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Mon Apr 01 14:10:55 2013 +0000
73965923ad121206d734bb4110309d0027811a38Boris Zbarsky — Bug 851781 - Make sure that we don't reenter scriptblocker removal when we don't expect to. r=smaug, a=bajaj
95c8ca26e8bb81d48378974a94a0d3878123e248Boris Zbarsky — Bug 854001 - Part 2: Remove a null check in bindings code that is no longer needed because workers no longer use a DOMJSClass for prototype objects. r=peterv, r=bent, a=bajaj
90661ab654d71c39da551889898266f3da2b7e7dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 854001 - Part 1: Give workers that are pretending to be on WebIDL bindings separate JSClasses for instance objects and prototype objects. r=peterv, r=bent, a=bajaj
5d85c1b25bcce43702e74e0353d01c47316df462Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 831768 - Delay async painting calls so that they never nest within RPC calls. The Adobe Flash implementation doesn't expect this reentry and sometimes deadlocks. The Apple Java stub doesn't expect this reentry and corrupts NPRuntime objects. r=gfritzsche, a=bajaj