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Tue Dec 01 15:43:31 2015 +0000
d39cb9d10fcfb2c11c944e8e2962b4e49597473aAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 1224446 - Partner sms(to)/mms(to) links missing // lose phone number in Uri pruning. r=sebastian, a=ritu
3f436da478d140be995b708190369cc7483f0b2dAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 1222116 - add smsto:// support to fennec. r=mcomella, a=ritu
5b1d1495f58eabdd5ed89e2012c045b597402603Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1227139 - Fix the webconsole for addon and browser content toolbox by handling a missing performance property on this.window. r=bgrins, a=ritu
cfcf9ab4f70505ab3b4058e957f16a92026b035bJared Wein — Bug 1100662 - Fix browser_notification_tab_switching.js to work in e10s mode. r=MattN, a=test-only
a256d40aa813723030043f469ae57b3b9e1c8c29Nathan Froyd — Bug 1225918 - avoid quoting MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME when used as a DEFINE; r=mshal, a=lizzard
444d8d6198d29c1463cf274e3fd1628525e38b4cJim Mathies — Bug 1227666 - Insure that cached plugin geometry configuration cached in ShadowLayerForwarder gets cleared when we reflow and new content has no plugins. r=roc, a=ritu