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Mon Jan 07 22:54:45 2013 +0000
090bc89ff6b41f264b10252c639fff781c019eb5Alex Keybl — Merging in l10n changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
59a4dd4441d1d0b533cfab4960e71b098ff8e730Alex Keybl — Disable profiling on Aurora NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
853e7368747b1617ed401d166303f238d0b2aa80Alex Keybl — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
89c8df49949363273c77d1cdf48e58143ac18d19Alex Keybl — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
5bb309998e7050c9ee80b0147de1e473f008e221Jeff Hammel — Bug 811527 - does not ensure that m-c mirror of mozbase is internally compatible;r=jmaher ; follow-up, DONTBUILD because NPTOB FIREFOX_AURORA_20_BASE
b7e462e6aa9e80bb476c09b22545d04640f53af1Ed Morley — Backout e4550612487b & c3008e662841 (bug 827274) for mochitest-chrome crashes on a CLOSED TREE
eaf8b4f2eaa59bf3626036b13bee8c6ed9daa671Olli Pettay — Bug 705371 - [CC] don't add JSContexts that have no children to the cycle collector graph, r=mccr8
8155dd7632bbfe5d8876e9e787936ceab96d92e0Doug Turner — Backout c9831bed6bb7 - Bug 818843 - This change broke building B2G on the mac. r=me
a2c05e82dd8980bf973030f755c32b0563851f40Doug Turner — Backout 6f5b253ab7b7 - Bug 818843 - This change broke building B2G on the mac. r=me
3966def5b2198f40b5e7bb632e983762de369e9dJosh Matthews — Bug 822551 - Initialize the user agent overrides in content process frames. r=dao,vingtetun
e4550612487b478ddbf68077e885621bd4aaf91fBen Turner — Bug 827274 - Fix bustage, r=mrbkap.
776346e8fcda03657c400d16d3777d7be66ef083Ed Morley — Bug 812608 - Disable test_metrics_storage.js on all platforms now that more failures are appearing
c3008e662841c5e2f5c44caf8ba98d7efc2b3a82Ben Turner — Bug 827274 - 'crash in [@ anonymous namespace::CTypesActivityCallback(JSContext*, js::CTypesActivityType)], add ctypes closure support to new worker memory reporting mechanism. r=khuey+mrbkap, a=jlebar.
8f8ceea47a265e7787230997bef25e0a5716915fEd Morley — Bug 812608 - Disable test_metrics_storage.js on Windows too, for permapurple PGO timeouts
c4966e14e726f492f394732b749cc2c38b20bf00Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
2889e68bf6ca305dcc9887e438077aa346f7f39cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
05895b39ed9eb088f05891e456139fba7822d545Jon Coppeard — Bug 825326 - "Assertion failure: (obj)->compartment()->isGCMarking()," r=terrence DONTBUILD
fa6cb5761ae0212c600549f356fc6e070aea2e37Jon Coppeard — Backed out changeset 3e5257f5f4a6 for wrong bug number in commit message
510b15b4d139a7179741ec60f1bc297fe481d137Ed Morley — Backout 66a04865fe51 (bug 827050) for xpcshell orange on a CLOSED TREE
3e5257f5f4a60c7b306389533d872c0105a4e7f0Jon Coppeard — Bug 825327 - "Assertion failure: (obj)->compartment()->isGCMarking()," r=terrence
e3b4a698e0362c0d3346e11602607989c4c4433dJon Coppeard — Bug 824321 - "Assertion failure: !IsThingPoisoned(thing)," r=terrence
40b1de54022af3479292821db43ca018730f5221Tim Taubert — Bug 820057 - Hide the keyboard on pagehide and submit events r=margaret a=blocking-basecamp
09a4cfc709578ddd0ee7e60aeb077e37da0620f1Patrick Wang — Bug 821999 - Check roaming when spn becomes available. r=allstars.chh
05301c8e7ef5724059566559d906746069b0ed7aJan de Mooij — No bug - Fix help message. rs=mjrosenb on IRC DONTBUILD
e005476eb9f602067e65712babf6d9bda50df2abYoshi Huang — Bug 823865 - Part 2: xpcshell tests for writeAlphaIdDiallingNumber. r=hsinyi
d74a5a6e1aac8d84e80cdaec3cd857dd2412fdd1Yoshi Huang — Bug 823865 - Part 1: GsmPDUHelper.writeAlphaIdDiallingNumber. r=hsinyi
66a04865fe51b954645cbc9b4a16f775682461c8Andrea Marchesini — Bug 827050 - Clear cookies and stored data in the browser clears remember my choice permissions for PROMPT_ACTION WebAPIs r=sicking
fc7f83b1bc574090194d961879197ba0dee53168Ben Turner — Bug 824224 - IndexedDB blobs crash with 'ABORT: NULL actor value passed to non-nullable param.' r=cjones.
0df826490fc0367f9cbf0231e5af6e45282ef4c1Ed Morley — Bug 811528 - Fix comment typo & whitespace; r=me DONTBUILD
27ed16bab80ffc1cc11b6cbced64151509f36324Gregor Wagner — Bug 821814 - Followup to disable debug flag. r=me
f99d7beaab4a4ada977c9e4dc8777cf80d0f3081Gina Yeh — Bug 825851 - Patch 1: Handle AT command: AT+VGM, r=echou
88cee54b26e0609f4296baf88b83334dcc3bbebaJustin Lebar — Bug 827217 - Fix null-pointer crash with webgl.can-lose-context-in-foreground=false.
d1905a0ba1ed9e56d737aaef4e62fa6b0b471aeaBlake Kaplan — Bug 826410 - Add a missing interface to MediaElement's QI impl. r=jst
546f9f3999d36b022e257f0bf760a3dc5a720b7bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 504071. Allow image drawing to snap to pixel boundaries even if there's scaling, on all platforms. Not only is it faster, it avoids seaming. This is consistent with snapping behavior of other drawing operations. r=joe
965e97b75bfab0686ac6323a9815940fd4fd34d9Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 824955: Ice-candidate username/pwd nullchecks r=jesup
48abe27b73b7ede067b1fefe50fc26823078ff0aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 826526 - Modify the orphan node reporter so it handles WebIDL objects. r=bz.
9fe346fc7b6ded9899531098cb75a7defd579ecfNicholas Nethercote — No bug. Fix -Wnewline-eof warning in jsfriendapi.h. r=me.
13cf1c8cceab1bba587c4a123b1bb7957dd7f3e4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 818793 - Add a |aMaxFrames| parameter to NS_StackWalk. r=jlebar,glandium; sr=dbaron.
fdfc52d62d5262b1c3ef48471c7880ab6751ef54Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820566 - DMD: Improve testing by using a script to filter out platform-specific stuff in the output. r=jlebar.
d86f67959794702f4fa90cea6bbb54731029a2e3Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
fc560784e6cd519b432189aa89bdc9227304547fCameron McCormack — Bug 818626 - More debugging for crashes at the end of printing. r=roc
29fd39e0dde66646b0688c87b82d44aed79ca1edDave Hunt — Bug 826652 - Create the XML output path if it doesn't exist. r=jgriffin
2678933d28ea23f477c2004af6613ba3d4d034e2Dave Hunt — Bug 826651 - Add XML output path to testvars so that it can be used when saving files related to the results. r=jgriffin
870dca5f3fdcd0524c17741f4ac72f189ac7cf94Prabindh Sundareson — Bug 824927 - Accessibility check missing in b2g configure. r=ted
d070668a08e3a2ee30a420300eede8d909691012Michael Kraft — Bug 824107 - Session Data lost on startup if nsISessionStartup.sessionType is referenced before async load complete. r=dteller
c9831bed6bb72997b34d934f79a1bcea75462af5Steven Lee — Bug 818843 - Media changes. r=rjesup
6f5b253ab7b7939a5df4bd3441d01d358e12ed13Steven Lee — Bug 818843 - changes. r=rjesup
49ddd8c0cb44720bf77ef93c45f14ca6cdf763ddJed Parsons — Bug 811528 - Native identity needs to be preffed on in b2g. r=ferjm
26954234c778fd7f6e4d138dbda318afa90aa7e8Benedict Singer — Bug 795360 - Make dump_syms from run in parallel on multi-core machines. r=ted
aef27223779a07170808b7d0c06b659ca541e391James Kitchener — Bug 411227 - Update ParseNumericValue behavior and change tests to support unitless values in script(min)size. r=fredw
0d16a92e1a4166d7328e6b50837b3215c8d8f8dbMarius Gedminas — Bug 364845 - ctrl-shift-pageup/down should move current tab left/right. r=gavin
ef5b1c8bfd0a36360099a650b6c892678d16a5b6Randell Jesup — Bug 805251 - Minimal fix for creation refcount and transport release r=ekr,derf
de7d61c4b11b8edceb9b4837949cd4fe62cbea7eRandell Jesup — Bug 826576: Stop LocalMediaStreams before Destroy r=roc
177d8769bb85b2a2895b04903ca039868896c4abRandell Jesup — Bug 826576: Manage the lifetimes of GUMCMSL objects (with inactive Listeners) r=roc
f141d1e00ceb94e9982b2a9a2b9eb213d462bc8eRandell Jesup — Bug 827007: Implement Stop for UserMediaStreams; add NotifyRemoved for MediaStream listeners r=roc
36467bcc46ada793724af4005deaf3ae36f9dda7Daniel Holbert — Bug 825941: Mark toolkit/components/url-classifier directory as warning-free. r=gps
e742cc9b67d30dba9d0e571ab18852d683c98e97Daniel Holbert — Bug 825941 helper: Mark debug-only variable |rv| in nsUrlClassifierDBService.cpp as DebugOnly.
683f2f7633164d35502f9582e953c0c6a6c07367Josh Matthews — Bug 826102 - Make IPC geolocation listener never use cached values and never skip a value. r=dougt
b4fec0759b12147f5062b17f602d66e7d782c784Ed Morley — Bug 812608 - Disable test_metrics_storage.js on Linux32 debug for permaorange timeouts
b5a78c274c099ce07d10f9339dec431c414c2473Boris Zbarsky — Back out bug 810644 for now to fix bug 827035, until we manage to fix bug 765780. r=stuff-is-broken
4b063a0b60c045da1a4b0e92dd3a8d5f873eac5aGregor Wagner — Bug 827237 - Followup: Disable settings test. r=me
4f09ab49c47019bc9c943b66424ca0f7df09349bBen Turner — Bug 827330 - 'Windows build error in PluginHangUIParent.cpp', r=bbondy.
206ab8775b4004ddd1a42d50d55c5e8cb4259ad2Gregor Wagner — Bug 827237 - Wifi: ap list in settings is empty. r=bent
5701b113339926255c2625ba38f5b2d1c1c30361Mike Conley — Bug 812255 - Add @2x icons for download items.
f95b927bce6c56d8e8e7e4e82da2e24e3bcdb3e5Mike Conley — Bug 787285 - Enhance the presence of the stop/resume/open buttons in the downloads views.
13c24710fbac9a43b525a397f299960f4b3b2a2bDoug Turner — Bug 813758 - Need additional security checks for the geolocation permission. r=sicking,jdm a=blocking-basecamp
0719d446b16a6474f41e5f55beb2c4a693363d6dBen Turner — Bug 824224 - IndexedDB blobs crash with 'ABORT: NULL actor value passed to non-nullable param.' r=cjones.
605ae260b7c8afd3692ce97ce005a462eacf6095Ed Morley — Backout 9e11714fcba2 (bug 809094) for browser-chrome failures on a CLOSED TREE
b9634bb5b16f95647a402bd5520bfaeb2c1d6f6aGregor Wagner — Bug 821814 - Followup disable debug flag. r=me
ba8d801db3b283c47139cfaa89ca2fd2ae4b2e82Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
eddf3a4a9d49141941bc27e43ada9a87b79a3143Girish Sharma — Bug 827031 - [toolbox] Background color in checked state of toolbox command buttons should be similar to active state, r=paul
a030d7a75344c8e9d247c181520834b9fd22704cPanos Astithas — Fix debugger tests when running with a detached toolbox (bug 817562); r=vporof
2ee91743312d6d2c48341f1d751edf4b915d1723Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to fx-team
4ff4cf256fa678b3e2bf2c145a6de91c6532384bHeather Arthur — Bug 826566 - [toolbox] Add profiler and docking icons to toolbox; r=paul
90adcb5c0a81d1048d7563ffa4e720033ba10784Heather Arthur — Bug 826191 - [style editor] No stylesheet selected after reloading the page; r=paul
66d5958145545423548919ed605e5f997013c5e0Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
70e3ad569ac4affdd1accbd25eef64df70b24a2aGregory Szorc — Bug 718066 - Disable Firefox Health Report build time option; r=mconnor
bc1f7b5b83789e7f43db57f50c8593d11051fce2Gregory Szorc — Bug 808126 - Part 3: Use OS.File.stat() to look for missing directory; r=rnewman
9e11714fcba22079e5aa9adae13cb5b7f1481d25Mike Connor — bug 809094 - update pref pane to support Firefox Health Report, r=gavin,gps
634951119fef1c6d650f6eaa462ad9368ea54d4aGregory Szorc — Bug 808126 - Part 2: Work around bug in OS.File.exists(); r=rnewman
d3c914f579dd1b4d83ac6078a27a2b50756d1374Gregory Szorc — Bug 812608 - Part 4: Serially initialize providers; r=rnewman
894790d8efe4868b850158198e995f790e7b90aeGregory Szorc — Bug 827187 - Part 2: Fix test bustage; r=rnewman
c5171c231bf486f5c6f27112e815f77bff2fa863Gregory Szorc — Bug 813833 - Part 2: Add additional logging around connection close; r=trivial
967ca515b01226cd9f5e4bb635176f5b311d17e1Gregory Szorc — Bug 827187 - Report default browser flag in Firefox Health Report; r=rnewman
e261056671168bf16c618978f96ab3bb6c4e147cGregory Szorc — Bug 812608 - Part 2c: Further improvements to shutdown logic; r=rnewman
eaeae002559b1910eb84eb0e715dd08bed1588fbGregory Szorc — Bug 813287 - Move healthreport prefs into greprefs.js; r=rnewman
03759402e43327ca3031e522d3917637986b02acGregory Szorc — Bug 808126 - Crash report collection for Firefox Health Report; r=rnewman
1bbcfe1c66087835db2a9e4eed9b8e8a5db69b48Gregory Szorc — Bug 824528 - Health report provider for collecting add-on info; r=rnewman
ba2d808f5634d54e25245c5e24cd83aff0990f3cRichard Newman — Bug 812608 - Part 3: further tweaks to profile age fetch. r=trivial
66786ce0c5fb77dee8e985da64b45e3f25025d8fGregory Szorc — Bug 812608 - Part 2b: More robust shutdown logic; r=rnewman
36592fb313ada1629fe3b7b00866e75d52938f0dGregory Szorc — Bug 826893 - Health Report provider for application sessions; r=rnewman
d4ce01fb62551508ec19742b8143db19de5d6d90Gregory Szorc — Bug 826580 - Record application version history in Firefox Health Report; r=rnewman
ee9453c65e339986b43ecdb7ffb72c3eff5fafe6Gregory Szorc — Bug 812608 - Part 2: Refactor FHR on top of new Metrics APIs; r=rnewman
f3f08413e8635fcb94f9365cb947a63ab92af796Gregory Szorc — Bug 812608 - Part 1: Persistent storage backend for metrics data; r=rnewman
8c1c09376c4afdc49f30e3396d5b9cabe17388d9Gregory Szorc — Bug 718066 - Enable Firefox Health Report in browser app; r=mconnor
7647b05aa3f0bfbc53a940a61a461ff9a9fdcdcdGregory Szorc — Bug 791869 - Remove services/notifications; r=rnewman
dccd490f15326234dd40d487928b3379dacb86ceGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
4ac2babbafecf33fc72228cd5d343c3ab1211841Gregory Szorc — Bug 812608 - Part 0: API to (re)define nsIXULAppInfo from unit tests; r=rnewman
712bd4b20e475f4ed26a3bcdac55eb6439f02574Richard Newman — Bug 826421 - Follow-up: remove unnecessary method. r=trivial
939e3db16cbd1d44ed2204a6a215f32b601a0733Gregory Szorc — Bug 813833 - Add a Promise-based API to mozIStorage/SQLite; r=mak, sr=Mossop
302918441b46e8779cd441bf213979c1d844c69fGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
f1df8615c8f903157232de12245afdd283f75d0fRichard Newman — Bug 826421 - Remove Places onBeforeDeleteURI and onBeforeItemRemoved notifications in Sync. r=mak
fed4e5f66b3d6499a9e3322eeb057bb2757da48fPhil Ringnalda — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c
46e86e8499b2814126e53e255d16c147d1cdcab4Cameron McCormack — Bug 827085 - Remove unused mSharedPresShell member on nsPrintObject. r=roc
de6f3b7fc084059b085322992330a906cc660f67Ethan Hugg — Bug 825785 Signaling - monitor threads for shutdown r=jesup
4dbd963117b96d3f99ac791f014d83f00506dc8aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 825807 (part 2) - Improve the style of nsNetworkManagerListener.{h,cpp}. r=bz.
928eb7835982097c15260682479e379ac4daf676Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 825807 (part 1) - Remove unused nsNetworkManagerListener::mManageIOService field. r=bz.
4436a72b4f2cbdfcc4f48b913ba0c4d776d884b6Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 825107 - Fix -Wint-to-pointer-cast warnings in nsTraceRefcntImpl.cpp. r=bsmedberg.
dc39c417062244c5e9cff510148ce00b78f81342Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 825150 - Remove const_casts by adding some const-ness to nsICommandLineRunner.init(). r=karlt, sr=bsmedberg.
3e5ec076ceb218ab8b6a408316761fe95c33a20cMyk Melez — bug 826935 - ensure app.installState is defined in DOMApplicationRegistry.loadCurrentRegistry(); r=fabrice
86c90ae238599bc9cb450945ebbf75f36633e258Raymond Lee — Bug 826311 - Extend the browser_privatebrowsing_cookieacceptdialog.js to check if the cookies modal dialog appears; r=ehsan
c706b690654979ce9dc87dc8f22e0138122c0526Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
43ceabecd922bc1620e85cd67bfb68e1c5959027Greg Roodt — Bug 686228 - Add simple mouse scrolling support. r=kats
bd3892e0345fad78764cec5e333ad12dfa39bfbaNicholas Nethercote — Bug 826183 - DMD: clear reportedness data before running memory reporters and dumping. r=jlebar.
5af4c6bd51049d17433f5117b440069df2429ecbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 827075 - Implement the -moz-menubar color and make it return the correct background color on gtk; r=roc
579c679f24f2eccaf985b6a85f2b8c3d0516fb43Phil Ringnalda — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c
809d2d699155f31444b26ec00c6fb7bfe5f5b6e1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 819559 - Enable workarounds for intrinsic functions only on MSVC2005. r=jrmuizel
7afccc6bbb95dc12fa37e2f603ac2278a4a49e60Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 826983 - Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS on MSVC in editor/. r=ehsan
4727f845406afad1f7b490dc7a60332830824482Paolo Amadini — Bug 824265 - Part 1 of 2 - Message shown when there are no matching items in the Downloads view. r=mano
013dae0ca57622d387b3eac0432a0efc1f8a2d75Doug Turner — Bug 826024 - DeviceStorage - don't treat .m4v files as music. r=djf
131e180f233e775ca474d6b56f2b027732e864c8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 827126 - Add a test to ensure that we reflect img.align correctly; r=peterv
57e1f9c1910a43a6cbf9cebf67e1228a71422c67Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
ada416951818b6395c75cc49d1c395805e7e1bdfSimon Montagu — Add spaces between consecutive angle brackets. Bug 827086, r=Ms2ger
22f722c24602bd9bf7ab1a11770ed76264e3eba6Mark Finkle — Bug 826467 - Remove unused variables r=bnicholson
e674e3fbbe7bb908a8bb92631d33470cc07a10cdMark Finkle — Bug 826467 - Listen for account changes and persist r=bnicholson
ad719d036f9d3afa26fe22fcdcfd87b0affc4339Mark Finkle — Bug 826467 - Avoid persisting tabs to tabs.db if Sync is not setup r=bnicholson
ddedd11ef0e43657daa80af3dd8d6238d5c3084aPaolo Amadini — Bug 824265 - Part 1 of 2 - Message shown when the Downloads view is empty. r=mano
9968445e53438f2226a94ed3ee9258b1dd11f786Hannes Verschore — Bug 827082: Abort when creating this for native non constructing function, r=evilpie
59ae61d1d05916c4e332867448c29df114cfee53David Zbarsky — Bug 825732: Convert SVGAltGlyphElement to WebIDL r=bz
c4ba770505d9067d2f7705410ff868790d751159David Zbarsky — Bug 825732: Convert SVGTSpanElement to WebIDL r=bz
31ced8e31f8b207f77db1bf73f78395ee2cbad8cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 825732: Convert SVGTextElement to WebIDL r=bz, longsonr
370b247b1b7f6c554066c20e9b67307b796c253cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 825732: Convert SVGTextPositioningElement to WebIDL r=bz
a671c210b131458936956f2d5f29cec8320d5812David Zbarsky — Bug 825732: Convert SVGTextPathElement to WebIDL r=bz
02f069bc1cc375a3d7f7d750d33db7aa25f82068David Zbarsky — Bug 825732: Convert SVGTextContentElement to WebIDL r=bz
6503c6bee6f84f26ba6b79cac1fccfca4e69f1f1Ehsan Akhgari — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c
6104f18f25276d9026b7140d312738ef988a1761Ms2ger — No bug - Fix four warnings in js/src; r=sparky
9cb6dcfb0b85600d08bbc2a30fc8f5fcdabade4bPaolo Amadini — Bug 812813 - The Downloads Panel needs to draw your attention when a download finishes. r=mak
f80f9b1e217b459bca541512d20258e39f14da94Simon Montagu — Clear element from nsTextDirectionalityMap when unbinding. Bug 819623, r=peterv
7eb3d3124d2421bc881c13f03a75f16fd474f0e3Simon Montagu — Don't set AncestorHasDirAuto when binding a <bdi> element to the tree. Bug 815043, r=peterv
31a28a59de39986e2c72b4807a95d021cf817b7dSimon Montagu — Test for bug 815043
390baa4e7a43b8d172d4319cf17f5385dc94e811Simon Montagu — Clear the HasTextNodeDirectionalityMap property from the text node when deleting the map. Bug 815276, r=peterv
c813ba800bd3a7c160a70c98c520e4f1bbb5f0edSimon Montagu — Test for bug 815276
28cb4a10444e546f2a44c99808c63722e3fff22eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824898: Convert SVG animation classes to WebIDL r=bz
7601aad6045f98a40894f60585d032fd02dcb641David Zbarsky — Bug 824898: Move SVG animation classes to mozilla::dom r=bz
2a404732e63848fde3bbf7a92a4f5f8a12a4c32dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGLineElement to WebIDL r=bz
04e417ee3fe8a8841e81db40cf5217ee9d5b104bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 825730: Add a more convenient signature for ToDOMAnimatedLength r=longsonr
2a2a7a9d4d3edccd7105b56c33f859c8f119165dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 825730: Alphabetize makefile r=longsonr
54c8526ef3498f88072528c8007aa4d6aa577596David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGEllipseElement to WebIDL r=bz
dd6b8ef397aa1cfdb285989362eb6c375f69a713David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGCircleElement to WebIDL r=bz
04feda337f8b75c1e09d2465ed2a90c3bad64a08David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGRectElement to WebIDL r=bz
5ec2ebd28b1a6e7368f3f96ccf97aba6040d0ae2David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGPolygonElement and SVGPolylineElement to WebIDL r=bz
cbdc0334c124152a01277a1a3a9b9526372a3a23David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGImageElement to WebIDL r=bz
95fb751f1132ed6bd43c6b5002a10e0a40109d06David Zbarsky — Bug 824899 - Don't use nsIDOMSVGElement where possible r=longsonr
908ea24560b509aae1a8c6bf2fbfca387353f070David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGGElement to WebIDL r=bz
7b3dd403f4b81395fea34ac404e9f98d80f09372David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGForeignObjectElement to WebIDL r=bz
1e56922c8c47a0c2c75480a61adc3f7afafa27d1David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGSwitchElement to WebIDL r=bz
f51d9fb6b0917f9c01ede08de5cb510123b67101David Zbarsky — Bug 825147: Convert SVGDefsElement to WebIDL r=bz
257a5c4fd629f6fb7c77b7f844304ddaa38881f9David Zbarsky — Bug 824229 Part 7: Make nsSVGClipPathElement inherit from SVGTransformableElement to preserve existing behavior; move SVGGraphicsElement up to SVGTransformableElement r=longsonr
3b08c0ff70b190de871a852401d51ca74d04b0ffDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824229 Part 6: Move SVGGraphicsElement to mozilla::dom r=bz,longsonr
7cfc54a3465bf14fc23bf431890f42a367f240b1David Zbarsky — Bug 824229 Part 5: Implement SVGGraphicsElement r=longsonr
9c9681d775952ab2a7d7182e02bc116f00b4e6f7David Zbarsky — Bug 824229 Part 4: Implement SVGTransformableElement r=longsonr
d82e982042c8d321222322da7e1e4c1b6948f73cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824229 Part 3: Implement SVGLocatableElement r=longsonr
0515cea84af1d3b291bfd1f73208d5041c1fd30dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824229 Part 2: SVGGraphicsElement should implement SVGTests r=longsonr
0d5717bc07bda78a7ece1de6280426317922ba5eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824229 Part 1: SVGSVGElement should be a subclass of SVGGraphicsElement r=longsonr
313fece4cf4a1cde75943a3bb9cd64d40960e375Trevor Saunders — bug 825281 - remove nsISupportsArray from plugins r=bsmedberg
a30a8521c16880fe67a34fd5e566123b45301716Benoit Jacob — Bug 825205 - Fix WebGL drawElements validation when the max allowable index wraps to zero in the index type - r=vladv
27fead003810e687a88e24e3620e6c43076dcfe6Benoit Jacob — Bug 825205 - WebGL drawElements: add unit test for the case where the max allowable index wrap to 0 in the index type - r=vladv
387349ed9abf760cebb676d572fc28241092f1ebMats Palmgren — Bug 734777 - Call NoteFrameRemoved also when it's the last frame on the line to avoid an assertion. r=roc
c6d11daac3fb21dfb990f1be2195cc9d41f7f9aeBrian Nicholson — Bug 818065 - Part 1: Add about:privatebrowsing strings (follow-up for missing bracket). r=me
c8faf027d3626f6698ca41ad3ac1c9a92e188c31EKR — Bug 827029 - Clean up license boilerplate in mtransport. r=jesup
1b88be2c5e1f682198d9192c4528254b00fe2a7bEKR — Bug 825611 - Fix unit tests to match fix to MediaPipeline. r=jesup
b5ae74de191091f920efa2053381f9dae0a7e085Andrea Marchesini — Bug 811026 - [Permissions] Grant a prompted permission for the duration of the session, r=sicking
99380aaa14872e4516ac5133b9d46fc987997cdcHannes Verschore — Bug 824347: Remove assertion that became incorrect when inlining functions with arguments object landed, r=nbp
9512633daa2026812e9f8ed7442759f3fa7d5d5dEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
fee24a580b1c8fe3f49e8add44743ce90d20b770Brian Nicholson — Bug 818065 - Part 1: Add about:privatebrowsing strings. r=mfinkle
c4abfca219e5c438a69f65533dcb364ba9604c55Alfred Kayser — bug 814010: diskcache: skip buffer when writing to file. r=michal.novotny
20d1a5916ef69e9114150e6795663524a395ee79Phil Ringnalda — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c
3bead9c2a59ba31625f3355d59ea31b84b67882dPeter Van der Beken — Fix bustage from bug 824907 on a CLOSED TREE.
c88883682ad037990cd6275bc3f1a1c6d7091cd2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826635. Refresh-driver painting is always enabled now, so remove the alternative code path. r=tnikkel
cb1092d8c447ee2a59a42fffd831b79535dc75dbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 7: nsView::GetViewManagerInternal is no longer relevant, so remove it. r=tnikkel
57f386239178a3a0441af14de60b3a5355d63837Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 6: Remove some unnecessary #includes from nsView.h and nsViewManager.h. r=tnikkel
0b3fbf63dd2727cfba55170e124549f092e8676fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 5: nsViewManager methods do not need to be virtual and most of the ones that return nsresult don't need to. r=tnikkel
92f2f1a27270b6da50a4ec31ba0bf322825ed660Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 4: nsViewManager does not need to implement nsISupports anymore. r=tnikkel
9e7027c6242a3e77facba24b4ce54cdd21d7536aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 3: Create nsViewManagers directly instead of using XPCOM. r=tnikkel
7b31621af1582255b787d742e21d17ec1c21b43eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 2: Use nsRefPtr<nsViewManager> instead of nsCOMPtr. r=tnikkel
1367089491f9e5cf9704f09396fdf1cef00be97aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 1: Merge nsIViewManager into nsViewManager. r=tnikkel
0a67f83f18cb05a991401d82bdae8197bb15ae37Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824907 (Convert HTML table elements to WebIDL) - convert HTMLTableColElement to WebIDL. r=bz.
abd3e75c995cbe2c96a6f181b9563f430abc93d0Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824907 (Convert HTML table elements to WebIDL) - convert HTMLTableRowElement to WebIDL. r=bz.
42f91a4781c1acf8d1f24a10c2d412c6197e6cd6Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824907 (Convert HTML table elements to WebIDL) - convert HTMLTableCellElement to WebIDL. r=bz.
a4ef9c24dd5b55d29789cebe3a7126fb52b8cfb6Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824907 (Convert HTML table elements to WebIDL) - convert HTMLTableSectionElement to WebIDL. r=bz.
7564aeb63a36912dc58cbdad0073c4ffbacd597fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824907 (Convert HTML table elements to WebIDL) - convert HTMLTableCaptionElement to WebIDL. r=bz.
08e18a8008ec0df4c0160f418df5942764427b0dPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824907 (Convert HTML table elements to WebIDL) - convert HTMLTableElement to WebIDL. r=bz.
08a616b1e4f4b24d72ba731afc40521974246094Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824907 (Convert HTML table elements to WebIDL) - rename classes. r=bz.
0b4ce0db7ecbc3ded6700ce9204fb4bc94896d67Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 826961 - Revise SVGPreserveAspectRatio so that the silly cast is not needed. r=longsonr
9958b17acc012ffa71cfe1740389269a01fd94baEKR — Bug 825611 - Have MediaPipeline deliver as much media as requested. r=jesup
04557efa1fd92036b01a47205cab346c0e938979Soumya Deb — Bug 821969 - Un-prefix CSS gradients. r=dao
8f9693d9279133eca661a0facc8f5178d532afecAsaf Romano — Bug 826425 - double-click on finished downloads in Library view doesn't open them. r=mak.
1be4b28a143d1272f5ab6c62dbf80c7f0c8deb88Marco Bonardo — Bug 822572 - Add a Clear Downloads button to the Library view.
a55044631d140b83ad2f5cd07037972b850d59dbHubert Figuière — Bug 826297 - Catch exceptions. r=sicking
07fa18b4c450d3289519e60fa3592a644857d2c3Asaf Romano — Bug 822343 - Downloads view takes far too long to render. Part 2 - async I/O. r=mak
eaede79d4d42ed2d0d856ed2d9f91c085ca68c07Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 820538: Added media-ptr check because of NS_DISPATCH_SYNC. r=rjesup
888bf659fa9f83d1602601ba6b2232e839d877b5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 819252 WheelEvent along x-axis with a modifier key on Mac shouldn't cause zoom action for not preventing following horizontal swip event which will cause going back/forward in the history r=smaug+smichaud
08176bc91aaeeac1e8ee9951fd3b4cc8b3984276Marco Bonardo — Backout 1a99d532ccd6:ac7fc104c829 (bug 812813) due to bc test failure
1a99d532ccd67282a17e669177f77833faa1a207Paolo Amadini — Bug 812813 - Fix download notifications in large icons mode.
ac7fc104c82933e0cc99a152ea352c1080246da8Paolo Amadini — Bug 812813 - The Downloads Panel needs to draw your attention when a download finishes.
6ac39337919af82b2e122f30c9a4901c12c5912dAlexander Surkov — Bug 824901 - HyperTextAccessible::DOMPointToHypertextOffset fails for node and offset equal to node child count, r=tbsaunde
9d028fec83186f151b7ba084095fbef05f2cb310David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGScriptElement to WebIDL r=bz
bb0411cda329c6a5f4843150e8d3b47e4d54e498David Zbarsky — Bug 826947: Convert HTMLScriptElement to WebIDL r=bz
8101b0c28d50448d9f647e115645115a23cce65aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 826947: Move HTMLScriptElement to mozilla::dom r=bz
9b891394bb82f14f55665fb36606e2ae810dc4f7Marco Bonardo — Bug 825849 - Add a RemoveAllDownloads API to nsIDownloadHistory.
08570379483ee9e80a8807bab27ee831e37a7c7aRichard Newman — Bug 806494 - Fix resource header copying on internal redirect. r=gps
ea909ce6007b1c67b3bb9ef0d197ef8845399e9cPhil Ringnalda — Back out 5e76dfb1d426 (bug 826635) and 0df74b1a4543:20df426b6111 (bug 826632) for bustage
dcd2c2de5e65da154a6ebf6fe5da17ce45b3a7b3Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 793105 - Add a "backgroundPerceivable" class for audio-channel-content. r=jlebar,roc
c8b2ab4ec62dda386e34ef8415e30e67b605358fGina Yeh — Bug 826463 - Patch 1(v1): After disconnect BT headset while in-call, audio rerouting takes too long, r=echou
becfdb6e3719c62f7b9bd13949e15515c2420249Daniel Holbert — Bug 824862: Don't skip over generated-content children of a flex container, even if they look like whitespace. r=bz
80418f0fc73d9617499f9e9856420fd27a2771f8Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 826613 - Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS on MSVC in image/. r=joe
06a834b786cf0b18205b0c00260df7beb01aa8e7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 795433 - Use #define for nsresult values in C code. r=ehsan,glandium; feedback=njn
5e76dfb1d426caa6e5fac3ac440184598066f969Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826635. Refresh-driver painting is always enabled now, so remove the alternative code path. r=mattwoodrow
0df74b1a45438c1b823a6e3878e8b6fa6e180729Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 7: nsView::GetViewManagerInternal is no longer relevant, so remove it. r=tnikkel
f9a6a2f984f9d835b6498247b2f87718d8474f86Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 6: Remove some unnecessary #includes from nsView.h and nsViewManager.h. r=tnikkel
3c2fc9e57bb5f7e0eb6981dae295b026ba8bcbcbRobert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 5: nsViewManager methods do not need to be virtual and most of the ones that return nsresult don't need to. r=tnikkel
4f5d5f0c454c23bfb7c56e239c418b1e4223b725Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 4: nsViewManager does not need to implement nsISupports anymore. r=tnikkel
2fa476152adcca945739df85f62bb08895e6393cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 3: Create nsViewManagers directly instead of using XPCOM. r=tnikkel
d6f3da9601612c4dce7855139d62e33f28d4eeb6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 2: Use nsRefPtr<nsViewManager> instead of nsCOMPtr. r=tnikkel
20df426b611197b3fdf08615f2b2f951b9ebf282Robert O'Callahan — Bug 826632. Part 1: Merge nsIViewManager into nsViewManager. r=tnikkel
bd3b4d20072a3cd9b040ecfca0d5a9217c1cc59eOleg Romashin — Bug 825556 - RequestContentRepaint frequency should be possible to limit with some timeout. r=drs
dc3d10cccb8681f6b34fed79d9a864a5bccbd4fbKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 826628 - Release the texture after unbind it. r=jgilbert
a0414feb9656087500ebcea200ac3162af4c4ddeDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGMPathElement to WebIDL r=bz
c47eb8f76e9d84cc9a7da43fd4f04e1db2f14aa5David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGMetadataElement to WebIDL r=bz
46e52ba374e04c28b65b6a9f646e56c3cb14e4e6David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGStyleElement to WebIDL r=bz
5b57d2f7af3d077f4a2fcaad923d93e51136a4f5David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGStopElement to WebIDL r=bz
d42ed304bda171975e0172c423291586fd6c09daDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGTitleElement to WebIDL r=bz
786f26d1302e9d26b6e707bbb934ef21a4bd9e5cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGDescElement to WebIDL r=bz
1c9ec9784927933897686f8f75e17f6567ad5c39David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Add a namespaced version of NS_NewSVGXXXElement r=bz
e6e5fca3acb346d8982b0b53d19abb324a8ca1e4Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 825599 - Specialize type of switch's conditions. r=h4writer
9a315f39e03a9e92e8a39e3776ae1adf6bec8efdPhil Ringnalda — Back out 13acd3b74386:68ded29fc68e (bug 824327) for browser_bug329212.js failures
1b92a38beffd3672702e7336594a0b6904e29313Dave Hylands — Bug 822754 - Fix B2G AutoMounter to deal with out-of-order events. r=philikon
0210c5931bdeea47ff11e7898718c6902e2a01d7Gregor Wagner — Bug 821814 - Settings: upgrade settings DB after settings.json changed. r=bent
9e624b73a293e76000e9119d77e4d7ed07d7a76eCameron McCormack — Bug 826195 - Tweak nsPrintObject sanity assertions. r=dholbert
061f752080649e34f54eb143dabb472e0426042bRandell Jesup — Bug 825594: Pref on mozGetUserMedia by default rs=jlebar
addb719ae3f23192bfc9385490d1a707a1da4a38Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 826820: Remove "synced tabs" menu item in Tabs Panel. [r=mfinkle]
c72d0bbb5571b2b8225808e53c4aa96be5f95758Jeff Walden — Whitespace tab-killing patrol. No bug, r=sparky
0c549b6038ef7d857ec7555c320810b0c3ee3f16Jeff Walden — Bug 824217 - Make ChromeObjectWrapper::getPropertyDescriptor not pretend no descriptor exists when the property exists along the prototype chain, when the property is being resolved just before an assignment. r=bholley
b2df7d0c61d1a6c8dde14ed4e8c4f6dde5328cb4Jeff Walden — Bug 824217 - Remove the mode argument from the PIERCE macro to eliminate all but one use of JSRESOLVE_ASSIGNING from jswrapper.cpp. r=bholley
1308210aefb40f23cf88feb9bde1346ffbd62b5aAaron Klotz — Bug 805591 - Win32 implementation of the Plugin Hang UI r=bsmedberg,bbondy
012ce2bf7607a39466413cea50e502a37b2b6b34Richard Newman — Bug 826421 - Remove Places onBeforeDeleteURI and onBeforeItemRemoved notifications in Sync. r=mak
850b0139680515c7ddb17d6a89b1edb36a0ac030Steven Michaud — Bug 825734 - Plugins stop rendering when top half of plugin scrolled off top of page, in HiDPI mode. r=jfkthame
2428a69911d71a4bd3458bfe2c568e4913355dfbGregor Wagner — Bug 825840 - [build] Mac Gecko build an flash are broken. r=philikon
13acd3b74386e373e563f91e4a3f6ac52cbf1db3David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGMPathElement to WebIDL r=bz
c4470a13f216f7bc7e4882953672b971f7823a06David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGMetadataElement to WebIDL r=bz
83dd11d6dc7febf736520d2997cc082da199c43eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGStyleElement to WebIDL r=bz
00e9c72fa4101efe07b4ae5f9b0047252cc43e14David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGStopElement to WebIDL r=bz
2a2fdd3161f8eba414362e6daf9899b60542e0b4David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGTitleElement to WebIDL r=bz
60c936f77dce372d976ac429bc54aa75d57a2860David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Convert SVGDescElement to WebIDL r=bz
68ded29fc68e26d2a0f7a20c6375d03d8e38b4b8David Zbarsky — Bug 824327: Add a namespaced version of NS_NewSVGXXXElement r=bz
fe4e809058e04311a4e0b5d22aad1bb28295fa23Jeff Hammel — Bug 811527 - does not ensure that m-c mirror of mozbase is internally compatible;r=wlach ; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
c43c4835dafd782be47f10937da8c85a4a88648aNathan Froyd — Bug 826439 - use floats instead of doubles for exponential histogram statistic calculations; r=vdjeric
5a7b468178a28e1bd2b761f8781414f9b7c0c940Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 826381 - Update more tests to go with cset 11f420dd6b47. r=fix-test
496d7707ded1946539caabf2b60539e1325b242dChris Jones — Bug 824224: Make mozalloc_abort() not MOZ_NORETURN and log errors to logcat. r=glandium
4fd475c2a94ad084162fd6ea82a95c3796fc8dbeChris Jones — Bug 824224: Always log protocol errors. r=bent
7f2728cfad82440ce7bcdb656f78eca10fce1eb5Geoff Brown — Bug 824067 - Disable robocop testPasswordEncrypt for too many intermittent failures; DONTBUILD
e9e8cb0ae4929a6f334b6d136b37d8d27d4f30f4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 826381 - Update test to go with cset 11f420dd6b47. r=fix-test
2c7233ca6ffd4c120cfde4c52bcaa1282fc4987bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 826779 - Get DMD to build on Windows; r=bbondy
a1f3bc9f0bb949f63ab5d0d48779d535f067a64eMike Hommey — Bug 826625 - Group rss/pss/vsize entries by filename in about:memory. r=jlebar
27860b6b264db3883a34879ad85fa58a4f9f40b3Mike Hommey — Bug 824330 - Build services/ during the platform tier and enable services in xulrunner. r=blassey,r=bsmedberg,r=gps
3e4d1302c992fb178aed43a019c02305b0b752c3Mike Conley — Bug 826729 - about:downloads download item buttons look strange, and context menus don't update. r=mak.
ac810061a17517f1ffdad2e07fc0b9ef9f98a1c5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 826479 Assertion failure: mInitialized when using Ctrl+Middle-click paste r=ehsan
587a0a974cf8bb874054a095c92d66639fe56d3dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 826541 Suboptimal string copying in nsAttrValue::ToString r=bz
4b2611eed98a57feaec76e81bbfbd4081fd7c173Ben Turner — Bug 813867 - 'Report memory for web workers that use ctypes'. r=jlebar+jorendorff.
7e9a42a9cec735be02fc8dd654751ffc394be1f0Maire Reavy — bug 822956 - correct chunk_remaining calculation r=ekr
ac059cbb93ed257e03dc12805a3d727e99c37a45Mark Finkle — Bug 817440 - Intermittent testAddonManager | GeckoEventExpecter - blockForEvent timeout: Tab:Added r=gbrown
a8654766039861bf981654f59a1cd1bac04117eeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 826487: Change "Open in New Private Tab" to "Open in Private Tab". [r=mfinkle]
561ba958f34bad8ffb243f3d179ab4fdf4679498Wes Johnston — Bug 736321 - Support HTML Context menus in Fennec. r=mfinkle
11f420dd6b471ce7d32deacd9f4e8f09970a5fd8Wes Johnston — Bug 826381 - Update sumo bookmark url. r=mfinkle
9d119006ec646ca2279d6f5a36295172e70512e2Wes Johnston — Bug 826074 - Use Pinning terminology for customizing about:home. r=mfinkle
e75caf89e1f97ec23c961d518b053a1f11006037Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 819482 - Remove retry code from b2g automation now that devicemanager handles it, r=ahal
6e251f2906f5a280e40d9098330e39ea246a8ed7William Chen — Bug 617532 - Implement UndoManager. r=ehsan
3a2d5a7a446fdb8df3a3f2831c9419fef9bdf35dJoel Maher — Bug 826769 - make mochitest-robotium may fail with: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/tmp/xxx/tests.jar'. r=gbrown
ed8df7cc59ab460b7f200e16ab746760c0099c49Joel Maher — Bug 826308 - Robocop tests log output should contain begin/end block markers for the full test run. r=bc
72fd8681d3a62202a9904b9c78374d7564c534afJonathan Kew — bug 825875 - shape long words directly into the textrun instead of using word caching. r=roc
39b72947ad7951787f07640cc44324287ab094d0Jonathan Kew — bug 825871 - refactor gfxTextRun and gfxShapedWord to share a common abstract base class (gfxShapedText) and shaping interface. r=roc
89bc8559149f355b564c2acc2efb65e98eb9ec21Terrence Cole — Bug 826126 - Just use an assert to check for aliasing; r=benjamin
13c525135b4aa6b90509337ae707d4702dd66343Bobby Holley — Bug 826146 - Add a pref-controlled install confirmation override for automation. r=sicking
988de3eea4ce8a8e338345102786787f5787b8f0Randell Jesup — Bug 802656: GetUserMediaDevices: Consider no devices available an error r=anant
88b4a62179970ee5ceecf53cb624870c530d9cafRandell Jesup — Bug 805632: backend for getUserMedia:revoke r=anant
041b62d88da9b15609b31fbb2566eee57a6539d2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 822017 - Remove the global PB specific code from the testpilot extension; r=dao
79b2064c1a9909f33dd547ab56835fd79cfe343dJeff Walden — Bug 826447 - Change all the proxy API signatures to take unsigned flags, rather than bool set, so that it's easier to find all tests of JSRESOLVE_ASSIGNING. r=bz
5d05c702079709c311ad042edc47666143cd26d1Chris Peterson — Bug 826144 - Add MOZ_UTF16_HELPER() intermediary macro to handle UTF-16 stringification and concatenation correctly. r=waldo
e0ecff0cf5eee611cc1dc7669051af3ce839897eChris Peterson — Bug 826120 - mach's warning parser should not stop at first '['. r=gps
220a958dd8e311cfb428db1c81192006778dbffaAndres Hernandez — Bug 824493 - Intermittent timeout in test_sts_privatebrowsing_perwindowpb.html; r=ehsan
2b5844e951d2e2b340511f27c8a155056f5d4137Benoit Girard — Bug 787513 - Give the proper update rectangle for NPAPI for CoreGraphics plugins on mac. r=smichaud
c908514142927a47dd6cf904905076553cf9c7e1David Keeler — bug 820708 - refresh navigator.plugins when a plugin is enabled/disabled r=joshmoz
2366a2163610db47877efffd3aafeac88ca90df6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 822956. ProcessAudioChunk needs to take account of AudioChunk::mOffset. r=jesup
8b5e13bff2c98edce1910d5a68639bdc46004988Maire Reavy — bug 822956: Handle audio chunks that aren't 10ms in duration r=ekr
5a6abc7835c84c6a8acd474e6dd9a00c739e84f4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 822956. Part 2: Don't wrap getUserMedia's SourceMediaStream in a DOM object wrapper. Create an nsDOMUserMediaStream wrapper specifically to clean up the SourceMediaStream and the MediaInputPort. r=jesup
de2503929a79b1a437ba2204fc7c3271a4e8f476Randell Jesup — Bug 822956: convert to TrackUnionStreams for getUserMedia (and add hint support) r=roc
665ead9267b558d65a7dfa5f0690b35fe200f412Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 15. Switch HTMLSpanElement to WebIDL. r=peterv
cdb7095b58b2e23dd5f7f31381c0ddbf676b31e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 14. Rename nsHTMLSpanElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLSpanElement and move the class declaration into a header. r=peterv
07ec266b93a8ab9463419a8fc3663c801fef859fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 13. Switch HTMLPreElement to WebIDL. r=peterv
dacf95e8cfcdadaeab0a26239b95107cc9f93683Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 12. Rename nsHTMLPreElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLPreElement and move the class declaration into a header. r=peterv
5ae68b7b5126b88ba3c9b994f294cce5b346c2f5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 11. Switch HTMLParagraphElement to WebIDL. r=peterv
595031ea34975a07e3c54f414f693c93b629f9e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 10. Rename nsHTMLParagraphElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLParagraphElement and move the class declaration into a header. r=peterv
2861abcd2d7936f8899170a8cb6d1f59f4acd8efBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 9. Convert Comment to WebIDL. r=peterv
ee0e5b1c16403356bf3d542a084a8fe73350a36cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 8. Convert nsTextNode to WebIDL. r=peterv
71b8063ba668d11a94e861c2108227503fc8da8eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 7. Implement WebIDL CharacterData API on nsGenericDOMDataNode. r=peterv
b1a25d0475a16b52a6b2f27f8a641bcda6618b14Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 6. Move HTMLLIElement to WebIDL bindings. r=peterv
9bee1e3e4df2f230f6b1c309b69417fa9e3388caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 5. Rename nsHTMLLIElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLLIElement and move the class declaration into a header. r=peterv
12c938802edd52e0638cfb8e0c987e06beb0b80eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 4. WebIDL binding for HTML list elements. r=peterv
f79cb09fd2cb2715fb3f8cca4d315a984224c75dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 3. Rename nsHTMLOListElement.cpp to something sane and move the class declaration into a header. r=peterv
3a73a1fa423b415204a325624a9228cd923b0561Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 2. WebIDL binding for HTMLAnchorElement. r=peterv
ce3ac746bfca1bd3d018d4a2e1346185d706a86aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 1. Rename nsHTMLAnchorElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLAnchorElement. r=peterv
85b25729546921285cf6b71e07ba920b5cd13829Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824823 part 0. Fix a test to keep using an XPCWrappedNative element for now until bug 825053 is fixed. Verbal r=peterv
c75726a3b18185d1a54ed0403409f2256d07f504Boris Zbarsky — Bug 826423. Fix SpecialPowers.wrap() to reliably detect Xrays. r=peterv
324f9002ab8a95a41d99f0827f9f85a44e51f3a7Marco Bonardo — Bug 826115 - Remove noisy NS_ENSURE_TRUE(rollupWidget, false) from nsWindow.cpp
3355493a69642ad095456bb563c5b1954b55b311Jason Smith — bug 826584 - remove canplaythrough event listener if we timeout. r=jesup
a37a77235f8373474980f8f302bc8b1776aa3c94Jason Smith — bug 826584 - Increase event callback timeout for gum tests. r=jesup
0d1a01e16ce73ce3ead6744ce66abdc5ded8f2ddMike Hommey — Backout changeset 6656cdc8b20d (bug 824330) because of android and b2g bustage on clobber builds
67e44e98555cacc9139abb66a07f89293872bcb8Hannes Verschore — Bug 825705: Creating this on caller-side shouldn't query prototype for unknown objects, r=jandem
2da7fcc87f836bf4ccf046e89b76fd9f3b121647Ed Morley — Backout 6e391f971a13 (bug 826439) for xpcshell failures
99e4076687ca63894a35b692c33ed0cca91aae4eYoshi Huang — Bug 826604 - B2G RIL: getOPL causes parcel error when reading unused octets. r=hsiniyi
a6ddfcf593bd52dba322d0e562172ba544205c59Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 826602 - Rename nsHTMLCanvasElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLCanvasElement; r=bzbarsky
9e04488032822b6143bd817a2eb1e6aa48c558f2Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 826029 - Assertion in mozPoisonWriteMac due to Mac camera code trying to write a defaults file on exit | Assertion failure: ok, at ../../../xpcom/build/mozPoisonWriteMac.cpp:90. r=ehsan.
8e9d95ecd2561dd9cfd6dd6d952ce6a80e3a44a8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 826411 - Remove obsolete comment about compiler-specific workaround. r=mats
f4bc33595dca79ccef9a9e95f5e37788a189b71aJames Lal — Bug 819598 - When opening keyboard, don't scrollIntoView() input elements that are already in view r=djf a=blocking-basecamp
79190c8b1ae5505c046256e9325f86278109b49eTim Taubert — Bug 823645 - [B2G][Keyboard] Keyboard does not show for advanced HTML editors r=vingtetun a=blocking-basecamp
6656cdc8b20d739ae2bf88c114620db16fecbe5bMike Hommey — Bug 824330 - Build services/ during the platform tier and enable services in xulrunner. r=blassey,r=bsmedberg,r=gps
8267325d0772c188ac5e5e8780e0bd8d619b69b8Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 559432 - Don't fail the assert if the cached actor is null... that probably just means we're in the process of tearing down the instance, r=josh
6e391f971a139ba1528a94974231c6bb5e763f34Nathan Froyd — Bug 826439 - use floats instead of doubles for exponential histogram statistic calculations; r=vdjeric
663bfe4a4c2c012e5aa7483e1328bc5e3145a1e4Brian Hackett — Bug 825447 - Populate safepoints directly in backtracking register allocator, r=jandem.
5e97bb91a0702e17ba544d8206a3f2f9c8838f7fStephen Horlander — Bug 798336 - icons for camera and microphone access requests. r=dao
b2a53ab72f8526f1e0c77befe9381c610c5718e7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 826611 - Disable MSVC warning C4819 because it causes useless warning spam on non-Western locales. r=ted
9d3b1773a6938714c4e8fdc4e56217be7a1ac932Jonathan Kew — bug 826288 - remove the obsolete aFamily parameter from gfxFontEntry constructor. r=roc
5a20d8fd94cdbbbc9ee24cc2f28f6c282ec968e7adrian tamas — Bug 826261 - Robocop: Add test for Share Link option from the Firefox Mobile Menu. r=jmaher
d04f533e4d1e3d3895701ef6a91a82d39f24f897Daniel Holbert — (no bug) Clarify comment in ConstructFieldSetFrame (and fix typo s/list frame/fieldset frame/). comment-only, DONTBUILD
16574882a15921ce4485db3ee84cd62b6f2839e3Andrew McCreight — Bug 827020 - Add null check to nsXULPrototypeDocument::TraceProtos. r=smaug
6172df451c1c4e7bcbc00bcf35a861a707c94895Chris Peterson — Gecko work for bug 823619: Dispatch spec-compliant mouse events when touch events are available. r=cjones,jlebar,schien,vingtetun a=blocking-basecamp
1a1dbdad81dabf16275b48230b8d2132848d2c80Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Iv2a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Implement (nsIAutoCompleteInput) searchCount and getSearchAt(), Nits. r=Neil.
cbe35d7e9a1ca62990a93f7a552a7a211665f89fffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-684 - a=blocklist-update
d8ca3e1c469e5bc0f935ff74ef333f0a9a2b2888Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
2593683be851db2453867f382bdbd11cc9b895d8Victor Porof — Bug 824487 - Transition event callbacks sometimes don't fire, r=rcampbell
34eac9bec3af7eb8be741a6d039c3cb4c9c632ebSergiu Dumitriu — Bug 826563 - CSS validation errors in toolbox.css. r=paul
12c4b39c61f07acced16a5eae13f82091160dc06Heather Arthur — Bug 826180 - No stylesheets shown after reloading a page with an iframe; r=paul
2fce7807dc841a18adb8e17e896d45bdedce0aa7Panos Astithas — Implement a new addAllGlobalsAsDebuggees method for faster chrome debugging (bug 821701); r=jimb
a2754cd8e66bc69f4da09198a5ceb17687cdd212Joe Walker — Bug 820436 - Buttons are unresponsive after previously closing the Developer Tools Window; r=paul
8e081520799921a55b2879460c44287330c4b47aJoe Walker — Bug 795988 - Closing browser window with Developer Toolbar open leaks an everything; r=paul,ttaubert
2767d63a3b155d410e960bb0cf99e4d44b0b44a3Joe Walker — Bug 822609 - developer tools should not use target.isChrome; r=paul
14d68c173f81db6c3c0561b0552622b49e50b581Anton Kovalyov — Bug 822110 - filter.png, noise.png and showall.png in browser/devtools/profiler/cleopatra/images are empty. r=robcee r=bgirard
1730cf59bcfc382cfe25a6e25cdd0647adf66273Paul Rouget — Bug 817543 - [toolbox] is slow to start. r=jwalker
08e7a043f6b317d01b58722ba39131640ef50d56Girish Sharma — Bug 816958 - Launch buttons for Tilt and Responsive Mode should be of checkbox type. r=jwalker
b8b75a9e321419fdc32ed7cd04faf13e9b79f110Girish Sharma — Bug 825902 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/devtools/inspector/test/browser_inspector_bug_566084_location_changed.js; r=paul
c7d1fb2a2248d83c74ee0f26006c7a434a5f8ea3Girish Sharma — Bug 818428 - Don't use the word 'Toolbox' in the UI, r=dao
2123f21f977a0455f9a39f0eb72ff4ab2bcd2d7aGirish Sharma — Bug 818295 - [inspector] 'changes may be lost' notification should be on the browser, not the toolbox, r=paul
eb2f66be4cc490052c8da3b5b676ed77747aab4aGirish Sharma — Bug 818286 - [inspector] 'changes may be lost' dialog stays around after reload, r=dcamp
97d131390b0be476a21b73e4e1c65ea0ffba4ee0Girish Sharma — Bug 814641 - [toolbox] Panels appear behind the devtools window after undocking, r=paul
3ace1b79d62b34e0184dd5684fe75163d0a899f3Girish Sharma — Bug 808264 - Intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js | Timed out while waiting for: source editor load, r=msucan
a3ebea25ef798728384b6799884785c992eed3ecGirish Sharma — Bug 824743 - Wrong stylesheet check while opening the respective editor, r=msucan
3077141dd57fe885707a430b1f1e3a071ad4b71dJet Villegas — Bug 822854: Crash [@ nsRuleNode::ComputeColumnData] with -moz-column-rule-color: inherit r=heycam
345a115d32384f6d199f203c826ae1fc7f59a142Jet Villegas — Bug 822854: Crash [@ nsRuleNode::ComputeColumnData] with -moz-column-rule-color: inherit r=heycam
9ea49843366192534b728e78840c2c528556419cArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 826675 - Update B2G panda snapshot to include mozbase in (bug 826372). DONTBUILD. r=jgriffin
259982750c29ac150fb775c7fe18ba48d28a6c61Vicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 5/5: test cases, r=rwood
2a68fdc0effde2552906e4c4d2c623e21cda8961Vicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 4/5: Android backend, r=blassey
3a971360b41a7ff32c363c267923be27f541949cVicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 3/5: B2G RIL backend, r=hsinyi,bent
67801b556c28a1301f6e33c76cd67cc9ef1b4400Vicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 2/5: DOM, IPC changes, r=bent
f5a47d623e4ff5fdcfbe901e94cc4601f187a374Vicamo Yang — Bug 820780 - Part 1/5: interface changes, sr=sicking
e2441f515b0df108cac524a7fe3f0d4e2e7c6779Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset bfb788e7ef51 (bug 826602) because of build failures
e905c6778d6143962b821af4ae0e643e699ed8bbVicamo Yang — Bug 824612: B2G SMS - add Marionette test script for strict 7bit encoding. r=hsinyi
d7b111082de9dce269a074e5afd84b9b58bd28f2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 826553 - Add a memory reporter for the event listener manager's hash table. r=bz.
bfb788e7ef51ea682463a3a8e7ed6004a7a25358Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 826602 - Rename nsHTMLCanvasElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLCanvasElement; r=bzbarsky
c9efa53d7aa9dfab50323ad0e3e0cd1c91b59b7cRichard Newman — Bug 826539 - Pinned tabs folder shouldn't be synced. r=nalexander
e36a1508b38b117fb13b29ca22845de4a2ada58bEhsan Akhgari — Make nsHTMLMediaElement.cpp non-executable, no bug, DONTBUILD
cf9f18d9c698ef3e6961d35cc5d8afd013471640Alexander Surkov — Bug 822983 - Map SVG graphic elements to accessibility API, r=tbsaunde, longsonr
e9cbccc2814cb7cb6e4b1822473e0d0a2b6f9f9fEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 1024e72d4ef9 (bug 826146) because of test failures
1940c5a8eec5ba6d87783c73e68f9077181ad025Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset a6acebd9c9d5 (bug 805591) because of build failures
880ec15a42bffa0b22e4f3df1d86e0aafb670b87Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 826231 - Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS on MSVC in xpcom/tests. r=ehsan
2e003bb70f9c149063990b67a44969c000ef23e3Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 556886 - Disable C4275 only inside stl_wrappers. r=ehsan
5029e7c89abd3d716a0a55eb6495bc1934d5a8c3Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 826159 - Turn nsICookie.value into AUTF8String. r=bz
62fbd50f404788c4d0bce0e9f33701e5013b7945Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 825926 - Get rid of /PDB:NONE. r=ted
b0967de80fb73824a455833aa285292e33bf38f9Mohit Gahlot — Bug 818106 Fix: ScopedClose now considers errno EINTR.r=dhylands
f390f26b2f7e1acee07a1b8b55d4931ed1d3a958Dão Gottwald — Bug 799417 - Add label and tooltip for the camera and microphone access indicator button in the navigation toolbar. r=gavin ui-r=boriss
a6acebd9c9d54623864ca5aca9baeee875d41fa6Aaron Klotz — Bug 805591 - Win32 implementation of the Plugin Hang UI. r=bsmedberg,bbondy
16c6a3cf8a773dee482d1189237122a892704d87Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815847 - Part 5: Ignore the hidden private window when sending the last-pb-context-exited notification; r=bzbarsky
63383825274e2091b594f23b19e5d83b8ca18b07Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815847 - Part 4: Implement a hidden private window managed by the app shell service; r=bzbarsky
434aeb3f910f5eeb41c117a801dedcadc4900652Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815847 - Part 3: Avoid double-caching XUL prototypes which are loaded at around the same time; r=bsmedberg
1d59903b166f6bba9ee765968d0e871d221ec6a9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815847 - Part 2: Waste less memory in nsXULPrototypeCache::mCacheURITable; r=bsmedberg
1871463a0542b3d641ba7f76cbc8186f1a8ca0cfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 815847 - Part 1: Remove nsXULPrototypeCache::gStartupCache; r=bsmedberg
2453fdb37bf45e71eb5767f3d3464364ec626785EKR — Bug 826529 - Increase default video bitrate. r=jesup
e2df102b0fe773bb8b488db696c7be5de94c5692Nick Alexander — Bug 818218 - Refactor ExtendendJSONObject parsing. r=rnewman
642ce348bb5f06674cd2e538eec49b87ab46c2e7Shriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 772789: Make Send Tab to Device activity not reset checkboxes when device is rotated. r=nalexander
fd84719d3773af921b8866f783642600ac4ebc12Nick Alexander — Bug 799729 - Let HMAC extra parameter be the empty string. r=rnewman
68f26a077ceeefd65192aa5b4c4321a85aea1c47Avi Halachmi — Bug 820167 - Tab open/close animation prints performance data to error console when enabled. r=jmuizelaar,dao
f0c778cd83a1074ed337766501c55ba3336fe472EKR — Bug 822159 - Fix trickle ICE to start checking when new candidates come in. r=abr
1024e72d4ef9e650369e99a80756cb0b09334554Bobby Holley — Bug 826146 - Add a pref-controlled install confirmation override for automation. r=sicking
40025046531f8f0bfcb43fe5d78d6642dc4e4a46Mark Hammond — Bug 824800 - Social chat windows should close on middle mouse button, and right click should not minimize. r=dao
aad582ab4aeeec62ec0f8e9347474db232320982Terrence Cole — Bug 826435 - Do not allow poisoned pointers near a HashTable; r=sfink
10aadcbe99fe71b36b28387b75d322a15ff73593Dave Hylands — Bug 821168 - Use hardlinks for backing up pre-update files. r=eshan
04578917e3d5c7aa2400b91d05c1f29671d43230Karl Tomlinson — back out 54501cee764e b=623380
df9fd7cdd3338c48dcacfb0cf02fda222896bc86Karl Tomlinson — b=814200 remove unnecessary XSelectInput with XtAddEventHandler r=stransky
cffc2daf1e91ea97458880400ad9e33ccf061dc4Karl Tomlinson — b=814200 listen only to necessary Xt events and be explicit about those events r=stransky
6bd9494f9be3531fc80e80e04d96be8aa47fe4c9Karl Tomlinson — b=814200 don't redirect embedder socket window resize requests to Xt client r=stransky
ca4a06c212f8b87d7d6b1ab94335744586eff81fKarl Tomlinson — b=814200 remove unused gtk_xtbin_set_position r=stransky
fc816bcb876c37a4d47e912304aa7b362c48a7d2Nils Maier — Bug 826063 - Part 2: Add tests for nsIPrivateBrowsingChannel::isChannelPrivate; r=ehsan
4b6bc165770f1a88413b3dcc56f19aadf90dc103Nils Maier — Bug 826063 - Part 1: Add and implement nsIPrivateBrowsingChannel::isChannelPrivate; r=ehsan
2b45a99e0108a674965d33ba8c4d83ed603cc32dPhil Ringnalda — Back out b7f50cfa3fe1 (bug 801739) for Android build bustage
e6f18c0f3a24b88435a8b9c23541f235d292bed6David Keeler — bug 820303 - scripted click-to-play plugins: handle deny permission r=jaws
fc3fd7c51000b4d73baa10090dcb25a6846fdfd0Chris Jones — Bug 823610: Make discarding GL contexts of foreground pages on memory pressure pref-able, and pref off for b2g. r=jgilbert,jlebar
b33bd9f6bd697bdc8d69d3bf19c3e8af4667ad6fChris Jones — Bug 825976: Only use the crash reporter actor if it was successfully created. r=ted
652b044f22d6e0722673c929c85842c8acb4c677Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 66a7359f9be2 (bug 791546) because it broke the build
3553adfc7a6c9bbde2346c290870cb6c0031a8a2Michal Novotny — Bug 725993 - Remove ability to tell cache to STORE_ON_DISK_AS_FILE, r=bsmith
9c02f2a0bd9b83ad7fa67123b1557512571ad7f3Michal Novotny — Bug 725993 - Remove usage of STORE_ON_DISK_AS_FILE flag in plugin code, r=joshmoz
cddc8be15e62676b51f29001b2281779b01255ccMichal Novotny — Bug 725993 - Remove usage of STORE_ON_DISK_AS_FILE flag in media cache, r=roc
b9c4a94834925e98f93c113f6cbe1b24a12f7cb0Tom Schuster — Bug 822436 - IonMonkey: Inline Math.imul. r=h4writer
ba035df3292b945501561939511ea5619031017dTrevor Saunders — bug 825419 - outparamdel nsIDocShell::GetPresShell() r=smaug
3e93160349b0818a50757a80d1ccf2283655461aTrevor Saunders — bug 825228 - remove nsAccessNode::IsElement() r=surkov
66a7359f9be20cd36b9743501e173d1a193b2205Shriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 791546: Removes nsCRT::strcmp(const PRUnichar* s) from nsCRT.h and replaces it occurrences with NS_strcmp; r=bsmedberg
2c7919e052be4842e49a34e42cccd69866a8f748Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 826371 - Fix the private browsing autostart preference change confirmation on platforms without instant-apply (such as Windows); r=jdm
e3594aa4c2a7eb5cf573ceb345dd25837eebb967Wes Kocher — Bug 826485 - Update revision of jetpack tests used in Firefox tests r=kwierso
af59387191b10582aaa9cd618f1dcc611333df7bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 826158 - Fix two -Wself-assign warnings in widget/gtk2/. r=karlt.
6abeaaa94f24fc7c168c718074f7f9a2801f5f59Chris Jones — Bug 808862: Lower context-menu hold delay to 750ms. r=vingtetun
29080e5ecaedfd7b98e99c24b1844d2e90acfb99Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 826025 - Part 2: Add some variables to cache properties which are accessed many times. r=cpeterson
190318a9118a09e92c181e33c97936e3d6efbb16Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 826025 - Part 1: Use "switch" instead of "else if" series in BrowserEventHandler.handleUserEvent(). r=cpeterson
4dbb2c7bc4d0f4f647d100b32417b1f9f8d4286eRandy Lin — Bug 825635 - Volume control stops working in FM when headset is unplugged and plugged. r=baku
c6d28aa6c3764834b4e9c24555c5d548d6a3bbe3Alexandre Poirot — Bug 824949 - Add support for FALLBACK appcache entries for pre-installed 3rd party apps. r=vingtetun
8620caa05e5409da710b4bc1553a4ad4784f0581Andrea Marchesini — Bug 818708 - Content audio channels should be muted if in background when another content audio channel is playing. r=sicking
81d17e61291ca2d6de778a50aadcb8a0f07dfbaeEdgar Chen — Bug 816843 - Use RIL_DEVICE_IDENTITY to get ESN/MEID. r=vyang
cee0b66c744c565a9d69398f4f98bbe899adcb84Dave Hunt — Bug 805448 - Write Marionette tests for battery level changes. r=rwood
b7f50cfa3fe1dffd3f608a318fe906bd86363526Shriram Kunchanapalli — Bug 801739 - Initialize mDoorHangerPopup in WebApp rather than GeckoApp. r=mleibovic
ef515efc6ff77b12b92b6bda76311b4e427760e9Nikolay Bryskin — Bug 650935 - Fix replacements in unUrlSafe to be global. r=dcamp
ca4ed2525d08d7782deb26f195651bdbb1b7e419Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 826384: Kill post-install notification doorhanger. [r=mfinkle]
c4bff11905a92c7565732a61221efce255b01804Jeff Walden — Bug 824217 - Remove the JSRESOLVE_ASSIGNING test that guards definition of DOM Worker constructors and Gecko-specific script namespace manager constructors. r=bz
ea71cfcffb9fce065a8d038c47e47ded6bb1ac95Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8b397adc49e9c280d469821402c972aaeca45fa2Daniel Holbert — Bug 825949 followup: in nsGlobalWindow::SetTimeoutOrInterval, make |realInterval| unsigned, since it's known-nonnegative and is passed elsewhere as an unsigned integer. r=smaug
4d3dab3786d84a82e39c7a654c02688d2cd0988aDaniel Holbert — Bug 825949: Make nsGlobalWindow::InitTimer directly take a uint32_t, rather than a uint64_t. r=smaug
7b4d9cc83f4454172b865b527a1729b39973d8deJason Smith — bug 826168 - Wait for time change in timeUpdate event fired instead of assuming time has changed. r=jesup
92c800f3be8bfd8b18fbeb0434d49b7b74197332Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 826021 - Ensure all skipped tests show up in reftest logs, r=jmaher
042de8e1b27c95f129099cf22d3456af1e547e60Robert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 9: Remove Set/GetViewFlags since they're unused. r=tnikkel
504d70c1ca9cd8c150e977feca49970ee9513277Robert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 8: Mass-rename of nsIView to nsView. r=tnikkel
fbcf7d62c9888a71f34e83dcdc0b6597ae0bc2fcRobert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 7: Make a number of nsIView methods private. r=tnikkel
5f2b030f0b743f65fefabef1337b462a2981a7dfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 6: Annotate nsIWidgetListener method implementations to indicate that they're virtual and must override. r=tnikkel
dcb03b79fd15da8794af0821dad0d0e861f6663dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 5: Remove NS_IMETHOD declarations that aren't needed anymore. r=tnikkel
53707172d724f98e6a28530bcc3b5b35028cbebfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 4: Remove nsIView's IID as it's not needed anymore. r=tnikkel
638d614c55a54504fd798092b77cdec7b1bd9c7bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 3: Remove some unnecessary 'virtual's. r=tnikkel
a428bfec3539bf79477dfba1e3f81c91ac1e1ce2Robert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 2: Remove nsIView::ExternalIsRoot, as it's not needed anymore. r=tnikkel
4e644276c092d46ab8dcb9b69f8393cc2cc83b6dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 1.5: Remove unnecessary static casts. r=tnikkel
b4b53bba110757c2587dfc03077199049e9cd623Robert O'Callahan — Bug 825866. Part 1: Merge nsView into nsIView, making all references to nsView refer to nsIView instead. r=tnikkel
354fcf80053a9bae14beb548656ea7ef20ea8cc3Geoff Brown — Bug 821424 - Make target for per-directory cppunittests-remote; r=ted.mielczarek
05cfc19ac6e1e99d9f193ba7ed515440448e33e3Geoff Brown — Bug 821425 - Flexible env variable support for remote cpp unit tests; r=jmaher
386333461d424e5f1e5db7ee619f6c6143a5d1efGeoff Brown — Bug 824724 - Allow --remoteTestRoot option in; r=jmaher
348e89acb5f3dc8bc5d4cb71d7ab2c903ea3b331Geoff Brown — Bug 821590 - Use remote paths for MOZ_XRE_DIR and MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME in remote cpp unit tests; r=dmose
79e3ae50976460a55e57bd6ba56bef594bc0dc24Geoff Brown — Bug 821033 - Define TMPDIR and HOME environment variables for unit tests. r=dmose
d834b07541e05cc33e80943d6fdb3747f76e98e6Geoff Brown — Bug 811411 - Add ability to run C++ unit tests on mobile; r=ted.mielczarek
958f452fc41ed816fb56b29e56245063469e2092Jonathan Griffin — Bug 813305 - Make Marionette's PROCESS-CRASH message the same as other harnesses, r=ahal
ecd2331e67980cd52f5c20cbd53fedab0e6606d4Justin Lebar — Bug 825519 - Add telemetry for the max number of times any one image was decoded. r=joe
97d2ac9d16c48485218c0f960c461d9cbd1b2bb2Oleg Romashin — Bug 825809 - mWaitingForContentToPaint should be true after mPaintThrottler.TaskComplete post new task. r=ajones
8dd151b3ce40d21b9675edee1c150fb0c5f2e64dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 810644 followup to fix -Werror red in opt builds. r=bustage
ac40d537b30a2196c47b577c43547a519ebcfdfbMichal Novotny — Bug 824484 - Fix race condition between stream wrapper destructor and nsCacheService::CloseAllStreams(), r=hurley
358c8fc9b59b4c7f06a66539b4875e7021be4198Andres Hernandez — Bug 806729 - Port test_bug536567.html to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=jdm
e72009158e15dc3f17af1c70ac358a2264058b73Boris Zbarsky — Bug 820665 part 4. Remove no-longer-used IsPlatformObject. r=khuey
ed9af04edd8c73649151ad77fd5458943b9ba668Boris Zbarsky — Bug 820665 part 3. WebIDL spec updates to changes in how callback interfaces work. r=khuey
e78f9e6ea4d9977c9b1e98f7e9a3fa65ee971459Boris Zbarsky — Bug 820665 part 2. WebIDL spec updates to changes in how callback functions work. r=khuey
cc603feaa2862586bfc2c5eefdfdadf70401d09bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 820665 part 1. More WebIDL spec updates to changes in how dictionaries work. r=khuey
150d2a82c060025ff013b7e71118f9637f624262Boris Zbarsky — Bug 818050. Teach the JIT about DOM method and getter return types so that it doesn't have to type-guard when unboxing the boxed value in many cases. r=jandem,peterv
c80717e72675f0f8698e3d58e682fa5a6425d341Boris Zbarsky — Bug 810644 part 2. Eliminate the now-unused CallEventHandler. r=smaug, sr=peterv
39b595bc7d78995e15f82e444d354a2b944ca92eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 810644 part 1. Switch setTimeout and setInterval to using WebIDL callback functions. r=smaug, sr=peterv
53e402890d35b9d0147e9c03fb32a9f05c7b937fJonathan Griffin — Bug 820463 - Revert early-loading changes, r=mdas
50914b4cc5d87c20c03a50fed36e1ca75f51ea3eNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add self-hosted JavaScript core of Intl constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat (part 1). r=jwalden
3e3f356726b5e6cc146ff2db1dd36b30c1205228Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add support for default locale for Internationalization API. r=jwalden
01efd933f60b4376289c1174bd3d45aef096ad0fJeff Walden — Bug 752578 - Remove the JS guard object implementation. r=Ms2ger
7f628cbf1073dda524db9c1d71ceb04e4d9616ccJeff Walden — Bug 752578 - Use mfbt's guard object implementation in js/ipc. r=Ms2ger
0d6c5f87f08bb687cf3e0148f8d8b48940becc3eJeff Walden — Bug 752578 - Use mfbt's guard object implementation rather than using our own in the trickier cases. r=Ms2ger
e024dfa5a77431f5bd48a4898face9042f9b3055Jeff Walden — Bug 752578 - Use mfbt's guard object implementation rather than using our own in all the easy cases. r=Ms2ger
86d4e7126086000238097a0b38d98915d913709bJonathan Griffin — Bug 797913 - Make is() output use actual result, r=mdas
78454c7cecf327dd05f0a9af72d876b620e0d4b7Jonathan Griffin — Bug 826132 - Don't restart emulator on failure, r=ahal
b37bb6f0054cdad24026220c1edf2de8c564d3b0Brian Nicholson — Bug 823679 - Use updater icon instead of launcher icon for announcements. r=mfinkle
8755061452d9cc6f6b944e8ad07596be6c5669cfEhsan Akhgari — Make gDebugLog obey the normal NSPR_LOG_MODULES rules, no bug, mailinglist-r=bsmedberg
e57fcdedf527326390eb1692930cf2db60ca4061Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 3d51d7f54e5d (bug 825519) because of build failures
e9d90681e31e110eca9d4d362a2e21dca9356e8dEd Morley — Backout 119c60543071 (bug 751156) for robocop failures
1c794aeaf3d82b6fe6b5fad06df41722bf19d4b4Andres Hernandez — Bug 823735 - Port test_cookies_privatebrowsing.js to the per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
3d51d7f54e5d027854e9533a4a420688198dc3beJustin Lebar — Bug 825519 - Add telemetry for the max number of times any one image was decoded. r=joe
c0e7cc40f35648eb8c07a8b4354734a7142a3a34Jan de Mooij — Bug 825892 - Remove JSOP_LOOKUPSWITCH. r=bhackett
ae47afdbb7d144d22a381db0f3cad67bb9fba3a3Jan de Mooij — Bug 825966 part 2 - Mark JSOP_CASE/JSOP_DEFAULT targets as safepoint. r=bhackett
a5b2384539cd8fada80bfa3a2454df250c5164d0Jan de Mooij — Bug 825966 part 1 - Remove unused Bytecode::switchTarget. r=bhackett
877d78ac7d4f27ad2db69cd402044f623816f9a5Andrew McCreight — Bug 785493, part 2 - mark XUL protos of live docs black during GC. r=smaug
8f3b007280f45284042cbad2eae5864e162142f6Andrew McCreight — Bug 785493, part 1 - add JS_CALL_SCRIPT_TRACER. r=billm
84d3b622b3da8db3078d65e069a6cb78165e24c9Nathan Froyd — Bug 821879 - don't initialize Telemetry if we can't send any data in; r=vdjeric
e1e4862d5e1d54a474ed30837966e49dc6b91d05Randell Jesup — Bug 826008: Fix type tests for constraints objects r=smaug
7ab62e7bf042fae28786a710cfb6dccf3b10434cHonza Bambas — Backout bug 725587, r=mcmanus
a0cda99c40879e894d0572ca6f73607f0b152e67Honza Bambas — Bug 715809 - AppCache should accept manifests served with non-standard mime types, r=jonas
119c60543071160c3e7f939d4235d8750e580df9Joey Armstrong — bug 751156: robocop dependency build should be a nop
a2b2a90e06bea32c353e2afb2c1dd91b2b169b73Mike Hommey — Bug 826263 - Fix ~_MappableBuffer in the linker on Android. r=nfroyd
35e73a67f08fa4ddab4f6101cbd4b0c477fbb2edMike Hommey — Bug 826178 - Prefix all hexadecimal values with 0x in linker logs. r=nfroyd
6bca41629a11c12591cd4ad5461ed05563086228Mike Hommey — Bug 826173 - Avoid calling close/fclose/unlink with uninitialized values in the linker. r=nfroyd
3aa9fdcea821b92a4194fca0d93d600a096b8b69Michal Novotny — Bug 822036 - Fix race condition between nsCacheEntryDescriptor::Close() and nsCacheService::ClearDoomList(), r=hurley
25f4720f84a71562b6b01e840e344e2d98f04ac8Joel Maher — Bug 826042 - upload a new to capture fixes for android. r=armenzg
facbbe4359061e289222699c039c9c2ef48f2832Mike Hommey — Bug 826171 - Fix strndup in memory/build/mozmemory_wrap.c. r=jlebar
b28771946018e90626908eb28b1d934d69a34765Mike Hommey — Bug 825901 - Remove the old linker code headers. r=blassey
f438f50b8bb31e4f69c3e5e6b8c557cf95ca7c2cMike Hommey — Bug 755724 - Don't use the xulrunner stub when building Firefox against a libxul SDK. r=bsmedberg
8df6f376fdfb82710e33c8ffcdaa90a72dc52703Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 825527 - Part 5: Turn on the WebIDL bindings for HTMLImageElement; r=bzbarsky
4e9da4e344529bad782cf3484fe5fac575c98ebbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 825527 - Part 4: Mirror the nsIImageLoadingContent API in HTMLImageElement for chrome callers; r=bzbarsky
df5bcdcadfba2f6ac5b91277077da03a24695211Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 825527 - Part 3: Move HTMLImageElement to WebIDL bindings; r=bzbarsky
e3a0ca11961e35b4805ee195ade676032d8ca65aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 825527 - Part 2: Rename nsHTMLImageElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLImageElement; r=bzbarsky
fc28093525ac0a225abeab4e651430ae23598fa0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 825527 - Part 1: Look through an Xray wrapper at our images in tests so that we always see the QueryInterface method on them; r=bzbarsky
2fe6de3ac044c73d85a68735f4d8f9bc4a5648d8Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 826014 - Use strict equality operator in BrowserApp.observe(). r=cpeterson
826872a472a155b651a9ae01135718da009051ebTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 825974 - Use "switch" instead of "else if" series in BrowserApp.observe().r=margaret.leibovic
62fca43436ce5d61acbce20e4b8a1958bca028a7Ed Morley — Backout 18f20fd92f8c (bug 826042) for talos failures
8493aea68caf91d0cf38e34fdf98f490ba4cb88cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 826164 - Enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS on MSVC in view/. r=roc
18f20fd92f8cd528b38a9963be7b9af04597f1bdJoel Maher — Bug 826042 - upload a new to capture fixes for android. r=armenzg
5b01e63c0b59c8855759f972fe122f4136e7f739Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 817497 (Generic extension icons do not display anymore in Add-ons Manager). r=dolske.
bf3fd2911e147ee4a651233d6e990513f6c3b69fEd Morley — Backout bfeb3bc3da4e (bug 826029) for WINNT xpcshell failures
34f4d5d47caed99e95b6c1a1f1b914cbc08f9016Ed Morley — Backout 17b390f86130 (bug 823325) for failures in test_bug590573.html
10ed2d7d7368743b1dee08eb80ecb562e81f3f2bDaniel Holbert — Bug 826052: Make HashStore explicitly reject files larger than UINT32_MAX bytes, to avoid precision issues when we pass the file-length as a uint32_t function argument. (Also, skip a redundant file-size lookup.) r=gcp
b3c897e476a16f2723561e229fa4c899592fa429Randell Jesup — Bug 826168: disable failing gUM test for validation of correctness rs=bustage
2158dce6ec174ce3723fba875c9531680c4ac1edMike Hommey — Bug 825915 - Fix Linux build with custom linker enabled. r=ted
2deb0d26f529539c235ce5d23fc1677d87be8e77Mike Hommey — Bug 825901 - Remove the old linker code. r=blassey
2fba029be56a2ba5f9754d04f5a8d3bff67c06fbYoshi Huang — Bug 826161 - B2G RIL: In ICC IO, only Linear Fixed EF should have recordSize. r=hsinyi.
d8603eadb9d01231f3afe42cc81074b98394b56aEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
c78f5379558a29a24b9e9e343a0754bffcc93073Jason Smith — bug 814807 - Pref on the gum automation in mozilla-central. r=jesup
8adae7474d9ee07861c5db8044b2bc28dd6fa698Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 826154 - Remove unused field nsScriptSecurityManager::mIsWritingPrefs. r=bz.
d436c91b52c59611ba83ff5fad22f0244a3bea7bAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 825086: Removing errant free of body parts when encoding fails r=ekr
c5e54ecc16014f06a78d4b5db889566f5e95b019Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 824312 - Drop support for JSVersion <= 1.5. r=waldo
fdc11970821514bc9040f202cc99650ee087b55cChris Jones — Bug 825698: Log process-kill messages in all builds. r=jduell
b5c0b31b73bafe7bc21a671f8e3e2f1516e6225cEthan Hugg — Bug 825785 cprDestroyThread on Windows should kill thread immediately r=jesup
637e063b20555cc0d921ac701e2856d8004cbfd9L. David Baron — Don't distribute percentage width from column-spanning cells to columns that have no cells originating. (Bug 810586) r=dholbert
5fae52f44675a1ae8335f53296bb8065cf21dd31Boris Zbarsky — Bug 823225. Move .wrappedJSObject from nsWindowSH::GetProperty to the outer window get hook. r=mrbkap
dd897bfc2469c755561b1cae0d2d0470402d00deJulien Levesy — Bug 811753 - Add nsIContent::IsEventAttributeName and use it instead of having callers guess the right flags for the content node in question. r=bzbarsky.
41920fe1eac185ad74ebe307db6e33d608090f67Boris Zbarsky — Bug 825288. Handle SOWs correctly in MaybeWrapValue. r=peterv
62cac34eaef506c9b45b26860a038f785c2954ffBoris Zbarsky — Bug 821580. Disallow [Unforgeable] on static attributes, per spec update. r=khuey
ece40f3875ff435ba05c11f648852dc7fd2756fdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 821177. [TreatNonCallableAsNull] should only affect attribute setters. r=khuey
ad6784f8e19b15150d7f154117ed54f20d931092Boris Zbarsky — Bug 819845. Update WebIDL bindings to spec change: sequences/arrays are no longer distinguishable from dictionaries, and conversion to a sequence works on arbitrary objects. r=khuey
649dfcc03f382d682de5375a1630a15b9566237cVladan Djeric — Bug 817102 - Copy/paste from about:telemetry has no line breaks. r=ttaubert
c3c620f1d1369a5bcb6fb8af6a8e3d1e5c2553caNicholas Cameron — Bug 825995; fix scissor rect logic in GLContext. r=jgilbert
bfeb3bc3da4e62acdf2754fe8467554bbdfc062fRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 826029 - Assertion in mozPoisonWriteMac due to Mac camera code trying to write a defaults file on exit | Assertion failure: ok, at ../../../xpcom/build/mozPoisonWriteMac.cpp:90. r=ehsan.
96867d3e710f6a168a2b71f0fd45ffe1a20e3ad0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
10834aa54577ed087990ffde67b0d3eced7a1d2eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 825820 - Call WarningsDatabase.prune at the end of Build(). r=gps.
83b7d05f5928247b3aa32700a96ab5dfe90e13a6Wes Johnston — Bug 825176 - Use margin to hide forward button. r=sriram
25c0a091b6613aac10965c35eea0758e96170673Wes Johnston — Bug 826106 - Allow GeckoApp to handle context menus. r=mfinkle
a38fd747831ae53ea494b0638344071c4ebbf68eJan de Mooij — Bug 825716 - Remove edge cases in MMod::foldsTo. r=dvander
0c6811802c54b038c885129ee2daa068b205cc8fJustin Dolske — Bug 822487 - Improve CLOBBER instructions and note how to bypass it. r=gps,
fcab6193a0fabbf59e74f76004e70db9b8e69809Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 826037 follow-up: include the new service in the package manifest
17b390f86130614161a84d3d1ca6aecd55c972a5Brian Nicholson — Bug 823325 - Use timeout before calling browser.focus(). r=mfinkle
c42fa8f9377e693b8caa35b68df89d2dc8bbcf9bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 825818 - Fix six -Wlogical-op-parentheses warnings in nsUTF8ToUnicode.cpp. r=emk.
dcadc9aabc43ab40658e872f9a6db06ec87d4eedJosh Aas — Bug 825492: Fix IPv6 DNS lookups on Windows. r=sworkman
26b70250e6fea4283932678039a01f192db18c16Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 826037 - Re-introduce an obsolete private browsing service in order to not break all Jetpack add-ons; r=jdm
a38c72b27bf75bab9b085b29a87c42d900f73b63Jonathan Kew — bug 825504 - fix gfxPangoFontGroup::FindFamilyNameAt for user fonts, to resolve MathML fonts breakage. r=roc
7ff599b28e1130ad6d29cd5cb8d1fa030fdd7f7eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 810208 - Show the private download manager UI when clicking on the notification alert after a private download finishes; r=mak sr=gavin
2e65e2a8077592ed395ff3d152674287d9b70bfbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 825939 - Bump android-x86 mozconfigs to use NDK r8c and GCC 4.6. r=blassey,ted
f0481ac71e08c300c41d9b768e41c5e6562c2a14Josh Aas — Back out 7e0ffa0535cc for Android startup crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
37f6cc6d5bf3642a197c1b568e6687d60c226749Josh Aas — Bug 825275: Fix DNS cache enumerator crash. r=sworkman
0a04bcb4ba279b3c41706476294e7252dc483951Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 824469: New tab button based on the tabs-section. [r=mfinkle]
442f07c8dd02db01a8603b0e69d20ea889bce157Ed Morley — Backout 1f2978b28ca2 (bug 36567) for failures in test_bug536567_perwindowpb.html on a CLOSED TREE
888109be06e19f2871869af1c82f22c680b26acfEd Morley — Backout f6af3c44e395 (bug 810208) for crashes on a CLOSED TREE
eed2a6f242433d6f701dace4cb54a5ae5d436112Mike Hommey — Bug 822017 - Use less bad build rules in browser/app/profile/extensions; r=ted
54501cee764e7ef9675e872c1aa5c39bcded898fKarl Tomlinson — b=623380 destroy XtClient child window on unrealize r=stransky
8ed517f540d197fc607cd704bed2d38c5ddab9eaKarl Tomlinson — b=821749 remove unnecessary mTransientParent r=roc
6a02044628381b1ff5c0ad1841922f21f7674f63Karl Tomlinson — b=821749 remove mWindowGroup, handled by gtk_window_set_transient_for r=roc
fa77c707befa304d1dc61fa7c46e3ba1feab0e0eKarl Tomlinson — b=821749 remove code to give transient-for-none dialogs a separate ICCCM group leader r=roc
da905fbd3113ab866ab6d6f97f4a93cf06dc5d14Benoit Girard — Bug 825620 - Refactor plugin quirks on OSX to properly initialize values. r=smichaud
ad35aa6a56cae5f6d7666f84e98f8fd816d7df51EKR — Bug 825439: Disconnect pipeline on STS Thread r=jesup
288b327769f0d80728b10956b3787bccde897b55EKR — Bug 825651: Cancel asynchronous callbacks for nICEr upon destruction r=abr
e3a7b9905aaf77f27ef59c22edbd52528c78bae8Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 824851: Fixed RUN_ON_THREAD to not dispatch on own thread. r=ekr
908d47fb422bf052cec0eaa6c453dd496d907a8eJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 824263 - Shutdown: PeerConnectionMedia disconnect_all() + peer_ctx cleanup. r=jesup,ekr
1f2978b28ca266d369123f6fb630a58ed148e543Andres Hernandez — Bug 806729 - Port test_bug536567.html to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=jdm
f6af3c44e395937f66be7c32429506f263ca0908Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 810208 - Show the private download manager UI when clicking on the notification alert after a private download finishes; r=mak sr=gavin
7e0ffa0535cc357b7c8377d78e6caf74dde04e49Wes Johnston — Bug 825176 - Update margin after foward button animation. r=sriram
38407b98003bd57a1cf03fe71a50f66761932174Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 825259 - No working SUT agent on the b2g panda images - Add Negatus back to the nightly branch and update negatus snapshot used for panda builds. DONTBUILD. r=jgriffin
801ba75ac563f243ed653647554c333b8cf34820Olli Pettay — Bug 816340 - Propagate events to chrome even if there is a disabled form control in the event target chain, r=jst,gavin
6955309291ee4afe219fee09987f3838ccf5ac83Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
c80bd4e618c88b2966b97f9c89fd8e4c858cced7Richard Newman — Bug 826086 - Handle errors in asyncOpen. r=gps
b29575b9f9dd0c8859fe68d88ebabd88c6da2e13Richard Newman — Bug 696974 - Bookmarks engine: "invalid 'in' operand this._modified" in reconcile. r=gps
bd2ac0175972d697750398f4b0600ae93789f3aeRichard Newman — Bug 699546 - Log more backoff information: X-Weave-Backoff, Retry-After. r=gps
2058a54f318015cb657a9b8389be0b59f3d7524eRichard Newman — Bug 698087 - Remove Service.updatedURL and associated consts. r=gps
ff1aad58f1ade238c373e91cd54c637bf36c2cceRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
8ca91ba7e69963fc33ba6936fe98f444bef3f894Richard Newman — Bug 650941 - Use run_next_test in test_resource_ua.js. r=mechanical
11f7569992ce60beff4943aeea34260d824c2769Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
8468249f439a465788a8a8c789b543704e540d36Richard Newman — Bug 695127 - missing ; in chrome://browser/content/preferences/sync.js. r=trivial
5c5e1e93e3a91b5a0a1b2f2fd0ef8346ea64a6a3Richard Newman — Bug 806494 - Part 1: additional logging and safety for header copying. r=gps
2aff055f9d1829077423c7c67b85d2d43b7cb442Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
afa37a092db548a746a3e60e89cd718b4db3052dJonathan Griffin — Bug 818738 - Write all results to resultfile, not just most recent one, a=test-only
f686da9aa3ca4d1f5b4ff7a40b87d81604365bcdRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c (including fixed conflict in Android Sync manifest).
d6176d70331d5a1c50da4660621544e3d1ea0763Richard Newman — Bug 819262 - Additional tests for bookmark application in Sync. r=gps
4eb4b9205aa4b7d61f95fd682c836aaf15d9af1eRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
24fd3b935a63fa53936376496f7757b00c37562bJonathan Griffin — Bug 818738 - Open resultfile with 'w' instead of 'a', a=test-only
26910bf3ff350f240774eaf6fe2f50c75e3219b7Jonathan Griffin — Bug 818738 - Pass resultfile to the testrunner, a=test-only
69a4de108bdaf6ef9e251627f27a017d21a78321Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
42bb46d1c19f799e07eea0a49af683db1c3772ccRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
cc9fa565751545e14bb351f361ff0fd5c7085357Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c (with resource merges in mobile/android/base/resources/drawable/).
0d6694aa229af6b071f4d0de8b739c31573d5e14Jonathan Griffin — Merge m-c to s-c so that bug 815807 won't break B2G tests on this tree
c097ef134b78750e8ff32ebc911e28c04770dcb6Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
f352f0484a2fb0364f522664ba7a1cc5598798d4Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
7a3e3dc72d8622557be5b2a2c84d6d8ef6887834Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
79570035f4fa23769505602a4a9e620367e299e3Richard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
0f5fb8247f5357a30dbad4db24504c1b03afba9bNick Alexander — Bug 799729 - Generalize BaseResource authentication to support Basic-Auth, MAC, and Browser-ID. r=rnewman
0b9c66c707ae2442b61e13fbec8c605fd3090c9fRichard Newman — Merge m-c to s-c.
a090e3ede2e7fc1d58b2ff64f280157f65b99b82Michal Jaskurzynski — Bug 424712 - Server location needs a slash at the end. r=rnewman
4e18ac9b51e271770fd67b1e8dd5c4eb7d8a4f73Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
86204e3d7ce68643c7572d3f0f47be7aa99667e4Wes Johnston — Bug 825992 - Safeguard against null closing AboutHome with a null top sites adapter. r=mfinkle
0515eda1f932f00bcb9adc1fe51f35eeb77fff36Wes Johnston — Bug 825505 - Allow cancelling pinning sites from the Awesomescreen. r=mfinkle
001b109e68c46353d6c7f4b943225088eb593eacMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 823917 - Use C++11 final on MSVC11. r=waldo
793c5c49bd9b8b2a9a6a9a40283bbcc04d252a8cChris Peterson — Bug 796948 - Create Char16.h header file for char16_t type. r=waldo
a6a26c14f5e45d61662ea8f29d04b24506546798Daniel Holbert — Bug 558306 followup: Remove one straggling instance of stale comment about (no longer used) PR_USEC_PER_MSEC and PRTime. (comment-only, DONTBUILD)
21c0b3fbad22599be180251dfdc767be7dcfaf4dJonathan Griffin — Bug 818569 - Stop B2G before updating gecko, r=ahal
067e0c9943e327b8927d5f1f5b9c99ebeddb01d1Marshall Culpepper — Bug 821412: Part 4 - Initial automation frontend for B2G update smoketests. r=jgriffin
80ab5bc94810acfecaf1a1a6a3d7605161d825f6Marshall Culpepper — Bug 821412: Part 3 - Initial B2G update tests and smoketests. r=bbondy
ca03917bee50f0a4c82b8ad9069a4580182312fdMarshall Culpepper — Bug 821412: Part 2 - Initial Marionette frontend for B2G update tests. r=jgriffin
4d41cea7a8ce765e6f964a824389a665773dbaa1Marshall Culpepper — Bug 821412: Part 1 - Marionette changes to support automated B2G update tests. r=jgriffin
ace356855be25e7a573ab4dc89594bcc1660105fWes Johnston — Bug 817921 - Allow webapps to create sub activities. r=blassey
1004c01bb8178868284c8bcb696154019010bb23Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 825692. Avoid layerizing scrollframes that don't have scrollbar boxes. r=roc
0ce29ce2ea7ccfa33053eee3ff0a76bfa303542aJeff Walden — Bug 824217 - Remove some easy-to-remove tests of JSRESOLVE_ASSIGNING. r=bz
21d5fbda37b8ab018fa9aca9fe1b4c10446a0ba5Jacek Caban — Bug 823921 - Fixed content/media/wmf compilation on mingw r=khuey
d7e3e0d3118fc85647ef5b0383c8effed813c07fJacek Caban — Bug 807678 - fixed mingw cross compilation on case-sensitive OSes
6a6d4719683ff62fe152d50d171cdaf13ce9343fDaniel Holbert — Bug 825647: Remove unused logging #defines from url-classifier/Entries.h. r=gcp
6a17b673aeca3baa100763d93c533b6412e82ca8Daniel Holbert — Bug 825627, part 2: Convert known-to-be-nonnegative variables 'i' and 'idx' to be unsigned, in Classifier::ReadNoiseEntries(), to fix signed/unsigned comparison build warnings. r=gcp
58af88ca07be2c1c43314c046b615b7fa7449497Daniel Holbert — Bug 825627, part 1: Make nsUrlClassifierDBService.cpp's "gethashNoise" & "aCount" variables as unsigned, since counts are unsigned by definition. r=gcp
5c8e41454810d7838e7374893815a4243801d3dfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 825151 - Bump ARMv7 mozconfigs to use NDK r8c and GCC 4.6. r=blassey,ted
4f5a049ce9c9cbdd62dd309c07c1a431dba4d48fEd Morley — Backout a5fee86dec9e (bug 814531) for crashtest failures on a CLOSED TREE
da2b24b1fc7ca092dcee6935b23f955b331ad8edCamilo Viecco — Bug 799267 - AuthCertificate Telemetry (measuring first auth, pkix and classic) r=bsmith
4983b42d58c9024672de34d99f283ec0257bff68Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 824247 - Part 3: Disable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS on not-yet-warning-free directories on MSVC. r=ted
0a4639f9ed38fc3328c0ba8490a48c5ef923b12bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 824247 - Part 2: Fix common source of warning span (dom/bindings). r=khuey
0e626106842fae726f4c2408657c0da299538794Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 824247 - Part 1: Fix common source of warning spam (dom). r=smaug
131e96bffe85cb844108ed2e232c4310364f2096Theo Chevalier — Bug 825464 - Skip any revision of TELEMETRY_DISPLAY_REV in tests & WebApp (long term fix). r=mak
8e186f3b8f258b74216ee1b61ef2f4f308f1da50Yoshi Huang — Bug 816893 - Part 4: Marionette tests for reading Sim Contact. r=hsinyi
4804e200cc5a18c716ad41b124c70cdd16aad47fYoshi Huang — Bug 816893 - Part 3: ICCUtils Helper. r=hsinyi
58615c1dbc7fe015fc2412ff399d6d6f2c16874dYoshi Huang — Bug 816893 - Part 2: ICC IO error handling. r=hsinyi
fd8b59d84902228986c42502d42c8afa851a5597Yoshi Huang — Bug 816893 - Part 1: ICCIOHelper ICCRecordHelper ICCFileHelper. r=hsinyi
b2897468bd82bbbd9e32b61748b771ab87fff84bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 825453 - Bump ARMv6 mozconfigs to use NDK r8c and GCC 4.6. r=blassey,ted
a5fee86dec9efdb92ff601ca5b52b1e13657f0a3Henrik Skupin — Bug 814531 - Enable WebRTC crashtests on mozilla-central. r=jesup
9f493439be84de677fbd3f14f24e512145aa7cddRobert O'Callahan — Bug 814718. Explicitly store the blocking state that we last delivered to MediaStreamListeners. r=jesup
b4f5631d7ce7ee462ec05160c4917fe5e3b23ee6Jason Smith — bug 814718 - Remove invalid gum tests for ended and played. r=roc
1e94fbb00fcda0398e8d33b7414361a23638fe1eMike Hommey — Bug 822584 - Enable elfhack workaround for breakpad on b2g/gonk. r=ted
cad275e5399f8524981f4fc794e43df60d545bcfMike Hommey — Bug 822584 - Workaround in elfhack to accomodate for breakpad not handling the memory mapping induced by the elfhack/bionic linker combination. r=nfroyd
fcfe68a7d9bc491d4bc95a76e4d2514fdb05fb35Mike Hommey — Bug 822584 - Run elfhack on packaged binaries instead of built binaries. r=ted
d78815cb0440b92a454feff446d7beb222b39528Eric Chou — Bug 824895 - check if mConnection is ready before running SetProperty(), r=gyeh
8bb242f459ff5e3b04582aa951f239b80f1e825fJim Chen — Bug 824715 - Correctly calculate next page offset in custom linker; r=glandium
1e5c46117dc5eaaca719ffa81b52bc0a4cca32bcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 825096 - Fix three clang warnings in accessible/. r=surkov.
0ef8548a7ab6e011afc7b893e1d9cf4f0f612631Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 819819 (part 2) - Remove |name| from NS_MEMORY_REPORTER_MALLOC_SIZEOF_FUN. r=jlebar.
dabddf3ea183100cd39a2b9a1b81b6035d81f209Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 825079 - Fix -Wint-to-pointer-cast warnings and remove trailing whitespace in nsBaseWidget.cpp. r=roc.
9d29a67f90b6324088ceb393cde563a6644a6866Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 824885 - Fix -Wdeprecated-writable-strings warnings in xremote code. r=karlt.
19296526f23d7e7bfae15ec93c15a38d7041217cPatrick McManus — bug 819902 - system settings pac file failed redirect r=biesi
639330081e9f08d51f960efd649a72ae65653c06Mark Capella — Bug 823317 - Close All Tabs does not close the tabs tray, r=bnicholson
fc263eb8a7dbb543dc9ef83fbd8186cfa2894be2Randell Jesup — Bug 816664: wallpaper patch for negative delta times for video frames r=roc,derf
d2b38501de2c7471c0a10db1e2adc2f721a6be69Randell Jesup — Bug 804760: Drop cached image when we stop capturing + debugs r=anant
33064e13c3fde97df0c7729c847963b9fb414bdaDoug Turner — Backing out 8c3bd23a1567 due to X orange. r=me a=me
7a7bf00cd969a4f15dee94b7796c81a5276dfda4Olli Pettay — Additional patch for Bug 821371 to fix crashes on windows, r=timeless
8c3bd23a156754db45d31b572d56d3a8d9f381ffDoug Turner — Bug 813758 - Need additional security checks for the geolocation permission. r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
a812ef63de87c9e3b22f125c448f997062f3fb1dMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
1322a7cadd5662534f1b1281da36445be7e0475fMs2ger — Backout bug 814718, bug 717178 for exceptions in test_text.html on Windows.
4bab6b6a32f3e69efaa428ec572366af37b47ae7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 717178. Part 3: gfxGDIFont should pass ownership of its mFont to cairo_font_face_t. r=jrmuizel
b1453ec5b550523e4bdfda6061d44168b13b466dRobert O'Callahan — bug 717178. Part 2.5: Make cairo_win32_font_face_create_for_logfontw_hfont take ownership of the HFONT. r=jrmuizel
2cd447a60faa3077f391678f43b51ce3a9833d1cAndrea Canciani — win32-font: Improve static data reset function
a3fcdb9c37f4c9bff79a5dad724fd1a79e7cf36aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 814718. Explicitly store the blocking state that we last delivered to MediaStreamListeners. r=jesup
b3993179ea52b5a65c95450d22613e9adb256d72Randell Jesup — Bug 825526: Improve lifetime control of SourceMediaStream in gUM r=anant
8c3c368478a07cfba87a07c053975109e2733381Randell Jesup — Bug 811757: Allow the user to explicitly share devices between tabs r=anant
1e90b28485128b15614b53c6ecda73d50967a844Andrew McCreight — Bug 821371, part 3: Remove bogus asserts. r=bustage
8c4236dde5e31ad86a6449e7bcacfae5ab60a32bAndrew McCreight — Bug 821371, part 2 - Log time taken for cycle collector prep. r=smaug
faf5e1fdde8873a60b04bb86bf9d0a1f8bdda7e5Andrew McCreight — Bug 821371, part 1 - Don't finish GC when CCTimerFired calls CycleCollectNow. r=smaug
5718a26eb442da4dc52b5666db66d65ff8fe4735Steve Fink — Bug 822831 - Do not use Unrooted in a signal handler. r=billm
8dc63fc43d1a7bd1fd734dcaea9ea589e9ef9f1aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 825088: Compound Drawable for addon-row in about:home. [r=mfinkle]
418baef1894a00ca05743cfbce131b1179bad372Bobby Holley — Bug 824581 - RemoteOpenFileChild::AsyncRemoteFileOpen crashes on Windows/Mac r=jduell
c0ba38205c41bc1d010cdc0254b1b2d69e2db654Josh Aas — Bug 822620: Disable Notification Center support for Firefox 19 and 20, it isn't ready. r=dougt
994a813dd08d3ef0a02169025d5679586230c4f5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 824349 - Make TelemetryPing correctly implement nsIObserver; r=froydnj
b8fd4a16afc80a8630b610b999e9198140f920c9Nathan Froyd — Bug 819418 - part 1 - be more selective in exporting aggregate statistics; r=vdjeric
1e230b5ad4cd7fcc5d8226e438a3482c4f6b70bfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 824824. Add support for passing multiple touches as arguments to createTouchList. r=mbrubeck,peterv
a91661eed9494138476ae0979bcad25366e9edf6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824917. Add hasInstanceInterface to the DOM element classes we've converted that people use instanceof with. r=peterv
a90fbea8e97a2ecf95769e57539db0642b94e1f8Joel Maher — Bug 818095 - Intermittent testHistoryTab | history list has 3 children - got 0, expected 3. r=gbrown.
ed280e5f0ee63190d7c2d92d821cc91dcebae0bcMike Conley — Bug 819283 - Downloads panel footer overlaps panel border on pinstripe. r=Mano.
d01848eeaa693b053e51719c9164ebe44645b46fGregory Szorc — Bug 822103 - Support 'LinuxMint' distro in mozboot; r=edmorley
1cffe22162a4337162e853d89e0e65b4c20f88f7Josh Matthews — Bug 822035 - Extend timeout period for browser_privatebrowsing_DownloadLastDirWithCPS.js
6a15f30fdfb348ae0177b7860d7c00771653c830Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 821071: Initialize all out parameters in VcmSIPCCBinding.cpp, r=ekr
f6e45f550d309efb453b929e919465446ab4097aRandell Jesup — Bug 825514: Add safety check to PeerConnectionCtx shutdown r=ekr
1a2e77002690fc920753e1e716bb493cc6d97cedJim Mathies — Bug 819888 - Check the result of nsBaseWidget::GetActiveRollupListener. r=enndeakin
551d91b2f822cbe63a5345569968dc690a82fb05Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 824956: Activate media type when set to receive media by constraint r=jesup
aaee8c35e1d08fa1830d49aa28b58c9e5783aed8EKR — Bug 825336: Add constraint to suppress data channel r=jesup
8e79a86b4c1c1b2828918c967d7112530212afe4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815352 - Part 3 follow-up: use about:downloads
9aa424d5a92f7aaad7c438037d1add0b3264acc7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 815352 - Part 3: Open the Downloads view in a new tab for private windows; r=dao,mconley
c8971a203a0ec85f3e5c9ae55e1ec31322e0615fJosh Matthews — Bug 822284 - Attempt to fix some intermittent oranges by delaying finishing the test for a bit.
6727b9f568487fc3cdd6039e033b1ad0206a3cdaMike Conley — Bug 746783 - Show "Open Containing Folder" option in Downloads context menu when download is complete. r=Mano.
48d40bb9a11e48f5ae961671b912cc6a48d2bafbAndres Hernandez — Bug 822093 - Make browser_819510_perwindowpb.js wait for the sessionstore data to update before performing tests on it. r=jdm
2606506e12dc6eb66770f09fb786a7427663e3d5Josh Matthews — Bug 823789 - Pass enableHighAccuracy geolocation changes to the chrome process. r=dougt
0c503f59191c584224841d53b8edfe769002c2fcKyle Huey — Bug 818932: Remove superfluous (and annoying) security check in nsImageLoadingContent::Notify. r=jdm
237ed713a675f23c26f1e1eecbf8ffc3404ac55aKyle Huey — Bug 824723: Don't fire error events if the worker is shutting down. r=bent
90cd09c695ed5b07ea3b6d3b68026bba0c6675dfJulien Wajsberg — Bug 825237: Don't save etag if package doesn't pass error checks. r=sicking a=basecamp-blocker
d73bfee4c495e272c6946d5974761a8c853674bcMark Banner — Bug 824695: Fix Etag handling when downloading app packages by making us bail if the app package is lacking an etag, rather than go into an inconsistent state. r=sicking a=basecamp-blocker
18e5579588b589b74584cd46022ce3838feee6caAlexander Surkov — Bug 459357 - Support accessible name computation for SVG, r=tbsaunde
a2113a30dfcc8ffa32cb015fc4b1bd6a96c85329Oleg Romashin — Bug 825002 - We should not start compositor thread if it is already started. r=nsilva
07795d6a4af0a91f975577ace5012c956cd52777Masayuki Nakano — Bug 825167 Use nsDependentSubstring instead of nsDependentString for nsTextStore::InsertTextAtSelection() since the string can be empty r=jimm
bac88e28327870fe13b3db5c15439664f47402caMasayuki Nakano — Bug 672193 Support some actions of WM_APPCOMMAND such as New, Open, Close, Save, Find, Help, SendMail, ReplyToMail and ForwardMail r=gavin+jimm
28f9ce570aa1a362225315809ea7637de8a9ea05Cameron McCormack — Bug 818626 - Record in crash reports whether nsPrintObject trees are sane. r=roc
e7eb5d6958184d514cae08e4e3443999ee39c7b0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 816359. Part 2: Make nsStyleDisplay::HasTransform take a frame parameter and check that the frame supports transforms. r=mats"
96d7b0bfb19e8a1befdea99b4360193dca274cc5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 816359. Part 1: When constructing inline frames, we should never treat transforms as making the inline an abs-pos containing block, since transforms don't apply to inlines. r=bz
dec6aa71da64eec39c7921291abb461b6538ca4fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 824926 Make relative font size change handle nested font size tags correctly r=ehsan
0d771761b9b360a73e4add37d38d5ef6e42f71e9Phil Ringnalda — Bug 810705 - Reenable test_MochiKit-DOM-Safari.html on Linux now that bug 799295 should have fixed the crashes
1a7e276db7d96218401c99c14ad9ce9d02fcc774EKR — Bug 825477 - Ignore return value from async calls in MediaPipeline. r=jesup
a9e417c899924e5b3df12437fbae9aa92c6a295aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 825295 - Do not display the Places downloads in the in-content download views opened in private windows; r=Mano
00ce7212c7ad9cc0f11386fd6c0343a6b17eeae9Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
2618c84dd765f9645ad06ba7a015350fc54f6997Boris Zbarsky — Bug 822691. Need to enter the right compartment before working with objects from it. r=smaug
f06d734bcb53ddc5e15c1e2fcd3f786436b0eb42Boris Zbarsky — Bug 825025. MaybeWrapValue should work with all gcthings. r=peterv
2aa360eb664c92a3dfd068260c1169a8d8e4d01bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 772974 - Force gold to align LOAD sections to 16k. r=glandium
f9be5a3d9b3ce26ad94e31a4c0275fee19db7ca8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 803601 - Prevent SIGILL crashes on ARMv6 builds built with the NDK r8c toolchain (gcc-4.6, gold). r=mjrosenb
414b431ad3fa831ecf5bf69abd3b5cb8670781dbDaniel Holbert — Bug 825467: Remove unused variable 'reusingGlobal' from PerfMeasurement.cpp. r=khuey
9451057c1e00f9062bd0d2c0139a650c296d370dTrevor Saunders — bug 824940 - convert HTMLTitleElement to webidl r=bz
470bffebe490650e320cd5f1031869099c588af5Trevor Saunders — bug 824940 - rename nsHTMLTitleElement -> mozila::dom::HTMLTitleElement r=bz
33b8ce28ce5c54437e944f5f59c84c3af0d07c1bTrevor Saunders — bug 825278 - remove nsISupportsArray listener list members from embeding/components/printingui/ r=roc
eb2f5c66561bb24eb8f16e0396440f4e98562120David Flanagan — Bug 821514 - fix YoutubeProtocolHandler.js to report errors, and also parse titles properly. r=dale a=blocking-basecamp+
c6464865fe9fd6f6047f0b498f87fcee09a0fe30Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
107bed7f2f31f18cde20e8968dc109209fdcc120Phil Ringnalda — Bug 705570 - reenable the crashtests that include an <applet> on OS X 10.7 and 10.8 now that they no longer leak
c7dd040960eb7abd1fd0b9265cae481644914429Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 825454 - Make contentAreaDownloadsView.xul a proper in-content UI; r=dao
5b3f586806b1b0c5b088e465a316499b1c6c8f96Jan de Mooij — Bug 824863 - Fix regalloc bug in JM ionCompileHelper. r=bhackett
0acf066babea238a36137ca51bfb4b55ffc10d85Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 818800 - Remove the global private browsing service in per-window PB builds; r=jdm
d462bf431ae4725d865b9504249fbff87918716aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 771746 - Draw scrollbars using a white outline so it shows up on dark backgrounds. r=Cwiiis
97542ba6b0aa408d7918bea31c401c6db457ab47Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 771746 - Some cleanup in r=Cwiiis
33d3e7354bf964576ff49a96e70eb39b1a619278Josh Matthews — Bug 801823 - Prompt to restart Firefox when changing the private browsing autostart preference. r=ehsan
14a22134efd262e245e15d79637783f4b5cdfa92Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 820617 - Add a hook to make NetworkManager not manage offline status and use it in Marionette for B2G CI. r=jgriffin
5b89fcf827e46b7f5bf8549ba0033acdaea91ab9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 825070 - systemXHR loads should be subject to checkLoadURI checks. r=sicking
a6ae2af96c8bf1ede4b05743d2cc91a8840df1bdAlexander Surkov — Bug 815055 - crash in nsCoreUtils::IsTabDocument, r=tbsaund
dd6590eb7e4ff1f63d0489688a4fe0cea1932651Andres Hernandez — Bug 823739 - Port browser_favicon_privatebrowsing.js to the new per-window PB APIs. r=jdm
0b34087f3e7d55ee2cfe2968703357a70a2f8656ithinc — Bug 822914 - Improve gBrowser.selectedTab getter efficiency. r=dao
cdc397a8e017d4523e2ced42dca1424265ed2dacTrevor Saunders — bug 824970 - nsROCSSPrimitiveValue::GetRectValue() should return nsDOMCSSRect* r=bz
28042058474412c4d51267ecbe5478e65f72a86cTrevor Saunders — bug 824970 - use webidl for Rect r=bz
03ece6d48d9f80b20f7a7264fbfe6dd75c148f72Trevor Saunders — bug 824970 - webidl api for Rect r=bz
355d2e8ede647e88740b9acf3519cd5a2b2b02b8Trevor Saunders — bug 824970 - add Rect webidl r=bz
41f218bd308240098bbfd91205d689b33e6a8b47Trevor Saunders — bug 824970 - store nsDOMCSSRect* in nsROCSSPrimitiveValue r=bz
516b3defe68dc4305f5770bc33f3d5303ca7dc31Trevor Saunders — bug 824970 - wrapper cache and cycle collect nsDOMCSSRect r=bz
0534210e43e588d67b16c97464ac499bf62607b6Trevor Saunders — bug 824970 - nsDOMCSSRect should use nsROCSSPrimitiveValue r=bz
8468d858595c628e70f86ca4d05fc04e83c96aabNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 780549 part 2 - Check returned value of AutoEnterCompilation::init in Ion compilation. r=bhackett a=abillings
ef2a48aded5bb7485cc51aa2b669d74baa597fa9Josh Matthews — Bug 782542 - Secure necko IPDL usage. r=ted,jduell a=blocking-b2g
9dc85c3d98ae1f2c566b70eeb5eb81cff2c2834dKai Engert — Bug 825022, pick up NSS roots module version 1.93. patch by bsmith/kaie. r=kaie/kwilson/bsmith. a=bbajaj
b5ea211f23a931dad895bfdbe6e8637c907222eaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 825365. Fix the softp version of MacroAssemblerARMCompat::passABIArg to not add no-op register moves to the MoveResolver. r=mjrosenb
7c35dd229717e8d10c6ce4eb2b231df902336b02Benjamin Peterson — backout bug 810525 for failing jit-tests
d128b15214cb806f604b9caab653485c28e07a8aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824603 Part 2: Move nsDOMDocumentType => mozilla::dom::DocumentType r=bz
0ed0898de7b509b5fe273b760c351ac64b79ef1cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824603 Part 1: Enable binding for DocumentType r=bz
abfe3957551b2a11ba2dc601a0d5a24ba24e8f38Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 825195 - Update method signatures of TextDecoder and TextEncoder per the latest spec. r=jonas
8aa341f3e3a6736c12104bf57701db9ffc2d983cJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset 6cd44513d285 (bug 782542)
96e5f3a75fcf828a0a29e694d5bba81798d30b10Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 40c1df07b407 (bug 824217)
6bea4ccff670d9d5c6640b4d8bfddcecef7bbaacBrendan Eich — Bug 810525 - unregress DecompileValueGenerator change to handle object literal reference bases (r=luke)
22e38c3125e9ca2ac7e6e60448fdd8a7e2917e51Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 10b47593c4d7 (bug 824715)
e497c2e40dc642cba4bb5df2f116ebf649f1406cJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset a47d98073d4e (bug 823884)
d2552e3d3ed6d51201c409cc17f8f288dd38086fJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset 7d6255d1c547 (bug 816664)
b4a17ae434e8d8204d153f1f900a334fb6ad2202Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 35a7f17ac707 (bug 802538)
90d5da5a224146c85b23782ab993761a75873a3cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822859: Forward button doesn't have border on tablets. [r=mfinkle]
40c1df07b40748190e7c4c898816362c2d1121c3Jeff Walden — Bug 824217 - Remove some easy-to-remove tests of JSRESOLVE_ASSIGNING. r=bz
9fbba2a7caa19c6aa3b109c0835b4efbed13c953Geoff Brown — Bug 769919 - Make testBookmark more reliable and enable; r=jmaher
6cd44513d285ac31351cf8911b2e01325acf8ff9Josh Matthews — Bug 782542 - Secure necko IPDL usage. r=ted,jduell a=blocking-b2g
255428fcf589df4f4593dfff6ea66a22e172debcAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 825106: Use the correct pointer comparison when determining master r=jesup
7c7c7d20f1c82fdbccd9fd4d89cb5dd5a67e524cRandell Jesup — Bug 820011: Shut down webrtc signling service on XPCOM shutdown r=derf
96daad5f3d983bb26e217d35f96720245ebccd77Wes Johnston — Bug 783312 - Keep pinned site thumbnails alive. r=lucasr
a9c2f983a4ead793572db5d359199bb5d184a4e4Wes Johnston — Bug 783312 - Provide a context menu to edit/pin sites. r=mfinkle
c2c914a1870b088c1a956cfabde9755e3e2de59dWes Johnston — Bug 783312 - Show the awesomescreen as a way to select sites for pinning. r=mfinkle
e74b5611f5d11148128fae4e7df9efe2114d35c9Wes Johnston — Bug 783312 - Use pinned sites backend to return a cursor with pinned+top sites. r=mfinkle
3ffc0cb25398dab8bba334e213f6345cd86a6f2aWes Johnston — Bug 783312 - Set up a backend for pinned sites. r=mfinkle
48cd86fc9dfeb9fe123c1620f749fc0c34e39072Wes Johnston — Bug 783312 - Show empty rows on about:home for customization. r=mfinkle
22310b95d586d32028802cba8207c1cf04d12774Boris Zbarsky — Bug 817943 part 2. Make the x86-64 and ARM versions of passABIArg not generate no-op moves and add asserts to the moveResolver that there are no such moves. r=pierron,mjrosenberg
515acd47156b3115e63f40e353c64adaeb40a7b5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 817943 part 1. Introduce a GetTempRegForIntArg function that can be used to get registers to store things you plan to pass to a function call in, and use it for DOM getters/setters/methods. r=pierron
7d6255d1c54741db5e8b6a3138f8eda77c0f2524Randell Jesup — Bug 816664: wallpaper patch for negative delta times for video frames r=derf
a47d98073d4ebbde9ef59e33a57acf3ae331d72eHannes Verschore — Bug 823884: Make call uninlineable when aborting during inlining, r=nbp
10b47593c4d740146d3bcce087bc134ee42b64d5Jim Chen — Bug 824715 - Correctly calculate next page offset in custom linker; r=glandium
35a0599d087a817b64c1ac67d550667d6bf6670eAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 824220: Pass constraints through directly through message, deallocate when done r=jesup
43187d64eea37a80a1ae14195d101c28d983c26fRandell Jesup — Bug 820978: keep reference to MediaManager singleton r=derf
35a7f17ac707789e5d16f1730cc09886e9eb9645Randell Jesup — Bug 802538: Enable getUserMedia() mochitests r=whimboo
0d78b96618078a34a2e75163e25aef6cced472baRandell Jesup — Bug 802538: Make sure gUM MediaStreams are destroyed (and fix other leaks) r=derf
70dc4af0325bb8a0c7e8462ddf9051324e221b4aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 824174 - Update pdf.js to version 0.7.28. r=bdahl
7066060a33848e7544e8c3a283f26a7497a32462Jared Wein — Bug 409686 - Remove off-by-default restart prompt code. r=gavin
8dd9b338324c532067a1c17c572083e92f40e5ccVivien Nicolas — Bug 823004 - B2G STK: STK Set-Up idle mode doesn't work properly. r=etienne
b99d9b422a3d581b1687066964fac3d4654f9a42Rafael Gieschke — Bug 791419 - Firefox for Android crashes on start on Kindle Fire HD 7 r=glandium
4ebea4d88d4872cce65c9913492e8e2389e4e107Trevor Saunders — bug 822717 - remove checks for old gcc r=glandium
3c67ead5818a979052ba13503e66bced627f1f6eEtienne Segonzac — Bug 823150 - The ondownloadavailable callback is not triggered on all the instances of the app. r=vingtetun
08d43728e8827a0b1996c127f1bf1e2eb3ff3d75Andrea Marchesini — Bug 820704 - AudioChannelService must handle children quitting unexpectedly. r=jlebar
52daedcf1dbbc9065faa3529dee6256772608d21Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 806726 - Port test_localStorageQuotaPrivateBrowsing.html to the new per-tab PB APIs. r=jdm
e19528d96c1aa51a5270f6e012ecf36a459136e7Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
83c45c2f712b3866800fe973b4ccf9a6f195f59cJosh Matthews — Bug 818667 - Put HTTP cache into app jars. r=michal.novotny
b3e769659c3f7e858a95dcd1f1a90eef3b8ec5d6Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset d924c6aa0a8f (bug 818667)
c3cc198a6b83735e111bdcd2ba5657512dc10b40Scott Johnson — Bug 654352: Implement (blassey) and fix (jwir3) document.caretPositionFromPoint so that it utilizes frame-relative coordinates to get caret position. (original: [r=smaug,roc]) (fixes: [r=blassey,Ms2ger])
d924c6aa0a8fa538a5cc5803b3e1060912aae4b4Josh Matthews — Bug 818667 - Put HTTP cache into app jars. r=michal.novotny
f301d0d6f54000d57795d4f0a90e07f565ea4985Trevor Saunders — bug 822664 - follow up remove another use of GetDocAccessibleFromcache() r=bustage
29ce28a490c94e3c2bc4bb74674ed2087dab80aaTrevor Saunders — bug 822664 - only use the doc accessible cache for lifetime management r=surkov
1faf3072fb8bc8d52fc9b0b1b521913903513dbdMasayuki Nakano — Bug 822866 Make mozilla::widget::BaseEventFlags which is a POD struct for VC r=smaug
a0bc627d0af77d439c4d3f04c34f0c1c2bbb287fJoel Maher — Bug 736105 - robocop does a lot of redundant copying of profile and sleeps, we can cut runtime almost in half. r=gbrown
9119f282e0c0f39525fc5ff7e51aa21c4f4437fcMarco Bonardo — Bug 822848 - hide the detailsPane for the new downloads view.
77f4c8155c60dff06b44432d030b073cd78325a7Marco Bonardo — Bug 825060 - Enable the new Library Downloads view by default when the panel is enabled.
499791560b0e4742a07c46846639523f443844c7Paolo Amadini — Bug 824345 - Hide old Download Manager preferences when the Downloads Panel is enabled.
661960a9cf89a635e30855af2f5b8c6c2938bdb8Chris Jones — Rollup of bug 821192: Ensure that content processes don't see an inconsistent app dir. r=bent,dhylands
dc359d500e94326e35ede05009dd70cab0e4ee89Dão Gottwald — Bug 799417 - Implement global indicator for sites having camera/microphone access. r=gavin
57c3756c07054fc8db6adc4c7ad0ce7f6c3b7334Alexander Surkov — Bug 814836 - <xul:deck> element messes up screen readers, r=tbsaunde, sr=roc
06c61e9f344a7c251a6696a1eea6ac5a77b14693Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 3114517c141a (bug 823789)
4aeb2bd7b186e7f54951e1151f657f260d732071Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 824432 - Don't cancel request if it's a watch request. r=jdm
787938d80556e28fe1075f79d79170929ddc39b2Josh Matthews — Bug 823962 - Make CSP reports part of the originating document's loadgroup. r=sstamm,sicking
3114517c141acd565417b29d0d2f87e2958db0f4Josh Matthews — Bug 823789 - Pass enableHighAccuracy geolocation changes to the chrome process. r=dougt
0448317702905938bf6e1846a731e6de76362cc0Nicholas Cameron — Bug 732535; border-radius tests on android. r=karlt
91c3020669f0bb7884fa8e033d28aa3d1af250c7Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 5840a8b5cc21 (bug 825060)
311689a4858f49c62e7377e8ec0e7d6edc379bffJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset cce44d592e67 (bug 822848)
a17555ed859b310bfc52b153c42994c8b5491d99Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 0b3cc2b5fc5f (bug 824345)
77834ecaec4678df73fc49e14fa3a86e0922948dNicholas Nethercote — Bug 824883 - Fix three warnings in dom/ code. r=bz.
cee4cc007aa6989929fd5869cfbc485a25cf6955Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 824879 - Avoid -Wconstant-conversion warnings in vm/RegExpObject.cpp. r=sstangl.
217f9d114eee1cae1b79ab30a3fec17e017e5755Masayuki Nakano — Bug 812143 Include text-decoration rect as solid style in text frame's overflow rect when the style is none r=dbaron
0b3cc2b5fc5f908b55bfeba7338e1389500d8143Paolo Amadini — Bug 824345 - Hide old Download Manager preferences when the Downloads Panel is enabled.
cce44d592e674fc93e39c0c19bc0616c7394b8b8Marco Bonardo — Bug 822848 - hide the detailsPane for the new downloads view.
5840a8b5cc2175fdcfb0689dea6058d85ac1d238Marco Bonardo — Bug 825060 - Enable the new Library Downloads view by default when the panel is enabled.
e078df6b131677485230ec1e900be30fa8de79c3Mark Hammond — Bug 806037 - use nsIPrincipal for origin checks. r=gavin
cd2211a458e5ac4da6be8c7821e5597232d2fb3bChris Jones — Bug 824177: Opened windows of browsers inherit their containing app. r=jlebar
85464d8b30ff3e10fbe932fd0fd8194c947a282eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 819819 (part 1) - Remove DMDV. r=khuey.
64aca6053504a53ab7d1d9292bf0277b00acc675Wes Johnston — Bug 824475 - Add safety check before checking node.hasAttribute. r=kats
5e425fc7bf37addf4f3c060fd654cbde7529c1c9Chris Jones — Bug 824172: Re-enable strict file:// security, because yes we have wifi and installed apps now. r=sicking
e065ba89f5c381d47feebb390f50f206fefb1b94Matt Brubeck — Merge from mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
4ab11d8ed73b090ff4c3286cb56d59b940270a6fMats Palmgren — Bug 824643 - Return early if SetAttr destroyed the frame. r=roc
06621f924ef1df64945475a5380319b2ca1de79eMats Palmgren — Bug 824641 - Move the destroyed frame check before any use of it. r=roc
6d0cc82f292e1c120c6e6f17802799fa773bbf04Mats Palmgren — Bug 822053 - Nested balancing column sets restriction shouldn't affect non-balancing column sets. r=roc
e0d93141fe0cf5c85d4de5b34de40b6c59217cecHenrik Skupin — Bug 824923 - Stablize WebRTC mochitests against Javascript exceptions to prevent timeouts. r=jesup
d01ebbc522d8b6c0bf2ca0e0921b12b5b2c7352eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 808466. When invalidating a popup frame stop there because popup frames are display roots, don't look at the parent frame's needs paint bits as they are not relevant to the popup frame. r=tnikkel
76eb5642d77b25590e647846122bf84d09cbe27dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 663776. Part 3: Refactor layer transform snapping to distinguish translation-snapping from rect-snapping, and don't snap translation+scale transforms when we don't know all four edges of the rect that needs to be snapped. r=mattwoodrow
59b5ec3ba8d3c6b1324bef1ddbda2c661257dca9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 663776. Part 2: Move TransformRectToRect from nsCSSRendering to gfxUtils. r=mattwoodrow
75a09d9557b9cae550f59b7b377a2b47092317e4Andrew McCreight — Bug 824958 - Eliminate nsXULPrototypeScript::ScriptObjectHolder and make field private. r=smaug
1ebc8df48c4cfa8fa142189491e43dc512687a36Hubert Figuière — Bug 806515 - Part 2: use the URL field for content crash. r=kairo
422309d2a0724da8f47365c3d49fa981abe4ca6aHubert Figuière — Bug 821498 - Make sure to always send the queued reports too. r=fabrice,margaret
268fe9874d9dfc3f883237c288578032eca04aebJeff Walden — Bug 823283 - Remove all remaining uses of JSRESOLVE_QUALIFIED, and the few remaining tests (which were pretty much purely diagnostic). r=luke
f9f27086d5de4f6a1035abdfa8339ea3f58c5398Jeff Walden — Bug 824163 - Properly specify the path to the user.js to be put into the jsreftest profile so that it's not affected by the test subset being run. r=ted
c7da4138801e1b217d75e64bf0a41803676806e1Jeff Walden — Bug 823283 - Followup comment typo fix. r=lumpy
6e5acaff8239634f6ccc30107768c87038e799f1Jeff Walden — Bug 756709 - Make ThreadLocal::set crash on failure (which really can only happen if per-thread memory for the TLS entry couldn't be allocated, which should be really rare). r=Ms2ger
58edc998ee4f9de4bae86eeccec77ea5ef3ef95aVladan Djeric — Bug 824577 - about:telemetry addon section was not getting displayed. r=mak
0bb4773db082c0ecf241e9dac3d8ca3402efbb13Mounir Lamouri — Bug 825009 - Handles NaN and Infinity passed to .valueAsNumber. r=smaug
3ff974766a3e324a7a10227613239c58ebecf7c2Raphael Catolino — Bug 769359 - Adds step attribute and stepUp/stepDown method support for <input type='date'>. r=mounir
5705bb322879b3f0ca5b047ce84bb0f63e4732bbRaphael Catolino — Bug 769357 - Implements min attribute for <input type=date>. r=mounir
739b8e307069d3f8f1a23e3cab2887c4e98507acRaphael Catolino — Bug 769355 - Implements max attribute for <input type='date'>. r=mounir
78970aaa8008f602dcbb622b8c573fdc5d1036d1Raphael Catolino — Bug 769370 - Add valueAsDate attribute and implement valueAsNumber/valueAsDate for date. r=mounir
d44a92b2cbf774a0fdc4b0ce33add7a7dd608a59Raphael Catolino — Bug 769379 - Adds sanitizing algorithm for <input type=date>. r=mounir
0ec205214f5f4d20cd178c92544e9e37b0ac2de0Raphael Catolino — Bug 769385 - Add type attribute date for <input> behind "dom.experimental_forms" pref. r=mounir
f2a500997116e854815a068ea70c6a6b74759d1bMatt Brubeck — Back out de5db0c4c3ff and ff14e0b88c10 (bug 820124) because of intermittent xpcshell assertions
23549b4dffb1791a5509ce0b1d927720f08ebb46Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
f9c5b23292cadd1b2c2c02c7e3c4a4a6ce566741Andrea Marchesini — Bug 816730 - [Activities] Filters do not work anymore. r=mounir, sr=sicking
6874adaa8fb037581549ab36083adc591d5b7771rfw2nd — Bug 553917 - Test for presence of MathML error messages in the Error Console. r=karlt
206cc6939194fd5b3b490000ce42ed9c907be2f0rfw2nd — Bug 553917 - Add new bundle with error messages for MathML error logging. r=Pike
169708ebc9231e786b0d8ff4e9fd3232a10093a2rfw2nd — Bug 553917 - Add helper methods and logic for error logging to MathML module. r=karlt
c9a232a7c3189646e2d60a22664e679e2b6e3d2fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 824167 - Upgrade SQLite to version (Mozilla changes). r=mak
7ef62857f69f359fd52553154890438d5953df6eRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 824167 - Upgrade SQLite to version (SQLite changes). r=mak
58d263c1c3dcb864c47ecbb2bc94f32aa5e0571aNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 780549 - AutoEnterCompilation: Handle init error cases. r=bhackett
f3e277d2e0c167546b8a68edcfd39f5d239c9f55Asaf Romano — Bug 824240 - Make the Downloads View Seamonkey-friendly. r=mak
6d66c25f3e41da00ffafc0b10b63ece8adddf21bJacek Caban — Bug 823924 - Don't hardcode system directory when loading WMF libraries r=paul
158a9c8668bbbe8371d1d99c4bc2f62a7f0c8edaJacek Caban — Bug 823921 - Replaced _com_ptr_t usage by RefPtr r=paul
50f9c3a11728a37b15f636228f958606b245f242Joel Maher — Backed out changeset 251ac29afd1b for perma orange bc
47a1fba72004092105673032c01f7ba990bbb8f4Nicolae Cristian — Bug 822681 - Robocop: Add test for Tabs Drawer Menu feature. r=jmaher
47edb66a0137aabb62d42d24fe851a1f003adb8dadrian tamas — Bug 747835: Back, Forward and Reload buttons test. r=jmaher
c151510f79fbc6ed1a1ed0e4b7f1dda78f6ef4eaJoel Maher — Bug 823165 - fix robocop tests to work on panda boards. r=gbrown
de53cfa4b4917d15d37d42b3caec6daf41d00899Chris Jones — Bug 822398: Use PL_DHASH_REMOVE to remove an entry we're enumerating. r=kanru
bda50f10f69d15487772c0dfd48a31d741d4a4d6Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 824902 - B2G RIL: missing call.isActive in handleEnumerateCalls. r=allstars.chh
251ac29afd1b99ae6c2a0410c2c471c9541d037cMark Hammond — Bug 806037 - use nsIPrincipal for origin checks. r=gavin
0bcd652f17321e89975e97dd555c78675d46f06bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 824868. Make AutoLayerManagerSetup save the layer manager it is using so we are sure to use the right oen when it goes out of scope to clean up. r=roc
ff14e0b88c10938a78af53902fde48ee4f87f90eSean Stangl — Bug 820124, Part 2/2 - Handle fast removal in str_replace(). r=dvander
de5db0c4c3ffb5a4e22e5ea4a9c60532e2e78b03Sean Stangl — Bug 820124, Part 1/2 - Use RegExpShared for lazy RegExpStatics. r=dvander
65de3fdfe8886222cba0f5a79481aa7d5a547fabDaniel Holbert — Merge inbound to m-c
580018b5f41b78f1fe73bb12f983b5b4bab2101dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 824746 - Remove unused mozconfig files. r=rail.
af2c780aa93163939ba96dcdd142413f9cdcdd4dAlexander Surkov — Bug 660083 - missing focus event when opening a message in Thunderbird, r=tbsaunde
e7b858cfccc27e4eaeade03d294f7e24bddb48f5Andres Hernandez — Bug 819510 - Quitting from a Private Browsing window makes Restore Previous Session fail once. r=ttaubert
305236f284cfbf1927bd62d8f0b181e6bcd8b79eBenjamin Chen — Bug 805746 - Send CustomScroll domevent to browser.js. r=cjones
c55e74c4118462870cc28b3292bf114307bdd906Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 038194a2ffc3 and 4a7071b92069 (bug 820124) for mochitest orange. r=TryFTW
1f5c6ddebb858ebd96fb35123662f0ce3a25cb89Chuck Lee — Bug 820762 - 0003.Test if voicemailInfo is exposed. r=hsinyi
63e1e0f1405df953668ffb1462db46b09778535bChuck Lee — Bug 820762 - 0002.Access voicmail info with correct permission. r=hsinyi
f634045890a1435ee05f54f7c2265d9ac0ea5a66Chuck Lee — Bug 820762 - 0001.Change IDL. r=hsinyi
a146aac182ef4a0f43474b37d3c88ffc1f587c51Eric Chou — Bug 820216 - should use JS_NewUCStringCopyN to copy a Unicode string, r=gyeh
038194a2ffc38c3d893cfe8e8c81a987a149e29fSean Stangl — Bug 820124, Part 2/2 - Handle fast removal in str_replace(). r=dvander
4a7071b920691e2ac545cb59a3fc074d4b904640Sean Stangl — Bug 820124, Part 1/2 - Use RegExpShared for lazy RegExpStatics. r=dvander
9afe210481680c275666953c9830fddf2366fc95Gary Kwong — Backout 4a66a93f8625 for causing mochitest failures.
a13cadb983fb1f05f9998e22ff375e90e4a9ad62Hubert Figuière — Bug 806515 - Send app identifier for B2G content. r=bz
91d5f2f4aab3545d06f9c98b652a9f7f03f1030fEitan Isaacson — Bug 824844 - Fix text changed events. r=davidb
4a66a93f862572a993ec90cb9b11919b9a7d8d96Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 780549 - Handle init error cases. r=bhackett
21865911745c883824e6f359682f57a2e8193176Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824448 followup to fix test bustage. r=peterv expected
50b3e25c750d13ced66a71931be1c0ea1e04303bNicholas Cameron — Bug 823124; speculative fix - null style rule from an animation; r=dbaron
a836a0d544dafe562c042cb7172a606200a826b1L. David Baron — Bug 823124: Add diagnostic (and otherwise good-to-have) assertion that non-root rule nodes must have a non-null rule (and vice-versa).
e364512a658fe9dd20e711bd9b93893aee2045d1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 820909. Make LowerCaseEqualsASCII and LowerCaseEqualsLiteral actually do ASCII-case-insensitive matching instead of doing odd things with KELVIN SIGN and LATIN CAPITAL LETTER I WITH DOT ABOVE. r=bsmedberg, sr=dbaron
f5638aa67e2330897e40e4cdf25ddf1a7eb55ec8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824448 part 2. Switch HTMLHeadingElement to WebIDL bindings. r=peterv
dc616866209937ed941d1abeb1c939c32888a003Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824448 part 1. Rename nsHTMLHeadingElement to mozilla::dom::HTMLHeadingElement. r=peterv
d194e4b71bb3b4bbf978a621b2cd5673046f9ecfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 819624 part 2. Hook up the HTMLDocument WebIDL API to quickstubs. r=peterv
01afbc4615091858166fa72f134fb5fc379b6451Boris Zbarsky — Bug 819624 part 1. Hook up the WebIDL bindings for HTMLDocument. r=peterv
8f5e2129e89db8c8205c6fd037b6bf734907178bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 824474: Proper cleanup of tabs-tray while hiding. [r=mfinkle]
ecf7bc3e34b3d8a3f09f5f9dfeff9694f12c55bcDaniel Holbert — Bug 821449: Marked flex items whose height is stretched (via "align-items/align-self") as having a relative height. r=dbaron
0e917dc864c26cca4750542dc8a9e0fd62f63e26Daniel Holbert — Bug 821426: Call FinishReflowChild() instead of DidReflow() after flex container's "measuring" reflow for a flex item. r=dbaron
3de40b952c58fcbfd329d3f1cfbbd9680b65ce45Mike Conley — Bug 823095 - Better pinstripe theme-ing for new Downloads View in Places. r=Mano.
c0adf89b103babdb9339b9615eceaf54d0e1b93bDaniel Holbert — Bug 811521: When reflowing a flex container, ensure its children are sorted by 'order'. r=dbaron
2cab642a3317e4d2554bc20da9a1ed3b71251a58Timothy Nikkel — Bug 824634. Painting may run script so hold onto the layer manager and re-get the listener in case it changed. r=jimm
7b206ae3187e0735f9ec4b368491c8df7b6da1c0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 824142: Color mismatch between backgrounds in awesomescreen in PBM. [r=mfinkle]
869f370625c66d30965f318ab9dc3af833256b3bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 816114: Awesomebar tabs title color should change with the themes. [r=mfinkle]
30607c0b98c21d8d7541eeb84f6847e7f998f8abSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 824132: Persona sends a Reset message on start. [r=mfinkle]
d092140b20df742fe0bccce47f60398ffd5ce551Daniel Holbert — Bug 797411: Disallow root-viewport scrolling in BrowserElementScrolling.js if <body> or <html> nodes are overflow:hidden. r=vingtetun
523bebe29990cd3e3f610e60d15e10fdd7d2ad0cRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 824708 - remove unused releng.manifest. r=rail.
a4a6940f56450c6e94d38e33a9a5a9a56cb1b076Marshall Culpepper — Bug 821741: Load update prefs more dynamically to support automation in B2G. r=fabrice
47a6822f5e3f28436eabf6b1b065959234e02d90Daniel Holbert — Bug 824648: Add range-check & unsigned cast before comparing signed arg to unsigned array-length, in VMFunctions.cpp's CharCodeAt() impl. r=nbp
7e2048663a2ef74f107df95f01916c410e2cb3deDoug Turner — Bug 824160 - Assertion in SetMysteryBlobInfo. GetMozLastModifiedDate should return modification date even if it is presently unknown. r=bent a=blocking-basecamp
7457db98e2e3049a0e04c57d1e4580ee5b75a1d4George Wright — Bug 815795 - Fix an integer overflow by casting unit_x to int64_t. From upstream commit de60e2e0e3eb6084f8f14b63f25b3cbfb r=jrmuizel
d29b182e169ee1245729e2a45817e09b424df9deAndrew McCreight — Bug 823226 - Add environment variables for controlling cycle collector logging. r=smaug
6b81175079c5a32245b9b3000ec9931c3b4eac2bJan Beich — Bug 824460 - Unbreak build with clang/libc++ after bug 815523. r=jduell
975686912db82d6383971aca3671edcb33cc0012Jan Beich — Bug 815916 - Unbreak building signaling tests for system jpeg/pixman. r=rjesup
acb02d013052583761171be66d214d4839a80dd4Mike Conley — Bug 814510 - Downloads Summary icon needs to be revisited. r=mak
d6c5a0ec5757e489ef9417bdb5c98bf1fb2ab305Jim Chen — Bug 814689 - Only use key events for plugins; r=cpeterson
7d531752a0fb293d9c40ab40f6d7b2a698c0fb55Jim Chen — Bug 821979 - Specify valid selection offsets in onCreateInputConnection; r=blassey
d7b8336e01d12f4014f21af7afbdf50260f39cdcJim Chen — Bug 822755 - Don't process reply and always remove from action queue when processing stale actions; r=cpeterson
1ab05052b3b579732742445876faffc49e2c02dfJan de Mooij — Bug 823482 part 1 - Refactor JSOP_EXCEPTION implementation in the interpreter. r=djvj
e11da9f516828ef9776ae5190eab93f83b85ebbdJan de Mooij — Bug 824463 - Fix checkStackAlignment on ARM. r=mjrosenb
9505ab7136b1daff2e4571a06473cf676adac8f3Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 801775 - Filter IonMonkey C1/Ion spew based on scripts' origin. r=sstangl
a0e55e9b2b8b2aff607ec027a84d66d05d24e13bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
68366067ece937d4102f5e4e7aaafd2ac52e7becJulien Wajsberg — Bug 824465 - fix delivery state wrongly reset to 'sending' when delivered. r=vicamo
bc52b06ea2ea7fa236b38c4b610e7866e1f8d907Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 822938 - LCallee use a register instead of a fixed LArgument. r=jandem
d6cff495662979edd539ba6e660f1cb880089042Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 820841 - Cache the document URI on the window so that DOMParser() can refer. r=bz
411313b5cd9d294080deccf87db2abf9a854f564Mike Conley — Bug 822257 - gnomestripe theme-ing for new Downloads View in Places r=mak
9059edd199b27f8afb49e09c2e43658fdc503015Jacek Caban — Bug 823921 - Fixed GCC warnings r=paul
f5ed2691d90175609bf6505245bc3304c84245edRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
0b0b040b16d8a1a3ba3192834dcd78a5c243cc8fCameron McCormack — Bug 779917 - Null check followup.
a981b50c1d43e18b121e86ce6e763e8a5961fdbfCameron McCormack — Bug 779917 - Implement CSS.supports(). r=dbaron f=bz
18a3309af87e03227e987c2be6929744751a1262Makoto Kato — Bug 824654 - Remove duplicated class define to fix bustage on Win64 builder. r=heycam
f870d9cd5af11c2ebd229d9a261cbaa7da66f9ecBoris Zbarsky — Bug 819239. Add the WebIDL API for HTMLDocument. r=peterv
2aa1ecf204b1e8a408538301c0b727366c6803d1Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 822825 - Java plugin hits mozPoisonWriteMac ValidWriteAssert assertion on shutdown. r=BenWa.
d80c31c162bf8bdecc054afff9688c73021e52aeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 816421 followup. Fix places that were not properly including things they depended on. r=bustage
e16925279ea3b533fcbcf8c2ce968ecd34aee211Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816421. Make Document.visibilityState a WebIDL enum. r=peterv
7160435374764410b374d1046534e34965f05494Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816425. Mark a few more things [Constant] in IDL, especially ImageData.width/height. r=peterv
1d51451f6674864640bdc7b4ebf9266ec0f6f660Boris Zbarsky — Bug 824517. Quickstub window.performance. r=peterv
5802cd5fe686abd00b5cb809db8da35b2062e261Oleg Romashin — Bug 823825 - Qt Firefox does not build on meego due to changed API. r=romaxa DONTBUILD
9513ffb96ad1c7222bf177f2b590ce7eeb38ce2aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 824604 - Remove quickstubs for nsIDOMSVGElement r=bz
b6cd9913f6692901cc0784b21fb7ec924224bc8dithinc — Bug 656222 - moveTabBackward/moveTabForward should skip hidden tabs. r=dao
54e72e8bbac4812cce6d4dac4c035524d2abb4abPatrick Wang — Bug 824605 - Fix readLen in getSPDI. r=allstars.chh
a41996c283ce218fce768ab278269eb7edb2aeffithinc — Bug 824480 - Replace |tab == gBrowser.selectedTab| with tab.selected. r=dao
88a218a4b5bfaaf9cc02dd2d29ea06d66f0610a9Jan de Mooij — Bug 764310 part 2 - Implement JSOP_DEFFUN in IonMonkey. r=bhackett
78a77949db8e371521f663b919ee2aaacd8c4a0aBrian Hackett — Bug 824257 - Remove type barriers that are redundant with null/undefined checks, r=jandem.
b86cca9cd8d261d5e4108fa9f7cc542c73d22f10Chia-hung Tai — Bug 823816 - Replace NullTerminatedTexts with TextString in ConstrainedEncoding. r=vyang
5ec5718e4fa803a891e8b035a2db6619b13af173Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 824558 - Do not destroy mInitThread. r=dougt
995041ffb42d896645e3c11fdbf2eb4ad88b30d5Edgar Chen — Bug 824194 - Refactor TLV size handler in sendStkTerminalResponse. r=allstars.chh
914889120beb56d41c5509082d053ea0748fccbdEric Chou — Bug 824458 - callback function set in DBus sometimes wouldn't get called, r=gyeh
e4b389a23a95038ea1b50842fc14e749709c8345Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 824516 - Fix regression in text selection introduced in bug 708048. r=kats
066cdafa5ec3554f6e20f04deec7d73f3e082658Boris Zbarsky — Bug 818400. Add a preference to control :scope and pref it off in release builds for now. r=dbaron
8db88a6f9ef6d7558dfe32e9b415d81d614928b0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816180. Convert DocumentFragment to WebIDL. r=peterv
9a7f3c82ab9b6a16a6204850181420721c39c2beDão Gottwald — Bug 824443 - Put the geolocation prompt's "Learn More" link in <popupnotificationcontent> rather than extending the popup notification's binding. r=gavin
14f59c9396d38e5205b91f25d4e026a693b5ca36Chris Jones — Bug 824230: Handle UNKNOWN_ERROR in OmxDecoder. r=doublec
938a2b2d97821d1088d7bb7a07da4601ddc7adb0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 824119 - Refactor about:telemetry to expose stack printing utilities. r=vladan.
a61dd24bb0f20535bacc9fac764ade7ddb5e073aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 36d18c504450 (bug 824443) for mochitest b-c orange.
36d18c504450879b64f17717558b9155d583d673Dão Gottwald — Bug 824443 - Put the geolocation prompt's "Learn More" link in <popupnotificationcontent> rather than extending the popup notification's binding. r=gavin
0185385d13ba5079cad25471e1d7b5c651bf1315ithinc — Bug 822068 - Don't call tab.focus() in gBrowser.moveTabBackward/moveTabForward. r=dao
d83930c9a712611baf5821468956fd752db55342ithinc — Bug 819907 - Add permanent fullsc-toggler element to simplify code. r=gavin
c454966ef45c6258264dd1cf98c3fef2693a7051Neil Deakin — Bug 798226, backout cd66c58db0f7 until the issue of the os adjusting the popup to fit onscreen can be solved.
671e04519d02a0f588a5456c5d372fbf8416f839Jan de Mooij — Bug 764310 part 1 - Refactor interpreter JSOP_DEFFUN logic. r=bhackett
0e0200b9ef780a04dbbabd9cc89aa171a3393e35Brian Hackett — Bug 824275 - Improve precision of alias analysis, r=jandem.
978ca52298f03d045caf4599364f844db0ae41f4James Kitchener — Bug 818620 - Testcase to ensure all arguments processed in Math.max/min. r=just-tests
0526bcb09b1b60139f7adadbc578ef1c93ae06eaRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 823906 - Last clang update on the 3.2 branch. r=rail.
ab4c7ba485010d58b468d8f2a4e7f60828325a29Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 823906 - Last clang update on the 3.2 branch. r=rail.
7192d0dae605a7b24bf4871a1fac2df0fad13ab8Alexander Surkov — Bug 818407 - changing the HTML body doesn't pick up ARIA role, r=tbsaunde
e097dd1a2c38bc7a63430bb7163ab1a51d5d0f8aHannes Verschore — Bug 823887: Correctly do a pre-increment on InlineFrameIterator, r=nbp
5a1f68dbd88556ade7f1f2eb0b059bf3ec1de59bGary Kwong — Suppress bug 824647. DONTBUILD
dc2abccc2adb0fd61b6f579436e7706cccf41e03David Zbarsky — Bug 823394 Part 2: Add WebIDL API to SVGElement and enable binding r=bz
3b56b12b4a70d649fe035b975c4a05f96bae1accDavid Zbarsky — Bug 823394 Part 1:Merge nsSVGStylableElement/nsSVGElement and nsIDOMSVGStylable/nsIDOMSVGElement r=bz
372d779d8f2734674f3edd3992f556753a52ec34Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 824397 - Use NS_ENSURE_{TRUE,FALSE,SUCCESS}_VOID(foo) instead of NS_ENSURE_{TRUE,FALSE,SUCCESS}(foo, ). r=derf.
757482ef1bfb55ad7f5cf98b713e30eb3af58900Daniel Holbert — Bug 824140: Fix out-of-order init-list in Netd.cpp. r=slee
eaa171db38bf3b15a74272727a22fca56a3a3690Marco Chen — Bug 823203 - HalParent::ActorDestroy() needs to handle the UnregisterSwitchObserver() when content process is killed. r=jlebar, a=blocking-basecamp
30555d40da20027fdec5128a487e047a3f8c9673Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 814252 - Should not process HandleDrag for touch event. r=smaug
8a71e8b545dcb31f1c74c621060cddf996779e25Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 820683 - Restart the timeout timer if position is not better. r=dougt
3980b1b6d16314c44d05553fc900d5011ce6324dKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 821517 - Remove MOZ_ASSERT(mInitThread) r=dougt
71b0dfee3df2abe9fa24bce48ab2cdb93c0d8d7bJustin Lebar — Bug 824395 - Report used stacks separately from unused stacks. r=njn
5d900d13b2cf2c307e6c3d5378969c3ebc0b0511Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 811701 (Move innerHTML/outerHTML/insertAdjacentHTML from HTMLElement to Element). r=bzbarsky.
d8ebb9359cffcf338d471a38561686c0ff9e1b3dNicholas Cameron — Bug 732535; border-radius tests on android. r=karlt
eb1a9250d68a417350759a97c8155e2a19e632aeNicholas Nethercote — Bug 824340 - DMD: fix a deadlock when getting stack traces. r=jlebar.
4aeb3016da0347b5cf786810cf26ab879796e88fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 824390 - DMD: Don't use PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER for non-static mutexes. r=jlebar.
3af8b1ebd83ae0112e0476ead81299f84f7c6a3eEKR — Bug 824351 - Make PeerConnection.Close not check state. r=ehugg
aa8b7e9cc8e542ec6286e03fd8cf43343d24b5ebVladimir Vukicevic — b=823091; 2nd tab in a window opens without animation (timers reporting wrong current time); r=roc,bz
9db20066eb63dbfbf0ebe0f5182ff2669477f521Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816387 followup. Remove more todo stuff from tests now that we made it work. r=bustage
b7bb8951d3e2e5770d5ef24e4514dcecc656e910Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816387 part 2. Hook up the Document WebIDL API to quickstubs. r=peterv
b190d329f7f3123f4941a31b9908eb0f3d757835Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816387 part 1. Hook up the WebIDL bindings for Document. r=peterv
a395e2d60c1638361cb7730cc610183b354b9ff1Henrik Skupin — Bug 796890 - Create Mochitest for Video/Audio connection (send/receive/disconnect). r=jesup
7f5fad93ef78556fd77f140ac550646f3d0d8407Josh Aas — Bug 807678: Don't proliferate NSPR DNS types beyond the host resolver itself. Make it possible to easily hook up other host resolvers. r=sworkman
a957b758ab3fb31e866484e34493c42a2b18ec94Vladan Djeric — Bug 807021: Removed TODOs from prevous commit
0372c8ff4b5fb4ef8a4ca6d5e301f88d0b8cc578Vladan Djeric — Bug 807021: Move LocalStorage writess off the main thread. r=smaug,mayhemer
4f74d77d6d8bd8eb806de6197af1363a02941f97Jonathan Kamens — Bug 823042 - Fix redeclared argument warnings. r=Mossop
a3f4fd5bd56383f97f3ee0cf8369fc6cd5df12abMario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806744 - Port the satchel test_privbrowsing.html to the new per-tab PB APIs. r=jdm
59c4ddd0b7a410c8c7ebb5c21251dce31463bf35Peter Simonyi — Bug 777926 - Use URL or title from history for bookmarking error pages. r=Mano
a3e933f00833f3dc5757470ad6cf564ab472d620Andreas Wagner — Bug 550175 - Check if a row in an autocomplete popup is selected while pressing DEL. r=mak
660750a95f60363e2309c84bf2d4eb197e1da822Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5244caae8c46 (bug 822846) for Windows build bustage.
8a7d18f51175812450a8bd9f3a3dffd1929e68eeSebastian Hengst — Bug 823658 - Use Services.jsm and String methods like startsWith in browser.js. r=gavin
ba26ddd4739b881441c72c4472d6be60e6a30707Iordache Catalin — Bug 821396 - Fix warnings in DASHDecoder.cpp and DASHRepDecoder.cpp. r=cpearce
1035217debb38b90381b131e41b0d9d99e5038c1Iordache Catalin — Bug 821269 - Fix build warnings in HTMLTableAccessible.cpp. r=tbsaunde
5244caae8c4606ef62ad9c46ef4a944a87ba4196Seth Fowler — Bug 822846 - Use nsMimeTypes.h instead of working with literal strings in imagelib. r=joe
4425abacc947a867f65c1dee37397e2c71a9dd69Seth Fowler — Bug 822526 - Turn mozilla::image::Image into an interface. r=joe
0ea9204be1bb34b5791302f91107e4ec2ae26965Seth Fowler — Bug 821023 - imgStatusTracker should not know about imgRequest. r=joe
827adb196982602cda56ec8b792cc048b5fd02beJed Parsons (:jparsons) — Bug 823736 - include.js must stringify objects going to userland js. r=benadida
8099630f363d122a13c5cfc62fdb6b16cc894b97Mike Habicher — Bug 820139 - Ensure video recorder exists before trying to start recording. r=kchen
606f13fe356fac14f7e06e9817d70a1ae28cbc6dMike Habicher — Bug 818933 - Provide a hardware release API so that we don't have to rely on CC of CameraControl objects. r=mhabicher
63f38c1cf053010a07f0f9f7e4c8610515f5ab3cDustin L. Howett — Bug 812647 - Fix OS.File's failure to find libc on case-sensitive OS X filesystems. r=Yoric
cb9dc5d37fac2f091ea57d2e1fd2987157395b72Anthony Jones — Bug 811950 - Refactoring to use gfxPoint and gfxSize more. r=cjones
0e5744e4e2f61b25b9a6cf83deee90cd3c32a3b0Anthony Jones — Bug 811950 - Add scaling operators to BaseSize and gfxPoint. r=roc
955a8b88d7969843d5d8cae39b0728331d98bfbbAnthony Jones — Bug 811950 - Fix async scrolling of position:fixed. r=cjones
1310b5aab1f4dc95a69d2d90cd613e1c966af20aAnthony Jones — Bug 811950 - Remove fixed position environment variable. r=roc
1ec805274a72aa732202f30261a03228b1550d5eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 803165 - Add dom_system.xpt to Gonk installer. r=ted
2c988d472605d18855ee28093c0e5738bd9cd823Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
06ae0a5f4d9c23627aee23d941e448242147f30cTrevor Saunders — bug 820182 - remove nsISupportsArray::ElementAt() r=ehsan
08e6e5bc8b5f32f4223de48278d4d88158f475b2Trevor Saunders — bug 819936 - remove NS_NewArrayEnumerator overload for nsISupportsArray r=bz, bsmedberg
105aaffcfab3c2785dfa3cbf3d6ef01ff3f11f8bTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove the nsIDOMRGBColor xpidl now that nothing uses it r=bz
c097a455c88e3c9c0028f6c87574a92eec951571Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue:::GetRGBColor() r=bz
e238a2c12230f13e6adf62295c1c69ae8a9c747eTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - stop using nsIDOMCSSValue / nsIDOMRGBColor in editor r=bz
08fb8e6e898659be0ae5c792da228b484ef67c5aTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - add downcasting from CSSValue to nsROCSSPrimitiveValue r=bz
5823e4df1ab0af9eb8ba9d9423fb67318392c5ffMs2ger — Bug 805939 followup: include Hal.h correctly.
d81ab45d2a7d0457b97b0531f74884575a3d8d1dMs2ger — Backout bug 823394 for reftest oranges.
c5a733e72673873996b652281a72b0f2cbc87ab1David Zbarsky — Bug 823394 Part 2: Add WebIDL API to SVGElement and enable binding r=bz
9f3051733fec0917d7d4bc30e4a8e7aaca4d7362David Zbarsky — Bug 823394 Part 1:Merge nsSVGStylableElement/nsSVGElement and nsIDOMSVGStylable/nsIDOMSVGElement r=bz
4aee8b87bea8950b1b05438736df699017e383e5Simon Montagu — Don't set autodirection on elements like <script>, <style> and <textarea>. Bug 819014.
4f30345471b0fbe40f534aa7a592f0cf78c379cfSimon Montagu — Be consistent in what text nodes we look at in the #ifdef DEBUG pre-loop and the actual loop. Bug 822723
b81ccb796b727ef291d3999cfec56872b08f7419Nicholas Cameron — Bug 823460; start throttled transitions with delays; r=dbaron; a=blocking-basecamp
a80783039603369d78d0235b8356244a421ad765David Zbarsky — Remove some unneeded forward declares (no bug)
a8734f4f5d209080ae90bb23a2ed15e15b5d9e9bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 11: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)LengthList r=bz
0cbd04a62008e2c99e90ffe560b6f4aa715d2a54David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 13: Convert SVGAnimatedLengthList to WebIDL r=bz
3d9587921eb92c94025a52b6eb8df430d6b94840David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 6: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)NumberList r=bz
6516c71accd0830ca0ca89a49746d496a9b7de59David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 10: Remove nsIDOMSVGPoint r=bz
29225925d6e4fcec7a48a8f6183b03e4cf1a9f4bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 9: Remove nsIDOMSVGMatrix r=bz
ef22f0b8e4663b87b75104c1f81ce561db6d872aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 8: Remove nsIDOMSVGTransform r=bz
822291ecc6955418f661303583cbce7733f89862David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 7: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)TransformList r=bz
f76cba2067065290851a3faf06ffa06ce353fcd1David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 5: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)Angle r=bz
19990126a4847b8e5ddac44f0395aae6a1f8cc7eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 12: Convert SVGAnimatedAngle to WebIDL r=bz
cec4f0b329a3d0cf158b863d3cf9dbb43f99d2b4David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 11: Convert SVGAngle to WebIDL r=bz
bda6cac90251c863f3acc8e5bfbf531345b96ceaDavid Zbarsky — Fix initializer order warning, no bug
8b53a620ef9e34ef9fbd215a9a51670ae9d89ceeDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 4: Remove nsIDOMSVGPathSegList r=bz, jwatt
71dba2dc956c81e8fbc14f49b7a9c5360a894bc2David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 10: Convert SVGPathSeg and subclasses to WebIDL and remove XPIDL r=bz
b6dc8ce6295ac07fad23661aa3b50ff1251580eaDavid Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 9: Add a macro for NS_SVG_VAL_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_WRAPPERCACHED r=bz
9b915ddf9d18066ef61e6bcb6fd33472718168a4David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 3: Remove nsIDOMSVGAnimatedBoolean r=bz, jwatt
6e64444d5f30425ec42d87b2456924c9c37ae55cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 8: Convert SVGAnimatedBoolean to WebIDL r=bz
b4e40d2db9adc0ffce83d0fd1a99c9ac3e7abae7David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 2: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)PreserveAspectRatio r=bz, jwatt
7fc1c750ee0cc54288a1190c8a4b57039f2e3337David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 1: Remove nsIDOMSVGPointList r=bz, jwatt
94ed53f03fd1374934534e3e4a2855e3732564f4David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 7: Convert SVGAnimatedNumberList to WebIDL r=bz
00c8e8d5fe04c1d1a29d2d04e06f61064eedaae5David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 6: Convert SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio to WebIDL r=bz
1945ceaff5faca696a3fa0853750b6c13cc170abDavid Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 5: Convert SVGPreserveAspectRatio to WebIDL r=bz
db3de623feca7b822530818767c4fe255ded7852David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 4: Convert SVGAnimatedTransformList to WebIDL r=bz
0ca634658b96fd7da279869443029e9144f22f16David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 3: Convert SVGTransform to WebIDL r=bz
9b19cd969afcaab7b9e4fde83480e37db7c20f83David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 2: Convert SVGMatrix to WebIDL r=bz
347128caddd541d65a16c830dc0310212668df93David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 1.5: Create nsISVGPoint and make nsSVGTranslatePoint::DOMVal a subclass r=bz
4c295e120bccb84032e8997749b64d831fd6ed43David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 1: Convert SVGPoint to WebIDL r=bz
7023232a96f562588eec46a2a9908405107d1564Cameron McCormack — Bug 814566 - Allow invalid syntax (with balanced parentheses) inside @supports conditions. (v1.1.1) r=dbaron
adbb1a174e93c85caec379d75a503cac42deb8a7Alexander Surkov — Bug 819273 - ARIA combobox should have accessible value, r=tbsaunde
bab7ae06e579d274c81c5701ee87e35df8e14265Nagarjuna Varma — Bug 785060 - Check for allocation failure in JS_NewUCStringCopyZ calls; r=Ms2ger
80c7c3eee490dacd5ade7ce5942730f917ff3ab4Hannes Verschore — Bug 777262: Assertation dropout, r=orange
824e649bab0c7aa47bd6486e27825a5a97178673Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824007 (Convert HTMLBodyElement, HTMLDataListElement, HTMLFontElement, HTMLFrameSetElement and HTMLLabelElement to new DOM bindings). r=bz.
840b27e186408d8d2d0e4cb7b123fa41e1bff4a6Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824007 (Convert HTMLBodyElement, HTMLDataListElement, HTMLFontElement, HTMLFrameSetElement and HTMLLabelElement to new DOM bindings) - move some HTML element classes to mozilla::dom. r=bz.
fec5950b88a2529a598567384c4415c27b02af10Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824007 (Convert HTMLBodyElement, HTMLDataListElement, HTMLFontElement, HTMLFrameSetElement and HTMLLabelElement to new DOM bindings) - make NS_IMPL_NS_NEW_HTML_ELEMENT macros work with HTML element classes in mozilla::dom. r=bz.
2e6bec0c1f8a262c3566966332470e1f9dcd589bHannes Verschore — Bug 777262: Fix windows bustage, r=bustage
6bc692ff1c10fa3d2f045d3764e701c101c298dbHannes Verschore — Bug 777262: IonMonkey: Inline more compare operations, r=jandem
5abe31fa4a5c6847d1c5c6a5a6b6957be0821ea0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 818861 Shouldn't allow promising a flat string from a flat string r=dbaron
178bc511dec97ec9d828f02fc15aa38ab6898961Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 804834 - Part 3: Add a regression test. r=waldo
ad84d41d41456205126875f11def790d0c5b4464Asaf Romano — Bug 822343 - Downloads view takes far too long to render. Part 4 - Cache the download state so command-updating doesn't check the file size over and over. r=mconley.
eee94feb23acb76e1d8d11d58bf90d4d0e13ce0cDaniel Holbert — Bug 823286: Fix incorrect kDefaultRemainingTime value in, to be consistent with dom/battery/Constants.h (and actually use it, instead of hardcoding 0). r=mounir
71dc7d4943f8ba0a2589037e52d22cff89234a57Michael Wu — Bug 824090 - Fix gl config selection in boot animation, r=cjones
38fbb50e6038cd990c72650ab5ad8c1adbb6c9ebJason Duell — Bug 815523. Fix syntax of skip-if to skip xpcshell test on windows. r==orangefix
1911ef1478a37f9078a37376594e7402969f86a1Jonathan Watt — Regression reftests for bug 822014 to let us know if the behavior of clip-path on outer-<svg> with a border changes.
b9807d681190145ce7a0ee12439d9d909596f31aHannes Verschore — Bug 824005: Fix for v8-richards regression introduced in bug 813784, r=nbp
ec5b0408864fe5f741a39676c704f45690b7f721Honza Bambas — Bug 765215 - Firefox 13 hangs on resuming from sleep, introduced wake up adjust for QueryPerformanceCounter, r=ehsan
101f652fe7a5193c28902a15d69d984e9016e00fMs2ger — Backout bug 821593 for bustage.
bc10be0681179170bb921e83e04f5bc6ce9dbe20Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove the nsIDOMRGBColor xpidl now that nothing uses it r=bz
6c3f79ca958b4d8801a84b1efd9a43a1bd65afc1Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue:::GetRGBColor() r=bz
270ce71000f3e762957edae971d4b97579e10f1fTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - stop using nsIDOMCSSValue / nsIDOMRGBColor in editor r=bz
443df7602f6ef3f7736fc687c0e62a0dc15caf8bTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - add downcasting from CSSValue to nsROCSSPrimitiveValue r=bz
108eb99a250db187c9bfa6c5f383f8375d261c9fJason Duell — Bug 815523 - Remote the app: and jar: protocols. r=fabrice,mwu,jdm
4ff2c4b415f8dfa9fd2be3908808268c87c2186eJosh Matthews — Bug 815523. patches stolen from 782542 Parts 1,2,3: Necko IPC security pref, and disable for xpcshell tests, r=ted,jdm
aa42fc5b6396dab8d58ceeaac40891f88e239d36Ms2ger — Merge m-c to inbound.
d671838aeb16e176c19d03f1df2f3bab60c199feGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 823533 - Reject plugins with a different architecture in 32bit Mac builds. r=bsmedberg,smichaud
79d9e21392276cdfc305241381fba7dfd6705a91Jason Duell — Bug 821160 - remove accidentally commited .orig/.rej files r=jduell DONTBUILD
4fa2400559e04e20c8c2ab7880f6727e4f226e0bJonathan Kew — Bug 823964 - Wrong bounds for scaled images. r=longsonr
f1c7eade6c974813db71bcc451cc3dcbc50e440bMark Banner — Bug 823940 Remove unused nsAutoVoidArray, and cleanup nsVoidArray's support for it. r=bsmedberg.
96898e6b3078560645dfcd0617d7ce464031f270Mark Banner — Bug 823932 Change leaksoup.cpp to use nsAutoTArray rather than nsAutoVoidArray. r=dbaron
45fd2425adc4c4ace488553e73b9ae78e32474adZane U. Ji — Bug 493544 - Don't decode the encoded text until it ends. r=smontagu
f93588a041ece6b130d5e4039b3312822771f22dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 804631. Add the WebIDL API for Document. r=peterv
079d46ec65d2c04610d724cdb7065f964e7e431bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 822766. Be a bit more careful with our level assert in ReplaceAnimationRule. r=dbaron
7b76a1d0adf5ec9df21816568b3f637c8be75803Randell Jesup — Bug 799417: Backend support for list of documents that have active gUM MediaStreams r=derf
6fe65eeaa2b4c988400c28a2c4476ed4d209d636Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 821003: Replace snprintf macro with static function r=jesup
8667a82f1bf2fc117a86dbe3abbedcd81335c175Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 818714: Set media enabled to FALSE unless added using addStream, r=ehugg
4ad96e42102e208dd49476786cb080ff38423968Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 797534: Update PeerConnectionImpl to use SDP from SIPCC, r=ehugg
6546477eb93d19bf80f06afec712176512cabe80Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 823665 - Rename urlclassifier.confirm-age to max-complete-age. r=gcp
46ab2a002a9bfd3d4617651065e51b96e014f35cJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 822158: Use async dispatch of Ice(Gathering)Completed to unwind stack r=jesup,ekr
a1864cbae86c1ef0d1368dd1838d2e940f4b6420Cameron McCormack — Bug 807336 - Suppress CSS property parse errors inside failing @supports rules. r=dbaron
948ae77e36d6f12e65b46037636349e26ceeb38aCameron McCormack — Bug 820148 - Add RELEASE_BUILD macro available in pref js files. r=ted
be3375d887c61a36826efcd642a1f72597864368Mark Finkle — Bug 823550 - Ensure saving favicons to DB happens on the GeckoBackgroundThread r=kats
d348dbf1dab4143515500c3469315ae30921c764Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
4cd6a880978cf68e06d034ffde9e13b5020861c9Heather Arthur — Bug 818033 - [toolbox] Implement Shorlander's visual design; r=paul
8fae16c413ec7ffd509579ffcf4e56b4b2672566Girish Sharma — Bug 823998 - [toolbox] the undock button tooltip is undefined, r=paul
37083101b97d26d5424a5bbf5b86232c3908b36ePanos Astithas — Bug 823027 - Connection screen stays open after connection but can't be reused; r=vporof
6ec2cc4a851d4bfecb0d06e79b93d08d4fe1e709Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 823493 - References to IUI in CssHtmlTree.jsm. r=paul
d4ed13122c42e0324fba3a911bcb3768cc3368ccMikeRatcliffe — Bug 822631 - [toolbox] Remove bad common.css path from toolbox.xul. r=paul
92a414587e99765436e4e210110347288c59c55eMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 814890 - [toolbox] Markup panel is sometimes blank on page change. r=paul
a0948a41a5d53dd56435c37fd77394b07005f4faPaul Rouget — Bug 814638 - swapFrameLoaders should not reset chrome event handler for chrome subframes. r=bz
7b74f4ee76c9c7987ffd4a282954f5214eec283cGary Kwong — Suppress bug 824323. DONTBUILD
84320dffec6e55f92fd01bde61ea367b325850edDaniel Holbert — Bug 822804: Mark variables destIdx & destPos in GfxDriverInfo.h as unsigned, to fix build warning for unsigned/signed comparison. r=Bas
ea373e5342455598e2ce67c568da13feb233cb37Ms2ger — Merge.
756335a3066f7066ca7738d531368a7e992631f4Ms2ger — Merge PGO-green changeset from inbound to m-c.
77d65b2c81c809d3f0342181ea3baf2693b0a576L. David Baron — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central.
81f530168b395aa43b087fafcf65a801f8135430Chris Jones — Back out bug 782542 for regressions.
cd54f3557ae6203e8339fd9de4a74b3177cfd71aChris Jones — Backed out changeset 5aa4d9daa13c because it's about to fail some tests
95c2a38b92adb1729d2fd204a6f298d472ee3987Cameron McCormack — Back out 047534c22207 and f95b0378d4ee (bug 820124) for reftest manifest parsing failures.
5aa4d9daa13c5d4c4a2b9cc4aa2fcd8d1ed80b8aChris Jones — Bug 823962: Pref sending CSP reports off for b2g until bug 824170 is resolved. r=fabrice a=blocking-basecamp
d294f9a7d19fe2434ad8eb2f7b29b7695dcc97f4Cameron McCormack — Back out 767debcb04d8 (bug 823325) for Android test_manyWindows.html failures.
c3b8f166c3b5d139e0ae165bd91f5bdf3ff53133Jeff Walden — Bug 823283 - Don't do anything special for writable [Replaceable] properties, a Gecko-specific abomination. r=bz
f95b0378d4eeefbd6e61e1d3a02643cc990906e5Sean Stangl — Bug 820124, Part 2/2 - Handle fast removal in str_replace(). r=dvander
047534c2220799f6e74de47f0b23af1ee78df4eeSean Stangl — Bug 820124, Part 1/2 - Use RegExpShared for lazy RegExpStatics. r=dvander
8d09962f1e7995334ec1117aa8226983b5fba36aJeff Walden — Bug 823283 - Don't query for JSRESOLVE_QUALIFIED when determining whether to check for an undeclared variable, when possibly adding a fast-path expando to the global object for assignment to a non-existent property. Instead examine the current bytecode to see if it's an undeclared variable access. r=bz, r=luke
847d24f0a8da938a961afeb8639a98d51faad2a2Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 823080 - Fix warning spam on MSVC. r=sphink
ac143af3f698c4dc79710b724180c160864ae11aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 795542 - Part 2: Implement StringEncoding API objects in Workers. r=bent
905b2cfe26aeda9da0d1519fdb0b303a4a64e60cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 795542 - Part 1: Create Text(En|De)coderBase. r=bent
d7c7bc64a114b0609621362677eb43a0a454a870Gavin Sharp — Back out e01ca7212c8a (bug 654352) for failures in test_bug654352-2
972c3e4a494f07a127bd25f90967025baaff8793Gavin Sharp — Back out bug 783129 / b0788a95a2bd (merged with e01ca7212c8a) due to test failures
495e435f86d91ec588bc1c77bc4739779dd6cf9aEKR — Bug 824097 - Fix uninitialized memory read in nr_stun_server_ctx. r=jesup
f870bc01fbdfc858274ed8ce6e8b5bff54e46291Gregor Wagner — Bug 823258 - Asking for a PROMPT_ACTION for a privileged API in a privileged packaged app - remember my choice default is incorrect. r=fabrice
e6940cd4d42a725c24e5493f3bf76009245928c4Shu-yu Guo — Bug 823390 - Kill clearParent and clearType calls in CloneScriptRegExpObject. (r=bhackett)
723e403c36b15bf3955cedd2ee1b6dc85eda35eaJim Blandy — Bug 822563: Pretty-print references to JSObject and its subclasses. r=sfink
767debcb04d8d217de59d52f1523eaefa2a24a14Brian Nicholson — Bug 823325 - Call blur() on onfocused browser. r=mfinkle
e01ca7212c8a1dc5111ee698dc95c49b26f42da7Scott Johnson — Bug 654352: Implement (blassey) and fix (jwir3) document.caretPositionFromPoint so that it utilizes frame-relative coordinates to get caret position. (original: [r=smaug,roc]) (fixes: [r=blassey,Ms2ger])
3d2a5dd6fcec6487091286f764328cae41f241cdBenoit Jacob — Bug 802827 - report Stagefright feature in AppNotes - r=joedrew
215db511edcbd94d60e5cc6433d9e9ff567371faBenoit Jacob — Bug 802827 - Android blacklisting: Use the Android version RELEASE string, instead of the SDK_INT number - r=joedrew
b0788a95a2bd8aca3ef86eb6370401968feea0b5William Chen — Bug 783129 - Implementation of document.register without shadow DOM support. r=mrbkap, bent
03759110bbd79d820c7f06c4e30a1f6c157eebebDan Mosedale — Bug 819856, Re-enabled WebRTC voice engine code for Android, r=jesup
911c7371b8b36441a8a0778e97280bea9ca7737bBlake Kaplan — Bug 790054 - Allow WPA-EAP networks based on a gecko pref. r=fabrice
b256fb454e3cb4d8a6e2514d8921ba48896c4f54Blake Kaplan — Bug 790054 - Don't offer to connect to WPA-EAP access points. Continue to allow connecting to already-configured access points. r=vchang
5cb54f5fa690ef0cd76239fa91449acf2703cafeJonathan Watt — Bug 806432 - When creating the offscreen surface into which group opacity, mask or non-trivial-clipPath are painted, use the non-transformed visual overflow rect. r=roc.
faa37c5e350819707f92e2f1f7860305bb413458Randell Jesup — Bug 823453 - Change gUM permissions response to be an array. r=anant
06cdd349042e501dee55995944bd28f55f75dfcfDão Gottwald — Bug 802421 - Allow specifying a mic and a camera in the doorhanger UI when audio and video are both requested through gUM. r=gavin
3a086666f64512479d27215f4a1f174b97a1835bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 820302 - Don't abort the pan-zoom animation on a viewport update if the page size didn't really change. r=Cwiiis
95807c27bf993199c66a9206fa9e5b120001b874Kyle Huey — Bug 823953: Improve sync queue handling. r=bent
014b47f440c5da47d2c66b19dd30b2b559a2bf5bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823781: Compound drawables for promo-box. [r=mfinkle]
c33bff7ed7aeaa0e48a1dbf3372be6ce60a6668bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817706: Optimize tabs-tray and remote-tabs. [r=mfinkle]
8648a92def427f9b0334b167947e555eac759ec2Jonathan Griffin — Bug 820802 - Disable some telephony tests to try and fix the battery almost perma-oranges, a=test-only
3bb824035131ccc4fb9e484bc44af2873956c7b5EKR — Bug 821292 - Clean up runnables when RUN_ON_THREAD runs on the same thread. r=jesup
97c8a4726fcd47d1d4285a7c723c75c972e6bb81EKR — Bug 820102 - Clean up MediaPipeline threading (re-land after fix). r=derf,jesup
2cb8afdb2e47b56adefba5f69e0d0cf63a6c9439Geoff Brown — Bug 823730 - Simplify make xpcshell-tests-remote make target; r=jmaher
2954ab7bab89fa3fb90a1b55da5236141f69f6edGeoff Brown — Bug 823703 - Create and use an android xpcshell manifest; r=jmaher
51e881623846095e671746ef3270e75b63d606f5Jonathan Watt — Crashtest for bug 813420 - "ASSERTION: Must not call under nsISVGChildFrame::ReflowSVG" with nested <svg> and dynamic marker. (Now WORKSFORME.)
5836113e3e87c51e33aaa5bf1a1b7ab9704ac1adMike Conley — Bug 822258 - Add winstripe theming for the new Downloads view in Places. r=mak.
0965d40185d169b0ee5e86f1e42b8c901ba99221Gregor Wagner — Bug 823411 - Permission Prompt Helper doesn't forward access field to prompt. r=sicking
4b9f2a81751e752b9c2ecc9a4631d467684332c9Jonathan Watt — Bug 767535 - "ASSERTION: How did we getting here, then?"
2721852327e867e00ade4386d9839ab4b21b8331Dão Gottwald — Bug 823443 - Provide an easy way to add custom content to popup notifications. r=gavin
a678066eaadd120fe95cc0cbb5ee8f6d91d56a75Dão Gottwald — Bug 823292 - Stop setting the obsolete browsingmode attribute. r=ehsan
d0350335cab3408d9e5112d00e450d592383a954Jeff Walden — Bug 823283 - Don't query for JSRESOLVE_QUALIFIED when resolving document.all. r=bz
60b927d33f4726a382c96310024abd6feee787dbJeff Walden — Make SimpleTest.js runnable in non-Gecko browsers again. No bug, r=jmaher over IRC
3f94e6ce99f79401cbfd9af7135d4bd1cd99e440Dan Mosedale — Bug 821812, fix Android WebRTC signalling code hang by ensuring writable tmpdir for domain sockets, r=jesup
cf3f846822fdff1b758032c51d6dbf0859dec5a3Fabrice Desré — Bug 820630 - Allow preinstalled packaged apps to specify the etag of the update manifest and package file [r=ferjm]
a64c9917f19e707d4d3432e558a83a5769e100bdFabrice Desré — Bug 818848 - We should keep a small space on storage during download/install [r=ferjm]
3cd792b48fda4a8b92e4bf58565ecdf02f845ba9Jonathan Watt — Bug 808318 - "ASSERTION: Children must have same reference frame" with SVG display lists disabled for painting.
06661265d9e9488d83b906906a02c283815181d6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 823784 - B2G crash: nsHTMLMediaElement::UpdateAudioChannelPlayingState r=smaug
a6d996266cfe86f0c8a56b3e31a64dd8fb928462Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 821606 (Turn on WebIDL bindings for Element and HTMLElement). r=bz.
98dddd0da122eff14465bcdbe96655353b50b92cDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 760036 - move SearchService metadata I/O off the main thread, r=enndeakin
3805e33f6bca9d9c6bb905fc3eab024378830e08David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 823502 - ship dom_system.xpt for Android, r=gbrown, r=mfinkle
1b416c9255ef85eef66d2cfaeb43bf9c47a21462Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 807757 main part - remove nsIProfileChangeStatus, nsIProfile and remnants of code to support them, r=glandium
6b34780b29a617c0e46a2c095344a92a5b5b964bBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 807757 part PSM - Remove nsIProfileChangeStatus and related veto notifications from PSM r=bsmith
c3dd1c70b31053aa55213da2497609079b25a6e4Bobby Holley — Bug 809652 - Deny nativeCall for SecurityWrapper except under specific circumstances. r=jorendorff
48300e0e0da806eac7ac64db95d0045fb48de512Bobby Holley — Bug 809652 - Add gross one-off predicates to jsfriendapi. r=jorendorff
eae731552b88fb6313439ba70bf1d2c2d88db12aBobby Holley — Bug 809652 - Have SecurityWrapper::enter default to deny, and override SecurityWrapper::objectClassIs. r=jorendorff
662f338798a9ff7bcdc64ce378618ebb2b246a14Hannes Verschore — Bug 813784: Allow inlining of |arguments| in IM, r=nbp
e4f69649d417513a9bf1cd51123c8f8c8f5f6a75Honza Bambas — Bug 725587 - Firefox jumps randomly from IPv6 to IPv4 and vice versa in dual-stack environment, r=mcmanus
8662174169430f3b82a97bac2142da7c9998834aEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
d9611ad3d8bf0cd1fe1c732241e3819cea4c8774Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 785597 - Don't create a LayerManager for a content window of an invisible top-level window. r=snorp
3696e9df6e147671ae732d988018b9768072e7a7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 785597 - Get rid of unused mGLVersion field. r=snorp
7315385d2b38bc5b49e5c2e81aa7800a2b10ee61Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 785597 - Remove a bunch of unused code. r=snorp
b6b432b50d6106eaa349b46a7ac5e63cb4152ca7Josh Matthews — Bug 814247 - Add auth cache jars for separate apps. r=mayhemer
93f081cda42e90544c44822c784f147385f14700Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 823949 - Port XUL Fennec's controller.js to per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
15b8a8271ece82ed8288bfc02db14143998140f5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 823945 - Port XUL Fennec's LoginManagerChild to use per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
5fddad57aa058e49caf46d5e255b24e555b870ecBenjamin Peterson — Bug 823310 - Only report strict warnings when JSOPTION_STRICT is set. r=njn,jorendorff
0134b2193fe5a30b64f16757373d7fed71cb0caeEd Morley — Backout 21409a401d75 (bug 821292),9587e39f9a50 (bug 820102) for conflicts and assertions respectively, on a CLOSED TREE
83046064e7fec6fc2392eca56cec3d13a4c17748Markus Stange — Bug 766883 - Don't abort during shutdown when SignalTracerThread is called twice before FireAndWaitForTracerEvent notices; r=ted DONTBUILD
d94bbc67a784894a820f31d268fd386391fc1768Ed Morley — Backout 913296ba049f (bug 766883) since no author was set
913296ba049f022f2933c728bcf21b4a36f75b79Ed Morley — Bug 766883 - Don't abort during shutdown when SignalTracerThread is called twice before FireAndWaitForTracerEvent notices; r=ted
3b36ac0574c7e02e68df9171ea615a7824ea8cd9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 822330 - Make the Windows download progress bar in the task bar aware of private downloads; r=jdm
afbdeaf92ab39a7bacb06930c5b42fa176f5b80fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 823732 - Remove the usage of the global PB service from nsSessionStartup.js in per-window PB builds; r=jdm
d30aa82fb5de64d3a6fcf668fafcced4455463d4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 823725 - Remove the Svc.Private getter since it is no longer used; r=rnewman
9edcce2eabaec3e050a19f983c258b0dc14cd930Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 820577 (Support reparenting for new DOM binding objects). r=bholley/bz.
61e9b18ee21ca9fd6449ace461dec0da591e48fcPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 815149 (Add support for SOWs and XBL bindings in new DOM bindings). r=bz.
7a475450b0cd0638478bf8db995759f481e425bfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 666600 - Add a pref to control the default fallback zoom level of pages. r=mfinkle
41c781b02e4b05f303ab40ca1018ba12af6d88a6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 807447 - Respect the initial-scale meta-viewport property on initial page load. r=mbrubeck
e797fe5eb621b5d4324c7493098818e25a383331Masayuki Nakano — Bug 823369 Check mozilla::widget::EventFlags size at compile time r=smaug
21409a401d755e20739803a2bf20db4ae6c7d914EKR — Bug 821292 - Clean up runnables when RUN_ON_THREAD runs on the same thread. r=jesup
1db96bf2244897ef51a895f61ff832916701efe4Fernando Jiménez — Bug 823880 - B2G SMS: Add permissions for sms-sent system message; r=daleharvey
9587e39f9a50a40dd46025a317b4db5586d64b5dEKR — Bug 820102 - Clean up MediaPipeline threading. r=derf,jesup
133dc155974b9c8d67fe1298b5e0dda5a0b27c63Alfred Kayser — Bug 815639 - mLocalFile in nsDiskCacheStream doesn't have to be in the class
9810612fbb641d8fc6095df082b85f93ce361032Marco Bonardo — Bug 822343 (Part 3) - Avoid some costs in downloads view appendChild.
c5a0052af398fe56db74c2b4b07dac740216e4aeMarco Bonardo — Bug 822710 (part 2) - Reduce annotations queries on downloads view first load.
f112f6b4d753dfa85d7fb5f3d526eeb261475f48Marco Bonardo — Bug 822710 (part 1) - Implement a new getAnnotationsHavingName method.
ddcfa9f4754582290f0e33ea89573f72abe25a7bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 804834 - Part 2: Disable for-each-in from content by default. r=waldo
b0f89c4fb6dd531f0214ec5f8e11d1dbef268bb1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 804834 - Part 1: Fix tests depending on E4X for-each in content JS. r=waldo
44b06d49ffc6414b8305c114fb756da222b9efa6Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
c4bbe142937e281324c2bf1fd49d3559faed4528Eric Chou — Bug 823427 - Remove unnecessary buffer in ObexBase.cpp, r=gyeh, r=dholbert
c55e10ab852dba03188f9b93ff35c1d6309f691fChiajung Hung — Bug 805939: Wait for shadow trees to update orientation before recompositing. r=cjones
3c416caff855bde907fd9b2665dafee451a9d976Gina Yeh — Bug 823455 - Patch 1: Fire ondisabled/onenabled event when toggling is failed, r=echou
b323378d9d2764536065cb5f59310901562e1015Jonathan Watt — Bug 788831 - "ASSERTION: If display lists are enabled, only painting of non-display SVG should take this code path". r=longsonr.
757dbace7953c5453ab08aceaea885db1ecb7879Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 821181 - Setting call waiting status only when user manually sets the value. r=allstars.chh
f74a7c3f78f28d669ab3465a34a854ed4a3aac3bJan de Mooij — No bug - Fix Ion codegen comments (s/DOM_PROTO_INSTANCE_CLASS_SLOT/DOM_OBJECT_SLOT). r=bz on IRC DONTBUILD
eb92322700ca68bc43376b7cdb344cc36c678aa0Jonathan Kew — bug 628917 - avoid rebuilding the font list repeatedly, by only handling WM_FONTCHANGE for the hidden window. r=jdaggett
67e4065cc26c30ad764f75c6706d1abdff9f4e4bJonathan Kew — bug 765700 - part 2 - always trigger reflow when font list is updated on Windows, not only if there's a new langGroup. r=jdaggett
6f8b8ec57a799bb7821af17eea843ac2599f6ed3Jonathan Kew — bug 765700 - part 1 - trigger PresContext to reflow when Mac font list is updated. r=jdaggett
60d6ae8c01efe1b4b34e2bde2785ceb859e78940Robert Longson — Bug 821960 - Implement tearoffs for remaining SVG types. r=jwatt
3b4cfcc2aed22b4bc09c2592eaf81ea071f7c6d7Matt Woodrow — bug 822865 - Null check the background outparam before assigning to it. r=roc
9e594f7b7a12e63e6632bbc71bb522f9dcdf5b2bMatt Woodrow — Bug 822141 - Invalidate bullet display items when their value changes. r=roc
a431a8e935bff88c5f35d169c4e6cf0a41b11834Jan de Mooij — Bug 823715 - Initialize FakeDOMObject.prototype in the shell. r=bz
706dc7c6be20327916dede75d98fd2cbeb85e2ffDaniel Holbert — (no bug) Fix 2 comment typos: s/scrol/scroll/ in "scrolbar" and "ScrolLeft". Comment-only, DONTBUILD
53accd955c2ba8ea558815a1b3dcb164416daf41Masayuki Nakano — Bug 815383 Handle shift, control, option and meta flags in NSFlagsChanged event handler even if some applications send it with device dependent flags but without proper keyCode r=smichaud
fe8429f81df86b5c4c2bd722490edcf2e99b8ac4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 814229 (part 3) - Unbreak JS shell builds that use --enable-threadsafe. r=dvander.
bcb3c5c91c28480015d0557cf4d1759ca46ee4b9Mark Hammond — Backout cf585138ff25 (bug 805939) for Windows build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
52b2bf6fc12e795cfb7055cef66b21b4c8ba7755Mark Hammond — Backout c928f50fe4fc (bug 798226) for android test bustage on a CLOSED TREE
9475349dcd810f87041d440f78b9a05370436e4aBrian Smith — Bug 823705: Update NSS in Gecko to NSS 3.14.2 beta 1 (NSS_3_14_2_BETA1), r=me, a=wtc
1412ac59be4fa0f1d9470e60f1fbe343a7566cc4Alexander Surkov — Bug 818407, part1 - don't mix up with accessible types of ARIA role, r=tbsaunde
7d5f2e584f8a169c57ef90dd997f8b4f1ec2175bMarco Chen — Bug 819849 - One condition of judging playing state for AudioChannelAgent should be larger or equal to CURRENT not HAVE_FUTURE_DATA. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
72eead57d12ce21dfa3a8c1ccb0e4d52294f72c1Richard Newman — Bug 806024 - Enable Android product announcements client service. r=trivial
cf585138ff25010a27e6cc1120242b29dcf9ac64Chiajung Hung — Bug 805939: Wait for shadow trees to update orientation before recompositing. r=cjones
cca7f05e2c053daeedd7a95e843fe29f740db8e4Drew Willcoxon — Bug 699859 - Create nsIContentPrefService2, an async version of nsIContentPrefService. r=mak, sr=mossop
c928f50fe4fcf2922c613256e0afa2e04ad7315cMark Hammond — Bug 798226 - allow the anchor arrow on a panel to move while the popup is open. r=enndeakin
f9ea385ca51f084cab27534157ef61a9dbb21ae6Frank Wein — Bug 819964 - Updatable plugin test should not hit the network, r=bsmedberg
f533eacd8458f663e8aa593c10b39953c5c29bbdRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 823575 - Remove invalid argument. r=vladan.
e043d5feb0b6b9ac1cd9e1b1ad069e8816a178baCameron McCormack — Bug 793617 - Implement mask-type property. r=dbaron,longsonr
01f69299eba0e0b6544baa23ac44a580f8d2d062Gavin Sharp — Back out 7286dac15291 (bug 820148) since it doesn't work
1c8ab97bf8487e91576a2719789ee3ff10dca3ceCameron McCormack — Bug 814530 - Disable @supports on Release and Beta. r=dbaron
f3980aca03c6a22eaaa520ebdb0ff449bad9431aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 823739 - Part 0: Skip browser_favicon_privatebrowsing.js in per-window PB builds
867fef463abede3532cf46aa7c7239b0ca9c0763Ehsan Akhgari — Remove an unneeded #include, no bug
ef9bd763ccd2deb7905b6ce5371eca0702eaa10aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 823735 - Part 0: Skip test_cookies_privatebrowsing.js in per-window PB builds
21db31128a721b6536bf5afb7c1920a86972d5b2Oleg Romashin — Bug 823066 - Provide API for CompositorParent to use custom AsyncPanZoomController. r=drs
5356d4e7814c557882af1dd8453bb836ae084dc9Marco Bonardo — Bug 766799 - Notify hidden visits to history observers.
2a2087aaedc55363913a4a337ea9db69e695bf88Marco Bonardo — Bug 821628 - xptcstubs_x86_64_darwin is wrongly converting some bool params
9901508358d30b50228ce35fce2992186b754915Iordache Catalin — Bug 821901 - Fix some build warnings in toolkit/components/places. r=mak
76c18ac8fb9729467efae2f43d1ecf2e1a6bb502Josh Aas — Back out fix for bug 807678 again, cset ec4e88c2c77a.
394a6d8577f736eeb88d6c6bf69e22474e090608Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817749: Replace menu icons in tabs-panel. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
0f837335244588ce9b678c18d617e5354a68054dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817749: Remove touch delegate in tabs-panel. [r=mfinkle]
53952a6be9cfa10f4c9a68604d6ea353dbb5e9a0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817749: No squishy button in tabs toolbar. [r=mfinkle]
7998f3adb4c5ba142c65e0759b7779b9ed05c3deSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817706: Tablets should have a drop-down tabs-switcher. [r=mfinkle]
296cc3ea6e9e4cec791933e481aef825760a6430Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817706: Tab-style switcher in tabs-tray for phones. [r=mfinkle]
93e12399bae42c6a3aa28637e2fe438755feb89aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817706: Enhance tabs-tray to show either normal or private tabs only. [r=mfinkle]
f578e6d37c130d71a1aefa467f8c05b943ba4804Daniel Holbert — Bug 822430: Add parens around assignment-used-as-loop-condition in AddonRepository.jsm, to fix JS strict warning "test for equality mistyped as assignment". r=Mossop
f29149459b0f6f4f120055a25ca36f904989d516Daniel Holbert — backout 6b17e37a0762 (Bug 822563) for build failure on windows
0e08a2cc3b07a7d49d78fae19bbf59d7d5ee9c61Josh Matthews — Bug 823342 - Update reference to renamed getRecentBadCertsService method. r=bsmith
6b17e37a0762e50e103ac5313831101e749a7081Jim Blandy — Bug 822563: Pretty-print references to JSObject and its subclasses. r=sfink
19983f7c68e298db41e9accdb6aa2abda3753f4fMike Conley — Bug 812221 - Downloads indicator attention state needs more contrast on gnomestripe. r=mak.
3a4372abccab5ec99f7c50bf54d777cc972ec822Gavin Sharp — Bug 614304: make Esc only stop page/XHR/WebSocket loads when the stop button is shown, r=dao
81de116c12ada783eda9fa7c069cdb06da503c63Steven Michaud — Bug 821304 - Unbreak plugins that use subclasses of CALayer in CoreAnimation mode. r=bgirard
8d0fa262d9c071020f377a13b042d739f23d980fTheo Chevalier — Bug 819732 - Land Telemetry enabled by default on Nightly/Aurora. r=gavin
6fe383b92b05fd5e6134f207c04ecf2045f301eeJosh Matthews — Bug 782542 - Secure necko IPDL usage. r=ted,jduell
72d7159b813b79a0337fb29a5365c2ba2262037aPatrick McManus — bug 807441 increase stickiness of dns choices r=josh
40822fe6962b2cf4b1424b90daf94cf5ca649501Georg Fritzsche — Bug 823559 - Enable OOPP for Java per default again. r=josh
fc2cce7ad2d058d650d62f1d83c75de141d94c90Georg Fritzsche — Bug 823559 - Make _convertpoint fail instead of abort when called from outside the plugin thread. r=bsmedberg
4e71802dec3a4e10ea6fa717343fcaf9ff9630beJustin Lebar — Bug 823553 - Fix build error in Variant.h on MSVC 2008 and Solaris by not taking double-references. r=mak
76634f2005ba386bb09a8f037a4202cd3392b56eEhsan Akhgari — Remove dead code which accesses the private browsing service from browser_597071.js, no bug
8881a95c8b2d4c51d3a57bb008809fc3c7d16845Asaf Romano — Bug 815352 (Part 2) - Add a stub view to implement in-content downloads.
ce34fa2b21891e6ed4134981abdf085f054be7c9Wes Johnston — Bug 708048 - Walk up tree to find a title for context menu items. r=kats
417eaf8073190120ec9f70cb427a037a6fa30f1eBlake Kaplan — Bug 822494 - Protect against two calls to associate racing against each other to add the network. r=vchang
fbc95400da212a48f7245cf9cb5afe458f0cf2aeBlake Kaplan — Bug 823117 - Don't shadow parameters with local variables. r=vchang
a2e79ebb34af1f130a01a76160a0a88731afa3c7Fabrice Desré — Bug 823040 - we should update the app's manifest during update (for hosted apps with appcache) [r=ferjm]
487d0f89749b59ae18afb621ec42631929d37f23Chris Jones — Bug 823422: Make ipdl C++ unit tests compile again. r=jlebar
8cbe2966ec8a75a0b4cb2975edd9034fe1e6ded5Chris Jones — Bug 822558: Don't confuse subprocesses about ended touches. r=mwu a=blocking-basecamp
ec4e88c2c77a1d45b7878d72177daa0daea31fcbJosh Aas — Bug 807678: Don't proliferate NSPR DNS types beyond the host resolver itself. Make it possible to easily hook up other host resolvers. r=sworkman
73ce12dc950b5e4965c04f7ae3f480df1a60f6f5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 822816 - Fix double tap activation in jellybean. r=davidb
3905e1085c13275704f92b5c3b485473f0e16f08Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 821865 - Update mozdevice to version 0.18, r=jhammel
37ad8c11c3fb5772735fc49b5d3030c6327c1988Sriram Raghuraman — Bug 715736 - Add 'Save as Wallpaper' Android functionality in context menu when viewing images. r=snorp,margaret
24a640bec5019acc84d8b7e276fc4e3e717d8ba8Bobby Holley — Bug 822383 - Allow arbitrary proxies on the scope chain. r=luke
732199ccf9c6f2746e6f607f9aeffde7e3ceab62Bobby Holley — Bug 822961 - Implement JS_WrapId. r=billm
95bb46813e583940f5a18870c57bfd5a1499046bRandell Jesup — Bug 822956: backout 3dead2094684 due to breaking normal PeerConnection cases rs=me
4925a90ee7ffa212d5536ed23f8327d22a53a1ffGregor Wagner — Bug 814157 - Need additional security checks for the "desktop-notification" permission. r=fabrice
43dd443e1ba94663d0cbabceb8b912ead391e608Geoff Brown — Bug 810347 - Provide option for setting remote test root; r=jmaher
53ade07f41ce6eb177bf974a9a73cf1dae4f82c0Patrick McManus — bug 819044 - better spdy stream cleanup when handling goaway r=honzab
6bcdc46945a625e350423c72e521f7edeaaf27d4Mike Conley — Bug 822244 - Use the Downloads View in Places if it's preffed on. r=mak.
053a352599ab80183ad8c60cd1574744cf388310Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 823574 - Part 0: Disable browser_social.js in per-window PB builds
6e6b0872190b029e5010431fe2bd4c6d1f543212Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 823580 - Remove PlacesUIUtils.privateBrowsing usages in per-window PB builds; r=jdm
8e0e2caa7d00f2aac2752c8e1ac9676244814e14Gregor Wagner — Bug 823397 - Installing a privileged app from marketplace dev - appStatus should be privileged, but ends up being web. r=fabrice
ee099414c986dae1b2677f709f6fb9c37cab956bWes Johnston — Bug 681805 - Conditional forward for Android tablets. r=lucasr
15f4b624bc3a14aa4934f96b5e455fcac299a647Wes Johnston — Bug 681805 - Move forward button styling to style files. r=lucasr
6e61c4a2659135da3c055feef7a12f4d64917919Jason Duell — Bug 821160 - remove accidentally commited .orig/.rej files r=jduell DONTBUILD
04abdd43606b3e77e123d1033e0f1976d3f2b782ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-377 - a=blocklist-update
bf26f61a07489ea75bf294e143109e1fc83e0975Ms2ger — Bug 823088 - Add a static assertion that bindings with descriptor.nativeOwnership == 'nsisupports' inherit from nsISupports; r=bz
57427d474c9a4f753380f6eba62a8d433f6cc5c1Ms2ger — Bug 823107 - Make nsIDOMEvent::SetTrusted return void; r=smaug
dbb76b67ed73ef9a61bfe89953aaf15afe8f98dfMs2ger — Bug 819639 - Part c: Add a test for the EventSource constructor in a sandbox.
da12f650d014d37691eba37a114bcdf375b6213dMs2ger — Bug 819639 - Part b: Move EventSource to Paris bindings; r=bz
23817988285b65fc89b3301cda0385e41ed3cd56Ms2ger — Bug 819639 - Part a: Rename nsEventSource to dom::EventSource; r=bz
c57d847ecf703d5b7ab53c751ee2b510ff1fa77dMs2ger — Bug 817273 - Kill dead nsXPathNamespace files; r=sicking
d78fba69a62b5c4883df89fdf317aa8d81ba15abMs2ger — Bug 813532 - Part b: Some cleanup for GetNextHTMLNode; r=ehsan
663a6aa70ffd24d6356e47f49e6fc5dda2b9705aMs2ger — Bug 813532 - Part a: Some cleanup for GetPriorHTMLNode; r=ehsan
8ca4011a1250c4548eb00323511171b54139c428Ms2ger — Bug 796902 - Part c: Implement Paris bindings for PaintRequest; r=bent
75157a7f9a06e3cc9e21fcb57d6c58e47564436bMs2ger — Bug 796902 - Part b: Make nsPaintRequest implement nsWrapperCache; r=bent
c4267242d766f8fdbd392cf375fd2b42aff99a4bMs2ger — Bug 796902 - Part a: Make nsPaintRequestList hold a list of nsPaintRequests instead of nsIDOMPaintRequests; r=bent
a5330daedbac163226d9d8458a1003fbd1b9eefcMs2ger — Bug 793151 - Change the length property of a WebIDL method to the mimimum number of arguments, instead of the maximum; r=bz
eb59b648b2bc24b2386aef5b481529fdf4753c5bMs2ger — Bug 817279 - Make Element::SetParsedAttr non-virtual; r=bz
f845e89f4c6860eca00f07045d218fd1e84c3afeMs2ger — Bug 817274 - Remove nsresult return value of WebSocket::FailConnection; r=sicking
ae6237161b6c49c91cb0e439cdffeeb7f8c87123Nicholas Cameron — Bug 822231; use the maximum scale for animated scaling. r=roc
aad19a7636f3766eb71549ef36267d2b4540d89aNicholas Cameron — Bug 822231; fix end of animation behaviour. r=dbaron
56777ca9ccf0a55030bbab9c994e546a33d85e8eJosh Matthews — No bug. Fix Birch builds with per-window private browsing disabled. a=NPOTB
feb09cb872f15107c2568d6bfb0fedcf904b3b68Chris Peterson — Backout 69b6541efafc, 8351e1baffcb, and ae4a7e6f0e0b (bug 766066) for regressions like bug 823832. r=regressions
6bc05607fa71d76fcd382737be7662f0a9ed3bc8Gary Kwong — Update suppressions for bug 823782. DONTBUILD
fb4836c277ebb5a119b96776bf137169cdf82f94Doug Turner — Bug 823191 - DeviceStorage enumerate doesn't see files with 0060 perms. r=bent a=blocking-basecamp
0a8702aae0a71409975c27569e7187483d781531Mike Hommey — Bug 822646 - Enable the comment application.ini was supposed to have after bug 686466. r=ted
f2e4c3f694dd045dc94917684129a2809fff9a2eMike Hommey — Bug 822004 - Call setlocale from nsNativeCharsetConverter::LazyInit if it is called before xpcom initialization. r=bsmedberg
cf15d495a7fd2f3ee0111cfd47cb7fee7f41d902Brian R. Bondy — Bug 817677 - Sharing in Firefox Metro should only share selected content when selection is made. r=jimm
60d13dd4291259b8c0eb26f2f65249e4985c4a78Neil Rashbrook — Bug 493711 Part 1b: remove transitive nsVoidArray dependence through nsCOMArray r=sicking
c965fa0804cf21e3db87866ce16fc2698a5a5d02Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
4d709ea729b30e2e6a72dc35c3fe168fcabb819cDave Camp — Bug 796006 - Don't fully expand nodes with large amounts of children in markup panel. r=jwalker
3cc5ceca28af40d6b10bfa0489d46e7876d06b4cVictor Porof — Bug 819945 - Global searches choke when a source takes too long to fetch, r=past
4b7b934b358a3e02402371877443653ff910781aVictor Porof — Bug 823436 - Response errors when trying to load a source's text prevent global searches from displaying any results, r=past
7a3d7c03aab5109d0c21d3f1a226c187e4a00528Victor Porof — Bug 820311 - Script URLs no longer appear in tooltips, r=past
b99d6a6557f479318a9f941c251966ae9325c4bdVictor Porof — Bug 814844 - [toolbox] The _onCloseClick function in ToolbarView is never used, r=rcampbell
6701cd570f128fe96e9d36177a49cea2e0f57ac7Victor Porof — Bug 818424 - [toolbox] remove references to devtools.debugger.ui.height, r=rcampbell
73bb1c39936345ec43fff094f23c6930084c005aMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 821141 - Target is firing a navigation event when an anchor is clicked r=paul
0248cb0ceeb6885e0b2b391a72199bdba32a0f7aGirish Sharma — Bug 817558 - [inspector] When the selection is deleted, we should select the parent, and make sure the breadcrumbs are updated, r=paul
d055a17c13246bcfbc8d646e537eccefed77918fPaul Rouget — Bug 817539 - [toolbox] close the responsive mode on ESC, even if toolbox is up, r=vporof
77d729ffd925cc76d62c2ca83ca704824b9791d7Anton Kovalyov Bug 797065 - Leak if I quit while Scratchpad is open. r=dcamp
c9bfb369887b9c549722e0676197335771723121Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 788431 - Ctrl-C in the Rule View and the Property view doesn't work. r=paul
dfd316f5c81d16be9a06ff1318d34a8010b6dd61Paul Rouget — Bug 796006: Backed out changeset 538602f4cb51.
538602f4cb515484046d51d5c841b3cd226dfec4Dave Camp — Bug 796006 - Don't fully expand nodes with large amounts of children in markup panel. r=jwalker
6ee0e3a037e4a9008fef9d87359466023c39d731Paul Rouget — bug 796006 backed out. Orange.
3923d59422191b1d975a377ba6765e82465bbb27Girish Sharma — Bug 819929 - [toolbox] Buttons (close, undock and tabs) don't have tooltips, r=jwalker
c55a8f678488e6e67e5f623a8b2bf4fb8cd4f374Girish Sharma — Bug 818447 - [toolbox] Make the Web Developer appmenu entry a combo button (Linux & Windows), r=paul
bb4bce1a33484a42cd062faa2cfed50967f6bc84Girish Sharma — Bug 817553 - Fade the highlighter when sidebar is hovered, r=paul
59e6f831b60bf9f6df599850c3d23028e16a0c4cPaul Rouget — Bug 817537 - Connection screen polish. r=vporof
6b168eb45722e7082cbbdba612674abf2e615181Dave Camp Bug 796006 - Don't fully expand nodes with large amounts of children in markup panel. r=jwalker
beec8736b9ec7dd74c100aa2b0437dacdb4c6a08Gary Kwong — Suppress bug 823782. DONTBUILD
868b21bed3eb74c0c998eac9bcb600e71566245aEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
8a7b7f1ac53ace630e6f49c87bcdb3c465c5a00dJoel Maher — backout of 1e2283f6856c (Bug 822385) for failing robocop tests CLOSED TREE
f042470c7ae896887b25beacf64d3cf3abeadb1aEd Morley — Backout d08057e095a2 (bug 818407) for linux pgo failures on a CLOSED TREE
e7efeccbef31c3887d967e4938c780681ffd0e22Kyle Huey — Bug 696591: Followup to placate clang on this CLOSED TREE.
91dae828764356a04eda7c4a41bef0c28d01944dJan de Mooij — Bug 822385 - Add getter, setter and method with jitinfo to the shell. r=bz
1e2283f6856c629369358bbbe4f9b6f53192ba0fJoel Maher — Bug 823165 - fix robocop tests to work on panda boards. r=gbrown
d26d1029180071fb03b59c7e2d16810ec6e33113Kyle Huey — Bug 696591: Properly handle blocking databases from pages that are entering the bfcache. r=bent,bz
5589176b4f580ede28bcbd0b8be714e1912df4f8Tom Schuster — Bug 822265 - Implement negateDouble cross-platform wise and use it for CodeGenerator. r=jandem
c38f055cd3b1071eaf18303f43db22bea0b71dccTom Schuster — Bug 821789 - Move JavaScript Object builtins to their own file. r=jwalden
3b9ab5404a25d694034109b6f40c4da9b6f5e933Simone Carletti — Bug 822238 - add global rule for .py and remove bogus exceptions. r=gerv.
022244d0ca81eb5bce06082cc8ba2aa7b575cfb3Robert Longson — Bug 791675 - Scaled shapes fail to draw sometimes r=jwatt.
23da80538e24a7d0a351c3ef2ca042fc1468f2beMarco Bonardo — Bug 823156 - Speed up Library downloads query.
7a025808ca170b9dc107e6543d203f3fc668216dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 803713 - Skip the SP after finding it. r=biesi
7d7600c0d5d0dd9ac4c366f041f8b4b053c41a98Henrik Skupin — Backout bug 818714 because it introduces a sigabort crash
8b94cd856c5959d7464ee7ed1d8e75fb9bb152e0Landry Breuil — Bug 823240 - include sys/proc.h on OpenBSD to access P_TRACED flag, needed since r1.127 of sys/sysctl.h. r=cjones
259aa51773334998c074fa8676acbd50bab9d673Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 823061 - GetPropertyCache supports length properties of arrays. r=jandem
d08057e095a2e78e8e102fb022100be0efbe8608Alexander Surkov — Bug 818407, part1 - don't mix up with accessible types of ARIA role, r=tbsaunde
3eec367668f2ac3b06165adc6db9e9fd472a7396Asaf Romano — Bug 815352 (part 1) - Move the Library downloads view to an overlay in browser/downloads.
14a7b73eb421e8b382b12756d4d507358b7d5176Eric Chou — Bug 811683 - Increase speed of sending file, r=gyeh
216d556025d1a009f0189f9d2b6370ba25bc41e2Kyle Machulis — Bug 811683 - Changed UnixSocketRawData to take variable sizes up to 64k, r=cjones
40adf72fd612c2e7bc939403c3bc011fe32e7924Nick Thomas — Backout 5d59a9ec28f4 for Linux PGO compile errors
a6c22df818695e30eb9618a6d753f78b0ee30497Nick Thomas — Back out 47debf3f344c for Android test fail CLOSED TREE
54618ad94522b6609d234e05b6edaaeb7f4b46a5Nick Thomas — Back out 06d72606ec56 for Android test fail
bb90ec82052beeae0941949e907ae92bfea926fbChris Jones — Bug 822510: Add specific privilege levels for camera and video, and enable that for video. r=jlebar,kang
ebad7aef8c52ef6ea023a6dbab9dfb3a62ef77abGina Yeh — Bug 820157 - Patch 1: bluetooth Hfp not sending status updates, r=echou
6bec2e9a2371184340a27ce405a1288da282d865Gregor Wagner — Bug 822528 - PhonenumberJS: Start using previous MCC. r=sicking
c94c3ad9317dcfd21357463835d07395da5ba2e2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816380 followup. Remove unnecessary code.
85055fcfb2113c19845081e7bbc285df0eba599dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 823173 test. Make sure that navigator doesn't have any broken interfaces on it. r=jlebar
dc7bc91d2e7d7c60a3e7c073f5966456de3a1a34Trevor Saunders — bug 822842 - crash when nsROCSSPrimitiveValue::Reset() is called multiple times r=bz
cc3d5a4f662c0b55fc1fe6de9b2bf64c2411010eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 823393. Breakage fix for partially commited Bug 823148.
eb2a563b2786298fe4bef5a383ca200d2b0e07d0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 9) - DMD: rename "groups" as "records". r=jlebar.
f8a12acba9edd5ad5ba629888846fcdcdd47a24fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 8) - DMD: remove a friend declaration. r=jlebar.
c6fabaf6ec909badc6111fafec30018b0c02c1e3Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 7) - DMD: use Percent() in a couple of appropriate places. r=jlebar.
21e8577596385e76b4d115c49a3fd9249ca46defNicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 6) - DMD: print block counts in the summary. r=jlebar.
59af4693ec7a56e860c7626a99e19ea9e6a75932Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 5) - DMD: avoid empty library names in stacks. r=jlebar.
f66f22fc2b265ec9baa057d1b12701f7072c9bb4Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 4) - DMD: Capitalize class Thread's method names. r=jlebar.
e71e1028860eafa88e63c8fc41ba7080ddf5366bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 3) - DMD: Rename |LiveBlock| as |Block|. r=jlebar.
feefe01d430bca648db4b4153a285608f7ac89dfNicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 2) - DMD: Treat twice-reported blocks more like other blocks. r=jlebar.
360af7a0a75469e8d292dcce736b61dd07c05c5bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 822148 (part 1) - DMD: remove reporter names from output because they're redundant. r=jlebar.
5d59a9ec28f443c2c0897bd1df863e8740d01d08Alexander Surkov — Bug 818407, part1 - don't mix up with accessible types of ARIA role, r=tbsaunde
06d72606ec56ce8c151b30fe157d2bc567c7d87aWes Johnston — Bug 681805 - Conditional forward for Android tablets. r=lucasr
47debf3f344cd1feff97922f59a35466c6d9d1a0Wes Johnston — Bug 681805 - Move forward button styling to style files. r=lucasr
e48db20a0a46fe1b72f1c81ebc96dd94fac20560EKR — Bug 817430: Set initial controlled/controlling values, based on inbound T/F. r=jesup
60f6033378d4b07d1e1c507bf3bcdd6957d50e57Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 818714: Set media enabled to FALSE unless added using addStream, r=ehugg
68e0f5e187e17f6da5fb3b077308e8b8a726dc17Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 823148. Make IsPatternSupportedByD2D match its name. r=bgirard
cd7f3548011c7a66a958ee7e3f174532dd33ee11Gregor Wagner — Bug 823201 - Keyboard doesn't work in OOP apps. r=cjones
9b58f6e07b21822830b68c993510761322813e97Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 814229 (part 2) - Refactor storage of the "objects-extra" numbers.
f3fc7f4f20a08c3323fc07f8f9055639fa4c8886Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 814229 (part 1) - Add "objects-extra/ctypes-data" memory report. r=jorendorff.
54c6c42eb219ba2b849b7dbb2af1af6c943e4b86Geoff Brown — Bug 795928 - testAllPagesTab: wait for first bookmark instead of url that is likely already displayed in awesomebar; r=wesj
8793edbf2a322be6a7a6b50bf4549cc3def11007Geoff Brown — Bug 820322 - Improve reliability of testBookmarksTab, testHistoryTab, testAllPagesTab; r=wesj
73f36736a1aeb82d61be4b66088ddfe0f5a99796Mark Hammond — Bug 820653 - use listStyleImage for social provider toolbar image to ensure correct image size. r=jaws
ae4a7e6f0e0b11bd4a3072366b3d200d3bef1520Chris Peterson — Bug 766066 - Part 3: Open keyboard when user taps input element, not when panning. r=djf
8351e1baffcb654be7ad4d5fec92426b01e21951Chris Peterson — Bug 766066 - Part 2: Handle element focus and IME state separately. r=djf
69b6541efafcb30fc34979167903b9c7c84f6a90Chris Peterson — Bug 766066 - Part 1: Remove "ime-enabled-state-changed" observer. r=djf
c2b6362784c219a350863e460c5950e0e288c8c2Chris Peterson — Bug 766066 - Part 0: Rename some B2G keyboard functions. r=djf
42213ca59024f89cdd34a7081c184ac60e2d3600Boris Zbarsky — Bug 819741. Add support for passing an ArrayBufferView to XHR.send(). r=sicking,bent
3d2011652b37eecb3e0ea6210a4be108d3735e1bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 822340. Make the Ion optimization for DOM method calls sound. r=jandem
20cb0fa34108f6f7a25679041f5487daa6a0bec1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820132 - Measure imgFrame::mOptSurface's size where possible, instead of calculating it. r=joedrew.
9c5effe633f0de18246b787fb43aedddfc302714Bobby Holley — Bug 823279 - Mark deserialized XBL script as XBL. r=bz
5f697a87ec466d96daffc0b515147e5adf91ccfaMatthew Gregan — Bug 822952 - Dispatch events from UpdateReadyState only when the state has changed. r=roc
52b5ac5877670aab08ef027055e8c4ff115b6e5bDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 815339 - Extract PromiseWorker from OS.File. r=froydnj
3dcf9f0a42d8738c1150dbeda142d934cd677a68Iordache Catalin — Bug 813019 - Get rid of AccMutationEvent::mNode. r=tbsaunde
87ad27a8a7de8da408901f3772a2e1b0d1bc2d77Raymond Lee — Bug 806741 - Port test_bug_461710.html to the new per-tab PB APIs. r=jdm
3e9f8f3605bbc4b068f54460486cbe14eed41301Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 806725 - Fix a typo in the patch that landed. r=jdm
0fca3f2c263b8144bc5d74eb113157f68648510cPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 774621 - Follow-up: Rev UUIDs of changed interfaces. r=bz
1181ba5295b9f9c24776bba26ac870491751aa4fDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 532150 - Test main thread fallback for session file. r=Felipe
c99c3ab37f9562a89227e30c875a83474bfcc242David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 532150 - Don't read and write the session file off the main thread. r=Felipe
f1a10ed19a32b97b16ef187d939d0193662a2a25Ed Morley — Backout 3bcd9a5a33a2 (bug 814247), d9546d42054c & 8b6edf9f6b87 (bug 814638) for failures in test_bug814638.xul and also crashes on a CLOSED TREE
7930f7397b4f8be704a1ad31310bd8daaace4465Richard Newman — Bug 788894 - Pref off FHR for B2G. r=gps
2d2612425e73915d1c8352f61b80cb0137ee3f5cBobby Holley — Bug 823120 - Fix templates. r=jmaher
61c1733d72df964e394aeeda56ef28161e16ceb8Bobby Holley — Bug 823120 - Fix test. r=philor
cc2edd53d5e959371915f0fd9e353307609fab3dBrian Hackett — Bug 822145 - Use correct allocator for CompileInfo on inlined frames, r=sstangl.
a428738147c7dd24ec08bf899b69f48fc5812462Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 822700 - When DMD is disabled its SizeOf() function shouldn't try to measure non-existent structures. r=jlebar.
d8ace39cb45fec87dfa88ebe8121acf930a6d2e1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820128 - Use moz_malloc_size_of to measure "images-content-used-uncompressed". r=jlebar.
70ded23485ab4e065d477677beb8b637c063b0f3Justin Lebar — Bug 815473 - Follow-up: Remove now-undefined methods from CanvasRenderingContext2D.h. r=me
54696b3f852bf4e260660c8ecfcc52dc131293f6Jon Coppeard — Bug 820186 - Various crashes/assertions with gczeal(10) and random recursion. r=billm
3bcd9a5a33a268989883ac67e25006440897e92eJosh Matthews — Bug 814247 - Add auth cache jars for separate apps. r=mayhemer,bsmedberg
d9546d42054cc9b991ae7ab2d3c5aaf836127e6fPaul Rouget — Bug 814638 Test chrome event handler after swapping frame loaders r=bz
8b6edf9f6b87de4002ede41da953a9e918e68f14Paul Rouget — Bug 814638 Test chrome event handler after swapping frame loaders r=bz
7ecc2913a1e6d8475bfd2ebb6681a65eeac47246Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822422: Firefox wordmark should be in white for dark themes. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
65b79c7b41050b2340eac68844eb77b8586c47bfSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822421: Lightweight theme based text colors on about:home. [r=mfinkle]
bafbc8d9c6b8bd686e0e36d40aa6f9ee600e1ba7Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 794240 followup: Fixes implicit function warning that broke linkage + symmetric fixes r=jesup
21bd64a6b46d231bfe4b0f881b9ad88b1cb3dce6Ed Morley — Backout 851fd44eeb42 (bug 799267) for leaks on a CLOSED TREE
2e0f54b2bbc45e3493ff8a4492d45940fe20e714Malini Das — Bug 823195 - virtualenv created by marionette should use --no-site-packages, r=jgriffin
19bf13eb533bd62df5463e778e4e63728e07a98aBenoit Girard — Bug 816656 - Don't write the startup cache on shutdown. r=mwu
1a490822a502d23a750b9bfd648435de624129a2Daniel Holbert — Bug 823187: In nsSHistory::EvictOutOfRangeWindowContentViewers(), declare loop variable as signed, to fix signed/unsigned comparison build warning. r=jlebar
473bd0eee23b08e61961ca8de6c35990439a118bDaniel Holbert — Bug 821528: Remove unused static function "pluginDrawWindow()" from nptest_droid.cpp. r=blassey
4fcba9b6e0f8770cf9615e89c8b7de6f27f88b1bAndrew McCreight — Bug 731853 - Add way to easily log CC with AllTraces at shutdown. r=smaug
851fd44eeb42b81c822a40e6baf60d16056b90cdCamilo Viecco — Bug 799267 - Telemetry for Cert Verification (PKIX and classic) in SSLServerCertVerification r=bsmith
8c794d4722f7e8022a9ab80075c98afdd5677032Ed Morley — Backout 4faa85ebbbf7 (bug 814247) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
80bb97dbfbd2fcb4e1f5927434bae45c8c5dcaa6Ed Morley — Backout 51119e80e283 (bug 822422), 1a7f21d5a95a (bug 822421) for java NPEs on a CLOSED TREE
4faa85ebbbf7850500311b5d5efcab58db17f89bJosh Matthews — Bug 814247 - Add auth cache jars for separate apps. r=mayhemer,bsmedberg
ffab6379f313164bf6a04e030bc19b886b59727aFabrice Desré — Bug 821211 - Information presented to the user from the mini-manifest is not verified to exactly match the information in the manifest within the JAR file [r=ferjm]
fc3697b75c74bf99a1bf78d44f8114646a686ea2Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
51119e80e283943e1f465bf854a1c37045c8944cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822422: Firefox wordmark should be in white for dark themes. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
1a7f21d5a95aed87cd24852973286cdfd1ba1af6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822421: Lightweight theme based text colors on about:home. [r=mfinkle]
ec3653e1a0328eb8c464cfab45b94cccb5341ba6Dão Gottwald — Bug 822845 - Use 'this' rather than 'self' in gPluginHandler.handleEvent. r=jaws
850b6458a7f09102d0c641c7e32098a7cd0cb7c1Ed Morley — Backout e9cef5f38fe1 (bug 822422), 531d2eb905d7 (bug 822421) for build failures on a CLOSED TREE
42a710c2deda0112e379c0634658e4b6f838b08aEd Morley — Backout 0e96545f0894 & 55ae87306b98 (bug 681805) for Android startup crashes on a CLOSED TREE
a319fd7b88dfa92310756a0a65cd33140598faedWes Johnston — Bug 818494 - Increase min swipe velocity to swipe close tabs. r=lucasr
e9cef5f38fe196849d8362b31a6f5eb960dbe266Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822422: Firefox wordmark should be in white for dark themes. [r=mfinkle]
531d2eb905d783afff34da6b1ea77753e1b3bb96Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822421: Lightweight theme based text colors on about:home. [r=mfinkle]
541c69c0b116d949fcb4566580569717797aa7b0Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 821919 - Re-enable toolkit/mozapps/update/test/unit/test_0030_general.js, r=rstrong
f0e43f3770fbb2223eebe432e67d52bc1e40ae67Jan Varga — Bug 820715 - Move quota related pieces from IndexedDatabaseManager to QuotaManager. r=bent
b645cf8f8796b8cba1ee7986f64d518ae289e080Wes Johnston — Bug 822655 - Fix 'Show Controls' string. r=margaret DONTBUILD
8277654b8af70a419dc19e0576ef3a62c6b31320Jonathan Griffin — Bug 823106 - Bump marionette's version number, a=test-only
976f2d5ad4005fb94d3f27137f91334c4b5a5b44Brian Hackett — Bug 822116 - x86/x64 tuning for backtracking allocator, r=jandem.
0e96545f0894cc58ed68ecafb486a94b29c8b8b2Wes Johnston — Bug 681805 - Conditional forward for Android tablets. r=lucasr
55ae87306b987c4e88cfc5cb86dcf0f3bbd2328eWes Johnston — Bug 681805 - Move forward button styling to style files. r=lucasr
1bf7f31883ce5c859fa3c126fd5467fd5c266683Joel Maher — Bug 817414 - Intermittent testBookmarksTab | bookmarks list has 5 children (defaults + a folder) - got 0, expected 5. r=gbrown
d8e39fb4851d8e1fa8adbe054f80b6b90cf60b93Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 822698 - Rename GroupSize to GetGroupSize to fix a gcc 4.6 compilation error on Android. r=njn
9331979adc340fea0a815e17becdeb2099f43a2fRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 822703 - s/ShutdownTime/TelemetryData/ where appropriate. r=vladan.
d81af339bb7aa3a484c76382de70fff8828fec57Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 822444: Update the B2G panda snapshot to include marionette on DONTBUILD. r=aki
9afad96e2b20806b0a81ec8167e5ed4b66a6f013Ehsan Akhgari — Fix the sessionstore test Makefile in global PB builds; no bug
72ed04aaae1ad5ba325c3581a8b9ef304e4eab86Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 821398 - create new b2g snapshot for pandas to improve reliability. DONTBUILD. r=mdas
f6550d0960c8acbd79546967c493ed1cd6677ec1L. David Baron — Bug 814302, part 2: Don't print to console when an invalid selector is passed to querySelector*. r=bzbarsky
21195f52311c61195b9c555279bc734626e7a1c0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 493711 Part 1: switch nsCOMArray from nsVoidArray to nsTArray r=sicking
27a1c1839d428dd1e89ad4dae30719744142382eEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
d7a482019f541a2aef919ff88945a7d7bb680a80Ed Morley — Backout d0797dfcab56 (bug 819044) on suspicion of Linux32 mochitest-4 leaks on a CLOSED TREE
c8102d94b2fd2f8544448da949a7177c6527ae28Ed Morley — Backout 39bf5d23ebe9 & b1ea92a3149d (bug 813978) on suspicion of B2G marionette-webapi failures on a CLOSED TREE
1df75697408f40e5a1cd350d5e127f6693d67dc8Ed Morley — Backout 70f1b2db9f5f (bug 822116) for M2 crashes
3dead209468440b4bcaf50796bf66baa133c31cdRandell Jesup — Bug 822956: convert to TrackUnionStreams for getUserMedia (and add hint support) r=roc
46b1c88b81c2cf9748686d93bb1dcd675341f879Asaf Romano — Bug 822343 - Downloads view takes far too long to render. Step 1 - fix some trivial stuff (use document fragments and resue nsiuri objects). This alone has somewhat limited impact on performance. r=mak
3ef80b6f262298b14851b41bf754aebf46657f12Jeff Gilbert — Bug 797664 - Don't spew wwhen optional functions aren't found - r=vlad
83ac1379e10e518dd77c684474b31133ac29d9aaJeff Gilbert — Bug 797664 - Add runtime asserts so calling null functions is more obvious - r=bjacob
1d72507cbd59e31df7649560bd5b6de3649dab75Jeff Gilbert — Bug 797664 - Pull logic out of all GLContex::raw_ functions - r=vlad
b757786d6828e87177fd6e87f523926640608d59Mark Capella — Bug 814148 - X button missing in tabs tray after swiping to close another tab, r=bnicholson
7f3b0fc0e464d5c71139cf12756a51dd8604cf85Brian Nicholson — Bug 795045 - Part 3: Lock handle to caret position and add scrolling support. r=wesj
9af5a57f905ab79aa4cbc48cc5e46f246b8671b7Brian Nicholson — Bug 795045 - Part 2: Don't round coordinates until they're used. r=wesj
ffe29f6052f294ef467b9b50ed1140d87acc77f4Brian Nicholson — Bug 795045 - Part 1: Cleanup for TextSelection/TextSelectionHandle. r=wesj
f9e5c189ae6bb96424ee9a243c5238c747951810Geoff Brown — Bug 817235 - Make xpcshell tests work with sutAgent; r=jmaher
f6d35a8b7dad7664d717e53e8a969e149ae4ec28Geoff Brown — Bug 814805 - Do not use run-as for android xpcshell tests; r=wlach
b063173f6cfafa79311cf1017db7599a21e91b16Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 822020 - Remove the global PB specific code from the toolkit downloads UI; r=jdm
df141c25462579ea7e1a3eee23ea5af7557556e6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 822019 - Remove the global PB specific code from the Telemetry; r=jdm
dc5725f89edf46327bf8391049aeeac4180819d6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 822016 - Remove the global PB specific code from the tabview UI; r=jdm
ccf586b1e67950cf102aace4aa00455b2a9e6af5Randell Jesup — Bug 822704: Enable WEBRTC_TRACE() logging via NSPR_LOG_MODULES and rename signaling log module r=derf
70f1b2db9f5f87c945be774bdb844a2671979a5bBrian Hackett — Bug 822116 - x86/x64 tuning for backtracking allocator, r=jandem.
d0797dfcab56c294a7a13693732874de54627964Patrick McManus — bug 819044 - better spdy stream cleanup when handling goaway r=honzab
a2a26dec9fc4f34a74409be7d8449d5302a851afJeff Gilbert — Bug 822114 - Save and restore bound tex unit in DeleteTexture - r=bjacob
3030d272e4d02eda9e0d3eaaa726f7e3a861f112Kannan Vijayan — Bug 819635 - Add explicit shape change check before generating setprop-add stub. r=dvander
d3848ee8c9dab8dfd136b08bd1ee05421710d5d1Makoto Kato — Bug 802527 - Support Android NDK r8b for x86 android build. r=glandium
ecf4fc10c92acb88b6acabd637c9e7e2d2a5fea5Robert Strong — Update xpcshell skip-if reason - Bug 821344 - test_bug595059.js and test_0081_prompt_uiAlreadyOpen.js update tests fails in B2G due to custom nsIUpdatePrompt. r=ahalberstadt, DONTBUILD
7da46060c2d99f1ddae43c81077fbae0c4366390Justin Lebar — Bug 821440 - Allow the B2G homescreen to run in the background with a decreased oom_score_adj compared to vanilla background apps. r=cjones
c3722e35a8714b7091a6ce7f6d16d8a4f62f095eOleg Romashin — Bug 822115 - nglayout.debug.widget_update_flashing pref cache is not thread safe. r=mattwoodrow
86a66542eaaff9858b2b2c69553f18bd194c18c8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f7fee43555d8 (bug 822831) for bustage.
f7fee43555d8239fd483ea0efc66a0fefe4cd6f2Steve Fink — Bug 822831 - Do not use Unrooted in a signal handler. r=billm
39bf5d23ebe9fdc8db946c2f2d37e2d536245d6eRob Wood — Bug 813978 - Update SMS tests as required for SMS changes in 813978; r=fabrice
b1ea92a3149d4a7cb9307be6802809a1f432e4d2Fabrice Desré — Bug 813978 - [SMS API] getMessages cursor is slow when SMS database contains large number of messages [r=ferjm]
b0a563745fb6ebc6c688b1c8a10ab48530491a86Ed Morley — Backout 22f9cf3cc575 (bug 820463) for breaking marionette on a CLOSED TREE
dc08a7e9993a3d85878295753c1ee065494db8b5Ed Morley — Backout 966b04dba626 (bug 822114) for failing to build on any platform
1dfb85987ee0b2536b70623dfb1e18be15dc7eb3Justin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 11: Make nsTArray and friends' copy constructors explicit. r=bz
80ca371b52d5e7a2e6ed6726bfd1a0c4b53ddcfdJustin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 10: Don't return FallibletArrays by value in Variant.h. r=mak
fa47cd60942c26de1b31564620ba1fcbe4f9578eJustin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 9: Use explicit TArray copy constructors in IPDL generated code. r=cjones
18289b3b138ee840896f88337d611394ec91594fJustin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 8: Use explicit TArray copy constructors in FrameLayerBuilder. r=roc
200efa29960e4db6a3c627c26c5dfae764261f4cJustin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 7: Use explicit TArray copy constructors in Bluetooth code. r=qdot
269b0c198fdb028adf981e2b0d81bf2c9ca7c46fJustin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 6: Remove unnecessary TArray copies in dom/indexedDB. r=bent
160c727a336b0dd9b33183f46201488d92414716Justin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 5: Remove an unnecessary TArray copy in hal/sandbox. r=mounir
3877a7a5fdf6040adf950d3a367971862dda252cJustin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 4: Remove an unnecessary TArray copy in OrientationObserver.cpp. r=mounir
1a0cd3aa18645212d34e73cea7a80f65c9fc97d7Justin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 3: Make typeof nsTArray == typeof InfallibleTArray. r=bz
28b5c8d25fb9cd733b1a3fa9d30c34a0698d3b78Justin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 2: Don't use nsTArray allocators in IPCMessageUtils traits. r=cjones
24e3a92d51d499d118a0f85a6eed1fba60d0b876Justin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 1: Remove nsTArrayDefaultAllocator, replacing it unconditionally with nsTArrayInfallibleAllocator. r=bz
2c74293986cf6c016ec5c3fa9d9e4bc1c668d5e9Justin Lebar — Bug 819791 - Part 0: Deserialize fallibly in IPCMessageUtils.h. r=cjones
51e3f82d820bf71d316470de9ffd8de92f8f0b09Boris Zbarsky — Bug 819523 part 2. Allow Nullable<> of various array types to work sanely. r=jlebar
6ed3f784cdd31e08f0488663d3bc533535802b5aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 819523 part 1. Make it possible to use the various-allocator nsTArrays interchangeably as long as you're working with const objects. r=jlebar
b6e9ba8a6a207522c39c539af5453d2db8ad2644James Kitchener — Bug 818620 - Evaluate all arguments if NaN present in Math.{max, min}(). r=jwalden
3c4d09f70c69ffc5f9acb3c227b860abab5c645aBill McCloskey — Bug 821340 - Add test (r=test)
966b04dba626e31576000cdfe027bc618ab7ad54Jeff Gilbert — Bug 822114 - Save and restore bound tex unit in DeleteTexture - r=bjacob
1f5ffc692f7235204d7ce8ef7c0b45e37549b9abSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 811238: Cache-color hint for ExpandableListView. [r=mfinkle]
b416bb7ed8dc82aaf9ec30c54a13ac1d9807f541Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822830: Add ForwardButton to GeckoViewsFactory. [r=mfinkle]
67900b58b4f85cba4fc8eccf26bf5db936d13e4fChris Jones — Back out bug 814252.
57adbfadcc853a62020b638ea6eadf8a217b1c5fMark Hammond — Bug 822508 - allow social providers to specify null as the profile. r=gavin
3c01cb463c00d038be3cbf8bdf8e9b8867029dbbGavin Sharp — bug 820489: re-enable browser_social_multiprovider now that we've (hopefully) fixed it
256ff2b7206479ea64d6c94fc502f2b19d8b07f2Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add utilities for self-hosted JavaScript code. r=till
e88bfc91fb9ab17f7f9c6b4af860cc4111464272Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
96de6d7f081394255c89dcd7339920cb0620c55bBrian Hackett — Bug 822089 - Don't compile off thread when profiling scripts, r=dvander.
b3d7e749388b30ae5765e62ae7393c6efd87e086Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a7d5ea538c57 (bug 806736) for test failures.
03b9ac3761463acbd5780afcf250de51520ea884Mike Habicher — Bug 822531 - Fix regression of bug 783682 caused by bug 779139. r=mwu
7286dac152917c6c422da100ecf6b963ca37fb87Cameron McCormack — Bug 820148 - Add a RELEASE_BUILD macro that can be used within pref js files. r=ted
22f9cf3cc575164c40c83f3e4a0283adbb2c99d7Jonathan Griffin — Bug 820463 - Revert early-loading changes, r=mdas
be10b073bb11d3d58f5273ec3f253c82116da2a5Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 822812 - Fix usage of nsITimer. r=vladan.
1ac81b33e4923a7fa51f266a42fb59d449f9662dRobert Strong — backout changeset 3cfc257e29a5 - Bug 818333
18e8cb967f00bfb5146f4e07ab5c9f900ffa70f1Cameron McCormack — Bug 822548 - Fix a bunch of JS warnings on startup. r=dao
2b374ff0f5297377da54571771f8e3cd8b773b9eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 819833 (part 3) - Fix
e2e42afb0b86428d233c250983d17976291342c2Patrick McManus — bug 822456 - spdy stream id out of order r=honzab
1114846b3791800431b5720815142438d9dcc7ccJed Parsons — Bug 822450 - Create a syntheticEventsOk pref for marionette identity tests. r=benadida
ce816b018b0a383e693c541342cd4cd3153f9d99Andres Hernandez — Bug 821178 - Port browser_248970_a.js and browser_248970_b.js to the per-window PB APIs. r=jdm
746f31757355d228a158f7a94940eea3659d4e64Ralph Giles — Bug 816994 - Skip Opus packets with invalid lengths. r=derf
ef0483c37e00dce2b1273d912e93cf5aea858ca1Monica Chew — Bug 810404 - Change breakpad license to Google BSD and point protobuf code to it. r=gerv
a7d5ea538c57f4148ded6a1e8c2e3a21b57cb3c0Raymond Lee — Bug 806736 - Port test_privbrowsing.html to the new per-tab PB APIs. r=jdm
62c52b199c9a566593444a029022f2783e88462fJeff Walden — Bug 792108 - Add more truthiness tests to ensure strict equality isn't affected by JSCLASS_EMULATES_UNDEFINED, and that falsy objects don't compare equal unless they're actually the same object. Just tests, they pass locally for me with the --tbpl driver option to do what Tinderbox does, r=sparky
ba2f2f5fb6b2f29948d0f35d961f8b84b8733f44Fernando Jiménez — Bug 819974 - [Apps] Allow to cancel hosted app download; r=fabrice
a0d0ac42bacd08fee56ee6a9604c8eda04257527Fernando Jiménez — Bug 819971 - Expose nsOfflineCacheUpdate::Cancel() via nsIOfflineCacheUpdate.idl. Tests; r=honzab
921863b9cd2854e78d3f8af03939063e5dda5483Fernando Jiménez — Bug 819971 - Expose nsOfflineCacheUpdate::Cancel() via nsIOfflineCacheUpdate.idl; r=honzab
4762bae12cbabd853183f4566f0056240755bb4bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 822464 - Upgrade clang to 170377 in the 3.2 branch. r=rail.
94fa710130da42f2da61595b08a4e6fb92e73e03Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 822464 - Upgrade clang to 170377 in the 3.2 branch. r=rail.
cf51fc0485f053f601571292c3369b52c97319ceYazen Ghannam — Bug 795378 - Clean up the high-quality scaler - Merge upstream changes to image_operations.cpp. r=joe
d5f731147e6c7063bd2f1551293d32ee3defa85eMilan Sreckovic — Bug 814839 - Disable WebGL depth textures on Mac NVIDIA - r=jgilbert,bjacob, a=abillings
7c4c1bbf4d889f58bdb14ffd14c62bfef8c783c1Martijn Wargers — Bug 815416 - Enable layout mochitests for b2g, r=jgriffin, a=test-only
5c073841902c03fc02f3ec80a033286db62ed078Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 794240: Disable timerthread + close sockets + cleanup tmp-files on shutdown + file permissions. r=jesup
1b6ab3a080d81bb9519e09304abd0713489eebbaJonathan Kew — bug 821442 - eliminate the unreliable mFamily back-pointer in gfxFontEntry, and instead pass/track font family explicitly where needed. r=roc
bfd85c9652fa63023a338c5d425d5ab319418d45Panos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
8ba98799b6bbf1a6aa20470d7f22780fc72ad300Mihai Sucan — Bug 792062 - Make the tabNavigated notification reusable by the Web Console; r=past
3f2d435dfe60bb977edebf55bff1f4c52f42cdcaPaul Rouget — Bug 817705 - [toolbox] Disable Inspect Mode when switching tools in Toolbox. r=jwalker
315ff93a4d9046d9aa0c988513f5e64b549d905bPaul Rouget — Bug 818411 - [markup view] once the toolbox is re-attached to the tab, the markup view keybindings don't work anymore. r=jwalker
a5793af7e70c262a8d00b82e3e38642516f5406fzmgmoz — Bug 804845 - CTRL+P and CTRL+N should work the same as up arrow and down arrow respectively; r=msucan
c7c3914d612797c6acee4c08fb822e46a9213e4fYura Zenevich Bug 803067 - EventEmitter should have a decorator that isn't called 'new'. r=paul
e64c17c9baffc4cf723c5bc8e681983ba4778042Girish Sharma — Bug 818434 - [toolbox] The close button and the undock button should be located at the end of the toolbar on Linux and Windows. r=paul
a72eedce6602b984ad3fc9c02f0cd0ff29b7c124Girish Sharma — Bug 818436 - [toolbox] We should not be able to dock a toolbox if the target is Remote or Win, r=paul
cbaacd40709b64ea7e7254833f6853a372bed3d4Victor Porof — Bug 822028 - [toolbox] 'tilt toggle' command breaks if tilt is opened while the inspector is not active, r=paul
287a7d7cf7f09fef3ddf43e39af48f9cb0a65593Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
ba17dfaa86e991c6e5a7ec1ec6d8a5c77031bcd4Antonio M. Amaya — Bug 812289 - PermissionSettings doesn't enforce any restriction on permissions operations - Tests [r=fabrice]
ec4945922e6291717cb2b72d629e5ff3e2d5037dAntonio M. Amaya — Bug 812289 - PermissionSettings doesn't enforce any restriction on permissions operations [r=sicking]
8e79ce6ac5056e2592eed09d5630a077c7de89acJim Mathies — Bug 820200 - Enable browser-element oop tests on Windows. r=justin.lebar
3ec0a08450d8df0bee40bba7ed7b1301156696fcJim Mathies — Bug 820200 - Pass application directory to XRE_InitEmbedding2 in content process. r=bsmedberg
95566cb18e2e13f0ed5a4a7dfd6270c273f0da91Bill McCloskey — Bug 821340 - Fix non-GC marking of weakmaps (r=mccr8)
4b7e8f82a341878531c1ca12195bf2ac2f9960deRichard Newman — Bug 806494 - Part 1: additional logging and safety for header copying. r=gps
d3d48381d3240a52ce2092ca17c2cb00f74d26dfKannan Vijayan — Bug 819635 - Dont add setprop-add stub when adding setprop-set stub in ion ICs. r=mjrosenb
ce156ff6dfdedc480993df3e0ada52aa26da3ef0Ethan Hugg — Bug 806829 - Signaling - remove r=jesup
d2ee611a3e2362105784134ce1a6704ade3fc5eaJim Chen — Bug 821229 - Don't show/hide VKB when Gecko view doesn't have focus; r=cpeterson
72ccbd7bc1087c9b9cb9e91210bd5cb8a0c0128bNeil Deakin — Bug 821283, anchor for popup should be flipped for horizontal centred positions, as this was causing the arrow on the arrow panel to appear reversed in rtl, r=neil
cd66c58db0f77ee1585ef53bec3ac03710e53fb4Neil Deakin — Bug 798226, rework arrow positioning and alignment code for arrow panels to be simpler, using the actual anchor/alignment position rather than guessing this from the coordinates, fix centred positioning in rtl, r=neil
f744b51dcf2c10f8ac336e845b423f0f7a53c5feNeil Deakin — Bug 817731, nsAsyncMessageToParent::Run doesn't check if element exists in mASyncMessages, r=smaug
70f6be1bebf580633bf3053803c96da898a31e60Marco Bonardo — Bug 822692 - Downloads titles are often empty in the Library view.
f3d710952f62d5ab8d11c330364967756d81111eMarco Bonardo — Bug 822689 - Nothing happens when clicking on a compete download in the Downloads Panel.
985bab8f84dfe203e9735a1937d2fbfa32f4d3e4Benoit Jacob — Bug 819248 - avoid adding null Layers into the output of SortLayersBy3DZOrder - r=mattwoodrow
3ecf6d05c4e280cf1631e415e58e86c24d1cff23Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Convert the XPCOM imgIDecoderObserver interface into a private C++ interface, imgDecoderObserver, so we can more easily make changes to it. r=jrmuizel
0bcb93a716beaf14ecf13f5312541474252c0b5aJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Merge imgIContainerObserver and imgIDecoderObserver since they aren't used in different places any more. r=jrmuizel
ecf95d9819f0528d2aec9cb119f244e8756b5495Joe Drew — Bug 716140 - Don't use Gets on mImage from decoders.
b682f3b118b1873e4278ba6611691d2e40990bbcJoe Drew — Bug 716140 - Move imgStatusTrackerObserver to the cpp file. r=jrmuizel
c155591689563acb69005e63dfc65a7a647fb91aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 821804 - Allow unitialized WeakPtrs to work properly. r=Waldo
b43311784b7fac3de06c0ddd73d149a0f5de63e4Joe Drew — Bug 813124 - Test for multiple clip paths. r=jrmuizel
be49bceac581141e3e4d6235adb90cc88afecf16Joe Drew — Bug 815648 - Test. r=bas
f4e2a208826d21e7add2097faf2ba9ecb36a732dJoe Drew — Bug 815648 - Correctly detect when we're going to use a shadow so we can measure the text's extents correctly. r=roc
39f604608cff27dd8e710c8b220ce48beeff66b3Jan de Mooij — No bug - Remove unused IonBuilder::jsop_deflocalfun. rs=Ms2ger on IRC
cc6f68c9a92992b6dc98a21da8ae515f7d363f18Ed Morley — Backout 9864a836aa35 (bug 820167) for crashes
b6036a834a577e3a396b2c52260b1c9a5f1b396fBenoit Jacob — Bug 814455 - skip all intermittently failing glsl tests on android - r=jgilbert
9864a836aa3565989a79b7af8990c0d13d830dd2Avi Halachmi — Bug 820167: Enable performance measurement of tab animation. r=jmuizelaar,dao
59f60da956f252d41c26fa8775d0b287ec98dc7aMalini Das — Bug 722596 - Get stack trace from errors in content frames, r=jgriffin
08e0e08620063d702eb363bd6d9afb943da67afeAdam Roach — Bug 817429: Accept candidate messages that are zero numbered r=jesup
aec01763cb6b54241eb96878ee606b247ae215f9Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 819865 - Make the callee canonical in IonBuilder. r=jandem
2755715976f098c256bff5efe1ab544cbb8e5c77Dale Harvey — Bug 816101 - Send a system message when a call is complete. r=hsinyi
923df1a7c8cae86254f16edb79a1b05e32ccc1cfTed Mielczarek — bug 821299 - Make ALSA WebRTC backend expose proper IDs using device names. r=jesup
fd40e91ec70351ba0c88685575fd3d6a2dc0ac23Ted Mielczarek — bug 821306 - Expose to script. r=jst
3d464fe9bd01ace3cd9063bc1f726b8fbb52f9e6Jonathan Kew — bug 822048 - use a /fonts/ subdir for any locally-added fonts stored in the profile. r=blassey
f4c12b8bf11f7cc60f2e04b54be93092389a28b2Trevor Saunders — bug 822580 - clean up nsAccUtils functions for position r=surkov
e1a1ab9e2078410723a29bfdd974c58693c610afNicholas Cameron — Bug 818816; use conditional breakpoints for alignment checking; r=mjrosenb
9de0882a928cf853366802cf1c48d86f68b064f2Nicholas Cameron — Bug 818816; add conditional breakpoints for the ARM macro assembler. r=mjrosenb
b0fc7f12a86ce90ce2ebe8f647d6341763723699Ed Morley — Bug 779753 - Disable test_browserElement_oop_SetVisibleFrames.html & test_browserElement_oop_SetVisibleFrames2.html on Linux as well
a75e9af08e9c348fc8b163467bac82d3b6748580Chris Pearce — Bug 799315 - Use Windows Media Foundation to play back MP4, MP3 and M4A on Windows 7 and later (preff'd off). r=padenot
7f71d8e13583c20781ef06ca7aa32aaf499920bcChris Pearce — Bug 815748 - Add MP3 and M4A audio files to media test framework, use gizmo.mp4 instead of short.mp4 for sniffer test, since short.mp4 contained mpeg4 video rather than h.264. r=padenot
126256fe6355fd32f4782d2bae92b302be717ce1Chris Pearce — Bug 815748 - Build system changes for Windows Media Foundation HTML5 media backend. r=khuey
c618b0e333a094e47efe16cf734d67a027fd0a20Daniel Holbert — Bug 822446: Add parens around assignment-used-as-loop-condition in nsPlacesAutoComplete.js and nsPlacesExpiration.js, to fix JS strict warning "test for equality mistyped as assignment". r=mak
607731c891dd593d6c7d887526ba0d1b21c82ec9Matt Woodrow — Bug 821995 - Revert an incorrect change to matrix multiplication in ChooseScaleAndSetTransform. r=roc
9c63294d0a871095fbb9bdb4b35008e0f86c8d48Matt Woodrow — Bug 795833 - Add a RequestRepaint method to nsIWidgetListener and use it in the android widget instead of invalidating the view. r=roc
2e0bc271e28f452bf046a488b5547ae65cdffc8fAlexander Surkov — Bug 810572, part 3 - merge Accessible::AccessibleTypes with AccTypes, r=tbsaude
9de611848111237f46893ccf838fdaa878374523Olli Pettay — Bug 790978 - Convert MutationObserver to webidl, followup
e1427a1f27c4d62cfa70aac8b64a2831db4b8af6Olli Pettay — Bug 790978 - Convert MutationObserver to webidl, r=bz
fd8fd1a7aecd8b8242bccf77ae48a19df5ee6fe4Ben Turner — Bug 814026, r=mrbkap.
dd277d439d313b477f4809c20783668478c3ecd7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 820496. Put bounds in correct coordinate system when setting up the canvas background for a page. r=mattwoodrow
0ef2edc84da0e4ab9eed4c4cb83ba5d7b2ace3baCameron McCormack — Bug 818626 - Release nsPresContext after its PresShell when destroying an nsPrintObject. r=roc
c243e7f3512daf8862c318cd3dabafe5279dfd68Seth Fowler — Bug 816374 - Don't export RasterImage from imagelib. r=joe
d433d1a9fd78fa6a78931cd82595294d75be2d25Chris Double — Bug 821160: Bustage fix for Froyo debug build - r=bustage
d622ae0a8a23bc65cfb86b6fb860c30ebf3180beJonathan Watt — Bug 813531 - Part 2: Stop reconstructing the entire SVG frame tree after the initial reflow of nsSVGOuterSVGFrame frames that have a viewBox. r=roc.
55b179e8c9805bf3d0d3d59e1f87f867a9e7b92eJonathan Watt — Bug 813531 - Part 1: Fix pre-existing bugs by making sure we update the overflow areas of nsSVGOuterSVGFrame children when reflowing after a previous reflow that occurred when the viewport was zero-sized. r=roc.
79a8d91ba1cb87464ca887e3c016b8945e3a9977Gregor Wagner — Bug 821876 - Fix ParseNumber so that it accepts a null defaultRegion. r=gal
d65f28340dd95357d07e15f94fa2fc67d695e5b0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 821191 - Fix mysterious 5-space indent region in GLContext.h - r=bjacob
664be99e44f62668138aea79a5f3a33ef103fb78Jeff Gilbert — Bug 821191 - Switch recent files from accidental windows line endings to unix line endings - r=bjacob
ab006da8f88df746b52eeb1d580b1aa21a6ccf8cNikhil Marathe — Bug 822406 - Use when possible. r=gwagner
92b58637064edb3bd8ac5b869d1146db7ff7f1eeSeth Fowler — Bug 816362 - Refactor imgTools::DecodeImageData to remove imgIContainer argument and use ImageFactory. r=joe
b627cef1d7d2a7bf1cd0a9ee74defbcd0e114830Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 812302 - nsSAXXMLReader::HandleXMLDeclaration should report its results. r+sr=smaug
143ce885103aadf146e516eb97474adb9e935dd3Chris Double — Bug 821160 - Part6: Build changes for froyo libomxplugin libraries on Android - r=khuey
8a641f55054a916f16dfeda912329a3e8728e762Chris Double — Bug 821160 - Part5: Package froyo libomxplugin libraries on Android - r=mark.finkle
4a2058a476b52179811a8f9031c47e28df8c35c3Chris Double — Bug 821160 - Part4: Add libstagefright stub libraries for Froyo - r=cpeterson
9ff7877b3133c81e77ffd1164dcc5a848acda1efChris Double — Bug 821160 - Part3: Add Android OS headers for Froyo - r=cpeterson
49ff58ad7d2411b8cd54166c50bc825821bdc5bdChris Double — Bug 821160 - Part2: Add libomxplugin support for froyo - r=cpeterson
aaf4ae2968bbc90bd4a97a4168ad75073e50bf82Chris Double — Bug 821160 - Part1: Media plugin backend changes for Froyo support - r=cpeterson
8697feee8fa12e9de7ad78604e5f2a6ce0826387Alexander Surkov — Bug 810572, part 2.5 - rename AccType constants again, r=tbsaunde, sr=roc
cd2eb970576553c2714722958f5212434ea9ac46Gary Kwong — Workaround YARR assert (bug 808478, r=sstangl).
391f4cf534e1ff6c1e7359707d46edf7396d31cdBenjamin Peterson — Bug 822283 - Make APIs that access strictMode() on the TokenStream private. r=njn
e1a57065f541c449b4618dc9875ba536729394e7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 821311: Search suggestion text illegible. [r=bnicholson]
3aa1bed744bb4663204609d9ba75269df418be91David Keeler — bug 820497 - update popup notification for click-to-play more often r=jaws
ab307f02af0cd3ab8ff2463f546862e5130353ceJeff Walden — Bug 792108 - Implement JSCLASS_EMULATES_UNDEFINED to allow objects of a given class to act like the value |undefined| in certain contexts. Also add a TI flag for such objects, permitting us to assume that no objects use the flag until one is observed, also speeding up object-is-truthy tests when no falsy object is observed. r=jandem, r=bz
e2e51aa6f60635a38f0d0e40373bfb2c4faee43bJeff Walden — Bug 822350 - Make generated bindings include mozilla/FloatingPoint.h directly if they use it. r=bz
7f5c8262d399a057507b6f632536cc8ade4c53e8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1cd15c87f867 (bug 821901) for crashes.
eb8734ce0dc2a98ba885bfd5fed9dc5f8177b683Benjamin Peterson — Bug 821103 - Don't spit out strict warnings on non-strict code. r=njn
0bec05537ea564b878f548fd540222fd878fea3dDão Gottwald — Bug 822435 - Undo global-scope pollution from browser-plugins.js. r=jaws
84a620ecdf7230c34fa7e23ec28625a73e6d721dDão Gottwald — merge backout
1872840354371e00081fb5056ec2e25d36930d88Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e14c7409ede7
53ab929e9386e138969a1cfe525902ec010f75deBlake Kaplan — Bug 821539 - Don't expose ad-hoc networks in the regular network list. r=vchang
e14c7409ede7898aeb9eb123faef49bc96220cbdAvi Halachmi — Bug 820167: Enable performance measurement of tab animation. r=jmuizelaar
31735047f64420357c88ab4f0ba57539d9215a81Gavin Sharp — Bug 820489: fix runSocialTestWithProvider to always disable social functionality entirely, before removing the selected provider, r=markh
28dbf131791f86a1b69f09b5b393da149bac8101Chris Jones — Bug 820560: Run unprivileged processes with different uids when possible. r=kang a=blocking-basecamp
6447c6df9a7dad2215d4a6d10729a1343afb7393Marshall Culpepper — Bug 812584: Part 2 - Tweaks to update download retry prefs for B2G. r=fabrice
536a5fbaaa7f4dc1f617a4f4cac49e0fc51e3534Marshall Culpepper — Bug 812584: Part 1 - Always forward update download errors in B2G. r=bbondy
7d5cc2e8c11117f6af13ac747c87e5fbc380b6deMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 822094 - Part 2: Add transfer parameter to window.postMessage. r=sicking
56f2d3fbcf49d619caf014f7f17c398a245badd7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 822094 - Part 1: Unwrap the transfable parameter if allowed. r=sfink
1cd15c87f8674010e989aae0add7a03bb8a57564Iordache Catalin — Bug 821901 - Fix build warnings in /toolkit/components/places/nsNavHistoryResult.cpp. r=mak
b0c4f68563c3d30aef72863bb5429d7be3cd78c5Seth Fowler — Bug 815471 - Don't assume that all imgIContainers are either a RasterImage or a VectorImage. r=joe
c4332c6f071d492118174f49a56f4d57f01dcbfeGene Lian — Bug 821633 - Alarm API - .getAll() need to wrap the objects respecting to the content window (part 2, Alarm API). r=vivien
be80d621f9bb9a084378841a50672b3bd1c39ceeGene Lian — Bug 821633 - Alarm API - .getAll() need to wrap the objects respecting to the content window (part 1, ObjectWrapper.jsm and Cu.createDateIn()). r=sicking
86e0432487a7c91b557448cb265a95f7db1afc75Gene Lian — Bug 821977 - ObjectWrapper.jsm needs to provide |type| property for the new blob. r=sicking
69dd94ceaf7e856f7cfdf8f5e74dff13b0260e9eRandy Lin — Bug 819965 - Unable to silence or control FM radio volume. r=sicking
8ef4348286d57dc50673d855afc0b7ab61fc174dRob Wood — Bug 819213 - Change filter tests to use international format and reenable on TBPL, also remove previous changes by gwagner. r=gwagner
87ec624190f251450623789c9f315e721fe7202aVincent Chang — Bug 806531 - Incorrect WPA-EAP username/password does not trigger incorrect password prompt, retries with bad password forever. r=mrbkap
52557de563d79a9582558ae51b1304325268fd95Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 758103 - Return charging time of zero if no battery interface exists. r=mounir, r=dhylands
9a99043b80e7a1901776e663187b7e8bccd06e48Brian Hackett — Bug 821735 - Cleanup/fix population and checking of register and slot information in safepoints, r=jandem.
f774c609480827729a5d199504763775cdd2ac40William Chen — Bug 820957 - Support object members in WebIDL dictionary. r=bz
bffe151ab8acc96e3fa148540e3a44d2b176bb5dWilliam Chen — Bug 820544 - Prefix WebIDL dictionary native member names to avoid C++ keywords. r=bz
e0fce89f61286f413457c93e49f9bfaff4b7a153Benoit Jacob — Bug 817774 - Let nsIntRect not have a nsIntRect static data member, as that kills GDB printing it - r=dholbert
f3de630ebd0d9f86e003c7fa06b0dc4d62e78942Steve Workman — Bug 816741 - Add a callback function in WebMReader for nestegg logging r=kinetik
6493a073d5ca4f37cb094d3c0d175a338c2a4d42Ed Morley — Backout 97061a550935 (bug 817774) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
821ceb9e268790bf04bdad54bd7e08cd04f2e376David Keeler — bug 821098 - browser_pluginnotification.js should not call Services.perms.removeAll() r=jaws
94bf149c73a374ad143f3f5e01bebb15f131525eBrian Hackett — Bug 821788 - Prevent elimination of phis and resume point operands for operands of inline calls, r=jandem.
fd10dfc5f83404132fac2614f472504de60478ebEd Morley — Backout f5aaf21d0a2b (bug 722596) for python 2.6 compat issues
585a5af3a0a54f14705026ed5008fe8d8e9e336aPatrick Wang — Bug 821605 - Adding marionette test for SPDI. r=vicamo
97061a5509355424f622279a0d4464a01bf77780Benoit Jacob — Bug 817774 - Let nsIntRect not have a nsIntRect static data member, as that kills GDB printing it - r=dholbert
852237e60012814caca184adb2692127eeb94f81Benoit Jacob — Bug 822404 - Shouldn't use WANT_NEW_SURFACE when uploading DOM elements to WebGL textures - r=jgilbert
2ac511266b2cded3484994810ac38da0a3f0e6ebEthan Hugg — Bug 807012 - Signaling - reorder initiialization of CallControlManagerImpl r=jesup
34d54961cd14b7d75410653493f6e30b5c8cbed5Ed Morley — Backout bc98fdc051f5 (bug 792108) for assertions on a CLOSED TREE
e75c8b88e65ef138fea48b66520e7e1c40fe8f9aScott Johnson — Bug 821801: Make nsContentUtils::ViewportInfo into a separate class in order to allow better state tracking. [r=kats]
f5aaf21d0a2b3c9ec6366413d71bf2240be6e96dMalini Das — Bug 722596 - Get stack trace from errors in content frames, r=jgriffin
167cface3edc21ac607bbf1930fb3226009796d3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822133: Null check gone wrong in Personas. [r=bnicholson]
e3559bd8606f9d8322d76a2343f6574c9797b5d9Steve Fink — Bug 821389 - Rooting for testLooselyEqual.cpp. r=terrence
1d71ba26519f3613f6505c4c87dce187ffbd7638Steve Fink — Bug 817818 - Miscellaneous rooting fixes. r=terrence
20646e439eb79836090bd8b4fc43e3574fcae26cSteve Fink — Bug 821123 - do not assume the first rooter has been scanned. r=terrence
4c40426150f3b7f74c2c4804723d5e9446a40bf6Steve Fink — Bug 822409 - Need definition of JSFlatString. r=jimb
5a71c5b130c60f78c409cf6151c9411b49c2e069Bill McCloskey — Bug 821116 - Track line numbers for XBL properties (r=bz)
9c21138d9e9ab3616a850948f7e3334886bd6dffDan Mosedale — Bug 821855, SRTP fails to initialize on Android when crypto_kernel_init_ciphers fail their self tests, r=jesup
bc98fdc051f5c2f85f2a1951e625323266ad0777Jeff Walden — Bug 792108 - Implement JSCLASS_EMULATES_UNDEFINED to allow objects of a given class to act like the value |undefined| in certain contexts. Also add a TI flag for such objects, permitting us to assume that no objects use the flag until one is observed, also speeding up object-is-truthy tests when no falsy object is observed. r=jandem, r=bz
6304fff5886683f751843ad95a614b48989f1070Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 822143. Remove unused pattern from CreateSamplingRestrictedDrawable. r=mstange
e18421c16c7a14b559638429c5119da3d3d7aed0Jim Mathies — Bug 817881 - Move test plugin to dist/plugins, and touch up tests and test logic to support the change. r=glandium, dtownsend
2e70b718903a88355c10e2dafa32ca746ba2e9feRob Wood — Bug 811580 - Develop WebAPI tests for WebMobileConnection data, update manifest; r=jgriffin
88dbe374066502e824c1840f0de3353734317a34Jonathan Griffin — Bug 821833 - Don't open extra socket when marionette.force-local is true, r=mdas
6457767f52779fdb841582d2d68a0efdcd0021f7Bill McCloskey — Bug 811587 - Limit scheduledForDestruction assert to brain transplants (r=luke)
249e7db380b0e4a2da0df37aa34844c364fd42eeJonathan Watt — Bug 822378 - Update the overflow rects of the child frames when an nsSVGOuterSVGFrame's children-only transform changes. r=longsonr.
6328b64258aeb42d066414861ccc0e389846f4acJan Varga — Bug 787804 - Rewrite quota handling (eliminate test_quota.c). r=bent,asuth,vladan
a09a149d8a44af3f18d84cdfcd2aacf7db42f7dfAsaf Romano — Bug 675902 - Follow up patch: Don't reload the download views multiple times when it's loaded. r=mak
6817de3ec64af2167688cde02c87c6ab99d0e0fdFabrice Desré — Bug 821925 - Update the appcache of non-removable hosted apps. [r=ferjm]
fbad4186f7359f12d7159254dff5acda61d8d90aNikhil Marathe — Bug 821140 - Replace 'UniversalXPConnect' with 'chrome' in nsIDOMWindowUtils.idl comments. r=mccr8 DONTBUILD
e7c7f7e0de997fdd5ca95d4186d7b04fd8a1139cRichard Newman — Bug 822067 - Build fails due to raw types in r=lucasr
483fe8d512a09862c96a9c4de47a72803c56bdd1Oleg Romashin — Bug 822307 - Typo bug introduced into Qt nsWindow.cpp after landing 819725. r=jfkthame
6ab2a1b55394552f54e5e612ba21c0d147094e19EKR — Bug 819096: Fix for =/== confusion in trickle ICE r=abr
7963fe83e7a2837b5899a8c9b122f08bca01ca08Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 820410/bug 818293/bug 817432/bug 817341: Update to imported ICE library r=jesup
a88f372dacaf6a0567fe23f14bb961a67655cf48Eric Chou — Bug 820143 - implemented Calling Line Identification (CLI), r=gyeh
388938e096e298925e6654b940a1ddf9b618c68bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 821534 - move mozilla::PoisonWrite one line earlier. r=ehsan.
a28cfd7299e51fc50012d3038f97f61d33e5eb83Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 821470 - Avoid calling TokenStream::strictMode() from the BytecodeEmitter. r=benjamin
f773ab3d5146735d64512ef2780f226deff886caJames Willcox — Bug 809055 - Restore fullscreen plugins after document becomes active r=blassey
9ed12964d4247de60d3480313cecc56e1e02d569James Willcox — Bug 821777 - Get some kind of version information into nsPluginTag for Flash on Android r=josh
cd18d8b548dd0be23f9afb71be76bcc64914dab3James Willcox — Bug 800838 - remove unnecessary delay when unscheduling plugin timers r=blassey
f0b590fbfd9f0f8c81459d8687c6efdfd2536c9dMarco Bonardo — Bug 821328 - PlacesUIUtils._openNodeIn throws with alt modifier.
d10f258a912091dcb529862b33cc298f9774b785Marco Bonardo — Bug 791562 - crash in PlacesFolderConversion::AppendFolder.
048673b6b48b51fc13302cd1e873eddd7a78b9e3Mike Conley — Bug 817006 - "Remove from List" option in the Downloads Panel should be clarified as "Remove from History". r=mak.
8b807fead05b4c25ff8faeb672ef4e81ef372471Neil Deakin — Bug 815691 - The panel's context menu doesn't change after clicking on a different item
bb35b59ae6b804fd0c9cfd5e6c391d10d712353bEd Morley — Remove spurious newline to fix bustage (no bug)
b42bab7f7295fbe8772899d3d9f632d9ce7e098eEd Morley — Bug 779753 - Disable test_browserElement_oop_SetVisible.html on Linux for too many intermittent failures
7d931025cfbf3588c45c9c7dcdbce0f9d4ec6c3aEd Morley — Bug 820489 - Disable browser_social_multiprovider.js until the fix is working
b8fc8436a0c6fc2ba811088d4123c07c35a198cbEd Morley — Bug 813107 - Disable robocop testThumbnails for too many intermittent failures
f5b2c5d70b04ead51725f087e6050a4de2344c9fEd Morley — Bug 817414 - Disable robocop testBookmarksTab for too many intermittent failures
805523ea470b383df46d8e278d1d3f696bc62142Ed Morley — Bug 817440 - Disable robocop testAddonManager for too many intermittent failures
e5089872c0600196a5506170b1cf84c0c01be29eEd Morley — Bug 703806 - Mark img-blobURI-2.html random-if on WinXP
f34aa04ebe5f47e9be28bde4d1abc6673055017eEd Morley — Bug 814533 - Disable test_playback_rate.html on Linux for too many intermittent failures
48729e21f1d4747e10da79f94692e802dde704d1Ed Morley — Bug 820471 - Disable test_weakmaps.xul on Windows for too many intermittent failures
245de9e62ca62ece36771899efac6ba07b415307Ed Morley — Bug 774619 - Disable browser_dbg_bfcache.js on Windows for too many intermittent failures
1fb38b6fa8d5bf87a7e70eaab5ee1293d9348f55Ed Morley — Bug 806655 - Mark image-size.xul random-if on Android
753bdb271fdf59308bb43aab088b4d55619fe8b9Ed Morley — Backout c56a4fcc3acc (bug 812289) for failures in test_permission_basics.html
3ad6ca44ce5b739953a8fde90b60e34eb07f7e21Jim Mathies — Bug 814953 - Check for possible widget tear down before calling UpdateWindow in widget's Show. r=bbondy
10cb0e3aac02f306797a301da67fd421389ce655Ed Morley — Backout e28f0f4b25a4 (bug 819510) for causing bug 822093
c56a4fcc3acc30dd959df131e03626ffd31ffccbAntonio M. Amaya — Bug 812289 - PermissionSettings doesn't enforce any restriction on permissions operations (edit); r=sicking
dbe1b292cc2c1ec244da3f83b3081d3859c5c21bAlexander Surkov — Bug 822173 - bunch of editable tests is never invoked, r=marcoz
9f30fd422239ed357b45d00d483a1036eea16114Robert O'Callahan — Bug 794426. Don't call StopAudioThread from the main thread when we start capturing audio to a MediaStream. Instead, let the state machine thread call StopAudioThread. r=cpearce
9159cb7be55fb29d8362a2abda3c0c500d2e6410Julian Seward — Bug 821395 - Uninitialised value use in gfxUtils::GetYCbCrToRGBDestFormatAndSize r=nical
b62655d36be4374ee89c7be4a2493da0aef59c02Jacek Caban — Bug 819280 - Change NS_ASSERTION to MOZ_STATIC_ASSERT r=trev.saunders
f0d7097db4216b067c359521221facfe8e8e8aa4Vicamo Yang — Bug 816082 - Part 4/4: correct xpcshell test cases. r=hsinyi
2a616878a5b16cee2813b7eaaba3e6848d287846Vicamo Yang — Bug 816082 - Part 3/4: replace non-7bit-alphabet chars with '*' when strict7BitEncoding is enabled. r=hsinyi
07baed38f016c1b468e6c41ae9404e8ea027028dVicamo Yang — Bug 816082 - Part 2/4: refactor fragmentText, pass fragemented text to ril_worker instead. r=hsinyi
609a53b92cee7312ce9b67852ee8ca95d307b28fVicamo Yang — Bug 816082 - Part 1/4: more entries in GSM_SMS_STRICT_7BIT_CHARMAP, r=hsinyi
ff251b3e073fa0c2ff76adf46c86eb4aca05fb1cGina Yeh — Bug 820103 - Patch 1: bluetooth Hfp memory dialing and Hfp supplied number not supported, r=echou
d42d3987f8a421474064576eb917273f8b1a24aeWalter Chen — Bug 816514 - [B2G] Using marionette in Keyboard frame, causing lose of focus, r=jgriffin
b2b54e759cb9a33f4a67643c3e8e6f2e4a33b919Gina Yeh — Bug 821636 - Patch 1: No subscriber number information in Bluetooth Handsfree, r=echou
ed93f3e4a53f53ee86f6766d52252e720119556bTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - don't use nsIDOMRGBColor xpcom methods in nsROCSSPrimitiveValue r=bz
6272bd19f4510120bfec683a1b24d35728c92807Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove dom classinfo stuff r=bz
290224a8e5fa4f4ba79022ef0318715198a2e984Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - use webidl for RGBColor r=bz
477a1c6b95f90d6cc417ddc09a67ac2fd7f0103eTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - cycle collect and wrapper cache nsDOMCSSRGBColor r=bz
7645d0b506dc159ffa0c475df6d8b0dd066f7943Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - GetRGBColorValue() should return nsDOMCSSRGBColor* r=bz
7c8138b6848a740319b3b8fbb8a5611d91bdb3e7Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - add webidl api to RGBColor and store its members as nsROCSSPrimitiveValue* not nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue* r=bz
9ea3572c80b338b518ec3f211e4a739a13f010f0Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - add RGBColor webidl r=bz
163f1b12bdef4a50726f85830d0552f98d364ba6Trevor Saunders — bug 820182 - remove nsISupportsArray::ElementAt() uses r=ehsan
ba26dc1c6267bd22235e3ffca31824dba5ada4ecGene Lian — Bug 817474 - B2G MMS: handleNotificationIndication()->sendMmsRequest() cannot get the expected HTTP response (part 2). r=vicamo
408694ed2d3ee9b975cb1c146a1bf75a873bec87Gene Lian — Bug 817474 - B2G MMS: handleNotificationIndication()->sendMmsRequest() cannot get the expected HTTP response (part 1). r=vicamo
38b71336dff471c7337f0ce57c41d6663a3f547aAsaf Romano — Relanding Bug 675902 - New Downloads view for Places Library. r=mak. Test fix contributed by Mike Conley (r=me). The new view is still disabled.
89f1723f42f743d4ab020fc9e55d2a804caf64d9Mike Hommey — Bug 822097 - Fix EventEmitter.jsm import url in ProfilerPanel.jsm. r=jimm
209e726cf605a1dfd92fab12a7d7ba46e99aeff6Mike Hommey — Bug 822097 - Fix resource path for Console.jsm in devtools tests. r=jimm
a268b5d3166d77121dd3dd13f7af6a225368a0bcTimothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. Move the forced repaint from the Paint notification to the WillPaint notification. r=mattwoodrow
82d45d6f8964c7d095c2e19d226fc9b25ed5850aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 813024. Restore mTemporarilyUseBasicLayerManager to the previous value instead of setting it to false when using an AutoUseBasicLayerManager object. r=roc
9d6e95e7785580d4b3756ecbfa4c18725e9791cbMatt Woodrow — Bug 819915 - Fix IsSingleFixedPositionImage to actually check if we only have a single image. r=roc
8d66bb18b4a309ead5506630fa8c44c9553065a9Matt Woodrow — Bug 820061 - Clamp layer scale factors to inverse powers of 2 as well. r=roc
aba8a2ef62253e0fe8d6807d591300ab8af2e46cJohn Schoenick — Bug 822040 - Cleanup the channel when plugins reject their initial stream. r=josh
4b1328bd377ce7c1d667df83e75a355fdb15af8dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 11bf35befda6 (bug 795360) for Windows hangs.
b910863e5aa8116d23b521db39cfc3a7c2e010a9Jonathan Watt — Bug 802628 - Part 2, Fix broken invalidation in ReflowSVG implementations. r=mattwoodrow.
bd33e059b4d6c6bff4ef2928ebb8bc861963957fJonathan Watt — Bug 802628 - Part 1, Kill nsSVGUtils::InvalidateAndScheduleReflowSVG. r=mattwoodrow.
17d7f3bbe60ea96979d9b27aadc226e6fa83d72bJeff Hammel — Bug 821820 - bump mozfile version to 0.2 and release to m-c;r=wlach ; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
47bd1f6fd8ed14f3ba6811e23c5f8463533b3e64Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 815471, bug 821023, bug 816374, bug 816362) for reftest failures.
1ac4491232e58341646bb692eca957a4d6f36079Mats Palmgren — Bug 696640 - Don't put an existing next-in-flow for the kid into 'rowGroups' - it's either already there or it's not our child. r=roc
9431f38215421cd979d41f0cf729cc357534130eBill McCloskey — Bug 819635. r=bhackett
4554dabda4cc7d66482e2a8646a3b0a0521fe32fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 818281 - Remove DOMClassInfo remnants from XMLHttpRequest. r=bz
d79b8ab157527d7f4d14b34ccdca0c2a54fba89fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 805374 - Remove UTF-16 family from Character Encoding menu. r=smontagu
11bf35befda610a420c7b191319b4b2581ade56eBenedict Singer — Bug 795360 - Make dump_syms from run in parallel on multi-core machines. r=ted
22f0a7ee5348e6b71faf49a796564b40374bf80dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 820373 - Add a null check to TextEncoder.encode(). r=bz
9637f34d0df031ef90eff67f01658b7f50d77b7fUsurelu Catalin — Bug 820197 - Fix build warnings in accessible. r=surkov
38889f86a465d060fb69f943269aa253fa0ba3afSeth Fowler — Bug 821023 - imgStatusTracker should not know about imgRequest. r=joe
bb7ffa195fa5611685fd7a56f358ef654b1ef0b9Seth Fowler — Bug 816374 - Don't export RasterImage from imagelib. r=joe
d0f96f272360f779e942951aab347dcd498203bbSeth Fowler — Bug 816362 - Refactor imgTools::DecodeImageData to remove imgIContainer argument and use ImageFactory. r=joe
6066a23ba701214c9aba74868fbbf718ae8d242bSeth Fowler — Bug 815471 - Don't assume that all imgIContainers are either a RasterImage or a VectorImage. r=joe
1d268001c1377034127120bc5e134eb548193be5Soumya Deb — Bug 821971 - Un-prefix gradients from per-theme downloads.css. r=dao
4742aa20d0e3d8a616c1c1ef1eb1bbb92415ab17Soumya Deb — Bug 821968 - Un-prefix gradients on New Tab Page. r=dao
9736bd231bdcb6fbbe336f9e59a4e03cc2dacb12David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 820681 - Restore OS.Constants.Path.{profileDir, localProfileDir} to its previous state. r=Yoric
a0f9ff3c98944638044f854468412bd0f5f11d95David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 820681 - OS.Constants.Path.{profileDir, localProfileDir} - Initialize strings to void. r=khuey
dcef2011bf4fc18d76a19859cc2254cbd07d3b65Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 809305 - [OS.File] Share the common functions in the test suite. r=Yoric
afe8da61183fcedfc18e29dd18e6a6af0f7831ccRob Wood — Bug 811583 - Develop WebAPI tests for proximity sensor API, update manifest. r=davehunt
eed5cbd0b622a53fcc18663bb03cdef7b342f14aTobias Schneider — Bug 803124 - Rename mozIsPointInStroke to IsPointInStroke. r=jmuizelaar
2992fbea1370d46bfd7415b2bf711ca2c073da38Edgar Chen — Bug 804667 - Part 5: Marionette tests for TIMER_MANAGEMENT. r=allstars.chh
5c32d392d4f90f6643122bd1740fde6c104a9588Edgar Chen — Bug 804667 - Part 4: xpcshell tests for TIMER_MANAGEMENT. r=allstars.chh
bcf02a9f81b1536e9b45c3b5080266ab19bfd6faEdgar Chen — Bug 804667 - Part 3: Support TIMER MANAGEMENT in RIL. r=allstars.chh
16ecb1d51f68b643c9989cefdfb51d315475d0c5Edgar Chen — Bug 804667 - Part 2: Modify IccManager for TIMER_MANAGEMENT. r=smaug
85508731e988b67daf87e53f05d0a661d9641fdcEdgar Chen — Bug 804667 - Part 1: IDL for TIMER_MANAGEMENT. r=allstars.chh, sr=sicking
abfeb0733dddbdf60987851c87101fc67dcbd68cAnthony Jones — Bug 820561 - Reduce unnecessary full screen painting. r=roc
970952fa2706582c994b83b6e5d08917624d13ecAlexandre Poirot — Bug 820443 - Disable slow script modal in b2g. r=vingtetun
7a2c761e196c61d2faa3213153936495cf25e6d2Marco Chen — Bug 819858 - Add AudioChannelAgent to AudioManager for telephony joining AudioChannelService. r=baku, a=blocking-basecamp
23c55acae9e3c8884970193bd1caea1c37861bbeDavid Chan — Bug 816847 - Use AppService instead of Webapps.jsm for manifest lookup. r=jgriffin
a5f94f2c5f940f1f9fad7dd952452cededc4b57bTing-Yuan Huang — Bug 815473 - Replace runtime computed jpeg_nbits_table by constants. r=jlebar
ef72d3080dc76d2fdf1180a14af17be28b529f24Ting-Yuan Huang — Bug 815473 - Replace runtime computed sUnpremultiplyTable/sPremultiplyTable with constants. r=roc
865dc2eb00fb06ab790c533a8129351ed31acdadTing-Yuan Huang — Bug 815473 - Replace runtime computed gUnicodeToGBKTable by constants. r=smontagu
c449c10f282957532e68c9287297c2969b1e7ac6Vincent Chang — Bug 813880 - Unable to disable network when user connects to wep network with incorrect password. r=mrbkap
3f278fad083bda7d0c438f60d6bb6629398c043bAdrian Tamas — Bug 732212 - Robocop: Add tests for doorhanger notifications. r=bnicholson
c9d3089866cf1cee0b518b68cb5652cb51f9b2dfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 818060 - Add a memory reporter for graphics textures. r=BenWa,njn
e082861f545f96949f4afa0aeaccddd798fd300cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 821577 - DMD: Fix hang at start-up on Mac. r=jlebar.
e5fddab2f19e10b86fc95d5a273e5bbbd7680adcNicholas Nethercote — Bug 819817 - DMD: cache calls to NS_DescribeCodeAddress for faster dumping. r=jlebar.
fefbcfe3575a126795e3f478431950cf7ff17e2bSteven Michaud — Bug 804606 - Stop Flash from crashing in CoreGraphics mode on accessing "our" CGContextRef outside of the call we use to pass it. r=bgirard
fbec2ea99d3ab6eab8de7d78117aa412fd1ca2c2Robert Strong — Bug 821343 - TestAUSHelper doesn't exist for b2g xpcshell_updater tests, r=ahal
62a769a3ae0e269485bcc1fd80f3dc8ba7f56919Timothy Nikkel — Backout 9f6c579151c5 (bug 805745) for making bug 813024 worse.
463b740c3e2f77925dc48a47979bcf9fa5d27bbaEd Morley — Backout 3e4e600adc3b (bug 782542) for crashtest-ipc timeouts
1392f08d100085ccc2e64953e050cf3bafea3f0bSimon Montagu — When the text node that set the directionality of an element with dir=auto is removed, and there is no other text node that can set the directionality, clear the dirAutoSetBy property on the element. Bug 815500, r=peterv
3548adeeb1636fb93375195b05ef162414f44972Simon Montagu — Test for bug 815477
0804d5dc440396026da5d11397c225069d2c2146Simon Montagu — Test for bug 815500
5ef3d98bc229120f1bb126e32817a62daf52639dTrevor Saunders — bug 819215 - make NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_XXXCLASS unnecessary r=smaug, mccr8
a80379c23cffa90223bc6f2305479a4bba936310Fernando Jiménez — Bug 820292 - [MMI/USSD] System message on incoming USSD; r=philikon
5dd106eee315a6ace40ddaa930d740d42344d686Jonathan Watt — Bug 822025 - nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:9752:7: warning: variable 'wrapperType' is used uninitialized whenever switch default is taken. r=bz.
3e4e600adc3bd5d36e995881211e36552e13ab94Josh Matthews — Bug 782542 - Secure necko IPDL usage. r=ted,jduell
3f93a72920e07d74fd3b6a71199e2f60c6290f62Boris Zbarsky — Back out bug 818371 because what we used to do actually matches the spec.
1fb70af2d687199712cb861372ffe4fc098b716bMark Finkle — Bug 820658 - Private Browsing leaks history in SQLite's Write-Ahead Log for tabs.db r=bnicholson
b59ec40e33924950f3b603069bb1665a0771c42aMark Finkle — Bug 821840 - Fix redeclaration warning in SessionStore.js r=bnicholson
2c2f92101a694a75b453c76f07debf9959e7acbdRichard Newman — Bug 819262 - Additional tests for bookmark application in Sync. r=gps
30de61bc83219b81cd5e3206181409462df482c5Fabrice Desré — Bug 820196 - CSP slows down app startup by ~12% [r=geekboy]
583b6c704134f5f3ec30e13d1530ff3f25ee1e02Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.14 Make dom::EventListenerFlags for nsEventListenerManager r=smaug
f3a4323d12803d3afbd95806de5225b986fdf077Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.13 nsEventDispatcher shouldn't use the flags defined in nsGUIEvent.h r=smaug
4c517352ac35c44bfe1010169f1461a20ea947fcMasayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.12 Remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_ONLY_CHROME_DISPATCH and nsEvent::flags r=smaug
cd3f1336c7baae7f0626484bd4c67845e90e4b08Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.11 Don't use NS_EVENT_FLAG_NO_CONTENT_DISPATCH for nsEvent::flags r=smaug
973a9d5e3b0e78497b558fe7a4ec405dee091621Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.10 Remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_DONT_FORWARD_CROSS_PROCESS and NS_EVENT_RETARGET_TO_NON_NATIVE_ANONYMOUS r=smaug
fd53318c79ceeb604545d006924de72165ddd8f3Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.9 Remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_EXCEPTION_THROWN r=smaug
02e36470a7231bb01236c2656a50bd116cf1d6e1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.8 Remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_SYNTHETIC_TEST_EVENT r=smaug
ee42ea2e903992efa0bc118a08d236bac4551d9aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.7 Remove NS_EVENT_DISPATCHED and NS_EVENT_FLAG_DISPATCHING r=smaug
1047c6f74ab9a5c8b060062567ec9ed4423316c1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.6 Remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_PREVENT_MULTIPLE_ACTIONS r=smaug
d5dcc27a64d19fa48008bba6bff79c66c6d5c6a9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.5 Remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_NO_DEFAULT and NS_EVENT_FLAG_NO_DEFAULT_CALLED_IN_CONTENT r=smaug
6361db1cb4dbb1670b71c71ab186a7cfc7bb029cMasayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.4 Remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_STOP_DISPATCH and NS_EVENT_FLAG_STOP_DISPATCH_IMMEDIATELY r=smaug
70c9aa60b939aa2ac24d46cc0ea54b91fd5be8cdMasayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.3 Remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_CANT_CANCEL and NS_EVENT_FLAG_CANT_BUBBLE r=smaug
00e871fde7d259f324d962019b3b35d1d713d3afMasayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.2 Don't use NS_EVENT_FLAG_BUBBLE and NS_EVENT_FLAG_CAPTURE for nsEvent::flags r=smaug
c7115b71fbb1beca1cfba4126a8727c29c0b1a62Masayuki Nakano — Bug 813445 part.1 Make widget::EventFlags and remove NS_EVENT_FLAG_TRUSTED r=roc+smaug, feedback=emk
209a63d0a38fb449620d31e38553f6275db00380Gavin Sharp — Bug 814793: fix flaky test, to try to get around bustage revealed by bug 802026
7e44aec095e3cf35eae3543115ed608038a22b2bTill Schneidereit — Bug 784293 - Support creating and lazily cloning arbitrary objects in self-hosted code. r=jwalden
18bc32f799d15288898e6f94abd7d0e5585a7373Jeff Walden — Bug 820570 - Move mozilla::DebugOnly into DebugOnly.h to pare down the grab-baggish Util.h. r=Ms2ger
e283fe34dcb1c2a86b805f1d2762abb5202a1649Erick Dransch — Bug 808286 - Use enum instead of JSBool for param to js_ErrorReportNumber. r=Waldo
c22a2faf56d6c4455ce425e50cd623ff2bd5c93dFrank Yan — Bug 822056 - Use truthy test not typeof == 'object' for OpenBrowserWindow options in browser.js. r=gavin
84896936f0d4a9e742f5e404fc405c0347867070Gavin Sharp — Fix bustage from bug 802026
d685cc4b4741aa795af1b5dfc9d898a28b4b4bfcMarty Rosenberg — Don't spew uninitialized memory. (bug 822042, r=evilpie)
b35c960626b528f796ca63f5370c389f98a26a83Ms2ger — Bug 816056 - bug 817288 - bug 817980 - bug 820847 - bug 822037 - Disable tests due to too many timeouts.
83e7913cba52a6a931f60966bc09822ea628343dGavin Sharp — Bug 802026, r=dao
f050eb79064f9ec750aa34c35452b9f72cabea64Timothy Nikkel — Bug 801212. Fix PaintWindow signature so it actually overrides the intended function. r=enndeakin
cf43df0a70954afa110ea929b4f04748725e068cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 811891. Only sync decode once per image. r=joe
c8a1314aa449e76e5338f4b8a389bc16e29f831eTheo Chevalier — Bug 821998 - Installed web apps get stuck on splashscreen - do not finish loading. r=wesj
bb6f5a9bcd2759d64f26c4a7651306d949915ab5Dan Mosedale — Bug 821249, fix Android WebRTC build bustage in DataChannel.cpp, r=jesup
e46312a78e469c14f215dfa108c4e7353f857110Jonathan Watt — Kill Windows line-endings in nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp. r=me. No bug. DONTBUILD.
24b5e1085310d131423ce12599cb5c594218a8f1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 822008 - Only listen to private-browsing-transition-complete in global PB builds for determining the new tab URL; r=jdm
1d81cc19ff3f1e44abf9b657a8f8614e70079bf2Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 532150) for test failure
ea066846993ce8d78286deb51ce74333e1dba538Boris Zbarsky — Bug 773911 part 2. Use the now-inline js::GetContextCompartment in a few places. r=waldo
79c26e82dfebe302c23867f46df11926d92aece4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 773911 part 1. Inline js::GetContextCompartment. r=waldo
82077de3f9bc573f09268bfcc01f7dcc7f63ac5dJeff Muizelaar — Bug 801061. Switch from imgIRequest to imgRequestProxy. r=joe
b3d6e1498df54b2e3ed83dad0542e8d12f856c4eEhsan Akhgari — Disable browser_tabview_bug679853.js in per-window PB builds since it does not make sense there, no bug
57bbbda0dedd3f4d4cb99c86ebc7f2f803f10f1eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 532150 - Testing main thread fallback for session file; r=felipe
5cab33f5bfbd655e21f0417f4ec644f52da0c7feDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 532150 - Reading and writing session file off the main thread; r=felipe
0f45583754caff7d7d940bcea9a5a272c861edcbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 817134 - Delete dead code in java-land to display checkerboarding. r=blassey
35a2b968dc98511f21a4c402ef00272db225d636Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 817134 - Remove the low-res screenshotting code. r=blassey
e570d3a26106cc0050daf1781ed0455798facf72Andres Hernandez — Bug 806731 - Port test_sts_privatebrowsing.html to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
e28f0f4b25a4e76ab368a88b12fd67a29c9faefdBellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 819510 - Quitting from a Private Browsing window makes Restore Previous Session fail once; r=ttaubert
c6e671c2f43c14fd7f26eb1824bbdb6e38500dc0Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
4170cba8bf47ef2e2e7f7b1a7fc65e0e500bdec3Jan de Mooij — Bug 821816 - Add INITELEM_ARRAY and use it instead of INITELEM in array literals. r=bhackett
4d0ebb80d228d2e9e4092f9b3322000773fed77aMs2ger — No bug - Fix typo in comment. DONTBUILD.
90558474eee0287e2891ab975eca5201077b5befJan de Mooij — Bug 821707 - Refactor INITELEM code in the interpreter. r=jorendorff
7c43da37e53fe26f4d67b719b8ca9ca8d97198f0Chris Peterson — Bug 821621 - Fix unused variable warning in PeerConnectionCtx.cpp. r=jesup
e8d9982c553d26a02a186d96a4d0e818cca39045Jonathan Griffin — Bug 821966 - Disable test_outgoing_onstatechange.js for frequent orange, a=bustage
7d37287856bde0eadcfd02e35ddded78b94ab025Gary Kwong — Bug 810767 - Update Valgrind flags in, r=njn
a6ba8f73225782bc6f362d4fdb17a6bb0c63cab4Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 817730: Abort connect if rilproxy is not ready [r=kyle]
0e0f68fef5c40875884a3ae917b05b9b3400f5b4Randell Jesup — Bug 816640: nrappkit timers need to be threadsafe r=ekr
6b9550f406de7eeb96986ef791a8afacfedf790bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 821958. Disable test_multiple_hold.js due to permaorange. a=busted CLOSED TREE
75e1f24b9af752f879fbca8c649a41aa411584e9Jonathan Griffin — Bug 821927 - Disable test_redundant_operations.js due to semi-permaorange, a=bustage, CLOSED TREE
9ec1c7f91699245e81615d764b61d99d2ff8cc76Phil Ringnalda — Back out 96b591267cb3 (bug 745194) for test failures on a CLOSED TREE
b6e55016536127d675028ff20dbad8ef27d9ca8dBoris Zbarsky — Back out bug 675902 (rev 627a842914d0) from CLOSED TREE because it fails browser-chrome tests.
f2d9eaf13c19090c11441ae2db658e328257cb14Boris Zbarsky — Back out bug 817006 (rev 0852e5efadac) because it depends on a patch I'm about to back out for test failures.
c668a20b6b593455900311a4428b5a72d5bcd9baJeff Muizelaar — Bug 821448. Make a bunch of imagelib classes builtinclass. r=joe
e890c72966107ff0aca998d938ccaf914c937c8fJason Orendorff — Backout a567cc63a389 (bug 820180) due to red on Windows.
86236b3e0b1f48ff2453254f00481dd3f569fb64Kannan Vijayan — Bug 820084 - Fix handling of thisv value when top-level script is entered into via enterJIT. r=sstangl
6fbb674858da5db998fdd619dead5f958a68f4f5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 820875 - Reimplement DMD's MutexBase using critical sections; r=bbondy
8541aa1783c7a3fc9f8168ef2006d1d4682aefd2Jason Orendorff — Bug 817368 - Map.prototype.{keys,values,entries}. r=luke.
a567cc63a3893df175c7053736eb53bddb958764Jason Orendorff — Bug 820180 - Isolate JS pseudorandom number generator state per compartment. r=luke.
96b591267cb3ac21eadce063289f81734a60498cJason Orendorff — Bug 745194 - [jsdbg2] Crash on Heap, trying to execute NULL, with Debugger forced return, methodjit, and GC. r=bhackett.
bc1e8c9266ea5718dc1bc12790e2916048e4e7b1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 821453: Android 4.2.1 messes up BitmapDrawable. [r=mfinkle]
a0e351bde9463d0b0212d824c9aaa633fe3320a7Jonathan Kew — bug 821679 - handle display-to-device pixel scaling of mouse-click position when creating drag image. r=roc
6a1a8bf1b6568660d0ad5ecab596fc2ed35459aaJonathan Kew — bug 821454 - scaling from display to device pixels should only apply to top-level windows/dialogs/popups, not to child or plugin windows. r=roc
bed3d6fd43b0668d8208a18772031b907d8ee063David Burns — Bug 819351: move import script file creation/deletion to marionette actor and have it deleted on session delete. r=jgriffin
b7e2ba73b2ff7851a4a7f8502aa02c3fbb3405bcSean Stangl — Bug 808245, Part 6/6 - Add MatchOnly mode and lazify RegExpStatics. r=dvander
7711a36c27717f84038edbfc8a2f3e2788dc46d3Sean Stangl — Bug 808245, Part 5/6 - Use MatchPairs for RegExp output. r=dvander
d229008d60acd336e99efc1b44d3f774634fa939Sean Stangl — Bug 808245, Part 4/6 - Compile RegExpShared at execution time. r=dvander
ea7d93401f966c3cb68fe07d8b989514747f3a1aSean Stangl — Bug 808245, Part 3/6 - Merge RegExpCode into RegExpShared. r=dvander
787527f064da7720dab2b28002e887462ee56bd6Sean Stangl — Bug 808245, Part 2/6 - Remove the unused hackedSource RegExp type. r=dvander
9121bae603a2fba721938e27bc1c4981cc59d24cSean Stangl — Bug 808245, Part 1/6 - Fix some nits, especially vim modelines. r=dvander
061b5c0c55800091d0fdf2455d15a5ac10f9e1bcJosh Matthews — Bug 755050 - Remove unused return value warnings from nsTestCrasher.cpp. r=ted
38754d5fcc855c326d3dad1722346ccbff0aeb9aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 821434: Tabs button shows persona on private mode. [r=mfinkle]
11e5207523120ac832493e25647a049073950257Ian Patterson — Bug 712748 - uriloader did not recognize ".jpg" filename extension because Android returned ".jpeg". r=cpeterson
f75a9f57c14e796b6eae9637e3a40a602dc8bb18Fabrice Desré — Bug 820456 - Installing a big packaged app could kill the homescreen and make the phone unresponsive [r=ferjm]
e0b6350b8b24fc514556637eee4ecfc2fa5b5adbJoel Maher — Bug 805404 - docshell/test/test_bug590573.html fails on panda boards. r=jlebar
040f5d35fa6ab9bdf4f41b406871c532fae313c3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 821760. Properly handle compartments in WebIDL static operation bindings. r=peterv
91a7872bb725d8b1696887607af04c5e6933f37cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 821438. Allow inheritance from interfaces with Unforgeable attributes. r=peterv
a54055d75da754d4815c2712fb988dfa061adbd4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 819904. Throw from WebIDL setters called with no arguments, per spec change. r=peterv
53b604b60d25c9a2b22e8347df04bee704ab4366Boris Zbarsky — Bug 818379. Make sure interface objects have a 'length' property even if they're not real function objects. r=peterv
c833cab38b083cdca0521eb057ed5bd5a19d6014Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816375. Switch NodeFilter to WebIDL bindings. r=peterv
3e0b4ce62d6dd8c24c23b531ffb7ac8974ba2c3eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 816380. Convert XPathEvaluator to WebIDL. r=peterv
7b9ffa4e1e64753b5ca65dbcd967815ae15cfac8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 820902. nsAttrValue::Equals should do ASCII-case-insensitive compares when it's doing case-insensitive compares. r=sicking
ba8c91f1d468724d44065727d771e50baf4386a9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
dc4887f61d2e2042b1af209927d23686fd68302cBrian Hackett — Bug 814966 - Add backtracking register allocator, r=jandem.
aafa9e2de5325478e00064bfe4908eb5bbd65352Brian Hackett — Bug 821151 - Never call destructors for splay tree elements, r=luke.
6fb67e58bad6f0f7d04be11729ad1d52e1ad48aeWesley Johnston — Bug 715258 - Favicons are of low quality for local/internal pages r=mfinkle
df953ce7ba31c69badd52392360906ae6884c21dJim Chen — Bug 818715 - Coalesce restartInput calls in GeckoInputConnection; r=cpeterson
e3998db26591d23ef26075c9594599d4c106a7d7Jim Chen — Bug 810821 - Only change focus if awesomebar text field responded to key press; r=cpeterson
1237d9a6ce46f17bc4f0778b7e3935eea22aa994Tom Schuster — Bug 808148 -Implement experimental Math.imul. r=Waldo
972ff78e9907c15649b3b94145b5669e9a888350Jim Blandy — Bug 819049: JS debugging protocol: replace 'nameAndParameters' request with 'parameterNames'; replace GripClient.prototype.getSignature with GripClient.prototype.getParameterNames. r=past
62d11f7658cce8e6c77da5f7702e7d913b61b8f4Jim Blandy — Bug 819049: JS debugging protocol: drop 'calleeName' and 'functionName' properties from frame and environment forms. r=past
3686e1e8845fc2e089ee40852649018bdf264312Jim Blandy — Bug 819049: JS debugging protocol: use 'name', 'displayName', and 'userDisplayName' properties on function grips. r=past
909ffcf23f838bd1842add5fe9e01fab4a56602eJim Blandy — Bug 819049: JS debugging protocol: provide 'name', 'displayName', and 'userDisplayName' properties on function grips. r=past
77bd18ca777f6520cefa37f81457596316f9a8a8Gregor Wagner — Bug 821510 - Settings: remove debug statements. r=sicking
0723845d095e2cb3eb5ee968b45bce40cc00f1a7Bill McCloskey — Bug 821493 - Change who is responsible for passing runtime to GCMarkers (r=terrence)
eb53ab86f515ba239e4ec604cfce3991c14154efTerrence Cole — Bug 816779 - Add some exact rooting assertions for JSScript; r=bhackett
0852e5efadac7f597cb772ceb9f8c2976377e3d1Mike Conley — Bug 817006 - "Remove from List" option in the Downloads Panel should be clarified as "Remove from History". r=mak.
54a33584098a504a4fbfa6dfae77125a76a795f2Vladimir Vukicevic — b=821230; crash in nsRefreshDriver::SetHighPrecisionTimersEnabled during xpcom shutdown; r=ehsan
e0abc1aafaca96138c1ef5b4ee783f19c331259aJim Mathies — Bug 814953 - Cleanup Win nsWindow WindowProcInternal and move the window ref up above DealWithPopups. r=roc
3b334850ce94ca4dc7bba485f77e4ba9e96102a3Mike Hommey — Bug 821618 - Fix build failure with some compilers due to nsComputedDOMStyle::GetPropertyCSSValue definition. r=bz
b8d79efc85416374a5795c323ed36c73d12dcabfMike Hommey — Bug 789469 - Get the executable path directly from the directory service instead of guesswork in WindowsJumpLists.jsm. r=jimm
627a842914d0132d9177a522e0c9708e6ee27ae7Asaf Romano — Bug 675902 - Implement the new Downloads view for the places Library window; r=mak
037377a4cd237a8aa3acb73ef9532b93c41d37c2Raymond Lee — Bug 806711 - Port do_test_placesTitleNoUpdate.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=jdm
95d8473212953b3eb9ec036b58293e224fdee60fMihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 742794 - check host/port before starting gecko instance in marionette client, r=mdas
ff71c0ea0cb2ea48a8cbffd4578a1f1eb3428eb0Till Schneidereit — Bug 815010 - Create lazy interpreted function's script in the jsdbg API's JS_GetFunctionScript. r=luke
8afa0fd12d00acec7182b99a5e99042c156a5ed3Robert Longson — Bug 820629 - animateTransform should not animate non-transform-type attributes (follow-up to correct type) r=dholbert
d8be8785e3a7da63748b0e5103026aa618e5aabdCamilo Viecco — Bug 819429 - Remove assertion allowing aToken to be NULL in nsNSSCertificateDB::FindCertByDBKey. r=bsmith
1c74122a6fcfeb556a1cebe979b74b9f85dddef6Michal Novotny — Bug 808997 - Explicitly close all output and input streams of all active cache entries during shutdown, r=hurley
3173175efff1a391e065f81ed4de36f896bca592Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 634793: update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_5_BETA1 and add the TestPRIntN.cpp
15e83fa7017265eadfce80b140385436df5f11e8Ed Morley — Backout 67d84be0cc83 (bug 820544) for bustage
e4da3fe4a9da44011eeb29895457f28de4571e80Brian Hackett — Bug 821151 - Add splay tree utility class, r=luke.
9d1bb565ab3ad8df0593d1fbbe0d101116da219bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
71759cb2a7d932a1faf2e61f04f879b970449f5bKyle Huey — Bug 820476: Allow postMessage on pending workers. r=bent
08f9c8a1c7e765e8ae50c32487859674754f9dc1Kyle Huey — Bug 820971: Ignore the ref when checking to see if the image URI is the document URI. r=bz
67d84be0cc83fd23075465eca4d131436e10a132William Chen — Bug 820544 - Prefix webidl dictionary native members names to avoid C++ keywords. r=bz
bb2f453b7c0f6d6c0d461e223745544b24d86261Rob Campbell — merge fx-team to m-c
548d2c909b8175504c44c6f2b126a5fa804cae3cAnton Kovalyov Bug 795268 - Integrate SPS Profiler; r=rcampbell
18ff01530d1de687cf2bfc2424f853a1b0ae3fe5ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-012 - a=blocklist-update
5ea1c76e4bb3e5baa6052645c71aa81cfb667c52Boris Zbarsky — Bug 821958. Disable test_multiple_hold.js due to permaorange. a=busted CLOSED TREE
2c635c9c38132d7783ae23be3e409425c3a6ced7Jonathan Griffin — Bug 821966 - Disable test_outgoing_onstatechange.js for frequent orange, a=bustage
5706b21f8c953ad8035702157bbb1cdc7fe9a949Jonathan Griffin — Bug 821927 - Disable test_redundant_operations.js due to semi-permaorange, a=bustage
e7b35e1e28d4c6a58a8e0f6d7c540c8608655c03Daniel Holbert — Bug 821843: Remove no-longer-used variable 'isJava' from nsPluginHost.cpp, to fix GCC 4.7 warning (treated as error in enable-warnings-as-errors builds). r=johns
034a28d4d68b8c7e5834f1d5db562b3da0d6ee21Olli Pettay — Bug 818739, don't run CC during shutdown, r=mccr8
2798371f16505dddc042e659a2c691f37317cc97Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 818732 - Switch Nightly to per-window private browsing; r=jdm
86e8b382ab0a7b7a518d7b0d9bd4d2e5f25357a3Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 7: Use separate SSL session cache entries for private connections. r=mayhemer
f603bf0ba354688019d9dfac0037434f72e8a83bJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 6: Remove global private browsing NSS cleanup on exit. r=ehsan
e2f772661bdf574a05bd10b4ce276df33041fe9bJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 5: Close private socket connections when the lsat private browsing instance dies. r=bsmith,mcmanus
cf442d34b4fa022b6df1f2152f209c187177f30fJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 4: Clear SSL session cache upon leaving private browsing. r=bsmith
2c246a220cf5bbaeffc37d1ca997f9bb24142035Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 3: Clear all temporary cert overrides upon leaving private browsing. r=bsmith
8d86cc44bcee2de928b0ae2e51ad4402f0de00e7Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 2: Avoid storing intermediate cert data for private contexts. r=bsmith sr=mayhemer
919c713155aca583294ebc0ea29332e8e3cb6a8dJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 1: Make PSM more amenable to storing concurrent private and non-private data. r=bsmith
72cc10ffa8e2f31964f303925b1cc07abfbf4e54Ehsan Akhgari — Disable browser_dbg_chrome-debugging.js because of the crashes in bug 821701, irc-r=robcee
50d8f411d3059f95c4242febc114852d3c836222Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central on a CLOSED TREE
f255406bb4aa578bcf70364c5b21af473f4bf637Ed Morley — Backout d9336f8c0f6c, 761ff8b47a4e, 072da0be4236, ee2822d2eab9, 38cd815da29a, a80ec6b90878 & 9e9281ce1b63 (bug 769288) on suspicion of causing bug 821701 on a CLOSED TREE
8286fd779a20617340838c34426fce8dde36f249Ed Morley — Backout 020555b69f72 (bug 818732) on suspicion of causing frequent Linux mochitest-browser-chrome crashes on a CLOSED TREE
d45e252453e848d934c589196fec13f59f3e75e0Ed Morley — Backout 744b40b75241 (bug 807678) on suspicion of causing Win debug xpcshell timeouts on a CLOSED TREE
49545b3e71d6e0e3009618d3e2d0e43950f95522Henrik Skupin — Bug 796892 - Create Mochitest for Audio only connection (send/disconnect). r=jesup
11fd34243cbd30bf101cfe3f9b37e58862fb1e98Jonathan Kew — bug 820327 - work around potentially misleading backingScaleFactor returned by windows with zero area. r=roc
b1fb4089fa9bce285d6cdbc3c57272cabcada21eEd Morley — Backout 042b44652822 (bug 715258) for breaking robocop & others on a CLOSED TREE
6002b73474a7085819aa342277c86249d524b893Jan de Mooij — Bug 821268 - Move NaNCond to the assembler. r=djvj
fe5784e9e50bb6eddfa7afda5b4d3e854638ea88Randell Jesup — Bug 806375: cleanup DataChannel, esp. channel close and connection shutdown r=mcmanus
3d898c39d05e155caab76d6635f8ecf4de3ad35aTrevor Saunders — bug 781409 - remove nsITableLayout r=roc,davidb
6fe5b65e41ed5a97665838b0fd03e0c7f254631aMike Hommey — Bug 821182 - Get firefox executable from the directory service instead of guesswork from CurProcD. r=past
a9f1337be665367223aa3d0dfe01792de18e55c9Mike Hommey — Bug 791694 - Use XRE_EXECUTABLE_FILE in browser shell instead of guesswork from NS_XPCOM_CURRENT_PROCESS_DIR and MOZ_APP_NAME. r=jimm
4fe60dd3d145902ace0dde701345405960aa33f9Jim Mathies — Bug 789529 - Fix for updater tests can't find channel-prefs.js - move channel-prefs back to its gre subdir. r=glandium
7e94ee1930f4032161d1988905b06ba057e1b8f1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 759621 test. No review, test only.
d78361a315b31b2251d668448c6797d929a6acf8Patrick Wang — Bug 819862 - Adding SIM path for EF_SPDI and corresponding test. r=vicamo
d72d915e308b65b4cf4a726d3aee0cc74f651f84Alexandre Lissy — Bug 819790 - Fix reading SPDI fail. r=vicamo
d9e54b62a5f54cc36c6478dd5f152c484a32d348Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 820676: Minor improvement. r=luke
0685e3a994e0fccabbf4a89f6dc3d2be0567e288Randell Jesup — backout 916f6915112d bug 806375 for anonymous enum bustage on linux
f4beffe262c5ee5f48d254526183165e0e566a1aJim Blandy — Bug 820692: JS GDB pretty-printers: find enum values correctly, whether GDB stores them as .bitpos or .enumval. DONTBUILD r=sfink
21362f7ca84934e98f278d735a3976805f9502f6Mark Hammond — Bug 820489 - don't remove the sidebar origin attribute before unload. r=gavin
042b4465282212b74a9502a8cff6faa53a71d0ffWesley Johnston — Bug 715258 - Favicons are of low quality for local/internal pages
916f6915112da1ba473cf32e29b65cf408b5875bRandell Jesup — Bug 806375: cleanup DataChannel, esp. channel close and connection shutdown r=mcmanus
babbf864b10cdc15338cfead5ef2c61026113873Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 815709 - Shutdown time is read in the main thread. r=vladan.
f752f9d2563112b93940247dcec848035ae1fb78Shian-Yow Wu — Bug 818830 - B2G 3G: If we change APN name when data call is active, new data call cannot be established. r=vicamo
0fb9ff76a1778ee3fbd57e9f3e6d8e0ce28d4587Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 820676: Remove unreachable basic blocks from the control flow graph in
4fb4bbc6b029987b32f0eb82d86c8b40ae7b7fa6Terrence Cole — Bug 821551 - Correctly root all callers of elementWriteIsDenseArray; r=billm
032490690d651535e1d9ec2017403db8e166d29cJosh Matthews — Bug 819202 - Simplify the semantics of OpenBrowserWindow: new windows are public unless explicitly passed a 'private' option or global private browsing is in effect. r=dao DONTBUILD
0a05fb0f9addff5e86827abc658b1fd83d92a148Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 7878092679cf (bug 819202)
65da8135423fd0ab65e9b31dff0d418587855c9eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 821469 - Don't start compression thread if not requested. r=billm
2cf3cca4171e7ad18ffb52b9ba71a6942e539146Jason Orendorff — Tests for bug 744731, which luke accidentally fixed in rev b863ef9946b8. no_r=just-passing-tests.
7878092679cfc5bb217894bbced986a529f63aa9Josh Matthews — Date: Mon Dec 10 00:16:09 2012 -0500
b9a891c0a6e73b6fb9094334de0defb017e840e0Dan Mosedale — Bug 819825, fix ICE/STUN crash on Android by null-checking setlocale(), r=abr
9585e38ed39d87971ff1322259c710f6610510a2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 821358 - Port the trace-malloc Windows TLS macros to DMD; r=njn
04b23376b9c323d5480b0bae17d84741e4065df4Gregor Wagner — Bug 821484 - ASSERTION: mDone shouldn't have been set to true already!: '!mDone', file dom/base/DOMRequest.cpp, line 113. r=sicking
c6568365b0ec2d55aaab12a906af60a4bb2f0e4cBrian Hackett — Bug 820873 - Don't eliminate resume point uses of nodes which flow to phis, r=dvander
4cb7e17d0e3df3554298b258ed8e76245d8ec82dDão Gottwald — Bug 263433 - 'text-link' XUL widget should open tabs rather than windows. r=enn
dc0625023dc0a0c4cbcb076f3fb552ce92e9fc5aDão Gottwald — Bug 820799 - Set the lastSelected property to an empty string rather than null, since the latter stringifies to 'null'. r=neil
7b689ddc455ca0f6b1c80faaaac81b198696abf6Daniel Holbert — back out FAIL_ON_WARNINGS labeling from bug 821392, since there's one remaining android-only warning in that directory. (CLOSED TREE)
a17cb882eb6bd663f885f7ea8c28c1279c64135cBenjamin Peterson — Backout bug 820902 for bustage. CLOSED TREE
0ad5a4247d718ea85c2c5f6568dbb13548425f43Daniel Holbert — Bug 821392: Mark pluginSupportsAsyncDXGIDrawing as 'inline' instead of 'static' to fix build warning for .cpp files that #include it without using that method. r=Bas
e66d60ed300042c010b483f554a5383690096f43Gregor Wagner — Bug 820713 - Assertion failure: cx->runtime->requestDepth || cx->runtime->isHeapBusy(), at js/src/jscntxt.cpp:1492. r=billm
8c77de31ddc4e93faed739de65073c5ff96f6bf8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 7) - DMD: Fix bug in strdup_. r=jlebar.
9f305729255b0b2df0ca04e03d1774b7f2724a64Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 6) - DMD: Don't use LiveBlockKey in LiveBlock. r=jlebar.
5ac16858d004081963395e018ef4d4c1423429f1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 5) - DMD: Store the block address in LiveBlock. r=jlebar.
2c2785739e2563840ceb7beaedad4343201bea58Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 4) - DMD: Inline BlockSize into LiveBlock. r=jlebar.
f54a6f692591a32581373200fbe4618cc13a3854Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 3) - DMD: Distinguish BlockSize and GroupSize. r=jlebar.
a77821dd8903272559f491197d5acd1f0c2fb26eNicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 2) - DMD: Embriefen the hash policy of LiveBlockGroup and DoubleReportBlockGroup. r=jlebar.
f5fbf4fc5df282891115bee516bfdb1f373fed03Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820652 (part 1) - DMD: Split BlockKey in two, and fix the ensuing fall-out. r=jlebar.
6464b79a1cf9a03d3bae3ed31c39f803c574fdbcGabriele Svelto — Bug 814771 - Add a cancelable runnable and use it to cancel a pending memory minimization procedure when an application is brought to the foreground r=jlebar
4519670ac62dd7dcb97e7abc5af9e2146b3dac99Daniel Holbert — Bug 821507: Add parens around assignment-used-as-loop-condition in XPIProvider.jsm and PluginProvider.jsm, to fix JS strict warning "test for equality mistyped as assignment". r=Mossop
fb6ef9590c392947d1c4e7a722269f81f0e1ae87Chris Pearce — Bug 821495 - Add cast to silence unnecessary data loss compile warning in AudioSampleFormat.h. r=kinetik
1c5601022840424fa192fc0c1bb29cd8ef980d0aTanvi Vyas — Bug 782654 - Add logic to check expandedPrincipal for addon content scripts.
eef87ef1581499b68498018373a666dfe019f563Tanvi Vyas — Bug 782654 - Use a whitelist approach rather than a blacklist approach for content types, so that by default we block instead of accept unknown types.
3cb5f5c8fdc07f1698fc7826cff2f6e5963081e0Tanvi Vyas — Bug 782654 - Add Mixed Active state and an hasMixedActiveContentLoaded flag. (r=smaug)
86e4243c2482c13dce03713c55112048ff5bc267Matt Woodrow — Backout changeset 3ba90f85653a (Bug 805343) for regressing android talos tests
7f2fd849f4aa312f126f24abf0018c8e7f78bbf1Matt Woodrow — Backout changeset e8f5182d94c5 (Bug 805343) for regressing android talos tests
704d7d2ac8101276c5d351c8db88d40b58cf68c4John Schoenick — Bug 810494 - Add test. r=josh
7cfc4ad935b17f3cf60ec567fb1f38b922760e0eBrian Hackett — Bug 821216 - Don't trigger off thread compilation with no threads available, r=dvander.
fb65298e7117d72491c786a32d1c1ec961c1711bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 816551 - Make PluginHelper._getBindingType return null. r=margaret
777fd91b7fda0325d0dc715967fc798fd68dd5efMatt Woodrow — Bug 821477 - Don't build nsDisplay{Canvas}BackgroundImage items when the image is empty. r=roc
afc699fc7e652428f9dd016b8f921b7426bfcf74Matt Woodrow — Bug 820246 - Split nsDisplayCanvasBackground into separate color and image items. r=roc
b80437be0e7001991a34d5f7f6a66186c08858bdTill Schneidereit — Bug 820390 - Implement AutoHashMapRooter and AutoObjectObjectHashMap. r=terrence
66f91a854410103cdf77d6a884d7b4bdb751fe1dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 820902. nsAttrValue::Equals should do ASCII-case-insensitive compares when it's doing case-insensitive compares. r=sicking
55b2d38ac36c986f3d76117be170f17e7dbde297Boris Zbarsky — Bug 820862. JSJitInfo should say what sort of function it is. r=jandem
c603d181b69eb02fa16ebfe11c6cceb5db582795Neil Rashbrook — Bug 819154 Clean up string usage in Android Bridge r=blassey
35e4ec23293cf0092ea0e61ecb2803d07c8274b2John Schoenick — Bug 767638 - Rename InitializeEmbedded* plugin functions to just Initialize*. r=josh
9631d28a19c33c556fd3be8928da76c116e1b7d7John Schoenick — Bug 767638 - Greatly simplify loading full-page plugins. r=josh
62389ec6712c98697ef122b6e9ec43f14d33c1ffJohn Schoenick — Bug 767633 - Bonus - Clean up whitespace in nsPluginHost. r=josh
a2476e368fb6b63939fbd3dda29008ee696d105fJohn Schoenick — Bug 767633 - Part 4 - nsObjectLoadingContent - Don't erroneously decide state changed because the channel went away. r=josh
11341616d7cb84252fe339b8e1bec3b2ae3dd3c3John Schoenick — Bug 767633 - Part 3 - Remove a ton of obsolete nsPluginHost code. r=josh
1b68ff48e22c35a471bfed05e8222929399a9b53John Schoenick — Bug 767633 - Part 2 - nsObjectLoadingContent should handle all initial streams for plugins. r=josh
6aed5f5caecb8eb5fe6fb610d70bf08452e52587John Schoenick — Bug 767633 - Part 1 - Cleanup nsObjectLoadingContent logic a bit. r=josh
cc19d255d3510b2b759d5a92afeeb1451125249aNathan Froyd — Bug 821317 - reduce the size of DOMClass.mInterfaceChain to something reasonable; r=bz
2d2e54c90ae0902892c1b5f5c4868414471e94d3Jason Smith — bug 799419 - crashtest for 2 peer connections create and close with fake video. r=jesup
d0dca968428b85bee110c86e2a2c980ad7fe19f9Andres Hernandez — Bug 806733 - Port test_sts_preloadlist.js to the new per-window PB APIs; r=ehsan
d40e4d1abffd9192c1edf0a61913eb7a23a80284Nathan Froyd — Bug 821324 - actually return a success value from replaceFileIfChanged; r=bz
ea2a1011fdb5262e0e077c7389cd5ffefb3b9904Mike Conley — Bug 820533 - Change Downloads Summary string from "+X other current downloads" to "+ X other downloads". r=mak.
79554502913519f7817351088236ffcba99471a3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 816164 - Gzip the crash report data when posting it to the server. r=cpeterson
b6d87e6d9a7eff726f6534bf0c34b2e33f0da3e2Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
2fc7800b9847e6ace0f0b6f10a99aa99cda59d0aHenrik Skupin — Bug 796888 - Create Mochitest for Video only connection (connect/disconnect). r=jesup
a41d57f0102000c6007738736ffbe3fb13ce86e7Terrence Cole — Bug 816776 - Add debug-mode exact rooting assertions for Shape; r=sfink
4cc6db74ba94ad273bb44ad4488b585a0c69e1d9Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 816392: merge.
b742eb97e66a8589d9daf203110e3f9b491a8d65Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 816392: Update NSS to NSS_3_14_1_RC0.
2a929d0c52336c26aea86b5830faaf214076208bGregor Wagner — Bug 821417 - PhoneNumberJS: fix startup warnings. r=bent
02a0cad51a22927947bd89c35a2adca5b6bf839bSteve Workman — Bug 820596 - Defend against nullptr calls to mDecoderStateMachine and mReentrantMonitor r=cpearce
c926d32f8ace00be625053e29802550bddb16d75Steve Workman — Bug 820588 - Aggregate and forward statistics in DASH decoder classes r=cpearce
5b6583b20a8016431d583f23e6c3384e5f8d0d9dSteve Workman — Bug 816726 - Add seeking capabilities to DASH-WebM code r=cpearce
e7b09b636bbfff9f583fdeb114f1ec7acb26fa38Steve Workman — Bug 816726 - Return timestamp in nestegg_get_cue_point to support DASH-WebM Seeking r=kinetik
90b2c0cb4a91da8527f5ca701f53eeb5bdc6919aNathan Froyd — Bug 820889 - convert PendingBinding to use mozilla::LinkedList; r=dholbert
6c224e8173903be63d198fd55d9e83f6f1b0ae4eNathan Froyd — Bug 748520 - persist failed telemetry pings for possible re-sending later; r=vdjeric
cc544979aeaa363bad3b6a8641a33b9330c24078Nathan Froyd — Bug 748520 - persist failed telemetry pings for possible re-sending later; r=vdjeric
437aa90c4fe7bb654c1b7fa258701d1768cf20aaJames Willcox — Bug 820905 - backout ea1643fd4285
d3171bd3585c90d2855e3b296acd230c4bc2a9e9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 821224 - Don't recycle a bitmap that may be the same object as one we are still using. r=sriram
bcc487178c04933d7fe528303c3179863655f637Bill McCloskey — Bug 816064 - Assert against NULL objects in deferred release (r=mccr8)
85d46df9a1257db4a846273a5280c087d938705eEd Morley — Backout 4ebd50016f35 & 9033700cc24f (bug 807757) for failing to build on a CLOSED TREE
4b218334f0e3939aabf0cff5a143638e2455bef3Dan Mosedale — Bug 819822, fix total failure of 'new mozRTCPeerConnection()' on Android by packaging up PeerConnection bits, r=ted
0ba4220f82ff42b773bbb1d4527d7fa59cf359a8Dan Mosedale — Bug 819821, adds more logging for STUN, r=jesup
d468da47eef0f7f8065710788df3e9203e71ed3fMark Finkle — Bug 820868 - Lightweight theme previews do not work on Firefox for Android, breaking the preview/install flow r=sriram
1b3ec53cab896c46cae054fa079aa7e97b1fa862Mark Finkle — Bug 820623 - Javascript warning on fennec startup ( r=kats
ab25a9cef1c871b92e7f5dde8fed7f483c774100Mark Finkle — Bug 819554 - Disable warning for sms protocol r=blassey
4ebd50016f357f481078944aa69e3e5925bb2c02Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 807757 main part - remove nsIProfileChangeStatus, nsIProfile and remnants of code to support them, r=glandium
9033700cc24fd410a91f57c2bc858958355b6112Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 807757 part PSM - Remove nsIProfileChangeStatus and related veto notifications from PSM r=bsmith
acb351f0c50ad65b070954d0535fb2ee6f32f486Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 818664 - Report plugin version in plugin crash reports, r=josh
ff6a7246cb9ec423dd159ca1126f555559b6bccdBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 776985 - libs-xpcshell-tests should not attempt to install backup files that end in ~, r=ted
29e9bc98ea775ffac363b77370f115184ad69d4bFabrice Desré — Bug 815173 - The interface feels sluggish when installing a big app [r=ferjm]
3cfc257e29a5a3725207fbaa0bf184e3719c8b73Robert Strong — Bug 818333 - Make for desktop the same across branches where possible. r=glandium
049f91872fbfbbb241f65ca581988a2ed0e6f2f8Robert Strong — Partial fix (all but test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js) for - Bug 762032 - Intermittent test_0201_app_launch_apply_update.js, test_0201_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js test_0203_app_launch_apply_update_svc.js | WindowsError: [Error 13] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process: '...helper.exe'. r=bbondy
3e3800d9e4b67eb1c62da4fc96aa4cbd4bde54d6Ed Morley — Backout 25c589434eae (bug 817731) for xpcshell timeouts on Windows
021a624ea78ecc94177156d48a10f1d741a91768Andrew McCreight — bug 804220 - Make IDBWrapperCache::SetScriptOwner infallible. r=khuey
2aae75e86935f2bec86fef0826c095600620b905Ed Morley — Backout 09d66d9ccb2e (bug 818060) for build failures on Windows
2e34b7c8a339ae3e092e918bd6e16e6ea7eb9bb0Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 815709 - Shutdown time is read in the main thread. r=ehsan.
1868793fca42237be3ce0dbdd4f496f21e571b45Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 820545 - Update comment in about:rights to be more accurate. r=gcp
09d66d9ccb2ed41c822c44b70693aa72dd8db46cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 818060 - Add a memory reporter for graphics textures. r=njn,BenWa
946bc83d50dfff3ae2183459c006534513314a52Brian Hackett — Bug 813671 - ModI should not clobber input register, r=jandem.
450321f661e89241a05b4d18a339fd6199e002cbBrian Hackett — Bug 814396 - CharCodeAt OOL call should not rejoin in the middle of the inline path, r=jandem.
392421b0c4708a2854d359fec5a7e2e587893997Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
950611b8b91c5f924860ef5cc603919fcecebb70Bas Schouten — Bug 814952 - Test: Add a reftest for non-scaled stroke. r=jrmuizel
fa72584497cbe20dfadaaf0018c7bd45de0f1ba8Bas Schouten — Bug 814952: Further cleanup state management surrounding paths and pathbuilders. r=joedrew
ab30da702673f66409016bbd568b42ff7430bda1Panos Astithas — Make the simple leaktest run first and give it ample time to make sure GC from previous tests does not cause debugger tests to fail (bug 774619); r=vporof
25c589434eaee833c3c090e8a44a63140a2b1765Neil Deakin — Bug 817731, nsAsyncMessageToParent::Run doesn't check if element exists in mASyncMessages, r=smaug
097b8aa46e57fc40d40e7da08bc1da2514c50abaAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 821285 - Disable toolkit/devtools/debugger/tests/unit/test_dbgsocket.js for B2G, r=bustage
744b40b75241df99854246d769b6ba1039c91e58Josh Aas — Bug 807678: Don't proliferate NSPR DNS types beyond the host resolver itself. Make it possible to easily hook up other host resolvers. r=sworkman
5aed5087fb7be3f5fd7e3ec18262fa765197bb67Trevor Saunders — bug 798567 - convert css values to webidl r=bz
8a30e07815ff4aa3d1ff2fd2d21daf93e251fa7dJoe Walker — Merge m-c to fx-team
7a20630af43ea756f4b40cf41f6181e3c1c26e50Joe Walker — Merge m-c to fx-team
0b4a30c89951e7ccc2c2b9c28a07f96a88487318Joe Walker — Merge m-c to fx-team
051762d4eced6a85c2bc1c5589b2e21d793736bcJoe Walker — Automated merge with ssh://
fea63da9e80c53b8e6b9912da6a4a6fdc0df1874Joe Walker — Bug 813031 - gDevTools needs an API review [toolbox]; r=paul
a5de4b6885f49d7d88e716aa8063527466bb5064Joe Walker — Bug 815246 - GCLI helper buttons shouldn't be available in the remote window; r=paul
efbba3859110299cd240ce0be3c69ded4c3eb20cVictor Porof — Bug 728073 - MDN links in the Style Inspector are not localized, r=paul
788be1cf43e2b0e431fba6b85fe99ba4dfc887d0Victor Porof — Bug 816858 - Style Editor should work on chrome windows, r=paul
c91811dc01ba95bfa2e29ebd568e293e4e1b1363Girish Sharma — Bug 808436 - [gcli] cmd refresh throws an exception, r=paul
f7ead5ca700004d950104e3b7183502e08a9f568Paul Rouget — Bug 768846 - Resize issues in Responsive mode with Toolbox open. r=vporof
4eb861243857ca69c5a7f03c9a1f88becd796d5fVictor Porof — Bug 796135 - Provide some obvious UI for scripts filtering, r=past
5911901b9bcf057df0415c36bd15df6cb2c47634Victor Porof — Bug 818430 - Having line and token operators in the same query makes the scripts menulist behave weirdly, r=past
c20c0e846ce092804fca0b66f312b191a36143b7Victor Porof — Bug 816596 - Hide the variables filter box while there are no variables to filter, r=past
c210d58122746c872d1e6f903ea249b2d214d49aVictor Porof — Bug 816440 - Watch expression evaluations should not display the configurable/enumerable/writable tooltip, r=past
0101fe201aa40f7213dfdb45ceb33bbfe4be7f01Boris Zbarsky — Bug 819670 - Web console object inspection does not handle native getters throwing very well; r=msucan,bz
ef3ec5487993c0ebae4492e7c556fa7c9d2b16eeteramako — Bug 808542 - [gcli] "addon list" output is malformed. r=mratcliffe
2939067fa4e331d3d41cb450cfc7b4299fa96c4cTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 817579 - Command buttons in toolbox do not have tooltip; r=msucan,jwalker
b11065872128ed68e5023b1861004d4af6324166Brian Smith — Bug 772365, Part 4: Check JAR signature during packaged app installation, r=anygregor
6a0ed6484811bc7233c39eec1687bb8ce09cb98eBrian Smith — Bug 772365, Part 3: Add B2G-specific customizations to NSS certificate trust database with tests, r=rrelyea r=honzab
8a72b2a224504d24223bd2d7d6730f1df271c95fChris AtLee — Bug 821131: Update unagi kernel. r=mwu DONTBUILD because NPOTB (nightlies only)
020555b69f72689a5675b06e8b00730ea66afc26Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 818732 - Switch Nightly to per-window private browsing; r=jdm
d9336f8c0f6c8b24ac018f6c3b81801a894c5b4fJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 7: Use separate SSL session cache entries for private connections. r=mayhemer
761ff8b47a4e39cb1308ff14b76a4f0e6575f665Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 6: Remove global private browsing NSS cleanup on exit. r=ehsan
072da0be4236923ae5ce7edce369731894273626Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 5: Close private socket connections when the lsat private browsing instance dies. r=bsmith,mcmanus
ee2822d2eab9a3b95b3a979b64fb1fdcd2bfabc0Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 4: Clear SSL session cache upon leaving private browsing. r=bsmith
38cd815da29ab29e2fae875a05777dd8723b8cb8Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 3: Clear all temporary cert overrides upon leaving private browsing. r=bsmith
a80ec6b908788fafb8d2c0b7c7290ce50ee6662dJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 2: Avoid storing intermediate cert data for private contexts. r=bsmith sr=mayhemer
9e9281ce1b6362de9c781875a044dec6fcdfb95eJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 1: Make PSM more amenable to storing concurrent private and non-private data. r=bsmith
9db79b97abbb2719bed71edc63c7e76905097e3dEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
93beff102db235fcf61d8760bb97cbfb365879a9Ed Morley — Bug 752243 - Disable test_service_wipeServer.js, test_service_createAccount.js, test_service_changePassword.js, test_aitc_server.js, test_aitc_client.js & test_hashcompleter.js on OS X & Linux for too many intermittent failures
e543e17b98243a806c5447df4fd281c31670b069Ed Morley — Backout 4777ad9776ec (bug 820246) for causing frequent failures in background-image-zoom-1.html on Android
36a3cac9e3d99c1ee651bbe67dd7c712c90bccdfJan de Mooij — Bug 820816 - Refactor call object creation to not require a StackFrame. r=luke
1be998d2000717545f3a8757f6a7c08981f0b037Eric Chou — Bug 814341 - fix memory leak in Bluetooth, r=gyeh
0ad2485491af927da3a3a379f7cc2bf78522c056Jacek Caban — Bug 819280 - Fixed some GCC warnings in accessible module r=trev.saunders
22807dd4c16c35784e32d1c533e7c82c9c99a7a6Joel Maher — Bug 820649 - disable 4 crashtests on Android so we can run C1 again. r=gbrown
903c331107c2dcca8400368cce112792db3bd221Georg Fritzsche — Bug 805330 - Ensure plugin widget visibility via paint flushes. r=josh,roc,robcee
34840088cc10a7fb9cd94ea56ff07f449bbf1568Jon Coppeard — Bug 820871 - GC: Validate gray marking r=billm
37b4c4b9d7d6814e559d7a47d83652e68a5689aaJon Coppeard — Bug 820422 - GC: Store buffered gray roots per-compartment r=billm
9ff7b0790b02501f39f968477d6693c54f4569d6Jan de Mooij — Bug 820105 - Add callWithABI overload that takes the callee as Address. r=dvander
72913ea85419123674f4fa2d04890b0163998698Blake Kaplan — Bug 821158 - Extract a number out of the size_t-containing object. r=jst
caf2b8ec76f9683b219ff785e7f58a779351b16cEdgar Chen — Bug 819834 - Part 2: Marionette tests. r=allstars.chh
eddc239db46201c974c786aca1eba1fc3ddcd2eeEdgar Chen — Bug 819834 - Part 1: The options should be null. r=allstars.chh
bc5a2f85d15ea5e57bde618df540a0f0af8cf45cJohan Charlez — Bug 433168 - Context menu is not shown for form buttons and select elements. r=gavin
11965bca7513508ad256a5d018b0257981d62b39Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 821178 - Part 0: Remove browser_248970_{a,b}.js in per-window PB builds
8435a5715fa7575697cc1a6fbe0144ab5f28b254Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 780831 - Guard against plugin code leaking refs in the JNI local ref table. r=snorp
0368b4c03c63bfe00246bc149aef886e4d0a4ff2Robert O'Callahan — Backing out bug 815010 due to test failures
ebfa6888f98e100a7ed695a19b1a9e75eb9c2b9fRobert O'Callahan — Backed out changeset 531eb76b7ab6 (bug 815010) due to major test bustage
bdee421b26c6b218ecc4ee29ab9a08ea3a099d9dJim Blandy — bug 820691: Don't use GDB's --python option to run JS pretty-printer tests; newer GDBs don't have that option. DONTBUILD r=sfink
40e47d029f77bdbe7aae4c9595be937f1f999c4aJim Blandy — Bug 819525: JS GDB pretty-printers: Don't trip over tagless structs. DONTBUILD r=sfink
aac5a6c4024cbe0b205b8b8b9a44d39d4336e21dJonathan Griffin — Bug 821091 - Add a pref to Marionette to cause it use force-local: true, r=mdas, a=test-only
531eb76b7ab6c842e61faa7425c8d9c29732b280Till Schneidereit — Bug 815010 - Create lazy interpreted function's script in the jsdbg API's JS_GetFunctionScript. r=luke
6445a79d979566e4920272abf517005b25c7c01cJorge Luis Mendez — Bug 820285 - Use distutils.version.StrictVersion in OSX version tests; r=gps
1630310cc83dc721de2fb1b5b5b14484f5b91c5aTill Schneidereit — Bug 819702 - apply de-macroization and de-constification form JS2C to selfhosted.js. r=shu DONTBUILD
4777ad9776ec145b6cf0f1fb4d262af7158246caMatt Woodrow — Bug 820246 - Split nsDisplayCanvasBackground into separate color and image items. r=roc
edb2cfd39554cc059a5c6e48eebd14329bc7e225Gavin Sharp — Bug 820489: fix intermittent orange in browser_social_multiprovider by always waiting for sidebar to load before continuing the test. Also make unloadSidebar immediately stop pending sidebar loads, r=markh/mixedpuppy
1001e245b6bada3a1dfce48086efbcd3bdd2b764Bobby Holley — Bug 818716 - Move XBL detection into nsContentUtils and remove filename hack. r=mrbkap
46826841e0fee9a6ef8cbf2d2daa5fd00c2df602Bobby Holley — Bug 820666 - Tag XBL script for <field> elements and child scripts. r=jorendorff
c4b354cd4b9819f7f260d1713710552d02b1c89dChris Double — Bug 820661 - Implement support for libstagefright video decoding on HTC EVO Design Gingerbread Android phone - r=cpeterson
2d36cae22daf1776ad55eb1da85cca7701bcf5e6Edwin Flores — Bug 803394 - Build change for Android Gingerbread video color conversion r=khuey
64e2e88fdf66bc1f142e59932cf4d3c6a7abd963Edwin Flores — Bug 803394 - Use Android ColorConverter class for video color conversion on Gingerbread r=doublec
b9988880633740c6fd67dd848233f00f37a48115Edwin Flores — Bug 803394 - Use Android ColorConverter class to convert video frames with unknown color formats from libstagefright r=doublec
5444501188685ed5b216f7b4b6926d3d0411346eEdwin Flores — Bug 803394 - Provide a callback to media plugins to request video buffers owned by gecko r=doublec
f7830f9b52d8d4c804554ba854a1dfd88237c444Edwin Flores — Bug 803394 - Add image type for RGB images in shared memory r=nical
22c6700c87944a5ade3e3b1bb1051067da00a026Gregor Wagner — Bug 819560 - RIL: remember the last mcc code. r=sicking
4dbff6dc7b50ac5e0c0494c12436598dc0af8a29Gregor Wagner — Bug 821101 - Contacts: Fix phonenumberJS error. r=bent
9d0d968e33b4ebe38721b6019c6feaa029a8121cJeff Muizelaar — Bug 798245. Propagate the zoom from the tab child into the frame metrics. r=cjones
380930ddb930b5d4eda6a34e5ea9496a3f968708Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 798245. Postpone firstpaint while painting supressed. r=cjones
9e155b2cc8c37c07a79b5ee7e4ed14ceed7ebc9cGregor Wagner — Bug 820135 - Preferences: We don't save prefs when we reboot. r=cjones
8bfd7767182cb494e06744d4821ccfc4e734729cKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 821044 - Add MOZ_DEBUG_APP_PROCESS support r=cjones
652e6b974c13d84f6c933728029d2b99929d7e73Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 821018 - Fix XML output when tests have been skipped, r=jgriffin
7ed78ee40e0ea8e7cd4edb7121957baa062cdd17Aaron Klotz — Bug 810101 - Add readahead to safebrowsing .sbstore and .cache files. r=gpascutto
095d4a9bcd6c6dd9f37943cc9599553f94120545Benoit Girard — Bug 820951 - Bustage fix. r=ehsan
b2b21508b90b7df12e8865a641f63eff8543ca7dTerrence Cole — Bug 821013 - Exactly rooting IonBuilder::jsop_initelem; r=billm
d5c0883fb96f92a9251767a36ed5bb44c86c227bFabrice Desré — Bug 820677 - vkb doesn't work anymore in b2g [r=gwagner]
a88f54896f183c3bbfd06425f58d19b218b864d7Benoit Girard — Bug 820951 - Add an option to the Profiler to strip out leaf addresses from JS profiles. r=ehsan
92bc31268fd650bc95741594c8cd65ef216687b0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 820682 - DMD: Tweak stress mode. r=jlebar.
991647fcdc275372d224b1b568aa2e8352e909bcJeff Muizelaar — Bug 811157. Use GetBaseTransform() instead of GetTransform(). r=roc
956f6e2b4b707423bb5d3825a8a3b92dae26e766Timothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. Paint notification can flush (via WillPaint), so re-check if the listener still exists after on puppet widget backend. r=cjones
65d0aedb6ac48909cd1fd09c91ab086db7d86c71Timothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. WillPaint notification can flush, so re-get the listener after it on Windows widget backend. r=jimm
9aae7b226f3dc07aaa25bd84ddef1941f30aa848Timothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. WillPaint notification can flush, so re-get the listener after it on GTK2 widget backend. r=karlt
789e54325d765bb01d6d2c3b1a2b530cb1b93999Timothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. Re-get the view after calling PaintWindow because it can flush (via WillPaint). r=mattwoodrow
9f6c579151c5c61b9b213d7027633f90238c161cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 805745. Move the forced repaint from the Paint notification to the WillPaint notification. r=mattwoodrow
b7a58a0e50664f4ffed5f5eea86c7f69acb56644Bill McCloskey — Bug 819443 - Fix compile error (r=red)
1ce57f5cca0bad1f0bd036338a3638e38cbb7e15Brian Nicholson — Bug 820576 - Part 2: Open URL for suggestions that look like URLs. r=mfinkle
e14b7800ae0159f10d21ccad0d388a073c66dd8dBrian Nicholson — Bug 820576 - Part 1: Move isSearchUrl to StringUtils. r=mfinkle
c940923e0efccaf2ab44a7228401698f92271308Bill McCloskey — Bug 819443 - Make sure we don't finalize on background thread (r=luke)
97addca5ceae10500489541813eb0f8433ed6f44Bill McCloskey — Bug 819443 - Fix some enums (r=terrence)
0956fb40dbe2ddbeb37583eb0ca0afe928784647Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 611451: Update NSS to NSS_3_14_1_BETA3. Also include the fixes for
b2b5567fe14ade36ff101d941295a116de0fa744Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 817122 - Disable failing B2G xpcshell tests, enable debugger tests, r=mdas
edd575426780a23b2b46d39f23f35279c40ce15bEhsan Akhgari — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 814952) because it breaks the build
1d6f209c9067a7f7e82e7c9d9178d596e4dc3b19Brian Nicholson — Bug 801646 - Use private state of parent when opening new tabs. r=mfinkle
a94cbe677ea7420d0ae41841cab19c4f54971999Bill McCloskey — Bug 782818 - Temporarily enable compartment assertions (r=luke)
8c749372d5a7bbfdf12d2b8de327a7848822ed50Jonathan Kew — bug 818454 - backout change from bug 722137, no longer needed. r=smontagu
caf88c568805024e407e74a1103b06687525700fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 820875 - Implement MutexBase on Windows; r=bbondy
ae5fe2ec2f22a9a6b6750fb27fba39ba03e8f29fMatt Woodrow — Bug 820541 - Only call ProcessRemovedDisplayItems once per transaction. r=roc
9744174142664ea24640ae27240b3056fbcdea7eBas Schouten — Bug 814952 - Test: Add a reftest for non-scaled stroke. r=jrmuizel
3157073496063475f594b52a6228345b42b5000fBas Schouten — Bug 814952: Further cleanup state management surrounding paths and pathbuilders. r=jrmuizel
362510d94a1bcf96fda34a3fa4610918d8e23609Rik Cabanier — Bug 748433 - Test: Add tests for canvas blending. r=jrmuizel
3a8b188873f8efc7ea9fbc506704d1450ff74174Rik Cabanier — Bug 748433: Adds support for blending to the canvas globalCompositeOperator. r=jrmuizel
1eedc9864f2d4fb73cb21665ef762730697e45fdRik Cabanier — Bug 809927: Add new blend modes and implement them for Direct2D. r=bas
a050d7a604fe3ebe70de7fcb39eb9ee5d6d10bbfJared Wein — Bug 814404 - Hide useless menu item in non-browser windows on Mac. r=gavin
64186de82d6debd457e949a38379d76e98eda217Brian Hackett — Bug 819329 - Use AutoFlushCache when attaching finished compilations, r=dvander.
5bbd7e9882b3f60c780a8d36c6743a9aa23adaadGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 816822 - Fix build files, unit tests, and clone some linux headers to make WebRTC unit tests build on Android, r=dmose,ted
5f9c909db022888c7915ec3e2efa230dc86f69a0Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 815883 - fix WebRTC builds for ARM chips with neon FPUs by cloning some linux headers and fixing build files. r=dmose,ted
d70010fceafa17bf8ab909ccd76c4f80af9ba71fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 813911 - Fix nrappkit on Android in gyp build file. r=dmose, ted
1b29d204d5ab792b0b94f211d9886e6caeb1750cMs2ger — Bug 820864 - Fix new build warnings in nsTransitionManager.cpp; r=nrc
ec65853affc878329af4367147bd9c4d0ca29181Ehsan Akhgari — Remove two extra instances of whenNewWindowLoaded, no bug
bf469b6aef6d24edbb27b214a6579394b64901fcRobert Longson — Bug 820629 - animateTransform should not animate non-transform-type attributes r=dholbert
a885614b4b331e61c2ca528742f202db34dd2abeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818071: Replace private browsing resource for about:home background. [r=mfinkle]
eea53f54447dfca6118cccc60b0580abd3d87efeSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818071: Replace private browsing resources for the url-bar. [r=mfinkle]
1e99c10c00c64d3e1e4f1d1efac365a4e88fa151Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818071: Replace private browsing resources for address bar background. [r=mfinkle]
dbab3c2be10e6a7eb8fdfaa49109e25e90e526f7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 818071: Replace private browsing resources for tabs-button. [r=mfinkle]
239f4371a480c121449fca9863f82d423a0466b3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806929: "Open in new private tab" for awesomebar entries. [r=mfinkle]
d8c8bebfed40852b963a8062ea9fdd456ad0e860Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 806929: "Open in new private tab" for context-menus. [r=mfinkle]
a9864b72730b6ce228b93815ff393063baf0f48eEthan Hugg — Bug 820550 - Signaling - stop checking API state in CloseInt r=ekr
cd712828cb475635cd849de33cad6a15f499b6edEKR — Bug 820671 Make PCImpl a tombstone if mMedia is null r=jesup
7ef53b8f1ff60cd7f796304cd3dc822ae7a653a2Dan Mosedale — Bug 820559: Workaround old Android gcc build-bustage by casting anonymous enum template args to ints, r=ekr
29df94c927f89d070a77168de0d71b6588f53b1fJeff Hammel — Bug 820606 - update mozfile on mozilla-central to version 0.1;r=gps
f5eed31150f2c56f19aa664208e5b26baead7dd5Jeff Hammel — Bug 820612 - remove docs.manifest from mozilla-central;r=wlach DONTBUILD because NPOTB
0cf8797b8fc7d055c7dbcd78fc24685070121b7bTed Mielczarek — bug 820769 - fix to generate correct include. r=jesup
f17233a2e6ab75851557ba5452f7edbf3df840f8Justin Lebar — Bug 820540 - Build more things with -funwind-tables when DMD is enabled on ARM. r=glandium
ee6cd137eb249246e5199eb92a85d5c55f4995faBenjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Rename almost everything dealing with strict mode to just |strict|. r=njn
a55201f7b07b021985a341796922873a4cc69638Benjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Reduce possible tokenizer lookahead. r=njn
ef91166a44056755cdf2a3dc1125af1368f76c60Benjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Remove old strict mode code and simplify. r=njn
3a07784f694d2e5b4b827621d83bf0afd2a85b2eBenjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Make strictness a boolean. r=njn
d29ea23dde5f1ce72fc39795ea003a4b5c4497d2Benjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Reimplement banning of XML in defaults. r=njn
fa10b335dd65339f89ecfe2a4c938596271e1b3bBenjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Reparse functions if we discover they are strict. r=njn
72f55526999afd5ff463b70d23f867c13e607b48Benjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Make some JSFunction setters idempotent. r=njn
d2c8c4d0e9c82e84c897fef80363ce3dc5f7179bBenjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Make the tokenizer record if it sees an octal escape. r=njn
135f6317a5d122e35b570fadba9e2258305f8eedBenjamin Peterson — Bug 819509 - Minimal tokenizer support for seek and tell. r=njn
973a98b6265fa585833ecef11404105a1236b110Benoit Girard — Bug 773428 - Part 2: Expose AddMarker via IDL. r=ehsan
0b7e244b7ac87db93bc9f7e23562aa04ad136962Benoit Girard — Bug 773428 - Part 1: Support dynamic profiler markers. r=ehsan
d75e7bfff5544fced13ce6a950a31d019f846fdeBenoit Girard — Bug 820548 - Move .gdbinit to topsrcdir. r=glandium
a18d27e6d78addf4da0a1e387f7e76fae1ef204eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 820546 - Reduce the number of files that are preprocessed while building fennec. r=mfinkle
53c35671c6c2f1c9c85aec6448fa43f815c27e8bMike Hommey — Bug 780448 - Add rules for generic python unit tests. r=ted
213b4178df8c757ad11c5ed35b98cb95aa383a1eMike Hommey — Bug 820724 - Add support for more elaborate expressions for r=ted
0f6f0585d019d54fb9d0c15709cb4dbc6c3f65bbJonathan Kew — bug 820707 - consistently set familyHasItalic flag on GDI font entries, to avoid referring back to the family during font instantiation. r=roc
36672b059df44f1e2a1bb7f9c2fc5b560e432534Ms2ger — Bug 820791 - Fix set-but-unused variable warning in nsUnicharStreamLoader::WriteSegmentFun; r=emk
6a3f97ee997d4f2e368b66f90118c0caae3906adHubert Figuière — Bug 814086 - Limit the size of the pending queue of crash reports to 10. r=bsmedberg
fd919eb97465a2d98684055b1538cd3e6a190161Bellindira Castillo [:bellindira] — Bug 806725 - Port test_localStorageBasePrivateBrowsing.html to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=ehsan
1c24a90750bf82ffea17e60d90184012d125cc64Mario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806732 - Port test_bug627234.js to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=ehsan
edd45de440ba0913b8226d4a47efe23962fe3003Jason Smith — Bug 818466 - Enable basic automated WebRTC gUM tests on Android. r=jesup
1cc19f36ee663920b819411beda4652931571e10Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
b4f3b4a3f0c45e50d41c309ec306c654de916f60Ed Morley — Bug 816990 - Disable browser_inspector_sidebarstate.js for too many intermittent failures
b3b5e2392ea57375ddafd681e6bc85bb8f78ab05Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2ce14c9551fa3e280fbf2a2a036ba7bf64900d31Adam Dane [:hobophobe] — Bug 819412 - Test for Bug 733553 gets desynched under load r=joe
f99c04a0afc54356509f222902988c3c8d53ab8fTom Schuster — Bug 812446 - Optimize str[double], str.char[Code]At(double). r=nbp
421ea4f8b050efb92228d94d0ecd093aa3a9c1c6Jon Coppeard — Bug 817343 - GC validation isn't happening r=billm
5a1aee7197da909615d15cc75e9963667b58bcd1Alexander Surkov — Bug 810572, part2 - remove 'Accessible' postfix from AccTypes constants, r=tbsaunde, sr=roc
5e6a558cbebe1f9ebcc76cc62bfef39fcc3ef80cJonathan Kew — bug 819725 pt 2 - apply default scaling in widget/windows/nsWindow move & resize methods, to account for non-100% Windows UI scale factors. r=roc
b224adb34456da4f9da56271254d37941cf30d0eJonathan Kew — bug 819725 pt 1.1 - don't round device-pixel coordinates in nsView and nsXULWindow when calling widget APIs to move/resize windows. r=roc
d5cd9651e99a1b3ab23e23ecc7ed47c64fe0a8e3Jonathan Kew — bug 819725 pt 1 - make widget move & resize methods take floating-point parameters, to allow passing fractional coordinates without rounding. r=roc
4b11f6769b278cd9c9a165e643df832a67a77b46Robert O'Callahan — Bug 663776. Part 1: When determining whether the scale factors hav changed, we need to use GetBaseTransform for the old scale factors, because that's what stores the old transform that we computed scale factors from. r=mattwoodrow
febf7b3ad73179d24167b7413d67b4d4a5420e89Robert O'Callahan — Bug 663776. Part 0.5: Mark layers that could have their transforms changed via off-main-thread animations or empty transactions, and treat all ThebesLayerOGL descendants of such layers as potentially resampled so that their buffers are put into the correct state and size. r=mattwoodrow
f0951ef3bc4d86b761b3725e7219c2f2752337afEric Chou — Bug 815079 - notify DeviceStorage when a file is received and saved, r=dougt
cbb29aa0964913917f09cc94680ec207ac2c24a9Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 3d1dab473a7e (bug 769288)
0938ca4a757c50cb03b116580fe1d53d43f4007fJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset ea45d78f5b3b (bug 769288)
b8d6d7e0b05dfe2d6174a8dda500b8fe87fc19d8Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 571f73bc8d01 (bug 769288)
ea6a655d33b0f639450f0220aa8d2add0c763b2dJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset 209bff5d2e80 (bug 769288)
6c4e334e86bd3cee48aa50b42e20237d31cfcfa4Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset 9fcf530e1c41 (bug 769288)
5a03abca869aa096f424b6a847c778485651f829Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset cec5721713dc (bug 769288)
7b31461e34611e36121e6495560ee41658f9bd14Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset a5c2323ca151 (bug 769288)
2ba450e8ecf0eea845ce0bbb975c4056c929ae88Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset ea39e0af0831 (bug 820135)
c870867b8693595e1b880256dc5849ed82af0331Makoto Kato — Bug 820255 - U+205F (MEDIUM MATHEMATICAL SPACE) and U+1680 (OGHAM SPACE MARK) should break line. r=masayuki
ea39e0af08317a418f20a3f607550f9bf998c558Gregor Wagner — Bug 820135 - Preferences: We don't save prefs when we reboot. r=cjones
a5c2323ca1516a41828a5cf8dcc39bd9f8395df7Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 7: Use separate SSL session cache entries for private connections. r=mayhemer
cec5721713dc620acefd23698ba0b11e2db8210eJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 6: Remove global private browsing NSS cleanup on exit. r=ehsan
9fcf530e1c41cbbd7fab358805acc36a085aa536Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 5: Close private socket connections when the lsat private browsing instance dies. r=bsmith,mcmanus
209bff5d2e8080fa61c4f74ff0eb9430e9d6d5d0Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 4: Clear SSL session cache upon leaving private browsing. r=bsmith
571f73bc8d015867720a8b08ac1a66bf27822ba3Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 3: Clear all temporary cert overrides upon leaving private browsing. r=bsmith
ea45d78f5b3b581c5cdfd594f27cfb80a94fdebeJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 2: Avoid storing intermediate cert data for private contexts. r=bsmith sr=mayhemer
3d1dab473a7ea0d3e1731553ea35e69adb7c46beJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 1: Make PSM more amenable to storing concurrent private and non-private data. r=bsmith
a00257dcffabd495ee235a72961c09803b059b92Matthew Gregan — Bug 815569 - Pause (rather than mute) media elements interrupted by the audio channel service. r=roc
3cbe7a6b5395d9a9f442aa6865a2fcf382a2be48Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 819772 - Add a memory reporter for DMD's data. r=jlebar.
3351dbc4711c52bd9013e083dee42a5676ea176fEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
9d104b821f914da14f9f58a4f9ecaf338d58c9f3Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 800862 - Unwind bailouts exception with the interpreter. r=dvander
9929a498ba0e6290522b1436bdb1cb0b95d54224Trevor Saunders — bug 820403 - remove nsISupportsArray members in nsFormFillController r=ehsan
7d911d2d690692199f8ebd948a4ba5eacbadf0d7Gavin Sharp — Bug 820273 - Move social tests to make them easier to run alone. r=felipe
12c667cef3bd0db2eee47bc73535b94d9d317e15Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 819833 (part 2) - Remove because it's unused. r=ted.
753c92f595776132cc78ca5e83533b04a2ca267fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 819833 (part 1) - DMD: Print PCs at the end of lines. r=jlebar.
34f4ca8d630c405cee72f04db05e6e59a771c61eShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 814252 - use touch event for scrolling if available. r=cjones.
08d0d2e50d5bcd7afc4b48e6105175ea58fed0deShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 815943 - prevent drag detection while invoking preventDefault() on touch move event. r=smaug.
2605aa5980f9ef1e89438f801bcb643f55ea68b6Jared Wein — Bug 819992 - Only open the click-to-play doorhanger once per window per session. Use the red blocked plugin icon and flash the icon to bring extra attention. r=dao
ba511a01e9c7a711bcde8832083be2ea2912ef2cMakoto Kato — Bug 486141 - pymake cannot build securiy/build. r=gladium
edea17a879985a60c1499d34b706cf61c08867b4Nathan Froyd — bug 792566 - remove nsISupportsArrays in nsFileView.cpp r=enn
2fe26dccff609e6a127cf5d1bb29ddcb7ee63326Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 820256 - Upgrade clang to 169730 in the 3.2 branch. r=rail.
210c07002d04f3ac6e4551d7394227907b847a43Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 820256 - Upgrade clang to 169730 in the 3.2 branch. r=rail.
1afcff95d353a07300fd0f2c90df29f19742555bBlake Kaplan — Bug 819164 - reply_len is only valid before we call readString because of UTF-8 interpretation so do our string fixup based on that. r=gal
dd214d4f8e98d4f49daa4157dd780eff243cd571Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 816250 - Make it harder to break the JSScript size constraints. r=luke.
d1f72af89630659cfc01efead0951fe686aae346Juan Gomez — Bug 820435 - Fix the B2G builds on gcc-4.6 (NDK r8) due to missing std::nullptr_t in STLPort; r=ehsan
fef8ecbe43f5895eb444f74885ab40340f3c2a63Gregory Szorc — Bug 819033 - Part 1: Add add_task() to xpcshell runner; r=ted
7592c22f19ecb86f704a69345e4ad7602a219ae5Gregory Szorc — Bug 819033 - Part 0: Remove references to private xpcshell variables; r=paolo
1e0fc8c9988fbae74c1572f4891eac4571d4006bNick Thomas — Bug 819543, stop uploading some b2g files, r=aki DONTBUILD
3766b16a5f9c7b2e75a4265e04b1139cf278c506Kyle Huey — Bug 770844: Add a window.mozIndexedDB to work around this bug for now. r=sicking a=akeybl
31ff0e486fb5e5f72a9173644cd3e8c7148ea31fGavin Sharp — Bug 819827: make fallback value for UpdateChannel.get() match the build's original update channel, r=rstrong
352bd17710c8881a5c4dd913013eff96cfaf833bAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 817122 - Disable failing B2G xpcshell tests, enable debugger tests, r=mdas, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB,test-only
718145f0d60633c06986a2ac9f82c53016827640Olli Pettay — Bug 806031, less surprising toString for XBL binding objects, r=bz
aed7413b2efceb2759f979ddcc779cfc24477dd9Ben Hearsum — bug 812833: Set up nightly multilocale B2G unagi builds for dev testing - set gecko l10n root in gecko configs. r=catlee. NPOTB so DONTBUILD
634180132e686fd07b00ca088937cd9ce370d459Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3eafe802b846e08ae6194de2a2919c14cbc5fd30Wes Johnston — Bug 808408 - Fix tests to not assume keyboard is showing. r=gbrown
8a94633be5645f6371b61040ca72f388a489420aWes Johnston — Bug 808408 - Hide keyboard when switching awesome tabs. r=bnicholson
481814c74277b0757f5bfc901d686d8038b2a0c9Mark Hammond — Bug 820489 - reset social to disabled before removing providers in social tests. r=gavin
b1212b861665ddfad23c64171c7bb6007f56e3f1Jonathan Griffin — Backed out 9dffd2d825c9 for bustage, Bug 811580
6d2586f85a8198324e15f115b0f424dfd46465a4Justin Lebar — Bug 820401 - Default DMD to sample-below=4093. r=njn
1d816bf6e05efc0a22607a94f595d58f5d53cfa0Mats Palmgren — Bug 820230 - Add missing #include to fix compile error. r=me
cbae3f16225b443126a6560c75b7b2422abdd442Mats Palmgren — Bug 820230 - Move PaintSVGGlyph and GetSVGGlyphExtents from nsContentUtils to nsSVGUtils. r=roc
f49e7e261603fd5177bb23990bb06e8e2344c7fbRichard Newman — Bug 807842 - FHR provider: profile metadata. r=gps
64d3313397e3cf850611448bbba2bfa48338887bDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 810543 - do_get_profile now sends the correct events. r=froydnj,khuey
e818f0e822f30a608272bd9a9fbfb34764aec472David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 810543 - OS.File now adapts if OS.Constants.Path.profileDir is not available;r=froydnj
e9d0df316d449f05d7ab04feb265e3bac711319dDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 810543 - OS.Constants now adapts if profileDir is not available;r=khuey
c1982c49eca6d676a8a876c8e3e52b201064c09fDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 810543 - Testing the behavior of OS.Constants.Path.profileDir;r=froydnj
7a5e83065d9f20209a702ab857662818ae50d049Boris Zbarsky — Bug 815502. Implement support for variadic arguments in WebIDL. r=peterv
5ed9e56c7a5d415f4445c00b89a01fba8cb1a6bdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 819588. Null-check the window before jumping. r=emk
939a0ad6e8d6453f0ebc86ea7b136a6bd01ede9cBenedict Singer — Bug 803677 - Fix offsetTop/offsetParent for element with display:table-cell that have anonymous table parents. r=bzbarsky
99a78630d2c237ae5fb6a712eed340c990e43b3fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 820556 - Remove unused function. r=snorp
2fd28dc82cc010576a337cfbe8d1ec4774ea0f53Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 820556 - Remove unused GeckoEventResponder bindings in GeckoLayerClient. r=snorp
a41a29550c44067a34093483a8e0b36cfb227d3dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 820556 - Kill mUsesDefaultProgram which is always true. r=snorp
9602f98a6a7035f6681cf10e03ab443e06606709Terrence Cole — Bug 819118 - Use accessor rather than direct script access; r=billm
513ec84b5c883c206ad4ebbbfa30d7c134d5065bVladimir Vukicevic — b=731974, requestAnimationFrame generates too short/long frames (incl. bug 799242); r=bz,smaug,roc,ehsan
9dffd2d825c90b41acb10687f9aa67f28f5cbf27Rob Wood — Bug 811580 - Develop WebAPI test for, update manifest; r=jgriffin
7ce1a8ae8ed6f4129c8d26602d2ea8388bf824c4Jorge Luis Mendez — Bug 820117 - Remove XQuartz from OS X prerequisites; r=gps
390fb4d217875a55e992990ab87356aad5997da6Nicholas Cameron — Bug 782368; undo patch from 780868. r=mattwoodrow
7e67e86f81d67fe51dd3b955d59b1138ee5d8540Benoit Jacob — Bug 805814 - turn on packing restrictions in WebGL shaders - r=jgilbert
23eb16f8bf3b8388e61e5fc63c2eca14db24309dBenoit Jacob — Bug 805814 - import ANGLE r1317 (only that revision) - r=jgilbert
b5ce0405e7b7e7594969d841ee495c1d17b990eaBenoit Jacob — Bug 814716 - correct the way that we tweak max sizes - r=jgilbert
edddd90c709be789ba65a960d6a0c8c2b345eb3dBill Gianopoulos — Bug 814716 - Limit MaxCubeMapTextureSize for Nouveau to 2K - r=jgilbert
8d394324e01c941c2b62afe67e3c856e4198458fBenoit Jacob — Bug 814407 - reattach textures when a texture image is replaced - r=jgilbert
e2811701794bc91c01d57b0a1e52843d136732a5Fabrice Desré — Bug 820160 - b2g desktop builds sometimes show black screen [r=gwagner]
ebc71a3e489b0d5e9b4f757f3d0a5097e5c187e0Nicholas Cameron — Bug 797520; improve OMTA logging. r=cjones
2db54808d08efa7c51ea8af9688669636e64aa48Nicholas Cameron — Bug 814921; don't flush styles if there are no active animations. r=dholbert
dd737056538ae6370453c62c2d3b53c143b3245aNicholas Cameron — Bug 780692; throttle OMTA (rollup patch). r=dbaron,bz
241296b5355378208a595e661e11f62b083ad60bJames Lal — Bug 816957: Fix some issues in the extensions manager when sharing compartments. r=khuey
149c069986dc674951b125a7657ef1863863a586Gene Lian — Bug 811615 - Miss file name when passing file by Web Activity (part 2, ObjectWrapper.jsm). r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
1af75383fd2e82138a26ef178aa66126388a4bc2Kyle Huey — Bug 811615: Enable chrome code to create a new File object by wrapping an existing Blob and provide a custom name/type. r=sicking a=basecamp-blocking
1545ae660f81a0042558e2ad9d87886a0941b7f2Ed Morley — Backout 14d25f6b938e (bug 809317) for build failures on a CLOSED TREE
89ad76a08a74e2d4b7d0ed528325d6eb5061e3c9Fernando Jiménez — Bug 820366 - UNSUFFICIENT_STORAGE error is not triggered correctly at restart; r=fabrice
a2f64f2e1d88e2729a6a0857252f65eef5f9a09eNathan Froyd — Bug 789975 - gather telemetry on how long memory reporters take during telemetry; r=vdjeric
14d25f6b938efa9bd4ccde16face296e04e7f6cdBenoit Girard — Bug 809317 - Add stackwalking to SAMPLER_PRINT_LOCATION on mac. r=ehsan
b608a82bda90b371981d81d52b73bbbd609094a8Matt Woodrow — Bug 805507 - Only invalidate tables when the visual overflow changes. r=roc
d843a43d7fad8e2ef3bfdcfb3e586c69137d4378Matt Woodrow — Bug 820131 - Compute a more accurate bounds for nsDisplayBoxShadowOuter. r=roc
1cc90ffcd6b6e5ad6ef28d9527024208e5f37493Matt Woodrow — Bug 806099 - Use the 'best' active scrolled root when flattening layers, even if it isn't an ancestor of all display items. r=roc
469076f776d6992aa961c0e3e6b6dadc8531b490Ed Morley — Backout fac650c31656 & 907a846d368f (bug 819033) for xpcshell failures
cdc37128bd0d026212d9187c4f1b334eb74bb775Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 34c9ccee8058 (bug 782542) for mochitest failures
740c8dd81b049e6dda1e288f6df3b99485fa76d5Richard Newman — Bug 820179 - Mach command for packaging. r=gps
2d8446dbc05ab0995c11515a33fcc02820c5b0dfMihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 816035 - Add durations to xunit output, r=jgriffin
65186454c480bd2fd2cd41f07a171ae864f28400Chris Jones — Bug 819714: Take away the nice things from desktop b2g builds. r=vingtetun
2350ed0a5b3fa3bdd3f846e038699e3fcbdfd116EKR — Bug 792175 - Move PeerConnection operations onto main thread. r=jesup,derf,ehugg
10eeae4504629c5a3e9c22a27efd6671e1f8ff35Andrew McCreight — Bug 814027 - Make domDoc into a COMPtr in Navigator::Vibrate. r=jlebar
9ee7c79e2ff060d5f33da0d89947cfc27a0a9068Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 816575 - Remove call to SetRenderAndroidVM when not using internal renderer. r=tterribe
80931869c457d4376c105f8064acff3f492b0f17Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 813918 - Fix nICEr build for Android. r=dmose
a02a0f64ee618a6d96a64e5ecfcb6da6641d1381Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 813913 - WebRTC signaling code doesn't yet build on Android. r=dmose rs=dmose
fac650c31656798c153ef08299b9568d9ea84253Gregory Szorc — Bug 819033 - Part 1: Add add_task() to xpcshell runner; r=ted
907a846d368f04c0f7394b140e08479bf0aea41eGregory Szorc — Bug 819033 - Part 0: Remove references to private xpcshell variables; r=paolo
34c9ccee8058bbbdbb2e08e6f0a96473f38c54acJosh Matthews — Bug 782542 - Secure necko IPDL usage. r=ted,jduell
7297d8f6c6afdb07283d353f02cfec9d917596d5Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 819399 - Add b2g to known_os list in, r=ted
4db89f8e3fbfa2eed2203bb8d86e3685475e0bacEric Chou — Bug 818696 - prevent "pairing failed" prompt from appearing after re-enabling Bluetooth, r=gyeh
bf46c86deb67c5e16f541aeceba0fb1bd803b661Eitan Isaacson — Bug 818343 - Introduce gesture quick navigation. r=davidb
7bdbb938754177d3b8343251d684d7577475122eEitan Isaacson — Bug 817869 - Consolidate Android and B2G touch adapter. r=davidb
2fb469965c13a453c11463f014293778f677c6f8Ms2ger — Bug 776539 - Move FormData to Paris bindings; r=bz
3bb5a5a91af65134ca51fceeba6511045ae4fb66Randell Jesup — Bug 752657: backout sigslot multithreaded due to deadlocks rs=jesup
e1245c60df4282029831dfd63732b58621ff324eWes Johnston — Bug 809401 - Allow scrolling subframes in webapps. r=kats
ea0207f326a6e692da75845383160d0b90b269deWes Johnston — Bug 816875 - Add a "Show Controls" option to video elements. r=mfinkle
e1903c2b01aec9f132e6fcc6b8b2fbea85b58be3Geoff Brown — Bug 820322 - Avoid NPE in testHistoryTab; r=wesj
db376fcebe6252a8d3cfb906fc86235c44346079Ed Morley — Backout 2044222a3f1d (bug 820230) for build failures on a CLOSED TREE
e84e0de4949d32da71f4f466e44a74896e6f7925Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
2044222a3f1de0aa1f49bedcd303a6ccef22dfeaMats Palmgren — Bug 820230 - Move PaintSVGGlyph and GetSVGGlyphExtents from nsContentUtils to nsSVGUtils. r=roc
dba66466c28d7e5d8e0a189f815203d4d568d91aMats Palmgren — Bug 820222 - Fix unknown namespace mozilla::services compilation error. r=jlebar
d297fbdd50fb4ed024ea7f2a3215ee631a2e4797Mats Palmgren — Bug 820219 - Remove the PR_ prefix for a few PR_[U]INT32_MAX that has been added since bug 791906. r=roc
1114382b1f56edf6957d669ce161d36967afae43Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 814796 - Fix NameError when reporting an error. r=glandium
cfbea498e32afdc9504fb2f94c23ef248818ea85Mike Hommey — Bug 755724 - Use DIST_SUBDIR for XPIs too. r=ted
4cb7d5b30fa95c763aeecd52e743c416f1c056bcMike Hommey — Bug 820158 - Adjust log4moz.js import from marionettecomponent.js after bug 817076. r=jgriffin
e602d45eef1038d6421b0a8461efed2de77c0167Mike Hommey — Bug 820053 - Properly install browser theme's icon. r=ted
fd9010b6bad3919398e6147cbcc8f50ce6db9211Mike Hommey — Bug 820289 - Quote paths in install/preprocessing/mkdir "magic" rules. r=ted
500855f76d161fc32acbfb2077aaf53178cf141aMike Hommey — Bug 820351 - Add a pymake unit test for native touch -t. r=ted
8b5953a0cbf778b1274389d492220ecd70fbb31aMike Hommey — Bug 820351 - Use pymake native touch in config/makefiles/ r=ted
dcec67acfda368500f54d7fba764d0ea0197543cMike Hommey — Bug 820351 - Add support for -t option of touch in pymake builtins. r=ted
e90311488c8c11ecad8cc86c81ae52b9a66dadeaEd Morley — Bug 820221 - Disable browser_dbg_cmd.js on Windows for too many intermittent failures
09f572ba2eeade21e2bf8243d33c4792bff16e17Jeff Walden — Bug 805121 - Be more careful checking math to avoid incorrect behaviors. r=terrence
e217e280f14ab0fc4d0ce665b7a6435c4b28863fVicamo Yang — Bug 820220 - Part 2/2: xpcshell test case, r=yoshi
1562979f08f8352927fa30d46fd6e9b19de50e47Vicamo Yang — Bug 820220 - Part 1/2: fix extra octets sent in multipart UCS2 encoded messages, r=yoshi
6fe9b3023000b4945c0d14110a28494906a6adc0Patrick Wang — Bug 798000 - Part 2 - Test cases r=vicamo
e2172b8ef3cc011a845e51a7aeb9a51986f5ab1cPatrick Wang — Bug 798000 - Part 1 - Read EF_OPL, EF_PNN files and update network name. r=vicamo
e594a31444eedc02a217bd7f6a63b1b849016584Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 717853 (follow-up): Remove the extra '.' char in the suffix of dumped files. r=me.
88fd42043056864232a7e1d67ee3f6757de7076dEd Morley — Backout 194d8f675d2d & 251a18603db4 (bug 811615) for xpcshell and mochitest failures
2ea2ccfd704eefa79d76be459580b9ca96132039Randell Jesup — Bug 752657: switch all uses of sigslot to default to multithreaded (win32 already defaults that way) r=ekr
d3d705c337a513a0c9445b60b66e6b716250e762Randell Jesup — Bug 818836: Use _GNU_SOURCE instead of __USE_GNU r=glandium
13da8dc7b474ada86a3a1ba24fad25788ffcde42Randell Jesup — Bug 806822: avoid race condition in gathering stats r=ehugg
92c1455aca7e913696b9cbc09810f040d1108113Randell Jesup — Bug 812886: disable peerconnection creation while offline r=smaug
db40186d9d395fcb908ba5eeba8b88fe85f52ff8Trevor Saunders — bug 819940 - remove nsISupportsArray::EnumerateForwards() r=ehsan
bb270f328b5a637ebd6c10315bd0926e2c2bed11Trevor Saunders — bug 801466 - part 3.2 remove some usage of prmem in content/ r=mounir, khuey
e54109656e933fc57dd99ac5d463f38be3edc403Ed Morley — Backout 8288c4940d1e (bug 818696) for crashes
194d8f675d2de1dce80eebb6cafaa60916eff429Gene Lian — Bug 811615 - Miss file name when passing file by Web Activity (part 2, ObjectWrapper.jsm). r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
251a18603db402a263ace83695d6dc9f4bc2d9cbKyle Huey — Bug 811615: Enable chrome code to create a new File object by wrapping an existing Blob and provide a custom name/type. r=sicking a=basecamp-blocking
ba667d2eeaba357e34b990c1e73d1fb26e6745f6Hannes Verschore — Bug 816492: Add testcase, r=testcase
8288c4940d1e3cd09291fa2bfce8bf9bfe98d528Eric Chou — Bug 818696 - prevent "pairing failed" prompt from appearing after re-enabling Bluetooth, r=gyeh
1181c5df586637733d0bb6781f9f2ed5ef841a95Hannes Verschore — Bug 819797: Create script for lazy functions before using the script, r=dvander
a4a0aa79803867bc2457ffe27ae0ef8f3024655dHannes Verschore — Bug 819797: Don't use range information when range analysis is disabled, r=bhackett
32a37874bfd96585d81bee87a67dd745000ee593Hannes Verschore — Bug 813773: Increase speed of calls with unknown function target using IM to IM fastpath, r=nbp,sstangl
01414463877ccb70d581c6e57ac395271afdb490Hannes Verschore — Bug 819299: Add handling of MagicValue(JS_IS_CONSTRUCTING) to MCreateThis, r=dvander
553a3bcf1fe771c09cdfd1640e8059c312622b4aEhsan Akhgari — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 769288) because of leaks
1fe0626d17c3354b213e933d548f02e21128a613Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 18baa7203214 (bug 818732) beacuse bug 769288 is going to be backed out
18baa7203214533af2080c7d95076f1ed03dea4cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 818732 - Switch Nightly to per-window private browsing; r=jdm
b2fb475b6e4e45c886f5a1426a339080a9d6a176Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 7: Use separate SSL session cache entries for private connections. r=mayhemer
912331d0c2fd6adce51501b5eff32557fc1845a5Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 6: Remove global private browsing NSS cleanup on exit. r=ehsan
6d8d78bd56a972dd3bf51472192d09f173643278Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 5: Close private socket connections when the lsat private browsing instance dies. r=bsmith,mcmanus
e75cd1e1fca33d040197fd6c752703bb88651456Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 4: Clear SSL session cache upon leaving private browsing. r=bsmith
e10c24f10bd21d8887cfc96f521107ffb02ac783Josh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 3: Clear all temporary cert overrides upon leaving private browsing. r=bsmith
7b0fdedb4fa900e366f0b017dfba3864236ce8dbJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 2: Avoid storing intermediate cert data for private contexts. r=bsmith sr=mayhemer
42b468942a84a4d5b3f941e520dd1f87fa7eab2eJosh Matthews — Bug 769288 - Part 1: Make PSM more amenable to storing concurrent private and non-private data. r=bsmith
f6580fbf3b0bdcf1313c3c4eed6690ee8131be56Gavin Sharp — Fix migration issue from bug 809694: need to set provider as active when migrating previous state, r=markh
87f8165c5a0bd7466f111d9e084d83f2fa4bfeeaEd Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
478cdc0fc59f74792a1c0f0ccb935729fe0741f9Lucas Rocha — Bug 800071 - Hide the quit menu item on ICS and greater versions (r=mfinkle)
8718e5b8bab916406c0433c2d959c4937382bf94Randy Lin — Bug 815452 - Don't unmute FM audio if the user increases the volume when FM audio is muted for channel policy reasons. r=sicking
971c2bbc41aab00148f9064b6be196aa96171516Gene Lian — Bug 819136 - Check application types when granting audio-* permissions (part 2). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
97c5efcc211540fdf1282e08d540f52d69fd74c5Marco Chen — Bug 811649 - Mute other audio when video recording is started by using an AudioChannelAgent to integrate with AudioChannelService. r=mhabicher a=blocking-basecamp
12f49c4f231ff6c1e57ffef394313f7f8ddeae97Till Schneidereit — Bug 819700 - Part 4: Followup for a bug introduced in Part 1. r=ms2ger
3dd00821b68021a452f832711d139945bcac0018Randy Lin — Bug 815452: Hook up FM radio to the audio manager. r=sicking a=blocking-basecamp
f5c9297c922aee45eb62ead46a224352f211a1eeVicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 5/5: test cases, r=rwood
3a54cd08b141a0c7c7ef71a7cb32c693432d979cVicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 4/5: Android backend, r=sicking
8216f817af45df526f76727bf855517b3c7806e6Vicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 3/5: RIL implementation, r=anygregor
bd49f34665d9bbaee44c68e8e5302e7adef6f0eeVicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 2/5: DOM implementation, r=sicking
a845afe5f4c68c82687f0e019ea64c400f5a5f3dVicamo Yang — Bug 774621 - Part 1/5: add sending/failed delivery state, sr=sicking
8d444cab11e729511a2c01694a616f9b65daedb6Till Schneidereit — Bug 819700 - Part 3: Cleanup of intrinsics naming and arguments order of callFunction. r=shu
36b37b58c0c21dc70171362ae202391d2b3363a6Till Schneidereit — Bug 819700 - Part 2: Remove support for the "%FunName" syntax in self-hosted code. r=shu
8e668236e9349cd5c192e3cce0f3a3884c5600e6Till Schneidereit — Bug 819700 - Part 1: Move all self-hosting code from jscntxt.cpp to vm/SelfHosting.cpp. r=luke
bda0d77acf0c0655a313aebff4ed02a4cbe710d9Chris Jones — Bug 819609: Don't try to send too-large videos to hardware video decoders. r=doublec a=blocking-basecamp
a64ee725049ee03a4e608b5b05c1890fc370dcd3Shane Caraveo — Bug 809694: implement support for multiple social providers in the front-end, including basic UI to switch between them. Portions of the patch by Gavin Sharp <>, r=gavin, r=markh
386f67f3f9878c821bbc6711754a11df00daf9c2Richard Newman — Bug 814331 - Check counts before syncing limited cllections. r=nalexander
8d530edaaa6ada038d7300ee4951ffb4a679fb39Siddartha Pothapragada — Bug 816835 - Part 2: Marionette test case to remove a setup menu. r=allstars.chh
cf33b009d411ea3f077a174011b47ad7e334ec54Siddartha Pothapragada — Bug 816835 - Part 1: [B2G RIL] Decode Comprehension-TLV failed when its length is 0. r=allstars.chh
b3968901d04702e2a39d3bd8def532719ce6f918Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 820172 - Fix android build when building with gcc 4.6. r=ehsan
5908a3ce55076f764ac203c9afde40af4a061c5aGina Yeh — Bug 819832 - Patch 1: Sending files to Mac would fail at the end of sending process, r=echou
ee1418ff5edab11f8d92706ebf03e3b92eb9df80Fabrice Desré — Bug 819286 - Crash when browser tab closes while zooming [r=cjones]
dfaef416ac168bfff17df7603831f90127496ca2Fabrice Desré — Bug 796198 - Use the right cookie jar when downloading package and minimanifest for packaged apps - Part 2 : use cookie jars [r=sicking]
f4c6bbc050f69f6da5fb2063c0ba392c52d8aab5Fabrice Desré — Bug 796198 - Use the right cookie jar when downloading package and minimanifest for packaged apps - Part 1: move the xhr to Webapps.jsm [r=sicking]
b03d124ee8218ca1efbd71aaedafdacd0791eee9Alexander Surkov — Bug 810572, part1 - split Accessible::mFlags into bit fields, r=tbsaudne, sr=neil
eedefdd3375d92229f72ae2602138291171ff0b0Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 8a2d8c34d905 (bug 796198) because of mochitest-chrome failures
b901ea202aebcd462b780b98803372d7f05690ecEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 9f29dda59ef7 (bug 796198)
b29ecfdf4255afeda5c30350a3bfbbd1a06db520Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 717853 - Add a native version of DMD. r=jlebar,glandium.
125899d65b9484c8efac78df3d5cd2ce7df4097fEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
24e488691aa64c79e7f80ab7124ffc0d4c7713b4Chris Double — Bug 817478 - Part3: Build changes for honeycomb libomxplugin libraries on Android - r=khuey
5c8ee323cc1de5b0551f05ce9e90018b3460bd8aChris Double — Bug 817478 - Part2: Package sony libomxplugin libraries on Android - r=mark.finkle
9b66e117581544e7f41671b65e6e28ec02b52cdcChris Double — Bug 817478 - Part1: omx plugin changes for sony device support - r=cpeterson
99fed146940330d9f1644f6ef63ed3e4a62a8a3dGregor Wagner — Bug 819218 - Permissions Installer - Fix desktop-notification permission. r=sicking
f5e76b86f70c4a7b1b366a93008592de250b6c1cJonathan Griffin — Backout 8baf93244cfa for Marionette bustage, bug 813978
72859dc0fefdcd23ca58fd1362b8e0155f4f5266Steve Fink — Bug 817812 - Fix --enable-root-analysis compile. r=terrence
51b160a3672e90174d8f70894963d20048ec268dMark Hammond — Bug 788368 - Port messages will no longer be dropped if port is closed before other side connects. r=felipe
34f464e9a22c8bb7c5227f9d72ac1813dc852df5Blake Kaplan — Bug 820185 - Fix the copy constructor to not use uninitialized members. r=bent
4528be937f5c42db7173132d00055525de17ef87Robert Strong — Bug 817723 - Only build the stub installer when building x86 and the update channel equals nightly, aurora, beta, and release. r=khuey
226ffef01c8471a8bea80df488257fe73a284f4fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 812700 - Fix SCTP code to build on Android, r=dmose,ted
8d00a8bf150863be5f89576f6cb3dc5a27349902Trevor Saunders — bug 819940 - remove nsISupportsArray::EnumerateBackwards() r=ehsan
668141ff257734e31651ec99e691299abe20b5ebTrevor Saunders — bug 819927 - Base64{Encode,Decode}() should properly handle empty strings r=ehsan
9f29dda59ef7b8fec062af0f315ca69fc8077ec2Fabrice Desré — Bug 796198 - Use the right cookie jar when downloading package and minimanifest for packaged apps - Part 2 : use cookie jars [r=sicking]
8a2d8c34d905d6869cfdea8bbfacc468e95fbdcfFabrice Desré — Bug 796198 - Use the right cookie jar when downloading package and minimanifest for packaged apps - Part 1: move the xhr to Webapps.jsm [r=sicking]
f0eab0765e253a988ce0434fb6720206ae50b8caEitan Isaacson — Bug 817684 - Translate Android hover enter/exit to mouseenter/mouseleave. r=wesj
988ef008a1d79117fbecf545dac830c8cc152dafEhsan Akhgari — Bug 819202 - Part 1: Implement the "non-private" feature; r=bzbarsky
862fe97bd3a45879da0df040aa0f1302f6afeedfSean Stangl — Bug 807464 - Increase Ion script size limit to 2000. r=dvander
7686d9b787e19cab813ca057021c07c71978cdbbBrian Nicholson — Bug 769919 - Check adapter count instead of visible list child count in testBookmark. r=gbrown
81c3ce1dde6f17b6ecfe1192c1255a1e7240244bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 819751. Turn out the WebIDL-based quickstubs for touch event handlers for now, because that setup doesn't handle prefable properties correctly. r=peterv
b851b1485547df9cbb15bda186970ae2384e40a6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 820120 - Remove the browser.privatebrowsing.dont_prompt_on_enter pref in per-window private browsing builds; r=jdm
7271e935c3977cebffcab8da941fed4e90a5fcf0Brian Hackett — Bug 813559 - Enable off thread Ion compilation by default, r=dvander.
4c4bdc7fc6c6dd96ce72a768a4acd8dd0df2daf3Theo Chevalier — Bug 737600 - When telemetry is disabled in the pref pane, we should update toolkit.telemetry.rejected. r=bnicholson
ad491d4e39da0197c08a2ffc10f9206ea7bea82dTheo Chevalier — Bug 725987 - Create Telemetry (opt-out) notification for Nightly and Aurora (mobile). r=bnicholson
7b3ffe203ebf4db8308c9e37394d592e03887ae9Theo Chevalier — Bug 737596 - Enable Telemetry by default on Nightly and Aurora channels (mobile). r=bnicholson
057218b30dcb840dca2ccad8a7d06d4991c7b33cFabrice Desré — Bug 813978 - follow up, turn off debug messages r=me
278dc672e058a9916ec4ceda4bec66b45cc03776Jonathan Griffin — Bug 800138 - Open a dummy socket before Marionette starts listening, r=past
ecdeb0c29a23803a01938bfc568356650716c3ceKannan Vijayan — Bug 819611 - test case. r=gkw
14398a2c17040a02d06b519e76ae63dba8ebae71Trevor Saunders — bug 819939 - remove NS_NewISupportsArray() r=ehsan
44ec84ee50faf5e7f3c0bf344d4623182aaf0fcdTerrence Cole — Bug 820080 - Don't limit test count to be less than 10,000; r=sfink
8baf93244cfa4cdc140e07998144ef3acc802b54Fabrice Desré — Bug 813978 - [SMS API] getMessages cursor is slow when SMS database contains large number of messages [r=ferjm]
d55211c8eba4013486700be8a3888bac1f7e6a79Brian Nicholson — Bug 815937 - Give the search suggestion row its own view type. r=lucasr
efaa95eba56678f9305df8653b4cccb24b71acbbFabrice Desré — Bug 817982 - Add support for preinstalled packaged apps in webapps.jsm [r=ochameau]
a367c96b94599e3a1aeb111f4e8b3b83fcfcdea4Kannan Vijayan — Bug 819611 - Dont attach scall-StrictPropertyOp-setter stubs for SetProps on non-writable properties. r=dvander
4bd1cc9d98c5b492a7a2f79750990cda36c09a3eChris Pearce — Bug 815107 - Ensure AudioClock::mOldOutRate has sensible value, prevents audio clock position poisoning on one code path, and initialize AudioClock::mOldBasePosition to 0. r=padenot
eaa3e37656782a29744f2224b15567563a0cf8f5Paolo Amadini — Bug 789932 - Add a component to save files asynchronously on a background thread, handling temporary download locations. r=biesi
8c98a08e6c44965946003f54e61159b536e00939Mark Banner — Bug 819916 Selecting "Share Microphone" or "Share Camera" picks the last item in the list rather than the first. r=jesup
8233f3cfd7e850429b3b7970ae1ef3aaacab9b83Boris Zbarsky — Bug 819745. Correctly handle body.onerror = null. r=peterv
14c80343a9f61a2076cab38655fd4ba3ab3e3a2cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 817669 test. r=bholley
e539177376ea4a26febd51526720d6ae2a00a634Boris Zbarsky — Bug 816846. Correctly call up to our superclass to resolve an identifier conflict. r=khuey
a19bcc4fd4932282e8cbdf3d7371c54298987a3bArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 819342. Start generating DONTBUILD. r=aki
5ea7c2464e887b1583841570a07ae65ea53ee6abJim Chen — Bug 819073 - Set InputConnection during each focus notification; r=cpeterson
c73e30eaccddedf560d3247a385a48721362a0f7Brian Hackett — Bug 815258 - add missing cloneTypeSet(), r=dvander
8275b86c0b62e2b1f284388af7a4cacc6eaa8eccBrian Hackett — Remove bytecode uses analysis, keep track of SSA values that were folded away when building MIR, bug 818869. r=jandem
508d1f5c60b050dbd72330204db528a796973229Mike Hommey — Fixup bug 818903 configure. r=me
3cb1250425c05448e0ded6d3946f4827160467baMike Hommey — Bug 818903 - Also link NSPR and NSS with --build-id when available. r=ted
8ebc6c8ff612459124d6c51a25059629c1b1945dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 819956 - Remove gBrowserGlue from DownloadsCommon.jsm; r=gavin
b003383050b8d52399c1df42707ae4b262bd9ee3Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 827c31623942 (bug 819956) for the bad commit message
827c31623942bd6032334bc87bba141418c851ccEhsan Akhgari — commit bed41369196057dda115456f9913cd0f4766a968
a6414d3438759f39cd50ae80c4210813805b8782Ed Morley — Backout 28807b41f92e (bug 818903) for errors during configure
0e23cc4a25b7af6975ceff03e948528250ecd1fcArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 819342 - Update b2g snapshot (gonk-misc) to capture test packaging changes. r=aki
d251f282391e6cb4d3ba2db8c4a6dce1b0abcaf0Mike Hommey — Bug 812918 - Don't install the xulrunner stub in dist/bin on Mac. r=ted
28807b41f92e3b1693eced79193d1dc77c918a2fMike Hommey — Bug 818903 - Also link NSPR and NSS with --build-id when available. r=ted
6b09993c15f7921d60c2433537686bdda8f0c033Mats Palmgren — Bug 814713. r=bz
2db0bab6b7ff4bd227a253ca9b718f30130bb5c6Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 817651 - Add --enable-updater to ics_armv7a_gecko config, r=catlee
25e87c4b7645b7272f386a28e8ea949820edf196Dave Hunt — Bug 805452 - Write Marionette tests for battery charging status changes. r=rwood
86e10b84313b6eb4080f1ffc129787d4f5591952Julian Seward — Bug 726586 - Uninitialised value use in build_input_gamma_table. r=jrmuizel
cd99d7db5a7bf74bbca1996d1a8453663ee039a0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 51f84c093747 (bug 805121) for test failures.
5a9706887c6e5a67b8e7193f1502b671f21a211aBenoit Girard — Bug 809571 - Remove the libunwind stack walking code for ARM/Android. r=ehsan
87c445df408d5cb0e3f1733e0ed387020494a159Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 805353 - Guard against crash if two threads call into freeBuffer concurrently. r=snorp
3968fd8edddbe750d4cb57f1bdc32ea68f1959f1David Bolter — Bug 819303 - crash in nsTextEquivUtils::AppendTextEquivFromTextContent. f=marcoz r=surkov
0a8ba2e0ed05bba9e22b2a1b57ac767595016729David Clarke — Bug 814140 - Run b2g mochitests from an app hosted on the mochitest server, r=ahal
ea1643fd4285e9c7e13a2a44f293e28397391afdJames Willcox — Bug 800838 - Remove unnecessary delay when unscheduling plugin timers on Android r=blassey
9ddc1eba4e52e7733172ac6f7e90a540aa22b89fJames Willcox — Bug 789271 - Remove placeholder code from PluginLayer r=blassey
51f84c0937472d534eb82a64ceb4bcd62b52864bJeff Walden — Bug 805121 - Be more careful checking math to avoid incorrect behaviors. r=terrence
a4c6ce2b95a19c4883a80ac6ad33d2a5c2b62b50Oleg Romashin — Bug 818787 - Return back NS_ENSURE_TRUE(appShell, into XRE_RunAppShell. r=cjones
ded1b2e2d6be59211de07a4b10aed4c97bc88a95Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 817643 - Separate the test for each iframe. r=hsivonen
45907821616dcd910a2b07f9363c5cf985d16322Valentin Gosu — Bug 783205 - Networking Dashboard. r=mcmanus, r=jorendorff, sr=biesi
c2b28290a53c21bd19b85b4cea62f170aa5c4e7fJames H — Bug 685470 - Test. r=sicking
dc2daca28d7fe7442d7bbe1c09f59c6e93214cb8James H — Bug 685470 - Prevent tooltips when a click occurs. r=sicking
85211b40ba379c1e8c66d0d0c9a1bec30b943dfdMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 638379 - Part 3: Remove workaround for unreliable inputErrorBehavior. r=hsivonen
f2d8e0807127f1a4a8437de9d8180d74adb1051bMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 638379 - Part 2: Fix nsMIMEHeaderParamImpl. r=hsivonen
78b0678417f94d4d0af041228f510f50d9349873Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 638379 - Part 1: Implement kOnError_Recover to the UTF-8 decoder. r=smontagu
21d667b49f3aade2a0fec41f8ac632f208c76baeMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 819650 - Remove nsContentUtils::CreateDocument. r=sicking
0f599b93f34d96e9d733234346c4e82d3da9386bSteven Lee — Bug 819246 - arm_neon is meaningful only when armv7 is true. r=jesup
5b80ceb7da7270678668ddae46b76d2b73e4a32fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 818281 - Remove legacy XHR constructor. r=bz
90d31802945123b94cfc3a848c31167c40f567a0Ralph Giles — Bug 815931 - Fix up valgrind stack-scan annotations. r=terrence
100a1ea225f34f674ec74387463549d03d934febJason Orendorff — Bug 788290 - Turn off by default. r=Waldo
ed76f1a61dce41edc2b796bfe25a8d0856620d0dJason Orendorff — Bug 788290 - Rewrite some XUL template tests to use DOM rather than E4X. r=enn
45bbc96e059f5d0b879ad95a917854443625f3baBen Hearsum — bug 819979: update gonk snapshot used by panda/otoro/unagi builds to include bug 818560. r=catlee
3ce22cb51e5613f19ca524c5eccc1d59e6e9153cMario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806724 - Port browser_ConsoleStoragePBTest.js to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=ehsan
4dfe323a663d507e2ee9e22479ce08f6f47807f8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 819274 - Disable the Restore Previous Session command for private windows in per-window PB builds; r=dao
ab7c54f6472f52cf91e81320c5f404cccbcbe526Benjamin Peterson — Bug 820067 - Check that mTiming is still around in case the beforeunload handler killed it. r=smaug,bz
af0f5575a15324cb76c3d9c77b7f5ac18c5da8f6Benjamin Peterson — Bug 818559 - Don't ask to unload if we know we're going to download. r=smaug
40324fd7e5db82bb1aec5341832e4f015b163707Olli Pettay — Backout Bug 818559 to fix Bug 820067, a=me
99c2b5cf341c673bd27b036cc6e13de6b533cc5fGregory Szorc — Bug 820060 - Fix mach crashtest; r=Ms2ger
00e26dece6ea2c3893a07f0202f5128aaa5ca425Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
d6dd73183bce274301d260a60f73f86078faeb8cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
da39c8eae21295f9749c2320f30142902f6cdc31Gene Lian — Bug 819264 - Need a Policy & Mechanism for Audio Competing & Control (Patch-0 follow-up). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
2011a8b835ebe728fd5588b7c966023907c71566Alan Huang — Bug 815963 - Use a more specific pattern to make ../../dist/bin to ../../dist. r=dhylands
f020328109720b1b8a61b0d27e4bf118d4484b9bAnthony Jones — Bug 804808 - Fixed missing reset of zoom. r=cjones
195b2469641e3e46684b5929bd659ec4a6a0268fAnthony Jones — Bug 799401 - Fix flash of blur on viewport change. r=cjones
8b1d3367ca5d8ea0059a80b52d4da6c38adc3e17Anthony Jones — Bug 799401 - Throttle APZC paint requests. r=cjones
78a9c289f6f1f91fdc18121ac6feaa7b5fd09dc2pchang — Bug 796722 - Send screen update when there is only rotation changed event happened. r=roc
f9fe02eca03c606b171449fb6559bb3e2356e7baEd Morley — Remove spurious line continuation so Make doesn't treat the endif as a comment (no bug); rs=makeyusucksobad
14a96f465272ae10551fadb65605fffffdbfa69dEd Morley — Bug 766546 - Disable browser_bug561636.js on Windows (correctly this time)
e5082df102225e816deca3dc71ae5b4f9d0d4884Brian Hackett — Improve loading elements from arrays with holes on x86, bug 727857. r=sstangl
03e4cc5b322d1cdfc9f5204390acb9236316f66eLucas Rocha — Bug 817526 - Ensure awesome screen animation always starts from correct state (r=mfinkle)
e5e7bb731ca1e1fb5cc6fa33f49a44f9d9a3f526Ed Morley — Bug 770483 - Disable robocop testAboutPage for too many intermittent failures
5cc14abe00d84ad18b2bae35230dcf41a0924747Ed Morley — Bug 766546 - Disable browser_bug561636.js on Windows for too many intermittent failures
9ad42cf238d55f5ca66d28b03c8e8f5d4bc1c459Ed Morley — Bug 808264 - Disable browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js for too many intermittent failures
e03c4bae1106af6c0f4698689d217a2b20213587Ed Morley — Bug 817339 - Disable robocop testBookmark for too many intermittent failures
7897d0e37bb9dc664b070fd64a1caad33c82c8d7Ed Morley — Bug 817304 & Bug 819017 - Disable browser_cmd_calllog.js & browser_cmd_calllog_chrome.js on Windows for too many intermittent failures
36ac5361823644b6c993658323f32ba6c3003469Henrik Skupin — Bug 812785 - Crashtest for WebRTC use-after-free crash. r=jesup
cfccbaf87671adf1be8442cdded6ca79c4bb4d68Robert Longson — Bug 812890 - spot light filters do not process limiting cone angle properly. r=cam
64dabdd4df4a93e1ac4a84bd6fecfa6da84107b8Alexandre Poirot — Bug 807438 - Add new 'open-remote-window' app permission r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
2224b34281aac95ff31d8978ea870e9cd5922818Marco Chen — Bug 819275 - [Audio] The Usage of nsRefPtr for AudioChannelService is Wrong. r=roc, a=blocking-basecamp
3ba90f85653a9d69fa167adbe5dade6aaecb9023Robert O'Callahan — Bug 805343. Part 2: Update FrameLayerBuilder::HasVisibleRetainedDataFor to account for occluded display items. r=mattwoodrow
e8f5182d94c57218bdb26a19f74350dbe540686bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 805343. Identify DisplayItemDatas that are completely hidden by other opaque content in their ThebesLayer, and ignore them when we check to see whether there's an image we might need to invalidate. r=mattwoodrow
a4c7e07abd65e69904191cf4d33a66b588077eccTed Mielczarek — Bug 704368 - Skip test_nsIProcess_stress.js on Linux64 debug for intermittent failures; r=glandium
31b16bc75897d91e3ecaeedf3f0a29740192de50Jonathan Kew — bug 816483 - cache instantiated user fonts and share them across pages that use the same resources. r=roc
0e9bc6febd7f0592e61556235d66caa53ae92ebeMike Hommey — Bug 816494 part 4 - Add a -r option to elfhack that re-merges the split PT_LOADs. r=nfroyd
d2ebcd9235d106fd42b5a16a5c866873fe75823eMike Hommey — Bug 816494 part 3 - Allocate Elf instance on stack in do_file(). r=nfroyd
84ad94351bf3586470298c8543cb8bb025ec246dMike Hommey — Bug 816494 part 2 - Move the PT_LOAD splitting logic in elfhack.cpp. r=nfroyd
1ae98ad3b851ef37a7a6ac6c7459308027181e4aMike Hommey — Bug 816494 part 1 - When inserting a section before or after another, also insert it in the segments containing that other. r=nfroyd
d126ed8518876f2f8e0b187c961a097c374c388bMike Hommey — Bug 486141 - Stop building NSS with gmake when building m-c with pymake. r=ted
49d2d16b9d5b6f35c606cc854896961fcdab94f6Aharon (Vladimir) Lanin — Test case for bug 712603, r=smontagu
5c2f1dfa1f67a38631ff62bbe4ae658a36235649Trevor Saunders — reland the part of bug 801466 backed out in 02a65951d77d since it wasn't at fault
25d2aefdca3794b4374156a0742f3d2a16b7fc91Simon Montagu — Remove node from nsTextNodeDirectionalityMap when another node is going to replace it. Bug 816253, r=peterv
263bc2e3481f954ce40127fdc5e8e3520025d0cbSimon Montagu — Test for bug 816253
957e9d5fe527d6bea6d141bc1864f42b443c51deRob Wood — Bug 814761 - Part 2/2: add test cases, r=rwood,yoshi
4130f20282defdcdc61c2a8c5fc2041396f5fe4cVicamo Yang — Bug 814761 - Part 1/2: fix ril worker exception due to buffer overwritten, r=yoshi
b30a1fff2d0758a6e69bbac0d87707444349b860Robert O'Callahan — Bug 818643. Issue an NotifyRenderingChanged callback on nsDisplayItems when we invalidate anything to do with the display item. Make nsDisplayCanvasBackground override NotifyRenderingChanged to invalidate the cached background image. r=mattwoodrow
1869f4cbee0b8b9b04b935564041dcf4bd1dac21Robert O'Callahan — Bug 785348. Part 1: Track when we've called into plugin code. While we're in plugin code, never run the refresh driver. r=mats
bb0dbeb26f1d70f64940a07da8d9776fc28a6eabMatt Woodrow — Bug 816692 - Use the clipped imgIContainer when converting an nsDisplayBackgroundImage into a layer. r=roc
222b76f9fa95b5932638c8aa63fa2aa3d72c770fMatt Woodrow — Bug 819837 - Always treat empty images as being background-attachment:scroll, r=roc
6db9b2f36039cd01ff709d10e838a18ed2a702b6Makoto Kato — Bug 817960 - cannot build AssemblerBufferWithConstantPool.h using clang 3.1 in NDK r8c. r=mrosenberg
0770315e3538430d517efbb584fce361f79a823bGregor Wagner — Bug 818566 - Permissions Installer - Fix camera permission. r=sicking
e5e4ea3327df1d5103afd699179dcc1f100b759bEdgar Chen — Bug 804671 - Part 4: marrionette tests for PROVIDE_LOCAL_INFORMATION. r=allstars.chh
7169b3dfe53a7ebe96160b2f5963ee122bee34f9Edgar Chen — Bug 804671 - Part 3: xpcshell tests for PROVIDE_LOCAL_INFORMATION. r=allstars.chh
0bd9ff852c5e33d6f64bc70e605c7d2f841da67fEdgar Chen — Bug 804671 - Part 2: Support PROVIDE_LOCAL_INFO in RIL. r=allstars.chh
1ffb3bd63f71ea20e4101cbbd7d891d41976a043Edgar Chen — Bug 804671 - Part 1: IDL for PROVIDE_LOCAL_INFO. r=allstars.chh. sr=jonas
0319dd845d5318f55396e3e4a23fb2046d74242cMatt Woodrow — Bug 815666 - Use OverflowUpdateTracker to avoid calling UpdateOverflow on the same frame multiple times. r=roc
767accc64cf8e3b97d547462aecc0913dff841aeMatt Woodrow — Bug 815666 - Add a helper class to coalesce frames that need their overflow updated. r=roc
fe0abb4decb66a99b3a9603190f4580e30f4e328Cameron McCormack — Bug 819731 - Remove contentStyleType and contentScriptType from SVGSVGElement. r=longsonr
4498adcb9a36b9769506ce3d2044eba61ec193bfMatthew Gregan — Bug 818364 - Update libcubeb to 0.2. r=doublec
0477e846f994dbee815210ef2fc425582216ae72Hannes Verschore — Backed out changeset f1a9592618ec due to orange
717fb7369ef88fd5f24983392402b4cab39ff46dHannes Verschore — Backed out changeset 82e13120f8b9 due to orange
82e13120f8b9bacad81ac2418a4024dc1525f520Hannes Verschore — Bug 813773: Enable IM to IM fastpath for constructing calls, r=nbp,sstangl
f1a9592618ec97ee953e8f5c4ee664fc598cb203Hannes Verschore — Bug 819299: Add handling of MagicValue(JS_IS_CONSTRUCTING) to MCreateThis, r=dvander
69b924c155b08e93800fddff7c890d91281ba8aaSteve Singer — Bug 817356. the skia image resizers need to respect endian order when finding the alpha values. r=joedrew
7a62a67b04019dab934c0e9685a82509e646cc20Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
bd3f5cf45700feb96485f3faf5ad8737eb2e8b62Mats Palmgren — Bug 819766 - Fix operator< ambiguity. r=smaug
c8ecb984c5425986255118e8610eb90cd567be17Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
97cca99b4bae0e19994287bac752e22fd58399ceOleg Romashin — Bug 819364 - Webrtc signaling unit test does not build on Qt port. r=rjesup
c56d29cd5a5a1af36906c95d4b0d386140545f39Saurabh Anand — Bug 818258 - Update the 'headerFile' descriptor field in Bindings.conf to reflect the latest changes in WeGLContext.h, r=bjacob
9265675be2af31041056d7d0d4615e9d59e8d448Saurabh Anand — Bug 818817 - Fix some compiler warnings, r=Ms2ger
c6970a82a686c0c9899a117a09a904fbc851e9c6Gene Lian — Bug 819264 - Need a Policy & Mechanism for Audio Competing & Control (Patch-0 follow-up). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
b014d92ba8d008ef8cc7719913ce9737490fe0f3Mario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806738 - Port browser_visituri_privatebrowsing.js to the new per-tab PB APIs; r=ehsan
ce974772e38f9864ed64bbae48bfad82fdf5f853Olli Pettay — Bug 814001, less surprising serializeToStream callback calls on content, r=bz
ee311a1282efb84780c02d81ffade05077375ac7Mike Hommey — Bug 814693 - Remove __MIPSEL__ block from media/webrtc/trunk/src/typedefs.h, it's handled under __mips__. r=jesup,DONTBUILD
725eb8792d279d645d22df16d1ff0434055c84caEhsan Akhgari — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
cc3df492214453772ebccc3d4f86e45a353d6dbbSaurabh Anand — Bug 816173 - Split out WebGLFramebuffer into separate files
2bd521c3118f4337500f879c6a67dd64d2edc4f7EKR — Bug 816112: Configure webrtc video/RTCP parameters for better defaults r=jesup
93cac86bdd9547c3a165b82af1cc1a5dcd90a228Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 807443 - IonMonkey, Compile named lambdas. r=dvander
ffcf9d8125335c59c4c4ccb209602d6777471ba8Brian Hackett — Tweak locations where compiled chunks begin/end, bug 808481. r=dvander
812eb3fb9abee2ac5e1e42c64182e11a24d9e885Saurabh Anand — Bug 817186 - Split out WebGLUniformLocation into separate files, r=bjacob
b5fa6a857c3529d1f4658c0e24551a74c7d7896eSaurabh Anand — Bug 814562 - Implement clear() on WeakMaps
2f18ed6d271708d120b3806fe95c6a53a83ae13cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817332 - Remove XPIDL for HTMLPropertiesCollection/PropertyNodeList r=bz
4eddb7e1fc9daed56dc9ec925d209bd8add8e111Saurabh Anand — Bug 817785 - Split out WebGLProgram into separate files
94d11f7d9114b1a8d53c5dda4c53bddda1796b8aPaolo Amadini — Bug 778699 - Remove calls to addVisit from the "unit" folder. r=mak
a1d63ccf27c5271791d390457c473857232eb130Paolo Amadini — Bug 778694 - Remove calls to addVisit from the "queries" folder. r=mak
139a9d5cc4d36ca8d2b74c0273736c958fe7073dPaolo Amadini — Bug 776872 - Remove calls to addVisit from the "bookmarks" folder. r=mak
6a9459220c39ddd055d3de759159fe300dc8b8bfPaolo Amadini — Bug 776863 - Remove calls to addVisit from the "autocomplete" folder. r=mak
199a1608cf5e12061e09eaf391244bb399c0046ePaolo Amadini — Bug 776855 - Remove calls to addVisit from the "favicons" folder. r=mak
ba5ef275e3b5fcc9c84e4a8322e147dc308ca08aPaolo Amadini — Bug 776465 - Remove calls to addVisit from the "expiration" folder. r=mak
d8c571638b3290827d973b4bbd088bae2e637819Paolo Amadini — Bug 775580 - Remove calls to addVisit from test_sorting.js. r=mak
ad310e6a5c44b98e66adb54daf190c6bc98a5ad6Paolo Amadini — Bug 740468 - Replace old synchronous favicons calls in the bookmarks export service. r=mak
5273eab26e50e118a676847b9d4f17eaed0904cdPaolo Amadini — Bug 763295 - Port the bookmarks export service to JavaScript. r=mak
bce6a584bc0f39fa0d29aaad43572764b1dbc39cBrian Hackett — Improve check that code will not be preserved in mjitChunkLimit(), bug 808349. r=dvander
a14a9d4f5d164fb0403fafff20eaa26c560263e8Theo Chevalier — Bug 699806 - Enable Telemetry by default on Nightly and Aurora channels (Desktop), r=mak77
b19ebbfd9ce4703cbbdd127290b020314a813020Theo Chevalier — Bug 737600 - When telemetry is disabled in the pref pane, we should update toolkit.telemetry.rejected, r=mak77
46b7a3a221adca85ce40fcaf6a7fa26bdc85d487Benjamin Peterson — Bug 819601 - Don't redeclare formal. r=Yoric
02a65951d77d17124ec9569ae4a773be6138dcadTrevor Saunders — partially backout c0715c079f1e bug 801466 part 4 to se if it fixes top crashes
9a27274b6616efc3bde4a02e8b33112bf24185d0Gavin Sharp — Followup to bug 788977: don't unnecessarily preprocess pinstripe's toolbox.css
33c70f306fd448f5a3c2006a0c140c609c66df04Bas Schouten — Bug 816117 - Part 3: Only get control registers from the profiled thread. r=bgirard
cdae5d81c8e3985a1dc330442368f657c204a1fdBas Schouten — Bug 816117 - Part 2: Pass the thread context to NS_StackWalk on Win32. r=bgirard
89dca2ab7d8650375951013fe0f842b119ada9c4Bas Schouten — Bug 816117 - Part 1: Add the ability to pass around a windows Thread Context to StackWalkMain64. r=ehsan
15cf1f943bc938ab9eed21d3e560db87fb4c4b0cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 786120 - Implement mousewheel.*.action.override_x. r=smaug
a285d038f2c31b1f8bbd71a6d72c80c95cc8ca45Benoit Jacob — Bug 818766 - forgot to actually flip the pref to false everywhere - r=jgilbert
2451057af1007b3cfa1a0c745bb89e9a36db4405Vincent Chang — Bug 815070 - [Wifi Tethering] Wait driver ready before turning on Wifi tethering. r=mrbkap a=blocking-basecamp
21aeb525c630193a39316ede0014d0ce8eb9cfdaMarty Rosenberg — Attempt to fix the issues by disabling IM when we run into a corner case, rev 3, looks good on try (bug 805299, r=dvander)
c38be1281766b5d3adb59319b6f3131feff84b85Benoit Jacob — Bug 818766 - disable by default losing WebGL contexts on heap-minimize, add a pref for it - r=jgilbert