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Sat Oct 13 19:19:53 2012 +0000
c0b49817915dfc5f65f40f43b83bc55a6d066d1dVicamo Yang — Bug 786782 - Part 2/2: Test case. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
e9e79d0ed99550eeb2e190f87d70676bfb888cf1Vicamo Yang — Bug 786782 - Part 1/2: Don't rely on status-report in multipart sms. r=marshall_law, a=blocking-basecamp
70984805f3ecf5131441a627ddf1968d2618c18cSteven Lee — Bug 796733 - Re-order the calling sequence of disable FM radio and change audio state. r=mwu, a=blocking-basecamp
690a3827c4658ce4f119567621bee6bd78464323Scott Johnson — Bug 798068 - Return sane values for min/max zoom when handheldFriendly, WAP, Mobile, or WML is set in the viewport metadata. r=mbrubeck, r=bent, a=blocking-basecamp
0e355208adffa4c255a2dd3c2a7251a8960434afEdwin Flores — Bug 795623 - Add audio/mpeg to list of supported OMX codecs. r=doublec, a=blocking-basecamp
adfd438b56ffd83ce7af0c1eff560ee495b4cdd2Edwin Flores — Bug 794061 - Let OMX hardware decoded video frames be copied to canvas. r=kanru, a=blocking-basecamp