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Thu Oct 01 15:03:48 2015 +0000
afac098c635f6cb5fc984e08a48c160f0cd43d29Chris Pearce — Bug 1209385 - Add pref to disable crashing hung GMPs. r=jwwang, a=sylvestre
f7fb82b98052509b881a6c28de2755fbaba1969fChris Pearce — Bug 1209385 - Crash GMPs that don't respond to GMPVideoDecoder::Reset(). r=jwwang, a=sylvestre
95baa1b51926b77b839c50f4ef6daeb197c95104Chris Pearce — Bug 1208289 - Log outstanding frames in GMP DrainComplete() and detect dropped ResetComplete. r=jwwang, a=sylvestre
7c2733198a536f64ff4dd698751d47a707f46107Chris Pearce — Bug 1208289 - Add SimpleTimer to make setting timeouts in C++ easy. r=jwwang, a=sylvestre