a7cdc776d06c2a111b6Benjamin Stover — Bug 655864 Password field is not masked immediately and shows artifacts, when typing past the end of the field r=roc
1da1a471627dfcdb4219c74ffb5996748b56e917Bas Schouten — Bug 620216 - Part 2: Mark several reftests passing now. r=roc
4b8d96e463fdf125ce17423cddaadf7ceea45172Bas Schouten — Bug 620216 - Part 1: Use EXTEND_PAD when doing DrawImage. r=roc
666ae6b488a75cf6506a455ef1269ccfada3de25Marco Perez — Bug 657715 - Unbreak build for FreeBSD (since it doesn't have libossaudio). r=kinetik
4567d5e86898e19921e508bd85e7b52eea8a48baChris Pearce — Bug 652475 - Add media.volume_scale pref to scale output volume without changing reported volume. r=roc
1f3777d4ed8bae7a987e07b8a735681261a4c29bKyle Huey — Fix pymake build bustage.
962fee06b08e70e421776e357bd9f4d6a0ab48fdBenoit Jacob — Bug 648804 - fix DXSDK detection on WinXP and prefer June 2010 version if present - r=joedrew
062dccbd56740b4906d627277a00cef8e42b30d4Robert Strong — Tests - Switching channels is broken when an update is already downloading or downloaded - Bug 652016 - When switching channels, I get a failed update. r=mossop
195b5dc114c53a4feac0fdf3178017f612149011Robert Strong — Main patch - Switching channels is broken when an update is already downloading or downloaded - Bug 652016 - When switching channels, I get a failed update. r=mossop
f5ac9367f1e15ca931afebc8b986e32ad11fc21dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 644626 - Move plugin tests from modules/plugin/test to dom/plugin/test, r=ted
d40eac0106f52ef4a6834616b7a53cefe62c0af0Jim Mathies — Bug 648935 - Process native events during calls to WaitForNotify in the child process when nested native event loops are detected in the parent. r=bsmedberg.
02f44011950845aff53434f43fd54c0031bad435Jim Mathies — Bug 648935 - When paint events are deferred in WindowsMessageLoop, temporarily validate the plugin until painting can occur. r=bent.
945d0adb6232146bab590a7d6fa171722dcf97e3Jim Mathies — Bug 648935 - Prevent focus event overhead when the dom sets the focus to a windowed plugin. r=bsmedberg.
6d25325cb47b541f8ac830e2b522bdaeb9c91cc9Jim Mathies — Bug 648935 - Remove dead code from plugin instances. r=bsmedberg.
4aad8ef5c011f47e9443ea9dba548fc2ba3c2b3cMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
a519b72356bf496cf6be81becaaca719dec13b4aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 657780. Silence pldhash warnings by shrinking ThebesLayerItemsEntry. r=tnikkel
fff1845368871b5d3ec1c62b4655e0d6279a5e87Tim Taubert — Bug 618188 - browser-chrome: browser_600545.js (and _601955.js) intermittently times out; r=zpao
1d0a6f0b04cb88011a14a93ecd4b6af8f1d8843aEd Morley — Bug 656187 - Remove modules/lib7z/ since it was only used for the WinCE installer; r=bsmedberg
469863836e29790de745e1cc88f2d8f3690fd7a1Ed Morley — Bug 655498 - Remove WinCE code from profile/* ; r=bsmedberg
c8d5469bed72c3141ef8fcbb149151bf8eeab5f1Ed Morley — Bug 316661 - Part A - Remove null-checks before delete. r=bsmedberg
dfb4cebe8c9553a20175a236157882c428c8c7f6Rafael Ávila de Epíndola — Bug 655865 - Fix --enable-accessibility build with clang. r=smichaud,joshmoz
72dc5f89f9cd9f025d3420772cd38ee25b564327Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 657487 - Include static keyword in definitions of signal callback functions. r=karlt
a968d7ebe2906b4ff66e175949d2ce2675b27cc4Ehren Metcalfe — Bug 551390 - Remove dead code in content r=sicking,roc
dec16a247230a9117fcbc4c8b5ada8bf2677643bMike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 7 - Make startup cache generation work better with new omni.jar handling. r=mwu
5a4b358de96f0fd0d62de0af56eade1747159eedMike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 6 - Add a -a option to xpcshell to set an application directory. r=bsmedberg
c744de96a1336d0296c9c25a9c7116fd36dfc0e4Mike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 5 - Enable omni.jar by default on xulrunner. r=bsmedberg
bab28d839f5ee5b404fd5a57cc642f11b75faf5bMike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 4 - Fix resource://app/ to always point to the same as resource:///. r=bsmedberg
88caff1a09d06c002a9a2458902d861e65e39181Mike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 3 - Allow GRE and XUL application to use omni.jar independently. r=bsmedberg,r=mwu
fdd5cd8f391f4955307bd3b34021ca2f9dbe9a15Mike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 2.5 - Properly quote arguments on Windows when starting child processes. r=rstrong
676006c214ad329a115a7e5fc7c1a9315b0ae901Makoto Kato — Bug 656205 - Remove unused browser migration code. r=mak77
5ffdf4967deca4a6de8ca3f6ead80e7ea3df4a65Josh Aas — Bug 637253: Remove nsIPluginInstance interface. r=bsmedberg
a34c75072a5bf3d9de5599040b04fefc476c2e45Ginn Chen — Bug 654655 ieeefp.h is required for finite() on Solaris r=bz
d9343af922c3837b61e61a8013a03ebf2cf94af0Bas Schouten — Backed out changeset eb3239a968ac
eb3239a968ace8a56f4c555c2e649da4508ab58cBas Schouten — Bug 620216: Use EXTEND_PAD when doing DrawImage. r=roc
3bb3234bc1b61a6b28a488e8c6bb89ca1a88ce55Myk Melez — Bug 656195 - Update jetpack in m-c to use 7.0a1 as maxversion r=ctalbert
d124391343a03b1eae2d039bab1d3ca8088ef7ecJustin Lebar — Bug 656354 - Guard against null pointer dereference in nsDocShell::SetDocCurrentStateObject. r=sicking
9ad5c138c2d550e3d9784fe42e1daa450733a73aJustin Lebar — Bug 164580 - Use 64-bit words in nsID::Equals. r=bsmedberg
78090e87b99ab4a13e9f90d49fdda51e8a5a7b37Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
57371a7e12ab8a59e5cdefad3e5dbfb31183e92bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
bfa31d284dee32fef5ee03129a6a382c5b1273bdRichard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
0433e3d317593a0738894a3d1e38e0862f738275Marina Samuel — Bug 642969 - "I have lost my other device" link doesn't do anything at all, unless you've typed username and password. r=philikon
8f2ba2436b9d2fe7c9ffbb6d76bcb0bdce72d178Marina Samuel — Bug 636353 - Default file name for sync key isn't localized. r=rnewman
e816b1abd0e0e9186995e2b17d80bc6f7c12790aHernán Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 656269: Add link to Mozilla plugin check from Add-ons Manager. r=dtownsend
66e854c53a114db1fd853c3dfcded3400992eda8Bas Schouten — Bug 657141: Avoid excessive clipping by only popping to the common ancestor. r=jrmuizel
2797679ecdec244bcd5e6a5542f74cbf6f1825ceMichael Wu — Bug 656050 - Fix jar reordering on linux by moving jarlog dir, r=ted
10c4c19e0868cf91497cae2ca865c729f1086bb4Joel Maher — Bug 654461 - cleanup chrome and a11y harnesses to simplify code. r=ted, a=test-only
cef02273a027457947bc1f31314b903f99867029Mounir Lamouri — Bug 656909 - Use a native rendering for vertical progress bar on Windows. r=jimm
43fa778d3f1b57bda5ee9093d5855c8c1ecf49abDavid Bolter — Bug 640707 - Add event support for aria-sort. r=surkov
f792fa7755dc46ad8cfa10c579af52229348ea97Robert O'Callahan — Bug 640889. Have test_leaf_layers_partition_browser_window.xul test maximized windows as well as normal windows; on Windows XP, don't test normal windows because we know the resizer overlaps there. r=tnikkel
1205e0437f0aa5f551e5ecbdc406c5dbfe4ad01fMounir Lamouri — Backout c0f9a84ffb2d (bug 640889) because it has been pushed with the incorrect bug number.
67c420a47d4ea8027f2cf2264455b2d091d801ceMarco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
504270705d88e11be2171e9e6033fb4ebf69c26dMarco Bonardo — Bug 656188 - Cache last 10 fetched bookmarks info to speed up repeated requests.
31a9c95c4b6d74d5a9154321b9eb6a11b0eab3afDavid Shiga — Bug 644161 - Open All in Tabs from native bookmarks menu fails if no window is open.
1cca7563001a248d9113d64be41c86620e488845Marco Bonardo — Bug 633274 - Follow-up to fix an intermittent crash.
b8af03410cc0d4be1b31fdca2dd7399c7dfe707bMarco Bonardo — Bug 633274 - Improve nsINavBookmarkObserver (test).
5f50e7bea677ebfca8540942d9b76086085f4931Marco Bonardo — Bug 633274 - Improve nsINavBookmarkObserver (Places observers changes).
1b154964463bff652ad6eb946c143df22d253b89Marco Bonardo — Bug 633274 - Improve nsINavBookmarkObserver (Places changes).
e274253e63457c9e9b90bcd01838f49ecbef3f81Marco Bonardo — Bug 633274 - Improve nsINavBookmarkObserver (idl changes).
26e32eea767a6b7561ca72a0286d4c034ec92e58Marco Bonardo — Bug 630622 - Update the Library design to Windows 7 Aero style.
483a0ebd78d06997ea07c88eb8c5034d15d72f9aMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
3cd1fb14ae3736756f9914a366b7924cad05141dMounir Lamouri — Backout test fix that was needed for bug 656749.
a427dce735eaadf426c5217df7bd7e6f735c6a90Mounir Lamouri — Backout bug 656749.
95355af3f14682b948d84f0d41588d9f3d3a618cMounir Lamouri — Merge backout
d18ff1b30e13c4f16a25be2c594528870efc3468Mounir Lamouri — Backout bug 629866 and bug 647560.
763c23684817dd010e050e2ab8bab76dad107a10Robert O'Callahan — Backout 647560 --- changesets 32a13c864e55 c2dbc3747034 3d845440cbc7 13c5fa1bdfb0 8cf18f0d9e7e 863cd05ae581
ea30338cabe051dc6156cc6f02b636c36edc363fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 656749. Fix Mac test failure
7839f528cda0e025f8ac97dc22b1feb9113ef87eRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 657528 - Use a volatile pointer to force a trap; r=ehsan
32a13c864e55627b597290a7dfc55b77dc1e3195Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Remove unused MayHaveOverlappingOrTransparentLayers. r=tnikkel
c2dbc3747034977cbd381df89136309ce01a932fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Cache temporary backbuffer surfaces. r=karlt
3d845440cbc78f952a4c535e3b13f2d128f726c7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Create ApplyDoubleBuffering to recursively walk layer tree and implement double-buffering by setting mUseIntermediateSurface on ContainerLayers where necessary. r=tnikkel
13c5fa1bdfb04e7d89a3446d0881aac2c0e0090bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Add support for compositing BasicLayers with OPERATOR_SOURCE. r=tnikkel
8cf18f0d9e7e4b3df334a6668f8cc091e95cb598Robert O'Callahan — Bug 647560. Clean up MarkLeafLayersHidden and make it set the hidden state on container layers. r=tnikkel
863cd05ae5819dafb4fede30e001606ecf44b9edRobert O'Callahan — Bug 629866. Part 2: Make MarkLeafLayersHidden actually hide layers that aren't in the dirty region. Don't consider hidden layers when deciding whether double-buffering is needed. r=cjones
cf2a754bf3cbe895a6f8f6754acaa3ea1e31ce3bIan Moody — Bug 657143 - Reorder mature CSS properties in nsComputedDOMStyle.cpp
92f83b5cded712aab16a42cc89b509a6c695fecePaul ADENOT — Bug 657447 : adding include guard aroung nsTimeRanges class.
612ba83f428977784b310f3a0ffbdf9e2cef5a10Robert O'Callahan — Bug 648483. Record the transform used when we last painted a layer and use that to control what needs to be invalidated in the layer. r=tnikkel
440c092ee59ccaa1b4ff752a1873c30fbe14d15fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 656749. Only optimize away zero-opacity elements when we're painting, not for any other kind of display list construction such as plugin geometry. r=tnikkel
c0f9a84ffb2d8e5591407c625c11ea81765ba389Robert O'Callahan — Bug 640899. Have test_leaf_layers_partition_browser_window.xul test maximized windows as well as normal windows; on Windows XP, don't test normal windows because we know the resizer overlaps there. r=tnikkel
0a32784ebdefff17063c3ff5eb388ae348f51b2aMounir Lamouri — Bug 655960 - Use a native rendering for vertical progress bar in Cocoa. r=mstange
734a53a6ddadbb9a8e1eb773579550969dde6e88Mounir Lamouri — Bug 655313 - Use a native rendering for indeterminate vertical progress bar in GTK. r=roc,karlt
0ebaf2c9ce74004e0a5698ad82849166cff918c1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 638540 - Progress element should be shown vertically when -moz-orient value is 'vertical'. r=roc
a756a95aaa3107c6fd9ff48075719d67bce30096Mounir Lamouri — Bug 655065 - Add a -moz-orient CSS property. r=bz
ae15b103571c7bab73bec9354027694d79b47627Vivien Nicolas — Bug 640630 - about:home advertises add-ons that are installed already [r=mfinkle]
a6391aea48e586030111a9924adf9295aab40faeVivien Nicolas — Bug 656373: Turn off Form Assistant zooming, panning and next/prev on tablets [r=mfinkle]
3da7cbddd83e4a326a9892234b15b81688945639Vivien Nicolas — Bug 653146: switch awesomescreen tabs immediately on tap [r=wesj]
14bbc2fa43a7ad1d3d256031e9b1062b60012e6eMike Hommey — Bug 657396 - Move LDFLAGS after other flags when building elfhack test case. r=ted
5ae6761e175bcffa4428335fe515081cba0afdf7Henri Sivonen — Bug 656881 - Make timer in file_bug534293-slow.sjs not suspectible to early GC. r=jwalden.
ef9c0d8872cc18cb3d8664083ff7a6d44e38326cMark Banner — Bug 653662 Disable incremental linking of libxul on Windows for the time being. Some developers and tree builders are hitting a hard-coded limit in Visual Studio where the link fails if the incremental link data file is over a certain size. r=ted
f717485edc5188c4991a1ba010a7ad4c3e3ee83eMark Finkle — Bug 657067 - XPIProvider.jsm refers to nsIPrefBranch.getComplexPref... which doesn't exist [r=dtownsend]
9968ed6b629a1b2c937e0cb1053a56c91f96c2d2Randell Jesup — Bug 653311 - Switch jprof from hand-rolled stackwalk code to glibc's backtrace() to work with modern x86 Linuxes, improve jprof output, update README - r=jim_nance (per bz)
0a1e7ec7e2684d21d19a017663c373b0518076c4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 605648 Support high resolution scrolling on Windows r=jimm+smaug
3e7a21049b6cef347c1b7307507cbaf2965f9b4aTaras Glek — Bug 657480: Clean up after TelemetryPing.js r=mak
b54fc6516c0c13af51508a89a9f3321b7e120243Dave Townsend — Bug 623134: Add HTTP logging to track down the intermittent request timeouts. r=robstrong
db4ba8614fb65e3951f99e3f10ee90734d72def3Benoit Jacob — Bug 656752 - WebGL crash [@gleRunVertexSubmitImmediate()] - r=jrmuizel, a=clegnitto
794c73cbfca6b62cfdbb20e82eb91cc15b30ad8bJustin Lebar — Bug 656991 - Followup. Use JS_free instead of free. r=bz
7f910859214bd8690745e8348e1cf2d37ecefefcTaras Glek — Bug 657411 - Telemetry doesn't register for idle-daily r=mak
2c977d6f8a7591286adecdd0ea084f8528655fa8Gavin Sharp — Bug 656815: make loading javascript: URIs in a docshell work for DISALLOW_INHERIT_OWNER loads, r=bz
5f42fe17284f9ee162895890ec723698c4ccd481Gavin Sharp — Bug 656433: don't allow URIs loaded into the location bar to inherit the currently loaded document's principal, r=bz, r=dao
66f16e7dca6b6aa3f8ce8de9190f7675142b9bc9Joe Drew — Bug 473841 - "ASSERTION: NULL mIconRequest! Multiple calls to OnStopRequest()?"; r=josh,bzbarsky
890b0e24fa5e2ab32332ebbd4f0ef1325a65a614Steven Michaud — Ensure compatibility with OS X 10.7's arrowless scrollbar. r=mstange
ba4a4081f6a3a0bec198e0a8ba1f7083621a7114Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 656875 - Use the transformed dirty rectngle when building display list items for stacking context; r=roc
60cfdbaf76fb71478a24a4457b23a878867f3730Mike Hommey — Backout bug 644608 because of bustage
840a30ab5348483934b38b8161a0a0c7a8e3eb5dSiarhei Siamashka — Bug 656782 - Runtime CPU features detection does not work for pixman in Android [r=jmuizelaar]
8e093acb3867bc4c1889b2298a69f3078c778b44Mark Finkle — Bug 654733 - Stop using 'computer' in offline storage notifications (entity changes) [r=wjohnston]
e7cf79fd6d3246e59c1fd722a0de0975f9e84e5fMike Hommey — Bug 569365 - Remove and replace it with r=ted
357a308588cdf8382c03582e2cf38ac964eae979Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 644608. r=ted
93656440018a325eb9e3467e3847b7e4e943a2eaMounir Lamouri — Bug 656284 - Fix clipped XUL progressmeter on Windows. r=roc
81bd19f483d04fc514a251d801974257b031ff8cMarkus Stange — Bug 596600 - Start generating window-level mouse out events at the root EventStateManager. r=smaug
6f4d392ed4aa1c4a87bac0c958e4ea5613806c4bMike Hommey — Bug 644608 - Implement full dependencies for expandlibs. r=ted
732d20702e9a1c760f8faecba6119013c1ec8efdTed Mielczarek — bug 654448 - don't call Typelib._sanitycheck after every merge in xpt_link. r=glandium
645b6e992890998982e6ebe998c850c07d43a900Shawn Wilsher — Bug 657034 - Timed Expiration queries need to bind null too. r=mak
aaaed66cef2e11cbc6b355daa929e22e1399ed86timeless — Bug 584316 - Fix DownloadManager usage of deprecated Storage binding APIs. r=sdwilsh
294e3915073857a2782f1ba2cf42d8daf87c2a3cDão Gottwald — Update browser_urlHighlight.js for bug 657173
5a21d077161e3d17e9cd575c13686acfd844ab89Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 657259 - Remove needless GTK_OBJECT macro. r=karlt
5a70c6b33303114e9b83d3f4612a75d33cf0fa1dSerge Gautherie — Bug 603574 - Remove --disable-profile-guided-optimization support, Fix some unrelated nits. r=ted
f388d1d334ab6245fb761f25c5bc093221325b09Kai Liu — Bug 657262 - Use ThreeDShadow instead of ThreeDDarkShadow for the border for the location bar and search box in Windows Classic. r=dao
3756ea3bf68faaeb7ed87ea47a96d864cb2d721eGavin Sharp — Bug 657173 - Don't format URL bar value when the URL bar is focused. r=dao
12ac80dfdacb5541dee1041a4aaeea0b3b0473beRichard Marti — Bug 655691 - Use native button appearance for colorpicker buttons. r=dao
44617683f1a514f30afc826ad4207dc58e8ffc40Tuukka Tolvanen — Bug 290274 - [mozTXTToHTMLConv] 'clever formatting' of plaintext strips caret from superscript display (x^2 => x2); r=BenB,honzab
6e4fb61ef475a66fb6b2e7d62efe866f13270b12Michael Ventnor — Bug 513006 - Some scrollbars disappear if GTK2 theme has scrollbar buttons turned off r=roc
e985b26f23eb5f52b16de09e71f3ab7ead2c28cdHonza Bambas — Bug 654707 - Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::FireDelayedDOMEvents], r=jst
b79aa8807705d43ab1737d8e8a60677ffe48a38dJustin Lebar — Backing out rev 355db79ef6b6 due to orange.
a593b2b745ff77e6bf6c605423ac620d3611304eHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 656781 - More efficient way to use g_app_info_launch_uris and gnome_vfs_mime_application_launch, r=karlt
47818a93c7b96f0c06ec40e7b1408504bea86255Phil Ringnalda — Bug 657252 - Clean up some random packaging warnings, r=khuey
1ba51bb439e04e074b2b4cd7f952718097421d6dJustin Lebar — Bug 656991 - Fix leak in nsStructuredCloneContainer::InitFromVariant. r=bz,igor
355db79ef6b69756939b2da967b4c3280b2b20dbJustin Lebar — Bug 655273 - SHEntries created by history.pushState should have their titles set. r=sicking
834c11d2a8acb4ef81d22efdf5e311de011ed37cJustin Lebar — Bug 646422 - push/replaceState should inform global history of the new URI's title. r=mak
320f7aa7fca200bceee978a9b0eb4b0d0e097296Justin Lebar — Bug 654354 - Don't output python backtraces when a mochitest is killed via ctrl-c. r=ted
5e83bde0aace3531a781aea528a6edd6dc6b3a9dTatiana Meshkova — Bug 656167 - Temporarily disable or back out fixed layers. Visibility part. r=roc
e90e60817ea77b837938f728a1ecf9005f3bb1fcMatt Brubeck — Bug 656167 - Disable reftest until fixed layers are re-enabled (test-only).
62b546e8060411c69a5c0c1e957063634db5c473Raymond Lee — Bug 625195 - 'Move to New Window' is disabled if a tab is orphaned or the only tab in the active group r=dao
48c0f02f4614fe670a736f6eb8924a4c3c3e60e5Frank Yan — Bug 653655 - Fix errors when opening List All Tabs menu. r=dolske
f937f55b4a7f8e80b997403ab49a8885408b23daPaul ADENOT — Bug 620331 - Remote nsAudioStreamRemote::GetMinWriteSamples; r=kinetik
a466b57361d08afaca52c65ef113cca96d2a6fa0Kai Liu — Bug 654698 - Overlap the border on select elements correctly in RTL; r=jimm
9bfceb76e15e1be5fa3d77ae13bd8b1028b99e57Ms2ger — Bug 657160 - Remove NS_NewCaret; r=ehsan,roc
a247d033b5aac4305d77ae67e8697addd794932cMs2ger — Bug 657160 - Remove NS_NewTextEditRules; r=ehsan
8319e176934642050371d9731bd9a2b8cae6d6deMs2ger — Bug 657160 - Remove NS_NewHTMLEditRules; r=ehsan
4077327becc20ab5075c74ed633a06a85c22953fMs2ger — Bug 656996 - Remove NS_NewHTMLCSSUtils; r=ehsan
c743d36d26db78d8bdd8d98349cd9e9b198a8e94Ms2ger — Bug 655514 - Remove nsIDOMDocumentTraversal; f=ehsan r=jonas
9160c564bf07d4356ae20a4dbb78acb900eba34aMs2ger — Bug 655513 - Remove nsIDOMDocumentRange; f=ehsan r=bzbarsky
35de370ddd83c050063f5d3c6d6a1f142ab7bcc3Robert Longson — Bug 633072 - Fix reftests failure by using crispEdge drawing. r=dholbert
8b6d6c128641c90f4321963a0453d262633092c1Johannes Buchner — Bug 399998 - Use Escape to close permission manager and cookie manager dialogs, r=sdwilsh, ui-r=faaborg
42f1cd50229888f3b92e9dfbf6b8cd862aacc93fPhil Ringnalda — Back out 40d44ce2377e (bug 640213) on suspicion of causing Windows crashes and timeouts in media tests
0b84815ad48ed07b80c7308ac86d3c8cba26f1aeKyle Huey — Bug 656647: Followup for missed review comment. DONTBUILD
190b0bff350776dd8f6337f52b8bf5d9a5d6ff32Kyle Huey — Bug 656647: File constructor should take nsIFiles. r=sicking
9776a5b8ccd9bff6c8a81c16dc039f3023bcc679Kyle Huey — Bug 656640: DOM File objects should DEFER_OPEN their streams. r=sicking
f0f14683ce7b5fbcd7da37f95f12b2807961fcffKyle Huey — Bug 652364: Fix build error with osxspell. r=ehsan
339182917a3d6332caa8882653a4f87070c201c7Phil Ringnalda Bug 652447 - Straighten out the weirdness of Pinstripe's livemark-item.png and livemarkItem.png, r=dao
d95904eff542e8386658674463673b1097077a51Phil Ringnalda Bug 565245 - Disable test_bug493251.html on Linux because of | Wrong number events (16 through 21, one short on each), r=smaug
992f91cd375d3da7ecc7f712cd2998ac6dfa66deMatt Brubeck — Bug 656923 - Tab opened on command-line is in the background behind restored tabs [r=mfinkle]
17bad70688714ba65942eaa2c52552bea3c45ccbMatt Brubeck — Bug 656973 - Adjust the min-width for tablet-friendly preference UI on non-Android [r=wesj]
5b483355806f4943a8fc5b76693f3f9f3a73da85Matt Brubeck — Bug 656349 - Sync Setup error dialog appears when bypassing easy setup [r=mfinkle]
a625e03f9490f2c18036c9a00735eafd8cdb6c0bJonathan Watt — Bug 580983. Fix broken test, but disable it since it would now be virtually permaorange.
40d44ce2377eca50a0beae94dcea92e6dac05b13Patrick McManus — Bug 640213 - Implement HTTP 2616 Upgrade. r=biesi, sr=bz.
d33a616ba9984cd307aa477f15f75266651ab783Jonathan Watt — Bug 580983. Invert the args to is() so that the '' message is the correct way round.
006ed483f0b02d1ddd12309c7ecd9b2eb2e55ff6Jonathan Watt — Bug 580983. Use path instead of rect to eliminate ambiguity about which rect is being hit.
80a39a58d66aa2a48525806db3faccb9a32d449aJonathan Watt — Bug 580983. Clean up test before another attempt at orange fix.
42d151a7b0454db5ee3fb2212cee371c7ae953e8Olli Pettay — Bug 307258 - Support beforeprint and afterprint events, r=mats, sr=roc
5a47fba510f380497f2411a81ae8fbdb06ef08b0Olli Pettay — Fix a comment in the testcase for bug 656954
3f21638a8c8e39e2e8b472f8ead71a7539f3b313Robert Longson — Bug 616516 - Try to fix few pixel intermittent reftest failure by using crispEdge drawing. r=dholbert
c1c2ade5b20b0bf61d3309fc7cf43a398bc60835Robert Longson — Bug 616516 - Try to fix few pixel intermittent animation reftest failure by using crispEdge drawing. r=dholbert
c6b086e676f2905950e4cb4ac200efdd2e1247d5Jonathan Watt — Bug 580983. Attempt to fix random orange.
8d126484c20b6b07633d36bb9dcbb5ab1edd5105Vivien Nicolas — Bug 656876 - Panning is broken if sidebars are collapsed [r=mfinkle]
4db7b12df9ae99cc1c53817ad596ae64bf5147bfVivien Nicolas — Bug 652958 - FormHelper autocomplete does not work well with IME compositions [r=mfinkle]
f47778cd53b57add1159375017f334ff16732656Vivien Nicolas — Bug 648026 - Move Content Popup Helper out of FormHelperUI [r=mfinkle]
b51eeeee5bbb8354d62edca6fee131d603d51f93Jean-Bernard Marcon — Bug 655720 - rewording suggestion 'Press' instead of 'click' [r=vingtetun]
932a10564fbc2448bc306dc2222edb5d250fe8b7Olli Pettay — Bug 656954 - Add defaultPrevented to nsIDOMEvent, r=sicking
8404426ef3915b57ed3b8ef00c9de8532453b7caTrevor Saunders — redisable test_singleline.html and test_whitespaces.html because they went permaorange again after tm merge CLOSED TREE
0ded19f796d8332978221e2297690c8d719b44efPhil Ringnalda — Back out 93604789da99 (bug 637339) on suspicion of causing timeouts in Linux debug test_httpsuspend_wrap.js CLOSED TREE
93604789da998a485b5b21c17e7e14331d5d5ba4Nick Hurley — Bug 637339 - Improve error handling in HttpChannelChild. r=jduell
181536b14bd298573271435a04a90d654f03ff07Daniel Holbert — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
6d0e02e42e34843202ec2af7a905fe2a021b8a8ePatrick McManus — bug 654201 - an idle persistent connection could be run with the wrong security callbacks r=honzab
9f962c272ef05752b6b9253228d8d6da42e599c9Aaron Train — Bug 656629 - Change integrated Twitter search to mobile Twitter site. r=mfinkle
dbeeaffd5bea94b06114c50016e345a83cabd171Frank Yan — Bug 655797 - Recalculate whether to show close buttons after resizing tabs. r=dao
cf70935c912b0b4f83962a661308bed36eff464cDaniel Holbert — Bug 656992: Use DebugOnly<> to fix 'unused variable' opt build warnings in NeckoMessageUtils.h. r=jduell
617c48514c63fae230bf31ec9f2cd68f8d491949Daniel Holbert — Bug 656944: Remove 'todo' flags for unexpected passes in test_hunspell.js. r=khuey
c2bea9fde3b0a0b9f38455e71fc90ca94835d37aFlorian Hänel — Bug 643793 - Convert OpenGL scissor rects to world space in ContainerLayerOGL. r=joe
5b6a2be34c5524a467f00385cde720edf54da031Chris Leary — Merge new mozilla-central head.
599d1c6cba63f738bc441517e5ed2af788d4ca16Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey.
5edcbd89a2af7e5e5d14b0a96b3e6f5993c93ab6Luke Wagner — Bug 655435 - Fix leak in Atomize (r=njn,cdleary)
16b4d6aa5b2b2af1ab08f760f609c2066dd9d5f2Luke Wagner — Bug 656171 - Use object principals finder in PrincipalsForCompiledCode, this time with hacks to fix xpcshell hacks (r=mrbkap)
d406a64628e3f6b5f21aca1c3739c87f1478fe7cIgor Bukanov — bug 601234 - avoiding extra indirection and branch on the fast path of GC allocation. r=wmccloskey
787c58add0d204006391d61890b86253b58aad55Igor Bukanov — bug 627016 - remove JSProperty out param from DefineNativeProperty. r=jorendorff
5ff15fe83e16733ae14b70f2fb676c5628de4ee6Blake Kaplan — Fixing bustage from bug 641342.
c5e3c81d35ba59a74777db831887cbd8c2bc1a87Gregor Wagner — Bug 650326 - Move ExpireGCChunks to background thread. r=igor
86da0588d96d6653e624b91656fa7ca99aab1746Steve Fink — Bug 606629 - Record op execution counts for mjitted code (r=dmandelin)
f07515fc3ebd7d58c11855b915537f046ef23d12Steve Fink — Bug 634648 - Mark tests that require to be run in debug mode (r=dbaron,dmandelin)
673f93bb84aab61786bed380eacfbb166ab042a7Blake Kaplan — Bug 641342 - Treat chrome DOM objects like DOM objects. r=gal/jst
5e69cb4c544b22b31c7123572de780a1dacc2cb7Steve Fink — Back out b6c3be49412b
49173592f6df108964d523864fda7f5c69a5b757Steve Fink — Backed out changeset a5e2394cd75d
a5e2394cd75de858f4a51634d8f255a9133d977aSteve Fink — Bug 634648 - Mark tests that require to be run in debug mode (r=dbaron,dmandelin)
b6c3be49412bb2dbe0e59920ae256b041dadf794Steve Fink — Bug 606629 - Record op execution counts for mjitted code (r=dmandelin)
2980b0ab371ad8c78cc56d02302acace18e8fa12Kyle Huey — Fix annoying MSVC warning about class/struct mismatch. rs=jorendorff
482d2f967ed9425a85329bcf5ef50204f2cda10cLeon Sha — Bug 654632 - [TM] Recent changes in tracemonkey break Sparc build. r=dvander
5b479a987cda052b536cc2fe4fccbf8807287d78Luke Wagner — Back out 5f2b3783cdd6 and b14ee60b0abf. xpcshell is doing some strange things with its fake principals manager
b14ee60b0abfb862d2d3087bd613d9d53a018e01Blake Kaplan — Make the xpcshell have a findObjectPrincipals function to clean up after Luke's orange. No bug. r=luke
5f2b3783cdd6d5b438c4f09dde8181f793e5433cLuke Wagner — Bug 656171 - Use object principals finder in PrincipalsForCompiledCode, for now (r=mrbkap)
9dc6619d41abb9e115292ba36e20fc6489dec08aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 656253: Fix intermittent orange due to variables colliding. r=sicking
d47d6cb85fcce4c049b524c0fb5226f2987eb541Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 649133: Implement xhr.mozResponse and xhr.mozResponseType. r=sicking
3d65474edc0e62e4d03ca4a901591c558b15f0bcTom Schuster — Bug 656317: add .append back in path reversal r=jorendorff
4964885e6b9a8355803be3111812406a7fae802fJason Orendorff — Bug 651030 - When removing a property from an object, add its slot to the freelist only if the slot is not reserved. r=cdleary.
b83c8374358a809e6c8494ffc19044e4ea4c90c9Gregor Wagner — Bug 603916 - unifying GC sheduling. r=igor
f6ea6d08d30546e81defaf05bde69e891d234286Luke Wagner — Back out 33d8b418732b for causing Talos dromaeo_css crash
da0f0d488018af3870aa03aa608f4f3e2c811e57Jeff Walden — Apparently DO_NEXT_OP must be passed len, sigh.
23ac64726fe1e15e4f86d61e0c3ff93a1480bdc4Jeff Walden — Last fix, actually built js/src/ on Windows this time. If this doesn't work, I'm going to be angry. r=final-answer
48e1add3294000715e2f7ce37f49389300af79acJeff Walden — When was it we were dropping support for Windows again? r=hate-hate-hate
80a692e1f28991cd66b034f6a02714bb79bd6480Jeff Walden — More bustage fixing, r=somewhat-less-failtastic-tinderboxen
cb0607adf5a9e49371fbd8425321f1047e1041b8Jeff Walden — Followup build bustage fixes. r=failtastic-tinderboxen
be4ea9e40f823d0097df4f89ee4ac158a5ef7648Jeff Walden — Remove js_ReparentTypedArrayToScope as it's unused. No bug, r=jorendorff, rs=bent
897963a1898522006458584ea0014ed1b07021e4Jeff Walden — Bug 653789 - Don't let Object.prototype.toLocaleString recur itself to death. r=luke
fb349f075668376d59ae6c275a5ff491faff3d00Jeff Walden — Bug 652746 - Implement js::ArgumentsObject, js::NormalArgumentsObject, and js::StrictArgumentsObject. r=njn
3ba391aa31301f884305124486d70830cad3bccfJeff Walden — Bug 653888 - Clean up the Walk internal spec function, make the reviver delete properties from arrays if it returns undefined. r=pbiggar (relanding after a first try that appears to have triggered a random orange without methodjit on Linux debug, that went away on two rebuilds)
b7dac0e2dad621f29d5a00e09056fd3cbc2b29bdLuke Wagner — Fix test added by 33d8b418732b to not hit quota on 64-bit (r=orange)
33d8b418732b01f76ff3e6ae162102cdfc4e9abaLuke Wagner — Bug 653785 - Properly compute stack quota in bumpLimit (r=dvander)
7f1c229832226792143c6139b68662a5136d1bc7Erik Vold — Bug 643341: Fix typo causing problems when an update check http request fails. r=dtownsend
0de5092995ea61bbcca847f3652cd604ca0486bfPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 628043 - The last closed window is restored when a secondary window is left open and a new browser window is opened [r=dietrich]
350893cc903250d0a82c19c7b516931f68e5fff1Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 504714 - about:sessionrestore should suppress middlemouse.contentLoadURL [r=dietrich]
de3e9983db1b5b166cb90aa6e1c33dfd1195df16Dave Townsend — Bug 416905: Directory removal of extension installed as pointer file isn't uninstalled correctly. r=robstrong
6105fb36f61301dbbd903a568170b329d62b75e2Brad Lassey — bug 650509 - Other apps can read Firefox profile files, test for sqlite permissions changes r=sdwilsh
b8616e1cb51c3bd0f5a6a67067e2c7f645007d97Brad Lassey — bug 650509 - Other apps can read Firefox profile files, change sqlite files to be user readable only r=sdwilsh
e0ff8262c7b568e686d5e260838cb82232ad8308Brad Lassey — bug 650509 - Other apps can read Firefox profile files, change autocomplete cache to be user readable only r=mfinkle
d17947eb66f0941461f215a8e43ce8d3f29a600aPatrick McManus — bug 640003 - websockets, nsIIOService2::NewChannelFromURIWithProxyFlags() r=biesi sr=bz
cf9650c9429a66dfc26e11156b3b972cb90241d3Bobby Holley — Bug 653930 - Tests.r=bz
a7e15c159eecea11af6a8bf9b5e0b5ee97e2a1a4Bobby Holley — Bug 653930 - Setting marginWidth and marginHeight on an iframe should trigger a reflow.r=bz
8fab4f313491f28a5d61704a42365d07a8ca1a7cJim Mathies — Bug 608013 - When plugins receive the set focus event, confirm the parent window has focus before taking it. Fixes a fullscreen focus problem in Silverlight. r=bent.
5d5f2f15037b5333f46cdfb4bca06581d7389f5cOlli Pettay — Bug 656878, nsStringArraySH::GetProperty should not copy, but share strings, r=bz
495dc2761754ac477585171511f4303a98616f28Jim Mathies — Remove duplicate widget code from a bad lorentz merge in bug 538918. r=bsmedberg
12d72a30fe945799021bd3e164b652c0b3f46b8aJim Mathies — Bug 633282 - Remove unnecessary plugin bounds calculations and artificial glass min/max adjustments in UpdateOpaqueRegion. r=roc.
4cc51c619a9e215838fcf635012677fab8b8b499Jim Mathies — Bug 633282 - Apply moz-win-exclude-glass to clientBox in extensions about.xul. r=dao.
0faa6e1353fdd0182af326373d579900986389a2Jim Mathies — Bug 633282 - Apply moz-win-exclude-glass to downloadView in downloads.xul. r=sdwilsh.
2215d8d0181921375ff247372b4d74c8a41896a6Jim Mathies — Bug 633282 - Apply moz-win-exclude-glass to appcontent in browser.xul. r=dao.
7cad85d7872b6547c340d240dac6b75c50aa4942Jim Mathies — Bug 633282 - Change up widget's UpdateTransparentRegion to UpdateOpaqueRegion. r=roc.
b9f2ad2a6954f87bac09a238afddcbd83a757f90Jim Mathies — Bug 633282 - Accumulate exclude glass regions during painting and update the widget opaque region info. r=roc.
a1631f53c9489143f225c07084caa1800a130d45Jim Mathies — Bug 633282 - Add ToNearestPixels to nsRegion. r=roc.
d0cec327d933f9e5156867c033821b5af24d711cJim Mathies — Bug 633282 - Add support for -moz-appearance: -moz-win-exclude-glass. r=roc.
232e2bf06b4669dfa1bd9863593227fe090eca08Jim Mathies — Bug 633282 - manual backout of 'fixup UpdatePossiblyTransparentRegion v.3' in bug 622328 due to merge conflicts. r=tn
307b23c4d2468f34168d164a4ce810f5b6447157Mark Finkle — Bug 656423 - Replace Fennec branding with nightly and aurora branding [r=blassey]
7ba9f4f76e735b9afea8b147e85a9eb9b624e4bcOleg Romashin — Bug 656167 - Temorarily disable or back out fixed layers. r=jones.chris.g
72f447a53575e24c0f18f80d76931426cde9f660Armen Zambrano G. — Bug 656435 - Add --ipcplugins flag to test/mochitest/ so that we can move the tests without requiring per-branch changes to the release engineering setup, r=ctalbert
9260062de89b763c417d43f85b4730425ae04479Ed Morley — Bug 652731 - Remove check for ZIP in js/src configure, since spidermonkey does not require it; r=jimb
04338898b5ed971d1cdbed608653c20c1a5fba75Matt Brubeck — Bug 656779 - Fennec firstrun discovery animation is wrong in RTL [r=wesj]
fb1ebb23a1e239d9c93bb6eb25460e35161908d0Josh Matthews — Bug 642419 - Add error reporting for content scripts. r=smaug
7fd948de62a6ca78bbbbaaac117bc2a89d102c0eMounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
2dd8b74157529994aea4ee6c4e79d1bcc250bdaafantasai — Bug 648531 - Use 'none' instead of 'hidden' so that collapsing a table with rules=none doesn't disappear the table border. r=dbaron r=bz
32fc5f49b98983b14b09600fd4de78f8abc66b71Tim Taubert — Bug 654941 - First tab in group has black thumbnail after 'Undo close group' is used; f=raymond, r=ehsan
05379695923c2f13f0166c1cbfe39e126303aba4Ed Morley — Bug 655488 - Remove WinCE code from RDF; r=axel
13ad023ee970ee29ab2c1bbdf61213ed35ac6080Ed Morley — Bug 654718 - Remove WinCE code from xpfe; r=khuey
2f4c320b5c330de3e1acc9c8cac2ca99f7f0aad9Daniel Holbert — Bug 654015 patch 2: Assert that page is hidden when document disconnects from nsSMILAnimationController. r=bz
2f53d4782ce38074071b3af1bd8cbd648257886cDaniel Holbert — Bug 654015 patch 1: Stop loading in nsDocShell::CreateAboutBlankContentViewer to avoid unbalanced PageShow notifications. r=bz
9cfa7843408bb21ea122e51b269e4b28be78b9c9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 648277. Ensure we request a plugin geometry update for a new windowless plugin that may need its visibilty state updated. r=tnikkel
6bd8239e34344043b01fdf8d39ed9f43992903b6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 650228. Invalidate ThebesLayers when a linebox is moved. r=dbaron
1da21b25c5e075baa7bdc496a590a7c734d6d9f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 654641. Make nsDisplaySolidColor::GetBounds reflect any snapping that's going on. r=tnikkel
ecfea7698dee52dc1d7a40268dd63e8ef3f0a61bHenri Sivonen — Bug 651441 - Make sure the HTML5 application cache selection algorithm runs properly when there is no manifest attribute. r=honzab.moz.
c0c557769867d21e4a5f1d3bc34ae56b0c75d4f3Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 656360 - webDeveloperMenu.accesskey can't be localized. r=dao
4c77addce78954062e841e76ae9738b93c13d907Dão Gottwald — Bug 655628 - Remove unused Accept_Charset atom. r=biesi
ad1fa68dcaf57d3ddaa1cd72518b9aaff99b4669Mark Finkle — Bug 654838 - Create a unique branding for Fennec beta (Maemo parts) [r+a=blassey]
ebc9a7e1fb128b8982f554ee45fd5684ea4e9152Karl Tomlinson — b=655932 shape window before drawing, so as not to paint black where it should be transparent r=ventnor
a692da152ecbf5a22098ec39e05b6f99e6ccc9bdFrédéric Wang — Add reftests for mstyle (bug 569125). r=karlt
b01c9a16df7becbd1bf775f7ee4eb96fb41b4fd7Frédéric Wang — mathvariant on mstyle not applied to mi (bug 569125). r=karlt
ec74f6ddd3545c9b546c38bf4a37b9ab8f1bcfa7Frédéric Wang — Support for attributes "accent" and "accentunder" on mstyle (bug 569125). r=karlt
8ce8b8015ff39cbc3e7b146cbcc84440f4e9b17aFrédéric Wang — Support for attribute "open", "close" and "separators" on mstyle (bug 569125). r=karlt
e74ee4a0ee99a7d76dd82d09dfeae2b3c5344209Frédéric Wang — Support for attribute "notation" on mstyle (bug 569125). r=karlt
012256e31122583dcddc34f16d1e438841f6acceFrédéric Wang — Support for attribute bevelled on mstyle (bug 569125). r=karlt
2e5e736916214d45e42b393ea2f2d638ec6b549bFrédéric Wang — Support for attribute "selected" on mstyle (bug 569125). r=karlt
1d6d08074c4113640deb1538ce6f35d9fef61839Chris Coulson — b=611953 Port desktop background settings to GSettings r=karlt
8cc9e1405f7357d196813409b3c6c11a0f4db3a5Chris Coulson — b=611953 Add nsIGSettingsService to support GSettings r=karlt
73a5dcbfeeada8afcf23be006c3b8858e014c082Karl Tomlinson — assertion test for bug 654928
7835a2b7db2df0e44ad7fc7c5ee8a369039a90a1Karl Tomlinson — b=654928 don't assume that the embellished operator is the first child r=fred
0ebb7ceee6d3fc6190658d56c92e3dcbcacd4d24Dave Townsend — Bug 623134: Add logging for the browser_updatessl.js intermittent failure. rs=dolske
f823f00651c32b22da15b57759fd7f70a035e3b3Matt Woodrow — Bug 649417 - Check if BasicShadowableImageLayer has a current image before attempting to use it. r=cjones
e1e7823c8cb45867f0c72c9cfb51ce7d2144f1e3Taras Glek — bug 585196: Fix telemetry packaging r=Mossop
a66c328760f5e2cff49d3ff705d7beecd951a82aTaras Glek — bug 585196: Telemetry clientside r=Mossop
dd803c39a72b51c67a45309dfe75cd33586ae7dcMatt Woodrow — Bug 649417 - Part 2 - Add a YUV option to SharedImage and use it to share YUV data across processes. r=cjones,joe
8ca0d7969d3d422a5d618218fb6b0a37e01ab55aMatt Woodrow — Bug 649417 - Part 1 - Create a SharedImage ipdl union and pass this to ShadowImageLayer::Swap . r=cjones
2601f4d06ffecdbdc67e3ebf97f0f63d6e3b26d0Margaret Leibovic — Bug 654729 - Weird highlighting when adding text to an existing address, r=dao
cedbfd01b87e2de923ae1314fa523fc11a09cfb8Taras Glek — Backout bug 585196 due to test fail
07a15c006d9c1d83f63572772a80c8bdd28c8b9aTaras Glek — bug 585196: Telemetry clientside r=Mossop
57af04c3dec40909895e694892936f8beb481a1dTaras Glek — bug 585196: Cycle-collector telemetry probe r=bent
43949eb48546a92d6d7f017ed4c0b8825fefd477Brad Lassey — Bug 650205 - Implement devicemanager using adb. r=jmaher, a=test-only
8ad0dfefa6fa95d7cfcae02a57826e93bddfc632Brad Lassey — Bug 649825 - refactor DeviceManager to allow multiple underlying implementations. r=ctalbert, a=test-only
6a34c2c9b880f51339129db48a9e4cbb331b4572Joel Maher — Bug 654116 - need pidfile generated for xpcshell process. r=bear, a=test-only
1ed335816a227a6f1fa19eb49fdb968872ac1e69Joel Maher — Bug 655752 - 3 jsreftests cause failures on Android. r=bc, a=test-only
9a7b966ab0b60e52f868e5f54e1d231a08f6e7b8Mark Finkle — Bug 654838 - Create a unique branding for Fennec beta (new logos with banner) [r+a=blassey]
b135939df49e12b7dd2df9d7c92c79de8e188781Timothy Nikkel — Backed out changeset ed867467d35b (bug 645075) because it doesn't build.
ed867467d35bebf28e2e105dd9a21cce457f3546Timothy Nikkel — Bug 645075. Move scrolling to ref handling back from the document to the content sink so that it works with XSLT transformed documents. r=sicking
189a169fd9003f35fdecd9a68b70bf1c20ce467aTatiana Meshkova — Bug 653133 - Fennec crashes when loading a page with huge background-attachment:fixed background r=roc
b23a920b981e2a27b3869a978fb396f2c0e3c47eAlex Vincent — Test for bug 656331 - make sure we don't load version-incompatible components.
7af9641c195dc88c8b96b0423425f41deca695beEhsan Akhgari — Bug 612129 - Set the initial selection range to the beginning of the text field in order to be more compatible with other browsers; r=roc
7e3efb1073a9821b28d838641091bc899d3cda61Josh Matthews — Bug 644325 - Wrap message receiver to avoid compartment errors. r=jst
0b44e1e3c995ff2fc9643ff42ab1c3310043954cTrevor Saunders — bug 559773 - make html5 progress element accessible (correct constructor indentation) r=whitespaceonly
40b40f22c034cd51c553042adf9f4df91349de01Alexander Surkov — Bug 648223 - stop support of accessibility.disableenumvariant pref, r=davidb
7ce9c33853c64b29d4aeb469974f2bd01ca54a43Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
106e33ecffb657feae6f03d64dd9c32fc1bc7a2fBrian R. Bondy — Bug 652363 - When dropping on the location bar, set it to the focused element so it has a GO button displayed. r=gavin
ea20348176c37dca5ec673ddedb455c480b3ab7cEd Morley — Bug 655986 - Remove POLL_WITH_XCONNECTIONNUMBER since no longer defined; r=roc
813de070af38921166af4ae66afadfafd0af7801Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 655439 - Use $(LIBXUL_DIST)/bin/xpcshell instead of $(DIST)/bin/xpcshell. r=khuey
510b336ce55b3545d93d14aa2d7709c3b07e69daHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 656165 - g_free accepts NULL so we do not need NULL checking before invoking it. r=karlt
25597fcfaffe9b6646c5b49f0f8615507fb590e2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 655872 - Cleanup get_inner_gdk_window. r=karlt
52d3179847354d6ff4f387235415d427e5aee2eaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 655675 - Should remove needless G_OBJECT macro. r=karlt
820891761ab4339b1078c34224a2d11621a922eeHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 655633 - Code cleanup in nsGNOMERegistry.cpp. r=karlt
547d189ddfd9e8349e6a96903c2d2ad1b0ed8a85Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 652753 - Remove listener and observer in head.js even if test is timed out. r=zpao
2f5f0bc44bdfbf9013d34e1b2c61cccab907737cAlexander Surkov — bug 559773 - make html5 progress element accessible r=marcoz,trev
63fe82a5f1421c933ff662d1f63550b59494edcfHenri Sivonen — Bug 655701 - Remove test dependencies on the html5.parser.enable pref. r=ted.mielczarek.
11d16811104f3cdf883e997170bffb7f2ac3a0aeMike Hommey — Backed out changeset 2a0fbd6eedbd because of pyxpt unit test failure
2a0fbd6eedbde317eeab30a5b966595143fa0c11Mike Hommey — Bug 654448 - Remove sanity check after each merge in pyxpt, it's already done when writing output. r=ted
9da7c485ae7217087012d8f9ab0b1a3657411afbMike Hommey — Bug 525882 - Don't hardcode anything in application.ini files. r=gavin,r=khuey
745a8761a2d8df46872760babc03fac11a4f1719Trevor Saunders — bug 652459 - reenable test_singleline.html and test_whitespaces.html r=davidb
d15d6f06eeb640e5be38782fedd0dd7c324cab5dChris Pearce — Bug 651023 - Round up wait times to 1ms to ensure we drop the decoder monitor when presenting video frames. r=kinetik
641121a4139e8813be5b11640976dd2a36f1de2eChris Pearce — Bug 656480 - Make test_bug495300 use MediaTestManager. r=roc
46f139db20181e78e74a83783ccef249c0786230Chris Pearce — Bug 655648 - Go to readyState HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA if resource is fully loaded at loadeddata state. r=roc
6e1f4652252d361dca4b3780e1ae6dbccff1bd30Wan-Teh Chang — Update NSPR to NSPR_4_8_9_BETA1, which includes the fixes for
0b9b70e20848d326d01699cb27ce3857aacad2c1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 655583 - In about:memory, only remove the observer if it's been added, in order to avoid an assertion and/or exception. r=bz.
5ba52131c1a237c0986e5c1db253f772250ff4e8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 655638 - Make the canvas memory reporter a non-heap reporter. r=bas.
28bd3e0ad1fbee23060209ce711a21c8804202acNicholas Nethercote — Bug 654041 - Add buttons that trigger GC and CC from about:memory. r=vlad,jruderman.
eb114a45cd31a8853d235b8df6372f1eba9afae4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 653630 - Change SQLite memory reporters to avoid double-counting some memory usage. r=sdwilsh.
2b4ad7cfb6960e2470a7bddb42bd6bc4e1531a7aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 653630 - Allow non-leaf reporters in about:memory. r=sdwilsh.
62073f1776e399ddb6945ceeb8c58afc5022ce15Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 648490 - Remove the "heap-used/js/string-data" memory reporter because it is totally bogus. r=gal.
baa770151999476a6db98eab96e76c02dff90c52Neil Rashbrook — Bug 654017 Unused variable 'rightEdge' r=dholbert
73bbec8621c224e730f4deaa12efecfcc6687738Neil Rashbrook — Bug 408599 Feed protocol handler creates horrifying nsIStandardURLs r=gavin
388cde12c89d1314f383dc878e887cbbab4c757cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 655588 Desaturating filter produces more realistic grey scale than colour averaging r=Unfocused
a14401a8f9f202bd28bc4d805fb1c1641ed63dedOlli Pettay — Bug 656218, document.activeElement should not throw, r=bz
2b649bafb84aa958349f522c4775b85f04491bdaOlli Pettay — Backout Bug 513006 since it may have caused Bug 656218
6eb2b03b6fd5eddb8c2fd735b1ee4ae4a906c0bdJosh Aas — Bug 637253: Remove nsIPlugin interface. r=bsmedberg
f209ae2ce125b486909752725e1b2aca638168d4Steven Michaud — Bug 654725 - Changes in OS X 10.7 break our Wi-Fi monitor code, causing crashes (followup fix). r=josh
427fa3603d4c19dda278b996c6777297fea6ae37Jonathan Kew — bug 654057 - reftest for diacritics in Segoe UI font. r=jdaggett
800a2d46bb4e39da16583172d738bf44a2c8a236Jonathan Kew — bug 654057 - fix the zeroing of diacritic widths to resolve misplaced accents with Segoe UI. r=jdaggett
c6c669e643b585766ca01f40aa33ea35f0eaed82Dave Townsend — Bug 655162: A missing updates property in an update.rdf should be counted as no available updates not as a failure to check for updates. r=robstrong
5be875928599315bcdda2d98ea0a743e3ebacaf8Hernán Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 565359: Backspace should return users to the last view in the add-ons manager. r=dtownsend
993a4122bacfd18c76a302e3fbd39316b1fbbedfBrad Lassey — bug 655427 - make sharedIDs used by automation not depend on package nam a+r=mfinkle
dfb70d26874e54015255a355974654c0c8c7c056Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 656253: Fix intermittent orange due to variables colliding. r=sicking
1706e681390ce097e41d55e63807c572122e2939Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 656331 - XPCOM binary component loading never checks mVersion, r=bz
e64b8000eff86eb8574c9f33270325febe802829Jesse Ruderman — Bug 645142 - A crash test. r=dbaron
abe7b2a1982464d8abd08f257441887b140900d2Mats Palmgren — Bug 645142 - "ABORT: negative lengths and percents should be rejected by parser" with huge font size. r=dbaron
cdf3154afc0f8e0ad42bda353c67f82be24d9423Mats Palmgren — Bug 649134 - Add a comment explaining the extra subdirectory for the test. r=me
2caec858311a9a34cf4f678dc8ec030401ee97b4Jason Orendorff — Bug 645160 - jsdIStackFrame is incorrectly truncated at indirect eval calls. r=mrbkap.
24e3014896d69af7d59b739ffa6b41ff833c9a82Mounir Lamouri — Bug 656260 - Showing/Hidding bundle package doesn't behave correctly. r=joshmoz
916987d881346e5bc8ba17cc843fc42ce5566ea4Timothy Nikkel — Bug 655267. Move the synth mouse move handling from the view manager to the pres shell. r=roc
d5728312d7564f298556ea73d63bf3f4043f2b40Boris Zbarsky — Bug 597291. Create nsIURI objects lazily for nsCSSValue::URL, so that we don't pay the cost of creating the ones we don't actually need. r=dbaron
5a456fd32d3d8c0d19167cc373cfc67ba1e7aebaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 508369 part 3. Stop using timeouts in the test. r=ehsan
bf1a9f0c18e0fe7a58b7f8f02277aabbce80676bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 508369 part 2. Change the test to catch the error fixed in part 1 in the future. This is just removing an extra .parent from the scripts in anchors.html inside the zip file. r=jst
e64eb8c668494303e751a5981f765e4d439b179fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 508369 part 1. Move the detection of loads inheriting a principal later in InternalLoad so that we catch ones that pass in a non-null owner directly. r=jst
0191efa548ac29ceb4bf505c4b89b7b34469b8b7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 652775. Remove the default nowrap styling on <legend>. r=dbaron
7febcf91de21c3df7daed6a41a7399c9601d2ebeOleg Romashin — Bug 612407 - Add FPS counter like fraps r=joe,jrmuizel
6ab2406cc6c9b7976c4f64f65de5d1259a3a31eaMatt Brubeck — Bug 656177 - Register Fennec as a handler for file: URIs on Android [r=blassey]
79c1be244527ee82a9a8af1207ef2fc536d7ba12Hiroyuki Ikezoe Bug 656165 - g_free accepts NULL so we do not need NULL checking before invoking it. [r=karlt]
77c181f69a0ad88e5faeb4cb334ad0337d6100b6Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
6fb90c08b152507a0a0829944b82040f1d3a806eEd Morley — Bug 655475 - Remove WinCE code from I18N; r=smontagu
6de561136bc965b56f76b088e719c9c6495e3213Ed Morley — Bug 654504 - Remove WinCE code from dom/plugins/base/; r=josh
ef9dd00e7bef9f593ac6b5b96ffaf62cdc0fbdc9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 651480 - Only show the filter list when there are multiple filters on MacOS X. r=joshmoz
a5f4da293c4e567cafab09d290eb9620f2b05739Mounir Lamouri — Bug 651477 - Update setTreatsFilePackagesAsDirectories when user change the filter list on MacOS X. r=joshmoz
41e9e034e974895ce1d659dd1135d3471994790bMarco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
02fa31b4641c8e83cc948f8694b5078e1a4726ffMarco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
df4fb5243b1b5918b6133c9ba73f6017a35f4e31Marco Bonardo — Merge Places and mozilla-central
f625e8ddfe6faaa166bdfc154cd1969508efb351Marco Bonardo — Bug 493783 - Fix some Places warnings.
f1f0632c172f9efbdb9a3728530b2ee4f1111524Marco Bonardo — Bug 485685 - Remove obsolete entries from Places localization files.
96cbb26bed194d0970a2f8982328d57dea288b2cMarco Bonardo — Bug 631374 - Adding or removing tags in the selector listbox always scrolls to top.
3e5d2b7831d0a85c079eb99d7ac0e5460386d74fMarco Bonardo — Bug 639105 - A new entry does not appear in History menu for the certain pages.
639df63f952ebac6ab0f3cf6bfecc0c5a38f2141Mats Palmgren — Bug 638112 - Assertion failure: chars[length] == jschar(0). r=dbaron
86849e5fb7ca9ddc77026a941358611866ab1410Mats Palmgren — Bug 639303. r=joe
f3c01fd55b6b37ad477db4cf52e9ddd02b79d47aMats Palmgren — Bug 649134 - Ignore an empty or whitespace only href in the Link HTTP header. r=bzbarsky
a5b0d8686c97ef1745fb1704598be4912ee4ddc4Mats Palmgren — Bug 649134 - Ignore an empty or whitespace only <link> href. r=bzbarsky
1f5db39fbb1a6f22b2bfcf3d8833baa20cbcb7edSimon Montagu — Use SetMenuItemInfo instead of EnableMenuItem for the system menu to prevent spurious repainting of the buttons in the title bar. Bug 651905, r=jmathies
47f42f84ba96b284e5ea4e9b4a1c6b4c07cb7dffOlli Pettay — comparing with ssh://
a45b5cf1d6250162d15f1c02d8f1c538b881e02aMakoto Kato — Bug 637555 - Remove nsIMacLocale. r=smontagu
bedef853b523b40975415657715140a292a00eacMichael Ventnor — Bug 513006 - Some scrollbars disappear if GTK2 theme has scrollbar buttons turned off r=roc
cc46779561899666986c110d36417da92ee7935dMichael Ventnor — Bug 635903 - Arrow of Edit Bookmarks Panel is missing after toggling the expanded folder view r=karlt
64f5f44a8334729c074b19a84b5220440ab459ecMasayuki Nakano — Bug 655918 Clean up the composition string when whole characters of it are refused due to maxlength r=ehsan
e50a469db6916e0ae2d1e18a0f18f2dfe439e28bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 651307 Don't commit composition string on plugins at changing input source r=smichaud
b46f3c4c505941c04b5abb7827d7e6c1103b8aa6Masayuki Nakano — Bug 651694 Sort out NS_PLUGIN_EVENT r=roc
1b25ee9302c4095f59a1050cf76ad0e1ea7e1ecdBrad Lassey — bug 656200 - Android Talos tests are failing to initialize the device correctly a+r=mfinkle
51a9e2313a22b7f99d1270d991f9b13b18aa4859Mark Finkle — Bug 654838 - Create a unique branding for Fennec beta (displayname fix) [r=blassey]
2ab5c696884ee561c32b653a74bc7ddf3286c31eMichael Wu — Merge backout (to fix bug 656172)
f442ce8fb412e0a10542c4b77463a53120476916Michael Wu — Back out parts 3-7 of bug 620931 which caused bug 656172, r=killer
7f325307387dae3e0b7bad8f2e476a7756c2a7c5John Daggett — Bug 567552. Disable font auto-activation. r=josh
0ed4f22648e3e1811f84223e5cbea0cf1ad4bfccJohn Daggett — Bug 650723. Add ClearType parameter data to about:support. r=gavin,jrmuizel
d244e7fe6361aa2dd58a4fd63132b090bdd96f76Hernán Rodriguez Colmeiro — Bug 656152: Improve string for 32-bit plugin restart. r=gavin
618cad1b174331cc9ef43a9ad3c3d7e75975ebfaMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 649133: Implement xhr.mozResponse and xhr.mozResponseType. r=sicking
e6962b7d5e1e72cff06cc39b572330b4c365a887Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey. (CLOSED TREE)
0de1cf797699bbb9e36e8955d309120eeed4194dChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
0a2e66ce8631398b91f19f7d98f1caa7cdbc43b5Paul Biggar — Backed out changeset 0c6254cb818d (bug 652593) due to PROCESS-CRASH orange in M(oth).
0c6254cb818d233f0e8a74dda503279a0169828dPaul Biggar — Bug 652593: Remove compound GET*PROP opcodes, to fix strict warnings (r=bhackett,dao)
ec82b6f20c8f67c81986d395b4339d74dfb01ac4Tom Schuster — Bug 654685: add reportCompare to fix warnings, no_r=
22acbcf01a8fc425a16c212aaf86eaa23b0a1263Tom Schuster — Bug 654685: Remove Boolean.prototype.toJSON r=pbiggar
f9e70326248229e091617c44031205c5b01496d1Tom Schuster — Bug 652154: Fix path reversal on windows in jstest r=pbiggar
9ec7a17e3136a0b9a8fdc8c977609f4506659eefMakoto Kato — Bug 654873 - ARM target (gcc 4.5.2 or later) should use built-in atomic function instead of arm-kuser. r=gal
adc31247ace4b6b4bce91562c360bf746b4c1986Paul Biggar — Bug 653153: Fix the parseInt fast path doubles above 1e21 (r=jwalden)
ac9d129e70a2ceea04b2436a53c51499bc384033Gregor Wagner — Bug 655175 - Add entrance and exit time to GCTimer. r=igor
b892a04bedf767c60956698f60da74c537154268Igor Bukanov — bug 652416 - race fixes and other cleanups for background finalization. r=anygregor
6855db79531dc500a2ce644960ce585d2dc5cb75Josh Matthews — Bug 652803 - Check for existing proxy operations before attempting to fix a proxy object. r=gal
e04165ece84c341ff435f8916e45a618181602c9Andreas Gal — Add a "binary" argument to snarf (bug 655168, r=cdleary).
624c69edea94257d96547312128492db2bb2eb8fAndrew McCreight — Bug 650519. Add safe function to check gray GC mark bits, then use it. (r=gal)
394d48fa9cb7fd9bd3bff645d16b8ab8870adc90Blake Kaplan — Bug 651298 - Remove this assertion because document.domain makes it false. r=luke
6b033d30337a5031ca7b69db9e10e8cd10eabed1Blake Kaplan — Bug 653309 - Don't break compartment rules. Hold the XPCWrappedNative pointer directly in the holder. r=gal
3a6b0d5e35be85df2436e110dbda3ca3b32edaa2Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 653959 - Fix warning spam by using consistent declaration for js_DeclEnvClass. r=luke
50fe7f87c01a607d2d85c95f7829e9d9fc9adbd0Jeff Walden — Backed out changeset 83ae6e7c572e, maybe caused an orange, trying a backout of the most likely regressor. r=orange
83ae6e7c572e7a709bc40190ea3169ff0cfc1a76Jeff Walden — Bug 653888 - Clean up the Walk internal spec function, make the reviver delete properties from arrays if it returns undefined. r=pbiggar
c35425fb69568bda8bdf0bc568625ac782ab6501Jeff Walden — Bug 653847 - JSON.parse should properly handle omitted arguments. r=pbiggar
49f49164c1d776e07621af140d4e9b54a0f9c3bbJeff Walden — Bug 653782 - Properly handle JSON.stringify(_, replacer) when replacer isn't callable or an array. r=pbiggar
34e8a687ea80c3f5d2a679930c1d7175742073e5Jeff Walden — Bug 653782 - Remove js_IndexToId, replace with an inline js::IndexToId. Also removes the redundant IndexToId in jsxml.cpp. r=igor
9a5826e2fe0d8cf5bbfd79f8b3139257bb8eac76Jeff Walden — Move GlobalObject.* into vm/. rs=cdleary
ebc5f8a4b23368ee2368a9200bf806dc44579263Gregor Wagner — Bug 652931 - Proper handling of large mark stack insertion. r=billm
f0329a9811c968bb3712019ccdda818d3cd1f408Chris Leary — Bug 654792: Give Shape::shape and Shape::id better names for great justice. (r=jorendorff)
52a3e4f7d6300907967b67d3bc4ad1565442e867Phil Ringnalda — Bug 654700 - Disable Profile Guided Optimization on Linux/Linux64.
f1492c3cf81d4aee937e6e89021bf59e87fe2374Igor Bukanov — Bug 600648 - faster GC mark bitmap operations. r=billm
a15c6194d2f054eec65a95d86e4918924a57c588Paul Biggar — Bug 654073: Mark StopIteration as a class with no prototype. (r=jwalden)
84edaddc432f734ef317c38c95877c6433c0d85fChristian Holler — Bug 628332 - Avoid double-frees when compartment allocation fails (r=billm).
e4861593d134b4fe75bebc6569ae072fb944e9ccLuke Wagner — Bug 653631 - Fix faulty inlining of js_GetScriptedCaller (r=mrbkap)
6bacbf7d220b469a8e17ff668f5c0b0b5d491541Luke Wagner — Bug 653396 - Include JS_ARGS_LENGTH_MAX check in SplatApplyArgs (r=waldo)
ead4ec7de0325c44e416b28cfcc1c090fd1e72b4Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 656099 - bustage fix: add a null param to scheduleUpdate calls. CLOSED TREE
fbe2374e7ea036cf0fde97a43c2e603cc8a472acSteven Michaud — Bug 654725 - Changes in OS X 10.7 break our Wi-Fi monitor code, causing crashes. r=josh
aa889d945ef9a97fdb2451f4c8f370944a9da731Mark Finkle — Bug 649820 - Change browser CSS based on Android OS version (core changes) [r=vingtetun r=mbrubeck]
dcf3c8a1466f94549a1d81c8f622c48ed041df40Wes Johnston — Bug 655740 - Make prefs pane more tablet friendly. r=mfinkle
718df02869b9e030ccd15a579ef4c2af2e17bd10Benjamin Stover — Bug 651522 permaorange: Cleanup and add some temporary logging r=mfinkle
ea942f2caf48d3e4257a3137e75160e0833d049dDaniel Holbert — Bug 629718: Mark SVG anim-text-rotate-01.svg reftest as random-on-WinXP. r=ehsan DONTBUILD
1f40aba2f1acad42fb12300eddf895169ecb16b3Matt Brubeck — Bug 655361 - Move the browser too during firstrun sidebar animation [r=mfinkle]
c6bea9fce84ec41a77747b578a7144ae0220729cEd Morley — Bug 654732 - Remove WinCE code from storage/* & db/sqlite3/src/; r=sdwilsh
205cf95cbd62e574b7e3ba39e84802aa4869875dEd Morley — Bug 655473 - Remove WinCE code from IPC; r=cjones
6f092fa95ba15012578557624f413e5b2e933addEd Morley — Bug 545261 - Remove the debug "yikes! spinning on a line over 1000 times!" abort; r=roc
b68afa9fd243acb26283e3b4236ad568af6f3fd2Ed Morley — Bug 655756 - Remove final XP_MAC remnants; r=josh
d75f13dbf81fd5e4f11835ae40e26169e994fc8dMs2ger — Bug 654137 - Make not replacable; r=bz
95dad5bda710ee99bf6a1e8938089840e52cfb0cEdmund Wong — Bug 366774 - Removed unused preference bidi.characterset. r=smontagu
8f79761f3ea6742c68f8e3e7d50bfde94c82eb5cSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 648127 - xpcshell: add a newline before every TEST- line. r=ted
2a7aeaf22502810958a8d7a8a175e8ec1bb0ea28Myk Melez — Bug 654003 update addon sdk version for testing r=ctalbert
58663c18eb19ed6c716414dcdbbab8aafb5609ffDave Townsend — Bug 611048: Allow jumping to failures in the list of browser-chrome results. r=gavin
24bd5f86695cbb29e935a51550f554e3877985e4Matt Brubeck — Bug 655997 - Crash when changing orientation on Android (regression from bug 643032) [r=blassey]
36e216fdf97a5b54037abcd537a186c81a5e47a9Jeff Muizelaar — qcms: avoid unnecessary promotion to double. r=ehsan
f59eca5aea9f44f0205313c7645d71ee1ea43857Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 605179. qcms: revert build warning fixes. r=ehsan
a99f84efbb20dd1078860980450c8b008634c951Rob Campbell — Bug 656021 - Update Scratchpad menu access key to S; r=l10n
6824e96ca32aa7818b3d3a5c2737df9eb9eff970Josh Aas — Bug 653794: Improve management of plugin MIME types, MIME descriptions, and extensions. r=bsmedberg
83ca7e97185766903c9a57b09789f12840691b06Mike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 7 - Make startup cache generation work better with new omni.jar handling. r=mwu
2a3dd268ceb3f8772e70873631b3e208c04b06b0Mike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 6 - Add a -a option to xpcshell to set an application directory. r=bsmedberg
581ddeda222236823dea79e940ddb2acfbc81e70Mike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 5 - Enable omni.jar by default on xulrunner. r=bsmedberg
56cad749a41c9bd00ccf2d40437aca55d916ee1eMike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 4 - Fix resource://app/ to always point to the same as resource:///. r=bsmedberg
4820d39b86d725bd2770b4b37ccbb8aca2c4c928Mike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 3 - Allow GRE and XUL application to use omni.jar independently. r=bsmedberg,r=mwu
aad5d018120e8a1245a1f2616d9cb01b4ce24aecMike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 2 - When building --with-libxul-sdk, use the right preferences directory. r=bsmedberg
ddc20b6faef05a3afde6a7205a9858882f245ca7Mike Hommey — Bug 620931 part 1 - Use chrome manifest to register resource://gre-resources/. r=bsmedberg
8d378453a8ac37d3763fec16d98cc83073208b4dMounir Lamouri — Bug 654990 - Don't use SetInitialChildList to specify the style context of the progress bar anonymous child. r=bz
e0b0a18a690554a40ca08b7124d70ae282d580fbMounir Lamouri — Bug 641942 - Make Windows progress bars RTL-friendly. r=jimm
c15b58d50e45b828d9df896adf37acee4d9d12b1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 642127 - Improve the Windows Vista/7 progress bar glow effect. r=jimm
638dbfdb7fc386594886439095e4ac06befc2f9bMounir Lamouri — Bug 641905 - Use native rendering for indeterminate progress bar on Windows. r=jimm
75ced66ef5796bb2def7e738ba16a077c49cecbdMounir Lamouri — Bug 641517 (2/2) - Add the animated glow for progress bars on Windows Vista/7. r=jimm
66bf0a9f32b28881e436a2bfb3f4ffb7a5d4acb5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 641517 (1/2) - Use PP_FILL instead of PP_CHUNK to show the progress bar on Windows Vista and Windows 7. r=jimm
50a3b89cce71440bddb8c925744413ea5cda4090Mounir Lamouri — Bug 568825 - Fix -moz-appearance: progresschunk overflows on the bottom on Windows. r=jimm
9722e19af82cb9bb5ca05d0d5ff94e716464300bMounir Lamouri — Bug 634551 - Cocoa's progress bar widget shouldn't have a max size. r=mstange,joshmoz
5b69bdf44737bcd5b2b3812546411afd01e84bbbMounir Lamouri — Bug 634549 - Cocoa's progress bar widget should use HTML progress element's values. r=mstange,roc
3859797a8feaeeef828e425e19e0f040cbfaffbbMounir Lamouri — Bug 634086 - Simulate the native rendering for indeterminate progress bar in GTK. r=karlt
9e265e80c3ffbf326f4b675265cf6f3f11435055Mounir Lamouri — Bug 634088 - Use native rendering for indeterminate progress bar for Cocoa. r=mstange,roc
624f19ac853d8a78c306fa11021383de74b15334Mounir Lamouri — Bug 638176 - Make <progress> friendly with -moz-appearance:none and author styling. r=bz
b5cdf86774612a7e78549950a5b3f5b9ee24cb88Mounir Lamouri — Bug 642667 - Let authors set the progress bar's width when in indeterminate state. r=dbaron
91fa0c94e6dbf82a69d02741f68e0d3261d852d8Mounir Lamouri — Bug 633913 - Add a pseudo-class to access indeterminate <progress> elements. r=bz
dd09b7ba02ffde15f5411259d539dc21e0ce1131Mounir Lamouri — Bug 633209 - Add ::-moz-progress-bar to access the anonymous div inside the progress element. r=dbaron
97e11f940f25dad89ec7c724435abb98370add82Mounir Lamouri — Bug 567872 - Layout part of the progress element. r=roc,dbaron
684cdf4a421246f9fa8503fb9de1c421703d4697Mounir Lamouri — Bug 514437 - Tests for progress element (content part). r=smaug
d79de4b6b7f18c40f37ff032451f9bb68f0d0ed3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 514437 - Content part of the progress element. r=smaug
a16d106105edbdbeb508da20ca8f0fbf6180ab12Benoit Jacob — Bug 655703 - disable by default the type-ahead-find beep (accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound) - r=davidb
aac394a1bd91f56371b46b420445417d766f3f25Olli Pettay — Bug 649170, use the same nsIWeakReference in DocumentViewer and nsPrintEngine, r=roc
e0f6db50231f8be9c3a52fd395fa8802c0fa911bMatt Brubeck — Back out changeset bfb48178c8ec (finish backing out bug 514437) to fix tests on a CLOSED TREE.
7b78caa06ec2adf542c0e1c89792be82c2942494Shawn Wilsher — Pushing on a CLOSED TREE to fix a performance regression.
65316725d03b17320542473d89362b5ccfd2f84bShawn Wilsher — Merge for back out tracked by bug 655860. Also backs out bug 654990 because it depends on bugs in the back out range.
dd9ba28d2bd9b813eed90c551bbf6d2cda5832b1Shawn Wilsher — Back out bug 514437, bug 567872, bug 568825, bug 633209, bug 633913, bug 634086, bug 634088, bug 634549, bug 634551, bug 638176, bug 641517, bug 641905, bug 641942, bug 642127, and bug 642667 to undo the performance regression tracked by bug 655860.
0abb7330c64ca7d61fa92e2e33a3117a5df452deJulian Reschke — Implement exslt-date:date-time (bug 603159) r=sicking
33992b8ef80ef8ce48db4149b687fb58c421960fMatt Brubeck — Bug 643032 - Don't start network status listener until Fennec starts [r=blassey]
d70ce672b2c323c03de60e8b341325c8b8f6a6b0Jonas Sicking — Bug 643786. Don't fire DOMNodeRemoved when removing the editor created <br>. r=ehsan
1447c689162d0240056beb6885024ba7d4fa4dbfJonas Sicking — Bug 650493 Part 3: Back out patch from bug 645572 as we should now always end up with correct update counts. r=ehsan
ad2f423c9237d34ad56be393d8c07c21b26268e2Jonas Sicking — Bug 650493 Part 2: Simplify userdata by firing adoption handlers off of scriptrunners. r=smaug/peterv
e9ded5c5e0b7f0769245617dedb1971293ebba80Jonas Sicking — Bug 650493 Part 1: Simplify mutation events by firing all but DOMNodeRemoved off of script runners, and DOMNodeRemoved before starting any update batches or aquiring any state. r=smaug/peterv
d2ebd2fa29a12c67d65f4c7e1cca6901647d1d83Jonas Sicking — Bug 650493 tests. rs=smaug
fac85f7b22fa3b1ae88a47f5a6de6431dcaffc7aJonas Sicking — Bug 651598: Make test_bug288392.html report better errors. r=smaug
cc57061c12587bf004f0659b6334de5080af51e5L. David Baron — Propagate code that used to be in CSSParserImpl::ParseSingleValueProperty and mark -moz-script-size-multiplier and -moz-script-min-size as inaccessible to parser. (Bug 636029, patch 9) r=bzbarsky
2054cc185d8b8b34faa0fcf43001b146e37906bbL. David Baron — -moz-animation-play-state should not be part of the -moz-animation shorthand. (Bug 654890) r=bzbarsky
e5fc7dbde8bed3ea7f21b34556b13974596e64f1L. David Baron — Ensure nsStyleAnimation doesn't produce values outside valid ranges. (Bug 653842, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
c2613933f08bbdcac026f64ba85cb53b09ee2c07L. David Baron — Unify positive-nonzero value restriction (used for integers) with one-or-larger value restriction (used for floats) as a single one-or-larger value restriction. (Bug 653842, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
5752142febe7351fa3fd6a036ebfefd6d3ac24daL. David Baron — List value range restrictions more reliably in nsCSSPropList. Change 'font-size-adjust' to reject negative values. (Bug 653842, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
e2d2de2d2894f049ae019527e6fa4780c637bb99L. David Baron — In cycle collector dumps, allow much more room for document URLs. (Bug 652056) r=peterv
299c005302cd86c06fc6eae9b48693210696fa06Felipe Gomes — Bug 635402 - Get rid of :not([inFullscreen]) workaround selectors for sizemode transitions. r=jmathies,dao
0221eb8660f4d958dbb0f92cdfd18aeb9daa54adJustin Lebar — Bug 551225 - Make pushState use structured clone. r=zpao, sicking
b486f0b4a30de3c476968beb1739feb9b2620160Matt Brubeck — Bug 649688 - Revert to fullscreen landscape keyboard on smaller devices [r=blassey]
052bbd46f96fed5e042a07aa269426e3c28b241dEd Morley — Bug 655493 - Remove WinCE code from layout; r=roc
0abe8338b79b1e27dfe11969bf5c07b73602a362Ed Morley — Bug 654716 - Remove WinCE code from other-licenses/bsdiff/; r=ted
437f175609b8712a7dcb3fe6831f225a2ee565faMounir Lamouri — Bug 654990 - Don't use SetInitialChildList to specify the style context of the progress bar anonymous child. r=bz
6e68a1d9538beb26ff3f7f543751fb30f60d9f19Rob Campbell — merge projects/devtools to mozilla-central
c9cf95f38c54e7ea3d8ca3d44a7c26097de2d326Rob Campbell — Bug 653221 - Create Web Developer Sub-menu in the Tools menu; r=dao
3f6040a4e1c84611f0b7043fd084c3ccd2a489a3Rob Campbell — Bug 653934 - Add a comment to point people to original Workspace repo to Scratchpad.js;,gerv
19337c6ac3ef05de78d46864c1d17afb9176c481Rob Campbell — Bug 653093 - Rename Workspace to Scratchpad; r=l10n
15a7dcdcb2fc190be13f39178c50782e8baaa027Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools, fix bustage
0de31915f49498ef2fab003e6cdab83d03f1663cRob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
ba4d9f25fde6fa9296917cfaec30ae9adb6f4059Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
5c711a695cb7eb6065f007829804ab449a90cca5Mihai Sucan — Bug 593460 - Tests must properly close the Inspector; f=rcampbell r=sdwilsh
35aee8daa8bfc86d688ae6da338ac5c3577f0c86Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
ef6b2700e9513943009e379656bb4ce12836f3adRob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
7a6e57bf1b85b013bec64deee512796ffa0d2727Mihai Sucan — Bug 642176 - add Erik Vold to the contributors list for workspace.xul; r=rcampbell
5afb32b8ce584aea9a472cd5523f683d73bc6b58Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
bc1cd5fc588510323c630f5e1d68a0896fb37114Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
79876e2cbc82e53327a221e7fed30d7b29038e2cRob Campbell — merge m-c to mozilla-central
1c825163719de4f1ece99c71bc7d1101a68a8a1eRob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
4db25f3701ec7e19efbdb9e9f4eac5c553bce43bRob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
a06f8f79f7f4f901c8649351c207819b8bc5af7aRob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
947401ba2457993d6af2df204bbe0b153acfb365Rob Campbell — Bug 650780 - evaluating a null object in the web console returns TypeError: aObject is null; r=ddahl,dtownsend
16c139bbe0ca043b8f073ac9d51d346e5ed26d5aRob Campbell — Bug 627342 - re-enable browser_webconsole_js_input_expansion.js; f=pwalton
1caae16935f93e791d817899cf91a9dc17a4232cMihai Sucan — Bug 651872 - Create access key for Workspace menu item; r=rcampbell
b3a31be4470cc29b178d9851486bce65f5026ffcRob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
01f21f5be88dca43961aa310ede4542f1f42b99fMihai Sucan — Bug 646524 - Workspace: cache the sandboxes; f=rcampbell r=ddahl,sdwilsh
8227473480f5bde06cca23bc331d9c59b36f7defMihai Sucan — Bug 646070 - Respect chrome developer tools preference in workspace; f=rcampbell r=sdwilsh
b30aa967de2e407f6d3e28e3ef1207d815b8402eAdam — Bug 626484 - Incorrect order of lines when copying from web console; f=rcampbell,mihai.sucan r=mihai.sucan,
61fc20a05e322b856946474d2398fc5b1e6130c7Mihai Sucan — Bug 636725 - Unit tests for Workspaces; r=rcampbell,sdwilsh
037508c3bf0c0d501c8fe8b6fa5557e42a648b69Mihai Sucan — Bug 642176 - Integrate Workspace extension into the browser; f=rcampbell r=ddahl,sdwilsh
882922be55282b2ea7d7ed327bb71da2fabfe0e9Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
da509cd80d2902045a9238ac3baf60e8ca90d768Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
0ae4e6008b86bfb965d99a33d1b4c09a64c4d75bRob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
5f8d6db4c2738ee267ade7203f36feaa6d7aa858Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
cbd3cdb82da29a6f3ee10701dca5cfdabf6d3952Mihai Sucan — Bug 632275 - Web Console: Error message when click on an object to create an inspect window; f=rcampbell r=dcamp,sdwilsh
0d5421e233468ffdcc5b2ca71539b2ad2e876683Mihai Sucan — Bug 595223 - Keep track of file:// url 'loadGroups'; f=ddahl r=dcamp,dolske
acd6f373f4beff3749363589375fff364fd08025Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
f4309a08b957da0dcd4a9b29f428323493feba46Rob Campbell — merge m-c to devtools
66021ffa6c09300c432778764254fb9346d11a50Mihai Sucan — Bug 585956 - Implement console.trace() in web console; f=ddahl r=rcampbell,jonas
23e0f778f2f93dfa58ddbd8ffc812b93a3ca9e6fMihai Sucan — Bug 620832 - Web console attempts to remove its observers multiple times; f=ddahl,rcampbell r=sdwilsh,rcampbell
ff625731a29a1f7e83c4ee4d3490c6fa211f5a52Rob Campbell — merge mozilla-central to devtools
abf39d39f0f4d35dc12f392358907cf199b5e3ecRob Campbell — merge mozilla-central to devtools
0bcb4052e18ccdb05f71a1171fe8d38e83937b0cRob Campbell — backout bug 632275 and bug 620832, a=rcampbell,orange
8be464aa5841faedb0debabf779365a81be34c45Mihai Sucan — Bug 620832 - Web console attempts to remove its observers multiple times; f=ddahl,rcampbell r=sdwilsh,rcampbell
1fe294269d54c184de650cab43b25ccf2677a391Mihai Sucan — Bug 632275 - Web Console: Error message when click on an object to create an inspect window; f=rcampbell r=dcamp,sdwilsh
af5c044d29aca671b29703a585536047009b31d6Tim Taubert — Bug 653681 - TabMatcher._getTabsForOtherWindows() must not use nsIWindowMediator.getMostRecentWindow(); r=dao
508c54f638245a6baa2a422ea7c006d4e6d6beaaMatt Brubeck — Bug 655731 - Don't play the firstrun animation if sidebars are already visible [r=wesj]
390072430c56bad2c63b473f3b91570dbd6b2262Mounir Lamouri — Fix build bustage.
ea4a5a20e081b0e59b249764968488b6e4db4a46Mounir Lamouri — Bug 641942 - Make Windows progress bars RTL-friendly. r=jimm
f645c31242541e12d22597b0c8af9a1ed9a21eaeMounir Lamouri — Bug 642127 - Improve the Windows Vista/7 progress bar glow effect. r=jimm
ddfa8bef5859dbf31966d19c61020a3c9c9c9acbMounir Lamouri — Bug 641905 - Use native rendering for indeterminate progress bar on Windows. r=jimm
4a7b8019b83f46156bbe070baf99a565d2276d1dMounir Lamouri — Bug 641517 (2/2) - Add the animated glow for progress bars on Windows Vista/7. r=jimm
f8ab655d503c95e9e8ae00d3b7ef7b16dea95622Mounir Lamouri — Bug 641517 (1/2) - Use PP_FILL instead of PP_CHUNK to show the progress bar on Windows Vista and Windows 7. r=jimm
65a4097a0d955199b4f62177bb726eab39a25fb7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 568825 - Fix -moz-appearance: progresschunk overflows on the bottom on Windows. r=jimm
a48aa0f63d90c0b9b8aed61fb49c0967dab055b9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 634551 - Cocoa's progress bar widget shouldn't have a max size. r=mstange,joshmoz
94dc6447f1026ba7ce0ebec871969b61e607bf32Mounir Lamouri — Bug 634549 - Cocoa's progress bar widget should use HTML progress element's values. r=mstange,roc
0695497a4b52dd6f93d649c2c986553f592b78e2Mounir Lamouri — Bug 634086 - Simulate the native rendering for indeterminate progress bar in GTK. r=karlt
00d5a081d5d319014113353f7b1976b7218f3f85Mounir Lamouri — Bug 634088 - Use native rendering for indeterminate progress bar for Cocoa. r=mstange,roc
2bfb06f51613ce15e7ceb9ea53c98fe0a9e3ef9bMounir Lamouri — Bug 638176 - Make <progress> friendly with -moz-appearance:none and author styling. r=bz
78ea30b54e01663116cc7a6df5816df0af66a10dMounir Lamouri — Bug 642667 - Let authors set the progress bar's width when in indeterminate state. r=dbaron
89d4c7fd4d0d30d65f48acfee1e2f8e52a3c8970Mounir Lamouri — Bug 633913 - Add a pseudo-class to access indeterminate <progress> elements. r=bz
2139b047dbb7f2820da0b5eacc31220aaa245688Mounir Lamouri — Bug 633209 - Add ::-moz-progress-bar to access the anonymous div inside the progress element. r=dbaron
a8b8078beea289410e8e2ec26b7622f88861c55aMounir Lamouri — Bug 567872 - Layout part of the progress element. r=roc,dbaron
6d42dd8b3d0d1eef20669dc8be77622add2166b4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 514437 - Tests for progress element (content part). r=smaug
bfb48178c8ecb1b2755361fa83728a96f8902c83Mounir Lamouri — Bug 514437 - Content part of the progress element. r=smaug
b2ce3817d034874c254867f4d3e296079256fd76Vivien Nicolas — Bug 647841 - Opening a new tab occasionally causes a side panel to appear [r=mfinkle]
05786df6cc16eaa24013c04f22ce0704402695f2Vivien Nicolas — Bug 639530 - Suggestions bubble persists on results page after filling out the search form [r=mfinkle]
807ea3a5844f7165d0930fd7cff6682ed84d6150Vivien Nicolas — Bug 650694 - browser_scrollbar.js on Android fails four tests and times out [r=mbrubeck]
35979ec6850a57feaa05bf2f76d55847646e2505Vivien Nicolas — Bug 655005 - [RTL] left scrollbar is mispositioned when the control sidebar is visible [r=mfinkle]
3ab07933020e68961da5901fd2216fafbacce605Vivien Nicolas — Bug 653219 - autocomplete popup mispositioned when remember password message is shown [r=mfinkle]
664382a1d450a7703c416725c3af256615013eb8Anas Husseini — Bug 652259 - [RTL] Arrow is on the wrong side when opening a new tab [r=vingtetun]
dfcfa00eb188b14330b3d2fbbcd8485a7e3eaa6aJonathan Kew — bug 655207 - don't read an uninitialized entry in the hyphenation array. r=roc
7299264c520460f89d1f47b5c221ad5d18df8c83Henri Sivonen — Bug 650001 - Make the HTML serializer pay attention to namespaces. r=bzbarsky.
34e7b390a99bd4cf400171c42cd2161cac46eab1John Daggett — Backed out changeset d34dd7156b4d
d34dd7156b4dd893a20cb0dc8c4c97ec8f5098a9John Daggett — Bug 650723. Add ClearType parameter data to about:support. r=gavin,jrmuizel
9e31df64bfd71c9a82afd7663309c050d06e4f12Mike Hommey — Bug 650246 - Replace %APP% with "firefox" in Firefox preferences. r=gavin
dc9cf2842794930e9e5fbea8f644ce2ce61f0628Mike Hommey — Bug 652399 - Disable building embedded libjpeg-turbo when using system libjpeg. r=ted
d21dae3474b30cfaacbdc5ce9d6b7f517a4a3d9fMike Hommey — Bug 654080 - Display which GLIBCXX symbols cause an error. r=ted
f44b71c6c32796bc365d85cdc4e3213c50208dfbMatt Woodrow — Bug 649685 - Don't flip when drawing the backbuffer to the window with OpenGL. r=joe
1461de626881724cb66b4b6fd29662c0eaf260e0Makoto Kato — Bug 571739 - Fix VC8 support on Win64. r=neil
0c911d0c3a62f878b1fd052c36675b76ba4e3c8bMakoto Kato — Bug 564774 - nsMacCharset.cpp looks obsolete. r=smontagu
46a89f1c9263208b2e144dd2b1aac0da6a5ff3ebChris Coulson — b=639467 Use GIO in HandlerExists and GetAppDescForScheme r=karlt
3833fae240f758f70ceb18e7b3b9c0717fdc1c1fKarl Tomlinson — crash test for bug 644542
c26ec595c92373e0421f15e3eefcf4a1c3df73f2Karl Tomlinson — b=629472 revert to using NP_GetValue instead of NPPluginFuncs::getvalue for NPPVpluginDescriptionString when testing for Flash r=cjones
3865e976d54de27d5c54e718a4f5230f46692a79Karl Tomlinson — b=644542 don't process expose event if the window is destroyed during WILL_PAINT r=roc
d77a997768a923b74dbb35984eca676ed5c05b44Karl Tomlinson — b=647469 continue after crashes in addr2line r=dbaron
615cffa67cfaef8c9ee695bfaa5ec3eaa1bc5c02Chris Pearce — Bug 566779 - Don't move media to readyState HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA when resource loaded, if metadata not loaded yet r=roc
a4bf69cf2f78fe4e1cfd1bc903499c8fc90469b1Chris Pearce — Bug 566779 - Clean up media start and end time calculation. r=doublec
11339a517f7962a5c8f25cee890fb0b4dd261734Ms2ger — Bug 655512 - Forward implementation of nsIDOMDocument from nsHTMLDocument to nsDocument; r=smaug
5991f0ec6b34ea6c8ae6eb953f8f156f9cb4556fMs2ger — Bug 652192 - Remove layout/html; r=dbaron,bernd
de9c234bb39246ce8842b42af5a540837e505225Luyun Xie — Bug 113580 - switch uses of getAttribute to hasAttribute whenever possible; r=sdwilsh
2aa25183ddec586da45a5c9023e153151e4e65f6Ms2ger — Bug 414638 - Disallow mixed space/comma syntax for CSS rect() value; r=dbaron
a06feeb6375aa945b65909e9667daf78c1011162Mounir Lamouri — Merging cedar with mozilla-central.
33d37164fd188731139d126190a8127105f90818Sebastian Kromp — Bug 633750 - deCOM nsIHTMLEditRules and move methods to nsHTMLEditRules. r=ehsan
23c2ddc386c54b6872927ea9b7bf90123621751eEd Morley — Bug 654552 - Remove WinCE code from netwerk/* ; r=cbiesinger
d275b0e6e877c6d87db3927b1f451a5836b72203Makoto Kato — Bug 652747 - 64-bit Nightly [build 25-04-2011] crashes on launch in DLL Blacklist code with certain antivirus software installed. r=vlad
c6f971864dde0a456ab6d598150d9edb691f58caJonathan Kew — bug 655138 - don't use font entry after it's been replaced. r=jdaggett
b6a4eb4ec5d458f170137fc9bd9aaded1e7f6d01Masayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part 6: Make TextInputHandler grabbed by nsChildView and its methods which dispatch events r=smichaud
eceb7533a5e7a6d30718c8e371ee7056a697a21bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part 5: Make TextInputHandlerBase and PluginTextInputHandler classes, and rename nsCocoa*Hander to *InputHandler with namespace r=smichaud
ec6d99f512a529a79dc4af5c9156797d48f7ba3bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.4 Move NSTextInput handler to nsCocoaIMEHandler (except insertText) r=smichaud
b3a799ac62c9cbab035340a0cb0c2096430a0ddcMasayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.3 Move marked text handler to nsCocoaIMEHandler r=smichaud
85f82a8d3ed825c390277badc9769a0370726594Masayuki Nakano — Bug 519972 part.2 Move text event dispatcher to nsCocoaIMEHandler r=smichaud
c3081b5db3d1db9213e5ed4531369f1970b0f60aMs2ger — Bug 572652 - Remove the Accept-Charset header from HTTP requests. r=bz
77a5770b0500a16ad67c34b673e4c38bc8d3afd1Ed Morley — Bug 655496 - Remove WinCE code from Mozilla owned parts of media/* ; r=kinetik
9253e72c98ad5d45920918e357b7f44c77b52af9Ed Morley — Bug 655480 - Remove WinCE code from memory/* ; r=pbiggar
23430875e8618270202e44fe79aef56365a0e751Robert Longson — Bug 655497 - Remove nsISVGGlyphFragmentLeaf. r=dholbert
a8f07cad55e2b2c45cc9dd74aa8e9778461f9340Chris Pearce — Bug 650994 - Decode ogg packets lazily, timestamp them at demux time. r=doublec
e3a50c1f8ea9fd550973afcd3c41c0c39f65a838Matt Woodrow — Remove spaces from reftest manifest file. r=orange
e861aabf1631f9675ff55474db36f9db899c31c8Matt Woodrow — Bug 651469 - Add backwards scrolling reftest to catch self-copy bugs. r=roc
a0fd33b098f6eead03b2eaba683c386c7ed5f4b1Matt Woodrow — Bug 651469 - Add FastMovePixels to gfxASurface and use it where appropriate. r=roc
a3cc29e7e3b98346c1c2410ebb87bb0b65b25130Matt Woodrow — Bug 648604 - Re-enable plugin transform test on linux when GPU layers are enabled. r=joe
dac74f0a188201c6c69cce34f58d0e961e29163bJonathan Kew — bug 655198 - don't parse 'all' as a value for -moz-hyphens. r=dbaron
571d5a04678dd4f609321288f7434fc730937990Olli Pettay — Bug 652752 - Click event isn't fired if mousedown event and mouseup event are fired on different textnode of same element, r=masayuki
b430e631d5cd4f5e9ca25ee1f89038238fa6a249ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave15
94042ef440fa13933849cadb8414973befdc8102Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 641460 - Fennec stays minimized when closing multiple tabs on Maemo / MeeGo
75a2043c05291b45e7d4f500fea0907778a7c729Oleg Romashin — Bug 646412 - After Connection is established on MeeGo. Browser shows Error Page. r=wolfiR
4a5bcd4057d72f9cfbbd0cc4ad602d7ccf2fb9c9Oleg Romashin — Bug 646412 - fix autodial pref initialization r=cbiesinger
62941612320d3bc12575f03c8df66b0b9c83ed05Boris Zbarsky — Merge cedar with mozilla-central
dbccf95e0a8138d2064dd67db5db855dcb7257bbCraig Topper — Bug 648925 - Part 5: Make nsCSSKeyframeRule use inherited AddRef/Release from Rule. r=bzbarsky
74f3c3baa67a9f244e059b0162a40c158958fd3dCraig Topper — Bug 648925 - Part 4: DeCOMtaminate GetDOMRule and GetDOMRuleWeak. r=bzbarsky
f19cd0781e64bf845c1a25d5ac9ecb80979a6829Craig Topper — Bug 648925 - Part 3: Factor some common method bodies into css::Rule. r=bzbarsky
750d39ddb81f1a0b0385e253705dbe1049fbbb4bCraig Topper — Bug 648925 - Part 2: Make several css::Rule methods non-virtual and inline. r=bzbarsky
6140c532052523d208530f597c499dca136aac62Craig Topper — Bug 648925 - Part 1: Change uses of nsICSSRule to css::Rule. r=bzbarsky
fde4fa1ec72639e71b9e1ee6c2bb9a5d9eb03ad6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 654989 part 2. Use the nsStyleContext handed back from CreateAnonymousContent. r=roc
c13b634ef7aa26f9ce530b9e46d7f96ba3de050aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 654989 part 1. Allow handing out both an nsIContent and an nsStyleContext from CreateAnonymousContent. r=roc
382093bd231a7d1e5c6769c1c3ebec19103c1128Mounir Lamouri — Backout 2348924d6410 (bug 612407) for build bustage.
d6a5096b586137b0314f3d709f0f8b05b8aa13c1Ed Morley — Bug 654737 - Remove WinCE code from editor/*; r=ehsan
d6d104661d3045b3ffa8557d96c46932e85bcd5fAlex Pakhotin — Bug 641906 - Use system theme colors in nsLookAndFeel on Android. r=blassey
2348924d64101470f497e5e36a2f784a28c8cdbaOleg Romashin — Bug 612407 - Add FPS counter like fraps r=joe
cd5886d031b5aa4cb84d98082ee607a291fd49b1Paul ADENOT — Bug 654976 : changed the AudioChild mAudioReentrantMonitor name. r=kinetik
48ba96443bca93fa493a571a5b0530fa38271dc9Ed Morley — Bug 655039 - Remove WinCE code from libmar; r=rstrong
8056d9a01d44d12144d10ca89af55a667b8bdfc2Ed Morley — Bug 655010 - Remove WinCE code from mozilla owned parts of ImageLib; r=joe
6beb0ffbdf98c0817e36ac3b2c82a453772fd034Landry Breuil — Bug 654929. Fix fallout from 633653, failure on sparc64. Add some #ifdef JS_METHODJIT/JS_TRACER. r=nnethercode
dc03ec9b962eee1b1e85efd892fd1118e3f2e115Landry Breuil — Bug 651968. Fix linking with ossaudio, and include soundcard.h instead of sys/soundcard.h on OpenBSD. r=kinetik
5f243f6a0eb6aa52992aa29b94fbe57751d1257aDylan Helling — Bug 557726. Allow passing a pseudo-element argument to getCSSStyleRules in inspector utils. r=bzbarsky
17754546028b68e9b158e240bc06d940448fafc7Yury — Bug 451165. Fix ParseColorString to report errors when there's garbage at the end of the color. r=dbaron
263ea410a1f9c67d4e4587d90bbc15cd57bbaab1Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 642148: Upgrade Mozilla to NSPR 4.8.8 final. Only the version
45e307f12f9051f47f363e177a6d195aa2194559Benjamin Stover — Bug 521113 Don't allow kinetic scrolling to move sidebars r=mbrubeck
4acd689f36779494ea95f7eea6105295c1b5739fBrian Smith — Bug 655340, require NSS 3.12.10 and NSPR 4.8.8 for --with-system-nss, r=wtc
3d3beb323f72e20e6cd2f3bdd34023799087ddf2Patrick McManus — Bug 654197 - nsWebSocket::Initialize uses an unanchored JSString unsafely r=jorendorff
c4b4470534b427932cc26b3d74011e8106e82884Taras Glek — Bug 627591: preload (xul|mozjs).dll on Windows when prefetch is off r=shaver
90ea82330ce655ec982d2f1f5344fa81b2ca367bTyler Downer — Bug 471588 - Remove String docs. r=dbaron DONTBUILD
541c4f11d3b6729f62a8994959a1e811ce79c4f2Mark Finkle — Bug 654838 - Create a unique branding for Fennec beta [r=blassey]
34e6f4cc76349a2461a3a1359b34b790d7403cd8Mark Finkle — Bug 653717 - Add aurora branding to fennec [r=blassey]
de45da66d672baf77e01d243fdeab22e7e41871fJonathan Kew — Bug 253317 - Provide hyphenation dictionary for justified text (android packaging) [r=blassey]
844ada72417911ca97d9d8e0c389171635376573Benoit Jacob — Bug 653419 - check for null gl ptr in SetDimensions NOP path - r=joedrew
b23704f2994896e6a840349d84911faed24829d1Benoit Jacob — Bug 653419 - correctly mark WebGL context creation as successful - r=joedrew
f65a3762c7deb29219d8ef99a0fbdea21fec663aBenoit Jacob — Bug 648705 - memory corruption due to dangling pointers in WebGLProgram - r=joedrew
f20bf706d0b5617174462ce2aff31399a208149aEd Morley — Bug 655176 - Remove WinCE code from docshell (incl broken uriloader/exthandler/ WINNT |ifeq|s); r=bz
7c04a6a5ede665ae73571345e2aa626b52d9d846Ed Morley — Bug 654719 - Remove WinCE code from testing/* ; r=cjones
d73c889a6078c6ab49df06fbf22f65d5e604a408Ed Morley — Bug 654472 - Remove WinCE code (incl MOZ_FLASH_ACTIVEX_PATCH & USE_HTIFACE) from embedding/* ; r=bsmedberg
0723af2574f11255a1e247b7f2209b8f58e6662dDaniel Holbert — Bug 655025 followup: Rename added IsEmpty method to avoid clashing with inherited nsIFrame method. r=longsonr
cfd13e3ed2cf8068d0e242d3f730bb14cfed2452Robert Longson — Bug 655025 - Fix zippity graph. r=dholbert
14fe8a6cfd45575ab1ccde56ad33abd562eaf61aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 10209 - Part 2: Implement the absolute positioning support for all frames; r=roc
b5c0b85194d651f43176c644d2b34d5eb2f52596Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 10209 - Part 1: Add an API for absolute container support for all frame types; r=roc
8d0ca70728ff55ed8cafdf736c3edd528904e3b7Wes Johnston — Bug 654733 - Stop using the word computer in offline storage notifcations. r=mfinkle,madhava
7db1f707c11c0cf4da339d1d7a06b9314588c4d1Wes Johnston — Bug 651048 - Firstrun screen should not show setup dialog is sync is already set up. r=mfinkle
8ea8e50b631ce5a1ac26df4d34986d798547e787Wes Johnston — Bug 625229 - Slide sidebars in and out on firstrun page. r=mfinkle
62352944d597a794ce0c5b1be354cb99c7e8d487Matt Brubeck — Bug 654122 - Enable browser_scroll.js mobile browser-chrome test [r=stechz]
ccbde21853b10cdf8a550baa73352b2f31b5fd2dBenjamin Stover — Bug 654798 - Fennec browser chrome tests install to the wrong place [r=jmaher]
59594568f15205d4377afc90f614d244023f90f4Benjamin Stover — Bug 654752 - Make work out of the box with Fennec [r=ctalbert]
59ae97ec2f1285169f4b8f78fa029dd7865a6a31Dave Townsend Bug 642795 - Remove support for finding system XULRunner in the standalone glue [r=mark.finkle]
50c8d71956021015727abe6ed9bf8381329c0e1aEd Morley — Bug 654600 - Remove WinCE code from security/manager/; r=kaie
192bc9af9a0dac4539ee4399ebfd8b011ff12fb4Ed Morley — Bug 654736 - Remove WinCE code from XULRunner; r=mfinkle
cefb7b2e556544d3e3c91393a0cb1100fac02d0aMatt Brubeck — Bug 654127 (followup) - Cache "contentMightCaptureMouse" attribute per tab instead of globally [r=wesj]
633511f3d20be6ef4ad95801e250b31e24aaf506Matt Brubeck — Bug 654904 - Fix tap highlight regression from bug 653009 [r=wesj]
b754c3a3875959e060893152e7cfd84d56f0a871Zack Weinberg — Bug 541496 prelim 2: nuke trailing whitespace in layout/style/Loader.{h,cpp}. rs=dbaron
b0e5ffb6bfc70502eb712793c1490fd47fea050aZack Weinberg — Bug 541496 prelim 1: remove nsIUnicharStreamListener (no in-tree implementations). r=hsivonen
0833508a377c18a94c35bd1e4569416f33d70003Zack Weinberg — Merge backout of 11d2a7ed963a (bug 595020) on suspicion of causing bug 655197.
76bec6bdc88c678c40b9fb747ec6c9ade39eec2bZack Weinberg — Back out changeset 11d2a7ed963a (bug 595020) on suspicion of causing bug 655197.
88fdbd974f82a7032e0632f1eda2b8ccebd1f6b3Matt Brubeck — Back out changeset 6b26a933cad7 (Bug 649319) on suspicion of causing Windows debug Mochitest-other permaorange - CLOSED TREE.
359643f58412ae768aeff01fc270fe51e2797ed3Matt Brubeck — Back out changeset 9a959f4d17e6 (Bug 653681) on suspicion of causing Windows debug Mochitest-other permaorange - CLOSED TREE.
b489fd99b3337f61aed46856aafb71fefe502095Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset de21696c8853 (bug 654423) on suspicion of causing Windows
8ccb9dff65d7032821c8ccc74ba744d1354ae251Olli Pettay — Bug 654770, fix few AddEventListener calls now that it has 2 optional parameters, r=sicking
eaaa24ff93a01a285fda5bcfbef01c6cad99e69bMatt Brubeck — Back out changeset 1defe29fdf3c, ffe31dc2d27f, 54bacc404a6f, 16772cb4a781, c169c3b8dfb2, 94f06945b818, 6a2724d755f3 for test failure.
6fe900aa4679bd2ecd2e07afbe8dd9de26c03788Mark Finkle — Bug 650390 - osversion in chrome.manifest files should query android os version [r=dtownsend]
a352b92e475c3c4bfe8079612e7f51f071f7abe4Kai Engert — Bug 479393, incremental patch to fix if condition, r=bsmith
aa8fba19940ecb6d925b6ea8008fcf0044bc3fccKai Engert — Bug 479393, fix whitespace, no code changes, rs=me
ac7caac1f8ccb88b7096a0bb61d5394c8980a00aKai Engert — Bug 479393, move two functions within the file, no code change, rs=me
2e000b193b234fad6fbff95a88b623e0f5b11bd7Kai Engert — Bug 479393, Add libpkix-based certificate validation to PSM (off by default), r=rrelyea, r=bsmith
5efc266040c70127c38e63e0e3f99a8a93bc2afaJustin Lebar — Bug 653364 - HashChange event should have isTrusted property. r=bz
89b1fa4c4e3d9b18a4f7e2bcc4f92716c2d09c10Benoit Jacob — Bug 645407 - remove useless GLX checks - r=karlt
bd95b5dbd8c22211ccd4ce3844eed4e0ad466969Benoit Jacob — Bug 642502 - about:support improvements -
80c0a924a5b37cb4db1ec3b478a0ba5377be457cBenoit Jacob — Bug 642502 - skip fields with 0/empty/null values - r=jrmuizel
775378356e03e5c77dd4866d41a77b65dcc291eaBenoit Jacob — Bug 645407 - remove old blacklisting - r=karlt
3d3e242392511d5e6b917979edd51b785ba19baeBenoit Jacob — Bug 639842 and Bug 645407 - implement GfxInfoX11, using the info from the glxtest probe - r=bsmedberg,joe,karl
dba98220665882a19efd0a6bf9151df89542913eBenoit Jacob — Bug 639842 - implement glxtest probe running as separate process - r=bsmedberg,joe
241ad00dc381e6e01c797c7c38e46a2a8bff3626Axel Hecht — bug 655078, add intl/locales to, bustage fix for bug 253317, r=ted
afcca618a5a4f6fba8c0c3df2777ed459978553bMike Hommey — Bug 654975 - Remove -freorder-blocks-and-partition from PGO build options. r=ted
3abe2f8c592edf2305ff1d25ccd6f333678804ecJustin Lebar — Bug 590181 part 2 - Switch default gcc optimize options to -O3. r=ted.
1defe29fdf3c58be073d2600fa6b437751252a20Benjamin Stover — Bug 654798 - Fennec browser chrome tests install to the wrong place [r=jmaher]
ffe31dc2d27fbb4f0e8ca1c4961d7ab9196945c9Benjamin Stover — Bug 654752 - Make work out of the box with Fennec [r=ctalbert]
54bacc404a6f297b856a32dda28e2f4ce0a81be5Dave Townsend Bug 642795 - Remove support for finding system XULRunner in the standalone glue [r=mark.finkle]
16772cb4a781307d34778aec5ce65076e41b26d6Ed Morley — Bug 654600 - Remove WinCE code from security/manager/; r=kaie
c169c3b8dfb2d264fe9f9d7ae56011b47a404e4bEd Morley — Bug 654736 - Remove WinCE code from XULRunner; r=mfinkle
94f06945b8185b1a75cea08c97242ca99d090d02Matt Brubeck — Bug 654127 (followup) - Cache "contentMightCaptureMouse" attribute per tab instead of globally [r=wesj]
6a2724d755f3febd2cefab8a5bae144636ebe68cMatt Brubeck — Bug 654904 - Fix tap highlight regression from bug 653009 [r=wesj]
790f42440904a1a6cd2ba394b097c2579676773dMike Hommey — Bug 654493. Detect gcc c++0x headers brokenness and don't use -std=gnu++0x then. r=bsmedberg
a068c2f010d9448fb3fc68dadd21b96e9dbf7ca5Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 7a3898f131f3 because it doesn't list a bug number.
0591c3a2b297e4adaccca2f8f8ff02754a6361d6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614171 part 5. Inline the cheap Equals() methods on nsINodeInfo. r=sicking
eb59af71bd5986c9bfde87cea2c77e251d3049deBoris Zbarsky — Bug 614171 part 4. Eliminate nsINodeInfo::GetLocalName in favor of GetName. r=sicking
65844f8be46f71cc5ee608f6717a04a7f35e2160Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614171 part 3. deCOM qualified name getters a bit. r=sicking
0226c56cdd58d624925b1cf2277d71b83dcbe555Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614171 part 2. Cache the qualified name, in normal and corrected case, on the nsINodeInfo. r=sicking
3d82b6d2ec58deacb29a3e16ca6c5b855a2f67e1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 614171 part 1. Switch away from Init() to using a constructor for nodeinfo. r=sicking
e5668cb2a02fb6b87f94739f721e813e462330d6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 349259. Allow pages to override line-height on form controls, except for <select>. r=dbaron
285a5ec885015b060052e564cf93cde2e89eab71Boris Zbarsky — Bug 652401. Make sure to not have straggling JSContexts on the stack when notifying in the refresh driver. r=smaug
7a3898f131f33e0a11ab26cb7d118e739be4d7ddMike Hommey — Detect gcc c++0x headers brokenness and don't use -std=gnu++0x then. r=bsmedberg
ce41b70f1ada5b39a54868ab23615dbc584d5e1fBoris Zbarsky — Merge cedar with mozilla-central
de21696c885352b5011144011c8f8da6c3947c8cTim Taubert — Bug 654423 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug630102.js | application timed out; r=ehsan
9a959f4d17e60bfd85eee3a6f84b786abf7fe290Tim Taubert — Bug 653681 - TabMatcher._getTabsForOtherWindows() must not use nsIWindowMediator.getMostRecentWindow(); r=dao
6b26a933cad7b064249a211394767b4382c80ecdTim Taubert — Bug 649319 - tab focus when resizing or moving a group in panorama; f=raymond, r=ian
adf273dbca3800e0ddbfd886fc033e5d07159fb8Nick Hurley — bug 648878 - move get(local|remote)(address|port) to httpchannelchild r=jduell
b25f2bdf71ec53df3c1c6b2980318dec8c2385afPaul ADENOT — Bug 654956 : Added private: statement in nsAudioStreamRemote. r=kinetik
92d5e760e0c04c10b72b23df837faa6eaec273f0Kai Engert — Bug 646460, Don't allow to override after treating certificates as revoked, r=bsmith
611e3c1a1e98fe953fdcae73a7cd3807d33f4386Kai Engert — Bug 642144, Enable multiple roots for EV. (March 2011 batch, depends on NSS 3.12.10), r=rrelyea, r=honzab
d7b4c607546b1a70ec26f5fa2be08ed6fc546ebaKai Engert — backout bug 645459 from NSPR because of a build failure on OSX 64 bit
29f3dc7ad5dbabfc234990c5f0fe90c79118223dKai Engert — Bug 642148 - Upgrade Mozilla to NSPR 4.8.8 beta 3 and NSS 3.12.10 beta 1, r=wtc, r=kaie
a921de81bc4599ffd419b29bf7af12b1f2987043Kai Engert — Backout bug 345094, revision 77ce8faa1906, r=bsmith
2f2d4de425154ae3207cd324c4a67f64b4aba8fbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 652459. Temporarily disabling these tests to reopen CLOSED TREE. a=davidb
31879b88cc82c1f44e6a6c25a05aa2c70af22d7eDaniel Holbert — push an empty cset to flush requested clobbers builds, to hopefully fix mochitest-a11y orange. Landing on a CLOSED TREE
ecfeced36f143a65021d850411dfbb8243e03811Trevor Saunders — bug 652378 - dexpcom nsAccessible::GetDescription() r=surkov
e5c5ea4d03edcdc0cf4ce85966615685d09e8170Daniel Holbert — Back out cset bc80c46f185d (Bug 590181 part 2) on suspicion of causing linux reftest permaorange (bug 654858) when PGO is disabled. rs=glandium CLOSED TREE
5f42997621ee583118c6b21a03856a97ad4ab32cChris Jones — Test for bug 648935.
3f5b363ad39b767259178e179d01057b36a27c11Chris Jones — Bug 648935: Need to use the "remote stack depth view" when deciding whether to undefer, too. r=bsmedberg
8d603861d0aa68893b18a609127cf4a835ec5a85Boris Zbarsky — Merge cedar with mozilla-central
798050382d9abe5bf2de3316dec0283832fd09b4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 654167. Fix drawing of thin 'border-style: double' border-collapsed borders. r=roc
3c5e31fe829c3026222b328232ad830c76be9f80Mounir Lamouri — Bug 641720 - Make nsHTMLInputElement::GetRadioGroupContainer saner. r=sicking,bz
eabc4dc89606144086b5e2c5e5510d99d03d6034Mounir Lamouri — Backout f68a9bfc9bfd (bug 641720).
a015d76bf4d9af486827b25e4dd21ae980063f5dMounir Lamouri — Bug 639490 - Remove nsHTMLInputElement::GetNameIfExists. r=sicking
f68a9bfc9bfdc68ff1f0133cae708ece83b608eeMounir Lamouri — Bug 641720 - Make nsHTMLInputElement::GetRadioGroupContainer saner. r=sicking,bz
85b6539d432937ab53252837f1e42a70727a1e95Boris Zbarsky — Merge backout of bug 648878
a6b896feecee403179dec36c81adb4d6a1d4eb49Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 998b91ea0ffa (bug 648878) because it doesn't build on Windows.
939ccc994fbabf0424ef17129ee4e78c3db7a6f3Raymond Lee — Bug 649347 - about: pages do not have favicons on the thumbnails [r=ian]
998b91ea0ffa1c596904fa1d7fee156aa5024f62Nick Hurley — bug 648878 - move get(local|remote)(address|port) to httpchannelchild, r=jduell
ec5747dbbfed2fcf320734782a6edce769e796edTim Taubert — Bug 636149 - Home Page -> Use Current Pages; Does not respect Tab groups; r=gavin
11d2a7ed963aeeb3181546c9b678ff7c7ff5843aTim Taubert — Bug 595020 - Group name isn't displayed in title before TabView is loaded the first time; r=dao
8c4250c3bbf33f1b69c374f25ec5341c35845e04Raymond Lee — Bug 632294 - Unify setActive... functions r=ian
5cd6dbdadeab2e28cf0a6ec35ebea234de96493cRaymond Lee — Bug 627966 - Use Places db's favicon service [r=ian]
8e3ce1fe0a1c603ecb3b010518a0d215aaf142beRobert Longson — Bug 620286 - White space at beginning (end) of tspan should render when there is preceding (following) non-white space text. r=roc
284c22ed4b17acbe25602124a359b69aebf8f90btimeless — Bug 619777 obj_toSource guard of IS_SHARP instead of !ida confuses coverity
1dfb7de9414b6df55c89a243a034e8074db207c6Mounir Lamouri — Bug 558651 - "Check Spelling" should only be shown in context menu when input element is in 'text' or 'search' state. r=sdwilsh
cd2365b0f7108901c090c7c07faea8f55ac14db8Mike Hommey — Bug 654700 - Disable Profile Guided Optimization on Linux/Linux64. a=jimm CLOSED TREE
4ed2169f5b34ab0aade87db7a24656cfe0322fc1Jonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 3.1 - build support to install hyphenation patterns. r=pike
5cd93fcc75d965fe513f074239ab1be967a6c1f3Jonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 6 - reftests for automatic hyphenation. r=roc
a92024952aabb4417596f9c7002b3696440b676cAndrew McCreight — Bug 651273 revert nsXPConnect::Traverse changes to fix WANT_ALL_TRACES CC (
f0ad024522bbb07d3e56586e4bb874a4681d8d15Olli Pettay — Bug 613634, make the 3rd paramater of add/removeEventListener optional, r=sicking
0179ee37bb48a77210bd74fc9e9059da144ed584Jonathan Kew — merge backout
489616b68f5f6b4178b6dbc4d2570baad03d9ce5Jonathan Kew — Backed out changeset cf41ba95de85 because the tests will fail without the hyphenation dict
9fa7473f00b8526c5c5211d53a1e1e830d30ccdbJonathan Kew — merge backout
0779fb4183b93dbb6fa61be801020ac809aba16eJonathan Kew — Backed out changeset a5877159c9a1 to investigate l10n-check orange
79497dd8d244531a144b96251c5a30fad233e040Mehdi Mulani — Bug 468313 - Add permissions to safe-browsing so warnings don't keep showing up on attack sites. r=sdwilsh ui-r=limi
3fd770ef6a6501565551734fce94d78ed5c7d8f0Jonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 5 - support none/manual/auto values for -moz-hyphens in layout. r=roc
cf41ba95de8579facde9578c8e94c3041d1f0b68Jonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 6 - reftests for automatic hyphenation. r=roc
3f96f2d3dffe15bd7609b1af7223f7d6a71860dbJonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 4 - implement nsHyphenationManager and nsHyphenator classes. r=smontagu sr=roc
a5877159c9a16be6ac6a034453b94b3788fb2096Jonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 3.1 - build support to install hyphenation patterns. r=pike
861b8bbc25b5f9621cac4b04b3c8b8fbb8775f4aJonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 3 - import en-US hyphenation patterns (from r=smontagu
fb4db64ca8b8c1336b5aa5db40a1a97f5bf331abJonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 2 - import hyphenation code (from r=smontagu
852a668d69b9cac674b7c590c6417a9c8448a7acJonathan Kew — bug 253317 - part 1 - implement -moz-hyphens property in CSS. r=dbaron
85da10660bc50ad054f9c4ec33f8f67f69402a1cKai Engert — backout d30b2e9c999a
0e25d6182131f6318a5c5a9d82a718c22a23783cKai Engert — backout c89356582dc9
f44e47cb3d7e1b980b655f509f5cf0312bae2c03Kai Engert — backout 68941:5b8ade677818
ecf2ceb020774182111779cae4ba42b0d679ace1Kai Engert — Backed out changeset a2b1affead67
a2b1affead6775a1b3f51934bcf66f18b41ecf3cKai Engert — Bug 642144, Enable multiple roots for EV. (March 2011 batch, depends on NSS 3.12.10), r=rrelyea, r=honzab
5b8ade677818a36ca76de94bec5c52d36a85f911Kai Engert — Bug 646460, Don't allow to override after treating certificates as revoked, r=bsmith
c89356582dc948908b31cdfcdd22371fd0ba8b3fKai Engert — backout bug 645459 from NSPR because of a build failure on OSX 64 bit
d30b2e9c999a43ffa9abf7429a27432430813738Kai Engert — Bug 642148 - Upgrade Mozilla to NSPR 4.8.8 beta 3 and NSS 3.12.10 beta 1, r=wtc, r=kaie
3ff945bdace773d7299a94c6b5f4a0b377e059ddGinn Chen — Bug 654653 Some CXXFLAGS are missing for non GNU_CXX compiler r=glandium
e90bdd97d168d354a20c8439cc1dcfca602ab4ccDão Gottwald — Bug 558585 - Window flashes white when a new tab is made, despite settings. r=gavin
759cb9d29ef3abc7bd9dcb8d15b29e0f2ed7946aDaniel Holbert — Bug 654372: Fix nsWebBrowserPersist constructor init list order to fix build warning. r=ehsan
154900bdac9036228e21b2d9dbcf1e47e3735b56Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 650505 - Get rid of ComputedCSSStyleDeclaration. r=dbaron,jst,peterv
3bae6630c5aff7f0e4c5449845b084e41a9bcfcfEd Morley — Bug 654463 - Remove WinCE code from content/* ; r=sicking
c3c4c902e9cd9ccf3d0cd2bb470da53630a3066fHenri Sivonen — Bug 654106 - Avoid registering a script observer in the fragment parsing case. r=bzbarsky.
eb15fab87e7e7b2bdfcbf19a8648543be3f892abChris Pearce — Bug 600020 - Don't dispatch error events for media loads on cancelled channels. r=roc
1f0635e935d9a56880ea2f9ad4e3afaa1c8437c3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 633653 - revamp about:memory. r=vlad,sdwilsh,dvander,gavin,ehsan,edwsmith; sr=benjamin.
dcdb0421464db15fbeae3f884fffbf2759ddaf96Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
530f1035197234b28a7689dfff3d594cf99e26a2Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
f3eba0269bb2c5f094211d88b0be75255069028fMarina Samuel — Bug 652483 - Sync UI: When printing or saving a sync key, the dialog prompts you to change it. r=philikon
c01dba4456f9903f589df357ecd29ee54d27ee1aRichard Newman — Bug 653307: Adjust reCAPTCHA NoScript hack in Sync. r=philiKON
62317ba65526165aaf154208732889624967836aMarina Samuel — Bug 645883 - "Deactivate this device" should not default to action. r=rnewman
6c2b6aea1d897e6c00d33046545f20659751b094Marina Samuel — Bug 621517 - Sync UI: Add a Device wizard pixel-shifts while validating J-PAKE pin. r=rnewman
32ed3c4b2eab8b795446b43a0335342b57fa207bBenoit Jacob — Merge backout, a=bustage fix
418b0b9985c6c6f16beaa7b4f92d5b9e690b13e3Benoit Jacob — backout bug 645407, bug 639842, bug 642502
84af3e2c7ac35d94f4cdcca62c3c97c8e67b62d0Johnny Stenback — Fix bug 649795. Crash when accessing mOwner which might not always be set. r=bsmedberg
fde62ad9cd75004aa7e4dee0467f35f0bc2171cbL. David Baron — Fix the remaining todo test in test_parse_rule.html, which is invalid since ~= selectors never match anything containing spaces. (Bug 384672, patch 5) r=bzbarsky
4dd57526d5f69957d89429e95b3a04fea06a9c65L. David Baron — Only allow escaped newlines inside strings (which includes url() tokens that contain strings). (Bug 384672, patch 4) r=bzbarsky
5a70248eb4ac38524cc320090ecd57898eafb462L. David Baron — Allow ParseAndAppendEscape to fail when the stream does not contain an escape, and make callers handle this failure appropriately. This changes our behavior when backslash immediately precedes end-of-stream. (Bug 384672, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
16da10dde7a5c7913437513df0819d861f41b912L. David Baron — Handle failure of GatherIdent, which can (starting with the next patch) fail when the character sequence is not an identifier. Additionally, change the tokenization of a hash (#) followed by a non-name character or EOF to tokenize as DELIM (eCSSToken_Symbol) rather than as eCSSToken_Hash. This only changes the behavior in the EOF case, because the only caller (color parsing) that accepts eCSSToken_Hash (rather than only eCSSToken_ID) checks the length. (Bug 384672, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
c7aa244b92afb93f941afff68c545a4d4e40390aL. David Baron — Pass whether we're in a string to ParseAndAppendEscape. (Bug 384672, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
3f208499e8b418e1056017e14f2c398d9ca7155fBenoit Jacob — Bug 645407 - remove useless GLX checks - r=karlt
14351a8521c3874e1760b24a937880001f1c844aBenoit Jacob — Bug 642502 - about:support improvements -
ae3c9370cc57f21ad218e41a16d68ad365d489e3Benoit Jacob — Bug 642502 - skip fields with 0/empty/null values - r=jrmuizel
221e1a3438732e3a205382827180069064111917Benoit Jacob — Bug 645407 - remove old blacklisting - r=karlt
809d3205d3b806087e83c14c87d0e4f1329b2132Benoit Jacob — Bug 639842 and Bug 645407 - implement GfxInfoX11, using the info from the glxtest probe - r=bsmedberg,joe,karl
10d08c50b571e6813e3f117342da2e92f9866401Benoit Jacob — Bug 639842 - implement glxtest probe running as separate process - r=bsmedberg,joe
5235e497e207df61ab0b32e482a79e5dbc088f31Dave Townsend — Bug 654530: Sync in-tree test pilot with AMO version. r=dtownsend
f6152e382b946a614b0dbe5d0c276ee52511fc77Jono S Xia — Bug 603009: Catch and report all exceptions thrown during test pilot study execution. r=dtownsend
bed84d4108023bbdc17805f78fcc8abdfd9509b6Wes Johnston — Bug 605965 - Fix test and add check for addons before adding them. r=mfinkle
a2b66f1b996a0c5190fcd8a663f1057f7e27659aVivien Nicolas — Bug 650820 - Adding a search engine without an icon thrown an error [r=mfinkle] DONTBUILD (mobile only)
9f3466cf2163b8076cff1c20828fab8e56f6cf44Vivien Nicolas — Bug 650817 - Search engines list misinterprets tap and pan [r=mfinkle] DONTBUILD (mobile only)
1c85998fb15ff1b32103252638c32af8480b824eAnas Husseini — Bug 653370 - [RTL] Fix computeSidebarVisibility() so that it doesn't confuse tabs panel with controls panel [r=vingtetun] DONTBUILD (mobile only)
66cff9a9d5d2817bbc53c51acdb19621f5afd909Daniel Holbert — Bug 654346: Fix C++-style comments in mfbt headers included by .c files, to fix build warnings. r=cjones comment-only=DONTBUILD
5d1e8ed138dba36942a6f23c8473aa2fdaf1833aMatt Brubeck — Bug 654122 - window.scrollTo on pageload does not always hide Fennec urlbar [r=stechz]
0a0081de66e32f5ae6e3fc9da5db16d58af1953cBrad Lassey — bug 654444 - Only include URL of active tab in content crash reports r=mfinkle
6a3209b9d1fee02621433c49dbc26fde7c425fdfBrad Lassey — bug 654312 - include urls of remote pages in content crash reports r=mfinkle
83b30b8ad22c3a2aad1fb93766c6175e4de8548cZane U. Ji — Bug 236872 - Changing Auto-Detection Scheme breaks the message display output; r=enndeakin
7528b2718827d83082b7ceea33df49df4d97bf38Mike Hommey — Bug 650304 - Use gcc C++0x mode by default, when it works as expected. r=bsmedberg
316b764ae6c01ed1b91dc9f1690572b6d5364658Mike Hommey — Bug 654082 - Add C++0x support to the libstdc++ compatibility hack. r=tglek
eebcd14c9c46d7e541e5fce138b6e656dcdfca6dMike Hommey — Bug 651975 - Replace mmap with file reading in pyxpt. r=ted
63c46c761a92bd36b8aaa29a7a02bd570f2aee41Dão Gottwald — Bug 451833 - Highlight the domain name in the address bar. r=roc,sdwilsh ui-r=faaborg
86248f7209b70f8a381320075fd2ea7aa858d201L. David Baron — Make XPCOM_CC_DRAW_GRAPHS work at shutdown (in addition to working for non-shutdown collections). (Bug 652056, patch 3) r=peterv
064d7c5425a6b70e0e7d4f3c6aebdf812334b65eL. David Baron — Audit for places in style rule code that need to check for a null sheet. (Bug 634373) r=bzbarsky
e089a54230bf71965c9c74bb0e3aa9771fd40247Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey. (CLOSED TREE on tracemonkey side)
b67b035200efbc1181394d07842aa4b1da16101fChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey. (CLOSED TREE)
e2843f43757ec448fc5c9d9fb56daeb52cb54009Igor Bukanov — bug 605029 - followup to fix inconsequel typo
b5302c13e059af715867ad54c71dbe5186385c3fPaul Biggar — Merge backout.
41b74f0b32fed1fbe8c6069d197031444505b97aPaul Biggar — Backed out changeset 334ada87e329 (bug 628332) - those a11y errors arrived at the same time as this landing, so backing this out to see if that fixes it.
61bbaedfc2a3934a7fa821012756f6a3ee63046bIgor Bukanov — bug 605029 - ArenaHeader versus Arena<FreeCell> and other cleanups. r=wmccloskey
3dd6ec45084c7a79fbbae8aee42769a91dcf00eeChris Jones — Bug 642381, part 3: Hoist Maybe into mfbt and eliminate Gecko's use of jstl. r=jorendorff,luke
c8dcc08a4a8a02f006d2a8aa7f3e0ea9fc764fd1Chris Jones — Bug 642381, part 2: Rename LazilyConstructed to Maybe. r=luke
2effdc4e447dc1d169cf58da1eba77729a8e86e3Chris Jones — Bug 642381, part 1: Remove js::Conditionally. r=luke
24c1e19ddd502dc829997519678902af2072b334Jeff Walden — Bug 652215 - Add a js::StringObject subtype of JSObject. r=njn
b779f8f08c7955a5c0941380513be51219166971Jeff Walden — Bug 643537 - Properly interpret String and Number objects provided as the space argument to JSON.stringify(value, replacer, space). r=pbiggar
22580db92b772de4739a5bee70ffeb1e0d8c9622Jeff Walden — Bug 648471 - If JSON.stringify's replacer is an array, only get the list of property names to use from it once (i.e. invoke getters on the array only once), and get them in order from 0 to the array's initial length. Also use non-enumerable array index properties in addition to enumerable array index properties. r=pbiggar
5ed5999041bec8236c6d7c701e0d1320c0b176b0Rob Arnold — Bug 651510 - "Signature for JS_StructuredClone differs in jsapi.h and jsapi.cpp" [r=jorendorff]
73a85c79fbdae6d391c6e35b7d1c5ff5195115fdPaul Biggar — Merge backout of bug 651864.
8c6c07349e706ddadeaaef38a679c73e04d042e4Paul Biggar — Backed out changeset 00313f95d106 (bug 651864).
334ada87e3290410725ce786a37447c39ff15b00Christian Holler — Bug 628332 - Avoid double-frees when compartment allocation fails (r=billm).
00313f95d1060dada52fec3c1c131fde8af42b0bPaul Biggar — Bug 651864 - Extract magic slot formula into inline functions (r=jwalden)
268942ceb06fc53daf3ba02f4ae02ace68ee2874Paul Biggar — Backed out changeset 2919a6aa1ab7 (bug 652449) - jstests in |make check| bounces again.
2919a6aa1ab71fa221b5a3385ed72602913fa508Paul Biggar — Bug 652449 - Turn on jstests in |make check| on linux only (r=jimb)
881c06ebc5eead0674ff38b67d14a18b005d0079Paul Biggar — Bug 642772: Don't recreate a class during enumeration, if it has been deleted (r=bhackett)
72a5969b0c294ac7c323230ae38d1f7fbbf62b69Matthew Draper — Bug 564577 - __noSuchMethod__ no longer invoked for defined non-function properties (r=igor)
d433ee7d9f86e49d59b63a0448791f02c9a4df80Jeff Walden — Bug 647385 - Implement a ToInteger helper that corresponds to the spec method (rather than inlining its contents everywhere it can be trivially used). Also fixes a couple bugs in one place that should have used ToInteger but didn't. r=cdleary
f1751a93f6651d00485288b47910902d48a5966fJeff Walden — Bug 512266 - JSON.stringify for various special characters should produce the corresponding one-character escapes. r=pbiggar
a7b220e7425ac1f2b4b8619c4008b2cd71f50482Jeff Walden — Bug 635389 - Check for overrecursion in functions that might need it. r=jorendorff
8f7cf9d0b63686882e6e1114e7a6ff2a37a2e58aJeff Walden — Bug 650574 - No recursion checks converting a cyclic object to source, if the object's toSource hooks are built-in functions. r=luke
17dffff00f56aad075f3f6e6af56b1a50c6d74deChris Leary — Passing bug 646184 crashtest assertion. (r=dbaron)
c08f97b3f842e68a356b5b6976ee85946fe9f9a4Luke Wagner — Fix linker error. I fixed this in the patch I pushed to try but seem to have lost it in the meantime (r=burning-windows)
7faf405fa9f0bf143343d0d218c03773584c6b79Luke Wagner — Fix --disable-methodjit bustage (r=red)
e9da34dfa8c55eff951858b9a53f3a4ec9be58c0Luke Wagner — Bug 644074 - Simplify and consolidate VM stack code into js/src/vm/Stack*
34265a1fd56b3e5e74f5572adcb19556945e2ac3Wes Johnston — Bug 650965 - Additional test logging. r=stechz
11a6a67cf3a9e2db02cd3d44784cd14d7154911fCameron McCormack — Bug 645268 - Random orange fix try for browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js; make sure we listen for the right load event. r=msucan
7fdc7150c67c40d2bcf73a518069e0a5cac8e2ffBrad Lassey — bug 644943 - nsHandlerService should not be used in the content or plugin processes because it requires access to the profile directory r=bz
49d57109f1540eceaa4e617a6e0a9bada796e84cMatt Brubeck — Bug 653772 - Add a minimum velocity to start kinetic panning [r=stechz] DONTBUILD (mobile only)
67bd71d5eae63086b541c9654bc6806134992ac9Matt Brubeck — Bug 653990 - preventDefault on touchmove does not completely prevent panning [r=wesj]
551d758ef4eca50c0e83bb0270a29aef571fa5dbZack Weinberg — Bug 653179: fix a call to nsRenderingContext::GetWidth(). r=dholbert
cb8ef6ec8f95ad2e3cd616f1475cf3c0daf6927fOlli Pettay — Bug 654182, svgnumberlist keeps a strong pointer to element, r=dholbert
bf1db7f2968633df8cebd1b0a81e5f5ed65a3ca2Matt Brubeck — Bug 654127 - Cache "contentMightCaptureMouse" attribute per tab instead of globally [r=wesj]
081668165af34b6ecc14b36bfcb02f94d1ad119fMatt Brubeck — Bug 653990 - Minor bustage fixes for touch events [r=wesj]
f6ae3b6615f2caffa3b0de3e5c8d34c29eec7cdfMarco Zehe — Bug 649929 - Improve screen reader readability of the Help/About window, r=gavin
e36c9820debda56f0a2697b6d3e239b7c21050b1Mark Finkle — Bug 651947 - Build error on Windows in winEmbed.cpp:171 - missing type specifier - int assumed [r=bsmedberg]
3c4573f9525231cdf1464c6a48cf0b5632f61753Mark Finkle — Bug 653780 - Use real MouseEvents, not simple Events for TapDow, TapMove and TapUp [r=wjohnston]
79157d41d7bcd2f79d3b306749c72c3a1d460e44Boris Zbarsky — Merge cedar with mozilla-central
d8c12f825895c48b7da42ca7fc276ffda4ac4eaeNiklas Bölter — Bug 502644. Correctly append UTF8 data to an nsAString when linkifying things in view-source; don't use AppendWithConversion. r=mrbkap
6b33a2e653ca5803d4a6088156d6cf6c5d62682bFrédéric Wang — MathML Operator dictionary: fix conflicts and add entries for bars and quadruple arrows (bug 414294). r=karlt
ef5eafbf53adfad2599880263b20808d34c288edDavid Gardiner — Bug 284156. Stop using the deprecated SHGetMalloc function. r=joe
4e5abe9e5e8dd23a9d5186afc1acadb9568b4e3fLandry Breuil — Bug 589088. Save X_CFLAGS on OpenBSD too. r=khuey
c8c3e140ebe3e36680b45117185d960ba5606db2Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 642793 - The focused Tab is not set first in the stack. r=ian
a2db302689584e16ea907511f68eaf156b28e121martin — Bug 653718. Fix struct size check to account for clearsitedata and urlredirectnotify. r=josh
4947d988f65779b722af90175c37fb011bfaac65Marco Bonardo — Merging Places to mozilla-central
4c616579cdfa9b7b16f1f3a0afa24460b4fcb564Phil Ringnalda — Bug 652473 - PlacesUIUtils deprecation messages need to lay off the whitespace.
55f8702f60856988018ad6dfe9979b7f7ec1d618Marco Bonardo — Bug 619623 - Disable Idle Service to check if it's related with the intermittent failure.
49420afe652c88a25744ac3518b25712904577d2Marco Bonardo — Bug 630240 - Avoid full refreshes in history results when incremental updates are easy.
13304071441177c847c415ebbd5f14b65f4fefbeRobert Longson — Bug 643419 - pathLength should affect stroke-dasharray. r=dholbert
24966d9165554515f2b0a1118af80e8b320b99d6Jacek Caban — Bug 643772 - dom/plugins can't compile on mingw due to implicit function pointer to void* casts r=benjamin
9b312736f4ca324c33bae7788a0dc001b3e0dea2Jonathan Kew — bug 33032 - synthesize various Unicode space characters rather than showing missing glyphs. r=jdaggett
b7d79acc2930633c3379d8f956aa13a9eb308f63Jonathan Kew — bug 653100 - no longer need to save copies of layout tables prior to OTS sanitization. r=jdaggett
f1267acf58cfd415d92a9bd76845bfe749f5dcf4Jonathan Kew — bug 653408 - [ots] fix GDEF sanitizer so it doesn't reject LinLibertine. r=jdaggett
1b9584c937a73fa45bb768477df6e5ddb2398292Jonathan Kew — bug 653705 - ensure mIsCFF is not left uninitialized for downloaded fonts. r=jdaggett
d761dc1a15f592c57ce1003ec689f419041b322eMakoto Kato — Bug 652299 - Remove unnecessary character conversion in CreateNPAPIPlugin. r=bsmedberg
a45b194f7d11f3d88de99090d440cdd9be22cdb1Brandon Bohrer — Bug 635170 - DeCOM nsIWin32Locale. r=smontagu
3a3209e98dea99e404bf263f253d526c1d0d1dccJeremias Bosch — Bug 645659 - To early rotation implementation in fennec-qt code cause breakage. r=romaxa
6322e8f7cb2dd4e393b7ad18acbc09f1bae69771Benjamin Stover — Bug 640048 Crash fix: build nsDisplayScrollLayer with a non-null frame r=roc
c62fe949af6051b875b1e9d1ed95f5c01041f5cdBenjamin Stover — Bug 640048 Fix edge case for z-ordering for async scrollable elements r=roc
4456506e9326d6a908727b8c6529053e42fdfdd9Craig Topper — Bug 648885 - Part 3: Remove nsIImageMap. r=roc
04d191d85f50f6657212292613705475bc5982feCraig Topper — Bug 648885 - Part 2: Remove nsIImageFrame. r=roc
5377c90564372ff7a4614313de78b04389fc8f56Craig Topper — Bug 648885 - Part 1: Remove 'using namespace' from nsImageFrame.h. r=roc
af860093a19a4996d72dc4c318e403124c1d60b8Craig Topper — Bug 585255 - Remove nsTreeWalker usage from nsFocusManager. r=sicking
1e7f4ce5636f6ceaa96a9aeb08655cd6101279b9Ed Morley — Bug 652506 - Remove WinCE code from xpcom; r=bsmedberg
38d6807354e9578cf0094dcb28f489c7ba1b8718Timothy Nikkel — Bug 653839. Don't call DidPaint on hidden documents. This just does for DidPaint what bug 594267 did for WillPaint. r=roc
8ff1e817d45ed23628354c871bbed4697596d735Frank Wein — Bug 649810 - SeaMonkey 2.1pre Windows installer ignores extension choices. r=khuey,Mitch
c1bc77f0fac18abd26105293ab4bd90d27f72fa6Jonathan Kew — bug 653977 - ensure font downloads are re-triggered if necessary after userFontSet update. r=dbaron
4869c05422b70608b05bc16b6ff130d9bdfb27f3Jono S Xia — Bug 652193: Test Pilot studies won't load in aurora and beta channels. r=dtownsend. DONTBUILD as it is NPOTB on m-c
068d876996c6bde85f363d4f5fc68969651e4335L. David Baron — Lower the level in the cascade of animations. (Bug 653645) r=bzbarsky
509e62175dbfb6f8e99ae1742d1dd7081bc52d41L. David Baron — Assert that we destroy ElementAnimations/ElementTransitions through its Destroy() method. (Bug 653644) r=bzbarsky
278fd4966ed04c6bbf50da3291dadc7364a4bb54L. David Baron — Add additional test for @-moz-document regexp() case-sensitivity (after discussion in bug 653495).
00d9bc4a9b9c196a6177eefe03cea76f8bcd0f58L. David Baron — Convert use of zoom API in style system mochitests to SpecialPowers. (Bug 653461, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
442fe6006bbb0a3974a2e528ac68392e209b4f60L. David Baron — Convert use of DOMWindowUtils in style system mochitests to SpecialPowers. (Bug 653461, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
2228e6343c47fa35dfc6a30d8668817f505b901dL. David Baron — Convert use of preferences API in style system mochitests to SpecialPowers. (Bug 653461, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
57bbb1c30f4b11b16429901a311674e26048784fMatt Brubeck — Bug 653899 - Don't send MouseMove messages to pages without touch listeners [r=mfinkle]
deb13b9167ade1b53c08e239bcce73cca6e127c4Mook — bug 651663 - mark TestXPC global class as JSCLASS_GLOBAL_FLAGS (r=jorendorff)
a0011860948b12018b83015137b9160a808a779cSteffen Wilberg — Bug 625322: Reorder some items in the History menu. r=dao
4bbc17c443c91e5ed1e93ed50b96ad7ea6668500Steffen Wilberg — Bug 625325: Reorder some items in the Bookmarks menu. r=dao
0fb6deab9b72d2e59fd0466739a02abaa37dd7f4Ms2ger — Bug 616684 - Remove support for DOM Views; r=sicking,ehsan
74af720b024cd916590fb556ba8b71ed884f4eaaRobert Longson — Bug 619992 - Fix invalid reftest that will fail after this bugs main patches land. r=roc
1be13b4c6d80b62ae67b1438beed9f5c34d9968cRobert Longson — Bug 652442 - Script feature support should depend on whether javascript is enabled. r=dholbert
0eb3693adc74fa4f25095c095e5e75be8acb9b46ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave12
7162a399c3345cc9b7554d7c18347386586d31b3Cameron McCormack — DONTBUILD, either.
aee45fbc65dc395bbf043da41bae5a9c8ddfc2faCameron McCormack — Bug 647080 - Give the reftest analyzer the ability to load a log from the hash. r=dbaron
c7da6b9d83d2b118516241c90f3825e99cf9a84bCameron McCormack — Bug 647020 - Tweak CSS of reftest anaylzer. r=dbaron
44f2b2c318b086161d380308f45b812b37f4c403Mark Finkle — Backed out changeset c7f62d818af2. Causes content crashes Bug 653889
e365bff10705825b327ef1e632d607484983120eMichael Wu — Bug 617298 - Make text extraction from child process slightly more reliable, r=jchen
a008a3fda2b5f4c5155d14c95cd6581a30b7d334Bartłomiej Brzozowiec — Bug 653238 followup: Fix build issue in --disable-smil builds by adding #ifdef MOZ_SMIL around new chunk of smil-related code. r=dholbert DONTBUILD (NPODB)
2bcdd585f4778895d7eecdbe8800bf0dddf7a1f9Matt Brubeck — Bug 653009 (part 2/2) - preventDefault on touchstart should prevent click [r=wesj] DONTBUILD (mobile only)
2928d2610d74ce5d3aa81ae6bc136f33fd4b47a8Matt Brubeck — Bug 653009 (part 1/2) - Make preventDefault on touch events compatible with WebKit [r=wesj] DONTBUILD (mobile only)
6a11745c96b67c2f79bbe4d426ac6f68f2866f1fDaniel Holbert — Bug 628370 patch 1: Downgrade assertion for "Unable to locate an XBL binding", since we hit it under normal conditions and we have code to handle it. r=smaug
c45621e37aa80138b05211889ff197c8cd671474Daniel Holbert — Bug 653564: Use signed int for iterating through nsCOMArray in ContentParent::SetChildMemoryReporters, to fix compile warning. r=dougt
17cbe366cd51bb9f60987b162ed7582be524a6e8Alon Zakai — Bug 627215 - Enable browser.sessionhistory.optimize_eviction. r=smaug
0ebf2860b252ab6f65de6ec22d41a8fcc7a3100dAlon Zakai — Bug 615597 - Implement the W3C DeviceOrientation event. r=smaug,blassey
4d304d0b409dfb9d4563d3c0779c962720d9474cAlon Zakai — Bug 618581 - Adjust IndexedDB quota for Fennec. r=mfinkle
9e358195a677ff5fc5843b45b90552717b11b2baAlon Zakai — Bug 619494 - Make IndexedDB work in IPC Fennec. r=bent,mfinkle
8a650b9e55dbc33c75b5ab072cf4e0dd92ffc921Zack Weinberg — Bug 651498: call gfxPlatform::Init when necessary and not earlier. r=joedrew,bsmedberg
a28f4e72593a65c624e5f24f61d46fa1468c1940Wes Johnston — Bug 650339 - Add escape borders from touchEvents in Fennec. r=mbrubeck
63d22a1d5be39ebaf9431425494ea480a14ee17aAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 472530 - when statement creation fails, dump lastErrorText to stdout in debug builds r=sdwilsh
b8d612c740498ea6ceffff2f7ec2d243139109b1Myk Melez — Bug 653824 [jetpack-test-only] Test m-c changes against specific addon-sdk revision r=ctalbert
9b12c34434f4ce6011725864fe0eb04110afbcdaPatrick McManus — Bug 653530 - HTTP Transaction multiply dispatched r=honzab
3bee3fefdec880516561e969da238a1b86be623fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 652007 Painting artifacts with RTL trees r=roc
eb89a7783f3384c7c8a84c043a3b707163a2b74eChris Jones — Bug 556214, part 4: TimerThread wants to be using non-reentrant Monitor. r=bz
85d0f53faa7ae0c016be8b98dbfda266f911e727Chris Jones — Bug 556214, part 3: IPC code wants to be using non-reentrant Monitor. r=bent
54097e09fa359de7fc4851e5ba175612760e64e9Chris Jones — Bug 556214, part 2: Create non-reentrant Monitor. r=roc sr=brendan
0912e048403117c91f5be660c54a810aa7232835Chris Jones — Bug 556214, parts 1 and 1.1: Rename Monitor to ReentrantMonitor and fix existing Monitor users. r=roc
c7f62d818af25b3e62e2f0c35b27214a4209a898Benjamin Stover — Bug 640048 Fix edge case for z-ordering for async scrollable elements r=roc
c1fe6531fa0abdda0713498cda348e0b98f32017Mounir Lamouri — Merge cedar with mozilla-central.
4e7e81ad7525830df39bd86ed6aad31078351d3cTim Taubert — Bug 648882 - TabPriorityQueue updates tabItems when UI is busy; f=raymond, r=ian
7db797b4dfec81ae8c4bbf929df36154491a17d7Tim Taubert — Bug 618188 - browser-chrome: browser_600545.js (and _601955.js) intermittently times out; r=zpao
28b52c3fd6946329a05d585689c81ca705652e55Kevin Gadd — bug 632102 - Don't assert that mozAfterPaint and mozPaintCount are in sync, since that's not reliable. r=roc
ebf02b534397495fdab66376e279515f8ee5b7f9Mounir Lamouri — Bug 651075 - Make content/html/content/test/test_bug386496.html non flaky. r=ehsan
2cf6bb197ace06f986b386e9674e248bc24ac368Steven Michaud — Bug 652854 - Fix crash with OS X file picker dialog. r=joshmoz
3185c4159bec114b8f98e155c47ab8b5f1ab4b57Steven Michaud — Bug 652854 - The OS X file picker dialog has stopped working, crashes [@ libobjc.A.dylib@0x511c ]. r=josh
040d371ebdf4dae89a130a0af8e794ab94e5cf55Dão Gottwald — merge backout
96ea841d7f4ac6a3e7425b814026499c30827c3bDão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 00f6e702f095 because svg-image-script-2.svg is failing intermittently
f8b47b19a1e418b12ee181b3db0b6797392e73a4Benjamin Smedberg — Revise the XPCOM version number for Firefox/Mozilla 6. I'm going to just use the same version number as the platform to keep things sane.
324c2304522043f3bcd58207c57fa3b63f5e1a39Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 649558 - Move modules/plugin/base to dom/plugins/base, r=josh
7d40685986cc7e3e38f6acc304325aef29639ce7Wes Johnston — Bug 650342 - Give content process time to capture drag events [r=mfinkle, mbrubeck]
9ed390664183f44a5a952d621abbb8a2392f8183Wes Johnston — Bug 544614 - Touch Events [r=mfinkle, bstover]
70c451a2a7f909df1f5456f3a4d6340b3992594aMark Finkle — Bug 653091 - Use a dummy tab when restoring session to keep the resize code happy [r=mbrubeck]
39b60d7d00c92e1f7430f8ab77b90b9a5fdd0d25Marco Bonardo — Merging Places to mozilla-central
bb1886a87fea52f28e39f972bf234a8455bb7f8aMarco Bonardo — bug 651315 (followup) - Fix the test on Linux and Mac.
5f97ac170bfaea43eb5cef7e05975c4edc5957d0Marco Bonardo — Bug 638123 (followup) - Remove extraneous semicolon to make Linux happy.
e7c50e928098fc3540c56113011e55bfe4e7c27fMarco Bonardo — Bug 652379 - place:folder=-1 returns a non-empty result.
38487eaeb27c3c9135e76b937b0f6139efa9558cMarco Bonardo — Bug 644727 - intermittent failure in test_faviconService_expireAllFavicons.js.
e48ba6fbc57cd9fb10cec8c14464df38cfb8b00bWladimir Palant — Bug 651315 - Addon manager is unable to open dialogs from a chrome-like protocol.
ad9ca556b46c11ea024add21ae678bd7b39eb1eaMarco Bonardo — Test for bug 651315.
18d8734519e7eba62e8a86bca9535e0ac578bce3Marco Bonardo — Bug 638123 - Test for bug 637957.
cbf8fa67dd5bcc43871f26c4c09f6a0c73565178timeless — Bug 620627 PlacesSQLQueryBuilder::SelectAsDay() is not l12y friendly.
a6ef6163855d753c780718a0f049bcc981fd7c61Marco Bonardo — Bug 524091 - Remove microsummaries support. (Sync changes)
512f90d0dce157f6867e3c90971062b787840cd3Marco Bonardo — Bug 524091 - Remove microsummaries support. (Places changes)
5e98268edaf1c72870c854bb54b91ce7ca5edceaMarco Bonardo — Bug 524091 - Remove microsummaries support. (Mobile changes)
034a23531362a33e21cb83c22ddff9ba5c503c0fMarco Bonardo — Bug 524091 - Remove microsummaries support. (Service removal)
914e10b323c11cef1e9b93762d1ca5bf19bb71eeMarco Bonardo — Bug 524091 - Remove microsummaries support. (Browser changes)
fa8be020bfb45130448b0c914301a4c278e2e68aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 653129. Remove useless CreateViewForFrame calls that don't do anything anymore. r=roc
582d7662fd7b471138cdfd3bf4af001cccf5babeTimothy Nikkel — Bug 653131. nsBoxFrame::CreateViewForFrame is only used for menu popups, so simplify it and move it there. r=roc
00f6e702f095f89747b671f7991204826069638fRobert Longson — Bug 652442 - Script feature support should depend on whether javascript is enabled. r=dholbert
c39785cf8fb8da0a1f8d13e27cf115931f041537Ed Morley — Bug 651657 - Remove WinCE & Windows Mobile code from dom/* ; r=jst,dolske
b15803d8aee8f15e3bc255ce8499ca8e09bca1bfOlli Pettay — Bug 653497 - Once bug 335998 is fixed, SVGPathDataAndOwner::mElement leaks documents, r=dholbert
5fe9c33c0c8f4cce776e3d12e16a822ab5090e68Olli Pettay — Bug 653420 - nsHTMLMediaElement should traverse/unlink mSourceLoadCandidate,
8ceab62fda1d37f0686650b0c6376da9ef658f5bOleg Romashin — Bug 610155 - Use SurfaceDescriptor for ImageLayer and CanvasLayer r=jones.chris.g
8f79e7fc13d689c1248acb6954aa43bc4ee5caccEd Morley — Bug 652445 - Remove WinCE code (incl Faststart & nsSplashScreenWin) from toolkit; r=dtownsend
f4c738892af6d400c361372909c1189c285e0929Gustav Munkby — Bug 359809: properly escape keyword searches when alternative character sets are specified, r=gavin
c96c89e35f146e9321139ef60222ec4546f8bf8bEd Morley — Bug 648545 - Remove outdated instances of META_COMPONENT from mozilla-central; r=kaie
a24c3c2e41504971bbc547d550bebc11e551b6d7Timothy Nikkel — Bug 653125. Remove misc SVG views. r=roc
ff152a406ed36f5cde57b65e0c1025a5b16821afDaniel Holbert — Bug 629718: Mark SVG tspan-rotate-* reftests as random-on-WinXP. r=ehsan DONTBUILD
88d3c5bde0ba47b6ef120a628ea52a5da79745a8Benjamin Stover — Bug 650965 Permaorange, log waitForAndContinue and more sanity checks r=wesj
3b1fa83ffc99714e0cd8dc85c00ccc70f69b6d91Daniel Holbert — Bug 649440 test: Convert randomorange reftest img-anim-1.html into a chrome mochitest that polls for onStopFrame notifications until animation completes. r=joe
cdbeb9df92d3f649531c0e9b15ab9fff6a7374bfDaniel Holbert — Bug 649440 followup: remove some obsolete MOZ_ENABLE_LIBXUL ifdefs in VectorImage. r=joe
340131166fbc21ea28918ccade70e55b8b9ae4f6Daniel Holbert — Bug 649440: Fire OnStopFrame notification on each redraw request in SVG images. r=joe
4a6f98909da538d865e7beeae6020fcbaacaa562Chris Jones — Bug 651059: Fix (benign) read/write race on AsyncChannel.mChannelState. r=bent
a78968ac5bbbc912fd1b933ceb085f08510ac388Boris Zbarsky — Bug 650379. Add a new XPCOM timer type that is like TYPE_REPEATING_PRECISE but does not swamp the event queue if the callback takes longer than the timer interval to run. r=cjones, sr=brendan
b7e0c1485f60e6865d0ba3dcdbb38d701338ae60Benjamin Stover — Bug 650965 Permaorange, logging for Fennec's extension manager r=wesj
8adc01e9141cbb2280c22b34dadc07701201d834Benjamin Stover — Bug 653586 Support mochitest-browser-chrome target for Fennec r=blassey
e9dafe775b3187b130a838e841167d028fe53a93Josh Aas — Bug 606641: Cleanup for plugin initialization. r=bz
befee55969f3174cc2a8f541937f6cce7208ebe9Josh Aas — Bug 653349: Clean up nsPluginHost::FindPluginForType. r=jst
da0065d6a53f055dc966a48d3454c8c6736aa5b2Josh Aas — Bug 468678: Remove support for resource (.rsrc) files in Mac OS X plugins. r=smichaud
9f8e09d29a0da47f9b36c106d73ef555a0f144a7Cameron McCormack — Bug 653310 - Always put a dumpID property on ipc:content-shutdown notification property bags. r=cjones
3723e9c3557e6c1c97ff05f85ad724d442d132c2Patrick McManus — bug 652761 ABORT: half open complete but no item: 'index != -1' with embedded src port 80000 r=honzab
e4e42dac5104d434a0087220d4e86828e5b9973dDave Townsend — Bug 652850: SafeInstallOperation can't rollback move operations. r=robstrong
f1c6fc8175d21d820562a41e3fc70551fa9563ccDave Townsend — Bug 652692: Remove extensionsManagerOverlay.xul. r=gavin
62fd01c5fd42428a4724c6a27780be206357173fDave Townsend — Bug 627612: Search results for add-ons do not have the same order as returned by the AMO API. r=Unfocused
e0a879ad7a4df47a5251e3223a5631bfca17ed76Benjamin Stover — Bug 650965 Permaorange, add logging for addons tests r=mbrubeck
770b07c6829680b6df52666d6f831f0e215c6dbeChristian Biesinger — Unbreak android from cset acb6850ca38c / Bug 650429 - it doesn't have getpass.
7893933cf5d025d7982bfac659070f287c24537fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 647682 Can't copy and paste local links in <editor> documents r=ehsan f=bz
f8e4bab697954876b762e28a1df0cb07a2e7d4feBrad Lassey — bug 650209 - Allow DOMDesktopNotification to use a custom icon in the expanded android notification r=dougt
e02b054e8b45df0ae76e941100d1ed73bf08bdd7Geoff Brown — Bug 652787 - Change threshold for low memory warning to 300000 kB; r=blassey
22c9fbae41c4f4e41ed0eb5536e574cde7f886b6Daniel Holbert — Bug 653238 patch 2: Promote nsSMILAnimationController's static helper 'GetRefreshDriverForDoc' to an instance method. r=smaug
46eb35887fd59fad775ad22fa47afc7c09e92c6aDaniel Holbert — Bug 653238 patch 1: Add nsSMILAnimationController::Disconnect to clear the controller's pointer to its doc when the doc goes away. r=smaug
fc0d870dadf5bea24d09795814501ba7819a391bDaniel Holbert — Bug 653270: Simplify nsSMILAnimationController construction/initialization. r=jwatt
a80424c4b0a8de98defa77cd5c0866cc5bbe3978Daniel Holbert — Bug 649568: Clean up logic for addition & interpolation in SVGPathSegListSMILType. r=jwatt
acb6850ca38c0f38f84e9f627b81e9a591a8c85fChristian Biesinger — Bug 650429 - Enable TestProtocols with libxul
2f41abc5a89dab8422372e415c28a8d880d91413L. David Baron — Fix comment describing nsHTMLReflowState::availableWidth. (Bug 653356) r=bzbarsky
52a05ef70c662092f14efefc396f2cc8f8e96bb0L. David Baron — Add support for regexp() function in @-moz-document rule. (Bug 398962) r=bzbarsky
ebe749bb585b7b45ec670ba3eef67c8fee48135fL. David Baron — Don't set mNeedsRefreshes to false when we get two refreshes at the same time stamp. (Bug 651456) r=bzbarsky
ff87496ea7fc71e40907d8a74e7395c07f6cc02cL. David Baron — When we know a block can't fit, end ReflowBlockFrame early, in case a zero-height block tries to. (Bug 652178) r=roc
d656c5e38d8355142317f6de6d31b9cc66e422edL. David Baron — Remove incorrect nulling out of members that duplicates the correct code in Shutdown. (Bug 652385) r=bzbarsky
a4d5bcc4b85d7feb0c6db669d5e5730eee5d8388Taras Glek — bug 649502: Expose histograms to JS r=mrbkap
58abb421e04f0c696832c43e2c340b4003a9e72fWes Johnston — Bug 652545 - Dont inherit toolkit dialog binding for Fennec content-dialogs. r=mfinkle
bc80c46f185d80abff5ab5e91fce422e2c4114e6Justin Lebar — Bug 590181 part 2 - Switch default gcc optimize options to -O3. r=ted. a=philor CLOSED TREE
e4ffaa64e1fbadacad5984beec8fd00806a92f7bMike Hommey — Bug 590181 part 1 - Fix tests to avoid rounding errors. Original patch from jlebar. r=dbaron
c447a4e42b62c13f01ba4bbedb8cff50bb33352aJacek Caban — Bug 651861 - ipc/chromium compilation broken on mingw
79d0e9e782a0edaf04b7b4b30944db687d79a982Jacek Caban — Bug 651887 - Use macro for NodeWillBeDestroyed in nsXULTreeBuilder
92302d33de177e51d4a5939b8cc3b67862521373Jacek Caban — Bug 651874 - Wrong library prefixed in dependentlibs.list in mingw
6f864328ba5b456b4d5032287b7c26d9d02eee5aJacek Caban — Bug 643778 - WindowsMessageLoop.h fails to compile on case-sensitive
7253ba2c9d6bcfb43fb7245986b5406c5f2b4972Jonathan Kew — Backed out changeset 52b6489a3140 (bug 653100) because of reftest oranges.
52b6489a314086434d8d202bbdd1df67c5aa3e19Jonathan Kew — bug 653100 - no longer need to save copies of layout tables prior to OTS sanitization. r=jdaggett
f4328cb97a23da6611a7296c5886bd8cd656c246Jonathan Kew — bug 653098 - remove unused function gfxUserFontSet::RemoveFamily. r=jdaggett
557165a66267f01c4a3459eb861647bb117850c7Henri Sivonen — Test for bug 642908 - Make the <noscript> handling state in the speculative document.write tree builder match the state of the non-speculative document.write tree builder. r=bzbarsky.
b16fc4a77dac26b9e043b52812ed631ed7353d31Henri Sivonen — Bug 642908 - Make the <noscript> handling state in the speculative document.write tree builder match the state of the non-speculative document.write tree builder. r=bzbarsky.
60ea7d2f4289fbf904ad9d3efdf0a93284cbaa81Jonathan Kew — bug 608940 - remove unused function gfxTextRun::Clone. r=jdaggett
a9dd6038db6a1cc848554b4de07a098731a60006Jonathan Kew — bug 650639 - cancel current font-downloaders when updating the user font set. r=dbaron
02c2e04f09cf8206d4ab5308e107b681091477f6Kyle Huey — Backing out Bug 652301 because of orange.
7cc12a215a3b1ba89dc22cf59bd21b4dbe0846e6Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 72430b4913e4
c5813f7876483a3d0b2b21292c8bd967d4e19d4dKyle Huey — Backing out attempted orange fix.
1274b3268a0275ef46946feb5ad3f949484b2155Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 12f371cb3c7e
07de8acf5d7a4b49b69bf706b48bee2739ee79d8Kyle Huey — Back out Bug 647570 because it's failing test_bug465752.js
a186f316631cb9a6fc49c819106ec6da745029e1Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset ea9f9f5503fa
12f371cb3c7e4d706eadcd85102844d4b3ef76e1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 652301 followup. Also don't show focus outlines on frame and iframe, since editor tests depend on that. r=dbaron
ecd8499c78287d5e4df297c7cf86a1a4e2039268Taras Glek — Bug 651262 - Update histogram.h/cc[win build fixes] r=bent
00431dc35e339596048aeb9338a3f9e64f5e6a8dTaras Glek — Bug 651262 - Update histogram.h/cc[build fixes] r=cjones
28ddb101c4ac1d41b5b45f25bd138738a6e4539aTaras Glek — Bug 651262 - Update histogram.h/cc r=cjones
72430b4913e4a99f5391c1a7962b2f42b864ee3eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 652301. Show focus outlines on all focusable things in HTML, not just on a whitelist of them. r=dbaron
27987cc4f4bbc636517a38ebc3222fbfab552496Boris Zbarsky — Bug 649163. Stop refcounting the return values from GetCSSParsingEnvironment, where possible. r=dbaron
ea9f9f5503fa5d248705acbeae7efb09751e2929Emanuele Costa — Bug 647570. Make nsJSURI inherit from nsSimpleURI. r=bzbarsky
223eac79b04e5f68fa1752a4ecbdd1991bb1fab2Justin Lebar — Fix bug 642338. r=smaug
f85e9589bd11f60e824dc2d978547245354f1734Justin Lebar — Bug 490153 - Fix intermittent orange in test_not-opener.html. r=sicking
f22e9ec71faaf0c926e9b4b53323d9943229c636Justin Lebar — Bug 652167 - Remove space in filename from layout/html/tests/printer/js/change_while_in printdialog.html. r=philor
da816b446ffaee6268595a23debbac6267bcc9c0Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 05fe748d2031 (bug 468736) on the suspicion of 400% Tshutdown regression, landed on a CLOSED TREE
08af492270916f7e9e0c12b3b0e88150df4d088fMatt Brubeck — Bug 652989 - Enable methodjit for chrome in Fennec [r=mfinkle]
1ed62cc2e2171d4c22f0aa07f7cfde808e798b29Matt Brubeck — Bug 646297 - On tab close in Fennec, switch to sibling before parent [r=mfinkle]
557466969ba2961eb31958dce89ac58268d41ef6Olli Pettay — Bug 652970 - nsXULDocument doesn't unlink enough, r=peterv
4c978d7f77e88689d42376959764098e6ef3ad44Vivien Nicolas — Bug 649000 - "Drop down options not present for mobile version" [r=mark.finkle]
e76e1efdc3a098780b3c4cbfacfe6e99a396380dMark Finkle — Bug 630398 - Session store should ignore transient about:blank pageloads [r=mbrubeck]
53bbbe42d31683355b4d855b91cf14776554b78aMark Finkle — Bug 653114 - Misc code cleanup [r=mbrubeck]
79b0eb0dcdb794180a3e827b395f3d994e204abaMark Finkle — Bug 653091 - Fix broken packaging and really turn off safe browsing [r=mbrubeck]
6622ca2e6bbf018c714810b1e2b47501ab4be8d0Mark Finkle — Backed out changeset 3105d6107723
3105d6107723a5b2dd2a762b2d33661d896c1a96Mark Finkle — imported patch phishingfixes
f9a978db810270a3ce6a10e4e581740c14997325Trevor Saunders — Bug 653086 - clean up editor configuration lines in a11y atk files, r=surkov
0c49216dd89f6b887dfcc8db8f2eb1baccc8582aBrad Taylor — Bug 480317 - Provide a way for atk-based plugins to slot into our a11y tree, r=joshmoz, ginn, surkov, trev, patch=btaylor, mcarrion, mgorse
e4afb9b58f77a4e1b13fee57d5eb5eb6a36bbed9Trevor Saunders — Bug 652380 - nsRootAccessible::NativeState() should only call GetChromeFlags() once, r=surkov
ac941611adf53e89a22d2590ee5d749b4d22d2c6Olli Pettay — Bug 652814 - Rename nsIDOMTouchPoint to nsIDOMTouch (and a *aRetVal = nsnull for bug 648573 comment 19), r=mbrubeck
623563df5bd13aee671593129b4a67e0c6a5b6dfPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 649057 (Make all nsINodeLists inherit from nsWrapperCache). r=bz.
3600ea5785275fce6930fc0e839319effe3a1113Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug ug 652135 (Add more CC edge names). r=dbaron.
f23ef87dcfb3f6ff30bb6b5486574778e7df1187Robert Longson — Bug 620274 - nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::PaintSVG null checks aDirtyRect when it is always non-null r=dholbert
62e79bb8416bb297376c978a4e36e2c7af1876bbMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 651113 - Remove windows-936 converter. r=smontagu
9974fa64c93ca2a7629c0baeae3a0519d89d155bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 652821. Remove views from positioned inline frames. r=roc
225fff91e7adb81b4adf0267dd2dbfeaf3afc6b7timeless — Bug 633240 nsIMIMEService.getTypeFromFile(null) crashes [@ nsExternalHelperAppService::GetTypeFromFile(nsIFile*, nsACString_internal&) ]
42768e2b3a4c58cea86ae90032d0632272476c8ctimeless — Bug 633232 nsIMIMEService.getTypeFromURI(null) crashes [@ nsExternalHelperAppService::GetTypeFromURI(nsIURI*, nsACString_internal&) ]
c17c9e2c88454380b1702fbea13e52330ad7a287Anas Husseini — Bug 649840 - Adjust the direction of the autocomplete popup list based on the textbox direction. r=neil
1e64d699aa012c88e45473b97ce43c70f91f5046Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 635790 - Don't depend on gnu89 inline. r=pbiggar
fa0295a97f1bb58251479ac0734eef96b1394249Simon Montagu — Back out bug 263359 and bug 624798 because of performance regressions (bug 650189)
8deabe91c24be22a06849ac6d44c8ecd624f5272Marco Bonardo — Bug 631447: don't attempt to clean up things which haven't been initialized (e.g. if window is closed before delayedStartup runs), f=dao, r=gavin
b446ec38d314bd38e3df86af75a8ca5c4e472175Margaret Leibovic — Bug 653010 - Add cookies and logins to Services.jsm. r=gavin
34e2ee09cbc8a707f3890da4f0fffbe2793e662ftimeless — Bug 523663 Firefox crashes [@imgRequest::NotifyProxyListener(imgRequestProxy*)]
c833fb1623caa37753ab46bed61e08b20fbed410Mike Hommey — Bug 652628 - Use arm% in the opt-in for the nitro assembler. r=cdleary
401962aff99d7b2b084555ae90bbb1f610f0395fJacek Caban — Bug 644987 - Wrong EXPAND_LIBNAME on mingw compilation. r=glandium
83e8315c5f69d1a1119fb4351f73f2c2e1598309Mike Hommey — Bug 640494 part 2 - Use bitwise operations in JSDOUBLE_IS_* functions. r=jimb
47694c46262268e008799d0a5f55ac9dfb4badacPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central
7430b446a8663dc7567a130f732e18adab8c9515Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 652666 - ltm is not defined in prefs engine. r=rnewman
0e12d3b6027e0d7be4d0abe514bf6777a65c76bbTomer Cohen — Bug 652341 - Firefox Sync key document doesn't align to the right on RTL. r=ehsan
c9d5e9a67657a0a18d313d0ffba87cc1d3f21f1ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
3b82dd3defdf44a2d967d9ecdba23b7ac6f0c2a7Richard Newman — Bug 652182: eliminate Resource status == 0 check missed in landing of Bug 623080. r=philiKON
4f8f0568d578b5daf0400f08aafa99af2b40a4fcRichard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
e843ac5832ecf80156e175f55b31c31e362a9568Richard Newman — Bump Sync version to 1.9.0. r=me
c9dd5010ab78bb0b1b15127ba32045980cd9bfd3Richard Newman — Merge mozilla-central to services-central.
d0cab65b9d4ea171f9f313b9562d8b1dae33d509Richard Newman — Bug 651596: eliminate IWeaveCrypto. r=philiKON
df65352d3fdc40b2c2217fc6a7be5bd43859b5c4Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
b90415de0478b998872b6933e49d3e03c9b3e620Richard Newman — Bug 650208: small followups (use add_test, CRYPTO_COLLECTION). r=philiKON
bc93f7962f69f623325f15c776a44a53ae01cf40Richard Newman — Bug 650208: fix engine setup test. r=philiKON
9fd1441dfc342ab88f88a7af791b9c109d2ca9c9Richard Newman — Bug 650208: add test for freshStart behavior, improve collection tracking in tests. r=philiKON
c79e44ac168ceef2e12a083e939cdb71e04fe926Richard Newman — Bug 650208: part 4: upload keys then download them. r=philiKON
a8e836c166e0f8bda9717625ff729874e08f305fRichard Newman — Bug 650208: part 3: whitespace. r=philiKON
06a493d03127971568d468c44359a009abcfce7dRichard Newman — Bug 645918: attempt to fix random orange in test_bookmarks_engine. r=philiKON
dc16d00fe3828f18cc1b34d4a4bf1a77e0ea485cRichard Newman — Bug 646910: attempt to fix random orange in test_clients_engine. r=philiKON
eb8ea1f6062922c65cbd1b945af6e08e245d1b83Richard Newman — Merge from mozilla-central to services-central.
f0cbe8de70c96092a0a316596b451c50be362a81Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648371 - Convert async tests to use run_next_test helper. r=rnewman
5551973db59d33111d4dcc2b259495cfc7e062aaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central to services-central
1ac10c3832b6cc2278e6162e0cc889d905679ba8Richard Newman — Bug 650208: part 2b: clean up basic auth mess in tests. r=philiKON
053e21ba8d5a44548f5cc2f4b3ba0a930b02b226Richard Newman — Bug 650208: part 2: augment tests to actually track collections. r=philiKON
e71e755ed1e2366529565eccc273bc20cb83e0b6Richard Newman — Bug 650208: part 1: improve printing of record ID mismatches. r=philiKON
e7560f6fcc8f2d935c6542f5b94dec797aa6db32Richard Newman — Bug 650208: part 0: refactor timestamp logic in tests. r=philiKON
d563f8af5db19ae18c084821df9fe04f541768c0Richard Newman — Bug 649739: send userabort reason for J-PAKE cancelation. r=philiKON
fad52be02cdc2750a23d0b439cccbe11388e88edRichard Newman — Bug 649783: don't attempt to delete client-specific data if Sync doesn't have a cluster URL. r=philiKON
e7cf36e1264391f87cfc0f641be6d7c41c0d8a10Mehdi Mulani — Bug 572463 - Switch nsUrlClassifierHashCompleter from C++ to a JS implementation. r=dcamp,Mossop
19555867d9eb384572e7b79dee7e64c6f148e9d8Wes Johnston — Bug 650965 - Test for removal of node using waitForAndContinue. r=mfinkle
55c53b4c28afddbcc4701a37adb59a390ca196d6Robert Strong — Bug 614181 - Remove app.update.timer preference and add app.update.timerMinimumDelay preference. r=dao
75beeda41b462beadf2beaebe832ae76d7fbc65cRobert Strong — Bug 650973 - Update dialog is seldom if ever shown on Mac OS X and Linux for complete updates. r=mossop, Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 468736 - PSM nsPSMBackgroundThread::requestExit is racy and not threadsafe; r=honzab
86c9c98ee42791a06ccff5a7a1059515ccbe0df8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 650579 - Avoid using flaky timeout values in geolocation tests; r=sicking
2e7baa194d4f151d2240c7e777f5958a0abe58f9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 650581 - Test for bug 500328 should avoid using flaky timeouts; r=sicking
62bee8433617add0c4c095ac829aec9058bb64ccEhsan Akhgari — Bug 650583 - test_postMessage_special.xhtml should not try to duplicate the test harness timeout detection code; r=sicking
2440b3f2c3395e24a79ab695d4a3e43eb63a0eaeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 651001 - Test for bug 583948 uses flaky timeouts; r=sicking
cc24b61149ed0aaf916bbd2896b246011dcbc539Mark Finkle — Bug 470876 - anti-phishing support not in fennec (defaulted off) [r=vingtetun]
cbe3defeccb7298fcc0c846b877fcc99146d7674Vivien Nicolas — Bug 648533 - "URL bar is not redrawn after tap on Android search button when having Edit Bookmark popup on" [r=mark.finkle]
0063bd47e5bae49c4d69aae4d3621f0f53c3dbc3Mark Finkle — Bug 630398 - Session store doesn't save session data quickly enough [r=mbrubeck]
eb730526b7ca7e63efd9c548e8f246396b27fe1dChris Leary — Passing bug 646184 crashtest assertion. (r=dbaron)
1022108defcd0ce3e2ddc121b011493414283e61Serge Gautherie — Bug 652862 - Remove disable-svg references in tests; (Av1) Jut remove them.
28bc239d3d9df5f64b331e9f6ed516769036d304Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey.
3dc303216231f6764339a80de4a8b49d68d99fb5Tom Schuster — Fix style nit request in Bug 651973 r=jorendorff via irc
de7b0f3323c1c663eb6147e3d24bab6da63017a1Jan de Mooij — Bug 646938 - Fix NaN-check in jsop_stricteq. r=dvander
3c3f44c79685e0ac87eae6ffb87bbba90438ec9fRyan VanderMuelen — Bug 646312: Enable methodjit by default for chrome JavaScript, r=dmandelin
91c167c210feb5532d6da853dc436d016ed91d2dTom Schuster — Bug 202019 - Objects with [[Call]] arent automatically constructbale r=jorendorff
152ef9c8b2bb7129b978e4fb0ece73080ccadeadMichael Wu — Bug 651973 - Release RegExp on error, r=cdleary
6a68d036e7f762312d151f173d697e9d7322bcd6Michael Wu — Bug 605707 - r=igor
3246e3124fe7b94d50155c26af53909426bcfbf7Ed Morley — Bug 648865 - Remove WINCE code from js/src/assembler/* ; r=dmandelin
a3e69f698ce36cf9bcb42d7458c47a93818e72a7Luke Wagner — Bug 652438 - Add back OOM checks in JSString::getChars (r=waldo)
a03a4fea167980bede8191c342c8cd7daadf229dPaul Biggar — Disable jstests on all platforms again (r=orange)
68aa67a995c6c5c2ff3c8643b3e4d6ff0c4be2b9Igor Bukanov — bug 652185 - r=luke
3586947613e0c4a6ff15ffab54497c8316aacd11Jan de Mooij — Bug 652060 - Fix double check in JSVAL_SAME_TYPE_IMPL on 64-bit. r=luke
f9d134c5f7445c78e45ff493e5bacd8037c8e03bTom Schuster — Bug 649575 - Date.prototype.toISOString must throw a RangeError for non-finite dates. r=jwalden
069715a705c2454206b62f70f7a59c87cc0e2558Jeff Walden — Bug 641655 - Add a js::GlobalObject subtype of JSObject. r=njn
5f3e21f7046570747f3e654ef0e31213320b6ec8Paul Biggar — Turn off jstests during |make check| on configs which turned tinderbox orange (no bug, r=jimb,orange) CLOSED TREE
06a0b0c3251c77772f2179dc037d8bd3f414e767David Anderson — merge backout CLOSED TREE CLOSED TREE CLOSED TREE CLOSED TREE CLOSED TREE
d117ea82f77ab675d3116b481639037557b5264dDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset d851d44ad77a
2aef9b10aba31f1807d786b3ac61ea6580a698a3Paul Biggar — Minor usage-string typo fix. No bug, no review.
6f1a25c4b45955c570091946ea6287b2a1d12bc8Paul Biggar — Bug 647482 (followup): Re-enable jstests in |make check| (r=dmandelin)
5e926ac44a3261b72fc05d5dc21dec5eb8734c6bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 631928 - Check for libffi_cv_as_x86_pcrel should not look for just "warning". r=ted
d148872ae9b23f7d1e62a5697ae7132f8d3b7160Gregor Wagner — Bug 651915 - Fix MarkStack size. r=billm
d24dbe17bf184b48ddc8b4af2a8bf110cf7c7859Jeff Walden — Backed out changeset c8ba5bd72b0c, we have too many test harnesses and I forgot to run one. r=tree-decorator
c8ba5bd72b0c357baf4c9e8c85e48c5257079caaJeff Walden — Bug 641655 - Add a js::GlobalObject subtype of JSObject. r=njn
d851d44ad77a90e97287020e990cdc0b908722d3David Anderson — Refactor Call ICs (bug 638680, r=luke).
d5fcfa622f16c918ccd129cda88e3c5f91070417Luke Wagner — Loosen test from 905a35f3a76b to account for conservative GC rooting fuzziness (r=orange)
15df44504237d642b9903e7b93345dabd7d847aaLuke Wagner — Fix typo in --enable-threadsafe builds (r=burning)
905a35f3a76b3c8abccaff0a653399cb392692f4Luke Wagner — Bug 651041 - add API to store private data to an external string (r=njn)
fa2c397985a21f89b64520daba831bbd87bf36a3Chris Jones — Bug 647011: Sprinkle some DebugOnly in js/src. r=luke
2df7feb57d46c7e0cdd666454a93af1d4043d365Jason Orendorff — Merge backout.
b8fd6021da459d2afb71cc231f4fb6305401d490Jason Orendorff — Backed out changeset e02df4a05968 due to orange.
6947160cc06450216795df3d2583f147dd57d000Josh Matthews — Bug 600677 - Add fix hook to proxies. r=gal
c80e011b9bd19735db77609ed7c6494f3f323b41Gregor Wagner — Bug 651546 - Remove stackLimit from GCMarker. r=billm
e02df4a059685f1c40c6f99dcee3de2f9e93c7e9Tom Schuster — Bug 202019 - Built-in functions should not be constructors. r=jorendorff.
fbf611d8bec31ef856fe891ce5bdaa4fd31784adBill McCloskey — Bug 648647 - Eliminate JSObjectMap (r=jorendorff)
d19afdbdd3fb4b896309e2a23c1209c1da930703Gregor Wagner — Bug 651193 - fix delayedOutOfMemory in js_InvokeOperationCallback. r=gal
3e5aaea1ccf87aef2f17c6e71eb9958664e6eb82Bill McCloskey — Bug 616666 - Use explicit stack for GC marking (r=gal)
e677c55655ea68a07226bb5c0cd98fb1d54f5369Luke Wagner — Bug 650617 - Fix AssertInnerizedScopeChain typo from 602994 (r=mrbkap)
96c70f2aae85d668b303403d3f085ae08195f3b9Leon Sha — Re-landing. Bug 610323 - [TraceMonkey] Implement Jaegermonkey Sparc back-end. Part II. r=dvander.
f668c5f7dc4b8fd7665c976c465e093755a645cdJan de Mooij — Bug 506774 - Update our copy of the v8 benchmark to v8-v6. rs=jwalden
332284d2b2842529aa21d410c34c32aa6d0ab2c9Jason Orendorff — Test for bug 650753. no_r=me, passing tests do not need review.
101c3e93adec42efe58bb60022db7d9326cd5301Leon Sha — Backout 91eaf74fff1e.
91eaf74fff1efa28f8974c56c9e46632bb218450Leon Sha — Bug 610323 - [TraceMonkey] Implement Jaegermonkey Sparc back-end. Part II. r=dvander.
87ee79acccc57bc8040bae879d7ec2286198f9acLeon Sha — Bug 610323 - [TraceMonkey] Implement Jaegermonkey Sparc back-end. Part I. New Files. r=dvander.
59325b2ca38b063a1019e3a97f6359db5583be66Gregor Wagner — Bug 650753 - Crash [@ js::gc::Cell::compartment] with WeakMap. r=gal
b63606ea11f239314ff6ce3a8d63f30d970c93f0Gregor Wagner — Bug 650855 - Followup for bug 627200 for real. r=gal
bc0e295346e75972cd31d0c26b2bf674d1f541dbJason Orendorff — Bug 646820 - Function in destructuring assignment can't see up to other variables in the assignment. r=brendan.
87fc73e2264fbc9ab246069ca1888af585d2ea6bJason Orendorff — Bug 646807 - Remove extra RHS checking in CheckDestructuring. r=brendan.
35be710fbdf15abf88db0ecc9cfe88183cf4380aGregor Wagner — Bug 650855 - Followup for bug 627200. r=gal
a20192003b3963a9ac4e827a1a9ee659e3dc2431Gary Kwong — Bug 650621 - Fix boundary failure in string object length assertion. rs=Waldo
63a06fbd23e0d21655d64ffec612aa81fdb90f98Nicholas Nethercote — Update nanojit-import-rev stamp.
1ee418d71b1b6c21e49c4275242b711099966563Bill McCloskey — Fix off-by-one error in Containers.cpp:BitSet::grow(). r=nnethercote.
716f78be9df4a1f2f551fb8d2c9a9ba715673eafNicholas Nethercote — Remove debugging printf left behind by patch for bug 643969 that was causing test failures.
6c0c0e9351fdd840db40b973ed7d199854b36039Landry Breuil — Bug 633857 - missing #include for OpenBSD (nanojit part). r=dvander
eefaab0fbe9a1abf6fc9c216aec8066d76052b41Steven Johnson — Bug 643969 - LIR_jf can generate jump-to-location-zero code on i386 and x64 (r=rreitmai)
c5f7074988618c451358c9ac4954f5eb70a0688eSteven Johnson — Bug 644473 - lirasm does not support backwards jump (r=njn)
70dc21f4187f20ee44967c7cf05fdca0002189c1William Maddox — Bug 644900 - Generate probes for stack expansion when allocating large frames on Windows (r=edwsmith)
47eb8bb3c9a15c750f8427017e18175cee890179Paul Biggar — Bug 647482 (followup): Fix jstests for directory structure used by SM builds, by actually searching the current path (r=dmandelin)
242947d76f73f1e6c8a83545e08a9e9603493e91Andreas Gal — Implement Harmony weak maps (bug 547941, r=jorendorff).
556ec2a89192a590b77c62064e97a02e22d4dbbeAndreas Gal — for-in loop on proxy does not suppress properties deleted during enumeration (bug 600702, r=brendan)
1a5205b2c11bb49302ac996118a96ff05bbeca6bWes Garland — Bug 650526 - Follow up to Bug 648102, changes to JS_BufferIsCompilableUnit. r=gal
9f71009b8f8be7bf074ba378876a33db80ca582fWes Garland — Bug 586016, update JS_GetImplementationVersion. r=jorendorff
a773890b676f3628866d894aad8c70fc78cf73a0Colin Walters — Bug 648102 - Make shell REPL/snarf/run always take UTF-8 input; add JS_DecodeUTF8; add UTF-8 flag to JS_BufferIsCompilableUnit. r=gal
3bcc68adfd8cdfebf74da4896e7d5f56e60e9cdcWes Garland — Bug 648102 - Add UTF-8 C strings option for shell. r=gal
6ccacb6021624b59dba6f305a8da4d69488f5c25Dave Yeo — Bug 648208 - Fix build break on OS/2. r=igor
e06d53aec568471570f61b32941172317526f54aLuke Wagner — Bug 649531 - tidy up this-computation logic a bit, add some asserts (r=waldo)
e8a149ad8bcf4de74479728a129cdb43e860f3b3Jason Orendorff — Bug 614714 - Change JS_ClearScope to use the new enumeration code. r=Waldo.
4250c3243b935cca9054788c3230128f0b8028feDavid Anderson — Fix clang warnings (bug 647280, r=luke).
f7eaddcc2abfa236611234b56e9149492611eb3cJeff Walden — Bug 649819 - Remove JS_BeginJSONParse/JS_ConsumeJSONText/JS_EndJSONParse now that these APIs are no longer used and the cleaner API is available and works. r=brendan
d4dd2c9d322a78ea6fb968b293884aafe6fbf7abJeff Walden — I have a feeling we're not landing JS branches in the CVS repository any more, Toto. r=sparky
b42dc3bee7a6666f53108c1afc911fcb0505314aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 626716 - Remove VC7.1 support code, SpiderMonkey version. r=njn
45d3b3a77929e83c8a5f109bc2418b77a56190dbLuke Wagner — Bug 649491 - rm JSFRAME_ASSIGNING (r=dvander)
dc6ce44bedd4b3ff811662d92d5df596e4546c40Phil Ringnalda — Bug 647388 - Remove Makefile.ref and the rest of its supporting alternate SpiderMonkey build system, r=jimb
79bb6e40bc61ba92ef547bf110623b56d01557cfGregor Wagner — Bug 627200 - Background Finalization for Strings and Objects r=gal
7bf21e2db6d060eb04dea7db633453ac93e85e02Igor Bukanov — bug 646044 - ContextAllocPolicy should not account for GC memory pressure. r=luke
8b7e0800ba3d2647f1c1b7c2f673e7dd66991212Luke Wagner — Bug 602994 - Clean up eval, remove unneeded security checks, assert equivalence of principal lookup (r=waldo,mrbkap)
f2dca3c211750ed97532a034fb74caf19b7029e6Luke Wagner — Bug 602994 - Preparatory syntactic cleanup (r=waldo)
cd5910633dd804405e8b1d1d26a6a74c7af0de79Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
d7201d9d6c526b0bfc8a132b9013892abab714faChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
907c8fc9370bd27bbe952bc1131c3b4ea0826d7cBlake Kaplan — Bug 618176 - Skip multiple wrappers when deciding whether this object is an array. r=gal
26ae1f7fc89053561b60158a5660d51e4c09298fChris Jones — Test for bug 618176.
e0f9db5a4fc7ac27673a4eba1bb99b8d34a42421Blake Kaplan — Bug 648206 - Deal with JS engine annoyances. r=gal
3dc5d38ba870e48a97a8be2697909f607b765f8eBrian Hackett — Bug 646660 - fp::pc should work on frames outside the current context (r=luke)
0c727da2164d061f620015eb11dbf0a4b42c2a84Luke Wagner — Bug 647425 - Don't try to use js_PrototypeHasIndexedProperties in GetElements; its wrong for arguments objects (r=waldo)
a4e83114bfee97f351052b77c4b9a1587e5c280cLuke Wagner — Bug 647425 - Refactor SplatApplyArgs to reuse GetElements (r=waldo)
64ced273d13209aa4cb5f0518ba1bec30ec0b648Luke Wagner — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey to fix orange.
3007eb62abc46564a4b22d2da5d58825f0d61c38Masatoshi Kimura — bug 643460 pt 3 - remove gfx.downloadable_fonts.sanitize.preserve_otl_tables preference, no longer needed with new OTS version. r=jfkthame
32f760d04b38a52dfae7c6a9bc5d22430baf4d79Masatoshi Kimura — bug 643460 pt 2 - apply patches to OTS for local build/platform issues. r=jfkthame
31b6ab15760edada63a494ea72269c46ce55e166Masatoshi Kimura — bug 643460 pt 1 - import OTS r.62 from r=jfkthame
2d5bdea10000bd82e9b2ea014dab54593cf1da72Olli Pettay — Bug 651984 - Add ability to detect if a page has registered touch event listeners, r=jst
2bf4a6a4b5518f6586dfb5c5e523b8842f2f448dOlli Pettay — Bug 648573 - Implement touch event interfaces, r=jst, pref'ed off by default
bcda287821304f00ddb790b470f753f7e862b377Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e0110ab48587
e0110ab48587a4dbaf7e297043cdcc7123b22530Buu-Minh Ta — Bug 615728 - When selecting an empty tab, autofocus on the location bar. r=dao
c5e8cc1002488138af09f127d48d1330467b479eMike Hommey — Bug 652306 - Move some parts of aboutDialog.css into branding. r=gavin
1cc4d287d0b8040b35b728a6b9374d8e02fa17deCameron McCormack — Bug 652501 - Part 2: Make existing plugin crash reftests clean up after themselves. r=roc
38b18b59e26774e14b0ecae19fc9c9211f222452Cameron McCormack — Bug 652501 - Part 1: Allow reftests to clean up plugin and IPC process crash dumps. r=roc
3cdd96a6d3726b928dd5259f295830879c789394Chris Pearce — Bug 645773 - Typo fix in nsOggReader::GetSeekRanges(). r=roc
0a4d4e02747e3a713f5cada91c267fe191dd6ab5Cameron McCormack — Bug 645268 - Dump failing console message to see where browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js is going orange. r=jwatt
e67a34896a2230dfe45c0f66c35b18401175a3aeDave Townsend — Bug 613294: Upgrading a restartless add-on to a non-restartless add-on doesn't call the uninstall method. r=robstrong
00d644aeaae87c2d28a0a41f08b85b3c1bbdaa54Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 13f6847dd840 (bug 616684) because it changes code semantics in a bad way, which results in problems like the crash in bug 652580, possibly among others
b1c530bf15f34f383fcee703b53d89e82b8d0737Boris Zbarsky — Bug 649997 followup. Don't return uninitialized rv. Caught by ms2ger
c777c6ff78ed2849e9a2f31ab0f9b4fef73b31adWalter Meinl — Bug 652361 - Revert accidental chmod of build/os2/test_os2.cmd in previous cset for this bug. DONTBUILD
087e0fab25f39f7ee9a028cff8114802ce2a4c74Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 517579 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_bug413909.html | Secure page did not load, adding exception failed?; r=ted
743b3a54b087a625d32144bd0a3fb3eecb8ae2b6Geoff Brown — Bug 649841: Raise low-memory-warning condition on android to 512MB. r=dougt
9e66dd8f036f1ccd11d7fdc5448c7c62247c6cd8Walter Meinl — Bug 652361 - [OS/2] build break in nsObjectFrame after checkin for bug 266236
63ef637c94bbdf6e88115cdac1513a073b51f86bDaniel Holbert — Bug 652559: Fix signed/unsigned comparison build warning in nsGlobalWindow.cpp. r=bz
23b222c43690f6ed1e49477e51cfd91d17c47f8bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 649997 part 3. Change nsIHTMLCollection::GetNamedItem to not use an nsresult outparam. r=peterv
55e55b24987623ec9a5899c19a7dbcc7f1cea118Boris Zbarsky — Bug 649997 part 2. Change nsIHTMLCollection::GetNodeAt to not use an nsresult outparam. r=peterv
05d0635e2840d731d2c5fa1b9c1739ba8e713ebfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 649997 part 1. Stop touching rv in DO_FOR_EACH_ROWGROUP on table rows collections. r=peterv
246b6dbc417a28dbbd3b29c691200af91e94f06eJonathan Watt — Bug 433063 - write tests for bug 418206 (Some SVG files that appear to hang Mozilla).
c062731105cf04ef462a78debeaf00a4e492167dMakoto Kato — Bug 604302 - Windows DLL blocklist support for Windows x64. r=vlad
0eaee388eeadf2da8850c88f4bf3d31673fa255bMakoto Kato — Bug 571739 - Use SIMD for conversion from RGB to YUV on Win64. r=kinetik
d29e9cb9d0c940a6e897e66db6fb849dd887835bEd Morley — Bug 473687 - Remove widget WinCE support: Part D (Remove nsWindowGfx::OnSettingsChangeGfx & nsWindow::OnSettingsChange); r=dougt
d33506667f79adf5ab494eaabcca39efba276b74Ed Morley — Bug 473687 - Remove widget WinCE support: Part C (Remove ENABLE_IME_MOUSE_HANDLING); r=dougt
2460d5f02a5d7b370e64bbf43a50b97e3324b592Ed Morley — Bug 473687 - Remove widget WinCE support: Part B (Main ifdef removal); r=dougt
c4864738e3fd0e7e9083d72e553d5ec34940dbdcEd Morley — Bug 473687 - Remove widget WinCE support: Part A (File removal); r=dougt
2250bc3d05326abc1fdba1fe71c72d75d389bb85Zack Weinberg — Bug 651926: abort (even in production) if anything in gfxPlatform::Init fails, its callers can't cope. r=jrmuizel
33b198be1aa3c79438f0fba0ab2595d6034a5303Zack Weinberg — Bug 649429 part 2: move nsSVGUtils::ConvertToSurfaceSize back to nsSVGUtils.cpp. r=dholbert
90934a261fac52a309bda8c454abedc75b7741fcZack Weinberg — Bug 649429 part 1: fix undefined behavior in gfxASurface::CheckSurfaceSize. r=jrmuizel
8302f5191d9217b64471609fb8ba1f0edc14e1e6Philip Chee — Merge Bug 366774
cca1fece061f48f852176ace22f3f9044c2c1432Philip Chee — Backed out changeset: 96bfa1480f5f
54b9f7d8db85cafbde935402b6429530ba459366Philip Chee — Merge Bug 366774
cb191997bd5ec77d33e3abb59e840f33ce212e6bPhilip Chee — Backed out changeset: 3f7277e15d8d
8db1df84708ca997c2d1ba1851324405a3f3d6c3Philip Chee — Merge Bug 366774
2928c63ffb5bedba9cecbf3c01e49aca5d4e439bPhilip Chee — Backed out changeset: baf7456adc98
e49949eeaef3052429a3309548b8e9778f1bbb51Philip Chee — Merge Backout Bug 366774
9bc24665869d0a8c44d183dfc920b50b51ca4b04Philip Chee — Backed out changeset: 582c92878440
96bfa1480f5f9332650034b503cc34240c6579fdEdmund Wong — Bug 366774 - Remove unused preference bidi.characterset. (p5) (v2) r=smontagu
3f7277e15d8df0907d14d50f194cc0cef17f7da4Edmund Wong — Bug 366774 - Remove unused preference bidi.characterset. (p3) (v2) r=smontagu
baf7456adc9854ea331f9defc096beb1d2990145Edmund Wong — Bug 366774 - Removed unused preference bidi.characterset.(p2) r=smontagu
582c92878440d956e227341c66603de34d2e3b8eEdmund Wong — Bug 366774 - Removed unused preference bidi.characterset.(p1) r=smontagu
8a822b2befc3faaeee2f9b9dbc6d7fb8e2a97b9fEd Morley — Bug 652029 - Remove WinCE code from mobile/components/build/ & prune now unused nsIPhoneSupport methods; r=mfinkle
7b7a77e74c7874f215a1020cf434dd6059be3a5fTim Taubert — Bug 651114 - Clean up browser_tabview_bug612470.js [f=raymond, r=ian]
5bb9cd5c939a44d93b8eaca32fc502702bdc59b6Tim Taubert — Bug 651311 - Race condition in TabView._initFrame() [f=raymond, r=ian]
13f6847dd840111c459fe7fb65fcfa5777f2b047Ms2ger — Bug 616684 - Remove support for DOM Views; r=sicking
ca06f7d30a9fadeb93675cf398f35dff6ca708adCameron McCormack — Comment typo fixes. (no bug, unreviewed, DONTBUILD)
26ba14209541b2574d423db589ebf11a87cc2129L. David Baron — Push a context on the stack when notifying a MediaQueryListListener. (Bug 652317) r=smaug
296792b874b9ed81c7517a8dd2aa76f5e9323bbcMike Hommey — Backout changeset d29e1e37e7c2 from bug 640494 because of jsreftest orange on Win opt builds
5794bcf0f85edeaa6e9d33e5a4cb7cf046d81c30Marco Bonardo — Merge Places to mozilla-central
80793bce352afe20c7efec3002eb0d13712e2cc3Marco Bonardo — Bug 641531 - Close Places containers after use (mechanical changes)
7bc382705bc7479c30fe9462d72bee1a5a48bb33Marco Bonardo — Bug 641531 - Close Places containers after use (Sync changes)
c87e47e6ca8cad9b7720194181784eb4c21788e2Marco Bonardo — Bug 641531 - Close Places containers after use (browser changes).
bf1fa4fca00f971afae8b7911db1dbe491180512Richard Newman — Bug 641074 - Sync tests for Places query safety.
ddd40a5b413c260f41ede7717071a6dc72b147f7Marco Bonardo — Bug 641074 - Broken folder shortcuts should not interrupt a Places result.
b87a0f69f78e2ad95d78960d8c3796a7ec40072cMarco Bonardo — Bug 651107 - Allow waitForClipboard to check for any custom flavor.
de123d952abd9f9a4fd1657aef4f0ee0e01ed3ffJonas Sicking — Add back file accidentally removed
ea254208e04c80c228a2c0c8f3d90b0eeb00f02cJonas Sicking — Bug 588990: Remove lazy hashing of names to avoid walking full DOM. r=bz
503696b7837925fc5bbd64ceb5aaf1b8f26b0818Mike Hommey — Bug 652139 - Use an integer type in DocumentViewerImpl::SetMinFontSize, instead of float. r=dbaron
d29e1e37e7c2088195a973515a144c80ad6ac814Jason Orendorff — Bug 640494 part 2 - Use bit masking instead of signbit() to avoid problems when including some STL headers. r=luke
0cd3666fd5c9f771114d4ccc1dec2682de6f2fbfJason Orendorff — Bug 640494 part 1 - Get rid of STL algorithm use in jsworker.cpp. r=jimb
135b8bba35afc71bf411a713fb826f22986156d1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 647421 -moz-text-decoration-color and -moz-text-decoration-style should be reset by text-decoration r=dbaron, sr=bzbarsky
6c66c546fb048c90ff0af1672da62b553372d707Masayuki Nakano — Bug 648299 -moz-text-decoration-style: -moz-none doesn't work r=dbaron
4f40b01a2f47050051e5e6020e4431c7a330323aMehdi Mulani — Bug 652294 - Typo from previous patch. DONTBUILD
05825e4dc77a3157b3ce7c6b7fb330a4d11c68daMehdi Mulani — Bug 652294 - Adding diagnostics to test_hashcompleter.js for intermittent orange. (test only)
b7b5af018848cfc3cac7df84ed0deac7d74b7860L. David Baron — Reduce scope of :hover quirk: make it apply normally if it has a class selector, and be quirky (only apply to links) only when actually global. (Bug 197686) r=bzbarsky
c73c4d6907fef68ad8acc1509997fe2d4a656812L. David Baron — Should check link-related bits before reusing style context for root element. (Bug 652268) r=bzbarsky
b3d5c9a7a5e5dcf80cc4b64693998506d3ae1bb4L. David Baron — unicode-bidi should inherit into ::-moz-cell-content, ::-moz-anonymous-block, ::-moz-anonymous-positioned-block, and ::-moz-fieldset-content. (Bug 604294) r=bzbarsky
5b0b236704da24b5cd627d6d1146d783b38c1969L. David Baron — Make nsBox more careful about accepting XUL attributes only on XUL elements. (Bug 102440) r=bzbarsky
5e93d760e31de3249a82ef8c156e00c1f3401838L. David Baron — Don't construct image loaders for null border-image. (Bug 652052) r=bzbarsky
f243ba23d95577d0bbcfddd9f071a8224d76beb7L. David Baron — Fix broken nsLineList::swap implementation. (Bug 652053) r=roc
758a62207d1f790cb0c0c1d353156a0cb857dc3fL. David Baron — Make leaksoup not print static ctor/dtor warnings.
f99ba4e6acebee0e1bf7cd8c233a8e8d5e2a2f28L. David Baron — Fix css3-animations handling of properties that are not present in all keyframes to match WebKit and generally be more sensible. (Bug 649400) r=bzbarsky
bbec48c9edae6e02d0787e8581f8d82d021100b3L. David Baron — Use saner index names in nsAnimationManager. (Bug 649400) r=bzbarsky
3589bf459f859b1db21043322934199da6c2c535Daniel Holbert — Bug 652050: Mark SVG language-detection tests as failing on android for now
384ce8196f5ad9464c8cb4d8a755e683755ae9c9Daniel Holbert — Bug 652050: revert diagnostic 2 (remove temporary debugging printfs)
92d1f348696417900938a73855db2ecaa4fdf3f3Daniel Holbert — Bug 652050 diagnostic 2 followup: use printf_stderr since android doesn't have printf. rs=dougt
98ef084ded4780580c3f31f7689349c934fffb97Kyle Huey — Bug 622840: Part 1 - Remove WINCE icon code. rs=joe
be0cabef5338de89d3b3bc41fef1608d0d9181baKyle Huey — Bug 652110: Make nsFileDataURI inherit directly from nsSimpleURI. r=sicking
e8de79122e1958ea4a7b0ec7bd07d634cd1269bdWes Johnston — Bug 649206 - Update scrollTo addons to take correct arguments. r=mfinkle
6edb7954577c50be56898bbed69f195e98e0ded5Wes Johnston — Bug 652157 - Dont use dialog binding on internal dialogs. r=mfinkle
83b7d7837e6b6b2f66e592ff7a5f3c75c8be70fcWes Johnston — Bug 651534 - Use click events in test rather than a timeout. r=mfinkle
9b17b766116db33212b72853482bd2e6c691e594Wes Johnston — Bug 650965 - Test for removed addons after a delay. r=mfinkle
657cd15fa85d64e39d6fd7f1307f50daacfbb581Benjamin Stover — Bug 651554 permaorange: browser_tapping.js | Fired a good double tap r=wesj
863db843fde46a9e34f49d3e61d789b3b5c766d8Justin Lebar — Bug 647273 - Remove nsIContentUtils and nsIContentUtils2. r=sicking
4c54cf0d07c1d70600b8834bbbe179f298388ea1Justin Lebar — Bug 647028 - Followup: Add comment. r=comment-only
7eb2de708edb8cbf00f22a0557755ab7433ac2d7Daniel Holbert — Bug 652050 diagnostic 2: Temporarily add printfs to verify presumed cause of mobile permaorange. r=dougt
d50f943c21e3546eb8e38f3024a78cdeed48304aBrian Hackett — Fix bug 643839. r=brendan, a=clegnitto
f7019527f4897e1cfa6ec269dfab90674ded312bDaniel Holbert — Bug 652050: revert diagnostic patch for android reftest permaorange (test-only) DONTBUILD
e60b8be7a97bf32396efadbba9b7feecea738a24Benjamin Stover — Bug 650081 Fix ipc_channel_win.cpp WARNING about Connect called twice r=cjones
2d093cb6af1c7a2ce63e1c752c7ea7cefb5370bfBen Turner — Bug 651980 - 'Intermittent dom/src/threads/test/test_chromeWorkerJSM.xul | Test timed out'. r=mrbkap.
04ff8049cd9a04365432b3b08fcd6a6ea75b29d7Serge Gautherie — Bug 650699 - Sort out MSVC DLLs packaging in Debug builds; (Av1) In debug builds, don't warn nor package.
ee7fef67c37068ed4eb85a5e6068c8637259711eDaniel Holbert — Bug 652050: diagnostic patch for android reftest permaorange (test-only)
49dd65bf80921d737d93b26efa10a5921aa4be7cMounir Lamouri — Merge cedar with mozilla-central.
1ebe64a0f85f20112c304864e811cbc82a0902a5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 651079 - Use addLoadEvent instead of <body onload=""> in content/html/content/tests/. r=ehsa
b0c37efbd9a7bb70081cc2de8dc8504b7272c7c1Landry Breuil — Bug 651461 - Fix build failure in nsAudioStream.cpp due to conflicting types. r=roc
6cc6b44735a76bfe85162d3f3e829cd2b8703850Timothy Nikkel — Bug 646799. Clip the contents of iframes to border-radius. r=roc
ee77fdc1f57cfa2d520272d7c9e3dd20abf140eaEd Morley — Bug 651622 - Remove WinCE code from browser/* r=dolske
1f5876332b4cc8029faef9bca18c7291a0158c75Tim Taubert — Bug 649307 - focused tab is opened after naming a group and pressing enter [f=raymond, r=ian]
5c0d5ac6118b79ea0e24305b353e49ec0f7a76acMounir Lamouri — Bug 646854 - Let the user change the filter in the file picker when opening a file on MacOS X. r=joshmoz
aaa99fe3ee29e21313a574dc9795d2ab825dc0e3David Zbarsky — Bug 610305: decom nsEventStateManager r=smaug
f0a03fc3247dc9a7246705e5303788c8cc87eeceLandry Breuil — Bug 651461 - Fix build failure in nsAudioStream.cpp due to conflicting types; r=roc
157b8fe56dd627f2128d5adddd4673868b48f9f8Ed Morley — Bug 651622 - Remove WinCE code from browser/*; r=dolske
e1b06f3256c8e68b29e7cbae0e4d0c382b42aa0bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 646799. Clip the contents of iframes to border-radius. r=roc
5dbd304ad5b597122ad3b50f1e0b64a59c0a1af2Ms2ger — Bug 619998 - Remove support for Document.strictErrorChecking; r=sicking
0f2d31305fcaaacfb0dc133e52534dcc9373dd60Ms2ger — Bug 646184 - Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::GetLocalStorage] getting localStorage from removed frame; r=bz
59771590e9203d48ef8cbcd7eaf2f8ae45dbb1c1Mike Hommey — Bug 638056 - Avoid "The cacheFlush support is missing on this platform" error on exotic platforms. r=cdleary
c4b82ec27d6d6e1c02ef0abb3b6e805bfdd092ecMike Hommey — Bug 650263 - Filter by toolkit instead of by OS to decide whether to go into modules/plugin/test. r=ted
e00435bb54b5551d807691976dad5b8f11789849L. David Baron — Add diagnostic for nested @-rules that are ignored. (Bug 652014) r=bzbarsky
156e72ac605a4eaf86fe7e802169fe78182d1a0aL. David Baron — Ensure nsRefreshDriver::MostRecentRefresh tells the truth even when we stop and restart timers. (Bug 650469) r=bzbarsky
b5832780b4c28433e200df5aace539b9113330dfL. David Baron — Remove parsing and storage code for CSS 2.0 aural properties. (Bug 649119) r=bzbarsky
1b37bbdb15b7ecedb68f7fafda3f04f0c9f770d0L. David Baron — Implement window.matchMedia for matching of media queries and notification of media query changes. (Bug 542058, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
183330b5a00872971b41ec7f855503418533c0c9L. David Baron — Allow null media query cache key in some places. (Bug 542058, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
1cd6b2cce8a84d7abdbb13223da27a87dd3449a0L. David Baron — Remove null-checks of nsCSSParser, since construction is infallible. (Bug 542058, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
8bec19370c0e573a32e844ace1cc12060422adf8L. David Baron — Share code to compute timing functions. (Bug 651801, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
04d855576596fb6b973aa43fe755bfa72fb4c234L. David Baron — Share code to count the length of the transition/animation property array. (Bug 651801, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
fbe7830f27c067764bb2e34a32f62e146a45e678Dave Townsend — Bug 644704: Stop using XUL persistence for saving the current view. r=Unfocused
29ea216a41537c960a9e169a501de2255bea5f83Daniel Holbert — Bug 583608: add #ifdef guards around mac-only static functions in nsObjectFrame.cpp. r=josh
d74c502ac7641991ddaf2b1e3dab13041d4fa7f0Daniel Holbert — Back out 0736b014d4a5 (Bug 610155) for breaking canvas reftests on android
da6f72c9e672df55632685cb320cf32b91fb8ea6Robert Strong — Bug 627892 - Remove (Safe Mode) string since it is no longer used. r=jmathies
357593f3abbda0a6779a4cbb335b925343bdc225Wes Johnston — Bug 651429 - Wait for panning to end in test. r=mfinkle
0736b014d4a566685febb94342d031110d9b6975Oleg Romashin — Bug 610155 - Use SurfaceDescriptor for ImageLayer and CanvasLayer r=jones.chris.g
48b26f2254f8f6d7ac538555241758295a2c5ca0Daniel Holbert — Bug 651567: Remove unused variable 'xHeight' from nsMathMLmunderFrame. r=karlt
7ad20fbb9992066c2a07c2d6c86446c0254c04ecDaniel Holbert — Bug 651229: Remove unused variable from nsLineBox. r=smontagu
636763da2e9a8eb534d31b34576fab5f0299305bDave Townsend — Bug 611755: Cannot restart a download during the onDownloadCancelled event. r=robstrong
edd299ad7142e7cc3de36ee9dfe6169c989951e7Dave Townsend — Backout changeset 475ae5b49540 from bug 626998 due to it probably being obsoleted by bug 611755
bc60f89fe179cf7f39cbc5ce9f134aae944408afDave Townsend — Bug 566787: Use the windows API to get the home directory when possible. r=jimm, sr=bsmedberg
4e01eac2e44731a59d083492d3a3af7727fb814eBlair McBride — Bug 628290: Click on "Get Add-ons" has to always load the initial Discovery pane. r=dtownsend
fc38b78418429660cb7ecba5f0049277e18619a9Steven Michaud — Bug 651618 - Add name of Apple's OS X 10.7 Java plugin to IPC prefs. r=josh
942f57ba89469012963a03e24b18f752255002deEhsan Akhgari — Bug 649797 - Rewrite the test for bug 600570 in a way that doesn't trigger the assertion which can never happen on the web; r=roc
ae34c0d77318dec7d9f1e8f1bf5ff9c93cb8861cTed Mielczarek — bug 606574 - bustage fix for unsupported platforms
855e5cd3c88452721d9e2eb211745e849a3f6e95Ted Mielczarek — bug 606574 - Cocoa event loop instrumentation. r=smichaud,cjones
b6726f1fd6ed00a6f9e59f701b758f28988dc9b1Ted Mielczarek — bug 606574 - Win32 event loop instrumentation. r=jimm
9f474136c458b02bbc2ab7fd3dc03aa21c5195c2Ted Mielczarek — bug 606574 - Implement event loop instrumentation using native events, core implementation + GTK2 implementation. r=karlt,cjones
7cdcae5dee49246208c753e46bd4a66831aee1d6Mounir Lamouri — Merge cedar with mozilla-central.
6588e8a0c8c51796f85218392111795af7743da6Landry Breuil — Bug 634609 - Include pthread_np.h on OpenBSD too for pthread_stackseg_np(). r=gal
be6f4759e82736e21e24e46d22701e7d90a71f91Mounir Lamouri — Backed out changeset c1a7c1bc1aeb due to busted build.
c1a7c1bc1aebf0c45092426dfc317b9105238a5bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 610305: decom nsEventStateManager r=smaug
4230d1472963c66fb480e598463b7958ebffa32bBjarne — Bug 648485 - Third attempt to fix intermittent failure in content/base/test/test_bug482935.html. r=ehsan
bf99d8e0734e28ff197ad964f263697fdc673308Mike Hommey — Bug 650480 - Add libstdc++ 4.6 support to the libstdc++ compatibility hack. r=tglek
a7ef81a75db73e12849afae4b797e1cd9baea868Landry Breuil — Bug 651623: fix DLL_SUFFIX value depending on SO_VERSION env var on OpenBSD. r=glandium
46fdf12082d48475b66c42491a1a73e4d0cf0f31Jonathan Kew — bug 642589 followup - adjust reftest manifests for newly-passing/failing tests on Win7/d2d with tweaked subpixel-AA.
fd8e217b2c84e199e1c1a4a6c6c74368812c154bJonathan Kew — bug 642589 - expose prefs for tweaking DirectWrite/D2D antialiasing behavior. r=jdaggett
0c3bd5909e79ba1e313443397d15ac4ed294c3c1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 347185 Adding automated tests r=roc
dcc0cb62ed0d10d97c1a88976a34d02d62354d2aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 347185 Plugin events should be handled by focused DOM window r=smaug+roc
1bf0362027186bb011498ef31aff48388420ce7cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 651578 - Aurora About Dialog channel switcher should have left-aligned, not centered text. r=gavin
48893035944cda590191702aafd86fbd7e3e735eGavin Sharp — Fix comment typo per bug 550611 comment 34
127b9421c7c343df214249e347d5ee94afbbe6c2L. David Baron — Move AddRef to before the unlock. (Bug 650674, patch 2) r=bsmedberg
772d6e702817cb9c5769262809571d8375fd4084Justin Lebar — Bug 628069 - Followup; fix formatting. r=whitespace-only
2a551d43d984f309e79d81a33db7bafed94ac198Justin Lebar — Bug 647028 - Fix pushstate's interaction with session restore. r=sicking,zpao
0105b96910023bdaffbd5a0bb56d256e3bb671c6Cameron McCormack — Bug 541707: Ensure iframes in plugin crash tests don't load before the containing document is ready. r=bent
84bf34708885882cf4db1d6826fcb6d60dd810faJustin Lebar — Bug 628069 - Add newURL, oldURL properties to hashchange event. r=smaug
228d41c976007bd1da5b46b5356050b4eb744f68Justin Lebar — Bug 640387 - onhashchange should be fired when navigating between history entries created via history.pushState if the entries' URIs differ only in their hashes. r=smaug
a2e48e0c44bbc8aebdfe2d9a52c9757c3101e453Steven Michaud — Bug 619217 - Don't send NPCocoaEventTextInput to plugin when Command or Control key down in 32-bit mode. r=josh
94e0a51489d6ec379baecb9f62adeba42378057eRichard Newman — Bug 645918: attempt to fix random orange in test_bookmarks_engine. r=philiKON
91d31a1edcebc943b365e1b65b70a524dc7a8ccfRichard Newman — Bug 646910: attempt to fix random orange in test_clients_engine. r=philiKON
60306d26eed430e431f4a30978aac35556bf552cJonathan Watt — Bug 648053 - Always use absolute paths when specifying the source file to the compiler. r=ted.
5b78983c482249186af83a3895c8080af15fe077Jonathan Watt — Bug 589648 part 3. Work around lack of cairo support to display square stroke-linecaps for zero length paths. r=longsonr.
ccd5d505ab00c637ec429fe6f710834b4a4f185aJonathan Watt — Bug 589648 part 2. Stop hardcoding the segment argument count in SVGPathData::ConstructPath. r=longsonr.
cbaa924ffecac763b1b7d6a1e9da2589367371f6Jonathan Watt — Bug 589648 part 1. Explicitly maintain a 'segStart' variable in SVGPathData::ConstructPath instead of being clever with 'segEnd'. r=longsonr.
1993865501f587db5077e9ceb0b97686eb0b8615Jonathan Watt — Bug 474401 - Firefox on Mac does not register itself as being capable of opening SVG files. r=josh.
1e025cfeb9c2c5706840574956d583b226a969a7Jonathan Watt — Bug 488314 part 2 - Kill vestiges of SetMatrixPropagation. r=longsonr.
b583b567674b8f78ef635f7c48c5605c99e4010bVivien Nicolas — merge backout
347ea6f5258964ea73f4c1e550f73417e16306a4Vivien Nicolas — Backed out changeset 028fc2dcb854
918dd2ff38b70ebc3ffd51bf4d421f565ac1579fDoug Turner — Bug 649089 - test_after_paint_pref.html should use SpecialPowers. r=jmaher, a=test-only
f6677d8c32fc866b415b22f98734d9815f612d74Joel Maher — Bug 651013 - a couple of layout/base mochitests should be moved to mochitest-chrome tests. r=roc, a=test-only
ef293f1bc91da7c463ac605c194d19316938a36fJoel Maher — Bug 649681 - update devicemanager to be what we are using in production. r=ctalbert, a=test-only
aed1a67f173878f5897ab5a9aacfd6ab9cabe528Vivien Nicolas — Bug 532738 - Do not open the virtual keyboard on untrusted focus (caused by content page scripts) [r=masayuki]
aa1799ffecc56a97e519388df462918adfc7d842Mounir Lamouri — Bug 651136 - Make content/events/test/test_bug238987.html non flaky. r=ehsan
7dc525f97223fe4b1c277ac893ab4a93b5876f38Mounir Lamouri — Bug 651089 - Make content/events/test/test_bug534833.html non flaky. r=ehsan
998b85c3b3e5583d32a2cb8e554022477ca340dbMounir Lamouri — Bug 651077 - Make content/html/content/test/test_bug209275.xhtml and content/html/content/test/test_bug481335.xhtml non flaky. r=ehsan
13794a5bde53d12c67011bea95ff2cb5f7d87ebdMounir Lamouri — Bug 651078 - Make content/html/content/test/test_bug613113.html non flaky. r=ehsan
9da94bb5ffc87d1a8916cd5104db7d10f1959bbeMounir Lamouri — Merge cedar with mozilla-central.
028fc2dcb854a196f297bad5cc18bb670850c84fTim Taubert — Bug 648882 - TabPriorityQueue updates tabItems when UI is busy [f=raymond, r=ian]
79938cb72805a48d5a574125cdfb090a90f01a77Landry Breuil — Bug 650742 - Define AVMPLUS_UNIX for OpenBSD. r=khuey
f348404cd0740fea73164b5089502a8968abc13eDaniel Holbert — Bug 650871: Use unsigned int as loop counter in nsHttpConnectionMgr::OnMsgReclaimConnection, to fix GCC warning. r=biesi r=mcmanus
ce7bef9447befbecc26ddfb06a4169e640574a69Daniel Holbert — Bug 650987: Remove unused variable gOfflineCacheUpdateService from OfflineCacheUpdateParent.cpp and OfflineCacheUpdateChild.cpp. r=biesi
66b6e4eb8fe6e12bbe5351a03e019d4ec4189753Andrew Paprocki — Bug 621031 - Fix jsstr.cpp #pragma pack for AIX. r=mrbkap
150dcb7430d6c8947671d18e479a8565fb57418fojab — Bug 650476 - Fix build --with-libxul-sdk. r=glandium
45b20f137549b8c4bb31c95fbb3ca0e4c6ac188cL. David Baron — Make nsIFrame::GetOrdinal accept all values that the CSS parser accepts (which currently adds no values). (Bug 644514 patch 1) r=bzbarsky
6e5fcc89c65ee568189c07cc926c73ecfca3158cL. David Baron — Don't hold nsProxyObjectManager's lock while calling delete on an nsProxyEventObject. (Bug 650674) r=bsmedberg
8b9d7089124f80431e9f810a619ea8d0ddf5c9f4Cameron McCormack — Bug 651036 - SMIL: Make discrete to-animations behave consistently with discrete from-to animations r=dholbert
298cbc884044342c92fda9aa932a58af9c949afcChris Pearce — Bug 593305 - Don't assert that media load isn't delaying the document load event at start of resource load. r=roc
078a4bcba8c5a1c54ffa3aeb04c107b60520aef9Mark Finkle — Bug 650676 - browser_autocompletesearch.js throws getting ProfD, then times out, on Android (more fixes) [r=vingtetun]
ae3769c133c91e6a5b8e9e2c887ecc8095549580Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 625222 - Disable test_chromeWorkerJSM.xul because the code in question has problems, and is being rewritten
de5a3db2d9c027dc478fe267b9fdec15e1a8a026Cameron McCormack — Bug 645268 - Try to fix randomly failing browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js by properly capturing a variable value in a closure r=ehsan
deee3852caafda96c264d6be29fe5c2fc8564951Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 650834 - Add casts to pointer differences in assertion r=dougt
d93dea97b533f4a5d8eb4dc15297c7a1767cf724Joel Maher — Bug 649475 - [android-tests-only] remote jsreftests fail because user.js forces prompt for elevated privileges r=ctalbert
bad2a5a169f5dd39ade2ca51bad7949e51722d05Joel Maher — Bug 650828 - change runtestremote and remotereftests to generate pid file. r=ctalbert
33966d97dff24aadcf4e9460e9f29b7bc44d2638Neil Rashbrook — Bug 650950 Simplify DOMMouseScroll event handler r=dao
95ece7200b561796c6d58d243cddc554a61f0f2cDave Townsend — Bug 617289: PluginProvider doesn't keep IDs of plugins consistent between restarts. r=robstrong
4aaf0034ce823ff709045de7f948462a6e3cc312Justin Dolske — Bug 637160 - window-modal prompts used instead of tab-modal prompts when reentering a page using back/forward. r=bz
1d48ae2a81a807061372f1a54e61a8a51c7f592dJustin Dolske — Bug 638352 - tab-modal dialogs can get into bad focus state and key events can bleed through tabs. r=gavin
818b119408a07278c296e20db3afcccfef338c4aMark Finkle — Bug 650676 - browser_autocompletesearch.js throws getting ProfD, then times out, on Android [r=vingtetun]
aebc3d41381ade9991252bb24bc22e20c6337288Margaret Leibovic — Bug 634065 - Implement design for identity block and persistent indicators, r=dao
ae378603fd43d977b45deb810c21ddad1fd198bdGavin Sharp — Bug 513648: Fix mistake in the original patch that implemented middlemouse-paste whitespace stripping
f7607dc8f51296cd735b96b231fcaaca25b8b4a8Gavin Sharp — Add a comment to point out that branding changes often requires clobbers
28bcd72b4d92b02bd18b43d2c4f526c3dcd3ea6dSteven Michaud — Bug 651177 - [Mac] Crashes [@ nsObjectFrame::GetLayerState ]. r=bsmedberg
3e227e61981cab6ae1b90eaed9069a1fa5e4bb9bRobert Strong — Increase app update test timeout - Bug 645607 - Intermittent failure in toolkit/mozapps/update/test/chrome/test_0072_notify_verifyFailComplete_noPartial.xul | Test timed out. Maximum time allowed is 20 seconds. r=mossop
8adda532dc63b3fbe2b2b51a4ee03ccb6b041549Robert Strong — Bug 650254 - Permanent fail on update xpcshell tests for Thunderbird | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_0110_general.js and co failing in head_update.js. r=mossop
bde0207d416844fd6d5edf8b1f571f42e49efb02Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 650543 - Rewrite the test for bug 419132 to make it sane, and re-enable it; r=sicking
61ab7fa02e26151e87700f3567247ec39baa7669Jonas Sicking — Bug 588990 - Part 1: Add a SpecialPowers.gc() API; r=ehsan
0680c776e8069faf7d3c30cc9c01927630426282L. David Baron — Protect the xptiWorkingSet's tables with a lock. (Bug 627985, bug 614480); r=dbaron,bsmedberg
a015d7120b5aa4437f4d7ff0a41383ad978b0480Ian Neal — Bug 335375 - changing accesskey on a <broadcaster> via an overlay doesn't propagate to its <toolbarbutton> r=neil/smaug
c618f3084efbcb6c2feca0182b63130c76c48dd5Ian Neal — Bug 335375 - changing accesskey on a <broadcaster> via an overlay doesn't propagate to its <toolbarbutton> - mochitest r=neil/smaug
9cf0970e50e564da279a42bd6bd53f511bdeec33Michael Wu — Bug 641614 - Try to fix jar logs in l10n repacks, r=ted
725ea124833dbee3900d00eac25d97be1179b43fWes Johnston — Bug 650830 - Support changing the charset of local tabs. r=mfinkle
bac4967513e64546dca7af0eb106ebd28785a883Wes Johnston — Bug 617359 - Scroll notification bar into view when shown. r=mfinkle
6a30a51ecc31e87a5460284bc4a381a592dc4d2fVivien Nicolas — Bug 650684 - "browser_awesomescreen.js times out after "urlbar text should be selected on a double click"" [r=mark.finkle]
6e63aec37a85581adb3145e321cb81cbd02a4b93Mark Finkle — Bug 650676 - browser_autocompletesearch.js throws getting ProfD (debugging code) [r=vingtetun]
1764e405eb02190b3c9377dc26177c728cebe641Zack Weinberg — Bug 651017, part 7: remove nsDeviceContext::CreateRenderingContextInstance and the CreateRenderingContext overload that takes a widget.
2afcb1f14fad1acc2d90c3dd5d44c32bb8eea696Zack Weinberg — Bug 651017, part 6: prune unused and unimplemented nsDeviceContext methods. Push some code down into nsFontCache.
3237cf9bc6f8e9573ca383e60fac07ad16fdba4cZack Weinberg — Bug 651017, part 5: mechanical changes.
3487552eaf91f81f15dfe5b8f787a1fea4730cb6Zack Weinberg — Bug 651017, part 4: deCOM nsIDeviceContext; include-minimization on nsDeviceContext.h itself; merge GetPrintDC() into Windows/OS/2 specific code; merge Shutdown() with ClearCachedSystemFonts(). Most references outside gfx not fixed up.
a353b9086b473283459a7f33c117cefe752e74d7Zack Weinberg — Bug 651017, part 3: Make nsThebesDeviceContext not an nsIObserver. Also remove some more obsolete junk from nsThebesDeviceContext itself.
b4efed6c459c3389b53d5c62f18248ac3fa7dfdeZack Weinberg — Bug 651017, part 2: wrap gfxPlatform::Init/Shutdown in a service and register it for app-startup. Also prune some dead CIDs from nsGfxCIID.h.
a06a2b7fda72921efb5d5e0957fbbc5c6fa76afdZack Weinberg — Bug 651017, part 1: minimize inclusion of ns*DeviceContext.h; move the printing error codes to nsIDeviceContextSpec.h; os2 small widget cleanup.
2b974a79020f0394a01a3acaa71a21c9666ee7baMitchell Field — Merge mozilla-central to build-system.
0b3b74b8f08761301587f61436540f5dcea69addEd Morley — Bug 648866 - Remove WinCE code from main build system + that of js/src/. r=ted
c5c1cac00a06b9030cafd3caa2f0ea0a9949e39cMitchell Field — Merge mozilla-central to build-system.
62dcc1af0d1b12c02487dd5c8263fde95b8efb3fMitchell Field — Merge mozilla-central to build-system.
9387b78736542a213584405d6a5c67fd9d3a1650Mitchell Field — Merge mozilla-central to build-system.
dd0f92e2ea923fe998685eed2fb61cec1708a147Jacek Caban — Bug 647820 - Don't use -mno-cygwin on mingw compilation (m-c part) r=ted.mielczarek
55423b247c52292351313f35b22d4a9053add4a6Mark Finkle — Bug 650582 - browser_preferences_text uses a tool-panel-close which is not used on Android [r=vingtetun DONTBUILD]
a957251a4f4070761fd648405bcfd6dcddefe571Jonathan Watt — Bug 649726 - Move nsHTMLContainerFrame static view methods to nsContainerFrame. r=bz.
bffd5f9dae2f6351abf3605cbbce110abe39811cMounir Lamouri — Merge cedar with mozilla-central
69d9c9392b2b1f0b9ed34bec446d211e27d7c4bfL. David Baron — When a wrapper is expired, do deferred release of mIdentity to fix bug 629610, and also lock the wrapped native map appropriately to fix bug 645442. Accomplish both of these by sharing more code between FlatJSObjectFinalized and ~XPCWrappedNative; r=peterv
8a11dd4977e432a2d5ece6f34f84df4727cae51fMounir Lamouri — Backout b0217a5e665a due to build bustage.
4b6eb8c8861dfe3e28917d64441ca8e9d06f7a3eRobert Longson — Bug 648819 - Stop ASSERTION: unknown nsISVGValue with invalid patternTransform. r=dholbert
c5fcc4d54945d7e9e6e1bc31fc271f85c70db19eLandry Breuil — Bug 633193 - Implement CalculateProcessCreationTimestamp() on OpenBSD. r=taras
b0217a5e665abdea9791d0cbcf0b3ca2ce28a278ojab — Bug 650476 - Fix build --with-libxul-sdk. r=glandium
8794c0df79976d3792b62b9a3bfac9aadf24de8cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 649367 - "nightly is up to date" does not have enough contrast against the new about window dark backgrounds. r=gavin
1c819504b0bbf65ad7c5260609ad6f07c89734abJonathan Kew — bug 589682 - reftest for double-quote bug workaround in times new roman italic. r=jdaggett
b895bc3e7a248cea5668f57a4f6c85fadb4cf007Jonathan Kew — bug 589682 - ignore GDEF table in italic faces of times new roman, to work around font bug. r=jdaggett
b17d5f8022afe88b3971309530b64ed8945c6e35Jonathan Kew — bug 650499 - add testcase. r=roc
dc4b44f3e3f7ed5be65391d93e4a44163836f474Jonathan Kew — bug 650499 - limit length covered by PropertyProvider to the text actually included in the textRun. r=roc
2648367a59f0a80956d56ae7a30ac04acfe2823aHenri Sivonen — Bug 650501 - Avoid assuming that a parser object has a non-null content sink when an attempt to execute a script is made. r=Olli.Pettay.
7d4eb3d3c9de7f20d480ad08e04f40fde66d7372Phil Ringnalda — Bug 651006 - Increase timeout for browser_addons.js since Tegras burn half the time just getting going, r=mfinkle
7a2e10a236cdcb7ad046acefdeacb4522ef0c4edPhil Ringnalda — Bug 651014 - Put test filename in "can't drawWindow remote content" error message, r=dbaron
fc1ed658bf4b8214bc480dc4e005ea56d364c152Robert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 8: Replace gfxRect::Outset/Inset with Inflate/Deflate. Also slip in a conversion constructor from nsIntRect to gfxRect. r=tnikkel
8d64029c1725afde6439212100ffb392df3722ffRobert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 7: Create Rect template. r=joe,sr=cjones
91e75937d34ab641eb593651be6f110f3539c181Robert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 6: Rename Empty to SetEmpty. r=cjones
90e46b3e8e6f973a78280d340b64f8ed4d831624Robert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 5: Avoid operator== where possible to distinguish between 'equal edges' and 'equal areas' for rectangles. r=dbaron,sr=cjones
964231489ddee5f540f1a5ecc0de526d764df7e0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 4.2: Rename BaseMargin::side to BaseMargin::Side. r=cjones
c3bf4b3ec506aa649b0fd53af467346cb0ed4712Robert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 4: Create Margin template. r=joe,sr=cjones
2629bcfa2816c709f11a57e39dd2e4976034656aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 3.5: Remove usage of nsMargin::TopLeft and nsMargin::IsZero. r=dbaron
1baef3c464337523b0878573ae4bc706e9340d11Robert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 3: Convert gfxRect::pos/size to x/y/width/height. r=joe,sr=cjones
12f37ad53b412057e9e98bbab58f444b6fb7aa6dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 2.5: Make gfxBlur bail out in all cases where the blur rect is empty. r=tnikkel
36f62297c1e146a12045c4650e902ace2766ae15Robert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 2: Remove a bunch of direct gfxRect::pos/size usage. r=joe
848c520e915846251f41a2ac5505007c7aa12007Robert O'Callahan — Bug 641426. Part 1: Create Point and Size templates. r=joe,sr=cjones
0e8c23e50c6c266caa43d2454689ed1480c5bf96Richard Newman — Bug 618052: Intermittent test_utils_queryAsync.js: don't call success callback on error. r=philiKON
281b86cd0403e3a3f449c1f02cd2beecdf6a94dbEhsan Akhgari — Mark spellcheck-hyphen-valid.html as passing on Android
e4564e608e8a264d37233f74ca881d2cf149387cJohn Daggett — Bug 634286. Remove font cache size info from about:support on Windows. r=jmuizelaar
394772171075c0363585e7c8c24f58c405088e99Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 649012 - Revert test_bug583948.xul since the new version fails on Linux64
72dcd6a39311091581b536ff2968fc19635b61ecBrad Lassey — fix build bustage for jdk 1.5 from bug 650110 r=dougt
3a8ab199da980702b8e2027e8d3a4f780f02a0bdMatt Woodrow — Bug 648741 - Correctly bind pixmaps to textures during the draw call on X11 accelerated layers. r=bjacob
20725bef512ff309535e0e78fc75ba5fef01027dMatt Woodrow — Bug 638323 - Skip unnecessary MakeCurrent calls in GLContextProviderCGL. r=bjacob
f1dbb031b7c5e318e5132648b5056daaf287dff9Matt Woodrow — Bug 586508 - Improve GL error code output. r=bjacob
d8623ab1d8fd6af96ee0dd0ed2b5b91959922610Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 649012 - Fix some flaky mochitests which rely on non-zero timeout values; rs=ted
4a01d26c11ae44a7d88a9ce486f57ef18ae8c36fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 650410 - Test for bug 383369 uses a timeout because it doesn't know how to use the download manager API!; r=sdwilsh
a2814ef64e6d59c170e9236226831e712126cccdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 355178 - Part 3: Work around the reftest failure by turning spell checker off; r=roc
97acf2219d5aeb9add8701784bb808c14d4bfc00Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 355178 - Raise the maximum spell checked word length to 130 letters; r=smaug
605f6d7309faad5d727a4897211b16e0554772c7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 355178 - Don't break words on hyphens before passing them to hunspell, as it can handle word breaking on hyphens on its own; r=smaug
b3dbcd2947648bb48bdbb3b75e7dfe83579214a8Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 644680 - FileUtils.openSafeFileOutputStream() should init stream with DEFER_OPEN. r=sdwilsh sr=rstrong
e3e1ade248ca62fe89b9aec2908a45aee2f0ee54Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 644680 - Tests for FileUtils.jsm. r=sdwilsh
37ad2e03e38e8c07b10ba51eb88194af5844106cCameron McCormack — Bug 434494 - Make Command+K successfully focus the search box when it creates a new window
c65c39ca8b11e83c459758fc0feb10dad5573817Neil Rashbrook — Bug 639338 Unable to specify XBL modifiers for all possible mouse events r=smaug
7a88edaf7c5ca01d5b704fe24407bf6ae6d5a343Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 648367 - Add run_next_test to head.js. r=ted
e4dfd7f1649d86f486502b2696ae6e54ea6bc5d4Wes Johnston — Bug 650123 - Update max version used for addon tests in Fennec r=mfinkle
5be1192ae3788884fda5867502149a777a005862Wes Johnston — Bug 650578 - Disable notification tests on Android. r=mfinkle
19f14915646a34ec17d9c30f1d1412f5133d7fe8Daniel Holbert — Bug 637207 followup: Remove declaration of now-removed helper function. r=gal
eb1b8336060539c761f124b3fcc67242da089f39Bob Moss — Bug 650110 Update SUTAgent, whitespace refactor for fencp, ffxcp, watcher, r=ctalbert
a9e746c648ab7ec9a48d004c76339cae34c15e78Bob Moss — Bug 650110 Update SUTAgent - adding in fencp, ffxcp, watcher code r=ctalbert
bffad5e71e5c65035e957211140368576fb8a6a2Bob Moss — Bug 650110 - Update SUTAgent, whitespace refactor for agent code r=ctalbert
85f57f532181afeb244bb3db1d7836bc5ae71e0dBob Moss — Bug 650110 Update SUTAgent in m-c to 1.01, main agent update r=ctalbert
e5499ca3c2da96caaf97b45998912a25a49fb997Serge Gautherie — Bug 647414 - Distributed extensions should be automatically installed into temporary testing profile; (Cv1) Add ipc-overlay.xul to SeaMonkey too.
6c32c1f15e21eec45a8fad15879080d1d2e13864Serge Gautherie — Bug 647414 - Distributed extensions should be automatically installed into temporary testing profile; (Bv3) Make installExtensionsToProfile() automatically install application distributed extensions.
b9a9d32867224998dbcbd2f0ade28e994667cce8Serge Gautherie — Bug 647414 - Distributed extensions should be automatically installed into temporary testing profile; (Av2) Improve addChromeToProfile() and related.
49aaec09b86df04a32ee48d3dc7acf9ca562f35fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 649872 (Remove XPCONNECT_STANDALONE). r=mrbkap.
743a608d43a007cf8609ddbbbbf7e706b2654b1bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 649534 (Remove nsIXSLTProcessorObsolete). r=sicking.
47f6e81257f92203fd1d6fa13ce6002f5a02c363Peter Van der Beken — Better fix for build bustage from patch for bug 603844.
857ca6ae850293b1e2b5d146deed1ac3e30cc47aMounir Lamouri — Merge cedar with mozilla-central.
ea5232835539eecdac1ea82c96b8dfcaca047666Landry Breuil — Bug 648721 - Fix linking of xpcshell and plugin-container on OpenBSD. r=glandium
aada30c4e0d3ac8544dc850bdbb72da3ca94d794Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 650653 - Fix test_ident_escaping.html and test_parse_ident.html when using DBCS locales. r=dbaron
5e06b8f7785594739ef6e099d2cbf9fe75dfe834Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 492181 - test_plugin_freezing.html causes focus problems for the following test; r=roc
202537779786cf18bb48981132bee99a8495bf56Marco Bonardo — Merge mozilla-centra to Places
024f5e4df8d5cf55a64850d347ac103991bf1e4aMarco Bonardo — bug 556721 - Clean up test_342484.xul.
2980819aed5552e828baeb28597bb584e929a554Marco Bonardo — Bug 555474 - While bookmark is dragged, the tooltip should not appear.
24f177c8b6f648b186fee1b7510dafe7d96404a2Marco Bonardo — Bug 630225 - Expose frecency as a sorting order for the history sidebar (with slight query builder optimization).
b2ffb691f2a870adb85cbc156f2ff2de4b21d9f6Marco Bonardo — Bug 553885 - Followup for permaorange.
ed6603e814a72865362822cb38bca0f8c00d288aMarco Bonardo — Bug 539067 - Cleanup and re-enable test_browserGlue_prefs.js.
68571c323401a551fc02a16d46e57c618c30f036Marco Bonardo — Bug 553885 - cleanup and re-enable test_browserGlue_distribution.js
2b7578c84821836e6ebafecf0a1555741352da40Marco Bonardo — Bug 556721 - cleanup test_browserGlue_migrate.js
189388b079a84b37a3b32f669f9ea4318e2878a0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 650629 - Clean up and fixes tests landed with bug 583514. r=ehsan
2e5e4197b9db7797fb0560ab3f80293293aea400Makoto Kato — Bug 643667 - Remove HAVE_XIE. r=ted
a6c87c24c59211abdf0c7194f0b209ddcddfabeaMakoto Kato — Bug 638408 - Remove unused nsUConvDll.*. r=smontagu
84a3ce6c67b1a7a792617a315a82601205300dd0Phil Ringnalda — Bug 650594 - plugin-transform-1.html unexpectedly passes on Android, annotate that we don't actually care about pass or fail in the !haveTestPlugin case, r=roc
56d482ecbbc6bd28ef8e230e4cd691f347e56bcfDão Gottwald — Bug 487059 - clearUserPref shouldn't throw if a pref doesn't have a default or user value. r+sr=bsedberg
1346f7ada9d59944701397419d7399f98c3d9c51Bjarne — Bug 549767 - Write/flush cache metadata off main-thread. r=michal.novotny
2e7f1fb3ce4c1bf7fcd60dbbeab1112a14c4c502Christian Ascheberg — Bug 637049 - No GUI to return from fullscreen mode with popups. r=dao
af907a37dcf0b481093c55db08299ddc44ccabf8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 650602 - Annotate content/html/content/reftests/583514-1.html as failing on Android, since it does
5a124ff645813f561797e0ecfcdf846474988af2Phil Ringnalda — Bug 650597 - Annotate layout/xul/base/src/grid/reftests/not-full* as failing on Android, since they do
2e437c31d71691bc7eecdabe1cb94966e5627cafPhil Ringnalda — Bug 650591 - Annotate layout/reftests/percent-overflow-sizing/hScroll* as failing on Android, since they do
fa91289fa6005ad16a40c0d8dcc31cd9572740fdPhil Ringnalda — Bug 650589 - Annotate layout/reftests/image-element/element-paint-native-widget.html as failing on Android, since it does
ca9a762ffc16b2506a6ad66375ef871cfe75701bPhil Ringnalda — Remove the fails-if(Android) annotation on some reftests that actually do pass on Android
b3024d5bfdf754d84f5adfbb2eb11939f5f18088Graeme McCutcheon — Bug 640302 - Some addon manager tests depended on a specific date format and failed in some locales. r=dtownsend
cb9f2d4aa4c8ff84863a0dc7270e8e4989691bfdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 649012 - Fix some flaky mochitests which rely on non-zero timeout values; rs=ted
6da70394e0d59d0bb56fee8cd36b9ace019fb3b1Serge Gautherie — Bug 605701 - Make WIN32_REDIST_DIR support stricter and more explicit; (Cv1-JS) Remove useless WIN32_REDIST_DIR support.
233c1426514ff453feeb52e0721fc9ccd03bd618Serge Gautherie — Bug 605701 - Make WIN32_REDIST_DIR support stricter and more explicit; (Av1a) Just do it.
5c5d9ed49e5e1a0ae50d5eb5bf349444a2817291Serge Gautherie — Bug 607544 - Remove DDRAW junk from configure, missed part; (Av1a) Missed cleanup, s/if/case/.
c551b62cf2e8b505b8d10cb719c8f1e02f266558Ms2ger — Bug 585877 - Remove support for document.width and document.height; r=jonas sr=jst
2befee0930502486416cf132a397903f1002d1c6Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 627113 - Thin line on the right edge of the window on pressing right button in panorama; r=ian
e58b0ab494db18efec99696b25ff7295dc91dfbbAdam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 635311 - iQ(.appTabIcon, this.).each() calls in groupitems.js should return early if possible; r=ian
84b1567baa32598adb6041c4bf70288f6aad7b16Tim Taubert — Bug 648929 - frequently getting is null error in tabview.js [f=raymond, r=ian]
a2f846b209b557b0cfb6fec6b739810dc004897dRaymond Lee — Bug 649006 - Clicking any two mouse buttons opens new tab r=ian
b425640ea55666ebf47eb933098c83daffd6aff1Raymond Lee — Bug 587187 - properly test for TabView being defined r=ian
e94c6b74164f0bf8542abeb620633e6cafd9ae60Ms2ger — Bug 650235 - Assignment instead of comparison in nsOuterDocAccessible::GetChildAtPoint; r=surkov
1853104e4525658e236a5dd9247a2dc1b5f9afb9Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset d407ee4dabcc because it causes some tests to go orange
d407ee4dabcc3cca4601035507ce5ae6e77aa59bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 649012 - Fix some flaky mochitests which rely on non-zero timeout values; rs=ted
8a2481966e27502786b868a8e7b34a382cf0caadPhil Ringnalda — Bug 650569 - layout/reftests/border-radius/clipping-3.html fails on Android
348a1245788d090095d6204a8544b39a727dfc71Phil Ringnalda — Bug 650567 - layout/reftests/bidi/267459-2.html fails on Android
ef29d1761717a8c260a0ed9366499e692338adfdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 648255 - Don't attempt to run the test within the last 10 minutes of a day, since the meaning of "today" might change while the test is running; r=mak
514277ac598f61f759d3b66d0e06c2b17298656aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 649012 - Fix some flaky mochitests which rely on non-zero timeout values; rs=ted
40ebe6af8a662ddb61aaa613a28f163490c266a7Mike Hommey — Bug 650503 - Hide libstdc++ compatibility check command line. r=khuey
98094f3afb9306c9387dff493ae4df10269ec29dMike Hommey — Bug 650467 - make libstdc++ compatibility opt-in instead of opt-out. r=khuey
bee1149208a9d7424f27cb5c63e9d926e2ece11eJohn Ford — Bug 649722 - allow setting MOZ_APP_NAME in; r=ted
5cc41f55de1fe19aae2cfb29d5b0e50aa111dbf5Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 650162 - #ifdef out unused functions; r=dholbert
4e6378990125ac205f20f3d7446acfb9b23d77bbMs2ger — Bug 619997 - Remove support for Document.renameNode; r=sicking
1c62fb90d4dde76adceb16434f436c90c92bf627Ed Morley — Bug 634936 - Add null-check for nsContentUtils::GetPrefBranch() to prevent Crash [@ nsFocusManager::Init ]; r=jst
b92ca278fe217c169c2025ae241a07bd023689b7Paolo Amadini — Bug 635888 - Meta refresh breaks slow script warning; f=dolske r=jst
e05cdd49d004d542a232edd51e13e5a9e68668d8Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 634557 - Implement ScaleYCbCr42xToRGB565_BilinearY_Row_NEON, r=jbramley
e957f873a56524345a2e5f7251735f949ee5b7e5Timothy B. Terriberry — Bug 634557 - ScaleYCbCrToRGB565: Reference C version, r=doublec
b140e7746652f2783306c054ee2802db52272fd8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 648889 - Make mochitest-ipcplugins make target lie like Tinderbox, r=ted
d2259dd3da34e3860e974d37e972dd286c3051cfPhil Ringnalda — Bug 648898 - Remove the xptinfo tests we don't want to bother running, r=bsmedberg
ab7b7d345f4a7cc99cff73a45f93540df833bdb8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 648895 - Stop trying to package a nonexistent crashreporter_test.xpt, r=ted
d492992e2884acde428e5c06bd88123c65267644Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 3c42531f4ec8 (bug 627672) because of possibility of being related to the Maemo oranges
979b2dace25337817c32c4c342c4d830a9399ce5Blake Kaplan — Bug 648465 - TabChild::ProvideWindow needs to tell the caller that the window is new; r=smaug
1dcfffd2f3db78920bb35beb7009ef080703fe75Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 877c143cf39a (bug 648465) because of possibility of being related to the Maemo oranges
ec809c159ad29ced1fc76718490084e9d41fdbe9Mark Finkle — Bug 636840 - 'Get the New Version' text overflows button size [r=mbrubeck]
a2649c18cae36e898d7ebc1135c9ddf6cafca45cFabrice Desré — Bug 650300 Duplicate class attribute in bindings.xml#place-item [r=mfinkle]
40035327893360561bcaed071ac5f6eab83edac4Ms2ger — Bug 650080 - nsContentEventHandler.cpp:867: warning: unused variable 'pEventWidget'; r=smichaud
555c8cfbdb2dc2e66f13e269570afd62dc53a384Ms2ger — Bug 615509 - Remove nsIDOMDOMConfiguration, Document.domConfig; r=sicking
754e793c647eb5c5e27c87b9841a9978149c866bEhsan Akhgari — Merge cedar into mozilla-central
0c1749cfcc3849a4bd40ca882162e519a7deaee9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 650083 - nsEditor.cpp:1147: warning: unused variable 'rv'; r=roc
4af1022fca8374d88a8eab540cce7e60e6eb28e6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 649566 - @keyframe(s) missing from <style> sanitizing code in nsHTMLFragmentContentSink; r=bzbarsky
283a54188c6c5546b5cefcd157e519d7ee2275d7Adam Barth — Bug 610218 - Quotes in "path" for Set-Cookie are taken literally; r=dwitte
53339e6932c32565e700bc0eb675d133c18cc265Ehsan Akhgari — Back out changeset b1fc69fab8b2 (bug 648882) because the test it adds times out
17e83dd4fc1f63ef87def58fcab3c24f5cd63062Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 648873 - use NS_STDCALL_FUNCPROTO; r=bzbarsky
59111031d49a2d8ab9236251f9ddeb0a6f19c308Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 648872 - use NS_STDCALL_FUNCPROTO; r=bzbarsky
784db2f4b6acadf9e24a6d37b308392082d08097Raymond Lee — Bug 610996 - TabView should set its visibility with tab-view-deck.selectedPanel rather than selectedIndex r=ian
3b690b386210031535984dd956afb6da9e193a01Tim Taubert — Bug 644584 - Intermittent chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug602432.js | Stacked group item update (x) > first item (y) [f=raymond, r=ian]
91e04bb4308f48861b1484b421d3e824f6a5df87Tim Taubert — Bug 647007 - Intermittent Failure in browser_tabview_bug595436.js [f=raymond, r=ian]
b1fc69fab8b2a08ec85025a5e6e16d9fa76a7a31Tim Taubert — Bug 648882 - TabPriorityQueue updates tabItems when UI is busy [f=raymond, r=ian]
6726b03c2b25f591f8e580283fc49640943fde7dTim Taubert — Bug 649099 - ' is null' when resizing groupItems [f=raymond, r=ian]
a51ecdeca4a89346d0f206d51f5b23d0bad1840bTim Taubert — Bug 649127 - Intermittent timeout in browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_rtl.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output [f=raymond, r=ehsan]
877c143cf39af37f3b23063c80c691336116fba8Blake Kaplan — Bug 648465 - TabChild::ProvideWindow needs to tell the caller that the window is new; r=smaug
31eeb90b53da12bd95a392115124d0d80988fa5cEd Morley — Bug 649078 - Remove WinCE installer code from mobile/installer/wince/* and related build configs; r=dougt
3c42531f4ec88dc53eb3bd189de3e43ae12c4a62Martin Stransky — Bug 627672 - XPCOM component ( is not registered although it should be; r=cbiesinger
1b88843c7591a3ecb31592e0721940a29a132799Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 648871 - use NS_STDCALL_FUNCPROTO; r=bzbarsky
58323bbaaa67184641cebaa3670c530056ebd35aEd Morley — Bug 648876 - Remove superfluous $(OS_ARCH) filter-outs from js/src/ (bug 647389 follow-up); r=jimb
df7ee8ae671f925f9851ad81766dd25bf7e8f63bVivien Nicolas — Merge to m-c
41935470995d28f4506001cc5c5715380e5ed2e2Anas Husseini — Bug 648733 - [rtl] addon title and version need more margin in about:home [r=vingtetun]
bdc8cb9b2270fb000f8396bac137c478611657a8Anas Husseini — Bug 647755 - [RTL] Edit bookmark's textboxes layout is wrong in rtl [r=vingtetun]
7dc18485b95da82cf666ae220d2195f978875847Anas Husseini — Bug 647650 - [rtl] Give about:config more RTL care [r=vingtetun]
e318d1464a3558466fae985f5c19310715d35e9bVivien Nicolas — Bug 648543 - Restart popup is still displayed when the current language pack is selected again [r=mfinkle]
cda6c150402fb4ade3245a22df4ec78a422df5ddVivien Nicolas — Bug 646632 - 'Find In Page' zoom should be relative to the default zoom level [r=mfinkle]
ad0261d9618d85c8dfef66749679059f8dc05bdbVivien Nicolas — Bug 568685 - about:blank does not refresh thumbnail image in left sidebar [r=wjohnston]
15b8b01a965e01526b25f989a73a642f1922e50dVivien Nicolas — Bug 645970 - search service doesn't unpack jar:jar: [r=gavin]
2aa8ce6b37e0f5e3c922143b28dbfb3c83c5a932Mike Hommey — Bug 643690 part 2 - Check that resulting binaries don't require GLIBCXX_3.4.9 or more. r=ted
3a38a70b0e1258a7a389dd813c67d4de6d4b5ea8Mike Hommey — Bug 643690 part 1 - Avoid requiring libstdc++ symbol versions > GLIBCXX_3.4.8 (gcc > 4.1). r=ted,r=tglek
29ea31633ac69c8d7219bb7a741bb8ae182da4d6Alexander Surkov — Bug 630486 - ASSERTION 'Want to fire mutation events, but it's not safe' in nsContentUtils::HasMutationListeners triggered by a11y, r=marcoz, gavin, bz, f=davidb
24505fa656f3cd03fc599a11bf0ab30a7409aa80Chris Pearce — Bug 650157 - Push nsBuiltinDecoderReader::mDataOffset down into nsOggReader. r=doublec
fa4889ad04e29da0145cd0153ef72806d0b31a59Matt Brubeck — Bug 650139 - Enable mobile Feedback extension on Aurora channel [r=mfinkle DONTBUILD]
026fc72b77aacbd6a4f6604b67b068fa55295ccbEhsan Akhgari — Back out changeset 457757151653 (bug 647273) for breaking the Windows builds
ecfed11869b2d765c61d323a2cec6b1a4e186059Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 4090fb78bbac to restore the patch to bug 646489
4090fb78bbacda2580175cd8bad09790d38028b0Ehsan Akhgari — Back out changeset c89cfb2997dc (bug 646489) because it breaks Windows builds
457757151653a6f7b4cefff2782396dcca20ccbaJustin Lebar — Bug 647273 - Remove nsIContentUtils and nsIContentUtils2. r=sicking
c89cfb2997dc12abd12fbec10dcfe8bc807bb62aJustin Lebar — Bug 646489 - Followup; fix reported version number in Windows error message. rs=khuey
5375d6280c925a24cb9d418715341233a1e9ba13Julian Reschke — Bug 588389 - content-disposition: escaped characters in quoted-string give funny results; r=bzbarsky
2b204b01f4c3bfe9e72d8b40bb73b58d277f7971Daniel Holbert — Bug 641393 patch 4: Add more tests for SVG length lists. r=jwatt
43c4e9097654da442933cd6d47715f6b62950438Daniel Holbert — Bug 641393 patch 3: Make SVGLengthListSMILType logic match other list types. r=jwatt
40c0848eb1d6942539424c9e85af7e0252f2cb85Daniel Holbert — Bug 641393 patch 2: Make namespacing style consistent across SVG List classes, and replace some Length==0 checks with IsEmpty(). r=jwatt
2676e6e841a806cf4b221b97ced64cc9d49dd421Daniel Holbert — Bug 641393 patch 1: Upgrade some NS_ASSERTIONs in SVG List classes to NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE. r=jwatt
ee377a1a5e31199df93a1a3bf0e84e7296f7271fZack Weinberg — Bug 174055, part 8: change GetLanguage to return a raw nsIAtom*.
ea77c716787080876c7213cb14c0d61eacaba8ecZack Weinberg — Bug 174055, part 7: remove unnecessary members from nsFontMetrics.
90a2c72237e21712e6a536a5e04d39032ee0fe03Zack Weinberg — Bug 174055, part 6: eliminate pointless nsresult return values.
b339ef823c297bd045f56e37caa9bd7f65d5461cZack Weinberg — Bug 174055, part 5: prune unused and unimplemented methods.
d06f1282cc6d69b6a1367e5cd0fea8d7a19a8c65Zack Weinberg — Bug 174055, part 4: mechanical fixups outside gfx.
2397bc9933eae2a048f5207bfaeae81b6f6d7879Zack Weinberg — Bug 174055, part 3: deCOM ns(I|Thebes)FontMetrics. Code outside gfx/ not fixed up.
84c4a1cc3655042b14499b80d1d68333b766cf08Zack Weinberg — Bug 174055, part 2: merge nsIThebesFontMetrics into nsIFontMetrics.
34e0e1992231ac1999e057be4eeaa8570b8fd460Zack Weinberg — Bug 174055, part 1: minimize inclusion of nsI(Thebes)FontMetrics.h.
0be26016e06a85b1857140b29fc7131499413744Zack Weinberg — Bug 648197 (2/2): make nsIDeviceContext::FirstExistingFont and ::GetLocalFontName into complete stubs; remove the alias table.
838238a0df333fc38be50ba3ddede50c211bdc02Zack Weinberg — Bug 648197 (1/2): remove the #ifdef ALERT_MISSING_FONTS blocks in nsMathMLChar.cpp.
3a3109b0d39d91fe13098852c38e5c52031dec9bZack Weinberg — Bug 266236 part 9: Move nsBoundingMetrics to its own header and prune inclusions of nsRenderingContext.h.
3eba1138ea6dd509f46605d408ce18da8bc72df1Zack Weinberg — Bug 266236 part 8: Change nsRenderingContext::GetDeviceContext and ::GetFontMetrics to return bare pointers.
5fb27ef09b9b4b4bc416ad36f9226e9f96f3d656Zack Weinberg — Bug 266236 part 7: Simplify calling convention of SetClipRect and SetClipRegion.
cf8bfa6a407376d42c802f1e966e368ab61c8a63Zack Weinberg — Bug 266236 part 6: Change out-parameters to return values and remove a bunch of default parameters that were never called with non-default values.
793e5d7b26c5818d7cb5bef267cf938b8ed233c2Zack Weinberg — Bug 266236 part 5: Make all nsRenderingContext methods with no out-parameters and that never fail return nothing.
2723b4329877e70869363bb4c0cfdc75fde37c08Zack Weinberg — Bug 266236 part 4: Aggressively prune unused methods and dead #ifdefs from nsRenderingContext.
f54747d3a9087414d41d7c8894b8c67fa52c4474Jan Küchler — Bug 266236 part 3: Mechanical rename of nsIRenderingContext and nsThebesRenderingContext to nsRenderingContext. Mechanical substitution of nsRefPtr<nsRenderingContext> for nsCOMPtr<nsRenderingContext>.
1c1bfa98f6005c20776388a6814950aa531d5893Jan Küchler — Bug 266236 part 2: Merge nsIRenderingContext with nsThebesRenderingContext (the sole implementation) and remove XPCOM vestiges. Non-mechanical fixups. DOES NOT COMPILE without part 3.
faeb9fecfc94ed619fed6758b4dbea1b8ed1fee6Jan Küchler — Bug 266236 part 1: Preliminary API cleanup on nsIRenderingContext.
3afa19c50a85cd6056bfdb640277c636346dabe8Serge Gautherie — Bug 647404 - fix extractZip() and installExtension(); (Cv2) Explicitly support an optional path in --install-extension.
b79af914191dc0551135186aea549b2ac2ef4450Serge Gautherie — Bug 228448 - Remove '=='/'!=' 'PR_FALSE'/'PR_TRUE'; (Hv1) /extensions/*.
d40935669248dc6eb6f1001b3534c8dd3430fbcdSerge Gautherie — Bug 228448 - Remove '=='/'!=' 'PR_FALSE'/'PR_TRUE'; (Gv1b) /xpfe/components/directory/nsDirectoryViewer.cpp.
b4be8df347d5d1a625fc4c3c50502c041375a6a3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 649842 - Generate real unique values, instead of relying on Math.random() to generate unique values, which will lead into intermittent oranges; r=zpao
183d5a2357de1b64266e034d1dabf410ea2b8541Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 642469 - Sanitize the environment variables upon startup; r=bsmedberg
ff2e6be782dac38712be9fe89e1e93cd46fed186Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 643885 - Part 2: Optimize nsContentUtils::RemoveScriptBlocker to minimize the number of memmove's; r=bzbarsky
57494f03fba3340878c42c3ecd8a8a322a83046fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 643885 - Part 1: Add the new RemoveObjectsAt API to nsCOMArray; r=bsmedberg
2d69f47f25e5eb4aa5a828fcc1dc81abd755b734Serge Gautherie — Bug 599748 - Remove custom |def check_call()|, now that Python 2.4 is unsupported; (Av1) Remove ''.
931c401f7d3777eb8c0f507da6178189f94777dbMs2ger — Bug 604595, part b - Remove the nsIDOMNamedNodeMap* arguments to NS_NewDOMDocumentType; r=sicking
343970961deb41da93f8106426acdda91d18a4ddMs2ger — Bug 604595, part a - Remove support for DocumentType.entities and DocumentType.notations; r=sicking
c5f9a0fb6c67bcdd9709cf7468b6d6401e615091Ms2ger — Bug 589894 - Fix a number of build warnings in content/; r=smaug
511198a0befa38944c1418f0327ff48fe622e493Ms2ger — Bug 620000 - Remove nsXULPDGlobalObject::OnFinalize's language id parameter; r=jst
8d3962816279b122495cfc8a22a4b985b35b7d97Tim Taubert — Bug 643293 - Intermittent browser_tabview_bug626791.js | drag-to-create-group: panorama button should be in the toolbar - Didn't expect -1, but got it [f=raymond, r=ian]
987aaff805670e2b111601ccc9ecf4ebb5c33eb4Trevor Saunders — Bug 649604 - crash [@ nsAccessible::NativeState()], r=marcoz, surkov
a6afe12a2896311b1a726483204a924beb131eb7Serge Gautherie — Bug 647404 - fix extractZip() and installExtension(); (Bv2) Rewrite installExtension() to copy xpi file without extracting it, Remove now unused extractZip().
66656b3d818f70fd88fd24c4a53aefbae7fe12acSerge Gautherie — Bug 647404 - fix extractZip() and installExtension(); (Av1) s|os.sep|'/'|, Add shutil.rmtree() call, Fix some code nits.
c72ec462f70ce56a7774809bd5131c16cee8e96bSerge Gautherie — Bug 508760 - Remove MSVC6 support from the tree; (Jv1) nsEventQueue.h.
1203611ef3dcc53c730ad127cdfbe5b93e7e1053Mike Hommey — Bug 602245 - Don't build SIMPLE_PROGRAMS during MOZ_PROFILE_GENERATE pass. r=ted
daf83138f3e212f533146eb85f6babb79fb837f6Mike Hommey — Bug 643817 - Replace xpt_link/dump with pyxpt. r=ted,r=bsmedberg
cfb795311a307e510537886c9a4177b09c2e7254Landry Breuil — Bug 633857 - missing #includes for OpenBSD (mozalloc part). r=cjones
005a5f7ba52c1b4801cf1426f112de274245ef1aLandry Breuil — Bug 633857 - missing #includes for OpenBSD (media part). r=roc
85ced3bcb55d406c4e470e80bdfc51c826500680Landry Breuil — Bug 633857 - missing #includes for OpenBSD (gfx part) r=ludovic
ed9ed84a7117b62e52a77e0fd7914f1dd43e4ad1Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset aa200a803e07
aa200a803e07fe55056ee048b058d3e9bad548a2Kyle Huey — Bug 624870: Free nsFactoryEntrys on XPCOM shutdown and factory unregistration. r=bsmedberg
347c9f93d23b3ed4290cb7a175d4df2cac8934cfKyle Huey — Bug 630444: Followup to remove dead code. r=me
07e66863b615cfd174462b51d47f9e5e7846a2c9Kyle Huey — Bug 607114: Expose a File constructor to chrome script. r=sicking
8a7dadcb59f5e9ec4ac81e7f1dc54a9c2c1ce575Kyle Huey — Bug 593629: Only check for ARM SIMD and NEON when the CPU_ARCH is ARM. r=ted
14a336205f226bdf614f0bb737e90d460af680dbChris Pearce — Bug 641718 - Round nsWaveReader's buffered ranges times to usecs. r=kinetik
f548e43998be6a1bfb24245b8dc03c559150c0d3Chris Pearce — Bug 641718 - Convert to using microseconds for internal video timestamps. r=kinetik
d223347c8cb7767e090f0ee8085a0d5668f6583fJonathan Protzenko — Bug 628669: Provide support for relative URLs in Components utils import (JSM, JS modules) r=bsmedberg r=mrbkap
9743d95d473e914ced2f749c882a09ecbbd1d506Cameron McCormack — Bug 637207 - Make name & message on Error prototypes and message on Error instances not enumerable r=gal
dae833f4d9344c943a3a05be8bf1f86e77aea3f2Jonas Sicking — Bug 649672: Make File.slice arguments match Array.slice and prefix File.slice. r=khuey
c0b7ecc1dc1055787f8077cfb6d076a5aeb75c18Mounir Lamouri — Bug 635749 - Don't assume we can press ENTER on an <input type='file'> to submit a form. r=bz,smaug
193ec7c89ad5d6d9a9703d2f7af0e290decd87bbBenjamin Stover — Bug 649583 Panning regression on google reader in 2011-04-12 nightly r=roc
704c27a2a2e4b146bc7013f87227cd5946c18651Robert Strong — Bug 649754 - update dialog no longer centered. r=mossop
222fc193d28032839709794b350c0977483fb6ccJonathan Kew — bug 649678 - include the build date in About window for a# versions. r=dao
8f077c0228648c817b7c3ffe044027ca1eeb8d7dKlaus Ernst — Bug 640601: Allow Flash 10.2+ to load OOP on more Mac OS X machines. r=josh
4624580d88c0e6263d0f8e7e6212a1c14819844cMounir Lamouri — Bug 638143 - Internal html:input of XUL numberbox shouldn't have type='number'. r=enndeakin
077e3771a11912cbe8d440f7d3c557259307127cEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout of bug 606574
d3bff8e977025fa261e4b3da34360f347b9143c1Ehsan Akhgari — Back out bug 606574 for leaking a Mutex and a CondVar in crashtests
800bb4e93950e116bd00561aa30b81770158ec35Ehsan Akhgari — Merge cedar into mozilla-central
ca3565fa0f824fa482e7f4316f1b3249dd364dfdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 637671 - Don't display the selection for a non-focused text element when restoring the selection state after a reframe; r=bzbarsky
ad00eaa258ea03639b6124c39095f5a72ba23f7cMs2ger — Bug 605098 - Kill navigator.securityPolicy; r=dveditz
c3991a8c4d7b85c255715ea8c47ab6a1d1b9991fEhsan Akhgari — imported patch attachment.cgi?id=510985
00ebe89c739101e5c7a6c87048878f49b009615cLandry Breuil — Bug 648730 - Fix Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication on OpenBSD r=khuey
2e8556ead4603353c139fd862277e0fecf428ecaEhsan Akhgari — Bug 649223 - Reftest for bug 366207 wastes two seconds, needlessly; r=bzbarsky
6423303adcd0eabd949beda93cdbcc86adc51790Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 3b7b6b0bd9ef (bug 647453) because it breaks packaging
0f251ed101927d0083751daa2cf06c29ae120489Ed Morley — Bug 438284 - Remove incorrect translation note from
fdd8cf56674f2991cab501b05c93c5b4f5d829e5Chris Coulson — Bug 611953 - Part 3: GNOME 3.0 readiness; r=roc,karlt
1c4241b5a0d4ef16348b3f1721cf6c95b240d597Chris Coulson — Bug 611953 - Part 2: GNOME 3.0 readiness; r=roc,karlt
500983e631b12e230ebefa367322217309aa5459Chris Coulson — Bug 611953 - Part 1: GNOME 3.0 readiness; r=roc,karlt
00452064a6c421e782fe34375ab78d60a4d02a05Hiroyuki Ikezoe — ts in browser/components/sessionstore/test/browser should use utility functions in head.js; r=zpao
a5fce49c7f362c3672c6bfc0b6da07b160bfe1cfRaymond Lee — Bug 601958 - TabView should directly call show and hide routines in the frame r=ian
4b6d80cdd584edccc350cc8eccdc4ac44f16b4a7Raymond Lee — Bug 640062 - Panorama tabs-from-other-windows button displays &nbsp; r=ian
7511736d309b7afe947ad7b08b65d77df5a5b425Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 624133 - Update libpng to version 1.4.7. r=joe
ad9329ec0ee6038d84c04532791eaa9e171e435eOleg Romashin — Bug 647462 - Video layer should not be ARGB by default; r=chris.double
3b7b6b0bd9efc50fc4309bd638fd09987fec4342Michael Wu — Bug 647453 - Removed serialized JS from omnijar, r=taras,khuey
19edf1831109cd45cacd925ce0fba813d29950aaTrevor Saunders — Bug 619002 - When deleting text from edit fields the wrong text is reported through at-spi r=fernando,ginn.chen f=surkov
77a7b2f27c5874093b12b22ba9f5e487084898eaNeil Deakin — Bug 608603, properly handle adjusting the day in the grid datepicker when switching to a month with fewer days, and add displayed month and year properties to datepicker, which can differ from the selection, r=neil
fdcb15cbbaed2954d32a427bb0f56a7882a55330Neil Deakin — Bug 126189, pass modifiers on to command events in menus when enter was pressed, r=neil
3de0857498634bb9b2b4c7027cd502b7084a664bNeil Deakin — Bug 590665, panels jump around when dragged across screens, so don't do flipping when moving one, r=roc
bfc3641f8a7646f20af2bcb45678e26413e62c5cNeil Deakin — Bug 462172, fix up preventDefault call in drag synthesis test and move to a chrome test
a6467a88b05629e7fe19b59651a1d88fde370aafBenjamin Stover — Bug 649666 Do not create container layers for scrollboxes with (0, 0) scrollRange r=roc
aceed2f63c48b3e71790066b3052558d66ff48b7Zack Weinberg — Fix partial DOS line endings in nsRect.cpp, rs=khuey, no bug
2c5a545681cfdcc5e37f479224a6c15624ecad04Ted Mielczarek — bug 606574 - Cocoa event loop instrumentation. r=smichaud
b7bafc5210cb6a9e81e148aa9ab58a4007add1dcTed Mielczarek — bug 606574 - Win32 event loop instrumentation. r=jimm
81ea8b39ed4efb4f682547347f554df7658f3248Ted Mielczarek — bug 606574 - Implement event loop instrumentation using native events, core implementation + GTK2 implementation. r=karlt,cjones
2a343ee6acd3131d8e6f04afc346e069d74e101fJonathan Kew — merge backout of bug 585152
3b5aeb2747b123aa4e152afcd07503fc8e88c6a2Jonathan Kew — Backed out changeset 80451fb8f11c (bug 585152) as per discussion in the bug.
8662b24832334ff2386010ca52e3b966abbfca47Patrick McManus — bug 648570: increase http idle pconn pool from 30 to 256 on desktop. r=jduell
f48bde5681cc8a43b446ee264bfbee37895b2cfePatrick McManus — bug 607741 - Raise max sockets open from 50 to up to 550. r=jduell
ad5009233ae9cc61b65edf43b052e39c55cbe66dSimon Montagu — Make all nsBidiPresUtils methods static. Bug 624798, r=roc
afc62991f24c05790276764185f83883a47647e8Mike Hommey — Bug 561032 - Move Firefox branding into browser/branding/official. r=gavin,r=pike
11e43d2407d97ccd0c1d2ca00c1e7fbb13023722Mike Hommey — Bug 564410 - Use png_set_filter to make system libpng not use write filters. r=glennrp
b0df2e9b1489a09312cc7ec7af23bfe28738d097Mike Hommey — Bug 643112 - Fix IPC build on Linux powerpc. r=bsmedberg
0583d58b20a3a0789c46f19ed505cb6e96602ec9Mike Hommey — Bug 644692 - Fix bsdiff build failure with system bzip2. r=ted
0138798a072ad15edce15d614923a03256946218Jonathan Kew — bug 633299 - don't discard font entries for @font-face rules that haven't changed. r=dbaron
2d69b518b6ab4994b80f532cc9a7c13a0a175890Jonathan Kew — bug 636957 - ensure DWrite font list is initialized in GetFontFamilyList(). r=jdaggett
6bcaec19d09ec670366544e0b14c715fada5a657Ben Turner — Bug 638067 - 'IndexedDB: Inserting data with multiple indexes on an autoIncrement object store throws an error'. r=sdwilsh.
5542d52a48328d768b3f2ed4598bd22cb219925fChristian Legnitto — Bug 649373 - Remove PRE_RELEASE_SUFFIX. This is a wallpaper. r=rstrong, a=LegNeato
8db17d96cb6111310f7a2e08e161584284071077Mounir Lamouri — Bug 519592 - Attempt to fix intermittent failure in content/html/content/test/test_bug514856.html. r=ehsan
ebe25dc723b569f54617b655bbb870654bd5e591Mounir Lamouri — Bug 641352 - Add nsHTMLTextAreaElement::IsValueEmpty() const. r=bz
053d35d7eced9d6e94009aa88852eb42b4221c8fFrank Yan — Bug 603646 - part 1: disable undo close tab when no browser window is active. r=dao
0acacb7e791632518fc1213051b67eca6404b443Frank Yan — Bug 502892 - disable non-functional html5 audio volume slider. r=dolske
a2280498677fbb0603d35194f82b44bc1e0dda1eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 645491 part 2. Speed up changes to id attributes on pages with lots of id selectors. r=dbaron
33f862ff50a0e5008926181a1d95c08e51855460Boris Zbarsky — Bug 645491 part 1. Rename ClassSelector to AtomSelector. r=dbaron
ec3461cc363e2f821424874cd00231d541c13001Robert Strong — followup fix to sync - Bug 649428 - l10n repacks broken on all platforms on mozilla-central (probably aurora, too). r=bustagefix
7a0810457ecd115d7810fdabeb621aefe318b223Mounir Lamouri — Bug 648485 - Second try to fix intermittent failure in content/base/test/test_bug482935.html. r=ehsan
4a94c229c1a94a9a297fbe0e15f88714d10818c2Robert Strong — followup l10n repack fix (fallout from Bug 386760) - Bug 649428 - l10n repacks broken on all platforms on mozilla-central (probably aurora, too). r=khuey
93a5d77f3e9ed0085d6486038267d1120f2d9a77Josh Aas — Bug 649488: Move contents of dom/plugins to dom/plugins/ipc. r=bsmedberg
f6aa347c426c7595150432d7aa99f0b6390a628eMatt Brubeck — Bug 649447 - Remove code for old Spark promotional campaign [r=mfinkle]
b1592bb02a93ab5267e54e4b1c65b8c0233c40a9Robert Strong — followup mac orange fix (so we can turn mac nightly update generation on) for Bug 386760 - directory removal with software update. r=khuey
8f0996418826334f21653e1ef2b4a617a65372d0Makoto Kato — Bug 644613 - NPE in setComposingText when using VKB. r=mwu
1156b1885571e4d83867680e93a452d48792df25Jonathan Kew — bug 648248 followup - prefer Raanana on OS X for the Hebrew presentation forms in reftests. a=reftest-orange
fe8374934c59d46cfdb7a80da59896f97b121e0aChristian Legnitto — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20110412 for changeset a95d42642281