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Tue Apr 07 14:02:23 2015 +0000
26a4b69f52b9cdba3da460bef4485ea4062332dfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1150872 - Update toast notification when removing a page from reading list from reader view toolbar. r=mcomella, a=sledru
8e825dc42ba6e88f540a9811de8d73c48015fb32JW Wang — Bug 1150277 - Match hostname when removing GMP data. r=cpearce, a=sledru
75799ecc00a7e1474dee8fdf5d2768be9583ce33Mark Finkle — Bug 1149094. r=blassey, a=sledru
a5af953eceb9328816abe4f0580cf03d926a8987Richard Newman — Bug 1151484 - Account for null result when polling on a latch during Reading List sync. r=nalexander, a=sledru
9d12bacce1a753ff1d5e347adfde8884aa4863dbGavin Sharp — Bug 1148562 - Right clicking the reader mode button shouldn't trigger reader mode. r=jaws, a=sledru
9bfef867b1bba8b18a015de9c4bec61b3081eb00Jan Beich — Bug 1147845 - Drop redundant check to keep blocked download data on Tier3 platforms as well. r=jaws, a=sledru
8172ca0da1a30af52a1b7b09fad760b43d265581Matt Woodrow — Bug 1102612 - Don't attempt to read data from a resource if we've evicted the start position. r=jya, a=sledru
01251bc08a8bd6a376acd40a6376e31e0e6fe5baJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1137716 - Increase the list of devices that are blocked. a=sledru
fa0e7f6203a05d3b963dbb245dfd3e3c7879f4efTom Tromey — Bug 1150646 - Ensure that memory stats show up in treeherder logs. r=chmanchester, a=test-only