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Tue Nov 12 17:09:20 2013 +0000
9e1c21d8987c4879999c25a676ff06c7a8d642deBobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Make in-content XBL event handlers allowuntrusted=false by default. r=smaug, a=bajaj
48545fba1c3c1e357b2a993250a60d9f10be333eBobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Only expose XBL members which have the exposeToUntrustedContent attribute set. r=smaug, a=bajaj
efe11f1a745210be3d3d458b38a6f73e827af6c8Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - When QIing objects bound with XBL scopes, route the XPCWrappedJS through an XrayWrapper from the XBL scope. r=smaug, a=bajaj
0f6033849d0026c532dc9a909e4b27d2a936a8beBobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Add annotations to our XBL tests as-needed. r=smaug, a=bajaj
72ff90fd470bf68b332f2c590a98febf91242ceaBobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Annotate the members of marquee that correspond to properties in HTMLMarqueeElement per HTML5. r=smaug, a=bajaj
68fdfda73db11b9e4354545b8992aa0099534d84Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Install XBL members in the safe scope, then clone them into content (rather than the reverse). r=smaug, a=bajaj
ba7bbbeadf7b5660bac8b488e8d1b0498f788e88Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Introduce an explicit opt-in attribute for exposing methods and properties to untrusted content. r=smaug, a=bajaj
601188bdcabf6c3c83ce5a2c91a71dd95719fc33Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Expose an API to copy a single property across compartments. r=jorendorff, a=bajaj
1a11cd391d5c2c2addeac3ece74a325379ba9655Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Convert toolkit widget xul tests to chrome tests. r=smaug, a=bajaj
5d4bce7354108984783f904f557dd1bb1f7c4069Bobby Holley — Bug 911864 - Frob the marquee in a different fashion. r=me, a=bajaj
264163f1b1bce4e41586d2e9631209236b920a5eBobby Holley — Bug 822425 - Expose a few simple compartment assertions in jsfriendapi. r=mccr8, a=bajaj