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Fri May 15 15:47:35 2015 +0000
b03c5f1a77a1a7ec5f429721b9e89c92308ea58aJared Wein — Bug 1162713 - Implement "Save Link to Pocket" context menu item. r+a=dolske, l10n=dolske
50b4e83290a6ff81d47bdd0c94a6f577dfc63e43Michael Comella — Bug 1164938 - Add MOZ_ANDROID_TAB_QUEUE flag only on NIGHTLY_BUILD. r=nalexander, a=lmandel
9d822a4254a700911e2d86288244c171693bfa19Nate Weiner — Bug 1164698 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 13th code drop). r+a=dolske
c8d0128cfe862a770fa0a6d0ca1123b69531ca46Nate Weiner — Bug 1164419 - [OSX] Pocket panel for ru locale build has misaligned elements. r+a=dolske
177f12fa72288328a1fa840657f38ccac77a3a2dJustin Dolske — Bug 1164407 - Pocket not enabled on ja builds under Mac OS X. r=adw, a=dolske
d4a5838756de09c38e43347c965404085eef5f2fNate Weiner — Bug 1163411 - Update View Pocket Menu Link. r=jaws, a=dolske
8f3912d0188da13e12c42b4dabde56c9210c2f55Justin Dolske — Bug 1164208 - Update Pocket code to latest version (May 11th code drop). r=jaws, a=dolske
2fc97db07f559d8495d4cd46a76d1327e3ffa4d4Justin Dolske — Bug 1164253 - Save request is sent twice for every button press. r=jaws, a=dolske
c7a87fac718e2410aad5e18007594927c79bcdb5Nate Weiner — Bug 1164161 - Panel dictionary file missing entries for some languages. r=jaws, a=dolske
cf0acfc565a038453e10437ec62bb66485d1cb28Jared Wein — Bug 1163651 - [Windows] View Pocket List icon from Bookmarks menu is missing. r+a=dolske
043bb48cdac1e3ca3b19b79c630c8f1cf85c5eadGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1164302 - Pocket button gets lost after a restart. r=jaws, a=dolske
effb87cfe721ef9bd42c9252d95c804b5df0293cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1164410 - Fix l10n use in pocket. r=jaws, a=dolske
21a0c8ae355b64b8fc6643a4d663df4e9e0d07abMike de Boer — Bug 1150052 - Move up weak reference resolving for garbage collected chatboxes to fix JS errors making Loop cry. r=mixedpuppy, a=lmandel
b40e595a89a637cc41f6df430b7cfa03d5d59b2dGarvan Keeley — Bug 1164468 - Boolean got incorrectly flipped and stumbling uploads stopped. r=rnewman, a=lmandel
87d556c9f685320fea0105280532fb0186db4128David Major — Bug 1160148 - Disable CRT use of FMA3 on non-AVX2 processors. r=froydnj, a=lmandel
65b16a4f88c8946c4b5e01fa1af537bc1852d786Robert Strong — Bug 1164560 - Only run test_0017_check_staging_basic.xul on Windows due to timing out on other platforms while copying files. r=spohl, a=test-only
7fcae55c0881ec363aa95c0331248b72cffaaa30Maxim Zhilyaev — Bug 1082572 - Print timeDelta and check for at least half time. r=Mardak, a=test-only
a126e704b703a707792ca99a33eaf9a1bbaffc94Eddy BruĂ«l — Bug 1150444 - Intermittent test_WorkerDebugger.isFrozen.xul. r=khuey, a=test-only