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Tue May 21 03:55:12 2013 +0000
671534d5aa664a0b4be54f33b38c1cb77203622dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 10. Create specializations of Optional for 'any' and 'object' types so that we can have those look like Optional<Handle<Value> > and Optional<Handle<JSObject*> > respectively. r=peterv,sfink, a=lsblakk
6f0feec7b0b7b2831e1b64342d0474fe149c260cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 9. Add tracing to WebIDL dictionary return values. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
41e2ba420e4450c9b9fcf015a4529b4c7f8d05cdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 8. Add tracing to WebIDL sequence return values. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
c5f2a5abe3c3a80d460268c3ede0be605c8693d1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 7. Add tracing to dictionaries. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
9c3f7d2cfe56d3de7ff68ee06dc28680acf82181Boris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 6. Add the ability to trace sequence arguments. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
9d0b0b295c8ae199c5c9e15c2fdc626005810a95Boris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 5. Give all dictionaries a single base class so we can tell when template arguments are dictionaries. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
2ae4bcadfe9b2b0fae07b8f396f502d8d229300dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 4. Use on-stack Rooted<JSObject*> for 'object' arguments in WebIDL bindings. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
96fb055e5fe13b3fb0867954bb8cef670b2bf121Boris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 3. Use on-stack Rooted<Value> for 'any' arguments in WebIDL bindings. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
25a28d445f0cb1d9a66257ecf71d9bb70bc697dcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 2. Add the ability to request that the declType or holderType be constructed with a JSContext. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
14671e6049da829602192781509ddef239b449ecBoris Zbarsky — Bug 868715 part 1. Change instantiateJSToNativeConversionTemplate to return an object, to make its return value more extensible. r=peterv, a=lsblakk
c177454b9e7414e3746919a6e945e24961c999c7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 869195. Make QueryInterface be exposed for both chrome and xbl scopes, not just in chrome. r=bholley,peterv, a=lsblakk