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Mon May 13 17:21:10 2013 +0000
1580544aef0b685e4425b4a43419607d265062d5Lukas Blakk — Reverting l10n NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS
899d44808b35c78cb936d44ac5a462fd6cc7f88fLukas Blakk — Disable profiling on Aurora NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
c1a816660e6ff469071107958f7eb5abbfd01970Lukas Blakk — Merging in branding changes NO BUG CLOSED TREE ba=release
f2607a346b7d60d249637ff160e915dfcfcdd983Lukas Blakk — Merging in version bump NO BUG CLOSED TREE
d7ce9089999719d5186595d160f25123a4e63e39Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch. FIREFOX_AURORA_23_BASE
7bb17c15fb2754d6152dbfe9a662a1283a806f09Marco Chen — Bug 847006 - Add .amr into and remove aac from music as well as add m4v into video filter on device storage. r=dougt, r=doublec, a=leo+
b58472c87d72f63384993ff392e5f601deb7a9dfNikhil Marathe Bug 871428 - Fix AlarmService shutdown leaks. r=gene
2b4281dba4bff54f335a3a2878e69c434e682a35Eric Chou — Bug 830038 - Add an assertion in Bluetooth*Mangaers, r=gyeh
b40c41c73962a3f3e1fd07a541d90a117dbe8216Gene Lian — Bug 870562 - B2G MMS: Fail to expose correct MMS message threadID. r=vicamo a=leo+
7ec0e93663cddd3816524c53b7e46a04aec0b159Yoshi Huang — Bug 859659 - Part 3: xpcshell-tests. r=vicamo
03b8e37c5c6aeb6fe8f73a428e18245cfb83538dYoshi Huang — Bug 859659 - Part 2: Update EF_Email and EF_ANR. r=vicamo
b5c76bed5fe3516d6c2d20e40ccbe1dce0c6e692Yoshi Huang — Bug 859659 - Part 1: Add read/writeNumberwithLength. r=vicamo
4d6289816a954b82d7031655b92df7d18a6cb8b0Chia-hung Tai — Bug 867440 - B2G MMS: Add more delivery status in delivery "not-downloaded" and send the dom message with right delivery status. r=vyang
feabd8f7ae0fbd3361d0bb4a1c85322e4f007ec1Jon Hylands — Bug 869961 - RILContentHelper.voiceConnectionInfo fixed to check for null context. r=hsinyi
6380de7328874e88b380b54c9cb8f1861360cf56Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861894 - Avoid apps to schedule new offline cache downloads while device free space is low. Tests. r=honzab
044d554846ff020bebc1503a5e00fdd6c21fd97eFernando Jiménez — Bug 861894 - Avoid apps to schedule new offline cache downloads while device free space is low. r=honzab
ba7496b49c06b6a670a62a7c2d275eee52d38f1bDave Hylands — Bug 858416 - Create a composite device storage interface. r=dougt
491005c97e8041ee268b3ca203d6e74b1496e4b4Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-inbound into birch on a CLOSED TREE
187f533ec992f7e1a2c5562a78fe27764ae83c12Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861920 - Follow-up to remove debug logs. r=me
ee6972ad4e34963265e4ee8c0fb5ff38efd7add9Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861920 - Avoid apps to write in its local storage while device free storage is low. Tests. r=honzab
02517f90a812eee23a12ba6cc69d831c1064167cFernando Jiménez — Bug 861920 - Avoid apps to write in its local storage while device free storage is low. r=honzab
2e6cfac714f666381620f767bbe42f2595769f95Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 2d5c2f191920 (bug 863445) for breaking Android Nightlies
8739db2431d070dbfc86bb71d9ae2dc6677b56e9Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 611c81436abe (bug 863445)
6d8a73f77af35ef3f4eaa72bcd7c0e098dfd1c40Ed Morley — Backed out changeset dac51812454a (bug 863445)
7130e5134a6e34cc4873c60b9c0eb2af03dee490Nick Alexander — Bug 857419 - Follow-up: don't build services/{datareporting,healthreport} on Android. r=rnewman
0c854002b29f5940204a880baea2bbf3491faa72Nick Alexander — Merge mozilla-central into services-central.
dac51812454af7591eb140d3cf73a01d566f79feNick Alexander — Bug 863445 - Part 3: Make build/mobile/robocop/ produce robocop-debug-signed.apk. r=jmaher
611c81436abea784c03905f66711a14ca8e914b5Nick Alexander — Bug 863445 - Part 2: Specify Robocop APK on command line. r=jmaher
2d5c2f19192085903b3d024e3f8530596bd61d18Nick Alexander — Bug 863445 - Part 1: Make mobile/android/base/ generate $(DIST)/fennec_ids.txt. r=jmaher
dec449c6ac152d0a456656b388cc504bb02a570fNick Alexander — Bug 857419 - Implement about:healthreport on Android. r=rnewman
5b345b6dc9281e7c3fd38167aa31511d9a180a30Chenxia Liu — Bug 833625 - Part 2: Android notifications for data reporting. r=rnewman
42adc74b087dfb48f3583fe4d1c3f4e9fb76f509Chenxia Liu — Bug 833625 - Part 1: update GeckoPreferences, implement data reporting preferences. r=rnewman
bfe5a09bd4db3d86671170a8801fecac018abf23Chenxia Liu — Bug 833625 - Part 0: fix strict mode in titlebar pref. r=rnewman
c26aa2631a5070d537371ae1c0dbf90269c2fc0bNick Alexander — Backed out e7739a472f09, 3fd142236a0f, and 382ec69cdfb1 (Bug 863445) for Android rc1 and rc2 failures on a CLOSED TREE. r=me
a5af2642d1d701f595971e3a679ef6d59124d050Nick Alexander — Bug 870371 - Android OrderedBroadcast tests. r=rnewman
a0be79631c9edd8be98126e0740c7fd1249c6449Nick Alexander — Bug 870371 - Add Javascript interface to Android OrderedBroadcast. r=rnewman
42c50c90ca58101cc3375840332df2e9ad88b989Nick Alexander — Bug 866271 - Android SharedPreferences tests. r=rnewman
3c93eccac865ec7c82c6a2554c2205e1422ed80bNick Alexander — Bug 866271 - Add Javascript interface to Android SharedPreferences. r=rnewman
9295291746cacf9d6a3e4ab545c4e60f6b3bd07bNick Alexander — Bug 870908 - Add Robocop Java harness for writing tests in Javascript. r=rnewman
382ec69cdfb17d3cec2d7d6e63f95f9394621433Nick Alexander — Bug 863445 - Part 3: Make build/mobile/robocop/ produce robocop-debug-signed.apk. r=jmaher
3fd142236a0f3a7f2b7a8b8ccd41be7a9d9cf6a6Nick Alexander — Bug 863445 - Part 2: Specify Robocop APK on command line. r=jmaher
e7739a472f09934bfeb5e04dff63b4a39bd832ceNick Alexander — Bug 863445 - Part 1: Make mobile/android/base/ generate $(DIST)/fennec_ids.txt. r=jmaher
d68224f5325b5c07ebad48a8b246a615b05d5150L. David Baron — Merge mozilla-inbound and mozilla-central.
9ec0ad6f7e09d1dc382d67da8878cb35e38df51bL. David Baron — Back out changeset d4f14f6dd401 (bug 863732) on a CLOSED TREE for being half of the problem causing all debug builds to leak as a result of merging mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound.
aa2ce091b9fe5a2ee4d06b512165495a25aa0cf0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
390d49fe8290d8d05207e438b2c60b521b829beeRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 080912624060 (bug 869209) for Android xpcshell failures.
7a00d25b5012c97365dd6ac9d321489c738a1ef3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8e8ebb9fc99f (bug 870768) for frequent robocop crashes.
6ca9b3b30de222e9e50dd22b99e5cacc9d956725Makoto Kato — Bug 870647 - Add NanumGothic pref to Android. r=jfkthame
2907df57752d6ab7ebace9c3e65d24dc054dc731David Zbarsky — Bug 868312 - Some more rooting fixes for dom r=bz
080912624060eda81594ce2c342b35d9a93767b5Shane Caraveo — bug 869209 order social providers by frecency, r=mak
603fbfa2f12e15e8a45287fbce26feb1fb99bc45L. David Baron — Fix warnings-as-errors bustage from changeset 09552b219c3a (Bug 828312 patch 3).
c61c7b28bace3e39648ed02bb56a3f487802f5c2Terrence Cole — Bug 869735 - Fixes to ParallelArray compilation to support generational GC; r=nmatsakis
c314ee86060a8afaba68593da57b6ab7fb7c7853Terrence Cole — Bug 869742 - Add post-barriers for writes to liveScopes; r=billm
cf21050ee99d08171f0be813648d530fd357b4a1Terrence Cole — Bug 869235 - Disable Zone::needsBarrier during minor GCs; r=billm
c1a91eac6358a87475071d2a6d56186b39ac0dd2Terrence Cole — Bug 869730 - Fix an opt build error with --enable-gcgenerational; r=billm
b7330cb50416891360ac579c282af9680a74b1e5L. David Baron — Bug 828312 patch 4.5: Pass the same aMinChange to the top level of a ReResolveStyleContext that we would for the recursive calls, rather than including previous continutaions in aMinChange. r=bzbarsky
9c42b49f5caca42acc39c9c54c2e5fb953bb6b26L. David Baron — Bug 828312 patch 4: Remove unused nsIPresShell::StyleChangeReflow. r=bzbarsky
09552b219c3a158f39a14f049a8075797f8d9e73L. David Baron — Bug 828312 patch 3: Wait to mark lines dirty until we're in reflow, to avoid O(N^2) behavior as a result of looking for lines. r=bzbarsky
bf5fd9db907812507b88a6aeaca8969c1170e49aL. David Baron — Bug 828312 patch 2: Make list renumbering code set NS_FRAME_HAS_DIRTY_CHILDREN correctly on intermediate blocks and inlines, and NS_FRAME_IS_DIRTY correctly on the bullets. r=bzbarsky
6979d92746972fde68016cb251744422b5b0cd81L. David Baron — Bug 828312, patch 1: Remove unneeded assignment to nonInheritedHints, which is not needed because we will do difference computation on the style context in this codepath anyway. r=bzbarsky
244595f01a567e3718efd04ec8cf29e9fc351941Monica Chew — Bug 857427 - Fix browser_save_link_perwindowbp (r=ehsan,paolo)
06e3d7e19a09e4d5ac0dfe923603e47a1674e190Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 858231: Update NSS to NSS 3.15 Beta 4. r=wtc.
7a6b5a9da506ac2f916b6f5ebaa20b48d62b9b18Shane Caraveo — bug 862314 prevent double install of providers, r=markh
c525f99ede50047e40b25b4f726da03359c620d7Chris Peterson — Bug 871016 - Fix -Wunused-function warnings in AsmJS.cpp when building for Android ARM. r=luke
e5cc69819435107fd4c44389af31bf8590d356f3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 870566. Make dataset gets faster by spending less time messing with strings. r=smaug
a6e3aca8e4dab5b9fb7980fac4810e87ae3f9218Boris Zbarsky — Bug 870667. Reinstate a way to turn off performance.timing bits using a pref. r=smaug
8e8ebb9fc99f03dcd578e74b800740221879e7e5Wes Johnston — Bug 870768 - Disable verify url test. r=gbrown
69185af5841eadaaf3aec249d63fef687b9f1dd4Matt Brubeck — Reapplied changeset 31ff9550fba6 (bug 870073)
d852d10691a4e080a1880878baa7a1c1f278526cBoris Zbarsky — Disable probably-broken test to reopen a CLOSED TREE. No bug, except the one filed to reenable, which is not the bug this changeset is fixing, so there.
1aa1a744777b66cccbb6d57b46247b455b400744Shane Caraveo — bug 870473 limit number of ambient notification icons, r=felipe
36618922eb84b0b9a585d4df3ca6117cc115d587Scott Johnson — Backout 385c05262943 for android robocop failures.
90103dbe8f3837c3b4b3fa3a2aa7a2763efc019eNathan Froyd — Bug 870959 - don't include Preferences.h or NonRefcountedDOMObject.h in bindings unless necessary; r=bz
f322756d551a1d27e032f37365ea4b697ccd9f92Dão Gottwald — Bug 869832 followup, use the test window's gBrowser
3e8256901aa19f311f31584de017da3b83a7f8e5Jonathan Griffin — Bug 868598 - Create a pointer to gaia in gecko, r=catlee
36401ffaee14f73d2b789e40fc3f99759b440127Raymond Lee — Bug 852478 - Store the date and time of downloads. r=paolo
e3b527872ef0ede55efe4b2638123212a4b9af42Dão Gottwald — Bug 869832 - browser_typeAheadFind.js should use whenDelayedStartupFinished and initialize the find bar in the original browser window rather than in the purposefully opened one. r=gavin
ada852fc265a9f475f741199d3838c4bec801586Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
17bc0e8cfa8b5f5cf115c10c269f372bf9393961David Zbarsky — Bug 868312 - Rooting fixes for dom r=bz
e7ca39ff01cc55c1868387d271365f756b4d8ee7Nikhil Marathe — Bug 863599 - Load PushService on Desktop. r=dougt
82ab6b5d0c036fc2f347d99f00a9621e76f36fc9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 0d90de935ba3 (bug 869740) for mochitest-1 shutdown crashes.
f908d830e4c8b36d5827369213e4ee5f94df52b9Camilo Viecco — bug 760313 - Enable T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 3 root certificate for EV in PSM r=bsmith
2d96a6ec94d89fa7d14d821831ae04e55536853aCamilo Viecco — bug 797952 - Remove EV Treatment for WellsSecure Public Root Certificate Authority r=bsmith
1c84eeff5a68a39c9644dc6c633aa2d14864c103Geoff Brown — Bug 865006 - (3) Enable more xpcshell tests on Android; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
385c0526294366fd472abf30bcc137cc7b5b5721Scott Johnson — Bug 847872: Make reflow-on-zoom happen on double-tap only. [r=blassey]
aafa476203a4dc109ac94f50f09919b063aa7286Chris Lord — Bug 866461 - Fix constant viewport remeasuring on r=mfinkle
fd7d0d2c53e1e574ad80f590270ee5e8a8c13442Scott Johnson — Backout ed0e9d2f23a0 for BUSTAGE. [r=me]
0d90de935ba3db467adfe681a2d5c638fc055708Jon Coppeard — Bug 869740 - Non-LIFO use of Rooted in XPCConvert::NativeInterface2JSObject(). r=bholley
bed2e2a10c13b8506b9300bb32ec1cf30f7b1dc1Mike Conley — Bug 867343 - Back out star button UI changes. r=mak.
ed0e9d2f23a031334927747c1e44bdbade56ff4cScott Johnson — Bug 847872: Make reflow-on-zoom happen on double-tap only. [r=blassey]
c7ec282a261ff7a3423337fb42075e09fecf08b4Josh Matthews — Bug 870745 - Remove incorrect self argument from killAndGetStack. r=ted
623e10644c021eec55b3681476804cbe047d78d1Josh Matthews — Bug 869638 - Remove xpcshell timeout timers. r=ted
d72307b5972bcbc0f4345b66f89412fac6d20c57Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 869694 - Mark another test as random on Android.
6336284c7f1f820c68e2ef6aa238c47e129c763dHannes Verschore — Bug 768288: IonMonkey: Inline small functions with loops, r=djvj r=shu
da4ef4dc056b88f86f5265d528a2750483ad2cdaMitchell Mebane — Bug 814379 - Don't use cached userAgent for fallback when no site-specific UA exists. r=dao
e674ea03480ba263ee1183a8ef26c562138f24c1Frédéric Wang — Bug 745131 - Reftests for <semantics>. r=karlt
9354202c68f072a2b7252e18379e1aae2b129777Frédéric Wang — Bug 745131 - Improve how <semantics> determine the visible child. r=karlt
197a59a83835a9251eaab5478dc08d4f24ab9162Jan de Mooij — Bug 870328 - Fix isSetName check in visitSetPropertyCacheT. r=bhackett
cdef95d92e63162962576af27f766659f7c4211bMakoto Kato — Bug 870583 - Rev IID for IUIABridge. r=jimm
bc406ec71d6dceca8840806c3ce9174814e59ab4Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
b2f6d207d6aacf42c08d0e4f26c9ea92784225c2David Burns — Bug 869488: add mechanism for getting css rule attached to element from Marionette; r=mdas
2aa65478e490714f4c195723751724905ae7f03eJon Coppeard — Bug 870442 - Fix some shell rooting hazards and false positives r=terrence
a53678fdc4bb800cc439bb3a9092a93a43592cbdShane Caraveo — bug 868886 fix intermittent markButton failure, r=felipe
96fe69d53f356ff1ffe0ad508bb4b7a65c4cbbfbMark Hammond — Bug 566746 - various fixes to sanitize(). r=mak
0b21e902f7a0ba74960e757379f18d4c90dcadbaGavin Sharp — Re-land patches from bug 566746 and bug 697377 now that bug 851641 is addressed
6035591d40f89d74c82f6d8fa8d7e4ba3c3e79ceTrevor Saunders — bug 869284 - fix some gcc warnings for windows widgetish stuff r=roc
6794ca2111bbc2bda7846f30132eaa0d7c35272fTrevor Saunders — bug 869283 - fix gcc warnings in wmf r=cpearce
b4007c60cae716ebb29ea80b224e61c33c1e5907Trevor Saunders — bug 869279 - fix mingw warnings in netwerk/ r=jduell
4ff8aa4a7295f59159c31e5c45e5b7a3b9ff5dd2Joe Walker — Merge mozilla-central into fx-team
b80fd5c9f47a5681826e4e510f63d8233a5d5737Joe Walker — Backed out changeset 6ebf2274acf5 (Bug 852792) for xpcshell bustage
81fe6ab72d451b2b3586a6d4bfee95616d257299Joe Walker — Backed out changeset 752dca088d71 (Bug 865252) for xpcshell bustage
4dbd432e76678023a9a1442bb997437a5d965ef0Victor Porof — Bug 859222 - Need custom icon for Network tab; r=jwalker
141e3ccc715f6dcee07f7af8adbd4d23549fa1dcGirish Sharma — Bug 870850 - Options panel - new icon; r=robcee
752dca088d7191495c86a495b3efebcbde74cfecNick Fitzgerald — Bug 865252 - Don't heavily prefer cache when loading source mapped sources; r=robcee
6ebf2274acf584eaa18252c7f399f134497ae6cfNick Fitzgerald — Bug 852792 - load sources from the sourcesContent field in a source map, if available; r=robcee
781650c07e8c30d32f4510d04d55a85757479d78Girish Sharma — Bug 871059 - Sorted states of menu headers should take up full height of header toolbar, r=vporof
89dd69c8c5c82ce32b7d3576c637b269154d53a4Mihai Sucan — Bug 870220 - Web Console property inspector shows duplicate entries for navigator.plugins; r=robcee,vporof
740fbcaa98808a1e0467d261f5f2dd1d1689ca8aHeather Arthur — Bug 856814 - [toolbox] Labels aren't centered in toolbox tabs; r=mratcliffe
eeef7b2dba9464525d6ba3b1716fbd98487ea8b9Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 860182 - TypeError: this._elementStyle is null: CssRuleView_nodeChanged; r=harth
f7d7ccb8181005def03efdd008c4c22dbcbe6567Heather Arthur — Bug 870131 - Rename 'Web Console' to 'Console' in toolbox; r=mratcliffe
7869de238133b83cdb04c7cf10c79fd88bb3a0e3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
511d15a517bd62fb410cf3830b77334925b23e8aJoe Walker — Bug 839862 - The developer toolbar / GCLI should be able to execute commands remotely; r=dcamp
e9eda61375184c50b3651f1f68bf004997a4571bMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 870308 - GCLI appcache list command exception when cache disabled r=jwalker
5d81a35534bac4bc55114a1ba8c0a198baa374deMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 862286 - GCLI panel too narrow for meaningful output r=jwalker
117a4b00981a56cd9f06bbde08143d626e10d3a4Brian Grinstead — Bug 866507: Style Inspector: open URLs in new tab r=mratcliffe
13c1c11245ab90aebe2560a5fb304c7dd62388d7Mihai Sucan — Bug 862916 - console.dir() shows blank box if Logging filter is off; r=past
869b002272b3a18c9e69555c20de49d30632e616David Creswick — Bug 863102 - Automatically scroll down upon new network requests, r=vporof
9a6679593bcecc3596c518028c60f5f6f5a10892Victor Porof — Bug 859039 - Allow sorting by column (status, method, file, domain, type, size etc.), r=rcampbell
ba062746f3e7ee7b8f5fa7e2c36f2f8962f45a7fVictor Porof — Bug 866623 - Firefox spoils cyrilic text in the Web Developer Console, r=rcampbell
1f9bab0483b19a0a73d1ecb0cd1372b57c9d9ed6Victor Porof — Bug 859041 - Display timing interval divisions (ms ticks) in the timeline, r=rcampbell
2441ed727cead2a73694e3adc96f721e1791b4c4Mihai Sucan — Bug 869003 - Cannot inspect objects from cross-domain iframes; r=robcee
246b5da768650d1f6442e681e655d1ecd98d1436Joe Walker — Backed out changeset d6249744132e (bug 839862) because xpcshell bustage (attempt 2)
dd5e3232a63c25b930095d4e33875f3bf64e7f0bJoe Walker — Backed out changeset d6249744132e (bug 839862) because xpcshell bustage
9ae9cc383d0ff2ad7cb44ed35a366ab8508890b9Girish Sharma — Bug 866138 - Refactor disabling logic for a tool and convert options panel to a tool too, r=jwalker
e55e6114c0e45bbf4a9af2c1fe96bd6ba98a4d45Joe Walker — Bug 866632 - |cookie list| on about page shows 'no cookies found for host', should use 'No cookies found for this page'; r=harth
4fe015fabb0ccc9814c7cf38c16f37d05fd3b977Joe Walker — Bug 866610 - Fix Typo in GCLI output 'profilerAlradyFinished'; r=mratcliffe
784ff44b87fbd65beb235221f1c8819a3877ac5fJoe Walker — Bug 869934 - GCLI mouse clicks links in output don't update the command line properly; r=mratcliffe
5f8b38a672e5cd83b4ad8ab9c4866afefa3f7d4dJoe Walker — Bug 866605 - paintflashing toggle needs its own description, uses the one for paintflashing on; r=mratcliffe
b05c947fa8aecca548ed88bdee63b4c8665425e3Joe Walker — Bug 869908 - Remote the promise stack hacks from GCLI; r=mratcliffe
d6249744132e202e60b8dd3d756518beef692a9eJoe Walker — Bug 839862 - The developer toolbar / GCLI should be able to execute commands remotely; r=dcamp
0913fd986ec1bc8a22997393c589b320636b67caJoe Walker — Bug 849171 - Console.jsm output of errors could be better; r=msucan
5db1de835843049584f741147b84f01332cceabeMihai Sucan — Bug 869981 - Bring back inspect() jsterm helper function; r=me a=robcee
7e46e0593bbc3971de7c2dcb203df1ce3797b537Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
8f4b12ba859e20ca41ca8896e2696b2862028ae7Mihai Sucan — Bug 869565 - Fix strict errors and warnings in the browser console; r=me
b3a6bee35493d41d82c4159f5be649b83de3e7b5Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to fx-team
ea2b0db82289f2f62d9773a61161cffbdd912a2eHeather Arthur — Bug 868321 - Sites with no stylesheets just show loading indicator forever; r=dcamp
51d6aba6b9d7a65ed41b82028532bb5c3cbe66afBrandon Benvie — Bug 862943 - Change Scratchpad to use Arrow Functions; r=dcamp
792b835f943df295c2842f12b5d8bde4eb645171Brandon Benvie — Bug 865788 - Pressing ESC should close the sidebar in Scratchpad; r=rcampbell
4475f15789cc2d222cd1b389a94874aa1c9cfe20Brandon Benvie — bug 843094 - Remove the PropertyPanel; r=msucan
64fb2941a3f5d1fde58ab45f7fceccc409ccfe06Ioana Budnar — Bug 862371 - Test that closed private windows can't be restored.r=ttaubert
af2811479de4cbf9ab4b5e136909b3f22f814ad4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset dbf0c9f4a4b9 (bug 858416) for B2G mochitest-3 failures.
013cc654fe527de195bca5400951a060ecb2faddRyan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
dbf0c9f4a4b9d74546ff2980d18d53ce1a4c75a8Dave Hylands — Bug 858416 - Create a composite device storage interface. r=dougt
2745b9feab4426217fdf800f0e7ddb543cdf3e8dGina Yeh — Bug 830213 - Modify function NotifyStatusChanged in BluetoothHfpManager, r=echou
d4f14f6dd4012aba4e03e29ff868c55a67baa8f8Nikhil Marathe — Bug 863732 - Use RTC wakeup to monitor WebSocket connection. r=jlebar
8db9762409f411507b6f0953796d749b8c45f331Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 861903 - Disable faulty test until it can be fixed with 100% less bustage.
ee537efbe1e2e9280e0b53f96451e77459a94ee0Ben Turner — Bug 861903 - Disable faulty test until it can be fixed.
c26ceab0906437078fc1f6e424c882425ee35d7eBen Turner — Bug 861903 - Bustage fix.
462c163822b35b34c36930763a39074c75b0a4beBen Turner — Bug 861903 - Bustage fix.
7a362c86108c533e7304ab7e32bfcdf841495aa3Ben Turner — Bug 861903 - Bustage fix.
519b04170b2f23961ee44d19982bed213e1e2e9fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 861920, bug 861894) for mochitest failures.
22a77fd7ab35cf760481aa2620e737e7109a2b0aBen Turner — Bug 861903 - Hook IndexedDB up to low disk space notifications. r=janv.
69fcebb240953db14a0501e9814e1c8a04198061Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861920 - Avoid apps to write in its local storage while device free storage is low. Tests. r=honzab
c39ceb11cb76a4b3399ef7da78cda8e024e68d07Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861920 - Avoid apps to write in its local storage while device free storage is low. r=honzab
d0aa77e7825ba80fc8833496ec28454562913aa7Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861894 - Avoid apps to schedule new offline cache downloads while device free space is low. Tests. r=honzab
81e072111e989546362b2313e31a2495cf7f1e25Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861894 - Avoid apps to schedule new offline cache downloads while device free space is low. r=honzab
1f5118b1434fd2f94be678b6cf6f3bbd3fb7a926Fabrice Desré — Bug 853350 - Follow up. Make windows build.
acf88070ceba6244020a27bbff3fe01d9f6f6349Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
096bac1de6eeed070652e0ec9e1e23730293f73fDave Hylands — Bug 868891 - Fix regression introduced by Bug 860934. r=dougt
179e29a23c5672c16d2a4fa4752ff85a75c8ab2eGregory Szorc — Merge central into services
9d7444c9f21b04684e0d73aa52ac9dca73a5fddbGregory Szorc — Bug 846133 - Store FHR state in a file; r=rnewman
1d7c615b4b6220629b8a3ca923e3952787dcc2d3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c. IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
844adf9c7f2e7c13e620151a3d6221ad5e6a7261Shawn Huang — Bug 870304: Fix misssing icon when getting paired/connected list, r=echou
3044afa610b2bf2da2893a4fbedb86161ee36ee9Justin Lebar — Bug 870480 - Follow-up: Try to fix a warning-as-error.
aee46daa226279adc52e2f30f1b825418cfb9f0eJustin Lebar — Bug 870598 - Don't send the frameloader-visibility-changed notification if the frameloader's visibility didn't actually change. r=khuey
150241980e66d828ea9803db901f3f15cda134f0Justin Lebar — Bug 870480 - Notify wake lock listeners when a process adds or removes a wake lock, even if the wake lock itself doesn't change state. r=kanru
41ca6c75671e336bd89c83f322e578f720b2cf7eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 2f1fe3baec7c and 8beafe5ccc65 (bug 861920) because they depend on bug 861894, which was also backed out.
07f18a9becbe784652702c44fa97ac0d4ea1cd4aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 04623bf25b64 and 6d2e81a6bf1b (bug 861894) for Windows bustage.
2f1fe3baec7cc6e02ccb679d23e449792ebaf897Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861920 - Avoid apps to write in its local storage while device free storage is low. Tests. r=honzab
8beafe5ccc6516f63c45cc26fed5b786b054baacFernando Jiménez — Bug 861920 - Avoid apps to write in its local storage while device free storage is low. r=honzab
04623bf25b643bfc1527269986ad7ccbd1728776Fernando Jiménez — Avoid apps to schedule new offline cache downloads while device free space is low. Tests. r=honzab
6d2e81a6bf1b17455d76476f5779a04d84d2eb8dFernando Jiménez — Bug 861894 - Avoid apps to schedule new offline cache downloads while device free space is low. r=honzab
25c04296c67543149fefa4d447c5a689ec8099b6Jim Mathies — Bug 870724 - Check for a specific D3D type rather than the sdk version when defining D3D11 types in gfxWindowsPlatform.h. r=khuey
a5fd9bdc9bd826c5985a6282d8c7e4266ac584f4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 868325 - VideoElement should require a 'screen' wakeLock when active. r=jlebar
561fc560251e93ab939f8f122561cb03cf42cb41Fernando Jiménez — Bug853350 - Followup. error: 'aService' was not declared in this scope. r=me
08561a44b09b6abe895c541bbc3b0d6bce7158efEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
aa56d0c01f07c5b5639d0618db447f6965ee468dGina Yeh — Bug 830213 - Patch 3: Remove BluetoothScoManager, r=echou
d9e378c9a11bce212c1fb1ce1f4ad8694ab8d223Gina Yeh — Bug 830213 - Patch 2: Implementation of ConnectSco/DisconnectSco/IsScoConnected in BluetoothHfpManager, r=echou, sr=mrbkap
7c517de515f6aad806978315829192b55644d950Gina Yeh — Bug 830213 - Patch 1: Add ConnectSco, DisconnectSco, IsScoConnected in nsIDOMBluetoothAdapter, r=echou, sr=mrbkap
8581d14c264ce3680f51b22f144c251bbad871e3Chuck Lee — Bug 771458 - 0005. Support API change on other platform. r=vicamo
90002330772e2ac62f4c470a57ac1c3f32d943b8Chuck Lee — Bug 771458 - 0004. Test case for deleting multiple SMS. r=vicamo
6697353834914d4444926cdf6521ced8ce2baed2Chuck Lee — Bug 771458 - 0003. delete message in DB by array. r=vicamo
9faf137cf39ff5c14a19c8ca559cc9ca88041ea9Chuck Lee — Bug 771458 - 0002. Change IPDL to support delete() by array. r=vicamo
f6d65d0d6c10026d9acacc85fe3f35f920f2a94aChuck Lee — Bug 771458 - 0001. Accept array as argument for delete() API. r=vicamo
bd2a6001614f7e03158ad1155536d2d4af1cf619Shawn Huang — Bug 869306: Update call direction if call state changes, r=echou
03e1ea0f973572dd5a3730e1fda6e8811ba9a899Hsin-Yi Tsai — Bug 869306 - Add call.isOutgoing for BT Cert. r=allstars.chh
1d1c4c086287e8a4c24ac49895fe8752b43607e8Fernando Jiménez — Bug 861921 - Notify the user about the low free storage situation. r=dhylands
22cfc706d28728b0542bc6d1b8afffb765012427Eric Chou — Bug 860166 - New mechanism for establishing outboung Bluetooth connection, r=mrbkap
faf47bc87fffd6e781ba090bc18d9bcf3b8dd35dEric Chou — Bug 860166 - Create new class BluetoothProfileManagerBase, r=mrbkap
b1c6b87e6e5b1056b941f162fb060e40fbcd513aShawn Huang — Bug 869337 - Fix missing At comman reply OK after +COPS, r=gyeh, r=echou
ff15e9b25bdd7a7a0599221f487b72520dd11551Fabrice Desré — Bug 853350 - followup to make windows happy r=me
1683f7d9f105bb0a5e922294b3951b4df9c3017bFabrice Desré — Bug 853350 - Implement a notification system to monitor disk space r=bent
1fca89c36c8b91fbb815b3768d6b2a18a026dfd4Michael Wu — Bug 867230 - Enable hwc by default when colorfill support is detected, r=dwilson
1fb1b2e7660f77b389acac98d69cbe862380ad5dJustin Lebar — Bug 870181 - Part 3: Test that we downgrade processes' CPU priorities when appropriate. r=bent
6c53b7ecb2ee37e14b7d6a250af576e11deb23feJustin Lebar — Bug 870181 - Part 2: Lower CPU priority for non-high priority processes when there's an incoming call. r=bent
2c50a1950fd8abe2bba80d273695a520d8d56a08Justin Lebar — Bug 870181 - Part 1: Add an additional LowCPUPriority argument to hal::SetProcessPriority. r=bent
74dbf4035f0720dc64b610c8a8f85c1f77e2ab21Justin Lebar — Bug 868521 - Add more of a delay between launching a new app and creating a new preallocated process. r=dhylands
2673016e7df4dc1fbad0b6ec93d8bdee917a888bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 6be352955252 and 1bc459138617 (bug 770840) for Android nightly bustage (bug 870782).
08be63954b6bce6e8aaa505352e11c4541d365c1Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
7f4e7df5a393ec1cee7280ac66b3b30273f284edPhil Ringnalda — Back out c74ce1905b96 (bug 832848) for not actually building
494c33bc8dbdef8ce93d03fcf1935d637de8ab26Daniel Holbert — Bug 870555 part 2: Add nsFlexContainerFrame::GetSkipSides specialization. r=mats
5aee43eeebe1e73d65ec6d742aafcdbf5b69444dDaniel Holbert — Bug 870555 part 1: Add curly braces around early-return in nsBlockFrame::GetSkipSides, for clarity. r=mats
c74ce1905b96184e35c5328da98d516b8e692b93Brian Smith — Bug 832848: Removed unused site identity block tooltip logic from PSM, r=dolske
9f7d1f298a2a30848385a004b2f9b06f67630e72Boris Zbarsky — Bug 869014. Don't allow name collisions between external interfaces and other objects. r=khuey
d0829a642fd95060ee22c95766d522e50203ad07Boris Zbarsky — Bug 868996. Allow setting opener on the window to non-null, for just the lifetime of the page. r=bholley
3e42977d6d773b90ff30c5661b04c15f25d6a1beBoris Zbarsky — Bug 870219 part 2. Add a way for chrome JS that's implementing a WebIDL interface to get/set event handlers sanely on content objects. r=smaug
096e054032bfa23ee1a1f9a72c6770f576f5bebaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 870219 part 1. Fix the chrome-scope checking for workers to work even if we incorrectly set up worker interface objects on the main thread. r=bent
c66ae62f9cb18390e5f9b484653f27652ae172d4Jim Chen — Bug 860879 - Make file picker not block when handing result from UI to Gecko thread; r=wesj
2e1981be9749ddf738f1558b506271dc877746c4Jim Chen — Bug 860879 - Make PromptService not block when handing result from UI to Gecko thread; r=wesj
4b3b08aeba3de1307814c6df61f8dc95a42d897bJim Chen — Bug 860879 - Make GeckoAppShell.processNextNativeEvent waitable; r=blassey
3c189f66a528ba6edd8e01dd4a6c018557205818Jim Chen — Bug 860879 - Refactor PromptService; r=wesj
397da5eb63b23d9b76a3b2f38b9c74dd30f2efacJim Chen — Bug 860879 - Make file picker use public PromptService.getResponse method; r=wesj
73316004a0494bdd91752a0053fa3f6ac906f74aFelipe Gomes — Bug 765192 - Add some debugging info for browser_bug343515.js r=me
8f2977671264601d89a3ef0a93bab91a8d3467b6Wes Johnston — Bug 854179 - Initialize splash screen in onCreate. r=mfinkle
e358c97f4294117522bc90fed876507c3b25fb30Wes Johnston — Bug 729463 - Favicons should not be based on whats shown in views. r=margaret
d437af6786ebd3f06f9efff274ab8a7c4cb35af0Wes Johnston — Bug 729463 - Fix tests for switch to tab. r=gbrown
b7de4b81d211557f23110dbb39465ef22d01dd7bWes Johnston — Bug 729463 - Add back Open in New Tab. r=mfinkle
2834210d62bf428ea1d9a88a2c25b07b29f88419Wes Johnston — Bug 729463 - Implement switch to tab for fennec. r=mfinkle
d43e27c6362eb1242a1eddcaf05549e7b3ea0282Julien Levesy — Bug 869657: rename IsEventName to IsEventAttributeName in SVGAltGlyphElement and SVGTSpanElement. r=dholbert
6312fc1ea87a4e78723a51cfefd50caaeb321119Daniel Holbert — Bug 870504: De-virtualize the unnecessarily virtual method nsBlockFrame::ComputeFinalSize. r=mats
01aa2993c04f85c03cf249f0ee13326b1c59ed2dJason Duell — Bug 870579 - IID bump for nsIWebSocketChannel r=trivial DONTBUILD
797f695d4cb6340f0d4b527508be531f2962070cRichard Newman — Bug 870110 - Part 1: search changes to support FHR on Android. r=wesj,cpeterson
c3626167f6d84ba374db0ab99cabdfde1be20463Timothy Nikkel — Bug 869694. Followup, Mark two reftests as random instead of fails on android because they pass sometimes. r=philor
a0fb89f4a84327bffb9a847b0a40bd117b50450bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 869151. Implement GetParent for nsCocoaWindow so that nsBaseWidget::Destroy can find the parent and remove from the child list when destroying. r=smichaud
33746f775a64b6eb250b2de28b0c8a806bb3c424Timothy Nikkel — Bug 870568. Change assertion about destroying an nsCocoaWindow while modal to a warning because the code handles that case. r=smichaud
58c6702b5d84840673ca1d26401804dc4c92b3aaMatt Brubeck — Back out changeset 8011f4e535fa (bug 768288) for jit-test failures
ffd964f431949ac8e73eba82a31e4ef740c6b940Matt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Use NS_roundf so that it compiles on windows. CLOSED TREE
8011f4e535fa3f6b929fcd0b1ab003d022327381Hannes Verschore — Bug 768288: IonMonkey: Inline small functions with loops, r=djvj
59347767166eff194c52b76e8231c6c4e343d8c9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 31ff9550fba6 (bug 870073) for checktest failures.
0871f59b1ad5cca23562a3316c6eb53b910301dfRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 868996, bug 867903, bug 869014, bug 870219, bug 861587) for PGO bustage.
7c6a585b31802ae33f104438072a2668d1a9dc7dMatt Woodrow — Bug 868259 - Followup to fix gtk2 compile. CLOSED TREE
3dcf16f8f334ab5a607e4d92dd4cdc50c9590b6dMatt Woodrow — Bug 870176 - Import chromium bug 20249. r=dvander
3ea8287825682040bdc96aeeabb35386400782b6Matt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Fix bugs with OMTC component alpha. r=roc
a260551434fe50e44d061639f75a82726fc49d08Matt Woodrow — Bug 868181 - Correctly handle ClientLayerManager in android's nsWindow. r=roc
47a188160811d46a8d6d80d32e534200b3f4b318Matt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Send the values of mScaleToSize/mScaleMode across IPC. r=roc
01443bd094b967c6287ac2a9d2fff10d662fa954Matt Woodrow — Bug 868259 - Fix BasicCompositor rendering. r=roc
b5a96574e077543ff1cbbe9500fc1f08e91b11b8Matt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Fix a few small layers refactoring bugs. r=Bas
74ff7b69c638b51c49c98fba397b5700292ff582Matt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Call PaintWindow with OMTC so we still get a DidPaint event. r=roc
1e746a304a6fd50a758be0022733b2193da6c072Matt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Setup PaintWillResample correctly. r=roc
789f09e5ce7caa3f3cab0a2b266887f30fa40a6eMatt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Use CreateThebesSurfaceAliasForDrawTarget_hack in CopyableCanvasLayer. r=roc
0f3d7df79e327201e979aba2aab63f0e9f7f7276Matt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Round texture coords to the nearest texel. r=Bas
098ef52af05c987b1ea88dd29a47a923065c048cMatt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Record memory usage for gfxQuartzSurface. r=jrmuizel
fed9c75cd9fddf92f502584ac7e29062aac1486dMatt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Setup our OpenGL surface before compositing. r=mstange
b58dac401cebd48947be4fe2da5b24532cbad55cMatt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Use TextureImageCGL again, and used TiledTexturedImage for large textures. r=BenWa
751fedabab31487f8c2daca864b9beb428b2c2daMatt Woodrow — Bug 756601 - Use the right texture target when allocating texture in TextureHostOGL. r=Bas
db1de122b2620f1f19bb97962290310b80419e19Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 850217: Screen artifact in search selection. [r=mfinkle]
262cf57a8aa746530e58ab049ccf69d28893eaddNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 865931 - Fix varous minor problems with the comparison routines, add test r=shu
f7c710fa3295634ccfe4f7c81733d9876504609bAndrew McCreight — Bug 867974 - fail more gently when purple buffer count isn't zero. r=smaug
65129bb743252da8a65d3100aae1b8fe9b370b4fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 863498. Get the SurfaceTexture transform every draw. r=nical
557f1d26fb712722030373ff369d4dba8477260eBrian O'Keefe — Bug 862986 - Part 2a: Migrate PROGRAM from to r=gps
0726f9659154017357406dd03bf577ab0e2872b7Brian O'Keefe — Bug 862986 - Part 1a: Move MOZ_CHILD_PROCESS_NAME and MOZ_CHILD_PROCESS_BUNDLE to, remove ipc/app/ r=glandium
31ff9550fba69b0e222cc8d6112b1676ab0c7bb0Matt Brubeck — Bug 870073 - Write the full MOZCONFIG path to mozinfo.json [r=gps]
6be352955252d672cd4cadb6afd53eac616a8441Bobby Holley — Bug 770840 - Add Runtime aborts when using XPCWrappedJS off-main-thread. v2
1bc459138617b42345ff7d27e01aa05776582993Bobby Holley — Bug 770840 - Remove XPConnect test that explicitly runs JS on a seperate thread. v1
7fa500e12a386c35928fc8f5b0ebf8b3f50ce551Josh Matthews — Bug 869928 - Remove Off-Main-Thread XPCWrappedJS refcounting from OpenSignedJARFileTask. r=bsmith
ae045b8a759b32ad45c53ba125547b0fb90bc8a6Dan Gohman — Bug 869515: IonMonkey: Fix IonSpewer when logging asm.js code, r=luke
ed91d4356cf07f0a1edd75d59d78237b0457fbaaSean Stangl — Bug 870095 - Follow-up: use ReorderCommutative() in more places. r=h4writer
f8c1e234d93963af00e65f79bd44048026029ccbJim Mathies — Bug 864940 - Only hand off focus rights to explorer if the test console has focus. r=bbondy
10cb7bc4cc588dc7e2a9956a29ec50732402663eBoris Zbarsky — Back out revision 52f646b2055c (bug 870219) because apparently worker code can't handle ChromeOnly properties
66080091cd006699608df400547c59412c4d08b1Benjamin Peterson — No bug - Make constructor explicit. rs=Ms2ger
75d1409ae0908a1e517a4be6f0a4bd9d5ab83e1fJoel Maher — Bug 869694 - Enable layout/reftests/bugs on Android. r=tn
351f669dce96bb041692ba147e62c48b7461c49cJoel Maher — Bug 867745 - Leaking docshell mochitest-chrome test causes many other tests to fail, pass, etc. r=armenzg
831491563b7d6bdec06d02bd4c2ed0858a46fcc8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 865546 - Propagate FLAG_CLAMP through RasterImage::DrawWithPreDownscaleIfNeeded. r=joedrew
fb3cb79e27d9ed538b1ee53218f4f836de30645aVasil Dimov — Bug 860827 - Move TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY to FileUtils.h and rename it. r=tbsaunde
b4c12bd0ca4e3e61eebef3aeb49ee01b311fefd6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 853386 - Remove nsIDOMSVGRect and classinfo for SVGRect. r=Ms2ger
78a43b5ffabd78dfb84bf38a0aa0d6949e846f4cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 866796 - Convert SVGAnimatedRect to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
29a83a39f02a5dfdf5c3acbafdade9faab3ef5e6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
013fd226403e0593980cd32062921449e809168cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 869014. Don't allow name collisions between external interfaces and other objects. r=khuey
9f5dee705c5ef948fc41a20f5de541d3a7f4e21aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 868996. Allow setting opener on the window to non-null, for just the lifetime of the page. r=bholley
52f646b2055c3af052d40060a85bbca741622687Boris Zbarsky — Bug 870219. Add a way for chrome JS that's implementing a WebIDL interface to get/set event handlers sanely on content objects. r=smaug
59c279d93f8e268449e5153b1330e9d254ea4f8aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 867903. Speed up getDescriptors and some other obvious slow points in codegen. r=khuey
712d3684efe44cff7d6963ba3d8af0d58e80f802Boris Zbarsky — Bug 861587. Rejigger the WebIDL binding build system to do all binding codegen in a single python process while still using our dependency tracking for bindings to minimize the number of bindings we try to regenerate. r=khuey
671e9ced84bc448be1656225edd2a2447148b356Francesco Lodolo [:flod] — Bug 868452 - Fix entity name (&brandShortName;) and string consistency in r=dcamp
0f05638c8f26579812daae21af7bf72613182525Dan Gohman — Bug 869525 - Use xor+setCC instead of setCC+movzbl when convenient. r=nbp
59fe6fbf1adfdebed604b3aab0695d2304416367Ed Morley — Backed out changeset a23a23055e13 (bug 863498) for compilation failures on a CLOSED TREE
8a44a72db55bd422467b2f57db24e7242cce444dNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 862922 - Track causes and locations of parallel bailouts and issue a somewhat obscure warning r=jandem
02c1a0223bc324e65169a64521c64d0602e93abdBobby Holley — Bug 857356 - Make reftests/crashtest run without XBL scopes. r=bz
80b26df1c79a3e382290f5c434d88c522de6e4fbBobby Holley — Bug 857356 - Remove asserting crashtest. r=bz
a8fe89875091e3cd235cb378628cfe3020f6e05eBobby Holley — Bug 857356 - Convert field-y XBL tests to run with dom.use_xbl_scopes_for_remote_xul=false. r=bz
d8d4867f71c1725b193f9d6d20e5eea084d6459eBobby Holley — Bug 857356 - Fix in-content XBL tests. r=bz
52bd3c5ba8fda5baf01e9344fc883b9aacc8d45aBobby Holley — Bug 857356 - Remove XBL field auto-waiving. r=bz
a23a23055e1370d6420649ee491ec1d6415602a5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 863498. Get the SurfaceTexture transform every draw. r=nical
c5daf23a9a2004f47bf162313314624a882ed863Jim Mathies — Bug 830347 - Fixup Windows omtc code so that it builds builds with the 601 sdk. r=bas
263387f87f440323d0ecc29cb0c58baf95999418Jim Mathies — Bug 869936 - Add GetPreferredCompositorBackend to MetroWidget. r=bbondy
5a1d7931af7b25cc3244e5929e9d8631fefef396Jacek Caban — Bug 830347 - Fixed TextureD3D11.h compilation on GCC.
d5a2a23786f57b09c707e17ef29dcca9410d194eBas Schouten — Bug 830347 - Part 3: Integrate new D3D compositor into widget. r=jmathies
b1a8d467615f2007f6b3faf80a1791b6efc47398Bas Schouten — Bug 830347 - Part 2: Add the code for CompositorD3D11. r=jrmuizel
5e223c0cdc8d8046b05e998e0f7e085fc65b3216Bas Schouten — Bug 830347 - Part 1: Initialize D3D11 device when needed. r=jrmuizel
d11b778458e950aa132d016ca0c8b70cd09f0f5bJames Hugman — Bug 856131 - Regression: No Android home-screen shortcut created on app install. r=fabrice
747c0b4293e431dca9ee9bfdfa386c7bf29320b6Kannan Vijayan — Bug 870064 - Fix build warnings. r=dholbert
fc6cc1be141653cbe546b29f43ff09814bd80b8fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 825739 - Disable test on Windows due to frequent intermittent failures.
cec949998373ea6396af7faa8496f62e8ab579daNathan Froyd — Bug 858131 - rewrite FloatingPoint.h to be C++-only instead of C-compatible C++; r+original-author=Waldo
c460bded7a668a2b6ff4af1dea51203e61b8c5a5Jared Wein — Bug 869919 - Find bar should hide on disablefastfind pages. r=dao
89426b7c3b3bb26453f57be0f052ed0dd5b428d6Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 854400 - Rebase Shu's patch, and combine inlined code with jsop_setelem_dense r=jandem
fee19aa62f5db0621b605fd83041926bbec13b6aNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 854400 - Convert typed array store code to reuse jsop_setelem_typed r=bhackett
378d4fe10c1f1d09ee92b24208034bf87c72ecdaNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 854400 - Disable double conversion in parallel mode r=bhackett
838eaf27333430933f0d5b33a720c19b0112aeffMargaret Leibovic — Bug 869634 - Update default favicon style. r=bnicholson
98e5c35041c0086535b46e8a159d2445c5973721Joe Drew — Bug 868871 - Don't do any invalidation from under RasterImage::GetImageContainer(), which is called while painting. r=seth
e44c0b1eb2e3da774b4f7dc85667d71201276e80Ms2ger — Bug 868726 - Outparamdel nsViewManager::GetDeviceContext; r=tn
1102bd83dc9d342a8a94023f2a068c3cb5d24164Ms2ger — Bug 868728 - Cleanup nsDOMUIEvent a bit; r=smaug
a923ac1365feb26020f9bfdd37040eb22c241976Ms2ger — Bug 868730 - Make nsDocument::ResetStylesheetsToURI return void; r=mounir
a7ac9e2569803cd1f5aa6821a383e71588fc643cMs2ger — No bug - Fix mach's highlighting of 'TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL'; oy-r=gps
ecbd187e6d4d5da7fd41fb367a201767e5fd3ddcMs2ger — Bug 868426 - Display results table when running testharness.js tests by themselves; r=jhammel
02f7faabdbd92a357cfcfa9145c90515549d8313Ms2ger — Bug 859252 - Part c: Hook up the reftests in dom/imptests; r=jhammel
92e51876e67d4f93a6112724b177c069bfec2c36Ms2ger — Bug 859252 - Part b: Import the reftests in the HTML test suite; r=mounir+smontagu
abe0099bab0e4ee9cc2cf67ca37d7e41c1a046a4Ms2ger — Bug 859252 - Part a: Update to import reftests as well; r=jhammel
f9d768cca37e0de1d7545e00cd42e7c319b67fc6Ms2ger — Bug 866424 - Part i: Move tests and expected failures to the shortened names; r=jhammel
eb2c1eb6ef5938db73823eca7d3bdaea6b931e27Ms2ger — Bug 866424 - Part h: Update to shorten the paths in mozilla-central; r=jhammel
870596f541f258d10d0359284b0f16fe863b2596Ms2ger — Bug 866424 - Part g: Derecursify the importing of test suites; r=jhammel
616de9bdf29c85dc4f4b959de0778d570be55a30Ms2ger — Bug 866424 - Part f: Remove unused support for silently copying ^HEADERS^ files when importing tests; r=jhammel
6409db53f33b4c7547f78a0dc41f376cdf874f6eMs2ger — Bug 866424 - Part e: Remove the unused thissrcdir argument to several functions; r=jhammel
8e0e481f674639c07e44c5cf640f2ca0538bf5a7Ms2ger — Bug 866424 - Part d: Update our copy of the HTML test suite and its expected failures; r=jhammel
63a7302983a189f143921fda3b2e38d0219d0d5cMs2ger — Bug 866424 - Part c: Use git instead of hg-git to clone upstream test suites; r=jhammel
4f1bc514ea8b1e193b2eb1f308b82041df6cba84Ms2ger — Bug 866424 - Part b: Revert changes to shorten directory lengths because they broke importing; r=jhammel
bb26a100852a495d8b36aae91c560a48c88cf1c2Ms2ger — Bug 866424 - Part a: Remove vim modelines from autogenerated files; r=jhammel
3269501068511f667f681c91907902035a85ab6dGregory Szorc — Bug 870575 - Upgrade psutil to 0.7.1; rs=me
6c48ce88a31ad3476e3403008a02b589ac44e2baRyan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
4a1cbbb07ce23516c12662db6b154f95439bbca0Josh Matthews — Bug 597064 - Add timeout logic to xpcshell test runner. r=ted
5d965d4738971517722400c7db36aa87b82d048cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 870167 - Create a mini test framework for Web Audio; r=roc
6fc3f280d0f6675be65bfc9e15ba134c9d5eac64Andrew McCreight — Bug 851178 - Add support for JS-implemented WebIDL constructors with arguments. r=bz
e82e0f27347ef46c9b1ba92b2e4f6b50b7d746d1Adrian Tamas — Bug 869277 - Intermittent testAddSearchEngine | The number of search results has increased - got 5, expected 10. r=jmaher
46a74e87779c99369b585b8b50f0ddf6099a2d78Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset bf0dfd39ebac (bug 862314) for intermittent mochitest b-c failures.
0b6a6fe7ccf6873039c1ddfe7895778daad8fe54Jan de Mooij — Bug 868990 part 2 - Remove ScriptFrameIter and rename StackIter to ScriptFrameIter. r=luke
f6525b901c95e8cc61a6913e16549c6207ed4674Jonathan Kew — bug 860578 - fix missing favicons in Panorama view. r=dao
2fbc1a6c74611a34ad0e5cfa496f890325972584Jonathan Kew — bug 857061 - scale Windows taskbar preview properly for hi-dpi configuration. r=jimm
1392f1c0008de9972c25e5a80f2f6554557f9344Khaled Hosny — bug 869907, fix comments of several plural forms strings, r=Unfocused
0c5f4ae8b572600b27596b7894856e81ec5b81c6Jon Coppeard — Bug 868040 - GC: Fix some rooting hazards in content/base r=bz
83459f51f50095e2eaa864d8e355904f0cc7aa1cJon Coppeard — Bug 869526 - GC: Fix more rooting hazards in xpconnect r=bholley
22dffe8154e556c658bb58e01bec587870e573cfDavid Zbarsky — Bug 868312: Root dom/workers r=bz
5a5e13148f9da4739b5b29cdbf05097202256761Daniel Holbert — Bug 722888: Add reftest for this bug (which became fixed by DLBI). [test-only change]
77141947c30f9beb25722e3197fb8abb7869d0a5Jan de Mooij — Bug 868990 - rm CallArgsList, StackIter cleanup. r=luke
38282df9d4f019d18c4034dad839374adc33bc8fRandell Jesup — Bug 870002: enable MediaStreamGraph logging to try to hunt down bug 870002 r=philor
f011e4187ec52b3bccbd98e48b84728b6da4191fRandell Jesup — Bug 870002: move data-processing debugs in MSG to level 5 to allow granular logging r=roc
af29f5b97e59e1f1daa3dc0eb794ee21530d2cc6Wes Johnston — Bug 798358 - Use learnmore link for addons on about:home. r=mfinkle
5e5c123ad9e34fc557aa5dba0c835a5ca6468cdaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4c4810ef209266d5741d268dff0a61692e25fc88Chen Dai — Bug 866487 - MOZ_UPDATER always set to true in r=snorp
ddc934f971ecca705305d819593e28b97bd4919eTrevor Saunders — Bug 859984 - use tooltool ndk / sdk when on a x86_64 host. r=glandium,r=coop
bf0dfd39ebac8583394be92bcb37d18641f5bc8bShane Caraveo — bug 862314 fix double install of social provider, r=markh
ad46747e8ec467d3e3d7a913b22e0ffd12354466Chen Dai — Bug 869322 - Remove stray parens causing Google Talkback being unable to read text in input boxes. r=eitan
17f93f12b0843cf6c52e90bc88d8b2117cc745ecDave Hylands — Bug 870197 - Initialize mFrameCallback to null. r=mikeh
7ef0ed6ea2db75c5d0f8109195d91c818d3ac594Michael Wu — Bug 870375 - back out bug 869011 for startup crashes on devices
2795d46a9d46bbaea4ad86810c18b766d881069bMichael Wu — Backed out changeset 7e4d9be02b8f (bug 869011) for causing bug 870375
6e6ec8a3432106fe2fa2b782bf26507504cb2097Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset afc08927188a (bug 870113) for B2G mochitest-2 failures.
fc355030e54c3e50084fc284d1c205a8125a431cEric Chou — Bug 869296 - New mechanism to deal with AT commands 'AT+BLDN' and 'ATD>n', r=gyeh
d6f834c17b4fa095daa3ac627df0c506fe2976f8Eric Chou — Bug 869296 - Do 'Last Number Redial' when we receive ATD>n, r=gyeh
afc08927188a81091c5f502b930cf35e07f9df39Michael Wu — Bug 870113 - Switch GetFontImpl to Feura Sans, r=jfkthame
a5c9290eb8c797a93a655a2e5d8e821cbe8a1b71Gene Lian — Bug 869807 - B2G MMS: fail to send MMS due to the wrong assignment for expiryDate. r=vicamo a=leo+
f5bc290b7ff3fefd999d120dbb56ee2f0552a4f7Gene Lian — Bug 870302 - B2G MMS: use device time to specify the MMS receiving time. r=vicamo a=leo+
8e05d5b47d1f59657972f543906ac93d096524d2Anshul Jain — Bug 854334 - Voice mail notification FAIL. r=marshall
82ab0af69c16b2e817529789b94801ca9baac563Alive Kuo — Bug 868914 - Prevent background pages from locking orientation. r=mounir
ea059733677c6dcf059def235334045c4783b40bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
56425c0947591ca8dc5720ffdc4b45e430192748Nick Hurley — bug 870168 - make mach handle multiple logged-in users properly r=gps DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
dac8cb02fd216d408a9da4329b9d0ee1cb940b7aGregory Szorc — Bug 856392 - Categorize mach commands; r=jhammel
02f1eeef26139b5d4a0f86a5fc059c4622aa405dEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 694322457a64 (bug 860867) because the clang bug which required this workaround has been fixed
202d4048a8b8cb67ef2fd1143ca00bb95097273fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 869784 - Fix rooting hazards in the profiler; r=BenWa,till
4e55b3a02970b5e28cf770abcdc6691e224f6670Christian Sonne — Bug 870112 - Migrate plugins.hide_infobar_for_missing_plugin to plugins.notifyMissingFlash r=dolske
419103cd6ce3c1cb7863e9f97fa0180005e06663Sean Stangl — Bug 870149 - Move common x86/x64 lowering code to x86-shared. r=h4writer
f269dd20a9f61bf1eb247b7d1803a4bc7d432d2eLuke Wagner — Bug 870144 - don't assume non-definition argument has a name when reporting asm.js validation errors (r=terrence)
720d85933172f5bbd6e94272af56c63cc517f5eeLuke Wagner — Make test_asmjs.html run faster (no bug,r=me)
e22a2019d323d39065c2ae9bdc704ca71b53e132Sean Stangl — Bug 870095 - Prefer clobbering binary operands with no further uses. r=h4writer
c1ee14175d13d0a1b67fc91d88ea01fa508ece92Dan Gohman — Bug 869507 - Eliminate unnecessary NaN checks. r=me
f6b920f5e96c048539e2fcbab44a22079b339dd5Dan Gohman — Bug 869532 - Eliminate unnecessary NaN checks and emit less redundant code. r=me
b262e6be083309762433eee44bdc7d67c37c20b6Brian Hackett — Bug 868890 - Correctly generate barrier when accessing undefined properties of objects whose prototype also has the property, r=dvander.
6e52ff141274ceadc96a6a74414f1c5c70609fa1Matt Brubeck — Backed out changeset a5b13623631c:0200fd49efc3 (bug 838692) for frequent Linux debug test_iframe_sandbox_navigation.html timeouts
5bb9c4fab6dd7f5029ba60ef965cf71da0991cb3Brian Nicholson — Backout 6ee620315ad4 for causing test timeouts on a CLOSED TREE
c495d92a5f15fce8451657d82b329e974065917cChris Peterson — Bug 828563 - Part 2: Use Location.getTime() instead of getElapsedRealtimeNanos(). a=bustage CLOSED TREE
c36615f13b0ed74321f0515d7d790df8dc146a90Kannan Vijayan — Bug 870051 - Fix build warning. r=dholbert
775ab8588cec5fafdd78dd9c4fb1b4454ad6c7dfBlake Kaplan — Bug 869086 - Make textbox.xml resilient against the changes in bug 653881. r=gavin
d558440ac511f1deef21a30ba96c00b48aa03775Brian Nicholson — Bug 866854 - Fix button height in crash reporter (follow-up). r=mfinkle
7dcb2e0f454b35b78412188cc957f39e2c016d76Brian Nicholson — Bug 866854 - Fix button height in crash reporter. r=mfinkle
e725c1aa589dffc580c10d59829ae3a2673285bcBenoit Jacob — Bug 869194 - CheckedInt should consistently reject unsupported types - r=Waldo
9a8c7cd83f2293987e36b1103e07d29c0263844dBenoit Jacob — Bug 869685 - Reintroduce long long support in CheckedInt - r=Waldo
ae87f942ac08bca3010133ee7901ce32e52551bfChris Peterson — Bug 863154 - Part 2: Catch Bitmap OOMs when decoding resources. r=mfinkle
814044b7f85345868cdcc9739bb9d86512d9564cChris Peterson — Bug 863154 - Part 1: Catch Bitmap OOMs when decoding streams. r=mfinkle
061c33f0e98409ec930948d9e79bb7d412830c57Chris Peterson — Bug 828563 - Return the most recent location, not the most accurate provider's most recent location. r=blassey
05a6210472f10421c8087edd83958335baa5ee3aChris Peterson — Bug 834033 - Part 1: Install Push and WebSocket components on Android. r=blassey
d517c04f97ec4e9606d756ff24a8f893122c9b32Jim Mathies — merge
0d180d194b57e12331c5726975346d659acdf276Jim Mathies — backout Bug 869936 which relies on bug 830347.
c51eab92e5cb0da35865403dc248c02f8a35472fGeoff Brown — Bug 870056 - Enable robocop testClearPrivateData; r=jmaher
a20ea0d494a049d68544cdc43973b5a515f55b59L. David Baron — Bug 868751: Remove support for obsolete document.createEvent("AnimationEvent"), document.createEvent("TransitionEvent"), AnimationEvent.initAnimationEvent, and TransitionEvent.initTransitionEvent. r=smaug
d986ae112cb6dbcf69a5727547d3ea0d618c9bfcL. David Baron — Remove SimpleTest.expectAssertions() call now that bug 846137 is fixed. No review.
fae8d9338eb53e49ae070fbe10b651943bbd30f2Terrence Cole — Bug 777548 - Make non-cc-participant tracing indirect; r=smaug,billm,jst
fb709d42a984240d740de5aa2eb507d1afe878aeKyle Huey — Merge again.
570a6739752c542d3c27a40fa82b9ce6db91345aKyle Huey — Merge backout of bug 830347.
24d361942d24229dd9fdebbe2f5cdb2fcb908881Kyle Huey — Back out bug 830347.
6ee620315ad45e66dafbb3bda78bf1141dfcfc97Brian Nicholson — Bug 849847 - Make about:home scrollable with the analog stick. r=Cwiiis
0182997de0f4ceecc99dfc1def129c88c5cca8dbRobert Strong — Windows installer only - Bug 868746 - Installer should quote the 'uninstallstring' registry value in case a non OS builtin app uses the value. r=bbondy
14417f00ec418970b82851cb08daa66d67578dffShane Caraveo — bug 868886 fix intermittent test failure with socialmark tests, r=felipe
a23eea95bf64672dcab5fedfad76339028c9593bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 868342 - (Part 2) Get rid of displayTitle variable. r=wesj
1c8df5e637a21782acfec5fc13d333b3eb489780Margaret Leibovic — Bug 868342 - (Part 1) Fix NPE in BrowserToolbar.setTitle. r=wesj
b61e721b78af92e7900112d59b8cb7490139cc8eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 869040. Fix ion IC for non-overridebuiltins named gets on ListBase proxies to not cache lack of a property when it's just missing on the prototype. r=djvj
b1041ccc5475c07c1f5aaa65272ace5609dfe58cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 867863. Be a little more careful in GlobalObject initialization. r=peterv
3dea7cce5f643439fb5b6f5974a32305014970d0Terrence Cole — Bug 869234 - No need for barriers on the LIR constant pool. r=bhackett
25bce82749bc1934b8131e70613a4231584951b9Terrence Cole — Bug 869222 - Allow GC things embedded in IonScript to move. r=dvander
a15fae0ee76e12b78862b98eb256da2c2d1d9901Terrence Cole — Bug 868610 - Do not use the arena header when cloning object literals. r=billm
54986162d9bdcdfa0ffa7ca91da3c5ad8f2ba71bTerrence Cole — Bug 863808 - Implement a store buffer for marking whole objects. r=billm
7003849feda0e37fb39e89f41151d0210b749a28Amod Narvekar — Bug 224315 - Poor grammar in 'is a:' message on unknown content type window. r=jaws
948efc855b5b2185990d94f136df33ffe8f264a6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 97163e4941f2 (bug 869507) for checktest assertions and crashes.
db9527acf096b3ccdf58b0ec27ceed5810878b8aMark Banner — Bug 863069 - Part 2: Sort lists in files (mac specific); r=gps
97163e4941f28603dee73b0c448729b6909b0ea9Dan Gohman — Bug 869507 - IonMonkey x86: Eliminate unnecessary NaN checks. r=nbp
0d2ce5b020cf783902fea06818dcebfd33257bc4Chris Double — Bug 868826 - Fix stagefright blocklist for JB devices - r=bjacob
a5b13623631ca32b8eaf8a011ab244921cfd5f58Bob Owen — Tests for bug 838692 - Navigating named targets from sandboxed iframes. (r=imelven)
0200fd49efc368d4930fa891027539a515245e70Bob Owen — Fix for bug 838692 - Navigating named targets from sandboxed iframes. (r=smaug)
469e647ccbf5b04df168bc249742eb2c57e1fe14Bobby Holley — Bug 869800 - Stop using calling JS_SetGlobalObject in workers. r=bent
cbebcd9f25319ce2f9d7a5ac781e982aa13a29ddBobby Holley — Bug 869800 - Remove JS_GetGlobalObject from workers. r=bent
ce96360f44f56ca0b3509a0ce989b1eef66733ecSean Stangl — Bug 861440 - Add VTune Instrumentation to OdinMonkey. r=luke
c47ba5012352e75b8537e34afb427a0dcc349788Jonathan Watt — Bug 870003 - Stop repainting <svg> elements when their children-only transform changes. r=dholbert
c0b7f22692c325d24624d2b080e749c808ce6a42Jonathan Watt — Bug 869611 - Stop reflowing in nsSVGPathGeometryFrame::NotifySVGChanged for ancestor transform changes. r=dholbert
7b7eea794c8effde25e56b192be64ecf36e1af54Jonathan Watt — Bug 869781 - Make nsSVGOuterSVGFrame::Reflow update the overflow rects of its children if it has a viewBox. r=dholbert
0ea128318cc839d105662a3bb327bfe4a79ff08dJan de Mooij — Bug 868042 - Bump PropertyTree::MAX_HEIGHT for objects not used as hashmaps. r=bhackett
1c05e7a9e51ccd5ad1748a538c45673e478a425cColby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: ConsoleAPITests.js; r=msucan
55b00015a6605e3274057bc9ce4f8c6c5c33cdb8Colby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: WebConsoleUtils.jsm; r=msucan
db7759b0338925354e5c112c33e6a75f96d15d99Chris AtLee — Bug 807792: Add gecko configs for emulator b2g target. r=jhopkins DONTBUILD
5566cebc8766b41174d7827361e34950ba717d4ePatrick McManus — bug 869100 complete token bucket a/b test r=honzab
2d98636bc27bb9b5d7a06543279e6327ef31b891Jim Mathies — Bug 869936 - Add GetPreferredCompositorBackend to MetroWidget. r=bbondy
c0057a14ffc56f828593bf0ad224f35f601c4450Josh Matthews — Bug 869893 - Remove Off-Main-Thread XPCWrappedJS refcounting from SignRunnable. r=jedp
d95ddf1d37b09e50c3ea2a90a755c09621c81c71Gavin Sharp — Bug 866254 followup: improve debug logging and minor cleanup, r=Yoric
cd020c8432e6bb2b3eb58255db1ad8adc40f0d03Gavin Sharp — Bug 866254: fix failure to initialize search service in cases where the async initialization fails to complete before the synchronous fallback is invoked, r=Yoric
5da1839640f5497bc6cdaadce2faa4ce299daee9Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
6cea585acd2110a923f9c2ce958ff1d15b3b0111Dan Gohman — Bug 869501 - Add an accessor to MCompare for testing whether the comparison is
0f990be99e7b2b8a5200ec6402bb191b76237333Brian Hackett — Bug 869706 - Track nonNativeGetElement and accessGetter info in baseline scripts, r=jandem.
7c964beb8d3ec5c5d2a801054edbe0abbb4e6e77ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 866463 - Remove the initial incorrect assignment. r=joe
97e73b69c2792fc8d89ac0bcf8ced463c72eba09Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e40466e428dc (bug 853301) for breaking cross-compiles.
893ffa43dd882de1239a4a3a7e305c9709f3b0fcShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 869394 - default turn on captive portal detection. r=fabrice.
182f3878a17b360489564944e7ebcbd51a6635b8Jacek Caban — Bug 830347 - Fixed TextureD3D11.h compilation on GCC.
3710924cf7ea15bdf97b97abb549c312a6df526fJim Mathies — Bug 852622 - Remove extraneous class name from css throbber binding. r=me
c97a67b4ec08925d4aa96215f9a96c2efc8f52e0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836599 - Part 7: Implement a non-realtime API in MediaStreamGraph; r=roc
5971dba36391e2fbfcea5555ad2b22f19bcfe7f6Aryeh Gregor — Bug 867096 - Convert nsTransactionStack from nsDeque to std::deque; r=ehsan
bce4dc724d4a92605c342d6c5065941cc0492ac1Jon Coppeard — Bug 869469 - GC: Fix typo in rooting analysis script and add annotation for MDefinition.opName r=sfink
e28bac451f8830753f6ab8079d00bcad3b174571Jon Coppeard — Bug 869479 - GC: Fix rooting hazards in jsapi tests r=terrence
898b2c5eaa5d9d109fae14a92646c756476ce277Alexander Surkov — Bug 865997 - Don't prune complex subtrees for roles usually having no children, r=tbsaunde
069c966819d6b5f9724b46f72b805a6d95690a71Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 865028 - Fuse ParallelDo and ForkJoin r=shu
666b239772be4ccb558807f9cb139dda46b8cf19Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
9774b67dce4bdea3445de1071a60e06a9e281b36Yuan Xulei — Bug 869303 - Notify keyboard to hide when the app window is closed. r=smaug
dea5219d6b430c089a3a35edc3a6638fdf7ca09cGregory Szorc — Bug 869266 - Reduce number of SQL statements to record crashes; r=rnewman
85804366a6833959248ebdd2c31895c5638b3dbfGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
8b12845b9563a32d73eb42249c1b22ad3858a41dPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to s-c
9180229e191a24d028c7f2f4f3f1ecfa7cb982aaMike Connor — Bug 858750 - Add Firefox Favicon to FHR page, r=jaws
a0dace7878d9f1aa2cec164957ceba87902b1c2aMike Connor — Bug 863082 - Prefpane links should open in a new window if prefwindow is modal, r=jaws
e19d0885977cd5ef8e0feff53b7906730b6294c2Ed Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
e698d3534b96531f574e7d0ad4f56c4ba33606f9Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Backed out changeset 4b3a3f40730f (Bug 863290) for Android mochi-4 orange.
92a5a4a9b76b0ac0155706a6c2a1bf4ed32df96bHannes Verschore — Bug 864468: IonMonkey: Skip argument type checks when type is known to match, r=jandem
ef2134c93dae9608488f33298748e2a634f4c137Peter Van der Beken — Bug 869038 - Clear expando object the right way. r=bz.
c9737a4136cfb59530999326c36d31dbc19357b3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 868406. Shut down MediaStreamGraph's thread. r=jesup
8049e4af4809085a6f9287ce45c612e3e6ec837aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 866579. Don't bother adding an arena-allocated DisplayItemClip to mDisplayItemClipsToDestroy if its destructor isn't going to do anything interesting. r=mattwoodrow
531c57d87cf4fae9ff62116cb8ff631a1b4cf7adRobert O'Callahan — Bug 866514. Part 2: Delay delivering getUserMedia stream result until the DOM object has asynchronously acquired the desired tracks. r=jesup
67d21aabfb75ac4cc9706acf3f565fc60ae73521Robert O'Callahan — Bug 866514. Part 1: Add DOMMediaStream::OnTracksAvailableCallback. r=jesup
243a19f75873fdafe725e6cf45c11027eca8e082Robert O'Callahan — Bug 863224. DOMMediaStream should release its internal MediaStream and listener during Unlink to ensure that events running between Unlink and the destruction of the DOMMediaStream don't see the dying object. r=jesup
4b3a3f40730f74aca94e653b7287de610daa05d6Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 863290 - Correctly detect failure to initialize Android capture objects. r=jesup
04b075f3726570270aa403a5120522dfa26463acDaniel Holbert — Bug 869668: Mark a bunch of overridding methods in content/svg/content/src as MOZ_OVERRIDE. r=jwatt
bb1d1ddc189a1e8bf6a69400244311626e6e791bPhil Ringnalda — Back out ff30118a4799 (bug 868432) for mochitest-chrome failures
c94459e9a0d7100474f36e02e7f5759b2de26dedJosh Aas — Bug 869091: Fix a couple of build warnings in Cocoa widgets. r=smichaud
13c45a7334fc2bb4ee68dc091c0e80cebe201dccPhil Ringnalda — Back out 6d5ff743bb6b:9b321cd729e5 (bug 784519) for mochitest failures
e0da12ba536111b4a408df472e4459223a35f2f0Makoto Kato — Bug 800220 - Part 3. Add null check to avoid strlen(nullptr). r=ehsan
3c6a29b5d1b19f9e7e22624f19b8240e7f92fcceMakoto Kato — Bug 800220 - Part 2. Fix warning error. r=ehsan
30812190600751ed178f17947afc5b4a56d71aa2Makoto Kato — Bug 800220 - Part 1. Replace PL_strlen with strlen. r=ehsan
657d4cb2ea1705278cac10f525aba147d501afa9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 869682 - Make sure that GainNode does not modify its input buffer; r=roc
d8b87a58ebf51a6348a3f1c23eeef97621d72c96Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 869684 - Don't crash if the last output chunk for a given stream doesn't contain any channels; r=roc
f5669ac3bf3663459ed7688dc45291d7482e3a3eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 869224 - Use the same algorithm to compute the buffer start/end time and to convert AudioParam time values to ticks; r=roc
ade6bafb19e464ff4ccc52b03bb17f6f5b43c306Bobby Holley — Bug 868528 - Don't expose _content over Xrays. r=mccr8
439bae7c9809387f9897b4d6ba75c05cfbdc6c52Daniel Holbert — Bug 869750 - Remove unused variables from HyperTextAccessible.cpp. r=surkov
7b389768f7889dea9f6a2ae334aa6226d129b510Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 868936 - Use strict equality operator in JSDOMParser.js. r=bnicholson
ff30118a4799ddaee39f1e091e97b1f99cf1ecdbJosiahOne — Bug 868432 - Animate scrolling when Home/End button is pressed. r=roc
ba8cfb0179f14f088111561b9f745daf61ddbb6bDave Vasilevsky — Bug 862562 - Fix mozboot on 10.6. r=gps
6ce9acf7e78fe2b7894b7173a62003a5aea1eeeaaceman — Bug 533315 - Show the stack trace of 'e' in do_thow(e) if 'e' is already an exception object. r=ted
5a6829c755b70b6e8ccba2af0fa87b4da7796e82Boris Zbarsky — Bug 868102. Don't swallow exceptions from the XPCOM/XPConnect goop when setting up a js-implemented webidl object. r=mccr8
6e00018528cd8dca0386f0405bedb019cd9d516cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 869311. More rooting in dom/bindings and content/base. r=smaug
3dd3245de35751287c9e1596b2dfce014bcc70b9Wes Kocher — Bug 869687 - Uplift Add-on SDK integration branch to Firefox
6e240d2c2ce8e66469b55a24a7ee87da01f28e37Joe Drew — Bug 869125 - Use the preallocated first frame in the PNG and GIF decoders when possible so we don't flash unnecessarily. r=seth
229cd16b078aae64e3a36093828f956bbf953182Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 868523 - snapped synced tabs entry doesnt hide if sync is not enabled.r=jimm
42e458069da3d884542e5d67eca1133852335683Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 864255: Crash in production builds if we can't shut down properly r=jesup
6d5ff743bb6bfe3db8b0de28af080122256f6ac6Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 784519 - Part 2: Fix success callback event names r=jesup
9b321cd729e5b4edb7f9fcbcb20b96edd8f8dbe1Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 784519 - Part 1: Enforce State Transition Rules in SIPCC r=ehugg
62a9fd6e8a4a5348de0f1cdcf9b748dffdae7a4fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
7243109bed0a9f52652aa663264d89669e8fa752Gene Lian — Bug 869841 - B2G MMS: Gaia cannot get request returned after calling .sendMMS(...). r=vicamo a=leo+
ea89e932e5a377dc19d3194ccd2719437a639f8bEric Chou — Bug 869332 - Don't reset call status while receiving an unhandled CallStateChanged event, r=gyeh
64c5d1f3d72802881a471e5530b610d6927e2ad2rlin — Bug 868960 - [FMRadio] FM Radio volume is not updated by headset ejecting. r=mwu
8b3f78b002c2294ae23c8343e0232d1738411e06Chris Cooper — Bug 852553 - Set l10n base dir to l10n/ in mozconfigs (DONTBUILD) - r=armenzg
b980d32c366f82691e99f065b1743e535df64843Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
fe3fc1746cae26fbca26b586e213c48066b828d5Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 11a3ee38afff (bug 853494) for various types of bustage on a CLOSED TREE
a33030103ec449f884f4969e5cad04936775453dEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset da02b1166a5c (bug 597064) because of mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE
e5d3816c2fa91cfa9c51455568a855abb5e1e70ePhil Ringnalda — Back out f2ac70bee1e0 (bug 798358) until it tells us what jsonobj it is talking about
883e35db4839399e0023cac094b3bc9604cca87cJeff Walden — Bug 869238 - Silence various -Wtype-limits warnings in Casting.h when instantiated with types with various size relationships. r=froydnj
e2c5a5d03c491e122452a6b73f62c81c7c271658Bobby Holley — Bug 868637 - Simplify DOM Bindings JSON parsing. r=bz
0550d3d146cff508a8465c54dfd82204aa67579bBobby Holley — Bug 868635 - Make merging CC heuristics go through scx. r=mccr8
ea66aac44f3146304bc24ab3755badd6716143deBobby Holley — Bug 868634 - Remove compartment entry in nsStructuredCloneContainer. r=bz
60201d176dd23ef18200c918a34e9566ff3458b1Bobby Holley — Bug 868633 - Remove JS_GetGlobalObject from caps. r=gabor
d4ac16cbea4761ff7a182ef08479f1888e84a778Luke Wagner — Bug 868184 - OdinMonkey: enable by default on beta/release (r=vlad)
7496b0c10c6063eefc0a90cd55ece7ba8dde2dfdJim Mathies — Bug 869531 - Update sync tests. r=mbrubeck
e371119710624760bcf8211b6a8980337fa5dde8Jim Mathies — Bug 868007 - Remove unused 'prompt-button' css class. r=fryn
86b2e2f3789c8a4e2b22e46333bbf2aebf389364Jim Mathies — Bug 868428 - Remove left over capture picker css and code. r=sfoster
8939cbc62b399c46216f055bbcf64dffeda41aafJim Mathies — Bug 868545 - Avoid syncing early in startup. r=mbrubeck
616f2609c29454ee9f34c7d35a098ec06f9c6c98Jim Mathies — Bug 868094 - Warn the user before disconnecting a sync account. Also, don't display default signup UI until the startOver process completes. r=ally
14e581ecbf0c6dbf468d2e808cdc5815cd5788bbJim Mathies — Bug 868094 - Sync service should notify when the startOver process completes. r=rnewman
b86f728bb8ef1f74967ac78b9eada601fffacca3Jim Mathies — Bug 852622 - Add a css based ring throbber. r=fryn
6636d08e4c24c1d4557b2c6c2661427d5fbbe610Jim Mathies — Bug 867200 - Move the account info text up to the top of the sync flyout. r=ally
6ace0127a85b3ba14e5bba12b4628f9e518a20fdJim Mathies — Bug 867200 - Remove Sync Now button and update sync related logic. r=rnewman, ally
fffbc26627715a6c1d11630c2dad4cea50bea20eJim Mathies — Bug 868099 - Update sync language. r=mbrubeck
85f2eb762eaded51021955df5cd9f5279c097829Jim Mathies — Bug 809171 - Don't call sync() directly, use scheduleNextSync instead. Fixes various slow script warnings during sync. r=mbrubeck
89751c35cda0dc2c6a935b434bd916c38af1eb21Jim Mathies — Bug 867634 - Fix for sync.js error: TypeError: this._msg is null. r=ally
da6db50c6248998a897785c89653d32dc4529d3dJim Mathies — Bug 826357 - Generate Metro-aware Sync client name. r=rnewman
da02b1166a5c30ffc54bc018486de8d8ab782257Josh Matthews — Bug 597064 - Add timeout logic to xpcshell test runner. r=ted
3baae116d26fd9735c53cbe1e8d86f9249a283b6Jeff Walden — Back out cff7378485bc (bug 869238), Windows bustage (at least). r=redness
11a3ee38afff9c5108e053ec4e9a5db730f3fd20Benoit Jacob — Bug 853494 - both --disable-optimize and --enable-debug should imply --disable-icf - r=glandium
cff7378485bcfc4693ee192c71d16fece9101e92Jeff Walden — Bug 869238 - Silence various -Wtype-limit warnings in Casting.h when instantiated with types with various size relationships. r=froydnj
a6934b3ae7cae9281983427cb9f43df4b45ee124Benoit Jacob — Bug 869188 - Avoid mixing CheckedInt and float in Blur code - r=Bas
d571f60b80fddbc8026a9368960b8e3ba86cc5fbSeth Fowler — Bug 859377 (Part 5) - Use CreateOffscreenDrawTarget instead of CreateOffscreenSurface. r=joe
6bf36fe4389681e4b98f48b92510ff489bb31e51Benoit Jacob — Bug 848481 - ♫ Don't say ClientWaitSync unless FOREVER ♫ - r=jgilbert
51b1dc857800d1d42b32392d53d65cd74b0924e6Chris Peterson — Bug 869517 - Fix JSFlatString RootKind compilation error when building with --enable-root-analysis. r=billm
03b869365923287fb0d852d8631547cba5fcc080Chris Peterson — Bug 868673 - Fix -Wtype-limits warning in XPFE. r=Neil
7cf0f7203cdaa4dc88388fe3c83dc355e056f78bKannan Vijayan — Bug 869056 - Added optimized baseline stubs for JSOP_FUNAPPLY with MagicValue(Arguments) as second arg. r=evilpie
d26ed846519e356595e75ce9f906813fe414bdb2Josh Matthews — Bug 865652 - Separate the logical concepts of a starting offset and the current offset for ArrayBufferInputStream. r=vlad
8eeb6c056fdb0f82e4d66ff0df835c4b1ab70164Mark Finkle — Bug 869477 - WebRTC UI permissions no longer shown r=margaret
1d3f27629c2840ca44233e3c8c011a494ff84847Dan Gohman — Bug 869539 - Eliminate padding in x64 Operand and add missing const. r=sstangl
74568f858c7cd6eedf2cb5336bf3b34b2da7e03bDan Gohman — Bug 869511 - Fix a copy+pasto in a comment. r=sstangl
a2eebc32a77ca36c2d0d1a6f06642b589b36144dAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 867121 - Snapped view: Favicons too close to text in awesome screen.r=mbrubeck
0a50d67075bef52c75c79fc3800c31219cf67474Kannan Vijayan — Bug 869529 - Fix LiveRangeAllocator loopWorkList handling. r=bhackett
7f1def8c39e8a1f04f20a38c30815336f5658dd5Mats Palmgren — Bug 868906 - Make GetChildFrameContainingOffset() stable. r=roc
b8e1d4abf5607ebb13b15917d7f3973125513032Mats Palmgren — Bug 867530 - Make the current poison consumers use the new API. r=roc
69c5ebd945de2e5a33f57211d87ca02acc783b3eMats Palmgren — Bug 867530 - Initialize the poison value in XPCOM startup and annotate the values in crash reporter. r=bsmedberg
35deab0191354fd4c04f45ec5ad025fa31c20f0fMats Palmgren — Bug 867530 - Move PresArena poisoning code to MFBT. r=roc
aa00d8de9a795659fd5a73262183e472ae2c58c5Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 835610 - [polish] Firefox app bar location text does not revert to the previous value when user presses escape.r=mbrubeck
f2ac70bee1e0447a2764551040cbdd476580829dWes Johnston — Bug 798358 - Use learnmore link for addons on about:home. r=mfinkle
6f52629c9d085c42878ad6ffce414df1b35957e2Bas Schouten — Bug 830347 - Part 3: Integrate new D3D compositor into widget. r=jmathies
478c8b6a97364acfa1f03ea4d001efbbe5099d74Bas Schouten — Bug 830347 - Part 2: Add the code for CompositorD3D11. r=jrmuizel
05762bbaf26800ed44e9020540b6397a7700e1b0Bas Schouten — Bug 830347 - Part 1: Initialize D3D11 device when needed. r=jrmuizel
880dc52ab5192306c14a84137057413a8d35a9aeDan Gohman — Bug 869510 - x86 assembler spew improvements. r=sstangl
e3dcea95f1613007334844001faf1980e428dc52Timothy Nikkel — Bug 869476. nsImageLoadingContent::Track/UntrackImage should return void. r=khuey
c39614efd2637b174d3a5272c1633762a2d1259eMatt Brubeck — Bug 867163 - Clear context actions when dismissing the appbar [r=sfoster]
f0653eab4d95719c829b118174382cfa679a296eJim Blandy — Bug 840292: Change debugging server xpcshell tests to use a "listTabs" request, rather than a "listContexts" request. r=dcamp
aa6a74a92890c873e81a3fd201d49292aa46d672Lucas Rocha — Bug 869166 - Add space between URL bar and tab curve (r=mfinkle)
9931f97194ec398983cdd68fd4c46350b9dd43e1Lucas Rocha — Bug 869022 - Fade tabs button and menu away when tabs panel is open (r=mfinkle)
7b440e4f094ccca2ea6b46f70d996ad922f24224Bobby Holley — Bug 868675 - Tests. r=gabor
90a789485fbb1de06bdf811f5b9e657360f8de02Bobby Holley — Bug 868675 - Introduce a Cu API for waiving/unwaiving. r=gabor,sr=mrbkap
e690c384582ad4e97e721f1ad32ce59555d31bafBobby Holley — Bug 868675 - Allow waiving on non-native objects. r=gabor
8821628e2a68bbb3505e513a83e6e1a950c93bebBobby Holley — Bug 868675 - Don't throw for primitive-valued inputs to XPCNativeWrapper{,.unwrap}. r=gabor
6d1494ae980bea9ef9aafb9318e101254fffcea1Jonathan Griffin — Bug 838607 - Disable firstrun page during Marionette tests, r=mdas
c7919d0dd4f2c1209ee50bca74a6cad0fb7d69f7Lucas Rocha — Bug 868460 - Move all animation-related classes to the animation directory (r=mfinkle)
0881dcd9a86cf902585453829caf8d49690cb07aLucas Rocha — Bug 868460 - Replace AnimatorProxy calls with ViewHelper ones (r=mfinkle)
85c771c2fffdcb0ac62e1310c3a7b46c8894d7e1Lucas Rocha — Bug 868460 - Fix getAlpha() in AnimatorProxy (r=mfinkle)
fa4f3e24bca461f34bc4c8d38740d3222c8f9635Lucas Rocha — Bug 868460 - Mark views to have transient state while animating (r=mfinkle)
ece17aed454ca58f740f4291cf7c274c998e2cdfLucas Rocha — Bug 868460 - Bail earlier when trying to start invalid animators (r=mfinkle)
801c4ba14ee6958b7206164ca20f3ed620e73b08Joel Maher — Bug 868152 - disable webaudio crashtests for Android to enable 700 other tests. r=philor
74c461118efb7fe356659d98f768462275056a63Joel Maher — Bug 866094 - add ability in mozinfo to determine if the build is asan. r=ted
ad4bb4305b39ba8aae487e9adafa41fb6e733fbcJoel Maher — Bug 868329 - Switch legacy cases of test disabling on Android/B2G using makefile ifdefs over to android.json & b2g.json. r=edmorley
e886f7097c4251a30638ea6e400e0a5a6bc5a5a1Joel Maher — Bug 847558 - on amazon ec2 vm's browser_dbg_createChrome.js hangs (timed out) on opt builds. r=armenzg
8b62ffcdb0ab83872a6842bc57e48c14bda6b7b4Sunny — Bug 867034 - Remove |this| from |this.Utils|. r=jaws
6b1f607fd243d065798adb13bf7d853a74b7af69Hannes Verschore — Bug 867070: IonMonkey: Disable hoisting of some instructions when it doesn't enable hoisting one of their uses, r=dvander
ac70913833fdc463785ee26bafd3087498d00975Mike Hommey — Bug 777379 - Additional .DEFAULT_GOAL test for pymake. r=gps DONTBUILD
63b5d65eaedb126ccb3af849fededfce2e7d282fSumedh Shekhar — Bug 804742 - EnsureStringLength doesn't work. f=Ms2ger, r=ehsan
9a86629a8fa2659178c3a2a150a15ce4088a8adfPeter Van der Beken — Bug 868929 - Convert ImageDocument to WebIDL, drop hasXPConnectImpls from documents. r=bz.
b87e943e0ab393daa1a7b5ecaa6ad81757f67bf5Peter Van der Beken — Bug 868929 - Convert ImageDocument to WebIDL, consolidate PostCreateWrapper call into nsIDocument::WrapObject. r=bz.
1f162188fed4bc33ecc474586b84bc6d15ba4a49Peter Van der Beken — Bug 868929 - Convert ImageDocument to WebIDL, switch to WebIDL. r=bz.
249001348a8153ae0191c03c800880f54ec98990Peter Van der Beken — Bug 868929 - Convert ImageDocument to WebIDL, move class into a header. r=bz.
87a68fd848003634c41e9c568e3126b7b0ac7148Nathan Froyd — Bug 869073 - make WebIDL enums enum classes instead of plain enums; r=bz
9e5ad7ec4b6ec9a6d473b1527d69b3c091dc4f18Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 830430 - should read profile data from a file, r=jhammel
86cdfca59c81867641f90739127f9dfd2bf1b37dWilliam Lachance — Bug 869095 - Bump in-tree mozdevice to 0.25;r=jmaher
f8e522d6991f53212b6a326d07dbc76ce0e00a6fOlli Pettay — Bug 868232 - Paris binding for MozStkCommandEvent, r=peterv
0f91553baf967bf5b1e074353511612b616cadabJan de Mooij — Bug 866050 - Fix UsesBeforeIonRecompile. r=bhackett
39ff12be624b7f83713924dbbbd58d453d5565d3Jan de Mooij — Bug 690446 - Emit *GNAME ops in non-eval strict-mode code. r=bhackett
23a6b9f4dc69f42a932123a7aa62759076124179Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865242 - Remove support for soundfield panning from PannerNode; r=padenot
56be8e218da014fc52e4d2bd8a7e512dd7ddcfebIoana Budnar — Bug 856043 - Test that the Restore Previous Session menu item is not displayed in private mode. r=ehsan
330884194efe446579bd72627746df7bb19ce8bcIoana Budnar — Bug 856043 - Tests to check that session restore buttons from in-content pages are disabled in private mode. r=ehsan
865b9be2483190ab2447fd5c0e612ae9d4ec2927Iivari Äikäs — Bug 617897 - Replace calls to AppendASCII('*') with Append('*'). r=dougt
b91ba4c4a4a58da8859289024bab4e3a4f70f3adRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e39de8eb4716101a688e811bb8a5a0602ed6ec52Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 867070, bug 868990) for Windows PGO bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
74c713a90a7bbeeada962980b791d29b31e6bcaaMichael Ratcliffe — Bug 869233 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_cmd_appcache_valid.js | html output for appcache validate should match successfully. Actual textContent: "Manifest URI..." r=me
886b8ddf0611b87def2af695a3e2045db7d343c1Aryeh Gregor — Bug 867092 - Don't implicitly convert to already_AddRefed in nsNodeInfoManager; r=bz
357af4877abd85e42907dee3b07aedabb0187e62Brian Hackett — Bug 865059 - Move pc -> type set map out of script analysis, don't analyze scripts until they are compiled by Ion, r=jandem.
1d57bd69b662303febeed79ee24ab047593d4162Alexander Surkov — Bug 860013 part2: mimic WebKitGtk behavior for text_at_offset word_end boundary, r=tbsaunde
081ebf4e0886a6a24ebaabb8b9fffe7bf5e3682bJonathan Kew — bug 866365 - declare both firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe as dpi-aware via their manifests. r=jimm,gps
6926446e12f5693c6e118e7b811d7fcae5a562b0Jonathan Kew — bug 867818 - ensure Download confirmation icon is the correct size on win/hidpi systems. r=dolske
3b562fd6d65310a83ed7acd6835e29e2defeb69dMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
74212adbe30644e11f828b32c97f23abd34e363aHenrik Skupin — Bug 869050 - Update anonid and classname for tristate-menulist. r=unfocused
920cea554b7fbf848819e814869e20fb9cf24a19Jan de Mooij — Bug 868990 follow-up to fix --disable-ion build.
d5ff413f723a6af3458cb85387d1fdaa2c3bba9aHannes Verschore — Bug 867070: IonMonkey: Disable hoisting of some instructions when it doesn't enable hoisting one of their uses, r=dvander
93f778d033644ff6565ae5580598009a376c93ffJan de Mooij — Bug 868990 - rm CallArgsList, StackIter cleanup. r=luke
abaf789d8030afc528c0e7f636b8689fba0aa981Aaron Klotz — Bug 857830: Part 2 - Adds readahead to read-only fopen calls in Hunspell. r=ehsan
e1f30dbb81086b17a8a3ff4d97d80b8c0f9b7636Aaron Klotz — Bug 857830: Part 1 - Ensure that ReadAheadFile's aOutFd is always set when provided. r=glandium
7d3a05e286a6c5e04df7155813a0630b93fd3e09Shane Caraveo — bug 818675 implement new social share panel, r=felipe
9189df8e7d74503a6055b9d0b2dc3075c3f0b04fDrew Willcoxon — Bug 841495 - Implement background page thumbnail service (part 1: propagate private-browsing state from parent docshell to remote docshell). r=smaug
47a4fc52a1e53b8d45c49ba3123d57719f9c8b0dDrew Willcoxon — Bug 841495 - Implement background page thumbnail service (part 2: background thumbnail service). r=ttaubert
78b49aecbefa5f4fc962fafb55895d363d403bbcPhil Ringnalda — Back out 89d77682678c (bug 818675) for browser_social_multiprovider.js failures
a28afac94104dd7713950647c3e5d84adc61357dBobby Holley — Bug 834707 - Kill dynamic SOWs. r=gabor
f6f8e02a9ab01720038bfb9a4ce4996ca8cbc819Bobby Holley — Bug 834707 - Disable SOWs for remote XUL domains. r=bz
b5e04d0c4a37d41a3bee6e5d624189317c7af4d4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4ca9a6bd8f64 (bug 865059) for jsreftest crashes.
e40466e428dcfcdb7567defb9ad62322315d8583Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 853301 - Enable ECMAScript Internationalization API for desktop Firefox. r=gps, r=brendan, sr=asa
4a42bd9ee71200a2b44b6a9cfe9017317edfb7ccDouglas Crosher — Bug 868747 - Avoid a crash outputting 'resume state' debug 'spew' when compiling asm.js code. r=luke
06f0445a50abb89dcba39c82bd7bf07904d1edbeCykesiopka — Bug 756067 - Remove js::GetOwnerThread. r=mrbkap
8ef4542be8fdf58b6e0b1c292320323b2a208e33Max Li — Bug 368106 - Query params sent when reporting a phishing site could contain sensitive info. r=gavin
db4714007b1f45ba79c0dbbeb663171d0e247c77Justin Dolske — Bug 651317 - Small update requested to about:rights. r=gavin
89d77682678c91347c118661b4a89a7decd6c7fdShane Caraveo — bug 818675 implement new social share panel, r=felipe
65463f2f7ba9f4a1bc45631ea875081a7547593dPhil Ringnalda — Bug 845190 - Disable test_logging.js on Windows debug for permaorange from thread pool assertions when random JS engine patches land
b7c57f0f04272bc9a64546b18b85b498cb8f056fLuke Wagner — Bug 854602 - improve asm.js validation errors (r=terrence)
4ca9a6bd8f64d8d8892362ef2e1cebde209907ebBrian Hackett — Bug 865059 - Move pc -> type set map out of script analysis, don't analyze scripts until they are compiled by Ion, r=jandem.
cba2c26c95c4b9e79a54a5b59c1929f97dc38e9aWes Johnston — Bug 813756 - Make nsINavigatorPayment out of global scope. r=smaug
43cccb89e04a2a4232e12a690ff74d49c6b8da19Wes Johnston — Bug 813756 - Implement payments frontend for Android. r=mfinkle
47ad8bdaae948b2b676590aa01a76f1e55680fb4Daniel Holbert — Bug 845713: Remove two unnecessary RangedPtr.h #includes in js (shifting one to the .cpp file). r=Waldo
5284d236b5256d497b0cffa9b9f2db586b8be99aNicolas Silva — Bug 869026 - Fix GLContext::GetTexImage crash when GLContext::mScreen is null. r=jgibert
9263ee696cff7e0f7213ad65579c510b20f68c8bOlli Pettay — Bug 868265 - Make Attr and AttrMap skippable, r=mccr8
2b64fef138e204d5a5ee951cf03cc153d78b9886Jeff Walden — Bug 867749 - When cloning objects for self-hosting, clone with a null prototype to eliminate poisoning concerns from that global's standard objects. r=till
83ed83e58666bdf136e3f78d5a0ae75a6f673652Jeff Walden — Bug 862657 - Attempt to fix OS X warnings-as-errors bustage by adding a move constructor to ChunkBitmap, hopefully fixing an issue due to ChunkBitmap::bitmap being volatile. r=billm
75f047d8b34760a1ef31d9793d07052aab51624dJeff Walden — Bug 862657 - Make PodCopy work even when copying to a volatile address, and add PodArrayCopy for copying one fixed-size array into another array of the same size. r=froydnj
33a510f4ae926e4da4d0a4907584752137b63fb2Jeff Walden — Bug 862657 - Implement mozilla::IsConst and mozilla::IsVolatile. r=froydnj
ac264325e7f62dd0c9ba220c24d4ccab016d6898Bobby Holley — Bug 868122 - Remove nsIScriptContextPrincipal. r=gabor
e4522e262dbe2c6b793b455688a809c59d42b095Bobby Holley — Bug 868122 - Calculate the JS_SaveFrameChain optimization by directly examining the principal of the default compartment. r=mrbkap,gabor
4aa1ed6b29b36c6e43c17e5560475d522e64381cBobby Holley — Bug 868122 - Don't rely on nsIScriptContextPrincipal in nsDOMDataTransfer. r=gabor
50c905b6d44ed1a01b2aed4eacce4c7e5e48d10eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865231 - Implement AudioParam.setValueCurveAtTime; r=roc
d775de2d818f31e3d9c23f4b33aca2c1bd7ad971Shane Caraveo — bug 864505 fix appearance of selected chat titlebar, r=markh
23bb737193ed8d934dd77a1dcc23752f13b67e13Gavin Sharp — Bug 853071: add some build-time defines for channel-specific features, r=gps, f=bhearsum
4f95c172c51de3e125db8df4ac8c7b24381862d4Richard Newman — Bug 869019 - Regression: YouTube broken on Nightly - java.lang.StackOverflowError @ getOpenURIIntent( r=cpeterson
f0b7c3e3b6227984ca552110d17b32e8102e643cShane Caraveo — bug 824164 change position of chat overflow button, r=markh
983dd922cef2240e957fc741141b4ae20ec43c5dLuke Wagner — Bug 868684 - OdinMonkey: sequential compilation allocates LIR in the tempLifoAlloc (r=sstangl)
ffa5c9610cba0fc62809cdba695c9a1d00045a12Luke Wagner — Bug 868658 - OdinMonkey: also require explicit coercion of function-pointer calls (r=sstangl)
e6e9cc3a5b1063ce274ddeb36469a13fbe989663Jesse Ruderman — No bug. Fix typo in license boilerplate
8ec97f96e2c36fc470890f9d0990a8e4ed308e9fJesse Ruderman — Bug 869183 - convert some WebIDL files from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 (only affects comments).
75699d465ba010171dafa218687b063fd186f570Terrence Cole — Bug 864085 - Inline Cell::isTenured; r=billm
9362f88a56517777de3cbbe081c9385e08156c42Trevor Saunders — bug 865559 - follow up to fix NS_NOTREACHED() not being declared in mingw debug builds r=me
093f7b379757f4a903b989701a4e88273e21ae9aJan Varga — Bug 855331. r=bent
a104963ba21da302ce826c03fcd8c3c2e7652355Jason Smith — Bug 860143 - Crashtest for NrIceStunServer::ToNicerStunStruct assertion failure. r=abr
6c1668dfaaed2b95603a560eb6545b91d4150c12Gregory Szorc — Bug 799308 - Mach command for running Marionette, r=gps
350afae381eb05d34bb8d6f6342a776430767f18Robert Longson — Bug 868904 - Fix infinite recursion with outer SVG transform animation r=dholbert
cfb9005d13e2012cd08ffdf35dd51b235e0102f2Felipe Gomes — Bug 868880 - Add browser/app tree to dumbmake-dependencies. r=gps
7e4d9be02b8feffd0b8a1a368e884b50ff7a5621Joe Drew — Bug 869011 - Use the correct shader for RGBX gralloc textures. r=bjacob
def13deac4930cfdacd880ad191ef3e66a9fb752Margaret Leibovic — Bug 867125 - Ignore deleted pinned sites in getTopSites query. r=wesj
623728226a0de561bf5a36e064e7da1e082c0091Margaret Leibovic — Bug 867650 - Update awesomescreen results correctly when there's so autocomplete text. r=wesj
ffda3e37d827722e1be8d8262de44cf4470856ffMargaret Leibovic — Bug 867627 - Speed up dominant color favicon backgrounds. r=bnicholson
6cb837e2d738f19746fd5ce9ec4ab608e78cb421Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset bfa11f026529 (bug 857461) for mochitest-other asserts.
c99512985ee00ac3b930696fd9b630b782b961a3Till Schneidereit — Bug 868369 - remove guard in jsd_SetExecutionHook made superfluous by change in _newJSDScript to align with beta and aurora branches. r=me
0477c9c2c0e249f26c66499abee95fafeae9ce71Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865642 - Re-enable the Web Audio tests on Android; r=philor
593c298e3c9212f8efb8dfc887cd99f49e3a8b3cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 868864 - Correctly scale the time values of AudioParam when converting it to ticks, and correctly calculate SetTargetAtTime event values the first time they're encountered; r=roc
b24fa214730b36e88cf247e1c4f90ecf7e018c26Adrian Tamas — Bug 846296 - Robocop: Add test for Add Search Engine feature. r=jmaher
b8f086ab97aa3dc3f10931e0295d237264456593Shane Caraveo — bug 858321 update default state of toolbarbutton menu, r=markh
e64c20f04597d15322eac6516ff9f15f743a11c3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868855 - Respect the input's volume in ChannelMergerNode and ChannelSplitterNode; r=roc
75c66fa0109eb60b867adeabe3047796563c0bf2Chris Peterson — Bug 868604 - Fix "test for equality mistyped as assignment?" warning in Android's downloads.js. r=bnicholson
0bf3505c02b2e8062c685b8804e6ac308f777208Chris Peterson — Bug 834033 - Fix JS ReferenceErrors in PushService.jsm error handling. r=dougt
fb926cf3a068ee6a857a273eba82a88b07b31474Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865233 - Implement the ended event for AudioBufferSourceNode; r=roc
3c43247eb5f91db45fd4039f4b3bf94037b0ae79Joel Maher — backout changeset 3c4794e21767 (bug 847558) for linux build failures
5160cf271b07afabbedada5dbe361f2f90286b18Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 867019 - disable PJS in aurora too r=sstangl
bfa11f02652909a2d42c5b3d937ffb6fdc107859stefanh — Bug 857461 - pinstripe: non-native focus rings are applied for links in chrome. r=Mano.
3c4794e217674261654bc6d59ed7b0f38cdcc43bJoel Maher — Bug 847558 - on amazon ec2 vm's browser_dbg_createChrome.js hangs (timed out) on opt builds. r=armenzg DONTBUILD
678644b5ba99bdfafaaad69e951ec2cc367cf41eDaniel Holbert — Bug 863929 followup: shift crashtest.list entry by 1 line, to the right spot, alphabetically. DONTBUILD
9418ada85c606172efd244a622d2fec0c21a37bcTill Schneidereit — Bug 868369 - don't ever create JSDScripts for self-hosted scripts. r=sfink
0a4c39480a8c86e0266979aa002787e9a16f770bRandell Jesup — Bug 863865: Destroy() DataChannelConnection before releasing on errors in connecting Transport r=tuexen
5ff22928369b35073c0533aedbc602eb5fcdaca3Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 867875 - Add the pref to toggle reader mode parsing on load. r=mfinkle
f51b726ef31dfba6fb2e865e34c0424fbdc2aa50Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867174 - Part 2: Protect against invalid sample rates a bit harder; r=padenot
b25afb305360511da06f4aa48fb632519245941fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 869178, bug 848490, bug 736276) for reftest crashes.
15bf4d2c34d5af68081792d807fc5b8ff5e3bbdeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
b9eaf9703cbd0baaaaf581b89cd8f576b0de52e4Reuben Morais — Bug 869273 - Update PhoneNumber.jsm from upstream. r=gwagner
e410391c052f2c61e5bf5f988a12644dd6085e78Justin Lebar — Bug 868741 - Fix a null-pointer crash in ProcessPriorityManager. r=bent
ab1c076051a811c53cb01ab6b5297dc59aff3e0fMichael Wu — Bug 869260 - Remove GonkCaptureProvider, r=fabrice
7372a5417a286d0b8f1e6295f401252ae21bd4eeMichael Wu — Bug 869251 - Disable omx decoder and camera on gonk-JB, r=doublec,glandium
b0f38ca2f70b210dc53bff3e8bc137bdef5c36d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets bb126ac7b33d and 7bbc04988e85 (bug 861495) for webconsole mochitest timeouts.
415c369420a944a3e2d447851258dca1198de8c8Chia-hung Tai — Bug 863241 - Part 2: B2G MMS: the return items from getThreads should have type to identify mms or sms. r=vyang
7596d30f4052e517d94ad63a44da84f20bb7d31dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 9ba22af0a840 and db79b5ea167b (bug 863241) for Werror fail.
9ba22af0a8400032811c316585220075f21580e7Chia-hung Tai — Bug 863241 - Fix bustage.
db79b5ea167bde6e511eaf8e48a43549f07f3bceChia-hung Tai — Bug 863241 - Part 2: B2G MMS: the return items from getThreads should have type to identify mms or sms. r=vyang
76107e8b0df98b8cdca2f0a47c10cc2d7c0b5f94Chia-hung Tai — Bug 863241 - Part 1: Interface changes. r=vyang
9db0e05ead332ea7fcca44cf06474b9dfb138d67Colby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: webrtcUI.jsm. r=dolske
85a400cff75fc32541b5db1068c547189c8bc937Colby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: marionette-actors.js. r=jgriffin
bb126ac7b33d1ea7452c7eee16e5fdea913bb382Colby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: ConsoleAPITests.js. r=msucan
7bbc04988e85f33f4acd077c84159d5dfabd9090Colby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: WebConsoleUtils.jsm. r=msucan
bfd76a8d8b5b1d16cd8bb6ea9313f16cbc6b0ffbColby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: mobile WebrtcUI.js. r=mfinkle
bb91089f38a7df9ddf62dc4adeeb1c18c9fd58c5Colby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: WebappsHandler.jsm. r=myk
5e9671d84fa2556aef9d9bcc63bbf6f8ce5d3f5cColby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: webappsUI.jsm. r=gavin
fe584ef9c4b6480c4e673b86d4b79b605583e313Colby Russell — Bug 861495 - Transplant getOuterWindowWithId from nsIDOMWindowUtils to a window-related service: SignInToWebsite.jsm. r=dolske
c26f304056f214ba10db50bc8b3383e33c325c2cColby Russell — Bug 861495 - Part 1: Add nsIWindowMediator.getOuterWindowWithId and warn on nsIDOMWindowUtils.getOuterWindowWithId use. r=bz
3b401ef43264d3810cc66b5bf1776eea734d9063Andrea Marchesini — Bug 868943 - HTMLMediaElement::mWakeLock has to be unlocked and not just set to null. r=jlebar
a8593b74704a326d451544a97e6bc8af26c5575cSotaro Ikeda — Bug 863441 - Increment GetAmpleVideoFrames() to 3. r=doublec
a4b5223f39b7824008ef83024acf2471dc37afabMarco Chen — Bug 859711 - [A/V] Add mp4 sniffer to recognizing isom/iso2 comptiable_brand. r=padenot
89206d922d851906006f1e3a80dc9f4e84519da9Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 863130 - (Regional) The SMS delivery report is on by default. r=vicamo
f2d0107e85eca4bb886bc16aacf5fd378b3060dbGeorge Wright — Bug 848490 - [SkiaGL] Handle canvas elements larger than the maximum GPU texture size r=snorp
f9a17848125ae74bf59a0079fda5aac4d8fc7d83George Wright — Bug 869178 - se SUkCanvas::drawBitmapRect instead of a bitmap SkShader; it's slightly faster r=snorp
c6904473984e57df17847f1926b5c70eafe99dffGeorge Wright — Bug 736276 - Rename ScaledFontFreeType to ScaledFontCairo, and use Skia's API to create an SkTypeface from a cairo_scaled_font_t r=jrmuizel
84bdd96375ba4cec8d5a5c97d64cddfabc0a45bbGeorge Wright — Bug 736276 - Add a new SkFontHost that takes a cairo_scaled_font_t r=karl
7d7d3fb2bdf5c9be82279dba82c71d7ba227df10Kyle Huey — Bug 864494: Hardcode the value of jsloader.reuseGlobal on b2g to work around some IPC preferences problem that we don't entirely understand. r=jlebar
41ff3b67b69232297191c8f8ef78e5facc1c1d19Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
2188061519bb66a2cd14da4038e5519de9573846Vincent Chang — Bug 776212 - Get usb rndis interface's name automatically r=dhylands
b85b1800cf3fd335761fe780bb9f3421a4c3a1d4Vicamo Yang — Bug 860660 (follow-up): update interface uuid. r=me
cd374ec0bd26020ed1d75565c33e3af052212029Jed Parsons — Bug 868530 - Unique window identifier for identity on b2g device. r=jst
6240212ff17968b5dcba0d2a6decbf5d4d507414Michael Wu — Bug 869206 - Make webrtc code build on gonk-JB, r=jesup
390c431a2082e6ea9d4adcbe583080d793bcd656Michael Vines — Bug 860660 - Content process support for display of PIN/PUK retry count. r=vyang
bdaaedfc41f770434fa1c2c83550aae85d6d6651Chia-hung Tai — Bug 868120 - B2G MMS: Add 'mms.debugging.enabled' pref for MMS debug messages to make sure whether message is sent by SMS or MMS. r=vyang
0af678fcaeef72e17e898d387a7ff4a068160aa9Gregor Wagner — Bug 860836 - Fix error importing contacts from SIM card. r=bent
9ab1dc62148c1a9146d4cdedc2ac339ec629c373Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
bc9a464f5c81af35bdac508837a99ef846114f2dFabrice Desré — Bug 860571 - Pings for Firefox OS r=ferjm
53231b5a86e4f31bde8cecd11ff7c2aca116d4d7Ehsan Akhgari — Convert AudioNodeStream.cpp to unix line endings, no bug
52d589805882c5052e45ee87632ae199654e6ddaEhsan Akhgari — Remove the unused AudioEventTimeline::ComputedValue function, no bug
8922af45886ec5c41b9f2cb8e77a61ab55b58315Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
3163ebad7884ae28f31a3915c6dfe377aa1ba78eDavid Creswick — Bug 740541 - Style sheets in iframes are not listed in the style editor; r=harth
4a068034be50faf82054c2523c7b755ab65961e0Brandon Benvie bug 679364 - Use content/browser/devtools/* for aliases; r=rcampbell
dfebbc8393922a4cdfca78685a0dd55ebb53375fBrandon Benvie — bug 808369 - Use VariablesView in the Scratchpad; r=msucan
630e6f187cb22a13b5bcdc75620361c28fa7943dRob Campbell — Bug 795978 - Backout - Error: this._containers is undefined in MarkupView.jsm Line: 327; r=orange
f14297265cba9a207f27ecd6d46761a75b1397cfPanos Astithas — Bug 832231 - After a reload, breakpoints require multiple resumes to allow execution to continue; r=vporof
70538913a42eaacf46c74bbc4fda52ec97ffe81bJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 795978 - Error: this._containers is undefined in MarkupView.jsm Line: 327; r=mratcliffe
a00c506762871e121fbf9307c6956e2606e8e50aDiogo Dauster Pontual — Bug 865680 - Remove the last of the two devtools.gcli.allowSet lines; r=mratcliffe
6c0f171c9963b95ae14425758cc1537aeaf9ee75Brandon Benvie — bug 867450 - Type in JSTerm.prototype._fetVarProperties; r=msucan
aa7ee2a8076f29c8decd8d426bd94c3e8f56405dGirish Sharma — Bug 862398 - Maintain the order of tools in the tab and the options panel list, r=past
b842d26dd5f0b8a0777adbb48e7a852abcdcd3abRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
9fedd4a2170e9d28dec4863729fe4b9d1a60a7c6Geoff Brown — Bug 865006 - (2) Enable more xpcshell tests on Android; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
f847ac098b3ef438aed23d8b999e0c2b7984239fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 868557. Explicitly unalias list in nsStyleContext::AddChild() r=dbaron
adaaf2bf188397ae003142a27230d1c437a0e310Jason Smith — Bug 863929 - Crashtest for gsmsdp_negotiate_codec crash. r=ethanhugg
8e98863ce9948f087fe2b9a665266850f1dd1a7bDouglas Crosher — Bug 868683 - Assert that the immediate shift given to the ARM shift instructions is within range. r=mjrosenb
79b17d0c3d3aeaed8c46a6cdaa8e4352c6d5bf81Stephen Pohl — Bug 868396 - Add pref to enable/disable overlay scrollbars on Mac OSX 10.7+. r=smichaud
a0974c8e1e5317e36d0c69b1f51d88b9c940fdc7Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 867414 - Rename SafeAutoJSContext to AutoSafeJSContext. r=bholley
8ec71524c28c01d01c304da0592a3c29ef8d1f9cJan Horak — Bug 860213 - Use async version of set metadata. r=Neil
e3e7f9657fcdfb99a2f0de60fd3452cf1c99b75cGirish Sharma — Bug 857801 - Prevent glowing Download Notification Effect of Toolbar Button with Panel opened. r=mconley
06875b8eb65cc967e58a5cdbd6fd28c661e0808aGlenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 857040 - Warn on bad CRC instead of error exit. r=joe
eca43abe56abcbdc0eea0221d8aa41bd4b14a5d4Girish Sharma — Bug 856935 - Suppress downloads complete indicator glow when downloads view is open. r=mconley
47b7673201e5e0ac84bea748342f105d64c5cb3cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 868448. Fix the successCode in dictionary to-js conversions to actually work right, and document the requirements on successCode better. r=smaug
79ce2f354769d9841a242b10b2b903a122a9e3f8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 868765. Make the jsid constructor for nsDependentJSString take a Handle. r=ms2ger
07dc100e6fbb3d08f459b51065820daa504173efBoris Zbarsky — Bug 867844 part 3. Fix rooting issues in canvas 2d code. r=smaug
f3881fe6a5b8de245b06c57d1977065e0f31aba2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 867844 part 2. Fix remaining rooting hazards in nsFrameMessageManager.cpp. r=smaug
aed0d9db6a9ce16b86f1a23cb7f391fd4c8d077fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 867844 part 1. Fix rooting hazards in LegacyCall. r=smaug
4995d566bd6dd50bca5cf1a1a0b9cf047cc0d0dcRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
96e445cf42fbb25000069c19e4144ccf3dc755f0Alexander Surkov — Bug 865588 - tear off ISimpleDOMText, r=tbsaunde
4c14d5cbce065e86cd6501f1efdc4029ff5e2033Brian Hackett — Bug 865984 - Treat virtual calls on nsISupports subclasses as potentially triggering GC. DONTBUILD
1bb461d484b22486bdbffe6c2b6a0f7c7b2515c1Paul Adenot — Bug 825329 - Fix a stupid error in playbackRate. r=kinetik
987686854a2129fa01faf1eba6b27d42664a178cJason Smith — bug 862883 - Enable webrtc mochitests on FxAndroid. r=gcp
dbe30ba57be1d187553b6a8452831f7293c1af6aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 868851 Click-to-play controls should act like normal menulists r=Unfocused
cf35a70bec544660412550530783bd80c6aef33aMilan Sreckovic — Bug 804144: blocklist Intel on Windows 8, with driver or less r=bjacob
03873ae2cedeb9e50f1d5e6c91db6ec4e7a998c7Jacek Caban — Bug 866561 - Fixed cross compiling for Windows on case sensitive hosts.
ec8eddd13facf4926770c46eb25e6642928727ffMark Hammond — Bug 798226 - allow the anchor arrow on a panel to move while the popup is open. r=neil
0921a25af05dda9eb150708ca4314e61a90eeb0ePhil Ringnalda — Bug 855352 - annotate some reftests that fail on b2g
d934049e904736c092e8820db71f37a08e52a17aPhil Ringnalda — Bug 868892 - annotate a couple of failing reftests as failing on b2g
c0c45f6e4c3cc6ff3a44730591e5e9ae28336b75Cameron McCormack — Bug 868805 - [LenientThis] attribute's setter should return undefined. r=bz
e79da89e3bc68a743d35c7621de8b3c2b0cc7cd8Phil Ringnalda — Bug 852821 - Skip 691096-1.html on b2g where it frequently times out, so it won't hold an entire hunk of crashtests hostage
6380415c496db504f031e96b7210fedfb26424e5Patrick McManus — Bug 831998 - Make the media canplaythrough estimation less conservative. r=cpearce
623cbfb27dcc4d5b116908a2251fe551b63a4de8Chris Pearce — Bug 847267 - Link strmiids.lib when WebRTC is disabled. r=Callek
47057b236b1a24ab53fcc60df5ac1af3a3eff2f0Jonathan Watt — Bug 853525 - Mochitests for <input type=range> rounding issues. r=mounir
c35ac9704caa374adbf54216bed1162a10166aa8Jonathan Watt — Bug 853525 - Convert much of HTMLInputElement (step handling, validation, events, etc.) to use mozilla::Decimal (a Binary Coded Decimal type) to avoid many rounding issues when it has fractional step values. r=mounir
f40200a441622c0c73be1eb5789b9c185da46cb5Jonathan Watt — Bug 853525, part 9 - Changes to Decimal code as a series of patches for r=Waldo
1c2a11eb7db0252cb5e6731fc5889bb442483377Jonathan Watt — Bug 853525, part 8 - Enable building of mfbt/decimal. r=Waldo
1ca314d5783bff65468c929a910c937bf5d1ee23Jonathan Watt — Bug 853525, part 7 - Make mfbt/decimal/Decimal{.h/.cpp} use Mozilla/std dependencies instead of Blink core dependencies. r=Waldo
84eb9e72b3386cf3c8cbe9351ca11cc1f58905b4Jonathan Watt — Bug 854531, part 6 - Add MFBT_API markers to Decimal methods. r=Waldo
101889486438d42479c68151f30391eabb520685Jonathan Watt — Bug 854531, part 5 - Fix the handling of NaN in Decimal::operator== and Decimal::operator!=. r=Waldo
574bda36a38c3226b1df312a3a7d86c105af5cd3Jonathan Watt — Bug 854531, part 4 - Fix bug in Decimal serialization so that it won't display zero as 0.00 etc. r=Waldo
4bbed5d03005916a610305d0368b25d4f1752e3cJonathan Watt — Bug 854531, part 3 - Fix bugs in Decimal::floor() and Decimal::ceiling(). r=Waldo
cc31f6926e5630b6bdb677c15ddafcc805ea38a8Jonathan Watt — Bug 854531, part 2 - Add script to mfbt/decimal/. r=Waldo
cf94844ab83f2c3c2db68e76b3d42d718fb45174Jonathan Watt — Bug 854531, part 1 - Import a vanilla copy of r148833 of Blink core's Decimal class from r=Waldo
61a824c4e12287a596a841a57db1a00b52f757bbGeoff Brown — Bug 868681 - Remove undefined reference to chromeWin in OfflineApps.js; r=mfinkle
8ed0d31309bf2b83935db1fe655586f67bd23800Phil Ringnalda — Bug 862196 - Stop pretending we can run test_Range-compareBoundaryPoints.html on a b2g emulator
20a1ce66b9a46e2ed4135c2b9e2430d350029822Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868790 - Fix some rooting hazards in the JS Debugger; r=till
a609b0f445f88513a93d9431ce0813e48c8c8464Gabriele Svelto — Bug 793735 - Make XRE_StartupTimelineRecord() generate TimeStamps and modify its callers to use the appropriate timers, r=nfroyd
ae636904cf3d0dbb744bf8fc12af2cc85f811bb5Gabriele Svelto — Bug 793735 - Make StartupTimeline use TimeStamp instead of PRTime and adjust nsAppStartup to cope with it, r=nfroyd
dab96a9565165eeba6f36d6b2f557368228d9089Gabriele Svelto — Bug 793735 - Add functionality to create TimeStamp instances representing the process creation time, r=nfroyd
c50f597b1e6afc8291d52f15c4d31d56cf12beb5Alexandre Poirot — Bug 844227 - Add more functions to the webapps actor. r=fabrice
46756ad90d53456d0039b109afaadbb8eb5d5307Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4270acd843cc (bug 863130) for B2G Marionette failures.
27cf86aa4c2169ad37f6a3be19ec71c626e7ed67Alexandre Poirot — Bug 865210 - Set a valid window icon for desktop. r=vingtetun
658705597992817a793e9d425bb942ffa4f4a11eSotaro Ikeda — Bug 864180 - Move audio software decoder to app's process. r=doublec
d16b949edff0ac291aae26ab3aeed2e4c5107380Jed Parsons — Bug 863417 - Create a pref for setting the persona uri to facilitate testing. r=benadida, r=lloyd
19196b3ed6d6c59de7b5425eace279f3b8c04975Martijn Wargers — Bug 861689 - Fix focus issues in various B2G mochitests. r=jmaher
eb146629efa6748edfc8469348d1ef02249e8b63Diego Wilson — Bug 832383 - Get surface dimensions from SurfaceDecriptorGralloc. r=bjacob
a49d9292b321b3e9922329cb24c9ed31bba10951Diego Wilson — Bug 832383 - Don't render semitransparent color layers in HwcComposer2D. r=mwu
f52a8c803f263f9ee6f850f465b86c13f14c8491Diego Wilson — Bug 832383 - Ensure color fill rect stays inside screen bounds. r=mwu
5feac049908f2a910002c2ef98c8a237aea2870fDiego Wilson — Bug 832383 - Add support for complex visible regions to HwcComposer2D. r=mwu
afb7995ef276f6e1209d6cb605163bd24dd34766Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
4270acd843cc4de2efa149353168c1990589157bJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 863130 - (Regional) The SMS delivery report is on by default. r=vicamo
f209fc8b569ada3b158badbad6c55a53a3572cc3Gene Lian — Bug 866366 - [Buri][Alarm]it will not start alarm until light up the LCD. r=jlebar a=tef+
601cbedb3e4dd137213c813937789837f8940656Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to birch
c7f5441bee0a3e95a2ecac0b8adfc620f6b0286bPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to birch
730f44b9f32a8371e45940cdd9762fd2f08948deFabrice Desré — Bug 866272 - expose privileged access to mcc+mnc pair for last home network and roaming network r=gal
dae38fc0aeb45889c607e27ee02a53b7967d34bdTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
34cb9d388cf58c83192e5cfe4dd1a0624f66718ePhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to fx-team
a56432a42a41deeb992fccd8813bbae577a062e7Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to fx-team
c8fa5b17e69bfdc3f6adf1d6df8a7fbbad19a108Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 831720 - GCLI needs an appcache command r=jwalker
13475fab0883f541b2080607849339b9ef3b0c1bMihai Sucan — Bug 865792 - Firefox for Android remote console doesn't evaluate JS expressions; r=past
ac3547a7ed84eda24dbdad0c0e2cc84b901a6c03Mihai Sucan — Bug 865288 - Do not count console.log messages with different objects as repeats; r=past
253e46507c5773cbdf7c73249a17007c0ad7bd6cTim Taubert — Bug 868026 - Remove window.__SS_dyingCache and replace it with some appropriate use of WeakMap; r=yoric
6ddd5fb7f041716ed4a0e2531f26bee38ed808bcTim Taubert — Bug 867118 - Remove browser.__SS_data and use a WeakMap instead; r=yoric
e8c1bde6202553b3df468eff9be8da47cf0bdb34Ritesh Modi — Bug 866636 - AddonUpdateChecker bypasses it cache, but doesn't inhibit writing to it. r=Unfocused
b63a15eddd365633cb145fbed719dfe0b34772e1Panos Astithas — Add more logging for bug 847558 (on amazon ec2 vm's browser_dbg_createChrome.js hangs on opt builds); rs=robcee
754c2079bde86c3957d6c8269a7c7fbccfd9f5c8Mihai Sucan — Bug 855058 - Fix for intermittent browser/dom/tests/browser/browser_ConsoleAPITests.js | timer duration is positive; r=rcampbell
4d4f26313ab20bc651b90be79c27b7526afee71aMihai Sucan — Bug 865871 - Allow object inspector to be closed by pressing Escape; r=past
4a496e6b99af3f6eae4025dda2748337d3b21585Tim Taubert — Bug 867097 - Remove re-use of __SS_data, and the superfluous __SS_tabStillLoading property; r=yoric
a43afeb91832e5f8e30b3f49b3055b6ebcbfcd6cDave Camp — Backed out changeset 9c204e0c1af1 (bug 867485) for bustage.
9c204e0c1af164db48cc02d81ea790d8c58b5c96Dave Camp — Bug 867485: Move the devtools loader into toolkit/ r=jwalker
b109e2dbf03bd4d06cfcfb1a74cec884808e35ebPhil Ringnalda — Bug 863716 - Do a CC and a second GC between each subtest of test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html to minimize the OOM kills of WinXP slaves, r=bjacob
334e63a273cbbe23ed26a144a4c6d9a48e65a5b9Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
075119674e7b9d96291622f194479f2b728ce7beEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865248 - Implement ChannelMergerNode; r=roc
ab91fc927a9fdb5d19e003df90e3903f3f986d96Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865247 - Part 4: Implement ChannelSplitterNode; r=roc
d6307d661d41c7657b17300b777ede8e9e9f6b2dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865247 - Part 3: Add a ProduceAudioBlock overload to handle simultaneous processing of multiple input and output ports; r=roc
c619b0cb55f0c694a4fc79d99eadecd27ad68c59Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865247 - Part 2: Tell MediaInputPorts about their input and output ports; r=roc
0630975bebd60c00d02a062db0ae31bd09695e1eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865247 - Part 1: Give MediaInputPort the notion of an input and output port number; r=roc
f958d3fee49fb9b9d9da8057577b12ada918c678Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868485 - Part 2: Add test cases for createBuffer with mono downmixing; r=roc
3370e2c73ceaa575ba4afe19a70ea09e8ad75002Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868485 - Part 1: Implement the mixToMono behavior for createBuffer; r=roc
cdc859533b8d767d143f9f7671b96ba06bd4b1a0Olli Pettay — Bug 848293 - Update AnimationEvent to be compatible with the spec, r=dbaron
39c44b2b1ef52335e714dec37ed4fed734aa4337Benoit Jacob — Bug 868556 - We are not using gralloc on b2g anymore - r=vladv
a081cfffeed01cea72304ae476e663e770631f01Ms2ger — Merge backout.
e5972785237bd6a2afee5c3c4e25327471da702fMs2ger — Backout changesets f309dacf4010:be3cef4b69e3 for thread safety assertions on Windows and test failures on OSX.
dc4345aeb64cf3b3aa2c3f14aac3697d2ece71c3Mike Hommey — Bug 777379 - Set .DEFAULT_GOAL unconditionally, override with OVERRIDE_DEFAULT_GOAL, and fix pymake to be on par with GNU make when handling .DEFAULT_GOAL. r=gps
46e41b0f0674b5321eae4fa9c09d475273aa62d2Ms2ger — Merge backout.
397ed6df2ad65af9e5d30b318cb3d12fd5ca9998Ms2ger — Backout changesets cb61d7bd6496:87ee7b242241 for bustage.
745a6846cf43d157f368a3621724b062e521ddffRobert Longson — Bug 863994 - Enable reftest
b8b048e24dcd823d15f3211885b6fc299fe50c20Robert Longson — Bug 863994 - Support transform attribute on <svg> elements. r=dholbert
87ee7b242241bcbbeedb89e87e92aa1d856d3a96Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865248 - Implement ChannelMergerNode; r=roc
9491bd82c11f654a0fd9eff4f853366ff6c61c78Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865247 - Part 4: Implement ChannelSplitterNode; r=roc
6e0a8b79cdae4eae2c08d2d38c8e50c7dea7ab36Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865247 - Part 3: Add a ProduceAudioBlock overload to handle simultaneous processing of multiple input and output ports; r=roc
9601cfbd5e31cb1834aa8dc3a4d4dc7e39f63135Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865247 - Part 2: Tell MediaInputPorts about their input and output ports; r=roc
cb61d7bd6496f5b814940677e369e2f595be28a4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865247 - Part 1: Give MediaInputPort the notion of an input and output port number; r=roc
c2de391c032f0e462d2d30c7238028ea13a90fb4Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 868708 - IonMonkey: ARM, Add Move instruction when we divide by 1. r=mjrosenb
be3cef4b69e356da561383b76fe094c8933fc653Robert O'Callahan — Bug 868406. Shut down MediaStreamGraph's thread. r=jesup
f110d0270f8e2757325d35f31567cf15a3e6b069Robert O'Callahan — Bug 866514. Part 2: Delay delivering getUserMedia stream result until the DOM object has asynchronously acquired the desired tracks. r=jesup
4609a4efeb3941bb2e4549bb054d792a31808c0bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 866514. Part 1: Add DOMMediaStream::OnTracksAvailableCallback. r=jesup
f309dacf4010458810563c754abeb65c78f1fbbfRobert O'Callahan — Bug 863224. DOMMediaStream should release its internal MediaStream and listener during Unlink to ensure that events running between Unlink and the destruction of the DOMMediaStream don't see the dying object. r=jesup
8eccffccac1cabed4a760a5651265445ef527e1cAlexander Surkov — Bug 865559 - get rid of nsAccessNodeWrap, r=tbsaunde
ed26fdbe84444121879af267cb0871873ad395adShu-yu Guo — Bug 646597 - Make functions made by the Function constructor compile-and-go. Most of patch was originally written by jorendorff. (r=luke)
1a60a6e9d9b8bd5f6efb50f35410974236a58e7bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 865785 part 2. Fix rooting issues in JS-implemented webidl. r=mccr8
1531a6ec12c179ea3b8614f10f4f231081081517Boris Zbarsky — Bug 865785 part 1. Go back to passing a JSContext* to the constructors for JS-implemented interfaces. r=mccr8
adaaf66417853e0e0c68a8688e316eadabb98c01Peter Van der Beken — Bug 855971 - Switch HTMLDocument to WebIDL bindings. r=bz.
9fc3d4e62179a7a14f8fd3307a394807b2bf7aa8Peter Van der Beken — Bug 820846 - Modify the ListBase IC to work with [OverrideBuiltins] bindings, codegen changes and make HTMLDocument OverrideBuiltins. r=bz.
e604349e5a7975326b0624f63966cc6410161622Peter Van der Beken — Bug 820846 - Modify the ListBase IC to work with [OverrideBuiltins] bindings. r=jandem.
e500bc167b4e5a485e02996c65104d957786ce61Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868785 - Fix rooting hazards in TestStartupCache.cpp; r=till
fb15fa84d8d957c7f253757d2164c6b138dded95Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868784 - Fix rooting hazards in nsCrypto.cpp; r=till
cc6ab8b33ec7290e8c2721fb6fbc661f8c21db71Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868783 - Fix rooting hazards in nsXBLSerialize.cpp; r=till
2869e8de267f8803211238b5b4eb740f11466869Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868782 - Fix rooting hazards in txMozillaXSLTProcessor.cpp; r=till
2b63238518a39ffa03c79abddb982244abb3427cEhsan Akhgari — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 855971, bug 820846) because of browser-chrome test failures
e6d7033aeb748c3246eb9966f2365f562d01639dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 868776 - Fix rooting hazards in Web Audio code; r=till
a2245b038bcc305c8cdb048e8c3199e0ee6d047bPeter Van der Beken — Bug 855971 - Switch HTMLDocument to WebIDL bindings. r=bz.
2a999f8ee317323c22e7ebdd81a065f1de508387Peter Van der Beken — Bug 820846 - Modify the ListBase IC to work with [OverrideBuiltins] bindings, codegen changes and make HTMLDocument OverrideBuiltins. r=bz.
6dba144500f3bbe0c957b3453fb2b0f89ab1a3b0Peter Van der Beken — Bug 820846 - Modify the ListBase IC to work with [OverrideBuiltins] bindings. r=jandem.
fea35fd536958850ec27b5e7876ad44af31e2828Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
f3734569c30367ef907150a118144808eabf8c22Douglas Crosher — Bug 868708 - ARM optimize signed integer divisions by constant powers of two. r=nbp
71018176584ede1392dada16b99819db799f2256Shane Caraveo — bug 853151 rework recommend into social marks, r=felipe
372473b23d5630b6601bf580316aac12034f0dffTom Schuster — Bug 865410 - Use CallArgs for nsIJSNativeInitializer::Initialize. r=bz
5d848dcb726c0d182623f1c90cf319c1a4480ce9Tom Schuster — Bug 865410 - Use CallArgs for XPConnect Call and Construct hooks. r=bholley.
1ba1027a4d5451f8b83ed02e73435f57ee66a08cTom Schuster — Bug 858538 - Don't stop network activity when using an <a download> link. r=bz
a7e44219367ac7b7e144cc87cdc5529dfbe988c6Tom Schuster — Bug 827104 - Use ToObjectFromStack for better error reporting. r=jandem
b47de8314e7f1d6fcf0e8ed8e41aadadfeb0baa5Mike Connor — bug 867737 - update FHR reporting URL, r=gps
c8e47b184aba8cf8665a7d53ca74889390cb1d0eMs2ger — Bug 868729 - Remove nsHTMLCSSStyleSheet::Init; r=bz
c2df00e9434f0aea55030e357c08ab99e30cc9cbMs2ger — Bug 868727 - Pass an nsAString to nsGlobalWindow::GetChildWindow; r=bz
ad75a1285e03ce7536866b37ce418d7e14398280Ms2ger — Bug 868725 - Pass non-const jschar* to AtomizeAndTakeOwnership; r=evilpie
c34dd4b67355d1468f5911070270f9f046996b62Ms2ger — Bug 866686 - Enable some tests on Android; r=mounir
581b8670669150187bfd64dab7d9c0d1c7234875Ms2ger — Bug 866436 - Cleanup the implementation of UIEvent.which; r=smaug
c5dcc0f29ab85375c245e11772935394678b06f0Ms2ger — Bug 866051 - Make CallArgs a stack class; r=Waldo
f5c2a02512d08f1ce9247eff3c908dddc3e51f8cMs2ger — Bug 866600 - Avoid using nsIDOMDocument::GetHidden; r=mounir
1734d1a36463a184e189c58142a3e06edb9e7a61Ms2ger — Bug 868411 - Handlify js::GetObjectProto; r=bz
7ef3c04c75333b80236f0409f55c604df78d30bePhil Ringnalda — Merge the last PGO-green cset on m-i to m-c
83e4f474660e5840ae7c34bf489b59c238ba8800Andrew McCreight — Bug 868761 - Remove trailing whitespace from nsCycleCollector.cpp. r=smaug
02177404fdd5c5de446299217df3f34dcc43276aYuan Pengfei — Bug 868716 - Fix placement of #include <float.h>; r=ehsan
0ca8ab638f997b8f11b870fb5d15502ac15a3d5aOlli Pettay — Bug 848291 - Update TransitionEvent to be compatible with the spec, additional patch for the test, r=dbaron
e1fac3f4bd838dc3300360492e7a06fb703229c2Olli Pettay — Bug 848291 - Update TransitionEvent to be compatible with the spec, r=dbaron
04abf5e608f1822a17638a3603b2f685d2352fb3Alfred Kayser — Bug 685471 - In PNG decoder, the allocating of mHeaderBuf can be prevented. (followup)
a546ce4ccb14ac4117bf3492f54cf6d55aa43f44Alexander Surkov — Bug 862863 - inactive document accessible might be lost, r=tbsaunde
79a0efe06e37b6ed09e1391e069b91b7f2eef4b8Chris Pearce — Bug 847267 - Disable webgl conformance video test on windows 6+ that fail with DXVA on nvidia hardware. r=jgilbert
591a90d5975fac523d31892237668c9755f57fb2Chris Pearce — Bug 847267 - Use DXVA2 to offload H.264 decoding to the GPU on Windows. r=Bas
3bff6b2db01c3d7a53374f9f8a575e9c516123c0Chris Pearce — Bug 847267 - Add new image class to wrap D3D surfaces. r=Bas
cf288039ea21f79ed1823c0b7090a1f22c5907beAlfred Kayser — Bug 685471 - In PNG decoder, the allocating of mHeaderBuf can be prevented.
f58eca3886bdc503a3eed66ebd9dee8605b1304aMs2ger — Merge m-c to inbound
d1daa300c883b3e21289e93c6e85b5f0fa048388David Zbarsky — [Bug 868701] Remove classinfo for Attr r=Ms2ger
ba8529d2c5ec4ee60a96b94bdca6724b0adebe11David Zbarsky — Bug 868312: Various dom rooting fixes, part 2 r=bz
059b2743e8d7e955936f8c440991c8c152e7356eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 868312: Various dom rooting fixes r=bz
ae645c508e70ce88f86bed771a14563aad59938dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 868312: Root nsDOMClassInfo.cpp, part 2 r=bz
deea5f24e17a41ad498e1e5502d71ecb51c96413Phil Ringnalda — Back out 529526e6e659 (bug 868556) for b2g reftest-1 bustage
e1678abc3a8b2f2b8e576d43ca535fcf2f6de4f9Brian Smith — Bug 867445: Remove Test Pilot, r=gavin
548558263c233fbd4d402309cdc0548f1a942407Geoff Brown — Bug 865944 - Enable 4 of the 7 rc tests disabled for intermittent fails on panda; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
529526e6e659af53914aa26577489d661639d98dBenoit Jacob — Bug 868556 - We are not using gralloc on b2g anymore - r=vladv
a6520c0288da6adbd937cbc43fcc825ff6e50f59Dan Gohman — Bug 868027 - Use push to push integer registers onto the stack on x64. r=nbp
5c124c0689926575ccfab07567cf9f621ffee3d3Dan Gohman — Bug 868535 - IonMonkey: Optimize signed division by constant power of 2. r=nbp
c097ee28852a052902fcd2ca6721757ad370ef75Phil Ringnalda — Bug 868152 - The disabling of media crashtest on Android will continue until morale improves
e65f2839b0a29a15ba56ae7e75fccf3930c9506dMyk Melez — bug 856232 - let addons add DebuggerServer actors anytime; r=past,dcamp
8e05ccbcb09b9069e5f0d562f1293f292d3f9962James Willcox — Bug 848652 - Implement ArrayBuffer version of AudioContext.createBuffer r=ehsan
fd740c1533feb6fcb3fbbe711e4c017185c7e198Boris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 9. Remaining miscellaneous rooting fixes in WebIDL bindings. r=ms2ger
7b6fb38754e109a5f420395bf7d81b121284c821Boris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 8. Fix rooting hazards in CallbackObject. r=ms2ger
53c579eac0dee334b576e285a2f6db94b12cdfaeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 7. Fix rooting hazards in DOMJSProxyHandler.cpp. r=ms2ger
35c6ad8bb2e4aeac66cb6c80eac2216b96fbc43fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 6. Fix rooting hazards in BindingUtils.cpp. r=smaug
f7dbbff05f4890493d8ad2f5075147e49687b18fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 5. Root the id argument of WebIDL DefineInterface methods. r=smaug
f088bdf15d4e53913e61af2fb7acaff8c54e75abBoris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 4. Pass handles to WebIDL dictionary init. r=smaug,terrence
e0fabe9f6a89825f45529bd42e560493bc159f03Boris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 3. Add ways of creating Handle<Value> holding null and undefined values. r=terrence
d98854b1c00160eaa395dac809e00dde67be71adBoris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 2. Better rooting in bindings for 'any' arguments. r=smaug
705880d234376d176071f4e62a23399019e608bbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 865969 part 1. Better rooting in bindings for 'object' arguments, as well as for worker interface arguments passed as JSObject*. r=smaug
c2b32320a79f37c6c63e39138713330f9cef3925Boris Zbarsky — Bug 868266. Root the arguments list in nsObjectLoadingContent::LegacyCall. r=terrence
692a66d1c8ee9a25cc5cddfb3f15bda263c46b46Timothy Nikkel — Bug 868572. Move nsIScrollPositionListener file from view/ to layout/. r=mats
6d7fbee951a13ebce66a79ab91d29e4df82e2c90Matt Brubeck — Back out changeset 1a0f522cf110 (bug 848652) because of assertion failures in MediaBufferDecoder.cpp
5ea4106350e975d00c3a85d3e8bd6b9818b6955bLuke Wagner — Bug 868334 - test for MacroAssembler::oom in nextJump (r=sstangl)
000ed86d069f391a7d66d341dda2d416551fa14cSid Stamm — Bug 861117 - report errors when URIs passed into nsIStrictTransportSecurityService::IsStsURI malformed. (r=bsmith)
b97f5f39fd8b9e95966bf5f0c7eceb21be5bf244David Zbarsky — Bug 867459: Rooting fixes for netwerk r=terrence
eb47a4845d4fe57cb781a254c8e2045b2f311eb2David Zbarsky — Bug 867459: Rooting fixes for ipc r=terrence
bfe5c0296c3b6b1fbe8536e658c4be19d9009f24Bobby Holley — Bug 829872 - Fix up tests that depend on contentDocument being non-null. r=imelven
fb498cfb4058fd823396e693aeddd407deb0648bBobby Holley — Bug 829872 - Tests. r=bz
70cfbdceb63a69446c81f4924c25c52ef8fbc753Bobby Holley — Bug 829872 - Return null for cross-origin contentDocument. r=bz
036cde16f9d56ba4b0a312f9d05885a9da899f92Bobby Holley — Bug 829872 - Add convenience version of Equals/Subsumes to nsIPrincipal. r=bz
78802b1601ed91151334614986233769705e9bfcLuke Wagner — Bug 854209 - add asm.js mochitests (r=sstangl)
fb1bdd43832de3bdfa7049dfd66c97862ab9f25cBrian Hackett — Bug 867784 - Allocate RegExpObjects initially tenured; r=sstangl,terrence
776c624e358c708e83abfcbbf63459ed2e2f6f35Brian Hackett — Bug 863858 - Create Call and DeclEnv objects in the Nursery; r=dvander,terrence
73bc19dedf4e407dcb27844197e99a2f382eba60Steve Fink — Bug 868580 - Export AutoObjectVector. r=terrence
800ab61465c830a0363ead23a889f717567962e9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 868409 - ScriptProcessorNode's playing ref should remain active as long as there are outstanding connections; r=roc
2b2233c1006917752b8a1e7935def5b04a44290cChristian Sonne — Bug 839206 - Replace plugin installation notification bar with door hanger r=dolske
1a0f522cf110b304ea4fc2480f01228a606aeeddJames Willcox — # ebe5edd8c0ac367c043437a674d4200cf4525757
153993320a45becad6933069e904bdb72c83175fJoe Drew — Backout 5878a9a7c540 for breaking tests
99b086e10c8d0c33a62e0fdf74050c06d65204f6Joel Maher — Bug 865443 - [android.json fix] create webgl mochitest run for android. r=kmoir DONTBUILD
45ec50d84651e8a21e845090385b0033d15a4750Steve Fink — No bug. Fix rooting analysis error handling. DONTBUILD
c860539f82bbf52e173e256a078258b91dddf4bdKannan Vijayan — Bug 861596 - Add optimized ArgumentsObject stub to ion ICs. Topcrash fixed. r=h4writer
5878a9a7c54083345f54051069c2ed7a1c336230Joe Drew — Bug 844676 - Mark a video as still loading if we haven't yet created the ImageContainer, probably because the dedicated GPU isn't available yet. r=roc
7ded7165ab8747234c14a5bb0a6c5b66c8f7522eChris Double — Bug 853522 - Add some Samsung JB devices to stagefright blocklist - r=bjacob
c9b8fdfe02990fb6bcfa9540f07b6a10541f6b95ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-422 - a=hsts-update
f5c84fb4167fd3731c64b706eb088c8d476aeadeffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-443 - a=blocklist-update
69008b1fd6eba1ed5041c8d8796800ced916d1a3Phil Ringnalda — Merge Birch and m-c
5140723575f55f434cf237aa1161159317a246daGregor Wagner — Bug 867043 - Only send more contacts when the child needs them. r=reuben
08c582b1c486e9982fb3fc3023e77658da36a6cfGregor Wagner — Bug 867043 - Don't ask for more contacts more than once for the same chunk. r=reuben
d49804cd69d776479edd3ac105a0987f73fa5b31Michael Wu — Bug 868150 - Add basic support for identifying and building for JB, r=glandium
306ebf764a1c3fddf3f3267c856856e19f6fe60cEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central and birch
4bb7ccc2d7435bedbb59d73b49cc8bc15c6298b9Yoshi Huang — Bug 833215 - Part 2: Use the same style to parse. r=vicamo
e9a1c44d1ca9639dda826708eeeaaa2451a7f91aYoshi Huang — Bug 833215 - Part 1: rename getFoo to readFoo in ICCRecordHelper. r=vicamo
fe184c67d86989478d53f9dc3a263a1eeb7e7afdYoshi Huang — Bug 835802 - Part 5: xpcshells tests. r=vicamo
f21652870d518c2c0e2165eac952ba558943ec30Yoshi Huang — Bug 835802 - Part 4: Support more phonebook sets when updating ICC contact. r=vicamo
b3c4b6d69d60a3cc0369fd5cf18f25da0002cbdfYoshi Huang — Bug 835802 - Part 3: Support more phonebook sets when adding ICC contact. r=vicamo
502bedabba41084554518cf1b787d1deccb40e88Yoshi Huang — Bug 835802 - Part 2: Rename getFreeRecordId to findFreeRecordId. r=vicamo
e465ed12846dd6cf257ddefc888abbb0dfb3273eYoshi Huang — Bug 835802 - Part 1: Support more phonebook sets when reading ICC contact. r=vicamo
8f4cc68ae3c22b0194d5a320f6f896370e9ceaa5Yoshi Huang — Bug 847741 - Part 5: readContacts impl. r=vicamo
e4ce63318b84db8f08083602ff4b9570d7b1d34eYoshi Huang — Bug 847741 - Part 4: Remove getSimContacts impl. r=gwagner
71f84b64af4f927818f4f6cace96366b52a8cd6aYoshi Huang — Bug 847741 - Part 3: DOM, Add readContacts in IccManager. r=smaug.
273e98426db0b856c40a45ca5ce1f8e7d46a871fYoshi Huang — Bug 847741 - Part 2: (IDL) Add readContact to IccManager. r=vicamo, sr=mounir
2131ced28811504bd64c9b3d07b5f3487a632156Yoshi Huang — Bug 847741 - Part 1: Remove getSimContacts from ContactManager. r=gwagner. sr=mounir
dea9d8108b8e9a9cd15012d2e2ff3b01c57fb8f0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 1ae920a04d36 and a12273aa858b (bug 866272) for Marionette failures.
1ae920a04d367fc1d59ff5c4efa7cd99ee767df8Fabrice Desré — Bug 866272 - followup to fix typo, r=gal
29e7839931715edf1ea9725038ed08893285802aMichael Wu — Bug 868065 - Move GraphicBuffer.h include out of ImageContainer.h, r=vlad
4e3ac5fbf0740de3648c8b9568a87580e8ee80faMichael Wu — Bug 868124 - Switch to our own copy of PowerManager.h in libui, r=vlad
82c443653988c0132c72481cb5958d685d200d4dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
a12273aa858b6b51b6131929f5ecadf8f2ffda07Fabrice Desré — Bug 866272 - expose privileged access to mcc+mnc pair for last home network and roaming network r=gal
1e00967c5786041e818dc1478de2f1df2ec1e0aeDavid Zbarsky — Bug 868312: Root part of nsDOMClassInfo.cpp r=bz
ba4cdf4a1b514900027d2cd53ee58ea00f3deaa2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867174 - Part 1: Deliver the correct channel count the to the resampler the first time that we see a buffer; r=padenot
0a441b303a0032c64a5c81f96d44a2fd5489d5fdMatt Brubeck — Back out changeset e7e44c2d6d72 (bug 860027) because of Ts and MaxHeap regressions
414f3b4cf66931b413156b4530557c43626f6c94Matt Brubeck — Back out changeset 29c172213ff7 (bug 853151) because of Ts and Tp5 regressions
d2688e330aa03e6d4356c07576c0596588e3cf06Geoff Brown — Bug 865944 - Add getTopActivity to droid; r=jmaher
d1651293c9d2519461045fab81be4d66a95b7b81Geoff Brown — Bug 865944 - Use top activity instead of process to check launch success; r=jmaher
87ef7a0e5f949019bb9f96fe1996b003cfb601daGeoff Brown — Bug 865944 - Do not wait for "am instrument" to start; r=jmaher
29a70c8e22ccd9e1324c308d5a249fed4c0cc7fbGeoff Brown — Bug 865944 - Add to list of files used by remote reftests and mochitests; r=jmaher
c75cee3cbf74e72c712138bd7b5a84df1de60ab7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 867950 - Refactor HTMLInputElement::{Clone,RestoreState,SaveState}() to use GetValueMode() instead of mType. r=smaug
6d1242311151f2597cc546784026e4a095879c7eGregory Szorc — Bug 863069 - Part 1: Sort lists in files; r=mshal
b1acc2ff8936208d98c4cb9bb1fffa8170dee4b6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867876 - Add some tests for the AudioParam automation events; r=roc
06cb02df9a67e5661cc7b0b368449f2e82ea99d6Gregor Wagner — Bug 852429 - Disable TestSettingsAPI test until bug 862355 is fixed. r=bent
be579e9be3e4cf54b9f006fbc6f31363d18a3b3fIrving Reid — Bug 863311: Include test function name in test pending / test finished messages. r=ted.mielczarek
4768761daaef02ad8aba3e16e4f14c8d018712e6Kannan Vijayan — Bug 867160 - Allow baseline to bypass scriptAnalysis on most scripts. r=jandem
3f5a76354adb99098f8b40b2080c96d128d2ad37Paul Adenot — Bug 867203 - Part 2: Remove useless mPannerNode member in AudioBufferSourceNode. r=ehsan
860daba8551827bebd286eaa53ac9ed899092ef0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867203 - Part 1: Unregister AudioBufferSourceNodes from PannerNodes when they die; r=padenot
9414e58bae0bf65906f37cfe63ed89b69018d624Trevor Saunders — bug 868215 - add optgroup test r=surkov
dfc420ebae8d5fb140d4017644c946f28f233942Trevor Saunders — bug 856779 - outparamdel nsIDocument::CreatePresShell() r=dholbert
67a7fc2a14467b3ac64c3dc1ac27a09bd01a4367Trevor Saunders — bug 856779 - make PresShell::Init() return void and devirtualize it r=bz
6e0956c0dfe4c72ee7bad903cb3652d34605bc10Kannan Vijayan — Bug 865471 - Fix various sps profiler issues. r=jandem
02fb8ac3f108be3bcc48a3783ccaa0a43cf79de2Ivaylo Dimitrov — Bug 856308 - Enable GStreamer video buffer handling optimization for gstreamer versions older than 0.10.36. DONTBUILD because NPOTB r=alessandro.d,padenot
3b2020da6f66a78fc17fc56fcf8539b96039a3ccAlexander Surkov — Bug 860013 - navigation by words broken with orca, r=tbsaunde
42ced245b6f8ff0462a4122ca7befe3d01fa5d0aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 866434 - Part 4: Add a test case for connecting an AudioNode to an AudioParam; r=roc
8d0cd25b661101d1bdd39a3b6ba345d9ae90a679Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 866434 - Part 3: Mix in the value generated by AudioNode inputs to AudioParams when getting their values during audio processing; r=roc
6c0be12d00aa36cb309048214a7b3b4e28bf25ebEhsan Akhgari — Bug 866434 - Part 2: Give each AudioParam that is connected to an AudioNode an AudioNodeStream; r=roc
dde95c320e087ad02a0ff75569f65c334b323b4cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 866434 - Part 1: Make it possible to connect an AudioNode to an AudioParam; r=roc
c10cca0c48ec698b0a27e3b9d51cc6e68ba78356Nicolas Silva — Bug 860146 - Add layers.draw-borders pref to see how a page is layered. r=jrmuizel
e6c09bae2a132c605219141f62ccc707e9c3504bLucas Rocha — Bug 867554/860121 - New Fennec sidebar animation (r=mfinkle)
5565fd265415bf8f1aabc67fd3a4a3916b8c90d9=?UTF-8?q?"Yuan=20Xulei(=E8=A2=81=E5=BE=90=E7=A3=8A)"?= — Bug 860546 - [keyboard] Notify keyboard when the content of current input field is changed by JS. r=fabrice
85249bddf0a65860354b279a9ff8fd2181f513c0Jacek Caban — Bug 689870 - mingw fix
eb04c9a69ac912cd0511ca79cf98fd0f805cf6a0Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central and inbound
8a16d529df16e35dec10b9368d60561051a36bb9Jon Coppeard — Bug 868037 - GC: Fix more rooting analysis false positives r=sfink DONTBUILD
5c240ee646fb83fda6f8e3ac54633f8e6a39f24cEd Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
1998eb59e36988949ad9bcb4c8ddfa21c7e4dd65Ed Morley — Bug 765192 - Disable browser_bug343515.js on OS X as well, for too many intermittent failures
b596993e3c809ff37a61134f409c41288a369e96Ed Morley — Bug 865642 - Disable test_delayNode.html, test_delayNodeWithGain.html, test_gainNode.html, test_scriptProcessorNode.html and test_scriptProcessorNodeChannelCount.html on Android for too many intermittent timeouts
777b03a3c85f568641acc355a90467aac66a31ebEd Morley — Bug 868116 - Disable test_currentTime.html on Android for too many intermittent failures
396f66db6b553a8fe5192ac416df15ab1e7c4fbaEd Morley — Backed out changeset 2938c2e1f7e7 (bug 867203) since part 1 had to be backed out for conflicts
f1c00d9d273c746eef6c63c883120cd906a67325Ed Morley — Backed out changeset ad407adf94f2 (bug 867174) and friends for causing permaorange mochitest-2 on Android, disabling tests without using android.json and/or conflicting with the backouts on three CLOSED TREEs
1bbbd51c40d0bd7995c0f2e0727109cdacae9209Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 9351bfd9d8c5 (bug 867174)
b9d7489b20fbbdc03d1a60ea80d6477a4320339aEd Morley — Backed out changeset 85ec6c943147 (bug 867876)
8dee87bfcb0f5d02243d375aed19b2d8a68bd1b6Ed Morley — Backed out changeset b342f87552a3 (bug 865642)
9db512258021a489427a07bdbac6060c0f252371Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 3cadad39da66 (bug 868116)
438a6c43dec8b3aa2f87865fb83adfae1c5a4110Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 93602e7a1551 (bug 865642)
8fa7a05edb4bea1a2091077717a5d806ed7f949cEd Morley — Backed out changeset da92f0c44e91 (bug 867980)
341ac326d3beb033c4e68eca3616c36ee8e19e12Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 6402e13dc9ba (bug 865642)
698f6059ef4703d4002b4c69fb6ea7515cdb61feEd Morley — Backed out changeset b66017604bdd (bug 867203)
29c172213ff7b3818073db1edc590a9c0c53ba28Shane Caraveo — bug 853151 rework recommend into social marks, r=felipe
2938c2e1f7e78e19493851dae51343125fd26140Paul Adenot — Bug 867203 - Part 2: Remove useless mPannerNode member in AudioBufferSourceNode. r=ehsan
b66017604bdda63b9dddf39037c1b4fbeab2f9cbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 867203 - Part 1: Unregister AudioBufferSourceNodes from PannerNodes when they die; r=padenot
6402e13dc9ba95c2e570e0f0feefe745a49477f3Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 865642 - Disable more tests on Android.
66be11c219280fe3c1c7955a2f2ac15d85ff881dPhil Ringnalda — Bug 855050 - mark sync-image-switch-* random on WinXP
c0f1553c1476f2fbc57232a7973a5d6b2b3fc71dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 867459: Fix bustage on a CLOSED TREE
354940bc7ff8fb0fad4172547e4a7959e9641409David Zbarsky — Bug 867459 - Fix xpfe rooting hazards r=terrence
ec1fb05b0095f8d744b35e605527f3a2d2886fd2David Zbarsky — Bug 867459 - Fix storage rooting hazards r=terrence
164a107f22027a5c75c534cd4549faf9f93d2609David Zbarsky — Bug 867459 - Fix gfx rooting hazards r=terrence
7ecd038b7b0d2e03adc13f4b386fac1d323af5a4David Zbarsky — Bug 867459 - Fix caps rooting hazards r=terrence
de74752f65e7fbb3dd9f71ad9682f92cf4227589David Zbarsky — Bug 867459 - Fix webrtc rooting hazards r=terrence
b8786f0e022639f4c9b669bc07bc62212460dc48David Zbarsky — Bug 867459 - Fix toolkit/ rooting hazards r=terrence
e7e44c2d6d72b0c0363d3af25ad46dcf6638876cTrevor Saunders — bug 860027 - remove XPTIInterfaceInfoManager::EnumerateInterfaces() r=bholley, bsmedberg
2b56dbd338cf54d8ac13676bf7269a18029c83e4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
9b75691bf6368ef9063d593732e52fc68d8126ffChris Pearce — Bug 866561 - Enable high precision timers on Windows when playing video. r=kinetik
11bbf55bbad1c7d05f3e5d03c5a62e84feb79fcbMartin Husemann — Bug 867911 - Add OpenBSD and NetBSD to list of sparc64 systems with 8k pages. r=terrence
6a3351e5b033cc8f2c5c303c94906b87f7d96457Gavin Sharp — Bug 867691 - Make browser_urlbarAutoFillTrimURLs.js clean up after itself properly. r=dao
855e266af240024169d561479f07a36cc2f10658Abir Viqar — Bug 839434 - Set the isPrivate flag when showing popups on Firefox for Android. r=mleibovic
898891617618b587075590f003ac28ef554a3a9aShane Caraveo — bug 867833 fix test that caused extra exceptions in later tests, r=gavin
e2dc6cdc1c02a124c0afe27a6123580b486a2cadSteve Fink — Bug 867341 - Remove AutoObjectRooter, replace with RootedObject where needed. r=terrence
e728bef882df351c8f5e7b2705c98bb4d558a2deSteve Fink — Bug 867341 - Replace NULL with nullptr in Rooted<JSObject*> lines. r=vladan
0875726579b21a321215d363ce44b8437fa96192Steve Fink — Bug 867341 - Replace AutoObjectRooter with RootedObject. r=smaug
f9a5c9ba7d7adf6a282615c49a3571450c54b18eJonathan Griffin — Bug 867548 - Disable updates when launching emulator, r=ahal
d846f95bc7616e8309239ccdc951c03ac799fce1Jonathan Griffin — Bug 864296 - Check for detached elements, r=mdas
c6f5c1bbcf761369c0d51f85ba1bb110f2f40fd8Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 858231: Update NSS to NSS 3.15 Beta 3, with local patches
e4074e65f6e27fa5e1b1c446fd03b186a57a0bc4Bobby Holley — Bug 834699 - Fix tests that munge dom.xbl_scopes. r=bz
d56decca3e60d7b3fd2bc138951704fa0759757aBobby Holley — Bug 834699 - Stop checking dom.xbl_scopes. r=bz
a780fd43acc245d5ac688ba1e154597b8d5ab019Chris Double — Bug 845729 - Blocklist some Samsung devices on ICS - r=bjacob
14929e61959deb59b713d9710fa855f5665b0959Daniel Holbert — Bug 855841: Remove unused constants NS_STYLE_CLEAR_BLOCK, NS_STYLE_CLEAR_COLUMN, NS_STYLE_CLEAR_PAGE. r=mats r=fantasai
11cf235a84d68d2c0bb0aca8996ee73caf5d38e3Chris Pearce — Bug 862182. r=roc,doublec
f47c18bd70e37cb9504e63252382d41fa925552aDaniel Holbert — Bug 867454 followup: fix typo in reftest names. (s/pseuedo/pseudo/)
10c6814d775e84443a7c7418d12321b2c32ff74eShu-yu Guo — Bug 865883. (r=jandem)
19c4bcde66f10ba5b6a407fed71361f9b0300bdcShu-yu Guo — Bug 844887 - Followup: nop IsCallable in Ion if argument is known to be a function. (r=sstangl)
3bd593f1b31bbfcdfc152d6f50cc441f85776074James Willcox — Bug 867966 - Add --jobs,-j option to 'mach build' r=gps
1949afc76980edd0c44a6651b597e685f51cafacDaniel Holbert — Bug 867454: Treat a flex container's ::before and ::after generated content nodes as flex items. r=bz
42bcb974cfdd0ec7bee8d7a9839908e165f0ffffLuke Wagner — Bug 864600 - OdinMonkey: change asm.js validation to require explicit coercion of all call expressions (r=sstangl)
66964658a09767946931b40cccfc30a28c6916e9Luke Wagner — Bug 864600 - OdinMonkey: change doublish to double in overload set of ~~ and - (r=sstangl)
b35170667a2ff693493cc61732a90be6b9a21cf3Doug Turner — Bug 868257 - watchPosition only sends one location r=stuart
cdd14d9b3aae1142cc37c0be1b4e74c139bb5a37Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 868152 - Skip test on Android due to crashtest perma-orange.
da92f0c44e91d2b160b1b22368e8b63913915aeeRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 867980 - Disable test on Android due to frequent timeouts.
93602e7a1551aee3463c5edf16e6c64cfa16cc24Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 865642 - Disable tests on Android due to frequent timeouts.
fd5a919c42ec386322bfba6fba42e561f5c5eb6eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 555f2b757639 (bug 566746, bug 697377) for intermittent Win7 mochitest b-c orange.
42cf8856427e87c3fb64d6a1f07281d19e871cf4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
4a695b132a4b302e2459e239c4dc8b9815a55b6eMichael Wu — Bug 867871 - Support building cubeb opensles backend on JB, r=kinetik
b2770cf6dcbd8fddfb9774814743d29e1f6c030bDoug Turner — Bug 853732 - Improve Device Storage enumeration to avoid bad performance with some SD card. r=dylands r=dougt a=tef+
c10f86bf3439ceba778ac55c3369ab6b266c12eeDave Hylands — Bug 867769 - NS_MakeRandomString generates the same string when called twice within the same second. r=bsmedberg
dffb1419bb198be2ac10d056a1bce42f9ec0dd9eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 742206 followup. Fix unexpected passes so we can get rid of this CLOSED TREE.
a2193ebecd1df932d1f2adc555834c577b628d12Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 0cb5418906cf and 3c366c865e73 (bug 803299) for Android bustage.
3cadad39da667777b7e7e1e794929b1024fc0ad8Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 868116 - Disable test on Android due to being perma-orange.
0cb5418906cfd4ecbbe9c3e15d4e6c0124f8dd9cChris Lord — Bug 803299 - Respect pref. r=blassey
3c366c865e73b91d1a0a56f711d0c81c6dda6badChris Lord — Bug 803299 - Enable 32-bit colour on Android. r=kats
9a10069d27ba729f2332d3c9495e7d5b07d4ca9aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a303955db0b5aa7a3405f06fc8fba879e81ed0f5Terrence Cole — Bug 867295 - Do not use JSContext to root in parallel code; r=nmatsakis
478105be6e91d2608c1a784ec96e3407589e4205David Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 7: Root some additional JS::Values found during review r=bz
ae0aac5ce54ef54a24a97737c50466aa88e33f96David Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 6: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
4864e9d9a4187b26abf26e1f392ca1d88c5104c4David Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 5: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
b940af7c9a0e26594b1529fea968df06b3b996bdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 4: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
82dfcc2b53661b8a8f3d354f2202bb709636a8ccDavid Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 3: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
173a6deb4792d76e315e649bd7db1f9ce24a55f5David Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 2: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
27f8c1c2e09e9e0bb77c59fcf211efbb9df037cfDavid Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 1: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
b036d96c4c87c6c2c718c336431ea258594f4dd3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 867249 - Improve getDominantColor algorithm to return more accurate colors. r=bnicholson
ebad4b72a6ea110261c5baa265e64d2e1efc5050Margaret Leibovic — Bug 867059 - Only show "Set as Default" contextmenu item for enabled non-default search engines. r=mfinkle
8dedab2c9c826249afe2d9cf2357684cadd344a5Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 858598 - Defect - Select popups near the bottom of the screen are unusable r=mbrubeck
fdc122c78f1d682aad9bb4def03a62d1b7c12ea5Olli Pettay — Bug 847597 - Paris binding for NotifyAudioAvailableEvent, r=peterv
5f90a20c173e465944a36865f38b73f0e6fcd667Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 864757 - Metro test fixes r=jmathies
db0abc62a0fd1c46a22f6b5e06416f82eaf89999Steve Fink — No bug. Fix rooting static analysis annotation for GetWeakmapKeyDelegate and document the ignores. r=NPOTB
e4cc85a0fe1e16db72409eabf5e6b6cf03b0d6c7Boris Zbarsky — Add test for bug 560072.
2f0d5fc274edbc5a8d3f95af11398a58267bf216Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742206 part 4. Start using the new Date stuff for HTMLInputElement.valueAsDate. r=smaug
3a8c503744ea5f2a14893e4ea385812c7f28c90bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 742206 part 3. Implement type conversions for Date in WebIDL. r=smaug
c4013f62540efc1c95fd7351006ecbb76b0a06a8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742206 part 2. Implement WebIDL parser support for Date. r=smaug,khuey
b89e5dc046a6ed8fe3fe4e715b4d36f0b84cc968Boris Zbarsky — Bug 742206 part 1. Introduce a simple mozilla::dom::Date for use in WebIDL bindings. r=smaug
4c1074ad5172ebe7dd4a9948206366c9c23a9b94Boris Zbarsky — Bug 860841. Hook up the proto chain of a WebIDL interface object to the interface object of its nearest ancestor interface that has one, as if these were ES6 classes. r=peterv
9c426bd08d289acaf72e49929881dccb4aa5c079Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5ac1564bff87 (bug 865059) for causing intermittent Linux32 dromaeo crashes.
555f2b757639248c396ed4370db2bf1a3098faa5Gavin Sharp — Re-land patches from bug 566746 and bug 697377 now that bug 851641 is addressed
b342f87552a33951b0d372255372dfdd16c20bd6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865642 - Disable test_bug867174.html on Android
9dbaa660e5e268bc4b1af8e228c29968710b1be9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 866736 - InputScope support for IMM32 with CUAS, fix bustage without Win8 SDK, r=jmathies
f61587eeaf528b1605a21d71368718843a1d6394Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 088bb497b532 (bug 867950) for mochitest-1 failures.
42ade8c2d8b95ae12e1c5bf0b074d44fe653d8a4Jason Smith — bug 867778 - Enable webrtc crashtests on FxAndroid. r=gcp
0c513ba7413713ceecd38e6930234cda641b37afStephen Pohl — Bug 636564 - Implement lion style scrollbars on Mac OSX 10.7+; r=roc
0727b84804805a770776a89f581ac12818c9124dGervase Markham — Bug 859768 - Add dictionary for Estonian, including dictionary license addition to about:license. r=Pike
f1fe50632492afca9fde019edb9f34ae5da5d735Hugh Nougher — Bug 689870 - Add d3dkmtQueryStatistics.h and enable GPU reporter for Win7+. r=jrmuizel
5ac1564bff87ff999bb461ffebceb0a6308c95a2Brian Hackett — Bug 865059 - Don't analyze scripts until they are compiled by baseline when JM is disabled, r=jandem.
d8db39f5734946a35325c2999589f9377445a0d6James Willcox — Bug 867750 - Add a --with-compiler-wrapper configure option r=glandium
088bb497b532a5e962dcf95e2dc8d364c4f221c7Mounir Lamouri — Bug 867950 - Refactor HTMLInputElement::{Clone,RestoreState,SaveState}() to use GetValueMode() instead of mType. r=smaug
a79fa28d2e95a48cba26d4eb28bf04efab0a8f12Oleg Romashin — Bug 867964 - Build fail with DenormalDisabler.h:116: error: 'FLT_MIN' was not declared in this scope. r=ehsan
57b73db8e65b2281c42f11b900c1fc1d21e4fe14Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 867582 - Make the Axis overscroll correction use floats for more correctness. r=ajones
85ec6c94314741e467881241cc777c2205fbf83bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 867876 - Add some tests for the AudioParam automation events; r=roc
9351bfd9d8c5729f8dbc678c9babe8582d924de9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867174 - Part 2: Protect against invalid sample rates a bit harder; r=padenot
ad407adf94f263e457bb149731885bbf80e79a56Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867174 - Part 1: Deliver the correct channel count the to the resampler the first time that we see a buffer; r=padenot
da429c311864e8a95a13fdcbd9fd797885c511a8Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
557f9ec08794df2543c2fbca41dc24dd02c01bcaAndrea Marchesini — Bug 859824 - MediaElement creates a WakeLock when playing audio. r=jlebar
76acf73d9f74b8a089db105a4f62b0556f05b630Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9fd2515981bf (bug 859824) for bustage.
c7b6f809741cfc1fcdfeb7241a217be0a9c3a529Jed Parsons — Bug 867847 - Fix busted r=benadida
3e0f1e2b853b7c84956398369bf8b9c591fad6e9Chia-hung Tai — Bug 867227 - Part 2: Add expiry date into nsIDOMMozMmsMessage. r=vyang
f2cc1aab0edf9261eaa549f3f8d13cae731e910cChia-hung Tai — Bug 867227 - Part 1: Interface changes. r=vyang, sr=mounir
9fd2515981bf4e2553adcc09bcf208083ad889a6Andrea Marchesini — Bug 859824 - MediaElement creates a WakeLock when playing audio. r=jlebar
64d41174028ab56792e60b529e95a81b5f1852fcMartyn Haigh — Bug 854940 - Add application name to permission prompt. r=mfinkle
79c82a501ad085c8e3931fac839e4a1045d45fdfChiajung Hung — Bug 825110 - Part 3: WebRTC changes for B2G WebRTC video module. r=jesup
5bce97a3fa8e23a3d3d037d73acb7ea4f2357f1fChiajung Hung — Bug 825110 - Part 2: WebRTC Media changes for B2G WebRTC video module. r=ekr
88b09f034e9ff9c7e1a0a6a5ff31b3123e85bc4fChiajung Hung — Bug 825110 - Part 1: Camera changes for B2G WebRTC video module. r=mhabicher
42cf263214c37a3a4c6f3306de84c82598f748cbRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1840b15583fd (bug 636564) for bustage.
bf354dfbd6894155ac2835b91aae5992f4111b03Jason Smith — Bug 861958 - Crashtest for DataChannelConnection::Open crash. r=jesup
915a35a8f5161595fa702ad019f78920ed701226Martijn Wargers — Bug 865204 - Change remaining CSP tests that use enablePrivilege to SpecialPowers. r=bholley, f=imelven
8324f2f4007b6117fc45b64a4bde5fdf71ae268cRalph Giles — Bug 782091 - Add multichannel Opus test files. r=derf
1840b15583fd3bd4c8f6bb40491cd68f84e39fc5Stephen Pohl — Bug 636564 - Implement Lion style scrollbars on Mac OSX 10.7+. r=roc
c30684c896bbd1871d465babe3d95314c9e305baCykesiopka — Bug 541918 - Uncomment head attribute test in content/html/document/test/test_bug324378.html. r=jst
10ff3d7fbf6dd286f060c043ca76e72e54184d65Aryeh Gregor — Bug 866059 - Don't implicitly convert to already_AddRefed in; r=bz
866fa5faea3f447f5f0ce02e21706bb420ee0c85Aryeh Gregor — Bug 859817 - Make nsStringBuffer::Alloc return already_AddRefed; r=bz
ff9eed6225d7ae571c71d5b2301161e936c0b118Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
3519bc0b981ac86943560db32ce5df0784184d44Brian Hackett — Bug 865024 - Avoid using overlapping registers when lowering SetDOMProperty, r=jandem.
bf0a237017a99264a3e6290d378a105891bb6768Brian Hackett — Bug 865059 - Turn off methodjit prefs by default, r=jandem.
05098ee6e6c89831f800ed6550943ef4cc5f5e25Brian Hackett — Bug 866730 - Refactor handling of 'this' in definite properties analysis, r=shu.
e3e3e669f74603d088c89de8557adb7de6569d60Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 866093 - Indicate need for clobber. r=me
a299e38549e7b3f7a030fe889cd1ea71a7a28c5fEd Morley — Backed out changeset ad10907da2d4 (bug 866450) for B2G build failures
4af79ceb2bf701ef20a1b7b0879ec4c8ebdff361Ed Morley — Backed out changeset b514d768d793 (bug 866450)
654e10bc0a64f604871c691a5087f1dfab2f0dddEd Morley — Backed out changeset 6e6a175fc36a (bug 866450)
9db41ac6c881c3781da5b7ba1fae88c3aef318bfEd Morley — Backed out changeset a1e877fa8d67 (bug 866450)
03b95758bc2aa4a2afacd501900deff96445248cEd Morley — Backed out changeset c5ba9c0dc252 (bug 866450)
872f39ccacf02d41143136c35c79bcf04070cf10Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 7c0ace2560c4 (bug 866450)
abda0ace7aaf31029ac4148a5574b68e8510f58dEd Morley — Backed out changeset e0b51717bb64 (bug 866450)
9cd2de3d0716cf32fee63a9e3146d174a9dc1566Ed Morley — Backed out changeset b3df3d58f20c (bug 866450)
b3df3d58f20c4b563f667a1b38336bbfe325df0fMs2ger — Bug 866450 Part 8: Fix a missed nsContentUtils::WrapNative call on a CLOSED TREE
7c9e2aa0dd8a37c7cf84f80987d8c1a3571e5c50Jan de Mooij — Bug 867482. r=bhackett
85430cf0c1a76aca5a707959db21fab1d236fe90Jon Coppeard — Bug 867639 - GC: Fix some shell rooting hazards false positives r=terrence
b6d8d450dc413fbec98b00527ec1dd666e18c8d4Jon Coppeard — Bug 867631 - GC: Fix rooting hazard in JSDebugger.cpp r=sfink
e0b51717bb643cd96fe8d29d5840c4388a58d808David Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 7: Root some additional JS::Values found during review r=bz
7c0ace2560c4b6949f915c25a60b0ff60e839b3aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 6: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
c5ba9c0dc252a5046e3500728fd73f8dd2633379David Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 5: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
a1e877fa8d67dfbe636b2f2af34f19fd3b72f10dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 4: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
6e6a175fc36ae87097abc52fd6e5c9f01fdbf63eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 3: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
b514d768d7932040f93bac28012cb58205f03f34David Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 2: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
ad10907da2d45f07768051f9fc53f4437531c40cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 866450 Part 1: Fix rooting hazards under content/ and dom/ r=bz
4036016ee6513a1475ea29ba6df04afe32adc9e2Andrew Sutherland — Bug 861196 - mozTCPSocket needs to translate nsISSLStatus error codes to something that can be exposed to content. r=bsmith, r=jst, a=blocking-b2g=tef+
54c41fa92da5e4f1b48f79b2a03612c249fb2fc9Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 866093 - Set Android Context Objects, use any-thread FindClass, compile AudioCapture classes. r=jesup f=blassey
80f36848bcbe1e97e8a8f7c2e1e7f12a7129b6deGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 866093 - Fix fallback paths for Android JNI Audio. r=jesup
d62ad9a19c33c521e5473575e7cbdd940aecfd01Mike Kaply — Bug 865218: Allow application/x-moz-keywordsearch to work again. r=gavin
a606d921d45aae01f97b86bc6932a6839413c6c4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 861022 part 2. Root the global object in WebIDL prototype and interface object setup. r=peterv,terrence
60e671f364b941c704282cf191892dc65758bbe0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 861022 part 1. Root the non-globals in WebIDL prototype and interface object setup. r=peterv,terrence
a6c9a09469c606aecbf9a07b6befa7cf27dc740cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 866545. Remove the obsolete dom.enable_performance preference, so we can rely on things like existing. r=smaug
3f705f8db7c14bafe5b529f6353da7d43216ee5fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 867312. Expose some APIs for working with millisecond timestamps corresponding to JS dates. r=waldo
43f7eec8a72ddf818b823ee3be30fd860ed391beMike de Boer — Bug 856107 - Mouse hovering events should be handled seperately from tab select/move code for tab attributes. f=unusualtears r=MattN
f029154a27b57ad86a68feed228247c7f488ccbbPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
5557995c747346734085140e94dc936d5c2ba8f5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867511 - Part 2: Use DynamicCompressorNode's input channel count when processing input; r=roc
e827737f54a739e85f8cbdd0e72c44eb81967549Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867511 - Part 1: Use ScriptProcessorNode's input channel count when buffering input; r=roc
1edc14e711676f65de9920b262ffe7ba312c5895David Zbarsky — Bug 866575: Throw when creating a pattern with a large source r=nrc, mattwoodrow
7d40860eed2a209a069552011d5bc13e024748e5Reuben Morais — Bug 863704 - Make global-constructor and navigator-property categories respect a preference. r=jst
15850ed777194b48b1ed5c38aa6b67a11523bdbeLuke Wagner — Bug 865960 - JS OOM should throw instead of silently stopping execution (r=billm)
b035b05f6a18d709a24aea791bbbcace8115d621Brian Hackett — Bug 866765 - Refactor compilation of JSOP_SETELEM to only pop operands at one point, r=dvander.
0a050b75a9af850ef89307e9839e9d54afd424c0Brian Hackett — Bug 866866 - Inspect phis at the start of loop header rather than trailing values, r=dvander.
cdfa3301b1725d0545fd1cfa7f82b84eb46d48aeMalini Das — Bug 867812 - get rid of skip, r=jgriffin
29aa0fd47707864bf9307ca51e5e06b523e128caJames Willcox — Bug 863223 - Make canvas updates asynchronous once again r=nrc
9b1b9e61db7b18f51b5113866cf42a25bf577a02David Zbarsky — Bug 867459: Root toolkit/ r=terrence
e1fe36ce89d100ea57b31768b7d0c8b00f2a034cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 867459: Root xpcshell.cpp r=terrence
5aceec8a122219fecb8ea8900cce27c2b5a7086cAndrew McCreight — Bug 863085, part 2 - remove NS_CycleCollectorForget2 from some XPCOM glue. r=bsmedberg
210b52cdd7ebf57603f51abbb2a1d5c2e7dd5b7dAndrew McCreight — Bug 863085, part 1 - Gut NS_CycleCollectorForget2 and rename CC::Suspect2. r=smaug
e5d90d0479ccd39c8f571d63300e8ecd16df7abcNick Alexander — Bug 677452 - Add smartmake-like functionality to |mach build DIR|. r=gps
08d7cf75697baeaa08ac7b9e319f67c899572e01Scott Johnson — Bug 861106: Add null check for mDocument in SetTextZoom, SetFullZoom, and SetMinFontSize to prevent crash on tab close. [r=blassey]
39aad6551764e31f3ac7c919bf15dff3308213f1Brian Hackett — Bug 866826 - Add missing IdToTypeId check, r=dvander.
e474b6cfebce4bc92055737bc1331ad002d7d0c1Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
ea6b923829e17e7de913b18dd47785c044fa0cd5Nikhil Marathe — Bug 863598 - SimplePush: Make PushService a module. r=dougt
d28a41f49785503bfe30ae6c44e0f7f233ac0346Gene Lian — Bug 865157 - B2G MMS: Receiving an MMS creates a redundant thread different from the one containing SMS (from the same sender). r=vicamo sr=mounir a=leo+
3968311ac65becf130d2d0b5fdf8ba10a9a9ab1cEric Chou — Bug 866615 - Modify the nsDeviceStorage type from 'movies' to 'videos', r=dougt
f7aad2536e3eb2e6277f31c9ad05f68dcc80851cMichael Wu — Bug 867703 - Remote default scale value, r=roc
3022abb316af57a23915bc44681afd09ef36682fMichael Wu — Bug 845182 - Implement GetDefaultScaleInternal() on Gonk, r=roc
70e0955ccc87a145deb366eaade6c5f7d926da1fGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services
3a7209e3c338c0f50fd919b80d70a9512b725ca4Gregory Szorc — Bug 860094 - Remove saving of last payload to disk; r=rnewman
eb460fae0ece75f8f284be8f9618cc085466987fGregory Szorc — Bug 854018 - Record counts for FHR upload actions; r=rnewman
7f72b029e78e88e5c6a7557626fadb604137b63cEdmund Wong — Bug 867033 - Check self.wall_time for being zero. r=gps
0274ab3783b154931a0f975d4ca9fdbf292163aePhil Ringnalda — Merge the last PGO-green cset on mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7b54ccf3088498f1e9ec8701165ca6701b242852Brian Hackett — Bug 865584 - Add null check for target script's type info when compiling 'new', r=dvander.
c0f3313e775994ce7d0b2b1cd6801d2e48711765Mats Palmgren — Bug 851641. Simplify the logic in nsView::DoResetWidgetBounds. r=tnikkel
6151db377f706d0865f0931dbd0b90be3f933bbaTimothy Nikkel — Bug 851641. Make nsView::DoResetWidgetBounds safe against any kind of painting or flushing happening during it. r=mats
3ff6533160bdd48c7acc25131ff857d5ad35b671Markus Stange — Bug 851641. Don't make view visibility changes immediately to the underlying widget. Post a pending update to do it. r=roc,mats
47ad2545d5f5c420cbc956e340c3968ed625455fBrian Hackett — Bug 863523 - Avoid post-barrier on global slots for JIT code; r=billm,terrence
024eef52799d14a434e4e17f6616720859f7dc70Robert Strong — Bug 859604 - Install button text should be Upgrade when installing on top of an existing version. r=bbondy - Windows stub installer which is only built when building the nightly so DONTBUILD
1d82018a97724792f3d5ee772b4485f18f40d3c4Benoit Girard — Bug 867372 - Mach gtest doesn't work with default test filter on windows. r=gps NPOTB
3b76894efafa7853f88f1ba9cd35ab81e830b7d7Benoit Jacob — Bug 863716 - Skip two more WebGL tests on WinXP to avoid out-of-memory on test slaves. r=jgilbert
e4e0678bf69c785f8956623e4e45cefd5990c2e2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e0c3de95b861 (bug 865960) for Linux jsreftest failures.
9e613392a170ec24cf0b226a1179b67623edcc4eFelipe Gomes — Bug 583976. Part 4 - Enable reftests that require focus on reftest-ipc. r=cjones
f81930d546856c00212ccec6e454235dc167fab6Kyle Huey — Bug 866918: Don't include WorkerPrivate.h in all the binding code. r=bz
2e46cabb6a11212c2c256b92f019e0dad6538c22Kyle Huey — Bug 836263: Limit max pref size to 1 MB. r=bsmedberg
9a0a3cb01e5c66c31e1f38fc11b4fbaec444dadfKartikaya Gupta — Bug 867269 - Fix ifdef condition from ea568a1576e5. r=me DONTBUILD
d894bdbe585641cc17f470d81e5f71f1fab9c105Jeff Walden — Bug 867329 - Make JS_NewUint8ArrayWithBuffer and friends accept any uint32_t as byteOffset and throw if the byteOffset is too big. r=sfink
06962a458da3cae4b17a8a7d2b7470e3d289a9c0Jeff Walden — Bug 867329 - Make JS_NewUint8Array and friends accept any uint32_t as length and throw if the length is too big -- not assert when it's too big. r=sfink
dfd22ba01d720bf7023291713a298320835dfd38Jeff Walden — Bug 866988 - Remove the HAVE_CPP_PARTIAL_SPECIALIZATION autoconf define, and the test for template specialization working at all. Any compiler not supporting either of these is so incredibly doomed it's not worth the pain of testing them. Plus we use both features liberally without testing these defines first, so they're basically pointless. r=ted
05275490b9c18457c4459057a117afd6d6c9226dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 0314d200873a (bug 858231) for Windows build bustage.
4412438e83c4aa55195dcfaf56070d2ff8d9bd95Stephen Kraemer — Bug 836078 - Replace all gcc __GNUC__ version checks with MOZ_GCC_VERSION_AT_LEAST macro. r=dvander
331187bfb98382ac561ad3a23401bd6d95eb52f7Jonathan Kew — bug 837498 - work around DWrite/GDI 'cmap' discrepancy for Italic fonts with Hebrew system locale. r=smontagu
0314d200873a8962e8556a656bbf9e4b26e23cfcWan-Teh Chang — Bug 858231: Update NSS to NSS 3.15 Beta 3. r=wtc.
2eb479391111ad9bef4dc34243102e9278a3e6b0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 867685 - Ensure setIsRTL updates the viewport metrics atomically. r=Cwiiis
076a7fd863a5a3019f4e22b22354bb7ae8e45964Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 867685 - Use getLock() instead of this when modifying the viewport metrics for clarity. r=Cwiiis
78e3b52f963e585fc3ff46c3631eccef51fd1a2fJim Chen — Bug 860879 - Throw an exception after 5 seconds timeout when returning PromptService result; r=kats
b2771b6ab366a5a9b67b8a98eca91127c683cddcJim Chen — Bug 860879 - Add UiThreadBlockedException and utility method to dump all stack traces; r=kats
6fe5cab777ab809f47cc0ca8b6fd6ba7ec77ea99Nathan Froyd — Bug 867401 - don't generate checksums for saved pings; r=vladan
bc2b06db22ecb057dc01e6790b23aee5bbaf7809Nathan Froyd — Bug 867362 - part 3 - delete JS_BYTES_PER_DOUBLE; r=luke
29420e58049ecb5259fc3e9ef93ff20149ec6b2eNathan Froyd — Bug 867362 - part 2 - delete JS_BITS_PER_DOUBLE; r=luke
18a2828b42aab405b2d6346057873e246f3a08d9Nathan Froyd — Bug 867362 - part 1 - use MOZ_ALIGNOF instead of JS_ALIGN_OF_POINTER; r=luke
e13bb42d287235c2e8d3ebb3f6d84d21918aa896Ted Mielczarek — bug 866641 - add registerCleanupFunction method to mochitest-plain. r=jmaher
2b526c0d0b587d5cb34f5822b4eccc5219b159cfTed Mielczarek — Bug 866241 - Fix some issues with repo manifest parsing. r=catlee
680afe05ac35d59d43c522b7c87a82e58242490aTed Mielczarek — bug 431048 - use -RELEASE in LDFLAGS for MSVC to avoid annoying checksum warnings in the debugger. r=glandium
ba3ce7dde51f2db772474eb307cae32a47c67ca7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 866184 - Update SyncViewportInfo and SyncFrameMetrics to take a gfx::Point instead of floats. r=BenWa
e0c3de95b861a25d02685871be0c03e961d40882Luke Wagner — Bug 865960 - JS OOM should throw instead of silently stopping execution (r=billm)
873a6f5fe39109c9e01cc6d26f6b00e68bc985b5Robert Strong — Remove 'Click to install' text from stub installer intro page - Bug 799147 - 'click to install' instruction not clear. r=bbondy, ui-r=shorlander - Windows stub installer which is only built when building the nightly so DONTBUILD
90c4b69fcc7f8df7c57b21ba7c528e2d478b0d5aTerrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Extra cleanups identified in review; r=jonco
f72c4442a30e6483d39894a18fb14c556f9d1849Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove the ForwardDeclare MACROs; r=jonco
7b1025831aeffade0c6481e936d837c986028d55Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawObject typedef; r=jonco
c084cc59bbdfcd64a884d6cf4164c6d7326e8632Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawId typedef; r=jonco
e119cde77a3bcf9f9ca3eb14c9441e7ca1ebc9d4Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawValue typedef; r=jonco
f9cf4a647f394df1febe2f9a0fcbce7d25bb193fTerrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawString typedef; r=jonco
8c8e389fd3c34f41d1d5adbdde629bfa30e4b70aTerrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawScript typedef; r=jonco
b1d2c16bee474b3f969398c03808cbad4376e623Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawFunction typedef; r=jonco
a559bb362a2bcd31168b1272515f1534062d8804Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawInlineString typedef; r=jonco
e578b67ec2fa08851581b4d9eaad8540d4f9f74bTerrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawShape typedef; r=jonco
566bd5b45961f08504690ee88d5ccaaf278eff83Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawUnownedBaseShape typedef; r=jonco
f234cb1b600e79cea8af39cd7721d78d515808bbTerrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawBaseShape typedef; r=jonco
3a8fec8d23932d5627be5584ba01d481f6a0e9e9Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawLinearString typedef; r=jonco
fa6176c9b03fb96691fd035fa73e1ba7bb795086Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawFlatString typedef; r=jonco
4fbf994a4b1f5876281c4dc921ababf43d791258Terrence Cole — Bug 867426 - Remove RawAtom typedef; r=jonco
95993aae5d96683971f22d8a06beca27ff1be599Jonathan Griffin — Bug 867220 - Make setSearchTimeout behave globally, r=mdas
fab7a1635246e1a18d113c8d48208ba72d1b2b9dMarty Rosenberg — Bug 863867 - Don't assume that two MDefs with the same value number are in the same congruence class (r=sstangl)
c19ddcb42f6e2150347d5a1228d23a64fb09a19eDavid Keeler — bug 846862 - re-enable HSTS preload list tests r=mayhemer
83be5398e9074a9ba446ab882f22b38237cf8b07Honza Bambas — Bug 836869 - Make QueryPerformanceCounter bad leap detection heuristic smarter, r=tellrob, sr=benjamin
74431003f8cc1ac129899253e263f0b1f4392026Honza Bambas — Bug 730424 - window.applicationCache.status not getting updated when resources finish loading, r=michal
8f963e16ca906c59dc1b389f5820fce6dccd43bfHonza Bambas — Bug 865459 - Fix localization issue in how visual event tracer stores its timestamps, r=ehsan
4ee7589adadd227ae7ff8a56d4a2a2a21cb9218bLucas Rocha — Bug 866466/867141 - Don't nullify mPanel reference when closing tabs panel (r=mfinkle)
eeabfd7af89a701fef27955be6b119f7ed4a263cLucas Rocha — Bug 865228 - Don't animate forward button when switching tabs (r=mfinkle)
8c5e1ae70259b7c0097bdad3136798b4eef5ad7aLucas Rocha — Bug 865228 - Rename mAnimateSiteSecurity to mSwitchingTabs (r=mfinkle)
3c956043cac33e60b012f5e89c56d3765332ffa0Lucas Rocha — Bug 865228 - Hide stop/reader buttons immediately when entering awesomescreen (r=mfinkle)
6d323a2eef78c08173a4bade366efccfe721c239Lucas Rocha — Bug 865228 - Smoother fade-in animation when coming from awesomescreen (r=mfinkle)
913ae89e272b3629bb20538e1a8301738093bd80Lucas Rocha — Bug 865228 - Remove unnecessary views from toolbar animation (r=mfinkle)
885e0fb3afca0139d326b683f4c9d589bc006ec9Lucas Rocha — Bug 865228 - Only animate tabs counter once tabs button is on screen (r=mfinkle)
3f18ab3e32f27805cf10faffb80137d0cfeaaf2aLucas Rocha — Bug 865228 - Slide tabs button all the way off screen (r=mfinkle)
fc1062d6135cadd1c12c0baa56dc4656dbeefd91Andrew McCreight — Bug 867350 - remove JS_UnwrapObject and JS_UnwrapObjectAndInnerize from jsdbgapi.h r=sfink
6982875b0dfd301f6ee5f7681c5b6c8744b76b89Andrew McCreight — Bug 867204 - Don't use jsdbgapi.h in IDBFactory. r=bholley
241e3e556766b06c3fa588de5f1d872d5751105dNikhil Marathe — Bug 862322 - Allow AlarmService to be used from Gecko code. r=gene
68869162af7c3b977c4ea461e70a702c333c0a18Mounir Lamouri — Bug 857355 - Hide HTMLInputElement's inputMode behind a pref and only turn it on for Nightly/Aurora. r=smaug
77969f0c3ffd2c0386aa12f61515ece12e77a01bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 867588 - Remove support for implementing Web Audio nodes which are not connected to the MediaStreams backend; r=roc
90b8801cd9a942df577872af64ca0725ade2e250Mihai Sucan — Bug 863943 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_602572_log_bodies_checkbox.js | Test timed out; r=me
9c106165889d8a965e79df9b8d077bc35c4db1b8Malini Das — Bug 867573 - fix broken MarionetteTouchMixin, add test, r=dburns
343120d265be014cc947b906b73b22730f5dd6abKartikaya Gupta — Bug 852417 - Add a pref to force-allow reader mode on low-memory devices. r=mfinkle
ea568a1576e52ce35ef522502e3868011216defcKartikaya Gupta — Bug 867269 - Fix breakage in SyncFrameMetrics override. r=nrc
120ca4a6afc3c72d2fb1b59804c372f63662453dBrian Hackett — Bug 866706 - Ensure that MMonitorTypes boxes its inputs, r=dvander.
709034aa6a035f5c7a39f10ead2dc04f4191bbd2Julian Seward — Bug 863264 - Build Android Nightly to support Breakpad Unwinding. r=ted
740ebf167cb7751b0b3b126fc872dc50334f4bfeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
c29ff6b56977f2c92b3642e5bab7b5eb98fd11cfJed Parsons — Bug 864886 - logout() logs out all tabs with the same origin. r=benadida
d44cfdc9ec2e5d9ac80b157fb0dc00049146e064Gary Kwong — Bug 866959 - Remove suppression since it is now fixed. DONTBUILD
4ff1e574e509f010eba959897491518334689db7Steve Singer — Bug 867439 - Only include IonFrames.h when building with ION. r=nbp
87fafdf157700c7d1f077ef25de93454d89b8e61Douglas Crosher — Bug 860749 - Set an appropriate ION_SPEW_DIR for Android. r=mrosenberg
e562e90b820f464f6137a8a7587449f424617121Sam Foster — Bug 856267 - Hide menu popups when the appbar shows with a listener for MozContentShowing. r=jimm
da9dc0f5752f058a2400191c2c406d916714d846Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
321a93ac614156a47e80a02d663ab5c9d79b7cf9Jonathan Kew — bug 857089 - backout changeset b85353b6cc38 pending revised UI for the feature
16ebb913027b63c52f3d03a18cdc73b3594af2e0ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 824338 Fix typo in warning message in nsRDFXMLDataSource.cpp. r=Neil DONTBUILD as this doesn't change code.
7d8576824d5e845d624a58d8eef4bbaa99155ae0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 9: Avoid variable shadowing in AudioNodeStream::ObtainInputBlock; r=roc
ccdea6d194e9f47ed9debbd92ac9a000c341840bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 8: Add a test case for channel mixing rules; r=roc
7ed8524e54f5c3d740780d52cc73510ae6e80337Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 7: Change the speaker up-mixing and down-mixing rules according to the Web Audio spec; r=roc
ba325c53d7736f162445d0ac761c6dee3f6d749aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 6: Round up the |when| argument AudioBufferSouceNode.start; r=roc
b28a0e8f357ff4aa7515489d592406e02bf9eaa2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 5: Don't mark a stream as finished when there are streams following it; r=roc
0cece7dfcd6ece872853b466f4fd9139072810a5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 4: Implement ChannelInterpretation's effect when mixing inputs; r=roc
1e8d0680c950f78c9483a620947ebd8550bc4136Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 3: Implement ChannelCountMode's effect when mixing inputs; r=roc
e804341ab945ff98b48de6efd55337278353012bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 2: Send the channel mixing information to the AudioNodeStream; r=roc
b474f42bd080cb7c77ac4f99e2b88dfeb356b84eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865234 - Part 1: Add DOM bindings for the channel mixing attributes; r=roc
efe2917fb849e3e08cf54df854ef9fffb0595865Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 866564 - Don't cache Lightweight Theme update checks. r=Unfocused
8035047350351664ea346c8123e40c89f99bd97bBill McCloskey — Bug 697319 - First browser should be dynamically created to allow honoring of browser.tabs.remote pref (r=gavin)
c00516696e8c2e409f20bca466afb8467a1c60a1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 867324 - Make it safe to stop source nodes when shutting down the AudioContext in case the nodes die right away; r=roc
0ad4e00d794536b440bd8cd3bfdf448755a558bfEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset cace8e8e8556 because of the wrong bug number
cace8e8e855692a7d2648de7e9a99cd323e813bcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 860958 - Make it safe to stop source nodes when shutting down the AudioContext in case the nodes die right away; r=roc
3225e8f5aa5f38ac23ec4b65ea9fa1de174160f5Matt Woodrow — Bug 864287 - Add back code to readback IOSurface plugins when using BasicLayers. r=BenWa
af9e5dba68e8016344fe6ea7fb61a34b55a5124aMatt Woodrow — Bug 867474 - Split BasicShadowableLayerManager into a separate ClientLayerManager. r=nrc
48af5d308778b6877328c5d06b0265ed9e4fd9ebPatrick McManus — bug 855185 ResetIPFamily called off socket thread r=honzab
907ba87c01bc56637ccabc5d5fb1f5b348fdbd90Patrick McManus — bug 855185 - test for thread safety of resetIPFamily() r=honzab
716dcacd68f4b913a846669b73ed623cbc1079a6Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 865250 - Part 4: Merge duplicated paths in switch statements. r=mleibovic
308c708ad4a9407261b34441520f9d75cb902e5fTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 865250 - Part 3: Use & merge switch statements instead of many if-else statements in BrowserApp.setPreferences(). r=mleibovic
eeddc4f18310b8131868fc96fff085bf0cba5311Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 865250 - Part 2: Remove the needless try-catch statement from BrowserApp.getPreferences(). r=mleibovic
62b28799bf342aa9a6fbb30f5682643eddb6e246Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 865250 - Part 1: Define all properties of the pref data obviously. r=mleibovic
b20baaf5024edfa34e1e458de448088ef6a2323fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6a0618f70be66acd5df7e40a76d41c2d95fc70cbChris Pearce — Bug 862182 - Revert bug 862183 due to frequent orange in 459439 crashtest. CLOSED TREE. r=philor
d5db4e09eeef840fd81294ab2a2a0344ea0cde96Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets c7937fb5f4bb and cf8db9b6bd61 (bug 862986) for bustage.
c7937fb5f4bbe90cbe8fd030e40d36eeb9f34fb9Brian O'Keefe — Bug 862986 - Part 2: Migrate PROGRAM from to r=gps
cf8db9b6bd61871b6cfe3335f95102dc89c89684Brian O'Keefe — Bug 862986 - Part 1a: Move MOZ_CHILD_PROCESS_NAME and MOZ_CHILD_PROCESS_BUNDLE to, remove ipc/app/ r=glandium
0cdabaff063600c82ef27a5f5df59fb226dc358aMatt Woodrow — Bug 865104 - Implement a BasicCompositor. r=nrc
c68a561b185772dbabd4947a773d7d338d4e31f3Yiming Yang — Bug 858834 - deprecate press/release/double_tap/cancel_touch, rename single_tap to tap, r=mdas
e0f1b2ba992dc591e93f4f7a5942444ae4a794e2Timothy Nikkel — Bug 866959. Make sure to initialize mHasBeenDecoded in all constructors of imgStatusTracker. r=seth
cc82e1599dd0d7542b1164dbb64cd79680e5ff30Seth Fowler — Bug 859377 (Part 4) - Make ClippedImage use gfxImageSurfaces on Windows. r=me
5378db8362f54a94fb8bc8360990e04f70996bb9Chris Pearce — Bug 862182 - Hold references to MediaResource in nsRefPtrs (content/media/omx), and fix some omx compiler warnings. r=doublec
64d208186331e6bf17ea8b712354ca02f01b6013Chris Pearce — Bug 862182 - Hold references to MediaResource in nsRefPtrs (content/media/plugins). r=doublec
50df37d5f7684700121eeda21950964fd18996e9Chris Pearce — Bug 862182 - Hold references to MediaResource in nsRefPtrs. r=roc
696e20fda14b00d73be2ebcc33ccb8bbe33c68deBrian Smith — Bug 859817: Rewrite and refactor GetCertFingerprintByOidTag to avoid duplicating code, memory leaks, and implicit conversion from raw pointer to already_AddRefed, r=honzab
70e8b142cbe04cc4b5fa68066e664b260c01d616Masayuki Nakano — Bug 865566 Support "Separator" key on Numpad of Brazilian ABNT keyboard and JIS keyboard for Mac r=jimm
47cc840de9d1a736acd515ca12a4a24fc18a6ba5Julian Seward — Bug 863705 - SPS breakpad: show frame-trust statistics in the debugging log. r=bgirard
c5715eab88057b3df1d4dcc2c9c181e6bdfbbd28Vladan Djeric — Bug 867313: 'crash on hang' doesn't always trigger. r=ehsan
3d939baa396b3275931cf17f7149db4b0ebdad49Daniel Holbert — Bug 867420: Annotate AsyncPanZoomController as MOZ_FINAL to calm GCC Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor build warning. blanket-r=ehsan
40437cd7395bf12bab86634513e6e245c6030911Yohei Yukawa — Bug 866736 Use SetInputScopes to support InputScope on IMM32 r=masayuki
de9d4e1505a9322a4ec739fa58dc62f35bdc114fJim Blandy — Bug 865328: Close console clients by building a chain of continuations. r=msucan
6f094b0083d34e8d650921fe01bff4ace607534fJim Blandy — Bug 865328: debug protocol client: capture a 'self' variable, instead of doing lots of 'bind' calls. r=msucan
c0e81c0222fc3925df0fbee44d0814ea51e9cb64Chris Cooper — Bug 851753 - Set --enable-stdcxx-compat for static analysis clang build (DONTBUILD) - r=jcranmer
219557012d4b74c7fbff1b02bd9657f170d7d116Ms2ger — Backout changeset e113285ef790 for the wrong bug number. DONTBUILD
07ce0c1d04188854e0007c46a08e1bf4bfec7732Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
e0559502553c56dd02f9eada235525625f253edcDave Camp — Bug 867481 - Remote debugging connection screen is broken. r=harth
59ce4fbce0c2a38fcab1f2051cf25c2e2709baafHeather Arthur — Bug 866264 - Intermittent devtools/styleeditor/test/browser_styleeditor_new.js | new editor shows 1 rule after modification - Got 2, expected 1; r=dcamp
af86d146f476d1ed69c935676c5737cc578a3defYura Zenevich — [PATCH 2/2] Bug 833286 - added tests for improvements to atomic backup of sessionstore.js. r=yoric, ttaubert
f76c76faf47496accda7cc5972f23f2b417d4a61Yura Zenevich — [PATCH 1/2] Bug 833286 - added improvements to atomic backup of sessionstore.js. r=yoric, ttaubert
02aa81c59df65d69dab43cb5e6981067f38c3e23Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
0c6b9bedfa654a57d7c41e83f9c323e8370274d3Geoff Brown — Bug 865005 - Follow-up: disable netwerk xpcshell tests on Android; DONTBUILD
3ae3077baa089591f4a5d06adf442854c81fb969Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 856049 - Lower border of 'Pair a device' input box is missing.r=mbrubeck
3f85b44d7819ee69b75dfca372e4e4a20ff73fd9Jim Blandy — Bug 866231: Have the remote protocol profiler actor copy notification values and break cycles before sending them to the client. r=dcamp
77ca8f2074c9c6c4ee18ee03a693b856c94dd63cJim Blandy — Bug 865073: debugging protocol: Systematically catch and log exceptions thrown by handler functions that their callers would otherwise ignore. r=dcamp
3730657cc0dadedb7ff11b9a9949292c63b16077Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 865567 - Remove small box with orange border flickering (on top) when swiping in Snapped View.r=mbrubeck
e9d66cb5f791794c27c90ce4ab33eb4cca8f72e6Jim Blandy — Bug 862531: Replace BaseProxyHandler::obj_toString with className. r=jorendorff
a4a17137352610a0725c63f15bf04685c88f9643Shane Caraveo — bug 866354 fix social button styling on windows, r=jaws
d963b65538e1a9682bfade27cf283dd3b9c18bdeSteve Fink — No bug. Fix a "used but not defined" warning from calling TypedArray::type() in MIR.h. r=woof!
354d7c54a270dfd744f0c797b231c0d410594860Steve Fink — Bug 866432 - Remove AutoValueRooter and replace it with RootedValue. r=terrence
9fd825f383a66e952fbf19adb93be31e8b3d1b08Steve Fink — Bug 866432 - Replace AutoValueRooter with JS::Rooted<JS::Value> in gecko. r=smaug
04c51ac7fa21208b01983d372cd3a355f88ca0ebKannan Vijayan — Bug 863961 - Remove overconservative assertion on argument slots never being phi-ed in needsArgsObj scripts. r=nbp
9f86b0aa679e2acc961eede5047e9eaef3b89058Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
89063545e4b3c30a38e37e20f7ae23347a79c3d9Robert Strong — Remove the 'Back' button from the stub installer options page - Bug 799172 - 'Back' after 'Options' just returns to the first dialog. r=bbondy, ui-r=shorlander - Windows stub installer only which is only built when building the nightly - DONTBUILD
320d1b78f9630b201012fa9871ba6e7af5c70c9fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c0789f4c3113 (bug 863523) for Android no-ion bustage.
38d08b8b3f3edde063ed4e9400173e65109f8112Brian Hackett — Bug 863853 - Restrict the new object cache to GenericObject; r=billm,terrence
1478e6be62023148fa847d2bbb7e37967e8a9a88Terrence Cole — Bug 863521 - Remove legacy verifier nursery and store buffer from the Zone; r=billm
36ed827e43af6cfb4a640ca1cee55a25fd784803Terrence Cole — Bug 863795 - Add a de-duping step to store buffer compaction; r=billm
c0789f4c3113b6c06761fdf49b3d6188b2c39108Brian Hackett — Bug 863523 - Avoid post-barrier on global slots for JIT code; r=billm,terrence
8696520f1e900178c9a96bf35ee990db4532b248Terrence Cole — Bug 863526 - Attempt to GC before the StoreBuffer overflows; r=billm
e0b317249f19aa74327cd513357c61c09fad7267Andrew McCreight — Bug 851639 - Allow JS implemented WebIDL to be registered on window.navigator. r=bz
200003128fd133d95055083eff5e9d0a46e6401cNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 866305 - Use sh syntax instead of make syntax in configure file. r=glandium
533d3fb8a7e98cb9dcf9ddba9aa1d03be11db692Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 866305 - Enable ECMAScript Internationalization API for JavaScript standalone build. r=Waldo, r=glandium
fa4d8053055dcd623f54f81a3ec8a78ebe1ed03eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 845125. Fix impromper use of CheckedInt.
fb8ae1b71f3f957873f5f15109adf716a04658e8Andreas Gal — Bug 867047 - remove caret theming support and the Gtk2 implementation r=roc
52669c3bc4a0e299648a1b37af8ab660d7be86a7Maria Grazia Alastra — Bug 866081 - Change two labels and their names in, replacing "enabled" with "installed". r=bsmedberg
b6b27352441e3ea9cc733a0c8b790e9938d94b87Catalin Iacob — Bug 864119 - Don't generate assertions in MathML mochitests. r=karlt
d024e275689a8875d9e72a48cfdb37260278ec3bMichael Kelly — Bug 864946 - Add Google Analytics parameters to default snippet links. r=fryn
b3516be5f0b8c47dead86c82de84e92ed41a63c5Terrence Cole — Bug 860050 - Remove JSMutableHandleObject typedef; r=bz,jonco
c996a9ace58c96ff0bfcdf2702a27cecb52ed6d8Terrence Cole — Bug 860050 - Remove JSMutableHandleScript typedef; r=jonco
c1846cf42c9b734669e535f9bce83bde46d2298eTerrence Cole — Bug 860050 - Remove JSMutableHandleId typedef; r=jonco
ee10fbf0d59bb44e5a09996e8888fb9e5dd35791Terrence Cole — Bug 860050 - Remove JSRawString typedef; r=jonco
bb5c1c2c413ed3038b099d5158f3319f24f4387aTerrence Cole — Bug 860050 - Remove unused JSRaw{Function|Script|Id|Value}; r=jonco
4581bea1b9cfd829782222cf243263f522a66e05Terrence Cole — Bug 860050 - Remove JSRawObject typedef; r=jonco
a0e3982ba3fb90f947620aa02d597807f2192638Geoff Brown — Bug 865006 - Enable more xpcshell tests on Android; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
fd8bcb07edbec95feeabd8794208d13ba260afccMats Palmgren — Bug 866785 - Move repeated nsIFrame::List implementations code to a new method, ListGeneric, for re-use. Cleanup and improve the code a bit. r=roc
aa4a8b56c1433a48e83ed5deaf87eb69788c0760Bas Schouten — Bug 866952: Unregister from old GrallocBufferActor when switching buffers. r=bjacob
58853247c43ba6ecdc4b2e950d3687460f007f92Bas Schouten — Bug 864017: Deal with GrallocPlanarYCbCrImage on the client side. r=bjacob
094ae19a982ed1a5d31fb8e532870aac76043654Bas Schouten — Bug 866521: Deal with other PixelFormats for Gralloc buffers. r=bjacob
3c8ec2c615bb5d0215964378c2c0cbf2c34493fcBrian Nicholson — Bug 865923 - Use solid shapes for inverse listSelector drawables. r=lucasr
98545c1d2810f5ae602d03b77dc575ba76c69543David Zbarsky — Bug 866527 Part 2 - Fix ctypes rooting hazards r=terrence
9bc277eb06980b88cafb952ef0de1884efc3847fJonathan Kew — bug 866747 - stroke glyphs individually instead of making a single path for the entire text run. r=bas
a0d7d78facd4d04f914d1af3fd0a50e7502a7720Paul Adenot — Bug 867089 - Test for invalid playbackRate values on an AudioBufferSourceNode. r=ehsan
79220f9494068ea8438eb548707138047f05ae7ePaul Adenot — Bug 867089 - Validate the playbackRate before using it. r=ehsan
9828d3c19f477d9353b279d029374a6bc49e9873Jonathan Griffin — Bug 866342 - Use try/catch around weakref.get(), r=mdas
7ea794cb249ff2fa7e9d476bb4188a4c548c1c08Jonathan Griffin — Bug 865859 - Update mozbase deps, r=ahal
c86dd4f23da5e68f6cfafe1ddb3485ec5cce6296Mihai Sucan — Bug 863943 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_602572_log_bodies_checkbox.js | Test timed out; r=me
e5eb454afdbfe86c29b851e852d79a3f65a8aed5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
750587157bc33134e65652de93f4fcb2a2a92191Andrea Marchesini — Bug 866679 - Convert DOMSVGZoomEvent to WebIDL. r=Ms2ger
38997ae06dc6e6b226389ac6e7080fbf34e58990Andrea Marchesini — Bug 866679 - Rename DOMSVGZoomEvent to SVGZoomEvent. r=Ms2ger
11f11d9ca5555a151bcde87705edb82f0441b415Andrew McCreight — Bug 798165 - Make nsTimeout more of a real cycle collected class. r=smaug
65a8c128edba5d80fa037d709079cd40ca8dd1b7Andrew McCreight — Bug 864344 - Remove unused code for NS_Alloc failures in the cycle collector. r=smaug
d696aa2a413d1ed08fbc9c9d90b95c67e53dbc6aAndrew McCreight — Bug 716716 - Add templated way to iterate over purple buffer entries. r=smaug
b8e61a08334029746778ad2454621b25d4bf45c8Andrew McCreight — Bug 866151 - Clean up usage of nsCycleCollector.h and nsCycleCollectorUtils.h. r=smaug,bsmedberg
b01fa7ae92389276faa875542e9c533d2048fa3eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
6d7b2b4302b316d0cedd4238907f0038f05235b9Gregor Wagner — Bug 864695 - [Dialer] Numbers starting with 5 retrive wrong phone number suggestions. r=reuben.bmo, r=bent
8e1a8611f297be4369eae7e54c0862be6aa7b68bAntonio M. Amaya — Bug 814136 - Part 2: Changes on the package installation code to check that a version number and package identifier are provided for signed apps. r=bsmith, r=fabrice
63ad3de4e23a245ac1d8000f5461b00cb50f0068Antonio M. Amaya — Bug 814136 - Part 1: Change the signing test scripts to include a version number and a generated or provided package identifier. r=bsmith
98f792bebcb1d241d712f8d2dede8046f8802d38Rob Campbell — Bug 860349 - Intermittent browser_dbg_createChrome.js | application timed out after 330 seconds with no output; r=testonly
45c053246b2a9db5a4b003ab4829941c86f79726Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
1936616a7f41a46a32806f431742248ea098926dGavin Sharp — Bug 866748 - isTopLevel shouldn't throw. r=smaug
2e90c00318f314731c79c233bc8e3760ef940a56Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to inbound.
57db8a22ec9b7b25450ce80c4d2c7a3d8a9f7b92Kevin Grandon — Bug 861496 - Replace #ifdef MOZ_SYS_MSG by a preference. r=fabrice
93bc6ed05bc66e33928e919f1c5c43461ce96cf5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
4b68073547c02a96f65e7794fd8e4875edda049fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 5447d49a2c6f and ab9c9d0819a2 (bug 867089) for mochitest failures.
ca037d3e866fd6151666ea4ce9cad257e0d6056dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f4da799815da (bug 861689) for mochitest asserts.
f99593b42b285fea50ec6ea31e3defdd5ae631d3Olli Pettay — Bug 866347 - Don't include jsapi.h in ErrorResult.h, r=waldo
2d3b020b23cd9e370f37201a45452a3458a9287eJon Coppeard — Bug 866762 - GC: A few more XPConnect rooting hazards r=bholley
d2348909462c06471e2f5f69bfac6bbcc5782c26Yura Zenevich — Bug 866293 - Increase test timeout threshold to avoid intermittent test failures. r=Yoric
598cfd4cb5ebfd40e1e6d833c236dae2e292a825Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 49976a593558 (bug 866748) for mochitest asserts.
b2c7297fe7ed8ab6deeda3e48765d9edc3897b44Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 64c7ba1d3d04 and 7e9d5bb4a9af (bug 862986) for test failures.
5447d49a2c6fcc4fe725676e0553ba66fe5a4f8dPaul Adenot — Bug 867089 - Test for invalid playbackRate values on an AudioBufferSourceNode. r=ehsan
ab9c9d0819a2b62feb9dd6c2ac9d9fd29fa08f75Paul Adenot — Bug 867089 - Validate the playbackRate before using it. r=ehsan
0d3a0ab31adf03f0e0be28d3c0740b18d7389329Jan de Mooij — Bug 846648 - Inline polymorphic property accesses in Ion based on baseline caches. r=bhackett
64c7ba1d3d0457e8d75e4b30550f5f8c8f0d9d63Brian O'Keefe — Bug 862986 - Part 2: Migrate PROGRAM from to r=gps
7e9d5bb4a9afce471cde5c0ff027538ea30490f2Brian O'Keefe — Bug 862986 - Part 1a: Move MOZ_CHILD_PROCESS_NAME and MOZ_CHILD_PROCESS_BUNDLE to, remove ipc/app/ r=glandium
49976a5935584a9854327fc44128d51e6a4b1891Gavin Sharp — Bug 866748 - isTopLevel shouldn't throw. r=smaug
75db6ad43aa1e7d952479f469d3975b33150fafbNorbert Lindenberg — Bug 866369 - Test case for jstests/test402. r=jwalden
f4da799815dabe5d1e0e739cf7347dd51d85b68dMartijn Wargers — Bug 861689 - Unable to restore focus, expect failures and timeouts after certain tests in the b2g mochitest run. r=jmaher
101bd6c508b98d7078ed958bbfc04c33becf5ce8Federico Paolinelli — Bug 731491 - Rework GeckoProvider. r=rnewman
a2892f59d8bd7e877feb7977b5e48abf25dce186Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b4fd9ec8b0d01a64a0aae9abb1b2fb7f9baac41fJonathan Kew — bug 863248 - update harfbuzz to version 0.9.16 from upstream. r=jdaggett
d4b0ad30ba0d2ccb3e84cd42e96c8b496365b985Axel Hecht — bug 792077, remove stray line in, r=bustage
1325a3ae0a82d68961cc80769e7e42d055f5672eMihai Sucan — Bug 711846 - Fix for intermittent browser_webconsole_bug_595934_message_categories.js | Test timed out; r=me
d53be0e3442dbab6bc545aa0a9c625434e53f8f0Brian Hackett — Bug 866670 - Don't fold unnecessary bitops until after analyzing truncated instructions, r=jandem.
e0f0fe66ee2a925054c117d75403e670be71c2e9Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 61d2bdb83bbb (bug 863248) for failures in kerning-sanity-check-nokern.html
2aed3055baf607398585cdb178b587a1046b5886Axel Hecht — bug 792077, multi-locale packs should only contain select toolkit l10n files, r=mfinkle
1b5ab2426f16ff3b4f58b9cc07ae4278d1dc4611Mats Palmgren — Bug 866588 - Check that the frame IsBidiSplittable before changing a fluid continuation to non-fluid. r=smontagu
1f73f3b8a2449ec6c142826f01d453f057573d7dJon Coppeard — Bug 866775 - GC: Update the rooting analysis annotations to fix some false positives r=sfink
41b415cfb8606f8aca98655ad025754d57a35326Jon Coppeard — Bug 866778 - GC: Make autorooter for HashableValue contain its value r=sfink
6c23b6504db07b80012bd0b78b60b9ecee6d2d5fJon Coppeard — Bug 866789 - GC: Fix some more shell rooting hazards r=terrence
807ac4ab5971a1fab77ec8fde2427a1761c2ac36Chris Pearce — Bug 866664 - Don't call WMFDecoder::IsMP3Enabled() off the main thread. r=padenot
61d2bdb83bbb92d36a3dbb1460675480cd92eac7Jonathan Kew — bug 863248 - update harfbuzz to version 0.9.16 from upstream. r=jdaggett
a5b63636e5b5185f90d3335bf6fa6c7b8db9e61eDaniel Holbert — Bug 866983: Mark embedding/components/commandhandler/src as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=bz
e113285ef790160b75f6a5c000454ea31dbee42aChris Cooper — Bug 851573 - Set --enable-stdcxx-compat for static analysis clang build (DONTBUILD) - r=jcranmer
3fb2370f4871c6e81b2bdf19dbe68c0504efdd6eEd Morley — Merge latest green inbound changeset and mozilla-central
6cfec8d6ce4654d46c9ce3f08c05d17998ce53c7Phil Ringnalda — Bug 862520 followup - Package skipped_tests_winxp.txt so we actually skip failing webgl mochitests
bb28b21d688dc2df281e945774583626f258da37Andrew McCreight — Bug 866570 - test. r=smaug
ec43d0f8dca606982e151fa9cdbc3e7ece212a66Patrick Wang — Bug 835255 - Part 1 - don't use first PNN record when OPL is present but phone is in a PLMN that is not listed in OPL. r=vicamo
9bce0ea84f386a362ba97fa04ae7b17b9ecece34Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 865768 - CSS files should use '%' as preprocessor marker. r=fabrice
d6b37fd04df4bb3b902b23ef41035aec6b486e4fAlexander Surkov — Bug 865240 - fix IUnknown implementation, r=tbsaunde
03f3cbc57ba9c3067afdefcb17bcb0e90ca031aaDoug Turner — Bug 866913 - Reset high accuracy flag on StopDevice(). r=mvines
6117a8d5aebb14f27cdc1159096225b9b8564835Doug Turner — Bug 866893 - Remove support for multiple geolocation providers. r=mvines
a9a56206a0dc0b3ce880cf770f123b2ba6bc6b02Nicholas Cameron — Bug 788319. Rename RenderToEGLSurface. r=kats
476d5bc13806d610f8ad094bf13b583a5233c0e5Nicholas Cameron — Bug 788319, fixups to make EGL work with gtk. r=bjacob
9018a6a45065cd57de2418938356c56af5b7b1b1Chris Double — Bug 864734 - Add to Stagefright blocklist for various crashing Android devices - r=bjacob
7a1b078e8bf517315ea78f5c533c98a0952ad694Nathan Froyd — Bug 863264 - delete pointless initialization of mBoundingBox in gfxFont::RunMetrics constructor; r=BenWa
2893ed05e7392d51d016279854dac8a4ed23c997Andrew McCreight — Bug 861530 - unwrap for _content. r=bholley
2d02910b859e77cd165b13179eda6e398e3bfb6fShane Caraveo — bug 865798 add timestamps to social provider install for proper fhr support, r-felipe
d44d0b5590b7f07f45ce2ea44b3da9c2116a1246Margaret Leibovic — Bug 866150 - Revert TopSitesView cleaup changes from bug 865060. r=bnicholson
f3daae8f8041d194b88b2c54236618a694b04c07Brendan Eich — Bug 999999 - Fix typo in comment (r=lumpy).
7271215a723bbdcc4c19346915fae641c4f0b875Margaret Leibovic — Bug 863857 - Add icon for character encoding menuitem, and update generic add-on menuitem icon. r=mfinkle
f11dcc98df2ef956cb95a3c2bb8273b35e7b4f05Margaret Leibovic — Bug 839855 - Use dominant color as background for small favicons. r=wesj
48ba682136ecd3a7155769a9a02da60ba310f9b5Margaret Leibovic — Bug 839855 - Fix margin on favicon in tabs from last time section. r=bnicholson
d5502bd1039665c02a7962a42cb3c681882a8833Margaret Leibovic — Bug 839855 - Update tabs from last time favicons to match awesomescreen favicons. r=bnicholson
360472327b09f8535f514ef32e717b34f4587632Patrick McManus — bug 866867 test_spdy.js flaky with parallel connections r=hurley
00275de9314a3e9afd703b7a70e53ed78f9f3667Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 866369 - Set ICU rounding mode. r=jwalden
c2739865269d94a2a2a05a5b3345f40d975e1b61Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 862192 - Update minor unit for Uganda Shilling in Intl.NumberFormat. r=jwalden
08e868f22c9814d6cfe85ac9da4c051dd0d0f43aWan-Teh Chang — Bug 858231: Upgrade to NSS 3.15 BETA 2. r=wtc.
e963546ec749bff1ebdc1342702edb801c2b1f12Gary Kwong — Bug 866916 - JavaScript JS_MORE_DETERMINISTIC builds are busted. r=sfink
edad44884ca6b7b423e9060b0d0f958da7c99802Daniel Holbert — Bug 866800: Remove unused variables from ParallelArrayVisitor::visitCompare(). r=nmatsakis
b1c9e6a9abcedc7503d89d2b6f909db45d3f11a0Daniel Holbert — Bug 866947: Make nsDocument.cpp's static-var "sOnloadDecodeLimit" unsigned, to fix build warning for signed/unsigned comparison. r=jlebar
e245f0728bc9bcfbb6c828c09e690ca22e5a0cccJim Blandy — Bug 866278: Remote debugging protocol: show sequence numbers with packets. r=past
6b8b86d96eac63cc57d60a2da32e3541fac7ea7cGavin Sharp — Backed out changeset 16c6e8f4dc2f, because I am dumb
16c6e8f4dc2fca55e92fd94e83449aa5e4283c37Gavin Sharp — Bug 866748: isTopLevel shouldn't throw, r=smaug
4fc7f15531a2f738657496786591eb16517aa77dBrian Smith — Bug 813418 - part2 fixing refcount (bsmith) r=cviecco
e088156c89d0a650c666fc48abc414da41d4f0e8Brian Smith — Bug 813418 - Centralize certificate validation into CertVerifier part1(cviecco) r=bsmith
2cf77e8ab713789da9ee3717838c00b81b4b55adAndrea Marchesini — Bug 866825 - Initialize nsDOMSVGZoomEvent::m{Previous,New}Scale; r=smaug
f37eeebce2eb4acaeaea7223e859a026f4d8e076Phil Ringnalda — Back out 80163a75cca5 (bug 865059) for talos and android jsreftest bustage
26bb03784c3f2986a60e0fa17b58de92ae6b714fJeff Walden — Bug 866700 - Fix typo. r=ptyo to clear up a J orange in a CLOSED TREE
e8d54f8328992c3e71d15350caa0e14663b4800bBobby Holley — Bug 865947 - Force all string event handlers to be evaluated in the content scope. r=jaws,bz
90ba502ea1fba7b9980b93b1fb91f0828ae2a1eaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 865961. Root the scope argument of wrap-the-xpconnect-object helpers in WebIDL bindings. r=ms2ger
f5a56da67edccf9f01b7dafd74af4b6bb9410fb4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 717637. Stop using non-global parent objects for everything that's not an element, since having a mix of parent objects makes us fail shape guards in the JIT. r=peterv
14be1f919f01920d345e2b94b95a13a92afeba82Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 862996: Put text headings back in the tab menu. [r=mfinkle]
7f6151df416096615b047e3097b9c480fb37f417Eitan Isaacson — Bug 808596 - Introduce key role. r=surkov
ed6ed6288ee27098cd1ffad21ff46127a64a6fd8Jeff Walden — Bug 866700 - Assertion when redefining a non-writable length to a non-numeric value. r=bhackett
efa30046d86ea5c106d4c86cdce99aa7f7f50f3eJeff Walden — Bug 866580 - Assertion redefining the length property on a frozen array. r=bhackett
5c8a29cfe00a12800a50ccfc0b494b963dcf35a9Daniel Holbert — Bug 866833 - Drop never-checked and unnecessary 'rv' variables from nsControllerCommandTable.cpp. r=bz
795ce24dc1485b0f3faccaa68aaf2257afdbba24Jim Chen — Bug 864666 - Replace composing span when committing char as key. r=cpeterson
2fe58e56fae25503ff15e23fd25338c63e5bab1eBrandon Waterloo — Bug 863841 - Implement recognition of double-tap gestures with smartMagnifyWithEvent (Mountain Lion and up), and magnifyWithEvent (Lion). r=smichaud, r=masayuki
80163a75cca5e92e90e70d7db2dd6c0fa69a771cBrian Hackett — Bug 865059 - Disable JM by default, and don't analyze scripts until they are compiled by baseline if JM is disabled, r=jandem.
d7737f1012b115be56214132fdddc1d8c162b8cfEitan Isaacson — Bug 866862 - Block 'click' on desktop browser. r=yzen
be2a35cd573964898f7f7227300eb16dfa98be72Timothy Nikkel — Bug 866259. Vector images need to send the unlocked draw notification too because it is also responsible for managing the number of animation consumers. r=joedrew
909360229cff08817fa3b9ffeac0c0c962aef502Brian Hackett — Bug 865431 - Restrict Compare_Double and related comparisons to inputs where they will produce the correct result, r=jandem.
db6188d1abe69a2accba25fd1bb72e755a46cb0aShane Caraveo — bug 864894 fix social toolbarbutton badge style on inactive window for osx, r=felipe
04d7289c00a0ddee9d67ae2c1cfb0deec95d9630Joey Armstrong — bug 844655: Port XPCSHELL_TESTS to as XPCSHELL_TESTS_MANIFESTS
e49215d92524da32c497549cfbe15cbbe1942376Joey Armstrong — bug 844655: Port XPCSHELL_TESTS to as XPCSHELL_TESTS_MANIFESTS
09440bd04553ca729835a2ec1fb04e26dc98b66dPeter Van der Beken — Bug 866755 - Fix nsDocument::HasNameElement typo. r=bz.
20cb411cf7df83f4b2e6e67a7cde481d23ca414cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 866737 - Unregister PannerNodes when they're unlinked by the cycle collector; r=padenot
0c37b537e562be3761ca17a8c70df5abec4f5825Milan Sreckovic — Bug 845125 - Add gfxImageSurface constructor that allocates more space than needed, change AlphaBoxBlur to not hold on to the data and let the callers manage it. r=jmuizelaar
cc11cd6a518a0baaf071c5c02207c231c6c4161cJim Chen — Bug 743158 - Take focus away from awesome bar when accessing awesome screen lists. r=wesj
6a0948b0cd69ddd4e532c167039bcddac0f469e4Benoit Girard — Bug 865915 - Fixed unmatched JS_EndRequest. r=mccr8
d8b7bf4c92231c843db488651568773f78b780e0Reuben Morais — Bug 866804 - Fix sometimes-unitialized warning in nsGUIEventIPC.h. r=smaug
004679f2317bd5731029ba25d69a8ea93ce1724fDavid Zbarsky — [Bug 866527] Fix ctypes rooting hazards r=terrence
dbb499490f45e19a81c81b94d20ca64777b8bccfJonathan Kew — bug 866544 - ignore break position at end-of-text returned by UCFindTextBreak. r=smontagu
a751e69be9f132a673c6edf3a3a87e99ead49a96Bobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Remove nsIJSContextStack. r=gabor
88dff387b118ff7419c639f8100b6682143811aaBobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Remove Context stack iterators. r=gabor
7247e828e9f5b73dca9a08ff5a4290cece7bd39bBobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Remove Push/Pop from public API. r=gabor
a6fa01763d9d767dc34913d8b62c115b3b9b6c13Bobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Use XPConnect directly in C++ unit tests. r=gabor
858e4b47cd828bcd63d2642a278760e5899bed0dBobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Use sXPConnect directly in caps. r=gabor
dab57d93467c844e087ce16c1b686b7c7f0a35f7Bobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Make nsContentUtils munge the cx stack with sXPConnect directly. r=gabor
af0b982f182d89b3aa2502ac7830494f82c4db86Bobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Make nsIXPConnect inherit nsIThreadJSContextStack. r=gabor
6f75f0fd235250f87fd06cbad8ffd0e9e173e695Bobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Remove nsIJSContextStack from other miscellaneous parts of gecko. r=gabor
dcf7a7bc0e1d540f0c11c1faf888740ada3a150eBobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Remove nsIJSContextStack from xpconnect/loader. r=gabor
aa4e20e89f70ac158556978bb78a2e28d780a95aBobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Remove nsIJSContextStack from dom/foo. r=gabor
e2f30291a3fcfe7d20524720b7d420099b8cad7eBobby Holley — Bug 865729 - Remove nsIJSContextStack from content/foo. r=gabor
593f81bc77527cf8a6f7ecb0550d8cbeda267668Brian Nicholson — Bug 865923 - Use solid shapes in listSelector drawables
c6443d8a1b134b462fa3cb399829bcf5cb321945Brian Nicholson — Bug 862761 - Use divider drawable for ExpandableListView childDivider
cf9469c2c3c628e1327d8c27c611d71513c9f6cfJan de Mooij — Bug 866611 - Fix length check when inlining string concatenation. r=h4writer
60e522be9d0842fbb58017c6ba2ee04bbe4ebe70Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to birch
94d6a9fa4958733c4b91fb440b58336fca0b7168Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
15c489d2e9d25ac769c498f427c6fb5f519d0944Reuben Morais — Bug 864556 - Expose database revision in Contacts API. r=gwagner sr=mounir
d0de51607902b7ab313b2f3ae754b94c5242af7fJustin Lebar — No bug: Fix comment in ContentParent.cpp. DONTBUILD
1402432b52a2fcf5682e88fa8cb5ffe358352f82Justin Lebar — Bug 852847 - Part 5: Fix assertions caused by part 4. r=me
f9969228d97363ff224df38032e8a4f6376d2dc0Reuben Morais — Bug 860559 - Rev interface UUID.
a2e4282b32c0a7d4e3593b0868088c4db7878fd1Justin Lebar — Bug 844323 - Follow-up: Fix typo in BrowserElementChildPreload that was breaking bg --> fg transitions in childVisibilityChanged. r=khuey
5e2db92c9675ffb512f1c477b48eada8fa0dc0a7Justin Lebar — Bug 852847 - Part 4: Fix a child-process shutdown leak around nested event loops. r=smaug
6a3e2fb5b0f289495688d8dbd2d3fdb965046361Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
2e489dff994535a79ad1ce046c33688334f2bd07Panos Astithas — Bug 861197 - chrome.manifest files created by the devtools loader should be ignored; r=dcamp; DONTBUILD because NPOTB
e7a1bfbd1335a35b8f30a1e16288c7d94159eb98Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 866381 - allow inspector to be used on chrome windows, r=dcamp
1eb382609c2d685779896f3168ef579907531abeGary Kwong — Add suppression entry for bug 866959. DONTBUILD
dd0c611a0a27f6e0fa5baae72ba4e1573fd64a63Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b06a734d735b52e1f073acf0a3edb19c31a36ebaAndrea Marchesini — Bug 866764 - Fix mochitest from bug 861605 to work on Android. r=bz
20d62a6629f529508e58e3963a008dd428d4affbAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 864614 - Tabs appending under Tabs
5bc4b5b19a1d28633e1f35f5c8df51a789a222a4Amod Narvekar — Bug 789980 - Remove empty title tag from aboutReader.html, r=lucasr
c74d9bbb00490291adc044f175e240ab3cd05d5eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 844462 - Update the nsIDOMMozBrowserFrame.mozbrowser docs to reflect the fact that mozbrowser is not exposed on HTMLFrameElement; r=ehsan
ff7cea777341657658ef034641838e6ca85430fdJonathan Griffin — Bug 865867 - Remove unused perf code from Marionette, r=mdas
33b755e0237da7ae5c65eb752b94c127991f1ee6Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 863140 - Remove GetInnerWindowInternal. r=bz
658d81e9c17fb9f29ac2a4e03e8d540b27aec6f9Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 861705 - Check for ParallelArray being disabled in various tests r=sstangl
d2824a51c0276955755ed60ab7fd40d131734a3fChris Lord — Bug 850783 - Fix the dynamic toolbar causing clipping of the scrollbar. r=kats
df1b378f017a7e8a0b6379cf7433eecf5b651087Chris Lord — Bug 865298 - Don't allow margins to scroll on small pages. r=kats
6ee172f363a8a3360271f02de70c1147879bf341Chris Lord — Bug 865298 - Add an 'active area' for margin exposing. r=kats
0a193912cf7f1380ff9c72954cf608885235102fChris Lord — Bug 865298 - Allow multiple touch interceptors on LayerView. r=kats
16f3bfd127f9cb758e76badb6c5b5b80659b1a5eJames Willcox — Bug 858292 - Preserve drawing buffer when using SkiaGL r=gwright
44cfaf0cc991d3003e7ec25ba513c546f2df85b4Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 861605 - Rev uuids. r=Ms2ger
97ab20a0b6d892fff5fbf290a42d78c0512ffb28Andrew McCreight — Bug 866570 - AudioContext should use its superclass's CC stuff. r=smaug
827a95147b4faa027c8a445e63ef6c50b242c27cHannes Verschore — Bug 678377: IonMonkey: Follow-up fixing three small issues, r=bhackett
87cc64b0b4eeeace69bae366bbfd579135784c4bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 866442 - Implement BiquadFilterNode.getFrequencyResponse; r=padenot
35360afebda3cefb58628f23e4f7f7d128f6ec28Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865246 - Part 5: Implement BiquadFilterNode's processing based on the Blink implementation; r=padenot
eb46dc93b5e065c2f8cc9f508037be56807445ddEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865246 - Part 4: Send the changes in the type parameter to the stream; r=padenot
e6327ce28b30f257e2109371bfea7941af95b726Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865246 - Part 3: Update the BiquadFilterNode IDL to match the current spec; r=padenot
d173019355d03b3c5edcfd1c38b1e6a9c1105b72Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865246 - Part 2: Add the Biquad processing implementation to the build system; r=padenot
752f587eeddc396be5d96fea607754cd781ad695Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865246 - Part 1: Import the Biquad processing implementation from Blink; r=padenot
d82aee516d10482be8a20bb054f8b8507edfeaeeAndrea Marchesini — Bug 861605 - Make the arguments to Window.alert, Window.confirm optional. r=Ms2ger
b99e55f919a875ea27d8ab8b27762b6dfbe66034Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 853702 - ECMA-402 test ch09/9.2/9.2.8_4.js failing. r=Waldo
ab9fb5ce21d7e6f14ff7935380c5bdde2f950b69Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 634839 - Fix build with Internationalization API. r=njn
217a16890daafb05cefac60399acb139806c18faEhsan Akhgari — Bug 866108 - Part 2: Do not assume that we can always get a script global from the context's window; r=padenot
bad7e68276958bbf74b27b91bc7b3e8f8dba41ecEhsan Akhgari — Bug 866108 - Part 1: Don't attempt to dispatch the audioprocess event on a node which has been unlinked by the cycle collector; r=padenot
af02393720f01cd3a12741a5b4825b4a1927f6d2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
91518747ca86c16362f6c34785846cc8554618ebMats Palmgren — Bug 865569 - Poison nsView. r=roc
e58195e26c4f06adda5c717db4ca8597f96a6983Mats Palmgren — Bug 865602 - FieldSet block may be null for overflow containers. r=roc
9edc1d55aff547ddf47604dd7a76839616ccb7fbNikhil Marathe — Bug 866024 - nsWifiMonitorGonk reports correct list of access points.
082445b83eba1134f01a1e6d1110c68b41987a5bHannes Verschore — Bug 678377: IonMonkey: LICM: Use explicit stack to mark blocks in a loop, r=bhackett
ea5490a3bca7f8119595e045aec896b8168def53Mark Hammond — Bug 588305 - Convert offline storage notifications to a doorhanger panel. r=MattN
3b3d66182d26817017b922bb9d22a40f0cf04af2Felipe Gomes — Backout 714e20f9b4e5 (bug 697319) due to bad addons breakage (bug 866537).
e116c3a3476406f91bff7b62c26a05e6829a7636Timothy Nikkel — Bug 851641. Ignore move/resize notifications for popups whose widget is hidden because this likely means they are notifications about our own move/resize requests. r=mats
2fbb0094f6f4b69705bb29b2289bcc92ca50459dWes Johnston — Bug 863828 - New tab increment animation. r=lucasr
576ff91b64d7dc816b7fccce6b1686fad09b402fMihai Sucan — Bug 855763 - [Responsive Mode] Fix for intermittent browser_responsiveuiaddcustompreset.js | Test timed out, | Found a tab after previous test timed out: data:text/html,foo; r=me
c9af815f4a9f8e14eded0dc03d5fb0616fa4eb25Robert Longson — Bug 865958 - Text in clipPath does not update correctly when changed. r=heycam,jwatt
70ada7d7a92e36906f846d775083f4e445083cccMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 859018 - Remove the MSVC exemption for FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in layout. r=dbaron
dc6bd7ea66f62a20583c4c9d09fc0c1441ee65dfJonathan Watt — Bug 839865 - Stop calling nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds for SVG transform changes, and use DLBI instead. r=mattwoodrow.
fad7e0541873fe43c0369cfbe7fb4e23f2798e08Nicholas Cameron — Bug 861727. Refactor CompositorParent a bit. r=BenWa
d6de91faf60a1be9cc01bda2767371ed9554f257Brandon Waterloo — Bug 865767 - Add reference to ImageDocument.css in browser/installer/ r=jaws
b37edb9912247d0f48a7884eef1b4e9f62a4faf5Thomas Bertels — Bug 862620 - Add browser.newtab.url to Troubleshoot.jsm whitelist. r=adw
f6b9554b2b1ca069b17b85e749c84540fdaa8e7eAlexander Surkov — Bug 559764 - make input@type=range accessible, r=tbsaunde, roc, smaug
cf9e342c1e7cd23e184ae0c27f9b5e534f5a62fdBobby Holley — Bug 865948 - Return the appropriate value when the whitelist checks fail. r=gabor
9d3d0552005c2c4a89186d1c89f9d21a2157fea4Rodrigo Silveira — Bug 831916 - Hide and delete tiles in Bookmarks and History tile groups r=mbrubeck
059a39ad762c6eb727698f587c16074a24d4dfbdGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
17e8172c812a985ea2e98a8039e799ce3f3a120bGregory Szorc — Bug 866253 - Provider manager calls undefined function this._recordError; r=rnewman
a885c91e069a8daa8f045f77268940715d6a4aeaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
7dbc698ed9b63c56e389521fed5031a43a0746daCykesiopka — Bug 739031 - Removed unused strings for the style editor. r=rcampbell
de84d3b91af369fa32dfbfe165a34bd6c5d81453Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
c6aec5b4f47c6074773a86480fada9632681fe89Tim Taubert — Bug 864711 - Simplify test page for browser_pageshow.js to ensure it's put into bfcache; r=yoric
aeb0f8faf02b159c8261814bf55dc483ceb183bdDave Camp — Bug 855914 - Start using the jetpack loader in devtools. r=jwalker, f=ochameau
fe0a70afa6cbc059e47cc6b917bfc72565965a28Dave Camp — Backed out changeset 9117c7ad29d5 for MaxHeap regression.
9117c7ad29d5721103deb401eda5a30c1dd40f69Dave Camp — Bug 855914 - Start using the jetpack loader in devtools. r=jwalker, f=ochameau
06f4af96580ee7f6b48f6e2d4c87554461a38889Marco Chen — Bug 860150 - [Audio] Audio_Data API should join audio channel. r=kinetik
1be592ac3c8d2c1288921f21c6af37331d538248Marco Chen — Bug 847255 - [Bluetooth/AudioChannel] A2DP failed to start session due to music resume too fast during SCO is disconnecting. r=baku
c8b361ae0c70dc7a700a06093024d97375ed108eRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
9ae254158eae833f9ecbcbb127558559e08641bfReuben Morais — Bug 860559 - Add pref field to ContactField and ContactAddress. r=gwagner sr=mounir
a063b169750883a3416f8f0169cd8d34c07ccb70Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
29027b21bd1959256c340acf6e8a7684f131035eMyk Melez — Backed out changeset 0444a6571cac for bug 865210 due to build bustage.
0444a6571cac32487afdfb946bc7c04dd7e1fe67Alexandre Poirot — Bug 865210 - Set a valid window icon for B2G desktop; r=vingtetun
6e30c424614094feeed3e618682e72c4630c3f8dReuben Morais — Bug 855556 - Test the cached branch of getAll more extensively. r=gwagner
a132c4393c174f761ebd0d633697816633a2b857Reuben Morais — Bug 823999 - Disable diagnostic logging and add logging to PermissionPromptHelper. rs=gwagner
e3cecee622e3ad71b6ac45cbdb564e8bd4669bb4Jinho Hwang — Bug 864684 - Prevent two way scrolling if it is not neccessary. r=vingtetun
05533d50f2f7fa60667b89829bd779d7263df7caBrian R. Bondy — Bug 715746 - Test fixes for allowing updates to be applied on Windows while the browser is open. r=rstrong
1d92e69d8450f7c9b942c078d223c892f32c178eBrian R. Bondy — Bug 715746 - Allow callback to be renamed and update to continue if in use. r=rstrong
3ef2e90a0f33767f46a79d2d36b61898a5210493Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
12e6b44a4a8b3ad90206edc8308f28659e08de64Tim Taubert — Backed out changeset 229cd2ebe225 (bug 855108) for intermittent mochitest-bc failures
9d8977cbbfc6822dae559f314fc3822fe5bc2beeRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b68c721a1462 (bug 863828) for robocop failures.
d2eed4b2408e3908ec67064ea04abb3fd96558f4Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
cbd36f35883ca6c4f74f5b5c77b1e69b1e1fffdeRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 864342, bug 861596) for various regressions.
5597242cf58068e06fc483429faa34a94357889aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 859024 - Remove the MSVC exemption for FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/canvas/src. r=jmuizelaar
fc9427895561219823fe8aef2b4f2a7a16d11dcbBrian Hackett — Bug 864214 - Generate MIR nodes for accessing statically known typed arrays on x86, r=luke,jandem.
791332cb80a723f8a9e01d43bc11b2390a8d1d7eDavid Zbarsky — Root PropertyNodeList.getNames, no bug, r=Ms2ger over irc
e9fd6706b679d99d802d169ea0aa0fd89f161b75Steve Fink — No bug, DONTBUILD. Comment fix.
d95d80a1580b3e2836e0d64f6d8e6b696e4828bcCykesiopka — Bug 231172 - Remove editor.encode_entity in all.js; r=ehsan
065b1e02a5b1ce104227bdb8acdd79f65c649b27Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 7c244b521e54 (the investigation patch for bug 866079)
fa9887910dba1fba12738d1409e9fd7aaf54b79fWes Johnston — Bug 857165 - Highlight domain when showing urls. r=mfinkle
2b8ed660a51c9fb2a0123aff898f9823f014b63aRob Wood — Bug 811167 - Reduce failed test fallout by having WebTelephony tests cancel any existing calls at startup; r=jriffin
b68c721a1462b79c95696cd47e03dabd35e4a8faWes Johnston — Bug 863828 - New tab increment animation. r=lucasr
6553478822f55b678f5071b345370c2093485581Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 865136 - Calling nsIProfile->Remove() twice removes all profiles, r=bsmedberg
824fccf23d6f56a741c4718e365777fbaa8f903eGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 763890 - Add all the old profiles to the same folder when resetting Firefox multiple times, r=bsmedberg
7f6765e6e3be80ec54f024c5259beeea262d2edeTom Schuster — Bug 836949 - Remove the now unnecessary GetMethod function. r=jwalden
f926fbeab6af4eded7715a169c4e1abecf2d8d03Tom Schuster — Bug 691613 - e10s support for setTabTitle with characterSet. r=felipe
8f5c7725deb9935fca434d1ce8edb8edd0d8ee73Mark Capella — Bug 856558 - Prevent Bookmark keywords from including spaces, r=bnicholson, f=mfinkle
dbe8ad85f3596ceeb9b52fc44ed8085eb70e47d6Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 865803 - allow not setting defaultDirectory (nullcheck before converting to URL), r=joshmoz
3b7a2cbccaaa848eb10b2f9b50f89b5a322ba379Jan de Mooij — Bug 863018 part 2 - Add JSShortString path back to ConcatStrings and LConcat. r=luke
f60596a19c985fe05b398c4aa027ed3f8468ceeeLandry Breuil — Bug 866239 - Fix build on platforms without profiler after bug 853358 r=bgirard
f7a38564195b02d7286ca85a3b327b953533d246Dão Gottwald — Bug 866400 - New tab page shouldn't disable the find bar. r=ttaubert
6543154c748714800e0bd9e84cd8cf4a0de5e0dcBenoit Jacob — Bug 862324 - Let the PGrallocBufferParent inform the TextureHost when it's going away - r=nrc
beb08ab90a3d6ae41cc35805facf2d70d955b541Takeshi Kurosawa — Bug 338033 - No visible focus indicator on image map areas with black background r=roc
84235d548347579b1f7bf092197dd9208fe56a2bDaniel Holbert — Bug 866358: Add missing #include to fix "implicit declaration" build warning. r=ehugg
47e1247d776e8a2db18ed37a6bde722baa64afb6Daniel Holbert — Bug 866317: Remove unneeded line from ccsip_debug.c that just logs a blank line, since it triggers a build warning for empty format string. r=abr
c5e60332f413d6d3904e361c6201be95597c0997Robert Strong — Bug 860897 - Add locale to stub installer fallback url. r=bbondy Windows stub installer only which is only built when building the nightly - DONTBUILD
28e2e2f4366c64fa3d5a2239487c80b25247492bCameron McCormack — Bug 862485 - Split test_pointer-events.xhtml in two to avoid timeouts. r=longsonr
e3126e00ec9184c4d53217e0963e20bdcdcceff4Nicholas Wilson — Bug 436801 - Support XHTML in feed titles. r=sayrer,adw
1421ddeb0348eca08d849a14266ef90c781e51a9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 857165, bug 863828) for Android bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
4ad22d42b4f56b49959f6114f3da0fdfcd58152aWes Johnston — Bug 863828 - Update duration of tab increment animation. r=lucasr
c94d73b1970ffbff8dfff325b643f692f3da2708Brian Hackett — Bug 864101 - Improve precision of TypeSetIncludes, r=dvander.
ab534b63501a84782d2ee98bd6e66ece9220f593Olli Pettay — Bug 866225 - remove some useless #includes, r=mccr8
84b4d799cc6dadba5455385da7ced60b7056065eWes Johnston — Bug 857165 - Highlight domain when showing urls. r=mfinkle
cc161ca434fab1f50c3a766d5ae33080cfbcf3d0Wes Johnston — Bug 863828 - New tab increment animation. r=lucasr
53a6f358005e77c6c550512d7698a7575d417cd2Brian Hackett — Bug 865889 - Include higher level information about ops in -D output, r=jandem.
54106990fcd8f2791b423aa5c6ffbc2b6924914cAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 789363 - Live update the history used for Firefox Start.r=mbrubeck
1a16a93a396bb1561e0c6f4569222d5386065cfeYiming Yang — Bug 845925 - Add scroll/pinch actions using touch action chains to the python touch layer, r=mdas
ae2ec3465251b19b220b56a34592098d443270b3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 865337 - Fix assertion failure if TabChild::GetCachedFileDescriptor is called a second time after the first call is canceled. r=bent
98ce2f8962536e1febd90f4c3c8ccd336bfe2f84Jim Blandy — Bug 865509: JS Debugger: List 'exception' in the UnsolicitedPauses table in dbg-client.jsm. r=dcamp
384746174d6d344b233a5294110cbb5b99e9ee14Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 789363 - Work - Live update the history used for Firefox Start.r=mbrubeck
171ed33b6622804e6eedb356da3d822ace7b6912Shu-yu Guo — Bug 865259 - Specialize int32 compares from baseline IC stub info r=bhackett
b1007963b1ca758984c67501d41dfb5059f5b6dbShu-yu Guo — Bug 865259 - Give MLambda and MParLambda resultTypeSets r=bhackett
adef5d952d721c5d04be26c5c412f34d45a77330Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 865259 - Make comparisons work in Par Exec mode regardless of TI results r=bhackett
e463630560f7d1d461283830b3f8979eab309b1aNicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 865259 - Specialized arith ops based on baseline info r=bhackett
fe381d10084fb5095dae2a19efacdb78444d1cb7Andreas Gal — Bug 862970 - Don't lock images on the active page on B2G. r=jlebar,joe
45d40d37b1df7d139536a1292e716d0dfb3ac138Joe Drew — Bug 853564 - Deal with outstanding decoding-done notifications from within RequestDecode so we don't have to wait for the event loop. r=seth
40dafc3767942c72413c842a84b10a756b071ae8Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
8911b764dc1e9b65d94facac590a737f10e6f958Brian Grinstead — Bug 677930 - Style Inspector: make URLs clickable.
229cd2ebe225bc6d6aa4038d491f04fcd958ae6dDavid Creswick — Bug 855108 - Disable tools toggled by the developer toolbar when it closes. r=jwalker
e01f456f8a47ce980f7043d777669e270338cfd7ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-479 - a=blocklist-update
0e45f1b9521f016bea4531379fa5c650c31c35eaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6255ed636db10e67ced1e6043781e1c5a650b682Timothy Nikkel — Bug 865993. For layerized images GetImageContainer has the same meaning as Draw()'ing the image, and Draw will not be called on the image, so send the unlocked draw notification there too. r=joedrew
e185401101a8ff27c5e9dc1729ec038c070aecdaTimothy Nikkel — Bug 865945. Increment the visible count before calling FrameCreated so that the image for an SVGFEImage element is actually considered visible. r=mats
f31ae2be12f0b3625fb529163620c47e54b1fed7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 863392 - Disconnect layer during abnormal shutdown - r=nical
ec5be6e1bf45e49facc5a7aee03631e5899b4070Geoff Brown — Bug 865944 - Add activity command to sutagent and increase ver to 1.17; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
089bfd3486f5894317826476b4549fb2db04c0e9Sam Foster — Bug 865170 - Fix TopSite's methods to handle multiple sites as input. r=mbrubeck
acb4851041fbf289c904f937d60b9693d0413fa8Jon Coppeard — Bug 866167 - GC: Make HashableValue::AutoRooter work r=terrence
0d5eff7d8bb3f109c589542fe8c238f206a22641Jon Coppeard — Bug 866112 - GC: Fix some misc rooting hazards in the shell r=terrence
d86c086e96f8804fb288621f9368ce9ecffd0d9aJon Coppeard — Bug 866030 - Error "_init__() takes exactly 4 arguments" running JS test harness for opt build r=terrence
b4f5625652fa3c5c61f3f11cb225a918bca42552Jon Coppeard — Bug 866134 - GC: Address reported TokenStream::Position rooting hazards r=sfink
e90cc4d3501ad757ef077c57307fb9b05591c1acJon Coppeard — Bug 865308: GC: More rooting work in XPConnect r=bholley
606109f5851696be939ec6f9c2fbec4fdae41d88Georg Fritzsche — Bug 752516 - Give pluginProblemBinding the top-most z-index. r=bsmedberg,jaws
9fb3df70550ae4a5da50cc197098dd9eae80d2a5John — Bug 420371 - Rename quitApplicationCmdMac.key to Reflect Use on Linux. r=mconley
d85886f848015fad80f12723a992213d1f153e31Boris Zbarsky — Bug 865975. Better rooting for the 'this', 'callable', and 'rval' values in WebIDL callbacks. r=bholley
03423d078b99d36ff59905500c3c6034e87e89e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 865964. Remove dead WrapCallbackInterface code. r=smaug
5884664a5961889243d07e579ff22625e57344a9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 839641 - Implement the PostDelayedTask callback for APZC in AndroidBridge. r=Cwiiis, blassey
d892316a8519cb1030a4d153c8ddb52c675a6593Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 839641 - Implement the RequestContentRepaint callback for APZC in AndroidBridge. r=Cwiiis
e2152cf53805540839a6a74d77f583560e880ac2Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 839641 - Implement handling for APZC-reported gestures. r=Cwiiis
4b2b6c39adf9a941c1411ef7076708fa2c5dfb6eKartikaya Gupta — Bug 839641 - Add a syncFrameMetrics code path to push viewport changes from APZC to Java. r=Cwiiis, BenWa
984977c00f0772267d707ad892c6a60a02aede93Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 839641 - Use the mozilla::layers namespace in nsWindow.cpp. r=Cwiiis
7e093f07dd05703e195e0d1201a161a55e93d09bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 839641 - Send touch events and prevent-default notifications to APZC. r=Cwiiis
b5ffa6b0d9276e554815faf7d387c7ac62677097Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 839641 - Add a stub NativePanZoomController class to start Java bindings to APZC. r=Cwiiis
2c1cdf681fffbd0e0a7fc93cb0d4cd0ad0982f42Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 866120 - Propagate reason phrases mid-session r=jesup
21cd4d9e679ba4829bde4e3d8191a74ee9dd9dd5Axel Hecht — bug 848297, allow overrides of locales for packages, r=bsmedberg
9df37c60263f3d1f933e60915ec06616ddfc0dd1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 863379: Update tab icon. [r=mfinkle]
f554f49e1ffaf06a7ad4b4aefc2282741796fe7aLucas Rocha — Bug 858687 - Fix margins for forward button (r=mfinkle)
da9f02088406811a4f94017587a9f36816ec3425Jonathan Kew — bug 865746 - [win-hidpi] explicitly set size of download item icons. r=mconley
7c244b521e54c431ee9b7fbdc74f19f2336af15eEhsan Akhgari — Investigation for bug 866079 - Make the Command class live in the global scope in the hopes of getting better stack traces
83e88a8350d338ae569473d9c52d6da06d6be214Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
5d00e25645df0ec114e480e794fe3f9903f112ccVictor Porof — Bug 866091 - Intermittent devtools/netmonitor/test/browser_net_prefs-reload.js | Test timed out | Found a tab after previous test timed out: and tons of fallout, r=rcampbell
7ff756a337e442a04fbebef2a43cdbd80c84756dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6604b700492c (bug 863018) for suspicion of causing Windows mochitest b-c leaks.
2e33c8083d9f302a1506a5e33249ffa0c2bbea3cDave Hunt — Bug 866111 - Bump marionette_client version to 0.5.25. r=mdas
b64a96412dd3e334be9aef65bd5cd0bd3d77b7e8David Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Fix includes and WrapObject r=me
05c7d6b210a422a0ddc961d34a638094ca37b68fDavid Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Wrappercache CanvasGradient r=bz
a25af78ec2fb0bf04324a49f340061fd9a7fe9c6David Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Convert CanvasGradient to WebIDL r=bz
f127889eda58ded37745f792a2930bd2916fb8d9David Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Move CanvasGradient to its own file r=bz
71aaf2442435821b4046aaf62d11d99882732b06David Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Wrappercache CanvasPattern r=bz
1316017789121149f30f8f5096abbf89a4ff50e8David Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Convert CanvasPattern to WebIDL r=bz
c5d3fa5d860cc7bd52d6ea422563b8f6c24d797aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Move CanvasPattern to its own file r=bz
897351d816b9d8f12f18e0679915ab45861cdffeEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 865977 - Remove duplicate XUL namespace strings in tabbrowser::addTab and use a const XUL NS declaration in its place. r=jaws
d3f88b2e42f7a70d7505fe0f0de0d6f8d50986fdDaniel Holbert — Bug 865774 - Fix signed/unsigned comparison build warning in cpr_string.c by casting known-nonnegative signed value to size_t. r=jesup
06927647efd749840163d54a80c4e2e1e478d52bDaniel Holbert — Bug 865766 - Reorder MessageLoop init list to fix build warning. r=jlebar
c5224bbcf40b333d703259965776ebb0ac29c69bRaymond Lee — Bug 865643 - Fix DEPRECATION WARNING: archiveBookmarksFile is deprecated error. r=rnewman
b1b32e6511cdbbe7a933a705416167f69d7ac762Brian O'Keefe — Bug 865445 - Add 'configure' command to mach to rebuild the backend. r=gps
bf1a44d938bf9644b1868b2a5da44cedc2e5d305Garrett Robinson — Bug 865344 - Add a localization comment for BlockMixedDisplayContent and BlockMixedActiveContent. r=smaug
5c1d0b408e2cf1ba4cef7cf166dd134b4651d331Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 863242 - Add a preference setting "accept tracking me" to Fennec. r=mleibovic
54c62289325a402ab82c3d07715ac5cda6f82c79Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 863242 - Use switch statement in BrowserApp.getPreferences(). r=mleibovic
0b68d19943c1e4f94bd4a14e652503df516b6173Yura Zenevich — Bug 862570 - Add a preference for an observer listening for test.osfile.web-workers-shutdown. r=yoric
071c52001f05e3c93aa7b7737d5be4fa1d92a12bGlenna Buford — Bug 746983 - Remove unused local variable in nsDeviceContextAndroid, clean up whitespace, and fix grammar in comment. r=blassey
41ed2304c7ba325b9057d7377e9ed17b5cf9968cLucas Rocha — Bug 864960 - Parallax transition to open/close the tabs tray (r=mfinkle)
694322457a64a79e8241680c5fc90513c5c7f8ddEhsan Akhgari — Bug 860867 - Disable loop vectorization optimizations in the JS engine for clang to prevent it from generating bad code; r=glandium
46ebdffcd3c3fca9d28258359a2d0831c6297635Ted Mielczarek — Bug 863715 - Allow uploading full crashreporter symbol package via mozconfig option. r=glandium
aa96068e5637d580d20b2a42150a8c49901263c0Ted Mielczarek — bug 865183 - Allow chrome callers to call navigator.getUserMediaDevices. r=bz,smaug
8d4bdcbc68c7d16f9fc76e3a20a62fc3dde6aec8Ted Mielczarek — bug 846864 - Fix source server support. r=khuey
6604b700492c41d08a8e11d0ff6f4e94af3f7008Jan de Mooij — Bug 863018 part 2 - Add JSShortString path back to ConcatStrings and LConcat. r=luke
360788bf2a0f8ba2d3bd01eee3bb0325cc8b2cadJan de Mooij — Bug 863018 part 1 - Fix regalloc issue with useFixed/tempFixed and safepoints. r=bhackett
a197aa326c49f013de9a2019b605a74d544bd3baRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
1f53f6fc47f03d2ce894e74af5580e7e888d6391Gene Lian — Bug 865992 - B2G MMS: the read count is wrong after updating the thread containing notification indication. r=vicamo a=leo+
dde0f2ca02d877b8c12fac0d8cb58878a386de84Jonathan Kew — bug 864107 - constrain restored window dimensions to available screen area. r=ttaubert
447cf900cd4f9fed2997882d443739b962d3c1a6Aryeh Gregor — Bug 859817 - Remove implicit conversions from raw pointer to already_AddRefed; r=Ms2ger
57a0302a88b77893c544e12d4d18b8086a79a449Aryeh Gregor — Bug 859817 - Make NS_NewAtom return already_AddRefed; r=bz
321ab55f16ba348bc707982af8da854ae3447773Aryeh Gregor — Bug 859817 - Introduce already_AddRefed.downcast(); r=ehsan
31823d95dca28a249c63f8eeb2c99a26c3714e21Ms2ger — Merge backout.
6cb5eeb573188995914cb944c5564d867b65b695Ms2ger — Backout changesets 8d69a81abff9:6c2e3ea6afa6 for M2 timeouts and crashtest, reftest leaks.
efc77de30962b6ad2213c08026f51e2f518efbacMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
6c2e3ea6afa6ae4569322c0c50709b4802368436Vivien Nicolas — Bug 847352 - Preload SystemMessageHandler.js. r=fabrice
556eb3bb629852bbb3834adce7fac927e9ca77ebKevin Grandon — Bug 861496 - Replace #ifdef MOZ_SYS_MSG by a preference. r=fabrice
8d69a81abff9f5d3eec4077251a2c9242c4c1e6fVivien Nicolas — Bug 864891 - b2g/chrome/content/forms.js can dispatch a 'change' event on the wrong window in a single process build. r=fabrice
17b205981e76e2c6993d42b343cbc4cc76ea6ff3Jan de Mooij — Bug 865406 - Disable IonMonkey LICM if a script bails out frequently. r=h4writer
34413bab9ad5ea4515976a0b491810d5ea46c60dSam Foster — Bug 865478 - Add getItemsByUrl and removeItem methods to richgrid + tests. r=mbrubeck
ef735506cb13a73079602bb2c964ed980c9f8ff2Wes Kocher — Bug 865135 - Uplift Add-on SDK integration branch to Firefox.
b66a03a1acf296af6bd48a8b1d75b84afdc57a00Mats Palmgren — Bug 861643 - nsFirstLineFrame continuations should fixup its style context in Init instead of Reflow. r=bzbarsky
5c3c5479d2f3ca72dadac4489d1254ff6c0e18cdJon Coppeard — Bug 864848 - Mark Rooted<> as stack only r=terrence
a9882387762990873b73d4d45a9ed9b270b4c4acJan de Mooij — Bug 849526 - Workaround Clang issue with the conservative stack scanner. r=dvander
6a62fb95a40b59def5471576ab90f356e0aa39b7Jonathan Kew — bug 865715 - eliminate uninitialized-variable warning in nsGUIEventIPC.h. r=smaug
49ee3d96c62beb9edda172d92947716f4d54462cJonathan Kew — bug 699331 - pt 2 - read info for fewer families each time the font-loader runs. r=jdaggett
9bc938b8f1f07aecae0fd731bce8d5f125170963Jonathan Kew — bug 699331 - pt 1 - replace hardcoded font-loader constants with prefs to allow easier tuning. r=jdaggett
19d8817e53bbec5f5289f3197d5795036ca8763fWes Johnston — Bug 778216 - Add a pref to show the url instead of title. r=mfinkle
825ac604a69b6dd1d2f3dee774dcf1390182a092Sam Foster — Bug 865172 - Add z-index to cross-sliding tiles so they overlap when dragged. r=mbrubeck
91e97665da3e482c35c9a0db5f30597262d46b51Mike Hommey — Bug 859705 - Un-szip libraries before pushing them on the device for xpcshell tests. r=ted
f60097ccd2a2f61121cf5c7f31b42f9259add5f0Mark Capella — Bug 828325 - The state of the -/+ buttons from text size in reader mode should be greyed, r=lucasr
150bb08461b58a1e3c4c026b0ca6dd05932f8d81Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 857382 (part 3) - Add ability to diff two files to about:memory. r=kats.
0640cd38f16cf0cfcae54d108781ceba7b4cab45Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 857382 (part 2) - Prefix zone addresses in about:memory with "0x" for consistenty with other addresses. r=billm.
8f6969de65be8e339eafb7f0ed818156f1548e33Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 857382 (part 1) - Correctly handle memory report files that have no measurements in the "explicit" or "other" sections. r=kats.
0c9257e3c7a7d45c081756736a8ca34d462c5ec6Bill McCloskey — Bug 856670 - Bring JS C stack limit closer to actual OS limits (r=bsmedberg)
6b1b8e195cad79687a410fbeb9bfca7b6415616dBill McCloskey — Bug 864462 - Fix OOM in write barrier verifier (r=terrence)
714e20f9b4e5e9551c71f44281a761688a7c351cBill McCloskey — Bug 697319 - First browser should be dynamically created to allow honoring of browser.tabs.remote pref (r=gavin)
5f5bbd697d25612b2505009778aab60951654514Richard Newman — Bug 858992 - Don't sync pinned bookmarks. r=nalexander
648b0cd188834babb7d77b8377a1b6f1b3fbb96bSeth Fowler — Bug 853774 - RequestBehaviour must handle null owners. r=joe
8b9d1e3ae677bb074e936f7a9fbf96c5663d15ecKan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 865249 - Wrap GetSingleton in a MainThread event. r=jdm
e2d475778a006371913b6681cdf10a3649a28d3cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 857555. Make window.content return an existing named frame with that name if there is one. r=bholley
59ed5f1eec9f2ff1a8bbe60b67f4b21d901bff77Boris Zbarsky — Bug 865940. Remove AsMutable now that our binding stack variables aren't const. r=bholley
684f65a04b678a51d6356eff8c0ac303820ea097Andrew McCreight — Bug 855966 - Warn more harshly about test_interfaces. r+sr=bz
9ab1119d459612a44b4c72eb8512b508eef39c11Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634839 (part 1) - Remove unnecessary headers (as found by include-what-you-use) from js/src/jsfoo.cpp files. r=luke.
7338d59869c3a6cd22b7b2bcad98566976ec8361Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ccdc2beb09ae (bug 865929) for mochitest and crashtest crashes.
63f3e64b064aeed9778e750cbb202f2d063cb0d3Sean Stangl — Bug 812265 - Temporarily comment out standalone JS executable renaming. r=luke
5c1d4cd5a9dfaa00eb495d86bf65c493319c25f3Mark Hammond — Bug 849810 - fix 'blocklisted provider removed' orange. r=mixedpuppy
ccdc2beb09ae5908a209c11d19f85279307279c1Andreas Gal — Canvas image cache isn't hooked up to memory pressure purging, and needs a size limit (bug 865929, r=jlebar, a=tef+).
2239dc1af0109a28e722c373d2a4252552fe57faBrian Hackett — Bug 864216 - Only create IonScriptCounts for asm.js code if rt->profilingScripts, r=luke.
944a223513c52518240e344f9e1e38f0c76ee391Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 724533 - Integrate ICU into the Mozilla build (but don't actually build it, until a compile-time flag gets flipped). r=glandium
67b041f8c5a7f3c593caad59ace5f9a255dedbfcSean Stangl — Bug 618485 - Prefer word types that exist. no_r=red
bcd9b6bf7e2d03f40fe3861db6f5e63a806933c5Lucas Rocha — Bug 858687 - Rename browser_toolbar_menu.xml to browser_toolbar.xml (r=mfinkle)
08dec3bd99a05e9c55c7d0d0c06c2e8a911b0484Lucas Rocha — Bug 858687/862755/860308 - Major simplification of browser toolbar layout (r=mfinkle)
c5c07362a6294f6b13543c4624b4fd0b80896ab4Lucas Rocha — Fix broken build caused by 0a7e98a3c3eb (bug 858969) (r=mbrubeck)
b51eaa301a4a4e12cee631e5c4220d8a8fa88a03Tim Lunn — Bug 842889 - Include MOZILLA_VERSION in JS_GetImplementationVersion(). r=waldo
da1921e38c6cc9be778b49101ed3f1e67ec39285Landry Breuil — Bug 618485 - Add jsuword view to jsval_layout on 64-bit big-endian. r=luke
7c536499e157ecfecdf82a0d4f1a922f4539883cIan Stakenvicius — Bug 809430 - Add symbol versions. r=glandium
50878806f6f1579f1a01424f1c4c61e0f8a6b8faTim Lunn — Bug 812265, Part 4/4 - Fix MOZ_JS_LIBS. r=glandium
4548f5b026182a53974629114a2ad6ec88c0d05bTim Lunn — Bug 812265, Part 3/4 - Use version number in filename of shell and js-config. r=glandium
ba7b9ee7c0b8102f4e468dfb45a37e7f71f298b5Tim Lunn — Bug 812265, Part 2/4 - Setup versioning and pkg-config support. r=glandium
8f6065e3b272b94380ad7bceaca831d9d38224f8Ian Stakenvicius — Bug 812265, Part 1/4 - Remove JS_VERSION. r=dmandelin
883df548b01486c13fb43afd5adb965dd4376ef2Geoff Brown — Bug 864803 - sutAgent: do not destroy process if it has ended already; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
ba72022a3db0bd207b251392e378273e38c32b51Cameron McCormack — Bug 864000 - Document nsSVGTextFrame2::mPositioningDirty better. (DONTBUILD) rs=jwatt
0a7e98a3c3ebbdd7f11770f24a3a71bae9199918Chris Lord — Bug 858969 - Refactor dynamic toolbar so page is offset and not overlapped. r=kats,nrc
c6da9de6c80756fa8e7939a6baf0b5202d8e50caBoris Zbarsky — Bug 766583 part 7. Stop declaring variadic arguments as const on the stack in bindings code. r=smaug
6268bbee606ec6e30189c65e611db61b1b9a47f8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 766583 part 6. Stop declaring unions as const on the stack in bindings code. r=smaug
22fc8e985a12acf818e197981ef94e502047ac0bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 766583 part 5. Stop declaring optional arguments as const on the stack in bindings code. r=smaug
aaf01da4f4f7cfb1e99988a0cf5c49ebc9825521Boris Zbarsky — Bug 766583 part 4. Stop declaring strings as const on the stack in bindings code. r=smaug
f4449bddbbfa26a632df89de23cf4990ac0a8e77Boris Zbarsky — Bug 766583 part 3. Stop declaring nullable things as const on the stack in bindings code. r=smaug
3e7f89b3429bbd7b55b166aebbd2404134955120Boris Zbarsky — Bug 766583 part 2. Stop declaring sequences as const on the stack in bindings code. r=smaug
d52e506162516ad0777cc3530221abfcaa6e968bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 766583 part 1. Stop declaring dictionaries as const on the stack in bindings code. r=smaug
d85f6cc0eb4b9969a8612a03763d9b488f577bb0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 861493. When passing arguments to an Xray for a WebIDL constructor, make sure to do the argument unwrapping before entering the content compartment. r=bholley,waldo
5a913ab3d2a5a3ade8e5f9dee7b4737379f82877Seth Fowler — Bug 859377 (Part 3) - Make ClippedImage cache temporary surfaces. r=joe
ef02b23cf07eb9bbad2677a0cec0d2e1d733a31bSeth Fowler — Bug 859377 (Part 2) - Make SVGImageContext more flexible. r=dholbert
6a20e50fd0bed51ef01ab33de97e31a232de072dSeth Fowler — Bug 859377 (Part 1) - Add imgIContainer::GetFrameIndex. r=joe sr=bz
0ae79e3f9e6f9ef159f3b629a1970c6dc85d2dd7Luke Wagner — Bug 851627 - Make LifoAlloc::release run in O(1) (r=sstangl)
4925cda1c972bd2caae3b1cfa66458ae7abaff8fTanvi Vyas — Bug 855730 - Remove failing test so that we can re-enable the rest of the tests here. r=smaug
b9064e2ab1e2cce3194f1a34f77f7078364354bfMargaret Leibovic — Bug 786999 - Remove ellipsis from "Site Settings..." menu item string. r=wesj
60700432d0c95a7580f77da6474dc1349c7bd875Margaret Leibovic — Bug 777975 - Text handles for text-selection in the AwesomeBar should be orange. r=mfinkle
b6187222b5ac7ad189e562d82925bbc8ac861138Wes Johnston — Bug 813288 - Use same doorhanger transitions as desktop. r=lucasr
3f48aa1ff02534f3e46c87b3857fafa76364c8feEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865550 - Unlink AudioBufferSourceNode members before AudioNode; r=mccr8
120f3f2296432373954788f829bdbff4086e7cc5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 859600 - Make AudioContext an EventTarget; r=smaug
2a4a6de0cd6bcfef5ddf1dde57eac647b03ab1a8Joe Drew — Bug 832400 - Add an imgIContainer flag HIGH_QUALITY_SCALING that controls whether to use the high quality scaler, and only use it when we're drawing to a window. r=tn
8a2536988191431002107005e92781caa80d8e78Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 845190 - Made test_logging.js correctly ignore messages it wants to ignore. r=dteller
9b26c4651a1fea3a38692abbc20c97f01050a142Jeff Walden — s/JS_TRUE/true/g; s/JS_FALSE/false/g. Following up on a request in bug 858677, r=lumpy
50842c3744ecdd68f307490425e0541df5e86eb2Hubert Figuière — Bug 855040 - Add a bit of logging in the crash report to help diagnostics and silence exception of crash report is disabled. r=fabrice
9c669c34363c901bd22a21f9c1c9c510eb12ed66Frank Yan — Bug 649216 - Remove unnecessary delay when clicking tab close buttons sequentially. r=jaws ui-r=limi
ca0a9d06bf72bfe9678900c05d3ef304e6c1de0bAndrew McCreight — Bug 865544 - Add support for nsIDOMGlobalPropertyInitializer to JS-implemented WebIDL. r=bz
aa1e31f9cfa4baeebbcff4fa8712d6a37cced384Brian Hackett — Bug 865626 - Disallow generating extra barrier instructions when compiling Array.push, r=dvander.
5fb2a77bb0db11a291205c0d0d752b38301fc37eChris Lord — Bug 853867 - Allow --enable-gtest on Android and fix build issues. NPOTB r=bas,bgirard
ebf1b0f1920c0628bb250519aa4a1ae9a14ef406Brian Hackett — Bug 865635 - Use MMonitorTypes instead of MTypeBarrier for type write barriers, r=dvander.
45e73d8d89c978a0e7967bcb8e915578b8530e97Camilo Viecco — Bug 864633 - broken site identity info bar part2 (tests from 813418). r=bsmith
0373ea7e7f54cf364adae796efd590ec5829a33bCamilo Viecco — Bug 864633 - broken site identity info bar. r=bsmith
d35407880ce28d13bc1f459066111eedee6b35a3Joe Drew — Bug 863975 - Crashtest. r=seth
00ef24d9a3acecce09f47cc3049c832c3ba48b3cJoe Drew — Bug 863975 - Handle the situation that we're left mid-frame when decoding a multi-frame image. r=seth
506e1fb34b3018f27eaa25cc40ceb7fa906b7d2eJoe Drew — Bug 863958 - Crashtest. r=seth
8658d3607e1aaaadcb02b18ffac3210c8b3dd620Joe Drew — Bug 863958 - Don't call SetSize from the ICO decoder if we already have the size. r=seth
104d4a16aac8da36022b47ba3812a7c5518ed85aWes Johnston — Bug 851581 - Whitespace cleanup. r=mfinkle DONTBUILD
6586fb3abbbe73f712a4796549c2f02ee6986752Rob Wood — Bug 849714 - Fix intermittent failure in outgoing_answer_hangup_oncallschanged; r=jgriffin
9915ad231d5bc361dda8c612d8d01ebc841586eaWes Johnston — Bug 851581 - Clean up external protocol prompt. r=mfinkle
2d2b10ae4c061c53a54643a9f902ebfd9abc19bfJames Willcox — Bug 862448 - Fix the fast fencing path for GL when drawing buffer is preserved r=jgilbert
30bc2a74313c9ced172a2fd1805300cd305eb6c5Chris Peterson — Bug 864339 - Part 2: Replace GeckoJarReader EmptyStackException with an empty() check. r=wesj
572236490691cde4e673991eaba8d5092b73edfaKai Engert — Bug 865828 - Upgrade Mozilla 23 to NSPR 4.10, r=wtc
165352b12d5ef4dfbff5cbde7c7a06bd66d576ebEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865650 - Ensure that looping will only happen if the start offset is less than the end offset; r=padenot
e478c0c1940f1db2448ae67f77f80f32021223fcBrian Hackett — Bug 864957 - Consolidate locks used to avoid operation callback related races, r=djvj,luke.
e73333270ce5d106c1e59d21fbfc2a3feff56539Michal Novotny — Bug 852467 - nsDisableOldMaxSmartSizePrefEvent runs on the gecko main thread, blocks for long periods of time, r=honzab
30cb835b62829437f3a60b63fd025fa6f7f45299Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 864255: Ensure main thread dispatch for Pipeline destruction succeeds r=jesup
81ed682e7724256d3effe7e9591727a9bf966c2aChris AtLee — Bug 838321: Remove unused manifests r=rail
38cac63b52b382b318500dab23c437388b3fcc33Eitan Isaacson — Bug 865452 - Don't capture scripted mouse events. r=yzen
866cf655cfd1efa43ac754d28da956294df09234Eitan Isaacson — Bug 865449 - Make AccessFu more desktop-browser friendly. r=yzen
34fabb5ccebfe170f84aaa84ee08fae96f40e068Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
7a271620a50805707cd8f736730efe296c0a9f8cGregor Wagner — Bug 866135 - Contacts: Fully integrate PhonenumberJS when we save contacts. r=reuben
2bcb2d9ebbecfcc56c9b6cb1cb7918604668ef8bReuben Morais — Bug 862250 - Fix upgrade code. r=gwagner
642f426d4b4c51a04ebe7c5d9a58e642fcbeac13Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
4c3d16be564598c58c177f3a2fbc7481e6a0b10eVivien Nicolas — Bug 847352 - Preload SystemMessageHandler.js. r=fabrice
d168bdf3730ad9e5637b7d2260ed6a746a1c924dVivien Nicolas — Bug 864891 - b2g/chrome/content/forms.js can dispatch a 'change' event on the wrong window in a single process build. r=fabrice
10c026f436ed4503950c0c1331132e6580d41aebRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d8c4ca787e39 (bug 865652) for xpcshell failures.
d4e57a4a2fcd8b6edcb3cf12e2a00d2629e39f2fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset cbbd94e6ab32 (bug 861496) for mochitest-2 orange.
52a6a51d2dca79786e3ddcc68e57e1ea9958893eAndreas Gal — Bug 865929 - Add pref to limit the size of the canvas image cache r=jlebar,jdm a=tef+
d8c4ca787e3926ef543331a7e7d22f4bce10c3bbJosh Matthews — Bug 865652 - Separate the logical concepts of a starting offset and the current offset for ArrayBufferInputStream. r=vlad
cbbd94e6ab326be36f8a524bfebb6cd8351ae9cdKevin Grandon — Bug 861496 - Replace #ifdef MOZ_SYS_MSG by a preference. r=fabrice
4db652bb932f7acbf6760df5833a9e8e78512bf9Gina Yeh — Bug 850157 - Add GetConnectedDevices() in nsIDOMBluetoothAdapter.idl, r=echou, sr= mrbkap
23e508b1d49645ce849828aba86471bdb4fad628Eric Chou — Bug 864575 - Notify all observers of file-changing at the right time, r=gyeh
a609b918e1598b7e1d7026d841000eb6c5b0c6b6Eric Chou — Bug 817972 - Make Gecko Bluetooth capable of queueing file-sending requests, r=gyeh
93eca52811d0db1f17e19ddf5ab03ae6bd45b397ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-ec2-373 - a=hsts-update
d360244c69ab7874374baceeccdb7c611816645cTim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
3919cfc6dab45d4d583b31973ea0bc9fc9928c3eHeather Arthur — Bug 816967 - fix browser_webconsole_bug_782653_CSS_links_in_Style_Editor.js bustage; r=dcamp
a5e74dbe53276cdd7078de737681697641387f7fHeather Arthur — Bug 816967 - Remotable Style Editor; r=dcamp
fb8531fe086c5cf2a9b88926569ff49c8cd2e8edTim Taubert — Bug 865127 - Clean up priority queue keeping track of tabs to restore; r=yoric
6e51c05eee687645e1d6e2f1ac9a6652e518b563Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
51bf50daff2fe30ce714ea0b6410cb73fb792686Justin Lebar — Bug 861441 - When changing a proces's CPU priority, call setpriority() on all threads, not just the main thread. r=gsvelto
1f675d6e17830f96e2aaacf8782929c5cdb70abfJustin Lebar — Bug 860799 - Part 2: Test that we give frames expecting a system message priority above vanilla BACKGROUND. r=khuey
911d21581db485191126d983ca251af5ba82527fJustin Lebar — Bug 860799 - Part 1: Give frames expecting a system message priority at least BACKGROUND_PERCEIVABLE, so long as either haven't yet handled the system message or are holding the CPU/high-priority wake lock. r=khuey
e8e47474ef41bb470dd4183918cccef5100b2224Justin Lebar — Bug 844323 - Part 3: ProcessPriorityManager tests. r=nsm,khuey
a5628782c872b636ce2feaf8939e5b4a98c46382Justin Lebar — Bug 844323 - Part 2 (The Main Event): Move ProcesPriorityManager to the main process. r=bent,khuey
38fee265dbe51dcacf9fe0b693727ea3e4faac4dJustin Lebar — Bug 844323 - Part 1: Move process preallocation logic out of ContentParent and into a new file, PreallocatedProcessManager. r=bent
77960f39133f4cb5052ef4e8241efdfa747750caJustin Lebar — Bug 844323 - Prelude part 4: Use 's' prefix on class-static variables, not 'g'. r=me
7b93ed92f8fe6a702377745b4e3473f02dd904eaJustin Lebar — Bug 844323 - Prelude part 3: Change ProcessPriorityManager's export directory. r=khuey
e2ab897e02417a77abfa1164210d464aa45cd543Justin Lebar — Bug 844323 - Prelude part 2: Switch xpcom/base/StaticPtr from NULL to nullptr, and add a necessary include. r=khuey
84787582d353533da091c7800f8e2b47cb7a5ffaJustin Lebar — Bug 844323 - Prelude part 1: Use a pref to in nsHTMLMediaElement to control whether we talk to the audio service. r=amarchesini
2393b185191eb2f51430805bdc607b722ab07657Reuben Morais — Bug 862250 - Follow up, fixing test.
a10762d2bcd7052b79d5e1fc8b3e05a62f5d14c9Reuben Morais — Bug 862250 - Add 'match' filterOp for telephone numbers. r=gwagner
f8c9cbf1bc105384a62a74870199c59fd422f069Reuben Morais — Bug 862250 - Make 'equals' searches on tel only match the value entered by the user. r=gwagner
a6104e0e5a2c717fd3e36de8526d5ed6cedb7e56Ms2ger — Bug 864166 - Part d: Outparamdel nsGlobalWindow::GetWebBrowserChrome; r=mounir
5489465932a071384ce0987c965baf5dffbddcbaMs2ger — Bug 864166 - Part c: Outparamdel nsGlobalWindow::GetTreeOwner; r=mounir
d18af8d168fb338fef517f94b04764c81d0aab47Ms2ger — Bug 864166 - Part b: Don't return nsresult from infallible helper functions in nsGlobalWindow; r=mounir
43be3801b57497e31b7be396ce0c917cf2284c29Ms2ger — Bug 864166 - Part a: Handle window.alert(null) in the binding layer; r=mounir
af10f162b03c00910a086e6e9809daee984a4c64Ms2ger — Bug 864165 - Outparamdel nsIWidget::GetSizeMode; r=tn
a0dc629679617a12c6408f681c0b712aeac0f058Ms2ger — Bug 862446 - Use CallArgs in XPC_WN_Helper_{Call,Construct}; r=bholley
3ce708726afa4ae0adc6a9e697f610780a0bf7d6Ms2ger — No bug - Sort the entries in Bindings.conf alphabetically.
12e5adcc5511a19cf1d5e790ec6108c2c79ce7feMs2ger — Bug 852135 - Part d: Move nsDOMAttributeMap to WebIDL bindings, remove CI and QS; r=bz
e0b3fa32b67ab4ff8d80b98311f77536f11df606Ms2ger — Bug 852135 - Part c: Implement the remainder of the WebIDL API on nsDOMAttributeMap; r=bz
61e10c9a711ffd4925ae95579162bca4b301acacMs2ger — Bug 852135 - Part b: Get rid of some explicit namespace qualifications in nsDOMAttributeMap; r=bz
0fa3623e2a718894e5d7bebe75a242441e05895dMs2ger — Bug 852135 - Part a: Reindent some code in nsDOMAttributeMap; r=bz
74182501aee7636033143c48eaae15ae66dae021Ms2ger — Bug 864145 - Cleanup nsDOMTouchEvent's TouchList getters; r=smaug
9805808576277d742e903eee4d6b85084bb52d67Ms2ger — Bug 864509 - Make SVGStringList inherit from nsISupports; r=bz
7f68735fc8dabaddf9653ae498203f6f432d07aeJoel Maher — Bug 865780 - deploy a new to capture the fennec preference, datazilla output, and mozlog fix. r=armenzg
9defb9661f846ae02cfea88f0a2cec78206e00bdAdam Roach [:abr] — Bug 864982 - Remove legacy err_msg/buginf/notice_msg logging r=jesup
f50572bf5e4931e214d8d0660bf6c83f82687d3dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
8058ffec4f32782babd673e9e128ee7da7ac5e7eRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 858687 - Fix broken backout. r=lucasr
ac39efa583f7a3a6a7c537ff5d79049cb9d360a0Ms2ger — Bug 864727 - Followup: add missing change to MediaStreamList::WrapObject; r=bz on a CLOSED TREE
edda3c650b51dd5f2ccc05f72878b1dc2e9b8216Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 853387 - Make all plugins run out of process on Mac x86 now that we no longer support fallback for in-process quickdraw graphics/carbon events. r=smichaud
1a1edc45b5cf3e2a8045d08df89cf8040ef569ebSteve Fink — No bug, DONTBUILD. Updates to the static rooting analysis, including transition from Makefile to python script.
cf9d73c44cbf43e7d3fe906c188769c29dd27334Chris Peterson — Bug 863288 - Add sanity checks and error logging for bitmap decoding. r=mfinkle
ad5badac802f898930b7d20541d7f801b713455fJeff Gilbert — Bug 863477 - Use SurfaceCaps::Any() for CreateOffscreen for GLContexts for NPAPI plugins. r=cpeterson
34819ac4912ebd5d0299d0782d7a8b108620dc8cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 852420 - Suppress NeededToWrapXUL warning for generated content, r=bz
4f09599d049f29b6739e55702d99ec29d4450df5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 863898. Add support for dictionary arguments in JS-implemented WebIDL bindings. r=mccr8
74bd92b1c03343ae53e318f94690e195ca8f7966Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 7. Make the WebIDL binding Wrap methods take a handle for the scope object and use a Rooted for the parent. r=ms2ger
e98c80465618bd9b0919e103d93a22d259376a13Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 6. Make all the WrapNode methods take a handle for the scope object. r=ms2ger
1b1381894c4402d105cf59e45078bd9573facd01Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 5. Make all the WrapObject methods take a handle for the scope object. r=ms2ger
3011f288bfe7da7bafa1f52853341cfd5dd7fdc1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 4. Pass a handle for the scope object to all the various Wrap*Object stuff in BindingUtils. r=ms2ger
d13e71853e55348494a954403ef3f81c519d3dafBoris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 3. Pass a handle for the parent object to WebIDL dictionary ToObject. r=ms2ger
27c89b2200adc341f7606846a568c729ac09ad45Boris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 2. Pass a handle for the scope object to union conversions. r=ms2ger,terrence
a67479723670f4be9ab542f60880fb8e2ddc8dcbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 864727 part 1. Root the global before calling WrapObject in XPCConvert. r=bholley
16ebd3f796c1699d2d9f3ca57e6622cc0f980f0aNicolas Silva — Bug 856079 - Merge ShadowLayer and LayerComposite (keeping the later). r=nrc
2f3ddbc27bfacbdd51f41fa004d441b2c956652eEitan Isaacson — Bug 865430 - Give dispatched mouse events from a11y an unkown input source. r=surkov
21b54ce74c1870cb16697f3986fe55657ff3ffd5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 865447 - Expose Accessfu input object for scripting purposes. r=yzen
de487abe67a2bc8888315eb822dbd031b48f2e67Daniel Holbert — Bug 865503: Simplify logic (and remove else-after-return) in nsTableFrame::AncestorsHaveStyleHeight. r=mats
6594045f097555ebf346e6e1d2652b7553d43e6dDaniel Holbert — Bug 865477: Use Maybe<> instead of nsAutoPtr<> for lazily-constructed nsHTMLReflowState in nsBlockFrame::Reflow(). r=bz
a536a231fafbd6e86799cdaebfb7f472b7d4a94dBrian R. Bondy — Bug 831514 - Work - You cannot pin sites that have a slash character in the tile ID. r=jimm
f077ac9f97e5b43327e98f8ff79e47ed16449592Andrew McCreight — Bug 865397 - Nicen up "id got defined" assertion. r=bholley
1296bb2e0445eccbdd494f1fba9360ef88183427Andrew McCreight — Bug 865317 - Allow a useful NodePool::Enumerator to be constructed for an empty CC graph. r=smaug
c253479e2a2e54dbbda2365fa8eeb484a9d52769Andrew McCreight — Bug 865306 - Add assertions for the initialization of the cycle collector's EdgePool::Iterators. r=smaug
2d8dfb7e10e66b5f24de933e514871efc1ff016aAndrew McCreight — Bug 837197 - Don't write poison shutdown CC logging. r=smaug
761ecc87c2ca5c28fc7991cb7c1f1e07f7793c64Andrew McCreight — Bug 863880 - Take a less ad hoc approach to forward declarations in bindings generation. r=bz
ceac3c6904d66d8131ca14709bd0a972675b831bAndrew McCreight — Bug 863964 - clean up forward class declarations in codegen. r=bz
a1ead1605ade330eb72abe0383bd2c5d2f7023deJonathan Kew — bug 854555 - ensure download icons are 32px even on Retina Macs. r=shorlander
f0f0cf98b3cdc8fce9edb59edc17b506305f93c6Ben Turner — Bug 861287, fix clang bustage.
c759d3eb1118e75caa76524a830140a7222915dbBenoit Girard — Bug 853358 - Add plugin profiling support. r=ehsan,bsmedberg
1a7dac116295392baded40c0ac56e7eeabfd3536Boris Zbarsky — Bug 704063. Add an unprefixed version of requestAnimationFrame. r=roc, sr=smaug
bff1304042580269e13440fc5ca83fe06fb12d1eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 753453. Add a way for us to pass a high-res timestamp to requestAnimationFrame callbacks. r=roc
8dbc29b317ec43383d25734d21318605763c18bcBen Turner — Bug 861287 - 'Integrate IndexedDB into the gecko profiler'. r=khuey.
eeb9d7a408ab1595941fc2aa56719cced5badefeBrian Hackett — Bug 865153 - Remove resume point uses in dead blocks when restarting loop processing, r=h4writer.
63a501b7c61d89b9602df876931f02973486e672Dave Vasilevsky — Bug 863104 - Fix Dock progress drawing on 10.6. r=josh
dba3bdd9fe8855411ebc290480f0ae0d4f927a8aBenjamin Chen — Bug 862240 - Add null checking and reset the runnable member pointer when entering runnable method. r=drs
be0e8115a215d625d3b167a42c742159868db7b7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ba934ac9fc6b (bug 862448) for B2G reftest crashes.
2ecb09efe325aa2099a4ca75df00198a5df4aaddRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 684a5ca2efb7 (bug 858969) for Android M3 failures.
93259cd4c674e582aa007c6ad5443eb842b30378Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 039a1de069ed and e0f70c5a5f09 (bug 858687) for trobocheck2 failures.
1264667a08548b68226470ac1765f21064d4731eEd Morley — Bug 863091 - Followup: Fix test to expect correct return code after clobber
ba934ac9fc6bdb2e91882600ab2d2088cbdf096bJames Willcox — Bug 862448 - Fix the fast fencing path for GL when drawing buffer is preserved r=jgilbert
b49b5f42be79bf9290a0beca397e4ec7fbe054f4Ed Morley — Bug 863091 - Make auto clobbering opt-in rather than opt-out; r=glandium
5696aa5b935410e65c61b0d15d4a25be99ae8c6bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865532 - Don't attempt to stop an AudioBufferSourceNode that doesn't have a context; r=padenot
a85d75cdca55c73c3b8accfbfa48f26feca1d616Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865548 - Convert the node arrays in AudioContext to hashsets; r=padenot
02bc24b84712c86d52af1a21e8e2d4ae5027ba7fBen Turner — Backout bug 861287 for gcc build failures.
0e8b99f4d0b30a078e8aaf983481c36b91a1224fGene Lian — Bug 853752 - B2G MMS: after retrieving MMS, delete the thread containing the previous notification indication (follow-up fix). r=vicamo a=leo+
7b13433d8d0c4552dbd35d2cf4c085cf6d6d86eeBen Turner — Bug 861287 - 'Integrate IndexedDB into the gecko profiler'. r=khuey.
3dbdab219220d32e242a2e1f1fc123e5e8fc40dfBen Turner — Remove bad line endings from IDBFactory, no bug.
72ee55092cb83c43ac40361e32b51d8534c3bb1cLucas Rocha — Bug 858978 - Use DST_IN to draw ShapedButton (r=mfinkle)
039a1de069ed16479c73c22c037209d3bb303573Lucas Rocha — Bug 858687 - Rename browser_toolbar_menu.xml to browser_toolbar.xml (r=mfinkle)
e0f70c5a5f095431d0911551a0a1bb3b44e61d68Lucas Rocha — Bug 858687/862755/860308 - Major simplification of browser toolbar layout (r=mfinkle)
ed39a9db0fb190df0f0d9130f9e970cd0fdecb3fEd Morley — Backed out changeset 8a9a40bfa8e3 (bug 853151) for browser_social_markButton.js failures
9c11cfae5a695788d309d9b650aa5264ccc6b009Makoto Kato — Bug 853128 - Turn off injecting test of NtFlushBuffersFile on x64. r=ehsan
96c350f2c64a03a58907ef13ddaa88fad16aee9fJonathan Watt — Bug 864832 - Get rid of the majority of the remaining nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds calls, except for those related to transforms and nsSVGTextFrame2. r=mattwoodrow
78bdcb813be1cffebeb33a4f87b6eb8073ec3a1eDave Hunt — Bug 842633 - Allow subclasses of MarionetteTestRunner to add their own command line options. r=jgriffin
c9f50b631b7da596aecec506bfc910f89db41b39Jacek Caban — Bug 865216 - Recognize exacutables on WINNT in is_executable. r=glandium
7a0df791c0f8d8ed0ca49bcd5d17a49a9f57ca65Victor Porof — Bug 864802 - The _store on each variables view instance is redundant, r=rcampbell
83a790e5acd8a9b1b4b1a13ee39b15a7adc751e1Phil Ringnalda — Back out 96a806212cac (bug 865314) for apparently causing fairly frequent failures in test_spdy.js
8a9a40bfa8e3ad6c79333ec63a541dce0f503c44Shane Caraveo — bug 853151 refactoring recommend into SocialMark, r=felipe
f5adb2a4213572742ee737b50667acd8b87db333Jeff Walden — Bug 865036 - Add a Casting.h header to hold various casting methods, right now including a SafeCast method that asserts in-rangeness. r=froydnj
441c2a4b1ddebbf17c9d23d37bc3d6c2229a3532Jeff Walden — Bug 865036 - Implement mozilla::Is{S,Uns}igned. r=froydnj
8a8a161575760b23a81df70fa36afa6107a4ba0eJeff Walden — Bug 865036 - Implement mozilla::IsFloatingPoint and mozilla::IsArithmetic. r=froydnj
02d966a79f149a08b359ac19c6cbf1c1d5d19d56Bill McCloskey — Bug 662008 - Handle document title changes across processes (r=felipe)
84df49f43e7dd0f59e1562f9ef6d11806c657bd9Bill McCloskey — Bug 666801 - Handle webProgress for out-of-process content (r=felipe)
a8a547fb44a8bf92e2ad57a395fc50dcff47379aBill McCloskey — Bug 666801 - Use nsIWebProgress.isTopLevel attribute in browser code (r=felipe)
11260d91b2c8b54a1bb141dda05bbda8558d6797Bill McCloskey — Bug 666801 - Add DOMWindowID and isTopLevel to nsIWebProgress (r=smaug)
b25be40337874e6405825e937ff2af017a5ecca2Timothy Nikkel — Bug 863970. Remove some dead code in imagelib. r=seth
5d07eabd9a876afd2a98183958849dc7cf3e919fJeff Walden — Minor style fixes to ObjectImpl.h. No bug, r=sparky
8eac2a78a7918ad0bd4d7d05f529f2916d2eeb22Jeff Walden — Bug 858381 - Implement non-writable array lengths, and add a boatload of tests. r=jorendorff and r=bhackett for the major parts of this, r=jandem for the methodjit changes, r=jimb on a debugger test change, r=nmatsakis for the parallel test. (More details available in the bug, where individual components of the fix were separately reviewed.)
96509dd0406deeaacd1ba2b2bc7a8ab2b612e128Jeff Walden — Bug 864558 - Fix some minor issues with SMS sending and filtering. r=mounir, r=mrbkap taking into consideration a comment by bz
d3e73cfeb94cfea7e9d0818a5b02cb65aa1ad085Daniel Holbert — Bug 865396: Insert space between string literal and macro arg, to fix GCC 4.8 Wliteral-suffix build warning. r=sfink
1d23eecfc4b84f6a057b0f7ef3e1f28a0834203dAlexander Surkov — Bug 864646 - get rid nsARIAMap struct, r=tbsaunde
3255b8c57e83880bbff4db0a1bde611ca10e6384Boris Zbarsky — Bug 731746 part 4. When wrapping a JS-implemented webidl object, define the new object as a property on the implementing object. r=mccr8
b84fe2eb61381c7c2191644eb85166bae33c8882Boris Zbarsky — Bug 731746 part 3. Change JS-implemented webidl codegen to always invoke the parent constructor if there is a parent interface. r=mccr8
69ca7cb14709cd3da8f57b2f82ebebfb56473d36Boris Zbarsky — Bug 731746 part 2. Change JS-implemented webidl codegen to pass an nsPIDOMWindow, not an nsISupports, to the object constructor. r=mccr8
796d4d1042ba24bbe12a366ce1d463d3173c5cbbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 731746 part 1. Add a constructor on nsDOMEventTargetHelper that takes a window, for use by JS-implemented event targets. r=smaug
104e71fda7b901ffcd274f7d004f8ec4c921dbabNicholas Cameron — Bug 861636. Add some null checking to the ensure texture path and make EnsureTextureHost return void. r=nical
ab3495f72c8a9b15cf36a5fbd09a2beb966e8b46David Zbarsky — [Bug 864209] Remove Geolocation classinfo r=Ms2ger
0f87eee6f792aa65953a9e91b767d5e334f489edBrian Hackett — Bug 865192 - Remove unnecessary toPhi() coercion, r=dvander.
3ef3b7592a531825954d4930275c18c3e7ebf2e2Ginn Chen — Bug 861829 Fix symbol names of *stat on Solaris, make |dirent| work on Solaris r=dteller
064b6605f850da00d7b7e48ffd717ca877314cfcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 865004 - Disconnect the AudioNode from the graph before deleting it; r=bzbarsky
722048a0587b6dbef660dd9ae2431f0563aa191aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
c1f983b78f1625fee2d390906ea263bb94ea2f9eShu-yu Guo — Bug 861904. (r=sstangl)
e1255e1e6ad3e0656ba13bd60d3ef518b3794eceShu-yu Guo — Bug 858582 - Prevent callsite cloning of callsite clones. (r=bhackett)
00c0b12c29e1e673aaf3e1e5f002c75f2a2e617aSeth Fowler — Bug 863319 - Improve assertions in browser_image mochitest. r=joe
d3a6b7822cdbfe063f9cc75327adbd93abd64761Luke Wagner — Bug 857700 - Fix race condition in AsmJSMachExceptionHandler (r=vlad)
96a806212cacbe387dce7f657dc3a53cc98070e3Patrick McManus — bug 865314 dont restrict parallel ssl handshakes with unknown spdy state r=jduell
ba1bd4eccd7cac4c426bd8871cf6b1058cc01f18Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 865147 - Fix crash in nsContentUtils::ContentIsDescendantOf by checking parent of 'before' node, r=bz, feedback=Ms2ger
972fffa53784e55bff073a425877253d8ea9349aMatt Woodrow — Bug 863922 - Use the device pixel size of plugin IOSurfaces since layers handles resolution scaling already. r=BenWa
7badc495dbba633a464b7e7f109571b88f3a3ed5Bobby Holley — Bug 865260 - Use IsXrayWrapper rather than ObjectIsNativeWrapper in nsWindowSH. r=bz
681bbf7717c16100fd7e4f3891acb3215e303c81Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
52ecd5996151bd0c9b0e0924550a1aaec7976aa0Caio Lima — Bug 859818 - ConsoleAPIStorage.jsm tries to delete var-declared _consoleStorage; r=msucan
6353c5dfa86009e52254464c62227a2b7481c107Panos Astithas — Bug 864900 - The listTabs protocol request can fail if made immediately after a tab is closed; r=rcampbell
81309cf14f6116c22143282c1dbd684203b5df6bTim Taubert — Backed out changeset 95067eec6bde (bug 815120) for mochitest-bc failures
d25314aaf909cfa168f2f290ad8d3772e6762747Heather Arthur — Backed out changeset 26caa9ab5c35 for XPCShell test failure
26caa9ab5c35ad5c927dfa145a21ed7a22d10353Heather Arthur — Bug 816967 - Remotable Style Editor; r=dcamp
6b6e79e65b37f8566fa3c3263cd64025121ee177Sachin Hosmani — Bug 842780 - about:newaddon doesn't restrict size of the add-on's icon. r=Unfocused
95067eec6bde8b9bda3c5ffee106d8d7d90e95d8Martin Stransky — Bug 815120 - xpinstall.enabled=false still allows to install xpi via. addon search, r=bmcbride
690b5e0f6562fef80ae3bfadf33ad05e36fc0595Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
b00d40e2c2782f0eaa698f799a6ba11b1bb9c1cfLucas Rocha — cked out changesets 10bdfbe0195b and 06b0f332039d (bug 858687) because of Robocop failures (r=backout)
1f111af2d094967f9adffe31c2a7c6848413c653Lucas Rocha — Backed out changesets 10bdfbe0195b and 06b0f332039d (bug 858687) because of Robocop failures (r=backout)
885d57bf126f22487a9ba51961e39e7db0671950Tanvi Vyas — Bug 855730 - Add more logging and change the order back to the original order. Reordering should reduce the number of timeouts that spiked when we first changed the order. r=smaug
787287a94cc4f09bd71f3f40cc73babd7e66d5bdEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 089871cdaf1e (bug 865004) because of crashtest leaks on a CLOSED TREE
06b0f332039d9b16344cb154e03ca87766ec781bLucas Rocha — Bug 858687 - Rename browser_toolbar_menu.xml to browser_toolbar.xml (r=mfinkle)
10bdfbe0195b06b281745c35adc0b7d70f066bb7Lucas Rocha — Bug 858687/862755/860308 - Major simplification of browser toolbar layout (r=mfinkle)
fa0fd4f8992bb8f9b2f962dfaee16a4b86306e1aBobby Holley — Bug 862404 - Make nsCxPusher MOZ_CRASH if there's no stack. r=gabor
34cc4f6ad4a27282e63607a78b2f84c5f06ebfb4Brian R. Bondy — Bug 864733 - Removed unused code in modules/video.jsm. r=jimm
658cd8210aecf0ab0e27d9bed77c065152102092Jim Chen — Bug 860158 - Unset URL input type when entering search string for all IMEs. r=cpeterson
50e931146b0e5df6995687b720a40d45e36f58a2JosiahOne — Bug 425561 - Make all sidebars (Including inside Organizer) lighter and consistent. r=dao, ui-r=shorlander
089871cdaf1e9bc2b2b87978c71d8560cf00f3c8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 865004 - Disconnect the AudioNode from the graph before deleting it; r=bzbarsky
326bc44a0c070ef6f71e7a104c53927fd08f0e44Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset d38a000208e9 (bug 865361) for talos bustage.
64903706cf0c9583da20413f146d0cf47c98a23dMark Finkle — Bug 859994 - Remove the Marketplace promo from Fennec r=wesj
72b91a0ba3981526783cb05b3b06b32e920ca2bfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 864590. Assert that the object is not null when wrapping WebIDL objects. r=peterv
170c15712591d0db1a810e506d899a33db5dac6fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 862629 part 2. Remove the now-unused scope object bit in js-to-native conversions. r=peterv
9129688d03ded873225bc3b13ef01a653d5dc6faBoris Zbarsky — Bug 862629 part 1. Stop playing compartment games with WebIDL callbacks and just use the given object as-is. r=peterv
96803f97e1ee214f70544cb2db2b3d179e594063Boris Zbarsky — Bug 843264. Allow returning sequences of non-primitive types from callback methods. r=mccr8
be8219e1ae5faea153a52882dc21e08272a61d1aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 864535. Drop some comments from WebIDL proxy [[Delete]] implementations, since the spec has changed. r=waldo
c6a0fd976a434ee83a9a6a587632ffc6622e642aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 799816. Try to not have preload sheets (or other unreferenced sheets) hanging out in our mCompleteSheets hashtable. r=dbaron
f425624e8d8ee720cf8028c222aea6e857ea5bd2Olli Pettay — Bug 865076, follow the XPCOM rules when using parent pointer, r=mccr8
d38a000208e936dd14da653b6a2bfc28dc3320a9Joel Maher — Bug 865361 - deploy to print additional datazilla upload information to the log file. r=armenzg
7190f15f3f686d17d7c7c88115e227da4c51d0c0Brian Nicholson — Bug 865060 - Clean up threads in AboutHome views. r=lucasr
d73d6d6be727a9921322e41b369da20d045ecfd4Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 863852 - Part 2 - Handle reentrance in the state machine. r=smaug
36c5e72589bc8382722807f3da67a22c29f8b21bGuilherme Gonçalves — Bug 863852 - Part 1 - Log event and state names rather than codes. r=smaug
c0b61756db382f57bc00d255ceeb2d9c42bd3022Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 863813 - Only call the done function once per test, failure or success. r=smaug
d558c2172bcd44fed576892c3fcce5447cd0c6d7Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 858141 - Don't assert on EVENT_AUDIO_ERROR while on STATE_ESTIMATING. r=smaug
bed3081376ca3574d6d34632d3828c46617a6e32Marco Bonardo — Bug 863447 - Give mochitest-browser some time to complete off main thread work when nsGlobalWindows appear leaked
0172e653051da67f18b98584176e7227413b55bfBrian Nicholson — Bug 863803 - Part 2: Remove unneccesary call to hideAboutHome(). r=lucasr
ff6868ca54261e706914c7c15012a52f124567b8Brian Nicholson — Bug 863803 - Part 1: Prevent multiple AboutHome fragments from being created after restore. r=lucasr
0921c42708f22ed87e554a1bc8573b8ec5a55876Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 861138: Remove landscape resources for browser-toolbar. [r=mfinkle]
e38bf6995ed598df0e4c67acc2c2428fee492598Mike Hommey — Bug 865106 - Remove allocator mismatch when freeing asprintf allocated buffers. r=kats
194300c339f42c71b869c73a296bb19daa28b325Mike Hommey — Bug 864262 - Allow to do 32-bits linux builds in x86-64 mock environments. r=ted
3e5f40224bc8712363e5583aaa7b326b1b7cf071Eitan Isaacson — Bug 865026 - Added option for output notification. r=davidb
d7a0a407d1ce0ee1b774961a365aafda1ad7d7d5Chris Peterson — Bug 864339 - Fix "New Private Tab" crash when unzipping a bitmap resource. r=glandium
f87f14e8949faf0c40f219aeeacc00784f011918Eitan Isaacson — Bug 864858 - Hold a reference to utterance before nsSpeechTask goes away in DispatchEndImpl() r=smaug
5eeaecafb9896020e3ed7d9fc8ae41f6967322bbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864709 - Part 2: Protect accesses to AudioNodeEngine::mNode using a lock; r=padenot
4e929e5050330a207e2abfbde5a0a32d4834ac84Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 864709 - Part 1: Hold a strong reference to the AudioNodeStream before calling ProduceOutput on it; r=padenot
450bbfd4853294add45914ac881139565a94b89eDavid Keeler — bug 549697 - add click-to-play plugin UI to the addon manager r=unfocused r=jaws
a4fc2d70eade2cd8b6b330b3fc83abc4a6338677Mats Palmgren — Bug 844178 - Make RecomputePosition adjust the CB size as ViewportFrame::Reflow does. r=tn
684a5ca2efb747fb525ea25b4b6b948cee031396Chris Lord — Bug 858969 - Refactor dynamic toolbar so page is offset and not overlapped. r=kats,nrc
e7ea557a28eff3b10f7515640e8285e963fcdcb9Dave Hylands — Bug 865255 - Fix regression in sdcard availability detections. r=dougt
07e17dd7813b59c14c73516f480dfb37fcfd28e9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
954208eefab10bf77ae65cdf98e50039ed074690Justin Wood — Bug 862431 - Please upload new emulator to tooltool. r=jgriffin
93f79ae43c2ae189263ea0cc17cc83688608ca61Ethan Hugg — Bug 863833 - WebRTC - AddTrack only when AddStream successful r=abr
b0268b65bc46e27bd32b249989d2f0416c2b08f3Margaret Leibovic — Bug 860759 - Don't treat pinned sites as bookmarks unless they are bookmarks. r=bnicholson
9219b3b1edda24851fd7184840553f6ae955ea79Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4b7de1f2b4a0 (bug 856079) for various test failures.
52127bafd50b98ba21f8c492ed76ef27a52c8f3fScott Johnson — Bug 857324: Make column set reflow continue without balancing rather than restarting if computed height is exceeded. [r=mats]
54f8a705866dd954772716f7efb619d2f4e7569bTill Schneidereit — Bug 856246 - support specifying thread count in jit-test metalines. r=terrence
27478e07af9d5f54f90a03c72c0bdec46ca3068aTill Schneidereit — Bug 851788 - prevent jsd_SetExecutionHook from operating on self-hosted functions. r=jimb
29e36db5046ac2558542c1f40b7cfeeece16bd82Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 864788 - Add fuzzing to test 784573-1.html. DONTBUILD r=ajones
4b7de1f2b4a0d7a21dda516d22143b5d8b6f4d7eNicolas Silva — Bug 856079 - Merge ShadowLayer and LayerComposite (keeping the later). r=nrc
979da3f33fa32edc4a858833e01b0aaa91fd1b91Paul Adenot — Bug 864164 followup - Also send the params to the stream when setting the buffer. r=ehsan
05cec405039374656a75bae5ff9019fd60510beeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864164 - Part 2: Send the AudioBufferSourceNode buffer parameter changes to the stream; r=padenot
fb4ab26a49de8979c2e4348379b5c464596c0a1eJon Coppeard — Bug 861887 Review comments for prev patch r=bholley
87ddae234edccf58f7d589a3633d9137bfcb9fb8Henri Sivonen — Bug 856374 - Check if output string is empty when serializing. r=smaug.
c3e362c2769c7bf45826eaeac214834633d610e7Jim Mathies — Bug 864948 - Disable pgo and don't link to dynamic win runtime and glue libs when building metrotestharness. r=glandium
08ebffd7bc4d137dc97cddd2d55b184d21f59200Nicolas Silva — Bug 863324 - Rename PLayers into PLayerTransaction, r=jrmuizel
1da0e5f7528f553fc7aab010fc6522aa031a57afAndrea Marchesini — Bug 864747 - Optional<T&> should be able to receive a value in the constructor. r=bz
ea697909f4f29edec02e911294679b95d39529f7Tetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 864097 - Use String.startsWith/contains instead of regexp in browser.js. r=kats, r=mfinkle
45228f2c64f9c7b6dcee381e852cb13e26b38193Felix S. Klock II — Bug 863234 - Fix inlineDump handling for MParDump. r=nmatsakis
143986e6bd90ee8f31ecf3d939fa891249f3ca34Daniel Trebbien — Bug 861217 - Add tests for scrollWidth on a table data TD cell in a fixed-layout table. r=bz
12700c8a83551e9c2bec301268e89d31eefa2ec5Kushagra Sinha — Bug 858482 - Test cases. r=khuey, r=dteller
a9fa331e7a0fe0483f8f9de15fc8fc851454c58dKushagra Sinha — Bug 858482 - Expose macro DEBUG to OS.Constants. r=khuey, r=dteller
677a2e675dd9e6ffdc360cb9874acfbca73f00c0Cykesiopka — Bug 645402 - Remove ToInteger() workarounds in mozilla-central. r=bz
4bba65656e46e524aa4eb9ff27a95b86af65a999Jan de Mooij — Bug 858551 part 2 - Optimize calls from Ion to Baseline code. r=djvj
781a47680e34f39facde9a397d7d2c2e4765c6acJon Coppeard — Bug 864002 - IonMonkey: Assertion failure: (ptrBits & 0x7) == 0, at ./dist/include/js/Value.h:733... r=djvj
c307cb8bffec6ff6389cc64cfef648edb33617ecJon Coppeard — Bug 860145 - IonMonkey: Add support for ArgumentsObject r=nbp
da6a56be2e050d677edc2cd15cfdca8be7d1be86Jon Coppeard — Bug 861887 - GC: Rooting in XrayWrapper.cpp - part 2 r=bholley
5e96a99f7c5dacc73d017d61e08e877ff9082fbdJon Coppeard — Bug 861887 - GC: Rooting in XrayWrapper.cpp - part 1 r=terrence
233f42abf005885675622decfd19712ff71f957cJon Coppeard — Bug 861912 - GC: Remove use of AUTO_MARK_JSVAL in XPConnect r=bholley
dff116662296a26dfdd9ac2ef49f7476ad85d899Jon Coppeard — Bug 864748 - Avoid accessing uninitialized data when calling a getter r=bholley
cc71d4d9955538c85c791f664c183fd4b93d736aJon Coppeard — Bug 864738 - Shell crashes when run with GC zeal 10,1 from command line r=billm
1065d2c7fd37106d09b5aab55a8eda530903c792Robert O'Callahan — Bug 834835. Part 4: Test basic MediaStreamTrack functionality. r=jesup
fed72d279071f52843a91437c948eb895f81f4b8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 834835. Part 3: Implement DOMMediaStream::GetAudio/VideoTracks. r=jesup
86a8ca51e8471f77a0f3d6c52d5d06d8a6f76ed3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 834835. Part 2: Make DOMMediaStream maintain a list of MediaStreamTrack objects. r=jesup
925d5b6c917130f83634f3ea9d5ee71f98ce6c80Robert O'Callahan — Bug 834835. Part 1: Add initial AudioStreamTrack/VideoStreamTrack/MediaStreamTrack interfaces and implementations. r=jesup
756845df58498845a082ff229a61c35d973265afRobert O'Callahan — Bug 786539. Part 3: Reenable test on Windows. r=cpearce
3d8b98f8a48c8aea581cce313fe319d299e86796Robert O'Callahan — Bug 786539. Part 2: AreAllStreamsForResourceSuspended should ignore streams that can't read the resource data we need. r=cpearce
8668a6b76ef266ed19df79da94cfb4bc9f6497a4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 786539. Part 1: When receiving an HTTP 416 in response to a seek, tell the media cache that we reached the end of the resource. r=cpearce
7ab7562be0e6807e7397a6ef94fbd6ade001d0e8Jonathan Watt — Bug 864772 - Stop calling nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds in nsSVGDisplayContainerFrame::RemoveFrame, and use DLBI instead. r=mattwoodrow
c2d5b7337a7e646275b654f941aae51bf6b1df43Jonathan Watt — Bug 864771 - Stop calling nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds in DoApplyRenderingChangeToTree, and use DLBI instead. r=mattwoodrow
8aa8f6474bf9521a7a2592c4f3a743d77a2a2355Jonathan Watt — Bug 864770 - Stop calling nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds in nsSVGEffects code, and use DLBI instead. r=mattwoodrow
0959792784269e499314da64eec12e503951f68cEd Morley — Bug 864694 - Remove the string "Assertion failure:" from jsreftest summaries to avoid TBPL false positives; r=terrence
cf7a4852d99b48a1747f82288c74520bf2d3e234Jonathan Kew — bug 864115 - [android] add some default fonts for Korean, to reduce the chance of getting an inappropriate fallback. r=blassey
1541b06b7a6ba69c4a9d52809f6fcd049f647b5dMakoto Kato — Bug 857957 - Use Endian.h for byte swap. f=nfroyd, r=jfkthame, r/sr=bsmedberg
1c5977e8d52f485243a8d409138c2037f3572293Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 856917 (part 2) - Add a test for "?file=" loading in about:memory. r=jlebar.
0b2c39985587efd2ea3f772c277942e3a4693aeeNicholas Nethercote — Bug 856917 (part 1) - Improve about:memory's functional UI. r=kats.
d13fc07e67afaf4320078f5954de3a3ea3c30596Robert O'Callahan — Bug 860524. Remove hacky (and buggy) pseudo-destruction of DisplayItemClips created by GetCurrentClip; ensure that they're all destroyed properly when the arena goes away, by tracking them explicitly in nsDisplayListBuilder. r=mattwoodrow
fad77e38f79e2db7a8e9406acc98bfa88ecce0ecShu-yu Guo — Bug 863505 - Disallow unbound name ops in self-hosted code. (r=till)
787e5340d7afdd8579d77d5ccebcf72a0871d944David Zbarsky — Bug 861729 - Remove nsPIDOMWindow::mDocument r=Ms2ger
95262d6936423d885c738e4481679e457f6ff9f8David Zbarsky — Bug 861729 - Remove nsPIDOMWindow::GetExtantDocument r=Ms2ger
96c0eae610a29d7cffa7581f1e54018368fd26edPhil Ringnalda — Back out e64522db8661 (bug 863288) for robocop-1 hangs
bfe45fd605f8920010bd99c2156678704d1d51b5Masayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.9 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.key on Gonk r=smaug+mwu
c85f2e0fad49f6f5e61fde58ebd0deb87d94841eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.8 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.key on Qt r=smaug+romaxa
2c7dc9880f78cf6cb51affa4f380226c18645addMasayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.7 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.key on Android r=smaug+cpeterson
e8e2a7e4ab5fd0936acffe937f7d9c4dccd2dc4fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.6 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.key on GTK r=smaug+karlt
e4b70c31bc9e19ee0f1ea616c61111ab874c9c95Masayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.5 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.key on Cocoa r=smaug+smichaud
fb7e97b09d0dd31ad276e577552ca1e2f7600750Masayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.4 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.key on Windows (Metro) r=smaug+jimm
32c3d5e2fa51dbb93da6ef2c7d88a516942573d8Masayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.3 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.key on Windows (Desktop) r=smaug+jimm
fa3bdd9232fc293902b2a728ed5f2516a6070396Masayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.2 Make convertion table from native keycode to DOM key name index r=smaug+cpeterson+romaxa+smichaud+jimm+karlt+mwu
97fea0af174d9630bad8dc9e777d1b9aa7b28262Masayuki Nakano — Bug 842927 part.1 Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.key r=smaug, sr=smaug
1d6d1136ee15221ac93b01e82172e28a4db48991Masayuki Nakano — Bug 857820 part.4 Remove debug flag for blink r=dbaron
b5679169643d8912864cb6512973594f18494f74Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f31e6ad99dfe (bug 857324) for Android reftest-3 failures.
e63dfc0d3607ba495093fd8dab9276b098a6885bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
12b4820314691fa5d842782723148f5dee1368bdPaolo Amadini — Bug 832672 - Downloads Panel gives no indication or feedback on missing files. r=mak ui-r=shorlander
5c7e9f21c920b379142d785aba4c141217198704Daniel Holbert — Bug 864899: Remove unused static helper-function "Warn()" from PeerConnectionImpl.cpp, to fix build warning. r=jib
e64522db8661d713d1af37abff87997d0128317cChris Peterson — Bug 863288 - Add sanity checks and error logging for bitmap decoding. r=mfinkle
2f839f4b2f3218e29bb39989dcb4912249af23aeGarrett Robinson — Bug 863878 - The CSP logging from bug 821877 should go to the new Security Pane in the Web Console. r=bzbarsky r=ddahl
659fa167a6bba070697efdd0fa81bbe3d8d66074Brian Hackett — Bug 862103 - Split GuardShapeOrType into GuardShape and GuardObjectType, r=dvander.
5e085a3192ffea088775528f91261fd6aedc63d8Geoff Brown — Bug 844239 - Specify character encoding in robocop test files; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
75648b269697496c8e84b20900e76d0350ac435bBrian Nicholson — Bug 703564 - Improve the crash reporter. r=mfinkle
295b11e2ee6f73fa50d8faa0d82839f8c9f96fe4Jim Mathies — Bug 863748 - Add subframe text input selection tests. r=rsilveira
d51a9c4ebf3aa110c361f19834b4006b3dd7968cJim Mathies — Bug 863748 - Add subframe text area selection tests. r=rsilveira
4dab39869e57dc37c8ebb86b2628f035aebc33e1Jim Mathies — Bug 863748 - Move some misc. test files down in ./res, and disable metro plugin tests due to timeouts. r=mbrubeck
5ad359f31b905b8020940c25622436d3ab3c3a0dJim Mathies — Bug 864761 - Remove old debug build check from two tests. r=mbrubeck
812da2a6d2f87a3d100537006fddf3460d510cddMargaret Leibovic — Bug 857661 - Don't let the user pin a blank top site url. r=wesj
9cd4b8d02649cad70588fbe027b8bc0d56a20ad6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 847834 - Avoid NPEs in BrowserApp.onActivityResult(). r=wesj
b5b63beb5249033207acb0e54ee3e1397205139dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 858994 - Wrap user-entered pinned site search/URLs in a special URI. r=rnewman
c62f4690d4d3f4dbacd0145bc3f0fc213f7b6f2fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 858994 - Migrate bad pinned bookmark URIs. r=rnewman
649497c7a2e97d8b6733135cd1b3191ef23ee65bLuke Wagner — Bug 864872 - OdinMonkey: protect all the code pages on Windows (r=sstangl)
789256edc44a126976dbf93e855772df81b42d63Nathan Froyd — Bug 781702 - silence warning spew from nsXBLProtoImplMethod.cpp; r=bz
f31e6ad99dfe23a6d6d317f0c5ece7b462598c60Scott Johnson — Bug 857324: Make column set reflow continue without balancing rather than restarting if computed height is exceeded. [r=mats]
39b0b62b8cd2cb5f8fc07fd2a3c1acb71e4716c3John Schoenick — Bug 863792 - Test. r=josh
557f1cfca69cbd232776947f0d18343517e6b1b6John Schoenick — Bug 863792 - Handle re-entry during plugin instantiation. r=josh
9844a2fe0f46a62da9c5476725a763e354ab8d93John Schoenick — Bug 854082 - Cleanup plugin frame ownership, prevent losing our frame due to re-entrance. r=bsmedberg
2db093c411a51fdc08342b10bb4804c9cc550e06John Schoenick — Bug 854082 - Restore SetFrame(null) call to avoid instance owners pointing to dead frames. r=bsmedberg
8f1599c9c715511d198e45bdc8272fbf5f823716John Schoenick — Bug 854082 - Test. r=bsmedberg
e03057b8c8ca2ae635e99e1dc39cab174e63ca06John Schoenick — Bug 854082 - Attribute bug 621618 assertions to the proper test. r=gfritzsche
faafe91695d97fa54cff7d34fab0ea0dcd827b5cBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 418615 - Neuter the code which tries to reframe existing plugin instances when navigator.plugins.refresh(true) is called. Instead, only scan for new plugins, unload unused plugins. The DOM code will continue to refresh the current page which calls navigator.plugins.refresh(true). r=jschoenick sr=bz
bc935b861f48ffa4fb91da4af7b8509e552bdf72Brian Hackett — Bug 864216 - Allow generating IonScriptCounts for asm.js compiled functions, r=luke.
fef5f202b2dc612585184e214fe9ebfc2e2748acRyan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
9a8232d88dc4272613a69c5fe5d60e5922925b78Bill McCloskey — Bug 860885 - Turn off Chromium IPC [debug] spew (r=glandium)
55f7505902597229a4af764555def7fb06830b73Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
35f98c472fb1c715e17ad8be968fad00816c6133Raul — Bug 846360 - Fix build error on older clang versions on mac. r=jrmuizel
22b4a153b3c53aa7a49383f1a09ca5b460981cffBenoit Girard — Bug 788022 - Bustage fix for ANDROID define on a CLOSED TREE. r=bustage
24644ba49ce594832745a12100734573a8e94d9aDouglas Crosher — Bug 863725 - Fix an IonSpew format string typo in Baseline IC. r=jandem
068fa0fc90642854c2e82d6e6d295408ab7bdea1Douglas Crosher — Bug 814179 - Optimize BC ARM JSOP_URSH for a double type result. r=jandem
8e57ba27d6dd53136fd239d024af0333c900d498Chris Peterson — Bug 863103 - Add BackgroundService.runIntentInService() utility method. r=rnewman
de74564a8bf371937b5b512c0ec494a402c61bdeVasil Dimov — Bug 860827 - Add unit tests for ReadSysFile(). r=dhylands, r=BenWa
f7526aecfa5b6b24dc6b9c5ea40667f2c13c1fd4Chris Peterson — Bug 863804 - Fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings in NunboxAssembler.h. r=dvander
d715a456d2cc49f3931871c2847c319db2fd20abChris Peterson — Bug 863804 - Fix -Wsign-compare warning in MacroAssemblerARM::transferMultipleByRunsImpl(). r=dvander
8f39ea436f1dd8240682b5e8d7459833aed4592eYura Zenevich — Bug 811307 - [PATCH 2/2] [AccessFu] Add mochitest for enabling. Tear-down bits by MarcoZ. r=eeejay r=marcoz
6915e00b6d62c8d7b58c55d3e3ad69e7b5a4b4faYura Zenevich — Bug 811307 - [PATCH 1/2] added AccessFu.detach method. Also made necessary changes to cleanly disable/enable and attach/detach AccessFu. r=eeejay r=marcoz
f27428a02d7b4f65d29f81e0e5f736f37d96d169Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 864613 - Take the dynamics compressor node's input chunk volume into account; r=padenot
e5f8c65894da148f3ef95e22a57f8a7ab510ed88Sid Stamm — bug 761667 - update x-frame-options channel scanning to include multipart channels. (r=bz)
ef755a443f3c74a838ac5d18e6544c0ce4600154Wes Johnston — Bug 835456 - Cleanup whitespace. r=mfinkle
950e522a79379e20e58997a7a50d3126db9ee885Scott Johnson — Bug 836568: Add a delay between when the user finishes a pinch gesture and when the reflow happens for reflow-on-zoom to prevent buildup of successive reflow events. [r=kats]
f8077e8edd44d68177aa90d969733562d916de4cAaron Klotz — Bug 744836: Adds null checks for mEventTarget in nsTimerImpl. r=bsmedberg
42f859a219d647f6bc5b297add90ca31ae59a737Benoit Girard — Bug 788022 - Add support for dalvik profiling. r=snorp,kats
57af1961439a359356a05b391cf8d29a8783e34aJustin Lebar — Bug 864527 - Convert a static nsRefPtr to static StaticRefPtr in GonkHal. r=mounir
3c0e77a706f47a2b2a337a1de0e67e497d462190Wes Johnston — Bug 853456 - Walk up DOM tree to find target of links. r=mfinkle
8a4e38fbd3f7f2b63ff7fa252137bdacde7e6d71Andrew McCreight — Bug 863766 - crash when destroying a JSContext with outstanding requests. r=luke
7722c041120eb107db0401aa45910d833cf04fe3Bobby Holley — Bug 860494 - Move the named property check further down in XrayWrapper. r=bz
986c25861d1f7ace6314492340a8c2ff4ef7b786Bobby Holley — Bug 860494 - Check for native properties before checking named children on XOWs. r=bz
936188849dfaa1f65780d932285e29eb269ce51eBobby Holley — Bug 860494 - Clarify the semantics of XrayTraits::resolveOwnProperty. r=bz
89701e65d892d39435dced49b5907a0d46806507Bobby Holley — Bug 860494 - Make resolveNativeProperty a virtual instance method in XrayTraits like resolveOwnProperty. r=bz
25d6b99f826f3aeb81a6e4bc6de3571f3dd28c3cGeoff Brown — Bug 863752 - Avoid TypeError in; r=jmaher DONTBUILD
4c26b1674a6e7d15c916d807d441b31d0b80d73bDaniel Holbert — Bug 862947: Use cb height instead of width for vertical margins & padding on flex items, even when they're a reflow root (e.g. for measuring reflow states). r=mats
34d00e20ff2da3d871f9c380f77fb9389521831dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 864518 - HTMLMediaElement::mAudioChannelAgent not declared to CC, r=bz
bf0ce90f9f19a44657b17655c921c0e01242e6eeTom Schuster — Bug 856477 - Root rest of XPComponents. r=bholley,terrence
f7a68bd7148c8b0045c1a206c318ea8108fcc992Tom Schuster — Bug 862834 - Root mozJSComponentLoader. r=bholley,terrence
bd3be96f70fe63f4955540884f124320e85bf5d1Sam Foster — Bug 864762 - Fix bad CrossSlide check which is breaking existing tiles tests. r=jimm
aa0d00ea2c5f660f3fb3bdbe9244ba474fee8d83Sam Foster — Bug 864706 - Fix calls to CrossSlide.Handle's cancel to provide event param. r=jimm
61711e1aab0cb1ff2d066682ec35c1e534787927Seth Fowler — Bug 854287 - Don't send partial invalidations for images which have already been decoded. r=joe
bb028a52ffe3da8d3a4beaac0de7cab6a441ba6aJoe Drew — Bug 855923 - Set the multithreaded image decoding thread pool's idle thread limit in addition to the regular thread limit. r=seth
4002c6963c4e3838def10e2fa8bd1a21b6008578Marco Bonardo — Bug 748894 follow-up - increase menu-button dropmarker clickable area.
1706d6e0514b8a1f4ec24106898131f41fcc5057Marco Bonardo — Bug 748894 - Move the bookmark star button outside of the location bar.
18bd842b2897fe0eda5e923449624a024c93500dJonathan Watt — Bug 863634 - Update the position of the thumb for <input type=range> when script uses .value, .valueAsNumber, .stepUp() or .stepDown(). r=mounir
2e589018543e6a967699bc166f18d6641a751cb1Jim Mathies — Bug 864428 - Don't call hideContextUI in startup and tear down test helpers as it can cause random test timeouts. r=bbondy
21bfc7e0effd0c538d27f7eb3d0952bf5f9494b4Jim Mathies — Bug 863739 - Add text input selection related mochitests. r=rsilveira
854986de615aa18a70faaecaac13fe21c1a822afJim Mathies — Bug 864533 - test helper addTab should use pageShowPromise. r=sfoster
e220c750ec35aaf66e8618fbc7f7a2f1ce6fae29Jim Mathies — Bug 862054 - Update bounds utility methods in SelectionHandler to properly calculate offsets for form inputs in sub frames. r=bbondy
29100949293dc87fc8167a4bdd5674d0113c7d84Jim Mathies — Bug 862054 - Get rid of ElementTouchHelper and our custom elementFromPoint function. r=mbrubeck
31d99490ea46c2c6ea80fa12187b000d8b63d841Jim Mathies — Bug 862054 - Move translateToTopLevelWindow to Util. r=bbondy
08a750afe46f5f525ca8cf461d3bf6db26e5b5d8Chris AtLee — Bug 838321: Use b2g manifests for panda/unagi builds. r=rail
9c69d844032ec88744c6eb5d1e9eca24729b2ffeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864609 - Take the panner node's input chunk volume into account; r=padenot
1bc4280c4c0adaa7773815e65ffe5aff140c7e6dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864606 - Take the gain node's input chunk volume into account when we have automation events for changing the gain value; r=padenot
a4ab443b1eb19bd9ef1dabcea5f215f55c4a11cfEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864605 - Take the input chunk's volume into account in the nodes that buffer their input; r=padenot
d8202613aaea2d07176f9f3c2a7c61cc5aa37f07Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services
8e70086dd0066b0b8eb5c236439a22506e4ec773Amod Narvekar — Bug 757351 - Sync uses deprecated octal literals. r=rnewman
0240c846ca7ab4328566b0cca8274440d4942cc9Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services-central
dc39bcc19bd99bb4c269d1a54b7802e766b64650Gregory Szorc — Bug 861455 - Ensure all providers are loaded during important operations; r=rnewman
1d7e8dace4d5c84f92b2f5d91cbb1f57e9a68a3cGregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into services
8699a960a0d71ae2dcf187a8280281cdd73ab461Richard Newman — Bug 859920 - Some TPS tests failed when running using mozilla-central build. r=trivial
8b1a7228674af2f0470f2fbe3c52f69fe78b5e58Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
5a12236dba8571a77112a3b12170c9bc3090c3abFelix S. Klock II — Bug 862932 - Fix inlineUnsafeSetTypedArrayElement to match other inlined array ops. r=nmatsakis
9dff432b752103947a83341d2ffaf346927a9e86Felix S. Klock II — Date: Wed Apr 17 18:54:12 2013 +0200
8a391f846c42b04996367690a59d54d6eb210c28Felix S. Klock II — Bug 862921 - Generalize AssertSequentialIsOK logic and improve its message. r=nmatsakis
13aa5e23f951ec57478751b0cf3649730cd4ea0fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864351 - Hold on to a SelfReference for ScriptProcessorNodes to make sure that they won't go away prematurely if they're used as source nodes; r=padenot
e5320348d5d75eddf827b3370405c22babcc4c7dAdrian Tamas — Bug 864280 - Robocop BaseTest cleanup. r=gbrown
2e822e8396c2dbeab342b1d5ce36fc7a3ae1bde0Brandon Waterloo — Bug 862117 - Move CSS rule classes relevant to image documents for cursor appearance (zoom in / zoom out) into layout/style/ImageDocument.css. r=roc, r=jaws
40a9300f1200628ef558bbf7a69cc91bd49e561cDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 858723 - Fix _fdmsg test in async OS.File. r=froydnj
7c44612d9ceacc08323b8345dc30d4894aaa26afSimon Montagu — Followup to bug 151407: use GetDir() on the root element. r=bz
118b45dac29f0ca0e812911ba6166e5aaf48e5f2Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 864519 - Several Netmonitor tests fail when ECMAScript Internationalization API is enabled, r=vporof
c3a204a6b498f941dade66e2d9b47fb1d83e86aaBrian Hackett — Merge from mozilla-inbound
63788e2eb007acbda2ce20cd1a16f9bdd69f46f9Brian Hackett — Merge from mozilla-inbound
9aff2a52d88b0215e9a6045714b00ba328efb7f5Brian Hackett — Bug 863518 - Consider types added by loop body when unboxing OSR values, r=dvander.
c946f7a3939716cdcce47255ff6ff6ae20363215Brian Hackett — Bug 861419 - Add comment, r=dvander.
2a32d0f08dea4143473718027f67776fc9a3f092Brian Hackett — Bug 863439 - Use BoxInputsPolicy for MUnbox.
11b64221636b72bf2c803f146e81ee960cabf47fBrian Hackett — Merge from mozilla-inbound.
53dede16a03faa22cc6e401776e96bca6c7296d4Brian Hackett — Bug 862184 - Don't check for extra parallel array bailouts if --no-baseline or --baseline-eager are used.
844053735e04dd797e511fd453cacdcdc4be0535Brian Hackett — Bug 862103 - Address review comments, r=jandem.
7bc766400b8117129e862eb8b9227d89ea301e18Brian Hackett — Bug 804676 - Address review comments, r=dvander.
ae6a2cf914f7f4b964c9dc265cf3c11e149fb49eBrian Hackett — Bug 862699, bug 862708 - Fix a couple of fuzz bugs.
d746d516bf55420ebc686f206164973e2d791913Brian Hackett — Bug 862103 - Various benchmark performance fixes.
cb36ad241f80bfceabfef7c03e97e18000e8fe8aBrian Hackett — Merge m-i to ionmonkey
75ff34ead9fca46a2def4628f01b3e9bafe6459cBrian Hackett — Bug 861439 - Add type barriers when reading from undefined properties of singleton objects.
a8d0317c24c10ca62ad112914f77016472b4b217Brian Hackett — Bug 861419 - Consider values in prototype when reading global names during Ion compilation.
79f78c194329eefadfffdd122e33007317a3e5e0Brian Hackett — Bug 804676 - Fix various fuzz bugs.
ee14945b452c669ded1d6cabe7b51c12ec722ec1Brian Hackett — Bug 804676 - Remove dependence of Ion compilation on ScriptAnalysis::analyzeTypes.
a97e447e504f88417139c683f4aa16121104a5bfMats Palmgren — Bug 855898 - Limit ProcessChildren recursion depth to avoid exhausting stack space and crashing. r=bzbarsky
b806ca8faf502d17337197325e53f149a836b0e2Mats Palmgren — Bug 863120 - Make #include header files for layout things it uses. r=surkov
cb2cfeb30fde81d10a5a53572a1a1b04bad9c8dcMats Palmgren — Bug 858459 - Ignore clicks that have no target content or frame to avoid dispatching it to the document that the pres shell otherwise does. r=smaug
45cfff9c781f01852a9b313338d5c66c5d456e5eSimone Carletti — Bug 863169 - Add GitHub Pages to PSL. r=gerv.
ed5ef73d646e904216dcdff8bd25b378c828669bSimone Carletti — Bug 859234 - Add AWS Elastic Beanstalk to PSL. r=gerv.
7712c68becc6bd4abdcd0a87460dad3c97ed458cJon Coppeard — Bug 864046 - GC: Almost the last rooting fixes in XPConnect - part 2 r=bholley
5b9533763879f4ed20932573e1ba24beb18d39a0Jon Coppeard — Bug 864046 - GC: Almost the last rooting fixes in XPConnect - part 1 r=bholley
cbf65101089e22dbffaaabd654b1e4ed7ed8837eJon Coppeard — Bug 863767 - GC: Rooting for XPCCallContext r=bholley
aa442c0ebfb229e8cce48d2726faba742f79b489Jon Coppeard — Bug 863289 - GC: Continue the rooting of XPConnect r=bholley
3fb99a9ab106d18da2e8050bc1d391e213337d3aJan Beich — Bug 864013 - Let internal libevent use kqueue/kevent with gcc_hidden.h. r=glandium
5dc7a73fee0558be6d71d4fe8695f687d6da98baJan Beich — Bug 864013 - Add libevent config for BSDs. r=landry
5de9e9db23c570c7135c14353ddb818640c19a25Georg Fritzsche — Bug 848237 - Let IPDL generate runtime aborts for constructor failures in child processes. r=bsmedberg
424ddd76303b4d2fb7a5faf972d6714323c9e86cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
761a78c8ab0306c58b88eb5fef5f434e0cb11cf6Josh Matthews — Bug 864775 - Fix for test failures.
4676b8c35f46cf69769d289ec364983594e9b082Josh Matthews — Bug 864775 - Build fix.
86018e20f5c88e38688dcd574ce5d06c27dc9ce5Josh Matthews — Bug 864775 - Build fix for wrapper API changes between 18 and m-c.
5a62b421e490742fa54cff76c1d0d3380d355e3bJosh Matthews — Bug 864775 - Use unwrapped content window object to determine compartment when creating new ArrayBuffers for use by content from TCPSocket. r=bz
2bd159c2257df6b195d5a11d31966eaffeaa260cReuben Morais — Bug 855556 - Stop sending contacts if the child process is dead. r=gwagner
5a10c10a4a09f6579e7c30e5986527ea99171c8aAntonio M. Amaya — Bug 864399 - Save the pref file after each localID. r=fabrice
c6c552b873a2764071c76ca120c38567e91de736Ed Morley — Merge with mozilla-central
1071ca655e43ab8be7da42762200857f50e0cf1eDave Hylands — Bug 860934 - Use relative paths when handling device storage r=dougt
591caa6e37af1ad075bb2dbcc2101cbbfbb380c0Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
45829ebfd8f4d74e9275a33e2b60499334c53f85J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 843187 - Variables view: going down through the properties via keyboard is really broken, r=vporof
0efd2a5edfc85666264cffaa96410e0bc885993esinduja ramaraj — Bug 586125 - "Copy", "Select All", etc. popup menu item in the Web Console displays keyboard shortcuts; r=msucan
9a35bbea86c707d08199920e06678e8f99937ed2Joe Walker — Bug 854948 - GCLI context.environment.contentDocument points to doc from when GCLI first opened; r=mratcliffe
7e4501974b5be152de4c3ea0dff61f11b9f94cd7Eddy Bruel — Bug 851836 - breakpoints[aLocation.line] is undefined after bug 820012; r=past
6bb651b07ae10ecf2ab8e20adf9f35a76f61110bPanos Astithas — Bug 862142 - remote debugger doesn't find any sources for simulator on nightly; r=vporof,msucan
070edc4c07a658c712767636ccd959463d3b1659Avinash Kundaliya — Bug 858916 - Switch-to-tab does not work on always private browsing mode. r=Unfocused,f=jdm
80a8d5d7db4679ebba26db9963b63b0a16f9eed9Sachin Hosmani — Bug 851242 - Opening the Add-ons Manager via the -chrome command line switch doesn't load add-on list correctly. r=Unfocused
3aec95d8421727e2f59b3c1b6fe11cbd8292f4afVictor Porof — Bug 864176 - Details pane should remember its height when docked on the right, r=rcampbell
ca1f0cbdff3643e7eb5fe1d2cd68d99c19cc858cVictor Porof — Bug 860175 - On netmonitor examining the specific details of a network action leads to bad overlapping display, r=rcampbell
aa620f3fc2f7116e6fad91915cb273160a2f5f0aMatthew Noorenberghe — Bug 841967 - Use for the popup notification security delay since it's monotonically increasing. r=dolske
fe2fb8ee87801c32ab9a41c98a0cedf70a488d3eTrevor Saunders — bug 809338 - fixup test
7da9a210f36594d1459d48d1edd7b79a8aa7a2efTrevor Saunders — bug 809338 - don't flatten optgroups r=surkov
a6639d6743db4bfbb88e25214e466243bd8ad64aMats Palmgren — Bug 730441 - Fix null-pointer crash in nsTreeContentView::SetTree(). r=tnikkel
352ceffb0d9ebe96eb8d976789e45a4647a6b50fMats Palmgren — Bug 730441 - Fix null-pointer crash in nsTreeColumns::RestoreNaturalOrder(). r=tnikkel
b17e0eb827c0d866e31875c9823768b1866cf8cbSimon Montagu — Change tests that depended on the behaviour before bug 151407 was fixed, r=Ms2ger
f3165dffa51cadd94d094486619226ff24f38959Simon Montagu — Fix document.dir getters and setters to (a) work and (b) conform to HTML5. Bug 151407, r=ehsan
59691d48243e05138a9cfcaf427356387b8563f8Ralph Giles — Bug 864544 - Make HTMLMediaElement::mPlayed a cycle collected nsRefPtr. r=cpearce,smaug
7b495fe61ee49e5580dbbd7aa7cdd1260ac46d84Nicholas Cameron — Bug 863968. Don't unbind frame buffer if we didn't composite. r=bjacob
019a9c42ce2e7362ec61bc79e33fc828621a2acbBill McCloskey — Bug 862078 - Use an about:config preference to control multiprocess browsing, part 3 (r=felipe)
b8bfc9dbdef7e20d4396189a3cda0315aef7e131Bill McCloskey — Bug 862078 - Use an about:config preference to control multiprocess browsing, part 2 (r=felipe)
9aa0960e8b223c96ec93092edcf782aa5ff68549Bill McCloskey — Bug 862078 - Use an about:config preference to control multiprocess browsing, part 1 (r=felipe)
3ff055568d9372b8a2381067e0498ab82a948ec1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 834513 follow-up: Mode AudioNode::DestroyMediaStream into the cpp file, and inline UnbindFromEngine
907b6049d9950750ed9f2e0c3204d744bbe02440Daniel Holbert — Bug 864579: Drop unnecessary const-removing casts from CalcQuirkContainingBlockHeight. r=heycam
1d7335eac2a743264cf7472957682ab875b7fa9cWes Kocher — Merge m-c to m-c
32503b49921ea83ea714be7d898126869cc7a5a5Cameron McCormack — Bug 864289 - Rename nsLineLayout::GetLineContainer(Frame|RS) to LineContainer\1. r=dholbert
f1f6be722f2a091b6ccd4ae177d5eb7d2d0e139aReuben Morais — Bug 864578 - Follow up, fixing test.
af21a5a0956ef01ef323dbebc40472224c51a1fdGarrett Robinson — Bug 837351 - Log blocked mixed content to the Error and Web Consoles. r=smaug
cd89b7d8dbf09c402d00adc346b8f4d54c2ce75fGarrett Robinson — Bug 837351 - Security Errors in Web Console. r=msucan
138187d07a1c27c61a97ff9a22c7d236c5598862Reuben Morais — Bug 864578 - Allow NamedConstructor and NoInterfaceObject in the same interface. r=bz
b67bcb5f1a8e0f0d3dd6603cddaa4cec3e8da29fXin Zhang — Bug 857385 - Make various JSFunctionSpec arrays const. r=waldo
9ce99b36df6d03529cb5e9a8770facb571a0a82dXin Zhang — Bug 857385 - Make various JSPropertySpec arrays const. r=waldo
e9c77bd1e5fee8ec84ae911f806895916e510c87Olli Pettay — Bug 856338 - Using sequence<foo>? as an argument type crashes when passing non-null value, p=Ms2ger+smaug,r=bz
7eba4d94e5a7712bdfd3c4ced0d54797d7b33f42Chris Peterson — Bug 864521 - Replace Fennec's AndroidKeyEvent::KEYCODE enum with Android's AKEYCODE enum. r=jchen
52fa74fb7b0f96d110fb758405bdf7e7cc8d27b6Chris Peterson — Bug 861601 - Suppress gcc -Wmultichar warnings from Android's Stagefright header files. r=doublec,khuey
445e4da45a6f70cab06055c3159a150abc8565fcMargaret Leibovic — Bug 667243 - Use caretPositionFromPoint to move selection. r=bnicholson
7037549c9fbba1d35b414f2e8c9f60ef0b09d8eaLuke Wagner — Bug 864402 - OdinMonkey: int MAdd/MMul should be marked commutative (r=sstangl)
221e325b028c1f4e6a8e044289cdafa7f054c8caJohn Schoenick — Backout 9423207656dd and d226a39b4181 (Bug 863792) for triggering bug 854082 crashes, the fix for which was backed out. CLOSED TREE
5c798562d74ced59b4c70641582a4ca3c358908bEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset fdaa0659fe13 (bug 863324) because of build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
58011469a3c951328dc35293ee5cebaa6b843260John Schoenick — Backout e3eaea876a18, 3aaf738a04d8, and 43d1b14e8920 (Bug 854082) for orange on a CLOSED TREE
fa5e73d8da49417a2599592498e77520c1d738f7Sam Foster — Bug 829056 - Cross-slide gesture module for Fx start tiles. r=mbrubeck
a2f43cd4a75393da9038da02333a53be3d0e41f3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 864091 - Part 3: Implement DynamicsCompressorNode's processing based on the Blink's implementation; r=padenot
c2ead35253b026b9c80209362d801bc1a3c8da72Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 864091 - Part 2: Add the Blink Dynamics Compressor implementation to the build system; r=padenot,glandium
50ad07904584f2c62f551730bca68dacd1e1d7bcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864091 - Part 1: Import the Dynamics Compressor implementation from Blink; r=padenot
3c1d661638c3f7c0690ab9c288ed2283abdf567eEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 86959499a5b8 (bug 856079) because of build bustage
d813280d88f31941791d8aa2f9d8fa5d2528243eSteven Michaud — Bug 851128 - Backout patch because it caused bug 862417 and bug 864053. r=bgirard
43ddb78c171845f54dd623e5d42e8118cf15f169Wes Johnston — Bug 773535 - Use tablet style prefs on tablets. r=bnicholson
86959499a5b81ce7aadf8c57c84c538b04b16698Nicolas Silva — Bug 856079 - Merge ShadowLayer and LayerComposite (keeping the later). r=nrc
8130599b8886553d86d5f24bfb87ba088f713d9cDavid Keeler — bug 853615 - unregister/reregister click handlers for CTP plugins on pageshow r=jaws
6ac63545817c72c74000acf91f59c18b0bf1694fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864164 - Part 1: Send the AudioBufferSourceNode loop parameter changes to the stream; r=padenot
ec44739db921d9060558817d5a93722cbb07dd0bBill McCloskey — Bug 862606 - Shift around some marking for brain transplants (r=bhackett)
fdaa0659fe13283cd81955309fefd7e1b4889f13Nicolas Silva — Bug 863324 - Rename PLayers into PLayerTransaction, r=jrmuizel
776a69c7f3eb7efcb75424c3333b7ff806ad41d9Bobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Remove context stack craziness from nsWindowWatcher. r=gabor
756245b309a286767ee55a460ea6218bdb86c300Bobby Holley — Bug 864363 - Force layout initialization in XPCOM initialization. r=bsmedberg
86983e77d4a5bef61fcb433286c8084bf8fdab85Bobby Holley — Bug 864363 - Fix standalone unit test to use the JSRuntime from XPConnect. r=bsmedberg
cfa76f87cb150f476f5f4f63e48ded85fe4b4c21Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 864205 - Put the baseline memory reports in a tree. r=jandem.
8d55773d9be022f91346cc2c5060fb8db96cec6eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864322 - Stop all audio buffer source nodes when the context is being shut down to prevent leaks in the graph; r=padenot
b4b8b381307e47718c4b77c1176499170184dddaRobert Longson — Reftest for Bug 861188 r=dholbert
4d94e34d8eb46863fc8ee614550f6eaa8205ef52Randell Jesup — Bug 863929: Fix codec list loop exit calculation r=ehugg
c9135550a85f6871a87c9eabed3d09bd0ebd34b1Dave Townsend — Bug 855771: Disable tab-utils test for frequent intermittent failures.
c671215206cb9b8509a6ee772e2502141a63ec26Chris Double — Bug 845734 - Blocklist Sony JB devices for Stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
81535ab3be456e5be670aa326bb4b099e142fc89Chris Double — Bug 818363 - Blocklist Samsung SGH-T989 on Gingerbread - r=bjacob
74574a509952ceba8767c67a589e1462debc3e2eChris Double — Bug 845729 - Blocklist some Samsung ICS qcom devices for stagefright decoding - r=bjacob
89b6ecc3afe1dce6bbe560998eecafed190a205eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 864448. Add crashtest.
3b8a036e8beb8739fc45e31b65e2a17ff5d42a0fAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 863101 - Make tiles in panels work in snapped.r=rsilveira
d226a39b41819fdae245dec187b8676e5b379928John Schoenick — Bug 863792 - Test. r=josh
9423207656dd9f2f76379a9dd1f7e70d9ad0b2e4John Schoenick — Bug 863792 - Handle re-entry during plugin instantiation. r=josh
e3eaea876a18bf1eb2dc252e08a31772af515813John Schoenick — Bug 854082 - Cleanup plugin frame ownership, prevent losing our frame due to re-entrance. r=bsmedberg
3aaf738a04d8d72d57245af2bef04f1c683f6bd8John Schoenick — Bug 854082 - Restore SetFrame(null) call to avoid instance owners pointing to dead frames. r=bsmedberg
43d1b14e89206692b51a1d3efb853b13e5b425d7John Schoenick — Bug 854082 - Test. r=bsmedberg
70a8fceb17092c3b2fafefa352ace7b134352386Timothy Nikkel — Bug 864219. nsCocoaWindow::DoResize should be explicit about converting doubles to ints. r=jfkthame
f88be52706627a2b794c2e651a34f5608f3cf2d9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 864448. Add cycle collection for mAnonymousContentNode in nsDOMCaretPosition. r=smaug
7567cbe92349b3f1d3b88377fbc7a0b529fe475cMax Li — Bug 858016 - Double click does not enable fullscreen mode. r=jaws
8a971669e5493e5e99733819c0021738f19522d3Xin Zhang — Bug 857385 - Make JS_InitClass, js_InitClass and js::DefineConstructorAndPrototype take const function specs and property specs. Remove const_cast in js::DefinePropertiesAndBrand. r=waldo
dbb625a4a0e38f158698c4306e553fb2e724fc83Michael Kohler — Bug 795588 - Fix privacy policy link. r=bnicholson
5804803f172a479d79ccbe40b6c1a4579493658eOlli Pettay — Bug 861529 - Remove nsDOMEventTargetHelper::Init, ,r=khuey
acf388eaf9e91f948ac95131c8860fdb8aecd68dWes Kocher — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
dfc1cd702c6e7acb25e5f38af7f0c54ae9ffe2c3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ddf944cc292d (bug 863324) for Android bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
ed9d6cd6956578897907d283a9f23ac1405f3648Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 6c9af867443c (bug 863264) for Android reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
ce672182dedcaabb42bab7767e9269f8fe634665Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
dfe59fafcaf0d9352244900d86d63f11d640003fIan Stakenvicius — Bug 429023 - Use preference 'spellchecker.dictionary_path' to override loading internal dictionaries; r=ehsan,glandium
c2d4abcf30dfabfbda172d10be0c6ec01e4e80f3Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 26ab26b299a5 (bug 788022) on a CLOSED TREE
ddf944cc292d8d843089c37e83ec69b6d87f5d2cNicolas Silva — Bug 863324 - Rename PLayers into PLayerTransaction, r=jrmuizel
6fc86d4607ac9adf87efbe63e6172e201404e753Kannan Vijayan — Bug 857838 - Fix script-pc calculatins when iterating on baseline frames. r=jandem
ba1a51d840b384a33fa2729103a0befdacd2374aDaniel Holbert — Bug 864342: Add static_cast for known-nonnegative signed value, to fix gcc warning. r=djvj
26ab26b299a5c2e00ebcbb82362fc2120ae757deBenoit Girard — Bug 788022 - Add support for dalvik profiling. r=snorp,kats
f511f109d4e9f6ffd9f5e6c465e936dfa2409efcDoug Turner — Bug 856495 - Push notifications - Catch network manager undefined. r=nsm
675cf08dc15415871de164ba7ace3052993d0e35Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b2d2b365e2e5c3e821c06e3a955a3e6adfadf04fJulian Seward — Bug 859745 - Install sane unwinding limit for SPS/breakpad. r=ted
6c9af867443cab152d6b1997f769e652e6567fd1Julian Seward — Bug 863264 - Build Android Nightly to support Breakpad Unwinding. r=ted
7950bce752ccf3694cfd1cea1ab21d0381fa1ae6Joe Drew — Bug 863123 - Set APNG attributes on the right frame, rather than one frame behind. r=seth
7ff57f0a926550c638c9cc6b9434712a549cabf5Hubert Figuière — Bug 840612 - Part 3: refactor the Reset method. r=mayhemer
0b45b14fd0c0c9bd01b6238b7d0b8bd3f6c9ce27Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 864086 - Simplify AudioNode::DestroyMediaStream callers; r=padenot
a4a6a7809457cb031b384189025e10a158f30582Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 864083 - Cleanup AudioBuffer::GetThreadSharedChannelsForRate; r=padenot
a61ac869e4e7ecf94d41a69c1d6465e9d8b8b935Panos Astithas — Add some telemetry to try to diagnose the cause for test_dbgsocket.js failing intermittently (bug 775924); r=me
8a76117e496c670fa053a286bb0cafbb6ad31a76Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 3b8fdfefcf5e and ab61f99fb584 (bug 864083) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
89d55e49bc7af964f879d32efaa202f7e89869e3Joel Williamson — Bug 858897 - Fix warnings in umaptable.c. r=smontagu
cf284804c348fb0c6978ede9efb02cdc81445864Gene Lian — Bug 853752 - B2G MMS: After retrieving MMS, delete the thread containing the previous notification indication. r=vicamo
3b8fdfefcf5ea2c621d2642bcadb56c79f56717fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 864086 - Simplify AudioNode::DestroyMediaStream callers; r=padenot
ab61f99fb584d059d5133edf639662dc80b40ce0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 864083 - Cleanup AudioBuffer::GetThreadSharedChannelsForRate; r=padenot
e2f4b1c75ff6da7d390a278418177c692e2c68f9Georg Fritzsche — Bug 836829 - Fix missing result check in Mac exception handler. r=ted
ebb2d369bad2044b742fc54251fb985efbbc5e46Jan de Mooij — Bug 864265 - Move integer exponent check from js_math_pow to ecmaPow. r=h4writer
58fa28d2b7bbd5f37135478962952fab2512057bAlexander Surkov — Bug 440590 - Text selection information is not updated when HTML and XUL entries lose focus, r=tbsaunde
f59811fe0fb3d303fd20abc4e10432488c3d3db5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
a991d0f4469bc71103f9409090973e43c5483566Josh Matthews — Bug 863770 - Pass in an ArrayBuffer object for nsBinaryInputStream::ReadAsArrayBuffer to use, for cases when the compartment in which it resides matters. r=vlad
19510f91504bd696498f027aae7255e4b7e905edJosh Matthews — Bug 863769 - Make ArrayBufferInputStream use rooting APIs that don't rely on the JS context being valid. r=jonco,vlad
52864fd204f38743013ba7a4f44372136ec64a43Matt Brubeck — Bug 863897 - Update doc comment for CheckArg in nsAppRunner.cpp [r=bsmedberg]
1150403342b2111f08f0604ce6ff61e3102a47e2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets f2387d9f146c and d12788533ab7 (bug 860145) for causing topcrashers.
43a310e0ef0caf1684d5747c1e8af8185909f720Joel Maher — Bug 863809 - update to include xperf logging fix. r=armenzg
ea3ffdbddc53a5f82d9f96fd9c1af7d127c32c10David Zbarsky — Finish backout of part of bug 856472
15349b160448e1615ab13aac8553c835d46d31dbDavid Zbarsky — Backout 5e84af960621 for being wrong
90a3427e0e72f8bbc8de58fdc301f99f36c181d4David Zbarsky — Backout 3e7970330a3e for being wrong
3dad6c06997829a66be120f11f9d976c639ac5e2Benoit Girard — Bug 856331 - Make breakpad unwinding runtime switchable. r=jseward
b343b7d812e6fa5a11477ad0f3397f9dd195469fPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
b26c44283ccd45f62b5994365f31cfd369549b00Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Remove unused BasicShadowContainerLayer. r=nrc
ff6187ed9e2ccdbcdcda0721b28cd23bd7f0bcfaMatt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Make mUseIntermediateSurface and mSupportsComponentAlpha on BasicShadowableContainerLayers match the compositor. r=roc
9c63f8f4a341dca980d57849446f8eecac7e7b98Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Add code handling dual buffers in ThebesLayerBuffer. r=roc
6619f5967ee46d97e1be3c95166cdf3e50459612Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Add code for handling dual buffers in ContentHost. r=nrc
ecb9f51c5c4ca9a4747bb71d00790a31e1e9fd39Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Remove old buffer provider code. r=nrc
20f7119bb0593a3ea1fe683debb2491d2676eab8Matt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Let ContentHost create an EffectComponentAlpha if necessary. r=nrc
da9cb9f7c845200a59fec23ccd7fc76782d23e2dMatt Woodrow — Bug 809273 - Add AutoLockTextureHost and use it to avoid needing to manually unlock. r=nrc
890ed498bae6df9c60e43dc830294596ce0b9795Matt Woodrow — Bug 862556 - Make thread safe. r=nrc
833dc6a7c4754a4ee5753e6af0609c0f546e49ccPaolo Amadini — Bug 851461 - Make the JavaScript API for downloads available in parallel to nsIDownloadManager. r=mak
0589a420723035ee490c1b3e4f72ccdc5bf92cf3Paolo Amadini — Bug 847191 - Integration with legacy interfaces to start new downloads. r=enn
47da3d4e9e2b39cf5b8dc4146a48820663fd4868David Zbarsky — Remove TitleChangedListener dead code, no bug, r=jlebar over irc
91cf58935be3864ba63138dc6cd6321987c74c21David Zbarsky — [Bug 857884] Use dom::EventTarget more instead of nsIDOMEventTarget Part 7 r=Ms2ger
8d03480f0fe0d3188657fc897a7affcfb329d077Benoit Girard — Bug 863375 - Remove 'Toggle Profiling' menu. r=ehsan
63c7f578eef749f18d844d8bb14d044f5f22309bRichard Marti — Bug 864128 - Fix height of editable menulist dropmarker. r=fryn ui-r=fryn
128ad38ba5d504b81f524440c2cfabe70355f5bdJustin Lebar — Bug 857833 - Remove some warnings in toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp. r=bsmedberg
8aab5521a29f9e332480adb6f593b4327424dc0bJim Chen — Bug 862929 - Find end of ANR trace the correct way; r=blassey
a1a2af3cebff48ca2f8275add2a5fbc132d9f6f1Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 858231 Refine HAVE_FREEBL_LIBS_32 into HAVE_FREEBL_LIBS_32INT32 and HAVE_FREEBL_LIBS_32FPU, and set only HAVE_FREEBL_LIBS_32FPU to 1 for 32-bit Solaris SPARC builds. r=ginn.chen
5622c699bfc730d2532ef22d34d0db2a1cf0526dBob Clary — Bug 303505 - make toolkit intl nsCharsetMenu.cpp NS_NOTYETIMPLEMENTED messages more meaningful, r=bz.
1547d8556df7b4a3f31c8f00c1a438b7bf7fe172Jonathan Watt — Backout bug 862693 (Stop the :-moz-focusring pseudo-class from matching if an element is themed and the theme will display a visual indication of focus for the element. r=roc)
50d25e083421ddcfa998f1ac81075d2c5c507262Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c and fx-team
39ddfeaa09dcc0c500446e8030622639487365ccTim Taubert — Bug 863227 - Lazily retrieve list of nsIDocShell.allow* properties to (re)store docShell capabilities; r=yoric
c44ac3de77e66aadbdf2bc963c3ec2687a33f490Tim Taubert — Bug 862442 - Use a content script to listen for input and change events; r=yoric
8167e719f2c6085ceae69cbf38933d432eb8002eTim Taubert — Bug 861409 - Use a content script to listen for pageshow events; r=yoric,jaws
9dfe220959e569244c710be0f2ed0d0d73e46033Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
02e5481aca24a6ef5aa54a7e92c139e8d50ab400Girish Sharma — Bug 862363 - Sync the killswitch upon (un)registering of a tool and respect it in Options Panel, r=jwalker
eaeff37cbffc1e99b30d2e4a9a2b20cf3e396df4David Creswick — Bug 777681 - [rule view] Abbreviate long CSS file name source links. r=jwalker
32657b7e5cf7fd4900f539f88db8a09d50f89809Panos Astithas — Bug 863571 - Enable source map xpcshell tests on B2G; r=mdas
a09acc1ed63514a395981e5d4db2d5232327aa3fMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
f2e3cbbd361646cdf5251d79be9cc9a651c2f821Mats Palmgren — Bug 857336 - Always allow PresShell::GoToAnchor to scroll when called from nsDocShell::ScrollToAnchor. r=roc
e1d2f1784cfab1911b0e8206177795a47e6c495cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 834513 - Part 4: Add tests for ScriptProcessorNode, and also test AudioBufferSourceNode using it; r=roc
ed9d452b1d032d99ed298d2d018d3a55ddd81dd1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 834513 - Part 3: Implement ScriptProcessorNode; r=roc
1f9e95b6e24ce0eb43ef52116408643b5937fec6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 834513 - Part 2: Add an AudioNode weak pointer to the AudioNodeEngine class; r=roc
e455dcbe23fdd99023f0efd16d03041be3f6f9b9Olli Pettay — Bug 856364 - Paris binding for KeyboardEvent, r=peterv
0eedc853429b0ebdf75835a254c9e4a926fc7891Jeff Walden — Bug 863891 - Eliminate warnings by not reusing the *_MIN constants to implement the indefinite integer value. r=jandem
b8c53988e541e662311b69f0f49028a78ef6ad47Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 859023 - Remove the MSVC exemption for FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in content/mathml/content/src. r=karlt
da58003e795956dc558f3848008fbcb8c7da4161Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 859020 - Remove the MSVC exemption for FAIL_ON_WARNINGS in dom. r=bz
f9d45f30cdc78f51f6734c44f5237e35afb63eedTimothy Nikkel — Bug 863889. nsWindow::Move should compare the same type of pixels when determining if we are moving the window at all. r=jfkthame
4d3894186e6e554fa0a5bf26da1b8063a4bf552bPeter Van der Beken — Bug 852094 - Support Unforgeable on proxy-based DOM bindings. r=bz.
c9143c77058c283f6f86acf7269aede896e3a46dEhsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
503a5fb6d5305686c8590824f45e6f6d4f9c4bf1Kannan Vijayan — Bug 861596 - Add optimized ArgumentsObject stubs to Ion ICs. r=h4writer
123a65dba090d16b182c5096720680f7170a3d28Benoit Jacob — Bug 863843 - Android: blocklist STAGEFRIGHT on rk30board - r=joedrew
446faf1dbf8cf3f96d482f98700f61c6025be2ddBenoit Jacob — Bug 863821 - Remove useless 'var' keywords in WebGL mochitest - r=jgilbert
f74d1d6771ff96f0cad45a547795694a38da6f30Jan de Mooij — Bug 855236 - Fix JM chunked compilation issue. r=bhackett
05419ecbe530401f52b9da3976e40e190f8c3c63Jan de Mooij — Bug 863084 - Fix JS shell evaluate function to use the right Zone for its return value. r=billm
3d012ac035234b72e1c1471b5b8e8c183821fa32Jan de Mooij — Bug 861165 - Fix JM JSOP_IN bug with negative index. r=bhackett
94cbf81e8fff4b49023c310091722a82db992549Benoit Jacob — Bug 863397 - remove a couple more unused static functions - r=nical
c7242b94653dee90c6fc3517175397b54aab3835Benoit Jacob — Bug 863397 - remove more dead B2G paths, mostly in TextureImage - r=nical
9ce0470ce50b0ebdc9798c0ad53e3fca0a7269e0Benoit Jacob — Bug 863397 - kill BindExternalBuffer and UnbindExternalBuffer with FIRE - r=jgilbert
9c1d801e7c41406c1bf2ebaabe2b293db2d80cb0Benoit Jacob — Bug 863397 - Remove all the eglLockSurface-using code; leave the GL symbols in - r=jgilbert
245d846cba1e2011c0dbdbb752db605ee3b86f69Benoit Jacob — Bug 863397 - Trim ImageLayerOGL from B2G paths (it's no longer used on B2G) - r=Bas
65ae4b80d835237f500826104dc74b317d4c4182Olli Pettay — Bug 863950 - Crash with outdated CaretPosition object, r=bz
6f68b9e02ffcc05b8f73188bfbf00885c4b581adMarco Bonardo — Bug 861302 - Allow indedexDB to be used from about:home
5f3d642ca2011b9151443c9c311f1fd2e10a26e0Cameron McCormack — No bug - Minor comment tweak. (DONTBUILD)
eace0bc312cb207cce1df46a2fab376d5b90565cTetsuharu OHZEKI — Bug 863285 - Cache the result of Ci.nsIMemory.isLowMemoryPlatform(). r=Kartikaya
728db807e6a28d11af132e3f0b0a0796da73c538Mark Capella — Bug 857362 - Remove unused sendMessageToJava() events, r=cpeterson
a7f043c6396f227345e72df92cf520d479f49c9fBoris Zbarsky — Test for bug 862702. r=peterv
eb589744522db6ebb59c9fee8be7886bf94b2ce8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 862077. Even if we have a wrapper cache, don't assume that no cached wrapper means no wrapped native.: it's not true for inner windows. r=peterv
72522647532312d4d6e2f0a32dab54c7c5a7a068Boris Zbarsky — Bug 863386. Add support for nullable enum arguments and return values. r=mccr8
fc6404ba7c74d4c3ecd0c93a21f2a2cfc76e597eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 862917. Remove the non-standard window.defaultStatus. r=smaug,gavin
e5d4a350a668f1e573bc1a3cd5309c8518d11bf8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 862540. Make window.status actually be settable (but have no effect unless the pref that no one ever sets is set). r=smaug
6cad92d16bdaa7f989f5800b953b02ea704a9f78Phil Ringnalda — Back out 6eb19014d780 (bug 861596) for Arm build bustage
6eb19014d780cf2adbc7411c37e128e5d5bd5a33Kannan Vijayan — Bug 861596 - Add optimized ArgumentsObject stubs to Ion ICs. r=h4writer
1d3fb4987df795d8fcde1fe070b3f73025cb3484Bill McCloskey — Bug 745154 - Disable automatic safe mode after startup crashes in debug builds or using an environment variable (r=ehsan)
87ac8643d3b35329df34451272ae87f5053c0eafJeff Gilbert — Bug 822431 - Use MOZ_UNLIKELY in MOZ_ASSERT. r=waldo
6953e922b5c7a7d51ba2d8a1fc6fd8e3271b7eedChris Peterson — Bug 862069 - Toggle gesture keyboards' input type when user enters a search query in the AwesomeBar. r=jchen
6b7ed89e98a3b601b71ea1f17b7b56ba4ce00ec4David Zbarsky — Backout 2201d650ac90 for not building on Windows on a CLOSED TREE
eefc8051c72fa69a25a768fffbbd2993db74eedbDavid Zbarsky — Backout f710f8fb2ab0 for not building on windows
c23e30df38d1628a1ff55b45f2c4d55d8b04cd8cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 863884 - Prepare WeakPtr to support a thread-safe variant; r=Waldo
f9405d359a22f98b952f2d0bf4d19d27f30df10eBrian Smith — Bug 787155: Avoid using libpkix on B2G to work around crash in PKIX_List_GetItem and improve performance, r=honzab, a=tef+
ac14e49337b84ae56dcee9206e3b2b26f922faeeNick Alexander — Bug 863106 - Check for minidumps directory only when crash reporter is enabled. r=jmaher
c1483e6de03a07c86cb807fb9cbc1cbfacf4c317Brian Hackett — Bug 863524 - Do not mark atoms compartment during minor GC; r=billm,terrence
f710f8fb2ab0814997901e1f50d1605fcc22917cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 861729 - Remove nsPIDOMWindow::mDocument r=Ms2ger
2201d650ac9049fb3db068751556e3cfd68da07cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 861729 - Remove nsPIDOMWindow::GetExtantDocument r=Ms2ger
dcee2cd3394a2c3e0fbba7304da1abe1a5f7a5b5David Zbarsky — [Bug 857884] Use dom::EventTarget more instead of nsIDOMEventTarget Part 6 r=Ms2ger
62ec34a45dfdce6853a4c7d0bb268649c84e14c3David Zbarsky — [Bug 857884] Use dom::EventTarget more instead of nsIDOMEventTarget Part 5 r=Ms2ger
16e42f1b8b5833e49e8fc7f21b0c1bdbce172bffDavid Zbarsky — Bug 857884 - Use dom::EventTarget more in content/ and dom/ Part 4 r=Ms2ger
bccba6d0be91b23cfb062a12b2c90a79bfbce225David Zbarsky — Bug 857439 Followup: Add null-checks for WrapObject failing and assert that the JSObject took ownership if WrapObject succeeded r=bz
ee2b21075330171d713b2c09e597990aafce30c5Dave Hunt — Bug 863893 - Bump marionette_client version to 0.5.24. r=mdas
9ff5c0134bbfe9a47209fdea71a9353b6fdb318cEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 93099b76959f (bug 829954) because of Windows reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
e7383bd017b394dd09f1e2924e39616336094f45Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 4440571ee8fb (bug 805406) because of Windows reftest failures
936accf907a2d35b36efdba9e1b678fe282b50fcChris Peterson — Bug 863490 - Part 2: Assert GetJNIEnv() is called on the correct thread. r=blassey
9ddf65186f94ee0faca2fd867954a832da962438Chris Peterson — Bug 863490 - Part 1: Get the correct JNIEnv for the worker thread that is destroying the Flash plugin. r=blassey
0908e4d4892fa2410092878217cc1111f02d2f7cChris Peterson — Bug 849589 - Add more descriptive error messages to NativeZip exceptions. r=glandium
bb982207e92612cf6fe55261c0e995cb5cc857bdEhsan Akhgari — Bug 863559 - Do not leak the mach port in PlatformThread::CurrentId; r=jlebar
eb2202cf34894d9224b0e7e709c3c0b3bb176c6dAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 863377 - Marionette socket exceptions prevented from propagating, r=jgriffin
70a6a86930477f32653f66127465ee6af123d17bNathan Froyd — Bug 863788 - move checking for haveDumpedScreen into dumpScreen; r=jmaher
03ce67f5ebf1ac995f27e9042d5ac80b3c37b7eaRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e88b1aab80c37ffdec020aab9a7597ccab1255cfBill McCloskey — Bug 863116 - MOZ_ALWAYS_INLINE should not inline in debug builds (r=Waldo)
c5d8f52f445723b599f1059b699492953039f437Ted Mielczarek — bug 857399 - remove assertion from cocoa FireAndWaitForTracerEvent. r=smichaud
4440571ee8fb53b317e8746faa77bed3839b6bfeBas Schouten — Bug 805406: Reduce memory usage by removing GDI_COMPATIBLE flag. r=jrmuizel
93099b76959f6c84ce94033ca8f676fc2b603087Bas Schouten — Bug 829954: Make AlphaBoxBlur allocation fallible. r=jrmuizel
1f96fa77e6a5a8b0b83f93f9f920801b9f9108d8Shane Caraveo — bug 862567 fix toolbarbutton opacity when inactive, r=mattn
e07d7cf9649e736617ed32fd5b7b8b8548f62affMark Capella — Bug 800899 - Reader Mode:Toolbar remove button is not updated, r=lucasr
0d50cb959c46f21d0e0e7d884f97127794a78c5dMs2ger — Bug 861880 - Move TreeColumns to WebIDL; r=bz
047132a1517fb17d0c8e6dce3649a31e4e74ed51David Zbarsky — Bug 856962 - Move Touch to WebIDL bindings; r=mounir
0d2e8dcbec44ddb883c613c5b331b174fafd0600Ms2ger — Bug 861507 - Move SVGStringList to WebIDL and remove nsIDOMSVGStringList; r=heycam,smaug
2c13322af7766afd03d2255576b38668f067a562Ms2ger — Bug 862084 - Mark HTMLSelectElement.{item,namedItem} as potentially returning null to fix a crash; r=bz
ffd56766e73d013a7c196882bb9294d692049850Ms2ger — Bug 862409 - Add the media.audio_data.enabled pref to all.js; r=bz
08304a6c47b4c21d515526de4aa00cfe69345385Ms2ger — Bug 862999 - Mark XPCCallContext as a stack class; r=bholley
e48999cd1a95d51be9e8a7d27b618a50ae69e855Ms2ger — Bug 863365 - Log a message when linking libxul with make -s; r=gps
30ab2c27429daf96674ead59bc7c9cb0f8ad20f5Ms2ger — Bug 846634 - Followup: remove straggler EXPORT definitions; r=mshal
4420f27742c77d567947b8f9209688ee150e7d0dffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ix-016 - a=blocklist-update
dd03d42b01b172c560287f28b8f3a6180bf144c0Bobby Holley — Back out bug 860438 nsWindowWatcher patch for ProfileManager crashes.
797eeb4f147a90a991a3c96932254d658532f64aBobby Holley — Back out bug 863646 for make check orange (TestStartupCache).
c74f44828165e57a3d541766de19843369b2b3b6Bobby Holley — Bug 863646 - Force layout initialization in XPCOM initialization. r=bsmedberg
cbfe9618bc2bb012df27d2e99196d7363af16e86Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c.
4083aca79d32953a972ae0ccd64cedc53cda0b45Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 862918 - Disable test on mobile. r=ted
b41dd203b5117ac4e408d5c032dd2ed78b8d182aYiming Yang — Bug 858563 - Add 'long_press' to Action chains, r=mdas
92ed1bf017f00d8fa7cc968910821c1088ebe6e4Jan de Mooij — Bug 863349 - Optimize IonMonkey double truncation for large numbers on x86 and x64. r=bhackett
b9d35eccad01e706c7b573e97b272abc25a7c8abRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4a55715677d7 (bug 856807) for intermittent Linux32 reftest-ipc timeouts.
702b368c9c303503cd9100aad6dddb44cdefbb69Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
621b1875145e2ee8dd67b635ce4a0954e0ff159eSam Foster — Bug 831918 - Fix typo to apply new styling to selected tiles. r=jimm
a922fa362d63302d72f5f81c46f6bf0870bb610eJim Mathies — Bug 834370 - Subframe content selection tests. r=rsilveira
b958c4c7bc43f34c8a4161474a082e19a9a505a6Jim Mathies — Bug 834370 - Text area selection tests. r=rsilveira
8ffa9cf7239cd3c5dacc47cdecaac03e7640c313Jim Mathies — Bug 834370 - Basic selection tests. r=sfoster
284d2e0369730a38fc24cdaa5f72099142ae1029Jim Mathies — Bug 834370 - Add state getters to selection handler and a test helper for flushing message manager messages. r=mbrubeck
c91bc5e8a1e39321396672b64148ba7bdff1dcfcJim Mathies — Bug 834370 - Add selection test helpers to head.js. r=mbrubeck, sfoster
67637acf6a539b6076d4f2af79e39f3b0fc3bba2Jim Mathies — Bug 834370 - Remove old state tracking from selection handler. r=sfoster
474291134a4a26b4157e490a62f2507b1aea1ce3Mihai Sucan — Bug 855763 - [Responsive Mode] Fix for intermittent browser_responsiveuiaddcustompreset.js | Test timed out, | Found a tab after previous test timed out: data:text/html,foo, browser_Services.js | Services.prompt is an nsIPromptService; r=jwalker
f10f33fc2e931131ebad169ad6b9887612a6100cNathan Froyd — Bug 859257 - Backout original fix 4c0d13ce4c4a since ab6e995676bd has superseded it
931e85b3d576d5971e7c02896dade6ce9a57fc44Randell Jesup — Bug 863429: Fix jprof on debug builds, remove evilness NPOTB DONTBUILD rs=dbaron
80773d7faa38feacec10e7cc1deeeaf0f0693dd9Bobby Holley — Bug 862918 - Tests for showModalDialog. r=bz
8d1093cca56bc2440326d62859a8e8c02be2d7ccBobby Holley — Bug 862918 - Add a utility method on Cu to get the class name of an object. r=bz
4b1728f0672770d2a70df2d24460d521b395bb8eBobby Holley — Bug 862918 - Only create nsGlobalModalWindow for the primary content shell. r=bz
18bd27173b5d130f4ed5fb94aa44b52eaf138a6dBobby Holley — Bug 862918 - Only pass aIsModalContentWindow if we're actually a content docshell. r=bz
ffa0f671afd9181d591a6f9a1260ccbcf46fa35aMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 859172 - Call SetInputErrorBehavior from convertURItoUnicode. r=smontagu
33ba06eba4bb26deec1b738d2b7f9bce7fbaea2cEd Morley — Backed out changeset dc2ced1dd175 (bug 860524) for reftest failures
67ceea995837d72cc5a80ba9857c4c981a6237a4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 862180. Part 2: Rename nsDisplayItem::GetUnderlyingFrame() to Frame(). r=mattwoodrow
4675831aff1cc1155f70d76328f90cde1427668dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 862180. Part 1: Remove null checks on the result of nsDisplayItem::GetUnderlyingFrame(). r=mattwoodrow
0aab4158b4e587747d2413a2120a19860112703fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 849996. Check the correct frame for transforms in PushAbsoluteContainingBlock --- it might not be the containing block itself. r=bzbarsky
09f59fe2c63ab01c8848dcf030d8256f4929a0daRaymond Lee — Bug 857429 - Remove and deprecate methods in PlacesUtils.backups, depending on add-on usage. r=mak
0127d272357de29178e5885538f9669a938d074fAndres Hernandez — Bug 855842 - Update calls to PlacesUtils.importJSONNode with BookmarkJSONUtils.importJSONNode. r=mak
c549149d2b9e7173253e312318a954c8a2f56857David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 724368 - Transmit the maximum number of threads as a simple measure. r=froydnj
532c3e448de059f7369db809ff8ffbda1270ef1cDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 724368 - Expose the maximum number of threads to JS. r=froydnj
4fb6cb5453268a3db3f97015f87e9f378cf70c64David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 724368 - Expose the maximum number of threads. r=dougt
39615ca8ab61c0ef1d23a0666492a4884eb72b11Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f5ba9622f687c9d52b9adffe5fc7b1cc3d81ac82Peter Van der Beken — Bug 862092 - "Assertion failure: target->isNative() == obj->isNative()" adopting a <select>. r=bz.
48595e0d85d53fea285e206c61d4c4ec9f3fecf7Randell Jesup — Bug 862744: Fix = vs == typo in FindFreeStream() r=tuexen
5517dbffd39da31c194223e41deb8bd46724f989Ed Morley — Backed out changeset faf24511d2c6 (bug 861636) for Android mochitest-2 failures
7c34dfbf3d271b5dc289b9011ae820d5db228f19Sam Foster — Bug 854960 - implementing pinned state graphic on fx start tiles. Also fixes selected state. r=fryn
aafed56a6c2e7195b0f7fb22505e98d6d84c30cfJim Mathies — Bug 859094 - Remove some additional cruft left over from selectionoverlay context menu handling. r=fryn
2ecc1c0eef3d57eee759862da81d95784df3a783Jim Mathies — Bug 859154 - add a pageshow promise to addTab. r=sfoster
dc2ced1dd1754377584eb227ad038c5675304991Robert O'Callahan — Bug 860524. Remove hacky (and buggy) pseudo-destruction of DisplayItemClips created by GetCurrentClip; ensure that they're all destroyed properly when the arena goes away, by tracking them explicitly in nsDisplayListBuilder. r=mattwoodrow
4a55715677d75f1086a82520519b96ecbde27a01Robert O'Callahan — Bug 856807. Add apparently-pointless call to SetClipRect(nullptr) to avoid Android regression. r=mattwoodrow
3e7970330a3e06ec8aa699a0739f00d55626e8eeDavid Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Convert CanvasPattern to WebIDL r=bz
5e84af96062179799110d8624ec0797e7789d690David Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Move CanvasPattern to its own file r=bz
b37637c50e4e81f50b86b43d477606f86b71cc4cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Convert TextMetrics to WebIDL r=bz
2b4bf662e395ca87e5a6bb9fa4ae64e82337d936David Zbarsky — Bug 856472: Move TextMetrics to its own file r=bz
6e65c02b49e33bc37dd4df0eab7597add02dbff2David Zbarsky — Bug 857439 Part 4: Fix MediaStreamList wrapping r=bz
3a2610c6d7852df2a6ea1fb07cb4fea23643eb30David Zbarsky — Bug 857439 Part 3: Make sure to delete owned interfaces if wrapping fails r=bz
c39abce27c56adb46346d2666158bcb98542fc9dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 857439 Part 2: Cleanup example codegen a bit r=bz
cef5ac2e149a763e92733b06e56bde798d444527David Zbarsky — Bug 857439 Part 1: Disallow owned interfaces from having parents or children r=bz
8674d8a06e677ab7a7997fb8850f3036da4ceb1aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 857439 Part 0: Allow creators to return raw pointers for owned objects r=bz
4d79c33d1b83a32d6d522f563d0a6af50057ba55David Zbarsky — Bug 852055 - Pass an EventTarget argument to Document.createTouch in WebIDL r=bz
465dfbf5f49045d42163f3f5641e45afafe46aa6David Zbarsky — [Bug 862129] Cleanup nsDocument r=Ms2ger
e1198271a9a6175256fc556383fcba468fca48f8Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
94fa2c4b604182cf2b384b97e26745ac7d481cbdJohn Daggett — Bug 761442 - additional reftests for space lookups. r=jkew
a87f8246db474cbb23cf40c3e2568aa3039ac914Jonathan Kew — bug 761442 - reftest for ligatures that span inter-word space. r=jdaggett
faf24511d2c68ccc0a7120f6d49b7577733e919eNicholas Cameron — Bug 861636. Add some null checking to the ensure texture path. r=nical
583bf36efce8741279509aa7bee18fbb36d05850Matt Brubeck — Back out cd218e07ede2, e57ac5581703, f53ad2a10ff8, ec91252c57d2, 2eca17711eff, 1997e63a1124 for build errors
cd218e07ede2b5a8a6055e8365220cc9c6396aaaDavid Zbarsky — Bug 852055 - Pass an EventTarget argument to Document.createTouch in WebIDL r=bz
e57ac5581703ccfa76c5a95af5f8bceef5ac7a79David Zbarsky — [Bug 857884] Use dom::EventTarget more instead of nsIDOMEventTarget Part 7 r=Ms2ger
f53ad2a10ff8bcdd821c51e5e3082eb56dc2fbb4David Zbarsky — [Bug 857884] Use dom::EventTarget more instead of nsIDOMEventTarget Part 6 r=Ms2ger
ec91252c57d2fcf3edc550fd35bb4bebbb4de981David Zbarsky — [Bug 857884] Use dom::EventTarget more instead of nsIDOMEventTarget Part 5 r=Ms2ger
2eca17711effba9827c674ae6d2973ec949df692David Zbarsky — Bug 857884 - Use dom::EventTarget more in content/ and dom/ Part 4 r=Ms2ger
1997e63a11242b908a7528c1f324462dd16cc098David Zbarsky — [Bug 862129] Cleanup nsDocument r=Ms2ger
358684072c306deb50cec17921b7343ada0bbac3Wes Johnston — Bug 859391 - Disable session restore in webapps. r=bnicholson
f39f67beae2613b3fc015853539f46fa993a6eaaGeoff Brown — Bug 859440 - Allow for ListView without adapter in robocop; r=jmaher
6a2592dba8136cc26b8fb6f42a51aab5cfb3bc82Geoff Brown — Bug 859563 - Explicitly unregisterListener once event expecters are no longer needed; r=cpeterson
ec53926a1488a393a17803153b48d96db0224b92Geoff Brown — Bug 859563 - Fix and make listener unregistration explicit; r=cpeterson
269c92289bad013ef4aedad58180a45797d4f5edGeoff Brown — Bug 844239 - Use blockForGeckoReady in testAwesomebarSwipes; r=jmaher
aa774ab6eb721f8636c75e14b8e1df2d259f8e19Chris Pearce — Bug 852915 - Disable MP3 playback using WMF on Win7SP0 to prevent random crashes. r=bbondy
584da23482ffe699e345af42881116dea8411505Brian Hackett — Bug 861841 - Add an entry in script bindings for 'arguments' when used within a 'with' statement, r=luke.
7b252af6f343a87d2b8d59399754d8fb945703b0Wes Johnston — backout e88f7f550c2b (Bug 859391) for Android bustage CLOSED TREE r=bustage
e5da0e9f804a596f3a16ca09e288ea0935ff5239David Zbarsky — Fix virtual dtor warning, no bug, blanket r=bz
e3ad7cce5c01f9a5eb6f78878697996e3f782320David Zbarsky — Bug 836176 Part 1.5: Fix nsIDocument::AsHTMLDocument() r=bz
db41fc9ad61dba23bc1e1aa780d334d614642ba2Mark Hammond — Bug 824963 part 3 - add tests for arrow panels. r=enn.
d625a0a9476e0cbc5b141dfd39b17139952ff8a8Mark Hammond — Bug 824963 part 2 - Prevent flipping panels when panel is already oriented in the direction to be flipped. r=enn
01a8ea5411039db3119fa0220bea231ba4c27600Neil Deakin — Bug 824963 part 1 - Rework arrow positioning and alignment code for arrow panels to be simpler, using the actual anchor/alignment position rather than guessing this from the coordinates, fix centred positioning in rtl, r=neil
993d97de11323fc94f60ec5684238b9eead7890fShu-yu Guo — Bug 860531 - Change AliasSet of MCallGetIntrinsicValue to None. (r=dvander)
a1d95089b0b7bf5d9d25982740a482843f88a43eShu-yu Guo — Bug 859255 - Fix stitching up of parallel bailout basic blocks. (r=dvander)
d5719da78339e2213cd6009339c16bdd078e0837Shu-yu Guo — Bug 844887 - Inline IsCallable and ToObject intrinsics in Ion. (r=sstangl)
2edddd17a9debae69c7e1c3f75a2f061daf8ae5dVivien Nicolas — Bug 847354 - Avoid the xbl bindings for inputs/textareas on b2g r=fabrice
e88f7f550c2b83f0c1cee627b38fab8fb1c7e8cbWes Johnston — Bug 859391 - Disable session restore in webapps. r=bnicholson
3297733a26610400db18d7df2f7a99ce44d79cfaTerrence Cole — Bug 706885 - Implement generational GC for the SpiderMonkey interpreter; r=billm
021bca10985b42fd1a7d9aad4b58f3ed56035316John Schoenick — Bug 852315 - Use CheckPluginStopEvent for plugins when documents go inactive. r=bsmedberg
e75ff759c5c1bda11e26dc66aa4121a747b6c8a7Steven Michaud — Bug 861317 - nsChildView::WillPaint terribly inefficient when drawing to titlebar. r=bgirard
4b5381804b7c1edd1e548e98b80338dedeb57c27Olli Pettay — Bug 856351 - Paris binding for DragEvent, r=peterv
77eba8ff0a5fc59c434ebd1b6b83514a585b6dd5Tim Abraldes — bug 852805. Don't treat an empty search box as special; still perform the search. DONTBUILD. r=fryn
571cbd297f5a8e9aaa3607b93316e4482c50dc14Matt Brubeck — Back out e1549b50183f (bug 860027), suspected of regressing Trace Malloc and/or Ts Paint
eb99b3a22c5cac1560eb271c8242799d0198168aKannan Vijayan — Bug 861596 - Add Baseline stubs to handle GetProp(length) and GetElem(int32) operations on arguments objects. r=bhackett
49b7327cd49ff6d6df95e25c70d342ab8ea7a984Tim Abraldes — bug 855581. Wait until we've actually closed the last tab to create a new one. DONTBUILD. r=fryn
f762ed17c6a69ad466d6d7e77abc29005d17b72dTim Abraldes — bug 855587. Modify a default profile link to point to the URL that it will redirect to anyway. DONTBUILD. r=jimm
f2387d9f146cc5a5ddb06b8031de93ad81d9141cKannan Vijayan — Bug 860145 - Fix bustage on no-ion compiles. r=tbpl-bustage. CLOSED TREE
d12788533ab73432e9d587645e636c76817ad8daKannan Vijayan — Bug 860145 - Allow Ion to compile functions which require heavyweight arguments-object construction. r=jandem r=nbp
fea489bb4f30f6786a0ba2b16536f97ab8fea52cDaniel Holbert — Bug 860913 part 3: Mark content/html/content/src/ as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=mounir
f2e9352eddebb58cc14a8581769fcd4b1081a5f3Daniel Holbert — Bug 860913 part 2: Replace arg-less MOZ_NOT_REACHED with MOZ_ASSERT in HTMLInputElement.cpp, to fix MSVC build warning and match intended semantics. r=mounir
98e99b17ce087227604f878d9d25eca6360cd7f5Daniel Holbert — Bug 860913 part 1: Use ALLOW_THIS_IN_INITIALIZER_LIST macro to silence existing instances of MSVC warning C4355 in content/html/content/src/. r=mounir
3231056b600db918eb4b0cf5066ff67826b6e69bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 833964 - Don't keep a dangling pointer to a task that is about to get deleted. r=drs
83b89a9909d85a751668e762a49c24286c041d6bRyan VanderMeulen — Merge fx-team to m-c.
1e16b3af2489340594279ec5e4335618c7689666Panos Astithas — Bug 863600 - Intermittent browser_toolbox_options.js; r=me
aaa82856c7a91ef4a3a41825b6ca519777877828Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
fe4689ed2edf504d8f13085ebdffc58d913ae615Gina Yeh — Bug 863620 - Followup of bug 848414, r=echou
2dd3e8012af4149aec39e450e39fcfbbf617e70dVicamo Yang — Bug 863035 - WebSMS: use 'null' to reset SmsFilter::read and threadId. r=mounir,Ms2ger
98c192813bba6d4db7dd331e0e0441eb4fc5a568Kan-Ru Chen (陳侃如) — Bug 845707 - Only filter file path that is a '~' or starts with '~/'. r=dougt
1574fba0dfa43d152b1bcecf0b9487d77d516616Carmen Jimenez Cabezas — Bug 815110 - Change DOMWifiManager so it returns null instead of creating the object if the caller doesn't have the correct permission. r=mrbkap
dcc71e2b291c83c7d77921f0522b57f5d2c26f3dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 863092 - Make mach run and mach debug run firefox -no-remote; r=gps
fd264d55113047884e1f3f7d440d7968e0916755Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge birch to m-c.
3494269ba9fbb98ea9d9fb65821e736d72cb5a99Josh Matthews — Bug 831107 - Part 2: Add general ArrayBuffer support to TCPSocket. r=vlad,fzzzy
6a1f26c76aeca0322168d0a1467a7074f0137391Josh Matthews — Bug 831107 - Part 1: Allow TCPSocket consumers to receive typed array data without converting it to a byte string first. r=vlad
e57d3f2e32842b54399edbaded747e036d7b51e2Eric Chou — Bug 860166 - Revice AT command handler for Headset profile (HSP), r=gyeh
dc68cf5c11c22981ab69a3a15935a314d5f043d5Eric Chou — Bug 860166 - Use two server sockets to listen to both HFP and HSP services, r=gyeh, r=mrbkap
b6f8eb239f50858b8c247a18cd2d56e10d6bab54Chia-hung Tai — Bug 862749 - B2G MMS: UpgradeSchema should also set defualt type to sms when the type is undefined. r=vyang
5aac2bd2db884fd1814713addb330f37b22cb214Vicamo Yang — Bug 862268 - 2/2: test cases. r=gene.lian
f48a550685121830377b2e7647ed6cac708dab4fVicamo Yang — Bug 862268 - 1/2: fix omitted message id update in saveRecord. r=gene.lian
022a5ed6195b457ee8caef8a5b3972ede82fc9f9John Lin — Bug 860075 - Avoid duplicate BT signal observer registration from child process. r=echou, r=gyeh
64d6d002e888b13d7ab4ed466aed528ca301e737Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
ef07def8f9579c5cddb32de928ff7e3bec0fe4e0Girish Sharma — Bug 861908 - While unregistering, first destroy the tool, then remove its panel from toolbox, r=jwalker
a3106e83dd0c672b14a9313d46c1b9f10b2bb45fGirish Sharma — Bug 861817 - Stop using Ctrl+Shift+O shortcut for function searching, r=vporof
a7e584370ab944a767a31fd7a57391cb19056b2fJosh Marchán — Bug 861192 - gcli addon command shows [object Object] instead of a list of addons; r=mratcliffe
630fa3185e7e826bd308be868a216a50d80f38a1Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 855502 - we need a proper design for the new checkboxes r=benvie
fe573a58208388ff829763b958a725d4386d101cGirish Sharma — Bug 851546 - Options panel for DevTools Toolbox, r=jwalker,vporof,past
335029350f8e8c572ab0036dad0eea3c4cca8842Panos Astithas — Bug 862360 - Use the exported Promise.all instead of reimplementing it; r=rcampbell
f8d27fe5d7c04b396b6798255b35aa384401e04cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
f72c639ba397be34f785c6b14ab2d500f49df303Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 3b8dcd393805 (bug 859705) for intermittent Android xpcshell failures on a CLOSED TREE.
6ce61ecf9bec8570b74c75e3a937eccb4b44baf9Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7610346a34ee (bug 859705) for intermittent Android xpcshell failures on a CLOSED TREE.
fce173d8800d6afe5c2760e991fe8954191e57b6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 36ffb85842ac (bug 862501) for mochitest crashes.
1bc754a570f0f859c7798684c17eb9bcba815011Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
d214b2f5a61f06e0efbea845e1698f84e857ddb4Olli Pettay — Bug 863094 - Infinity/-Infinity/NaN defaults for unrestricted types, r=bz
2dd4a898a3534efc084885825dc218727c498badLucas Rocha — Bug 863325 - Send correct result with Reader:Added message (r=bnicholson)
c0e86fd53a375f8e843a4d44017d4948a539d5e1Benoit Girard — Bug 862500 - Properly shutdown profiler in xpcshell, shutdown and error cases. r=snorp
f2e44e02f8745de3e0c9c278d0d6913b46243f08Benoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Port multi-thread support to win/mac. r=snorp,smaug
cb02e3858e1ff76ad8ef0f09ff4ab4efdb7b5da0James Willcox — Bug 734691 - Add multi-thread support to profiler r=benwa
cf3a2de4af838b094dc79cabf0d4cb090c21934aDaniel Holbert — Bug 858332: Make flex items pseudo-stacking contexts, per recent spec change. r=mats
a520eb3b34ae63cde7a4ad99c3d9ed66257a5ff2Jim Chen — Bug 859452 - Send characters as keys when using HTC Touch Input. r=cpeterson
9dd64ef21eff04910856d1d287b74700d8363369Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 857765 - Add try/catch to content-script window.onerror call. r=abr
43987922a6b34b8ba4ab3c361a2a5f2bdd2c5e2fAndre Reinald — Bug 802776 - Update deprecated calls in NSOpenPanel and NSSavePanel and transform default directory paths strings to URIs so they work as expected. r=josh
5b25aba83eebfb933364249f0fcafdddd72f45a4Luke Wagner — Bug 863045 - OdinMonkey: fix duplicate-evaluation in double-to-int coercion (r=sstangl)
d061ec6e84511e6fdd0fc467b577765a0a6f9afeLuke Wagner — Bug 858749 - OdinMonkey: fix join after break when block is empty (r=sstangl)
36ffb85842acb54d5e2544f6eb458b6aaa10981fKannan Vijayan — Bug 862501 - Make baseline pass more accurate stack-pointer refeference for pushed SPS profiler frames. r=jandem
ba928cbd5191cd1046e21323a4761156775569f2Bobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Add assertion back in. r=gabor
4be115c79b5074791fa76d6faab66f90a9c9849aBobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Use nsCxPusher in JSD. r=gabor
dd382d615402a519130ac52d50cfebed5cec8041Bobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Remove custom AutoPusher in ipc XPCShellEnvironment. r=gabor
c14d7d33f3e7871120be9e1f6f5a2d3ac3f2fe06Bobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Remove plugin-specific cx pusher. r=bsmedberg
9fbf3dcab5154ba583cf194cca1db95def925224Bobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Convert workers to SafeAutoJSContext. r=gabor
7c080eb83983c96df5693388cb5aa72a2fe4de43Bobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Simplify JSContext handling {Cancel,Suspend,Resume}WorkersForWindow. r=gabor
ef58074cedfd2624d5dc13a23a92ed6210c393e2Bobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Remove context stack craziness from nsWindowWatcher. r=gabor
9f0124f27361ade28d2927846bebdade53ed4bddBobby Holley — Bug 860438 - Straightforward cases. r=gabor
0c0d7f9cb43d30fc08936ffac3f5de58ca0405eaJonathan Kew — bug 861270 - prefer to use precise scale factor from GetDefaultScale() rather than approximate factor based on appUnits per devpix. r=roc
b85353b6cc389d16ee2b072f1cdfb942f3b3b79cJonathan Kew — bug 857089 - add a device-pixel zoom level to image viewer. r=bz
1d31d983075a85f966d09130c3a608da197eb039Joe Drew — Bug 860149 - Mark ourselves as doing synchronous decoding when writing directly to decoders in AddSourceData. r=seth
b687a2bd8efa3aebe8c1f03b596c84f675cedaefJoe Drew — Bug 857367 - Remove DecodePool::mShuttingDown, which is unnecessary. r=seth
cffcceab1b0d4d870e7a72576d1df8230b388626Yiming Yang — Bug 850819 - Send touch/mouse/click events in action chains, r=mdas
7610346a34ee15a2cc26a4726c59675111a97992Mike Hommey — Fixup for bug 859705 - Add missing return. r=me. DONTBUILD
c81d0474b833d7e46a979def2d9806d419f41d56Marco Bonardo — Bug 825739 - Add logging for intermittent browser_bookmark_titles.js failure
76fb1757892dbaf4f05fae5fedcb9b81418b62baRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 834835) for making bug 786539 nearly perma-orange.
896d943683eb5eb48a08765fbf0a7cc9ff666fecBen Kelly — Bug 847279 - Update the android.json test exclusions to make new relativesrcdir paths. r=mbrubeck
46280589c1dc45fae34021b0cd356ca003a1be4eBen Kelly — Bug 847279 - Fix hardcoded path names in mochitests to match relativesrcdir. r=mbrubeck
22ed2b874b4aae6e8d4a5fa77b4016429d44d039L. David Baron — Bug 847279 - Fix incorrect relativesrcdir in other mochitest makefiles. r=mbrubeck
4078a8fd22ced31329ab773d34276fd3e455e63cSimonJ — bug 602814 - fix parsing of connection http response header r=mcmanus
76af6021d5d14a89ad9ddf21809c7d3353c1556eJacek Caban — Bug 863221 - Crash in nsBaseWidget::NotifyUIStateChanged when GetPresShell returns NULL. r=roc
e587fa3484d5d00dbdffc5f35e232ae228598e6bHannes Verschore — Bug 862777: Hook Odinmonkey up to the spewlogger, r=luke
62d955cfe160fb391750445372dff7bce6a9d06dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset a945d76d4e4e (bug 860827) for Windows bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
a945d76d4e4e1b46571ab55db23107ab43c045c5Vasil Dimov — Bug 860827 - Add unit tests for ReadSysFile(). r=dhylands, r=BenWa
25d7bd2fd8d932411d3e21dbbef604cbea5e7219Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 863025 - Fix nsUniversalDetector overlooking the UTF-16 BOM. r=smontagu
d1847d734c77f27ff11050b940f1d349a91f45c8Reuben Morais — Bug 862351 - Don't enqueue messages sent to a different inner window. r=gwagner
b390e72c5a543b600f8613650b0ceb0bfe747d96Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8f7ef60b6f5a (bug 860934) for mochitest asserts and crashes.
9c118c313eda0e71ba17e82ca1c91a9613638498Bug 862306 - Route audio stream to BT_SCO in AudioManager. r=mwu
996520044b849fc8229899b0b2097c56e115699dGina Yeh — Bug 859727 - Remove routing logic from BluetoothScoManager, r=echou, r=rlin
b4f4d4749b998836e34b3be0d150784fb9525b60Gene Lian — Bug 840066 - [MMS][User Story] Automatic download retry on failure. r=vicamo a=leo+
032e5c11a9e6da533ffa50dbc4c8328764530a7cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to birch.
e65a858b4235f1279de319221e68b5e489efc205Gregor Wagner — Bug 861462 - Allow contacts to be preloaded when we create the contacts DB. r=bent
8f7ef60b6f5ab78947cd316b934803196ac4aff4Dave Hylands — Bug 860934 - Use relative paths when handling device storage r=dougt
3797b2f74f3715fac5596e74f8ac65877e31c2fcFabrice Desré — Bug 854849 - Sanitize displayable fields in manifests r=vingtetun
8e4d4e5495ee79ebb212e249524db0b6e499c4baJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 859318 - Part 4: Add test for call waiting functions. r=vicamo
311d5a0b4384b962984974f2ea3bce4aa2b94fa4Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 859318 - Part 3: RIL changes for call waiting functions. r=vicamo
cfa6e89e9d4f701bc517ae4a5cbc818c92e9e96bJose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 859318 - Part 2: Changes in MobileConnection.cpp for call waiting functions. r=smaug
143ca81b0e112c8f47aa5efcfcd3a20655b66070Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 859318 - Part 1: IDL changes for call waiting functions. r=sicking
c97f19dc7f7fde7869675297ce57e0f1dfcc16d8Justin Lebar — Bug 857152 - Make IPC channels more robust against use after being closed. r=bent
62582ec93bfdb6e708b167cb04476deea3441e8bjanjongboom — Bug 862232 - [OPEN_][SMS]when we send a message to a contact whose number contains 0, the 0 will be deleted. r=gwagner
6a141b4bacac430c5c91f45fc533436e24d86150Fabrice Desré — backout a19cc9af881e for Moth failure.
b05fa3fef5e90dcf7c084875b1eadd7a77e59787Mike Habicher — Bug 862256 - don't (re)reference CameraControl object during/after destructor, r=sotaro, a=tef+
a19cc9af881ef62550d5c73a1aa73be6c3d14bfdFabrice Desré — Bug 854849 - Sanitize displayable fields in manifests r=vingtetun
fa5d5fccbc11ffdac6707e14fa45cfb8da2c987cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 734691, bug 862500) for leaks.
caf3832d2066f8a9610cf382b8733fc0f8f095dcRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
78087f47be49a13b711af1506462590f0e0ca1ccAndrea Marchesini — Bug 855412 - Change the signature of NS_NewSVGRect to not use the outparam. r=Ms2ger
8a2549ffefae5ab0b67fc1bcb919d6e9ffcc9076Andres Hernandez — Bug 854288 - Remove PlaceUtils.restoreBookmarksFromJSONFile in PlacesUtils.jsm. r=mak
7621b9481f50504b657f6a1d8e19be9cf86218e3Cykesiopka — Bug 530352 - Remove last nsIFileSpec comment. r=vlad
55823b3dbdeba45774b24ea268f6175467a97e40Sudheera Palihakkara — Bug 327598 - Set the return value of RemoveElementAt to void instead of bool. r=Neil
35164eb6ba01e1f69d73416ee6c152e2981a3bd7Benoit Jacob — Bug 862520 - Disable quickCheckAPI-B2.html on Windows XP. r=jgilbert
4f494a6770c9e37934fa63702f4abd52ce61ba46Jonathan Griffin — Bug 863185 - Define variable in order to use it, r=dburns
37bbd241f79a701758cad89d4f72d2cc10adc8b8Mike Hommey — Disable on-demand decompression (bug 848764)
bfc7718d631aff95dc6ffa4a9afd15d87a618c85Mike Hommey — Bug 848764 - Enable on-demand decompression. r=blassey
3b8dcd3938058f29fffeb553e66be28008e06e09Mike Hommey — Bug 859705 - Un-szip libraries before pushing them on the device for xpcshell tests. r=ted
5dab860f10154de4c2b3a49eb8edf973df08d6d1Phil Ringnalda — Back out 248daf8c6362 (bug 852915) for Win7 mochitest-1 orange
4b83cfe95da30a37581b22b49b4fefaf169b850dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 862610. When we have named constructors, make sure we managed to set up an interface object before looking for them. r=peterv
bb724d209c4c0eb1ce9db5257563322da4dce551Boris Zbarsky — Bug 862113. Fix test for CSS2 pseudo-elements to not trigger assertions. r=dholbert
4444510d672f82f2d8ea7f7a62e43953401e427dBenoit Girard — Bug 862500 - Properly shutdown profiler in xpcshell, shutdown and error cases. r=snorp
5c321bc4dc63920768a3aac5cf784904494100dcBenoit Girard — Bug 734691 - Port multi-thread support to win/mac. r=snorp,smaug
e045934f78bee59b6dc7ff64d90b5a66e1cc2268James Willcox — Bug 734691 - Add multi-thread support to profiler r=benwa
248daf8c63623a964db6b7b91f54584b805d4e71Chris Pearce — Bug 852915 - Disable MP3 playback using WMF on Win7SP0 to prevent random crashes. r=bbondy
9c124a12d219cc060deebc59c8e9c6269b8e8521Wes Johnston — Bug 858340 - Domain autocompletion for Fennec. r=jchen
a722bd12603b4f4ab9e52ec786f5b533e0cbb0a5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
24460dad116e2edbaebad1575a70db18b97dbf83Matt Woodrow — Backout d6b34be6fb4c for causing reftest failures on a CLOSED TREE
d6b34be6fb4cf57b6fede99aef09d4ec1ff7f0e3Matt Woodrow — Bug 837335 - Don't build an nsDisplayTransform for nsSVGPathGeometryFrame if the transform is only a translation. r=jwatt
97b75eac3e0f40f2aefb08251c33e812a8b3f268Matt Woodrow — Bug 852850 - Add a reftest to make sure images hoisted into their own layers aren't painted. r=joe
e257b45b714c5ca5a4f76399b19df18909657bcaMatt Woodrow — Bug 852850 - Add the ability for the reftest framework to test whether an element is painted in invalidation tests. r=roc
312eba5c02d2f10a9ad36ba9af3da0a8157287baSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 861658 - Make Android Sync styles use Gecko themes. r=nalexander
ee1ba342612bfdb336c94b54569f731dbb4ef713Daniel Holbert — backout 8e0af273404e (Bug 847279) for android M-8 orange
d4ff0407496f5d8f6a2ed0e7df86369aaa6c3998Daniel Holbert — backout b1096811620f (Bug 847279) for android M-8 orange
0795073314a934fb20f439a2a1d070383d133cdeKarl Tomlinson — b=767710 don't let additional events with the same destination restart smooth scrolling r=mstange
dae9cddd40cb782a7a0e310898712392864017d7Karl Tomlinson — b=767710 refactor AsyncScroll duration API so duration can be evaluated before resetting r=roc
f687fc38de906ff19059c1f37dd6b3bf61af41ceKarl Tomlinson — b=767710 move current motion calculation into InitSmoothScroll() r=roc
3175ad40acfec3493d9cee1693b3830957daa38cBrian Nicholson — Bug 860523 - Add namespace wrapper for WebApps. r=wesj
28af81b415ab12eee98261f97b378374c99434b9Mark Hammond — Bug 862673 - ensure assertions in test_mousecapture_area are attributed to that test rather than the following test. r=gavin
52169bf1e074596157d08075fc7709b5b5dd6a8aMatthew Gregan — Bug 846122 - Handle split multi-track Cues in nestegg. r=padenot
4ae079a1ca8ebaee7a917312abd5f1cbc9b9215dDaniel Holbert — Bug 863043: Move CompositorOGL::Initialize's helper-nsRunnable from function-scope to class-scope to fix build warning about ignored visibility attribute. r=Bas
b1096811620f969004694c1ad674103656cce6a3Ben Kelly — Bug 847279 - Fix hardcoded path names in mochitests to match relativesrcdir. r=mbrubeck
8e0af273404e7e989519bb8b5cb2812c28e42dd9L. David Baron — Bug 847279 - Fix incorrect relativesrcdir in other mochitest makefiles. r=mbrubeck
16d1cff602446cc7e681440f310de62935a911b3Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 840012 - Fix test name. r=luke
1fdf667ca50644746cfb094546c6201258458fdbBrian Nicholson — Bug 862049 - Run setAccessibilityEnabled() on the UI thread. r=Cwiiis
544ccbe0f7ef8c8e2ae073bf0daf69d2d2c232daPanos Astithas — Try to fix intermittent test_dbgsocket.js (bug 775924); r=me
1338721bd243dbba23d20542e98bd478ba557fd1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 860613 - Create an android-specific subclass of CompositorParent to be able to pick the target layer for APZC. r=BenWa
24e3e435129effa413d388201a8725d27356efb9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 860613 - Add an API to bind an APZC instance to a Layer. r=BenWa
e351053c0ef8f85e3d71f151590c1332655dca4dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 860613 - Remove CompositorParent::GetDefaultPanZoomController (patch from romaxa/tatiana). r=BenWa
63203f42c4b88adb7f4047bd1446f828e790dbccKartikaya Gupta — Bug 860940 - Add static factory-style methods to create AndroidGeckoEvent instances in widget code. r=cpeterson
beaf93963e65702d8022cb35a3d2c9c48b08b802Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 859962 - Guard against LayerView.getPanZoomController() returning null in BrowserApp. r=Cwiiis
40dd2c59bd0eec948561ec35c965a423def6f1e5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 859951 - Split MotionEvent's action into mask and index in Java rather than in JNI code. r=wesj
b978b9e5c2df18e80316dd5c9ea31cca79e6f332Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 859951 - Refactor the code to convert MOTION_EVENT GeckoEvents to nsTouchEvent instances. r=wesj
307a2386c3194eff79f141515ad3f4b4855848baBenoit Jacob — Bug 860441 - trivial compile fix on non-gonk - no review, CLOSED TREE
da960202617a21b69860a2dc5797f35c93693061Olli Pettay — Bug 862991 - If dictionary member needs cx, so should dictionary itself, r=bz
cb656b3c3d6d74685e42150fc2c4725cb5c37e95Olli Pettay — Bug 862983 - HeaderFile annotation for WebIDL interfaces, r=bz