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Wed Nov 30 03:59:25 2016 +0000
96503957841c8c7617a416719c89a06778de396aBen Kelly — Bug 1319846 - Part 3: Add a wpt test verifying Cache API can store and reproduce Response.redirect(). r=asuth, a=gchang
d85bdb39cf3fab0f4d7a5a50295e08b8063d14e3Ben Kelly — Bug 1319846 - Part 2: Add a mochitest verifying storing a Response.redirect() works. r=asuth, a=gchang
e8ad14b973ac729dbc57869f1b690f6b78713242Ben Kelly — Bug 1319846 - Part 1: Deserialize headers before restoring guard value when reading from Cache API. r=asuth, a=gchang
38176b5357f07869d8d7bf718cfd34fc2696cfd5Felipe Gomes — Bug 1314429 - Bump XPIProvider's schema version to re-read info about multiprocessCompatible. Store information about whether that is false in a new field in the DB to avoid conflicts with any existing code. r=rhelmer, a=gchang
ada06e30b71f989b148be443ad65bfc87d98c813Mats Palmgren — Bug 1279354 - Part 3: Crashtest. a=gchang
c0378c5b192fb93bcde07b77d5ba59197920e37eMats Palmgren — Bug 1279354 - Part 2: Make the nsProgressFrame code a bit more idiomatic by processing its actual child frames. r=dholbert, a=gchang
7e0b24a260ed816cf3269c4ef3f997a1541860c2Mats Palmgren — Bug 1279354 - Part 1: Always call SetPrimaryFrame for NS_FRAME_ANONYMOUSCONTENTCREATOR_CONTENT frames (unless there is one already), including when mCreatingExtraFrames is true. r=dholbert, a=gchang
af2cb10a3309fb6fe129bbb8c1436f8fbc501d11Robert Helmer — Bug 1272446 - Rebuild addons DB from manifests when schema has changed. r=kmag, a=gchang